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Derek's [mostly 80s] WWF
Derek K
Match Day 18
Hart Center
Worcester, MA
Referee = Johnny Shorn

Jimmy Snuka v Iron Mike Sharpe w/ new manager Captain Lou Albano: Iron Mike had an early pin attempt after a Forearm Smash w/ Cast and Capt. Lou made his presence felt with a Trip. But Snuka was too much, and a Knee Drop, Headbutt, and Superfly Splash softened up Sharpe for a Brain Claw and submission. 5 min 9 secs

Ivan Putski v Don Muraco w/ manager Mr. Fuji: Putski pinned Muraco on MD 16 after a Vertical Suplex. This was a solid back and forth match without many big moves. Muraco had a Shoulder Breaker in the 7th minute. Putski earned the match’s first pin attempt in the 10th minute with a Body Slam. The pivotal moment in this one was a Muraco Samoan Drop followed by a Hawaiian Hammer. Muraco covered the exhausted Putski, Shorn counted, 1-2-3, Muraco wins! 11 min 13 secs

Pedro Morales v King Kong Bundy w/ manager Bobby Heenan: on MD 16 the Commissioner reversed Morales’s pinfall victory over Morales due to some chicanery involving Thumbtacks. Bundy came out on fire, hitting a Sidewalk Slam and Stalling Suplex in the opening minute. Heenan spread out Thumbtacks again and KKB Body Slammed Morales onto them, resulting in some color. A few minutes later Shorn caught Heenan spreading Thumbtacks and immediately called for the bell and disqualification. 5 min 3 secs

Tony Garea & Junkyard Dog v the Iron Sheik & Nikolai Volkoff w/ manager Adnan Al Kaissey: on MD 17 the heels attacked JYD during his entrance and Garea helped chase them away. Here, the faces teamed for an Irish Whip and Dropkick early then JYD followed up with a Snap Suplex. The Iron Sheik fought back with a Short-Arm Clothesline and Gutwrench Backbreaker. Garea Slammed the Sheik onto the Concrete when they went outside the ring. Al Kaissey tried to turn the tide when he tossed a Lead Pipe into the ring but Garea intercepted it and used it on Volkoff. JYD returned and had a sweet sequence of Shoulder Block, Bear Hug and Snap Suplex, tiring Volkoff. The Sheik tagged back in and teamed for a Double Stalling Suplex. He received a warning from Shorn for a Leg Scissors Choke. He and Volkoff then teamed for a Double Hip Toss. As Volkoff distracted Shorn Al Kaissey used the Lead Pipe on Garea, who had tagged in. The Iron Sheik covered for the easy pinfall. 11 min 59 secs

Best of 7 Loser Leaves Town – Mil Mascaras v Randy Savage w/ valet Miss Elizabeth (series tied 3-3): as if you didn’t know this was BIG, World Heavyweight Champion Hulk Hogan watched from ringside, distracting the Macho Man (-3 END). Savage had a Vertical Suplex and Gutwrench Suplex and Mascaras a Top Rope Body Press in the early going. At the 6:30 mark the match was even at 0 END. Savage earned the first pin attempt after a Macho High Knee and Piledriver. Mascaras loosened Savage up with a Surfboard and Abdominal Stretch. At the 10 minute mark each man was at -6 END. Savage then performed 3 straight single point moves, exhausted Mascaras. The Macho Man applied the Sleeper, but Mascaras broke the hold. Savage climbed to the top rope, Mascaras was on his backside on the mat, Savage leaped, the Diving Elbow Drop connected! 1-2-3, Savage wins! Mil Mascaras must leave town! Don Muraco joined the Macho Man in a post-match beating/going away present for Mascaras. 12 min 45 secs

STEEL CAGE MATCH – Sgt. Slaughter v Paul Orndorff w/ manager Bobby Heenan: Orndorff defeated Slaughter twice then Slaughter watched ringside on MD 16 as Mr. Wonderful faced Mr. USA Tony Atlas. The early part of this match was a feeling out process as Orndorff’s best move was a Body Slam and Slaughter’s was a Back Body Drop. Orndorff earned a pin attempt with a Small Package. Slaughter earned a pair of pin attempts with a Power Slam and Elbow Drop and a submission try with the Cobra Clutch. Slaughter Threw Orndorff into the Cage, resulting in some color. At the 13:30 mark ENDs were Slaughter -2 and Orndorff -22. Mr. Wonderful tried to rally with a Power Slam and Sleeper but Slaughter wouldn’t concede. Slaughter hit a Power Slam of his own and followed up with a mat-crashing Stalling Suplex. He covered, Shorn counted, 1-2-3, Slaughter wins! 17 min 19 secs
Derek K
Match Day 19
Albany, NY
Referee = Ralph Hamilton

Davey Boy Smith v Nikolai Volkoff w/ manager Adnan Al Kaissey: on MD 5 Al Kaissey put DBS on the shelf after hitting him with a Tire Iron. Here, the action went outside early, with Smith Slamming Volkoff through the Announcer’s Table. Back inside, Davey Boy performed a pair of Running Powerslams. A Superplex finished off the big Russian with Smith getting the pinfall at 7 min 12 secs. Post-match, it was announced that Volkoff suffered a neck injury and would miss 3 weeks of action. Smith was unbothered by the news.

Tito Santana v Greg Valentine w/ manager Jimmy Hart: the Hammer pinned Santana on MD 17. This one started quickly, with Santana hitting a Mexican Suplex and Valentine earning a DQ warning for Back Rake, getting a pin attempt after a Body Slam and cutting Santana’s forehead with a Closed Fist. The mood was set. Tito earned a pin attempt after a Piledriver. The Mouth of the South tried to get involved but Santana put him out of commission with a well-aimed Mule Kick. Tito set up for his finished but Valentine countered with a Power Slam. From there it was all Valentine as he executed a Pointed Elbow To Gut, Figure 4, Stalling Suplex and Knife-Edge Chops. He got the pinfall after a Piledriver. 13 min 51 secs

Tony Atlas v Randy Savage w/ valet Elizabeth: the Macho Man AGAIN became upset at the Announcers’ comments regarding the luscious Miss Elizabeth. Mr. USA demonstrated great strength with a cornucopia of Suplexes. Randy hit a Macho High Knee, bashed Atlas with a Steel Chair and nailed a Gutwrench Suplex. Elizabeth tried to spray Atlas with Perfume but sprayed Savage instead. She tried to make amends when she tossed a Jump Rope into the squared circle but Atlas intercepted and used it on Savage. Savage earned a pin attempt with a Piledriver then nailed a Double Axe Handle, which sent Atlas over the ropes. Savage put Atlas through TWO Tables before the action returned to the ring. Atlas performed a Choke Slam and a couple of single-point moves, but a Vertical Suplex by the Macho Man ended this one, with Hamilton counting 1-2-3 at 12 min 28 secs. The Magnificent Muraco joined Savage for a beatdown of the fallen Atlas post-match.

Tony Garea v The Iron Sheik w/ manager Adnan Al Kaissey: on MD 18, Al Kaissey used a Lead Pipe on Garea, allowing the Sheik the easy cover in a tag team bout. Garea hit the opening moves here, including a 2nd Rope Elbow Smash, when the Hart Foundation stormed the ring and flattened both wrestlers. A No Contest was declared by Hamilton. 1 min 34 secs

Ivan Putski & Ricky Steamboat v The Moondogs: the heels were disqualified on MD 17. Here, Putski showed his strength with a Polish Power Press Slam early. Moondog Rex held Putski while Spot Whacked him with a Bone, earning a warning from Hamilton. Steamboat tagged in and dominated, hitting a Karate Thrust, Knife-Edge Chops and Jumping Jude Chop. Steamboat executed a Kneeling Facebuster on Rex and covered, Hamilton counted, Spot couldn’t break it up, 1-2-3, easy win for the faces. 6 mins

WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP: Champion Hulk Hogan v Ivan Koloff w/ manager Captain Lou Albano: Hogan entered the match with a record of 9-0; Koloff was 7-2 with 5 consecutive victories. Pre-match, Jake Roberts, a new wrestler, came out of nowhere to DDT an unsuspecting Hogan (-6 END)!!!! That attack helped make this one a good match. Hogan performed an Atomic Drop and Running Clothesline early and after 4 minutes the match was even at -1 END. Koloff nailed a Stunner, the champ exhausted the Russian with a Hogan Leg Drop, and Koloff Body Slammed Hogan onto the Ropes and landed a Russian Sickle. At the 9 minute mark Hogan was -13 END and Koloff -12. Could the title change hands here in Albany? No. Hogan hit another Atomic Drop and covered. 1-2-3, Hogan wins! 9 min 40 secs
Derek K
Match Day 20
Capital Centre
Landover, MD
Referee = Tom Hamilton

Ivan Putski v Don Muraco w/ manager Mr. Fuji: Muraco evened the series on MD 18 after a Hawaiian Hammer and pin. Here, the Magnificent Muraco came out hot, hitting a Samoan Drop and Shoulder Breaker in the opening minute. Putski performed the next 5 moves, including a Powerbomb and Body Slam, both of which resulted in unsuccessful pin attempts. Muraco then rolled Putski up in a Small Package, Hamilton counted 1-2-3, and Muraco was the victor. 4 min 7 secs

SD Jones v Iron Mike Sharpe w/ manager Captain Lou Albano: Sharpe offered a pre-match handshake but was swept off his feet by Jones, who was on to Sharpe’s trickery. Special Delivery took control early with a Release German Suplex and Headbutt. A Sit-Out Powerbomb exhausted Sharpe and the cover resulted in a near fall (pin 1-10, rolled 8 but 6 6-sided). Sharpe connected on some Closed Fists and looked to rally but Jones prevented it with a well-timed Body Slam. A 2nd Release German Suplex allowed SD another pin opportunity and this time he got the 3-count. 6 min 45 secs

Ricky Steamboat v Ken Patera w/ manager Bobby Heenan: the Dragon dominated early, performing 10 of the opening 12 moves, including a pair of Piledrivers, a 2nd Rope Headbutt and a Jumping Judo Chop. At the 6 minute mark Patera was exhausted and Steamboat had barely broken a sweat. The tide changed with a Blatant Low Blow by the strongman (-5 END). He gathered steam with a Military Press and Big Backbreaker. The action went outside, where they took turns Slamming the other through Tables, onto the Concrete and into the Ring Steps. Steamboat Hit Patera with a Chair then rolled him into the ring and covered, but Patera got to the ropes. Patera executed his painful Swinging Full Nelson and covered, but the Dragon kicked out. After a Steamboat single point maneuver the Olympian caught Steamboat again in the Swinging Full Nelson. He covered, Hamilton counted, 1-2-3, Patera wins! GREAT match! Final ENDs were Patera -27 and Steamboat -12. 16 min 10 secs

Junkyard Dog & Tony Garea v The Hart Foundation w/ manager Jimmy Hart: on MD 19 the Hart Foundation introduced themselves to the WWF when they flattened the Sheik and Garea. Here, JYD and Garea pumped up the crowd and themselves during their entrance (+1 heat, +2 END). The match was a good one. The faces teamed for a Double DDT, Bret Hart hit a DDT and 2nd Rope Elbow Drop and JYD performed a Sidewalk Slam. The Junkyard Dog nearly got a submission with a Bear Hug but Neidhart escaped just in time (sub 1-4, rolled 5). Hart hit a 2nd Rope Elbow Drop and Belly-to-Back Suplex on Garea. The high-flying Garea performed a Moonsault, Body Slam and Slam on Concrete. Hart hit him with a Steel Chair. Neidhart earned pin attempts on Garea after a Slingshot Splash (savvy), Discus Clothesline (kick out) and Hart Attack (JYD broke up). JYD performed a Snap Suplex and covered but the Anvil kicked out. The Hitman returned, JYD sent him to the ropes and set up for a Back Body Drop but Hart surprised him with a Sunset Flip. 1-2-3, the Hart Foundation wins! Randy Savage joined the heels in a post-match beatdown of JYD and Garea. 28 min 57 secs

Pedro Morales v King Kong Bundy w/ manager Bobby Heenan: Thumbtacks were involved in both prior matches between these two. This was another good one. After a Bundy Butt Drop from the 2nd Rope (OUCH!) at the 7 minute mark, this match was tied at -1 END. KKB followed up with a Bundy Suplex and Heenan Tossed a Fireball, for which he received a warning. A Closed Fist to Head cut Morales open and all of a sudden it was KKB -1 END and Morales -11. Bundy plowed through Morales with the Atlantic City Avalanche but couldn’t get the 3-count. Morales rallied with 7 consecutive moves, including a Caribbean Lift. The match was close to even and slipping away for Bundy when Heenan distracted Hamilton and Bundy took his chance, Blatantly Choking Morales (blatant for all but the only person that matters, the referee). He covered, Hamilton turned around, 1-2-3, Bundy conquers! 17 min 42 secs

INTERCONTINENTAL CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH: Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka v Champion “Rowdy” Roddy Piper w/ personal bodyguard “Cowboy” Bob Orton: Piper set the tone with a Quick Pin Move w/ a Fistful of Tights in the opening minute. Snuka tried the same gambit in the 7th minute when the action was tied at +1 END. Neither was successful but each put the other on notice. Orton accidentally hit Piper with a Chair. Snuka exhausted the champ with the Brain Claw but Piper was able to escape. Roddy Hit Snuka with a Chair and applied a Sleeper but Snuka broke the hold. Piper hit a Suplex, exhausting Snuka, and covered. Hamilton counted 1-2-3 (pin 1-6, rolled 2), Piper successfully defends! 10 min 53 secs
Derek K
Match Day 21
Referee = Charles Robinson
Stamford High School
Stamford, CT

Davey Boy Smith v The Iron Sheik w/ manager Adnan Al Kaissey: there is some history here-Al Kaissey injured Smith, the Bulldog hurt Volkoff; these guys don’t like each other! Here, Davey Boy was glowing prematch after legend Bruno Sammartino complimented him (increase END by 5). This was a hard-hitting affair. Smith landed a Headbutt early and the Sheik responded with a Body Slam. The Iranian Bashed Smith’s Hand with a Hammer. Smith grabbed the Hammer from the Sheik and returned the favor, cutting Sheik’s hand. Smith hit a Vertical Suplex and Catapult and the Iron Sheik a Short-Arm Clothesline and Power Slam. The 1st pin attempt came in the 11th minute with a Smith Small Package but the Iron Sheik used his savvy. A Piledriver by the Sheik looked like the end but Smith got his foot on the ropes at the last second (pin 1-6, rolled 6 but 6 6-sided). The Iron Sheik caught Smith in his finisher, the Camel Clutch. The Sheik squeezed, Smith struggled, and eventually conceded. Sheik wins! ENDs were even at -12. 14 min 42 secs

The Junkyard Dog v Paul Orndorff w/ manager Bobby Heenan: JYD performed an 8-point sequence of Backbreaker, Shoulder Block, Body Slam and Backbreaker early. Orndorff battled with a Hip Toss and some single point maneuvers. JYD then went on a 7-move run that included another Body Slam and Headbutt after Headbutt. JYD covered and got the 3-count at 9 min 46 secs. ENDs were JYD 0 and Mr. Wonderful -22.

Tito Santana v Ivan Koloff w/ Captain Lou Albano: Santana caught Koloff in the Figure 4 Leglock in the opening minute. Koloff tried to escape but Santana had it locked in tight. Submission at 1 min 13 secs (Sub 1-2, rolled 2).

Tony Atlas & Sgt. Slaughter v Don Muraco (w/ Fuji) & Randy Savage (w/ Elizabeth): on MD 19 Savage defeated Atlas in a single’s bout then Muraco joined the victor for a beatdown of the loser. Here, Elizabeth distracted the Macho Man early, allowing Atlas to make a Roll-Up. Savage kicked out and took out his anger on Atlas, hitting an Exploder Suplex, teaming with Muraco for a Double Dropkick then nailing the vaunted Diving Elbow Drop. Slaughter broke up the subsequent pin then tagged in soon after, hitting a pair of Cannonballs on Muraco, who also was legal. Later, Savage sent the action outside with a Double Axe Handle on Atlas then Slammed him through a Table. Muraco returned and DDT’d Atlas but Mr. USA kicked out of the pin attempt. The match changed when Atlas prevented Muraco from using a Steel Chair on Slaughter, instead using on him. Slaughter then hit a Body Slam and Military Knee to Gut. Slaughter covered, Savage was met by Atlas, 1-2-3, Faces win! BUT WAIT-the Commissioner reversed the result, DQing Atlas/Slaughter for using a Steel Chair! 15 min 35 secs

Pedro Morales v King Kong Bundy w/ manager Bobby Heenan: on MD 20 KKB got the pin after a Blatant Choke to go up 2-1 in the rivalry. Any talk of a rivalry ended here. Bundy DECIMATED Morales in this one. A Bundy Suplex and Bundy Body Slam early softened up Morales. Bundy proceeded to hit not one, not two but THREE Atlantic City Avalanches in the ensuing minutes. Morales must have used his instincts to kick out. A Power Slam ended this one, with Bundy getting the pin at 8 min 43 secs. ENDs were Bundy +2 and Morales -20. This series is OVER

NON-TITLE MATCH – World Heavyweight Champion Hulk Hogan v Jake Roberts: the Snake showed why he has the nickname when he attacked Hogan before the latter’s championship defense on MD 19 (Hogan’s END was reduced by 6 but he still successfully defended). Roberts was in control of this one early, with a Bulldog as the highlight. After 4 mins ENDs were Roberts +7 and Hogan +1. The champ rallied with a pair of Running Clotheslines and an Axe Bomber. He nailed the Hogan Leg Drop and this one looked over, but Roberts kicked out at the last second (pin 1-12, rolled 13). Hogan earned a couple more pin attempts after a Running Clothesline and Stalling Suplex. Roberts hit a Gutbuster and Scoop Slam and had a pin attempt after an Inverted Atomic Drop. Both grapplers were exhausted, but we KNOW Hogan can go deep, and he did here with yet another Running Clothesline. The cover, the count, Hogan wins! Post-match, Roberts offered a handshake and turned face!!!! 13 min 18 secs
Derek K
Match Day 22
Lowell Memorial Auditorium
Lowell, MA
Referee = Earl Hebner

Ivan Putski v The Magnificent Don Muraco w/ manager Mr. Fuji: a Small Package gave Muraco the victory and series lead on MD 20. A Gorilla Press Slam, Muraco Stalling Suplex and Sidewalk Slam early demonstrated Muraco’s strength. Not to be outdone the muscular Pole performed a Polish Power Press Slam and Polish Hammer. A Shoulderbreaker gave Don the advantage but then Hebner caught him using a Taser (his new preferred foreign object) on Ivan. Hebner called for the bell and issued a disqualification. Putski will be out for action for 3 weeks but vowed revenge. 8 min 6 secs

Special Delivery Jones v Greg the Hammer Valentine w/ manager the Mouth of the South Jimmy Hart: Valentine had an early submission attempt with a Sleeper and Jones grabbed a fistful of tights when he tried a Quick Pin Move. Valentine hit a Pointed Elbow to Gut and covered, but the referee was distracted by Hart on the apron. By the time Hebner turned around Jones was making the cover. Hebner quick-counted but Valentine kicked out. A minute later Valentine grabbed a Sledgehammer from beneath the ring and hit Jones in the thigh. Bell, DQ, 1 month injury to Special Delivery. There is something in the air tonight and it is not Phil Collins. 4 min 42 secs

Tito Santana v Ivan Koloff w/ manager Captain Lou Albano: Santana was seen watching film of Koloff and must have spotted some chinks in his armor as he opened with a Running Crossbody and Diving Clothesline. Albano distracted Santana, which allowed Koloff to make a Quick Roll-Up. Koloff earned a DQ pt for a vicious Mouth Rip. Santana had a near fall after a Headscissors Takedown (pin 1-10, rolled 7 but 6 6-sided). Tito hit a Flying Forearm Smash and covered. 1-2-3, Santana wins! 12 mins

The British Bulldogs v the Hart Foundation w/ manager Jimmy Hart: this exciting match was made even bigger when President Jack Tunney himself announced that the winner of this bout would face the winner of the MD 23 Muraco/Savage v Atlas/Slaughter bout (note that originally the opponent for the winner here was to be Steamboat/Putski but with Putski’s injury tonight…) to become the inaugural WWF World Tag Team Champions. This was Dynamite Kid’s first match back since his injury. The bell rang and the match went outside immediately, with the Kid hitting a Gutwrench Suplex on Jim Neidhart but Jimmy Hart bashing Kid with his Megaphone. Both legal wrestlers made it back inside. The Mouth of the South got involved again later but this time he inadvertently distracted Neidhart, allowing Davey Boy Smith to nail a Leaping Headbutt. The Kid returned and hit a Fisherman Suplex and Running Powerslam. Bret Hart tagged in and introduced a Trash Can Lid to Kid’s head. The Hitman Threw Kid out of the ring and followed. Dynamite caught Hart and Body Slammed him on the concrete. Jimmy Hart saw his team was in danger and tried to buy time by Tripping Smith but he missed and Tripped Bret. Kid went for one more move but Bret reversed and Slammed Kid on the Concrete. Hart staggered back into the ring, the ref counted, -8-9-10, Dynamite Kid is counted out! The Hart Foundation win via countout. 12 min 21 secs

Mr. USA Tony Atlas v Ken Patera w/ manager Bobby the Brain Heenan: two of the strongest men in professional wrestling faced off here. Patera took control with a Swinging Neckbreaker and Piledriver. Atlas hit a Choke Slam and earned a pin attempt with a back-shattering Spinebuster. A Closed Fist from Patera cut Atlas’s head. Patera nailed a Power Slam and looked on his way to victory. But Atlas caught Patera unawares with a Sleeper and it wasn’t long before Hebner called for the bell with the submission (1-4, rolled 4). 5 min 41 secs

Tony Garea v The Macho Man Randy Savage w/ valet Miss Elizabeth: this was a GREAT match. Each man impressed with an early Vertical Suplex. After a Savage Snake Eyes at the 10 min mark, ENDs were even at -2. A Diving Elbow Drop by the Macho Man looked to end it but Garea used his savvy to avoid the 3-count. Garea hit a 2nd Rope Elbow Smash and applied an Octopus Hold. Savage landed his set-up move, the Macho High Knee then his finisher again, the Diving Elbow Drop. Savage covered Hebner counted, 1-2-KICK OUT (1-13, rolled 15). While Savage complained Garea climbed to the ropes and hit a Diving Crossbody. Each man was exhausted at -12 END. Garea climbed again and this time landed a Top Rope Body Press that rolled perfectly into a pin situation,. Hebner dove down, 1-2-3 (pin 1-5, rolled 4), Garea pulls the upset!!!!! Tony’s record was 0-8-1 prior to this bout. What a win! 13 min 16 secs
Derek K
Match Day 23
Madison Square Garden
New York, NY
Referee = John Cone

The Junkyard Dog v Ken Patera w/ manager Bobby Heenan: dominant performance by the JYD, who executed a Backbreaker, Headbutt and Stalling Suplex to wear the strongman down. The Thump (Running Power Slam) finished Patera off and JYD got the pinfall at 7 min 5 secs. ENDs were JYD +4 and Patera -12.

The Dynamite Kid v Iron Mike Sharpe w/ manager Capt. Lou Albano: on MD 15 Sharpe entered the ring DDT’d the Dynamite Kid who was battling Valentine. Sharpe and Valentine then delivered a brutal beatdown that resulted in a 2-week injury. The returning Bulldog would not be stopped here. To steal Brock Lesnar’s phrase, the Dynamite Kid took Sharpe to Suplex City, hitting a Fisherman Suplex, German Suplex, Snap Suplex and Superplex. Sharpe got in a Body Slam before Kid Slammed him through the Announcer’s Table. A Sunset Flip by the Kid seemed like a tame finish but hey, wrestling matches aren’t scripted. Post-match, Sharpe pummeled DK so badly that the locker room emptied to pull Sharpe away. We may be in the nascent stages of this rivalry. 10 min 42 secs

Davey Boy Smith v The Iron Sheik w/ manager Adnan Al Kaissey: the Sheik forced a submission out of Smith in the 15th minute on MD 21 with the famed Camel Clutch. Here, the Brit had the advantage early with a Piledriver and Running Clothesline. The Iron Sheik came back when the action went outside, where he Slammed Smith through the Announcer’s Table (how many of these tables do they have?!?) then Hit him with a Steel Chair. The Sheik rolled him back inside and immediately applied the Camel Clutch. Smith submitted at 5 min 15 secs. Post-match, the Iron Sheik got cocky and cut off all ties with his manager and allies, including his tag team partner Volkoff, to focus solely on acquiring the “championship.”

Tony Atlas & Sgt. Slaughter v Don Muraco (w/ Fuji) & Randy Savage (w/ Elizabeth): the winner here faces the Hart Foundation on MD 24 for the WWF World Tag Team Championship. These teams faced each other on MD 21 where the Commissioner reversed a Slaughter pin on Muraco. During the faces’ pre-match interview, they were attacked by Ken Patera and Paul Orndorff (-5 END each!), putting them at a disadvantage from the outset. Savage twice utilized a Trash Can Lid early in this one. Muraco found a Yield Traffic Sign and bashed Atlas with that. Cone caught 1 of those 3 activities and also gave a DQ pt for a Double Dropkick by the heels. Slaughter and Atlas each earned a pin attempt with a Powerbomb and Atlas cut Savage with a Closed Fist. Savage hit Slaughter with a pair of Piledrivers and a Stunner. At the 21 min mark Slaughter attempted a Cannonball but was met right in the head with a Steel Chair held up by the Macho Man (-6 END). Miraculously, Slaughter kicked out of the subsequent pin attempt. Atlas tagged in and he and Slaughter teamed for a Double Russian Leg Sweep. Savage sent the action outside with a Double Axe Handle. Randy hit a Gutwrench Suplex and a Slam on Concrete. While the ref was distracted Muraco hit a Muraco Scoop Slam and rolled the weary Atlas into the ring. I don’t know how he kicked out of the Savage pin. Atlas had to feel vertigo when Savage held him up for a Vertical Suplex but he somehow got his foot on the ropes on the pin attempt. Slaughter tagged in and then Muraco, and the latter caught the military veteran in a Boston Crab. Slaughter submitted at 26 min 17 secs. ENDs were Slaughter -22, Atlas -19, Savage -5 and Muraco -5. Congrats to Savage and Muraco who face the Hart Foundation on MD 24 for the tag team belts.

Jimmy Snuka v the Honky Tonk Man w/ manager Jimmy Hart: HTM’s debut match. The bell rang, the Iron Sheik ran down and entered the ring, wielding a Tire Iron, and bashed Superfly in the Knee (-15 END)!!!! Snuka was fighting on one leg and had no chance. Honky Tonk Man hit a Shake Rattle & Roll, a Scoop Slam and a Honky Tonk Hip Toss. A 2nd Shake Rattle & Roll gave him the pinfall. Snuka was stretchered off and it was announced that he would miss 1 month of action. 4 min 26 secs

WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH: Champion Hulk Hogan v King Kong Bundy w/ manager Bobby Heenan: Bundy made a great entrance and drew some heat. Early highlights included a Heenan Fireball, Hogan Powerslam of the behemoth Bundy and a Bundy Suplex. At the 7 min mark we were tied at -4 END. Heenan tossed his client a Nightstick, who used it, and followed up with a Bundy Body Slam. Hogan was exhausted and had used his 2nd and final savvy. Could this be it for Hulkamania? Well, vitamins were eaten, prayers were said, and Hogan rallied with Hulked-Up Punches, a Hit with Chair and an Axe Bombers. Another set of Punches, a Big Boot a Bear Hug spelled the end for KKB, and he submitted meekly at 11 min 54 secs. Hogan remains your WWF World Heavyweight Champion!
Derek K
Match Day 24
Agricultural Hall
Allentown, PA
Referee = Mike Chioda

Junkyard Dog v The Iron Sheik (remember that the Sheik cut off all ties, including with his manager, on MD 23): JYD controlled this one from start to finish, performing a Snap Suplex, Backbreaker, Body Slam and earning the pinfall after a Hit with Chair. The Sheik barely got a move in. 8 min 49 secs

Brutus Beefcake v Paul Orndorff w/ manager Bobby Heenan: Brutus had an early pin attempt after a Flying Body Press but Mr. Wonderful took control with a Hip Toss and Running Clothesline. He then took a shortcut by grabbing a fistful of tights when he executed a Quick Pin Move and got the 3-count. 4 min 2 secs

Jake Roberts v Ken Patera w/ manager Bobby Heenan: this was a good one. The Snake connected on a Running Knee to Head and nailed a Bulldog. Patera landed a Chair Shot and hit a Piledriver. A Short-Arm Clothesline and Boston Crab by Roberts looked to end this one but Patera escaped the hold just in time. Heenan inadvertently distracted his client, allowing Roberts to clamp on a Sleeper. A DDT soon after looked like the end but Patera kicked out of the pin. A couple minutes later it was a simple Small Package by Roberts that earned the victory. 12 min 26 secs

Ricky Steamboat v Greg Valentine w/ manager Jimmy Hart: the Hammer caught the Dragon in a Quick Roll-Up right away but Ricky escaped. Minutes later Steamboat followed up a Body Slam with a Moonsault and surprising early pinfall. 3 min 6 secs

WORLD TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP –winners become the inaugural champions – The Hart Foundation w/ manager Jimmy Hart v Don Muraco w/ manager Mr. Fuji and Randy Savage w/ valet Miss Elizabeth: the match required a pin or submission for the victors to become champions. These teams gave it everything they had. The action went outside early where Savage Body Slammed Neidhart on the Concrete and Bret Hart caught the Macho Man with a European Uppercut. The first pin attempt came in the 10th minute after a Savage Piledriver on Neidhart, but he kicked out just in time (pin 1-6, rolled 7). The Hitman tagged in and earned his team’s first pin attempt with a Bridging German Suplex on Muraco. Fuji pulled Hart outside the ring but the tactic backfired as the Hitman Slammed Muraco into the Ring Steps and Hit him with a Chair. Back inside he landed consecutive 2nd Rope Elbow Drops. A Muraco Gorilla Press Slam turned the momentum back in his team’s favor. Savage tagged in and the pin attempts came fast and furiously as he hit a Diving Elbow Drop, teamed for a Scoop Slam and Muraco Scoop Slam combo and nailed a pair of Piledrivers. Neidhart broke up two of the pin attempts and a battered Hart kicked out of the other. The Hart Foundation tried to rally as they teamed for a Double Clothesline and Neidhart hit a Discus Clothesline, but they couldn’t get out of their own way as the Mouth of the South accidentally tripped the Anvil. Then came a Hart Attack and pin attempt on Muraco, which Savage was forced to break up. Soon after the Hart Foundation teamed for a Shoulderblock and Sharpshooter on Savage. Somehow he escaped. Another Hart Attack followed, and this time Muraco broke up the pin. It was anyone’s match. Muraco tagged in and caught Bret in a Small Package. 1-2-3, Muraco and Savage are the World Tag Team Champions! Post-match, the Hart Foundation used a Roll of Quarters on the new champs. 26 min 30 secs

NON-TITLE match – Sgt. Slaughter v Intercontinental Champion Roddy Piper w/ bodyguard Bob Orton: in the opening minute Orton tried to interfere but was caught by Chioda and the champion disqualified. 28 secs
Derek K
Match Day 25
The Fieldhouse
Hamburg, PA
Referee = Bruno Lauer (heel referee, advantage on pins/subs to heel)

Dynamite Kid v Iron Mike Sharpe w/ manager Capt. Lou Albano: the Kid dominated their bout on MD 23, seemingly get revenge for injury caused by Sharpe, but Sharpe pummeled Kid post-match, necessitating the emptying of the locker room. Here, Sharpe had a couple of Quick Pin Moves early then controlled the match with a Power Slam, Vertical Suplex and Body Slam. The Dynamite Kid connected with a European Uppercut and covered the fallen Sharpe but the ref was distracted by a shouting match ringside between Captain Lou and Davey Boy Smith, who had just walked down the ramp. Sharpe reversed the pin attempt as Lauer turned around, 1-2-3, Sharpe wins! 4 min 24 secs

Toney Garea v Honky Tonk Man w/ manager Jimmy Hart: Honky had a Scoop Slam and a pin attempt after a Flying Body Press. Garea Slammed Honky through a Table and landed a Dropkick. The Shake Rattle & Roll decided this one, and Honky got the pin at 7 min 31 secs.

Tito Santana v Word Tag Team Champion Don Muraco w/ manager Mr. Fuji: Santana earned an early pin attempt with a Tiger Suplex. Muraco cracked Santana on the head with a Handheld Video Game. A Small Package resulted in a near fall as Santana got his hand on the ropes. Santana hit a Mule Kick. Fuji Threw Salt in Tito’s Eyes then Muraco nailed the Asian Spike. Muraco kept the pressure on with a Samoan Drop, Sidewalk Slam and DDT. Santana was exhausted but hit an Elbow Smash. Fuji got involved again, this time by Throwing a Fireball. Lauer missed it, Santana went down, Muraco covered, 1-2-3, Muraco wins! ENDs were Muraco 0 and Santana -18. 8 min 49 secs

Tony Atlas & Sgt. Slaughter v Ken Patera & Paul Orndorff w/ manager Bobby Heenan: the heels attacked the faces pre-match before the latter’s’ bout with Muraco & Savage, putting them at a disadvantage in a bout that, if they won, would have given them a championship opportunity. I think the faces, specifically Slaughter, let their emotions get the better of them. Orndorff missed a corner move and KOd his partner early (out of action for 5 mins). Slaughter and Atlas teamed for a Double Back Elbow Smash, earned a warning from Lauer. A Back Rake by Slaughter earned a DQ point. Atlas tagged in and performed an awesome sequence of Side Slam, Running Shoulder Block and Military Press Slam. An exhausted Orndorff somehow kicked out of the pin attempt. Patera finally recovered and tagged in. Heenan was caught trying to pass an object and barred from ringside. Patera executed a Choke on Ropes and Swinging Neckbreaker. Slaughter returned and was given a 2nd DQ point for another Back Rake. He followed it up with a Powerbomb and Chestbreaker. Mr. Wonderful returned and performed a Gutwrench Suplex. Slaughter grabbed a Steel Chair and used it on Orndorff. Lauer called for the bell and disqualified Slaughter and Atlas. 13 min 16 secs

Pedro Morales v Ivan Koloff w/ Captain Lou Albano: Koloff had a near fall early with a Sunset Flip. This was an even back and forth bout. The highlights were a Release German Suplex by Morales and Shoulder Smash by Koloff. Morales earned a pin attempt with a Hip Toss then another with a second Release German Suplex. He covered and got the 3-count. Morales wins! Post-match, JYD reigniting his feud with Koloff when he joined Morales for a beatdown of Koloff. 12 min 41 secs

Davey Boy Smith v World Tag Team Champion Randy Savage w/ valet Elizabeth: the Macho Man opened the bout with a pair of Blatant Chokes, neither punished by Lauer. The Commissioner Vince McMahon Jr. stopped the match and announced that it was now a contract match with the winner getting the next shot at the WWF Championship! Savage performed a Gutwrench Suplex and another Blatant Choke, dominating the match. Smith battled back with 4 straight moves including a Running Powerbomb and Drop Suplex. Savage caught DBS with a Flying Body Press that transitioned into a pin attempt. 1-2-3, Savage wins and earns a title shot! 7 min 39 secs
Derek K
Match Day 26
Highland Park Community Center
Highland Park, NJ
Referee = Tim Fuller (slow count)

Tony Garea v The Iron Sheik: these two had a No Contest on MD 19 when the Hart Foundation flattened both of them. Garea showed off his aerial arsenal with a 2nd Rope Elbow Smash, Top Rope Axe Handle and Diving Headbutt Drop. At the 7:30 mark Garea was well ahead with a +3 END to Sheik’s -6. The Iranian rallied with 6 consecutive single point moves, including a Leg Scissors Choke that Fuller missed because he was out of position. The wrestlers spilled out of the ring and Fuller was about count them both out when Paul Orndorff used Brass Knuckles to disable Fuller. Brad Robinson came down still pulling on his zebra shirt and took over officiating duties. Back in the ring Garea took advantage of the chaos and caught the Sheik with a Tiger Suplex. The cover, the count, 1-2-3, Garea wins! 13:50

Jake Roberts v Greg Valentine w/ manager Jimmy Hart: the Mouth of the South hurled some insults through his megaphone distracting Jake and Robinson, allowing Valentine to connect with a Chair Shot. Roberts got a modicum of revenge with the use of a Nightstick but Robinson caught him and issued a warning. To be fair Robinson warned Valentine after a Back Rake. The Snake had a sequence of dominance, including a Gutwrench Suplex. Sleeper, Samoan Drop and Short-Arm Clothesline. Roberts came close to getting the submission with a Figure 4 but the Hammer broke free just in time (sub 1-8, rolled 9). Valentine responded with a devastating Back Elbow Smash and covered. 1-2-foot on the ropes (pin 1-11, rolled 1 but 6 6-sided)!!! The high impact moves continued with a DDT by Roberts. Valentine kicked out of the pin. Roberts nailed a Running Knee Smash, resulting in yet another near fall (pin 1-9, rolled 10). Valentine quickly recovered and hit his finishing Piledriver. 1-2-3, the Hammer prevails! Post-match, the Honky Tonk Man and the Hart Foundation joined Valentine in the ring and announced the formation of the Mouth of the South Faction! 15:46

Brutus Beefcake v King Kong Bundy w/ manager Bobby Heenan: Beefcake botched a Flying Elbow in the opening minute (-10 END, shoulder injury revealed post-match). Bundy nailed a Bundy Suplex, Body Slam and Atlantic City Avalanche. Easy pin and victory. Beefcake will miss 6 weeks. 4:45

The British Bulldogs v the Hart Foundation w/ manager Jimmy Hart: the Bulldogs lost to the Foundation via countout on MD 22. Things started well for the Bulldogs here, with Davey Boy Smith executing a Delayed Vertical Suplex, the Bulldogs teaming for a Double Delayed Suplex and Valentine interfering but eating a blow from Jim Neidhart for his troubles. Bret Hart tagged in and took over right away, applying a Sleeper, landing a 2nd Rope Elbow Smash and teaming with his partner for the Hart Attack. Smith kicked out of the subsequent pin attempt but was immediately returned to the mat when Jimmy Hart Tripped him. Dynamite Kid tagged in hot and performed 3 moves, including a Front Dropkick. Hart nailed a Snap Suplex then surprised Kid with a Sunset Flip after being sent to the ropes. Bret must have cradled him perfectly because he got the 3-count, surprising Kid who wasn’t even tired and Smith who didn’t try for the break up (pin 1-4, rolled 3). 7:38

The Junkyard Dog v Ivan Koloff w/ manager Captain Lou Albano: on MD 25, after Pedro Morales defeated Koloff, JYD joined the victor and delivered a brutal beatdown, reigniting a feud that it appeared JYD had lost. JYD had the advantage early here until Iron Mike Sharpe appeared and handed Koloff a Roll of Quarters which he used to bash JYD on the Forehead (-6 END). The Russian earned pin attempts with an Inverted Backbreaker and Sunset Flip. He forced a submission out of the exhausted JYD with a Bear Hug. 9:23

NO DISQUALIFICATION INTERCONTINENTAL TITLE MATCH: Sgt. Slaughter v Champion Rowdy Roddy Piper w/ personal bodyguard Cowboy Bob Orton: Piper used a Whip tossed to him by Orton early, lashing Slaughter’s back (-3 END). Slaughter performed a sequence of Body slam, Cannonball, Back Body Drop and Power Slam, tiring the champion. Piper came back by repeatedly applying the Sleeper as well as hitting a Piledriver. Slaughter Stomped Piper then Hit him with a Chair outside the ring. Back inside Piper applied a Figure 4 then immediately after clamped on another Sleeper. This time there was no escape and the ref call for the bell after Slaughter did not respond. Piper retains! 10:42
Derek K
Match Day 27
Broome County Veterans Memorial Arena
Binghamton, NY
Referee = Brad Robinson

Ricky Steamboat v Paul Orndorff w/ manager Bobby Heenan: the Dragon breathed fire at the start, connecting with a Karate Thrust, applying a Sleeper and tossing Mr. Wonderful with an Arm Toss. Orndorff caught Steamboat with a Hip Toss then with a Quick Pin Move, grabbing his tights. Orndorff performed a Running Clothesline and Sit-Out Powerbomb and Steamboat a Diving Headbutt Drop and Top Rope Body Press. At the 7:30 mark ENDs were Steamboat -3 and Orndorff -4. Less than 2 minutes later, a 2nd Diving Headbutt Drop exhausted Orndorff and allowed Steamboat his first cover. Robinson counted, 1-2-3, Steamboat wins! 9:09

Tito Santana v World Tag Team Champion Don Muraco w/ manager Mr. Fuji: on MD 25 Muraco dominated this matchup but with plenty of Fuji assistance. Santana was high energy from the outset, performing a pair of Running Crossbodies in the opening minute. Muraco Threw Santana through the Ropes and Fuji came at him with his Cane, but Santana fought him off, pumping up the crowd and himself (increase END by 3). The match settled down and each wrestler performed single point moves. Santana earned the 1st pin attempt in the 9th minute after a Tiger Suplex. Fuji intervened again, this time tossing a Roll of Quarters into the squared circle, with Muraco using them to Bash Santana in the Forehead. Santana responded with a Diving Knee Drop then earned pin attempts with a Diving Headbutt Drop and Knee Lift. Out of nowhere Muraco hit his finisher, a Hawaiian Hammer, and a minute later a DDT. Santana responded with a Mule Kick, covered, and got the 3-count. 17:24

Tony Atlas v Ken Patera w/ manager Bobby Heenan: Atlas won the battle of strongmen on MD 22. Tensions came to a boil pre-match as Atlas attacked Patera in the ring before the bell, delivering a round of punches and a Samoan Drop before the ref called for the bell. Patera recovered quickly, performing a pair of Military Presses and a Turnbuckle Slam. Atlas hit 3 consecutive moves, including a Powerbomb, and covered, but Patera kicked out. Patera nailed a Power Slam then locked in his devastating Swinging Full Nelson. Atlas couldn’t break the hold and submitted. 5:47

NO DISQUALIFICATION MATCH: Dynamite Kid v Iron Mike Sharpe w/ manager Captain Lou Albano: lot of history here- (1) on MD 21, Sharpe DDT’d Kid during the latter’s bout with Greg Valentine then brutally beat him; (2) Kid won the bout with Sharpe on MD 23 but Sharpe pummeled him post-match; and (3) Sharpe used a distraction and the ropes as leverage to get the pin on MD 25. The crowd was already pumped for this one but got an extra dose of adrenaline when Sharpe Bashed Kid with a Steel Chair to his head in the opening minute. After a Sharpe DDT, Dynamite performed 5 consecutive moves, including a pair of European Uppercuts, a Superplex and Belly-to-Back Suplex. Iron Mike responded with another Chair Shot then followed up immediately with a Body Slam and cover. 1-2-foot on the ropes just in time (pin 1-6, rolled 6 but 6-sided)! The crowd made their presence felt, chanting “DY-NA-MITE!” over and over, pumping up the Kid (increase END by 2). Albano responded by Tripping him, earning the enmity of the Upstate NY fans. Kid landed a Front Dropkick then nailed a Gutwrench Suplex. He covered, Robinson counted, 1-2-Albano pulls DK off Sharpe (pin 1-12, rolled 1)!!! Kid performed the next 3 moves but then Sharpe connected with a Forearm Smash with Cast. The cover, the count, 1-2-3, Sharpe wins!!! Final ENDs were Sharpe -17 and Dynamite Kid -5. 12:48

Junkyard Dog & Tony Garea v The Moondogs: cameras caught Garea and JYD watching video of the Moondogs and talking tactics, while the Moondogs were shown napping (increase faces ENDs by 3 each). Spot earned the 1st pin attempt after Whacking Garea with a Bone. JYD earned a pin attempt after JYD Headbutts and Garea after an Octopus Hold. Spot applied a Boston Crab. The Moondogs teamed for a Double Clothesline, Spot landed a 2nd Rope Fist Drop then Whacked Garea with a Chain. JYD tagged in hot, performing an impressive sequence of Backbreaker, Double Atomic Drop and Body Slam. The faces controlled the remainder of the match, with a Double Atomic Drop allowing Garea to get the pinfall. 21:40

WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP – Champion Hulk Hogan v Randy Savage w/ valet Miss Elizabeth: excitement for this one was palpable. Savage applied a Sleeper right out of the gate. Hogan hit a Stalling Suplex. Savage had a pin attempt after a Flying Body Press. Hogan applied a Bear Hug. Hogan nailed his Leg Drop but Elizabeth prevented a pin attempt, jumping into the ring and acting as a shield. Savage impressed with a Vertical Suplex then sent Hogan out of the ring with a Diving Axe Handle. At the 6 min mark ENDs were Hogan -1 and Savage -3. The Macho Man bashed Hogan with a Steel Chair. Back in the ring, Hogan Raked Savage’s Back and Hit Savage with that same Steel Chair. The ref disregarded all of it. Hogan picked up a limp Savage and applied another Bear Hug. He squeezed, Elizabeth squealed, Savage suffered. Hogan went for the pin, Robinson counted, 1-2-3, Hogan wins! 8:41
Derek K
Match Day 28
Baltimore Civic Center
Baltimore, MD
Referee = Tom Foley

Tony Garea v The Iron Sheik: Tony got the pinfall victory on MD 26. Garea had all the momentum early with a pair of 2nd Rope Elbow Smashes, a Top Rope Axe Handle, a Piledriver and two pin attempts. The two exchanged Body Slams before Garea earned his 3rd pin attempt with a Tiger Suplex. Sheik was exhausted but rallied for 6 straight single point maneuvers, tiring but not exhausting Garea. Tony set up for a move, the Iron Sheik reversed it and caught him in his vaunted Camel Clutch and squeezed. Submission! What a comeback for the Sheik! 11:41

The Junkyard Dog v Iron Mike Sharpe w/ manager Captain Lou Albano: on MD 26 JYD had lost to Ivan Koloff in part because he of a fist filled with a roll of quarters, handed to the Russian by Sharpe. JYD controlled this one, landing a Headbutt and Running Clothesline, seeing Captain Lou botch his interference, and finishing IMS off with JYD Headbutts and a pin. 6:49

Pedro Morales v Honky Tonk Man w/ manager Jimmy Hart: this was a fun match. Right out of the gate HTM Gouges Morales in the Eye, drawing Foley’s ire and a 1st DQ point. The action then went outside the ring, where Morales Slammed HTM into the Ring Steps then Hit him with a Chair. Back inside, Jimmy Hart tried to change the momentum when he spit Asian Mist, only to realize it was his client in range. The Elvis impersonator battled back though, hitting a Diving Elbow Smash, Knee Lift and Belly-to-Belly Suplex. At the 8:30 mark ENDs were HTM -4 and Morales -1. The 1st attempt at a pin or submission came in the 13th minutes when Morales applied a Boston Crab. HTM escaped and immediately grabbed his Guitar, Smashing it over Morales’s back. DQ point # 2. Morales executed Repeated Punches to Face and a Rotating Punch to Stomach and covered after each, but HTM got his foot on the ropes the first time and kicked out the second. It was getting late in the bout. Honky Tonk Man hit a Diving Fist Stop, exhausting Morales. He then grabbed his spare Guitar, and Bashed it over Morales! Foley had seen enough and called for the bell, disqualifying HTM. Post-match, Honky demanded a Memphis Streetfight, and Morales agreed! 16:39

Tony Atlas & Sgt. Slaughter v Paul Orndorff & Ken Patera w/ manager Bobby Heenan: the faces were DQd on MD 25 after Slaughter earned 3 DQ pts. Heenan effed up early here, inadvertently distracting Patera, which allowed Slaughter to apply his Cobra Clutch. Luckily for the heels, the strongman kicked out of the subsequent pin attempt. Later, after Orndorff tagged in, Heenan tossed him a Magic 8 Ball, but it was intercepted by Atlas who used it on Mr. Wonderful. Slaughter went for a pin on an exhausted Patera after a Gutwrench Backbreaker, but Orndorff broke it up. Slaughter then applied the Cobra Clutch again but Patera escaped. Atlas tagged in, Heenan wisely HANDED Patera the Magic 8 Ball and Patera tried to use it, but Slaughter caught his arm in mid-punch, took away the Ball, and used it on him! A minute later Atlas nailed a Michinoku Driver, covered and got the 3-count. 13:07

Jake Roberts v Greg Valentine w/ manager Jimmy Hart: the Hammer won a classic match with 3 near falls on MD 26. Here, the Snake caught Valentine by surprise with a well-disguised Short-Arm Clothesline then immediately went for q Quick Roll-Up. Foley was in perfect position, went to the mat, counted 1-2-3, and this match was over almost before it started! 1:03

Tito Santana v Don Muraco w/ manager Mr. Fuji: each had one victory against the other. the main even did not disappoint. Muraco attacked Santana during the latter’s pre-match interview, Tasing him (-6 END). Tito performed 6 of the opening 7 moves, including an Elbow Smash, tiring Muraco. The Hawaiian grabbed a fistful of tights in a Quick Pin Move but Santana escaped. Muraco Gouged Santana’s eye, unseen by Foley, then cut him with a Closed Fist. Muraco had pin attempts after a Stalling Suplex and DDT. Santana had a pin attempt after a Diving Headbutt Drop. Muraco earned a near fall after a Flying Body Press (pin 1-7, rolled 8). Santana seemed to be just trying to hang on. Fuji dragged him out of the ring while Muraco distracted Foley and walloped him with his Cane. Back inside Muraco hit his finisher, the Hawaiian Hammer (Reverse Piledriver), covered, and got the quick count (pin 1-11, rolled 11) from the Foley. ENDs were Muraco -11 and Santana -29. 17:55
Derek K
Match Day 29
New Haven Coliseum
New Haven, CT
Referee = Connie Marker

A crazy night of professional wrestling! Fans left with mixed feelings.

Tony Garea v The Iron Sheik: this was the best match of the night. Garea got the pinfall victory on MD 26 and the Sheik responded with a Camel Clutch submission on MD 28. Garea showed why he is a high flyer with a Top Rope Axe Handle, Diving Headbutt Drop and Top Rope Body Press. The Iron Sheik demonstrated his strength with a Gutwrench Suplex and Belly-to-Belly Suplex, and his acumen with the painful Camel Clutch. At the 12:30 mark the match was even at -9 END. Garea hit a 2nd Rope Elbow Smash then applied his Octopus Hold, but the Iranian escaped. Garea Slingshot the Sheik over the top rope, but outside the Sheik Slammed him through the Announcer’s Table then onto the unforgiving Concrete Floor. Back inside the Iron Sheik performed 4 consecutive single point moves and seemed about to go for the kill, but Garea caught him in an Octopus Hold one again. And this time, the Iron Sheik could not escape! Submission! 18:53

Davey Boy Smith v Nikolai Volkoff w/ manager Adnan Al Kaissey: the Russian’s first match since he was injured on MD 19 by Smith who put him through a Table. The crowd was NOT excited by this matchup (-1 heat each). Smith was ahead early, hitting a Running Clothesline and Delayed Vertical Suplex, but Volkoff landed a Front Kick. Smith earned the first pin attempt with a Running Powerbomb. Volkoff performed a Hip Toss. Smith felt Volkoff was breaking the rules and complained to Marker. Volkoff pushed Smith into the referee and the referee called for the bell and disqualified…Davey Boy?!?!? Cheap win for Nikolai but he’ll take it. 11:39

The Junkyard Dog v Ivan Koloff w/ manager Capt. Lou Albano: on MD 26 Koloff won partially because of his use of a Roll of Quarters. Here, Garea and Pedro Morales joined JYD for his pre-match interview, filling him with confidence. The bell rang, and Iron Mike Sharpe jumped out from the crowd and he, Albano and Koloff delivered a beatdown of JYD. Marker properly disqualified Koloff. Morales and Garea eventually ran out of the back and cleared the ring.

WORLD TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP – Champions Randy Savage and Don Muraco w/ valet Elizabeth and manager Mr. Fuji v The Hart Foundation w/ manager Jimmy Hart: this was a rematch of the MD 24 title bout which crowned Muraco and Savage inaugural champions. I can detail the entire match for you – Muraco Knee Lift, Muraco/Savage Double Russian Leg Sweep (1 DQ pt), Muraco Boston Crab and Neidhart submission (sub 1-4, rolled 3). Easy defense for the champions. 1:33

NON-TITLE MATCH: The Dynamite Kid v Intercontinental Champion Roddy Piper w/ bodyguard Cowboy Bob Orton: here is the entire match – Kid Stepover Toe Hold, Kid Front Choke Hold, Piper DDT, cover, 1—2-3, Piper wins! Squash match! 1:32

Sgt. Slaughter v King Kong Bundy w/ manager Bobby Heenan: the military vet earned goodwill from the crowd when he stopped and signed an autograph for a child. Immediately upon the bell ringing Paul Orndorff, who had accompanied Bundy and Heenan, entered the ring and DDT’d Slaughter. It was all an elaborate ruse to ambush Slaughter! Marker DQd KKB. The heels brutally beat Slaughter, who will miss 2 weeks of action with an injured back. This feud between the Heenan Family and Slaughter and Tony Atlas continues to escalate.
Derek K
Match Day 30
The Omni
Atlanta, GA
Referee = Johnny Shorn

MEMPHIS STREETFIGHT – Pedro Morales v The Honky Tonk Man w/ manager Jimmy Hart: this match was booked after HTM was disqualified on MD 28 after his SECOND Guitar Smash on Morales. The face got some cheers right away as he set up a Table outside the ring but it was he who went through it, as Honky Tonk Man Tossed Morales out of the ring and through the table. Morales Slammed HTM onto the Concrete in response. Back in the ring, Morales hit a Cannon Ball and Knee Drop Backbreaker. Honky Tonk performed a Diving Elbow Smash and Scoop Slam, then climbed a Ladder he had set up outside the ring and nailed a Diving Fist Drop onto Morales inside the ring. After a Shake Rattle & Roll at the 15 min mark, ENDs were about even, with HTM at -16 and Morales -14. Morales had a near fall after a Caribbean Lift and almost got the submission after a Boston Crab, but somehow HTM squirmed out (submission 1-16, rolled 17!). A second Cannon Ball gave Morales his 6th pin/sub attempt (to HTM’s 2) and this time he got the 3-count. Post-match, Honky Tonk lost it over the ringside commentator calling him a “gimmick wrestler.” HTM was smashing everything in sight until he was stopped and challenged by a large bearded man dressed in overalls, who introduced himself as Hillbilly Jim! 19:27

Tony Atlas v Ken Patera w/ manager Bobby Heenan: Patera forced a submission on MD 27 with the Swinging Full Nelson. Each powerhouse showed some strength early here, with Patera lifting Atlas for a Military Press and Atlas lifting Patera for a Scoop Slam. But it was a Heenan Gouge of Atlas’s Eyes that allowed Patera to nail a Sheik Slam. Cover, count 1-2-3, Patera wins! 4:01

Jake Roberts v Greg Valentine w/ manager Jimmy Hart: Roberts got the Quick Roll-Up pinfall in the 2nd minute on MD 28. The Hammer had a pair of early submission holds with an Indian Deathlock and Bear Hug then a pin attempt after a Body Slam. Roberts rallied when the match went outside the ring, as he Slammed Valentine onto the Concrete then hit a Short-Arm Clothesline and Running Knee to Head. Back inside, Valentine exhausted Roberts with a Vertical Suplex then pinned him after Knife-Edge Chops. Post-match, the Hart Foundation joined the Hammer in delivering a beatdown of Roberts. 11:08

The British Bulldogs v The Moondog: these teams came into this one on a combined 7-match tag team losing streak. Rex received an early warning after a Choke with Chain. Davey Boy Smith used a Fan’s Oxygen Tank to bash Rex. Shorn was inadvertently hit during a whip to ropes but he took the bump and the match continued without interruption. Spot threw Smith out of the ring but the move backfired as Smith hit a Catapult then Slammed Spot onto the hard concrete. Back inside the Bulldogs teamed for an Assisted Powerbomb that exhausted Spot then a minute later the Kid hit a Snap Suplex that resulted in the pinfall. 11:38

Tito Santana v World Tag Team Champion Don Muraco w/ manager Mr. Fuji: Muraco leads the feud 2-1, having earned the pinfall on MD 28 after a pre-match assault and assistance by the devious Fuji during the bout. A Blatant Choke followed by a Small Package helped by a quick-counting Shorn (pin 1-3, rolled 3) allowed the Magnificent Muraco to make quick work out of this one. 3:05

Ricky Steamboat v World Tag Team Champion Randy Savage w/ valet Elizabeth: this one had all the makings of a great one – two athletes in their prime, a beautiful woman and a packed arena of rabid fans. Steamboat opened with a Spinning Heel Kick, exciting the arena. But then the unthinkable happened – the concessions ran out of beer!! The fans rioted, pelting the ring with debris. The match was declared a no contest.
Derek K
I've been posting results on the Facebook Downey Games page if anyone is interested.

Would LOVE to see some new TV Pro 1 sets released. AEW?!?!?!?!
Are you still on here running cards. I am going to start an 80's style territory era. TV Pro Universe. I was going to do 20 territories but it I made it down to 12... I have all the card sets from the eighties and a couple of the early expansion sets. There are lot of wrestler/manager cards I would like to see that have no cards. I posted my card wishlist above on the post thread. Maybe we can combine our efforts and run shows together here on this forum. We could pick which territories we would run and then have some kind of draft of the wrestlers, managers etc to fill out the rosters.
Derek K
Hi TG! Glad you are interested in the game! I just played last night, my first time in many many months. Moved and had the game in storage. I am running a WWF 80s federation. Probably not interested in working with anyone else on it but always interested in exchanging ideas.
Derek K
Match Day 31
Catholic Youth Center
Scranton, PA
Referee = Ralph Hamilton

Hillbilly Jim v Honky Tonk Man w/ manager Jimmy Hart: debut match for Hillbilly Jim, who stepped in when HTM went off on ringside commentators on MD 30. Honky Tonk Man rammed his Guitar into Jim’s gut when the bell rang, while the Mouth of the South distracted Hamilton. It was all Honky Tonk early as he hit a Diving Elbow Smash and Honky Tonk Hip Toss. Jim got some offense in with a Square Dance Irish Whip then impressed with a Vertical Suplex and Country Boy Dropkick. HTM looked to end it when he hit his finisher, the Shake Rattle & Roll but an exhausted Hillbilly kicked out of the pin attempt. HTM used his Guitar again, smashing it over Jim’s back, but the referee spotted it this time and issued a warning. Jim then hit a Hillbilly Leg Drop and a Powerslam. HTM was exhausted, Jim covered, 1-2-3, Hillbilly Jim wins! 11:42

Davey Boy Smith v Nikolai Volkoff w/ manager Adnan Al Kaissey: Smith was DQd on MD 29 after the Russian pushed him into the referee. Smith dominated this one early, hitting a Piledriver, applying a Sleeper, Gouging Nikoali’s Eye and showing his power with a Delayed Vertical Suplex. Volkoff battled back with a Body Slam and Powerslam then really turned the tide when he used a Trash Can Lid to combat an attempted Headbutt. Volkoff went for the jugular with a Russian Sickle, Russian Backbreaker and a Bear Hug, getting the pinfall at 12:18.

Dean Ho v King Kong Bundy w/ manager Bobby Heenan: Ho got no breaks from the booking agent for his debut. KKB toyed with the high flyer it seemed, hitting a Bundy Suplex, Powerbomb, Butt Drop from 2nd Rope and finishing Ho off with a Sidewalk Slam. 7:08

Tony Garea and Junkyard Dog v Ivan Koloff and Iron Mike Sharpe w/ manager Captain Lou Albano: the latest blow in this feud occurred on MD 29 when the heels attacked JYD as the bell rang in a singles match, resulting in an immediate DQ. Highlights in this solid match included early aerial moves by Garea (2nd Rope Elbow Smash and Top rope Axe Handle), Sharpe whacking Garea with a Fan’s Motorcycle Helmet (earning a 2nd DQ pt), a Sharpe sequence of 2nd Rope Knee Drop, Power Slam and Vertical Suplex, only minutes after the crowd chanted Garea’s name and seemed to pump him up, and a vicious Koloff Russian Sickle that exhausted JYD and necessitated a Garea pin break-up). The finish occurred after Captain Lou pulled Garea out of the ring. Sharpe Slammed him through the Announce Table. Garea picked himself up and Body Slammed Sharpe on the unforgiving concrete. Lou then passed the aforementioned Helmet to Sharpe who used it on Garea. The only person who seemed to have any idea about time was the referee, and he called for the bell and declared a Double Count-Out. 21:12

NON-TITLE BOUT: World Heavyweight Champion Hulk Hogan v Paul Orndorff w/ manager Bobby Heenan: Mr. Wonderful got nothing going here and Hogan dominated, performing Hulked-Up Punches, an Atomic Drop and Stalling Suplex before finishing Orndorff off with a Hogan Leg Drop. Hogan improved to 14-0. 9:05

INTERCONTINENTAL CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH: Pedro Morales v Champion Rowdy Roddy Piper w/ personal bodyguard Cowboy Bob Orton: Morales opened with a Running Knee Smash. Orton tossed a Fan’s Prosthetic Leg into the ring but Morales intercepted and used it. Piper hit an Atomic Drop. Morales tried to force a submission out of the champ with a Boston Crab. Morales earned a pin attempt with a Cannon Ball. Piper was in trouble. Junkyard Dog turned up an ringside and his scowl forced Orton to back off when the action came outside. JYD then scooped up a stumbling Piper and Body Slammed him onto the concrete. He rolled him back into the ring, Morales covered, 1-2-3 (the referee quick-counted, pin 1-8, rolled 8), and Pedro Morales is the new Intercontinental Champion! ENDs were Morales +7 and Piper -11. Dominant performance by Pedro. 5:12
Derek K
Match Day 32
Civic Center
Portland, ME
Referee = Tom Hamilton

Tony Garea v The Iron Sheik: Garea leads this series 2-1 after an Octopus Hold submission at 18:53 on MD 29. Garea was in control of this one early, performing 5 of the opening 6 moves, including a Vertical Suplex and End Rope Elbow Smash. He tried for a second Suplex but the Sheik countered with a takedown maneuver then quickly applied the Camel Clutch. Tony submitted at 4:06.

Jake Roberts v Greg Valentine w/ manager Jimmy Hart: the Hammer got the early pinfall here after a Back Elbow Smash and Quick Pin Move, albeit with a fistful of tights. With 3 wins now and only 1 for Jake, this program is likely at an end. 3:33

Dean Ho v Nikolai Volkoff w/ manager Adnan Al Kaissey: Volkoff offered a pre-match handshake but was swept off his feet by Ho who was aware of the former’s trickery. Ho hit an early Hawaiian Neckbreaker and Top Rope Body Press. Volkoff responded with a series of maneuvers including a Choke Slam. Hamilton was inadvertently bumped on a whip to the ropes and was replaced by Flair fanboy Charles Robinson. After a pair of Ho Leg Drops he was ahead in END 0 to -7. Al Kaissey resorted to desperate measures, tossing a Steel Chair into the ring. His client grabbed it and bashed Ho on the back. Dean responded with a Dropkick that sent the big Russian out of the ring. Outside Ho Slammed Volkoff through a table, Hit him with the Chair, then rolled him back into the ring. A Flying Shoulder Block put Volkoff down. Ho covered, 1-2-3, Dean Ho is the victor! 9:50

Junkyard Dog v Iron Mike Sharpe w/ manager Captain Lou Albano: continuation of the feud between JYD and his tag team partner Garea and Sharpe and his partner Koloff. Valentine and Koloff jumped JYD pre-match but with the help of Garea he fought them off. The match started a little slow, with mostly single point moves. After 5 minutes it was tied at +1 END. JYD hits a Michinoku Driver. Sharpe applied a Boston Crab. The key maneuver was a Full Nelson Slam by Sharpe, which set up his finisher, the Forearm Smash with Cast. An exhausted JYD was unable to kick out of the cover and Sharpe got a nice victory. 9:05

Tony Atlas v Ken Patera w/ manager Bobby Heenan: Patera won the last encounter after a Heenan Eye Gouge allowed him to perform a Sheik Slam on MD 30. This was a pretty even bout, with both men applying Bear Hugs and Patera hitting a Piledriver, before the Brain inadvertently distracted his client, allowing Atlas to perform a Military Press Slam. Atlas a near fall after a Side Slam. But an Atlas Power Slam was too much and Mr. USA got the pinfall at 12:28. Then the real fireworks started! Heenan pummeled Patera, disgusted with his performance. The crowd was flabbergasted. Atlas actually pulled Heenan off, Body Slammed him, and helped Patera to his feet. Patera turns face!!!!

NON-TITLE BOUT: Ivan Putski and Ricky Steamboat v World Tag Team Champions Randy Savage w/ valet Elizabeth and Don Muraco w/ manager Mr. Fuji: there is a lot of history here, the most relevant being the nerve damage Putski suffered on MD 22 when Muraco used a Taser on him. This was a great match with every wrestler firing on all cylinders. An already excited crowd went bonkers when the faces double teamed Muraco early for a Spinning Heel Kick and Scoop Slam combination. A few minutes later they expressed their extreme displeasure when Savage applied an Electric Dog Collar to Putski. Hasn’t this man suffered enough?!?! Muraco hit a Gorilla Press Slam, Putski the Polish Hammer, Steamboat a Jumping Judo Chop and the Macho Man a Diving Elbow Drop. In the 12th minute Elizabeth hopped onto the apron and distracted Robinson, allowing Savage to execute an Eye Poke then Choke hold on Steamboat. A few minutes later both Savage and Steamboat tagged out. Everyone knew what SHOULD happen, AND IT DID! Putski and Steamboat teamed for a Double Back Elbow Smash on Muraco. Putski hit him with a Polish Hammer, a Polish Power Press Slam and finally, a Scoop Slam. He covered, Robinson counted, 1-2-3, Putski gets the pin on Muraco! I bet the next time we see these teams the belts will on the line. 18:10
Derek K
Match Day 33
Bangor Auditorium
Bangor, ME
Referee = Earl Hebner

Junkyard Dog v Greg Valentine w/ manager Jimmy Hart: tremendous opening match! The set-up for this one was that Valentine was part of the pre-match assault on JYD on MD 32. Here, Valentine began the match playing mind games, repeatedly rolling out of the ring. JYD took matters into his own hands, grabbing a Steel Chair and whacking the Hammer on the back. Valentine executed a Neckbreaker and JYD an Irish Whip into Corner. The first pin attempt came at the 9:30 mark after JYD hit The Thump (Powerslam). An exhausted Valentine used his Savvy to get out of the pin. JYD then went off, hitting the Thump again, a DDT, a Snap Suplex, a Turnbuckle Ram and JYD Headbutts. All told he earned 6 pin attempts where Valentine was 1-8 OR GREATER to be pinned, and he kicked out of all of them! ENDs were JYD -5 and Valentine -25. The Hammer hit a Body Slam and covered, but an exhausted JYD kicked out. The action went outside, Jimmy Hart Slammed JYD into the Ring steps then rolled him back into the ring. Valentine covered, Heber counted, 1-2-3, Valentine wins! Hats off to the Hammer. 14:57

Dynamite Kid v Jesse Ventura w/ tag team partner Adrian Adonis: debut bout for the Body. Facing a difficult task to equal the first match, somehow these guys did it, producing another excellent wrestling match. Ventura opened the bout with FIVE consecutive 2-Pt maneuvers (I kept rolling “2”), a Knee to Back, a pair of Piledrivers, a Hip Roll and a Suplex. 2:30 into the match and the Kid was already tired. Jesse earned pin attempts after an Inverted Body Vice and Bear Hugs, and also nailed a Sidewalk Slam. He was putting on a clinic. The Dynamite kid landed a Front Dropkick and earned a pin attempt with a Bridging German Suplex. At the 7 minute mark ENDs were Ventura 0 and Dynamite -10. Adonis passed Brass Knuckles to Ventura and he used them. He also Hit Kid with a Steel Chair. The Dynamite Kid performed a Diving Headbutt and Superplex, wowing the crowd. Ventura connected with a Closed Fist to Head, drawing blood. Kid nailed a Gutwrench Suplex. Ventura applied a second Inverted Body Vice and squeezed, but somehow the Kid escaped (submission 1-13, rolled 16). The Dynamite Kid landed a second Diving Headbutt and covered. 1-2-3, dynamite comeback Dynamite Kid!16:57

Ken Patera v Honky Tonk Man w/ manager Jimmy Hart: recall that the strongman Patera turned face on MD 32 after he lost to Tony Atlas and his manager Bobby Heenan pummeled him. He clearly didn’t have his mind right yet, as HTM dominated this brief encounter, performing a Honky Tonk Hip Toss and Scoop Slam before Hart Threw a Fireball, allowing Honky Tonk to finish Patera with the Shake Rattle & Roll. Pinfall at 2:56

Hillbilly Jim v Nikolai Volkoff w/ manager Adnan Al Kaissey: Jim nearly ended this one at the outset when he caught the Russian in a Bear Hug as the bell rang (submission 1-4, rolled 5). But only a few minutes later, it was Volkoff who applied the Bear Hug after an Al Kaissey Fireball (was there a Fireball sale in Maine that day?). Volkoff got the pinfall immediately after. 3:37

Tony Atlas v King Kong Bundy w/ manager Bobby Heenan: pre-match Adrian Adonis vows revenge on Bulldogs and challenges to tag match. Davey Boy Smith accepts but wants singles bout as well, and the latter is scheduled for MD 34. Bundy received an early warning for a Kick to Groin but then got away with a Blatant Choke. Atlas impressed with a Powerslam and Military Press Slam. Heenan spread some Thumbtacks in one section of the ring and distracted the referee, allowing Bundy to Bodyslam Atlas onto them. Bundy nailed a 2nd Rope Butt Drop and Knee Drop. Atlas responded with another Powerslam and covered the spent behemoth. 1-2-3, Atlas earns the upset victory! 8:09

Jake Roberts and World Heavyweight Champion Hulk Hogan v the Hart Foundation w/ manager Jimmy Hart: if you didn’t know better you might think the WWF was saving Hogan for his championship bout against Don Muraco on MD 34. He never got into the match as the Hitman caught the Snake in a Quick Roll-Up and got the 3-count at 1:50.
Derek K
Match Day 34
Convention Hall
Asbury Park, NJ
Referee = Jackson James

Tito Santana v Honky Tonk Man with manager Jimmy Hart: HTM seemed to have the advantage in the 7th minute when he waited too long to perform his finisher and Santana hit him with a Running Clothesline. Tito followed it up with a pair of Flying Forearm Smashes and earned the pinfall at 8:44.

Davey Boy Smith v Adrian Adonis w/ tag team partner Jesse Ventura: Adonis was hot out of the gate, performing a Shoulderdrop from Top Rope, Sitout Powerbomb and Release German Suplex. Smith was tired only 2 minutes into the bout. Davey Boy hit a Running Clothesline and covered but James was distracted by a battle outside the ring between Ventura and Smith’s partner, the Dynamite Kid, who had just walked down the ramp. Just as Adonis reversed the pin attempt James turned around and counted, while Adonis used the ropes for leverage, 1-2-kick out at last second (pin 1-8, rolled 9). Then just as the Dynamite Kid was jawing with Adonis, Smith rolled him up in a Small Package, but Ventura broke up the pin without the referee seeing (roll of 1 on 20-sided die – this is my own innovation – when a wrestler has a ringside ally, a roll of 1 is a pin/sub breakup by that person). Adonis earned a DQ point for a Blatant Choke. Smith hit a Delayed Vertical Suplex and Running Powerslam. After an Adonis Sleeper at the 12 minute mark the match was dead even at -9 END. Smith hit a Running Powerslam and covered. 1-2-3, Davey Boy wins! The Bulldogs took both singles bouts against the East-West Connection. Next up with a tag team encounter. 13:15

Dean Ho v Paul Orndorff w/ manager Bobby Heenan: like Adonis in the last bout, Dean Ho came out on fire, executinging a Top Rope Body Press, Hip Toss, Reverse Atomic Drop, Hawaiian Neckbreaker and Surfboard in the opening minute, and he would have earned the submission with the Surfboard had Heenan not broken it up (rolled 1 on 20-sided die again). Mr. Wonderful performed a few single point maneuvers as well as a Running Clothesline before he caught Ho in a Sleeper. He had him locked in good, Ho was tiring rapidly, and the referee called for the bell at 6:36. Submission victory for Orndorff.

Ivan Putski v World Tag Team Champion Randy Savage w/ valet Miss Elizabeth: the Macho Man must have had the Match Day 36 tag team title match on his mind because he certainly appeared unprepared for this. Putski hit an early Body Slam and got the surprise pinfall (pin 1-3, rolled 2). Huge upset! 1:41

Junkyard Dog & Tony Garea v Iron Mike Sharpe & Ivan Koloff w/ manager Captain Lou Albano: these teams wrestled to a double countout in the 22nd minute on MD 31. Here, the Moondogs came to ringside pre-match and intimidated James (heels’ ENDs increased by 5): While JYD and Koloff were wrestling Sharpe replaced the foam in his corner turnbuckle with a Steel Plate, and soon after JYD was KO’d when Koloff bashed JYD’s head into it (-15 END). Koloff applied a pair of Bear Hugs, both of which were broken up by Garea. Tony tagged in and hit a Dropkick and Moonsault. Sharpe replaced Koloff and performed a Full Nelson Slam and Boston Crab. A woozy JYD broke up the submission attempt. Koloff returned and applied another Bear Hug then landed a vicious Russian Sickle on Garea. Easy 1-2-3 and victory for the heels. 12:22

WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP: Champion Hulk Hogan v World Tag Team Champion Don Muraco w/ manager Mr. Fuji: Ivan Putski watched from ringside pre-match and distracted the challenger (-3 END). We all knew how this was gonna go. But it didn’t make the fans any less excited. Hogan’s entrance music hit, the crowd exploded. Muraco hit an early Stalling Suplex and Hogan earned a pin attempt with a Body Slam. Out of nowhere, Jake “the Snake” Roberts, Hogan’s friend, whom he had shaken hands with after they wrestled and Jake turned face, a man Hogan teamed with, TURNED HEEL AND KO’D HOGAN!!! Muraco looked at Fuji, the manager pointed to the fallen champion, Muraco covered, James counted, 1-2-are you ready for this? – 3, Don Muraco is the new WWF World Heavyweight Champion!!! 5:00. I don’t think WTF was a thing back then but this may have been its origin.
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