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GV's Other UQ Wrestling Results
WCW/n.W.o. Results (Circa Late 90's) - O'Connell Center, Gainesville, FL. Att: 8,210.

Announcers: Tony Schiavone & Mark Madden
Ring Announcer: Lee Marshall
Referees: Scott Dickinson, Randy Anderson & Mark "Slick" Johnson

1. Bobby Blaze cut a good promo prior to his match with Glacier to boost his points total, but things went downhill in a hurry once the contest got under way. A martial arts leg sweep immediately took Bobby off his feet and was followed up with a sommersault leg drop right across the sternum. Blaze had barely gotten back to his feet when he was flattened once more with a Cryonic Kick (Superkick) to the mush. Glacier could have had the pin right then and there had he wanted, but opted instead to apply his Ice Pick (Oriental Spike thumb to the throat) for the submission victory at 2:29.

2. The crowd was really into Psicosis' flamboyant entrance and awarded the masked luchador from Mexico City with 125 bonus points to work with against Lenny Lane (w/ West Hollywood Blondes tag team partner Lodi). Psicosis took the battle to his opponent and easily overwhelmed Lenny with an arsenal of high flying maneuvers. The besieged Lane sought refuge in the corner where he was covertly handed some sort of foreign object by Lodi. Lenny slipped the item inside his knee pad and caught Psicosis flush on the jaw with it just as the masked man was rushing in on a corner charge. Lane added two feet on the ropes for leverage to make the tainted pinfall on the luchador at 5:23.

3. It's not too often that "Belfast Bruiser" David "Fit" Finlay has the crowd's support behind him, but such was the case tonight when the no-nonsense Irishman tangled with Disco Inferno who danced his way down to ringside in step with the Bee Gee's "Saturday Night Fever". Finlay knew that he had his work cut out for him when the Mamalukes (Big Vito & Johnny "The Bull" Stamboli) came down to ringside to be in Disco's corner. While the two thugs from Little Italy, NY got in their share of cheap shots, their interference would ultimately cost the Tony Manero wannabe this match. Stamboli tried to whack the Belfast Bruiser with a blackjack, but ended up clocking Disco over the noggin with it instead. Finlay made the easy pin on his KO'd opponent at 5:49 while Big Vito admonished his partner for the miscue.

4. The bout between Billy Kidman (w/ the lovely Torrie Wilson) and "Lionheart" Chris Jericho (w/ the unlovely and toothless Ralphus) ended in a Double Count Out at 8:30 after a Flying Cross Body Press from Billy sent both grapplers tumbling over the top rope and crashing hard to the floor below. Jericho was trying to pull himself up onto the apron when he was abruptly spun around by Kidman and driven face-first into the ring steps. The two continued the battle OOR as Referee Scott Dickinson's count reached ten.

5. Jimmy "Mouth of the South" Hart's team The Faces of Fear (Meng & the Barbarian) defeated Harlem Heat (Booker T & Stevie Ray) in a wild tag team contest. Referee Randy Anderson lost all manner of control in this one. During the ensuing chaos, Hart tossed his megaphone into the ring for his men to use. Meng retrieved the weapon and busted Booker T open with a smash to the forehead while the official was ordering Stevie Ray and the Barbarian back to their respective corners. Blinded by blood and unable to make a much needed tag out, Anderson stopped the match at 9:23 and awarded the decision to the Faces of Fear despite Booker T's protests that he could continue.

6. Goldberg brought the fans to their feet with a spectacular entrance to take on "Big Poppa Pump" Scott Steiner (w/ valet Midajah) in our Main Event. Steiner wasted no time in going after his adversary with a sneak attack before the opening bell sounded. Goldberg sustained 200 points worth of damage from the assault and was in a heap of trouble following a big overhead release Belly to Belly Suplex. Big Poppa Pump kissed his bicep and did some push-ups in the ring instead of following up on his advantage. Sure enough, the hesitation came back to haunt him. The resilient Goldberg reversed a corner whip and then caught Steiner with a devastating Running Spear on the rebound. Sensing trouble, Midajah climbed up to the apron and tried to spray perfume into Goldberg's eyes but ended up getting Big Poppa Pump with it instead. The blinded Steiner stumbled right into Goldberg's Jackhammer (Verticle Suplex Slam) finisher for the three count at 11:09.
WCW/n.W.o. Results (Circa Late 90's) - MCI Center, Washington, DC. Att: 12,446.

Commentators: Mike Tenay & "Living Legend" Larry Zbyszko
Ring Announcer: Dave Penzer
Referees: Mickey Jay, Nick Patrick & Charles Robinson

1. Prince Iaukea scored a victory over Crowbar (w/ David Flair & Screaming Goth Girlfriend Daffney Unger) in our opening contest. Crowbar seemed to be far more distracted by the antics of his friends at ringside than Prince Iaukea was. Daffney and David fought bitterly one moment, and were making out like love birds in front of the camera the next. The preoccupied Crowbar walked right into a Northern Lights Suplex for the winning three count at 8:35.

2. Norman Smiley may not look like your typical Hardcore Match combatant, but he took the fight to the Mamalukes' Big Vito LoGrasso in this evening's second bout. Smiley came prepared and endeared himself to the local fans by wearing shoulder pads and a Washington Redskins' helmet. Vito was nearly pinned after a helmet-assisted Leaping Head Butt, but received a helping hand (literally) when his tag team partner Johnny 'The Bull" Stamboli put his foot on the bottom rope to break Referee Nick Patrick's pin count. Vito rebounded and spraying Smiley through his face mask with a fire extinguisher before smashing him over the back with it to gain the pin at 5:40.

3. Announcer Mike Tenay had difficulty keeping up with the fast pace in the cruiserweight contest between Rey Mysterio Jr. and Chavo Guerrero Jr. Mysterio was somehow able to transition Chavo's Tornado DDT finisher into a bulldog, but landed on raised knees when he tried to follow up with a Springboard Moonsault from the second rope. Guerrero then went for a Belly to Back Suplex, however Rey flipped out of the maneuver to get behind his opponent and caught Chavito in a surprise roll up for the victory at 6:56.

4. The tag team contest pitting the Harris Brothers (Big Ron & "Heavy D" Don) against KroniK (Brian Adams & Bryan Clark) had an interesting twist in the form of a jilted Jeff Jarrett. It seems as though the so-called "Chosen One" of WCW has been shopping around recently for some bodyguards to watch his back. When Jarrett approached the Harris Brothers backstage to "take the job", they, in turn, told him to "take a hike". As one might imagine, that response did not sit well with Mr. Jarrett who came down to ringside to interject himself into this slobberknocker of a tag team battle. Referee Mickey Jay already had his hands full trying to maintain order with the four behemoths in the ring and completely missed Jarrett's El Kabong Guitar Smash over Heavy D's head. The official counted the 1-2-3 for Brian Adams who made the cover on the KO'd Harris amidst a ring full of guitar debris at 11:52.

5. Ernest "The Cat" Miller, as only Earnest "The Cat" Miller can, cut a comical but brilliant promo on his opponent Booker T prior to their match. Miller promised to beat Booker so badly on national television this evening that Stevie Ray would disown him as a brother out of shear embarrassment. With manager Sonny Onoo, by his side, The Cat was poised to deliver on his boast, but first offered Booker an opportunity to walk away and save himself from the humiliation that was to follow. Not only did Booker make The Cat eat his words, but he did so in grand fashion. As it turned out, it was Miller who wound up being embarrassed on national TV. The Cat was pinned in only 2:30 after he was Drop Kicked into Sonny Onoo and then cradled in a Small Package.

6. Steve "Mongo" McMichael had a legitimate gripe when he complained of a fast count by Referee Nick Patrick in a loss to Konnan. The former Defensive Lineman of the Chicago Bears may have been able to avoid Konnan's Tequila Sunrise Leg Lock Submission, but he ate a Rolling Clothesline which was immediately followed by a Sit-Out Facebuster just as Mongo struggled to get back to his feet. The shady Patrick, who has a reputation of being an n.Wo. official, had a rather fast cadence to seal McMichael's fate at 18:32. It should be noted that there is no love loss between the n.W.o. and Mongo's stable of the Four Horsemen.

7. Diamond Dallas Page emerged from the crowd to defend his United States Title against "The Total Package" Lex Luger (w/ Valet Liz) in our Main Event. DDP was at the top of his game this evening and dominated the challenger with his arsenal of signature maneuvers including a Spinning Sit-Out Powerbomb, Tilt-A-Whirl Slam and several Discus Clothelines. While the dazed Luger slumped in the corner trying to regroup, DDP played to the fans motioning that it was time for his Diamond Cutter finisher. In the meantime, Liz slipped the Total Package some sort of foreign object which he covertly inserted into his left arm pad. DDP was greeted with a Loaded Running Clothesline that spun him around in mid air as he rushed into the corner toward his adversary. Luger added a foot on the ropes for additional leverage to put Page away at 18:59. Your winner and neeeeeewwwwwww United States Heavyweight Champion - "The Total Package" Lex Luger !
WCW/n.W.o. Results (Circa Late 90's) - Lakeland Center, Lakeland, FL. Att: 7,154.

Commentators: Tony Schiavone & Bobby "The Brain" Heenan
Ring Announcer: Dave Penzer
Referees: Mark Curtis, Billy Silverman & Nick Patrick

1. Ciclope bested El Dandy by way of DQ in our opening bout at 8:47. As in any Luchador contest, the action was fast and furious with bodies flying in and out of the ring. El Dandy appeared to be upset with his opponent after nearly being injured following a blown spot in which Ciclope failed to break his fall on a Springboard Plancha to the floor. El Dandy let his temper get the better of him and smashed his masked adversary in the back with the time keeper's bell to draw the disqualification from Referee Mark Curtis.

2. Ironically enough, Glacier received a rather "icy" reception from the fans who were indifferent to his ring entrance. In contrast, "The Laughing Man" Hugh Morrus was well received by the crowd despite being the heel in the match. Go figure ! Morrus appeared to have this one in the bag until he took the action to the floor where he was laid out by an accidental Megaphone smash from his own manager Jimmy "Mouth of the South" Hart. The diminutive Hart tried to make up for his miscue by trying to help the 280lb Morrus get back into the ring, but it was not in time to make Referee Billy Silverman's ten count. The time of the match was 8:23.

3. Shannon Moore had a golden opportunity to win the WCW Cruiserweight Title this evening in his bout with defending Champ Juventud "The Juice" Guerrera. Moore's "Three Count" compatriots "Sugar" Shane Helms and Evan Karagias accompanied their brother in arms to the ring and decided to camp out in his corner for the contest. The challenger got off to a fast start and had Juvi on the defensive with some impressive aerial maneuvers. Moore became so confident in his chances to dethrone The Juice that he boasted to his buddies "I got this !" and dismissed Karagias and Helms from ringside. Shannon was watching his partners head back up the aisle toward the dressing room when he was caught from behind in a Backslide and pinned at 3:33. Juventud Guerrera retains the WCW Cruiserweight Championship.

4. "Iceman" Dean Malenko overcame a pre-match sneak attack to beat Kanyon at 8:15. Kanyon blind-sided his opponent with a High Knee Smash to the back while Malenko was handing his ring jacket to an attendant following Dave Penzer's introductions. Proud of his ambush, the heel then shouted "Who's better than Kanyon ??" to which the crowd responded "Everyone !!" Malenko eventually turned the tide of the bout in his favor with a Fireman's Carry Gutbuster. The Iceman used a Double Underhook Power Bomb to set up his trademark Texas Cloverleaf for the submission victory.

5. Jimmy Hart's Faces of Fear (The Barbarian & Meng) defeated Public Enemy (Johnny Grunge & "Flyboy" Rocco Rock) by way of Count Out at 17:10. No doubt looking to redeem himself for the blunder that cost Hugh Morrus his match earlier on the card this evening, Hart was at his disruptive and irritating best. Besides being an endless source of distraction with his annoying Megaphone banter, the Mouth of the South also reached into the ring and tripped Grunge as he bounded off the ropes to nearly precipitate a pinfall. Hart also tried to assert himself when the action moved to the floor and jumped on Rocco Rock's back when the Flyboy was getting the better of the fight against the Barbarian. Rocco finally had enough and chased Jimmy back to the dressing, but got himself counted out by Referee Billy Silverman in the process.

6. Former WCW Champion Goldberg has had a vendetta against the n.W.o. ever since losing his title to Hollywood Hogan in Anaheim several weeks ago. He took out his wrath against Buff Bagwell tonight by thoroughly dominating the n.W.o. lackey from the opening bell. It came as no surprise when the mismatch drew out fellow n.W.o. members Scott "Flash" Norton, "Big Sexy" Kevin Nash, Syxx and Scott Hall who all filed down the aisle and surrounded the ring. Unfazed by the odds, Goldberg bailed from the ring and brawled with the WCW's rebel faction on the floor. Goldberg was holding his own until he was zapped with a cattle prod by Hall and then laid out by Syxx' Sit Out Facebuster onto the concrete. Shady Referee Nick Patrick quickly counted to ten and awarded the match to Bagwell at 8:46. To add insult to injury, Kevin Nash spray-painted "n.W.o" on Goldberg's back before the group returned to the dressing room.

7. "Nature Boy" Ric Flair showed longtime nemesis Sting (w/ White & Black "Crow" Face Paint) why he calls himself "The Dirtiest Player in the Game" in our Main Event. The jet-setting playboy earned an initial heel bonus for belittling the City of Lakeland and drawing the ire of the fans with his derogatory comments. Once the bell sounded, Flair wasted no time in getting the early jump by surprising Sting with an eye poke and dishing out several of his trademark Reverse Knife Edge Chops in the corner. Things took a turn for the worse moments later, however, when the Nature Boy was caught climbing up to the top rope and thrown off the turnbuckle. The Stinger immediately applied his Scorpion Death Lock but Flair was saved by the ropes. The Nature Boy's Low Blow mule kick between the wickets later in the bout may have gone undetected by Referee Mark Curtis, but his blatant loaded punch with brass knucks did not. Curtis wasted no time in calling for the bell and disqualifying Flair at 20:17.
WCW/n.W.o. Results (Circa Late 90's) - Thompson Boling Arena, Knoxville, TN. Att: 7,753.

Commentators: Mike Tenay & Mark Madden
Ring Announcer: Lee Marshall
Referees: Mark “Slick” Johnson, Scott Dickinson & Charles Robinson

1. La Parka and Psicosis opened the show with a fast-paced and highly entertaining Luchador contest. Despite all the high-flying theatrics and near pinfalls, this bout ultimately came down to a ringing chair shot on La Parka’s noggin. Spilled to the canvas moments earlier, Referee Slick Johnson still had the wherewithal to catch Psicosis in the act and called for the DQ at 8:12.

2. The bout between “Belfast Bruiser” David “Fit” Finlay and the demented David Flair never took place. Finlay was jumped backstage by both Flair and Crowbar while David’s goth girlfriend Daffney Unger laughed and screamed hysterically. Finlay did not find the assault one bit amusing and required stitches to close a gash on his forehead. The match was officially declared a “No Contest”.

3. Scotty Riggs pinned Norman Smiley at 3:11. Smiley came within an eye lash of winning this contest with his Norman Conquest (Crossface Submission), however Riggs managed to grab the bottom rope to break the hold. Norman was attempting to hoist his adversary up for a Verticle Suplex when Riggs cradled him in Small Package for the three count.

4. WCW GM Vince Russo made his presence felt in the bout between Bam Bam Bigelow and Tank Abbott. Bigelow appeared to have this one sewn up after stunning Abbott with the Greetings from Asbury Park (Sit Out Reverse Pile Driver) and then landing a Diving Head Butt from the top rope, but Referee Slick Johnson’s pin count was interrupted by Russo who came out on the entrance ramp with a microphone. The GM gave a dissertation on the state of WCW and patted himself on the back (ala Barry Horowitz) for the recent spike in television ratings. Russo was quick to point out that he was responsible, (and should be congratulated), for bringing UFC fighter Tank Abbott to WCW in the first place. Bigelow heard enough and bailed from the ring to give the GM a piece of his mind. Abbott, who had recovered from his pummeling at this point, gave pursuit and jumped Bam Bam in the aisle. The two continued to brawl into the crowd scattering patrons in every direction. Slick Johnson counted both grapplers out at 7:49.

5. The Mamalukes from Little Italy, NY (Big Vito & Johnny “The Bull” Stamboli) defeated the Filthy Animals (Konnan & Rey Mysterio Jr.) in tag team action at 8:53. Vito was in a heap of trouble after a catching a mouthful of boot on Rey’s 619 (Tiger Feint Kick) and then sustaining the West Coast Pop (Springboard Hurricanrana), but his partner came to the rescue. Stamboli illegally came off the top rope with a Flying Leg Drop to Mysterio’s back while Rey was going for the cover on Vito. Johnny the Bull then draped his partner on top and high-tailed it out of the ring just before Referee Scott Dickinson, who was busy sending Konnan back to his corner, turned around. Oblivious to the cheating, Dickinson counted the 1-2-3 on Mysterio to give the Mamalukes the victory.

6. Booker T defeated “Lionheart” Chris Jericho (w/ “Jerichoholics" T-Shirt & Head of Security Ralphus) at 8:58. The turning point of this match came when Jericho had the wind knocked out of him after landing on Booker’s raised knees during an attempted Lionsault (Springboard Moonsault from the 2nd rope). A crowd-appealing Spinaroonie brought Booker back up to a verticle base where he then proceeded to catch the woozy Jericho in a Running Axe Kick for the winning pinfall.

7. Former WCW United States Champion Diamond Dallas Page squared off with the n.W.o.’s “Big Sexy” Kevin Nash in the Main Event. Nash got off to a fast start, but his stamina faltered as the match wore on. DDP began to string together moves including a pair of Discus Clotheslines, a Russian Leg Sweep and his trademark Diamond Clash (Inverted Belly to Back Slam). Page’s Diamond Cutter finisher triggered the obligatory n.W.o. run in. Scott Hall, Buff Bagwell and Scott “Flash” Norton put a beat down on DDP until Goldberg led the charge from the back to chase off the heels. You winner via DQ at 19:27 due to Outside Interference – Diamond Dallas Page.

Global Wrestling Federation Results (Circa Early 90's) - Sportatorium, Dallas, TX. Att: 3,772.

Announcers: Joe Pedicino & "Flamboyant" Freddie Fargo
Ring Announcer: Ron Ames
Referees: Tony Falk, James Beard & Rick Manning

1. Francis "Cry Baby" Buxton, who resembles a 90's version of "Playboy" Buddy Rose, spent a good chunk of tonight's opening match pouting in the corner over the crowd's relentless chants of "Cry Baby!". The rotund Buxton continually covered his ears and threatened to walk out on the match if Referee Tony Falk didn't make the fans cease their harassment. Buxton's opponent Nick Golden didn't seem to mind the delay and egged the fans on further. After about six or seven minutes of stalling we had our first wrestling hold - a side headlock from Buxton - who was then shot to the ropes and rebounded with a Shoulderblock to level his opponent. A second Shoulderblock attempt off the ropes was thwarted by a leap frog from Golden who then came back with a Flying Cross Body Press. Buxton was able to roll through the maneuver, however, and pinned Golden with a handful of tights at 8:21.

2. Brimming with confidence in his GWF debut, "Luscious" Mike Lane should have taken his opponent Rainbow Brown a bit more seriously. Lane grabbed the early advantage, but chose to strut around the ring for the fans rather than string together moves to sustain control of the match. Rainbow was able to flip out of an Atomic Drop attempt and quickly scaled the top rope to deliver a Missile Drop Kick just as his bewildered opponent was turning around. The aerial maneuver caught Lane flush on the jaw to send him down for the three count at 7:56.

3. The Rough Riders (Black Bart & "Cowboy" John Mantel) made it look easy in a very lop-sided win over Private Terry Daniels and his partner Ben Jordan. A lot of dirty double teaming in this one before John Mantel laid out Jordan with a devastating Tombstone Piledriver for what would have been a sure pinfall. Mantel opted to tag in his partner Black Bart instead who then landed his Texas Trash Compactor Leg Drop to seal the deal at 5:40.

4. "Cowboy" Bobby Duncum Jr. defeated "Mean" Mike Stetson by DQ at 2:07. The match had barely begun when the Rough Riders stormed the ring and ran roughshod over Duncum. Bobby was battered by several blows with Bart's dag gum "BB" Branding Iron until his Texas Mustangs' tag team partner John Hawk raced down to ringside with a chair to clear the ring of the heels. Mantel grabbed the house mic and accused the Mustangs of being "dime store cowboys" before returning backstage.

5. The Patriot made a spectacular entrance with the "Stars & Stripes" to earn a boatload of bonus points in his match against Makhan Singh of the Cartel. In spite of all that, Singh held the advantage until he missed a Karachi Krunch (Corner Avalanche) after sending his opponent hard into the turnbuckle. Singh staggered out of the corner and turned around right into the Patriot Missile (Flying Shoulder Tackle off the top rope) for the winning pinfall at 8:49.

6. Tonight's Main Event was supposed to be a GWF Tag Team Title Match pitting the defending champions, the Coast to Coast Connection ("Hollywood" John Tatum & "Rugged" Rod Price) against their top contenders the Ebony Experience (Booker T & Stevie Ray), but something was afoot (literally) when Tatum hobbled down to ringside on crutches. The Connection's shady manager Skandor Akbar informed the crowd that Hollywood John was unable to wrestle due to injuries sustained while playing golf (?) earlier in the afternoon and suggested that Price take on either member of the Ebony Experience in a singles contest instead. The Experience conferred over the situation and took Akbar up on his offer. Booker bailed from the ring leaving brother Stevie Ray to face Price one-on-one. A pretty even match up in the early going with Stevie slowly gaining the upper hand while a concerned Tatum and Akbar looked on. It did not take long for Hollywood John to show his true colors when Price was planted into the mat by a crushing Spinebuster off the ropes. Tatum ran into the ring and bashed Stevie over the back with one of his crutches to break up the subsequent pin attempt and draw the disqualification at 10:33. Booker then ran in and cleaned house of both Price and the miraculously recovered Tatum who beat a hasty retreat to the back.
Global Wrestling Federation Results (Circa Early 90's) - North Side Coliseum, Fort Worth, TX. Att: 3,176.

Announcers: Doyle King & Brandon Baxter
Ring Announcer: Frank Coutinho
Referees: Sam Esposito, James Beard & Frank Morrell

1. Barry Horowitz doesn't seem to be fooling anyone with his "Masked Marvel" gimmick. There was a bit of delay in the ring introductions for our opening bout when Frank Coutinho called over the Marvel to confer with him.

Frank: "Barry, it says here to announce you as hailing from St. Petersburg, Florida, but shouldn't it read from Parts Unknown instead ?"

Marvel: "Barry ? Barry who ?? I don't know any Barry ! Why do you always have to give me grief, Frank ? Just read the card the way it's printed please ! Is that asking too much ??"

Frank shrugged his shoulders and did as the Marvel had requested prompting the not-so-mysterious masked man to pat himself on the back. The Marvel's opponent Manny Villalobos got a little antsy with all the dawdling and nearly scored a surprise pinfall with a Small Package. That seemed to both embarrass and infuriate the Marvel who then unloaded with a barrage of fisticuffs in the corner. Villalobos mounted a brief comeback but was pinned with a Three-Quarter Nelson Cradle on a telegraphed Back Body Drop attempt at 4:39.

2. Bryan Costello brought a nasty attitude and some rough house tactics with him into the ring that seemed to catch opponent Mike Dahl off guard. Costello dominated the early going but a missed top rope leap which changed the entire complexion of the match. The woozy Costello was just staggering back up to his feet when he was hit with a Side Russian Leg Sweep by Dahl for the pinfall at 5:30.

3. The father/son combo of Chaz & Tug Taylor emerged victorious over the Dogs of War (Butch & Buster Blackheart) at 5:54. The Dogs attempted to whip their opponents into one another from opposite corners of the ring but a little fancy footwork by the Taylors reversed the maneuver. Tug then mounted the top turnbuckle and finished off Butch Blackheart with the Anchor Drop (Diving Elbow Drop).

4. "Nature Boy" Buddy Landel made it clear in a prematch promo with Doyle King that he was here in the GWF for one purpose and that was to take Scott Putski's North American Championship. Landel took a step in the right direction toward achieving that goal by defeating Rattlesnake Raitz tonight at 7:32. Raitz ran full steam into a raised boot on an ill-fated corner charge and was finished off by Landel's Corkscrew Elbow Drop moments later.

5. Action Jackson needed help from fellow Blackbirds' tag team partner Iceman King Parsons to defeat "Hacksaw" Butch Reed. Parsons reached in and grabbed Hacksaw's boot just as he was about to leap off the second rope with a Flying Shoulder Tackle. Jackson followed up on the Iceman's dirty deed with a big Blackbird Splash for the tainted three count at 8:08.

6. Bull Pain (w/ Samantha) got his crack at the North American Title in tonight's Main Event championship bout against "Polish Power" Scott Putski. We were not long into the match when "Nature Boy" Buddy Landel strutted his way down to ringside with uncertain intentions. His presence proved to be more of a distraction to the challenger rather than the champion. So much so that the preoccupied Pain was caught by a surprise with a Polish Hammer from Putski after complaining about Landel to Referee Frank Morrell. The Nature Boy then ran into the ring and bashed Putski over the back with a chair to break up the subsequent pin attempt. Landel targeted Polish Power's left knee for several more chair shots before clamping on a Figure Four Leg Lock. Butch Reed and Scott's legendary father Ivan Putski both ran in to make the save but the damage had been done. Scott was unable to put pressure on his leg and had to assisted to the back. Your winner by DQ due to outside interference at 10:20 and still North American Champion: "Polish Power" Scott Putski.
Global Wrestling Federation Results (Circa Early 90's) - Global Dome (Sportatorium), Dallas, TX. Att: 3,002.

Announcers: David Webb & Doyle King
Ring Announcer: (Doyle King made the introductions from the Announcers' Table)
Referees: Shawn O'Brien, Tony Falk & John Keaton

1. No one is quite sure if Francis "Crybaby" Buxton can actually wrestle because he spends most of his matches covering his ears and jawing with the fans to stop heckling him. Like most of Buxton's opponents, Dody Coyote grew tired and impatient with the endless stalling and threatened to haul off and smack him. Referee Shawn O'Brien immediately stepped in to warn Coyote about opening his fist. In the meantime, Buxton, who was cowering in the corner, reached down into his tights for a hidden foreign object and laid Coyote out with a loaded punch for the pinfall. The time of the match was 7:14 (7:10 of which was spent by Buxton blubbering and whining).

2. Kendo Nagasaki (w/Ominous Kendo Stick) continued his winning ways with a victory over Private Terry Daniels at 3:56. As always, Nagasaki employed an arsenal of martial arts kicks, chops and nerve holds throughout the match. Daniels managed a brief flurry of offense before going down for the count following a cross-hand chop to the throat off the ropes.

3. "Hot Body" Randy Rhodes relied on his manager Christopher Love to beat Rainbow Brown. Brown was perched on the 2nd rope giving Randy ten punches in the corner when he was sprayed in the eyes with perfume by Love. Rhodes then hit a Reverse Atomic Drop and pinned Rainbow with both feet on the ropes in the corner at 6:16.

4. "Sensational" Steve Dane didn't know what to make of his opponent Looney Tunes Mike Davis who was wrestling in nothing but bermuda shorts and socks. Davis' unorthodox style kept Dane both frustrated and off balance until he inexplicably bolted from the ring and took a seat in the crowd. Mike munched away on a fan's box of popcorn as Referee John Keaton counted him out at 6:38.

5. The Texas Mustangs (Big John Hawk & Bobby Duncum Jr.) defeated the Beach Boys (Alex Porteau & Shawn Summers) at 7:10. The Mustangs were distracted somewhat by the presence of their rivals the Rough Riders (Black Bart & "Cowboy" John Mantel) at ringside but Porteau and Summers were unable to capitalize. Summers was nearly taken out of his boots and pinned by a Running Lariat from Hawk as he bounded off the ropes.

6. GWF Television Title Match. Challenger "Gorgeous" Gary Young over defending Champ "Palm Beach Heartthrob" Scott Anthony at 15:25. Anthony pulled out all the stops from his bag of tricks yet could not put Young away. In desperation, the Palm Beach Heartthrob pulled a gold chain from his tights and wrapped the bling around his fist. His wild punch missed, however, and Anthony was given an Atomic Drop face first into the corner ring post. The Heartthrob staggered backward from the blow right into a Schoolboy Roll Up for the winning pinfall. Your winner and Neeeeeewwwwwwww Global Wrestling Television Champion: "Gorgeous" Gary Young.
Global Wrestling Federation Results (Circa Early 90's) - Bell County Exposition Center, Belton, TX. Att: 3,825.

Announcers: Craig Johnson & "Palm Beach Heartthrob" Scott Anthony
Ring Announcer: Ron Ames
Referees: James Beard, Rick Manning & Paul Neighbors

Scott Anthony began the show by accusing "Gorgeous" Gary Young of using a handful of tights to pin him for the GWF Television Title last week at the Sportatorium. Despite his best efforts, Craig Johnson was unsuccessful in keeping Anthony focused on tonight's matches. The Palm Beach Heartthrob's whining tirade would last the entire broadcast.

1. Khris Germany's sneak attack before the bell may have given him the early advantage over the popular Sam Houston, but a telegraphed Back Body Drop attempt turned the tide of the bout in the lanky Cowboy's favor. Houston planted his opponent face-first into the mat with his trademark Bulldog to gain the three count at 3:20.

2. "Nature Boy" Buddy Landel continued his winning ways with a lop-sided win over Nick Golden. This was all Landel from the opening bell with Golden getting in nothing offensively but a stray punch or two. A Corkscrew Elbow Drop set up the Nature Boy's Figure Four Leglock for the submission victory at 3:12. "Polish Power" Ivan Putski then ran in with a chair as the crowd roared in approval, but Landel was able to escape the ring before Ivan could connect. Putski's son Scott, who is the GWF's North American Champion, was injured at the hands of Landel a few weeks back.

3. "The Pride of Montague County" John Mantel brought his ominous saddle bags with him to ringside to take on "Missouri Tiger" Jeff Gaylord. Mantel made himself no friends tonight by snatching Ron Ames' microphone away and insulting the good citizens of Belton, but the bonus heel points helped bring him a victory. A missed high risk leap from the top rope was the beginning of the end for the Missouri Tiger. Gaylord was finished off with a Tombstone Piledriver moments later. The time of the fall was 6:25.

4. "Hollywood" John Tatum, who is one half of the GWF tag team champions, the Coast to Coast Connection, got some help from partner "Rugged" Rod Price to defeat the Handsome Stranger. The self -professed "52nd Degree Black Belt" in the Tumasari Habu Kanaru martial arts used his Nunchucks to KO the Stranger while Price distracted Referee James Beard. The official finally turned around to find Tatum making the cover and counted the pin at 7:30.

5. The Ebony Experience (Booker T & Stevie Ray) shook hands and high-fived their way to the ring to gain valuable points as they faced the Blackbirds (Action Jackson & Iceman King Parsons w/ Witch Doctor Baboose). The Blackbird's manager was a major force in this bout but it was his own miscue that ultimately cost his team the contest. Baboose tried to bash Stevie Ray with the Iceman's Rooty Poo Stick, but inadvertently clubbed Action Jackson with it instead leading to the winning pinfall for the Ebony Experience at 8:15.

6. The Main Event featured a GWF Light Heavyweight Title Match with defending Champ Terry Garvin defending the gold against No. 1 contender and "Teen Heartthrob" Chaz. The two men, who are close friends and occasional tag team partners, shook hands before the bell and put on a high-flying scientific contest much to the delight of the fans. A series of Rolling Cradles ended up with Garvin on top to win the match at 8:24. Both men shook hands once more with Chaz himself raising Terry's arm to acknowledge his friend's victory. Terry Garvin retains the GWF Light Heavyweight Title.
Georgia Championship Wrestling Results (Circa Early 80's) - Macon Coliseum, Macon, GA. Att: 3,534.

Commentators: Ed Capral & Les Thatcher
Ring Announcer: Freddie Miller
Referees: George Scott Jr. & Charlie Smith

1. The French Angel defeated Bobby Garrett in short order to kick things off tonight. Despite being the Baby Face in the contest, young Garrett could muster very little reaction and support from the crowd to bolster his chances. To make matters worse, a high risk leap from the top rope found nothing but canvas when his cagey opponent rolled out of the way at the last second. The Angel then induced a submission with his Claw Hold to gain the victory at 2:33.

2. A sneak attack by Bobby Eaton during the match introductions was thwarted when his opponent Denny Brown caught him with a Crescent Kick to the bread basket. Denny retained the advantage until he tucked his head too soon and telegraphed a Back Body Drop attempt. Eaton put on the brakes as he bounded off the ropes and stunned Brown with a Swinging Neckbreaker to score the three count at 4:48.

3. George Wells and Professor Sonoda were both disqualified in their bout due to Outside Interference. Sonoda set the tone early with a Double Axe Handle to Wells back while the former CFL football star was climbing through the ropes for his ring entrance. Sonoda’s manager “Playboy” Gary Hart also got his licks in with a Kendo Stick smash while Sonoda distracted Referee George Scott Jr. Bruce (Butch) Reed raced down the aisle to be in Wells’ corner and keep Hart at bay but the strategy worked for only so long. Hart once again asserted himself by reaching into the ring and tripping Wells prompting Reed to chase the devious manager around ringside. The two ended up in the ring battling right alongside Sonoda and Wells. Unable to restore order, Scott called for the bell and DQ’d both men at 7:53.

4. Some fickle fans in Macon cost Steve Keirn valuable points in his match against Roddy Piper by booing him during the ring introductions. A roll on his Technical modifier offset the damage somewhat, but Keirn would have far bigger problems to contend with. Slumped over in the corner and feigning an injury, Piper dipped down into the tights for knuckle dusters and leveled Keirn with a loaded haymaker. Oblivious to the mischief, Referee Charlie Smith counted the tainted pinfall for Piper moments later. The time of the match was 10:35.

5. It is still unclear as to whether or not the shady Don Carson is “Cowboy” Ron Bass’ manager, but he was in the heels’ corner as Bass teamed up with the Mongolian Stomper to take on Leroy Brown & Big Red Reese in tag team action. Ironically enough, Carson managed to slip some sort of hidden foreign object into the Stomper’s hand while Referee George Scott Jr. was checking Bass for weapons prior to the bell. As it turned out, the object would have a direct impact on the bout’s conclusion. Scott was inadvertently hit from behind with the weapon when Big Red side-stepped a loaded punch from the Stomper. Unable to identify the guilty party, the dazed official disqualified both teams at 8:05.

6. “Bullet” Bob Armstrong over “Fabulous Freebird” Terry Gordy in the Main Event. There was no mistaking who the fan favorite was in this bout, especially after Gordy ripped up a youngster’s program when the lad asked him for an autograph while the Freebird was making his way down the aisle for the match introductions. Armstrong was not only at a distinct size advantage, but also had to deal with the presence of Michael Hayes who was camped out in Gordy’s corner. Determined to insert himself into the proceedings one way or another, Hayes erred big time by accidently bopping his fellow Freebird in the noggin with a trash can lid when Armstrong ducked at the last instant. Gordy staggered right into a Jawbreaker to give Armstrong the victory at 11:46.
Georgia Championship Wrestling Results (Circa Early 80's) - Columbus Municipal Auditorium, Columbus, GA. Att: 3,458.

Commentators: Gordon Solie & Freddie Miller
Ring Announcer: Ray McCay
Referees: Ronnie West & Nick Patrick

1.Big Jim Duggan defeated Don Gilbert in our opening contest. Duggan wasted no time in getting the early jump on his opponent. He was able to sneak up from behind and level his foe with a Double Axe Handle to the back while Gilbert was handing his ring jacket down to an attendant following Ray McCay’s match introductions. Duggan scored the pinfall with a Running Clothesline off the ropes at 2:22.

2. Charlie Cook received a nice welcome from the Columbus crowd to boost his points total and help carry him to victory over Snake Brown. Cook had his problems with Jim Duggan who hung around ringside for an interview with Freddie Miller. Duggan had some harsh words for Cook and got into a heated exchange with Charlie on the floor. The altercation nearly cost Cook a count out. Charlie returned to the ring in the nick of time to narrowly beat Referee Nick Patrick’s count and pinned his foe with a Backbreaker across the knee at 3:04. Cook then challenged Duggan to get in the ring with him but the offer went unaccepted.

3. Bruno Sammartino Jr. (David Sammartino) defeated rival Les Thornton at 8:34. There’s been a lot of bad blood between these two ever since Thornton first arrived in GCW from Manchester, UK. Thornton, the so-called “Man of a Thousand Holds”, accused American grapplers of being inferior to their British counterparts. Sammartino was quick to call him out on that and has been anxiously awaiting for an opportunity to prove Thornton wrong. Bruno Jr. finally got his chance tonight with Referee Ronnie West adding a bit of controversy to the finish. Sammartino slingshotted himself into the ring from the apron with a Sunset Flip on his adversary, however Thornton held onto the top rope to maintain his balance and block the maneuver. The official kicked the pompous Brit’s hand, thus causing him to release the rope and enabling Sammartino to get Thornton over for the three count. The bewildered Thornton sat up on his knees and stared at West in disbelief.

4. The Super Destroyer (a masked Scott Irwin) got some help from his tag team partner Big John Studd in a victory over “Polish Prince” Steve Olsonoski. Steve O was on a roll with a flurry of Arm Drags, Hip Tosses and a pair of Drop Kicks on the Destroyer before going up top to deliver what he hoped would be a Diving Cross Body Press finisher. He never had the chance, however. Studd climbed up onto the apron and shoved Olsonoski from behind to send the Polish Prince crashing awkwardly to the canvas. Studd then held onto Steve O’s foot to prevent a kick out while the Destroyer covered for the tainted pinfall.

Les Thornton was still livid from his loss to Bruno Sammartino Jr. earlier this evening and went on a tirade during an interview with Gordon Solie at the announcers’ table. Thornton accused Referee Ron West of being in cahoots with Sammartino and demanded a rematch with the stipulation that a British referee officiate the match. When pressed for a name by the host, Thornton said that he had someone special in mind and would bring him to GCW at his own expense.

5. “Playboy” Gary Hart’s tandem of the Great Kabuki & Professor Sonada fought Bruce (Butch) Reed and his partner George Wells to a Double Count Out in tag team action. Hart’s men drew some big time heat and were doused with soft drinks during their ring entrance to earn themselves some bonus heel points. The story of this match, though, would be the Playboy himself and his constant interference. Hart got in several cheap shots with the Great Kabuki’s Kendo Stick whenever Referee Ronnie West’s back was turned. Reed finally had enough of the devious manager’s shenanigans and chased Hart back up the aisle toward the dressing room. The incident drew Sonoda, Wells and Kabuki to the floor sparking a four man free-for-all OOR. West called the match at 8:44 when his ten count went unanswered.

6. Tommy “Wild Fire” Rich put his Georgia Championship Title on the line against “Mad Dog” Sawyer in the Main Event. Sawyer pushed Wildfire to the brink following a loaded punch with a hidden foreign object. The dazed champion barely managed to get a foot on the ropes at the last possible instant to break Referee Nick Patrick’s pin count. The official tapped on Sawyer’s shoulder thereby setting off a confusing chain of events. Thinking he had won the title, Mad Dog raised his arms in celebration and reached through the ropes to grab the Georgia Championship Belt off the timekeeper’s table. Rich then snuck up from behind and pinned the startled Sawyer with a Schoolboy Roll Up at 26:04 to retain the title.
Georgia Championship Wrestling Results (Circa Early 80's) - Mid South Auditorium, Griffin, GA. Att: 3,821.

Commentators: Gordon Solie & “Bullet” Bob Armstrong
Ring Announcer: Ed Capral
Referees: Jimmy McGuire & Charlie Smith

1. Veteran Gypsy Joe cut a great interview at the announcers’ table with Gordon Solie prior to our opening bout with Denny Brown. Joe told his opponent to “beware of a surprise” but would not elaborate any further when Gordon pressed him for an explanation. It did not take long for everyone to solve the mystery. Joe dipped down into his trunks for a bag of Gypsy Dust and threw the substance into Denny’s eyes. Referee Jimmy McGuire caught Joe in the act, however, and immediately called for the bell. Your winner via DQ at 4:24 – Denny Brown.

2. Our second contest featured a Grudge Match pitting Charlie Cook against Big Jim Duggan. These two recently had a skirmish at the Columbus Municipal Auditorium and were looking to settle the score. Duggan may have bolstered his points total with a menacing promo prior to the match, but took it on the chin once the action got under way. Big Jim appeared to sustain a knee injury on a botched leap off the top rope, but the wily heel was only playing possum. He cradled his adversary in a Small Package when Cook bent over to check on him and pinned Charlie with a handful of tights at 6:55.

3. In a rematch, the self-professed “Man of a Thousand Holds” Les Thornton lost once again in controversial fashion to Bruno Sammartino, Jr. Les demanded to have a British official for this bout, but a missed flight out of London Heathrow Airport by Thornton’s mysterious UK Referee in question forced Jimmy McGuire to do the honors instead. McGuire completely missed Thornton’s foot on the ropes when young Bruno Jr. pinned him with a Powerslam at 8:28. Thornton ran amok and chased McGuire from the ring in a rage.

4. Looking for some revenge after a loss to the Super Destroyer due to the interference of Big John Studd, Steve Olsonoski joined forces with Brad Armstrong to take on the heels in tag team contest. Armstrong and Steve O gave up a great deal of size to their foes, but were fortunate to roll on their Speed Modifier. The faces were in control of this match until Studd illegally came off the top rope with a Double Axed Handle to Olsonoski’s back while Referee Charlie Smith was sending Armstrong back to his corner. Smith turned around to find the Destroyer covering Steve O and counted the pin at 9:48. Guest commentator Bob Armstrong left the announcers’ table to voice his protest to Smith, but the official was oblivious to Studd’s dirty deed and stood by his decision.

5. Ted Dibiase vowed to shut Michael Hayes’ big mouth for once and for all, but came up short in his conquest this evening. Hayes was the beneficiary of frequent interference from fellow Freebirds Buddy Roberts and Terry Gordy who were camped out in his corner. Roberts caught a haymaker from Dibiase when he climbed up onto the apron to stir up more trouble, but the distraction allowed Hayes to land a Low Blow which escaped Referee Jimmy McGuire’s detection. Hayes then added a foot on the ropes for additional leverage while Gordy held onto Ted’s foot to prevent a kickout and secure the winning pinfall at 20:51.

6. The Main Event between Mr. Wrestling II and the Mongolian Stomper (w/ manager Don Carson) almost didn’t happen! Prior to the bell, Wrestling II got into a scuffle with “Playboy” Gary Hart and Professor Sonoda who were conducting an interview with Gordon Solie at ringside. The combatants were quickly separated, but not before Sonoda snuck in a sharp karate kick to Wrestling II’s ribs. The Mongolian Stomper capitalized on the incident by focusing his attack on Wrestling II’s injury throughout the contest. The Stomper nearly scored a pinfall following a vicious rib breaker across the knee, but his opponent managed to get a foot on the ropes to break up the subsequent pin attempt. Don Carson then grabbed a folding chair from ringside and tried to interfere, but was thwarted when “Bullet” Bob Armstrong once more left the announcers’ table to knock the shady manager off balance in the nick of time. Carson’s intended chair smash went awry and ended up striking his own man in the noggin instead. The dazed Stomper staggered backward into a School Boy Rollup to give Mr. Wrestling II the victory at 26:28. Still favoring his ribs, Wrestling II had some harsh words for Sonoda in a post match interview with Gordon Solie and was looking forward to some payback down the road.
Georgia Championship Wrestling Results (Circa Early 80's) - Chattanooga Memorial Auditorium, Chattanooga, TN. Att: 3,549.

Commentators: Gordon Solie & Georgia Champion Tommy “Wildfire” Rich
Ring Announcer: Freddie Miller
Referees: Bill McMinn & Nick Patrick

1. Bobby Garrett pinned Deke Rivers in our opening bout at 9:06. Garrett wisely declined Rivers’ bogus handshake offer to kick things off and earned himself some extra points in the process. The bonus made all the difference in determining the outcome of the bout. Garrett won the match by sneeking up from behind and catching Deke in a Backslide while Rivers was arguing with Referee Bill McMinn.

2. Professor Sonoda (w/ Manager “Playboy” Gary Hart) over Mike Jackson at 4:16. It would have benefited Jackson greatly had he watched the opening moments of the preceding bout. Sonoda threw a handful of ceremonial salt in his corner and then politely bowed to Mike after Freddie Miller’s match introductions. Jackson tried to reciprocate the gesture in kind but was met with a Forearm across the back to give the devious Professor the early advantage. Sonoda was occasionally distracted by the presence of Mr. Wrestling II who had joined Gordon Solie & Tommy Rich at the announcers’ table to provide guest commentary for the contest, but would go on to dominate the bout with his repertoire of Martial Arts skills. The Professor caught his opponent with a Thrust Kick to the jaw off the ropes to put Jackson down for the three count. Wrestling II, who is out of action due to a Sonoda Karate Kick to the ribs sustained last week in Griffin, GA., had some choice words for the Japanese heel and his manager after the match.

3. Big Red Reese defeated the French Angel (Frank Morrell) at 5:19. Morrell attacked before the opening bell with a Double Axe Handle to the back while Red was handing his ring jacket down to an attendant. The Angel maintained control of the action until Reese put on the brakes and reversed a corner whip. The 411 pounder from Atlanta, GA immediately followed up with a crushing Corner Avalanche to knock the wind out of the Angel before taking a seat on his adversary’s chest to gain the winning pinfall.

4. Steve Keirn over Kevin Sullivan (w/ Buzz Sawyer) via disqualification at 13:35. Keirn effectively utilized his Speed Modifier to stay one step ahead of the ruthless Sullivan throughout the action. Sawyer interfered frequently on Kevin’s behalf, none more evident than by rushing into the ring to break up Keirn’s Sleeper Hold and draw the DQ. After the bell, Sullivan and Sawyer put a double team beat down on Keirn until Tommy Rich sprang from the announcers’ table with a folding chair and cleared the ring of the heels. Upon returning to his broadcast position, Wildfire was joined by Steve Keirn. The duo challenged Sawyer & Sullivan to meet them in a tag match next week.

5. Fifteen minutes was not enough time to determine a winner in the bout between Roddy Piper and Kevin Von Erich. Ever the consummate heel, Rowdy Roddy had no trouble generating some big time heat in Chattanooga. Although he would prefer to wrestle in a scientific manner, Kevin proved to his pugnacious foe that he could more than handle himself when it came to mixing it up with the rough stuff as well. In the end, Piper may very well have been saved by the bell. The Rowdy One was caught in the famous Von Erich Claw Hold as time expired. Many fans thought that Piper had submitted when the bell sounded, but were disappointed to hear Ring Announcer Freddie Miller declare the bout a Time Limit Draw.

6. A tag team contest pitting the tandem of Ted Dibiase and Robert Fuller against the Fabulous Freebirds ended in a Double Disqualification at 13:00. Dibiase was anxiously looking forward to getting his hands on Michael Hayes once again, but discovered that he would be going up against Buddy Roberts and Terry Gordy this evening instead. Hayes was, in fact, originally scheduled to team up with Gordy for this match, but invoked the “Freebird Clause” of their contract with Georgia Championship Wrestling at the last minute thereby allowing the Freebirds to use any pairing of their choosing. This bout seemed destined to erupt into mayhem at any given moment. Referee Nick Patrick had no choice but to call for the bell when all four men began brawling in the ring and ignored the official’s attempts to restore order.

Dissatisfied with the quality of American officiating in his recent matches against Bruno Sammartino Jr., the self-professed “Man of a Thousand Holds” Les Thornton was accompanied to ringside by his special guest referee from the UK during an interview segment with Gordon Solie. While the official did indeed sport a British accent, his identity was concealed beneath a mask. The mystery man assured Gordon that he was a licensed and commissioned official in his native Great Britain and that he would call Thornton’s rematch against Sammartino “strictly by the book”. Solie seemed genuinely intrigued by the notion of a masked referee, but the crowd was largely indifferent. As a result, Thornton will be minus fifty points for the upcoming bout.

7. The Masked Superstar and the Junk Yard Dog were both Counted Out at 26:29 in tonight’s Main Event. The Dog had the fans on their feet with a rousing entrance to Queen’s “Another One Bites the Dust”, but the bonus points that he earned were offset by the Masked Superstar rolling on his Cheating Modifier. A thinking man’s heel, the Superstar snuck a foreign object beneath his mask to stun JYD when the Dog delivered one of his trademark Head Butts while on all fours. The chicanery nearly led to a three count, however the masked man was caught trying to gain additional leverage with a foot on the ropes and forced to relinquish the pin attempt by Referee Bill McMinn. The Superstar was vehemently voicing his protest with the official when a Running Clothesline by JYD sent both grapplers tumbling over the top rope and crashing to the floor below. The Dog continued to battle with his adversary back up the aisle and toward the dressing room as McMinn’s ten count ran out.
"Cowboy" Bill Watts' UWF Results (Circa Late 80's) - Barton Coliseum, Little Rock, AK. Att: 8,017.

Announcers: Jim Ross & "Jolting" Joe Bryan
Ring Announcer: Joel Watts
Referees: Ron West, Jerry Usher & Alfred Neely

Jim Ross: "Hello everyone and thank you for joining us for another exciting program of UWF Championship Wrestling ! You'll be seeing not one but two title matches here this evening !

Joe Bryan: "That's right, Jim ! "Nature Boy" Buddy Landel will put his television title on the line against Sting, and the Fantastics who will defend the tag team belts against their bitter rivals, the Sheepherders !"

Jim Ross: "There's no telling what will happen when those two teams get together in the ring ! Also joining us in action will be "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan who will lock horns with the mighty Russian Kortsia Korchenko."

Joe Bryan: "Eli the Eliminator from Devastation Incorporated will also be on the program as well as the return of the controversial Terry Taylor... yes, you heard me right, fans, none other than Terry Taylor, who is scheduled to face young Steve Cox !"

Jim Ross: "We'll kick things off with "White Lightning" Tim Horner right after these important words from our sponsors. Don't you dare go away !"

1. "White Lightning" Tim Hoerner took Mike Reed to school and tied him up in knots with his vast repertoire of wrestling holds. Hoerner put his opponent away with a Bridging Reverse Roll Up at 3:53.

2. Local favorite Perry Jackson from Texarkana had no answers for Devastation Incorporated's Eli the Eliminator (w/ General Skandor Akbar). Eli toyed with Jackson and yanked him up on several two-counts before finally allowing the pin after a Tombstone Piledriver at 3:21.

We come back from commercial with Hyatt & Hot Stuff International's "First Family of Professional Wrestling" in the ring. We're expecting a match between Terry Taylor and Steve Cox but something is afoot. Terry Taylor is in the ring alright... in a suit and tie with his halliburton of bounty money. He's joined by Rick Steiner, "Hot Stuff" Eddie Gilbert and "The First Lady of Professional Wrestling" Missy Hyatt. Joe Bryan leaves the announcers' table to get the scoop.

Joe: "Just what in the hell is going on here, Terry Taylor ? You're scheduled to face Steve Cox here tonight !"

Taylor: "That's right, Joe, but I guess you didn't get the memo that I suffered a bit of a setback while I was training for this match. I felt a twitch during my workout routine and, well, I'm just not 100% yet."

Joe is speechless. He laughs and shakes his head in disbelief.

Taylor: "I know, I know... I'm just as disappointed as you are, Joe. I was really looking forward to wrestling for all these great fans here in Little Rock tonight, but the doctors, they advised me to hold off. They're afraid of a complete relapse !"

Joe: "We wouldn't want that now."

Taylor: "No sir. We've got to be cautious with this, Joe."

Joe: "How about this lingering phantom injury, Eddie Gilbert ? What can you tell us ? "

Gilbert: "It's unfortunate, Joe. Terry is just chomping at the bit to get back in the ring !"

Joe: "I'll bet he is."

Gilbert: "But not to worry. These fans came here tonight to see the "First Family" put a beating on Steve Cox, and that's just what they're going to get courtesy of Rick Steiner, here, who'll be taking Terry's place."

Joe: "Why aren't you taking Taylor's place tonight, Eddie ?"

Gilbert: "You know, I was gonna, Joe, but I felt this tweak back here behind the shoulder blade this morning and I've had an ice pack on it all day. Tell him, Sugar Pop."

Missy laughs: "I could give you all the dirty details behind Eddie's injury, Joe Bryan, but this here's a family program."

Joe: "Alright, alright. I've heard enough. Let's get to the match."

3. Substituting for the "injured" Terry Taylor, Rick Steiner needed some assistance from the "First Family" to defeat Tulsa, Oklahoma's exciting Steve Cox at 8:08. Cox seemed to be on his way to victory when Steiner was sent crashing into Eddie Gilbert who had climbed up onto the apron to interfere, but a faceful of powder from Missy Hyatt turned the tables on the youngster. Cox stumbled right into a Running Clothesline from Steiner for the pinfall.

4. "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan flattened the giant Russian Kortsia Korchenko with a Running Forearm from a 3-Point Stance to take the duke at 6:33.

Newly crowned UWF Champion Steve "Dr. Death" Williams is in the house and get's a nice ovation from the crowd as he's interviewed by Joe Bryan. Williams proudly hoists up the belt over his head and says it's for each and every fan of the UWF. Williams says that he'll be a fighting champion and take on all comers. Bodyguard-turned-wrestler Big Bubba Rogers interrupts the conversation and tells Williams to put his money where his mouth is and put the belt on the line against him. Williams says "Anytime, anywhere !" There's a tense staredown as we cut away to commercial.

5. UWF TV Title Match. Interference from the "First Family" backfired big time on the defending Television Champion when "Nature Boy" Buddy Landel was KO'd by an errant smash from Missy Hyatt's loaded Gucci handbag "The Lady in Waiting" and pinned by his challenger Sting at 8:47. Sting is the neeeewwwwwwww UWF TV Champion !!

6. The war between the UWF Tag Team Champions, the Fantastics (Bobby Fulton & Tommy Rogers) and their challengers the Sheepherders (Butch Miller & Cousin Luke Williams) escalated to a new level of violence as both teams battered one another with chairs from ringside and the New Zealand flag pole which was broken in half over Cousin Luke's back. A bloody Butch Miller had an equally bloody Bobby Fulton covered for a pin but Referee Jerry Usher had already thrown the match out by that point and disqualified both teams at 11:24. The battered Fantastics retain the UWF Tag Team Titles.

Watching the championship tag match from the wings with a great deal of interest are the Fabulous Freebirds. Hayes, Roberts and Gordy are huddled together talking strategy as the program goes off the air.
"Cowboy" Bill Watts' UWF Results (Circa Late 80's) - Irish McNeil Boy's Club, Shreveport, LA. Att: 2,110.

Announcers: Jim Ross, Magnum T.A. & "Jolting" Joe Bryan
Ring Announcer: Reeser Bowden
Referees: Tommy Gilbert, Ron West & Edward Faulk

1. Chavo Guerrero Sr. put away Gustavo Mendoza from Havanna, Cuba with a Moonsault off the top rope at 3:54.

2. The #1 Contender to Champion Steve "Dr. Death" Williams' UWF Title, Big Bubba Rogers, manhandled Brett Wayne Sawyer in a lopsided contest. The former body guard-turned-wrestler Rogers yanked Sawyer up on several two counts to inflict more punishment. Big Bubba mercifully ended things with a crushing Side Slam off the ropes at 5:41.

3. The exciting team of youngsters Shane Douglas & Steve Cox defeated the Jive Tones (Shaska Whatley & Tiger Conway Jr.) at 8:34. Conway was dazed by Shaska's errant smash with one of the Jive Tones canes and staggered right into Shane Douglas' Belly to Belly Suplex for the winning pinfall.

4. "Hot Stuff" Eddie Gilbert (w/ "The First Lady of Professional Wrestling" Missy Hyatt & "Injured" Terry Taylor) beat Fabulous Freebird Buddy Roberts (w/ Fellow Freebird Michael P.S. Hayes) at 7:40. Terry Taylor once again proved to be a thorn in the side of the Freebirds with his interference. Taylor slid his Haliburton of bounty money in the ring while Referee Edward Faulk was preoccupied with a shouting match between Missy Hyatt and Michael Hayes. The ever-resourceful and devious Eddie Gilbert capitalized on the moment by giving his opponent a DDT on the steel briefcase. Faulk turned around to find Hot Stuff making the cover on the KO'd Roberts and counted the pin.

5. "Ugandan Giant" Kamala (w/ Handler Friday & General Skandor Akbar) proved to be too much for Savannah Jack to overcome. Jack was able to knock Akbar off the apron with a Superkick but was then decked by a big overhand chop to the noggin from the Ugandan Giant. Kamala followed up with a devastating Splash off the 2nd rope to gain the three count at 7:16.

6. Terry "Bam Bam" Gordy over "Dirty" Dick Murdoch by DQ for outside interference at 9:56. Murdoch was setting Gordy up for his Brainbuster when Bam Bam was able to counter the move with a Verticle Suplex of his own. Gordy then clamped on his Oriental Spike and Murdoch slowly crumpled to the canvas. Referee Ron West was on the verge of calling for the bell when "The First Family" suddenly ran in and attacked Gordy. Terry Taylor, who appeared quite limber and fit despite the mysterious "injuries" which have kept him sidelined from the ring, joining in with Eddie Gilbert and Rick Steiner on the Bam Bam beatdown. Michael Hayes and Buddy Roberts joined the fray and ran off the heels.

After the match, the irate Freebirds were interviewed by "Jolting" Joe Bryan at ringside.

Gordy: "Terry Taylor, you say you're hurt and you can't wrassle ?? Well that's a lot of *bleep* if you ask me !! You run around here with your big money trying to get other folks to do your dirty work for ya. Well it ain't happenin' no more, son !!"

Hayes: "Taylor, you just can't get enough of the Freebirds can you ? Well, we're gonna give you your fill, Boy ! You and Hot Stuff and Steiner... you're all gonna take a walk down Bad Street, Atlanta, GA real, real soon, boys !! You can take that to the bank !!"

Roberts: "And we didn't forget about that little hussy Missy Hyatt neither did we boys ? No, sir !We got something special in mind just for you, Missy !"

Just then an agitated "Cowboy" Bill Watts joined the interview.

Watts: "You know what, Joe Bryan ? If Terry Taylor is okay to interfere in these matches time and time again, then he's okay to wrestle in my book ! Taylor, the way I see it, you got two choices - you either wrestle or you hit the road ! Next week, it's the Freebirds vs. the First Family in a six man tag match and you better show !!"
"Cowboy" Bill Watts' UWF Results (Circa Late 80's) - Myriad, Oklahoma City, OK. Att: 8,525.

Announcers: Jim Ross & "Jolting" Joe Bryan
Ring Announcer: Boyd Pierce
Referees: Carl Fergie, Alfred Neely & Jerry Usher

1. UWF Rookie of the Year Shane Douglas continued to shine by putting away "Broadway" Joe Malcolm with a Belly to Belly Suplex off the ropes at 3:06.

2. "Ugandan Giant" Kamala (w/ Tribal Mask, Handler Friday & General Skandor Akbar) over Chavo Guerrero at 5:50. Credit the devious Akbar with a big assist in this victory. The General climbed up to the apron and shoved Chavo off the top rope just as he was setting himself to deliver a high risk Moonsault. Guerrero landed flat on his back and then received a running Splash from the Ugandan Giant for the pinfall.

Interview Segment with the Freebirds and Joe Bryan regarding their upcoming Main Event against the First Family of Professional Wrestling. The 'Birds are chomping at the bit to finally get their hands on Terry Taylor. Joe asks Michael Hayes if they are worried about Missy Hyatt's interference at ringside but Hayes reminds us that they have a "special surprise" in store for her.

3. "Gentleman" Chris Adams continued to survive the endless gauntlet of Terry Taylor bounty hunters by defeating Shaska Whatley of the Jive Tones at 7:17. Shaska had Chris Adams cornered with a chair but had it ricochet off the top turnbuckle and recoil back into his own face when Adams ducked the smash attempt. The dazed Whatley staggered around and was flattened by a Superkick from Adams for the three count.

4. UWF TV Title Match. Defending Champion Sting over Devastation Incorporated's Eli the Eliminator (w/ General Skandor Akbar) by DQ at 7:49. Eli came within an inch of winning the title when he delivered his Tombstone Piledriver onto the TV Champ but Sting was able to get a foot on the ropes just in time to break Referee Jerry Usher's pin count. The enraged Eli accused Usher of a deliberate slow count and then tossed him out of the ring to continue his assault on Sting. Eli managed to hit the Champ with a second Tombstone Piledriver before Chris Adams ran in to make the save.

Backstage Segment

The First Family are in UWF Commissioner John Ayers' office demanding to know what the Freebirds' "special surprise" is. Fast-talking Eddie Gilbert says there was no mention of it in the contract that they were "forced to sign" by UWF Owner "Cowboy" Bill Watts. Missy Hyatt demands to have the match postponed while her lawyers review the contract. Watts suddenly bursts into the room and says the match will take place "as is". Terry Taylor is bumped during Watts' tirade and bellows in agony. The brittle Taylor clutches his limp arm gingerly as Eddie Gilbert attends to him. "Now look what you done, Bill ! Our man can't wrestle like this !" Gilbert shouts. "I've had all I can stand from you, Eddie !" Watts shouts back, "If Taylor can't wrestle tonight then it's you and Steiner against all three Freebirds ! It's your choice!"

5. Ted Dibiase beat "Dirty" Dick Murdoch in an epic battle at 17:32. Over the course of the match, Murdoch was forced to endure a prolonged Figure Four Leglock from Dibiase. Murdoch refused to submit but the hold took a punishing toll on him. Murdoch's knee buckled as he attempted to lift his opponent up for the Brainbuster causing Dibiase to fall on top of him for the pin.

6. Six Man Tag Main Event. The Fabulous Freebirds (Michael P.S. Hayes, Buddy Roberts & Terry "Bam Bam" Gordy) vs. The First Family ("Hot Stuff" Eddie Gilbert, Rick Steiner & Terry Taylor w/ "The First Lady of Professional Wrestling" Missy Hyatt). The Freebirds revealed their "surprise" for Missy Hyatt when Sunshine ran down to ringside and chased Missy back to the dressing room. Already without their valet for the duration of the match, Gilbert and Steiner wrestled the lion's share of the bout for their team as Taylor would only tag in when the First Family had the advantage. As much as they tried to shelter him from the Freebirds' wrath, Taylor eventually got caught up in the action when the match degenerated into a free-for-all. Gordy and Roberts combined for a Double Bulldog on Taylor amidst all the chaos to score the winning pinfall for the Freebirds at 15:42.
"Cowboy" Bill Watts' UWF Results (Circa Late 80's) Blackham Coliseum, Lafayette, LA. Att: 5,012.

Announcers: Jim Ross & "Jolting" Joe Bryan
Ring Announcer: Joel Watts
Referees: Tommy Gilbert, Ron West & Jerry Usher

1. In their typical brawling fashion, the Kiwi Sheepherders (Butch Miller & Cousin Luke Williams) mauled their opponents Art Crews & Bobby Perez enroute to victory. Miller & Williams combined for a Double Gutbuster to pin Perez at 4:34.

2. Youngster Steve Cox from Tulsa, OK pulled out a tough victory over "Gorgeous" Gary Young of Little Rock, AR at 7:16. Both men went round and round trying to apply an Abdominal Stretch on one another when Cox snuck behind his opponent and pinned Young with a Schoolboy Roll Up.

3. Whether he needed it or not, the highly injury prone Terry Taylor got plenty of help from his fellow "First Family" members "Hot Stuff" Eddie Gilbert and "The First Lady of Professional Wrestling" Missy Hyatt to defeat Brett Wayne Sawyer at 5:09. Missy distracted Referee Ron West while her beau Eddie Gilbert threw a handful of powder in Sawyer's face. Terry Taylor then caught his blinded opponent with the Flying Five Arm for the three count.

Interview with Joe Bryan & the First Family

Joe: "Eddie Gilbert, is it asking too much for a member of the First Family to win a match clean ?"

Eddie: "What are you talking about, Joe ?? It don't get any cleaner than that !"

Joe: "I suppose we didn't just see you throw a handful of powder in Brett Wayne Sawyer's face ?"

Eddie: "Now Joe, that powder was meant for Terry. It's not my fault that lame brain Sawyer got in the way."

Joe: "Come again ?"

Eddie: "You're talking about the First Family being clean and all, right ? Terry had himself a shower before the match but forgot his powder afterwards, see, so I was just trying to give it to him there in the ring just now when that idiot Brett Wayne Sawyer goes and gets in my way."

(Joe is shaking his head while Missy Hyatt adjusts his bow tie.)

Eddie: "Nice job, Pumpkin. Joe was lookin' a little disheveled there for a minute."

(Joe looks blankly at Eddie.)

Eddie: "Squeaky clean, that's what we are, Mr. Bryan !"

(Joe turns his attention to Terry Taylor)

Joe: "I must say, powder or not, Terry Taylor, you showed no ill effects from your long lay off in the ring."

Terry: "I feel great, Joe ! Never been better !"

Joe: "Well, that's good news because "Gentleman" Chris Adams has been chomping at the bit to get you in a match."

(Taylor doubles over grimacing in agony and clutching his left knee. He has to lean on Joe to keep his balance.)

Terry: "Eddie, I can't put any weight on it !!"

Eddie: "It came on sudden-like didn't it, Terry ? We better have that looked at !!"

(Taylor throws an arm around Gilbert's shoulder and the two hobble toward the back as a concerned Missy Hyatt calls for a doctor.)

Joe: "Amazing. Simply amazing. Let's get back up to ringside for our next match."

4. Freebird Michael P.S. Hayes (w/ Buddy Roberts) over "Wild" Bill Irwin of Devastation Incorporated (w/ General Skandor Akbar) at 6:58. With both men battling in the corner, Akbar tried to bash Hayes with a horseshoe but inadvertently clunked Wild Bill in the forehead with it instead. Irwin staggered out of the corner and was flattened from behind by a Bulldog from Hayes for the pinfall.

5. "Louisville Slugger" Big Bubba Rogers defeated Sam Houston at 8:45. Houston had a huge following in Lafayette to earn him extra babyface points, however it was not enough to overcome the former bodyguard turned wrestler Rogers. Houston leapt off the top rope with a diving Cross Body Press but Big Bubba caught him in mid air and planted Houston with a huge Powerslam for the pin.

6. UWF Title Match. The One Man Gang (w/ General Skandor Akbar) was unsuccessful in his bid to regain the UWF Championship from "Dr. Death" Steve Williams. A huge Headbutt from the challenger sent Williams crashing down to the mat, however it also staggered the One Man Gang who slumped against the ropes. Akbar pushed the Gang from behind to have him fall on top of Williams for the cover but the Champ was ready and cradled his opponent for the pinfall. Dr. Death retains the UWF Title !
WWWF Results (Circa Late 70's) - Regina Youth Center, Brooklyn, NY.

Announcers: Vince McMahon & Captain Louis Albano
Ring Announcer: Gary Cappetta
Referees: “Tough” Tony Altimore & Dick Woehrle

1. ”Quick Draw” Rick McGraw over “Pretty Boy” Larry Sharpe in the opener at 6:17. It was clear from the opening bell that the Pretty Boy was going to have his problems with Referee Tony Altimore tonight. Sharpe took exception to Altimore’s repeated warnings and made the mistake of turning his back on Quick Draw to engage in a heated confrontation with the official. McGraw capitalized on the moment by catching the Pretty Boy with a surprise roll up from behind to gain the pin.

2. Baron Scicluna defeated Johnny Rivera at 5:09. As usual, Scicluna was packing a foreign object which he expertly hid from Referee Dick Woehrle’s detection. The Baron was playing possum in the corner when he caught Rivera with a loaded punch to the kisser and added a foot on the ropes for additional leverage to hold Johnny’s shoulders to the mat for the 1-2-3.

3. The Golden Terror beat “Flying” Fred Curry in dubious fashion at 9:26. Scicluna tried to stick around and hang out in the Golden Terror’s corner for this bout but Referee Tony Altimore was having none of it and ordered the Baron to return to the dressing room. As it turned out, the Terror had another ace up his sleeve in the form of one Louis Albano. The Captain bolted from his seat at the announcers’ table and gave Curry a shove from behind just as Flying Fred was setting himself to deliver a high risk maneuver from the top rope. Curry tumbled awkwardly to the mat and sustained a Diving Splash from his opponent moments later. Altimore, who had missed Albano’s interference after being bumped to the canvas, recovered to count the tainted pin for the Terror.

4. The tandem of “Country Boy” Haystacks Calhoun & Tony Garea emerged victorious over Johnny Rodz & Jose Estrada in tag team action. Albano was certainly active tonight and proved to be a source of distraction for both Garea and Calhoun during this contest. So much so, that Estrada was able to heist the Country Boy’s lucky horseshoe which was hanging from the turnbuckle post in Calhoun and Garea’s corner. That tactic ended up backfiring in a big way when Haystacks pried it from Estrada’s grasp and bopped him in the noggin with it. The 601 lb Calhoun then took a seat on Jose’s chest to make the pin.

5. “High Chief” Peter Maivia beat “The Iron Greek” Spiros Arion at 8:03. Arion got off to a bad start when he failed to generate any heat during his ring entrance. The loss of points hurt his cause, as did a lapse in officiating by Tony Altimore. The official completely missed the Iron Greek’s foot on the bottom rope and counted the pin for Maivia after the High Chief had connected with a Flying Tackle off the ropes. Arion protested vehemently but to no avail.

6. The Main Event featured a grudge match pitting Larry Zbyszko against “Crazy” Luke Graham. The bout stemmed from an incident last week between the two at the Capital Centre in Landover, MD. Luke is highly sensitive to fans calling him “Crazy” and will often cover his ears to block out their incessant chants. Graham went so far as to rip up a youngster’s derogatory sign during his ring entrance and earned himself some bonus heel points in the process. As one might expect, there was a lot more brawling than there was wrestling holds in this contest. The battle spilled out onto the floor where both combatants were counted out by Referee Dick Woehrle at 12:43.
AWA Results (Circa Mid 80's) - Minneapolis Auditorium, Minneapolis, MN. Att: 8,814.

Announcers: Doug McCleod & Nick Bockwinkel
Ring Announcer: "Dapper" Dave Prill
Referees: Jim Bunning, Gary DeRusha & Marty Miller

1. "The Mercenary from South Africa" Colonel DeBeers nearly incited a riot in Minneapolis by snatching away Dave Prill's microphone and expounding upon the evils of Capitalism. DeBeers denounced the United States and demanded that President Reagan adopt the principles of Apartheid in America at once. The ring was littered with debris to delay the start of the match and several raucous fans were ejected from the Auditorium by staff security. Once the bout was finally underway, DeBeers wasted little time in demolishing his opponent Todd Becker from Milwaukee with an assault of brawling tactics. The Colonel finally ended things with his South African Facebuster at 2:49.

2. Brad Rheingans ring entrance was a welcome relief after DeBeers' vile politics. The former Olympian brought the Stars & Stripes with him to ringside and received a thunderous ovation of "U.S.A.!" chants as he waved Old Glory about. Once the bell rang, however, Rheingans soon discovered that he was in for quite a battle with his opponent Rick Gantner. The Olympian was on the defensive from the onset as Gantner choked him out with his own ring jacket, but a missed knee drop from the second rope soon turned the tide of the match in Rheingans favor. As Gantner staggered back to his feet, he was caught from behind in a Bridging back Suplex by the Olympian for the pinfall at 6:07.

3. "Sensational" Sherri Martel (w/ "Playboy" Buddy Rose) defeated "Killer Tomato" Debi Pelletier at 6:34. Rose was a menace tonight and constantly interfered on Sherri's behalf. So much so, that in a comical moment, Debi bailed out and chased the rotund Playboy around ringside. Rose would eventually have the last laugh, however, as he reached into the ring and tripped the Killer Tomato as she bounded off the ropes. Martel followed up with a Diving Splash from the top rope to gain the pinfall. (During the ring introductions, Announcer Dave Prill was careful not to mention the sensitive Rose's weight despite the crowd's chants of "Pillsbury Doughboy". To show everyone that he was, in fact, fit, Buddy did some jumping jacks and one-armed pushups in the ring.)

4. In a battle of light heavyweights, "Sensei" Pat Tanaka bested "Top Gun" John Paul Demann at 7:52. Both men were able to do some damage with their repertoire of high flying maneuvers, but Tanaka managed to duck under a Flying Cross Body Press and then greet his opponent with a Karate Thrust Kick to the jaw just as Demann was getting back to his feet. John Paul was seeing stars as he went down for the three count.

5. The popular duo of "High Flyer" Greg Gagne & "Polish Prince" Steve Olsonoski defeated Sheik Adnan El-Kaisee's tandem of Boris Zhukov and the Barbarian at 9:48. Zhukov is known for having a hard cranium but not even his noggin could withstand an errant chair shot by his own manager. El-Kaisee's blunder paved the way for victory as Olsonoski scored the pin on the KO'd Zhukov. The Barbarian tried to make the save but was intercepted and wrapped up in the Gagne Sleeper Hold.

6. AWA World Title Match. "Living Legend" Larry Zbyszko (w/ Black Ninja Mr. Go) fulfilled his "destiny" by dethroning the reigning champion Rick Martel in controversial fashion at 17:15. As always, the first five minutes of any Zbyszko bout are spent with endless stalling, jawing with the fans and arguing with the referee and tonight was no different. Once Larry finally got down to business, he proved that he deserved this title shot by matching Martel hold-for hold and wrestling a fairly scientific match. Zbyszko's tactics began to change, however, when he became increasingly frustrated by his inability to put the champion away. The "Living Legend" took it out on Referee Gary DeRusha and came within a whisker of getting himself disqualified. Martel seized the moment by decking Larry from behind and clamping on his Quebec (Boston) Crab. With Zbyszko seemingly on the verge of tapping out and DeRusha petitioning him to give it up, the mysterious Ninja Mr. Go, who had been quietly observing the proceedings up to this point, smashed Martel in the forehead with his nunchucks. The champ fell backward and was cradled by Zbyszko with a handful of tights for the pinfall. Larry Zbyszko is the neeeeeeewwwwwww AWA World Champion !!
ESPN presents the AWA (Circa Mid 80's) - Showboat Sports Pavillion, Las Vegas, NV. Att: 4,719.

Announcers: Rod Trongard & Lord James Blears
Ring Announcer: "Dapper" Dave Prill
Referees: Gary DeRusha, Robert Warren & Scott Ledoux

1. Former NFL Lineman Leon "Baby Bull" White (who would go on to great things as Big Van Vader in WCW) used his massive bulk to dominate veteran Dennis Stamp. Big Leon crushed his opponent with a corner avalanche and then finished him off with a ring-shaking Running Powerslam at 4:32.

2. "Beach Boy" Sonny Rogers from Marina del Rey, CA had his hands full trying to contend with both "Sensational" Sherri Martel and "Playboy" Buddy Rose at ringside as well as his opponent "Pretty Boy" Doug Somers. Rogers needed eyes in the back of his head to deal with the constant distractions and interference coming from Somers' corner. The "Pretty Boy" fully capitalized on the disruptions to gain the upper hand and punished Rogers with a Gutbuster across the knee followed by a Shoulderbreaker for the pinfall at 4:27.

3. "Mr. Electricity" Steve Regal and "California Kid" Tommy Jammer put on quite a show for the fans in a see-saw contest that could have gone either way. In the end, Regal's ring savy and experience carried him to victory as he side-stepped a corner charge from his opponent and then hopped up to the 2nd rope for a Reverse Body Drop to gain the three count at 6:50.

4. Curt Hennig caught a lucky break in his victory over Alexis Smirnoff (w/ tag team partner Yuri Gordyenko) at 8:04. Gordyenko reached into the ring to trip Hennig but accidentally got his own partner instead. Smirnoff jumped up and immediately began arguing with his countryman in Russian over the miscue and was cradled from behind by Hennig for the pin.

5. It was an ominous sign when Stan "The Lariat" Hansen brought a rusty horseshoe with him to the ring during his entrance against international superstar Tommy "Jumbo" Tsuruta. Hansen swiped Dave Prill's mircrophone away and then shooed the combative ring announcer out of the ring with his Stetson hat. Hansen claimed that the horseshoe was "to bring him luck" and hung it behind a turnbuckle in the corner. The horseshoe ended up bringing Tsuruta a "jumbo" sized headache when the ornery Cowboy hit him upside the head with it prompting Referee Scott Ledoux to call for the bell. Your winner via DQ at 9:48: Jumbo Tsuruta.

6. All heck broke loose in the AWA Tag Team Title Match between the Long Riders ("Wild" Bill & Scott "Hog" Irwin) and the defending champs, the Midnight Rockers (Shawn Michaels & Marty Jannetty). Both teams took turns bashing one another with biker chains that the Irwin Brothers had snuck into the ring with them. Referee Gary DeRusha had no choice but to throw the match out and disqualify both teams at 10:31. The Rockers retain the AWA Tag Team Titles.
AWA Results (Circa Mid 80's) - Dane County Coliseum, Milwaukee, WI. Att: 6,481.

Announcers: Larry Nelson & Verne Gagne
Ring Announcer: "Dapper" Dave Prill
Referees: Marty Miller, Jim Bunning & Larry Lisowski

1. Tom "Rocky" Stone got off to a "rocky" start when his opponent Otto Wanz reversed a corner whip and flattened him up against the turnbuckle with a crushing body avalanche. Stone tried to fight back with an eye rake and some fisticuffs but his punches had lost much of their steam. A head butt from Wanz sent Stone back down to the mat and was followed by a big running Splash for the pin at 4:06.

2. An excessive amount of Air Freshner Aerosol sprayed by "Gorgeous" Jimmy Garvin's valet Precious had Ring Announcer Dave Prill, Jake "The Milkman" Milliman and Referee Jim Bunning all coughing in the ring. Once the cloud lifted, Garvin got down to business and dominated the diminutive but popular Milkman. A Brainbuster from "Gorgeous" Jimmy sealed the deal at 3:59.

3. The Goose-Stepping Baron Von Raschke had his opponent Tony Leone on the run from the onset. Leone continued to bail out of the ring whenever the Baron threatened to clamp on his famous Iron Claw Hold. During his many trips to the outside, Leone picked up a foreign object and brought it back inside the ring with him. The strategy backfired, however, when Leone dropped the weapon after a boot to the midsection. Von Raschke retrieved the object and decked his opponent with a loaded punch for the three count at 4:47. After the bout, the Baron was questioned about his tactics by Dave Prill. He held up his Claw and said "Dat's all da people need to know !"

4. In an extremely unusual result, the match between "Mr. Magnificent" Kevin Kelly (w/ Madusa Micelli) and "Z Man" Tom Zenk was officially declared a "No Contest" at 3:41 by Referee Marty Miller when a fan jumped the barricade railing, ran into the ring and attacked "Mr. Magnificent". Showing more courage than brains, the fan was immediately decked by a short arm clothesline. Zenk had to tackle Kelly to prevent him from inflicting more damage on the reckless spectator. Security finally hauled the man out of the ring. It should be noted that Kelly jawed with the fan during his ring entrance. The man had apparently made a lewd comment to Ms. Micelli sparking a livid reaction from Kelly. It was an ugly incident all around.

5. In an opportunity of a lifetime, Anthony "Earthquake" Ferris failed in his bid to dethrone Mr. Saito (w/ Sheik Adnan El-Kaisee) for the AWA Television Title. Big Anthony had his moments, but lost his footing as he attempted to hop up to the 2nd rope and appeared to twist an ankle as he fell awkwardly to the mat. Saito wasted no time in capitalizing on the moment. As Ferris stumbled back up to his feet, he was stunned by a karate thrust to the throat and then given the Saito Suplex for the pin at 6:29. Mr. Saito retains the Television Title.

6. Former AWA World Champion Rick Martel, who recently dropped the belt to Larry Zbyszko in dubious fashion, received a nice hand from the crowd as he entered the ring to team up with "High Flyer" Greg Gagne. Their opponents in tonight's Main Event were the Russian contingent of Alexis Smirnoff and Yuri Gordyenko who once again experienced a communication breakdown. (Last week, Gordyenko cost Smirnoff a singles match against Curt Hennig when he accidentally tripped his partner.) Gordyenko erred once more this evening and flattened his partner with a Russian Sickle clothesline after Greg Gagne escaped Smirnoff's clutches at the last second. Martel then took out Gordyenko with a drop kick while Gagne hooked a leg on Alexis for the pin at 9:50. The Russians got into a heated exchange with one another in their native tongue after the bell.
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