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GV's Other UQ Wrestling Results
Smokey Mountain Wrestling (Circa Early to Mid 90's) - Oman Arena, Jackson, TN. Att: 5,021.

Announcers: Bob Caudle & Jim Cornette
Ring Announcer: Phil Raney
Referees: Mark Curtis & Ron Sexton

"Down and Dirty with Dutch" Segment

Dutch Mantel interviews Pat Rose. Rose says that the feud with the Rich Cousins isn't over by a long shot. The Rose Cousins have brought "Filthy" Phil Hickerson to Smokey Mountain to take care of Tommy "Wildfire" Rich in the Main Event tonight. Rose says that like "The Black Rose" Loverboy Dennis Condrey, Hickerson's lineage can be traced directly to the Rose family. Rose begins rattling off the generations of Roses and Hickersons dating all the way back to the 1800s.

1. Frankie "The Thumper" Lancaster over Hector Guerrero via Count Out at 5:11. Hector got into an altercation with Pat Rose who was still being interviewed by Dutch Mantel at ringside. The two traded punches on the floor as Referee Mark Curtis put the ten count on Guerrero.

2. "Jumping" Joey Maggs defeated Pat Rose (w/ cousin "Ravishing" Randy Rose) at 6:47. With Referee Ron Sexton down on the mat, Randy Rose attempted to bash Maggs with a chair but was pushed from behind by Hector Guerrero who had returned to ringside. Randy was knocked off balance and ended up KOing his cousin Pat with the chair instead. Maggs scored the pinfall as Sexton recovered to make the three count.

3. Former mob hit man Killer Kyle (w/ violin case) pinned Ric McCord with the Rub Out (Sidewalk Slam) at 5:54. After the bout, Kyle snatched the house mic away from Phil Raney and said that anyone who gets in his way will "sleep with the fishes".

4. TV Tournament Match. "Hollywood" Bob Holly eliminated "The Original Country Boy" Cousin Roscoe Junior by Count Out at 11:46. During OOR action, Holly grabbed a bottle of pop from a fan at ringside and smashed it over Cousin Junior's head. Junior was out like a light as Referee Mark Curtis put the ten count on him.

5. "Tennessee Stud" Robert Fuller (w/ Jimmy Golden & Miss Sylvia) defeated Jerry Oates via Count Out at 10:21. Oates got into it with Miss Sylvia OOR and was ambushed from behind by Jimmy Golden while Robert Fuller kept Referee Ron Sexton distracted. Golden KO'd Oates with the timekeeper's bell to cause the count out.

6. Tag Team Tournament Match. Jimmy "Mouth of the South" Hart's Nightmares (Danny Davis & Ken Wayne) eliminated the Fantastics (Bobby & Jackie Fulton) at 10:18. Jimmy Hart climbed up to the apron and caught a haymaker from Bobby Fulton for his trouble, but the distraction was just what Danny Davis needed to roll up Fulton from behind for the winning pinfall.

7. SMW Title Tournament Match. "Filthy" Phil Hickerson (w/ "Ravishing" Randy & Pat Rose) eliminated Tommy "Wildfire" Rich by Count Out at 11:11. With Referee Ron Sexton knocked down in the action, Hickerson tossed Wildfire over the top rope and OOR where the Rose Cousins were waiting. Pat & Randy Rose gave Rich a Double Hotshot onto the steel barricade railing. Tommy clutched his throat and writhed on the floor in agony as Sexton recovered to put the ten count on him.
Smokey Mountain Wrestling Results (Circa Early to Mid 90's) - Spartanburg Memorial Auditorium, Spartanburg, SC. Att: 5,351.

Announcers: Jess McGrath & Ed Capral
Ring Announcer: Billy Powell
Referees: Henry Van Loom & Mark Curtis

1. Norvell Austin pinned Tommy Angel with a Flying Head Dive at 5:02.

2. Johnny "Crash" Rich over "Wild" Bill Ash at 4:03. "Black Rose" Loverboy Dennis Condrey came down to ringside to try and assist Bill Ash but ended up costing him the match. Ash held Johnny Rich from behind for a Condrey sucker punch, but Johnny was able to duck at the last second and Ash took the haymaker on the chops instead leading to the pinfall.

3. The Kansas Jayhawks ("Dirty" Dutch Mantel & "Hangman" Bobby Jaggers) defeated Ricky and Robert Gibson at 6:18. The Jayhawks combined for a dirty double team on Rick Gibson behind Referee Henry Van Loom's back. Mantel then held Gibson's foot to prevent him from kicking out as Jaggers made the pin.

4. TV Tournament Match. Billy Joe Travis eliminated the Dirty White Boy (w/ Dirty White Girl Kimberly) via Count Out at 11:26. Travis reversed a chair shot on the Dirty White Boy during OOR action. Referee Mark Curtis put the ten count on the KO'd DWB as Travis advanced to the Finals of the tournament.

5. "Flamboyant" Eric Embry over "Ravishing" Randy Rose (w/ "Black Rose" Loverboy Dennis Condrey) at 10:25. Condrey was held at bay by Johnny "Crash" Rich who came down to ringside to even the odds. Without Condrey's interference, Embry was able to catch Rose coming off the ropes with a Flying Clothesline for the pinfall.

6. The Tag Team Tournament Match between the Tennessee Stud Stable (Robert Fuller & Jimmy Golden) and Jim Cornette's Heavenly Bodies ("Doctor of Desire" Tom Pritchard & "Sweet" Stan Lane) never took place. Cornette had his team jump Jimmy Golden from behind backstage. Robert Fuller found Golden laid out and busted open with a broken tennis racket beside his head.

7. SWM Title Tournament Match. "Superstar" Bill Dundee eliminated "Dr. D" David Schultz at 13:33. The wily veteran Dundee surprised Schultz with a Backslide for the winning pinfall.
Smokey Mountain Wrestling Results (Circa Early to Mid 90's) - Knoxville Civic Auditorium & Coliseum, Knoxville, TN. Att: 6,709.

Announcers: Bob Caudle & Ray Reeve
Ring Announcer: Rich Landrum
Referees: Dave Hebner & Mac MacMurray

1. The Nightstalker pinned Joe Cazana with a Chokeslam at 1:41. (The Nightstalker would go on to become Adam Bomb in the WWF : )

2. Davey Rich over Gary Scott with a High Flying Cross Body Press at 3:26.

3. "Gentleman" Ken Timbs defeated "Starfire" Derrick Dukes by DQ at 5:30. Timbs pulled Brass Knucks from his tights but his opponent was able to pry them away before they could be used. After seeing "Starfire" holding the Knucks, Timbs immediately alerted Referee Dave Hebner who promptly disqualified Dukes.

4. TV Title Tournament Match. Jerry Oates eliminated "Hollywood" Bob Holly by submission with his Spinning Toe Hold at 7:47. Oates advances to the finals to meet Billy Joe Travis for the TV Title next week.

"Down & Dirty with Dutch" Interview Segment.

Dutch Mantel interviewed Smokey Mountain newcomer "Gentleman" Ken Timbs and congratulated him on his victory over Derrick Dukes earlier this evening. Timbs said that he was happy that Dukes had finally been caught cheating. Timbs claimed that the secret to Dukes' knockout punch was the Brass Knucks and that he had gotten away with it for years. Mantel nodded in agreement and thanked Timbs for finally revealing the truth. An enraged Derrick Dukes ran out and had to be restrained by Mantel from hitting Timbs. Dukes called Timbs a liar and challenged him to a Brass Knucks Match next week. Timbs reluctantly agreed.

5. Tag Team Tournament Match. Jim Cornette's Heavenly Bodies ("Doctor of Desire" Tom Pritchard & "Sweet" Stan Lane) ousted Miss Sylvia's Tennessee Stud Stable (Robert Fuller & Jimmy Golden) at 10:10. Golden caught the pesty Cornette up on the apron and walloped him, but turned around into a Pritchard Superkick for the pinfall. This was a rematch from last week when Golden was KO'd backstage by Cornette's tennis racket prior to the match and was unable to compete.

6. Tommy "Wildfire" Rich over "Hangman" Bobby Jaggers (w/ fellow Kansas Jayhawk "Dirty" Dutch Mantel) at 13:30. Mantel's constant interference kept his tag team partner in the match, but in the end Jaggers went down to the Thesz Press off the ropes for the pin.

7. SMW Title Tournament Match. "Mr. Wonderful" Paul Orndorff eliminated "Filthy" Phil Hickerson (w/ "Ravishing" Randy Rose) by DQ at 13:14. Rose ran into the ring and jumped Orndorff from behind as "Mr. Wonderful" was about to deliver his patented Piledriver finisher on Hickerson. Referee Mac MacMurray immediately signaled for the disqualification.
TNA Impact ! Results (Circa 2012) - Impact Zone, Universal Studios, Orlando, FL. Att: 1,449.
Announcers: Mike Tenay & Al Snow
Ring Announcer: Christy Hemme
Referees: Mike Posey & Brian Stiffler

1. X Division. Chris Sabin over Homicide (w/ Rosita & Sarita) via Count Out at 7:50. Homicide and Referee Mike Posey were at odds with one another right from the getgo in this opening bout. The two bickered back and forth throughout the match. Homicide accused Posey of bias and disrespecting him because of his Latino heritage. Homicide then gathered up his women and returned backstage for the intentional count out. A perplexed Chris Sabin shrugged and took the easy win.

Backstage Segment. Newly crowned TNA Champion Jeff Hardy is summoned to Impact GM Hulk Hogan's office. "The Charismatic Enigma" enters and finds TNA President Dixie Carter and the Hulkster waiting for him. They greet him warmly but they both seem concerned.

Hogan: "Mad props to you again, Brother, on winning the gold. What you're holding there, My Man, is the most coveted strap in this company."

Hardy nods and clutches the championship belt proudly.

Dixie: "Jeff, after the match we all saw this so-called 'Mr. Wrestling III' up on the jumbotron and, as you know, he's been a thorn in our side throughout this whole championship tournament. One way or another, this Mr. Wrestling III has had an impact on almost every single match. Jeff, Mr. Wrestling III.... well, he seemed kind of 'happy' that you won... almost like that's what he wanted to happen..."

Hardy looks perplexed at Dixie.

Hogan: "Dude, what the pretty lady here is trying to say is, do you know who this Mr. Wrestling III is and why he would want you to win the championship ? Give it to me straight, Brother. "

Jeff ponders the question. He says that there's been a lot of rumours in the locker room about the masked man's identity. Like everyone else, he's got his own opinion about who Mr. Wrestling III is, but he's not going to say anything or accuse anyone because he has no proof.

The Hulkster says he respects that and he shakes Jeff's hand. Hardy leaves the office and brushes past Mr. Anderson on his way out. Anderson gives him a suspicious look. Hulk and Dixie continue to talk quietly amongst themselves behind closed doors.

2. TNA Knockouts Championship Match. Mickie James defeated Madison Rayne (w/ Gail Kim) by DQ at 5:27. Mickie James had Madison set up for her Mickie-DT finisher when Gail Kim ran into the ring and jumped on James' back for the disqualification. Referee Brian Stiffler was about to hand the Knockouts' Championship Belt to Mickie when Brooke Hogan, who is the Director of the Knockouts' Division, appeared at the top of the ramp with a microphone and announced that she did not want the ladies' championship to be won by a disqualification. Brooke set up a rematch for next week with three stipulations : No DQs, No Count Outs and No Gail Kim allowed at ringside ! The fans cheered as Gail and Madison had a fit in the ring.

The camera pans the audience and we see that Jeff and Karen Jarrett are once again in the audience. There is a fan standing beside the Jarretts with a TNA program asking Jeff for an autograph. Jeff sips at a beer and ignores him. A security guard escorts the fan away.

3. Orlando Jordan used a handful of tights to get by "The Pope" D'Angelo Dinero at 7:36.

Backstage segment. Bully Ray is getting ready to make his entrance for his match against Matt Morgan. He bumps into a big oafish man in a suit and glasses. Bully throws him up against the wall and gets in his face. "Do you know who I am ??" he shouts. The big fellow looks shaken up and intimidated by Bully Ray's demeanor. He apologizes for getting in Bully's way and says that he got lost backstage. He explains to him that he is Attorney Joseph Park, brother of wrestler Chris Park, also known as Abyss, and that he is looking for Referee Mike Posey. "Do I look like I care, lawya boy ?? Bully Ray shouts, "Stay outta my way or else !!" Bully storms off as Joseph Park breathes a sigh of relief and wipes his brow with a handkerchief. He continues searching for Referee Mike Posey.

4. Bully Ray defeated "The Blueprint" Matt Morgan via Count Out at 9:22. In OOR action, Bully side-stepped Morgan's charge causing the "Blueprint" to crash shoulder-first into the ring post. Morgan could not recover from the blow in time to make Referee Mike Posey's ten count. After the bout, Attorney Joseph Park Esq. entered the ring and offered Posey a free consultation regarding Homicide's allegations and accusations that the referee is bias against Latino competitors in TNA. He tried to hand Posey his business card when Bully Ray snatched it away and tore it up. Bully then got up in Park's face again and ordered him to get out of the ring and stay out of his business. Park wanted nothing to do with Bully Ray and turned to leave the ring when Bully smashed the lawyer from behind with his wallet chain. Bully then put the boots to the attorney. Matt Morgan finally recovered from his collision with the ring post to make the save for Park.

5. TNA Tag Team Championship Match. The British Invasion (Doug Williams & Brutus Magnus) defeated Ink, Inc. (Shannon Moore & Jesse Neal w/ Daffney) at 11:38. Magnus pinned Moore with a handful of tights in the corner. The British Invasion win the TNA Tag Team Titles !

Backstage segment. Bobby Roode is consulting with his mentor "Nature Boy" Ric Flair about his upcoming bout with Sting. Flair says that he's wrestled Sting dozens of time in his career and knows him like a book. He explains to Roode that he knows what Sting is going to do even before Sting knows what he's going to do. Roode is listening intently and taking mental notes as Flair lays out a strategy for victory.

6. In the Main Event, "The It Factor" Bobby Roode (w/ "Nature Boy" Ric Flair) defeated "The Icon" Sting at 14:22. Sting leapt off the top rope with a Diving Cross Body Press but the momentum of the maneuver put Roode over and on top for the pin.
TNA Impact ! Results (Circa 2012) - The Asylum, Nashville, TN. Att: 1,417.
Announcers: Mike Tenay & Don West
Ring Announcer: SoCal Val
Referees: Rudy Charles & Scott James

The program opens with Madison Rayne in TNA Knockouts Division Director Brooke Hogan's office. Madison begs Brooke to allow Gail Kim to be at ringside with her for her upcoming Knockouts Title bout against Mickie James. Brooke reminds her of the stipulations for the title match: No DQs, No Count Outs & No Gail Kim. Madison has a tantrum. She demands to see Brooke's father The Hulkster. She says that she has secret, blockbuster inside information that will overturn Brooke's decision. Brooke reluctantly calls her dad on the phone and explains the situation.

Meanwhile, Mike Tenay and Don West hype-up the much anticipated return of Jeff Jarrett to TNA Impact. Tenay once again insinuates that Jarrett is Mr. Wrestling III. West quickly changes the topic and cites Jarrett as a "founding father" in the rich TNA legacy. He credits President Dixie Carter for negotiating a contract with Jarrett to reinstate him to the TNA Roster. The announcers say Jarrett will be meeting Rhino in tonight's Main Event.

1. X Division. Sonjay Dutt defeated Kid Ka$h at 4:47 via Count Out. In OOR action, Dutt reversed Ka$h's whip into the steel ring steps. Kid crashed head-first into the steps with a loud "clang" and could not crawl back into the ring in time to make Referee Rudy Charles' ten count.

We're back in Brooke's office where we see that the Hulkster has joined his daughter and Madison Rayne. Hulk warns Madison that he's a very busy man and doesn't have time for games. He says this had better be good. Madison says it's good alright. She insists that she knows the true identity of Mr. Wrestling III. She says she will tell the Hulkster his name if Hulk will allow Gail Kim to be at ringside with her for her title match against Mickie James. Brooke rolls her eyes and tells her dad that Madison is bluffing. Hulk rubs his chin, studies Madison's face and ponders the offer.

2. TNA TV Tournament Match. Crimson defeated Eric Young (w/ wife ODB ) at 8:31. During the introductions, Eric noticably oogled Ring Announcer SoCal Val. ODB was both furious and jealous. She constantly distracted Eric with her bickering and nagging throughout the bout thereby giving Crimson a huge advantage. ODB finally climbed up on the apron and got into a heated exchange with her looney toons husband. She took a long swig from her flask and hauled off and slapped Eric across the face. The surprised Eric stumbled right into Crimson's Red Alert (Spinning Reverse STO) finisher for the pinfall. ODB then stormed backstage with her remorseful hubby in tow.

We're once again in Brooke Hogan's office. After a long deliberation, and against his daughter's objections, the Hulkster agrees to Madison Rayne's terms. Hulk demands to know Mr. Wrestling III's identity and how Madison found out. Madison pokes her head out of the office and looks up and down the deserted hallway. She is clearly worried and apprehensive that she will be overheard. Madison seems to be having second thoughts and is reluctant to tell her story. She asks Brooke to leave the room but Brooke refuses. The Hulkster is losing patience and about to leave the office when Madison suddenly grabs his arm. He bends over and Madison whispers something in his ear for several minutes. Hulk's eyes widen in astonishment and he nods. When she finishes, Madison suddenly bolts from Brooke's office and runs down the hallway looking over both her shoulders. Hulk is silent for a moment. He then looks up at his daughter and says, "Let Gail be at ringside." Brooke is stunned as she watches her dad leave her office.

3. Christopher Daniels & Frankie Kazarian defeated the Motor City Machine Guns (Chris Sabin & Alex Shelley) at 7:16. Daniels & Kaz combined for a dirty double team Hot Shot on Shelley behind Referee Scott James' back as James was sending Sabin back to his corner. Daniels then made the cover for the pin.

4. TNA Knockouts Championship Match. Mickie James vs. Madison Rayne. A smug Gail Kim escorted her best friend Madison Rayne to ringside. Madison seemed very paranoid and kept looking all around her as if she expected to be jumped at any moment. After the introductions, Brooke Hogan suddenly appeared at the top of the ramp with a microphone. "You know, Madison, My father said that I had to allow Gail to be at ringside for this match, but he didn't say under what circumstances." A small cage suddenly begins to descend from the rafters above the ring. "Oh, and Gail, that cage is for you, honey." The crowd goes wild as Gail and Madison have a fit in the ring. Gail refuses to get in the cage until Brooke threatens to forfeit the match and Knockouts Title to Mickie James. Gail reluctantly climbs into the cage. Referee Rudy Charles padlocks the door and the cage is elevated above the ring as Madison screams at Brooke that she was double-crossed. With her best friend Gail Kim urging her on from up above, a desperate Madison Rayne pinned Mickie James with a handful of tights to win the Knockouts Championship at 8:41. Madison was so paranoid that she ran from ringside without her Championship Belt.

We're backstage now as Madison runs down a corridor looking over both her shoulders. She turns a corner and runs right into Jeff Jarrett who is carrying his trademark guitar. Madison screams and slowly backs away from him as Jarrett shoots her a menacing look. Madison runs into the Ladies Dressing Room and locks the door behind her. Gail Kim suddenly burts upon the scene. She grabs at the Dressing Room doorknob but finds it locked. Gail pounds on the door for Madison to let her in. She never takes her eyes off Jarrett the entire time. Jarrett just stares at Gail and twirls the guitar in his hand. The door suddenly opens and Madison screams again when she sees Jarrett. Gail rushes inside the Dressing Room and both girls slam the door in Jarrett's face and lock it.

5. Number One Contender's Match for Jeff Hardy's TNA World Title. The match between Rob Van Dam and Mr. Anderson is ruled a "No Contest" by Referee Scott James when RVD fails to appear in the ring despite his introduction music playing. Anderson throws his hands up in disbelief. He grabs a mic and demands that RVD get in the ring to face him but there is still no sign of Van Dam. Anderson immediately heads backstage to confront RVD. Anderson bumps into GM Hulk Hogan who is also searching for Van Dam. TNA Champion Jeff Hardy sees them and joins in the search. The trio finally find RVD laid out on the ground with the debris of a smashed guitar all around him. The Hulkster and Jeff Hardy attend to Van Dam as Anderson gives Jeff a dirty look and shakes his head.

6. "King of the Mountain" Jeff Jarrett (without guitar) made a successful return to TNA by defeating "War Machine" Rhino at 10:49. Jarrett was able to sidestep Rhino's trademark Gore charge in the corner causing "The War Machine" to smash shoulder-first into the ring post. Jarrett then rolled up Rhino with a handful of tights to secure the pin. After the bout, "Olympic Gold Medalist" Kurt Angle ran down to ringside and shouted at Jarrett, "Where's your mask, Mr. Wrestling III ??" TNA officials Al Snow, Pat Kenney and D'Lo Brown had to restrain Angle from attacking Jarrett.
Spike TV & ShopTNA.com presents TNA Impact ! (Circa 2012) - The Impact Zone, Orlando, FL. Att: 1,481.
Announcers: Mike Tenay & Tazz
Ring Announcer: Christy Hemme
Referees: Brian Stiffler & Earl Hebner

*Opening Fireworks*

The Impact Zone erupts in wild cheers as Mike Tenay and Tazz hype up tonight's show.

Jeff Jarrett's music suddenly hits and "The King of the Mountain" heads down to ringside with his trusty guitar in hand. The crowd turns ugly and hostile. There are chants of "Jarrett Sucks !!" and "Mr.Wrestling III !!" Christy Hemme hands him a mic. Jarrett tries to speak but is quickly drowned out in a chorus of boos and jeers. The fans are just rabid towards Jarrett. His pretty wife (and Kurt Angle's ex-wife) Karen is in the audience once again and is surrounded by security to protect her. "I got something to say," Jeff shouts, "And I ain't leaving this ring until y'all hear it." (More unruly chants and jeers from the fans.) "That's alright, people, " Jarrett says, "I got all night." Jeff climbs up the ropes, sits on the top turnbuckle, and gently strums his guitar. The crowd grows restless and boo louder. Jarrett just ignores them and continues his strumming.

GM Hulk Hogan's music hits and the crowd goes bonkers. TNA President Dixie Carter accompanies the Hulkster as they enter the ring together. Hulk tries to reason with Jarrett. "Let's go back to my office, Dude. We'll talk in private and you can get everything off your chest, okay ?" Jarrett just smirks. "My office" ? he laughs. Jeff continues strumming his guitar and ignores Hulk and Dixie. Dixie glances at her watch and looks worried. Ten minutes have already gone by in the show. She holds tonight's program of matches in her hand and says something to Hulk. Hogan and Dixie plead with the crowd to settle down and let Jarrett say his piece. The fans finally relent. Jarrett hops down off the turnbuckle, puts down his guitar and leans on the top rope and smiles as he looks out into the audience.

Jarrett: "Let me give y'all a little history lesson, okay ? Ten years ago, Bob Ryder, my daddy and myself started this thing called TNA. (Jarrett starts pointing to random people in the crowd) If it wasn't for me, you wouldn't be here....and you wouldn't be here.... and you wouldn't be here wearing that damn Impact T-Shirt, buddy. (Jarrett next points to Dixie) "And you wouldn't be here, Miss Fancy-Pants President" (and now Jarrett gets right up in the Hulkster's face) "And you wouldn't be here with 'your almighty office', Mr. General Manager." Hulk has to bite his lip as Jarrett walks away from him. "This ring wouldn't be here," Jarrett continues, "In fact, this whole damn Impact Zone wouldn't even be here if it wasn't for me..." The crowd starts booing and Hulk and Dixie have to settle them down again. Jarrett continues, "So.... when I enter this here ring y'all better show me some respect. Now shut your big redneck mouths and listen. For six weeks people have been running around here accusing me and insinuating (Jeff gives announcer Mike Tenay a dirty look) that Jeff Jarrett is this so-called Mr. Wrestling III and I don't take kindly to it. Y'all are like a lynch mob ready to hang somebody. Well, you best be sure that you got the right man before you put that damn noose around his neck and string him up, you hear ?? When this thing all shakes out and the dust settles and the REAL Mr. Wrestling III is revealed, y'all are going to owe me one big Impact apology." (Jarrett starts pointing at everyone again) "You're going to owe me an apology... and you.... and you...." (Once again Jarrett gets right up in the Hulkster's face) "And you're going to owe me an apology, Mr. GM, and I just hope you're man enough to deliver it proper." Jarrett picks up his guitar and is about to leave the ring when he abruptly stops. "Oh, and Kurt Angle, I didn't forget about you neither, boy. You think I'm a 'loser', huh ? Well, Kurt, all I know is every night I come home to Karen and you don't, so now you tell me who the real 'loser' is." Jeff finally leaves to loud boos as his wife Karen blows him a kiss and applauds for him.

1. X Division. Sharkboy and Zema Ion were both DQ'd by Referee Brian Stiffler at 3:22 when Stiffler was caught in the middle and knocked down as both men traded haymakers.

Backstage Segment.

Referee Mike Posey has taken up Attorney Joseph Park's offer of a free consultation regarding discrimination charges brought against the official by wrestler Homicide who contends that Posey is bias against Latino wrestlers.

Park: "These are serious allegations, indeed, Mr. Posey. There is the potential of a lawsuit not only against you personally, but also against your employer, TNA, which would not make Dixie Carter very happy, of course."

Posey: "But I didn't do anything wrong, Mr. Park !! Homicide walked out on the match !! He returned to the locker room so I counted him out. I would have done the same thing to any wrestler regardless of their race !!"

Park: "That's what you say, Mr. Posey, but is it, in fact, what you practice, sir ? Let me ask you a question please. When was the last time you counted out a caucasian wrestler ?"

Posey: "How the heck should I know ?? I don't keep track of that stuff !! You have to understand that I referee dozens of matches every single week !!"

Park: "Hmmmm... That does not bode well, I'm afraid..."

Park looks worried for Posey and strums his fingers on his briefcase. Meanwhile, Bully Ray walks by. He sees Park and stops dead in his tracks. Bully fills with rage.

Bully: "What da hell ah you doin' here again, Pock !! I thought I told you to get lost, lawya boy !!

Attorney Park starts sweating and stammering. He is clearly intimidated by Bully Ray.

Park: "Now, Bully this has nothing to do with you. Please go about your business and let me go about mine. Thank you."

Bully: "I'm makin' it my business, Pock !! Now beat it aww I'll throw you out myself !!"

Posey: "You better go now, Mr. Park. I appreciate your time but I really don't need your firm's representation."

Park: "Very well, Mr. Posey. I hope you won't regret your decision. Good day to you, sir."

With that, Attorney Park gets up to leave. Bully Ray gets right up in his face. The attorney quickly backpeddles away from him. He stumbles over his own feet, turns, and walks briskly away.

2. Lethal Consequences (Jay Lethal & Consequences Creed) defeated the Jersey Shore (Robbie E and Robbie T w/ Cookie) at 6:01. Creed with the Cree-DT (Leaping Hammerlock Legsweep DDT) on Robbie E for the three count, Bro ! ; )

GM Hulk Hogan has been summoned to his daughter Brooke's office. The Hulkster is still fuming over being shown up by Jarrett at the top of the show. We enter the office with Hulk to find Brooke, Madison Rayne and Miss Tessmacher all bickering. Hulk rolls his eyes. This is the last thing he needs. "Girls, girls, girls... settle down !" he shouts, "What's the problem here ?" Brooke has her hands on her hips and is very upset. "What's the problem ??" Brooke shouts, "I have a Knockouts' Champion who's afraid of her own shadow, that's the problem !!" Madison Rayne is wearing big sunglasses, a wig and a trench coat. She is nervously biting her nails and pacing around the room. She has been extremely paranoid for her safety ever since whispering Mr. Wrestling III's identity into the Hulkster's ear last week. Brooke explains that she had a non-title match booked for Madison tonight against Miss Tessmacher but that Madison is afraid to go out there and wrestle. Hulk shakes his head. "Postpone the non-title match and have Miss Tessmacher wrestle somebody else tonight," the Hulkster suggests as he leaves his daughter's office. Brooke throws her hands up as Miss Tessmacher and Madison start bickering again.

3. In a last minute substitution, ODB (w/ hubby Eric Young) pinned Miss Tessmacher at 4:18. Eric climbed up to the apron to compliment Miss Tessmacher on her outfit. ODB took advantage of the moment by pulling her flask out of her shirt and bashing Miss Tessmacher from behind with it. She then finished off Tessmacher with her "Bam" finisher (Fireman's Carry Spin Out Facebuster). Eric ran into the ring to congratulate his wife on her victory only to have her give him the Bam Facebuster as well.

Attorney Joseph Park peeks around a corner for Bully Ray. He is relieved not to see him. Homicide suddenly walks by and Park reaches out and grabs his arm.

Homicide: "Who the hell are you ??"

Park: "Excuse me, Homicide. My name is Joseph Park. I'm an attorney and a partner in the law firm of Park, Park & Park. (He hands Homicide his business card. Homicide eyes it suspiciously.)

Park: "I understand that it is your contention, sir, that a certain TNA official discriminates against competitors of Latino heritage such as yourself ?"

Homicide: "Yeah, that's right. What's it to you ?"

Park: "If you are serious about these allegations, Homicide then you will need legal representation. My firm is well versed in cases of this nature. Do you have time for a free consultation ?"

Homicide thinks it over. He studies Park's business card and nods.

Park: "Great ! Then let's get started !"

4. TNA TV Tournament Match. "The Pope" D'Angelo Dinero pinned Gunner with a modified Victory Roll at 11:28. The Pope advances to the next round of the tournament.

We're in GM Hulk Hogan's office now. Hulk looks like he has the weight of the world on his shoulders. Brooke enters. She asks her father what Madison had told him last week. "She gave me Mr. Wrestling III's name." Hulk says, but he is reluctant to repeat it aloud without proof.

Hulk: "Do you remember when Mr. Wrestling III disguised himself as a popcorn vendor and interferred in the Jeff Hardy/Abyss match a month ago ?"

Brooke: "Yeah, so ?"

Hulk: "Well, Madison said that she saw him without his mask sneaking into a storage room to change and come out a few minutes later dressed as a popcorn vendor with the mask on right before the match."

Brooke: "Maybe she made up the whole thing, Dad. Did you consider that ?"

Hulk: "Do you see the way she's behaving ?? Like you said, she's been scared of her own shadow ever since she told me the story. She knows who Mr. Wrestling III is, Brooke, and now I know who he is... but I can't prove...

(Hulk's eyes suddenly widen. He remembers that security has monitors stationed in all of the storage rooms at the Impact Zone. He bolts out of his office leaving Brooke to wonder what's going on.)

5. A.J. Styles over "The Monster" Abyss at 10:20. Styles with a schoolboy roll up from behind as Abyss was arguing with Referee Earl Hebner.

Hulk is running through backstage corridors toward the Security office with a camera man running after him. He brushes past Sting who is on his way to ringside for the Main Event and nearly knocks him over in his haste. Sting watches Hulk run down the hall and scratches his head.

6. "The Icon" Sting defeated "The Samoan Submission Machine" Samoa Joe in the Main Event with the Scorpian Death Drop (Inverted DDT) at 11:08.

Hulk bursts into the Impact Security Office startling the personnel. He demands to know where all the surveilance tapes are kept. A guard brings the Hulkster to a back room and unlocks the door for him. There is a huge bookcase of surveilance tapes in chronological order. Hulk searches frantically for the 6/16/12 tape. There is a tape for the week before and a tape for the week after, but there is an empty slot where the 6/16/12 tape would be. Hulk throws his hands up and curses (beeped out) as the program goes off the air.
Little Caesar's Pizza & ShopTNA.Com present TNA Impact Wrestling - (Circa 2012) - Impact Zone, Universal Studios, Orlando, FL. Att: 1,405.
Announcers: Mike Tenay & Bruce Pritchard
Ring Announcer: Jeremy Borash
Referees: Earl Hebner & Brian Stiffler

*Opening Fireworks*

1. X Division. Kid Ka$h (w/ Gunner) defeated Sonjay Dutt at 3:37. Gunner's presence at ringside paid big dividends for Kid Ka$h (pun intended). The distracted Sonjay walked right into the Moneymaker (Double Underhook Piledriver) for the winning pinfall.

Backstage Segment : Impact GM Hulk Hogan's Office

Impact GM Hulk Hogan is distraught in his office. His daughter Brooke, the Director of the Knockouts' Division, tries to console him. Brooke wants to know what happened last week after Hulk went to the TNA Security Office to find the surveillance tape for the June 16th Impact program. The Hulkster explains that the tape was missing. "The one piece of evidence that I have to back up Madison Rayne's testimony about Mr. Wrestling III's identity is gone." Hulk shakes his head.

2. Knockouts Division. "Hardcore Country" Mickie James over Gail Kim (w/out Knockouts' Champion Madison Rayne who is still in hiding and in fear of her safety from Mr. Wrestling III) via Count Out at 5:04. Mickie backdropped Gail out of the ring on a corner charge. Gail took a bad bump on the steps OOR and was unable to make Referee Brian Stiffler's ten count.

Backstage Segment : In the wings of the Impact Zone

Referee Mike Posey, who has been temporarily suspended by TNA President Dixie Carter due to allegations made by Homicide that he is bias against wrestlers of Latino heritage, is confronted by Attorney Joseph Park, Esq. Park explains that he is now representing the Plaintiff in this case. He says that his client Homicide is willing to settle out of court for a price. Park hands Mike Posey a folded piece of paper with a figure written on it. Posey's eyes widen in horror. "I don't have that kind of money, Mr. Park !!!" Attorney Park smiles, "Then perhaps we can work out a payment plan, Mr. Posey ?" Referee Posey is clearly shaken. He walks out mumbling to himself. Joseph Park turns to leave but Bully Ray is right in his face. The frightened lawyer nearly jumps out of his shoes as Bully grabs him by his suit lapels, "Wot ah you doin' here again, Pok ?? Joseph Park immediately begins blubbering and sweating, "I... I was just leaving, Bully... please let me pass now..." Bully Ray grabs the attorney's briefcase from him and dumps out a pile of important looking documents all over the floor. Joseph Park desperately tries to gather up all his paperwork as Bully Ray walks over the documents and kicks them around. "Da next time it's gonna be you all ova dis floor, Pok !! Got it ??"

3. The Young Bucks (Jeremy & his brother Max) defeated Ink, Inc. (Jesse Neal & Shannon Moore w/ Daffney) by DQ at 8:33. With the Young Bucks dominating and seemingly on their way to victory, Brutus Magnus, one half of the Tag Team Champions British Invasion, suddenly raced into the ring and laid out Max Buck with his Tormentum (Twisting Fallaway Slam) finisher. Referee Earl Hebner immediately signaled for the disqualification despite Ink, Inc.'s protests that they had nothing to do with it.

Backstage Segment : Impact GM Hulk Hogan's Office

Brooke Hogan has convinced her dad to return to the TNA Security Office and search again for the missing surveillance tape from June 16th. She reasons with him that the tapes might have been out of order and to check the date of each one if necessary. The Hulkster shrugs and says "What have I got to lose ?" Hulk is about to leave and head for the Security Office when Jeff Jarrett suddenly bursts in. Jarrett is toe-to-toe with the Hulkster and he points an accusing finger at him.

Jarrett: "You're trying to set me up, Mr. GM, and I don't take kindly to that one bit."

Hogan: "Where are you going with this, Brother ?? If you got something to say, Jarrett, then just say it !!"

Jarrett: "My guitar is missing, Hogan. Stolen right out of the locker room. I don't suppose you know anything about that now would you ?"

Hogan: "As a matter of fact, Dude, I don't. Now if you'll excuse me, I've got more important things to do right now then to worry about your stupid guitar."

The Hulkster storms out. Brooke shouts after him, "Dad, wait !!" but she's too late. Hulk is already on his way to Security. Jarrett gets right up into Brooke's face now.

Jarrett: "You Hogans are trying to set me up to be the fall guy for all this Mr. Wrestling III bullcrap that's been going on around here. Well, let me tell you something, Missy, I ain't nobody's fool."

Brooke: "Back off, Jarrett. We know who Mr. Wrestling III is. Now we just have to prove it."

There's a brief stare down before Jarrett finally turns and walks away.

4. TV Tournament Match. Devon over Big Robbie T (w/ Robbie E & Cookie) by DQ at 6:11. With Devon getting the better of him, Robbie T busted "The List" clipboard over Devon's head for the disqualification. Robbie E then joined his bodyguard in the ring for a double team beat down of Devon. Garrett Bischoff raced in from the back to make the save. As Robbie E retreated, he shouted "You're not on the list, Bischoff !! You'll be sorry, Bro' !!"

Backstage Segment - TNA President Dixie Carter's Office.

Attorney Joseph Park, Esq. is seating across from Dixie's desk. He gives Dixie his business card and explains that his law firm Park, Park & Park is representing Homicide in the discrimination allegations against TNA. As with Referee Mike Posey, Joseph Park explains that his client is willing to settle out of court for a price. He slides the folded piece of paper across the desk to Dixie. Dixie opens it, reads it and smiles slyly.

Dixie: "If I didn't know any better, Mr. Park, I'd say that you were trying to blackmail me ? I'm sorry, what's the legal term for it , Mr. Park ? Extortion ?"

Joseph Park smiles uncomfortably and wipes his brow with his handkerchief. He blubbers and stammers.

Park: "Now, madam, please let me explain..."

Dixie: "See you in court. Mr. Park. Good day to you."

Dixie escorts the bungling lawyer to the door. Park is dropping papers all over the floor. He peers out the door nervously searching for Bully Ray, hears Bully's voice in the distance, and runs down the corridor.

We cut to the Impact Zone Security Office

The Hulkster is painstakingly going through all the dates on the surveillance tapes. His cell phone rings. The call is from his daughter Brooke. Hulk doesn't answer and lets the call go to voicemail. His eyes widen as if he suddenly realizes his error. He grabs a half dozen security guards and they run out of the office together.

5. No. 1 Contender's Match to TNA Champion Jeff Hardy's Title. "Olympic Gold Medalist" Kurt Angle defeated "The It Factor" Bobby Roode by DQ at 15:42. Kurt had Roode in the Ankle Lock right in the middle of the ring and about to tap out when Mr. Wrestling III came out of nowhere, raced into the ring and bashed Angle from behind with a guitar. Referee Brian Stiffler immediately signaled for the disqualification due to outside interference. Mr. Wrestling III escaped through the crowd as Hulk Hogan and TNA Security ran down the ramp to ringside.

Hulk is furious with himself as he checks on Kurt Angle's condition in the ring. Angle shakes out the cobwebs from the guitar shot and immediately begins spouting off about Jarrett. Angle is screaming bloody murder and wants Jarrett in the ring right now as the Hulkster tries to settle him down.

Brooke Hogan suddenly appears at the top of the ramp with a microphone and the TNA schedule from June.

Brooke: "Dad, the reason you can't find the surveillance tape from June 16th is because it's not here !!"

Hulk: "I know it's not here, Brooke !! I went through every tape in the security office !!"

Brooke: "No, Dad !! You're not getting it !! Listen to me - Impact wasn't held here in the Impact Zone that night. It was held at The Asylum in Nashville !! They have the tape in Nashville !! I just called them !!"

Hulk's eyes widen in astonishment. He beams a big smile as the program goes off the air.
UWF Results (Circa Late 80's) - Tulsa Convention Center, Tulsa, OK. Att: 2,017.
Announcers: Jim Ross and Michael Hayes
Referee: Tommy Gilbert

Ross: "Hello, everyone, and welcome to another hour of UWF wrestling action ! I'm joined this evening by my broadcast partner Freebird Michael P. S. Hayes and, Michael, we have us one whopper of a snowstorm going on outside !"

Hayes : "I'm a Wild-Eyed Southern Boy, Jim Ross, and I ain't never seen that much snow in all my life !!"

Ross: "Ladies and Gentlemen, a blizzard has buried the great state of Oklahoma in over two feet of snow and many of our great stars cannot be with us here tonight. These hearty fans have braved the storm to see UWF wrestling in Tulsa this evening and by golly we're going to give it to them !"

Hayes: "We're like the post office, Jim Ross ! What's that expression ? Neither rain nor sleet nor snow ? The show must go on !!"

Ross: "Let's go to ringside for our first contest !"

1. Newcomer "Jumping" Joe Savoldi over Perry Jackson in his UWF debut with a High Flying Cross Body Press at 4:53.

"Timekeeper" Mike George enters the ring with both his giant stop watch and a microphone. He looks over at his opponent Ken Massey and shakes his head.

George: "I drove here in a blizzard to wrestle this guy ?!! Are you kidding me, Bill Watts ?!! ("Boos" from the spartan crowd.) I'll beat this chump in less than four minutes."

George clicks on his stop watch and the bell rings to officially start the match.

2. "Timekeeper" Mike George pinned Ken Massey with a Diving Knee Drop off the 2nd rope at 2:03.

3. "Steve "Do It To It" Cox over Black Bart at 8:13 after interference from "Gorgeous" Gary Young backfired. Young reached in to the ring to try and trip Cox but ended up tripping Bart by mistake leading to the pin. Bart then chased Young back to the dressing room with his branding iron.

Hayes: "Young seems to have a vendetta against this kid Steve Cox. He attacked him just last week and then got himself disqualified in a match against Cox by nearly choking him unconscious."

Ross: "Michael, "Gorgeous" Gary Young is under the delusion that he's in the running for the UWF Rookie of the Year voting, and I think that he sees Steve Cox as his greatest competition. Now, I know for a fact that Gary Young has been wrestling for at least five years, yet he still considers himself to be a rookie ? Gary Young doesn't have all his paddles in the water if you ask me. He's even had his manager Downtown Bruno hand-write his name in on the ballots !!"

Hayes: "Well, I've seen the Rookie of the Year Award, Jim Ross, and I must say it's a fine looking trophy ! I can't say that I blame Gary Young one bit for wantin' it."

4. Brickhouse Brown beat "Hollywood" John Tatum by DQ at 6:06. Jack Victory, who was at ringside in Tatum's corner, tried to throw a big handful of powder into Brown's eyes but got Referee Tommy Gilbert instead. Gilbert immediately called for the bell.

Ross: "A rather auspicious debut for Hyatt & Hot Stuff International's newest member, Jack Victory. Missy Hyatt went out and got Jack Victory to be Tatum's partner in the UWF Tag Team Tournament, Michael, but he cost them a match here this evening."

Hayes: "Missy Hyatt won't be happy about this, Jim Ross, I guarantee it !! They best hope that Jack Victory is better in the ring than he is outside it."

5. Savannah Jack and Russian Vladimir Petrov battled to a Double Count Out in OOR action at 10:41.

6. Butch Reed over Dick Murdoch by DQ at 8:35. The One Man Gang, who was originally scheduled to be Reed's opponent, ran into the ring mid-match and crushed him with a Super 747 Splash (Diving Splash off the 2nd rope) leading to the disqualification. Murdoch then held Reed down on the mat for another big 747 Splash. Reed had to be helped from the ring.

Ross: "What in the hell is going on here, Michael Hayes !! The One Man Gang was suppose to wrestle Butch Reed here tonight to determine our last semi-finalist for the UWF Heavyweight Title, but we were told that he couldn't make it due to the weather !!"

Hayes: "That's right, Jim. Ted Dibiase, Big Bubba Rogers and my brother Bam Bam have already advanced and we were hoping to have our fourth Semi Finalist determined here tonight. One Man Gang tricked us all !!"

Ross: "I think it was all a damn set up !! The One Man Gang was here all along and just wanted to soften Butch Reed up before they finally do meet. He got that snake Dick Murdoch to go in cahoots with him and do his dirty work !! "

Hayes: "Butch Reed was clutching those ribs as he got helped out of there, Jim. I wouldn't be surprised if they're taking him for X-rays right this very minute."

7. The Rock & Roll Express (Ricky Morton & Robert Gibson) and The Kiwi Sheepherders (Butch Miller & Cousin Luke Williams) were both Counted Out in a wild brawl OOR at 14:14.
UWF Results (Circa Late 80's) - Mississippi Coast Coliseum, Biloxi, MS. Att: 10,933
Announcers: Jim Ross & Missy Hyatt
Referee: Jerry Usher

Ross: "Hello everyone and welcome to another action packed hour of UWF Championship Wrestling ! We are live from Biloxi, Mississippi and joining me this evening to call all the action is Missy Hyatt."

Hyatt: "Well, howdy to you, Jim Ross ! I'll bet you missed me something awful in Tulsa ?"

Ross: "No, not really, Missy. If anything good came out of that darn blizzard it was that we all got a refreshing break from you."

(Missy stamps her foot and pouts.)

Ross: "Fans, we're all looking forward to the Main Event to determine our fourth semi-finalist for the UWF Championship Title - a battered and bruised Butch Reed will be taking on Devastation Incorporated's One Man Gang !! But joining us right now in the ring for our first contest is someone who is no stranger to you, Missy Hyatt - youngster Shane Douglas !"

Hyatt: "You mean ol' "Cry Baby" Shane is wrasslin' here tonight ?"

Ross: "He is indeed, Missy, after your henchmen failed to put him out of commission back in Kansas City, I might add."

Hyatt: "I don't remember nothing about that."

(Ross rolls his eyes with a look of disgust.)

Ross: "Well maybe you remember the suspension of your beau "Hot Stuff" Eddie Gilbert and the fines levied by Commissioner John Ayres ?"

(Missy folds her arms and sticks her nose up in the air.)

Hyatt: "My Daddy has a team of lawyers looking into that, Jim Ross, and that's all I got to say about that."

Ross: "Well, I'll tell you one person who hasn't forgot about that incident and that's Shane Douglas. Some forty stitches were required to close a deep gash that young man suffered in the assault and he's still sporting a bandage on his forehead as a result. Let's get on up to ringside for our first match."

1. Rookie Shane Douglas pinned Mike "Hammer" Reed with a Belly to Belly Suplex off the ropes at 5:16.

2. "Mad Dog" Buzz Sawyer defeated Rick Gibson with his patented flying Powerslam off the ropes at 7:05.

3. Sam Houston and "Iceman" King Parsons were both Counted Out at 10:22. Houston chased Iceman's valet Dark Journey around ringside and then to the back. She led him right into an ambush as Houston was jumped backstage by "Dirty" Dick Slater and the Jive Tones. Parson's also left the ring to join in on the beatdown. Missy Hyatt laughed like a hyena as she and Jim Ross watched the action on their monitor. "Gentleman" Chris Adams, Terry Taylor and Koko B. Ware made the save.

Ross: (Sarcastically) "You enjoy these four-on-one beatdowns don't you, Missy ?"

Hyatt: "Serves him right, chasing after a woman and grabbing at her skirt like that !! That goober Sam Houston got what he had comin' to him !!"

(A camera quickly cuts to backstage again as Sting is lacing up his boots in the locker room. We see a finger tap him on his shoulder. Sting turns around and is met by a left hook to the jaw from Shane Douglas.)

Ross: "Oh my word !! Did you see that, Missy Hyatt !! Speaking of "getting what you have coming to you", Shane Douglas has just gotten a dose of revenge on Hyatt & Hot Stuff International !!"

Hyatt: "He should be suspended !! He should be suspended just like my Eddie, Jim Ross !! Who does he think he is ??? That little punk should be suspended !!

Sting will be -100 points for this match.

4. Sting beat Koko B. Ware with a Diving Clothesline off the 2nd Rope at 4:34. Shane Douglas came down to ringside during the contest to cheer on Koko and watch the match. Sting kept holding the ropes open and motioning for Douglas to get in the ring. Missy Hyatt threw off her headset and screamed at Douglas the whole time until he left ringside.

5. Sunshine's Dream Team of "Gentleman" Chris Adams & Terry Taylor defeated the SST (Fatu & Samu) at 7:54. Fatu hit his Diving Samoan Splash finisher off the top rope onto Adams, but Referee Jerry Usher was knocked down in the process. As Fatu tried to revive him, he was rolled up from behind by Adams for the pin. The SST are eliminated from the UWF Tag Team Tournament.

6. "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan pinned the "Ugandan Giant" Kamala with his Running Clothesline from a 3-point stance at 7:40.

Ross: "Ladies and Gentlemen, we're preparing for our Main Event here. You'll recall on that snowy night in Tulsa, the One Man Gang was suppose to wrestle Butch Reed but we were told that he couldn't make it to the Convention Center due to the weather. Well he made it to the arena that night alright, and Butch Reed sustained not one but two mighty 747 Splashes in the process during his match against Dick Murdoch. Reed suffered severely bruised ribs that night, but he's all taped up and ready to go. Let's get on up to the ring !"

Butch Reed will be -250 points for this match from injuries sustained in Tulsa.

7. The One Man Gang pinned Butch Reed with help from Dick Murdoch at 12:22.

Here's the call by Jim Ross & Missy Hyatt:

Ross: "Butch Reed is giving the One Man Gang all he can handle !! He's taking it to the Big Man and the Gang is reeling !! What's that ?? There's a commotion to our immediate right, Ladies and Gentlemen !! Who's that coming through the crowd ?!! It's that Dick Murdoch again !! What's he doing here ?!! He's got no business being here !! "

Hyatt: "Where ? I don't see him, Jim Ross ? Everybody's standing up and I can't see a thing !!"

Ross: "What do you mean "where" ??? Right these as plain as the nose on your face, young lady !! Murdoch's climbing up to the top rope now... He's got that cowboy boot in his hands... Akbar's got the Ref distracted and... My gawd !!! Right down across the back of Butch Reed with that damn boot... One... two... three... !!"

Hyatt: "What happened ?? Did I miss it ??

Ross" "Did I miss it" ? Give me a break !! You have very selective vision, Missy Hyatt, I'll tell you that !! The One Man Gang has stolen one from Butch Reed, fans !! A travesty of justice has been commited here tonight !! The unholy alliance of Dick Murdoch and the One Man Gang has struck again !! We're out of time !! Join us again next time for more great UWF action !!"
UWF Results (Circa Late 80's) - Monroe Civic Center, Monroe, LA. Att: 5,411.
Announcers: Jim Ross & Magnum T.A.
Ring Announcer: Reeser Bowden
Referee: Ronnie West

Ross: "Hello, everyone, and welcome to another hour of great UWF Championship Wrestling. Joining me this evening to call all the action is the iconic Magnum T.A. (loud pop from the crowd). And Magnum you have a big announcement for us to start things off."

Magnum: "That's right, Jim. "Hot Stuff" Eddie Gilbert's suspension has been lifted by Commissioner John Ayres and he's been reinstated to "active status" on the UWF roster."

Ross: "Well, that certainly is big news, Magnum ! I understand that Missy Hyatt's father, oil maverick J. Buckley Hyatt, wielded considerable influence in negotiating Gilbert's reinstatement ?"

Magnum: "Well Jim, Mr. Hyatt is a man who is use to getting what he wants, and while he couldn't prevent the suspension all together, he was able to lessen its duration."

Ross: "And his spoiled daughter is another one who is use to getting what she wants, Magnum. No doubt Missy Hyatt put a bug in her daddy's ear to get her beau Eddie Gilbert off the hook. Apparently a plea bargain was struck in the overnight hours, fans, and a settlement was reached by Mr. Hyatt's team of attorneys and the UWF Executive Committee - long story short - "Hot Stuff" Eddie Gilbert is with us here this evening and he will be wrestling. We'll be right back for our first contest right after these important messages from our sponsors ! Don't you dare go away!"

1. "The Missouri Tiger" Jeff Gaylord over "Gorgeous Rookie" Gary Young by Count Out at 9:46. Young got into a scuffle with Steve "Do It To It" Cox who was at ringside watching the match and failed to make the count.

2. "Hot Stuff" Eddie Gilbert defeated Davey Haskins by Count Out at 5:16.

Here's the call :

Ross: "Gilbert throwing Haskins out of the ring... and motor-mouth Missy Hyatt is giving the youngster an earful ! Haskins getting to his feet now and Hyatt's right in his face daring him to get back in the ring. Haskins having words with her... and she just slapped Haskins !! That's just dispicable, Magnum !! That jezebel Missy Hyatt slapped Haskins right across the face !!

Magnum: "He better watch the count here, Jim !!"

Ross: "Gilbert's just sitting up there perched atop that turnbuckle watching Haskins and Hyatt going at it... 8....9....10.... And that's it !!"

Magnum: "A rookie mistake there by Davey Haskins, Jim. You have to always be aware of the ref's count whenever you're outside the ring like that. Haskins let himself be drawn into that confrontation with Missy Hyatt and completely lost track of the count."

Ross: "Alright, the self-professed "First Couple of Professional Wrestling".... let's try and get a word with them now... "Hot Stuff" Eddie Gilbert smirking like the cat who swallowed the damn canary here and Missy Hyatt joining us as well."

Hyatt: "Why don't you ever listen to me, Jim Ross ? I done told you my daddy would take care of everything."

Ross: "Yeah, he 'took care of everything' alright, Missy. A rather unstrenuous victory for you here tonight, "Hot Stuff" Eddie Gilbert, taking advantage of this youngster like that. Did you even break a sweat, Eddie ??"

Gilbert: "A win's a win, Jim Ross. I get paid the same no matter how the job gets done. Now, let me take a moment to express my heartfelt thanks to Mr. J. Buckley Hyatt. You can't deny a man his livelihood, Jim Ross, and Mr. Hyatt proved that in a court of law. Mr. Hyatt, sir, I appreciate all you done for me and I promise to make both you and your little girl proud !!"

(Gilbert & Hyatt embrace in a long kiss)

Ross: (Shaking his head) "These two are something else, Magnum. Alright, there you have it, fans. "Hot Stuff" Eddie Gilbert returning to action with a win here tonight."

Magnum: "Love 'em or hate 'em, it goes down in the record books as another victory for Hyatt & Hot Stuff International."

3. Bad Leroy Brown and the Missing Link were both Counted Out at 10:37 in a wild brawl that took them through the crowd and into the concession stands in the lobby.

4. Chavo Guerrero pinned "Nature Boy" Buddy Landel with a Moonsault Body Block off the top rope at 5:14.

5. "The Unpredictable" Dick Slater and the Angel of Death were both Counted Out in OOR action. Ring Announcer Reeser Bowden made the mistake of announcing Slater as "Dirty" Dick Slater. He snatched the microphone from Bowden's hand and said "Don't you ever call me that again !! I don't like that name !!" Slater's valet Dark Journey tried to lure the Angel of Death backstage where the Jive Tones were waiting in ambush, but Sunshine was wise to the scheme and held him back.

6. Both the Kiwi Sheepherders (Butch Miller & Cousin Luke Williams) and Fabulous Freebirds (Michael P.S. Hayes & Buddy Roberts) failed to advance in the UWF Tag Team Tournament when Miller and Hayes were both KO'd in a violent mid-ring collision at 6:37. Neither man could get to their feet by Referee Ronnie West's ten count.

7. In a Semi-Final Contest for the UWF Title, "Terrible" Ted Dibiase pinned "The Louisville Slugger" Big Bubba Rogers in the Main Event when interference by manager Jim Cornette backfired at 17:22. Cornette reached into the ring to trip Dibiase and accidently tripped Rogers by mistake leading to the pin. Dibiase advances to the Finals to meet the winner of the upcoming Terry "Bam Bam" Gordy / One Man Gang match for the Title.
UWF 1/19/12 - Sam Houston Coliseum, Houston, TX. Att: 8,972
Announcers: Boyd Pierce & Frank Dusek
Ring Announcer: Joel Watts
Referee: Tommy Gilbert

1. Vladimir Petrov over rookie Jeff Raitz with the Russian Sickle at 4:18.

2. "Jumping" Joe Savoldi pinned "Wildman" Mike Boyette with a High Flying Drop Kick to the mush at 4:50.

Pierce: "Here we go again, Frank. The 'Timekeeper' Mike George is in the ring with a microphone and that giant stopwatch of his and he's got something to say."

Dusek: "He better not sell his opponent Art Crews short, Boyd. Crews is a veteran who's capable of beating anyone on any given night."
George: 'You know, about six months ago I got a call from Bill Watts. He said 'we're starting up a new federation with great talent and we need Mike George'. I said 'Sign me up, Bill, you can count on me'. Well, here I am and where's the 'great talent', Bill ??"

(Crews takes exception to the comment and has to be held back by Referee Tommy Gilbert.)

George: "Now hold your horses there, Art. You and I have been around some and we've met before, five or six times if memory serves, and you ain't beat me yet. Granted you're better than the usual chumps that Watts has been sending into the ring with me, but where's the real competition ?? Mike George has an open contract, folks !! Dr. Death, Duggan, Chris Adams, Savannah Jack... sign your name on the dotted line, boys, if you got the guts !!"

(Crews tries again to get at George but the referee stops him once more.)

George: "Art, I'll beat you in under six minutes and you know it. Let's go !!"

(George clicks on his stopwatch and the bell rings to start the match.)

3. "Timekeeper" Mike George held the ropes for leverage to beat Art Crews at 7:20. When the time of the fall was announced, George blew a gasket and accused Ring Announcer Joel Watts of conspiring against him. George claimed that his watch said "5:39" but he wouldn't let anyone see it for themselves.

4. The Rock & Roll Express (Ricky Morton & Robert Gibson) defeated Hyatt & Hot Stuff International's Coast Connection ("Hollywood" John Tatum & Jack Victory) at 5:42. Tatum tried to whip Gibson into his corner where Victory was waiting with his back turned and a big handful of powder, but the whip was reversed and it was Tatum who ended up getting a face full of powder. Gibson and Morton then hit the Double Drop Kick on "Hollywood" for the pin. Missy Hyatt had a tantrum at ringside as the Rock & Roll Express advance to the next round of the UWF Tag Team Tournament.

5. Dick Murdoch pinned Savannah Jack with a handful of tights at 7:36.

6. "Dr. Death" Steve Williams over Rick Steiner by Count Out at 9:01. Rookie Shane Douglas came down to ringside mid-match and got into a confrontation with Missy Hyatt. A distracted Steiner left the ring to protect his valet and lost track of the referee's ten count. Douglas continues to be a thorn in the side of Hyatt & Hot Stuff International.

7. The One Man Gang pinned Terry "Bam Bam" Gordy with a handful of tights at 13:40 to advance to the finals of the UWF Championship. The Gang will meet "Terrible" Ted Dibiase for the Title.
WWWF Results (Circa Mid to Late 70's) - New Haven Veterans Memorial Coliseum, New Haven, CT. Att: 5,839.

Announcers: WTNH Channel 8 Sportscaster Dick Galliette
Ring Announcer: Howard Finkel
Referees: Jack Lotz & "Tough" Tony Altimore

1. George "The Animal" Steele (w/ "The Guiding Light" Captain Louis Albano) defeated Jose Gonzalez by submission with the Flying Hammerlock at 3:11. The Animal hid a tongue depressor in his tights and jabbed it several times into Gonzalez' throat during the match.

2. Barefoot "Country Boy" Haystacks Calhoun from Morgan's Corner, AR crushed Tony Russo from Palermo, Sicily with a 601 lb Sit Down Splash at 2:43.

3. Mr. Fuji & Professor Toru Tanaka (w/ "Hollywood Fashion Plate" Classy Freddie Blassie) beat the tandem of S.D. "Special Delivery" Jones & Frankie Williams. Fuji pinned Williams with the Kamikaze Clothesline off the ropes at 3:43.

4. The popular Hawaiian Dean Ho over "Pretty Boy" Larry Sharpe from Paulsboro, NJ by submission with the Full Nelson.

5. Young Steve Travis from Charlottesville, VA pinned Tank Patton with a high flying Drop Kick to the chops off the ropes at 8:44.

6. "The Man of a Thousand Masks" Mil Mascaras pinned "The One Man Riot Squad" Dick "The Bulldog" Brower (w/ Captain Louis Albano) at 13:31. With Referee Jack Lotz knocked down in the action, Brower held Mascaras from behind for a cheap shot from his manager. Albano tried to smash a chair over the masked man's head, but Mascaras was able to break free in the nick of time and the Bulldog took the full brunt of the chair shot instead. Lotz recovered to count the pin on the KO'd Brower.

7. In the Main Event, "Chief" Jay Strongbow from Pawhuska, OK defeated Waldo Von Erich (w/ German Helmet & "Classy" Freddie Blassie) at 12:06. Von Erich dominated the early going with his dirty brawling tactics but the Chief went on the warpath and mounted a spirited comeback. Strongbow unleashed a barrage of running knee lifts and tomahawk chops to stagger his opponent. Freddie Blassie tried to help out by distracting Referee Tony Altimore to allow Von Erich to use his helmet as a weapon, but Strongbow was able to reverse the helmet shot. Altimore turned around to make the three count.
WWWF Results (Circa Mid to Late 70's) - Madison Square Garden, New York, NY. Att: 14,627

Announcer: Vince McMahon
Ring Announcer: Buddy Wagner
Referees: Dick Woehrle, Dick Kroll & Dusty Feldbaumer

1. "The Unpredictable" Johnny Rodz defeated Johnny Rivera by Count Out at 6:30. As the action spilled out onto the floor, the cat-quick Rodz was able to side step a Johnny Rivera charge causing Rivera to crash full steam into the ring post. Rivera gallantly tried to crawl back into the ring but it was not in time to make Dick Woehrle's ten count.

2. "Bad News" Allen Coage (w/ "Hollywood Fashion Plate" Classy Freddie Blassie) pinned "Quick Draw" Rick McGraw at 5:24. Coage caught McGraw with a vicious Clothesline off the ropes that spun "Quick Draw" around mid-air.

3. The masked El Olympico over a game Charlie Fulton from Marion, OH with a surprise Small Package at 8:29.

4. Dino Bravo defeated Stan "The Man" Stasiak from Buzzard's Creek, OR (w/ The Grand Wizard of Professional Wrestling) by DQ at 8:58. Stasiak dubiously pinned Dino Bravo with both feet on the ropes after Bravo missed a corner charge, but insisted upon giving his opponent the dreaded Heart Punch after the victory. Referee Dick Kroll reversed his decision and awarded the match to Bravo via disqualification.

5. Tag Team Tournament Finals. The Valiant Brothers ("Handsome" Jimmy & "Luscious" Johnny w/ Captain Louis Albano) defeated the tandem of Chief Jay Strongbow & Billy White Wolf to win the titles at 12:53. "Luscious" Johnny snuck into the ring and gave Billy White Wolf a Swinging Neckbreaker behind Referee Dick Woehrle's back. Woehrle turned around in time to find Jimmy Valiant making the cover and counted the pin on White Wolf.

6. "The Big Cat" Ernie Ladd (w/ The Grand Wizard) over "The 8th Wonder of the World" Andre the Giant via Count Out at 17:26. Ladd smashed Andre from behind with the time keeper's bell during OOR action while the Wizard kept Referee Dusty Feldbaumer occupied. Andre could not recover in time to make Feldbaumer's ten count.

7. WWWF Championship Tournament Finals. Bruno Sammartino defeated "Superstar" Billy Graham (w/ The Grand Wizard) with a Backbreaker at 24:14 to win the title. Several wrestlers including Tony Garea and "Polish Power" Ivan Putski ran into the ring to congratulate Sammartino as he proudly held the Championship Belt aloft.
WWWF Results (Circa Mid to Late 70's) - Civic Arena, Pittsburgh, PA. Att: 14,005.

Announcer: Vince McMahon
Ring Announcer: Joe McHugh
Referees: Dick Woehrle, "Wee" Willie Weber & Terry Yorkston

1. Manuel Soto went down to defeat at the hands of Waldo Von Erich (w/ German WWII helmet & "Hollywood Fashion Plate" Classy Freddie Blassie) at 4:02. Von Erich pinned Soto with the Blitkrieg Knee Drop off the top rope.

2. Pittsburgh's own Dominic Denucci beat Doug "Gashouse" Gilbert with the Airplane Spin at 5:06. Denucci earned face points for being the hometown hero.

3. George "The Animal" Steele (w/ "The Guiding Light" Captain Louis Albano) over Rene Goulet by submission with the Flying Hammerlock at 5:06. The fans chanted "Albano is a bum ! Albano is a bum !" as the Captain raced around ringside in his open Hawaiian shirt covering his ears and puffing away on a cigar.

4. "Polish Power" Ivan Putski pinned Baron Mikel Scicluna from the Isle of Malta with the Polish Hammer off the ropes at 8:59. The big Baron was a handful for Ivan and constantly used a hidden foreign object from his tights throughout the bout.

5. "The Iron Greek" Spiros Arion (w/ "Classy" Freddie Blassie) wrestled "Country Boy" Haystacks Calhoun (w/ bare feet and Lucky Horseshoe) to a 15:00 Time Limit Draw. Arion stalled throughout this match and kept bailing out of the ring at the first sign of trouble. The frustrated hillbilly complained to Referee Dick Woehrle about his opponent's tactics but there was little Woehrle could do. Arion always managed to get back in the ring at the count of nine.

6. Tony Garea & Larry Zbyszko defeated the Grand Wizard of Wrestling's Golden Grahams ("Superstar" Billy Graham & "Crazy" Luke Graham) at 10:11. Luke was constantly distracted by the fans' shouts of "Crazy Luke !" The Wizard tried to console him in the corner which allowed Zbyszko to sneak up from behind with a Schoolboy Rollup for the winning pinfall.

7. In the Main Event, "Olympic Strongman" Ken Patera (w/ Captain Lou) over Bob Backlund via Count Out at 28:32. The action spilled out onto the floor where both men traded punches around ringside. Patera managed to roll back into the ring as Referee Terry Yorkston's count reached nine, but Backlund was held outside by Albano and missed the count.
WWWF Results (Circa Mid to Late 70's) - Providence Civic Center, Providence, RI. Att: 8,838.

Announcers: Vince McMahon & Pat Patterson
Ring Announcer: Gary Cappetta
Referees: John Stanley, Jack Lotz & "Tough" Tony Altimore

1. Hartford, Connecticut's own "Flying" Fred Curry pinned Jose Estrada from Brooklyn, NY with a High Flying Drop Kick to the chops at 5:01.

2. "Rawbone" Swede Hansen from Slaughter's Creek, NC (w/ "Hollywood Fashion Plate" Classy Freddie Blassie) dominated Frank Williams from Columbus, OH before finishing him off with a Piledriver at 5:29.

3. Victor Rivera over Moose Monroe with a Cannonball Senton Splash off the top rope at 3:55.

4. "Philadelphia's Favorite Son" S.D. "Special Delivery" Jones went down to defeat at the hands of "The Big Cat" Ernie Ladd (w/ taped thumb and the Grand Wizard of Wrestling) at 8:47. S.D. was flattened by a Big Boot off the ropes from "The Big Cat" for the pinfall.

5. Baron Mikel Scicluna & the Golden Terror got some unexpected help from color commentator Pat Patterson to upset the popular duo of Dominic Denucci & Dino Bravo at 9:26. Bravo was thrown into the announcers' table by Baron Scicluna during OOR action and nearly knocked over Pat Patterson in the process. Patterson took exception to the bump, threw off his headset and got into a shoving match with the young Canadian on the floor. Referee Jack Lotz put the ten count on the distracted Bravo during the altercation.

6. Pedro Morales over "Butcher" Paul Vachon by submission with the Boston Crab at 8:01.

7. Six Man Tag Match Main Event. The WWWF Tag Team Champion Valiant Brothers ("Handsome" Jimmy & "Luscious" Johnny) and their manager "The Guiding Light" Captain Louis Albano defeated the team of "Chief" Jay Strongbow, "The Man of a Thousand Masks" Mil Mascaras & "The Eight Wonder of the World" Andre the Giant at 12:22. Pandemonium with all six men battling in the ring and Referee John Stanley frantically trying to restore order ! With Stanley's back turned and Albano caught in Strongbow's Sleeper Hold, "Handsome" Jimmy Valiant dipped down into the tights for brass knucks and KO'd the Chief with a loaded punch. The woozy Albano collapsed on top of Strongbow just as John Stanley turned around in time to count the pin. The Valiants and Albano were pelted with cups and debris from the raucous crowd as they ran back to the dressing room !
WCW Results (Circa Early 90's) - UTC Arena, Chattanooga, TN. Att: 9,833.

Announcers: Jim Ross & Paul E. Dangerously
Ring Announcer: Rick Stewart
Referees: Bill Alphonso & Robarb Jones

1. "The Natural" Dustin Rhodes pinned "Scrap Iron" Bill Ford with his Bulldog finisher at 3:37.

2. Marcus Alexander Bagwell over Vinnie Vegas (w/ Diamond Dallas Page) at 9:13. Bagwell slipped out of the Snake Eyes and pinned Vinnie with a Cradle Suplex.

3. TV Tournament Match. "Stunning" Steve Austin (w/ Lady Blossom) and Big Josh were both Counted Out in a brawl around ringside at 11:53.

4. Abdullah the Butcher (w/ Cactus Jack) over "The Rap Master" P.N. News by DQ at 8:55. "The Rap Master" inadvertently bumped Referee Bill Alphonso as he was whipping Abdullah into the corner turnbuckle. Alphonso immediately called for the bell. As P.N. News pleaded his case to the ref, he was jumped from behind by Cactus and Abdullah. Dustin Rhodes ran in to make the save.

5. Tag Team Tournament Match. The Nasty Boys (Brian Knobbs & Jerry Saggs) eliminated the Patriots (Firebreaker Chip & Todd Champion) via Count Out at 12:13. Chip was counted out after a chair shot from behind by Saggs on the floor in OOR action.

6. U.S. Title Tournament Match. El Gigante pinned Sid Vicious with a Big Boot to the mush off the ropes. Moments earlier, Vicious appeared to have the match with his Powerbomb finisher, but El Gigante was able to back drop out of the hold in the nick of time.

7. WCW Title Tournament Match. "The Total Package" Lex Luger eliminated Sting by Count Out at 13:11. Luger Clotheslined the Stinger over the barricade railing and into the crowd with a loaded forearm pad. Sting got tangled up in the chairs and could not free himself in time to make Referee Robarb Jones' ten count.
Edited by GV on 04/30/2022
WCW Results (Circa Early 90's) - McAlister Fieldhouse, Charleston, SC. Att: 5,828.

Announcers: Tony Schiavone & Missy Hyatt
Ring Announcer: Gary Michael Cappetta
Referees: Randy "Pee Wee" Anderson & Billy Silverman

1. The Juicer (Art Barr in Beetlejuice makeup and attire) pinned Brian Carr with a leaping Thesz Press off the top rope at 5:45.

2. Black Blood (Billy Jack Haynes as a heel under a mask) defeated Larry Santo with Le Guillotine (Knee Drop off the top rope) at 2:20. Black Blood was accompanied to the ring by his manager "Taskmaster" Kevin Sullivan.

3. "Candyman" Brad Armstrong over Bunkhouse Buck (w/ Colonel Parker) by DQ at 9:03. Buck refused to break clean on Pee Wee Anderson's five count during a vicious corner beatdown of Armstrong. Anderson immediately called for the bell.

4. TV Tournament Match. Cactus Jack (w/ Kendo Stick and Abdullah the Butcher) eliminated "Z Man" Tom Zenk at 8:46. Zenk turned his back on Cactus to confront Abdullah the Butcher after Abdullah tried to trip him coming off the ropes. Cactus took advantage of the moment with a Schoolboy Rollup on Zenk from behind for the pin.

5. Tag Tournament Match. The Fabulous Freebirds (Michael P.S. Hayes & Jimmy "Jam" Garvin w/ Big Daddy Dink) were eliminated from the tournament by Alexandra York's York Foundation ("The Computerized Man of the 90's Terrence Taylor & Richard Morton w/ Ms. York & "Head of Security" Mr. Hughes) via Count Out at 10:51. Mr. Hughes smashed Jimmy Garvin in the head with Alexandra York's laptop computer during OOR action. Garvin could not recover in time to make Referee Billy Silverman's ten count.

6. U.S. Title Tournament Match. Flyin' Brian Pillman over "The Enforcer" Arn Anderon (w/ Paul E. Dangerously) by DQ at 10:01. Dangerously ran into the ring and bashed Pillman in the head with his phone after Flyin' Brian had connected with Air Pillman (Springboard Clothesline) and made the cover on Arn for the winning pinfall.

7. WCW Title Tournament Match. Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat defeated "Ravishing" Rick Rude (w/ Madussa Micelli) by DQ at 11:50. To Rude's shock and disbelief, "The Dragon" somehow managed to kick out after his Rude Awakening (Hangman's Neckbreaker) finisher. The frustrated Rude then bashed Steamboat over the head with a chair for the disqualification.
WCW Results (Circa Early 90's) - The Omni, Atlanta, GA. Att: 8,707.

Announcers: Jim Ross & Missy Hyatt
Ring Announcer: Rick Stewart
Referees: Bill Alphonso & Scott Dickinson

1. "Heavy Metal" Van Hammer (w/ Guitar) surprised Sgt. Buddy Lee Parker of the State Patrol with a Small Package at 1:23.

2. "Dangerous" Dan Spivey pinned the Italian Stallion with a Powerbomb at 7:25.

3. TV Tournament Match. "Stunning" Steve Austin (w/ help from his Southern Belle Miss Blossom) eliminated lumberjack Big Josh (w/ Axe Handle) at 6:19. With Josh dominating the match, Miss Blossom climbed up to the apron in a rather short skirt and bent over giving the lumberjack an eyeful. Austin took advantage of the moment and rolled Josh up from behind for the pinfall to advance in the tournament. Missy Hyatt called Blossom "a floozy" and insisted that she was the more attractive of the two.

4. "The Natural" Dustin Rhodes over "Living Legend" Larry Zbyszko (w/ Paul E. Dangerously) at 10:02. As usual, Zbyszko did more stalling and complaining than actual wrestling in this match. Larry got into it with Referee Scott Dickinson and was caught from behind with a School Boy Roll Up by "The Natural" for the pin. Paul E. Dangerously then ran into the ring and made a collect call by bashing Dustin in the head with his phone. This brought out proud papa Dusty Rhodes from the back who cleaned house with Bionic Elbows to both Dangerously and Zbyszko.

5. Tag Team Tournament Match. The Nasty Boys (Brian Knobbs & Jerry Saggs) eliminated The Young Pistols (Steve Armstrong & Tracy Smothers) at 10:56. Armstrong took a trip to Nastyville as he was pinned with the Knobbs Running Powerslam/Saggs Diving Elbow Drop Combo.

6. U.S. Title Tournament Match. The Great Muta (w/ "Playboy" Gary Hart) advanced in the tournament by defeating Flyin' Brian Pillman at 12:17. Muta sprayed Pillman in the eyes with the mysterious green mist and then cradled his blinded opponent for the winning pinfall.

7. WCW Title Tournament Match. "Lone Wolf" Barry Windham eliminated "Nature Boy" Ric Flair by DQ at 30:11. Windham pulled out all the stops and shocked the Nature Boy by slapping on the Blackjack Claw Hold. Flair desperately flailed away as he tried to escape the hold and socked Referee Scott Dickinson in the jaw in the process. Whether the punch was intentional or not, Dickinson called for the bell and DQ'd Flair.
WCW Results (Circa Early 90's) - Macon Coliseum, Macon, GA. Att: 9,012.

Announcers: Tony Schiavone & "The American Dream" Dusty Rhodes
Ring Announcer: Gary Michael Cappetta
Referees: Randy "Pee Wee" Anderson & Billy Silverman

1. "The Rapmaster" P.N. News and Snake Watson were DQ'd at 5:13 after both men pushed Referee Randy Anderson down to the mat and traded haymakers in the ring.

2. Big Van Vader (w/ Harley Race) mauled Tim "Powerhouse" Parker before finishing him off with a huge Powerbomb at 2:41. Parker had to be carried backstage for medical attention after the bout.

3. "The Z Man" Tom Zenk (w/ Johnny Gunn) defeated Scotty Flamingo (w/ J.T. Southern). Zenk survived a pre-match sneak attack by Flamingo and won with a Missile Drop Kick off the top rope at 9:04.

4. The teams of Marcus Alexander Bagwell & 2 Cold Scorpio and Paul E. Dangerously's Dangerous Alliance (Arn Anderson & "Beautiful" Bobby Eaton) were both Counted Out at 7:40 as all four men battled around ringside and into the crowd.

5. TV Tournament Match. Johnny B. Badd over "Living Legend" Larry Zbyszko (w/ Paul E. Dangerously) by DQ at 8:32. Referee Billy Silverman caught Zbyszko bashing Johnny in the head with Dangerously's phone and immediately signaled for the disqualification.

6. U.S. Title Tournament Match. "The Dog-Faced Gremlin" Rick Steiner (w/ brother Scott) eliminated El Gigante with a Belly to Belly Suplex off the ropes at 10:30.

7. WCW Title Tournament Match. "The Total Package" Lex Luger over Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat via Count Out at 16:21. "Ravishing" Rick Rude, who was eliminated from the tournament by Steamboat last week, came down to ringside and baited "The Dragon" into a confrontation on the floor. Steamboat got the better of the fight but was counted out by Referee Randy Anderson in the process.
AWA Results (Circa Late 70's) - Davenport TV Taping, Minneapolis, MN. Att: 861

Announcers: Rodger Kent & Wally Karbo
Ring Announcer: Rod Trongard
Referees: George "Scrap Iron" Gadaski & Rod Luck

1. Dino Bravo defeated Dick Reynolds with the Airplane Spin at 5:50.

Interview with Gene Okerlund and Andre the Giant.

Andre is still fuming over Bobby Heenan and his stable of wrestlers. (Andre was recently attacked by Blackjack Lanza and Bobby Duncum, and lost his bid to dethrone AWA World Champion Nick Bockwinkel when he was disqualified for tossing the Champ over the top rope.) Andre wants another shot at the Heenan Family. He says that he doesn't care if it's one-on-one or in a handicap match. He'll take on the entire Heenan Family by himself if necessary. Promoter Wally Karbo joins the discussion and offers to make a tag team match if Andre can find a partner. The fans go wild when Crusher comes out with his signature cigar and offers to be Andre's partner. "Make the match !" Andre says as he shakes hands with Crusher.

2. Pat Patterson over Joe Scarpello by submission with a Boston Crab at 3:35.

Interview with Gene Okerlund, Pat Patterson & Ray "The Crippler" Stevens.

Patterson and Stevens ask Okerlund how many times they have to beat the High Flyers to be recognized as the AWA Tag Team Champions. (The High Flyers have lost two title defenses to Patterson & Stevens via Count Out.) Patterson calls them a couple of "gutless punks" and "fake champions" who don't deserve to wear the belts. Stevens says it's only a matter of time until he and his partner wear the gold.

3. Mad Dog Vachon beat Race Bannon with a Piledriver at 3:49.

4. The Heenan Family (Blackjack Lanza & Big, Bad Bobby Duncum w/ Bobby "The Brain" Heenan) over the team of Puppy Dog Peloquin & Dave Kochen at 4:29. Lanza pinned Kochen with a Brainbuster.

Interview with Gene Okerlund & Bobby "The Brain" Heenan

Mean Gene informs "The Brain" that Wally Karbo has booked a tag match pitting the Heenan Family against Andre the Giant and Crusher. Heenan is fine with that. He says that Blackjack Lanza & Bobby Duncum will make mincemeat out of them just like they did to Kochen & Peloquin a couple of minutes ago. Wally Karbo then comes out and corrects "The Brain". Karbo says it won't be Lanza & Duncum in the tag match, but AWA Champion Nick Bockwinkel and Bobby Heenan instead who will be facing Andre & Crusher. The fans roar in approval as Heenan throws a fit and storms off the set.

5. "Golden Boy" Adrian Adonis defeated High Flyer "Jumping" Jim Brunzell via Count Out at 8:28. This terrific see-saw battle was spoiled when Ray "The Crippler" Stevens and Pat Patterson came out to ringside and baited Brunzell into a confrontation OOR. Brunzell's partner Greg Gagne ran out from the back to join the fray. Soon all four men were battling it out on the floor as Referee George Gadaski administered the ten count on Brunzell and awarded the match to Adonis.
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