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WWA (Indianapolis) circa 1984 & beyond
TV Pro Wrestling
World Wrestling Association (circa early 1984)

WWA All-Stars

Opening Bout:
Mr. USA vs. The Polynesian Warrior
One Man Gang & Abdullah The Great jump Mr. USA before his match with Polynesian Warrior. Tag match next card!
Mr. USA & Polynesian Wildman brawl into crowd.
Result: Double Count Out

Bout 2
Chris Carter vs. Dr. Jerry Graham Jr.
The Great Wojo storms the ring and assaults Carter & Graham is DQed. Stormy Granzig hits the ring with a chair and helps Carter clear the ring!
Result: Chris Carter via disqualification

Bout 3
Moose Cholak vs. One Man Gang
These two behemoths waged a brutal war that saw neither man get put down for the count.
Result: Time Limit Draw

Bout 4
The Boston Wrecking Crew vs The Blackbirds
This was an exciting tag team brawl between these two teams! Bruiser Costa busts Action Jackson open early on! Butcher Hughes gets KOd by Action Jackson outside the ring.
Result: The Blackbirds win over Boston Wrecking Crew via ASSISTED JUMPING PILEDRIVER on Costa as Hughes was still unconscious outside the ring.

Bout 5
Bobo Brazil vs. The Sheik
This was your typical Bobo/Sheik match with brawling and early blood loss. This didnt bother the fans in the slightest as these two legends and lifetime rivals once again waged war.
Result: The Sheik beat Bobo Brazil via Foreign Object.

An angry Bobo still at ringside at beginning of Bruiser & Jeff Van Kamp vs. World Warriors Match. Bobo attacks both Mad Maxx and Super Maxx!

Bout 6
WWA Tag Team Champions Bruiser & Jeff Van Kamp vs. The World Warriors (with Saul Creachman)
The Champs dominate the challengers in this one! Creachman gets involved and it backfires!
Result: Bruiser & Van Kamp defeated The World Warriors when Van Kamp pins Super Maxx after Van Kamp intercepts a foreign object throw in the ring by Saul Creachman and clocks Super Maxx with it.

Main Event
WWA World Title Match
WWA World Champion Spike Huber vs. The Great Wojo
These two put on a thrilling match that had some close calls. Wojo got a 2.9 count when he used the ropes for leverage late in the match. In the end The Champ retains with a FLYING KNEE DROP
Result: Spike Huber(c) beat The Great Wojo with Flying Knee Drop to retain.

Wojo argues with Connie Marker about alledges fast count.


WWA Wrestling
Indianapolis, IN

The Motor City Hitmen defeated The Soviet Connection when Mickey Doyle pins Boris Zhukov after the Hitman Slam.

Abdullah The Great & One Man Gang beat Mr. USA & Moose Cholak via 747 Splash on Mr. USA
- This match came about from an incident last card where Abdullah & One Man Gang jumped Mr. USA. Unfortunately this match did not go well for Mr. USA. Moose Cholak was unable to get tagged in.

Jerry Graham Jr beat Stormy Granzig via sleeper

Great Wojo defeated Chris Carter via Wojo Backbreaker

Scott Rechsteiner (sub for Dick The Butcher) beat Super Maxx via Overhead Suplex after Saul Creachman accidentally hits Super Maxx with a foriegn object.

- This match was originally Dick The Bruiser against Super Maxx. Prior to the match Super Maxx got on the mic and ran down Scott Rechsteiner and his mother. Scott came out and challenged Super Maxx to a match. Bruiser kindly let Rechsteiner take his place in the match. Super Maxx probably regrets his actions as the young Rechsteiner dominated. Saul Creachman's interference backfired and cost his man the match.
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