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GV's Other UQ Wrestling Results
AWA Results (Circa Mid 80's) - Riverside Arena, Austin, MN. Att: 3,580.

Announcers: "Dapper" Dave Prill & Verne Gagne
Ring Announcer: Frank Coutinho
Referees: Scott Ledoux, Larry Lisowski & Jim Bunning

1. "Beach Boy" Sonny Rogers had the crowd firmly behind him as he took on Tom "Rocky" Stone in our opening bout. After Frank Coutinho had made the ring introduction, Rogers borrowed the house mic to say, "Even though I'm from Marina Del Ray, there's no place that I'd rather be tonight than right here in Austin, Minnesota !" The Beach Boy got a loud round of cheers for the compliment and kept the fans roaring with some fancy aerial maneuvers. Rogers caught his opponent with a Drop Kick right in the kisser, but the momentum sent Stone crashing backward into Referee Scott Ledoux. Sonny was trying to help the official get back to his feet when he was rolled up from behind by Rocky Stone for the pinfall at 6:00.

2. Big Scott Hall received some words of wisdom from AWA Legend Verne Gagne at the announcers' table prior to his match with "Alaskan" Rick Renslow. Between Verne's advice and the warm welcome that Hall received from the crowd during his introduction, Big Scott was able to significantly bolster his points total with a handsome bonus. Hall dominated this bout from beginning to end despite the distraction of Renslow's tag team partner Dave Wagner being present at ringside. Scott hit a huge Fallaway Slam and then planted Renslow with the Hallbuster Bulldog moments after to seal the victory at 4:19.

3. Anthony "Earthquake" Ferris and his opponent Alexis Smirnoff were both counted out at 5:51. Earthquake held the advantage after thwarting a pre-match sneak attack, but a Running Clothesline from big Anthony sent both competitors toppling over the top rope and crashing to the floor below. Neither man was able to recover in time to make Referee Jim Bunning's ten count.

4. Appleton, MN's Brad Rheingans got a big hand from the Austin fans as he made his way to ringside to face "Canada's Greatest Athlete" Slick Nick Kiniski. Rheingans earned himself 100 bonus points for chasing Kiniski's valet Madusa Micelli back to the dressing room, but was caught with a Double Axe Handle upon re-entering the ring. Kiniski proved to be a tough test for the Olympian and caught Brad in a pinning predicament following a Bridging Belly to Back Suplex. Thinking that the official had counted to three, Kiniski released the hold and celebrated prematurely with an arrogant strut around the ring. As it turned out, Ledoux had only counted to two. Rheingans cashed in on Slick Nick's gaff by rolling up the surprised Canadian from behind for the win at 7:02.

5. Although he was the Face, Leon "Baby Bull" White heard a smattering of boos during Frank Coutinho's match introduction and lost 100 points. Big Leon's total took another 50 point hit when he rolled on his Speed Modifier. The Baby Bull fortunately reversed a pre-match chair shot on his opponent the Masked Superstar to make up for the lost ground. Nevertheless, the Superstar (with help from both his Cheating Modifier and Manager Sheik Adnan El-Kaisee) had White in a heap of trouble. It looked like curtains for Leon when he was caught in the masked man's Cobra Clutch, but the Baby Bull somehow managed to make it to the ropes. The Superstar refused to release the submission hold and was DQ'd by Referee Larry Lisowski at 7:09.

6. "Living Legend" Larry Zbyszko and his Ninja bodyguard Mr. Go teamed up to face Baron Von Raschke & Crusher Jerry Blackwell in the Main Event. The turning point of this match came when Go tried to throw a handful of salt into the Baron's eyes amidst a ring full of chaos but got his own partner with it instead. The blinded Zbyszko stumbled right into the waiting arms of Crusher Blackwell who then delivered a ring-shaking Running Powerslam. Referee Jim Bunning made the three count at 10:24 despite Von Rashke technically being the legal man for his team.
WWF Monday Night RAW Results (Attitude Era Circa 1998) - Stabler Arena, Bethlehem, PA

Commentators: Jim Ross & Jerry "The King" Lawler
Ring Announcer: Frank Coutinho
Referees: Jack Doan, Earl Hebner & Tim White

On the giant Titantron screen the fans watch "Stone Cold" Steve Austin burst through the doors at the Stabler Arena in a huff . He appears to be looking for someone or something. A member of the WWF's backstage crew walks by and the Texas Rattlesnake grabs him by the shirt. "Have you seen him ??" Austin asks. "Who?" the bewildered attendant replies. "Kane, that's who, you damn jackass !" Stone Cold shouts, "He's suppose to meet me here tonight, now where the hell is he ??" "I don't know !" the man answers, "I swear to you I don't know !" Austin points a threatening finger at him and says "If I find out that you're lying to me, son, Stone Cold will be back to kick your sorry ass !" He pushes the attendant out of the way and continues searching for the Big Red Machine.

1. Scorpio vs. "A Real Man's Man" Steven Regal (w/ Flannel Shirt, Hard Hat & Classic British Cockney Accent ??)

The flashy Scorpio was well received by the PA crowd which added an additional 125 points to his total. Looking to earn some bonus points of his own, Regal attempted to cut a promo regarding his manly virtues prior to the opening bell. Scorpio was having none of it, however, and sent Regal over the top rope with a Drop Kick from behind. The Real Man's Man lost 50 points for taking a bad fall to the floor, but soon caught a big break when his opponent's 450 Splash from up top found nothing but canvas. The dazed Scorpio was just getting back to his feet when he was driven back into the mat with a DDT by Regal for the three count at 3:17.

Backstage Segment. Dan "The Beast" Severn is talking to Jim Cornette. The two seem to reach an understanding and shake hands to conclude their conversation. Severn is confronted by Michael Cole who asks him about the topic of their discussion. "You'll know soon enough," Severn responds.

In the meantime back at ringside -

Jim Ross: "Fans, I've just been informed that Dan "The Beast" Severn has hired a manager to represent him here in the WWF."

Jerry Lawler: "What ? That's big news, JR ! Who is it ?"

Jim Ross: "An official announcement is forthcoming, King. We'll find out more regarding this breaking development later in the program."

2. The Hardy Boyz (Matt & Jeff Hardy) w/ Michael Hayes vs. The New Blackjacks (Blackjack Bradshaw & Blackjack Windham)

Both teams demonstrated good mic skills in separate backstage interviews with Michael Cole before the match to increase their respective totals. The Blackjacks also received additional points for rolling on their Strength Modifier, but had trouble contending with their opponents' speed once the contest got under way. The Blackjacks grew noticably frustrated as the match wore on. As JR observed, "You can't hit what you can't catch !" After sustaining the Hardyz' Poetry in Motion (Assisted Elevated Corner Splash), Bradshaw threw the rulebook out the window and began choking out Jeff with his bullrope. Brother Matt quickly raced in with a chair shot from behind to level the big cowboy. Windham then entered the ring and began brawling with Matt. Referee Earl Hebner had enough and called for the bell at 7:47. Hardy Boyz manager Michael Hayes protested the decision, but Hebner's Double Disqualification stood.

Judgment Day Promo

Clips from the Undertaker's Casket Matches over the years are featured. Next, we're shown footage of the 'Taker receiving Gangrel's "Blood Bath" at the Arco Arena last week. Then we see a dark chamber illuminated only by candles. Edge and Christian of the Brood are in the room standing at opposite ends of a casket. They lift up the lid and Gangrel slowly sits up. Edge hands him a goblet of "blood". The Vampire Warrior drinks it down and savors the taste before speaking, "Undertaker, they call you 'The Master of the Casket Match'. You always had the advantage over your opponents because they feared being enclosed inside the casket..... but you've never faced anyone like me before. Do I look as though I'm afraid of being in here ? To you, a casket is just a macabre prop..... but to me, it's home." Gangrel smiles wickedly and lies back down inside. Edge and Christian close the lid as we fade to black.

Backstage Segment. Stone Cold continues his search for Kane and is growing more impatient by the minute. He's tossing chairs around and overturning tables, but his tag team partner for Judgment Day is nowhere to be found.

3. Prince Albert vs. "The Strongest Man in the World" Mark Henry of the Nation of Domination (w/ Faarooq)

Before the match, the Nation of Domination's leader Faarooq held court in the ring and predicted big wins for both the Rock and D'Lo Brown at Judgment Day. He ominously noted that the victories would come "by any means necessary". He also said that the Nation intended to use Vader's buddies L.O.D. 2000 as stepping stones enroute to tag team gold. Hawk & Animal took exception to Faarooq's comments and came down to ringside to confront him. A shouting match ensued with Referee Tim White being pressed into service to keep the feuding factions apart. Once order was finally restored, the bout between Albert & Henry finally got under way. The two brutes put on quite a display of power with Prince Albert gradually gaining the upper hand after catching his opponent with a Two-Handed Overhead Chokebomb. Showing amazing agility for a big man, Albert connected with a Bicycle Kick to Henry's noggin, but missed on a subsequent Elbow Drop attempt. The Strongest Man in the World then mounted a comeback. Henry used a Running Powerslam to set Albert up for his Big Splash finisher and score the winning pinfall at 3:53.

Backstage Segment. Val Venis is watching video of "The World's Most Dangerous Man" Ken Shamrock in preparation for their "I Quit" Match at Judgment Day. He sees one opponent after another tapping out to Shamrock's Ankle Lock. Terri Runnels notices Venis looking quite concerned and drops by to console him. She begins to massage his neck and shoulder muscles as the Big Valbowski continues to study the footage. "You're so tense, Val" she observes, "I think I can help you relax. Why don't we go someplace where we can be in private ?" Venis looks back at her and smiles. "I'm all about intimacy," he quips as Terri takes him by the hand and starts to lead him out the door. Just then the Big Valbowski's valet Ryan Shamrock suddenly enters. "What the hell is going on here ??" she demands. "I was just trying to help Val out," Terri answered. "Oh really ??" Ryan snaps, "Well, we don't need your kind of help, tramp, so get lost !" Runnels immediately gets into it with Shamrock. The two women are face-to-face screaming at one another. WWF Commissioner Sergeant Slaughter happens by, hears the commotion, and rushes over to help Venis keep the girls separated. The commish then catches and errant slap across the face from the unstrung Ryan. "If you two have a problem, then settle it in the ring !!" the Sarge orders.

4. Impromptu Ladies Match - Terri Runnels vs. Ryan Shamrock

It might be an exaggeration to suggest that this was an actual wrestling match what with both ladies wearing mini skirts and high heel shoes in the ring. The term "Cat Fight" might, perhaps, be a more appropriate description. There was hair pulling, loud stinging slaps, biting, scratching, clawing and a whole lot of cussing and trash talk mixed in for good measure. Val Venis pulled up a chair at ringside and genuinely seemed to enjoy watching the two blondes battle it out. At one point Ryan pulled off one of her stiletto shoes and tried to hit Terri in the head with it, but swung and missed. Runnels then caught her in a surprise cradle for the pin. The time of the "match" was 4:08.

In Ring Promo

The New Age Outlaws music hits as the crowd stands and cheers !

Road Dogg: "Oh, you didn't know ? Your ass better call somebody !! "

The Outlaws come down to the ring wearing South Park T-Shirts.

Road Dogg: "You damn right. It's me ! It's me ! That D-O-Double G !"

The Dogg climbs up on a turnbuckle and makes an "X" over his head with his arms while Billy Gunn does a couple of D-Generation X crotch chops.

Road Dogg: "Cut the damn music." He looks around the arena eliciting more cheers from the fans. "Bethlehem, welcome to the Dogg House ! You know, them New Age Oulaws like to kick that shiznit Doggy style !"

Jerry Lawler: "I still don't know what 'shiznit' means !"

(The crowd knows what's coming next and mouth the words right along with him)

Road Dogg: "Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages ......... D-Generation X proudly brings to you its soon-to-be WWF Tag Team Champions of the Woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooorld......... The Road Dogg Jesse James ! The "Bad Ass" Billy Gunn ! The New Age Outlaws !!"

Billy Gunn: "Now, if you're not down with that, then we've got two words for ya ......."

Crowd: "Suck it !!"

Road Dogg: "Billy Gunn, how many times have the Outlaws kicked the Godwinns' asses ??"

Billy Gunn (Shaking his head & laughing): "Too many times to count !!"

Road Dogg: "It never got old, though, did it ? I mean, we beat them damn Arkansas pig farmers six ways from Sunday. Am I right ? 'Cause I sure as hell ain't wrong !"

(Billy Gunn nods emphatically.)

Road Dogg: "In fact, we done beat them so many times, they had to go get themselves a new name and a new look with their hair all slicked back now ..... fancy sunglasses and cheap suits.... They look like a couple of Hooterville Hitmen !"

Jerry Lawler: "Hooterville Hitmen ! Huh ??"

Road Dogg: "Well, you know what they say ..... You can clean up a pig farmer, put a ribbon on his tail and spray him down with perfume, but it's still a pig farmer in my damn book !"

Billy Gunn: "So you're called 'Southern Justice' now ? Well, the Dogg and I are a couple of good ol' southern boys ourselves and we got us our own brand of Southern Justice for your asses !"

The fans cheer as the Outlaws depart for Judgment Day with a few more crotch chops !

JR: "The Outlaws sound mighty confident, King."

Jerry Lawler: "They're over-confident if you ask me, JR ! That loudmouth Road Dogg forgot to tell these people that Hillbilly Jim is going to be the guest referee for the match."

JR: "That's true, King. Mr. McMahon did add that stipulation."

Jerry Lawler: "Yes, he did !"

JR: "Fans, we should note that Hillbilly Jim managed Southern Justice when they were known as the Godwinns and led them to the WWF Tag Team Titles."

Jerry Lawler: "And we all know that blood's thicker than water, JR !"

JR: "Mr. McMahon also said that the winners would get a title shot against the Headbangers on RAW."

Jerry Lawler: "There's a lot riding on this match at Judgment Day !."

JR: "What impact, if any, will Hillbilly Jim have on the outcome ? We'll have to wait and see !"

5. L.O.D. 2000 (Hawk & Animal w/ Sunny) vs. the WWF Tag Team Champion Headbangers (Mosh & Thrasher w/ Boombox blaring Nine Inch Nails & Marilyn Manson tunes)

This was a non-title match. As was often the case during the WWF's Attitude Era, it was difficult to determine which team were the faces and which were the heels. Both the Headbangers and L.O.D. were cheered during their ring entrances and received fan support throughout the contest. The Headbangers showed some ruthlessness once the Nation of Domination's Faarooq and Mark Henry came down to ringside. Hawk immediately got into a heated confrontation with Faarooq who had climbed up onto the apron to stir up some trouble. Referee Earl Hebner was busy ordering the Nation to return to the back when Mosh used the distraction to clobber Hawk in the face with one of the tag team championship belts. Hebner turned around to find Mosh making the cover and counted the pin at 8:00.

Backstage Segment. Ryan Shamrock is looking a little frazzled and disheveled following her tussle with Terri Runnels. She tells Val Venis that she knows just the right person to help him prepare for his match at Judgment Day. The camera follows her around backstage. She nearly bumps into "Stone Cold" Steve Austin who is still searching everywhere for the missing Kane. Ryan seeks out and finds Dan "The Beast Severn". She's hoping to draw upon Severn's bitter rivalry with her brother Ken Shamrock when the two were adversaries in MMA. Ryan asks Severn to work with Val Venis and show him some submission holds to help him defeat Ken at Judgment Day . Severn states that he'd love nothing more than to hear Ken Shamrock say the words "I Quit" in front of a national audience like that, but tells Ryan that she'll have to take it up with his new manager first. He tells her that he's on his way to ringside now for the big announcement and invites her to come along with him.

We cut to the ring where Jim Cornette is expounding upon Dan "The Beast" Severn's numerous awards, titles held and career achievements. Cornette says that we're privileged to have Dan Severn with us now in the WWF. He said that there was no limit to what Severn would accomplish here, and that with the proper guidance, it was just a matter of time before he would be wearing championship gold around his waist. Cornette closed his accolades by stating, "And so, without further ado, it is my pleasure to present to you ................

Beauty and The Beast !"

There was a long pause with JR and Jerry Lawler speculating that the "Beauty" designation might be referring to Ryan Shamrock who had accompanied Severn to ringside. Those notions were quickly dispelled, however, once Terri Runnels came prancing down the aisle to join Severn. The two entered the ring together with Severn officially introduced Terri as his new manager.

Jerry Lawler: "What ?"

JR: "If you think that you're stunned, King, just take a look at Ryan Shamrock !"

Ryan's jaw hit the floor as she watched "Beauty & the Beast" basking in the spotlight.

Severn stated that Runnels, as "Marlena", had made Goldust a star in the WWF and led him to great success. The Beast said he was fully confident that she would do likewise for him. Terri served notice to all of the champions in the WWF and warned them that no one's title was safe. Severn then whispered something into Runnel's ear and pointed to Ryan Shamrock. Terri smirked and said, "I'm so happy that you're here to share this special moment with us, Ryan ! Dan said you have something important you wish to ask me ?"

Ryan bit her lip, stomped her foot and stormed off to the back.

6. X-Pac of D-Generation X (w/ Chyna) vs. "Marvelous" Marc Mero (w/ Jacqueline)

This bout was a prelude to the Ladies Championship Match between Chyna and Jacqueline at Judgment Day. It didn't take long for the fireworks to start. The ladies got into it after Chyna interrupted Jacqueline's in-ring promo prior to the opening bell. X-Pac tried to serve as peacekeeper and pull them apart, but Marc Mero ambushed him from behind with a Double Axe Handle to gain the early advantage in the match. Marvelous Marc continued to control the action until X-Pax was able to flip out of a TKO (Fireman's Carry Cutter) attempt and level his opponent with a Roundhouse Kick to the mush. Mero was then whipped hard into the corner turnbuckle. A combination of karate kicks dropped him there and was immediately followed by the Bronco Buster. Jacqueline jumped up onto the apron and demanded that Referee Tim White send X-Pac to a neutral corner. White complied, thereby allowing the dazed Mero to get back to his feet. As he was doing so, Chyna snuck up from behind him with a Low Blow punch between the wickets. Marvelous Marc crumpled to the canvas and was pinned by X-Pac at 6:32.

Judgment Day Promo

The Rock Sound Bite: "Finally, The Rock Is Coming Back to the Rosemont Horizon !"

Owen Hart Sound Bite: "I'll do my talking in the ring !"

The Rock Sound Bite: "Just bring it, Jabroni !"

Footage of Hart applying the Sharpshooter

Footage of The Rock dropping The People's Elbow

Owen Hart Sound Bite: "Enough is enough !"

The Rock Sound Bite: "If you smell ................ what The Rock is cookin' !"

The promo ends with Owen proudly holding the Intercontinental Title.

7. Cactus Jack vs. Faarooq of the Nation of Domination (w/ "The World's Strongest Man" Mark Henry)

It seemed as though Cactus had signed on for a Handicap Match against the Nation of Domination in tonight's Main Event given all the cheap shots that Mark Henry snuck in behind Referee Jack Doan's back. A loud roar from the crowd alerted us that Cactus Jack's tag team partner Chainsaw Charlie had emerged from the back and was now racing down the aisle to be in his buddy's corner. Chainsaw and Henry quickly got into skirmish on the floor which drew Doan's attention away from the action in the ring. Faarooq took advantage of the distraction by bashing Cactus over the head with a folding chair. He then went for what appeared to be a certain pin, but the official was still preoccupied with the brawl between Charlie and Henry OOR. In the meantime, L.O.D. 2000 returned to ringside and prevented Faarooq from administering a second chair shot. Faarooq began jawing with Hawk and was rolled up from behind by Cactus with Doan turning around just in time to count the pin at 13:19.

In Ring Promo

The sound of smashing glass brought the fans to their feet and "Stone Cold" Steve Austin down to the ring. The Texas Rattlesnake climbed through the ropes with a mic in one hand and the WWF Championship Belt in the other.

Austin: If any of you people want to see Stone Cold and Kane whoop Triple H and Shawn Michaels' asses at Judgment Day, then give me a "Hell yeah !"

Crowd: "Hell yeah !!"

Austin: "That's what I thought, except that ol' Stone Cold might just have to take matters into his own hands and take care of business himself. Kane was suppose to be standing here in this ring with "Stone Cold" Steve Austin tonight, but I haven't seen hide or hair of his ugly carcass. I said last week that I didn't know if I could trust that S.O.B. and I still don't. Hell, maybe he'll show up at Judgment Day, and maybe he won't. Shawn Michaels, Triple H ....... Stone Cold is prepared to go two-on-one with you........ five-on-one with you..... fifteen-on-one ........... it doesn't damn matter 'cause I'll whoop all your asses come Judgment Day and that's the bottom line 'cause Stone Cold said so !"

The fans cheer ! Kane suddenly appears on the giant Titantron and they cheer even louder ! Austin turns around to look at the screen and sees that the Big Red Machine is standing outside the arena in the dark.

Austin: "So you finally decided to show up after all ! What I want to know, and what all these people here want to know, is can Stone Cold count on you to be there at Judgment Day ?"

The camera pulls back to reveal that Kane is actually standing outside the Rosemont Horizon and not the Stabler Arena. We follow the Big Red Machine's gaze as he looks up at the marquee which reads, "WWF Judgement Day - "Stone Cold" Steve Austin & Kane vs. "HBK" Shawn Michaels & Triple H"

Stone Cold gives a "Hell, yeah !" and the fans go wild ! An attendant tosses the Rattlesnake a couple of cans of beer. He climbs up a turnbuckle, snaps them open and guzzles them down.

Jerry Lawler: "Mark my words, JR, Austin is making a big mistake taking on Kane as a partner !"

JR: "We both know that Kane's dangerous and unpredictable !"

Jerry Lawler: "Are you kidding me ? Even Kane doesn't know what Kane is going to do !"

Ross and Lawler then plug the "Judgement Day: In Your House" pay-per-view card from the Rosemont Horizon one final time -

1. Light Heavyweight Championship Ladder Match - Champion Taka Michinoku vs. Challenger Sho Funaki of Kaientai

2. D'Lo Brown of the Nation of Domination vs. Vader

3. Ladies Championship Match - Champion Chyna of D-Generation X vs. Challenger Jacqueline (w/ "Marvelous" Marc Mero)

4. Triple Threat Hardcore Championship Match - Champion Big Boss Man vs. Challenger Al Snow vs. Challenger Mankind

5. European Title Match - Champion The Artist Formerly Known as Goldust (w/ Luna Vachon) vs. Challenger Droz (w/ Sable)

6. The New Age Outlaws (Road Dogg Jesse James & "Bad Ass" Billy Gunn) vs. Southern Justice (Dennis Knight & Mark Canterbury) - Special Guest Referee Hillbilly Jim

7. Casket Match - The Undertaker vs. Gangrel

8. "I Quit" Match - "The World's Most Dangerous Man" Ken Shamrock vs. Val Venis (w/ Ryan Shamrock)

9. Intercontinental Title Match - Champion Owen Hart vs. Challenger The Rock of the Nation of Domination

10. WWF Champion "Stone Cold" Steve Austin & "The Big Red Machine" Kane vs. "HBK" Shawn Michaels & Hunter Hearst Helmsley of D-Generation X

JR: "Don't you dare miss it, fans ! We'll see you all at Judgment Day !"
WWF Judgment Day: In Your House Pay-Per-View Results (Attitude Era Circa Late 90's) - Rosemont Horizon, Rosemont, IL

Commentators: Jim Ross & Jerry "The King" Lawler
Ring Announcer: Howard Finkel
Referees: Mike Chioda, Chad Patton, Mike Sparks, Jack Doan & Teddy Long

Opening Fireworks & Pyrotechnics

"No chance in hell !" theme music brought Vince McMahon to ringside along with his corporate stooges Gerald Brisco and Pat Patterson. The WWF CEO basked in the boos and jeers that he received as his bungling associates held the ropes open allowing him to enter the ring. "Thank you for that somewhat "Stone Cold" reception, Rosemont," the Boss smirked no doubt alluding to his most hated nemesis in the company WWF Champion "Stone Cold" Steve Austin. "I'm reminded as to why The Rosemont Horizon wasn't my first choice as a venue for an event of this importance," he mused. "The truth be told, it wasn't even in my top ten. Simply stated, you people don't deserve to even host a hockey or basketball game, much less a WWF Pay-Per-View ..... (Loud boos !) nor are you worthy of the "Big" Announcement and "Big" Surprise that I have in store for you all later this evening. Be that as it may, here we are. There are a lot of titles on the line tonight, including the Light Heavyweight Championship in our opening contest. Speaking of which, I see a bright future in this business for the multi-talented Sho Funaki. He is a worthy challenger and would make a fine champion in my estimation should he be successful in defeating Taka Machinoku. Let's get to it !"

1. WWF Light Heavyweight Championship Ladder Match - Champion Taka Michinoku vs. Challenger Sho Funaki of Kaientai (w/ Yamaguchi-San)

Stipulations: There are no pinfalls, submissions, disqualifications or count outs. The match is won when one of the participants retrieves the Light Heavyweight Championship Belt which is suspended from the rafters above the ring.

It was unclear whether or not Mr. McMahon's comments were purposely intended to snub Taka Michinoku, but his sterling endorsement of Sho Funaki added 75 points to the challenger's total. Funaki also received 50 points for his Ladder Modifier as did the champion Michinoku. The match itself was an amazing highlight reel of dangerous stunts. At one point, Michinoku climbed to the top of the ladder and appeared as though he could have reached the belt to end the contest, but opted instead to leap off with a sommersault Leg Drop to the then-prone Funaki on the mat. In similar fashion, the challenger also had an excellent opportunity to claim the title, but chose instead to give Michinoku a Sunset Flip off the ladder while the champion was climbing up the rungs behind him. The match ultimately came down to both combatants slugging it out while precariously perched on opposite sides atop the ladder. Before either man could grab the belt, the Latino faction Los Boricuas stormed the ring and pushed the ladder over thereby sending both Michinoku and Funaki crashing hard to the mat. Yamaguchi-San tried to enter the ring to check on them but he was laid out by a Spin Kick from Savio Vega. Miguel Perez Jr., Jesus Castillo, Jose Estrada Jr. and Vega stomped away at the injured Funaki and Michinoku until Kaientai's Dick Togo and Men's Teioh raced in from the back with chairs to make the save and clear the ring of the heels. As it turned out, Los Boricuas' interference accomplished three tasks:

a. It spoiled the outcome of what was a terrific Ladder Match for the Light Heavyweight Championship, with the bout officially being declared a "No Contest" by Referee Mike Chioda at 10:56.

b. It turned Kaientai, a previous heel stable, babyface, and

c. It made Kaientai even stronger with Taka Michinoku joining the group. Prior to Judgment Day, Michinoku wanted nothing to do with the stable, but now united in the common purpose of taking down Los Boricuas, the WWF's Light Heavyweight Champion has banded together with them.

2. Vader vs. D'Lo Brown of the Nation of Domination

Vader has been embroiled in a war with the Nation of Domination over the past several weeks. Over that period of time, L.O.D. 2000 and WWF Intercontinental Champion Owen Hart have been swept up into the feud. The conflict has come full circle now with this bout at Judgment Day, for it was Brown who started it all by interferring in a match and enabling The Rock to defeat Vader on an episode of RAW. Ever since that fateful night, the 450 lb Vader has found himself continually coming up on the short end of the stick in his battles with the Nation, so it was a good omen when he rolled on his Size Modifier and bolstered his score by 250 points. It was also in his favor to thwart a sneak attack by D'Lo before the opening bell and tack on another 100 points. Furthermore, the big man from the Rocky Mountains of Colorado was able to yank off Brown's controversial chest protector just before delivering his devastating Vader Bomb (Corner Slingshot Splash) to put D'Lo away for the three count at 4:39. The look of vindication on Vader's face after having his hand raised in victory by Referee Chad Patton was priceless.

Backstage Segment - Mr. McMahon's Office

There is a corporate meeting in progress between Mr. McMahon, his cronies Pat Patterson and Gerald Brisco, and his personal bodyguard the Big Boss Man. Looking to get back into McMahon's good graces and atone for his security lapse that led to the WWF's CEO being locked away in a janitor's closet in Anaheim, the Boss Man tried to reassure McMahon that he was "on top of things" this evening and that there was nothing to be concerned about. "I'm not so sure," McMahon replied, "And that's why I've taken extra measures to ensure my safety. You might call it a 'Big' insurance policy." Pat Patterson smiled and nodded. "No, Boss Man, I want you to concentrate on defending the Hardcore Title tonight," McMahon continued. "Mr. Mack-man has also taken out a 'Big' insurance policy on that, too !" Brisco chimed in. He and Patterson chuckled while Mr. McMahon leaned back in his chair and smiled.

3. Ladies Championship Match - Champion "9th Wonder of the World" Chyna of D-Generation X (w/ X-Pac) vs. Challenger Jacqueline (w/ "Marvelous" Marc Mero)

Both women cut good promos before the contest to add to their totals. Chyna and Jacqueline also rolled on their Speed Modifiers which helped the challenger's cause, but hurt the defending champion's. By far the more polished of the two wrestlers in technical proficiency, Jacqueline dictated the pace of the action and pressured the champ into several pinning predicaments. Sensing that she might need a little extra help in finishing off the "9th Wonder of the World", Marvelous Marc slid a folding chair into the ring for Jacqueline to use and proceeded to divert Referee Mike Sparks' attention. Unfortunately for the challenger, Chyna spotted the chair lying in the ring first and gave Jacqueline a DDT onto it. Sparks turned around to find the champion making the cover on her KO'd oppponent and counted the pin at 6:19. Chyna successfully retains the WWF Ladies Championship.

4. Triple Threat Hardcore Title Match - Champion Big Boss Man in black S.W.A.T. team uniform vs. Challenger Mankind vs. Challenger Al Snow

There's no telling what may be going through the mind of Al Snow at any given moment. The same can be said of Mankind, but for whatever reason, Al chose to forsake his usual J.O.B. Squad attire and dress as "Shinobi", the ninja gimmick persona that he employed during the mid 90's. As it turned out, Snow/Shinobi was nearly eliminated from the match before it even began. Al was apparently jumped backstage by an unknown assailant who was waiting in the wings for him and sustained 200 points worth of damage. Snow was hurting, but emerged in time for his match introduction. The assault (and subsequent loss of points) would severely hurt his chances of winning the contest, however. Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler speculated as to who would commit such a heinous act and for what purpose. While they pondered the riddle, the Big Boss Man, who had cut an outstanding promo in the locker room just moments previous, came down to the ring next. It should be noted that Triple Threat and Fatal Four Way matches may sometimes lend themselves to some interesting alliances being formed during the spur of the moment. Such was the case this evening when the Boss Man and Snow teamed up to put a clubberin' on Mankind as he was entering the ring for his introduction. Once Mankind was sufficiently incapacitated from the attack, the champ quickly turned on Al and laid him out with a running Yakuza Kick to the jaw. The former prison guard did not use his trademark nightstick during his title defense, but found many other objects to wield over the course of the contest including a 2 x 4, a trash can lid, a traffic cone and his own Hardcore Championship Belt. Ironically enough, his weapon-of-choice to win the match would turn out to be a Kendo Stick that "Shinobi" brought to the ring. The Boss Man cracked Mankind over the noggin with a leaping smash from the top rope to score the winning pinfall at 11:58. The Big Boss Man successfully retains the WWF Hardcore Championship.

Backstage Segment

Unable to swallow her pride and ask Terri Runnels for Dan "The Beast" Severn's help in teaching Val Venis some submission holds for his "I Quit" match against her brother later in the program, Ryan Shamrock decided to take matters into her own hands. She assures Val that she has a Plan B. Bob Backlund then enters the room wearing his familiar grey suit and red bow tie. Fancying himself as a "motivational speaker" now, Backlund goes off on a twenty minute pep talk to try and boost Val's confidence. We can tell by his unorthodox presentation that Bob doesn't quite have all his paddles in the water. He abruptly finishes, pats Venis on the back, and asks for Ryan to pay him. "Are you kidding me ?" she says incredulously, "I'm not paying you for a stupid speech ! You were suppose to teach Val your Crossface Chickenwing submission hold !" They argue over the terms of their arrangement with Backlund storming out after not being compensated for his services.

5. European Title Match - Champion The Artist Formerly Known As Goldust (w/ Luna Vachon) vs. Challenger Droz (w/ Sable)

Droz, a former defensive lineman with the NFL's Denver Broncos, made a huge entrance thanks in large part to having Sable come down the aisle with him dressed up like a Broncos' cheerleader. The stunt earned him an additional 125 points to work with. Goldust then graced the crowd with his customary Hollywood "Shattered Dreams Production" arrival to the ring. Theatrics aside, Goldust is an accomplished wrestler who defeated both Val Venis and Jeff Jarrett during a tournament enroute to becoming the European Champion. He had his problems tonight, however, and needed (and received) some help from Luna Vachon along the way. Droz flattened the champ with a Spear from a three-point football stance and then began to climb up to the top rope to attempt a high risk maneuver, but his progress was impeded by Luna who grabbed onto his foot. Sable then raced over and leveled Vachon with a Clothesline OOR, however the damage was done. Luna's interference bought Goldust some precious time and enabled him to get back to his feet and cut Droz off at the pass. The European Champ then delivered a huge Superplex off the top to put his challenger's shoulders to the mat for the victory at 6:36. Goldust successfully retains the WWF European Championship.

6. The New Age Outlaws (Road Dogg Jesse James & "Bad Ass" Billy Gunn of D-Generation X) vs. Southern Justice (Mark Canterbury & Dennis Knight) w/ Tennessee Lee. Mr. McMahon appointed Hillbilly Jim as the Special Guest Referee for this match. McMahon also stated that the winners would receive a title match against the WWF Tag Team Champion Headbangers on RAW.

Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler refreshed our memories and gave the audience a WWF history lesson in Hillbilly Jim's affiliation with Canterbury and Knight. Ross pointed out that Jim had managed Knight and Canterbury to the tag team titles in 1996 when they were known as Phineas and Henry Godwinn respectively. Perhaps looking to remind the Special Guest Referee of their celebrated past together (and influence his officiating leeway), Southern Justice brought the Godwinns' old slop bucket to ringside with them "for good luck". On the opposite side of the ring, the New Age Outlaws got a big pop from the crowd for their typical flamboyant entrance. Road Dogg and Billy Gunn then partook in a quick game of "Rock, Paper, Scissors" in their corner to determine who would start the match for their team with the "Bad Ass" taking the honors. The Outlaws dominated this contest, but Tennessee Lee's shrewd managing kept Southern Justice in it. Lee easily manipulated Hillbilly Jim out of position on several occasions allowing Canterbury and Knight to cheat at will behind the inexperienced Guest Referee's back. Jerry Lawler wondered aloud if Jim was showing favoritism to Knight and Canterbury by intentionally turning a blind eye to Southern Justice's rule breaking. The King's speculation may have been put to rest for good, though, when Road Dogg pinned Canterbury at 12:44 after clobbering him with the Godwinns' slop bucket. Did Jim's personal inclinations affect his officiating during the match ? Only he knows for sure, but he may have tipped his hand in a post-match interview with Michael Cole at ringside. Jim revealed in the discussion that he had been "fired" by Canterbury and Knight immediately after the Godwinns lost the tag team titles in 1996. The Arkansas pig farmers then turned heel and eventually took on the name "Southern Justice" once they hired Tennessee Lee as their manager. Be that as it may, The New Age Outlaws are now the number one contenders to the WWF Tag Team Championship and will face the Headbangers for the titles on the next episode of RAW.

In Ring Segment

The lights go out as the Undertaker makes his way down the aisle and enters the ring. He begins to cut a promo regarding his upcoming Casket Match with Gangrel. The Deadman claims that the darkness in the arena is nothing compared to the darkness that is inside his soul. Before he can continue, though, Mr. McMahon's "No chance in hell" theme music suddenly plays. The WWF CEO makes his way back down the ramp and enters the ring with Gerald Brisco and Pat Patterson. The 'Taker gives him an icy stare. "I'm sorry to interrupt you, Undertaker," McMahon explains, "But I have a 'Big' announcement to make." McMahon then introduces his "Insurance Policy" to the fans - "The Big Show" Paul Wight ! Wight then comes down the aisle and enters the ring. He stands behind Mr. McMahon with his arms folded as the boss continues. "If anyone has a problem with me .... including you, Undertaker, then take it up with the Big Show." The Deadman approaches McMahon but the Big Show steps in between them. There is a tense stare down between Wight and the Deadman. Mr. McMahon breaks the tension by telling the Undertaker to "save his energy for the Casket Match". He then departs with his cronies. The Big Show is the last to leave, giving one final glance over his shoulder at the Undertaker standing in the ring, before following McMahon to the back.

7. Casket Match - "The Phenom" Undertaker vs. Gangrel

Stipulations: There is a casket at ringside. There are no pinfalls, submissions, disqualifications or count outs. The match can only be won by putting your opponent inside the casket and closing the lid.

Though known for being "The King of the Casket Match", the Undertaker's attention was clearly divided this evening thanks in "large" part to the tense confrontation that he shared with the Big Show moments ago. The Deadman stood with his hands on his hips and a preoccupied look upon his face as he waited for Gangrel to make his entrance. Fire appeared at the top of the ramp and the Brood's ghoulish music played, but the Vampire Warrior was nowhere to be seen. Suddenly, and much to the astonishment of both Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler, the lid of the casket that was positioned at ringside began to slowly lift. Gangrel emerged from inside, snuck into the ring and attacked the Undertaker from behind. Perhaps the Vampire Warrior was playing some mind games with his foe ? Whatever his thinking, the strategy succeeded in giving Gangrel the early advantage in the match. The Vampire Warrior continued to dish out the punishment. A Delayed Verticle Suplex was immediately followed by a Corkscrew Elbow Drop, but the 'Taker thwarted his opponent's attempt to roll him inside the coffin. His focus now properly restored to the task at hand, The Deadman fought back with some vicious corner uppercuts, the Snake Eyes face-first drop onto the turnbuckle padding and a staggering Head Butt. The Undertaker then leveled his dazed opponent with a Leaping Clothesline off the ropes followed by a crushing Side Slam to the mat. The Deadman seemed poised to deliver his signature Tombstone Pilediver next when the Big Show came back down the ramp, entered the ring behind the 'Taker's back and surpised the Deadman with a huge Chokeslam. Gangrel then added his Impaler DDT for good measure before rolling the Undertaker inside the casket and slamming the lid shut for the victory at 11:02.

8. "I Quit" Match - "The World's Most Dangerous Man" Ken Shamrock vs. Val Venis (w/ Ryan Shamrock)

Stipulations: There are no pinfalls, disqualifications or count outs. The match is won by making your opponent say "I Quit" into a microphone.

Both men earned bonus points for good interviews with Michael Cole backstage before the contest. Shamrock further increased his total with a fortuitous roll on his Speed Modifier. Using his MMA background and experience quite effectively to his advantage, "The World's Most Dangerous Man" carried the battle to his opponent. Shamrock applied several grueling submission holds during the bout, but Venis refused to "Quit" whenever Referee Mike Sparks held the microphone to his face. To his credit, Val was able to avoid being caught in Shamrock's dreaded Ankle Lock finisher, however he was ultimately done in by a hold that completely caught him off guard. Ironically enough, Shamrock applied Bob Backlund's Crosssface Chickenwing on him ! With a look of both surprise and horror on his anguished face, Venis battled the excruciating pain momentarily, but could not escape the hold and was forced to utter the infamous "I Quit" into Sparks' microphone at 11:17.

9. Intercontinental Championship Match - Champion Owen Hart vs. Challenger The Rock of the Nation of Domination

Never at a loss for words, the Brahma Bull cut a great backstage promo with Michael Cole before the match in which he spelled out the word "Jabroni" as "O-w-e-n-H-a-r-t" for the masses. The Rock refused to acknowledge his opponent's Sharpshooter finisher by name and called Hart's signature moves "the Dispsy-Doodle" and the "Sufferin' Succotash" instead. The bravado earned him 50 extra points to work with before heading to the ring. The Challenger also added an additional 25 points for rolling on his Savvy Modifier. When The Rock set his sights on winning Owen Hart's Intercontinental Title, he did so by the Nation of Domination's credo "By any means necessary". The motto justified an ambush before the opening bell which cost Owen 100 points in damage and gave The Rock the early jump in the match. The Nation's adage might also account for D'Lo Brown's actions late in the bout. D' Lo ran down to ringside and slipped something into the Brahma Bull's hand while The Rock was slumped in the corner. That "something" quickly made its way inside one of The Rock's knee pads in time to catch Hart flush on the chin with it during a corner charge. The Challenger then secured the tainted pinfall with both feet on the ropes for additional leverage to win the title. Your winner with the loaded knee pad at 12:46 and neeeeeewwwwwww (as only Howard Finkel can enunciate properly) WWF Intercontinental Champion - The Rock !

10. WWF Champion "Stone Cold" Steve Austin & "The Big Red Machine" Kane vs. D-Generation X ("HBK" Shawn Michaels & Hunter Hearst Helmsley) w/ "The Ninth Wonder of the World" Chyna

"Are You Ready ? Break it down !" announced the arrival of D-Generation X for the first introduction with big time pyrotechnics and a whole lot of crotch chops. The sound of smashing glass brought Stone Cold down to the ring next with Austin receiving a huge pop from the crowd. The time for Kane's entrance had come. Ring Announcer Howard Finkel introduced him, but the fickle Big Red Machine was a no-show . Austin just stood there shaking his head. A long, awkward pause followed until it became obvious to everyone that Kane wasn't coming.

Jerry Lawler: "I won't say that I told you so, JR, but I told you so ! Kane can't be trusted !"

Jim Ross: "I saw Kane backstage earlier tonight, King ! He's got to be here !"

Jerry Lawler: "Well, he ain't here now !"

Jim Ross: "He's double-crossed the Rattlesnake ! Damn you, Kane !"

Just then "No chance in hell" began playing with Mr. McMahon strolling down to ringside with Pat Patterson and Gerald Brisco in tow.

Mr. McMahon: (Looking around in astonishment) "Well now, it looks as though your partner has deserted you, Champ."

Shawn Michaels and Triple H are having a good time with this. Michaels is chewing gum and leaning up against Helmsley with a smart-ass grin on his face.

Mr. McMahon: (With a wicked smile) "And now, I suppose, is as good a time as any for my 'Big' Surprise."

Jerry Lawler: "What ?? So the 'Big Announcement' and the 'Big Surprise' are two different things then ??"

Jim Ross: "Apparently so, King. There's just no telling with Mr. McMahon."

Suddenly, backstage footage from earlier appears on the giant Titantron screen. We see the Big Show doing a number on Al Snow before the Triple Threat Hardcore Title Match. Then we watch the Big Boss Man and the Big Show put a double-team beat down on Kane in the locker room before the Tag Team Main Event.

Mr. McMahon: (Very smug and proud of himself) "You have a couple of choices here, Austin. You can either forfeit the match to D-Generation X, or wrestle them in a Handicap Match."

Without hesitation Austin tells the timekeeper to "Ring the damn bell !" as the fans cheer.

Mr. McMahon: "Alright, have it your way then you bald S.O.B. ! A Handicap Match it is ! But you know what, Austin ? I'm buying a front row seat at my own damn pay-per-view because I want to watch you get your ass kicked by DX !" (McMahon says this with real venom and hatred for Austin. He practically spits the words out.) The boss then takes a hundred dollar bill out of his pocket and stuffs it in a ring attendant's hand. "Put that in the box office till and get me a damn chair !"

The attendant sets up a folding chair for Mr. McMahon on the floor beside the announcer's table and the boss takes a seat.

Referee Teddy Long informs the participants that D-Generation X must wrestle under tag teams rules. Only one man is allowed in the ring at a time with both partners tagging in and out. Riding a rush of adrenaline (and perhaps taking advantage of DX's initial over-confidence), Stone Cold dominated the early going and forced HBK and Triple H into careless errors. Ever the ring general, Michaels slowed down the tempo of the match which allowed DX's advantage to slowly and patiently materialize. Helmsley and Michaels began to wear down the Rattlesnake. Quick tags enabled DX to stay out of trouble and keep a fresh man in the ring at all times. Several near pinfalls on Austin had Mr. McMahon jumping out of his chair eager for a DX victory. At one point, Stone Cold sustained Helmsley's Pedigree finisher and barely mustered the wherewithal to get a foot on the bottom rope. Mr. McMahon quickly pushed the foot off, but Referee Teddy Long had seen it and stopped the pin count. McMahon was furious and jumped into the ring to argue with the official. A commotion from the crowd alerted us that something was a foot. The camera quickly cut to Kane hobbling down the ramp toward ringside ! HBK, Helmsley and Mr. McMahon all stood frozen in shock. Austin then spun Triple H around and nailed him with the Stone Cold Stunner. Teddy Long was rushing over to count the pin for the Rattlesnake when Michaels threw the ref over the top rope and out of the ring to draw the DQ at 12:13. Degeneration-X quickly high-tailed it out of there leaving Mr. McMahon alone in the ring to fend for himself. "I'll get you for this, Michaels !" the boss snarled. McMahon then turned around to find himself cornered by Kane and Austin. He dropped to his knees and begged for mercy as they closed in on him. The Corporate Cavalry then came to the rescue ! The Big Boss Man and the Big Show rushed the ring and brawled with Kane and Stone Cold allowing Mr. McMahon to skedaddle. Amidst all the chaos, no one seemed to notice the Undertaker rolling the casket back down to ringside. The 'Taker entered the ring, grabbed the Big Show by the throat and planted him into the mat with a Chokeslam to return the favor from earlier in the program. In the meantime, Austin and Kane battled the Boss Man up the ramp and to the back. With the crowd on its feet and cheering him on, the Deadman planted the Big Show with a Tombstone Piledriver. He then rolled him into the casket and slammed the lid shut before returning back up the aisle himself. The camera panned back to the coffin with Big Show's fist punching through the lid over and over again. The coffin fell apart like match sticks from the mighty blows. Big Show then got up and stormed to the back as we fade to black with the WWF logo.
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WWF Monday Night RAW Results (Attitude Era Circa Late 90's) - Compaq Center, Houston, TX

Commentators: Jim Ross & Jerry "The King" Lawler
Interviews: Michael Cole
Ring Announcer: Howard Finkel
Referees: Earl Hebner, Mike Sparks & Chad Patton

Backstage Segment - Compaq Center Parking Garage

We watch Mr. McMahon arrive at the Compaq Center in his Lincoln Town Car on the jumbo Titantron. He pulls up to his "Reserved Parking" space only to find "Stone Cold" Steve Austin's pickup truck already parked there. (The crowd cheers !) McMahon is furious and beeps the horn constantly. He realizes no one is coming to help him and drives on looking for another spot. His car goes through level after level, climber higher and higher in the parking garage. There are simply no parking spaces to be had. McMahon ends up at the highest level on the roof of the garage and finally finds an open space. After parking his car, he walks over to the elevator only to find it "Out of Order". He begins descending the stairs, all the while muttering under his breath with words being beeped out.

1. Kaientai (WWF Light Heavyeight Champion Taka Michinoku & Sho Funaki) w/ Yamaguchi-San vs. Los Boricuas (Miguel Perez Jr. & Jose Estrada Jr.) w/ Savio Vega & Flag of Puerto Rico

Los Boricuas drew some serious heat (and bonus points) when they were soundly boo'd by the capacity crowd at the Compaq Center during their ring entrance. The fans' animosity was no doubt fueled by Los Boricuas' interference during the WWF Light Heavyweight Championship Ladder Match between Michinoku and Funaki at the Judgment Day pay-per-view in which the latino faction attacked both participants. The assault by Los Boricuas led to Taka Michinoku joining the Kaientai stable. Michinoku & Funaki were able to achieve some vindication this evening. With Referee Earl Hebner spilled to the canvas, Savio Vega gave Miguel Perez a chair to use. The strategy backfired in a big way, though, when a charging Perez had the chair driven into his own face courtesy of a Michinoku Drop Kick. Hebner shook out the cobwebs to find Taka making the cover on the KO'd Perez and counted the 1-2-3 at 9:24.

Backstage Segment - Michael Cole Interviews "Beauty & the Beast" (aka Terri Runnels & Dan Severn) about the WWF Judgment Day Pay-Per View

Terri said that Judgment Day would have been better had Dan "The Beast" Severn been included on the card. She guaranteed that under her management, Severn would not only be in the next pay-per-view, but that he would also win his first championship belt. Cole asked Runnels if there was a specific title that she was interested in, but before she could answer, the WWF's European Champion The Artist Formerly Known As Goldust interrupted the discussion. "What good are your guarantees, Terri ??" he scoffed. Goldust then told Severn to "Watch your back and your money when dealing with her !" and then added, "There's a reason why I fired her !" before walking off the interview set. (Runnels, as Marlena, had previously managed Goldust. They were quite successful together, but had a falling out followed by a bitter separation.) Terri told Severn to "just ignore him", but we could seed by the expression on the Beast's face that the seed of doubt had been planted.

2. Dan "The Beast" Severn (w/ "Beauty" Terri Runnels) vs. Tiger Ali Singh (w/ Manservant Babu)

Before the match, Terri addressed the crowd to "get a few things off her chest and set the record straight" regarding her break up with Goldust. She stated that she had never been fired by him, but had quit on her own volition because he was just "too weird for words". She further stated that he "got what he deserved" by hiring "that skank" Luna Vachon to be his valet. Terri was just beginning to expound on how Dan Severn was going to defeat Goldust for the European Title when Tiger Ali Singh's music began to play. The rich playboy from India then made his way down to the ring with his manservant Babu. The vile Singh loves to humiliate Americans for money. He eyed Terri Runnels lecherously in the ring and said "How much do you charge ?" "Excuse me ??" the flabbergaatted blonde responded increduously. "How much ?" he persisted. Babu handed his master a wad of cash. "How much do you charge to show my servant a good time after the show tonight ?" Singh fanned out the bills for Terri. "What is your price ?" Runnels was incensed and slapped Singh across the face as the crowd roared in approval. The stinging blow sent the playboy's money scattered all over the mat. Singh was rubbing his cheek when he felt a tap on his shoulder from behind. He turned to find Dan Severn, who immediately planted him into the canvas with a Belly to Belly Suplex to officially begin their bout. This was strictly a one-sided contest. Severn transitioned from one grueling hold to another to keep his opponent on the defensive before finishing off the over-matched Singh with a Kesa Gatame (Rolling Headlock and Arm Trap Pin) at 4:30.

Backstage Segment - Mr. McMahon's Office

Pat Patterson and Gerald Brisco are making inquiries to determine Mr. McMahon's whereabouts. They're obviously concerned that the boss hasn't shown up at RAW yet. McMahon suddenly bursts through the door gasping for breath. Brisco and Patterson rush over to check on him and find out what happened. "That damn bald S.O.B. Austin parked in my spot again !" McMahon shouts, "Get a tow truck down here right now and have that heap hauled away ! Make that Priority No. 1 !" Patterson immediately gets right on it and starts making phone calls.

3. Ivory vs. Tori of D-Generation X (w/ X-Pac)

Tori made a favorable impression upon Hunter Hearst Helmsley to gain admission into the DX stable. The former "Dudette" helped Triple H defeat Dude Love during a match in Columbus, OH. Ever since then, Tori has been training to become a professional wrestler. WWF newcomer Ivory took her inexperienced foe to school this evening. She dominated from the onset with Tori unable to generate any offense whatsoever. X-Pac tried to lend a hand and climbed up onto the apron to interfere, but Tori was sent crashing into him. The force of the collision knocked X-Pac to the floor and sent Tori staggering backward into a roll up to give Ivory the victory at 4:35.

Backstage Segment

The Jackyl (Don Callis) is on a pay phone. He appears to be "on hold" and keeps nervously peeking at his watch. When he sees the cameraman approaching with Michael Cole, he yells for Kurrgan the Interrogator to "keep them back !" Kurrgan is clearing a space for some privacy when we hear the Jackyl say, "Hey man, where you've been ?? I've been on hold for like twenty minutes now ! ....... I know we're an hour behind, but you said to call at 9:00 ..... Well, it's 9:00 here ...... Are we still on for tonight or what ??" We're too far away now to hear any more of the conversation, but knowing the nature of the Jackyl, there is something nefarious afoot. Jim Ross refers to him as "the David Koresh of the WWF" and it's not just because he bears a striking resemblance to the long-haired leader of the Branch Davidians in Waco, TX. The Jackyl may be the spiritual leader of the Truth Commission (Kurrgan, Recon & Sniper), but he has much higher (and sinister) aspirations. The Jackyl would love nothing more than to oust Vince McMahon from power and take over control of the WWF.

4. Steel Cage Match. Vader vs. "The Strongest Man in the World" Mark Henry of the Nation of Domination

The match is won be either climbing out of the cage or exiting through the door.

Given the massive bulk of both competitors (Vader 450 lbs and Henry 360 lbs), Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler commented that neither of these big brutes were likely to win by climbing out of the cage . The Nation of Domination must have thought so as well, for they stationed a rather funky looking Kama Mustafa outside the cage door to help insure a Mark Henry victory. Rather than donning his traditional Nation attire, Mustafa was decked out in some fancy, colorful threads, including a fedora hat with a bright orange plume and a cane with a gold handle. To complete his new look, Mustafa sported some flashy bling and puffed away on a large cigar as he watched the action intently. Vader looked to exit the cage after delivering a devastating Splash onto his adversary, but had the door slammed into his face by Mustafa. Dazed from the blow, Vader stumbled right into a ring-shaking Running Powerslam by Henry who was then able to escape through the door to win the contest at 12:11. In a post-match interview with the Nation, Mustafa informed Michael Cole that he now wished to be referred to as "The Godfather".

5. Test vs. The Big Show (w/ Mr. McMahon)

Signed to provide additional security for Mr. McMahon, the Big Show made a memorable WWF inception at Judgment Day. Not only did he attack Al Snow to assist the Big Bossman in defending his Hardcore Championship, he also joined the Bossman in dishing out a double-team beat down on Kane prior to the Main Event. Perhaps his biggest moment came at the conclusion of the program, however, when he sustained a Tombstone Piledriver from the Undertaker and was stuffed inside a coffin as payback for helping Gangrel defeat the Deadman in a Casket Match. This evening marked the Big Show's wrestling debut with Test drawing the short straw as his opponent. Too new to have his own entrance music and video, the Big Show came out to Mr. McMahon's "No chance in hell" track with the boss himself escorting the newest member of his Corporation to the ring. Just as he did at Judgment Day, McMahon pulled up a chair at ringside to watch the action firsthand. Test's eyes were as big as saucers when he heard the WWF CEO shouting "Hurt him, Big Show ! I don't care if you win or not ! Make a statement tonight !" Perhaps McMahon was imagining "Stone Cold" Steve Austin or "HBK" Shawn Michaels to be the Big Show's opponent this evening ? More likely, he was probably hoping that they were watching. The Big Show did not disappoint. More intent on inflicting pain rather than in winning per se, the Big Show kept yanking Test up on two-counts when it was obvious to everyone that he could have had a pin. Test was eventually tossed OOR and then Chokeslammed through the Spanish announcers' table. As it turned out, the Big show won after all - via Count Out at 6:48. Mr. McMahon seemed pleased as he watched Test being assisted to the back. Pat Patterson then came to ringside to inform him that the tow truck has finally arrived. McMahon looked even happier and rushed out to the parking garage.

Backstage Segment - Parking Garage

We see McMahon hurry over to the tow truck. He tells the driver to haul Austin's pickup truck away. The driver takes a swig of beer and asks him where he wants the truck taken to. McMahon says, "You can dump it in the Gulf of Mexico for all I care ! Just get it out out of my damn parking space !" The tow truck driver goes back to drinking his beer. The boss is losing patience and snarls, "Get off your lazy butt and get to work or I'll see to it that you're fired !! I'm Vince McMahon, damn it !" The driver reluctantly gets out to hook up the truck. "It's about time !" McMahon snorts. The tow truck driver suddenly gives him a kick to the gut followed by a Stone Cold Stunner. (The crowd cheers !) He pulls off his wig and glasses disguise to reveal that he's "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, hops back in the tow truck and drives away.

6. WWF Tag Team Championship Match. Champion Headbangers (Mosh & Thrasher) w/ Boombox blaring Marilyn Manson tunes vs. Challengers The New Age Outlaws (Road Dogg Jesse James & "Bad Ass" Billy Gunn) of D-Generation X w/ Chyna

The Oulaws earned this title match by defeating Southern Justice at Judgment Day. Road Dogg & Billy Gunn made their typical big entrance to earn additional points, but the Headbangers matched them in that regard to offset the advantage. This brings us to Chyna. "The Ninth Wonder of the World" is usually very active in matches involving fellow DX members and tonight was no exception. The Outlaws were the beneficiaries of several cheap shots from Chyna which took a toll on the Headbangers' points total. The Challengers indeed seemed poised to win the titles, but fate conspired against them in an unusual way. ECW's Buh Buh Ray & D-Von Dudley came out of the crowd, rushed the ring, and laid out Billy Gunn with the 3D (Dudley Death Drop, i.e. D-Von Flapjack/Buh Buh Cutter Combination). No one knew what to make of it. Thrasher suddenly rushed over to make the cover on Gunn but Referee Chad Patton called for the bell and disqualified the Headbangers for the outside interference instead at 7:52. Mosh and Thrasher protested and claimed they had nothing to do with the Dudley's actions, but Patton's decision stood. The New Age Outlaws win the match, but the Headbangers retain the WWF Tag Team Titles. In the meantime. the Dudley Boyz made a hasty exit back up the aisle. A cameraman followed them through the lobby and out of the arena. A car with Joey Styles at the wheel and Bill Alfonso beside him in the front seat then pulled up. The Dudleys jumped in the back with the vehicle speeding off into the Houston night. The crowd continued to buzz over the Dudley's unexpected appearance. Some fans even chanted "ECW ! ECW !"

7. Four Corners Match. Hunter Hearst Helmsley of D-Generation X (w/ Chyna) vs. "Marvelous" Marc Mero (w/ Jacqueline) vs. Jeff Jarrett (w/ Tennessee Lee) vs. The Godfather of the Nation of Domination (w/ Mark Henry)

Not to be confused with a Fatal Four Way Match, the Four Corners Match is an elimination contest. There are two participants in the ring at a time, with the remaining two on the outside. The two on the outside cannot enter until they are tagged in. Competitors can be eliminated by pinfall, submission, disqualification or count out. The match continues until there is only one participant remaining who shall be declared the winner.

Helmsley, Mero and the Godfather all cut good promos before the match to bolster their totals. Jarrett did not get any mic time, however he did roll on his Cheating Modifier to boost his points score. The first elimination came at the expense of Triple H. Helmsley was rolled up from behind for the three count by Marc Mero after becoming embroiled in a shouting match with the Rock who had joined JR and Lawler at the broadcast table to provide guest commentary for the contest. Mero struck again in the second elimination with the victim this time being the Godfather. Outside interference worked once more in the Marvelous One's favor and was a key factor in the result. Looking for a little revenge from his Steel Cage Match loss earlier in the program, Vader returned to ringside and slipped the Godfather's cane into the ring for Mero to use while Referee Earl Hebner was sending Jeff Jarrett back to a neutral corner. Marvelous Marc clobbered the Godfather with his own cane and then scored the pin when Hebner turned around to find Mero making the cover. The Rock threw off his head set and immediately voiced his protest to the official. Oblivious to Vader's mischief, Hebner had no choice but to let the pin stand. Mero's luck finally ran out in the final elimination, however. The Marvelous One was counted out after Tennessee Lee pulled the top rope down causing Mero to take a bad fall to the floor. Your winner at 18:16 - Jeff Jarrett.

Backstage Segment

The Rock is consoling the Godfather over the outcome of the Four Corners Match when they are suddenly joined by a half dozen ladies. The Godfather introduces them as his "hos". The girls immediately begin fawning over the Brahma Bull. The Rock says that he "likes what he sees" and then adds, "Who wants to spend a night on the town with the Rock ?" All the ladies gather around him. "That's what the Rock thought !" he laughs. The Rock walks off with three girls in one arm and three in the other. He looks back over his shoulder and tells the Godfather, "Don't wait up for us !" The Godfather smiles and says, "Another satisfied customer."

Just then, Tiger Ali Singh and Babu approach him. Singh asks, "I heard that you are the man who can arrange female companionship for my servant Babu this evening, yes ?" The Godfather apologizes and tells him that he's all out of girls. Singh leaves in a huff with Babu rushing to keep up with him. The Godfather looks into the camera and shrugs, "Pimpin' ain't easy."

The shows ends with the tow truck hauling Vince McMahon's Lincoln Town Car away. We can see the Gulf of Mexico in the distance as we fade to black with the WWF logo.
WWF Monday Night RAW Results (Attitude Era Circa Late 90's) - Kohl Center Arena, Madison, WI

Commentators: Jim Ross & Jerry "The King" Lawler
Interviews: Michael Cole
Ring Announcer: Tony Chimel
Referees: Tim White, Jack Doan & Earl Hebner

Backstage Segment

The Jackyl's back is to us as he talks on a payphone. We hear bits and pieces of his conversation including a "so far so good," "are we set for tonight ?" and "it's all coming together !" The discussion then turns to money before he concludes the call with a "later, Paul." The Jackyl turns around and is startled to find the camera in his face. He has an expression that looks like that of the kid who got caught with his hand in the cookie jar. "What did you hear ??" he demands. He listens to Tony Chimel beginning to make the Truth Commission's introduction for the first match and rushes toward ringside.

1. The New Midnight Express ("Bodacious" Bart Gunn & "Bombastic" Bob Holly) w/ Jim Cornette vs. The Truth Commission (Recon aka Bull Buchanan & Sniper aka Luc Poirier) w/ The Jackyl & Kurrgan the Interrogator

Our opening contest featured a rare heel vs. heel tag team match that showcased two equally pompous and irritating managers in Jim Cornette and the Jackyl. As usual, Cornette insisted upon introducing his own team and snatched the mic away from Tony Chimel, but he was interrupted by the Jackyl before he could finish. The intrusion cost "Bombastic" Bob & "Bodacious" Bart 50 points. To make matters worse for the New Midnight Express, their opponents drew big-time heat during their ring entrance and padded their score by an additional 125 points. Adjustments aside, the match itself was a fairly even affair that took an abrupt turn in the Midnight's favor when Kurrgan climbed up onto the apron to interfere. Bart Gunn corralled him into a noggin knocker with Sniper which sent the Interrogator crashing hard to the floor below. "Bodacious" Bart then finished off the dazed Sniper with his Barton Buster Powerbomb to gain the pinfall at 5:03.

Backstage Segment - Mr. McMahon's Office

McMahon, Pat Patterson and Gerald Brisco are all watching footage of ECW's Dudley Boyz interfering in the WWF Tag Team Title Match between the Headbangers and the New Age Outlaws in Houston during last week's episode of Monday Night RAW. McMahon is peeved and tells his associates, "I'm not paying for that second rate federation's losers to get national airtime on my dime ! Find out what the hell happened and make sure that it doesn't happen again !" Brisco and Patterson leave McMahon's office and immediately begin making inquiries.

2. Jeff Hardy (w/ Matt Hardy & Michael Hayes) vs. "Too Sexy" Brian Christopher (w/ Too Much Tag Team Partner Scott "Too Hot" Taylor)

It was an ominous sign for Brian Christopher when his sneak attack attempt during Tony Chimel's match introductions was thwarted by an alert Jeff Hardy who countered with a quick Mule Kick to the midsection. Things didn't get much better for Too Sexy once the opening bell rang. Jeff connected with a Handspring Back Elbow Smash after reversing's Christopher's corner whip. Hardy quickly followed with a Standing Somersault Leg Drop that sent Christopher scurrying to the floor for a much-needed time out. As it turned out, even that backfired. A Baseball Slide Drop Kick from Hardy drove Christopher straight into his partner Scott Taylor. Jeff then flew over the top rope with a Suicide Dive to the outside and landed on top of both of them. To top it all off, Too Sexy was accidentally tripped by Taylor once the action returned to the ring. Hardy seized the moment with a Swanton (Senton) Bomb from the top rope to finish off Christopher at 6:23. Jerry Lawler was beside himself throughout the contest, but could not contain his temper any longer after the pinfall. The King threw off his headset, got up into Scotty's face and scolded him for his gaffe. Lawler held up two fingers and shouted, "That's twice now that you've cost Brian a match, you idiot !! Christopher stepped in between them to keep the peace. Tony Chimel's microphone appeared to pick up Too Sexy saying, "Stay out of this, Dad !" - a claim that the King would later deny when confronted by Jim Ross. Lawler has been accused of showing bias toward Too Sexy during his match commentary by JR on several occasions, but the King has always refused to acknowledge any affiliation with Christopher.

3. "Lethal Weapon" Steve Blackman vs. D'Lo Brown of the Nation of Domination (w/ "The Strongest Man in the World" Mark Henry)

Once again, Blackman dazzled the fans with his flashy glow-in-the-dark Filipino fighting stick entrance to tack on an additional 125 points to his score. D'Lo attempted to counter with a spirited in-ring promo before the match introductions, but the Lethal Weapon interrupted to earn himself another 50 points. Blackman wasn't quite done yet. A roll on his Technical Modifier increased his total by yet another 25 points, so it came as no surprise that he was the odds-on favorite to win the match. Brown knew he was up against it and pulled out all the stops to scrape out a victory. Senior Official Earl Hebner allowed D'Lo a lot of leeway with the rulebook, but had no choice but to disqualify him at 5:20 when Brown blatantly attacked Blackman with one of the fighting sticks. Mark Henry then entered the ring and joined his fellow Nation member in a post-match beat down on the Lethal Weapon until the unpredictable WWF Tag Team Champion Headbangers raced in from the back to make the save. Mosh and Thrasher walk a fine line between heel and babyface, but tonight they were clearly fan favorites.

RAW Rewind

We see footage from last week's Four Corners Match that featured Hunter Hearst Helmsely, "Marvelous" Marc Mero, The Godfather and Jeff Jarrett. The segment centers around a confrontation that took place during the contest involving Triple H and the Rock. (The Brahma Bull was providing guest commentator at the announcers' table.) We're shown Helmsley being rolled from behind by Marc Mero during the altercation to become the first elimination from the match. We cut to an interview with Michael Cole afterward in which a seething Helmsley (with a stone-faced Chyna standing behind him) promised to make "The Crock" the shortest reigning Intercontinental Champion in the history of the WWF.

4. "Vampire Warrior" Gangrel of the Brood (w/ Goblet of "Blood" & Fiery Entrance) vs. WWF European Champion The Artist Formerly Known as Goldust (w/ Luna Vachon & Hollywood "Shattered Dreams Production" Entrance )

This is a non-title match. Although he got some unexpected help from the Big Show along the way at Judgment Day, Gangrel was gloating over his Casket Match victory against the Undertaker during a pre-match interview with Michael Cole to increase his score by 75 points. The Artist Formerly Known as Goldust was hoping for similar results with his promo, but had his backstage interview interrupted by Terri Runnels. Rather than adding to his score, Terri's intrusion cost him 50 points. Runnels, previously known as Marlena, had once managed Goldust in the past, but the two had a bitter falling out. The repercussions of their separation came into play this evening. Dan "The Beast" Severn, who Terri (aka "Beauty" ) presently manages, has his sights firmly set upon Goldust's European Championship. The Beast came down to ringside and ambushed both Gangrel and Goldust with the Vampire Warrior's goblet while "Beauty" distracted Referee Tim White. Severn then put the dented cup in Goldust's hand and skedaddled out of the ring. White turned around to find the dazed Goldust holding the dented goblet and called for the bell at 4:39. Luna and Goldust protested vehemently, but the official's disqualification stood.

5. Mankind vs. "Bad Ass" Billy Gunn of D-Generation X (w/ Road Dogg)

They say that lightning never strikes the same place twice, but it did in a way tonight. Mankind and Bad Ass were embroiled in a highly competitive and entertaining battle when ECW's Sabu came out of nowhere to make his presence felt and impact the outcome of the match just as his compatriots the Dudley Boyz had done a week ago on RAW. With Billy prone on the canvas and his opponent setting himself on the top rope to deliver a high risk maneuver, Sabu ran down to ringside and gave Mankind a shove from behind. Mankind crashed awkwardly to the mat and appeared to have injured himself in the process. Oblivious to the mischief, Gunn hooked a leg with the equally oblivious Referee Jack Doan counting the pin at 6:12. Meanwhile, Road Dogg and Sabu were going at it hot and heavy OOR. Seeing his partner engaged in the brawl, Gunn immediately joined in. The New Age Outlaws were putting a clubberin' on Sabu when ECW 's Balls Mahoney raced down the ramp to joined the fray. Several officials and backstage personnel came out to break up the melee. The Outlaws then got back in the ring and invited Mahoney and Sabu to do likewise. Road Dogg grabbed Tony Chimel's microphone and layed down some trash talk on the ECW invaders while Billy checked on Mankind. In the meantime, Mr. McMahon had come down to the ring to see all the commotion for himself firsthand. The Dogg was still barking when McMahon told him to zip it and swiped the mic away to address Sabu and Mahoney. "You chumps are a little lost aren't you ?" the WWF's CEO asked, "Madison, Wisconsin is a long ways from Philly ! This is the Big League of professional wrestling, boys ! Why don't you go back home to your little hick towns of Pennsylvania before you get yourselves hurt !" Mahoney smiled and left with Sabu but not before answering McMahon with a parting shot, "You haven't heard the last of us, Vinny ! We're just beginning !" For one brief moment, the camera caught McMahon, Mankind and the New Age Outlaws standing side-by-side, united as one in the face of the invading ECW faction as we cut away to commercial.

WWF Christmas Promo

We see a montage of various WWF wrestlers hitting one another with chair shots to Bing Crosby's rendition of "Deck the Halls". We see Vince McMahon with bulging eyes and veins popping out of his neck screaming in "Stone Cold" Steve Austin's face to Burl Ives' "Have A Holly Jolly Christmas" followed by more chair shots, wrestlers being put through tables, and giving each other their finishers to Gene Autry's "Here Comes Santa Claus." The segment ends with the Godfather dressed as Santa and surrounded by his entourage of ladies giving us a merry "Ho ! Ho ! Ho !"

6. Owen Hart vs. "The World's Most Dangerous Man" Ken Shamrock

We had the makings of an awesome scientific contest here between Shamrock and Hart. The two grapplers did not disappoint once the action got under way, however there was another ugly incident before the opening bell sounded. Owen cut a terrific backstage promo with Michael Cole earlier, but Shamrock chose to do his talking in the ring. While he was addressing the crowd, Taz, another ECW wrestler, stood up from his seat in the arena and began to heckle "The World's Most Dangerous Man" with some inflammatory and derogatory rhetoric. Some fans booed while others chanted "ECW ! ECW !" Harsh words were traded between Taz and Shamrock until security escorted the ECW wrestler out of the building. The confrontation seemed to overshadow the bout itself. The majority of Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler's commentary centered around the escalating situation between the two rival wrestling federations and what JR referred to as "The ECW Invasion". In the end, Shamrock induced a submission from Hart with his Ankle Lock finisher to gain the victory at 7:26.

7. WWF Champion "Stone Cold" Steve Austin & "The Big Red Machine" Kane vs. Big Trouble (The Big Show & The Big Boss Man) w/ Vince McMahon, Pat Patterson & Gerald Brisco

Vince McMahon has dubbed his new corporate tag team combination of the Big Boss Man and Big Show as "Big Trouble", as in, big trouble for whomever their opponents might be. Big Trouble drew big heat in tonight's Main Event. Fans were no doubt recalling their actions during Judgment Day as they soundly booed and jeered the duo during their ring entrance. On the flip side, the crowd was ecstatic to see the somewhat odd pairing of WWF Champion "Stone Cold" Steve Austin and "The Big Red Machine" Kane together once again. Big Trouble were the beneficiaries of some timely interference from McMahon's cronies Gerald Brisco and Pat Patterson once the match got under way. The pair continually distracted Referee Tim White thereby allowing Big Trouble to get in quite a bit of dirty double-teaming behind the preoccupied official's back. The Boss Man and Big Show also made several illegal switches in the ring while assuring the confused ref that they had properly tagged in and out. Karma somehow has a way of evening the ledger, though, and the cosmic retribution came to ringside in the form of the Undertaker this evening. Big Show was attempting to give Kane a Verticle Suplex when the Deadman reached in and pulled Show's leg out from under him. The Big Red Machine fell on top of him with Tim White right there in position to count the winning pin at 10:02.
"Cowboy" Bill Watts' UWF Results (Circa Late 80's) - Lake Charles Civic Center, Lake Charles, LA. Att: 4,416.

Announcers: Jim Ross & "Jolting" Joe Bryan
Ring Announcer: Reeser Bowden
Referees: Alfred Neely, Rick Ferrara & Tony Torres

1. The Sheepherders (Butch Miller & Cousin Luke Williams) absolutely mauled the jobber team of Bobby Perez & Johnny West in our opening bout. Complete destruction and domination from start to finish with Cousin Luke pinning Perez after a Double Team Gutbuster at 3:12.

2. To say that masked newcomer the Red Devil has had his problems in the UWF would be a vast understatement. The Devil was nearly unmasked in his debut and was then put in the dark when his hood was pulled askew on his noggin by opponent Sam Houston before being driven into the mat with a Flying Bulldog. The Red Devil wore his mask a little tighter this evening but he didn't fare any better against Savannah Jack. Savannah thoroughly outwrestled the masked man and scored the pinfall at 4:18 with his trademark Superkick.

3. The Libyan (w/ General Skandor Akbar) drew tremendous heat in Lake Charles but had difficulty keeping pace with the crafty high-flying Chavo Guerrero. The Libyan was sent crashing into his manager who had climbed up on the apron to interfere and then finished off by a Moonsault Body Block from the top rope by Chavo at 5:47.

"Jolting" Joe Bryan's interview with Ted Dibiase took a rather unexpected and sinister turn. Dibiase was whining about his disqualification against Steve "Dr. Death" Williams for the UWF Championship and demanded a rematch next week. He insisted that the DQ was unwarranted despite laying out the referee with an errant punch from his controversial loaded black glove. The tirade brought out Freebird Terry "Bam Bam" Gordy who reminded Dibiase that he had his crack at the title and blew it. Gordy said that he was now the Number One Contender and was next in line to face Williams for the belt. While the two bickered back and forth, "Timekeeper" Mike George, who has been mysteriously absent for a while, came out of nowhere and blindsided Bam Bam with a smash from behind with his clock. George and Dibiase then proceeded to put a vicious beatdown on Gordy until fellow Freebirds Michael Hayes and Buddy Roberts raced in to make the save. While Hayes and Roberts attended to their fallen comrade, Jim Ross and Joe Bryan pondered the new alliance between Ted Dibiase and Mike George.

4. Rookie Steve Cox from Tulsa, OK continued to impress with a victory over Shaska Whatley at 6:24. Cox, who is the protégé of UWF Champion Steve "Dr. Death" Williams, connected with a Russian Leg Sweep that spelled curtains for his opponent until Whatley's Jive Tones tag team partner Tiger Conway Jr. ran in to break up the pin. Referee Alfred Neely immediately called for the bell and awarded the match to Cox by way of disqualification.

5. Could "White Lightning" Tim Hoerner's speed and finesse overcome his opponent Big Bubba Roger's huge size advantage ? Not tonight. Bubba gained the advantage with a sneak attack before the bell and never relented. Hoerner was flattened with a swinging Sidewalk Slam off the ropes for the three count at 7:12.

6. The Main Event was suppose to be a six man tag match pitting the Fabulous Freebirds (Michael P.S. Hayes, Terry "Bam Bam" Gordy & Buddy Jack Roberts) against the First Family of Professional Wrestling (Terry Taylor, Rick Steiner & UWF Television Champion "Hot Stuff" Eddie Gilbert), however Gordy was unable to go due to injuries sustained from Ted Dibiase and Mike George's ambush earlier in the program. Eddie Gilbert insisted that it be a three on two handicap match however Referee Tony Torres would hear none of it. Gilbert then opted to sit this one out and join his belle Missy Hyatt OOR while Steiner & Taylor took on Hayes & Roberts. As it turned out, the match pretty much ended up being three on two anyway with all of Hot Stuff's interference. Ironically enough, it was Gilbert's miscue that cost the First Family the bout. Eddie attempted to blind Buddy Roberts with a handful of powder but got Rick Steiner with it instead thereby enabling the Freebird to roll up his blinded opponent for the winning pinfall at 9:09.
"Cowboy" Bill Watts' UWF Results (Circa Late 80's) - Blackham Coliseum, Lafayette, LA. Att: 3,627.

Announcers: "Jolting" Joe Bryan & Michael P.S. Hayes
Ring Announcer: Joel Watts
Referees: Carl Fergie, Tommy Gilbert & Jerry Usher

1. Ted Dibiase & "Time Keeper" Mike George vs. Johnny West & Bobby Perez

The newly formered tag team of Mike George & Ted Dibiase ran like clockwork as they successfully debuted with a squash over youngsters Johnny West & Bobby Perez in tonight's opening bout. West was absolutely demolished in this contest and was introduced to the Time Keeper's clock while Dibiase distracted Referee Carl Fergie. Dibiase then dipped down into the tights for his mysterious black glove and laid out West with a (loaded ?) uppercut to the jaw for the pinfall at 3:03.

2. “Mr. Superb” Steve Doll vs. "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan (w/ 2 x 4)

Steve Doll has been on a lengthy losing streak as of late and resorted to devious means to try and reverse his misfortune. The wildly popular Duggan was clubbed from behind with his own 2 x 4 by Doll during a prematch interview with Joe Bryan and lost 250 points as a result of the attack. Hacksaw persevered nevertheless and pinned his opponent with a Running Forearm to the head from a three point stance at 4:57.

3. Brett Wayne Sawyer (w/ "Hot Stuff" Eddie Gilbert's UWF TV Title in his sights) vs. Devastation Incorporated's Eli the Eliminator (w/ General Skandor Akbar)

Eli was the beneficiary of a generous amount of outside interference courtesy of his shady manager Skandor Akbar who got in several cheap shots with his riding crop. Sawyer had enough and bailed from the ring to give the General his comeuppance. Eli followed his opponent to the floor and slugged it out with Sawyer around ringside while Referee Jerry Usher's ten count ran out on both men. The time of the match was 6:08.

4. Jack Victory vs. UWF Rookie of the Year Shane Douglas

Despite his heel status, Victory drew no heat whatsoever from the crowd and lost points as a result. Shane was dominating the action when "Gorgeous" Gary Young made his was down the aisle to ringside to stir up trouble. Young, who considers himself the real "Rookie of the Year" despite already having several years of wrestling experience under his belt, immediately got into a verbal confrontation with Douglas. Jack Victory capitalized on the moment with a quick roll up from behind and pinned Douglas with a handful of tights at 6:56. Pleased with himself, Young high tailed it to the back before Douglas could get his hands on him.

5. The First Family of Professional Wrestling's Terry Taylor (w/ "Hot Stuff" Eddie Gilbert & "First Lady" Missy Hyatt) vs. Brad Armstrong

The vastly out numbered Armstrong showed a lot of heart tonight and gave Taylor all he could handle. A desperate Eddie Gilbert clocked Brad with the Lady in Waiting (Missy Hyatt's loaded Gucci purse) after Taylor's Figure Four Leg Lock was reversed. Referee Carl Fergie immediately called for the bell and awarded the bout to Armstrong by way of disqualification at 7:21.

6. "Ugandan Giant" Kamala (w/ Handler Friday & General Skandor Akbar) vs. "Fabulous Freebird" Terry "Bam Bam" Gordy

Tonight's Main Event had "Number One Contender" implications written all over it with UWF Champion Steve "Dr. Death" Williams waiting in the wings for the winner. Had Jim Ross been here this evening, he would no doubt have labeled this match a "slobberknocker". Gordy and the Ugandan Giant stood toe to toe trading punches and chops in the middle of the ring until a discus right hook from the Freebird sent Kamala toppling through the ropes and falling hard to the floor below. Gordy followed after him and continued the battle up the aisle until both competitors were jumped by Ted Dibiase and the "Time Keeper" Mike George. Michael P.S. Hayes immediately threw off his head set and left the announcers' table to join the fracas. Referee Tommy Gilbert threw the match out at 12:54 and officially declared the bout a "No Contest".
"Cowboy" Bill Watts' UWF Results (Circa Late 80's) - Tulsa Convention Center, Tulsa, OK. Att: 4,992.

Announcers: Jim Ross & Magnum T.A.
Ring Announcer: "Jolting" Joe Bryan
Referees: Ron West, Tony Torres & Alfred Neely

1. The Red Devil, who has struggled in his brief time with the UWF, boldly predicted victory over opponent Rick Gibson during a pre-match promo with "Jolting" Joe Bryan. The masked man made good on his boast, well, sort of, with some unexpected help from the camera crew. Unable to get anything going inside the ring, the Red Devil took the battle to the floor where he hoped to have more success. Gibson dominated the action there as well, but had the misfortune of becoming tangled up in some cables and extension cords strewn about the ground. By the time he freed himself, Referee Ron West's ten count had already expired. Your winner via Count Out at 5:21 - the Red Devil.

2. Devastation Incorporated's newest member the Super Ninja tried to impress his manager General Skandor Akbar with an overly aggressive style on Perry Jackson, but may have taken it a bit too far when he brought his nunchucks into the ring and whacked his opponent across the back with them. At least Referee Tony Torres thought so and immediately called for the bell at 4:51. Jackson was awarded the match by way of disqualification.

3. "UWF Rookie of the Year" Shane Douglas had his chance for revenge on adversary "Gorgeous" Gary Young tonight but came up short. Young insisted that he was the real "Rookie of the Year" and brought a plaque with him to ringside to prove it. No one is really quite sure what the award was actually for, but Douglas had the best look at it when Gorgeous Gary smashed him in the noggin with it after the action spilled OOR. Douglas was still seeing stars when Referee Alfred Neely counted him out at 7:46.

4. The man who hails from "Every Man's Nightmare" Sting certainly had the crowd support behind him as he took on the huge Russian Kortsia Korchenko. Bolstered by the incessant chants of "U.S.A. !! U.S.A. !! " from the fans, Sting countered his opponent's bulk and power by utilizing quick strikes. A Flying Clothesline flattened Korchenko as he bounded off the ropes and set up a Falling Fist Drop off the 2nd rope by Sting to gain the winning pinfall at 6:44.

5. UWF TV Title Match. Accompanied to the ring by fellow First Family members Terry Taylor & "First Lady" Missy Hyatt, UWF Television Champion "Hot Stuff" Eddie Gilbert turned back the challenge of Brett Wayne Sawyer to retain his crown at 8:57. Sawyer had the Champ trapped in the corner and was perched on the second rope administering ten punches as the crowd counted along, when the shady Terry Taylor threw a handful of powder into the Challenger's eyes. Gilbert grabbed his blinded opponent by the waist and delivered the Hot Shot (Throat Drop across the Top Rope) to put Sawyer away.

6. Ted Dibiase & "Time Keeper" Mike George have proven themselves to be a formidable team in recent weeks, but they had their biggest test to date against the Fabulous Freebirds. Buddy Jack Roberts and Terry "Bam Bam" Gordy did the honors of representing their team in tonight's Main Event with fellow Freebird Michael P.S. Hayes camped in their corner. In a bizarre twist of fate, Dibiase had his controversial black glove pried from his grasp before he could even put it on. Gordy then slipped the glove on and delivered a KO Punch to Dibiase amidst a ring full of chaos however Referee Alfred Neely refused to make the three count. Neely was showered with "Boos !" when Joe Bryan announced that the official had disqualified the Freebird for using the glove. The time of the match was 12:27.
"Cowboy" Bill Watts' UWF Results (Circa Late 80's) - Kemper Arena, Kansas City, MO. Att: 4,104.

Announcers: Jim Ross & "Jolting" Joe Bryan
Ring Announcer: Joel Watts
Referees: Ron West, Tommy Gilbert & Carl Fergie

1. "Bad Street, U.S.A." did not bring Michael P.S. Hayes to the ring, nor did it bring his Brothers-In-Arms Buddy Roberts or Terry "Bam Bam" Gordy. What it brought instead was the always entertaining jobber Mike Boyette who came strutting down the aisle sporting a Lynyrd Skynyrd shirt and a tall tale about how he was the newest member of the Fabulous Freebirds. Michael Hayes then came out to set the record straight. "The whole state of Missouri knows that you're crazier than a bag of bugs, Boyette, but if you think for one hot minute that you're Freebird material, then they really need to lock you up and throw away the key!" Undaunted by the snub, Boyette then attempted to Moondance but tripped over his own feet and fell awkwardly to the canvas. Hayes then showed him how it's done which had some ladies in the crowd swooning for more. Hayes was blowing kisses to them when Boyette suddenly jumped him from behind. Thus began an impromptu match between the two. As it turned out, the sneak attack would be the only offense that Boyette would get in. Hayes battled back with a Bulldog out of the corner and finished off his opponent with a DDT for the pinfall at 3:22. After the match, Hayes pulled the Skynyrd T-Shirt off of the dazed Boyette and put it on as the crowd cheered in approval.

2. Handler Friday had this problems keeping Kamala focused on his match against "The Raging Greek" Mike Pappas. The Ugandan Giant slapped his belly and howled at the crowd while Pappas fired way with a series of forearm smashes from behind. A Crescent Kick quickly turned the tide in Kamala's favor and was followed by a Head Butt and several giant Overhand Chops. To his credit, Pappas hung in there, but a missed Drop Kick was the beginning of the end. Kamala flattened his prone opponent with a Big Splash to gain the three count at 4:09.

3. Steve Cox (w/ Mentor & UWF Champion Steve "Dr. Death" Williams) over "Wild" Bill Irwin (w/ General Skandor Akbar) by DQ at 7:08. Cox has been using a Russian Leg Sweep to win his matches as of late and connected yet again with his favorite finishing maneuver, but the pin attempt was foiled when Skandor Akbar ran into the ring and jumped on Referee Carl Fergie to break up the count. The General then had his clock cleaned by Dr. Death before Irwin was finally able to pull his battered manager out of harm's way.

4. The bout between Chavo Guerrero and "Time Keeper" Mike George ended as a Double Count Out at 6:53. Chavo was getting the better of the action prompting George to bail from the ring for a timeout. The Timekeeper was reaching for his clock with bad intentions when Guerrero sailed off the apron with a Diving Cross Body Press that sent both men tumbling hard to the floor. Neither man was able to get themselves back inside the ring in time to make Referee Ron West's ten count.

5. "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan beat Devastation Incorporated's Eli the Eliminator (w/ General Skandor Akbar) at 7:37. Eli's shady manager got in several cheap shots, but may have interfered one time too many. Akbar attempted to whack Duggan with his own 2 x 4, but ended up clubbing his own man with it instead. The dazed Eli was then finished off with a Running Forearm to the head from a Three Point Stance by Duggan for the finish.

6. The Main Event featured a tag team battle pitting Sting & "Gentleman" Chris Adams against their bitter adversaries the First Family of Wrestling's Terry Taylor & UWF TV Champ "Hot Stuff" Eddie Gilbert (w/ "First Lady" Missy Hyatt). As expected, this bout was total mayhem from start to finish, but Referee Carl Fergie allowed a lot of leeway in order to decide a winner. Terry Taylor took full advantage of the official's indiscretion by clobbering Adams OOR with his briefcase of bounty money. Fergie's ten count ran out with Sting trying to revive his KO'd partner on the floor. The time of the match was 11:28.
AWA Results (Circa Mid to Late 80's) - McMorran Place, Port Huron, MI. Att: 3,218.

Announcers: Lee Marshall & "Ringside" Ralph Strangis
Ring Announcer: "Dapper" Dave Prill
Referees: Doug Gilbert, Gary DeRusha & "Bench Warmer" Bob Lurtsema

The show began with "Playboy" Buddy Rose plugging his new exercise video (of all things !) which he was selling for "a modest" $19.99 plus shipping and handling. Lee Marshall played a clip for the viewers that featured a very winded Rose doubled over and gasping for breath after performing a half dozen jumping jacks or so. Rose credited the intensity of the workout to his fatigue and urged the fans to act quickly because supplies of the VHS tape were limited. A P.O. Box address in Las Vegas, NV was flashed on the screen for any would-be buyers to mail their payments to.

1. Perhaps it was due to "Dapper" Dave Prill's ring introduction of hailing from Detroit, MI that caused Rick Gantner to draw absolutely no heat in Port Huron, but whatever the reason it cost the heel some valuable points as a result. To make matters worse, Gantner took his match against "Jamming" Mitch Snow to the floor where he hoped to have an advantage, but had a head smash to Lee Marshall's TV monitor reversed. The dazed Gantner stumbled around ringside and was counted out by Referee Doug Gilbert at 4:56.

2. Veterans Candi Devine and Judy Martin put on quite a show in a special ladies attraction. Both gals had their opportunities in this see-saw contest with neither competitor able to finish off their opponent. The end came when both ladies went round and round trying to apply an Abdominal Stretch to one another. Martin snuck behind her foe with a School Girl Roll Up and pinned Candi with a handful of tights at 7:51.

3. Prior to his match against "Mr. Magnificent" Kevin Kelly, "Top Gun" Ricky Rice was racking up some serious bonus points during a pre-match interview with "Ringide" Ralph Strangis when he was clobbered with a chair shot to the back by "Canada's Greatest Athlete" Slick Nick Kiniski. Rice not only lost 200 points from Kiniski's attack, but would be victimized once more by Slick Nick's interference at the conclusion of the bout. Mr.Magnificent leveled Ricky with a huge Running Clothesline, however the Top Gun managed to get a foot on the ropes during the subsequent pin count. Kiniski, who is Kelly's tag team partner, pushed Rice's foot off the ropes before Referee Bob Lurtsema could see it. Oblivious to Kiniski's shenanigans, Lurtsema made the three count to give Mr. Magnificent the victory at 6:18.

4. "Pretty Boy" Doug Somers also received some help from his tag team partner to beat "Polish Prince" Steve Olsonoski at 7:06. Out-wrestled from the opening bell, Somers bailed from the ring for a much needed "Time Out" to consult with Manageress "Sensational" Sherri Martel and "Playboy" Buddy Rose on the floor. Looking to sustain his momentum, Steve O went right after him but was decked by the Playboy after sustaining a smash to the forehead with Rose's Exercise Video while Sherri Martel distracted Referee Doug Gilbert. Laid out amidst the debris of the demolished VHS tape, Olsonoski was seeing stars OOR as the official put the ten count on him. Your winner via Count Out - "Pretty Boy" Doug Somers.

5. AWA TV Champion "High Flyer" Greg Gagne seemed out of sorts as he prepared to defend his title against Nord the Barbarian (w/ Sheik Adnan El-Kaisee). Gagne, who is normally very good on the mic,cut a lousy promo before the match to put himself in a hole. The High Flyer more than made up for his gaff by thwarting his challenger's sneak attack before the bell and catching Nord in a ring shaking Body Slam. As is so often the case, however, El-Kaisee's interference would have a huge impact on the outcome of the bout. Again and again, the devious manager interjected himself into the action with random cheap shots while Referee Gary Derusha's back was turned. The increasingly frustrated Gagne found that he could take no more after El-Kaisee reached into the ring and tried to trip him. The Champion jumped out of the ring and chased Nord's manager all the way back to the dressing room. Gagne eventually returned to the ring only to find that he had been counted out by DeRusha at 7:58. Despite the loss, Greg Gagne retains the AWA Television Title.

6. Our Main Event featured a tag team contest pitting the duo of Curt Hennig & Big Scott Hall against the Destruction Crew ("Mean" Mike Enos & Wayne "The Train" Bloom). From the get go, nothing went right for the tandem of Bloom & Enos. First, Mean Mike was nearly DQ'd for bringing one of the Destruction Crew's sledge hammers into the ring. Later on, Enos was flattened by an errant haymaker from his partner while holding Hennig from behind. Wayne Bloom would err again when he attempted to throw a handful of powder into Scott Hall's eyes but got Referee Bob Lurtsema with it instead. The blinded official wasted no time in calling for the bell and disqualifying the Destruction Crew at 9:47.
AWA Results (Circa Mid 80's) - Municipal Auditorium, Minot, ND. Att: 4,741.

Announcers: Larry Nelson & Verne Gagne
Ring Announcer: "Dapper" Dave Prill
Referees: Robert Warren, Marty Miller & Gary DeRusha

1. Buck "Rock & Roll" Zumhoffe (w/ blaring Boombox) boogied with some ladies in the aisle to Bob Seger's "Old Time Rock & Roll" to earn 25 points prior to his match with Tom "Rocky" Stone. Buck also added another 25 points for rolling on his Speed Modifier but it was all for naught. "Mr. Electricty" Steve Regal, who was being interviewed at ringside by Dave Prill regarding his upcoming match against Jon Paul DeMann, reached into the ring and yanked Zumhoffe's foot out from under him as Rocky Stone was being hoisted up in a Verticle Suplex. Stone landed on top of Buck and grabbed a handful of tights to gain the tainted pinfall at 4:01.

2. "Mr. Electricity" found out the hard way that what goes around comes around. "Top Gun" John Paul DeMann defeated Steve Regal with a little help from the still seething Buck "Rock & Roll" Zumhoffe. As Regal's tag team partner "Gorgeous" Jimmy Garvin commanded Referee Marty Miller's attention, their valet Precious climbed up onto the apron with the intention of spraying DeMann in the eyes with her can of aerosol air freshener. Fortunately for the Top Gun, Zumhoffe was waiting in the wings and sprang into action. A quick shove from behind to Precious' arm was enough to re-direct the spray into Mr. Electricity's face instead. The blinded Regal stumbled around the ring right into a Small Package to give DeMann the victory at 6:16.

3. The diminutive Jake "The Milkman" Milliman and his rather rotund partner Anthony "Earthquake" Ferris made for a somewhat unusual combination, but they gave "Pretty Boy" Doug Somers and "Playboy" Buddy Rose all that they could handle during their tag team contest. Rose waited for the opportune moment to run Ferris into the ring post during OOR action. The Playboy's dirt deed was normally grounds for a DQ in the AWA rulebook, however Referee Gary DeRusha was being distracted by Doug Somers at the time and completely missed the foul. Milliman raced around the ring to revive his KO'd partner while DeRusha administered the ten count. Your winners via Count out at 7:03 - "Playboy" Buddy Rose & "Pretty Boy" Doug Somers.

4. "Canada's Greatest Athlete" Nick Kiniski (w/ Madusa Micelli) was pinned by Curt Hennig at 6:52. Slick Nick knew from the start that he would need some chicanery if he hoped to get a win against the native of Robbinsdale, Minnesota. Madusa must have thought so as well and tried to toss some Brass Knucks into the ring for her man to use but overshot his reach. Kiniski was bending over to retrieve the Knucks when he was caught in a School Boy Roll Up for the three count.

5. Pelted with chants of "Sheik's a Freak !", Sheik Adnan El-Kaisee drew some heat for his stable hand King Tonga by making an obscene hand gesture to the crowd during the introductions for Tonga's bout against "Z Man" Tom Zenk. These two were pretty evenly matched going into the contest so the bonus points were very important to the outcome. Zenk was sent over the barricade railing and into the second row of spectators following a Savate Kick from Tonga during OOR action. The Z man became entangled with some folding chairs and could not free himself in time to make Referee Marty Miller's ten count. The time of the Count Out was 8:33.

6. Our Main Event featured a Steel Cage Match pitting Crusher Jerry Blackwell against the Wildman from Borger, TX, Stan "The Lariat" Hansen. Blackwell proved to be every bit as nasty and savage as his adversary and pulled out all the stops in an effort to emerge from the cage victorious. With both men bleeding profusely, Referee Gary DeRusha seriously contemplated stopping the contest until the force of a 474lb Blackwell Standing Drop Kick sent Hansen careening through the ropes and crashing out of the cage door. Your winner at 14:09 - a battered Stan "The Lariat" Hansen.
AWA Results (Circa Mid 80's) - The Cow Palace, San Francisco, CA. Attn: 8,032.

Commentators: Doug McCleod & Larry "The Axe" Hennig
Ring Announcer: "Dapper" Dave Prill
Referees: Larry Lisowski, Rich Frisk & Jim Bunning

1. "Beach Boy" Sonny Rogers and "Alaskan" Jay York were both counted out at 4:48 in our opening contest. Rogers stunned his foe with a Drop Kick to the kisser, but his subsequent Flying Cross Body Press follow up sent both men toppling over the top rope and crashing hard to the floor below. Neither man could make Referee Larry Lisowski's ten count after taking the bad spill OOR.

2. San Francisco's own Anthony "Earthquake" Ferris gave his hometown fans something to cheer about with a hard fought victory over veteran Pete Sanchez. Big Anthony was able to get the good vibe going early by interrupting his opponent's pre-match interview with Dave Prill to say that the Cow Palace was home and that nobody beats him in his own house. Earthquake made good on his boast by polishing off Sanchez with his Ferris Wheel (Airplane Spin) finisher at 6:45.

3. "Mr. Magnificent" Kevin Kelly had a huge impact on the outcome of the Ladies Title Match pitting defending champion "Cowgirl" Wendi Richter against number one contender Madusa Micelli. Camped out in the challenger's corner, Kelly's constant distractions gave Madusa some crucial bonus points. Referee Jim Bunning was threatening to send Mr. Magnificent to the back for his agitating behavior when he was inadvertently spilled to the canvas by Micelli after Richter reversed her opponent's corner whip. Wendi then drove Madusa face-first into the mat with her trademark Bulldog but the dazed Benning had still not yet recovered to count the pin. Richter was in the process of helping the official get back to his feet when she was suddenly caught from behind in a School Girl Roll Up for the winning three count at 8:03. Madusa Micelli is the neeeeeewwwwwwww Ladies Champion !

4. "Olympian" Brad Rheingans & Buck "Rock & Roll" Zumhoffe squared off against the masked Texas Hangmen (Killer & Psycho) in our fourth bout. Zumhoffe and Rheingans' score was boosted be a roll on their Technical Skills Modifier, but an Unusual Result would ultimately decide this tag team contest. Apparently Colonel DeBeers and Sergeant Slaughter, who were slated to tangle in tonight's Main Event, just couldn't wait to get at each other. The two hated rivals began brawling in the locker room and brought their battle up the aisle and into the ring while the tag match was still in progress. It took Rheingans, Zumhoffe, both Texas Hangmen and two referees to pull Slaughter and DeBeers apart. Referee Larry Lisowski officially declared the tag match a "No Contest" at 5:11. As a result of the melee, AWA Commissioner Stanley Blackburn, who was in attendance at the Cow Palace, upgraded the Main Event to a "Boot Camp Match".

5. No doubt preoccupied with opponent Soldad Ustinov waving his Russian Flag around ringside, Leon "The Baby Bull" White badly flubbed his pre-match promo with Dave Prill. A roll on the tongue-tied White's Size Modifier easily overcame the loss of points that he sustained from the interview. Unfortunately for the Baby Bull, Ustinov rolled on his Cheating Modifier. Consequently, the big Russian took out Leon with a flag pole smash OOR when the action spilled out onto the floor. Referee Rich Frisk's ten count ran out before White could get himself back inside the ring. Your winner via Count out at 7:20 - Soldad Ustinov.

6. "Living Legend" Larry Zbyszko defeated Big Scott Hall at 9:37 with help from his personal ninja bodyguard Mr. Go. Hall had the early edge thanks to a roll on his Strength Modifier, but the ninja's disruptive presence at ringside would take it's toll in the end. Zbyszko was able to catch his adversary flush on the jaw with a raised knee when Big Scott caught a face-full of powder from Mr. Go during a fateful corner charge. Zybyszko being Zbyszko, then sealed the deal by added two feet on the ropes for leverage to hold Hall's shoulders down for the 1-2-3.

7. Patriotic chants of "U.S.A. !!" echoed throughout the Cow Palace as "America's Hero" Sergeant Slaughter returned to the ring to take on the hated "Mercenary from South Africa" Colonel DeBeers in the Boot Camp Match Main Event. The Champion of Apartheid was pelted with debris as he made his way down the aisle to finish what he had started earlier in the card with the Sarge. Debeers employed his steel-toed combat boots with great effect during this contest. Ironically enough, they would ultimately be his downfall. The Colonel unlaced one of the boots in an attempt to inflict more damage, but was flattened by a Slaughter Cannon (Clothesline) before he could wield it. The Sarge quickly snatched the loaded boot off the canvas and clobbered the dazed DeBeers in the forehead with it just as the Colonel was getting back to his feet. It was lights out for DeBeers as Referee Larry Lisowski counted the winning pin for Slaughter at 15:32.
AWA Results (Circa Mid 80's) - Brown County Veterans Memorial Arena, Green Bay, WI. Att: 5,917.

Commentators: "Dapper" Dave Prill & Greg Gagne
Ring Announcer: "Slick" Mick Karch
Referees: Marty Miller, Gary DeRusha & Scott Ledoux

1. Although he'd rather forget it, Tom "Rocky" Stone will remember this match for a long time to come. "Top Gun" Ricky Rice embarrassed the veteran by pinning him in just 0:19. Stone was jawing with some fans at ringside when he turned around right into Rice’s Diving Cross Body Press for the three count.

2. The Magnificent Mimi got a helping hand from Nick Kiniski to defeat Brandi Mae at 12:04. Brandi struggled in the early going, but began to string together moves to turn the momentum in her favor. Mimi was being hoisted up for a Verticle Suplex when Kiniski, who was being interviewed by Dave Prill at ringside, suddenly reached into the ring and yanked Brandi's leg out from under her. The Magnificent One fell on top of her bewildered opponent and grabbed a handful of tights to secure the pin.

3. Kiniski's dirty deed in the last match earned him a round of "Boos" as he entered the ring to take on "Jamming" Mitch Snow. Canada's self-professed "Greatest Athlete" basked in the heat that he drew to give him a slight edge in points over his foe. Despite the bonus, Kiniski found himself in one pinning predicament after another once the match got under way. Nick was ultimately bailed out when the Magnificent Mimi returned to ringside and pushed Snow into Referee Scott Ledoux while the official's back was turned. Ledoux was sent crashing to the canvas and wasted no time in calling for the bell at 8:23. Snow pleaded his case to the ref but the DQ stood.

4. Referee Marty Miller was brilliantly manipulated by Boris Zhukov (w/ Russian Flag & Sheik Adnan El-Kaisee) in his quick victory over “California Kid” Tommy Jammer at a mere 1:45. Boris immediately got into a heated exchange with Miller allowing his devious manager to sneak into the ring and bash Jammer in the back of the head with the flagpole. Zhukov quickly pounced on his dazed adversary while Miller counted the pin.

5. "Mr. Electricity" Steve Regal ( w/ "Gorgeous" Jimmy Garvin & Precious) defeated "Z Man" Tom Zenk via Count Out at 5:15. Regal's outsiders were the story of this match. Zenk was baited into a confrontation with Garvin OOR while Precious kept Referee Gary DeRusha occupied. In the meantime, Regal leapt off the apron with a Double Axe Handle that sent the Z Man right into a DDT from Gorgeous Jimmy. Zenk was still down and out on the floor as DeRusha's ten count expired.

6. Baron Von Raschke is relishing his role as a fan favorite in the AWA ! The Baron rewarded the crowd for their support by defeating Alexis Smirnoff at 7:53. Von Raschke immediately drew cheers by Goose-Stepping onto the set and interrupting Smirnoff's pre-match interview with Dave Prill. The Baron then proceeded to chase his adversary around the ring, all the while threatened to apply his dreaded Iron Claw Hold much to the delight of the fans. Smirnoff did his best to escape the finisher, but went down to the Claw in the end after first being stunned by a reverse head smash to an exposed turnbuckle.

7. The Midnight Rockers (Marty Jannetty & Shawn Michaels) defended their AWA Tag Team Titles against the Pretty Playboys ("Playboy" Buddy Rose & "Pretty Boy" Doug Somers w/ "Senasational" Sherri Martel) in tonight's Main Event. The fired up Rockers generated a great deal of excitement (especially from the young ladies) with a spectacular entrance that boosted their overall points total. Somers and Rose tried to slow down the high-flying champions with their roughhouse tactics and dirty-double teaming, but found themselves on the receiving end of the punishment throughout. The cagey Rose stole a victory for his team by sending himself over the top rope after sustaining a Jannetty Drop Kick to the chops, but the subsequent DQ allowed the Rockers to retain their belts despite losing the match. The official time of the decision was 14:49.
WWF Monday Night RAW Results (Attitude Era Circa Late 90's) - Market Square Arena, Indianapolis, IN

Commentators: Jim Ross & Jerry "The King" Lawler
Interviews: Michael Cole
Ring Announcer: Lilian Garcia
Referees: Teddy Long, Tim White & Jack Doan

Company Meeting

The show opens with what appears to be the entire WWF roster assembled in the ring and milling about. "No chance in hell" brings out Vince McMahon along with his associates Gerald Brisco and Pat Patterson. McMahon asks if everyone is present to which Patterson nods in acknowledgment.

McMahon: "Alright then, I'll cut right to the chase. There are a lot of people in that ring who don't like one another, but you're going to have to put your differences aside and ......

Just then, DX's music begins blaring over the PA system. McMahon closes his eyes in both anger and frustration and turns around to look back up the ramp. Out comes Shawn Michaels pulling up the zipper on his jeans and jogging down the ramp to ringside. The camera catches Triple H, Billy Gunn, Road Dogg and X-Pac all laughing in the ring.

Michaels: "Everyone relax, The Main Event has arrived !"

McMahon: "Gee, it was awfully decent of you to show up, Shawn. We're not keeping you from something pressing are we ?"

Michaels: "Sorry, Chief. I had to go !"

McMahon: "Here, let me hold the ropes for you, Mr. Main Event."

(McMahon sits on the 2nd rope and lifts the top rope so that Michaels can enter the ring.)

Michaels: "Did I miss anything ?

McMahon shoots him a dirty look as HBK joins his DX cohorts in the ring. The boss clears his throat, waits for quiet and then continues.

McMahon: "As I was saying before Mr. Michaels graced us with his presence .... We are under attack by ECW. You'll notice that I said "we". That means you, and me and the entire company. All of us. Over the past several weeks, ECW wrestlers have been invading our arenas, disrupting our events and interfering in our matches. I don't know what this is all about yet but trust me when I say that I'll get to the bottom of it. In the meantime, we're beefing up security at our venues. I need all of you to be on your toes and watch each others backs. It's us verses them and I expect you to represent and defend this company accordingly."

We cut to commercial

1. Al Snow (w/ "Head" and "Help Me" written backwards on his forehead) vs. Savio Vega of Los Boricuas (w/ Jesus Castillo, Jorge Estrada Jr & Miguel Perez Jr.)

"What does everybody want ??" brought the fans to their feet and a loud chorus of "Head !!" in response to Al Snow's entrance. Al had an animated conversation with his mannequin head as he entered the ring and then borrowed Lilian's Garcia's microphone to address the crowd. Savio Vega was having none of that, however, and immediately interrupted the promo to cost Snow 50 points. Despite being badly outnumbered at ringside, Al made a good accounting of himself during the contest. He stunned his opponent with a series of Trapping Head Butts and nearly scored a pinfall with a Springboard Moonsault. The close call prompted Castillo and Estrada to jump up on the apron in preparation to break up the three count. Snow saw them and sent the pair crashing to the floor with a Double Clothesline. The distraction served it's purpose, though. When Al turned back around, he was greeted with Savio's Caribbean (Spinning Heel) Kick to the jaw which put him down for the three count at 7:16. Not content with the victory alone, all four members of Los Boricuas did a number on Snow after the bell until Taka Michinoku, Sho Funaki, Dick Togo and Men's Teioh of Kaientai raced in from the back to drive off the heels and make the save.

Backstage Segment

Michael Cole is interviewing the Hardy Boyz (Matt & Jeff) when Gangrel, Edge and Christian of the Brood walk onto the set. "You two are interns around here aren't you ?" Gangrel asks the Hardyz. Jeff and Matt look at each other with perplexed faces. "Go fetch my goblet of blood for me," the Vampire Warrior continues, "I'll need it for our match." Jeff attempts to explain to him that they're wrestlers but Gangrel cuts him off again, "Let's go, kid ! We're up next ! Get with the program will you !" Edge and Christian push the Hardyz along as we go back to ringside.

2. Droz & Prince Albert vs. Edge & Christian of the Brood (w/ Gangrel)

Impressed with some ink and piercings that Prince Albert did for him at a local tattoo parlor recently, Droz has not only struck up a bond of friendship with Albert, but has also formed a tag team with him as well ! The duo made their debut tonight against the Brood and were tested right off the bat when Edge and Christian attempted to jump them from behind during Lilian Garcia's match introductions. Albert & Droz were ready for them, however, and successfully staved off the sneak attack to rack up 200 bonus points. The two were able to dominate the early going, however their inexperience as a team began to manifest itself as the match wore on. Using their speed quite effectively, Christian and Edge made frequent tags and were able to prevent Prince Albert from reaching his corner. That all changed once the Hardy Boyz came to ringside with Gangrel's goblet of blood. Matt threw the liquid into Christian's eyes allowing Albert to finally tag out. The blinded Christian then stumbled right into Droz's New Jersey Nap Time (Sit Out Powerbomb ) for the pinfall at 7:52.

Backstage Segment

The Big Boss Man is addressing a troop of security personnel who are all dressed in similar S.W.A.T. team attire. They are going over their assignments to guard all the points of entry into the Market Square Arena. The Boss Man hands each of them an ECW program with photos and profiles of all of their wrestlers. He tells his squad to memorize their faces and to be prepared to use force to prevent them from entering. The group immediately deploys to their various stations.

3. X-Pac of D-Generation X (w/ "The Ninth Wonder of the World" Chyna) vs. "A Real Man's Man" Steven Regal (w/ Tool Box, Plunger, and Heavy Cockney Accent ??)

Apparently the "Real Man's Man" is a jack-of-all-trades. Rather than donning his customary hard hat and flannel shirt construction attire, Regal wore a Roto Rooter plumber's uniform instead. Steven Regal may indeed be going through an identity crisis of sorts, but the man can wrestle and is undefeated thus far during his tenure here in the WWF. His winning streak will be severely tested this evening, especially after X-Pac fired up (no pun intended) the fans with his "Your ass is grass and I'm going to smoke it !" catchphrase. The promo drew an abundance of "X-Pac 4:20" signs in the crowd and added 150 points to his score. Chyna further hampered Regal's chances. Her cheap shots and frequent interference cost the Real Man's Man an additional 100 points. Desperate times called for desperate measures (and a trip to the tool box while Referee Jack Doan's back was turned.) Regal pulled out a pipe wrench from his tool kit and clobbered X-Pac with it while the official was embroiled in a heated confrontation with Chyna. Doan turned around to find Regal making the cover on his KO'd opponent and counted the pin at 5:17. Regal's winning streak continues !

Backstage Segment

We see two of the security detachment bashing Tommy Dreamer with nightsticks after the ECW wrestler attempted to sneak into the arena disguised as a hotdog vendor. The Boss Man slaps the cuffs on Dreamer and escorts him to a police car that is waiting outside. Mr. McMahon is also there and slams the car door shut after Dreamer is forced into the backseat of the cruiser. McMahon tells the officer, "Get him out of here !" and pats the Boss Man on the back, We watch the police car speed off into the night.

4. Sable vs. Jacqueline (w/ "Marvelous" Marc Mero)

Sable was in the process of cutting a promo on her opponent in the ring prior to their match when Jacqueline took exception to her comments. She swiped the mic away from Sable and proceeded to lay down a promo of her own. The double whammy cost Sable 125 points. It looked like things might go downhill for Jacqueline, though, when Referee Teddy Long got fed up with "Marvelous" Marc Mero's shenanigans at ringside and ordered him to return to the back. As it turned out, Sable would have other issues to deal with from OOR. The Big Boss Man's security force may have been successful in locking down the arena from ECW wrestler intrusions, however they may have let their guard down when it came to the rival federation's valets. Dawn Marie came out of no where and tripped Sable as she was being whipped to the ropes. Jacqueline capitalized on the interference by catching her stunned opponent with a Tornado DDT to score the pin at 5:21.

Backstage Segment

Jacqueline is celebrating her victory with Marc Mero when Sable comes up from behind her and spins her around.

Sable: "That was a cheap win !"

Jacqueline shrugs and smiles. "I take them any way that I can get them."

Sable: "Didn't you hear what McMahon said earlier ?? You're suppose to be a team player ! You're suppose to have my back !"

Jacqueline: "Honey, the only backs that I care about are Marc's and mine. Now run along and find somebody else to be your babysitter."

Sable storms off as Jacqueline and Mero share a laugh.

5. L.O.D. 2000 (Hawk & Animal) w/ Sunny vs. Southern Justice (Mark Canterbury & Dennis Knight) w/ Tennessee Lee

L.O.D. certainly had things going their way right from the get go. Hawk's "What a rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrush !" growl drew a huge pop from the fans as did the scantily clad Sunny who's outfit, or lack there of, barely covered anything at all. As a result, Hawk & Animal added 200 points to their score and were heavy favorites to win this contest. To their credit, Canterbury & Knight hung in there and gave L.O.D. all they could handle. This battle ended up on the floor with several chairs and the timekeeper's bell coming into play. Referee Tim White counted the legal men (Animal and Canterbury) out at 6:36, however a Double Disqualification would have also been justified.

Backstage Segment

Michael Cole interviews the Rock and Faarooq of the Nation of Domination. The Rock dominates the entire promo with his catchphrases. Faarooq seems irked that he is unable to get a word in edgewise. The segment ends with the two heading toward the ring for the Rock's upcoming match against Bradshaw. Faarooq grabs the Brahma Bull by the arm and stops him in his tracks. "Don't forget who's in charge here," he says sternly. There's an awkward silence as the Rock gives him a defiant look before they continue on. They pass by Triple H who says, "Hey Rock, keep that Intercontinental Belt nice and warm for me !"

6. WWF Intercontinental Champion The Rock of the Nation of Domination (w/ Faarooq) vs. Blackjack Bradshaw (w/ Blackjack Windham)

This is a non-title bout. Despite the Rock being a heel, the self-professed "Most Electrifying Man in Sports" was well-received by the crowd at the Market Square Arena to earn himself a bonus of 75 points. (It didn't exactly hurt matters any when the Brahma Bull grabbed the house mic away from Lilian Garcia and shouted, "Finally, the Rock has come back to Indianapolis !". The Rock then ambushed his adversary before the opening bell rang to grab the early advantage. More adept to tag team wrestling than singles competition, Bradshaw struggled throughout this contest. Barry Windham tried to lend a hand (literally) by reaching into the ring in an attempt to trip the Rock, but ended up catching Bradshaw's foot instead to cost him another 100 points. The Rock went on to win the match, but the conclusion was not without controversy. With Referee Jack Doan busy admonishing Windham, Faarooq snuck into the ring and appeared to charge at the Rock with a Clothesline attempt. Utilizing some quick reflexes, the Intercontinental Champ ducked with Bradshaw taking the full brunt of the blow instead. The cowboy staggered straight into a Small Package to seal the Rock's victory at 7:06. After the bell, Michael Cole interviewed the Nation members again; this time regarding the somewhat curious ending to the match. The Rock blew it off as a simple "miscommunication" between he and Faarooq, but the look on his face suggested otherwise. Faarooq insisted that he had told the Brahma Bull to duck. The Rock eyed him suspiciously and said, "I did duck ........ but I didn't hear you tell me to."

Backstage Segment - Mr. McMahon's Office

McMahon, Patterson and Brisco are all discussing the ECW issue. The boss is pleased that Dreamer was apprehended, but realizes that security still needs to be tightened after the Dawn Marie incident. He says that he suspects there's a rat in the company. Various names begin to be bantered about. Brisco proposes that McMahon's arch nemesis "Stone Cold" Steve Austin may be involved. Surprisingly, the WWF kingpin disagrees with him. Other names are mentioned. Pat Patterson then brings up Shawn Michaels. Again, McMahon differs in opinion, but says Patterson's suggestion reminds him that he still has some unfinished business to attend to this evening. With that, the boss abruptly gets up, excuses himself and leaves the office.

7. "HBK" Shawn Michaels of D-Generation X (w/ Hunter Hearst Helmsley) vs. Val Venis (w/ Ryan Shamrock)

Both combatants bolstered their respective totals by 75 points each with some flashy arrivals to the ring. The former adult film star Venis had the girls swooning with his lecherous "Helllllllllllllooooooooo, Ladies, " drawl as he twirled a towel off his waist and gyrated his hips for them during his introduction. Not to be upstaged, Michaels came out next with his trademark flamboyant entrance complete with "Are you ready ? Break it down !" theme music, pyrotechnics and a generous abundance of DX crotch chops. The points totals indicated that HBK was by far the favorite to win this one, but Val Venis didn't get the memo. He jumped out to the early advantage after catching Michaels with a Spinebuster off the ropes and then served up ten mounted punches in the corner while the crowd counted along. HBK quickly put an end to that with a Manhattan Drop and then went up top to deliver a Flying Elbow Smash. Venis was able to kick out of the subsequent pin attempt and countered a Michaels' Back Body Drop with the Big Package (Bridging Fisherman's Suplex). HBK managed to lift a shoulder to spoil the pin and sent Venis to the ropes. A violent three-man collision left both of the grapplers and Referee Teddy Long sprawled out on the mat seeing stars. Ryan Shamrock tried to assist her man but was chased to the back by Helmsley. Vince McMahon then ambled down to ringside, entered the ring with a folding chair, and smashed it over Michael's noggin just as HBK was getting back to his feet. The boss dragged Val's arm across Michaels' chest just as Teddy Long was shaking out the cobwebs. The woozy official crawled over and counted the pin at 10:38 to give Venis the victory. The cameraman follows McMahon as he walks back up the ramp to the back. The WWF CEO points back over his shoulder and says "He may be the 'Main Event', but I'm the Boss."
WWF Monday Night RAW Results (Attitude Era Circa Late 90's) - On Center, Syracuse, NY

Commentators: Jim Ross & Jerry "The King" Lawler
Interviews: Kevin Kelly
Ring Announcer: Lilian Garcia
Referees: Mike Chioda, Tim White & Earl Hebner

Opening pyrotechnics

The camera pans over the sold out crowd. We see tons of homemade signs for various wrestlers. We also see a heightened security presence once more due to the ongoing ECW intrusion issues.

1. Scorpio vs. Mr. Aguila

Mr. Aguila usually does his talking in Spanish, but his promo this evening was in English for the benefit of his opponent Scorpio (aka Flash Funk) who he severely belittled in the ring before their match introductions. The Mexican luchador claimed that he could beat Scorpio every which way possible. Apparently Mr. McMahon was listening in the back and decided to hold Aguila accountable for his boast . The Boss came out and changed their bout to a Hardcore Match. Neither Aguila nor Scorpio seemed comfortable with the new stipulations, but used whatever objects they could find beneath the ring in an attempt to defeat one another. At one point, Scorpio slid a folding table into the ring and leaned it upright in a corner. The strategy would ultimately backfire and prove to be his undoing. Aguila reversed a whip into the table and then drove Scorpio right through it with a Corner Drop Kick to gain the winning pinfall at 8:33.

Backstage segment - Mr. McMahon's Office

McMahon is in a meeting with his corporate stooges Pat Patterson and Gerald Brisco discussing the ECW problem. The Boss tells his cronies that he has a surprise in store for them this evening and calls down to the production truck. We hear him say, "Do we have a live feed in place yet ?" McMahon gets his answer, smiles and hangs up the phone. He turns to Brisco and says, "What goes around comes around."

2. Matt Hardy (w/ Brother Jeff & Michael Hayes) vs. "The Vampire Warrior" Gangrel of the Brood (w/ Edge & Christian)

This is a Grudge Match stemming from an incident in which Matt blinded Christian with Gangrel's goblet of blood leading to Droz & Prince Albert's tag team victory over the Brood during last week's episode of RAW . The Vampire Warrior was a heavy favorite to win this contest after racking up bonus points for cutting a terrific backstage promo and then jumping his opponent from behind while Matt was being interviewed by Kevin Kelly. Once the bout finally got under way, Edge proved to be a nuisance by constantly interfering. Christian also contributed to the cause by distracting Referee Tim White which enabled Gangrel to clobber Matt with his goblet. The Vampire Warrior then finished off Hardy with his Impaler (Implant DDT) soon after. The time of the match was 5:51.

Backstage segment

The roving cameraman is following the Jackyl from a distance so as not to be detected. The covert surveillance captures the Truth Commission's unsavory manager quietly unlocking a side door to the On Center. The Jackyl peeks around for any witnesses to the deed. Satisfied that his actions went unseen, he sneaks off into the shadows.

3. Table Match - Vader vs. Chainz of the Disciples of the Apocalypse (w/ "Precious" Paul Ellering, 8-Ball & Skull)

There are no pinfalls, DQs, submissions or count outs. The match is simply won by putting your opponent through a table. Chainz got off to a great start thanks in large part to the endless distractions that his corner men provided. Ellering and company took things a little too far, however, and were ordered to return to the back by Senior Official Earl Hebner. The momentum of the match immediately swung in Vader's favor. A pair of crushing Head Butts dazed the 6' 8" Chainz who then found himself being hoisted up onto his opponent's shoulders in a Fireman's Carry position. Vader then ended things by sending Chainz through a table with a Samoan Drop/Fallaway Slam at 10:15.

In Ring Segment

"No chance in hell" theme music brings out Mr. McMahon, Gerald Brisco and Pat Patterson. The Boss directs everyone's attention to the jumbo Titantron screen. An image of a wrestling ring suddenly comes into focus. It becomes obvious that this is not a WWF event, but rather the ECW "CyberSlam" pay-per-view being held at the ECW Arena in Philadelphia, PA. There is a tag team match in progress pitting Taz & Sabu against the Dudley Boyz. We can hear Joey Styles and Joel Gertner on commentary calling the action. Suddenly there is a commotion with several wrestlers running into the ring including "The Most Dangerous Man in the World" Ken Shamrock, Hawk & Animal of L.O.D. 2000, the Godfather, Droz and Bradshaw. The WWF contingent put a beat down on their ECW counterparts until they are run off by security personnel and several other ECW wrestlers rushing in from the back. The live feed abruptly cuts off. There are some chants of "ECW !" but most fans are cheering for the WWF's bold retaliation. McMahon then says, "Mr. Heyman, when you mess with the bull, you get the horns !" and returns to the back with Patterson and Brisco in tow.

4. Falls Count Any Where Match - Cactus Jack & Chainsaw Charlie vs. The New Age Outlaws (Road Dogg Jesse James & "Bad Ass" Billy Gunn) of D-Generation X

Anything goes in this one ! Unlike Aguila and Scorpio in our first contest, these four men are very adept at using weapons of all shapes and sizes to dish out the punishment on their adversaries. The path of destruction from this all-out-brawl weaved and meandered its way backstage throughout the On Center sending WWF crewmen and arena attendants scattering in every direction. The four man slobberknocker eventually broke apart into two separate skirmishes. Chainsaw Charlie and Road Dogg ended up in the locker room with both men taking turns ramming one another into the wall of a shower stall all the while while being drenched under the scalding hot spray. Billy Gunn and Cactus Jack some how found themselves outside battling on the loading dock. Cactus catapulted Billy face-first into the side of the WWF's tractor trailer equipment truck and scored the pinfall with Referee Mike Chioda racing into camera shot to make the three count at 16:40.

Backstage segment - Kevin Kelly interview with "Beauty & the Beast" (aka Dan "The Beast" Severn and Terri Runnels)

Terri and Severn were making their case for a European title shot against The Artist Formerly Known as Goldust when the Beast was abruptly laid out by a chair shot from the defending Champion. Goldust then got right up into Terri's face with the two engaging in a heated confrontation. Mr. McMahon and WWF Commissioner Sergeant Slaughter quickly intervened. The Boss declared that Goldust would indeed be defending the European championship at the WWF's upcoming "Bad Blood" pay-per-view, but also added that his challenger would be determined by the winner of the upcoming match between Severn and Faarooq.

5. Dan "The Beast" Severn (w/ "Beauty" aka Terri Runnels) vs. Faarooq of the Nation of Domination (w/ D'Lo Brown)

Goldust's attack cost Severn 200 points to help make Faarooq the favorite to win their match. Terri added to her man's woes by accidentally spraying perfume into Severn's eyes once the bout had gotten under way. Everything seemed to be going Faarooq's way until The Rock came down to ringside. This was indeed and interesting development given the recent falling out between the two over the Nation of Domination's leadership and direction. Despite their spat, the Rock seemed firmly behind Faarooq's efforts tonight and got in a few cheap shots on Severn when Referee Tim White's back was turned. The Brahma Bull dismissed D'Lo from ringside, telling him "I've got this" and "take the rest of the night off" while continuing to shout encouragement to Faarooq from his corner. Once Brown had returned to the back, though, the Rock revealed his true intentions. With the official spilled to the canvas during a Spinebuster off the ropes on Severn, the Brahma Bull snuck into the ring and planted Faarooq into the mat with the Rock Bottom (Falling Side Slam). He then dragged the Beast on top of Faarooq and high-tailed it out of the ring just as Referee Tim White was shaking out the cobwebs to crawl over and make the three count at 7:13. Dan Severn will face The Artist Formerly Known as Goldust at Bad Blood for the European Championship.

Backstage segment - Mr. McMahon's Office

McMahon, Brisco and Patterson are still chirping over the WWF's disruption at the ECW pay-per-view. McMahon has a smug look on his face and says to Brisco, "You call that a pay-per-view ?? What did they have there, like a thousand people ?? Gimme a break ! Our house shows at high school gyms have bigger crowds than that !" A voice then comes over the intercom on his phone and says, "Mr. McMahon, you have a call. Paul Heyman is on Line 1 for you." There is a smattering of chuckles among the Boss and his associates. McMahon picks up the phone, laughs and hangs up on Heyman.

6. Owen Hart (in yellow & black "Danger" attire) vs. Hunter Hearst Helmsley of D-Generation X (w/ "The Ninth Wonder of the World" Chyna)

Wrestling machine Owen Hart was well received during his ring entrance in Syracuse this evening to boost his total by 75 points. Not to be outdone, his opponent Triple H also added to his score thanks in large part to the popularity of his "Let's get ready to suck it !" catchphrase. (In typical DX fashion, the slogan was meant to parody Michael Buffer's famous "Let's get ready to rumble !" intro that the ring announcer often performs for rival WCW's Main Events.) Hart's chances were further enhanced by a roll on his Savvy modifier, but Helmsley did him one better in that regard by countering with "Ally Interference" which brings us to the pugnacious Chyna. Not only did the "Ninth Wonder of the World" flatten Hart with a DDT on the floor when the action moved OOR, she also contributed directly to Helmsley's victory by interferring with Owen's Sunset Flip attempt into the ring from the apron. With Chyna's help, Triple H was able to maintain his balance and sit on Owen's chest, all the while holding onto the top rope for additional leverage to pin Hart's shoulders to the mat at 10:08.

"Bad Blood" Pay-Per-View Promo

We see highlights of matches from previous "Bad Blood" events over the years followed by a montage of clips promoting the European Title Match between The Artist Formerly Known as Goldust and his challenger Dan "The Beast" Severn. We're shown Goldust's chairshot on Severn from earlier this evening as well as the heated exchange that ensued between the Champ and Terri Runnels before fading to the "Bad Blood" logo.

7. The "Phenom" Undertaker vs. WWF Hardcore Champion The Big Boss Man (w/ Mr. McMahon & the Big Show)

This is a non-title match. The Big Boss Man was joined by his Big Trouble tag team partner the Big Show and Mr. McMahon for a pre-match interview with Kevin Kelly. As it turned out, the Big Show did most of the talking which centered around him issuing a challenge to the Undertaker to face him at "Bad Blood". When it came time for the Deadman's promo (and answer), the 'Taker gladly accepted the invitation on the one condition that it be a Buried Alive Match. Fully aware of what the Undertaker was capable of, Mr. McMahon seemed very apprehensive to the notion, however the Big Show agreed to the stipulation. With their pay-per-view match now firmly set and his competitive fire stoked, the Deadman took out his fury on the Big Boss Man. The former prison guard from Cobb County inflicted a lot of damage during the match with his signature Nightstick, but went down for the count in the end. The Boss Man was dazed after being sent crashing into the Big Show who was up on the apron attempting to interfere, and finished off with the Undertaker's Tombstone Piledriver moments later at 12:36.

After the match, Mr McMahon stayed behind to address his reservations regarding the Undertaker and Big Show's Buried Alive Match at "Bad Blood". Given the dangerous nature of the contest, he expressed serious concern for the well being of both participants and pleaded that they reconsider. Suddenly, ECW's Sandman, Balls Mahoney and Rhyno raced down the aisle and corned Mr. McMahon in the ring. The trio seemed poised to attack when "HBK" Shawn Michaels and his D-Generation X contingent of Hunter Hearst Helmsley, Billy Gunn and Road Dogg all charged to the rescue. DX ran off the intruders leaving Michaels and the Boss remaining in the ring. A shaken Mr. McMahon straightened his tie and paused to regain his composure. "I didn't expect that from you, Shawn," McMahon said humbly, "Not after what I did to you last week on RAW. Trust me when I say that you and your crew will all find something extra in your paychecks this week as a token of my appreciation. I owe you that much .... and I also owe you an apology." McMahon extended his hand, and Michael's shook it as the fans cheered. HBK then played to the crowd a little bit before suddenly laying out McMahon with his Sweet Chin Music Superkick. Michaels stood over the prone Boss and said, "And I owed you that much, Vince !" HBK gave a couple of crotch chops and then left the ring to Degeneration X's theme music as we fade to black with the WWF logo.
WWF Shotgun Saturday Night Results (Attitude Era Circa Late 90's) - Gund Arena, Cleveland, OH

Commentators: Michael Cole & Jim Cornette
Interviews: Kevin Kelly
Ring Announcer: Tony Chimel
Referees: Mike Sparks, Teddy Long & Jim Korderas

Backstage segment

Kevin Kelly bumps into Jerry "The King" Lawler who is giving Brian "Too Sexy" Christopher a pep talk regarding his upcoming match tonight. Kelly asks where Christopher's "Too Much" tag team partner Scott "Too Hot" Taylor is. "How the heck should I know ??" the King snaps at him, "Wherever he is, he can stay there for all I care !" Kelly notes that Taylor usually accompanies Too Sexy to the ring for Christopher's matches. "Yeah, well, how's that worked out so far, Kevin Kelly ??" the King rhetorically asks, "I'll be in Brian's corner tonight ! Now hit the road and mind your own business ! " Kelly persists in questioning Lawler further. "Why have you taken such a personal interest in Brian Christopher's career ?" Lawler's patience with Kelly is clearly wearing thin. "Because I see potential in him, that's why !" the King answers, "And as long as he stays with that clown Scott Taylor, it's wasted potential if you ask me ! Now leave us alone ! Brian's got a big match tonight against a top opponent that I've hand-picked for him and he's got to prepare !"

1. Men's Teioh of Kaienta (w/ Yamaguchi-San & Sho Funaki) vs. Jesus Castillo of Los Boricuas (w/ Savio Vega & Flag of Puerto Rico)

This battle is a continuation of the "Gang Wars" feud between the Japanese faction Kaientai and the Latino group know as Los Boricuas. The origins of the squabble can be traced back to the "Judgement Day" pay-per-view in which Los Boricuas disrupted a Ladder Match pitting Taka Michinoku against Sho Funaki for the WWF Light Heavyweight Championship. Teioh had a slight edge in points going into this contest despite his Technical Modifier essentially being offset by Castillo's Cheating. The match came down to an ill-advised leap off the 2nd rope in which Castillo was caught in mid-air by Teioh and planted into the canvas with a Nodowa Bomb (Falling Chokebomb ) for the three count at 6:14.

RAW Rewind Segment Entitled "The ECW Invasion"

Highlights are shown of ECW's Dudley Boyz, Taz, Sabu and Dawn Marie interfering in various WWF matches over the past several weeks, followed by Ken Shamrock, the Godfather, L.O.D. 2000, Droz and Bradshaw disrupting ECW's "CyberSlam" pay-per-view in retaliation. The segment ends with D-Generation rushing into the ring to save a cornered Mr. McMahon from the Sandman, Balls Mahoney and Rhyno.

2. Gillberg (w/ Al Snow) vs. Brian "Too Sexy" Christopher (w/ Jerry "The King" Lawler ?!)

Duane Gill, aka Gillberg (a scrawny enhancement parody of WCW's Manster Goldberg), came out with Al Snow sporting a shaved head, goatee and a J.O.B. Squad T-shirt. Flexing his muscles (or lack, thereof), Gill nearly fled to the back after being frightened by his own pyrotechnics entrance. Assured by Snow (and "Head" ) that he was in no imminent danger, Gillberg skittishly made his way down the aisle to face Christopher. This bout was intended to be a pure squash and an opportunity for Too Sexy to showcase his talent, but it turned out to be a highly competitive nail-biter instead. Gill came within an eyelash of scoring a pinfall after Christopher's Tennessee Jam (Leaping Leg Drop from the top rope) missed its mark. An alarmed Jerry Lawler then interjected himself into the proceedings and baited Gillberg into a verbal confrontation. Too Sexy capitalized on the distraction by catching his preoccupied foe in a School Boy Rollup for the pin at 5:03.

"Bad Blood" Pay-Per-View Promo hyping the Undertaker's Buried Alive Match against the Big Show and Dan "The Beast" Severn's European Championship Match against the Artist Formerly Known as Goldust.

3. The New Blackjacks (Blackjack Bradshaw & Blackjack Windham) vs. the Truth Commission (Recon & Sniper) w/ The Jackyl & Kurrgan the Interrogator

The Blackjacks made a big entrance after a terrific backstage promo to earn themselves 125 additional points. Bradshaw has been branching out into singles competition with marginal success as of late, but seemed much more within his element tonight having returned to tag team action. The Blackjacks dominated the contest, but outside interference kept the Truth Commission in the thick of it. The 6' 10" Kurrgan was able to sneak in several cheap shots while the Jackyl distracted Referee Jim Korderas. At one point, the Interrogator flattened Bradshaw with a Big Boot, but Korderas was still too busy arguing with the Jackyl to count the subsequent pin attempt. Sniper immediately jumped up and spun the startled official around, only to be rolled up by Bradshaw for the three count at 7:51.

RAW Promo

Jim Ross plugs the upcoming Monday Night RAW card from the Hampton Coliseum in Hampton, VA. Matches include a "Guitar on a Pole Match" between Jeff Jarrett and X-Pac of D-Generation X, Dude Love vs. the Big Show, and a grudge match pitting Faarooq against The Rock in the Main Event. JR also said that there would be a special announcement from Mr. McMahon regarding who would face the Headbangers at "Bad Blood" for the WWF Tag Team Championship.

4. "Lethal Weapon" Steve Blackman (w/ Glow-In-The Dark Filipino Fighting Sticks Entrance) vs. "Marvelous" Marc Mero (w/ Jacqueline)

Steve Blackman's pre-match interview with Kevin Kelly was rudely interrupted by Jacqueline who slapped him across the face after the Lethal Weapon had made some disparaging remarks about Marc Mero. Blackman got some payback, however, by attacking Marvelous Marc before the opening bell rang. The ambush gave the Lethal Weapon the early advantage, but Blackman allowed himself to be drawn into a shouting match with Jacqueline. Mero snuck in a Low Blow to turn the tide of the bout in his favor and scored the pinfall with his TKO finisher (Fireman's Carry Cutter) at 7:15.

Backstage segment - Kevin Kelly Interview with the Godfather

The Godfather is surrounded by his girls who are flirting with Kevin Kelly. Kelly wants to get the inside scoop on the Rock/Faarooq situation within the Nation of Domination. We're shown a clip from last week's RAW of the Brahma Bull giving Faarooq the Rock Bottom during a match against Dan Severn and costing him a European Title shot against the Artist Formerly Known as Goldust at the upcoming "Bad Blood" pay-per-view. The Godfather declined to comment, stating only that the Nation would get their house in order "by any means necessary" (the stable's signature catchphrase). The Pimp Daddy seemed more interested, rather, in hooking Kelly up with some female companionship after the show; an offer that the interviewer politely turned down. The Godfather merely shrugged and said, "Pimpin' ain't easy."

5. "The Big Red Machine" Kane (w/ Paul Bearer) vs. The Godfather (w/ Entourage of "Hos" )

Both grapplers got huge reactions to their entrances. The fans loved the flames blazing forth from the four corner ring posts upon Kane's command, but they equally enjoyed watching the Godfather's scantily clad, shall we say, "ladies of the evening" dancing in the ring to his funky 70's theme music. In a comical moment, the Godfather offered Kane the services of any one of his girls for the evening if the Big Red Machine would forfeit the match. Kane quietly stared at him while pulling up his gloves and clenching his fists. "Uh, I'll take that as a 'no', then ?" the Godfather said. It was just as well. None of his ladies seemed too keen on spending the night with Kane anyway. Once the gals finished strutting their stuff in the ring and exited the premises, it was time to get down to business. Both competitors had their moments as the momentum swung back and forth between them. The Godfather was able to execute his trademark Ho Train Corner Avalanche, while Kane's offense included a Tilt-A-Whirl Slam off the ropes, a Flying Clothesline and a crushing Backbreaker across the knee. The turning point of the bout came when the Pimp Daddy's fellow Nation of Domination member Mark Henry came down to ringside and tried to lend a hand by throwing powder into the Big Red Machine's eyes. Kane ducked however, leaving his opponent to take the cloud of powder to the face instead. The blinded Godfather stumbled right into a kick to the midsection and was finished off by a Tombstone Piledriver moments later. The time of the match was 12:05.
"Cowboy" Bill Watts' UWF Results (Circa Late 80's) - Riverside Centroplex, Baton Rouge, LA. Att: 4,469.

Announcers: Jim Ross & Magnum T.A.
Ring Announcer: "Jolting" Joe Bryan
Referees: Alfred Neely, Jerry Usher & Rick Ferrara

1. The fans weren't quite sure who to root for in tonight's opening bout which featured a refreshing scientific match up pitting Brett Wayne Sawyer against Brickhouse Brown. Sawyer looked as though he might have had a win after catching his opponent in a Small Package, but Referee Alfred Neely was out of position and late in counting the pin. Brickhouse managed to kick out and surprised Sawyer with a Backslide moments later to take the duke at 5:35.

2. The Jive Tones (Shaska Whatley & Tiger Conway Jr.) were in complete control and well on their way to victory over the duo of Bobby Perez & Johnny West when "Timekeeper" Mike George and Ted Dibiase hit the ring running and attacked all four participants with the Jive Tones' canes at 3:34. Referee Jerry Usher had no choice but to declare the match a "No Contest".

3. The crowd was into "White Lightning" Tim Hoerner's new entrance music, but the extra bonus points were not enough to help him defeat the crafty "Gorgeous" Gary Young. The resourceful Young, who has been on a bit of a roll in the UWF as of late, appeared to doctor up a knee pad with some sort of foreign object and catch White Lightning flush on the chin as Hoerner rushed in on a corner charge. Young then added a tainted Knee Drop off the second rope for good measure to gain the three count at 6:39.

4. Chavo Guerrero certainly had his hands full with Devastation Incorporated when he took on Bad, Bad Leroy Brown. It didn't take long for the match to spill OOR where Brown gained the upper hand with the assistance of his manager General Skandor Akbar and stable mates "Wild" Bill Irwin and Eli the Eliminator. Mando Guerrero rushed in from the back along with Tim Hoerner to help even the odds. A free-for-all ensued on the floor with Referee Alfred Neely counting both men out during the mayhem at 6:00.

5. Terry "Bam Bam" Gordy (w/ fellow Freebirds Michael P.S. Hayes & Buddy Jack Roberts) and his opponent Vladimir Petrov (w/ Kortsia Korchenko) were both disqualified by Referee Jerry Usher at 7:14. This bout seemed on the verge of havoc from the opening bell what with all the outside interference of the respective cornermen. The match finally broke down when Korchenko ran into the ring to break up Bam Bam's Oriental Spike submission hold on Petrov. Roberts and Hayes then rushed in prompting Usher to call for the bell.

6. The Fantastics (Tommy Rogers & Bobby Fulton) put their UWF Tag Team Titles on the line against Ted Dibiase & "Timekeeper" Mike George in this evening's Main Event. Once again, outside interference played a significant role in the outcome. Still smarting from George and Dibiase's ambush earlier in the program, the Jive Tones came down to ringside looking for some revenge and attacked the challengers with their canes. Referee Rick Ferrara stopped the bout at 8:59 and rendered a "No Decision". The Fantastics retain the UWF Tag Team Championship.
"Cowboy" Bill Watts' UWF Results (Circa Late 80's) - Lake Charles Civic Center, Lake Charles, LA. Att: 3,352.

Announcers: Jim Ross & Michael P.S. Hayes
Ring Announcer: "Jolting" Joe Bryan
Referees: Tony Torres, Ron West, Tommy Gilbert & Eddie Gilbert ??

1. There must be an Art Crews Fan Club in Lake Charles because the veteran received a big ovation as he made his way down to ringside for tonight's opening bout. Crews shook hands, dished out high fives and even hugged a few ladies during his entrance. His opponent "The Cuban Hitman" Gustavo Mendoza didn't take kindly to the warm reception and clobbered Art from behind with a trash can. Crews was out cold and had to be assisted to the back. Since the bell never rang to officially start the match, Referee Tommy Gilbert's official decision was a No Contest.

2. Never one to be shy about bending the rules, "Gorgeous" Gary Young resorted to devious means in order to beat Chavo Guerrero. Feigning a phantom injury, Gorgeous Gary cowered in the corner and petitioned for Referee Ron West to give him some space and make Guerrero back off . While West was instructing Chavo to back up, Young quickly unlaced the padding from the top turnbuckle. The savvy Guerrero was wise to his opponent's ruse, however, and reversed a forehead smash to the exposed steel. Young was badly busted open and bled profusely. So much so, that West deemed him unable to continue at 5:49 and awarded the contest to Chavo.

3. Brad Armstrong over "Wild" Bill Irwin of Devastation Incorporated by DQ at 7:21. Bolstered by the outside interference of both his manager General Skandor Akbar and stable mate Eli the Eliminator, Wild Bill remained largely in control of this bout until he missed a high risk leap from the top rope. Armstrong was about to deliver his Side Russian Legsweep finisher to the dazed Irwin when Eli ran into the ring and planted Brad with a Tombstone Piledriver. Referee Tony Torres immediately called for the bell.

4. "Now I've seen everything, Ladies & Gentlemen," were the precise words that Announcer Jim Ross used on the air when "Jolting" Joe Bryan announced that "Hot Stuff" Eddie Gilbert would be the referee for the bout between "UWF Rookie of the Year" Shane Douglas and Gilbert's First Family of Professional Wrestling Partner-in-Crime Terry Taylor. "Well, we were told that a Gilbert would be officiating this match," Ross added, "We just never thought that it would be this Gilbert !" Looking as innocent as a choir boy in his referee's striped shirt (and wearing his UWF Television Title Belt the whole time, of course), Gilbert reassured the dubious Douglas that he would be strictly on the up and up and call the match right down the middle. And indeed he did ..... for the first few moments or so, that is ! Hot Stuff even chastised Taylor for using a closed fist, but it did not take long for Eddie to show his true colors. Hot Stuff's attention always seemed to be diverted to his belle Missy Hyatt OOR whenever Taylor engaged in rule breaking tactics. Douglas finally lost his temper when the "official" was caught blowing kisses to his jezebel and completely missed what appeared to be a certain pin following Shane's trademark Belly to Belly Suplex finisher. Douglas got right up into Hot Stuff's face, grabbed him by the shirt and threatened to let him have it but good as the fan's roared in approval. The confrontation allowed Taylor to sneak up from behind with a Schoolboy Rollup to put Shane's shoulders to the mat for the winning pin at 7:05. It goes without saying that Referee Gilbert added a particularly fast three count to seal Douglas' fate.

5. The Jive Tones (Shaska Whatley & Tiger Conway Jr.) heard cheers as they made their way down the aisle to take on the team of Ted Dibiase & "Timekeeper" Mike George. George and Dibiase attacked the Jive Tones with their own canes last week in Baton Rouge prompting this grudge match. Having been together longer as a tag team, Conway and Whatley's cohesiveness served them well as they carried the fight to their adversaries. Things were going well for the Tones until Conway attemted to Suplex the Timekeeper back into the ring from the apron. The devious Dibiase gave Tiger a shove causing George to land on top of him as both men went down in the ring. Referee Ron West missed the foul and made the three count to give Dibiase & George the victory at 9:42.

6. "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan (w/ 2 x 4 & a big Thumbs Up) was in the fight of his life in tonight's Main Event against Big Bubba Rogers. Hacksaw certainly had the crowd support behind him after giving a rousing pre-match interview with Jim Ross, but was in a heap of trouble when he was flattened by a Spinning Sidewalk Slam from Rogers as he bounded off the ropes. Duggan may have caught a break, though, when Referee Tony Torres was knocked over by the maneuver and unable to make the count on Big Bubba's pin attempt. Rogers finally got up and tried to help the official get back to his feet, but received a Running Spear by Hacksaw from a Three Point Stance just as he was turning around. The woozy Torres then added the 1-2-3. Your winner at 9:34 - "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan.
"Cowboy" Bill Watts' UWF Results (Circa Late 80's) - Municipal Auditorium, Kansas City, MO. Att: 5,527.

Announcers: Jim Ross & Magnum T.A.
Ring Announcer: "Jolting" Joe Bryan
Referees: Edward Fauk, Tony Torres & Jerry Usher

1. "Mr. Superb" Steve Doll got off to a rough start in tonight's opening bout with Brickhouse Brown when Referee Edward Faulk shook him down before the bell and found a foreign object concealed under the tongue flap of his left boot. Doll had to immediately switch gears and go with a different strategy. Apparently, there was no "Plan B" because Brickhouse controlled the entire match from start to finish before scoring the win with a Diving Cross Body Press from the top rope at 3:57.

2. "Fabulous Freebird" Buddy Roberts (w/ fellow Freebird Michael P.S. - as in, "Purely Spectator" this evening - Hayes) defeated Mike "Hammer" Reed at 2:53. Reed could muster little in the way of offense save a flurry of punches and an occasional choke hold. He made the mistake of telegraphing a Back Body Drop by tucking his head too soon and was met with a DDT. Roberts could have probably had the pin right then and there had he chosen to, but opted instead to apply a Figure Four Leglock. Reed wasted no time in tapping out to the submission hold.

3. "Wild" Bill Irwin had lots of help from Devastation Incorporated in his count out victory over "White Lightning" Tim Hoerner at 7:28. Hoerner lost 100 points before the match even began when he was jumped from behind during his ring entrance by Eli the Eliminator and the Super Ninja. To make matters worse, General Skandor Akbar slipped Irwin a foreign object which Wild Bill loaded into his elbow pad. Irwin came off the apron with an Elbow Smash to the back of his opponent's noggin after White Lightning had been tossed out OOR. Hoerner could not recover in time to make Referee Jerry Usher's ten count.

4. "Time Keeper" Mike George earned bonus heel points for pushing an unruly fan back down into their seat as he made his way to ringside, but then promptly lost them when opponent Sam Houston thwarted his sneak attack attempt before the bell. Both grapplers had their moments in this contest with neither being able to put the other away. A Flying Cross Body Press from Houston sent both men toppling over the top rope and crashing awkwardly to the floor below where they were counted out by Referee Edward Faulk. The time of the match was 7:40.

5. UWF TV Title Match. Defending Champ "Hot Stuff" Eddie Gilbert was in the driver's seat against the challenger Savannah Jack after bolstering his points total with an abundant cheating modifier. Jack, on the other hand, lost points for being constantly distracted by First Family members Terry Taylor and Missy Hyatt. Despite all that, the resilient Savannah managed to push Gilbert to the brink with his patented Superkick finisher. Hot Stuff's title was saved by Taylor who ran in with a boot to the back to break up the challenger's subsequent pin attempt. Referee Tony Torres wasted no time in calling for the disqualification due to the outside interference. Eddie Gilbert retains the UWF Television Championship at 8:58 despite the DQ.

6. UWF Heavyweight Champion "Dr. Death" Steve Williams teamed up with his protégé Steve Cox to face the Sheepherders (Butch Miller & Cousin Luke Williams) in tonight's Main Event. Try as they may, the Sheepherders could not bait their foes into a brawling, slobber knocker affair where they are most in their element. Cox & Williams stuck to their game plan of controlling the action with their technical skills and scientific holds instead. As a result Butch Miller was kept grounded with a series of grueling, prolonged leg locks and unable to get to his corner for a much needed tag. Miller's frustration boiled over when he slugged Referee Jerry Usher to cost his team a disqualification at 11:45.
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