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Frank Coutinho's UQ Wrestling Results
Laurel Peach Orchids and The Green Parrot presents;
NWA GCW Wresting (1982-85)
Chaos in Savannah
Civic Center – Savannah, GA Att: 9,614 (SRO)

Commentators; Stan Rhodes, Gordie Solie & Freddie Miller
Referees; Scappy McGowen & Bill McMinn Ring; Princess Victoria
Special Ref for Nebraska Bullwhip; Furious Frank Dusek

1. Time Keeper Mike George; Time’s Up (Backward Head Slam) Pin over Gene Ligon. The boastful Mike took the microphone and pointed at Ligon; “You in 3:32.” Mike George likes to announce a time frame for his pins. Mike was able to back up his boasts as he set up the finish with a double Knee thrust and then a Helf nelson Suplex. 3:15

2. Rip “Crippler” Oliver; Taped Thumb to Throat Pin over Hangman Len Kruger. This was a rough match between two nasty wrestlers. OOR they traded slams to the Steel Steps. Oliver was cut on the forehead and blood flowed down his face. The Hangman used vicious chokes to try and end the match but Oliver had gas left in the tank. He used a backward Elbow Smash to the chops and then the Thumb finisher while using the Ropes for Leverage.

3. NEBRASKA BULL ROPE MATCH – Jake “Snake” Roberts pinned Jerry “Crusher” Blackwell. Jake had some Brass Nucks and used them to his advantage pummeling Blackwell to the stomach. Mike George, who was near ringside, climbed on the apron and removed the covering from the turnbuckle. Referee Frank Dusek ignored the infraction. Blackwell was able to use the rope to whip Jake and then use as a noose around Snake’s neck but was distracted by Mike George. As Jerry turned around Jake wasted no time in running Blackwell’s head into the exposed metal. Roberts had the Cowbell and took the Gong-Bell from the timer table. He ran the bells together with Blackwell’s head in between. 13:36

4. Special Stipulation – Masks had to be Marked #1 and #2 so that the referee would not mistake the wrestling partners. This mainly applied to The Grapplers but The Nightmars who have worn masks as of late also marked their masks although they were different colors.

The Grapplers (#1 and #2) with Valet Grappler beat The Nightmares (Danny Davis and Ken Wayne). The Valet Grappler also wore a mask and it left the fans wondering who was under the Valet mask. Many felt she look like Mystic or Kimberly. Grappler #2; Dirty Doubleteam Pin over Ken Wayne. Valet Grappler wasted no time in spraying Pepper Spray to Davis’ eyes. Ken Wayne hit Grappler #2 with a Flying Body Press that would have ended it. Valet Grappler ran in the ring and smashed a tray over Wayne’s head while Referee Scrappy McGowan held Danny Davis back. Grappler #1 ran in the ring and switched numbers on the masks. He pinned Ken Wayne and Referee Scrappy McGowan turned to see the finish. 16:45

5. Bruiser Brody; Jumping Knee Drop Pin over Crazy Luke Graham with Percy Pringle. Graham used his best moves to gain an edge; Chairshot that stunned Bruiser and Bandaged Thumb to cut off Brody’s air. Bruiser was able to dig deep for recovery just as Percy was going to spray Right Guard to the eyes. Brody grabbed the can, tasted a bit of spray, made a foul face and sprayed Percy in the face. Pringle went running up the aisle to the men’s room for some water to wash his eyes. Brody used a Devastating Flying Head Butt and then the Needrop finisher. 7:16

6. Terry Taylor pinned Konga the Barbarian with Percy Pringle who was still smarting from the spray but was at ringside never-the-less. This was an Unusual Result. During OOR Action Percy used the Fire Extinguisher to spray foam that covered both wrestlers. Konga tried to use his Kick of Fear but managed to kick Bruiser Brody who was near ringside. As the wrestlers re-entered the ring Konga used a falling Face Wrecker on Terry but was distracted by Brody on the outside who was screaming. Terry hooked in a Sunset Flip and Brody jumped in the ring as Referee Bill McMinn was looking OOR sending Pringle back to the locker area. Brody used a DDT on Konga and Terry hooked the leg for the pin. 10:25

7. Ric Flair pinned Ted DiBiase. DiBiase had the early advantage but Flair was able to ward off the pins. Ted used an Atomic Spike that seemed curtains for Flair but Frank Dusek who was at the Commentator’s Table distracted Referee Scappy McGowan long enough for Flair to kick out although it seemed as though he would have been pinned. Flair used a Brain Basher to the turnbuckle and Dusek smashed his microphone to DiBiase’s Head. Flair used his feet for leverage on the turnbuckle as pinned Ted. 13:18.

8. NWA Tag Title - The Cobra Corps (Pvt. Don Kernodle and Pvt. Jim Nelson) (Champions) with Sgt. Slaughter and The Sheepherders (Butch Miller and Luke Williams) (Challengers) with Lord Jonathan Boyd; Double Count-Out. During OOR Action Chairs, Tables, garbage Cans and anything not nailed down was used. The Brawl went up the ramp and eventually out the doors. The Sheepherders looked as though they were having a great time even though both teams had been counted out. The Cobra Corps retains the NWA Tag Title. 10:56
Rainbows End and sunshine Tours presents;
NWA-CWF Wrestling (1982-85)
Silver Spurs Arena – Kissimmee, FL Att: 8,284

Commentators; Gordie Solie and Barbara Clary
Referees; Tommy Weathers & Frenchy Bernard Ring; Jay Goodley

1. Flamboyant Eric Embry; The Piledriver Pin over Ron Shaw. Eric peeled the cover off the turnbuckle and tested Ron’s head on the exposed steel. Shaw tried to mount an offense and caught Eric with a Headlock for an attempted Bulldog. Embry was able to break the hold and turn it into a Neckbreaker in his favor. It set up the finisher. 4:11

2. The Russian Nightmare Nikita Koloff was introduced as Ivan Koloff’s latest protégé. Nikita Koloff; Russian Sickle Pin over Dusty Wolfe. Nikita used a double Axe Handle and then a Spine Cracker to set up his Devastating Russian Sickle. Wolfe barely had an offensive move. 2:21

3. Kendo Nagasaki, The Black Ninja with Oliver Humperdink; Asian Nervehold Submission over Bob “Rusty” Riddle. Riddle was able to hook Nagasaki up for a Reverse Piledriver but the clever Kendo was able to use a Samurai Spin Kick to stun Rusty. After Spitting Green Mist the Ninja hooked in the submission hold. 6:56

4. Fabulous Freebirds (Michael Hayes and Buddy Roberts) beat The Rock n’ Roll RPM’s (maniac Mike Davis and Tommy Lane). Roberts; Spinning Neckbreaker Pin over Davis. The Freebirds received extra points after cutting a brilliant promo with George Vessichio in Cannoli Corner. During the match Davis, interfering from the ring apron, used a helmet that he wore to the ring as a landing spot for a Cranium Crusher on the canvas for Buddy Roberts head so Lane could gain the pin. Michael Hayes immediately jumped in the ring and hit Lane with a DDT. Davis jumped in the ring and was hit with a flying Forearm by Roberts and then the Neckbreaker. The RPM’s protested the pin because Davis was not the legal man. 14:06

5. Pat Rose with cousin Ravishing Randy pinned Dirty Dick Slater with #1 Paul Jones. Slater was in total control of the match after using a Full nelson mauler and then a flying Skull Crusher. Jones, trying to assure the win, was going to smash Pat in the chops with Brass Mucks. Ravishing Randy snuck up on Jones and smash a Trash Can over his head. The Brass Nucks fell to the floor and randy retrieved them. Ravishing Randy, who is no stranger to roughhouse, smashed Slater to the chops. Dirty Dick crumbled to the canvas as a shocked Paul Jones could only watch from the floor. 6:46

6. Magnum TA; Belly to Belly Suplex over Gorgeous George South. George tried to gain an edge in the match but was countered in his every attempt. During OOR Action South found a can of 3 in 1 oil and tried to squirt it in Magnum’s face. When nothing came out of the can George looked at the spout and squeezed. The oil squirted him in the eyes. South fell from the ramp and would have been counted out but Magnum carried George back to the ring. South tried a Flying Headbutt but the landing area was empty. Magnum used a Head rammer to the Corner Post and then the finisher. The Russian Nightmare Nikita Koloff was standing in the back watching. 5:26

7. Mr. Wrestling II and Abdullah the Butcher with Oliver Humperdink; Double Count-Out. During OOR Action, where the Butcher is in his element, Abdullah used chairs, a 2 x 4 and even flashbulbs as weapons. Mr. Wrestling II countered with a High Knee Smash and a Million $ Elbow that dazed The Butcher. They fought up the ramp and out to the Food Court. The Butcher turned over tables and pushed over a Souvenir Stand. The match was long past counted out but Mr. Wrestling II ended the OOR physical action when he Drop Kicked Abdullah through the Ticket Booth leaving the Butcher sprawled out on the shattered pieces of wood. Oliver Humperdink was sceaming; “Oh No, Oh No!!” 9:28

8. Florida Title – Billy Jack (Challenger); Full Nelson Submission over The Spoiler (Champion) with Playboy Gary Hart. The Spoiler used his Walk the Rope Elbow Smash to stun Billy but Gary Hart couldn’t stay out of the match. He tried a Chairshot but Mr. Wrestling II near ringside pushed him. In the confusion when Hart turned, Billy mustered enough strength to get hold of the Chair. He used it on The Spoiler with a Double Whammy. Billy then used a Throat Slam Suplex and hid Full nelson Submission. The Spoiler was out cold and could not submit so Gary hart reluctantly threw in the towel. Billy Jack is the NEEEEEEWWWWWWWWW Florida Champion. 12:35
Good Time Charlie’s and Pretzel Twister presents;
NWA Mid-South Wrestling (1982-85)
Bancord South Arena – Tupalo, MS Att: 9,672

Commentators; Joe pedicino & Bonnie Blackstone
Referees; T.D. Steele & Tommy Sloan Ring; Ed Capral

1. Pretty Boy Larry Sharp and Dangerous Dave Barbie; Double Count-Out. During OOR Action Sharp used his Gourd Buster Finisher to the Ramp on Barbie. Sharp always one to boast started “hotdogging” to the fans by flexing and praising himself while the fans booed. Barbie who was dazed mustered enough strength to grab a music stand next to the ramp and smash it over Pretty Boy’s head. Both men collapsed on the ramp and were carried out. 3:54

2. Hangman Bobby Jaggers and Chick Donovan; Double DQ. Prior to the match Jaggers was being interviewed by George Vessichio in Cannoli Corner when Chick interrupted the match calling Jaggers a bum and an insult to the great state of Kansas (Jagger’s home). A brawl broke out and the match was in danger of never starting. It probably shouldn’t have because both wrestlers immediately retrieved chairs and Jaggers found a baseball bat. They started beating on each other so Referee Tommy Sloan, who is never quick to call a match, immediately called for the bell and then some help. Several wrestlers came from the locker area and several security helped separate the combatants. 0:33 (16:21 to clear the mess).

3. One Man Gang with General Skandor Akbar; 747 Splash Pin over Carl Fergie. Fergie, who also used the name Pretty Boy and King Carl, was able to get Gang off his feel and use a Jumping Knee smash the hurt Gang. One man recovered and resorted to rough action; Kicks to the body and head. As Fergie was trying to recoup Skandor reached in and Burned Carl with a Cigar. The Dreaded Gang Finisher followed. 4:53

4. Tojo Yammamoto; Stomach Vice Submission over Cowboy Johnny Mantel. Tojo used a pearl harbor attack before the match to gain an advantage. Mantel fought back and eventually used a fireman’s carry move that seemed to pin Tojo but was waved off as only being a 2 ½ count. Tojo was able to used some karate chops to the Neck that weakened Johnny and he collapsed to the floor where Tojo used his Vice Hold to end the match. 5:38

5. Dirty Dutch mantel with Jimmy Hart and King Cobra with Timekeeper Mike George; Double Count-Out. Dutch kept taunting Mike before the match; “Why don’t you put a time on this match for this chump (referring to Cobra).” Dutch snapped his whip, Shoo Baby, a few times for effect. The match eventually went OOR where Wild Bill Ash came to help Cobra and Mike George. Dutch seemed alone until Boogie Valiant and Bugsy McGraw ran down the aisle to help Dutch. Dutch used his whip to ward off Cobra while Boogie and Bugsy had a and a 2 x 4. King Cobra, Mike George and Wild Bill Ash retreated. Both wrestlers had long passed the Count-Out. 8:16

6. Lumberjack Jos LeDuc with Jimmy Hart pinned The Mongolian Stomper with Jim Cornette. The Stomper used his Choke with Ropes move that nearly put Jos away as Cornette was beating on Jos with his Tennis Racket. Jimmy Hart came to the far side of the outter ring and smashed a Cow Bell (Who knows where he got it???) to Stompers forehead causing a big gash. With blood flowing into his eyes the Stomper tried kicking LeDuc but to no avail as the blood blinded him. Jimmy Hart hit Cornette in the skull with a Megaphone and then used it on the stomper just as Jos performed a Canadian Cannonvball that ended the match. 9:09

7. The Fabulous Ones (Steve Keirn and Stan Lane beat The Super Destroyers (SD #1 and SD #2) with General Skandor Akbar. Stan Lane; Top Rope Body Dive Pin over SD #2. The SD’s had a bit of an advantage and worked well tagging in and out. A Falling Hammer and a Axe Handle move weakened Keirn who was unable to reach Lane. SD #1 tried to end the match with a Brass Nuck Smash but Keirn was able to duck and SD #2 took the Crush to the Jaw. Keirn tagged Lane and then used a Skull Smasher on SD #1 who tried to enter the ring. Lane climbed the ropes and used the dive onto SD #2. 14:57

8. Austin Idol with Sherri Martel; Vegas Leglock Submission over Lord Humongous with Downtown Bruno. Humongous was able to gain the early advantage and used a Choke Slam that seemed curtains for Idol. Somehow he mustered enough to kick out from the pin attempt a few times. Frustrated, Humongous retrieved a chair and tried to use it on Austin. This proved to be his undoing. Idol was able to reverse the move and Humongous took the smash over the head. The dazed Humongous stumbled into the corner where Sherri was holding the Gong-Bell. A Smash to the head KO’s the big man. Austin Idol hooked in the Vegas Leglock and Downtown Bruno threw in the towel. 12:24
Dunn’s Transmission and Gingiss Formal Wear presents;
NWA Mid-South Wrestling
Mid-South Coliseum – Memphis, TN Att: 12,856

Commentators; Lance Russell, Dave Brown & David Darnell
Referees; Jerry Calhoun & Tom Renesto Ring; Boyd Pierce

1. Jimmy Garvin won by DQ over The Blond Bomber Art Crews. Crews, who has no love lost with Garvin, came out with a vengeance. First he used the pre-march to peel away the covering on the turnbuckle. When the match started Art immediately rammed Jimmy’s head to the metal. Garvin had a bad slash on his forehead. Crews pulled out a Hidden Foreign Object to use when Referee Jerr Calhoun wasn’t looking. Garvin hit Art with a Flying Knee Drop that should have been a pin but Crews dropped the Foreign Object (piece of metal) and Referee Calhoun saw it. He called for the bell. 4:21

2. Lumberjack Match – This is the 3rd in a series of 5 matches between Jim Cornette and The Mouth of the South Jimmy Hart. Jimmy Hart leads to series 2-0. Lumberjacks are Elijah Akeem, the Mongolian Stomper, Mike George, Wild Bill Ash, Bugsy McGraw and Jos LeDuc.

Jim Cornette and Jimmy Hart; No Contest. The match got way out of control when Cornette’s coolie The Mongolian Stomper couldn’t control himself and entered the ring. He was joined in force by Mike George and Wild Bill Ash. Jimmy Hart’s stable countered with Jos LeDuc, Bugsy McGraw and Elijah Akeem. The Brawl in the ring was massive so Referee Tom Renesto called the match. It took a while to stop the chaos. 7:55 (19:34 to clear the ring).

3. Steve “Do it to It” Cox won by DQ over Exotic Adrian Street with Miss Linda. Steet caught Cox in a London Bridge Deathlock but was able to reach the ropes to break the hold with help from Jimmy Garvin, who was near the ring waiting for a promo. Miss Linda and Street were arguing with Referee Jerry Calhoun when Cox hit Street with a Flying Elbow Smash. As Cox went for the pin Miss Linda jumped on Referee Calhoun who is having a bad day. 4:41

4. Superstar Bill Dundee; Small package Pin over Chief Frank Hill. Chief Frank was using the War Dance Chops and Knee Lifts to set up a pin but Dundee had a Roll of Coins that he used to smash the chief. Dundee used a Diving Cross Body on the dazed Hill and the Small Package Pin. 5;16

5. The Midnight Express (Dennis Condrey and Bobby Eaton) introduced by their manager Jim Cornette (who looks a little tired) won by Count-Out over the Pretty Young Things (Norvell Austin and Sweet Brown Sugar). During OOR Action a Double Chairshot of Condrey and Brown Sugar put both wrestlers out. Eaton had some help from Mongolian Stomper who held Norvell Austin while Bobby beat him with Cornette’s Tennis racket. Eaton was able to get back in the ring as the slow count reach the limit. Condrey was actually the legal man. 13:45

6. The music of the Manhattan Transfer played “The Boy from New York City” and everyone was on their feet to applaud Jimmy “Boogie” Valiant who didn’t disappoint during his entrance as he boogied down the aisle. Jimmy gave a high five to Dave Darnell before entering the ring.

Jimmy Boogie Valiant and The Dream Machine with Bobby Eaton (and cornette’s Tennis racket); Double Count-Out. During OOR Action The machine tried a Brain Buster to the floor but Boogie revered it. This brought The Mongolian Stomper into the action. Eaton and The Stomper didn’t get much of a doubleteaming chance because Bugsy McGraw and Elijah Akeem ran out to help. Cornette’s stable retreated but the count was long over. The Dream Machine was carried out on a stretcher. 11:36

7. Nick Bockwinkle won by DQ over Jerry “King” Lawler. In an Unusual Ending the match went OOR. Superstar Bill Dundee, with Brass Nucks, came to help Lawler. Several slugs to Bockwinles stomach was enough but they doubleteamed Nick to crash through the Press table. Referee jerry Calhoun, who is slow to call a match, finally called the DQ when he saw that Dundee had a Ball Peen Hammer. 10:06

8. Southern Heavyweight Title – Tommy “Wildfire” Rich; Gourd Buster Pin over “Hot Stuff” Eddie Gilbert with Missy Hyatt. Missy tried to help Eddie gain an early advantage by throwing powder to Tommy’s eyes. Rich was able to recover from the dust and avoided a hit with Missy’s Loaded Handbag (Lady in Waiting) kissed her. Eddie, now angry, tried a Flying Body Press that he missed and fell through the ropes to the floor. After re-entering the ring Tommy used a Backward head Slam and then the Gourd Buster for the pin. Tommy “Wildfire “ Rich retains the Southern Heavyweight Title. 14:41
Pal Joey’s and Hudsucker Clothing presents;
TNA-Impact Wrestling (2012-14)
Federal Arena – Charlestown, PA Att: 3,430

Commentators; Professor Mike Tenay & Taz
Referees; Brian Hebner & Paul Turner Ring; Christy Hemme

Announcement by MVP; “We are sad to report that The Ultimate Warrior has passed away two days after his induction into the WWE Hall of Fame. Our sympathy goes out to his loving family.”
“Congratulations to the U. of Connecticut on their NCAA Men’s and Women’s Titles.”

1. Shimmer Match – Jessika Havok; Demon Drop (Belly to Back Piledriver) Pin over Xandra Bale. Xandra who appears in various comic book superstar outfits was dressed as Wonder Woman. The popular Xandra should have had the win but as she hit Jessika with a Flying Cross Body, Allison Kay ran to ringside to distract Referee Brian Hebner. Jessika was able to kick out of the pin attempt at what seemed like it could have been a 5 count. Havok jummed her fingers into Xandra’s eyes and then finished the match with her Demon Drop finisher. 6:04

2. Murat Bosporus with Thurman Holly; Islan Column Clothesline Pin over Tim Zbyszko with Joel Goodheart. Tim was distracted in the match when his father Larry was sitting at the commentator’s table. Larry was Tim’s manager until Tim turned on his father and went to Blackheart Stables run by Joel Goodheart. Goodheart tried to gain an advantage over Murat by spraying some cologne (It lokked like a bottle of Paul Sebastian) but was pushed from behind by Holly. The spray hit Tim in the eyes. Bosporus followed with a Head Rammer to the Corner Post and then the finisher. 5:28

3. Trytan; Choke Slam Pin over Rafael Constantine. Rafael used a Jumping Spin Kick to stun Trytan but Constantine was countered when he tried to use a Springboard Moonsault. Tim Zbyszko still at ringside, for lack of nothing else to do while he waited for his father to leave, shook the ropes causing Constantine to crash hard to the canvas. Trytan immediately took charge using a vicious Chokehold and then a F-3 Facebuster before pinning Rafael. 5:55

4. Christian York and Façade; Double Count-Out. Façade troed to fool Christian with a handshake before the match but York knowing Façade’s history kicked him to the groin. When the match went OOR, Christian used the Guard rail to slam Façade’s head several times. York climbed on the Turnbucle as façade lay on the floor and performed a Diving Knee Drop. Referee Paul Turner’s count reached 10 but Christian didn’t seem to care. He was laughing and motioning for the stretcher bearers to come and help Façade. 4:36

5. Judgement (Doc Gallows and Mike Knox) with Prince Devitt members of the Bullet Club beat Trailer Park Pride (Elvis Pridemore and Trailer Park Trash). Mike Knox; Knox Out (Reverse STO) Pin over Elvis Pridemore (who is from Somewhere down South). The Pride was not going to be denied some of their non-wrestling moves. Referee Brian Hebner was KO’d from an unintentional body smash. A Slam to Prince Devitt with a Rusty tailpipe took out the Manager/Leader. Machine Gun Karl Anderson, another member of the Bullet Club ran to ringside only to have a bottle of old crankcase oil poured over his head. Doc Gallows was cut with an old Licence Plate (it read “Up-Yours” 2 and it was from Arkansas.) Doc who now had blood flowing down his face was able to catch T.P. Trash and perform a 12th Step (Inverted Slam) while Knox ended the match with his finisher on Pridemore. Mickey Batts, backup referee, jumped in the ring and counted the pin. 14:44

6. Petey Williams; Canadian Destroyer (Front Flip Piledriver) Pin over Manik. Manik used a D.O.A. (Sunset Flip) that had Petey reeling but he was able to avoid the pin attempts and recovered enough to throw Manik Head First into the Corner Post. Williams followed with his finisher that is Curtains for an wrestler. 6:25

7. Hernandez; Border toss (Power Bomb ) Pin over Carlito Colon. Colon gained an early advantage using a Rope to Choke out Hernandez. Carlito followed with a Flying Knee Rib Crusher. Too much playing to the booing fans cost Carlito a chance at the win and by the time he was done congratulating himself Hernandez hit him with a Diving Splash. The Border Toss was Light’s Out. 9:12

8. X-Division Title – Ironman Rob Conway (challenger) with Bolin Services pinned Matt Morgan (Champion). Matt had to fend off Bolin Services and came out on the short end. King Kenny used a Smash with a Microphone to put away matt but the big man wouldn’t go down. Morgan was able to used a Cabon Footprint on Bolin sending him crashing to the floor. Mikey Batts was KO’d in the process. Jack Black and Glen Osborn ran to the ring. Osborn used his chain to smash Morgan in the head. As Morgan somehow got to his feet Jack Black hit him in the chops with a wrench. Conway was able to get the pin as Mickey Batts, though dazed, counted. Ironman Rob Conway is the NEEEEEWWWWWWWW X-Division Champion. 10:56
Duff Brewery and The Windmill Diner presents;
TNA - Impact Wrestling (2012-14)
Garden City Arena – St. Catherine’s, Ontario Att: 3,652

Commentators; Jason Gentry and Jeremy Borash
Referees; Brian Stiffler & Gino Colluci Ring; Taryn Terrell

1. Shimmer Match - Sweet Saraya Knight; Saraya Cradle (Bridging Cradle Suplex) Pin over Emma (Tenille Dashwood). Sweet Saraya used her usual array of moves; Eye Gouges, Chokes and Rope Burns to gain an advantage. Emma fought back and hir Saraya with Running Axe Handle. Several Pokes to the eyes change the complexion of the match and allowed Sweet Saraya to use her finisher. 5:52

2. Kazarian with Christopher Daniels; Flux Capacitor (Moonsault) Pin over Randy Royal. Randy was attacked during the pre-match when Daniels hit him with an Angel’s Wings (Facebuster). Referee Gino Colluci was just getting settled and wasn’t watching the wrestlers. Royal became a victim of a flying Skullcracker after the match started but Kazarian and Daniels didn’t want to end the match too soon. They used; Sidewalk Slams, A Springboard and A Reverse STO that could have put Randy away with any of these moves. Kazarian finally took mercy and pinned Royal with the Moonsault. 4:26

3. “Tough Man” Andy Leavine (formally Kevin Hackman in WWE); Silent Rage Power Slam Pin over Frankie the Mobster. In spite of breaking the rules Frankie is very popular in Canada. The Mobster used a Wicked Kick to the Groin and then used the Ropes to Choke Leavine. Frankie performed Went to the Matresses (Neckbreaker) but Andy kicked out. The Tough Andy was able to turn the tide and performed a Falling Head Slam before using his Slam finisher. Andy Leavine was rated 175 in the PWI top 500. 4:32

4. Seyia Senada and Joey Ryan; Double Count-Out. Ryan announced before the match while pointing to the newcomer; “You don’t come into my house and expect to win. When this match is over you can run back home and tell them that you met and now fear the great Joey Ryan superstar wrestler and lover extraordinaire.” During OOR Action Joey grabbed a Railroad Spike, that he found in a toolbox under the ring, to use as a weapon. He was able to get Senada to the floor and tried to use a Falling Knee to the Throat. He missed and smashed his knee to the hard floor. As Ryan tried to reciver and get up, Senada hit him with a Double Elbow Smash and then climbed the turnbuckle and performed a Moonsault onto the helpless Joey Ryan. 6:16

5. Team 3-D (Bully Ray and Devon) beat The Beasts (Flash Flanagan and Glen Osborne) with King Kenny Bolin. Bully ray; Dudley Death Drop Pin over Glen Osborne. The Beasts took advantage before the match and attacked. Jack Black came out to help his Bolin Service Stablemates. The Beasts tried to maintain their advantage but Team 3-D’s long veteran experience made way for Bully and Devon to use Whassup (Diving Low Blow) on Osborn, A Double Chokeslam on Flanagan and a Sidewalk Slam on Flanagan. The Frustrated Beasts retrieved Osborne’s Chain. Jack Black tried to help Osborne in the ring but he was dropkicked by Devon. Bully took Osborne’s Chain and smashed it to Glen’s head. As Flash entered the ring, Devon followed. The Beasts were pummeled by Team 3-D then set up for the Dudley Death Drop. Bully pinned Glen Osborne. 15:53

6. Chavo Guerrero Jr. and Garrett Bischoff with Wes Brisco; No Contest. During OOR Action that was far from sincere, Hernandez came to ringside to help Chavo. What Hernandez got was a chain to the head by Brisco then Garrett and Wes stared beating on Hernandez. Chavo watched as his partner on Caribbean Crunch was pummeled. Guerrero left ringside to return to the Locker Area and never looked back. Team 3-D ran down and chased Bischoff and Brisco off. 7:09

7. Tyson Tomko; Argentine Neckbreaker Pin over Rob Terry. Rob had the early advantage and seemed to have the pin after a Freakbuster (Thrust Spinebuster) but Referee Brian Stiffler was distracted by Robbie E who wandered to the ring. Terry was upset but had to continue the match against the tough Tomko. The Action eventually went OOR where both wrestlers exchange head smashes to the Steel Rail and then the Steel Steps. With both combatants bleeding from the forehead Rob Terry was able to muster enough for a Chokeslam that seemed to be curtains. Referee Brian Stiffer was dazed from a unintentional body smash and was just recovering. Robbie E took advantage and ran in to Smash Rob Terry to the chops with Brass Nucks. Tomko dased was still able to use a Neckbraker as the strong Rob Terry tried to get to his feet. Referee Stiffler saw the pin and counted. 9:28

8. A.J. Styles won by Count-Out over Chris Sabin with Alpha Female. During OOR Action Velvet Sky ran in to help A.J. Alpha Female picked up the Gong-Bell and tried to hit Velvet who ducked. Chris Sabin took the smash to the head as he was getting to his feet after a Jumping Spin Kick by A.J. Sabin crumbled to the floor. After the count out the 200 lb Alpha Female picked up Sabin and carried him up the aisle to the backstage. 11:21
Big Pecker’s Chicken House & Starlight Hotel presents;
TNA-Impact Wrestling (2012-14)
Main St. Arena – Salisbury, MD Att: 4,076

Commentators; Prof. Mike Tenay, Tazz and MVP
Referees; Earl Hebner & Brian Gorie
Ring; Christy Hemme & Mr. Annnnnnndersonnnnnnn..

1. Jesse Sorenson; Face Lock DDT Pin over Adam Revolver. Adam had a Sharp Object that he tried to use to cut Jesse. During OOR Action Revolver had his hand kicked and the object slashed his face. Jesse took advantage and used the Steel Steps to grind Adam’s face. As they re-entered the ring the very popular Jesse hit Revolver with a Flying Missile Shot and then finished the match much to the fans delight. 3:54

2. Masada with Christina Von Eerie; Masadamizer (Death Valley Driver) Pin over Chance Prophett. Prophett practically had the match won when he was about to use a Doomsayer (Headlock Bulldog). Christina took advantage of a distraction and used a can of Black Flag to spray Chance in the eyes. Masada followed with a wicked Kick to the Groin and then the finisher. (note; Masada was ranked # 94 in the PWI top 500. Christina Von Eerie also used the name Toxxin). 6:14

3. Wes Brisco with Garrett Bischoff; Brisco Lock (Figure Four) Submission over Jason Wayne. Wayne came close to a pin after performing a Full Nelson Slam. Bischoff saved Brisco by putting his foot on the ropes. Bischoff slid a Folded steel Chair into the ring and Brisco used a Neckbreaker to KO Wayne and set up the finisher. Brisco didn’t want to let up on the Figure Four but Referee Earl Hebner who had called for the bell started counting for a DQ on Wes. 3:23

4. Ethan Carter III; One Percenter (Headlock Driver) Pin over King Mo. King Mo gained an advantage and after hitting EC-3 with a Royal Pain Elbow Smash it looked like curtains. Rockstar Spud, Dixie Carter’s little weasel, ran to the ring to distract. King Mo was trying to keep an eye on Spud who had a water pistol. Spud squirted the pistol and what came out wasn’t water. It was turpentine. King Mo grabbed for his eyes and EC-3 used his finisher. EC-3 and spud proudly walked from the ring as the fans booed. 4:42

5. KO Title – McChif (Challenger); Desecrater (Scissored DDT) pin over Kelly Kelly (Champion). Kelly was on her way to another title defense after using a K-2 (Legdrop Bulldog). Beautiful People (Angelina Love and Velvet Sky) came to ringside and worked as a team distracting Earl Hebner and helping MsChif. Angelina even jumped in the ring to Grind Kelly face to the mat. A Double Falling face Wrecker by Angelina and MxChif did the damage before Hebner ordered The Beauties back to the locker area. MsChif was now in control and used her finisher to get the pin. MsChif is the NEEEEEWWWWWWWW Knockout Champion. 9:22

6. Bro-Mans (Jesse Godderz and Robbie E) beat Ink, Inc (Shannon Moore and Jesse Neal). The Bor-Mans got an early start to the match as they attack Ink, Inc. during the pre-match. Adding extra points to their total is exactly what the Bro-Mans needed. The injured Moore and Neal were able to fight back and Neal hit Godderz with a Spear while Moore followed with a Halo (Corkscrew Senton). Robbie E was able to pull Godderz from the ring and took his place. Robbie E had some Brass Nucks that he used to smash Moore in the chops. As Robbie went for the pin Godderz held the Ropes for Leverage. 11:56

7. Samuel Shaw; Kata-Gatame (Arm Triangle Choke) Submission over Showtime Eric Young with O.D.B. Shaw was introduce by Mr Anderson who uses every degrading adjective to describe Shaw. Shaw, who does his best to imitate Patrick Bateman of American Psycho, tried the choke out Eric with a Thumbscrew to the Throat. O.D.B. tried to stop Shaw who ran after her OOR. Shaw actually was going to hit her with a chair but Eric stopped him. Shaw smashed it to Young’s head as Young was checking on O.D.B. Samuel then slammed Eric’s head to the steel guard rail opening a gash on Eric’s forehead. Afer re-entering the ring Eric used a Head Rammer to the corner post and climbed the turnbuckle for a leap. The blood flow to his eyes blinded him and when Eric performed the Suicide Jump he crashed to an empty canvas. Shaw used his finisher to end the match. 10:41

8. Cowboy James Storm; Eight Second Ride (STO) Pin over Gunner. The fans are still adjusting to Cowboy James Storms attitude change. This was a huge brawl with Rope Burns, Kicks to the Groin and Chokes. Neither wrestler had an advantage and both used rough illegal moves. Gunner tried his Fireman Carry Facebuster (thank heaven a legal move) to try and end the match. The Cowboy retaliated with a Beer Bottle Smash to the Skull. Storm followed with his finisher. 12:29
Butch’s Place and Douglas insurance presents;
TNA-Impact Wrestling (2012-14)
Porch Light Auditorium – Grand island, NB Att: 3,522

Commentators; Justin Gentry, Tazz and Dixie Carter
Referees; Brian & Earl Hebner Ring; Taryn Terrell

1. Killer Elite Squad (Davey Boy Smith Jr. and Lance Archer) beat The Flatliners (Matt Burns and Asylum). Archer; Dark Days (Inverted DDT) Pin over Burns. Burns tried a Top Rope Splash and hit the empty canvas. Asylum tried to enter the ring and help but was stopped by Davey Boy Smith Jr. who performed a Flying Rib Crusher. Archer Applied his finisher as the dazed Burns got to his feet. (note; Lance Archer is the former Lance Hoyt ranked 95 in PWI’s top 500. Smith is ranked at 98. Both Flatliners are also ranked.) 9:12

2. David Starr and Krackerjack with Lord Mark Williamson; No Contest. This was a mess. Lord Mark called in Hartley Jackson from his stable to help Krackerjack. This turned into Total Chaos when The Flatliners for some reason ran out to also help the strange Krackerjack. The Killer Elite Squad countered for David Starr. Referee Earl hebner had enough and called the match. 4:46

3. Doug Williams; Bombs Away Pin over Jack Black with King Kenny Bolin. Williams lost points on his way to the ring when Magnus, sitting in the back row, jumped up and hit Doug with a Running Forearm then ran back to the locker area. It too Williams a little time to recover allowing the 500 lb. Black to perform a Sidewalk Slam. Glen “The Beast” Osborne who was with Bolin at ringside took it on his own to try and help using his chain. He missed and hit Black in the head and the big man crashed to the canvas. Williams followed with a Guillotine Leg Drop and then the High Flying Finisher. Bolin was jawing with The Beast during the ending. 4:33

4. Bad Luck Fale with Prince Devitt and Randy Terrez; Double Count-Out. Fale used a Pearl Harbor Attack during the pre-match that deducted points from Terrez. It probably would have been enough points for fale to win in the ring but the match went OOR. Fale, who claims to be from The Kingdom of Tonga, was in his element OOR. He used a Bad Luck Choke Slam to the floor and if that wasn’t enough he add a Bad Luck fall (Power Bomb ). Terrez was out cold. It didn’t stop Fale and Devitt (from the Bullet Club ) from pummeling Randy further. David Starr and Doug Williams ran to Terrez’s rescue. 3:41

5. Taeler Hendrix won by DQ over Lei’d Tapa. Tapa used her superior strength and weight to gain the advantage. Tapa hit Taeler with a Big Boot that seemed curtains but Brian Hebner missed part of the pin because Bad Luck Fale had wandered to the ring. Tapa, also from the Kingdom of Tonga, got angry and as Referee Brian hebner turned she picked him up and Bod Slammed him. Earl Hebner immediately got up from his ringside seat intending to enter the ring but was stopped by Bad Luck Fale. Finally MVP ran to the ring and called the match. 5:14

6. The American Wolves (Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards) won by DQ over Goodfellas (Eddie Kingston and Craig “the Big Deal” Steele) with Mo Green. Richards used a DR Driver (Brainbuster) on Steele and Edwards was going to end the match after a Springboard Moonsault. Mo Green with a Blackjack in hand and Kingston with a Tire Iron entered the ring. Referee Eric Young (subbing for Earl Hebner) immediately called the match. 11:56

7. Jeff Hardy; Count-Out win over Magnus. After the match went OOR and the wrestlers traded smashed to the head on the Guard rail, Doug Williams came out and started fighting with Magnus. Hardy who could care less retreated to the ring and was pre-occupied by talking to himself. Magnus and Williams fought up the ramp and to the back stage area. (Hardy also wrestles as Willow his alter-ego but the fans seem bored by his erratic behavior.) 10:34

8. TV Title – Zema Ion (challenger); 630° Senton Pin over Abyss (Champion). Abyss had the clear advantage throwing Zema all around the ring. Jesse Godderz and Robbie E wandered to ringside and found a piece of lumber (2 x 3) under the ring. Robbie E smashed the lumber over Abyss’ head. The Monster crash to the canvas. Zema used a Loaded Fist (Metal Spike) Fall to Abyss’ Throat and then performed the High Flying Finish. Zema Ion is the NEEEEEEWWWWWWWWWWWWW TV Champion. 8:29
Nick’s Saloon and Ace Tomatoes presents;
TNA-Impact Wrestling (2012-14)
Lake county AC – Libertyville, IL Att: 3,386

Commentators; Jeremy Borash, Jason Gentry & Bobby Roode
Referees; Brian Stiffler & Paul Turner Ring; Veda Scott

1. Vordell Walker won by DQ over Mike Knox with Doc Gallows. A failed pre-match attack by Mike failed and it was a foreshadowing to the match. Mike along with Doc’s outside help used the rough style to gain an advantage. A Noggin Knocker during a confrontation dazed Knox (and Doc). Vordell used a Brainbuster and then a 450° Splash to just about put Knox away. Doc recovered enough to sense an urgency and ran in the ring to smash Vordell with a Chain. Referee Brian Stiffler called for the bell. 4:27

2. Apollyon; Bottomless Pit (Spinebuster) Pin over Hartley Jackson with Lord Mark Williamson. Jackson’s head was cracked open from several smashed to the Steel rail OOR. To make matters worse, after re-entering the ring Williamson tried to help by hitting the massive Apollyon with a small Crow Bar. Lord mark missed and Hartley took the smash. A Skull Smasher sealed the deal (although it was unnessary0 and then the Bottomless Pit. 4:52

3. Northern Outlaws (Sylvain Grenier and Ty Dillinger) with Thurmond Holly and Blackheart Stable (Breaker Morant and AHTU) with Joel Goodheart; Double Count-Out. During OOR Action The Blackhearts used chairs to beat on the Outlaws. Not to be outdone Holly dumped a bucket of Crankcase Oil (from Gasoline Alley on AHTU rendering him useless as he struggled to even get to his feet. Tom Zbyszko ran out to help his mentor, Goodheart. Oil was all over the floor and the wrestlers were trying to brawl but kept slipping and sliding. It was impossible for any of the combatants to get back in the ring. 11:46

4. Prince Devitt and Paradyse; Double Count-Out. During OOR Action Mike Knox and Doc Gallows came out to help the Bullet Club leader Devitt. The Northern Outlaws who must not have had enough action and were still covered with oil, came out to help the strange Paradyse who was at a tremendous disadvantage. The count ran out as both wrestlers and help kept fighting up the ramp and to the backstage area. 5:37

5. Madison Rayne; Push-Up Facebuster Pin over Gail Kim. This was a vicious fight between two former partners. Gail was able to use her Eat Defeat (Facebuster) but somehow Madison mustered enough enery to kick out and bounce back. Gail had a Hair Spray can and was going to use it but it was kicked from her hand. Madison picked it up and used it on Gail. Madison followed with a falling Knee crunch as Gail lay in agony holding he eyes. Madison then performed her finisher. Gail complained that Madison illegally won the match using Hair spray but Referee Brian Stiffler turned his back. 7:49

6. Austin Aires and Jay Lethal; Double DQ. The match was way out of control but the win probably should have been awarded to Lethal. It only took a few minutes for Bobby Roode to leave the Commentator’s table and interfere in the match. Referee Paul Turner didn’t see the interference otherwise the final result would have been different. Mike Knox and Doc gallows ran to the ring to get in the action and so did the Northern Outlaws. Paradyse and Hartley Jackson also ran down. This was like a Battle Royal without specific rules. Referee paul Turner couldn’t control the match so he called for the bell. 3:06

7. Samoa Joe; Coquina Clutch Submission over Hot Shot Johnny Devine with Dave Prazak. Prazak was his usual irritating self as he tripped Samoa Joe and then poked him in the eyes in the corner. Joe fell to the canvas holding his eyes as Prazak used a Foreign Object for the poke. Hot shot Devine climbed the ropes for a Devine Intervention (Moonsault). The move missed and Devine crashed to the canvas. Joe hooked in the submission hold and it was curtains. 8:27

8. TNA Tag Title – No Remorse (Gunner and Murphy) (Challengers) beat Bad Influence (Christopher Daniels and Kazarian). Gunner; Spinebuster Pin over Daniels. Bad Influence built up points added to their total with their cheating. They were in control of the match but wasted time ‘hotdogging”. Murphy kicked Kazarian from the Ring Apron as he used a Throat Slam Suplex on Daniel who was wrenching in pain from a missed Elbow off the Top Rope. Murphy tagged out and Gunner used his Spinebuster finisher. No Remorse is the NEEEEEEWWWWWWWWWWW TNA Tag Champions. 14:58
Shrimp Boat Café and Dartan Bakery presents;
Ring of Honor Wrestling (2012-14) on Sinclair Networks
Magic City Club – Bogalusa, LA Att: 1,826

Commentators;Kevin, Nigel McGuiness & Jim Cornette
Referees; Brian Gorie and Tommy Dreamer Ring;Maria Kanalis

1. JPW/ECWA Match - Dru Onyx; Bajan Death Drop Pin over Chainsaw Joe Gacy. Onyx was being interviewd by George Vessichio in Cannoli Corner when Gacy stormed in ending the promotion for JPW & ECWA and starting the match early. Chainsaw Joe was able to gain an advantage using his Slaughter Choke but the big Onyx from Barbados was able to eventually take charge with The Roadkill (Spear) then finished the match with the Death Drop. 6:10

JPW (Jersey Pro Wrestling) and ECWA (East Coast Wrestling Association in Newark, DE) have a working contract with ROH and TNA. Many of the wrestlers are active in all the Federations).

2. JPW/ECWA Match - The Nigerian Nightmares (Maifu and Saifu) beat Blackheart Stable (Breaker Morant and AHTU) with Joel Goodheart. Saifu; Doubleteam Suplex on Breaker Morant. Blackheart Stable tried to use chairs on The Nigerians but the move got reverse. Morant and AHTU were laid out with Chairshots then Saifu went for the pin while Maifu used an Elephant Charge (Squash) on Joel Goodheart who tried to somehow stop the pin. 11:21

3. OVW (Ohio Valley) - Cliff Compton with King Kenny Bolin; Cliff Hanger (Spingboard Tornado) Pin over James “Moose” Thomas. Kenny Bolin used a Loaded Fist (Cell Phone) to smash Thomas in the chops. The stunned Moose was then hit with a Falling Ax handleand then the finish. 3:42

4. Shimmer Match - Nevagh; Bridging German Suplex Pin over Lucy Lufisto. Lucy gained an edge when she interrupted the promotional interview that Nevagh had with George Vessichio in Cannoli Corner. Lucy used an excuse that she was looking for some of George’s famous Cannoli’s. George told Lucy that Dartan’s Bakery was selling them. Lucy threw a chair and stormed off but Jim Cornette commented that Lufisto looked pleased with her actions. Lucy was really in charge during the match. She used Lucy’s Law (Rear Choke) then hit Nevagh with a Diving Star (Head Butt) and a Rib Crusher. Lufisto hooked the leg for the pin but Referee Tommy Dreamer was distracted by Maria Kanalis who was trying to give Lucy some extra time. It caused Tommy to miss the pin that could have been to a 8 or 10 count. Lufisto got up and started arguing with Tommy. Nevagh mustered enough strength to finally get in a move and it was all she needed. 6:56

5. Danger-Danger (Brian Kendrick and Paul London) beat Irish Airborne (Dave and Jake Crist). The match was an Unusual Result. Kendrick over Jake after a Paul London Legsweep DDT. Danger-Danger had as much as they could handle and then some. The Irish Airborne, from Dublin,OH, gave Danger fits. At one point The Airborne used an Irish Raid (Diving Stomp Piledriver) that would have pinned Kendrick but London interfered using a Loaded Fist (piece of metal) on Jake. The Irish Airborne have developed a much rougher style. Jake Crist is a loose cannon. In spite of the roughness, the fans liked the Airborne. 12:53

6. Homicide with Prince Nana; Top Rope 187 Pin over Grizzly Redwood. Grizzly used an Ironwood (Neckbreaker) to stun Homicide buy Prince Nana countered by using a piece of Lumber. Redwood carried to the ring, to hit Grizzly. Homicide followed with a Torpedo launch and then the High Flying finish. 4:14

7. Marcus Anthony won by Count-Out over Matt Taven with Truth Martini. During OOR Action one of Martini’s House of Truth Girls tried to hit Marcus in the face with powder. She missed and hit Taven in the face. Marcus followed with a Shull Smasher and a Falling Hammer. Taven was unable to get back to the ring to beat the 20 count. The Necro Butcher who is never far from Truth arrived on the scene late. He had Cannoli ricotta cream on his face. Truth Martini was overheard talking to Selma, one of the HOT (House of Truth) Girls; “I have to find a way to get rid of Veccishio Cannoli’s. They are cost me wins.” 5:58

8. Tommaso Ciampa with Prince Nana pinned Michael Elgin after Nana Threw a Fireball. Elgin had the match after a Spinning Sitout Powerbomb but Princess Mia Yim ran to distract Referee Tommy Dreamer. Nana Threw the Fireball and Muhammad Ali Vaez ran in the ring and placed Ciampa on the hurting Elgin. 10:12
The Leaky Cauldron & Razor Back Auto Parts presents;
Ring of Honor Wrestling (2012-14)
Sedgewick Function Hall – Mournful Hollow, AR Att: 1,768

Commentators; Bobby Cruise and Steven Richards
Referees; Brian Gorie and Gino Colluci Ring; Princess Mia Yim

1. JPW-ECWA match - “The Product” David Starr; German Suplex Pin over Blackjack Phoenix. Blackjack used his usual kicks and chokes to gain an advantage and even hooked in a Grinding Face Claw. Unlike Mulligan and Lanza from 30 years ago, Phoenix couldn’t hold the Claw so as Starr broke loose Blackjack tried to hit him with a Branding Iron. Davis reversed the move then hooked in a Neck Vice that he turned into a Running Skull Cracker. The Product then applied his finisher. 4:37

2. Ohio Valley Match - Bam “Ox” Neely won by DQ over Elvis Pridemore from Somewhere Down South with Trailer Park Trash. Trailer Park Pride (the team of Elvis and Trailer Park) had their usual rusty products near the ring in their Trash Cart. It didn’t take long for Trailer to smash Rusy handlebars to Qx’s back. As Ox turned to complain to the distracted referee Gino Colluci, he was hit with a backward Head Slam onto a Hubcap. Colluci turned to see Trailer park in the ring and immediately called for the bell. Elvis was disappointed that the match was called because he was holding a Bike Chain that he didn’t get to use. 5:41

3. Maria Kanalis with Mike Bennett and Holly Blossom with Hanna; Double DQ. The match went OOR immediately with both wrestlers taking advantage a a full 20 count that was normal speed for Referee Brian Gorie but very slow by other referee standards. When the women returned they each had a Steel Chair. Before they could hit each other, Mike entered the ring with a belt and Hanna followed with a microphone in hand to use as a weapon. Elvis Pridemore ran to the ring with his Bike Chain still in hand. Elvis who has a crush on Holly, came out to protect his Dream Girl. Referee Brian Gorie got the message that calling the match was the best way out of this potential mess. After the match Elvis appealed verbally to Holly. She answered; “Get lost Trash Man.” Elvis turned to Trailer Park Trash who had come to ringside; “She spoke to me.” 4:28

4. Papadon, The Reincarnated Greek God and Shawn Patrick; Double Count-Out. Papadon had a great interview with George Vessichio. Papadon praised the Greek Gods and said that he was proud to be the reincarnation. Papadon has used the name Dimitrios when he senses that he is also a Roman reincarnation. During OOR Action in an even match Papadon tried a Mt. Olympus (Flying Head Butt) that sent both wrestlers off the ramp to the pit below. Neither wrestler could make the 20 count of Referee Gino Colluci. Let’s face it, neither could have made a 50 count. The stretcher bearers had to haul both wrestlers away. We assume that Papadon was taken to Mt. Olympus. 6:08

5. Jay Bradley; Second City Slam Pin over Delirious. Delirious used a Torpedo Clothesline and a Bizarro Driver to set up a Pin but Bradley, with some Foreign Substance (Salt or Baking Powder handed to him by Princess Mia Yim as Bradley took a time OOR, rubbed Delirious in the eyes temporarily blinding him. It gave Bradley time to climb the ropes and perform a Hurricanrana that set up the pin. 10:41

6. Forever Hooligans (Rocky Romero and Alexander Koslov) beat The Bravado Brothers (Lance and Harlem). The Bravados had Koslov set up for the finish as Harlem was on the Top Rope for a Body Press set up by Lance. Rocky Romero ran in the ring with a Bicycle Chain; he found near ringside (thanks to Elvis and T.P. Trash.), and smashed Lance in the head. Harlem leaped and crashed to the canvas. Lance, bleeding tried to get up but Rocky hit him with a DDT. Koslov used a soviet Strike (Super Kick on Harlem to end the match. 12:39

7. Matt Hardy with Steve Corino; Twist of Hate (Top Rope) Pin over Lo Ki (Senshi). Lo Ki used a Ki Krusher (Driver) to dazed Hardy but Corino immediately countered with a Loaded smash from Jimmy Jacob’s Railroad Spike. After Lo Ki somehow recovered and tried to fight back, Jacobs who wandred to the ring tripped Lo Ki while Corino distracted Referee Brian Gorie. Hardy climbed the ropes for the finisher. 10:56

8. Rhino with Truth Martini; Rhino Driver (Piledriver) Pin over Kevin Steen. Kevin hit Rhino with an F-Cinq (Facebuster) that dazed Rhino. Steen followed with a Spinning Neckbraker and was set to Pin Rhino. The Necro Butcher, near ringside to help Truth, used a distraction to perform a Kick to the Groin that stunned Kevin. Martini smashed his Loaded Book of Truth over Steen’s head and for all purposes ended the match. The frosting on the cake was the Rhino Driver. 11:23
Mini Lo-Mart and The Showboat presents;
Ring of Honor Wrestling (2-12-14)
Briar Patch – Hattiesburg, MS Att: 2,144

Commentators; Kevin Kelly and Dave “Fit” Finley
Referees; Brian Gorie & Todd Sinclair Ring; Veda Scott

1. JPW/ECWA - Apollyon; Gabba-Goul Slam Pin over Tama Tonga. Tama used Karate Chops to dazed Apollyon and then climbed the ropes for a Suicide Leap. Apollyon was able to narrowly avoid the Dive causing Tonga to crash heavily to the canvas. Apollyon used a Guillotine Leg Drop and then the finisher. 4:53

2. Alpha Female with Chris Sabin pinned O.D.B. with Showtime Eric Young. O.D.B used a Dirty Dozen Face Smash but was unable to follow up when Sabin reached in and tripped her. Sabin stole O.D.B.’s Flask and used it to smash Eric in the skull OOR. When Alpha tried a pin Sabin held O.D.B.’s legs down. 7:45

3. Silas Young “The Last Real Man”; Shooting Star Press Pin over Cheeseburger with Brutal Bob Evans. The fans were cool toward Young who has shown a rough style and a lack of personality. Young’s uncle Stan Hansen who came to observe was greeted with a nice ovation even though he wasn’t introduced and mainly recognized. Chesseburger had some fun in the ring and Evan entered the squared circle several times to life and throw Cheesburger on Young who was tripped. Silas performed a Zero Gravity (Facebuster) and then used his finisher to end the match. 4:38

4. Rotten Justice (Axl Rotten and Justice Pain) beat Da Hit Squad (Mafia Mack and Monsta Mack). Justice Pain; Super Kick Pin over Monsta Mack. Monsta was able to use a VanMackimator (Clothesline) to set Justice up for a Pin but Axl ran in and broke up the attempt. As Mafia tried to help Monsta, Axl used a “This is Gonna Hurt’ Chairshot on Mafia Mack. Axl used Brass Nucks to Monsta’s chops just as Justice Pain hit Monsta with the Super Kick. Referee Todd Sinclair who had been KO’d for a good part of the match woke to see the pin. 11:35

5. Adam Pierce; Spike Piledriver Pin over Jay Briscoe. Jay tried a modified Briscoe Bomb that completely missed. After Jay crashed to the canvas, Pierce whe retrieved a Trash can Cover used the cover on the canvas and repeatedly smashed jay’s head to the metal lid. Pierce use his finisher to end the match. 6:45

6. B.J. Whitmer; Exploder Suplex Pin over the Necro Butcher with Truth Martini. During OOR Action the wrestlers traded smashed to the Ringside Steps. Then Whitmer used the Guard rail to test out Necro’s forehead. The Butcher bled just like all human beings. One of the Guardians of Truth (Mosh or Thrasher) ran out to help. The Guardian tried a Stage Dive along with the Butcher. It failed miserably and Necro was injured falling hard the the floor. As The Butcher re-entered the ring he was hit with Rib Crusher and then the finisher. 6:51

7. Mike Mondo; with King Kenny Bolin won by Count-Out over Rhett Titus. During OOR Action Cliff Compton and Jack Black came out to help Mondo. Bolin Services pulverized Titus culmination with Mondo using a Piledriver on the ramp. B’J’ Whitmer and Brutal Bob Evans ran out to help Titus but the damage had been done. 7:02

8. Ring of Honor Tag Title – S.C.U.M. (Jimmy Jacobs and Steve Corino) (Champions) beat C & C Wrestling Factory (Cedric Alexander and Caprice Coleman) (Challengers). Jacobs; Smash with Railroad Spike KO over Coleman. This should have been the Wrestling Factory’s win as Colman used a scissors Kick to Corino and Alexander followed with a Top Rope Flying Forearm. Jacobs ran in the ring while Referee Todd Sinclair was dazed and used an End Time (Guillotine Choke) to take out Alexander. Cedric tagged out to Colman who was greeted with the Railroad Spike Smash. S.C.U.M. retains the Ring of Honor Tag Title. 17:12
Fell’s Point Diner and Powell’s Sausages presents;
Ring of Honor Wrestling (2012-14) on Sinclair Networks
DuBurns Arena in the - Baltimore, MD Att: 1,512

Commentators; Bobby Cruise and Vic Travagliante
Referees; Brian Gorie and Steven Richards Ring; Holly Blossom

1. JPW-ECWA Match - Hartley Jackson with Lord Mark Williamson pinned Cody Deaner with Thurman Holly. Cody was in control and used an Unemployment Clothes line to down a set Hartley up for the pin. Mike Peterson, part of the Lord’s Stable, ran down and was fighting with Holly. The distraction was enough for Referee Brian Gorie to take his eyes off the match and that was long enough for Wiliiamson to use a bottle of Yellow Tail Wine (Cabernet Sauvignon???) for a smash to the skull. Deaner crashed to the canvas KO’d. 4:23

2. Jamin Olvencia; “O” Drop (DDT) pin over Dylan Bostic. Dylan tried a Springboard Moonsault but it missed setting him up for the talented Jamin’s set up Gut Wrench Suplex move. Olvencia finished the match with his DDT. 3:53

3. Shimmer Match - Leva Bates; Superstar Kick Pin over Jessika Havok. Havok tried to blindside Leva during the pre-match and got a Brainbuster for he trouble as bates reverse the move. It set the tone for the match. The larger (170 lbs) Jessika was able to mount some offense using a Double Ax Handle but she was still hurting from the Brainbuster and she fell through the ropes to the floor below. The smaller Leva (115 lbs) hit Havok with a Top Rope clothesline as she re-entered the ring. Leva used her Superstar Kick to finish the match. 7:11

4. Machine Gun Karl Anderson with Prince Devitt leader of the Bullet Club; Gun Stun (Jumping Cutter) Pin over Josh Daniels. Daniels used a Vortex Plunge that stunned Anderson and brought Mike Knox out to ringside. Referee Steven Richards was motioning for Knox to return to the locker room and the distraction allowed Prince Devitt to enter the ring and perform a Bloody Sunday DDT on Daniels. Anderson could have gotten the pin after the DDT but he chose to “show his stuff” by using his finisher. The Bullet Club is making a name for themselves by over manning the opponents. Prince Fergal Devitt is one of the most devious wrestlers and leaders in wrestling. He is from County Wicklow, Ireland and his Bloody Sunday move refers to the Easter Rebellion in Dublin in 1916. 6:52

5. Adrenaline Rush (Tadarius Thomas and ACH( won by Count-Out over The Guardians of Truth (Masked Headbangers Mosh and Thrasher) with Truth Martini. The Guardian head a few cheers during their entrance and it worled against them as points were deducted from their total. The match eventually went OOR where it was difficult to distinguish which Guardian was which. ACH (Albert C. Hardie) used a Big Bang Attack (Cradle DDT) on one of the Guardians. Tadarius and the non-KO’d Guardian re-entered the ring beating the count of 20. Referee Brian Gorie called for the bell awarding the match to Adrenaline. Martini was screamingat Referee Gorie that the Legal Guardian was in the ring; “Trust me. I wouldn’t lie to you. Ask any of the Truth girls. They will tell you that the legal Guardian was in the ring.” All the Truth girls nodded yes. The decision stood regardless of Martini. 13:06

6. Adam Page; Adam’s Apple (Necklock DDT) Pin over Sonjay Dutt with Prince Nana. Sonjay displayed his usual speedy flying moves but was counted by Page who matched Sonjay move for move. A Flying Body press almost had Page pinned but he was able to kick out. Prince Nana tried to help by using his GhanaianMony Bag for a hit to Page. Nana managed to hit Sonjay in the side distracting him. As Dutt turned Adam caught him with the Adam’s Apple and finished the match. 8:54

7. Bazooka Joe and Paul London with Brian Kendrick; Double Count-Out. During OOR Action Joe was left to fight off both London and Kendrick. Joe was able to hold his own against the Danger-Danger team and was able to daze Kendrick with a Boom Punch that left him reeling as he fell from the ramp. London and Bazooka took the fight up the ramp and behind the curtain. 9:46

8. ROH TV Title – Mike Quackenbush (Challenger) won by DQ over Roderick Strong (Champion) with Truth Martini. Strong was in trouble from the start and was confused some of Mike’s High Flying moves. Truth was distracting Referee Steven Richards so The Necro Butcher ran to the ring. As he got on the Ring Apron, Roderick tried a sick Kick on Quackenbush. Mike ducked and Necro took the kick. He went flying from the ring apron unable to move as he lay on the floor. Mike hit Strong with a Missile Shot and followed with a Déjà Vu DDT as Roderick got to his feet. Martini jumped on Referee Steven Richards to stop the pin. Richards called for the bell. Quackenbush won but he was denied the title. Roderick Strong retains the ROH TV Title. 10:24
Nathan’s Famous and The Shake Shack presents;
Ring of Honor Wrestling (2012-14) on Sinclair Newtworks
DeMarco’s – just a short distance over the Verrazano Narrows Staten Island, NY Att: 2,490

Commentators; Bobby Cruise, Steven Richards & Larry Zbyszko
Referees; Gino Colluci and Jim Fullington (The Sandman) Ring Announcer; Amber O’Neal

1. JPW-WCWA - Tom Zbyszko; Super Kick Pin over Anarchist Arik Cannon. Arik was able to use a Driver and a Headcracker to nearly gain a pin but Joel Goodheart was able to break up the attempts. Tim had a Hidden Foreign Object that he used to smash Cannon in the chops. Zbyszko used his Supr Kick to end the match. Larry Zbyszko commenting; “I was a vicious rulebreaker at times and yet I am ashamed to see my son associating with the all time scumbag of wrestling, Joel Goodheart.” 5:35

2. Trailer Park Trash with Elvis Pridemore won by Count-Out over Eddie Diamond with Timmy Danger. During OOR Action the wrestlers grabbed every item in sight to use as a weapon and there were plenty of potential weapons in the Trash Cart. Timmy Danger had a Rusty Tailpipe to use but he was hit in the head with a Hubcap by Elvis. Trailer Park Trash smashed a Bottle of Jack Daniels to Eddie’s skull KO’ing him. Elvis used a Flying Jawbreaker earlier on Eddie and it proved to be the only legitimate move in the match. Trash and Elvis scooted back to the ring where Referee Fullington had counted both teams out until he realized that the count out was 20 and not 10. He awarded the match to Trash. 4:12

3. Hanna Blossom with Holly; Top Rope Bomb Pin over Princess Mia Yim with Prince Nana. Mia gaied some points when she heard some cheers. A small group of college students were either cheering Mia’s looks or they liked Prince Nana (right!!!!). Elvis Pridemore stuck around the ring to be near Holly Blossom who he likes a lot. Mia was able to get in a Kick Me Goodnight and had the pin (with Nana holding the ropes) but Elvis distracted referee Gino Colucci. When Gino got back to the match, Hanna and Holly had used a double Spinecracker on Mia while Elvis used a Bike Seat to hit Nana in the head. Elvis tried to talk to Holly after the match. Her answers; “Get Lost Creep.” 5:15

4. Brutal Bob Evans with Cheeseburger; The Ugly Stick (Spiked Piledriver) Pin over H.C. Loc with Kenny Casanova. Loc had a Blackjack handed to him by Casanova who had it hidden in his turban. Cheeseburger was quick to pre-counter the move by squirting Dijon Mustard into Loc’s face. Brutal Bob used a Full Nelson Suplex and then the Ugly Stick finisher. 5:59

5. Craven Verro and Anthony Nese; Double Count-Out. Nese got on the defense early when the fans were chanting “B-O-R-I-N-G.” Then in an Unusual Ending, the match went OOR. As the wrestlers were slugging each other they accidentally bumped into Da Hit Squad (Monster Maff and Monster Mack) who were waiting to be interviewed at Cannoli Corner. Da Hit Squad wasted no time in smashing both combatants to the floor and using a Double Squash on each. Needless to say Verro and Nese failed to make the count. 7:51

6. Jigsaw; Jig n’ Tonic (Belly to Back Piledriver) Pin over Mohammed Ali Vaez with Abdul Bashir subbing for Prince Nana. Bashir and Vaez attacked before the match to gin an upper hand. Bashir who had Nana’s money bag tried to hit Jigsaw who quickly ducked. Vaez took a smash to the forehead. Jigsaw used a Slingshot off the Turnbuckle and thn his finisher for lights out. 7:47

7. The Young Bucks (Matt and Nick Jackson) beat reDRagon (Kyle O’Reilly and Bobby Fish). Nick; 450° Splash Pin over Kyle. Bobby tried a Diving Headbutt but fell through the ropes to the floor below. The Bucks used the opportunity to Doubleteam Kyle with a Sledgehammer. As Bobby re-entered the ring he was hit with a Doubleteam Superkick. Matt used a Rope Hung DDT to put Kyle sprawling on the canvas. Referee Gino Colluci, who was partially KO’d in a collision, woke in time to see Nick’s high flyer and the pin. reDRagon was formally Team Ambition. 17:11

8. Ring of Honor Title – Mark Briscoe (Champion) won by Count-Out over Q.T. Marshall (Challenger) with Barrister R.D. Evans. During OOR Action Marshall and the Barrister doubleteamed Mark smashing his head to the Steel Guardrail several times. Jay Briscoe came running from the backstage area. He hit The Barrister with a Driller and then used a DDT on Marshall. A Briscoe Bomb from a table left Marshall unable to make the count. Mark was helped by Jay back to the ring in time to beat Referee Jim Fullington’s count that had to be the slowest in history. Mark Briscoe retains the Ring of Honor Title. 11:23
Food Dance Café and Four Points Lumber presents;
WWE Wrestling (2012-14) Friday Night Smackdown
Wings Stadium – Kalamazoo, MI Att: 7,846

Commentators; Bryon Saxton and Jerry “King” Lawler
Referees; Derrick Moore & Marc Harris Ring; Lilian Garcia

1. Leo Kruger and Mickie Keegan (Max Pelham); Double Count-Out. Kruger had the advantage and got in some good shots OOR. He used a Clothesline and then a Double Axe Handle. He could have made it back to the ring but he decided to show off his Hangman’s Facebuster finisher on the ramp. Keegan was KO’d but Kruger missed Referee Derrick Moore’s 10 count. 4:16

2. Erick Rowan with Luke Harper and Bray Wyatt and Big Sawyer Fulton; Double Count-Out. Erick was in charge methodically pummeling Fulton as Luke continually held Big Sawyer and added some punches of his own during Bray’s distractions. Bray just smiled with his Pork Pie looking Straw Hat propped on his head. The match went OOR where Fullton was at a serious disadvantage. Eventually Erick used a Greetings from the North (Chokeslam) on Big Sawyer. Fulton was done. Rowan and Harper continued to beat on Fulton until several wrestlers and security personnel ran out to prevent further damage. Big Sawyer Fulton was carried out to the ambulance and taken to the hospital. The Wyatt Family was satisfied in spite of the Double Count-Out. 3:49

3. Bull & Braun (Bull Dempsey and Braun Stowman) beat Ascension (Konnor and Kenneth Cameron). In an Unusual Ending, Braun slammed Cameron through the Press table. Konnor and Bull were fighting on the ramp with Konnor choking out Bull with Dempsey’s chain. Braun chose to crawl back in the ring to gain the win rather than help Bull. B & B won the match but Bull had to be carried out. 10:53

4. Layla-El; Bombshell (Spin Kick) Pin over Kaitlyn. Kaitlyn used a Torpedo Clothesline to daze Layla and gain a near pin. Layla was able to kick out several times and then caught Kaitlyn with a Double Underhook DDT. As Kaitlyn got to her feet she was hit with the Spin Kick finish. 6:43

5. Brodus Clay with Naomi Knight pinned Ryback with Paul Hayman. Ryback was about to end the match after he used a Shell Shocked Suplex on Brodus. Ryback (290 lbs) showed incredible strength using the Suplex on Brodus (350 lbs). Ryback took a moment to try and listen to Paul Hayman who was trying to scream instructions. Confusion was afoot as Tensai (Clay’s Tons of Funk partner) ran to the ring. Naomi ran to the commentator’s table where she had put a Gym bag. She ran back to the ring and gave the bag to Tensai who smashed Ryback in the head. Ryback crashed to the canvas from the hit with the obviously loaded bag. Naomi was arguing with Hayman who screamed for Curtis Axel to help. The camera scanned the backstage and showed Curtis laying KO’d on the floor bleeding from the lip. Brodus was able to crawl over and lay an arm across Ryback for the pin. Referee Marc Harris had all he could do to try and follow the action but he allowed the match to continue to a conclusion. 6:27

6. Daniel Bryan with A.J. Lee and Sin Cara; No Contest. This was a match full of high flying action with neither wrestler gaining an edge. Kane came to ringside to stand by A.J., his manager. Rey Mysterio ran out to support Sin Cara and the trouble was brewing. The smaller Sin Cara and Mysterio were up against it, not so much Bryan but the 325 lb Kane. Tensai who was still hanging around the ring came to the Masked Luchadores aid. The wrestlers all entered the ring and began brawling. Referee Marc Harris called for the bell at 8:04 and ruled No Contest.

7. Edge with Vickie Guerrero; Edgecution (DDT) Pin over Batista. Batista was about to use a Two Handed Choke Slam on Edge when Vickie sprayed some Oven cleaner to Batista’s eyes. If that wasn’r enough she took advantage of a collision KO to referee Derrick Moore and smashe a microphone to Batista’s head. Edge was quick to use his finisher that KO’d Batista while Vickie helped Referee Moore recover so he could count. 9:13

8. WWE Tag Title - The Uso’s (Jay and Jimmy) (Champions) beat The Shield (Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns) with Dean Ambrose. Jimmy pinned Seth. Ambrose tried to gain an advantage for his team. While Jimmy and Seth were fighting in the ring, Ambrose tried to put Jay out of commission OOR. Reigns held Jay and Dean tried to use Pepper Spray to Jay’s eyes. Jay moved aside and Roman got it in the eyes. He fell to the floor wrenching in pain. Ambrose went to Plan B and was able to take advantage of a distraction. He entered the ring and tried to punch Jimmy while Seth held Jimmy Uso. Once again an Uso was too quick and Ambrose slugged Seth who collapsed to the canvas KO’d. Jimmy hooked the leg for the pin. The Uso’s retain the WWE Tag Title.
Antonio’s Pizza and Cooper Ale presents
WWE Wrestling (2012-14)
Civic Center – Glen Falls, NY Att: 5,794

Commentators; Michael Cole & John “Bradshaw” Layfield
Referees; Rudy Charles & Mike Chioda Ring; Tony Chimel

1. Dante Dash and Knuckles Madson; Double Count-Out. Madson was quick to get the action OOR after he suffered an Underhook DDT that came close to putting him away. Once the combatants were OOR Knuckles was in his element. He got hold of a small Fire Extinuisher and used it to smash Dante in the head. Madson sprayed foam but the spray got out of hand. After he used a Falling Knee to the Throat Knuckles tried to get up to head back to the ring. He slipped in the foam and then slipped again. The fans were laughing as the frustrated Knucles listened to the slow count reach 10. 5:56

2. Devil’s Disciples (Rick Viktor and Solomon Crowe) beat Dead Heat (Jason Jordan and Slate Randall). Rick Viktor; Psycho Crusher (Flying Uppercut) Pin over Jason Jordan. The Disciples took an early advantage and never let up. The Disciples used a Pearl Harbor attack on the Heat in the pre-match with chairs as weapons. It cost the Heat 200 valuable points that they could ill afford to lose. Jordan used a Top Rope clothesline on Solomon Crowe that could have been curtains but he was stopped in his tracks when Viktor pulled Crowe from the pin. Referee Mike Chioda was holding Randall from entering the ring so Viktor took advantage and smashed a chain to Jason’s head. It was downhill from there. 9:45

3. Fandango with Summer Rae won by Count-Out over Camacho with Vickie Guerrero. As usual Fandango and Summer danced to the ring to the music “ChaChaLaLa.” Not to be outdone, Vickie and Camacho tried the same dance routine but were angered when the fans started laughing, actually at Vickie who looked ridiculous. It seened to set the mood for the match although Camacho was able to gain an advantage with a DDT on Fandango. An Unusual Result had Summer throw soda into Camacho’s face. Camacho left the ring and chased Summer. Vickie followed him. After the Count-Out, Vickie was yelling at Camacho; “You cost us the match. Everytime you see a pretty face you act like an idiot. I have a match coming up and I expect you to be at ringside.” 4:40

4. Natalya (Neidhart); Sharpshooter Submission over Vickie Guerrero without Camacho. Vickie tried to gain an advantage using a Foreign Object (Compact). Natalya was able to get the compact and she reverse the move of a smash to the chops. Natalya followed with a Belly to back Suplex and then the submission finisher. 6:46

5. NXT Championship (Vacant) – Bo Dallas; Slingshot off the Turnbuckle Pin over Kassius Ohno. Dallas who had had an attitude change to the darker side used a Foreign Object (wrapped piece of lead) to bludgeon Ohno (the former Chris Hero). The Wyatt family watched from the back of the arena as Dallas (Bray Wyatt’s brother and Mike Rotundo’s son) continued the barrage. Eventually the action went OOR. Luke harper wandered toward ringside and helped Bo smash Ohno’s head to the steps several times. A DDT to the cement was really the finisher. Harper helped Bo throw Kassius back in the ring for the finish. Bo Dallas is the NEEEEEEWWWWWWWWWWW NXT Champion. 8:21

6. Real Americans (Jack Swagger and Antonio Cesaro) with Zeb Coulter beat Baretta-Tatsu (Trent Baretta and Yoshi Tatsu). The insulting Zeb irritated the fans when he took the microphone; “We are protesting the match because the foreigner on the opponent’s team won’t show me his Green Card. It is unfair that good Americans should have to compete against undeserving unregistered immigrants.” The fans were booing unmercifully. Antonio Cesaro; Neutralizer (Mat Slam) Pin over Tatsu while Swagger Held the Ropes for Leverage. The Real Americans used their usual tactics like Grinding Yoshi’s Face to Mat and Zeb using distractions to choke Trent with “Shoo Baby.” Yoshi used a Buzzsaw Kick on Swagger that dazed the braggart. Trent, on the outside, used a Flying Knee Drop that laid Zeb out but Swagger was able to Hold the Ropes for Leverage to help Antonio gain the pin. 15:45

7. Rob Van Dam; Frog Splash Pin over David Otunga with Vickie Guerrero. Otunga caught Van Dam with The Verdict (Spinebuster) and should have immediately gone for the pin. Vickie had some instructions for David and he took a moment to listen. It was a moment too long as Rob used a Vandaminator (Spin Kick) to down Otunga, Van Dam climbed the ropes and used his high flyer to end the match. 9:41 Comment by Bradshaw; “Vickie is having a Very Bad Day.”

8. Alberto Del Rio with Ricardo Rodriguez; Cross Armbraker Pin over Sheamus. Del Rio and Rodriguez attacked during the pre-match. Del Rio had a loaded (wrench) fist and Rodriguez had his microphone. After gaining the advantage. Sheamus was able to use a High Cross Power Bomb but he got too close to Roberto who had a can of Right Guard. He sprayed Sheamus to the face. Alberto took advantage and used his finisher. 10:36
Zoe’s Kitchen and Mash House Brewery presents;
WWE Wrestling (2012-14) Monday Night Raw
Crown Coliseum – Fayetteville, NC Att: 12,280

Commentators; Jerry “King” Lawler & John Bradshaw Layfield
Referees; John Cone & Scott Armstrong Ring; Justin Roberts

1. Judas Devlin with Devil’s Disciples (Rick Viktor & Solomon Crowe); The Betrayal (Smash with Money Bag) Pin over Angelo Dawkins. Dawkins lifted Judas for a Running Power Slam finish when Solomon used a broom stick to poke Dawkins in the back while Viktor distracted Referee John Cone. Dawkins fell for the ploy and turned to confront Crowe. Solomon threw Judas the Money Bag and Devlin got in The Betrayal as Referee John Cone turned to see the pin. 4:42

2. Rebecca Knox; Hard Knox Suplex pin over Sarah Backman. Sarah was able to lock in her Arm Bar for a submission but Rebecca somehow worked through the excruciating pain and reached the ropes. Sarah climbed the ropes for a suicide Leap but she crashed to an empty canvas. Rebecca used a Headrammer and then the finisher to end the match. 4:06

3. Golddust; Shattered Dreams (Running Low Blow) Pin over John Morrison with Nikki Bella. Golddust was cheered for every move he made while Morrison was heckled. Nikki tried to distract Golddust using some flirting moves; Throwing Kisses and Flashing Her Underwear. Morrison took her seriously and was yelling at her to stop. Golddust took advantage of his distractions and used Shattered Dreams to finish the match. The fans were on their feet cheering the veteran. 6:52

4. New Age Outlaws (Billy Gunn and Road Dogg) beat British Infernos (Mason Ryan and Danny Burch). Billy Gunn; Doubleteam Spike Piledriver Pin over Danny Burch. During OOR Action the teams traded smashes to the Steel Steps. Mason Ryan somehow got hold of a bottle (it looked like an old milk bottle) but never got to use it. Road Dogg dropkicked it from his hand sending Ryan tumbling into the 1st row of fans. Back in the ring Burch was at a disadvantage and went down to the Piledriver finish. 13:35

5. Cody Rhodes; Cross Rhodes (Rolling Cutter) Pin over Darren Young. Cody had a piece of wire that he used to choke out Darren when it was hidden from Referee John Cone. Darren was able to used his Gut Check (Gut Buster) to daze Cody but a Smash with a Loaded Elbow Pad stopped Young’s momentum. Cody used an Alabama Slam to set up the finishing move. 5:39

6. Dolph Ziggler with Vickie Guerrero; Zig Zag (Bulldog) Pin over Cory Graves. Dolph was bothered by the fans heckling. They were calling him “Doll-Z” and were after Vickie too calling out “Trailer Trash Vic.” The noise seemed to get louder and louder. During OOR Action Dolph picked up part of the steel steps and crowned Cory. Cory’s head was cut as he re-entered the ring but may have been better off staying OOR. He was hit with a Runaway Cannon and then the finisher. 7:11

7. Big Show; Choke Slam Pin over Great Khali with Hornswoggle. Both wrestlers displayed their strength as the match began. Big Show’s strength hwas well known but Khali drew some ooghs and aahhhs when his lifted Big Show. As Khali slammed Show he hooked in a Vice Grip but Big Show was able to break the hold. As they got to their feet, Hornswoggle who had climbed the turnbuckle was was waiting to smash Show with a Shillelagh. As the Leprechaun swung he missed show and his momentum carried him to the floor below. Big Show hit Khali with a Double Chest hammer and then ended the match. 8:48

8. WWE Title – Damien Sandow (Champion) with Cody Rhodes; Terminus (Neckbreaker) Pin over Kofi Kingston (Challenger). Cody still had the piece of wire that he used to choke out Kofi when Referee Scott Armstrong wasn’t Looking. Kofi took charge of the match with a flying Gutbuster and a corkscrew Kick and would have probably gotten a pin on the dazed Damien. Cody who wore a Rhodes Scholar Mortarboard used it to smash Kofi in the head. The Mortarboard must have been loaded because Kofi was totally dazed stumbling in the ring. Damien recovered and used a falling Knee to the Throat to set up the fiisher as Kofi somehow got to his feet. Damien Sandow retains the WWF Title. 12:47
Bistro 1843 and Molson Brew presents;
WWE Wrestling (2012-14)
Bell Center, Montreal, Quebec Att: 18,408

Commentators; John “Bradshaw” Layfield, Mick Foley & MKABear
Referees: John Cone & Mike Chioda Ring; Renee Young

1. Mojo Rawley; Three Point Stance Pin over Enzo Amore. Enzo wasted no time in grabbing the microphone and while he spoke he flexed; “Questo è per tutte voi donne molto gentili” (This is for all you lovely ladies.) Enzo from Hackensack, NJ thinks of himself as another Bruno Sammartino but in actuality he probably doesn’t meet the standards of Joe Turko. In the match Amore turned to his favorite move, Smash with a Chair, but Mojo reversed the move. After a Corkscrew Splash Mojo, the ex-Arizona Cardinal lineman used his Three Point Stance finisher. 4:23

2. Rey Mysterio Jr.: 619 Tiger Kick Pin over Solomon Crowe with Rick Viktor. Crown was confused by Mysterio’s speed. He tried a Bicycle Kick but missed and then tried a Headlock Driver but couldn’t hold it and was sent flying head first from the ring. After re-entering the ring Rey hit Crowe with a Flying rib Crusher and then the finisher. 4:12

3. Bad News Barrett; Bull Hammer High Impact Elbow Smash) Pin over Evan Bourne. Bourne had an advantage at one point as he used a Spinning Back Kick and a falling Head Crusher to nearly get a pin several times. Barrett resorted to a Foreign Object he had hidden and smashed Evan to the chops. Barrett used a wasteland (Fireman Carry Slam) and then finished the match although it was virtually over after the smash to the chops. 5:49

4. 3-MB (Drew McIntyre and Jinder Mahal) with Heath Slater and The Rekking Crew (Curt Hawkins and Tyler Reks); Double Count-Out. The Rekking Crew stymied 3-MB from the opening bell. 3-MB resorted to their best chance; OOR when they would have the man advantage. As the match went OOR, Mojo rawley ran in from the locker area to help the Crew. This became a big brawl with chairs, trash cans and any object not nailed down being used as a weapon. Neither team was concerned about the count-out. 10:16
Announcement by Renee Young; “Veda Scott and Sami Zayn will be selling Vessichio Cannois in the Food Court. They will also sign autographs.” “Veda Scott et Sami Zayn sera vente Vessichio cannois dans le Food Court. Ils devront également signer des autographes.”

5. WWE Women’s Title – Rosa Mendes (Champion) with Epico; Hell Makeover (Neckbreaker) pin over Paige (Cahllenger). Prior to the mtch Rosa interrupted Paige during an interview with George Vessichio in Cannoli Corner. It cost Paige 100 points from her total and that was just enough to eventually gain the win for Rosa. Paige seemed to be in control after performing a Rampaige Sidekick but Paige was stopped when Epico reached in the ring and tripped her. Rosa wasted no time in performing the Neckbreaker finish. Rosa Mendes retains the WWE Women’s Title. 6:51

6. Xavier Woods; Culture Shock DDT Pin over Curtis Axel with Paul Hayman. In an Unusual EndingCurtis was about to end the match with a Hangman’s Facebuster when Paul Hayman tried to add his valued assistance. The problem is that Hayman mistimed a smash the microphone and smashed Curtis in the head. Xavier who was dazed was still able to use a DDT. As both wrestlers crashed to the canvas eachhad an arm laying across the other. Referee Mike Chioda counted and awarded the match to Woods claiming Axel’s shoulders were down. Hayman was screaming that this was a set-up. 6:32

7. Primo & Epico with Rosa Mendes beat International Air Strike (Tyson Kidd and Justin Gabriel). Primo; Cannonball Twist Pin over Tyson Kidd. Tyson applied the Sharpshooter and it was curtains. Primo submitted but Referee John Cone didn’t hear it or the tap out as he was distracted by Epico. Rosa jumped in the ring and used Bug Spray in Tyson’s eyes and Tyson immediately let go of the Sharpshooter hold. Primo mustered enough to apply his finisher to Kidd while Epico was OOR holding Justin Gabriel. 13:16

8. Kane with A.J. Lee; Tombstone Piledriver Pin over John Cena. As Kane was introduced A.J. Lee lead him to ringside but stopped for a moment in front of MKABear. MKABear hugged her and gave her an unidentified small object that she put in her pocket. Cena was able to gain an edge on the slower Kane. John used a Fist from the Turnbuckle and then a Attitude adjustment (Fireman’s Carry) that would normally have put Kane away. Kane had a Foreign Object in his fist that A.J. slipped to him. It was the same object that MKABear gave her. (A cut off piece of lead that was covered with tape. Kane used it to KO Cena with a smash to the chops. The Tombstone was unnecessary but Kane used it anyway. 11:14
Freddie’s Steak House and The Sleep Inn presents;
WWE Wrestling (2-12-14)
Civic Center – Hammond, IN Att: 4,466

Commentators; Michael Cole, Vickie Guerrero & Sir William Regal
Referees; Charles Robinson and Ron Zapata Ring; Tony Chimel

1. Aiden English won by DQ over Baron Corbin. Aiden seemed to get the better of the match and performed a Running Jackhammer and the a Director’s Cut (Falling Elbow Smash.) As Aiden smashed down on Baron a small piece of pipe fell out of Corbin’s hand. Referee Charles Robinson immediately called for the bell. Corbin complained that he picked up the Foreign Object from the canvas and it was English who originally had it. The decision stood. 4:41

2. Sami Zayn; 450° Splash Pin over Braun Stowman. During the introductions Bull Dempsey attacked Sami as Zayn entered through the curtains. Bull, who forms the team of Bull & Braun, gave his tag partner the early edge by deducting points from Sami. Bull eventually wandered to ringside and was drinking a cup of Vanilla Latte. Bull couldn’t resist and he tried to throw the coffee into Sami’s face but hit Braun instead. Zayn (who was previously El Generico) took advantage and used a Brainbuster on the big Stowman (384 lbs) and then climbed the ropes for the flying finish. 4:58

3. A.J. Lee with Hornswoggle; Shining Wizard (Running Knee Enzuigiri) Pin over Summer Rae with Fandango. Referee Charles Robinson found a hidden Foreign Object on A.J. She lost points from her total. Summer really had this match and had a case about having pinned A.J. Summer used a Spinning Heel Kick to get what seemed like a pin but it was ruled a 2 ½ count. Summer then performed a Leg-Drop Bulldog that was at least a 6 count. Unfortunately for Summer, Referee Charles Ronbinson was distracted when Hornswoggle used a Hand Held Slingshot to shoot a marble that hit Robinson in the rear end. Robinson turned around to see Fandango when Hornswoggle ducked below the ring apron. Robinson warned Fandango. By this time A.J. recovered and kicked out. Hornswoggle climbed the Turnbuckle and used a Tadpole Splash on fandango while A.J. was able to perform her finisher on the frustrated Summer Rae. 7:12

4. Ted DiBiase Jr.; Dream St. (Clutch Slam) Pin over The Miz. During OOR Action the wrestlers traded slams to the steel steps with DiBiase coming out worse with a gash in his forehead. After re-entering the ring The Miz performed a Mizard of Oz DDT but Ted was able to kick out. After an Elbow Smash Ted used a Headcracker to daze The Miz. The Dream St finished the match. 5:36

5. The Wyatt Family (Luke Harper and Erick Rowan) with Bray Wyatt beat Neville/Graves (Adrian Neville and Cory Graves) with A.W. (Abraham Washington). Luke Harper; Spinning Sideout Slam Pin over Adrian Neville. The Family attacked during the pre-match but Neville and Graves were not fooled and fought to an advantage. They needed extra points but it would not be enough to take out the wild Wyatt’s. The action was fast and furious especially for the Wyatts. It was hard to keep track as Harper and Rowan were in and out of the ring. At times both were in with dirty Double Teaming Craves as Referee Charles Robinson was trying to stop Neville from entering. A.W. was pleading with Robinson but every moment was a moment more for the Wyatt’s to add punishment. Neville finally got in the action but was greeted with a Throat Slam Suplex by Rowan who tagged to harper to finish the match. 11:35

6. Brock Lesner with Paul Hayman ; Brock Lock (Side Bearhug) Submission over Christian. Christian received some boos as he entered the ring. The fans get frustrated with Christian’s inability to choose whether he is a heel or a face. This cost Christian points that he could ill afford to lose. In spite of the loss Christian gained an advantage with a diving Knee Slash the left Brock sprawled in the ring. Christian climbed for a Frog Splash but Hayman was able to shake the ropes during a slight distraction and Christian crashed to the canvas. Brock recovered and used a Throat Slam to the Ropes and then hooked in the submission. Ron Zapata called the match but Brok wouldn’t let up. Hayman was telling Zapata that Christian didn’t submit so Brock is continuing the hold. Ted DiBiase and sami Zayn ran to the ring to save Christian (and probably the match for Lesner who was about to be DQ’d.) 9:56

7. WWE Intercontinental Title – Big E Langston (Champion); Big Ending (Cutter) Pin over Roman Reigns (Challenger) with Dean Ambrose. Big E showed his resiliency time and again. Ambrose found a small piece af 2 x 3 under the ring and used it to smash Langston. Big E kicked out of a pin attempt. Roman used a Spear to knock Langston off his feet but once again Big E avoided the pin attempt. A Flying legdrop continued the frustration for Reigns. Big E gained an edge when he used a Running Face Smash to almost KO Roman and the Langston finished the match with the Cutter. Big E Langston retains the WWE Intercontinental Title. 9:17

8. Randy Orton; O-Zone (Neckbreaker) Pin over R-Truth. R-Truth made the mistake of turning his back on Orton during the pre-match and Orton took advantage by using a Piledriver. This was a disaster for R-Truth who lost 250 points. Still the never say die Truth was able to perform a Dropkick Splash and a Guillotine Leg Drop to almost put Randy away. Orton raked Truth’s eyes several times and then performed a Flying Skullcrusher. Orton’s Neckbreaker finished the match. 10:21
Jason’s Deli and Colbert Inn presents
WWE Wrestling (2012-14) Friday Night Smackdown
Patriot Center – Fairfax, VA Att: 9,812

Commentators; Josh Mathews & John Bradshaw Layfield
Referees; Chad Patton and Scott Armstrong Ring; Lilian Garcia

1. The Great Jake Carter and Kenneth Cameron; Double Count-Out. Carter had the advantage in the ring and after an Inverted Atomic Drop the dazed Cameron bailed from the ring. Carter followed him and it became a battle of Chairshots as Referee Chad Patton called for the bell when his count reached the limit. 4:16

2. Konnor; Fall of Man (Flapjack Legdrop) Pin over Troy McLain. Konnor, who is the former Roughhouse O’Reilly and Conor O’Brian, used a Hammerlock in wearing down Troy and then set up the finish with a throat Slam Suplex. 4:42

3. Alicia Fox; Officer Nasty (Leg Drop) Pin over Brie Bella with Nikki. Brie seemed to have the match after a Flying Skullcrusher and a Guillotine Leg Drop but Nikki changed the direction of the match when she sprayed perfume to Alicia eyes and the spray actually hit Brie. Alicia quickly too advantage and used a Watch Yo’ face Kick then the finisher. Needless to say Brie had a few off-color remarks to Nikki as they left the ring. 8:06

4. Bray Wyatt from Snake Bight with Luke Harper and Erick Rowan wearing a sheep mask; Sister Abigail (swinging Reverse STO) Pin over JTG (Jayson A. Paul). The Family savagely attacked JTG during the pre-match. JTG lost too many points from his total to ever recover for this match. Luke and Erick took advantage after a collision by Referee Scott Armstrong with the combatants that left Armstrong dazed. Luke used a Truck Stop (Spinning Sideout Slam) and Erick used Greetings from the North (Chokeslam that really put JTG out. The Sister Abigail was unnecessary. The Wyatt Family continued to pummel JTG until Scott Armstrong threatened to call a DQ. 4:36

5. Chris Jericho; Liontamer (Boston Crab ) Submission of Santino Marella. Marella had Jericho in trouble after a Calabria Stunner and a Cobra Strike (Thrust). Jericho had a Foreign Object that he used to smash Santino in the chops. Chris followed with a Fling Legdrop and then the finisher. Referee Chad patton had to call the match for the KO’d Santino. Note – Jericho’s Foreign Object was thrown from the ring. The Cannoli Vendor later found a sawed off Butter knife handle that was taped. 5:36

6. Prime Time Players (Titus O’Neil and Darren Young) with A.W. (Abraham Washington) beat The Shield (Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins) with Dean Ambrose. Darren Young; Gut Check (Gut Buster) Pin over Roman Reigns. Reigns was using his Moment of Silence Slam that usually ends matches but Titus O’Neil dropkicked Roman changing the course of the match. Seth Rollins was perched on the Turnbuckle for a Flying Knee Smash when Dean Ambrose ran in the ring with a trash can. He was dropkicked by Titus smashing the trash can. As Seth leaped he landed on the crushed trash can. Darren was able to follow up with his Gut Check finisher and end the match. 15:27

7. Ezekiel Jackson; Torture Rack Submission over C.M. Punk with Paul Hayman. C.M. Punk had a sharp object and used it to his advantage. Jackson was cut but not slowed down. Curtis Axel came to ringside to help Hayman and Punk. During a distraction Axel tried to smash Ezekiel in the skull with Hayman’s Briefcase. Axel missed and hit Punk. J Titus O’Neil was waiting to do a promotion in Cannoli Corner and didn’t like the odds against Ezekiel. He came to ringside and began fighting with Curtis Axel. Jackson used his Book of Ezekiel Slam and then the rack. Hayman with no extra help had no choice but to throw in the towel. 10:41

8. World Title – Antonio Cesaro (Challenger) with Zeb Coulter; European Uppercut Pin over Tensai (Champion) with Naomi Knight. Cesaro and Coulter were unmercifully booed but gained points for their foul reception. Tensai was able hook in a Claw Hold that came close to finishing the match but Zeb used Shoo Baby to choke the Champion. The frustrated Tensai was able to use his Choke Bomb called Ichigon but Jack Swagger who came to ringside was able to break up the pin attempt. Jack then ran over and grabbed Naomi and carried the screaming Valet up the ramp to the backstage. Tensai was distracted giving Cesaro a chance to use a Flying Cannonball. Zen reached in the ring and smashed his fist to Tensai causing a gash. Coulter wears a large stoned ring. Cesaro used his Uppercut finisher on the beeding Tensai. Antonio Cesaro is the NEEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWWWWW World Champion. 12:43
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