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GV's Other UQ Wrestling Results
Georgia Championship Wrestling Results (Circa Early 80's) - Cobb County Civic Center, Marietta, GA. Att: 4,336.

Referees: Jimmy McGuire & Scrappy McGowan

1.Les Thornton over Mike Jackson at 5:28. Apparently Les Thornton flew in from Manchester, England with a chip on his shoulder. The so-called “Man of a Thousand Holds” berated his American counterparts as being inferior to the British when it came to wrestling skills during a pre-match interview with Gordon Solie. Thornton became flustered, however, when Bruno Sammartino Jr. took exception to his remarks and interrupted the segment to issue a challenge. It took Thornton a while to get himself back on track against Mike Jackson. He was continuously looking over his shoulder for Sammartino and was nearly pinned with a Backslide and then again with a Small Package right after. Thornton eventually induced a submission from Jackson with a Bow & Arrow.

2. Bruno Sammartino Jr. defeated Gypsy Joe at 4:02. Les Thornton stuck around to scout young Sammartino during this bout and lend some moral support to Gypsy Joe in the process. As it turned out, Thornton did more harm than good. The Brit constantly shouted instructions and critiqued the Gypsy’s efforts to no end. Joe finally had enough and told Thornton to take a hike. Sammartino was able to capitalize on the moment and pinned his preoccupied opponent with a Backroll Press for the winning three count.

3. The Great Mephisto’s team of Ray “The Crippler” Stevens & Tor Kamata defeated Ricky & Robert Gibson at 5:34. Utilizing their speed and agility, the Gibsons kept their larger foes off balance with a repertoire of aerial maneuvers. Mephisto’s counter was to reach into the ring and trip Ricky as he bounded off the ropes. The 280lb Kamata quickly followed up on his manager’s interference with a Big Splash off the 2nd rope to score the pinfall on the prone Gibson.

4. Despite dominating the action, Steve Olsonoski was disqualified in his match against the Great Kabuki at 8:14. A roll on his Technical modifier put Steve O in control from the onset prompting “Playboy” Gary Hart to resort to devious means to turn the tide of the battle in his man’s favor. Hart attempted to toss his loaded loafer into the ring to Kabuki however Olsonoski intercepted the shoe instead. Steve O leveled his adversary with smash to the forehead but was caught in the act by Referee Scrappy McGowan who wasted no time in calling for the bell.

5. Buzz Sawyer (w/ Kevin Sullivan) over Brad Armstrong. Brad could have used some back up in this bout. Sullivan not only served as a constant source of distraction throughout the contest, but also pushed Armstrong off the top rope while Brad was attempting to set himself for a high risk leap. Armstrong crashed awkwardly to the mat and was pinned by Sawyer with a handful of tights at 7:21.

6. The Main Event bout between the Masked Superstar and Bruce (Butch) Reed yielded no winner. A missed corner charge by the Superstar nearly produced disastrous results. Reed floored his dazed opponent with a Flying Shoulder Tackle off the 2nd rope moments later, but the savvy masked man was able to roll himself out of the ring and escape a possible pinning predicament. Reed went right out after him and battled with the Superstar into the crowd. Referee Scrappy McGowan’s ten count went unanswered as the two grapplers traded chair shots and scattered spectators in every direction. The time of the match was 23:31.
WWF Results (Circa Late 80's) - Knott Arena, Emmitsburg, MD. Att: 3,404.

Announcers: Vince McMahon Jr. & Lord Alfred Hayes
Ring Announcer: "Mean" Gene Okerlund
Referees: Dave Hebner & Danny Davis

1. "Outlaw" Ron Bass (w/ Bullwhip "Miss Betsy" ) put away Brady Boone with his Texas Gourdbuster (Double Underhook Facebuster) at 3:39.

2. Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat (w/ Fire-Breathing Entrance) over Terry Gibbs with a Diving Cross Body Press off the top rope at 5:28.

3. The popular Bushwhackers (Butch Miller & Cousin Luke Williams) defeated "Doctor of Style" Slick's team of the Bolsheviks (Boris Zhukov & Nikolai Volkoff) at 8:06. The Bushwhackers used their Battering Ram (Cousin Luke's noggin) to pin Zhukov.

4. "King" Harley Race (w/ Crown, Scepter & Bobby "The Brain" Heenan) over Hillbilly Jim (w/ Lucky Horseshoe) at 7:54. The cagey veteran Race was a little too wily for the good ol' country boy from Mudlick, Kentucky. The King pinned Jim with two feet on the ropes for leverage after the hillbilly missed a corner charge and ran full steam into the turnbuckle.

5. "The Natural" Butch Reed (w/ Unnatural Blonde Hair & "Doctor of Style" Slick) beat Billy Jack Haynes at 10:47. With Referee Danny Davis knocked down in a mid-ring collision, Reed clubbed Billy Jack from behind with Slick's walking stick and made the cover just as the woozy ref was shaking out the cobwebs. Davis finally recovered to put the three count on the KO'd Haynes.

6. Jake "The Snake" Roberts (w/ Damien the Python in a burlap sack) over "Million Dollar Man" Ted Dibiase (w/ Virgil) by DQ due to outside interference at 14:53. Virgil pulled Dave Hebner out of the ring by his ankles as the ref was attempting to put the three count on Dibiase following Jake the Snake's DDT on the "Million Dollar Man". After the bout, Virgil also received a DDT and ended up with Damien being dumped on top of him much to the delight of the fans.
WWF Results (Circa Late 80's) - Glen Falls Civic Center, Glen Falls, NY. Att: 6,125.

Announcers: Gorilla Monsoon & Bobby "The Brain" Heenan
Ring Announcer: Mike McGuirk
Referees: Nick Kozak, Earl Hebner & Danny Davis

1. "The Birdman" Koko B. Ware (w/ Pet Macaw Franky) defeated Frankie DeFalco with the Ghostbuster (Brainbuster) at 4:18.

2. The Mountie (w/ Taser Stick & Jimmy "Mouth of the South" Hart) over "Superfly" Sivi Afi with his Carotid Control Technique Sleeper Hold at 4:50. Much to Gorilla Monsoon's chagrin, Jimmy Hart jumped around the ring after the match shouting, "The Mountie always gets his man !" with his annoying megaphone.

3. "Canadian Strongman" Dino Bravo (w/ bleached blonde hair and Frenchy Martin) beat Haku at 6:52. Frenchy was a major diversion at ringside by waving his Canadian Flag and heckling Haku in French. The end came when Martin pulled Haku's leg out from under him as he was attempting to suplex Bravo back into the ring from the apron. Bravo fell on top and Frenchy held onto Haku's leg as Referee Earl Hebner made the three count.

4. The Orient Express (Pat Tanaka & Kato w/ Mr. Fuji) over the Can-Am Connection (Rick Martel & Tom Zenk) at 8:03. Tanaka pinned Tom Zenk with a Thrust Kick to the jaw after "The Devious One" Mr. Fuji had blinded Zenk with a handful of ceremonial salt.

5. Tito Santana defeated Bad News Brown by DQ at 8:38. Brown pulled Referee Nick Kozak in front of himself to take the full brunt of Tito's Flying Forearm Smash. As Tito was trying to help Kozak get back to his feet, he was cradled from behind by Brown in a pinning predicament however the woozy ref had already signaled for the disqualification on Bad News.

6. Glen Falls' own "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan (w/ 2 x 4 and a loud "Ho !" ) sent the fans home happy with a rousing victory over the hated Iron Sheik at 12:24. The Sheik was reaching for Hacksaw's 2 x 4 in the corner when he was hit from behind with Duggan's Running Clothesline and knocked head-first into the turnbuckle. The Sheik staggered backward into a Schoolboy Roll Up by Hacksaw for the winning pinfall.
WWF Results (Circa Late 80's) - Le Colisée, Quebec City, Quebec, Canada. Att: 12,746.

Announcers: Gorilla Monsoon & Lord Alfred Hayes
Ring Announcer: Mike McGuirk
Referees: Tim White, Earl Hebner & Danny Davis

1. Outback Jack from Humpty Doo, Australia defeated the Brooklyn Brawler at 6:27. Jack was in trouble throughout this match but "No worries, Mate," as the man from Down Under put his opponent away with the Boomerang (Running Clothesline) from behind when the Brawler turned his back to jaw with some hecklers at ringside.

2. "The Million Dollar Man" Ted Dibiase (w/ Virgil) offered his opponent "Leaping" Lanny Poffo a wad of C-Notes to forfeit the match and return to the locker room but Poffo would have none of it. Lanny responded to the bribe by reading a rather salacious poem about Mr. Dibiase which did not sit well with "The Million Dollar Man" or Virgil. Dibiase proceeding to put a beating on Poffo before finishing him off with a Falling Fist Drop and finally the Million Dollar Dream for the win at 5:03.

3. The Hart Foundation (Bret "The Hitman" Hart & Jim "The Anvil" Neidhart) defeated the Islanders (Tama & Haku) at 8:46 but not without some shenanigans from their manager Jimmy "Mouth of the South" Hart. Jimmy climbed up to the apron and gave Tama a shove as the Islander was perched on the top rope ready to deliver a high risk maneuver. Tama tumbled to the canvas and Neidhart pounced on him for the pinfall. Referee Danny Davis *ahem* seemed oblivious to the mischief.

4. Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat's fire-breathing entrance electrified the crowd and earned him bonus baby face points against his opponent "Outlaw" Ron Bass (w/ Bullwhip "Miss Betsy" ). The Dragon rode the momentum of his fans to defeat the Outlaw with a Diving Cross Body Press off the top rope at 8:15.

5. The Ultimate Warrior (complete with Face Paint and the Ultimate Rope-Shaking Entrance) over Hercules (w/ 10 Feet of Chain and Bobby "The Brain" Heenan). Hercules had the advantage in the early going but the match ended in typical Ultimate Warrior style - Gorilla Press Slam followed by a Running Splash for the pinfall at 7:32.

6. Intercontinental Title Match. Challenger Jake "The Snake" Roberts (w/ Damian the Python in a Burlap Sack) came within an eyelash of dethroning the reigning Champion, the Honky Tonk Man (w/ Bobby Soxer Peggy Sue & Jimmy "Mouth of the South" Hart). Referee Tim White called for the bell when Peggy Sue ran into the ring with Jimmy Hart's megaphone and smashed it over Robert's noggin to break up the pin after Jake had laid out the Honky Tonk Man with his DDT. Roberts removed Damian from its bag and had Peggy Sue cornered but Jimmy Hart was able to pull her out of the ring in the nick of time before Jake could throw the python on her. The Honky Tonk Man retains the Intercontinental Title.
"Cowboy" Bill Watts' UWF Results (Circa Late 80's) - Tulsa Convention Center, Tulsa, OK. Att: 8,452.

Announcers: Jim Ross & "Jolting" Joe Bryan
Ring Announcer: Doyle King
Referees: Tommy Gilbert & Carl Fergie

Jim Ross: "Hello everyone and welcome to another action-packed night of UWF Championship Wrestling ! Joining me once more at ringside is my colleague Joe Bryan, and Joe, I understand that you have a special guest for us this week ?"

Joe Bryan: "That's right, Jim. We have Dr. Arthur Stone here with us this evening and he'll be joining us later in the program. For the benefit of all our fans at home, Dr. Stone was the physician at ringside who treated Terry Taylor in Lake Charles, LA following Taylor's match with "Gentleman" Chris Adams. I, for one, will be very interested to hear what Dr. Stone has to say about Terry Taylor's condition."

Jim Ross: "Well, we look forward to that, Joe. Terry Taylor has claimed for weeks now that he does not have medical clearance to wrestle as a result of injuries sustained at the hands of Chris Adams in that match. If that's the case, then let's hear it straight from the doctor's mouth. Now let's get down to the ring for our opening bout !"

1. UWF Champion One Man Gang (w/ General Skandor Akbar) demolished Davey Haskins with the 747 Splash off the top rope at 4:10 in a non-title bout. After the bell, the Gang scaled the top rope to deliver a second 747 Splash onto Haskins when Steve "Dr. Death" Williams ran in and tossed the champion off the top rope. The Tulsa fans went wild as Williams cleared the ring of the One Man Gang ! Skandor Akbar pulled the Gang to the back as the champion jawed with "Dr. Death".

Joe Bryan caught up with an agitated Steve Williams afterward. "Dr. Death" paced back and forth and challenged the One Man Gang to put his title on the line against him. The fans roared in approval for the alumni from the University of Oklahoma when Williams asked the crowd if they'd like to see it. The One Man Gang did not come back out to answer the challenge.

2. Rick Steiner (w/ "Hot Stuff" Eddie Gilbert & Missy Hyatt) over Sam Houston by Count Out. Gilbert was the difference here as he gave Sam Houston a Hot Shot onto the barricade railing after Houston had been tossed OOR by Steiner. Oblivious to the mischief thanks to a distraction from Missy Hyatt, Referee Carl Fergie laid the ten count on the hurting Houston.

3. Devastation Incorporated's Eli the Eliminator (w/ Skandor Akbar) and "White Lightning" Tim Hoerner were both disqualified at 6:43 when Referee Tommy Gilbert lost all control of the match and called for the bell.

Joe Bryan interviewed Skandor Akbar after the match and asked the General of Devastation Incorporated if Steve Williams would get his title match against the One Man Gang. Akbar laughed and said that Williams didn't deserve it. UWF Commissioner Steve Ayers then joined the conversation and corrected Akbar. He said that not only would Williams get a title match against the champion, but that it would be inside a steel cage to insure that there would be no outside interference. Akbar stormed off as the fans cheered !

4. Savannah Jack beat "Freebird" Buddy Roberts (w/ fellow Freebirds Michael P.S. Hayes & Terry "Bam Bam" Gordy) at 8:40. Hayes and Gordy constantly interferred prompting Referee Carl Fergie to send them both back to the dressing room. Roberts became unglued and began berating Fergie while Savannah snuck up from behind with a Schoolboy Roll Up to score the winning pinfall.

Dr. Arthur Stone joins Joe Bryan and Terry Taylor in the ring to address Taylor's assertions that he is unfit to wrestle due to injuries sustained at the hands of Chris Adams. Taylor is sporting a snappy suit and tie and has his ever-present Halliburton briefcase of bounty money with him. Taylor looks nervous in the ring and keeps peering over his shoulder. Upon Joe Bryan's urgence, Taylor states his case to which the doctor chuckles to himself and shakes his head in disbelief. Dr. Stone is about to reveal his "official medical opinion" of the matter when Eddie Gilbert abruptly runs into the ring with a handful of important looking documents. Taylor seems relieved to see him as Gilbert stuffs the papers into the doctor's hand.

Joe Bryan demands to know what is going on as Dr. Stone silently examines the paperwork. After several minutes, the doctor discloses that he is unable to render an opinion at this time. UWF owner "Cowboy" Bill Watts now enters the ring to consult with the doctor. The two men pass the paperwork back and forth and discuss Gilbert's documents. Watts has to bite his lip as he glares at Taylor and Gilbert. The UWF owner finally speaks, "What we have here, Joe, is, in effect, a gag order placed on Dr. Stone from the attorneys of Hyatt and Hot Stuff International."

Watts and Stone exit the ring leaving Gilbert and Taylor alone with Joe Bryan. Gilbert places his arm around Joe's shoulder to console him, "I'm sorry things didn't work out the way you had hoped, Joe. Maybe next time, huh ?" Joe brushes Gilbert's arm away, "You two snakes will get what you have coming to you, mark my words ! What do you have to say, Terry Taylor ?" Taylor beams a big smile, "I have just one thing to say, Mr. Bryan, and it's that I'm getting mighty tired of carrying this briefcase of money around with me ! $5,000 to any man who can put Chris Adams out of wrestling for good !"

Gilbert and Taylor share a laugh while Chris Adams, Sting and Sam Houston sneak into the ring behind them. The fans go wild as Taylor turns around and has the Halliburton Superkicked into his face by Adams. Meantime, Gilbert is getting pummeled by Houston with a barrage of punches in the corner. Joe Bryan high tails it out of the ring as Sting flattens Gilbert with the Stinger Splash. "Hot Stuff" staggers out of the corner only to receive a Bulldog from Houston. Taylor and Gilbert stumble to their feet and are both sent over the top rope and to the floor by a Double Clothesline from Adams. The fans are going crazy as Sting, Adams and Houston celebrate in the ring.

5. "Unpredictable" Dick Slater (w/ Valet Dark Journey) put away popular youngster Shane Douglas via Count Out at 7:52. As the action spilled out onto the floor, Douglas got a facefull of Dark Journey's perfume and could not find his way back inside the ring in time to make Referee Tommy Gilbert's ten count.

6. In the Main Event, the Sheepherders (Butch Miller & Cousin Luke Williams) beat "Gentleman" Chris Adams & Sting at 11:00. The Sheepherders combined for a Double Gutbuster on Sting when Terry Taylor and "Hot Stuff" Eddie Gilbert returned to ringside and distracted Chris Adams and Referee Carl Fergie. While Adams chased them off, Fergie turned around to find Butch Miller making the cover on Sting and counted the pin.
"Cowboy" Bill Watts' UWF Results (Circa Late 80's) - Monroe Civic Center, Monroe, LA. Att: 5,005.

Announcers: Jim Ross & "Jolting" Joe Bryan
Ring Announcer: Joel Watts
Referees: Alfred Neely & Edward Faulk

1. Brett Sawyer seemed to have a counter for anything Mike "Hammer" Reed threw at him and pinned Reed with a Flying Cross Body Press off the ropes at 4:30.

2. Jack Victory (w/ "Hollywood" John Tatum) defeated the "Missouri Tiger" Jeff Gaylord at 7:24. While trying to get Victory over in a Sunset Flip attempt, Gaylord was leveled by a Tatum Superkick to the jaw. Referee Edward Faulk, who had been knocked down earlier in the bout and oblivious to Tatum's outside interference, recovered to count the pin.

Backstage segment.

"Dirty" Dick Murdoch is backstage with Terry Taylor and the briefcase of money. The two men discuss Taylor's bounty on "Gentleman" Chris Adams. Murdoch, who will be facing Adams in tonight's Main Event, wants to see the $5,000. Taylor is upset that Murdoch doesn't trust him but reluctantly opens the halliburton when Murdoch threatens to walk out. Murdoch's face lights up when he sees the money. Both men laugh as Taylor closes the briefcase and pats Murdoch on the back.

3. UWF TV Title Match. Defending Champion "Nature Boy" Buddy Landel (w/ "The First Lady of Professional Wrestling" Missy Hyatt) over the Angel of Death (w/ Sunshine) via Count Out at 6:29. The Angel got caught up in a cat fight outside the ring between Sunshine and Missy and was counted out by Alfred Neely while trying to separate the ladies. Buddy Landel retains the TV Title.

Backstage segment.

Terry Taylor is now talking with the Fabulous Freebirds about the bounty. Buddy Roberts has a scrap of paper and a pencil and he's doing some quick math. Roberts turns to Michael Hayes and Terry Gordy and says "it's about $1,700 a piece". Hayes asks Taylor who else he's offered the money to. Taylor plays the choir boy and says "no one... just you guys." Taylor smiles and says "scout's honor".

4. General Skandor Akbar's Devastation Incorporated ("Wild" Bill Irwin & Bad Leroy Brown) defeated the popular Jersey Boys ("Jumping" Joe Savoldi & Angelo Mosca Jr.) at 6:40. With his partner in trouble and on the verge of being pinned, Irwin came off the top rope with a Double Axe Handle on Mosca behind Alfred Neely's back as the ref was arguing with Akbar. Neely turned around to find Brown making the cover and counted the pin.

5. Steve "Do It To It' Cox over "Hot Stuff" Eddie Gilbert by DQ at 7:10. Gilbert (hailing from "Every Girl's Dream" w/ Missy Hyatt and Terry Taylor) was all over Cox from the getgo and yanked the youngster up on several two counts. Gilbert then grabbed Cox with two handfuls of hair and let both Missy and Taylor slap him in the face. Referee Alfred Neely had enough and tried to break it up but was tossed out of the ring by Gilbert to draw the disqualification at 7:10.

6. "Dirty" Dick Murdoch defeated "Gentleman" Chris Adams via disqualification at 9:52. Adams went berserk when Terry Taylor came down to ringside with his halliburton full of Bounty Money to root on Murdoch. Adams was able to wrest the briefcase away and bash both Taylor and Murdoch in the head with it prompting Referee Edward Faulk to call for the bell. Things took a turn for the worse for Adams, though, when Eddie Gilbert ran in and leveled him with a chair shot from behind. Taylor, Gilbert and Murdoch continued the beatdown as the fans hurled insults at the heels and littered the ring with debris. Sting bolted from the dressing room to make the save but was intercepted by an Eddie Gilbert fireball just as he entered the ring.

Joe Bryan: "They're trying to put this young man out of wrestling for good right here and now, Jim !! We desperately need help in here !!"

Jim Ross: "There's a commotion in the back.... the fans are standing... my gawd, it's the Fabulous Freebirds and they're making their way down to the ring now !! This does not look good for "Gentleman" Chris Adams, Joe !! Here come the Freebirds !!"

Joe Bryan: "Do they want their cut of the bounty as well ?? Somebody has to do something to stop this !!"

Jim Ross: "Roberts in the ring... there's Michael Hayes... and here comes big Gordy now... what the... the Freebirds are helping Chris Adams !! The Freebirds are helping Adams !! The fans are going wild !! Murdoch bails out !! There goes that snake Terry Taylor !! Gilbert tossed over the top rope !! The Freebirds have cleaned house, Joe !! We're out of time !! We're out of time !!"
"Cowboy" Bill Watts' UWF (Circa 1987) - Muskogee Civic Center, Muskogee, OK. Att: 5,116.

Announcers: Jim Ross, "Jolting" Joe Bryan & Magnum T.A.
Ring Announcer: Reeser Bowden
Referees: Ron West, Joel Armstrong & Edward Falk

1. Mike Boyette went down to defeat at the hands of exciting youngster Shane Douglas and his Belly to Belly Suplex off the ropes at 4:13.

2. "Ugandan Giant" Kamala (w/ Tribal Mask, General Skandor Akbar & Handler Friday) pinned Jeff Raitz with a Big Splash at 3:47. After the match, Kamala refused to get up off of Raitz until Friday prodded him with his tamer stick.

Backstage Segment with the scheming Hyatt & Hot Stuff International

Missy Hyatt is filing her nails as her beau Eddie Gilbert and Terry Taylor talk strategy. Taylor is livid over the Fabulous Freebirds coming to "Gentleman" Chris Adams' defense last week. Taylor vows that nobody double-crosses him and gets away with it. Gilbert suggests that they "send a message" to the Freebirds for taking sides with Adams. Missy stops to admire her nails, looks over tonight's program and smirks. She hands the program to Gilbert and Taylor and they smirk as well.

3. UWF Tag Team Title Match. The defending Champs, the Fantastics (Tommy Rogers & Bobby Fulton) beat their challengers the Jive Tones (Shaska Whatley & Tiger Conway Jr.) at 7:45. Bobby Fulton pinned Shaska after Conway accidently clunked his own partner with one of the Jive Tones' canes.

4. Eli the Eliminator (w/ General Skandor Akbar) and Chavo Guerrero (Sr.) were both counted out by Referee Edward Falk at 7:58 as the action spilled out of the ring, up the aisle and back into the Civic Center concession stands.

Interview Segment with "Jolting" Joe Bryan (who is looking rather dapper in a black tux and red bow tie), UWF Owner "Cowboy" Bill Watts and Commisioner John Ayers regarding the "injury status" of one Terry Taylor. Watts can't go into details of Taylor's "condition" due to HIPAA regulations and the gag order placed on the UWF by Hyatt & Hot Stuff International's attorneys, but he did say that he expects Taylor to be cleared to wrestle "very soon". "Gentleman" Chris Adams suddenly bursts in on the conversation and says that "soon" is not "soon enough". Adams is fired up and wants Taylor in the ring in the worst way. Ayers assures him that he will book the match as soon as he has the medical clearance to do so but that does little to appease Adams. Joe Bryan asks Bill Watts exactly what Taylor's "medical condition" is but Watts once again states that he can't divulge any information. Adams snaps that the only "condition" Taylor is suffering from is a short supply of guts and storms off.

5. "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan over Rick Steiner (w/ "Hot Stuff" Eddie Gilbert & "The First Lady of Professional Wrestling" Missy Hyatt) by DQ at 10:31. As Duggan bolted from a three point stance and charged toward his woozy opponent to put Steiner away, he was derailed by a faceful of powder thrown by Eddie Gilbert. Steiner cradled Hacksaw for the pin but Referee Joel Armstrong had seen Gilbert's interference and called for the disqualification.

6. In the Main Event, "Louisville Slugger" Big Bubba Rogers over Freebird Terry "Bam Bam" Gordy at 12:46. Gordy appeared to have the match won with a Flying Cross Body Press off the ropes but Referee Ron West was toppled over in the process. Terry Taylor raced into the ring with his Hallibuton of bounty money and clobbered Gordy from behind with the briefcase while West was still shaking out the cobwebs. Taylor then laid Big Bubba's arm across Gordy's chest and high tailed it out of the ring as West recovered to count the pin. Michael Hayes and Buddy Roberts ran down to ringside but Taylor managed to escape their grasp.
"Cowboy" Bill Watts' UWF Results (Circa Late 80's) - Tulsa Convention Center, Tulsa, OK. Att: 7,622.

Announcers: Jim Ross & "Jolting" Joe Bryan
Ring Announcer: Boyd Pierce
Referees: Tommy Gilbert, Alfred Neely & Carl Fergie

1. The Angel of Death (w/ Sunshine) nearly took Gustavo Mendoza out of his wrestling boots with the Death Wish (Flying Clothesline off the 2nd Rope). The time of the fall was 3:05.

2. Hailing from "Every Girl's Dream", "Hot Stuff" Eddie Gilbert (w/ "The First Lady of Professional Wrestling" Missy Hyatt & Terry Taylor) put away "Raging Greek" Mike Pappas with the Hot Shot at 4:15.

After the bout, Hyatt & Hot Stuff International were interviewed by Joe Bryan at ringside. Terry Taylor evaded Joe's relentless questions regarding his pending return to the ring after "injuries" sustained at the hands of "Gentleman" Chris Adams, and focused instead on tonight's upcoming match between Adams and "Gorgeous" Gary Young. Taylor patted his Halliburton of bounty money and said he felt "extremely confident" that Young would get the job done this evening. Joe then asked Eddie Gilbert if he was concerned about the Fabulous Freebirds, especially after Taylor's actions last week had cost Terry Gordy a match against Big Bubba Rogers. "Do I seem the least bit worried about the Freebirds to you, Joe ?" he laughed. Gilbert said that he & Taylor would take care of the "Bird Brains" when his partner was cleared to wrestle again.

3. Sam Houston was tested by Brett Wayne Sawyer but prevailed with a Flying Bulldog out of the corner at 6:50.

Backstage Segment

We see Terry Taylor shaking Gary Young's hand and wishing him luck against Chris Adams. The camera picks up on an object passing from Taylor's hand into Young's during the handshake. Young quickly tucks it in his tights and heads for the ring.

4. Marked man "Gentleman" Chris Adams turned aside yet another one of Terry Taylor's bounty hunters by defeating "Gorgeous" Gary Young at 5:31. Young planted Adams with a Neckbreaker and then turned his back to retrieve the foreign object from his tights. The object turned out to be brass knucks. Young spun around to deliver the loaded knockout punch and was greeted by an Adam's Superkick to the jaw for the pinfall.

Taylor, who had joined Jim Ross & Joe Bryan at the announcers' table for the match, threw off his headset in disgust and beat a hasty retreat to the back as Chris Adams gave chase.

5. The Fabulous Freebirds (Michael P.S. Hayes & Buddy Roberts w/ Terry "Bam Bam" Gordy) over General Skandor Akbar's Devastation Incorporated ("Wild" Bill Irwin & Bad, Bad Leroy Brown) at 10:20. The devious Skandor Akbar attempted to blind Michael Hayes with a fireball, but Terry Gordy was able to grab just enough of Akbar's arm to redirect his aim. "Wild" Bill took the brunt of the flash instead and staggered right into a DDT from Hayes for the pinfall.

6. Steel Cage Main Event for the UWF Title. Challenger Steve "Dr. Death" Williams from the University of Oklahoma brought the Tulsa fans to their feet in a thunderous ovation by dethroning the reigning UWF Champion One Man Gang at 13:52. A missed 747 Splash off the top rope was the beginning of the end for the Champ. Williams then catapulted the Gang face-first into the cage wall and followed that up with his trademark Oklahoma Stampede (Running Powerslam) before climbing out to victory. "Dr. Death" is the Neeeeeeeewwwwwwww UWF Champion !! (Kudos to the One Man Gang who held the title for some 18 months !)
WWWF Results (Circa Mid to Late 70's) – The Spectrum, Philadelphia, PA. Att: 11,401.

Announcers: Dick Graham & Kal Rudman
Special Guest Ring Announcer: "The Voice of the Flyers" Gene Hart
Referees: John Stanley, Dick Kroll & Dusty Feldbaumer

1. Johnny Rivera pinned “Fabulous” Frank Monte in our opening contest at 6:40. The bleached blonde Monte scored some heel points with some rude remarks that he had made regarding “The City of Brotherly Love” during a pre-match promo with Kal Rudman. The Spectrum crowd was more than happy to see Fabulous Frank go down for the three count following a Running Senton Splash by Rivera.

2. Baron Scicluna over Frankie Williams at 4:05. To his credit, Williams did not fall for the Baron’s bogus handshake offer to start the match and caught Scicluna in an arm drag instead. Frankie continued to roll with a series of shoulder tackles off the ropes, but his flurry of offense was short-circuited when he missed on an elbow drop attempt. Scicluna then wore his opponent down with a barrage of rule-breaking tactics before finishing Williams off with a Loaded Punch.

3. Larry Zbyszko defeated “The Unpredictable” Johnny Rodz at 7:29. Rodz used the ropes quite effectively in this bout to help keep his foe off balance, however he may have gone to the well once too often. Johnny’s high risk leap found nothing but canvas after Zbyszko, who was playing possum, rolled out of the way at the last instant. Larry followed up with a Shoulderbreaker to gain the 1-2-3.

4. George “The Animal” Steele (w/ Captain Louis Albano) over “Flying” Fred Curry at 9:31. The Animal bolstered his points total quite significantly with a roll on his ample Cheating Modifier. Steele inflicted a great deal of damage with the use of a tongue depressor but always managed to conceal the object from Referee John Stanley’s detection. Curry tried to mount a comeback by reversing a corner whip, but ran full steam into a raised boot on his subsequent corner charge and was pinned with a hand full of tights moments later.

5. “High Chief” Peter Maivia beat “The Big Cat” Ernie Ladd (w/ The Grand Wizard of Wrestling) via DQ at 14:45. Ever the good sportsman, Maivia offered the Big Cat a handshake to begin the contest after Gene Hart’s match introductions and got a knee to the midsection for his trouble. Ladd was particularly vicious and brutal this evening and seemed to be on the verge of disqualification throughout the match. The Big Cat went too far, however, when he brought a folding chair into the ring and smashed it over Maivia’s noggin. Referee Dick Kroll immediately called for the bell.

6. A tag team contest pitting Dominic Denucci and Dino Bravo against “Hollywood Fashion Plate” Classy Freddie Blassie’s team from the Orient Mr. Fuji & Professor Toru Tanaka resulted in a Double Disqualification at 9:27. Bravo & Denucci were hoping to earn themselves another crack at the WWWF Tag Team Champion Valiant Brothers with a victory in this bout, but got caught up in a wild four man free-for-all in the ring. Referee Dusty Feldbaumer’s numerous attempts to restore order were ignored prompting the official to DQ both teams.

7. “Cowboy” Bobby Duncum (w/ Captain Louis Albano) over “The 8th Wonder of the World” Andre the Giant in the Main Event at 16:01. Andre has been anxious to get his hands on Duncum ever since the ornery cowboy busted him open with a cowbell smash during the Giant’s match with Ken Patera a few weeks ago in the Boston Garden. Duncum wasted no time in ripping the bandage off Andre’s forehead and immediately went to work on the laceration. Before long, the Giant was bleeding once more. While a pair of Head Butts from Andre may have rocked the cowboy, they also opened the gash further. The Giant became blinded by his own blood prompting Referee John Stanley to stop the bout and examine the wound. The official deemed him unable to continue and awarded the contest to Duncum. Andre was livid and chased both Stanley & Duncum out of the ring.
WWWF Results (Circa Late 70's) - Bangor Auditorium, Bangor, ME. Att: 4,656.

Announcers: Frank Coutinho & “Matman” Robbie Ellis
Ring Announcer: Gary Cappetta
Referees: Dick Woehrle, Gilberto Roman & Billy Caputo

1. The masked El Olympico opened the show with a victory over Jose Estrada at 8:51. Estrada was able to ground Olympico’s aerial attack for most of the match, but became embroiled in a shouting match with commentator “Matman” Robbie Ellis. Jose finally turned around and was met by a flying Drop Kick to the mush. Olympico then finished him off with a slingshot splash into the ring from the apron.

2. “Philadelphia’s Favorite Son” S.D. “Special Delivery” Jones over “Pretty Boy” Larry Sharpe by referee’s decision. This evenly matched contest went to the 10:00 time limit after neither man could put their opponent away. Many in attendance expected Referee Gilberto Roman to declare the bout a draw, however the official raised Jones’ hand in victory after deeming S.D. as having the better of the action. Sharpe protested vehemently but Roman’s decision stood.

3. Mr. Fuji (w/ manager “Hollywood Fashion Plate” Classy Freddie Blassie) defeated “Quick Draw” Rick McGraw at 7:23. McGraw was clearly flustered after having his pre-match interview with Frank Coutinho interrupted by the cantankerous Blassie and never seemed to get himself back on track. Freddie also managed to sneak in a cheap shot with his teakwood cane that went undetected by Referee Billy Caputo. Quick Draw was ripe for the pickens and went down for the three count after sustaining Fuji’s Kamikaze Clothesline off the ropes.

4. Upon being introduced by Gary Cappetta, the popular young superstar from Montreal, Canada, Dino Bravo thanked the fans for their warm welcome over the house mic and rewarded the fans for their support with a win over the Golden Terror. The Terror, whose mannerisms in the ring suspiciously resemble those of “The Duke of Dorchester” Pete Dougherty, threatened to walk out on this match after nearly being unmasked by his opponent. Bravo stunned his foe with a Flying Head Scissors before pinning the Terror with an Airplane Spin at 5:12.

5. “Russian Bear” Ivan Koloff (w/ manager Captain Louis Albano) defeated Dominic Denucci via Count Out at 13:54. Captain Lou took his lumps in this bout and was knocked off the apron by a Denucci Double Chop, but his interference would make the difference once the action moved to the floor. Albano kept Referee Gilberto Roman occupied while Koloff ran Dominic head-first into the ring post. Denucci was unable to recover and failed to make Roman’s ten count.

6. Gorilla Monsoon teamed up with “Polish Power” Ivan Putski to face the Grand Wizard of Wrestling’s “Golden Grahams” (Superstar Billy Graham & Crazy Luke Graham) in a tag team contest. This was the first time that Putski and Monsoon have joined forces in the WWWF and it showed in the ring. The Grahams worked cohesively as a unit and dominated the proceedings accordingly. Monsoon caught a taped thumb jab to the throat from Crazy Luke OOR and was counted out by Referee Billy Caputo at 10:08.

7. There was no winner in the Main Event bout pitting “Olympic Strongman” Ken Patera against Pedro Morales. Pedro may have scored some bonus points for signing autographs for some youngsters prior to the bell, but his advantage was offset by a roll on Patera’s Strength Modifier. The stalemate reached its conclusion when a Morales’ Flying Body Press sent both men over the top rope and tumbling hard to the floor below. Neither Patera nor Morales could get themselves back inside the ring in time to make Referee Dick Woehrle’s ten count. The time of the match was 20:22.
WWWF Results (Circa Late 70's) - Civic Center, Baltimore, MD. Att: 6,531.

Commentators: Vince McMahon Jr.
Ring Announcer: Buddy Wagner
Referees: Jack Lotz, John Stanley & Mario Savoldi

1. Veteran Charlie Fulton from Marion, Ohio opened the show with a win over Steve King from Panama City, Panama at 4:33. Prior to the bout, King received a pep talk from Mil Mascaras in the locker room to help boost his confidence. The encouraging words worked initially, but Fulton’s savy won out in the end. Charlie was able to put on the brakes to thwart his opponent’s Back Body Drop attempt and caught King with a Swinging Neckbreaker to gain the pinfall.

2. Jose Estrada (w/ chip on his shoulder) defeated “Matman” Robbie Ellis (w/ yellow fisherman’s rain slicker and cap) via Count Out at 8:39. This was a grudge match of sorts stemming from an incident between the two competitors at the Bangor Auditorium a few weeks back. Wrestling holds were few and far in between during this slugfest. The battle ended up on the floor where Estrada bashed Robbie over the back with his own lobster trap. Ellis was unable to recover from the blow in time to make Referee John Stanley’s ten count.

3. Barefoot “Country Boy” Haystacks Calhoun over “Dynamite” Jack Evans (w/ “Pretty Boy” Larry Sharpe) at 9:55. This bout would have been over much quicker were it not for the frequent interference of Sharpe. Evans did manage to get the early jump on the Country Boy with a sneak attack while the 601lb Calhoun struggled to climb through the ropes for the match introductions. The brief flurry of offense was short lived, however. Haystacks dominated the action and even managed to corral Evans and Sharpe on the apron into a mighty noggin knocker that sent the Pretty Boy crashing hard to the floor below. Evans was pulverized with a Corner Avalanche moments later and pinned when Calhoun took a seat on his chest.

4. Chief Jay Strongbow & “High Chief” Peter Maivia topped Baron Scicluna & Butcher Vachon in tag team action. Vachon and Scicluna may have added some bonus heel points to their score by interrupting Strongbow and Maivia’s pre-match interview with Vince McMahon Jr. at ringside, but they also drew the wrath of their opponents in the process. Strongbow was especially intent on revenge and went on the warpath with his trademark war dance followed by a flurry of Tomahawk Chops and running Knee Lifts. It was nighty-night for Vachon once the Chief clamped his Sleeper Hold on the Butcher while Maivia battled with Scicluna on the floor. The time of the match was 6:46.

5. “Luscious” Johnny Valiant (w/ “Handsome” Jimmy Valiant and Captain Louis Albano) beat Tony Garea by Count Out at 9:22. Youngsters flocked around the popular native of Auckland New Zealand for an autograph before the opening bell to give Garea bonus points to work with, but Luscious Johnny’s corner men proved to be too much adversity for one man to overcome. Handsome Jimmy laid out Garea with a Chair Shot OOR while Captain Lou kept Referee John Stanley occupied. The oblivious Stanley raised Johnny’s hand in victory when Tony was unable to make the count.

6. “The Iron Greek” Spiros Arion (w/ “Hollywood Fashion Plate” Classy Freddie Blassie) over “The Man of a Thousand Masks” Mil Mascaras via Count Out at 19:42. As always, the high-flying Mexican superstar dazzled friends and foe alike with an array of aerial maneuvers. Clearly flustered and frustrated, Arion bailed from the ring on several occasions to regroup. Mascaras became fed up with the Iron Greek’s endless stalling and went out after him. To his credit, Arion had the wherewithal to avoid his adversary’s Flying Cross Body on the floor causing Mascaras to sail over the barricade railing and land in the crowd. The Man of a Thousand Masks became entangled in the spectators and their folding chairs and was counted out by Referee Mario Savoldi.

7. Bob Backlund defeated Big Bad Bobby Duncum (w/ Captain Louis Albano & “Olympic Strongman” Ken Patera) in the Main Event at 34:57. Fans were on their feet when “8th Wonder of the World” Andre the Giant (who has an axe to grind with Duncum) ambled down to ringside to be in Backlund’s corner for this contest. The Giant’s presence had a significant impact on Duncum’s inability to concentrate on the match. The ornery cowboy eventually found himself being hoisted up into his opponent’s trademark Atomic Spinebuster finisher prompting Patera to run into the ring and break up the maneuver with a high knee smash to Backlund’s back. Referee Jack Lotz immediately called for the bell and disqualified Duncum for the outside interference. The heels quickly bailed from the ring when Andre entered to clean house leaving Captain Lou to fend for himself. Albano was rocked by a pair of Head Butts before rolling himself OOR and staggering to the back.
WWWF Results (Circa Late 70's) - Capital Centre, Landover, MD. Att: 9,708.

Announcers: Vince McMahon
Ring Announcer: Joe McHugh
Referees: Dick Kroll, Wee Willie Weber & Dick Woehrle

1.”Flying” Fred Curry pinned Frank “Moose” Monroe in the opener at 4:50. Curry had to contend with the mysterious masked Golden Terror who came down to ringside to observe the match firsthand. It did not take long for the two to get into a confrontation. The Terror tried to help Monroe’s cause by handing him a folding chair after Referee Dick Kroll had been toppled to the canvas, but things backfired in a big way. Curry Drop Kicked the chair into Moose’s face and then knocked the Terror off the apron with a haymaker. Flying Fred quickly pounced on the KO’d Monroe just as Kroll was recovering from his earlier bump to count the 1-2-3.

2. Rene Goulet and Butcher Vachon battled to a Double Count Out at 9:15. This bout pitted Goulet’s ring savvy against the big Butcher’s size with neither competitor able to gain an edge. The two men took turns ramming each other’s foreheads into the steel barricade railing surrounding ringside as Referee Wee Willie Weber’s ten count ran out.

3. Mr. Fuji & Professor Toru Tanaka (w/ “Hollywood Fashion Plate” Classy Freddie Blassie) defeated the duo of S.D. “Special Delivery” Jones & Steve Travis in tag team action. Blassie’s team from the Orient took exception to a fan’s cardboard sign and tore it up as they made their way to the ring for the match introductions. Fuji and Tanaka earned a nice bonus of heel points for their conduct and parlayed that into a relatively dominant victory. Tanaka put Jones away with his Shinin No Maki Japanese Sleeper (Cobra Clutch) at 5:04.

4. Larry Zbyszko over the Golden Terror via DQ at 8:22. Although he was thoroughly out-wrestled by his opponent, the Terror managed to keep himself in this bout with the frequent use of a foreign object that he expertly hid from Referee Dick Kroll’s detection. Zbyszko was finally able to dislodge the weapon from the masked man’s grasp after a flurry of punches and seemed poised to put the match away after a devastating Shoulderbreaker, but he was jumped from behind by “Crazy” Luke Graham who came out of nowhere with a Double Axe Handle to the back. Zbyszko was able to beat off Graham’s attack and was awarded the victory for the outside interference.

5. “The Big Cat” Ernie Ladd (w/ the Grand Wizard of Wrestling) pinned Dominic Denucci in dubious fashion. The Big Cat padded his points total after lambasting the Capital Centre fans over the house mic prior to the bell. Ladd also received some help from his manager the Grand Wizard who slipped him some brass knucks while the two conferred in the corner. It was lights out for Denucci following a loaded punch to the jaw at 10:58.

6. “The One Man Riot Squad” Dick “The Bulldog” Brower (w/ Captain Louis Albano) defeated Gorilla Monsoon by way of Count Out at 10:04. Monsoon got a huge hand from the crowd during the match introductions, however his bonus points were offset by a big roll on Brower’s Cheating Modifier. It seemed inevitable that this contest would end up on the floor where the Bulldog is most proficient. Brower ran his adversary into the ring post while his manager kept Referee Dick Woehre occupied, and then landed a devastating Knee Drop from the apron to precipitate Monsoon’s count out.

7. WWWF World Champion Bruno Sammartino defended his title against Stan “The Man” Stasiak (w/ the Grand Wizard of Wrestling) in tonight’s Main Event. Stasiak proved to be a worthy contender for Bruno’s belt by battling the champion tooth and nail from the onset, but a costly mistake would ultimately decide the contest. Thinking that he had sufficiently weakened Sammartino with a Backbreaker across the knee, Stan the Man went up top for a high risk maneuver. His ill-fated leap was met with a raised boot to the chin, however, and enabled Bruno to gain the winning pinfall at 22:52. Bruno Sammartino retains the WWWF World Championship.
AWA Results (Circa Mid 80's) - Henry J. Kaiser Convention Center, Oakland, CA. Att: 4,626.

Announcers: Larry Nelson & Verne Gagne
Ring Announcer: "Slick" Mick Karch
Referees: Jim Bunning, Larry Lisowski & Rich Frisk

1. Apparently "Jamming" Mitch Snow brought his fan club with him to Oakland. The native of Mooresville, NC received bonus babyface points for a rousing ring entrance and went on to pin his opponent Tony Leone with the Slam Jam (Hip Toss Slam) off the ropes at 4:05.

2. Rick Gantner gave Big Scott Hall a run for his money before going down to the Hallbuster (Bulldog) at 6:37.

3. "Mr. Magnificent" Kevin Kelly (w/ Madusa Micelli & Nick Kiniski) defeated the Bay Area's own Anthony "Earthquake" Ferris at 6:11. Ferris was in the process of hoisting Kelly up for a Verticle Suplex when Kiniski reached in and pulled Earthquake's foot out from under him. Mr. Magnificent fell on top of big Anthony for the three count.

4. Nord the Barbarian needed some help from his manager Sheik Adnan El-Kaisee to beat Baron Von Raschke by Count Out at 8:20. Both men were on the verge of being counted out by Referee Rich Frisk as they battled around ringside. Nord was able to roll himself back inside the ring to beat the count but the Baron was not as fortunate. El-Kaisee grabbed Von Rashke's foot to prevent him from re-entering in time.

5. "High Flyer" Greg Gagne & "Olympian" Brad Rheingans defeated "Playboy" Buddy Rose & "Pretty Boy" Doug Somers (w/ Manageress Sherri Martel) at 10:53. Rose was caught in the Gagne Sleeper Hold and slugged Referee Larry Lisowski to save himself from the submission and draw the disqualification.

6. AWA World Title Match. Champion Rick Martel and his challenger "Living Legend" Larry Zbyszko were both counted out by Referee Jim Bunning at 12:29. Both men took a beating on the floor. The champion had his head rammed into the wooden ring steps while Zbyszko ended up in the first row of spectators after being Drop Kicked over the barricade railing by Martel. Rick Martel retains the AWA Title.
ESPN presents the AWA (Circa Mid 80's) from the Tropicana Hotel Casino, Atlantic City, NJ. Att: 3,971.

Announcers: Ken Resnick & Greg Gagne
Ring Announcer: Larry Nelson
Referees: Gary DeRusha, Scott Ledoux & Marty Miller

1. "Pretty Boy" Doug Somers (w/ "Playboy" Buddy Rose) beat Jake "The Milkman" Milliman at 3:46. This match was almost overshadowed by the charismatic Buddy Rose and his antics both in and out of the ring. Somers went on to pin the Milkman with a Shoulderbreaker.

2. "Crusher" Jerry Blackwell showed amazing agility for a big man with a Standing Drop Kick that leveled veteran Dennis Stamp. Blackwell then hit a Running Powerslam that shook the ring followed by a Big Splash for the three count at 5:53. Stamp had to be peeled off the canvas after the match.

3. Ladies Title Match. "Cowgirl" Wendi Richter successfully defended her belt against the Magnificent Mimi. Mimi was stunned after running into a raised knee on a corner charge. Richter finished off her dazed opponent with a Bulldog at 6:30. Wendi Richter retains the Ladies' Title.

4. The popular duo of "Polish Prince" Steve Olsonoski & "Olympian" Brad Rheingans defeated the Russians (Alexis Smirnoff & Yuri Gordyenko) at 8:47. Rheingans came off the 2nd rope with The Bullet (Flying Shoulder Tackle) to pin Smirnoff after the Russians were whipped into one another from opposite corners of the ring.

5. AWA TV Title Match. Champion Mr. Saito received a helping hand from his manager Sheik Adnan El-Kaisee to defeat his challenger David Sammartino at 7:56. El-Kaisee reached into the ring and pulled Sammartino's foot out from under him as the challenger was lifting his opponent up for a Verticle Suplex. Saito fell on top for the cover and El-Kaisee held Sammartino's foot down to secure the pin. Mr. Saito retains the Televison Title.

6. "The Mercenary from South Africa" Colonel DeBeers (w/ Twirling Mustache & Swagger Stick) was disqualified in the Main Event against Robbinsdale, Minnesota's own Curt Hennig at 9:24. DeBeers unwrapped some tape from around his wrist and proceeded to choke out Hennig on the mat with it. Referee Marty Miller was laying the five count on DeBeers to make him break the hold when "The Champion of Apartheid" abruptly slugged him to draw the DQ. DeBeers then went right back to the chokehold prompting Greg Gagne to leave the broadcast table and come to Hennig's defense.
ESPN presents the AWA (Circa Mid 80's) - Halenbeck Hall, St. Cloud, MN. Att: 3,195.

Announcers: Larry Nelson & Nick Bockwinkel
Ring Announcer: "Slick" Mick Karch
Referees: Gary DeRusha, Doug Gilbert & Larry Lisowski

1. "California Kid" Tommy Jammer was able to sidestep a corner charge by Tom "Rocky" Stone and pin his dazed opponent with a Schoolboy Roll Up from behind at 4:08.

2. Jumbo Tsuruta and "Beach Boy" Sonny Rogers put on a refreshing exhibition of scientific wrestling for the fans of St. Cloud. Tsuruta was able to duck a Flying Cross Body Press by Rogers and finish him off with a Leaping Knee Drop for the pinfall at 5:22. Both men shook hands before and after the match and received a nice ovation from the crowd.

3. The self-professed "Canada's Greatest Athlete" Nick Kiniski (w/ Madusa Micelli & "Mr. Magnificent" Kevin Kelly) was disqualified by Referee Larry Lisowski in his match against one half of the AWA World Tag Team Champions, Shawn Michaels of the Midnight Rockers at 7:39. Kelly raced into the ring to break up the pin and draw the DQ after Michaels connected with a Superkick to the mush on Kiniski.

4. The Mongolian Stomper (w/ Sheik Adnan El-Kaisee) over Big Otto Wanz by Count Out at 7:50. As the action spilled OOR and onto the floor, El-Kaisee hit Wanz from behind with his sheathed Arabian sword sending the big man crashing into the wooden ring steps. Wanz was down and out for the ten count.

5. "Living Legend" Larry Zbyszko and his Ninja Mr. Go defeated the team of Curt Hennig & Scott Hall at 12:04. Scott Hall flattened Go with his Hallbuster Bulldog out of the corner and was going for the pin when Zbyszko ran in and bashed Hall from behind with the Ninja's nunchucks. Curt Hennig was frantically trying to get Referee Gary DeRusha to turn around but by the time he did, Mr. Go had reversed the pin on Hall for the three count.

6. "High Flyer" Greg Gagne over the Wildman from Borger, TX, Stan "The Lariat" Hansen by DQ at 9:16. Gagne kept the ornery Cowboy off balance with his aerial assault and hopped on Hansen's back to apply the trademark Gagne Sleeper Hold. Hansen dumped Gagne over the top rope in desperation to draw the disqualification from Referee Doug Gilbert.
ESPN presents the AWA (Circa Mid 80's) - La Crosse Center, La Crosse, WI. Att: 5,816.

Announcers: Rod Trongard & Verne Gagne
Special Guest Ring Announcer: "Dapper" Dave Prill
Referees: Robert Warren, Scott Ledoux & Gary DeRusha

1. Minneapolis, MN's "Z Man" Tom Zenk overcame a pre-match sneak attack to defeat veteran Tony Leone at 5:11. Zenk scored the pinfall with a Sunset Flip off the second rope after Leone had missed a corner charge and crashed into the turnbuckle.

2. Rick Renslow was able to daze Anthony "Earthquake" Ferris by bashing him with his Alaskan War Club after Referee Scott Ledoux had been toppled to the canvas, but it was not enough to pull out a victory. Ferris rebounded from the smash to put Renslow away with his Ferris Wheel (Airplane Spin) at 6:03.

3. Alexis Smirnoff (w/ Yuri Gordyenko) beat "Polish Prince" Steve Olsonoski via Count Out at 7:47. Smirnoff tossed Steve O out of the ring and distracted Referee Gary DeRusha while his tag team partner Yuri Gordyenko gave Olsonoski a Hot Shot onto the steel barricade railing around ringside. The Polish Prince could not recover in time to make DeRusha's ten count.

4. "Mr. Electricity" Steve Regal proved to be a real test for Curt Hennig. Regal combined his speed and agility with a healthy dose of cheating to nearly pin Hennig on multiple occassions. Mr. Electricity was going for a Backslide when Hennig reversed the maneuver to surprise Regal with the pinfall at 9:32.

5. All heck broke loose in the match between the Long Riders ("Wild" Bill & Scott "Hog" Irwin) and the tandem of "Crusher" Jerry Blackwell & Baron Von Raschke. Referee Robert Warren had no choice but to call for the bell when chairs were brought into the mayhem. The match was thrown out at 7:48.

6. Manageress "Sensational" Sherri Martel was instrumental in "Playboy" Buddy Rose's victory over Big Scott Hall in the Main Event. Hall was standing on the second rope and giving the Playboy ten punches in the corner as the crowd counted along when Martel sprayed him in the eyes with perfume. Rose then gave his blinded opponent a Reverse Atomic Drop and pinned Hall with both feet on the ropes for leverage. (Note: Buddy Rose was very agitated indeed when Ring Announcer Dave Prill introduced him as weighing "271 lbs". The Playboy pointed out that the numbers had merely been transposed and insisted that Dave re-introduce him as weighing in at a trim "217 lbs". Dave rolled his eyes and reluctantly acquiesced.)
WWE Raw is War Results (Circa 2002) - America West Arena, Phoenix, AZ. Att: 13,477.

Announcers: Jim Ross & Jerry "The King" Lawler
Ring Announcer: Lilian Garcia
Referees: Jack Doane, Charles Robinson & Chad Patton

1. Tajiri (w/ Geisha Girl Torrie Wilson) pinned Scotty 2 Hotty with the Buzzsaw Kick to the head at 4:25. Tajiri was very mean to Torrie and ordered her around in Japanese.

2. Snobby Tough Enough alumni Christopher Nowinski defeated his mentor Al Snow at 9:20. Nowinski slipped on his Harvard Class Ring and caught Snow flush on the jaw with a loaded uppercut. He then finished off Snow with the Harvard Buster (Full Nelson Facebuster) for the winning pin.

3. Mixed Tag Match. Steven Richards & Victoria over Spike Dudley & "The Queen of Dudleyville" Stacy Keibler at 5:23. Victoria pinned Stacy with a roll up and a handful of tights.

4. Batista pinned Justin Credible after a Low Blow at 4:13. Batista was distracted throughout this match by the presence of Rob Van Dam who had come down to ringside to scout him. Credible had several near pinfalls before the Low Blow did him in.

5. Big Show & X-Pac defeated Booker T & Goldust at 9:20. Big Show grabbed a cup of beer from a fan at ringside and threw it in Goldust's face while Referee Chad Patton was sending Booker T back to his corner. X-Pac then cradled the blinded Goldust for the pinfall.

6. Jeff Hardy over William Regal via Count Out at 12:10. With William Regal on the floor jawing with the fans, Hardy flew through the ropes and crashed onto Regal OOR with a suicide dive. The momentum of the maneuver sent Regal flying into the camera crew where he became entangled in their various wires and cables. Regal could not free himself in time to make Referee Charles Robinson's ten count.

7. In the Main Event, "The Cerebral Assassin" Triple H defeated Rob Van Dam at 18:22. RVD caught Helmsley with the Rolling Thunder and hopped up to the top rope to set up for the Five-Star Frog Splash, but Batista ran down to ringside and pushed him off before he could deliver the finisher. RVD took a nasty spill and fell awkwardly to the canvas. Triple H got to his feet and finshed off Van Dam with the Pedigree for the pin.
WWE Smackdown ! Results (Circa 2002) - Philips Arena, Atlanta, GA. Att: 12,983.

Announcers: Michael Cole & Tazz
Ring Announcer: Tony Chimel
Referees: Jimmy Kordaris, Brian Hebner & Mike Chioda

1. Shannon Moore pinned Rico (Constantino) (w/ Miss Jackie Gayda) with an Inside Cradle at 8:02. Rico was caught off guard conferring with Miss Jackie in the corner.

2. Sean O'Haire (w/ "Rowdy" Roddy Piper) defeated Bill Demott (WCW's Hugh Morrus) at 6:26. O'Haire pinned Demott with his Widowmaker finisher (Reverse Death Valley Driver).

3. Jazz (w/ Theodore Long) over Ivory at 4:14. Ivory was distracted by Theodore Long up on the apron and was rolled up from behind with a handful of tights for the pin.

4. Eugene Dinsmore defeated "Redd Dog" Rodney Mack (w/ Theodore Long) at 9:45. Long once again tried to interfere but this time it backfired as Eugene threw Rodney Mack into him. A dazed Mack stumbled right into the Eugene Bottom (Rock Bottom) for the pin. (Eugene often uses famous WWE superstars finishers for his own.)

5. "The World's Strongest Man" Mark Henry & D'Lo Brown over Team Angle (Shelton Benjamin & Charlie Haas w/ Kurt Angle) by DQ at 11:16. Referee Brian Hebner caught Kurt Angle throwing a handful of powder into D'Lo Brown's face and called for the disqualification.

6. "Latino Heat" Eddie Guerrero (w/ nephew Chavo Guerrero Jr.) defeated Rey Mysterio Jr. at 9:36. Chavo reached into the ring and tripped Rey coming off the ropes. Eddie then finished Mysterio off with the Frog Splash for the winning pin.

7. In the Main Event, the "Texas Rattlesnake" Stone Cold Steve Austin over Chris Jericho at 19:14. Jericho found a crowbar under the ring and tried to bash Austin with it while Referee Jimmy Kordaris was down. Austin was able to pry it away from him and KO'd Jericho with his own weapon. Kordaris recovered in time to crawl over and count the pin.
WWE Raw is War Results (Circa 2002) - National Car Rental Center, Fort Lauderdale, FL. Att: 11,975.

Announcers: Jim Ross & Jerry "The King" Lawler
Ring Announcer: Lilian Garcia
Referees: Nick Patrick, Charles Robinson & Jack Doane

1. Triple Threat Match.
Maven vs. Tajiri (w/ Geisha Torrie Wilson) vs. Steven Richards (w/ Victoria)
Richards pinned Maven with a Low Blow at 5:16. Victoria held Tajiri's foot to prevent him from crawling over to break up the pin.

2. Lita over Trish Stratus at 9:42 with a Roll Up after Trish missed a corner charge and found nothing but turnbuckle.

3. Raven pinned Justin Credible with a handful of tights at 6:13.

4. "The Big Valbowski" Val Venis over A-Train (Albert) at 5:13. Venis pinned the big man with the Money Shot (Diving Splash off the top rope).

5. Booker T defeated Test (w/ Stacy Kiebler) at 6:10. Booker T Drop Kicked Test into Stacy who was up on the apron. Booker then pinned the woozy Test with a School Boy Roll Up from behind.

6. Six Man Tag Match.

A.P.A. (Bradshaw & Faarooq) & the Godfather vs. The Dudley Boyz (Bubba Ray, D-Von & Spike w/ "The Queen of Dudleyville" Stacy Kiebler).
The A.P.A. and the Godfather prevailed in this hard fought tag contest at 18:32. Bradshaw nearly took little Spike out of his boots with the Clothesline from hell for the winning pinfall.

7. In the Main Event, The Rock defeated Big Show at 14:18. Mr. McMahon appeared on the Titan Tron Screen mid-match berating both men in the ring. He accused Big Show of being over-rated for a man of his size and then suggested that the Rock's heart was no longer in wrestling but rather in Hollywood instead. Rock responded by immediately Backsliding the surprised Big Show for the pin and then running backstage to confront McMahon. We see a closing shot of the Rock standing outside with his hands on his hips watching Mr. McMahon's limo speed off into the night.
WWE Smackdown ! Results (Circa 2002) - Skyreach Centre, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Att: 9,471.

Announcers: Michael Cole & Tazz
Ring Announcer: Tony Chimel
Referees: Mike Chioda, Jimmy Kordaris, Mike Sparks

1. B2 (Bull Buchanan) defeated Perry Saturn via Count Out at 2:21. With both men battling OOR, Buchanan pulled some Brass Knucks out of his tights and KO'd Saturn for the count out.

2. Jacqueline pinned Nidia (w/ Jamie Noble) with a Roundhouse Kick to the head at 3:22.

3. Chavo Guerrero Jr. (w/ "Latino Heat" Eddie Guerrero) over the Hurricane at 6:45. Uncle Eddie tripped the Hurricane while Chavo Guerrero distracted Referee Mike Sparks. Chavo then finished off the Hurricane with the Gory Bomb (Crucifix Facebuster Drop) for the pin.

4. "Un-American" Lance Storm (w/ Christian) pinned Rikishi with both feet on the ropes for leverage at 9:16. Big pop from the Edmonton crowd for Canadian Lance Storm despite him being the heel in the match.

5. F.B.I. (Nunzio & Johnny Stamboli) defeated the Hollys (Hardcore & Crash w/ Molly) at 7:01. Nunzio pinned Crash with the Sicilian Slice (Diving Bulldog Leg Drop).

6. "Man-Beast" Rhyno over "Un-American" Christian (w/ Lance Storm) by DQ at 12:55. Referee Jimmy Kordaris caught Storm jabbing his Canadian Flag Pole into Rhyno's ribs and immediately called for the bell.

7. In the Main Event, "Olympian" Kurt Angle over "Rabid Wolverine" Chris Benoit at 16:00. Angle slipped out of the Crippler Crossface and made Benoit tap out to the Ankle Lock Submission. "Boos !!" resounded in the Skyreach Centre as the Edmonton fans went home disappointed with hometown hero Chris Benoit's defeat.
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