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Ultra Quick Baseball
Mike Capra
Hey Gang,
Any thoughts on Downey UQ Baseball ? I am thinking about getting it for the Spring.

Mike Capra wrote:

Hey Gang,
Any thoughts on Downey UQ Baseball ? I am thinking about getting it for the Spring.

Hey Mike,

UQ Baseball is basically part of the Final Score line (along with UQ Pro Basketball).

Teams are rated for hitting, pitching/defense, home field and pressure. It has a main Scoring chart, a Pressure chart (for tie scores) and an Extra Innings chart (if the score is still tied after rolling on the Pressure chart).

So unless the game is tied, teams get one roll to determine the final score. I've mostly played the college sets, which have teams rated all the way down to the junior college level. On the pro level, I could imagine using the game as part of a single-team replay where you want to play out the rest of the league's games, or just taking one of the decade sets and replaying all the playoff games for a particular year. Another option, using the normalization ratings, would be to match World Series winners against each other, or doing what-if scenarios.

Mike Capra
Thanks for the inisight. Any other thoughts out the about UQ Baseball? Anyoneplay full season replay using this game?
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