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GV's Other UQ Wrestling Results


1. "Dr. Death" Steve Williams
2. Butch Reed
3. "Unpredictable" Dick Slater
4. Dick Murdoch
5. Ted Dibiase
6. "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan
7. Terry "Bam Bam" Gordy
8. Big Bubba Rogers
9. "Ugandan Giant" Kamala
10. The Missing Link

TV CHAMPION (Uncrowned)

1. "Hot Stuff" Eddie Gilbert
2. "Timekeeper" Mike George
3. Porkchop Cash
4. Sting
5. "Jumping" Joe Savoldi


1. Lightning Express (Brad Armstrong & "White Lightning" Tim Hoerner
2. Fabulous Freebirds (Michael P.S. Hayes & Buddy Roberts)
3. Fantastics (Bobby Fulton & Tommy Rogers)
4. Dynamic Duo ("Gentleman" Chris Adams & Terry Taylor)
5. Samoan Swat Team (Fatu & Samu)


1. "Dr. Death" Steve Williams
2. "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan
3. Butch Reed
4. Ted Dibiase
5. Shane Douglas


1. "Hot Stuff" Eddie Gilbert
2. Dick Murdoch
3. "Unpredictable" Dick Slater
4. "Timekeeper" Mike George
5. "Gorgeous Rookie" Gary Young
WWWF Championship Wrestling Program Results (Circa Late 70's), WOR-9 - Agricultural Hall, Allentown, PA. Att: 1,496.

Announcers: Vince McMahon & Bruno Sammartino
Promotor: Phil Zacko
Supervised by the Pennsylvania State Athletic Commission
Chief Deputy Commissioner: Nick Santoro
Chairman: Howard McCall
Doctor in Attendance at Ringside: Dr. George Zahorian
Timekeeper at the Bell: Mike Mittman
Referees: Dick Woehrle, "Wee" Willie Weber & Billy Caputo
Ring Announcer: Gary Cappetta

"The following program requires discretionary viewer participation."

1. "Crazy" Luke Graham from Atlanta, GA (w/ taped thumb and the Grand Wizard of Wrestling) defeated Steve King from Panama City, Panama at 2:42. "Crazy" Luke grabbed his opponent in a side headlock and jabbed his taped thumb into King's throat leading to the pinfall.

2. The bout between the popular Hawaiian Dean Ho and "Continental Nobleman" Joe Turco from Catania, Sicily, was declared a "No Contest" by Referee Billy Caputo at 8:48 when the match was abruptly interrupted by a brawling Pat Patterson and Dino Bravo. Vince McMahon was conducting a ringside interview with Patterson regarding his confrontation with Bravo last week. Patterson called the young Canadian "a punk with no respect for his elders". McMahon tried to reason with Patterson by saying that Bravo bumped into him accidently, but the hot-headed Patterson would hear none of it. He challenged Bravo to a match next week on television. Patterson then tossed a bar of soap to McMahon and told Bravo to take a shower because he "smelled like a pig". Bravo could stand no more and raced out to ringside where he tossed Patterson into the ring and unloaded with a barrage of punches right in the middle of the Ho/Turco match.

3. "The One Man Riot Squad" Dick "The Bulldog" Brower (w/ "The Guiding Light" Captain Louis Albano) pinned Johnny Rivera with a Knee Drop off the top rope at 7:02. The annoying Albano blew on a whistle throughout the contest.

4. "Polish Power" Ivan Putski from Krakow, Poland pinned Tank Patton from Kansas City, MO with the Polish Hammer off the ropes at 8:27.

5. The team of Larry Zbyszko & Tony Garea over the tandem of "Pretty Boy" Larry Sharpe and "Dynamite" Jack Evans at 8:22. With all four men battling in the ring and Jack Evans attempting to body slam Zbyszko, Tony Garea drop kicked his partner on top of Evans for the winning pin.

6. In the Main Event, Bob Backlund defeated Mr. Fuji (w/ "Hollywood" Fashion Plate" Classy Freddie Blassie) with the Delayed Atomic Spinebuster at 12:42. After the bout, Backlund was flocked by adoring youngsters seeking an autograph.
WWWF Results (Circa Late 70's) - The Spectrum, Philadelphia, PA. Att: 12,005.

Announcers: Dick Graham & Kal Rudman
Special Guest Ring Announcer: "The Voice of the Flyers" Gene Hart
Referees: John Stanley, "Tough" Tony Altimore & Jack Lotz

(Kate Smith's "God Bless America" was played instead of the National Anthem prior to the wrestling action.)

1. Promising youngster Steve Travis defeated Sylvano Sousa with the Abdominal Stretch at 5:05.

2. "The Iron Greek" Spiros Arion (w/ "Hollywood Fashion Plate" Classy Freddie Blassie) over Manuel Soto by submission with an Over-the-Shoulder Backbreaker at 7:04.

3. The team of "Chief" Jay Strongbow & "High Chief" Peter Maivia defeated the tandem of "The Unpredictable" Johnny Rodz & Jose Estrada at 4:12. Maivia pinned Rodz with a Flying Tackle off the ropes.

4. "The Man of a Thousand Masks" Mil Mascaras pinned fellow masked man The Golden Terror (hailing from the Amazon Region of South America no less !) with a Diving Cross Body Press off the top rope. After the bout, Mascaras attempted to reveal the identity of his opponent but the Terror was able to escape the ring with his mask still intact. It should be noted that the Terror's mannerisms in the ring were reminiscent of none other than that of "The Duke of Dorchester" himself Pete Doherty. Hmmmm....

5. Dominic Denucci from Pittsburgh, PA defeated George "Tha Animal" Steele from Detroit, MI (w/ Captain Louis Albano) by DQ at 12:48. The Animal went from gnawing on turnbuckle pads to gnawing on Denucci's forehead and refused to stop on Referee John Stanley's five count prompting the disqualification. Denucci was lacerated and needed medical attention following the match. Ironically enough, Steele used a tongue depressor on Denucci throughout the bout but was never caught using the weapon by Stanley.

6. Steel Cage Match. "The Tasmanian Devil" Terry O'Reilly vs. Dave "The Hammer" Schultz did not take place. Instead, we were treated to Dino Bravo trying to settle the score with veteran rival Pat Patterson from San Francisco, CA. Bravo carried the match and bloodied his opponent by repeatedly running Patterson face-first into the cage walls. Unfortunately for the young superstar from Montreal, the force of his Drop Kick propelled Patterson through the door of the cage and out onto the floor for the rather dubious victory.

7. Gorilla Monsoon had his hands full with Killer Kowalski (w/ the sequin turbaned Grand Wizard of Wrestling). Kowalski repeatedly dipped down into the tights for a hidden foreign object which he used to bust Gorilla wide open. Monsoon bled profusely and Referee Jack Lotz called for the bell at 21:40. There was confusion in the ring as to the official decision. Thinking the match had been stopped due to blood, Kowalski celebrated in the ring until Gene Hart announced that Monsoon was the victor by disqualification due to the foreign object.
WWWF Results (Circa Late 70's) - St. Mary's High School Gymnasium, South Amboy, NJ. Att: 710

Ring Announcer: Town Selectman Vincent Corso
Referee: "Tough" Tony Altimore

1. "Olympic Strongman" Ken Patera clamped his Swinging Full Nelson onto Pinky Larsen for the submission victory at 2:32.

2. "Irish" Pat Barrett over Tony Russo with a Sunset Flip off the ropes at 2:50 after Russo tucked his head too soon on a Back Body Drop attempt.

3. Professor Toru Tanaka defeated S.D. "Special Delivery" Jones with the Shinin No Maki Japanese Sleeper Hold (Cobra Clutch) at 6:55.

4. The team of Louis Cerdan & Tony Parisi beat the tandem of Tank Patton & Rocky Tamayo at 9:17. Parisi pinned Tamayo with the Cannonball (Senton Splash) off the top rope.

5. Victor Rivera pinned Baron Mikel Scicluna with a surprise Roll Up from behind at 11:16 while Scicluna was jawing with Referee Tony Altimore.

6. In the Main Event, Tony Garea from Auckland, New Zealand over Stan "The Man" Stasiak from Buzzard's Creek, Oregon by DQ at 9:55. Tony Altimore called for the bell when Stasiak grabbed Garea in a blatant chokehold in the corner and refused to break on the five count.

After the match, the two wrestlers continued to battle out into the hallway outside of the school's administration offices. Sister Beatrice McGuire, who was burning the midnight oil in her classroom grading students' exams from earlier in the day, heard the ruckus and poked her head out to investigate the cause of the disturbance. Upon seeing Stasiak and Garea exchanging punches outside her door by the water fountain, Sister McGuire became quite cross and chased them back down the hallway with a yard stick. Garea and Stasiak fled inside the safety of the locker room after being repeatedly stung by the large ruler's wrath.
WWWF Championship Wrestling Results (Circa Late 70's) WOR-9 - Agricultural Hall, Allentown, PA. Att: 2,316.

Announcer: Vince McMahon Jr.
Ring Announcer: Gary Cappetta
Referees: Dick Woehrle, John Stanley & Gilberto Roman

1. "Flying" Fred Curry defeated Gypsy Rodriguez with a Flying Cross Body Press off the ropes at 4:47.

2. "Crazy" Luke Graham (w/ The Grand Wizard of Wrestling in sequin turban and sunglasses) pinned "Quick Draw" Rick McGraw with a side headlock and a jab to to the throat with a hidden foreign object at 3:39. The fans serenaded the tempermental Graham with chants of "Crazy Luke ! Crazy Luke !" despite the Wizard's attempts to quiet the crowd.

3. Dominic Denucci put away Sylvano Sousa with his patented Airplane Spin at 4:20.

We were next treated to a special segment in which Olympic Strongman Ken Patera entered the ring with Vince McMahon to perform feats of strength for the fans. The unappreciative spectators constantly heckled him to which Patera grabbed the mic and bellowed "The people of Pennsylvania are sickening !" Patera threatened to leave but McMahon implored him to press on.

Patera explained that he would be appearing on NBC's Sports Spectacular "World's Strongest Man Competition" which earned him more catcalls from the hostile audience. Once again McMahon had to appease the strongman and convince him to continue with his demonstration. Patera reluctantly agreed and began by jamming steel spikes through a mahogany plank with his bare hand. Next, he tore a phone book in half followed by bending a steel bar behind his neck.

His final "feat of strength" would be to blow up a hot water bottle until it popped. The fans piped up again and Patera became irate. "How are your lungs ?? Probably all filled with cigarette smoke !!" he shouted. Patera bantered with the fans a little longer before finally snatching the water bottle out of McMahon's hand and puffing into it. Slowly but surely it inflated with each breath before ultimately popping. Patera seemed stunned and staggered around the ring. McMahon tried to steady the strongman and checked to see if he was alright. Patera regained his senses and began flexing his muscles and jawing with the fans once more as we cut away to a commercial.

4. The popular duo of "Chief" Jay Strongbow & "High Chief" Peter Maivia defeated the tandem of "Pretty Boy" Larry Sharpe & "Dynamite" Jack Evans at 8:42. Maivia pinned Evans with a Flying Tackle off the ropes.

5. Nothing was settled between Victor Rivera and Tor Kamata (w/ "Hollywood Fashion Plate" Classy Freddie Blassie) as the two men took their battle out on the floor while Referee John Stanley administered the ten count and called the match at 12:48.

6. In the Main Event, Waldo Von Erich (w/ German WWII helmet and Freddie Blassie) defeated "Polish Power" Ivan Putski via Count Out at 14:07. During OOR action, Von Erich choked out Putski with Gary Cappetta's microphone cord and then bashed him in the head with his helmet while Freddie Blassie kept Referee Dick Woehrle occupied. "Polish Power" was down and out for the count as Woehrle awarded the decision to the hated Von Erich.
WWWF Results (Circa Late 70's) - Mid-Hudson Civic Center, Poughkeepsie, NY. Att: 2,919.

Announcer: Vince McMahon Jr.
Ring Announcer: Gary Cappetta
Referees: Dick Woehrle & Gilberto Roman

1. George "The Animal" Steele (w/ "The Guiding Light" Captain Louis Albano) over Frank Williams from Columbus, OH by submission with the Flying Hammerlock at 4:21. The Animal spent a good portion of this match gnawing on a turnbuckle pad and then raking Frankie's face with the stuffing while Captain Lou, sporting an open Hawaiian shirt and puffing away on a cigar, jawed with the fans at ringside. Steele chased Ring Announcer Gary Cappetta from the ring both before and after the bout.

2. Popular Canadian Dino Bravo defeated Doug "Gashouse" Gilbert with the Airplane Spin at 5:26.

3. "Rawbone" Swede Hansen (w/ "Hollywood Fashion Plate" Classy Freddie Blassie) toyed with Johnny Rivera for 3:56 before finally pinning him with a Piledriver.

4. "Special Midgets Attraction" Cowboy Lang & Pepe Gonzalez defeated Little Tokyo & Lord Littlebrook at 6:04. Referee Dick Woehrle seemed to get the worst of this match as the little people had their share of fun with the official. Pepe Gonzalez pinned Little Tokyo with a Sunset Flip.

5. "The Unpredictable" Johnny Rodz got some unexpected help from the equally unpredictable George "The Animal" Steele to defeat Steve Travis via Count Out at 5:31. The Animal returned to ringside with a trash can and caused a major disturbance around the announcers' table. It didn't take long for Steele to get into it with Steve Travis who had been tossed out of the ring by Johnny Rodz and was struggling to get back to his feet on the floor. Travis was finally able to fend off the Animal but not before Referee Gilberto Roman reached the ten count and called for the bell.

6. Freddie Blassie's tandem of Mr. Fuji & Professor Toru Tanaka were defeated by the team of Tony Garea & Larry Zbyszko at 8:04. Tanaka had lifted Zbyszko for an apparent Body Slam when Garea entered the ring and Drop Kicked his partner on top of the Professor for the three count.

7. In the Main Event, "The Eighth Wonder of the World" Andre the Giant over "The Big Cat" Ernie Ladd (w/ the Grand Wizard of Wrestling) at 11:45. Andre caught Ladd with a Big Boot to the mush off the ropes and then sat on his opponent's chest while Referee Dick Woehrle administered the three count.
WCW/n.W.o. (Circa Mid to Late 90's) Monday Night Nitro Results - Thompson-Boling Arena, Knoxville, TN. Att: 12,815.

Announcers: Tony Schiavone & Bobby "The Brain" Heenan
Ring Announcer: Dave Penzer
Referees: Scott Dickinson & Nick Patrick

1. Ultimo Dragon over "Mr. World Class" Chip Minton by submission with the Dragon Sleeper at 2:01.

2. David Flair (w/ Daffney Unger) defeated Silver King at 4:51. David bashed Silver King from behind with a crowbar while Daffney distracted Referee Nick Patrick. Daffney's constant screaming at ringside also gave David an edge in this match up.

3. Disco Inferno (w/ the Mamalukes) pinned "The Ragin' Cajun" Lash Leroux with the Last Dance (Stone Cold Stunner) at 4:05.

4. "Lionheart" Chris Jericho (w/ "Head of Security" Ralphus) pinned Chavo Guerrero Jr. with both feet on the ropes for leverage after Chavito missed a corner charge. The dimwitted Ralphus attempted to point out the rules infraction to Referee Scott Dickinson but was quickly wisked away by Jericho.

5. The Mamalukes (Big Vito & Johnny "The Bull" Stamboli w/ Tony Marinara) defeated Harlem Heat (Booker T & Stevie Ray w/ Sister Sherri) at 13:11. Marinara took one for the team as he was leveled by a Stevie Ray haymaker up on the apron. Johnny the Bull seized the moment with a quick roll up on Stevie and secured the pin with a handful of tights.

6. "The Dog-Faced Gremlin" Rick Steiner pinned the n.W.o.'s Scott "Flash" Norton (w/ Vincent) with the Steiner Driver (Death Valley Driver) at 11:46.

7. In the Main Event, Diamond Dallas Page over the n.W.o.'s Scott Hall (w/ "Big Sexy" Kevin Nash) at 13:20. With Referee Nick Patrick down on the canvas, Kevin Nash tried to zap DDP with Hall's Taser Stick but inadvertently got Scott with it instead. Page quickly made the cover as Patrick crawled over to count the pin. It was a rough night for the n.W.o.
WCW/n.W.o. (Circa Mid to Late 90's) Monday Night Nitro Results - Florida State Fairgrounds, Tampa, FL. Att: 5,179.

Announcers: Tony Schiavone & Bobby "The Brain" Heenan
Ring Announcer: Dave Penzer
Referees: Charles Robinson & Johnny Boone

1. Tank Abbott defeated El Dandy after a Knockout Punch at 3:12. Abbott used a handful of tights to secure the pin.

2. Evan Karagias (w/ fellow Three Count members "Sugar" Shane Helms & Shannon Moore) over Psicosis by DQ at 4:45. With Referee Johnny Boone down on the mat, Shannon Moore tried to bash Psicosis with one of Three Count's green dancing circles but the masked luchador managed to get an arm up to shield himself from the blow. Psicosis then grabbed the circle away from Moore and cleaned house by bopping all three members of the boy band with the object. Unfortunately for Psicosis, Johnny Boone recovered to see the luchador holding the circle and disqualified him.

After the bout, Three Count performed their song "Girl, I Just Gotta Get Into Your Pants" until Psicosis Drop Kicked Karagias out of the ring and sent Helms and Moore over the top rope with a Double Clothesline.

3. High Voltage (Kenny Kaos & Robbie Rage) upset "Mouth of the South" Jimmy Hart's Faces of Fear (Meng & the Barbarian) by DQ at 7:39. The Barbarian grabbed Robbie Rage in a blatant chokehold and refused to release it by Referee Charles Robinson's five count for the disqualification.

4. Hardcore Match. "Middle-Aged Crazy" Terry Funk pinned "The Belfast Bruiser" David "Fit" Finlay at 9:35 after a Texas Piledriver through a table.

5. "Crippler" Chris Benoit over Ernest "The Cat" Miller (w/ red martial arts slippers & Sonny Onoo) at 8:27. Chris Benoit sent "The Cat" crashing into his manager Sonny Onoo who had climbed up on the apron. Benoit then cradled the dazed Miller for the pinfall.

6. Raven defeated Perry Saturn with a handful of tights at 10:38 after Saturn missed a corner charge and crashed shoulder-first into the ring post.

7. The n.W.o.'s "Hollywood" Hulk Hogan defeated long-time nemisis "Rowdy" Roddy Piper at 12:08. With Referee Charles Robinson knocked down in the action, Piper had the Hulkster caught in a Sleeper Hold when Scott Hall and Kevin Nash suddenly ran in from the back. Hall bashed Piper from behind with a spray paint can to break the Sleeper. Piper staggered over to Nash who then gave "Rowdy Roddy" the Jackknife Powerbomb. Hall draped Hogan's arm ontop of Piper as a woozy Charles Robinson crawled over to count the pin. After the bout, Hall spray painted "n.W.o" on Piper's chest.
WCW/n.W.o. (Circa Mid to Late 90's) Monday Night Nitro Results - Patriot Center, Fairfax, VA. Att: 9,930.

Announcers: Tony Schiavone & Bobby "The Brain" Heenan
Ring Announcer: Dave Penzer
Referees: Mickey Jay & Charles Robinson

1. Glacier pinned "Big" Rick Fuller after reversing a chair shot to the noggin at 4:00.

2. Buff Bagwell needed both feet on the ropes for leverage to pin "Screamin" Norman Smiley at 5:05.

3. The Bluebloods ("Lord" Steven Regal & "Squire" David Taylor) over Los Villanos (Villano IV & V) at 5:13. Regal used a Hangman's Neckbreaker to pin Villano V.

4. Rey Mysterio Jr. & the n.W.o.'s Syxx (aka X-Pac) were both DQ'd in an OOR Brawl at 11:40.

5. Konnan over "The Dark Angel" Vampiro (w/ the Insane Clown Posse) at 11:11. Vampiro thought he had the match won after a Leaping Spin Kick off the top rope but Konnan barely managed to get a shoulder up on Referee Charles Robinson's pin count. Konnan then rolled up the "Dark Angel" from behind while he celebrated prematurely.

6. "Big Poppa Pump" Scott Steiner (w/ Midajah) defeated Booker T at 15:33. This was easily the match of the night. The end came when Midajah caught Booker in the face with pepper spray while Steiner distracted Referee Mickey Jay. Big Poppa Pump then cradled his blinded opponent for the victory.

7. Goldberg over "The Total Package" Lex Luger (w/ Liz) in the Main Event at 12:28. It was a text book finish for Goldberg as he used the Spear to set up his Jackhammer finisher on "The Total Package" for the three count.
WCW/n.W.o. (Circa Mid to Late 90's) Monday Night Nitro Results - CSU Convocation Center, Cleveland, OH. Att: 13,220.

Announcers: Mike Tenay & "The Living Legend" Larry Zbyszko
Ring Announcer: Dave Penzer
Referees: Mark "Slick" Johnson & Charles Robinson

1. The KISS Demon (Dale Torborg) defeated Prince Iaukea with the Love Gun (Cobra Clutch Slam) at 5:20.

2. The Badlanders (David Flair & Crowbar w/ Daffney Unger) over Los Fabulosos (Luchadors El Dandy & Silver King) at 3:10. Crowbar with the Mindbender (Sitout Inverted Suplex) on El Dandy for the pin.

3. "The Juice" Juventud Guerrera beat Disco Inferno (w/ The Mamalukes) at 6:03. Big Vito tried to bash Juvy with a blackjack but inadvertently hit Disco with it instead leading to the pinfall.

4. Kronik (Brian Adams & Bryan Clark) defeated the West Hollywood Blondes (Lenny Lane & Lodi) via Count Out at 6:51. During OOR action, Kronik gave Lodi the High Times (Double Chokeslam) on the floor. Referee Slick Johnson could have counted to a hundred.

5. "Latino Heat" Eddie Guerrero over "Lionheart" Chris Jericho (w/ Head of Security Ralphus) at 12:04. There was a lot of heat in this bout due to derogatory comments that Jericho had made in a prematch interview with "Mean" Gene Okerlund. Jericho did a lot of running and stalling to avoid the enraged Guerrero. At one point Jericho hid behind Referee Charles Robinson and begged the ref for help. The dim-witted Ralphus reached into the ring and tried to lend a hand but accidently tripped Jericho in the process. Guerrero then finished off "Lionheart" with the Frog Splash off the top rope for the pinfall.

6. "Crippler" Chris Benoit defeated Bam Bam Bigelow with the Swan Dive Head Butt off the top rope at 10:15 after Bigelow had missed the same manueuver moments earlier.

7. WCW Title Match. The Champ, Sting, turned back the challenger Diamond Dallas Page by DQ at 13:28. DDP became frustrated after the Stinger somehow managed to kick out after his Diamond Cutter finisher. Page grabbed the WCW Championship Belt and bashed Sting in the head with it to draw the disqualification. Sting retains the Title.
Championship Wrestling from Florida (Circa Mid to Late 70's) - Fort Homer Hesterly Armory, Tampa, FL. Att: 6,117.

Announcers: Gordon Solie & Buddy Colt
Ring Announcer: Jay Goodley
Referees: Corsica Jean & Scrappy McGowan

1. Tiger Conway Jr. pinned Vic Rossitani with a Flying Tackle off the ropes at 2:35.

2. Pak Song (w/ Sonny King) over "The Unofficial Mayor of Lake City" Bubba Douglas with the Korean Claw Hold at 4:10.

3. Steve Keirn defeated the Beautiful Beauregarde (w/ Sir Oliver Humperdink) with a Flying Cross Body Press at 5:54.

4. "All-American" Bob Roop pinned Ron Slinker with a Roll Up after Slinker was whipped into his manager "Playboy" Gary Hart who had climbed up onto the apron to interfere.

Interview Segment with Gordon Solie and the Brisco Brothers (Jack & Jerry). Jack is on crutches after a brutal assault on his knee by former friend Don Muraco at the Bayfront Center in St. Petersburg two weeks ago. Jerry says that he's going to take care of business the Brisco way. Jack says that Muraco will need his crutches after Jerry gets through with him in tonight's Main Event.

5. Florida Tag Team Tournament Finals. Steel Cage Match. Sonny King's Family (King Curtis Iaukea & "Lumberjack" Jos LeDuc) lost to the Spoilers (I & II). Spoiler I pinned King Curtis after Iaukea was catapulted face-first into the cage wall. The Spoilers are the Florida Tag Team Champions ! (Match stipulations specified that the bout could be won via pinfall, submission or escaping the cage.)

6. Jerry Brisco gained a measure of revenge for his injured brother Jack by defeated Don Muraco by DQ at 14:50. Muraco was caught in Jerry's Figure Four Leglock in the middle of the ring and slugged Referee Scrappy McGowan to avoid taking the submission loss. Muraco limped out of the ring and pointed a threatening finger at Brisco.
Championship Wrestling from Florida Results (Circa Mid to Late 70's) - Hollywood Sportatorium, Pembroke Pines, FL. Att: 12,880.

Announcers: Gordon Solie & Barbara Clary
Ring Announcer: Dr. Tom Miller
Referees: Buddy Colt & "Coach" John Heath

1. Sweet Brown Sugar defeated Herb Calvert by DQ at 4:26 when Sugar was attacked by Siegfried Stanke during OOR action. Stanke came down to ringside and smashed Sugar from behind with a folding chair and then put the boots to him on the floor until Tiger Conway Jr. ran out from the dressing room to make the save.

2. Killer Karl Kox (w/ Lars Anderson and the mysterious money bag) over the masked El Rayo at 2:08. Lars smashed El Rayo in the head with his bag of coins while Kox distracted Referee John Heath. Kox added a foot on the ropes for leverage to secure the dubious pin.

3. The popular Rocky Johnson pinned Big Bill Dromo after a pair of High Flying Drop Kicks to the chops at 5:18.

4. The wild & crazy Bugsy McGraw (w/ Sir Oliver Humperdink) needed a handful of tights to pin Paul Ellering at 7:32 after a sneaky cane shot from his manager.

5. Sonny King's Family (Don Muraco & King Curtis Iaukea) defeated the Brisco Brothers (Jack & Jerry) at 13:34. Sonny King slipped Don Muraco some brass knucks and distracted Referee Buddy Colt while Muraco snuck into the ring and KO'd Jerry Brisco with a loaded punch. Iaukea made the cover as Colt turned around to count the pin.

6. In the Main Event, Jim Garvin over "The Notorious" Ox Baker by disqualification at 11:04. Baker brought a garbage can into the ring and smashed it over Garvin's back to draw the DQ. Baker was not done yet as he tossed Referee John Heath out of the ring and hit Garvin repeatedly in the head with the trash can lid. Florida Champion "American Dream" Dusty Rhodes ran in with several Bionic Elbows to chase off Baker.
Championship Wrestling from Florida Results (Circa Late 70's) - Ralph Munroe Marine Stadium, Virginia Key, Miami, FL. Att: 6,172.

Announcers: Jay Goodley & Barbara Clary
Ring Announcer: Dr. Tom Miller
Referees: Bill Alphonso & Frenchy Bernard

1. The Missouri Mauler put away "The Unofficial Mayor of Lake City" Bubba Douglas with a Neckbreaker at 6:01.

2. Mr. Sato & Mr. Saito defeated the duo of Butch Cassidy & Pete Austin at 4:15. Saito with the Oriental Sleeper on Cassidy for the victory.

3. Sweet Brown Sugar (w/ Tiger Conway Jr.) pinned Siegfried Stanke (w/ Sir Oliver Humperdink) at 6:06. With Referee Frenchy Bernard knocked down in the action, Sir Oliver tossed his walking stick into the ring for Stanke to use but Sugar grabbed it first and used it to KO his opponent. Frenchy recovered to make the three count.

4. Jack Brisco over Ron Slinker (w/ "Playboy" Gary Hart) by submission with the Figure Four Leglock at 11:50.

5. "Lumberjack" Jos LeDuc (w/ the devious Sonny King) pinned Steve Keirn at 9:13. With his manager up on the apron distracting Referee Bill Alphonso, LeDuc pulled brass knucks from his tights and laid out Keirn with a loaded punch. Alphonso turned around just in time to count the pinfall. After the bout, Sonny King's Family members Pak Song and Don Muraco rushed the ring to join LeDuc in a triple-team beatdown of Keirn. Mike Graham and Jack Brisco ran in to make the save.

6. Florida Title Match. "The American Dream" Dusty Rhodes retained his title by pinning "The Notorious" Ox Baker after reversing a chair shot at 13:20.
Championship Wrestling from Florida Results (Circa Late 70's) - West Palm Beach Auditorium, West Palm Beach, FL. Att: 4,879.

Announcer: Gordon Solie
Ring Announcer: Jay Goodley
Referees: "Coach" John Heath & Don Curtis

1. Blackjack Mulligan made short work of Ali Bey by defeating his opponent with the Blackjack Claw Hold at 2:06 in his successful return to Florida Championship Wrestling.

After the bout, Mulligan joined Gordon Solie at the announcers' table for a brief interview. Sonny King interrupted the conversation by offering Mulligan a place in his stable of wrestlers which he affectionately refers to as his "Family". Blackjack eyed Sonny King suspiciously, but his eyes lit up when King produced a wad of cash and fanned it in front of the big cowboy's face. Mulligan said he would think it over and give King an answer by the end of the night.

2. "Hustler" Rip Rogers (w/ Miss Brenda Britton) over Tiger Conway Jr. via Count Out at 7:26. Rogers tossed Tiger out of the ring and distracted Referee Don Curtis while Miss Brenda smashed Conway in the back of the head with her loaded purse. Tiger gamely tried to crawl back into the ring but it was not in time to make the count. The fans relentlessly serenaded Britton with chants of "Flea Bag !" throughout the contest. Rogers held his hands over his tempermental valet's ears as the couple returned backstage.

3. "All-American" Bob Roop defeated Thor the Viking (w/ horned helmet, shield and Sonny King) by DQ at 5:11. Big Thor was overmatched in this bout and fell victim to Roop's Shoulderbreaker finisher. Sonny King ran into the ring to break up the pin attempt to draw the disqualification. (Note: Thor is a very young Scott Irwin : )

4. Ray Candy & Rocky Johnson over the dangerous tandem of Killer Karl Kox & Lars Anderson at 10:29. Referee John Heath stopped this bout due to blood after Ray Candy busted Lars Anderson open with a reverse smash to the forehead with Anderson's mysterious bag of coins.

5. Mike Graham defeated the unstable Bugsy McGraw (w/ brown leather pilot's helmet, goggles and Sir Oliver Humperdink) by disqualification at 13:22. McGraw blatantly cracked Sir Oliver's walking stick across Graham's back and then tried to bring a chair into the ring to inflict more punishment. Referee Don Curtis was able to pry the chair away from him before McGraw could do any more damage.

6. Lumberjack Match. Jack Brisco vs. Don Muraco (w/ Sonny King). The Lumberjacks at ringside included Tiger Conway Jr., King Curtis Iaukea, Ali Bey, Big Bill Dromo, Killer Karl Kox, Jerry Brisco, Blackjack Mulligan, "Hustler" Rip Rogers, Bob Roop, Herb Calvert, Rocky Johnson and Thor the Viking. The match was decided when Muraco tried to flee the ring and was corralled by a Blackjack Mulligan Lariat (Clothesline) on the floor. Mulligan tossed Muraco back inside the ring for Brisco to pin at 11:29.

Gordon Solie added, "Sonny King, in regards to one Blackjack Mulligan, you have your answer ! So long from the Sunshine State !"
AWA Results (Circa Mid 80's) - Bismark Civic Center, Bismark, ND. Att: 5,211.
Announcers: Lee Marshall & "Ringside" Ralph Strangis
Ring Announcer: Donna Gagne
Referee: Bob Warren

1. Greg Gagne (w/ Sergeant Slaughter) defeated Dennis Stamp with the Gagne Sleeper Hold at 2:04. Gagne continues to wrestle in fatigues instead of his traditional ring attire.

2. Ali Khan (w/ Sheik Adnan El-Kaisee) over Anthony "Earthquake" Ferris at 5:30. With El-Kaisee distracting Referee Bob Warren, Khan smashed a trash can over the back of Ferris OOR and then rolled him back into the ring to make the winning pin.

3. The Magnificent Mimi beat "Cowgirl" Wendi Richter by Count Out at 4:43. Richter got into a confrontation with "Sensational" Sherri Martel who had joined the announcer's table to do guest commentary for the match and completely lost track of the referee's ten count.

4. "Sheik" Jerry Blackwell (w/ Sheik Adnan El-Kaisee) pinned Leon "The Baby Bull" White with the Big Splash at 4:32.

5. The Top Guns (Ricky Rice & Jon Paul DeManns) defeated Badd Company ("Sensei" Pat Tanaka & Paul "Hard Rock" Diamond w/ Diamond Dallas Page & the Diamond Doll) by DQ at 10:33. Tanaka thought he had the match won with a Thrust Kick to DeMann's chops, but only got a two count on the subsequent pin attempt. He accused Referee Bob Warren of a slow count and proceded to thrown him out of the ring for the disqualification.

6. Blackjack Lanza over "The Mercenary From South Africa" Colonel Debeers at 12:27. Lanza pried Debeer's swagger stick from the Colonel's hand and then hit him in the forehead with it for the winning pinfall.

7. Russian Chain Match. Soldad Ustinov (w/ Teijo Khan) defeated Sergeant Slaughter (w/ Greg Gagne) at 14:49. Ustinov whipped the Sarge unmercifully with the chain before making the pin. Ustinov continues to have the Sarge's number.
AWA Results (Circa Mid 80's) - Showboat Sports Pavillion, Las Vegas, NV. Att: 5,117.
Announcers: Rod Trongard & Lord James Blears
Ring Announcer: Larry Nelson
Referee: Gary DeRusha

1. Big Scott Hall pinned Tom "Rocky" Stone with the Hall Buster (Bulldog) at 1:24.

2. Johnny "Crash" Rich (w/ Curtis "The Cat" Hughes) over "Mr. Magnificent" Kevin Kelly (w/ Madusa Micelli & Nick Kiniski) at 7:12. Hughes accompanied Johnny Rich to the ring and stayed in his corner to "even the odds" against Kelly's contingent for this match. "Mr. Magnificent" had Rich rolled up in a cradle but Referee Gary DeRusha was distracted by both Madusa and Kiniski at ringside. Hughes snuck into the ring, reversed the cradle, and put Rich on top for the winning pin. Kiniski vowed to get even with Hughes for his interference.

3. "Gorgeous" Jimmy Garvin (w/ Precious) pinned "California Kid" Tommy Jammer with a vicious DDT at 5:42.

4. Nick Bockwinkel & Ray "The Crippler" Stevens defeated the Destruction Crew (Wayne "The Train" Bloom & "Mean" Mike Enos) at 7:33. Bloom found a lead pipe under the ring and tried to bash Bockwinkel with it as Enos held him from behind. Bockwinkel ducked at the last second and "Mean" Mike took the brunt of the pipe shot instead leading to the pinfall.

5. Steve "O" Olsonoski over Mr. Saito (w/ Sheik Adnan El-Kassie) at 11:19. El-Kaisee reached into the ring to trip Steve O but ended up tripping Mr. Saito by mistake instead. Olsonoski then finished things with a Diving Elbow off the 2nd rope on the prone Saito for the winning pin.

6. AWA World Tag Team Title Match. The Pretty Playboys ("Playboy" Buddy Rose & "Pretty Boy" Doug Somers w/ "Senasational" Sherri Martel) defeated the Fabulous Ones (Steve Keirn & "Sweet" Stan Lane) at 14:14. Somers cradled Lane, and with Sherri Martel's assistance, held the ropes for leverage. Referee Gary DeRusha did not see the infraction as he counted the pin. The Pretty Playboys are the newwwwwww AWA World Tag Team Champions.

7. AWA World Championship Qualifying Match. Rick Martel over Stan "The Lariat" Hansen with the Slingshot Splash from the ring apron at 17:24. Martel advances to the Semi-Finals with this victory.
AWA Results (Circa Mid 80's) - Veteran's Memorial Coliseum, Madison, WI. Att: 9,077.
Announcers: Roger Kent & Larry "The Axe" Hennig
Ring Announcer: Al DeRusha
Referee: Former Heavyweight Boxing Contender Scott Ledoux

1. Tony Leone over "Olympian" Brad Rheingans by DQ at 5:24. After Tony Leone threw Rheingans out of the ring, he was attacked from behind by Sheik Adnan El-Kaisee and a mystery man who was also dressed like a sheik. The mystery man pulled off his headdress to reveal himself to be a bearded Ken Patera !! Patera then applied his Swinging Full Nelson to a helpless Leone who quickly crumpled to the mat. The ring filled with competitors from the locker room who were finally able to pull Patera off of Leone. Patera then got into a shouting match with Rheingans calling himself "The Only True Olympian" before being pulled backstage by El-Kaisee. A stunned Rheingans threw up his hands in disbelief when he learned that he had been disqualified by Referee Scott Ledoux for Patera's attack on Leone.

2. D.J. Peterson over "Gentleman" Ken Timbs with an inside cradle at 3:11. Timbs kicked the bottom rope and shook his head in frustration. Timbs has really hit the skids here in the AWA.

3. Candi Devine over Madusa Micelli (w/ Nick Kiniski) by DQ at 9:04. Madusa accused Referee Scott Ledoux of slow counts on several of her pin attempts and pushed him down to the canvas for the disqualification.

4. Steel Cage Match. "Canada's Greatest Athlete" Nick Kiniski (w/ Madusa Micelli) defeated Curtis "The Cat" Hughes at 7:21. Kiniski catapulted Curtis head-first into the cage wall and was able to climb out to victory.

5. King Kong Brody (w/ Sheik Adnan El-Kaisee) beat Baron Von Raschke at 9:11. El-Kaisee reached into the ring and tripped the Baron coming off the ropes. Brody then landed a huge Jumping Knee Drop on Von Raschke for the pin.

6. Greg Gagne & Sergeant Slaughter defeated Soldad Ustinov & Teijo Khan at 10:34. Khan was perched on the top rope ready to pounce on a prone Gagne when the Sarge pushed him off. Khan fell awkwardly to the mat and was then cradled by Gagne for the pin. Huge pop from the crowd for Gagne and Slaughter !

7. AWA World Championship Qualifying Match. "Living Legend" Larry Zbyzsko (w/ Go the Ninja) beat Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka at 17:32. Go jabbed the Superfly in the midsection with kis kendo stick while Larry Zbyzsko distracted Referee Scott Ledoux. Zbyzsko then finished Snuka off with a Piledriver for the pin. Zbyzsko advances to the Semi-Finals.
AWA Results (Circa Mid 80's) - Idaho Center, Boise, ID. Att: 5,511.
Announcers: Lee Marshall & Eric Bischoff
Ring Announcer: Dale Gagner
Referee: Jim Bunning

1. "The Z-Man" Tom Zenk pinned W.T. Jones with a Missile Drop Kick off the top rope at 4:50.

2. "Sensational" Sherri Martel (w/ "Playboy" Buddy Rose) over "Cowgirl" Wendi Richter at 8:42. Rose reached into the ring and tripped Richter coming off the ropes. Martel then hit a Diving Splash off the top rope onto a prone Richter for the pinfall.

3. "Rocker" Marty Jannetty defeated "Sensei" Pat Tanaka by DQ at 8:16. Tanaka found a 2 x 4 under the ring and smashed it over Marty's back. Referee Jim Bunning immediately called for the bell.

4. The Top Guns (Ricky Rice & Jon Paul Demanns) over the Long Riders ("Wild" Bill & Scott "Hog" Irwin) at 7:35. Rice caught "Wild" Bill in the mush with a High Flying Drop Kick off the ropes for the winning pin.

5. AWA World TV Title Match. Challenger "Gorgeous" Jimmy Garvin (w/ Precious) and Champion "Jammin" Mitch Snow were both disqualified in an OOR brawl at 6:41. Snow retains the TV Title.

6. "Sheik" Jerry Blackwell (w/ Sheik Adnan El-Kaisee) pinned Maurice "Mad Dog" Vachon at 12:01. With Referee Jim Bunning down, El-Kaisee smashed Vachon over the head with a beer bottle leading to the pin.

7. AWA World Championship Qualifying Match. "The Mercenary from South Africa" Colonel Debeers pinned"Chief" Wahoo McDaniel after a Low Blow at 14:16. The vile Colonel advances to the Semi-Finals.
WWF Results (Circa Mid 80's) - Salt Palace, Salt Lake City, UT. Att: 7,880.
Announcers: Vince McMahon & Pat Patterson
Ring Announcer: Mike McGuirk
Referee: "Dangerous" Danny Davis

1. Skinner pinned Scotty McGhee with a handful of tights at 4:11. McGhee was furious and protested loudly to Referee Danny Davis but to no avail.

2. Steve Lombardi upset Pedro Morales with help from "High Roller" Barry O at 6:06. Still hoping to team up with Lombardi, Barry O came down to ringside and redeemed himself by reaching into the ring and pulling Pedro's leg out from under him as Morales picked up Lombardi for a body slam. Lombardi fell ontop for the pin. Danny Davis caught an earful from Morales after the bout but Davis insisted that he didn't see Barry O's interference.

3. "Ace" Cowboy Bob Orton defeated S.D. "Special Delivery" Jones with his Superplex finisher at 3:27.

4. Nikolai Volkoff (w/ Classy Freddie Blassie & the Iron Sheik) over the Junk Yard Dog at 8:26. JYD had the big Russian rolled up for a pin, but the Iron Sheik snuck into the ring and reversed the cradle while Blassie easily distracted Referee Danny Davis. (Davis was more than happy to look elsewhere while the Sheik did his dirty work). Loud "Boos!" and jeers from the restless crowd for Davis.

5. Billy Jack Haynes defeated "Canadian Strongman" Dino Bravo (w/ Johnny V.) by submission with his Full Nelson at 9:06.

6. The Hart Foundation (Brett "The Hitman" Hart & Jim "The Anvil" Neidhart w/ Jimmy "Mouth of the South" Hart) over the Killer Bees (B. Brian Blair & "Jumping" Jim Brunzell) at 10:52. Brett slugged Blair with Jimmy Hart's megaphone OOR and then rolled him back in for Neidhart to pin while Referee Danny Davis flirted with a pretty girl at ringside. Once again the ring was littered with debris and Davis had to be escorted to the locker room by police security.

Pat Patterson donned a referee's shirt and left the announcer's table to officiate the Main Event.

7. In the Main Event, Blackjack Mulligan defeated Andre the Giant (w/ Bobby "The Brain" Heenan) by DQ at 14:22. Andre smashed a folding chair over Blackjack's head right in front of Referee Pat Patterson. Patterson immediately called for the bell and raised Mulligan's hand in victory to a thunderous ovation from the crowd.
WWF Results (Circa Mid 80's) - Maple Leaf Gardens, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Att: 17,480.
Announcers: Gorilla Monsoon & "Mean" Gene Okerlund
Ring Announcer: Howard Finkel
Referee: Nick Kozak

1. Barry Horowitz over Corporal Kirchner of the 82nd Airborne Division by Count Out at 3:01. In OOR action, Kirchner was whipped into the announcer's table and appeared to have suffered an injury. He could not recover in time to make the referee's ten count.

2. Brutus Beefcake (w/ Johnny V.) pinned "Columbus Clipper" Frankie Williams with a High Knee Smash off the ropes at 4:26.

3. The Nasty Boys (Brian Knobbs & Jerry Saggs w/ "The Doctor of Style" Slick) defeated The Young Stallions (Paul Roma & Jim Powers) at 7:23. Saggs pinned Powers with both feet on the ropes for leverage.

4. "Outlaw" Ron Bass beat Outback Jack with a Flying Back Elbow Smash off the ropes at 2:27.

5. The Natural Disasters (Earthquake & Typhoon w/ Bobby "The Brain" Heenan) defeated the Islanders (Haku & Tama) at 5:29. Tama (Tonga Kid) hit a Diving Cross Body Press off the top rope onto Typhoon but knocked down Referee Nick Kozak in the process. As Tama helped Kozak get back to his feet, he was rolled up from behind by Typhoon for the pin.

6. "Texas Tornado" Kerry Von Erich pinned Hercules Hernandez (w/ Bobby "The Brain" Heenan) after connecting with the Tornado (Discus) Punch at 9:19.

7. In the Main Event, Hulk Hogan defeated "Adorable" Adrian Adonis (w/ Jimmy "Mouth of the South" Hart) at 14:32. Jimmy Hart tried to KO the Hulkster with his megaphone but accidently hit Adonis with it instead. Hogan then cradled the woozy Adonis for the winning pinfall much to the delight of the capacity crowd !
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