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Frank Coutinho's UQ Wrestling Results
McGuffie’s Bar and Viator Travel presents;
TNA Wrestling (2012-13) on Spike-TV
Braehead Arena – Edinburgh, Scotland Att: 6,234

Commentators; Jason Gentry and Jeremy Borash
Referees; Steve Lindski and Shane Sewell Ring; Christy Hemme

1. Cliff Compton with King Kenny Bolin; Cliff Hanger (Tornado DDT) Pin over Jason Wayne. Bolin used his belt to choke out the overmatched Wayne. Jack Black who wandered to ringside to be with his leader, Bolin, used a Grinding Face Claw on Jason then threw him several times into the Steel Steps after he was thrown from the ring. After Black threw Wayne back in the ring Compton ended the match. 4:23

2. Killer Elite Squad (Davey Boy Smith Jr and Lance Archer) beat Hors-La-Lois du Nord (Sylvain Grenier and Ty Dillinger). Davey Boy; Running Power Slam Pin over Dillinger. The fans favored the KE Squad giving then a loud ovation. Hors-La-Lois-du Nord, meaning Outlaws of the North, were watched closely by Thurman Holly who is always on the prowl to add wrestlers to his Gasoline Alley Stable. Lance Archer is the former Lance Hoyt. 10:39

3. Trytan; Choke Slam Pin over Dylan Bostic. Trytan was incharge as he toyed with Bostic. Dylan took advantage of being taken lightly when he used a falling Face Wrecker to stun the huge Trytan. Trytan recoved and used a Gut Wrench Suplex and then an T-3 Facebuster to set up the finish. 5:23

4. Knux with DOC won by Count-Out over Showtime Eric Young with ODB. Knux and Doc heard loud boos as they were introduced. They thrive on anger so the extra points they received were welcomed. The match wasn’t going well for Knux and after Young hit him with a Youngblood Neckbreaker it was close to curtains. DOC, watched closely by Referee Shane Sewell, couldn’t enter the ringso he chose to attack ODB. ODB more than stood up to him but Eric left the ring to help her. The struggle went up the aisle where Wes Brisco and Garrett Bischoff were waiting. They started beating on Eric along with DOC. Knux meanwhile remained in the ring and accepted the win. ODB had hit her head on the steel steps and was laying at ringside. 5:52

5. Mickie James won by DQ over Gail Kim with Madison Rayne. Madison, who seemed to lose her fastball over the past month, rose to the occasion. She was caught with some salt that she fully intended to throw into Mickie’s eyes. Referee Steve Lindski, taking a page out of Earl Hebner’s Love Manual, didn’t DQ Madison for the infraction. Madison used the Lindski interest in her to scratch Mickie in the eyes and then reach in and choke her. Mickie was able to counter all of Gail’s moves in the ring and Madison’ frpm OOR. Mickie hit Gail with A Long Kiss Goodnight (Reverse roundhouse Kick) and it would have been lights-out but Madison found it necessary to jump on Referee Steve Lindski. He had no choice but to call the DQ. 6:13

6. UK Connection (Doug Williams and Rob Terry) beat Kash-Kabana (Kid Kash and Colt Cabana). Williams; Revolution DDT Pin over Kid Kash. Robbie E came to ringside and tried to throw a cup of tea (with lemon) into Rob Terry’s face while Rob was in the ring with Colt Cabana. The hot tea hit Colt in the face and he struggled for a tag to Kash. Rob Terry tagged out to Williams but they used the in between time to perform a Double Body Smash and then Noggin Knocker on Colt and Kash. Wuilliams used his finisher on Kash much to the fans delight. Robbie E was nowhere to be seen after the match. 13:18

7. Samoa Joe won by DQ over Brother Devon with Wes Brisco and Garrett Bischoff. Joe caught Devon in a Coquina Clutch and Devon was seconds away from submitting when Wes and Garrettt entered the ring, pushed Referee Steve Lindski aside and started beating on Joe. Lindski called for the bell as Rob Terry and Doug Williams, in Cannoli Corner being interviewed by George Vessichio, jumped in the ring to help Joe. 8:16

8. TNA TV Title – The Monster Abyss(Champion); Black Hole Slam Pin over DOC (Challenger) with Knux. Knux had a tire Iron along with his chain and was prepared for action. During OOR Action Abyss slammed DOC’s face to the Guard Rail several times. Knux trying to counter tried to hit Abyss with the Tire Iron. The Monster used a Shock Treatment (Rack Drop Backbeaker) to the floor on Knux. Abyss threw DOC back in the ring and used his slamming finish. Abyss retains the TV Title. 10:12
The Peppermill Lounge and The Eolian presents;
Ring of Honor Wrestling (2012-13)
Hara Arena- Dayton, OH Att: 1,738

Commentators; Kevin Kelly & Nigel McGuiness
Referees; Paul Turner & Todd Sinclair Ring; Holly Blossom

1. Elvis Pridemore from Somewhere Down South with Trailer Park Trash; Suicide Dive off the Turnbuckle Pin over Bam “Ox” Neely. Neely caught Elivis in a Half Nelson Submission Hold and would have gotten the win but Trailer Trash was able to use a Rusty Hubcap from the Trash Cart and smash Ox over the head. Elvis still groggy climbed the turnbuckle and leaped. It wasn’t pretty but he was able to get the pin while Trash held Ox’s legs. 4:40

2. Craven Verro; C.V. Top Rope Express (Clothesline) Pin over Antonio “Promise” Thomas. Thomas was in control and hit Verro with a Promise Land (STO). Verro had enough in his tank to pull out a Hidden Foreign Object (taped piece of lead) and smash it to Antonio’s jaw. Thomas tried to fight back after being dazed but when he got to his feel he was hit with Carven’s finisher. 5:45

3. Shimmer Match – Veda Scott won by Count-Out over Mercedes Martinez. During OOR Action Mercedes got into a beef with George Vessichio who was interviewing Mike Quackenbush for a TV promotion in Cannoli Corner. Mercedes who has developed a sour attitude claims that Vessichio hasn’t been kind to her on the TV. She also claims that George favors Veda because Veda interviews wrestlers in Cannoli Corner. Everything boiled over when Quackenbush told Mercedes to get on her broom and fly away. Mercedes tried to attack Mike but slipped on the slick floor. Veda was back in the ring and Referee Paul Turner’s count was reaching 20. (ROH has a 20 count rather than 10). 5:51

4. Mike Quackenbush; Déjà Vu DDT Pin over Elix Skipper. Skipper seemed to have the advantage after Mecedes Martinez came to ringside and was able to remove the cover from the turnbuckle. Skipper slammed Mike’s forehead into the metal and then used the canvas to grind his face. Quackenbush was set up for Skipper’s Sudden Death (Belly to Back) Suplex but as he whipped Mike to the ropes Mercedes reached in to try and trip him. It threw the momentum of the move off causing Elix to run over and try some follow up. The clever Quackenbush hooked in and performed the Quackendriver and then the light’s out finisher. 10:52

5. Rhino with Truth Martini won by Count-Out over Lo-Ki. Truth tried his usual antics of stabbing with a pen and Hitting with his Loaded Book of Truth. Lo-Ki finally had enough of fending off Rhino and Truth. He left the ring and chased Martini. At the top of the ramp, The Guardians of Truth (Headbangers Mosh and Thrasher with masks) attacked Lo-Ki and threw him from the ramp to the pit below. Lo-Ki was unable to recover and make the count. 4:41

6. World’s Greatest Tag Team (Charlie Haas and Sheldon Benjamin) and The Embassy (Sonjay Dutt and Sheik Abdul Bashir) with Prince Nana; No Contest. After Homicide and Tommaso Ciampa came to ringside the match didn’t seem destined to end in the ring. Neither wrestler interfered but Charlie Haas appealed to Referee Todd Sinclair to send them away. When Ciampa tried to trip Haas, Charlie stepped on Tommaso’s hand. Mike Quakenbush wandered to the ring and then a Pier 6 Brawl broke out. All the wreslers were in the ring slugging it out when Nigel McGuiness took the microphone and called a No Contest; “Go back to the locker area and no more brawling or suspensions will follow.” 12:58

7. Kevin Steen; F-Cinq (Fireman’s Carry Facebuster) Pin over Steve Corino with Jimmy Jacobs. Jacobs was constantly cheating; tripping, choking and whatever he could get away without being caught. During OOR Action Corino and Jacobs doubleteamed a head smash to the steel steps and the took turns kicking Kevin the midsection. Re-entering the ring Jimmy, on the ring apron, held Kevin from behind and Corino used a Super Kick. Steen moved aside and Jimmy was sent flying to the floor KO’ing him. Steen followed with a Vicious Clothesline on the shocked Corino and then ended it with his finisher. Referee paul turner who had been dazed from a body smash woke to count the pin. 10:04

8. ROH TV Title – Roderick Strong (Champion) with Truth Martini; Gory Driver Pin over Marcus Anthony (Challenger). Martini nd Strong were greeted with boos adding points to their total. The Powerful Marcus had Roderick in trouble but Marcus failed to look out for Martini’s Loaded book of Truth. Marcus too a smash the skull and fell back on the canvas. As Anthony tried to get to his feey Strong used a Side Kick and then finished the match. Roderick Strong retains the ROH TV Title. 9:21
Fell’s Point Diner and Stark Clothing presents;
Ring of Honor Wrestling (2013-14) on Sinclair Network
DuBurns Arena – Baltimore, MD Att:1,656

Commentators; Bobby Cruise & Vic Travagliante
Referees; Brian Gorie & Gino Colucci Ring; Princess Mia Yim

1. Adam Pearce; Rack Bomb (Power Bomb ) Pin over Romeo Roselli. Adam tried to end the match before it started as he smashed a chair over Romeo’s back during the introductions. Roselli was injured but did his best. After Pearce performed a Slingshot off the Turnbuckle it proved to be the set up for the finish. 3:53

2. Silas Young; Zero Gravity (Facebuster) Pin over Ryan Howe. The “Rockstar” dreamer, Howe, used a Running Jackhammer to nearly gain a pin. Silas’ foot found the ropes to save him. He recovered and used a Head Rammer to the Corner Post to daze Howe and set up for the finisher. 4:53

3. Shimmer Match - Kellie Skater and Cherry Bomb; Double Count-Out. The two women were whailing away at each other OOR with little regard to the count. Cherry Bomb got hold of a porcelain coffee cup and used it as a weapon. Kellie was able to fend her off with a Clip Board. Referee Brian Gorie’s count reached 20 and he called for the bell. 7:36

4. B.J. Whitmer won by DQ over Necro Butcher with Truth Martini. Whitmer got a great ovation after returning from injury. This added points to his total. The Butcher tried to gain an edge using his Thumb Spike but B.J. was countering. The Butcher started arguing with Referee Gino Colucci claiming he was counting too slow on several pin attempts. Whitmer took advantage and caught Necro with an Exploder Suplex. Truth martini knowing this was curtains ran in the ring a slammed the Loaded Truth Book to B.J.’s head. Referee Colucci called for the bell. 7:36

5. Matt Hardy with Steve Corino; Twist of Hate (Top Rope) Pin over Delirious. Delirious used a Bizzaro Driver and then a Guillotine Leg Drop to gain the pin but Corino with a Loaded Fist (taped piece of lead) was able to reach in the ring and smash Delirious in the chops. Matt had enough left to climb the ropes for his finisher. 9:36

6. C & C Wrestling Factory (Cedric Alexander and Caprice Coleman) beat Guardians of Truth (Masked Mosh and Thrasher) with Truth Martini. Coleman; Scissors Kick Pin over Thrasher. Coleman was dazed laying in the ring when the match went OOR. The Necro Butcher joined Truth’s stable at ringside. The Guardians and Necro triple teamed Alexander throwing him into the steel steps several times and then crashing him through the Press table. As the Guardians got back to the ring apron, Coleman who had recovered, used a Noggin Knocker on them. Caprice then smashed Necro Butcher to the chops and hit Thrasher with the Spin Kick as he got to his feet. 12:47

7. Kenny King won by Count-Out over Homicide with Prince Nana. Homicide used Blatant Chokes to try and weaken Kenny. When the action went OOR, Homicide attempted a 187 Gringo Cutter from the Turnbuckle. The Suicide Dive missed and Homicide fell hard to the floor. Kenny followed with a coronation DDT and then threw Homicide over the Guard Rain. 10:18

8. Ring of Honor Title – Mark Briscoe (Champion) and Tommaso Ciampa (Challenger) with Prince Nana; Double Count-Out. The match went OOR with no love lost between these two rough wrestlers. Sonjay Dutt and Prince Abdul Bashir ran from the locker room to help Ciampa and Jay Briscoe ran to help his brother. The Big Brawl was just getting started as the count reached its limit. Mark Briscoe retains the Ring of Honor Title. 11:05
Adam’s Ribs and State St. Brewery presents;
Ring of Honor Wrestling (2012-14) on Sinclair Network
Frontier Fieldhouse – Chicago, IL Att: 3,012

Commentators; Bobby Cruise & Nigel McGuiness
Referees; Gino Coluucci & Todd Sinclair Ring; MsChif

1. Andy Leavine; Silent Rage Power Slam Pin over Josef Von Schmidt. Von Schmidt began by interrupting a TV Promo that Andy was doing in Cannoli Corner with Veda Scott. Josef had points added to his total and maybe some satisfaction but Rage took over in Leavine. During the match Von Schmidt, who seems caught in a WW II time warp, could only manage a Trash Can Smash OOR and tough it slowed Andy down he was able to counter, once back in the ring, with a Double Knee thrust. The Rage Finisher followed. 6:09

2. Trailer Park Trash with Elvis Pridemore pinned Jay Bradley. Bradley was in control and used a 2nd City Slam that would have been light’s out for Trailer. Referee Todd Sinclair was hit unintentionally when Bradley did the Slam Move. With Sinclair trying to shake off the dazed, Trash and Pridemore took advantage with the only moves they knew; Dirty Doubleteam with Trash Cart Junk. Bradley took several smashes to the head with a Hubcap and then he was choke with a Rusty Chain. Elvis had a Bicycle Pedal that he used to smash Jay several times. As Sinclair woke he found Trailer pinning Bradley. Trash and Elvis departed up the ramp pushing their cart and raising their arms in victory. Quite a number of fans were cheering; “The Hansen’s are Back” referring to the brothers in Slap Shot. 5:54

3. Marco Corleone; Air Corleone (Flying Body Press) Pin over Brad Attitude. Brad had a Sharp Object (Screwdriver) that he used in a pre-match attack. Marco was slashed and bleeding. During the match Corleone (the former Mark Jindrak) hit Brad with a Corkscrew Splash and then the finisher. 3:51

4. Dave “Fit” Finley; Celtic Cross (Belly to Back Piledriver) Pin over Ted McNalor. McNalor took the microphone during the pre-match and spoke; “I have to face a guy who belongs in the Nursing Home. Well enough of these Old School bums. Tonight you fans will see what the new school has to offer.” McNalor kept his word. Finley used a Headrammer to the Corner Post then a Brainbuster before finishing the match. New School McNalor was left KO’d in the middle of the ring. 4:08

5. Rhett Titus; Frog Splash Pin over Brutal Bob Evans. Mike Bennett and Maria Kanalis wandered to ringside as though they were walking down the avenue on a Sunday. During OOR action Maria distracted Referee Gino Colluci while Mike tried to hit Rhett with a Folded Steel Chair. Mike missed and hit his mentor, Evans, by mistake. As Titus re-entered the ring, Bennett pushed Evans back in to avoid a count-out. Unfortunately Titus was waiting with a Crucifix Powerbomb and then the flying finisher. 5:55

6. KO Tag Title – Dynamite Girls (Mickie James and Tracy Brooks) (Champions) beat M & M (Maria Kanalis and Princess Mia Yim) (Challengers) with Prince Nana. M & M used a Pearl Harbor Attack before the match to gain an advantage. They gained points but far from enough. Mickie James; Long Kiss Goodnight (Roundhouse Kick) Pin over Princess Mia Yim. Maria tried to interfere in the Pin but Tracy caught her with a Shoulder Jawbreaker. Prince Nana was scrambling outside the ring after spilling his Ghanaian coins in the floor after Tracy slammed him to the Steel Steps. Dynamite Girls retain the KO Tag Title. 10:10

7. Mike Mondo; Facebreaker pin over Michael Elgin. Steve Corino came to ringside to taunt Elgin, whose attitude change didn’t sit well with Steve. The match shifted to favor Elgin and when he hit Mondo with a spinning Sitout Power Bomb and a Guillotine Leg Drop Corino could sense the ending. Steve’s weasel friend Jimmy Jacobs ran to ringside and distracted Referee Gino Colucci. Corino took advantage and threw beer in Elgin’s face. Mondo grabbed a Wooden Stool and smash Michael over the back. The Facebreaker and Pin followed. 9:27

8. Kyle O’Reilly with Bobby Fish pinned Eddie Edwards with Davy Richards after Fish slammed a Steel Chair over Eddie’s head. This match was practically over after Edwards hit Kyle with a Spinning back Kick and a Falling Cranium Crusher. Referee Todd Sinclair, who had a bad day, was KO’d from an unintentional boot. Fish ran in the ring and used the chair on Eddie then put O’Reilly on top of the KO’d Edwards for the pin. Davy Richards was fighting with Mike Bennett who came to ringside for that very purpose. Edwads got a big ovation in his last match before leaving for TNA. 12:35
The Shake Shack and Hannigan’s Bar presents;
Ring of Honor Wrestling (2012-14) on Sinclair Networks
Hammerstein Ballroom – New York City Att: 2,642

Commentators; Kevin Kelly and Vic Travagliante
Referees; Brian Gorie & Steven Richards Ring; Brittany Devore

1. Sonjay Dutt with Prince Nana; Hindu Cutter DDT Pin over Chris Silvio. Sonjay was able to display some high flying moves and oddly enough the fans appreciated his ability. It may have been that they dislike Silvio who always has an attitude. When Silvio tried a Flying Corner Kick and crashed into the post, groin first, the fans applauded. Sonjay followed with a Spinning Back Kick and then finished the match. 4:16

2. Adam Page; Adam’s Apple (Neck Lock DDT) Pin over Danny “Mafia’ Maff. Maff had to resort to a rough style. OOR he even found a chain that he tried to used but was thrown into the Steel Steps by the speedy Page. Maff used a Thumb to Throat and some Vicious Rope Burns to wear Adam down but Page caught Danny with a Running Knee Lift and hooked in the Neck Lock DDT to end the match. 4:51

3. Rotten Justice (Axl Rotten and Justice Pain) with Dave Prazak beat Royal Flush (Jason Wayne and Randy Royal). Justice; Super Kick Pin over Wayne. Axl Rotten grabbed the microphone during the announcements; “Royal Flush is the King’s Toilet in my country.” Axl was OOR fighting with Randy Royal. Axl used a This is Gonna Hurt (Chairshot) on Randy and just for good measure followed with a SST (Severe Skull Trauma) to the Steel Steps. Justice, in the ring, was able to gain the upper hand with a Pain Thriller Slam and then finished the match with his Super Kick. 7:33

4. Shimmer Match - The Mid-West Milita (Allison Kay and Sassie Steph) with Jessika Havok won by Count-Out over All American Girls (Amber O’Neil and Santana Garrett). A Big Brawl OOR with Jessika right in the middle. The Militia managed to push Santana off the ramp and then used a Triple-Team pummel on Amber. Allison finished with a Cut Throat Suplex to Amber on the ramp. Amber was the legal wrestler. Sassie Steph the legal Militia wrestler had scooted back to the ring. 8:36

5. Matt Taven with Truth Martini; Climax (Arm Trap Headlock Driver) Pin over Grizzly Redwood. Taven attacked Grizzly during the pre-match. Grizzly put down his piece of lumber so Matt walked over, picked it up and hit Redwood. Referee Brian Gorie could have called a DQ had he been looking but he was arguing with Truth who was prancing around the ring with his House of Truth Dolls (Several Women who accompany Truth). With 200 points deducted from his total Grizzly was weakened quite a bit. He did manage to used his Ironwood Neckbraker for a near pin but Taven countered with a Punch to the Throat. Matt followed with some Illegal Chokes and then the finish. 4:43

6. Q.T. Marshall, God’s Gift, with Barrister R.D. Evans; God’s Gift Driver Pin over Bazooka Joe. Joe dominated the match and after hitting Q.T. with a Boom Punch and a Bazooka Bomb Marshall seemed done for the night. Joe was close to the ropes for the pin on Q.T. giving the Barrister a chance for interference. Evan had his Judge’s Mallet that he used during a slight distraction for a smash to Bazooka’s head. Joe was KO’d but Q.T. wanted to show off so he performed his finisher. The fans didn’t appreciate the arrogance. 7:56

7. Adam Cole won by DQ over Mike Bennett with Maria Kanalis. Mike had a taped piece of metal that he used throughout the match to bludgeon Adam. Adam gained the advantage with a Reverse Head rammer to the Corner Post. Hel followed with a Corona DDT. It would have been curtains for Bennett but Maria ran in the ring with a can of Pepper Spray to use on Adam. Brian Gorie immediately called for the bell. 10:54

8. Ring of Honor Tag Title – S.C.U.M. (Jimmy Jacobs and Steve Corino) (Champions) beat The Jackson’s (Young Bucks Matt and Nick) (Challengers). S.C.U.M. attacked the fans verbally on their way to the ring. They added to their attacks by chasing Ring Announcer Brittany DeVore from the ring. The Jackson’s should have had the win after a Doubleteam Super Kick on Jacobs. Nick used an Inside Cradle to pin Jimmy but Referee Steven Richards was holding Matt Jackson from entering the ring and didn’t see Steve Corino enter the ring and turn the wrestlers over. Richards turned in time to count Jacobs pinning Nick. S.C.U.M. retains the Tag Team Title. 15:21
Molson’s Beer and The Golden Rabbit presents;
Ring of Honor Wrestling (2012-14)
The Reese Arena – Toronto, Ontario

Commentators; Bobby Cruise and Kevin Kelly
Referees; Brian Gorie & Paul Turner Ring; Maria Kanalis

1. Dru Onyx won by DQ over Blackjack Phoenix. Blackjack set the pace with an attack during the pre-match. Onyx avoided a hit with a horseshoe but the miss wan’t by much. Big Blacljack (290 lbs) had a Loaded Gove that he used to smash Onyx (325 lbs) continually in the stomach. With Onyx Blackjack used a Thumb Screw to the throat. Referee Brian Gorie called for Blackjack to stop and Phoenix refused. Gorie call for the bell. 4:46

2. Highlander Robbie McAlister; Scot Drop Pin over Shaun Tempers with “The Big Easy” Martin Stanley Fuqua. Fuqua tried to hit Robbie with a Bottle of Remy Martin Cognac. McAlister was able to avoid the attempts. The frustrated Fuqua finally used a microphone to take a swing. Unfortunately for Tempers he was hit in the head when Robbie move aside. Fuqua was shocked when the Highlander used the Scot Drop finish for the pin. 6:23

3. Shimmer Match – Kacee Carlisle won by Count-Out over Athena. Kacee attacked before the match and rubbed some sand in Athena’s eyes. Athena was bothered throughout the match but she managed to put up a good battle against Carlisle’s roughhouse style. During OOR Action where Kacee was in her element she eventually threw Athena over the Guard Rail. Athena was unable to make the count. 4:35

4. D-Line (Black Ice and The Bodysnatcher) beat Blackheart Stable (Breaker Morant and AHTU) with Joel Goodheart. The Bodysnatcher; Big Corner Elbow Pin over Breaker Morant. Morant, with a new foul attitude, held Black Ice from behind while AHTU lined up for the Running Smash. The Bodysnatcher used a Flying Fist on AHTU just as Black Ice was able to push from Morant’s hold. Ice slammed Morant to the corner and The Bodysnatcher used the Running Elbow to end the match after tagging Black Ice. Joel Goodheart jumped in the ring claiming no tag was made. Referee Brian Gorie stood by his decision. (On tape The Bodysnatcher missed the tag.) 9:12

5. Note; During this match Paul London and Caprice Coleman are handcuffed to Security Guards in the front row to avoid interference. Cedric Alexander; That’s It (Top Rope Flying Forearm) Pin over Brian Kendrick. Kendrick used his Backflip Dropkick that has put away many wrestlers but Coleman was able to kick out. Referee paul Turner got distracted for a moment and that could have been the difference in count. The match went OOR and after a Smash to the Steel Steps Kendrick was dazed and bleeding. After re-entering the ring Coleman hir Brian with a Flying Dropkick and then the finisher. 10:23

6. Rhino with Truth Martini; The Gore (Charging Shoulder Smash) Pin over Harlem Bravado with Lancelot. Harlem was on the tope rope ready to use his Top Rope Body Press when Matt Taven ran to ringside and shook the ropes. Harlem came crashing down. Guardian Mosh, also with his leader Truth, was fighting with Lancelot OOR. Rhino used a Catapult Splash and then hit the dazed Harlem with The Gore for the pin. 6:45

7. Note; During this match Cedric Alexander and Brian Kendrick are handcuffed to Security Guards in the front row to avoid interference. Caprice Coleman and Paul London; No Contest. The match got way out of control when Cedric Alexander and Brian Kendrick stormed the ring after working their way out of handcuffs. The “How” (they got out of handcuffs) is in question but the result was a huge brawl that was out of hand. Referee Brian Gorie called the match. The four combatants took the Brawl out of the building into sub-zero conditions but it only added to their energy and dislike of each other. 12:04

8. The Briscoe Brothers (Jay and Mark) beat House of Truth (Roderick Strong and Necro Butcher) with Truth Martini. Jay; Springboard Doomsday (180° turn in mid-air) over Necro Butcher. There was a lot of confusion in this match and very few legitimate moves. Guardian Thrasher at ringside had a Fire Extinguisher and was squirting foam in the ring. Referee Paul Turner could have called the match when all four wrestlers were fighting in the ring but he let it conclude. The end came when Roderick Strong used a Sick Kick to put away Mark but hit the Butcher when Mark moved. Jay tagged and the Brothers set up for the doubleteam flying finisher. 15:56

Note; The Security Guards were paid to unlock the handcuffs. The Guards were Axl Rotten and Justice Pain dressed in Security Uniforms.
Cattlemen’s Steakhouse and Lobo Beer presents;
WWE - Friday Night Smackdown (2-12-14)
Tingley Coliseum – Albuquerque, NM Att: 9,936

Commentators; Michael Cole & John Bradshaw Layfield
Referees; John Cone & Mike Chioda Ring; Lilian Garcia

1. Epico with Rosa Mendes; Tornado DDT Pin over Danny Burch. Rosa distracted Danny by flirting with him and revealing more skin that necessary. Epico took immediate advantage using a Flying Forearm and then the finisher. 5:05

2. Jimmy Uso; Samoan Drop Pin over Baron Corban. As Jimmy was entering down the ramp, Epico was leaving with Rosa. They purposely bumped each other. Jimmy looking at Rosa; “Why don’t you try that stuff with me and see how far you get. It certainly wouldn’t save this punk (pointing at Epico.)” Jimmy controlled the match and used a Diving Splash to set up the finisher. 4:28

3. 3-MB (Drew McIntyre and Jinder Mahal) with Heath Slater beat Adrian Neville and Cory Graves with A.W. (Abraham Washington). Jinder; Camel Clutch Submission over Cory. Neville and Graves with A.W. were in the middle of a promotion in Cannoli Corner with George Vessichio when 3-MB busted in on the scene. They dumped over a table and kick the flood lights. A small pushing match followed but 3-MB was happy to cut into the promo. McIntyre to Vessichio; “Now you have some interesting tape to use.” During the match Graves was able to catch Drew for a MK Ultra (Back to Belly Piledriver). Neville was trying to get to the action as was Slater. Referee John Cone was holding Neville and A.W. back as Slater ran in the ring and slugged Cory with Brass Nucks. Jinder Mahal took McIntyre’s place and hooked in the Camel Clutch. Referee Cone turned to see the submission hold and A.W. had no choice but to throw in the towel. 9:32

4. Paige; RamPaige Side Kick Pin over Brie Bella. Brie was able to gain an advantage with a Sit-Out Facebuster that was a definite pin. Unfortunately for Brie, her sister Nikki ran to ringside. Referee Mike Chioda saw Nikki and was trying to get her to leave ringside. It cost Brie the pin. After Paige kicked out Brie started jawing with Referee Mike Chioda. Nikki came back to the ring and was on the ring apron but close to Brie. Paige walked over and used a Noggin Knocker on them. Paige then used a Torpedo Dive on the dazed Brie. The finisher followed. 6:12

5. Curtis Axel with Paul Hayman; Perfect Plex Pin over Ryan Bourne. Bourne used a Gut Wrench Suplex to gain the upper hand but he failed to look out for the clever Hayman who used a Loaded Briefcase to smash Ryan in the head during a slight distraction. Axel then used a Hangman’s Facebuster to set up the finisher. 5:41

6. Real Americans (Jack Swagger and Antonio Cesaro) with Zeb Coulter beat International Air Strike (Tyson Kidd and Justin Gabriel). Swagger; Gut Wrench Powerbomb Pin over Gabriel. Gabriel had Cesaro lined up for a 450° Splash but Coulter was able to pull Cesaro by the legs as Gabriel leaped. Justin crashed to the canvas. Kidd, OOR, had been hit with the top of the Steel Steps prior to Gabriel’s attempted move. Swagger tagged Cesaro then used his finisher on the hurt Gabriel. 13:02

7. Sheamus; Running Skull Cracker Pin over Dolph Ziggler with Kaitlyn. Kaitlyn looking very innocent took a vicious swing at Sheamus with he Loaded Handbag. The smash hit Dolph in the head when Sheamus moved. Sheamus then hit the dazed Ziggler with a Vicious Shoulder Breaker and then the Shull Cracker Pin. 10:41

8. Intercontinental Title – Big E Langston (Champion) won by DQ over Dean Ambrose (Challenger) with Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns. Ambrose seemed on the verge of winning the title after a performing his Headlock Driver but the tough Big E was able to kick out to everyone’s amazement. Big E was then able to hook in his Big Ending (Cutter). Rollins and Reigns entered the ring to break up the pin attempt. Referee Mike Chioda called for the bell. Big E Langston retains the Intercontinental Title. 7:03
Hot Dog Express and Carlyle Lumber presents;
WWE Wrestling – (2012-14)
Mid-American Center – Council Bluff, IA Att; 8,824

Commentators; Jim Ross and Jerry “King” Lawler
Referees; Charles Robinson & Ron Zapata Ring; Hornswoggle

1. Heath Slater with Drew McIntyre; Sweetness (Legsweep) Pin over Aiden English. Aiden put up a good fight and even was able to gain a near pin after using his Director’s Cut (Falling Elbow Smash). The clever Heath recovered to hit Aiden with an E Minor DDT and then the finisher. 3:21

2. Tyler Breeze won by Count-Out over Sin Cara. It seemed clear that Breeze wasn’t going to win an In-Ring match with Sin Cara using high flying moves that Tyler couldn’t handle. The match went OOR where Sin Cara was able to perform a Tilt-A-Whirl DDT on Breeze KO’ing him in the aisle. 3-MB (Slater, McIntyre and Jinder Mahal) was in Cannoli Corner being interviewed. Slater and McIntyre came to ringside as the Tilt-A-Whirl was performed. Slater used a Chairshot to Sin Cara’s head. Slater and McIntyre threw Breeze into the ring before Referee Ron Zapata’s count reached the limit. 3:53

3. Prime Time Players (Titus O’Neal and Darren Young) won by DQ over Bull and Braun (Bull Dempsey and Braun Stowman). The match was well in favor of Prime Time after Titus used a Face Wrecker on Braun and Darren tagging in caught Bull, who entered the ring illegally, with a Gutbuster. Bull retrieved his chain from next to the ring and Braun got hold a a Barbed Wire Baseball Bat that has become part of his intimidation technique. As they entered the ring with the weapons Referee Charles Robinson called for the DQ. O’Neal and Young used dropkicks on Bull and Braun that sent them scampering from the ring. 9:23

4. WWE Woman’s Title – Rosa Mendes (Champion); Hell Makeover (Neckbreaker) Pin over tamina Snuka (Challenger). Snuka was in total control after a Samoan Drop that lined up Rosa for the Superfly Splash. Primo and Epico ran to the ring. While Primo distracted Referee Ron Zapata who was trying to send the despicable cousins back to the lockerroom, Epico reached up and pushed tamina from the top of the turnbuckle. Snuka came crashing down and became an easy pin. Rosa mendes retains the WWE Woman’s Title. 8:13

5. Christian and Alex Riley; Double Count-Out. During OOR Action this became a Very Heated Brawl. The wrestlers threw chairs, garbage cans and food at each other. They were fighting on a table that collapsed and then next to the Guard Rail. Both fell over the rail but continued fighting. Referee Charles Robinson’s count reach the limit in spite of the leeway he gave. 6:23

6. The Rekking Crew (Curt Hawkins and Tyler Reks) won by DQ over The Wyatt Family (Luke Harper and Erick Rowan) with Bray Wyatt. The match never started as The Family and Bray unmercifully beat on Curt and Tyler during their entrance. Bray used his Sister Abigail (Reverse STO on Tyler while Erick caught Curt with a Greetings from the North (Chokeslam). Luke finished off Tyler with a Truck Stop (Spinning Sideout Slam). The Famile beat on the Crew using steel chairs and Garbage Cans. As the Prime Time Plays and Alex Riley ran out to help the Crew, The Wyatts walked off heading to the back room knowing they had lost by DQ but made a statement. Curt and Tyler were taken to the hospital. No Time Counted

7. Edge with Vickie Guerrero; Edgecution (DDT) Pin over Ted DiBiase Jr. Ted used a Dream St (Clutch Slam) to set Edge up for what would have been a pin. Somehow Vickie was able to use a sharp object (Nail File???) to poke Ted in the face. DiBiase suffered a gash above his eye and was bleeding. Edge used a Top Rope Spear on the half blinded Ted and then the finisher. 11:36

8. John Cena won by Count-Out over Jack Swagger with Zeb Coulter. Zeb showed his expertise with the whip for the fans before the match. As a wrestler named Dirty Dutch, Zeb used a whip named “Shoo Baby.” The fans were actually impressed with Zeb’s talent. The match eventually went OOR where Zeb once again showed his expertise with the whip. As he snapped the whip Cena move and Swagger was coiled around the neck. Cena dove at Zeb who fell choking Swagger. Jack fell to the floor gasping for air. Zeb hit his head on the cement and was KO’d. Cena walked back to the ring as Ron Zapata was only at the 5 count. He was so shocked at what he was seeing that he simply failed to count. 10:45
Muldoon’s Saloon and Walter’s Tire Mart presents;
WWE Monday Night Raw – (2012-14)
Carver Arena – Peoria, IL Att; 12,248

Commentators; Josh Mathews, Mick Foley & A.J. Lee
Referees; Justin King and Chad Patton Ring; Lilian Garcia

1. Bo Dallas; Elevated Armbar Submission over Enzo Amore. Enzo, who claims to be related to a long list of wrestlers from his home in Naples (He is actually from New Jersey), greeted Bo on the entrance ramp with a Chairshot. Then Enzo used his Napoli Knee Drop. Thinking he was done before the match began, Enzo went to the ring. Bo struggled to the ring to begin the match. Though injured Dallas eventually gained the advantage. Bo hit Enzo with a Belly to Back Suplex and though he could have pinned Amore, Bo chose to go for a Submission so that Enzo had to yell “HO Lasciato” (I Quit). 5:46

2. British Infernos (Mason Ryan and Danny Burch) beat Devil’s Disciples (Rick Victor and Solomon Crowe (Sami Callihan). Danny Burch; London Bridge (Rope Hung DDT) Pin over Rick Victor. After the Infernos whipped the Disciples into each other, Solomon grabbed a bottle from OOR. He swung the bottle at Burch who ducked and Victor took the smash to the forehead. Burch wasted no time in converting it to a pin. 9:52

3. Eve (Torres) and Kaitlyn; Double Count-Out. DEuring OOR Action Eve used perfume in a Spray Bottle to Spray Eve in the eyes. Eve blinded for the moment tipped a cart of soft drinks onto Eve. The two fought up the ramp and to the backstage. 6:37

4. David Otunga with Vickie Guerrero won by DQ over Brodus Clay with Naomi Knight. Brodus used a Running Splash and had the advantage. There was confusion as Vickie entered the ring to save Otunga. Naomi followed her into the ring. Referee Chad Patton was about to count a pin on Otunga when Vickie pushed Naomi who fell against Patton. Chad Patton immediately called the match. It was a shock when he awarded it to Otunga but Patton didn’t see the push, he only felt the hit. 4:41

5. Booming Truth (Kofi Kingston and R-Truth) beat Ascension (Konnor O’Brian and Kenneth Cameron). R-Truth; Dropkick Splash over Cameron. Ascension was hard pressed to get untracked so they resorted to grabbing a few tools from the tool box under the ring. Konnor had a Monkey Wrench but it was Corkscrew Kicked from him by Kofi. Meanwhile R-Truth used his Splash to finish Cameron in the ring. 9:58

6. Rey Mysterio Jr.; Droppin Da Dime (Springboard Legdrop) Pin over The Miz. Vickie Guerrero trying to hog time at the Commentator’s Table ran over after a 619 Tiger Kick and tried to hit Rey in the head with the microphone. She missed and hit the Miz. Mysterio finished the match by Droppin Da Dime. 7:24

7. Randy Orton; Running Punt Kick Pin over Ryback. Orton had a Hidden Foreign Object. Ryback hooked in a Neck Vice and randy smashed Ryback to the chops. He then used a backward Head Slam and then his concussion finisher. (it is suspected that Randy had a loaded boot.) 6:52

8. WWE Title – Damien Sandow (Challenger); Terminus (Straight Jacket Neckbreaker) Pin over Mark Henry (Champion). During OOR Action Sandow found a chain and used it to smash Mark in the head opening a serious gash. Several smashes to the Guard Rail had Henry daze yet he was able to fight back. After re-entering the ring Damien took advantage of Mark who was now blinded by blood. After a Standing Surfboard (then Head Stomp) Sandow finished the match with the Neckbreaker. Damien Sandow is the NEEEEEEEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWWWWWWW WWE Champion. 10:16
National Peach and Aunt Fannie’s Chocolate presents;
WWE Wrestling – (2012-14)
Civic Center – Columbus, GA Att: 8,826

Commentators; Jim Ross and MKABear
Referees; John Cone & Mike Chioda Ring Tony Chimel

1. Alexander Rusev with Sylvester Lefort; Bulgarian Bash (Running Body Smash) Pin over Xavier Woods. Woods did his best against the huge Bulgarian and even performed a Culture Shock DDT that could have been light’s out. Unfortunately for Woods, Lefort reached in and pulled Xavier by the leg. Woods turned to confront Sylvester as Rusev was getting to his feet. Rusev used a Clothesline on Woods that sent him flying to the corner then hit Xavier with the Bulgarian Bash. 4:52

2. Summer Rae with Fandango; Spinning Heel Kick over A.J. Lee with Hornswoggle. Summer and Fandango dance their way to the ring with the music “ChaChaLaLa.” As the match started Hornswoggle went to Summer’s corner to confront Fandango. The Leprechaun wasted no time and punched Fandango in the groin. Fandango crumbled to the floor. The match was fairly even but A.J.’s speed was a swaying factor. Fandango, on his feet, was guiding Summer on avoiding A.J.’s moves. Hornswoggle went back to Summer’s corner with a Shillelagh. Referee Mike Chioda, seeing the oncoming problem, warned Hornswoggle. A.J. Lee argued with Referee Chioda to mind his own business. Summer Rae seeing the distraction used her Heel Kick to put A.J. away. 6:28

3. Kassius Ohno won by DQ over Rick Victor with Solomon Crowe. Ohno had Victor in a Ohno Blade (Inverted Headlock DDT) move. Solomon knowing the end result entered the ring with a shovel he found under the ring. Referee John Cone immediately called the match and called for backup. 5:04

4. John Morrison with Nikki Bella; Moonlight Drive (Corkscrew Neckbreaker) Pin over Curt Hawkins. During OOR Action Morrison slammed Hawkins head into the Steel Steps several times after Nikki threw cola into Curt’s face. Hawkins was bleeding as he re-entered the ring and bothered by the blood flow. Morrison took advantage and used his finisher. 6:21

5. Cody Rhodes; Cross Rhodes (Rolling Cutter) Pin over Fandango with Summer Rae. The fans watched Fandango and Summer dance to the ring again. MKABear commented; “This dancing is getting old.” A.J. Lee and Hornswoggle wandered to the ring during the match. While Hornswoggle distracted Referee Mike Chioda and Summer, A.J. got on the ring apron and used a can of Black Flag to spray Fandango in the eyes. As fandango was screaming, Cody picked him up for a Throat Slam to the Ropes. This was followed by a Brain Basher to the Post and then the Cutter that spelled the End. A.J. took the microphone from MKABear; “Let’s see then dance their way fFrom the ring.” Fandango was carried out on a stretcher. 7:55

6. The Shield (Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns) with Dean Ambrose won by Count-Out over Trent Baretta and Yoshi Tatsu. Baretta hit Reigns with a High Knee that usually puts the opponent away. Ambose grabbed Trent by the legs and pulled him from the ring. OOR Action immediately became a brawl mainly with Rollns and Ambrose battling Baretta and Tatsu. Referee John Cone’s count reached the limit with Baretta, the legal man, still OOR and Reigns, the other legal man, in the ring. 11:16

7. C.M. Punk with Paul Hayman and Rob Van Dam; Double Count-Out. C.M. Punk actually heard some cheering as he entered the arena with his despicable manager. It gave them extra points. During the match, Punk had a hard time handling some of Van Dam’s moves. Rob used Diving Crossbodies, a Discus Leg Drop and a Van Terminator (Missile Drop Kick) to confuse Punk. Hayman, desperate, called out Brock Lesner to help. It resulted in an OOR Action with Trent Baretta and Yoshi Tatsu running to ringside to help Van Dam. By this time the referee’s count didn’t matter. 10:34

8. World Title – Tensai (Champion) with Naomi Knight won by Count-Out over Wade “Bad News” Barrett (Challenger) with Byron Saxton. OOR Action became a mess with Wade retrieving a ladder from under the ring. Wade and Byron tried to doubleteam Tensai with the ladder. Naomi called for help and Brodus Clay ran to ringside. He hit Saxton with a Smashing Forearm sending Byron over the Guard Rail. Tensai used a Choke Slam on Wade and crashed him through the Press Table. Tensai retains the World Title. 7:13
Davey Jones’ Treasure and Sunshine Citrus presents;
WWE Wrestling (2012-14)
Times Forum – Tampa Bay, FL Att: 16,552

Commentators; Michael Cole, George Vessichio & The Miz
Referees; Charles Robinson & Ron Zapata Ring; Renee Young

1. Angelo Dawkins won by DQ over Erick Rowan with Bray Wyatt and Luke Harper. In an Unusual Ending Luke pulled the ropes down and Dawkins fell headfirst to the floor below. The Family didn’t waste time in pummeling Dawkins. Angelo was beaten to a pulp. To make matters worse, Harper found a Barbed Wire Bat under the ring. Dawkins took a few hits and was bleeding. Referee Charles Robinson called the match in favor of Angelo. Dawkins was taken to the hospital and will be out of action for 2 months. 3:34

2. Braun Stowman with Bull Dempsey won by Count-Out over Mojo Rawley. During OOR Action Mojo was Doubleteamed. He was smashed to the Steel Steps and then Hit with a Chain by Bull. A Doublteam Backward Head Slam to the floor KO’d Rawley and he was unable to make the count. 4:29

3. Darren Young; Heat Wave (Full Nelson Flapjack) Pin over Knuckles Madson. Madson used his usual Illegal Chokes and Eye Rippers but was stymied by Darren’s speed and clever moves. Knuckles finally resorted to a Foreign Object (small piece of lead) but it was kicked from his hand. Young used a Gut Check (Fireman Carry Gutbuster) to set up the finisher. 3:15

4. Nikki Bella with Brie; Tornado DDT Pin over Layla El. Layla hit Nikki with a Bombshell (Spin Kick) that would have probably ended the match but Brie was quick to use Hair Spray to Layla’s face. Nikki took advantage while Layla was holding her eyes in pain. 8:34

5. Bray Wyatt with Luke Harper and Erick Rowan; Sister Abigail (Swinging Reverse STO) Pin over Jake “the Great” Carter. Carter was pumped by the crowd’s reception. He was able to gain an advantage after using a Body Avalanche (Inverted Atomic Drop) to stun Bray. Luke and Erick were quick to rescue their leader by Doubleteaming Jake with an Corner Smash. After a Kick to the Groin and Illegal Chokes Carter was ready for the pin. 6:55

6. Tyson Kidd was unable to appear for this match due to an injury suffered after the match against The Real Americans. Tyson was held by Swagger and Cesaro and whipped by Zeb Coulter. Coulter wants Kidd to give up his USA Title because he is unable to defend this month but the commissioner has ruled that Tyson will be given another month to recover. Zeb Coulter and his stable will be DQ if “Shoo Baby” (his whip) is found in any arena.
Batista; Two-Handed Chokelift Pin over Camacho with Vickie Guerrero. Batisa was able to block a sneak attack and use a DDT on the floor OOR. Batista threw Camacho against the Steel Steps and into the Guard rail several times. Vickie tried to interfere and was put into a trash can for her troubles. Batista threw Camacho back into the ring and used his finisher to end the match. 7:21

7. Team Hell-No (Kane and Daniel Bryan) with A.J. Lee beat Team Co-Bro (Zach Ryder and Santino Marella). Kane; Tombstone Piledriver Pin over Santino. Marella used a Flying Legdrop that seemed to get a pin on Kane but A.J. distracted Referee Charles Robinson. As Marella got up to protest the missed pin, Kane finished the match with the dreaded Tombstone. Daniel Bryan was OOR fighting with Zack Ryder. 14:02

8. Kofi Kingston; Boom Drop (Legdrop) Pin over Alberto Del Rio with Ricardo Rodriguez. Riccardo was watching the match shift to Kofi’s favor after a Running Jack Hammer by Kingston on Alberto. Rodriguez too matters into his own hands by trying to smash his microphone to Kofi’s head. Darren Young who was at the commentator’s table went to ringside and pushed Ricardo. The smash hit Del Rio in the skull and he crashed to the canvas. 12:31
Nathan’s Famous and The Shake Shack presents;
WWE Fiday Night Smackdown (2012-14)
Gibby’s Landing – Coney Island, NY Att: 11,856

Commentators; Jim Ross and Jerry “King” Lawler
Referees; Chad Patton & Scott Armstrong Ring; Lilian Garcia

1. Roman Reigns with Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins; Moment of Silence Slam Pin over Mason Ryan with Danny Burch. The British Infernos (Ryan and Burch) were being interviewed by George Vessichio in Cannoli Corner for a promo when The Shield (Reigns, Rollins and Ambrose) attacked with Chairs. Several slams with ckairs and flood lights to Ryan and Burch left the Infernos injured. They are deducted 200 points for this match. Ryan tried his best to gain an edge in the match but he had been slowed too much by the attack. Danny Burch tried to help but was stopped cold with a Springboard Knee by Rollins as Danny was reaching in the ring. Reigns used a Spear to set ryan up for the finisher. 5:48

2. Sami Zayn; 450° Splash Pin over Judas Devlin. Judas tried a Suicide jump from the Turnbuckle with a bag of coins in his hand (he calls the bag “The Betrayal”). Unfortuantely for Judas he crashed to the canvas after the speedy Sami moved. Sami followed with a Brainbuster (he once referred to as The Brainbusssssssssssssttttttttttaaaaaaaaaaaaaa) and then the high flying finish. 5:26

3. The Great Khali with Hornswoggle; Vice Grip (Clawhold) Submission over JTG (Jayson Anthony Paul). Hornswoggle kicked JTG in the back of the leg during the pre-match. When JTG turned his back on Khali the big man used a Piledriver. The match stared with JTG dazed. Little Hornswoggle took advantage while Chad Patton was warning Khali. Hornswoggle was grinding JTG’s face to the Mat then used an Illegal Thumb Choke. As Khali return to the action, Hornswoggle used his Shillelagh to club JTG in the head. Khali hooked in the Vice Grip and Scott Armstrong jumped in the ring and called to match. Chad Patton had fallen from the ring during the action. 4:36

4. Beth Phoenix; Glam Slam (Facebreaker) Pin over Aksana. Aksana was using her speed to keep an advantage but was done in when she tried the Billion $ Kick. Beth caught her by the foot and twisted her around and used a Beth valley Driver to set up the finish. 7:03

5. Big Sawyer Fulton won by Count-Out over Golddust. Golddust was hearing cheers as he entered the ring. The match eventually went OOR where Golddust was attacked by The Shield. Several smashed with chairs downed Golddust. Reigns, Rollins and Ambrose were making a name for themselves. Fulton ran back to the ring as Sami Zayn and Cody Rhodes came to help Golddust. The Shield ran off to a loud chorus of boos. 4:56

6. Chris Jericho; Codebreaker (Double Knee Facebreaker) Pin over Ezekiel Jackson. The Great Khali and Hornswoggle were waiting to be interviewed in Cannoli Corner. As the match went OOR Hornswoggle who seems to be the image for Evil Leprechaun used his Shillelagh to smash Ezekiel to the groin and then to the head. Jericho used a On Handed Bulldog on Jackson ans Khali threw Ezekiel back in the ring for the pin. When Hornswoggle was asked by George Vessichio about his and Khali’s action, The Leprechaun replied; “Evil had no boundaries and friends have many faces.” 11:13

7. Brock Lesner with Paul Hayman won by Count-Out over the Big Show. This was an Unusual Ending. Paul Hayman threw Brock Brass Nucks that Lesner used to wear down The Big Show. During OOR Action Show was able to reverse a Chairshot on Hayman that KO’d the manager. C.M. Punk came out and used a piece of lumber (2 x 4) to try an smash Show. The Big Show had enough interference and went after Punk backstage. Scott Armstrong’s count reached the limit with Brock in the ring. 10:55

8. WWE Tag Team Title – The Uso’s (Jimmy and Jey) (Champions) beat Primo and Epico (Challengers) with Eve Torres. Jey; Double Diving Splash Pin over Primo. The Uso’s were pumped by the fans reaction and had points added to their total. During the match Eve gave Epico a Sharp Object (Nail File) and during the action it was Epico who suffered a cut above the eye. The Uso’s took advantage with a Noggin Knocker and then the Double Corner Splash. The Uso’s retain the WWE Tag Title. 15:12
Candy Kiss Tours and Nick’s Buffet presents;
WWF Wrestling (1985-6)
Hershey Park Arena – Hershey, PA Att: 7,208

Commentators; Bill Cardille & Mr. TV Jackie Pallo
Referees; Dick Kroll and Izzy Moidel Ring; Jill Fontaine

1. Rene Goulet; Brain Claw Submission over Battling Bob Markus. Bob had Rene confused and used a Running DDT to nearly get the pin. This was a meeting of two Canadians who seemed to hate each other. Goulet was able to gain the advantage after a kick to Bob’s face and then a a patented Rope Walk Elbow Smash. Rena hooked in the Claw and the match was over. 5:54

2. Ted Grizzly; Corner Body Smash Pin over The M & M Kid Mario Mancini. Mancini heard some boos as he was introduce because of his M & M title. The fans related the M & M to the candy and not mario’s initials. This is Hershey Country. Grizzly used a Big Legdrop and a Spinecracker in this lopsided match. 3:28

3. Young Stallions (Jim Powers and Paul Roma) beat Diamond Edge (Al and Keith Diamond). Roma; Missile Dropkick Pin over Al. Powers used a Running Powerslam to eliminate Keith’s interfering and Roma followed on Al with a Skull Smasher before ending the match. 6:23

4. Monster Ripper Bertha Faye with Harvey Whippleman and Susan Sexton; Double Count-Out. During OOR Action Susan was able to hook in a Neck Lock and perform a DDT to the floor. Bertha was KO’d. Harvey had a bottle of cola and he fizzed it up and squirted it to Susan. Susan cahsed Harvey to the backstage area. Neither wrestler could make the count. 6:29

5. Ted Arcidi and Steve Gatorwolf; Double Count-Out. During OOR Action Gatorwolf was using Tomahawk Chops and Knee Lifts in his War Dance. Ted got frustrated and smashed a Metal Chair over Steve’s Head. In the process Ted brushed David Sammartino who was waiting for a Promo Interview. David pushed Arcidi and a brawl broke out. Gatorwolf was KO’d and arcidi was fighting with Sammartino when the count reached the limit. 5:37

6. Barry Windham; Headlock Bulldog Pin over Tiger Chung Lee with Mr. Fuji. During the entrance Tiger and Fuji gained the advantage by ambushing Windham with Chairshots and pokes to the face and eyes with a cane. It gave Tiger the in-ring advantage to use a Stomach Claw after a wicked kick to the groin. Fuji threw salt the partially his Windham but got Chung Lee too. As the wrestlers retreated OOR, Windham was able to muster enough and perform a Skull Cracker to the Steel steps. After re-entering the ring Barry hooked in the Bulldog that is a certain light’s out. 8:21

7. Bob “Ace” Orton with Rowdy Roddy Piper; Superplex Pin over Junkyard Dog. Junkyard used his Thump Powerslam to pin Orton but Izzy Moidel missed the pin when he was distracted by Piper. JYD was angry and as he got up to protest, Orton used his Forearm cast to smash the Dog. The dazed JYD was hit with his own chain that Piper stole used. Orton finished with the Superplex. Orton and Piper beat on JYD after the match. They smash his head to the canvas and punched him in the ribs and then the chops. Several wrestlers came to the rescue; Steve Gatorwolf, David Sammartino and The Young Stallions. Orton and Piper walked off smiling all the way to the locker room. 10:26

8. WWF Tag Title – The Hart Foundation (Brett and Jim “Anvil” Neidhart) (Challengers) with Jimmy Hart beat The Killer Bees (B.Brian Blair and Jumping Jim Brunzell) (Champions). Brett Hart; Hart Attack (Doubleteam – Bearhug by Neidhart/Lariat by Brett) Pin over B. Brian Blair. The bees used High Flying Dropkick to nearly put Neidhart away but Jimmy saved the big man with a smash from his megaphone that left Brunzell dazed. Blair hung in for a while but the Hart Foundation teaming proved to be too much. The hart Foundation is the NEEEEEEWWWWWWWWWWW WWE Tag Champions. 20:44
Halftime Pizza and New England Data presents;
WWF Wrestling (1985-86)
Boston Garden – Boston, MA Att: 13,746

Commentators; Bruno Sammartino & Lord Alfred Hayes
Referees; Dick Woherle & Terry Yorkston Ring; Mr. TV Jackie Pallo

1. Matt Borne; Backbreaker Slam Pin over “Matman” Robbie Ellis. Borne is new to the WWF so the fans had no reaction. Borne was dress in a fancy robe and several fans were heard commenting that this must be a Baron of some kind. The fans were clearly on Matman’s side as Robbie continually taunted Borne. During OOR Action Ellis hit Borne with his Lobster Trap that he carries to the ring. The fans were loving his actions although the moves were illegal. Back in the ring Ellis couldn’t avoid an Elbow Smash to the Chops and then a Running Legdrop. Borne used his backbreaker Slam to end the match. 4:35

2. Barry “O” won by Count-Out over Dr. D David Shultz. During OOR Action Shulz slammed Barry’s head several times into the Steel Steps. Barry was cut on the forehead and bleeding as Shultz used the Guard rail as another beating post. Barry was out on his feet when Shulz picked up a Steel Chair to use. Rocky Johnson and Tony Atlas were at rinside waiting for an interview. Rocky who still has a cut heeling from a Dr D Step Smash, grabbed the chair and slammed it over Shultz’s head. The Dr collapsed to the floor. Rocky and Tony pushed Barry back in the ring. Terry Yorkston must have taken a nap because his count was only at 4. 5:32

3. The Executioner; Guillotine Leg Drop Pin over The Duke of Dorchester. Mr. TV Jackie Pallo announce the Executioner at 271 lbs. so the masked wrestler grabbed the microphone and yelled; “217 lbs.” The Duke of Dorchester unable to not add his two cents took the microphone and yelled “317” lbs. The Executioner ran after the Duke but was getting worn out. The Duke landed a pretty solid punch to the groin and was so proud that he flex for the fans. The Executioner wakled up and used an Atomic Spike that was light’s out. A Guillotine Leg Drop was simply frosting on the cake. 5:27

4. Studd-Bundy (Big John Studd and King Kong Bundy) with Bobby “The Brain” Heenan and The Hillbillies (Cousin Luke and Uncle Elmer) with Hillbilly Jim; Double DQ. This is one of the rare matches when an opposing team can match the weight of Stud-Bundy but this was one of the times. The two teams had a total of 1600 lbs. so you have to wonder how the the ring held up. There was Chaos in the ring when Jim and Ken Patura, Heenan’s coolie, entered. Heenan was barking orders while standing on the ring apron. During the chaos Heenan was hit in the head with the “Mudlick Pearl” (Jim’s Horseshoe.) Terry Yorkston couldn’t control the match and had no choice but to call for the bell. It took a locker full of wrestlers and quite a few security guards to help break up this mess. 13:16

5. WWF Woman’s Title – Wendy Richter (Challenger); Crucifix Powerbomb Pin over Candy Devine (Champion). Candy tried and innovated Devine Rope Splash from the Turnbuckle but the quick Wendy moved and Candy crashed to an empty canvas. The clever Richter used a facebuster to set up the eventual finisher. Wendy Richter is the NEEEEEEWWWWWWWW WWF Woman’s Champion. 9:26

6. Macho Man Randy Savage with Miss Elizabeth; Diving Elbow Drop Pin over Pedro Morales. Savage gained points when he berated Ring Announcer Mr. TV Jackie Pallo. Savage said that Jackie should try speaking regular English and not the confusing British style. Macho added; “I tried a famous Vessichio Cannoli too. I washed my mouth out after spitting it out.” The fans were booing and George Vessichio was ready to throw a tray at Macho Man. Pedro gained an advantage when he hit Savage with a Cannoball (Senton). As he went for the pin Randy poke a Sharp Object to Pedro’s eye (a piece of wire that may have been a straightened paper clip.) As Pedro was blinded for the moment, Savage pulled out a taped Foreign Object (piece of lead) and slugged Morales. Savage climbed the turnbuckle and used his finisher. 11:48

7. Magnificent Don Muraco with Mr. Fuji won by Count-Out over Danny Spivey. Mr. Fuji was interfering from the get-go. He used Salt that nearly hit Danny in the eyes, he used his cane to constantly poke Danny then during OOR Action Fuji threw a hot cup of coffee on Danny who countered by chasing Fiji to the backstage area. Muraco got back in the ring and took the win. 6:56

8. Tito Santana won by Count-Out over Greg “Hammer” Valentine with Luscious Johnny V. During OOR Action Johnny V got into the action and repeatedly used a microphone to beat on Tito. Valentine ised a TV Cord to choke out Santana and then kicked him to the head several times. Greg retrieved the Gong-Bell but was a little careless. Tito with enough gas in his tank reverse the move and smashed Greg to the skull. Vanentine was KO’d on the floor as Santana re-entered the ring. 11:51
Nathan’s Famous and The Shake Shack presents;
WWF Wrestling (1985-86)
Nassau County Coliseum – Uniondale, NY Att: 16,152

Commentators; Gorilla Monsoon, Angelo Savoldi & Blackjack Mulligan
Referees; Fred Atkins and Dave Hebner Ring; Howard Finkel

1. S.D. “Special Delivery” Jones; Koko Head Butt Pin over A.J. Petruzzi. There was no doubt about the fan favorite in this match. S.D. is an over whelming choice and he didn’t disappoint. During OOR Action Jones slammed A.J.’s head against the Guard Rail while Petruzzi was trying to use a 2 x 4 for a smash to the head. After re-entering the ring, Jones used a Catapault Splash and hen the Bobo Brazil taught finisher. The fans were on their feet in approval. 5:08

2. Team America (Misty Blue Sims and Heidi Lee Morgan) beat Glamour Girls (Judy Martin and Lailani Kai). Misty; Superfly Pin over Judy. Judy used her Walk the Ropes Elbow Smash on Morgan to gain an advantage but before she could try a pin Lailani threw sawdust to Heidi’s face. The sawdust hit Judy who was stumbling around the ring. Heidi hit Judy with a Flying Forearm, tagged Misty who used the Superfly finish. 9:35

3. Charlie Fulton won by Count-Out over Swede Hansen. This was an odd pairing and the fans didn’t know who to favor. Both wrestlers are popular especially with the TV watchers. During OOR Action Swede stopped to talk with Blackjack Mulligan. They were actually laughing and having a good time. Fulton for lack a a better thing made his way to the ring. Referee Fred Atkins count reach 10 and Fulton was awarded the win. It didn’t seem to faze Swede. It was announced the Charlie Fulton is the Number one contender for the TV Title. 4:36

4. The Rougeau’s (Jacques and Raymond) beat The Moondogs (Rex and Spot.) Raymond; Flying Elbow Pin over Spot. The Moondogs were led to the ring on chains by 2 officers of the Dog Pound. The Moondogs worked well together and when Spot pushed a plate of Rival Dog Food into Jacques’ face the Rougeau’s appeared to be in trouble. Unfortunately for the Moondogs Rex ran his own interference and used his Dog Bone to try and hit Raymond. He missed and smashed Spot. Raymond hit Spot with a corkscrew Dive and then used his finisher. 10:29

5. Sika “The Wild Samoan”; Stomach Vice Submission over Les Thornton. During OOR Action Les hit Sika with metal Tool Box he found under the ring. Thornton followed with a wicked kick to the groin and then some Illegal Chokes. It didn’t take long for the fans to be pulling for Sika who had been a heel in the past. After re-entering the ring, Sika used a Crushing Head Butt that laid Thorton ouy in the middle of the ring. The submission hold ended the match as the fans cheered for The Wild Samoan. 5:40

6. Intercontinental Title – Corporal Kirshner (Challenger) won by Count-Out over Ken Patura (Champion) with Bobby “The Brain” Heenan. During OOR Action Heenan tried to help Patura gain the advantage by attempting hits with a microphone on Kirshner. The Corporal was able to turn the tide and used a DDT to the hard floor on Patura. Patura was KO’d so Kirshner was going to drag him to the ring. Big John Studd ran to ringside and pulled on Patura in the direction of the locker area. Blackjack Mulligan got up to help Kirshner but by this time Referee Fred Atkin’s count reached the limit although Kirsher was able to reach the ring. Ken Patura retains the Intercontinental Title. 7:44

7. Terrible Terry Funk with Jimmy Hart; Piledriver Pin over Jerry Brisco. Funk used his usual arsenal of Illegal Moves. A Kick to the Face, Illegal Chokes and a Grinding Face Claw (while he pointed at Blackjack). Jerry was able to hook in a Figure Four Leglock but Jimmy Hart took advantage of a distraction and hit Jerry over the head with the megaphone. Terry used his finisher to end the match. Funk not satisfied had his Branding Iron to put the Double XX ranch mark on Jerry. Jack Brisco came funning down the aisle and stopped the Branding Action. 9:32

8. Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka won by Count-Out over Rowdy Roddy Piper with Mr. Wonderful Paul Orndorff. The match was beginning to lean in Snuka favor as he used some Samoan Chops and several Knee Lifts to stun Piper. Roddy left the ring and was conversing with Mr. Wonderful when they both threw up their hands and walked away. Snuka was awarded the Count-Out. As he left and was high fiving the fans, Jimmy was attacked by Piper, Orndorff and Ace Orton. They pummeled him with Chairs, Garbage Cans and TV Equipment. As several wrestlers from the locker area came to the rescue,the evil threesome threw Snuka into the pit off the ramp. Jimmy was taken to the hospital. 13:43
Nick’s Saloon and Erie Sporting Goods presents;
WWF Wrestling (1985-86)
Toledo Sports Arena – Toledo, OH Att: 7,460

Commentators; Jor Pedicino, Chuck Marlow & Charlie Fulton
Referees; Jack Mason & Perry Shad Ring; Velvet McIntyre

1. Alexis Smirnoff; Siberian Sickle Pin over Steve Pardee. Pardee tried his Flying Body Press to try and get a pin but Smirnoff caught Steve and threw him from the ring. As Pardee re-entered the ring (probably a bad idea), he was hit with a Running Axe Handle and the finisher as he was desperately trying to get to his feet. 5:15

2. Bull Nakano with Mr. Fiji; Diving Guillotine Leg Drop Pin over Penny Mitchell. Penny was savagely attack during the pre-match losing a hefty number of points from her total. To make matters worse, Mr. Fuji threw saly into Penny’s eyes during the match (He later claimed that he was trying to help Penny by sprinkling “Love Dust”. Somehow it is hard to picture Fuji as Cinderella’s God-Mother.) With Penny temporarily blinded, Nakano used a Bullwhip Stomp to set up the dreaded finisher. 7:08

3. Angelo Mosca Jr.: Flying Crossbody Pin over The Assassin. During the pre-match The Assassin hit Angelo with a Steel Chair. Mosca lost 200 points and was in serious trouble from the injury. The Assassin didn’t let up and kicked Angelo from the ring. Several head smashed to the Steel Steps had Mosca reeling. After re-entering the ring The Assassin hit Angelo with a Double Forearm Hammer and should have had a pin but he made the Cardinal Sin of playing to the crowd. The wily veteran paid the price as Mosca started to recover and had enough in his tank to used his flying finisher. 5:26

4. Rick “Quickdraw McGraw”; Piledriver Pin over Steve Lombardi. Lombardi used a Vicious Eye Rake and then rubbed Rick’s eyes to the canvas. Lombardi, at 245 lbs, picked up McGraw and droped him on the ropes throat first. Ric, at a disadvantage was able to reverse a whip and used a Clothesline to down Steve. Quickdraw hit Lombardi with a Flying Gutbuster and then the finisher. 6:32

5. Tony Atlas pinned Richard “Manifique” Charland with Frenchy Martin. Charland should have had a pin after using a Neckbreaker onto a Folded Steel Chair the Frenchy had slipped into the ring. Meanwhile Frenchy used a Leather Belt to choke out Tony. Frency went to th well once too often. He had a can of Right Guard, although he personally uses Paul Sebastian, That he used to spray at Tony’s eyes. Tony was able to muster a move and Manifique was hit in the eyes with the spray. Tony rolled him up for the pin. 6:56

6. An announcement by Ring Announcer Velvet McIntyre that Ohio’s own Charlie Fulton, who is the new number one contender for the TV Title and will meet the winner of the up and coming match, is the official timekeeper for this TV Title Match. A big ovation from the Toledo fans.
WWF TV Title – David Sammartino (Challenger); Falling Cranium Crusher Pin over Iron Mike Sharp (Champion). David got the early advantage and didn’t let up. Iron Mike ran over in the pre-match to use a Brainbuster but David was waiting and reversed the move. Iron Mike never one to let up used a Vicious Eye Cleaver and then tried to his David with a Loaded Forearm. Sammartino hooked in a Neck Lock and performed the Cranium Crusher. As the new champion was celebrating in the ring, Sharp retrieved a chair, entered the ring and smashed it over David’s head. Sharp kicked david in the body and the face. Charile Fulton ran over and though it seemed like he would stop Iron Mike he also began pummeling Sammartino. The fans were shocked. Rick McGraw and Angelo Mosca Jr. ran out to help David who was seriously down and out. Mike who usually grunts pointed at David as he spoke in the microphone while leaving with Fulton; “You wan im, You can hab im.” David sammartino is the NEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWWWWW WWF TV Champion. 9:16

7. U.S. Express (Barry Windham and Mike Rotundo) won by Count-Out over Super Powers (Nikolai Volkoff and Iron Sheik) with Classy Freddie Blassie. The match was fairly even with both teams using their moves to try and gain an advantage. The Super Powers used their strength while the Express was offsetting with their finesse and speed. After the match went OOR the Express, who would normally be at a disadvantage, was able to put the match in their favor. Windham hit Volkoff with a Headlock DDT to the floor KO’ing the Russian. Rotundo, the legal man, caught the Iron Sheik (the legal man) with a Spinning Neckbreaker. Blassie, beside himself on what to do, called out Hercules who came out with a chain. Rotundo ran back to the ring to gain the win. Blackjack Mulligan who was in a seat watching the match got up and Clotheslined Hercules. Mulligan, who is not adverse to the rough stuff, used Hercules chain to choke him out. 17:07

8. King Kong Bundy with Bobby “Brain” Heenan; Atlantic City Avalanche Pin over George “Animal” Steele. Bundy took advantage in the pre-match by catching Animal with his back turned an Piledriving him. This cost Steele 250 points and put him in a serious injury situation. Animal fought back as best he knew how with bites to the legs and arms and a claw to the face and mouth. Heenan distracted as best he could to let Bundy gain an advantage through illegal moves but Animal caught Bundy and put his shoulders to the mat. It was at least a 5 or 6 count that Referee Perry Shad missed. When Bundy kicked out his was able to use a Falling Knee to Throat and then as Animal was gasping Bundy used his finisher. 11:36
The Floating Rib and Kelly’s Diner presents;
WWF Wrestling (1985-86)
The Metro – Port Charles, NY Att: 14,896

Commentators; Gorilla Monsoon & Bruno Sammartino
Referees; Mike Chioda and Mike Sparks Ring; Donna Day

1. Kerry Brown; The Piledriver Pin over Gino Carabello. Gino used some Blatant Chokes and then a running hammer to gain an advantage but he was stopped in his tracks after a Catapult Splash. Kerry then finished with The Piledriver. 5:05

2. The Nasty Girls (Peggy Lee Leathers and Chainsaw Liz Chase) beat Jumping J Dolls (Jill Fontaine and Jackie Bradley). Leathers; Last Call (Reverse Splash) Pin over Bradley. The Dolls were able to get in some Double Dropkicks that stunned Liz and then Peggy. Referee Mike Sparks was preventing Jill from entering the ring and the Nasty Girls took advantage with a Dirty Doubleteam on Jackie. They used a Vicious Brain Basher then set up Jackie in the corner for Peggy’s finisher. 10:51

3. Jessy “The Body” Ventura; Body Breaker (Inverted Bearhug) Submission over George Wells. Ventura attacked during the pre-match but that’s nothing new. Later Wells tried a three Point Stance Tackle but fell through the ropes and was seriously slowed. Jesse didn’t let up using a Vicious Double Rope Burn and a Thumbscrew to the Throat that left Wells gasping for air. Jesse applied the submission finisher. 4:36

4. Dino Bravo with Frenchy martin won by Count-Out over Rocky Johnson. During OOR Action Johnson had to fend off Bravo, Smirnoff and Manifique Charland who wandered to the ring. Tony Atlas ran out to help Rocky, Dino slipped back in the ring and Referee Mike Chioda’s count reached 10. Bravo was awarded the match 6:26

5. Missing Link with Bobby “Brain” Heenan; Back Flying Headbutt Pin over Jose Luis Riviera. Riviera stunned Link with a Flying Dropkick and then a Falling Elbow. Heenan was able to reach in the ring and use his newspaper (with a tire iron) to hit Riviera in the head. The Link kicked Jose to the back of the head and then for good measure he climbed the turnbuckle for the flying headbutt. 6:39

6. The Unpredictable Johnny Rodz won by DQ over Brutus Beefcake with Luscious Johnny V. Beefcake was in control of the match when Dr. D David Shultz (who is really unpredictable) came to ringside. Johnny V told Shultz to go back to the locker area. Dr D saw a 2 count pin attempt on Beefcake and threw a chair in the ring. Referee Mike Chioda called for the bell. Brutus was livid as he chased Dr D to the backstage area. 4:51

7. The North/South Express (Adrian Adonis and Dick Murdock) won by Count-Out over The Brisco’s (Jack and Jerry). During OOR Action the Connection used chairs to slam the Brisco’s in the head. Jerry (the legal man) took the worse of the Brawl as he was being pummeled by Murdock who had a foot on Jerry’s Throat. Jack, meanwhile, hooked in a Figure Four on Adonis back in the ring. Referee Mike Spark’s count reached 10 and he signaled that Jerry had been counted out. Jack protested the decision claiming that Murdock should have been counted out too. Sparks pointed to Adonis as the legal man but tapes later showed that Murdock was legal. 13:51

8. Hulk Hogan; Running Jumping Leg Drop Pin over Big John Studd. Studd was able to gain an early advantage and when he lifted Hogan up for a Backbreaker Heenan was convinced the Hogan submitted. It all went for naught as Hulk was able to break the hold. Heenan tried to use his newspaper (loaded) to hit Hogan but caught Studd on the side of his noggin.. King Kong Bundy who was at ringside to help Heenan got the worst of the newspaper when Hulk grabbed it and slammed it to Bundy’s head. Back in the ring Hogan used a Skullcrusher on Studd and then the Leg Drop. 12:09
Ralston Grainery and Bill Church Bistro presents;
WWF Wrestling (1985-86)
McElroy Auditorium – Waterloo, IA Att: 14,896

Commentators; Bill Kersten and Ken Wall
Referees; Sockeye Jack McDonald & Bobby Whitlock
Ring Announcer; Waterloos’s own Thunderbolt Patterson

1. Tony Garea; Octopus Stretch Submission over Goldie Rogers. Tony was pumped by the fans positive reaction when he was announced as a replacement for Salvatore Bellomo. Goldie tries his famous “Attempted Chairshot: move but was dropkicked to the face. Tony followed with a Fling Crossbody then finished with the submission. 4:45

2. Blackjack Mulligan; Clawhold Submission over Lumberjack Jerri Monti. Minti was able to get Blkackjack down with an Axe handle Smash. Mulligan kicked out and took the offense. Aftern an Eagle Pass Lariat, Blackjack hooked in the dreaded Clawhold and it was light’s out. 4:08

3. Desiree Peterson; Running Jumping Legdrop Pin over Candice Pardue. Desiree was in control when Nasty Girl Chainsaw Liz Chase, who was waiting for an interview walked over to the ring and pulled the ropes down for Candice to throw Peterson headfirst to the floor. Candice was able to lay a barrage of punches and kicks to not only even up but gain and advantage. The slower pardee turned her back for a moment and it was long enough for Desiree to use a Reverse Piledriver. The finishing Legdrop was frosting on the cake. 5:46

4. The Natural Butch Reed; Press Slam Pin over Leaping Lanny Poffo. Butch set a chair on the ring apron during OOR Action. The high flying Lanny tried a Suicide Leap from the Turnbuckle. Butch was able to recover and used the folded steel chair to smash Lanny in the head as he came flying down. Poffo was out cold but Butch lifted him for a Press Slam. Butch must feel as though a match cannot end without a proper finisher. 5:29

5. Ivan Putski and The Mercenary Luc Porrier with Frenchy Martin; Double DQ. The match became chaos after Ivan hit Luc with a Polish Hammer. Referee Sockeye Jack was recovering from being accidently pushed from the ring. Frenchy’s other stable members; Dino Bravo and Manifique charland were at ringside. They immediately stormed the ring. Blackjack Mulligan and Tony Garea, near the commentator’s table followed them into the ring. As Referee Sockeye Jack recovered he only saw the chaos and he called for the bell. 6:58

6. Hillbilly Jim; Legdrop Pin over Hercules with Classy Freddie Blassie. During OOR Action Hercules used his chain to choke Jim. The chain was drapped around the eyes and Jim got a bad gash above the eye. He was close to blinded by blood as they re-entered the ring. Jim grabbed his Horseshoe (Mudlick Pearl) and smashed Hercules to the skull. Hercules collapsed to the canvas. Freddie Blassie thinking the match was over in Hercules favor was playing to the fans who were now cheering. Freddie still had his back turned from the ring when Jim used his Legdrop and Referee Bobby Whitlock counted. Jim fell to the canvas and was taken away on a stretcher 9:51

7. The Headhunters (Haku and Siva Afi) with Mr. Fuji won by Count-Out in an Unusual Ending over the British Bulldogs (Davey Boy Smith and Dynamite Kid). Mr. Fuji did everything he could to help his team. He pulled the ropes down for a kick to the floor below, he stabbed with his cane and he tripped the Dogs when possible. Eventually the match went OOR. Tiger Chung Lee joined the brawl. As Siva Afi went back to the ring to re-start the count, Tiger used a Kendo Stick to Davey’s stomach. Davey collapsed to the floor. Dynamite did the best he could at a serious disadvantage. Davey Boy Smith (the legal man) was counted out with Siva Afi (the legal man) in the ring. 16:35

8. WWF Title – Mr. Wonderful Paul Orndorff (Challenger) with Rowdy Roddy Piper; Spike Piledriver Pin over Ricky Steamboat (champion). Ricky used his speed to keep Ordorff confused. After a Missile Shot and a Diving Cross Body where Referee Bobby Whitlock was kicked from the ring, Ricky pinned Orndorff. Nobody was in the ring to count. Piper sensing urgency ran in the ring and smashed Ricky in the skull with a bottle of Johnny Walker. Piper helped Orndorff to his feel and Mr. Wonderful mustered enough energy to used his Spike Piledriver. Orndorff and Piper were showing off the belt and laughing. Mr. Wonderful Paul Orndorff is the NEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWWW WWF Champion. 15:12
National Peanut and Madam Puddenfoot presents;
NWA Mid-Atlantic Wresting (1982-85)
Richmond Coliseum – Richmond, VA Att: 11,658

Commentators; Leo Voss and Bill Harvin
Referees; Tommy Young & Lucky Roberts - Ring; Nick Pond

1. Rip Morgan with Jack Victory; Hit with a Chair Pin over Wildman Mike Boyette. Legal wrestling were nil in this match. Boyette was able to get a few shots in after a rake to the eyes and then followed by trying to gain a pin using the ropes as leverage. Jack Victory kicked Boyette’s feet from the ropes and used a Flag Pole to smash Mike in the head. Wildman was KO’s by the time that Morgan used a Chair to finish the job. Referee Tommy Young could have called the match but no one can fault his allowing it to come to a conclusion. Most fans were shocked at the brutality but one section stood up and cheered as they found this type of match to be totally satisfying. 4:11

2. Joe Turko won by Count-Out over Rip Rogers with Brenda Britton. Rogers gained points for being hated by the fans although Brenda earned some of those points. During OOR Action Rip pushed Soul Train Jones who was waiting for an interview at Cannoli Corner. Soul Train didn’t hesitate, he turned and used a KO Punch finisher on Rip who collapsed to the floor. Turko and Brenda ran back to the ring. Brenda was complaining about the interference as Referee Lucky Roberts called for the bell. Brenda was livid when Turko was awarded the match. 3:32

3. The Masked Superstar with Percy Pringle; Cobra Clutch Submission over Rocky King. The rookie Rocky was able to mount an offense and use a DDT that dazed The Superstar. Pringle, never idle, pulled out a can of right Guard and sprayed King in the face. The Superstar used a Swinging Neckbreaker and then the submission. 4:43

4. Nikita Koloff with Paul Jones won by Count-Out over Soul Train Jones. Soul Train had a great entrance gaining extra points on his total. The fans love his enthusiasm. During OOR Action Soul Train had to fend off Rip Rogers who had recovered and was determined to get back at Jones. While fighting with Rogers Soul Train was blindsided with a Chain Smash by Koloff. Soul Train Jones laid on the floor KO’d and bleeding as the count reached its limit. Koloff slipped back in the ring and though he seemed late Referee Lucky Roberts awared Ivan the match. 6:34

5. Bad Boy Bobby Duncum with Percy Pringle; Running Skullcracker Pin over Cowboy Scott Casey. Duncum gained points during his entrance by scaring several kids along the way. Casey used a Vicious Shoulder Breaker and then a Stomach Claw (Mulligan Claw taught by Blackjack). Pringle sensing the urgency was able to used a distraction to his advantage and Smash a wakling Stick over Casey’s back. Duncum wasted no time in performing the Skullcracker to gain the pin. 7:13

6. The Rock & Roll Express (Ricky Morton and Robert Gibson) beat The Army of Darkness (Kevin Sullivan and Purple Haze) with Luna and The Lock. The Daughters of Darkness did all they could to keep the Army in control; Toilet Bowl Cleaner sprayed, Vicious Eye Claw and Holding the Ropes Down as Gibson was kicked and fell head first to the floor below. By the time the Daughters were done, 500 points had been deducted from the Express. With the Army in control they took a moment to huddle and listen to their Abudadein leader Sullivan. Ricky Morton ran over and did a Noggin Knocker on Sullivan and Haze. Gibson ran in the ring and hooked Sullivan by the leg for the pin. Luna trying to prevent the pin leaped from the turnbuckle but the canvas was empty. Morton pushed The Lock off the ring apron as Referee Lucky Roberts counted the pin. Who knows who was legal???? 16:38

7. NWA TV Title – Rugged Ronnie Garvin won by Count-Out over Killer Tim Brooks. During OOR Action Tim resorted to a Garbage Can Smash but he failed to connect. Ronnie trapped Killer against a Large TV receiver and performed a Corkscrew Splash. Garvin followed with a Hands of Stone Smash to KO’s Brooks. Keller Tim failed to make to count. Rugged Ronnie Garvin retains the NWA TV Title. 10:17

8. Dusty Rhodes won by DQ over The Great Kabuki with Playboy Gary Hart. Kabuki and Hart were best with their arsenal of illegalities. Hart used a Loaded Boot Kick to the ribs while Kabuki tried to hit Dusty in the eyes with salt. When Dusty had Kabuki on the canvas and was about to use his Bionic Elbow, Hart threw a cup of beer into Rhode’s face. Kabuki recovered enough to retrieve a Kendo Stick and used it to beat on Dust. Referee Luck Roberts call for the bell as Kubuki and Gary Hart kept pummeling Dusty. Ronnie Garvin ran to help Rhodes. Kabuki and hart retreated. 11:09
Lou Brown Tire Mart & The Red Lion presents
NWA Mid-Atlantic Wrestling (1982-85)
The Civic Center – Ashville, NC Att: 7,646

Commentators; Bill Caudle and Ray Reeve
Referees; Ron West & Stu Schartz Ring; Billy Powell

1. Chief Wahoo McDaniel; War Dance (Chops & Knee Lifts) Pin over Wild Bill Ash. Ash, who seldom uses standard moves, had a Pocket watch with a small chain hooked to it that was a present from Timekeeper Mike George. Ash made use of the watch by slamming Wahoo in the head with a loaded Fist and using the small chain to Rake the Eyes. Wild Bill used a Wicked kick to the Midsection and then tried his Arkansas Whiplash (Rear Flying Chinlock) Finisher. Wahoo turned the tables and reverse the Whiplash into a Spinning Neckbreaker. When Wahoo followed with the War Dance, the match was over. 5:03

2. The Stud Stable (Jimmy Golden and Robert Fuller) with Brenda Britton beat The New Interns (#1 & #2). Golden; The Piledriver Pin over Intern #1. Brenda made sure that Jimmy had the edge as she reached in the ring with a 2 pound weight she found under the ring and hit Intern #1 in the head. Fuller meanwhile was using his Loaded Boot to pulverize Intern #2. (Note; Don’t tell anybody but the New Interns look a lot like the Old Mulkey’s with masks.)

3. Killer Khan with Playboy Gary Hart won by Count-Out over Elijah Akeem. Khan had all he could handle and more from Elijah. Gary Hart tried to help gain an advantage for Killer by using Brass Nucks to try and hit Akeem. He managed to drop them in the ring and Akeem picked them up. Khan missed with Green Spray Spit and Elijah hit Khan with the Brass Nucks. After pushing the totally dazed Killer into the corner Akeem hit him with a Zambaui Splash. Elijah went OOR to chase Hart. Unfortunately The Angel of Death was waiting with a Chair and Akeem too a Double Chairshot to the Skull. Elijah crashed to the floor. Killer Khan dazed in the ring got the count-out win. 6:08

4. Terry Gordy; Asian Spike (Thumb ) Submission over Mr. Ito with Tojo Yammamoto. Ito hooked in a Deadly Nerve Hold before the bell in the pre-match. Ito wouldn’t let up and it was serious. Gordy was able to maneuver the match OOR and break to hold. Terry smashed Ito’s head to the Steel Steps several tomes causing a bad gash in Ito’s forehead. Gordy grabbed Yammamoto and performed a DDT to the floor. Tojo was KO’d. After re-entering the ring Terry used a Spinebuster Slam on Ito and then the Dreaded Spike. Ito could have been pinned but Terry wanted the submission and stopped the pin until Ito would say “I Quit.” 5:36

5. Bugsy McGraw and Angel of Death with Playboy Gary Hart; Double Count-Out. This was a Brawl waiting to happen. Angel wanted to go OOR because his coolie friends (Killer Khan and Great Kabuki) would be waiting to pummel Bugsy. When Khan and Kabuki ran to ringside Boogie Valiant and Elijah Akeem came from the locker area. The Brawl ended in the Food Court when Boogie threw Angel through the Pop Corn Machine. Wrestlers poured out of the locker room to prevent further injury and equipment damage. Angel was taken to the hospital. Valiant, eating popcorn, made a statement to ring side interviewer MKABear; “You don’t mess with the Boogie Man, The Bugsy Man or the Zambaui Man.” 8:51

6. The Road Warriors (Animal and Hawk) beat The Desperados (Black Bart and Ron Bass) with J.J. Dillon. The Desperados and Dillon head the boos from the Ashville fans. It gave the Desperados extra points. Hawk; Guillotine Leg Drop Pin over Black Bart. Hawk was on his own after Ron Bass blindsided Animal OOR with a Texas Gourdbuster to the floor KO’ing him. Dillion sensing a win reached in the ring to help by trying to hit Hawk with a bottle of Jack Daniels. Hawk grabbed the bottle and smashed it to Black Bart’s head. Hawk set up the finish with a Cranium Cracker. 16:26

7. Sgt. Slaughter won by DQ over The Sheik with Abdul Farouk. Most fans loved Slaughter’s Marine entrance music as flags were being handed to them but a few fan still do not trust the Sarge. The Sheik used his camel Clutch but Sarge broke out of it before any damage was done. The Sarge hooked in his Cobra Clutch but Abdul was able to interfere and cause Slaughter to let go. The Sheik couldn’t resist stabbing with a pencil and Farouk threw Fireball. Referee Ron West called the match. 11:15

8. NWA Heavyweight Title – Superstar Billy Graham (Champion); Bug Hug Submission over Buddy Landell (Challenger) with Missy Hyatt. Billy got a big ovation adding points to his total. Missy trying to help Buddy had her Loaded Handbag (Lady in Waiting). She missed with a smash to the head and hit Buddy. Superstar immediately used karate Chops to tatally daze buddy and then hooked in the Buear Hug. Buddy couldn’t speak so Missy threw in the towel. Superstar Graham retains the NWA Title. 10:02
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