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Frank Coutinho's UQ Wrestling Results
Barbasol & Cadbury’s Cocoa presents;
NWA Wrestling (1948-56)
The DuMont Network’s WENR-TV Chan 9
Midway Arena – Chicago, IL Att: 1,872

Commentators; Jack Brickhouse & Vince Lloyd
Referees; Ted Thomas & Buddy Baer
Ring & Interviews; Brenda Starr

1. Q-Ball Jack Rush; Double Ax Handle Pin over Red Kirkpatrick. During the introductions the wrestlers got into a pushing and shoving match. Referee Ted Thomas warded Q-Ball who took offense that Thomas wasn’t warning Kirkpatrick. Red Kirkpatrick, known as the Chiropractic Killer is just as likely to bend the rules. Red was able to hook in a Twisting Arm Bar that had Q-Ball groaning but not submitting. He was able to reach the ropes to break the hold that had Jack Brickhouse explaining to the newer TV fans that grabbing the ropes was a save and the hold must be broken. Q-Ball responded with a Kick to the Groin area and then finished the match with a Double Ax Handle. 4:25

2. Sgt. Fritz Von Schacht pinned Soldier Barry. The fans hissed and booed Sgt. Fritz who is from Milwaukee but gained fame as a soldier in the German Army so they chanted “Traitor.” Barry used a Falling Head Slam to nearly get a pin by Referee Buddy Baer was out of place to see the legitimate pin. Fritz answered Barry by Smashing a Trash Can over his back during OOR action. After reentering the ring Von Schacht took advantage of the weakened Soldier by Throat Slamming him on the Ropes. A Wicked Kick to the Stomach was too much for Barry as The Traitor pinned him. 5:06

3. Women’s Tag Team – Belle & Nell (Belle Drummund & Verdie Nell Stewart) beat Betty Jo & Beverly (Betty Jo Hawkins and Beverly Lehmer). This was a match of Terrific Teamwork vs Cheating and more Cheating. Betty Jo and Beverly used all of what was in their tough arsenal; Kicks to the Face, Pounding Head to the Mat and Breaking up Pins several times. In the end it was the teamwork of Belle and Nell that won out with Nell pinning Beverly. Belle threw Betty Jo from the ring when she tried to interfere. Belle then his Beverly with a Spin Kick, tagged to Nell who performed a Bamma Slamma (Clothesline that got the pin. 13:45

4. Frank “Crooner” Townsend won by DQ over Hans Hermann. The Crooner, also called the Singing Wrestler, entertained the fans with a rendition of “Cold Cold Heart” and he got a nice ovation. Hans didn’r appreciate the attention that the Crooner was getting and he pulled out a Sharp Objexct as trhe match began. One lady screamed; “He wants to cut The Crooner’s vocal cords.” Several legitimate moves took place before Hans once again revealed the Sharp Object. This time Referee Buddy Baer saw the Object and caked the match awarding it to Townsend. Hans Hermann got angry and pushed Baer trying to get to the Crooner. Baer wasted no time in slugging Hans who fell to the canvas KO’d. The fans were on their feet cheering. 6:46

5. Dick Afflis who is now called Bruiser won by Count-Out over Bulldog Lee Hennig. This was a battle of the rookie Bruiser Afflis vs the wily veteran Hennig. The match eventually went OOR where Hennig performed a Facebuster on Bruiser in the aisle. Bruiser countered with a Diving Knee causing Henning to hit his head and daze him. Bruiser performed an Atomic Drop and slipped back in the ring. Bulldog failed to make the count. One section in the audience was chanting “Bears, Bears” referring to Afflis having played for the Green Bay Packers. The section still cheered for Bruiser during the match. 9:09

6. Dave Armstrong won by DQ over The Sheik with Mr. Kleen. The Sheik seemed to have fun sxcaring some youngsters on the way to the ring and he even tore up a several programs. Armstrong a newcomer from the UK, took the microphone and told fans that they would all get another program and he would autograph it once he was done with The Sheik. Armstrong was awarded extra points on his total. Mr. Kleen protested the extra points claiming that the Sheik earned points by tearing up the crummy program. The match wasn’t going as The Sheik wanted. Armstrong used Dropkicks and Flying Presses to keep an advantage. The Sheik finally pulled out a Pencil that he wanted to use to stab Armstrong. Before he had chance to stab Dave, Mr. Kleen threw a Fireball. Referee Buddy Baer, who earned his money today, saw the infraction and called the match. 13:26
Firestone Tires & Indian Motorcycles presents;
NWA Wrestling (1948-56)
Edward’s Hall – Miami, FL Att: 5,430

Commentators; Dennis James & Morris Siegal
Referees; Andy DePaul & Earl Millihan
Ring; Tillie Jones Interviews; Bill Malone

1. Krusher Al Korman won by Count-Out over Tiger Fred Atkins. Both wrestlers came close to pins several times with Korman using a Falling Knee to the Throat for his best chance while Atkins had a pin with the Underhook DDT but Referee Andy DePaul totally missed this one. The match eventually went OOR where Krusher usually has the advantage. In fact Krusher wasted no time in grabbing a Flood Lamp and crashing it over Atkin’s back. Korman ws able to make it back to the ring but Fred wasn’t quite as lucky. 3:25

2. Bobby Manganoff; Flying Wedge Pin over Mr. XX. Manganoff was able to knock away a Foreign Object that Mr. XX had hidden in his mask. That eliminated the best move that Mr. XX had in his limited arsenal. Bobby hit Mr. XX with a Flying Missile and then a Flying Wedge for the pin. 4:54

3. Mitsu Arakawa the Tokyo Terror with Kinju Shibuya; Pearl Harbor (Top Rope Knee Drop) Pin over Whitey Whittler. Whittler had Mitsu in trouble and after a Bridge Suplex Whitey would have had a pin but Kinju was able to break it up. Kinju, who is Mitsu’s partner on the Tokyo Terror Team took advantage of Referee Andy DePaul’s warning Mitsu about illegal moves, performed a Spinning Kick to Whitey. Mitsu climbed th ropes and finished the match with a Pearl Harbor. 5:06

4. NWA Women’s Title – Penny Banner with Glady’s “Kill Um” Gillem; Sunset Flip Pin over Jonnie Mae Young with Violet Viann. Jonnie Mae got a big ovation leaving Penny to wave her fist at the crowd. The match was very even with both corner women having chancs to interfere and save their wrestler. Penny was on the canvas so Penny climed the ropes for an intended Flying Elbow Drop. Glady’s ran over and shook the ropes. Jonnie Mae fell crashing to the canvas. Penny hit Violet Viann with a Dropkick as Violet ran in the ring in to save Jonnie Mae. Glady’s pulled Violet from the ring as penny used a sunset Flip Pin. Penny Banner is the NEEEEEEEEWWWWWWWW NWA Women’s Champion. 9:42

5. Mick McManus and Mr. “TV” Jackie Pallo; Double Count-Out. McManus called the Dulwich Destroyer and Pallo will break every rule possible simply to hurt the other. Mick hate Jackie and vice versa. Their feud was not settled in England so they will try to solve their problems in the U.S. That seems unlikely. The match actually started on the entrance ramp but made its way to the ring. The match in the ring was somewhat scientific which was a surprise. EWveentally the action returned OOR. McManus had his head slip on a Gong Bell Smash. He answered the smash with a Chair to the Head of Pallo. Pallo was KO’d and McManus wandering with blood flowing in his eyes when Referee Andy DePaul called the match. He should have called it much earlier. 8:39

6. The Whitehall Lords (Athol Layton and James Blears) with Capt. Leslie Holmes beat The Riot Squad (Rudy and Emile Dusek) with Joe and Ernie. The Riot Squad used Dirty Doubleteaming to try and gain an advantage. Meanwhile their brothers were constantly interfering. The Lords who are very good at Doubleteaming and almost as good at playing dirty countered to keep the match even. It was confusing to say the least. The match ended with everyone in the ring. Lord Layton used a Super Kick and Lord Blears used a KO Punch for the finish. The problem was that Ernie got pinned. He wasn’t even one of the wrestlers. Referee Earl Millihan stood by his decision and awarded the match to The Whitehall Lords. The Dusek’s protested calling Millihan a paid skunk. 16:09

7. Big Thunder Gene Kiniski pinned handsome Johnny Valentine. This was a very even match with slight advantages going back and forth. Johnny finally had the chance for a pin after he performed a Vertical Suplex but Kiniski had time to get his Foot on the Ropes. Valentine found a dropped Foreign Object and went by the ropes and dropped it to the floor. Kiniski ran over and pulled him down from behind. Kiniski had his Feet on the Ropes for Leverage while holding a handful of tights. Big Thunder got the pin. 13:13

8. Edouard Carpentier The Flying Frenchman won by DQ over Don Leo Jonathan The Morman Giant. Carpentier confused Jonathan with Dropkicks and Flying Head Scissors. Unable to catch him for a Backbeaker or his Dreaded Full Nelson, Jonathan resorted to retrieving a Trash Can yelling; “I’ll put you into this as he re-entered the ring. Referee Earl Millihan called for the DQ. 14:26
Red Seal Potato Chips and Electrolux presents;
NWA Wrestling (1948-1956)
Minneapolis Auditorium – Minneapolis, MN Att: 9,986

Commentators; Jack Brickhouse & Vince Lloyd
Referees; Jerry Wagner & Abe Coleman
Ring; Skeezix Wallet Interviews; Smilin’ Jack Martin

1. Ernie Dusek with The Riot Squad and Charlie Harbin; Double Count-Out. Ernie used his standard moves during this short match’ Kick to the Mush and Groin and Vicious Eye Rakes. Eventually the action went OOR where the Riot Squad including Emile, Joe and Rudy along with Ernie beat on the helpless Harbin. When the bell rang the fans were expecting a DQ but got a Double Count-Out in its place. Needless to say the fans got off to a sour start. 3:10

2. Farmer Don Martin (Marlin) with his pet pig “Oink”; Mule Kick Pin over Strangler Bob Wagner. Wagner used Eye Burns on the Ropes to blind Farmer Don and try to gain the advantage but Matin was up to the Strangler’s dirty moves. Wagner finally resorted to Illegal Chokes but was warned several times. Farmer caught Wagner from behind and performed a Spinal Crack. Martin followed with a Mule Kick and got the pin. (Matin is Farmer Don’s name when wrestling nationally. He uses his real name Marlin when wrestling in Tennessee and Alabama.) 5:04

3. Killer Joe Christy won because of Too Much Blood over Herb Larson. Herb got in a few moves that had Joe reeling; Running Forearm Smashes being the most effective. Joe countered with a Vicious Mouth Ripper and several undetected Bites. After pulling out a Hidden Sharp Object Jeo used it to cut Her above the eye. The blood flowed out of the wound and soon covered Herb’s face. Referee Jerry Wagner called the match. 4:45

4. Women’s Match – Elvira Snodgrass and Jane Sherill (who also uses the name “Hatfield Hattie); Time Limit Draw. Elvira had the best of this match but couldn’t put Jane away. Time and again Elvira had a pin attempt but came up short. With time running out on the limit Elvira used a Running Face Smash that KO’d Sherill. The crowd counted One – Two – and the Bell Rang. It was a Time Limit Draw. 10:00

5. Yvon “The Lion” Robert; Arm Trap Headscissors Pin over Gypsy Chief Chewaki. Chewaki who always has a bad attitude ran Ring Announcer Skeezix Wallet out of the ring. Chewaki grabbed the microphone; “I want action not blubbering from a Gasoline Alley fool.” During the match The Gypsy got frustrated when he was unable to use his Sneezing Power. (Chief Chewaki used a Head Scissiors and then rubs Sneezing Powder to the opponent’s nose. It causes havoc. The Lion Robert (Pronounced Ro-Bay) performed several Dropkicks and then finished Chewaki with the Headscissiors Pin. Chewaki, Lenny Montana, went on to a film career playing mainly heavies in gangster films. His most famous role was as Luca Brasi in The Godfather). 8:53

6. The Stanlee’s (Steve and Gene) won by DQ over Canada’s Great Athletes (Big Mike and Ben Sharp). The Sharps interrupted an interview with The Stanlee’s by Smilin’ Jack. Steve and Gene were hit with a chair and a Floodlamp. Although the match was in question The Stanlee’s agreed that they would take out their anger in the ring tonight. Steve and Gene, who is called Mr. America, are very popular with the fans and were encouraged the the fans cheering. Ben and Mike Sharp, having done the damage, worked well together but when Gene caught Ben in a Full Nelson it looked like curtains. Mike Sharp entered the ring with another Flood Lamp and was immediately DQ’d by Referee Abe Coleman. Steve Stanlee grabbed the Floodlamp and used it for payback on Big Mike’s Back. Referee Abe Coleman warned the Stanlee’s about further violence. Steve and Gene left the ring. 18:12

7. Handsome Johnny Berend with Mr. Kleen pinned Ilio DePaulo. Ilio had the advantage after a Running Ax handle and a Brain Buster. Benend was dazed when Ilio performed a Spinning Fireman’s Carry. Mr. Kleen sensing disaster Threw a Fireball that blinded Ilio. Handsome Johnny had enough left in his tank to roll Ilio over as Referee Jerry Wagner turned to see the pin. 10:21

8. NWA Mid-West Title – Vern Gagne; Dropkick Pin over Wild Bill Longson. Longson used Rope Burns and Mouth Rippers in frustration trying to Hook in a Piledriver that is his Light’s Out Finisher. Gagne had too much for Wild Bill who became a victim to a Neckbreaker Vice turned into a Bulldog. The dazed wild Bill got to his feet but was greeted with a punishing Dropkick. Gane had the Pin and the Belt. The fans went crazy cheering for their local favorite. Vern Gagne is the NEEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWWWW NWA Mid-West Champion. 17:49
Duz Soap and Whitman’s Chocolate presents;
NWA Wrestling (1948-1956)
Fairgrounds Coliseum – Indianapolis, IN Att: 7,462

Commentators; Jack Brickhouse and Russ Davis
Referees; Ted Thomas & Dick Daviscourt
Ring; Luigi Basco Interviews; Jane Stacy

1. Red O’Malley won by DQ over Joe Dusek with The Riot Squad. Joe got in some good moves and seemed to be in control before the match was settled on the UNUSUAL CHART. Red caught Joe in the corner and was about to use his Sheillaigh Smash (KO Punch) when Rudy hit Red with a Beer Bottle. O’Malley crashed to the canvas and Referee Ted Thomas called for the DQ. The Dusek’s Riot Squad is setting a new record for DQ’s. Will a suspension follow? 4:27

2. Kurt Von Stroheim; Nerve Claw Submission over Slim Zimbleman. During the entrance Von Stroheim used a Swagger Stick to smash Slim leaving a welt on Zimbleman’s face. Slim was complaining to Referee Dick Daviscourt when Kurt ran over and used a Double Fist to the back. Slim, who is far from slim at 5’ tall and almost just as wide, took a Boot to the Mid-section before Von Stroheim hooked in the Nerve Claw Submission. 3:05

3. Lord Leslie Carlton with The Swami; Big Ben Gong (Headlock Bulldog) Pin over Larry Kasabonski . Lord Leslie had a great promotional interview. Though he is not liked he knows how to promote. Of course the extra points added to his total are a nice incentive. Kasabonski was able to perform a Clothesline and a Falling Knee Smash before getting kicked from the ring by Carlton. As Larry was re-entering the ring, The Swami threw Gypsy Dust to Kasabonski’s eyes. Larry was blinded and became a victim of The Big Ben finisher. 4:44

4. Women’s Match – Violet Viann “The Little Tiger”; Top Rope Press Pin over Betty Jo Hawkins. Betty Jo used a Head Slam to the Corner Post and a Kick to Violet’s face to try and gain the advantage that would lead to a win but Violet Countered with speedy Dropkicks. A Spinning Back Kick put Betty Jo down and Vuiolet finished the match with a Top Rope Body press. 8:31

5. The Geohagen’s (Danno and Timothy); beat The Kalmikoff’s (Ivan and Karol). The Kalmikoff’s used some rough moves; Throat Drop onto Ropes, Russian Sickle and a Knee Drop to Throat from the Turnbuckle. The Geohagen’s countered using excellent teaming that overcame the Russians. Danno used a Headscissors Takedown on Karol and Timothy followed with an Olympic Roll-Up Pin. It was fast and it was exciting and the fans loved this match. 11:55

6. Billy Tarzan Darnell; Flying Cross Body Pin over The Great Togo with Tosh Togo. The Togo’s were scheduled for a promotional interview with Jane Stacey. They refused to do the interview so Billy took their place. He was excellent on the mic and he received extra points for his effort. The Great Togo on the other hand could ill afford to allow Billy the extra points. During the match Tosh Togo tried to help his brother by throwing Salt to Billy’s Eyes. The Salt went into Great Togo’s Eyes. As Great stumbled around the ring Tarzan hit him with a Flying Cross Body and got the pin. 7:13

7. The Champs (Mr. Moto and Joe Pazandak) won by Count-Out over Pat O’Connor and Roy McClarity. The Champs did an interview and they were promoting several up and coming shows. The Champs earned points for they scary but excellent interview. In the ring O’Connor and McClarity used moves that frustrated The Champs; Flying Knee Rib Crusher, Tornado Dive and a Spine Cracker. The Champas countered with an Undetected Foreign Object by Joe and a Banzai Stomp by Moto on Pat. After the action went OOR things got confusing. Moto and Pat O’Connor were the legal men. Roy used a Bainbuster to Moto on the ramp. Joe meanwhile slipped back in the ring. Referee Ted Thomas counted to 10 and called for his decision. The Champs by Count-Out. Pat O’Connor and Roy McClarity protested but Thomas’ stood by his decision. The fans were booing and throwing cups. 15:43

8. Nature Boy Buddy Rogers with Slave Girl Moolah pinned Dick Hutton. Hutton hooked in the Strangler Headlock but Referee Dick Daviscourt was continually checking it and Nature Boy was able to break out. Buddy used a Neckbreaker pin move but it was Dick’s turn to break out. The action went OOR where the tables were smashed at ringside. As the wrestlers re-entered the ring Moolah smash an Urn over Hutton’s head. Buddy had his feet on the Turnbuckle as he pinned Hutton. 13:16
Main St. Grille & The Lumber Yard presents
NXT Wrestling (2014 – 15)
Hardee Civic Center – Wauchula, FL Att: 612

Commentators; Dasha Kuret & Devon Taylor
Referees; Shawn Bennett & Dan Engler
Ring; Jo Jo Offerman Interviews; Renee Young

1. The Brian Kendrick and Cal Bishop; Double Count-Out. The OOR action never got back to the ring. The two wrestlers were more interested in fighting their way up the ramp and to the Food Court/Souvenir Table area. They were fighting out the front door and into the parking lot. The 2nd match was being introduced while this was still going heavy. 4:26

2. Solomon Crowe and Travis Tyler started fighting before entering the ring. The bad blood flowed over to the locker area and several wrestlers joined the melee. This card hasn’t started out well for the fans although they seemed to be enjoying the action with no definite winners. This was ruled a No Contest. 0:00 (although it took over 10 minutes to break it up).

3. Becky Lynch and Alixa Bliss; Time Limit Draw. Both gave it their all in this action packed match. Alixa almost got a pin several times but Becky was able to kick out of the Glitz Flip Kneedrop. Becky came within a whisker of a pin as time ran out. She caught Alixa with an Exploder Suplex but the bell and 3 count seemedat the same moment. Referee Shawn Bennett ruled the match a Draw while several fans and Becky were yelling that it was a pin. 10:00

4. The Realist Guys (Colin Cassidy and Enzo Amore) beat the Mechanics (Dash Wilder and Scott Dawson). Dawson suffered a bad cut early in the match from what seemed like a Sharp Object that Enzo had hidden. Wilder carried the major load in the match and had Cassidy lined up for a Top Rope Leap. Enzo was able to pull Cassidy out of the way and Dash crashed to the canvas. The Realist took charge and ended the match with Colin performing an East River Side Slam and Amore getting the pin with a Jersey Jolter. 9:49

5. Tyler Breeze; Implant DDT Pin over Braun Stowman. Stowman heard the boos from the fans after verbally degrading Jo Jo Offerman. Jo Jo finished the announcement but made a quick exit. Braun may have been showing off for The Wyatt Family who were in the corner of the arena watching. If Braun was trying to impress he did fairly well and had Breeze set up for a corner Avalanche. Breeze moved away and Stowman hit the Corner Tirnbuckle at full speed. Braun was dazed as Tyler performed an Implant DDT for the pin. 7:54

6. Rhyno won by DQ over Kevin Owens. Owen got frustrated when he failed to get a pin after a Sidewinder Suplex. Rhyno responded with a Rhyno Driver and then Gore (a Spear). Owen was off his game and angry. Kevin pulled out some Hidden Brass Nucks to use on Rhyno but was stopped by Referee Dan Engler with a DQ. 8:12

7. NXT Tag Team Title – The Vaudvillians (Aiden English and Simon Gotch)(Champions) beat Blake Murphy (Wes Blake and Buddy Murphy) (Challengers). Blake and Murphy were being interviewed by Renee Young when The Vaudvillians added their 2 cents; actually a Flood Lamp smash to Wes Blake who was injured for the match. In spite of the injury Blake and Murphy showed good teaming. Murphy eventually caught Aiden with a Murphy’s Law (Brainbuster) that would have gotten the pin. Gotch saved English. After Goth hit Wes Blake with a Chair OOR, the Vaudvillians used the Whirling Dervish (Gotch uppercut to the back of Murphy’s head and English followed with a Swinging Neckbreaker) to get the pin and retain the title. 14:06
Rheingold Extra Dry & Lifebuoy presents
NWA Wrestling (1948-56)
Boardwalk Hall –Atlantic City, NJ Att: 11,202

Commentators; Dennis James & Bill Malone
Referees; Bald Eagle Morton & James J. Braddock
Ring; Moon Mullins Interviews; Dennis James

1. Mike “Red’ Ryan won by DQ over Ray Eckert. Ray, who has never been known for his mild manner, wasted no time in Smashing a Trash Can over Ryan’s back as they were entering the ring. Ryan tried to put up a fight but was injured. Eckert bailed from the ring and re-entered with a Chair and sashed it over Ryan’s head. Referee Bald Eagle Morton called the match and the stretcher to take Ryan out of the arena and to the hospital. 1:07

2. The Policeman Warren Bockwinkle; Figure Four Submission over Sailor Jack Moran. Bockwinkle controlled the match over the popular house wrestler Moran. After an Elbow Smash off the Turnbuckle, Bockwinkle hooked in the Figure Four that is curtains. 3:16

3. Woman’s Match – June Byers; Pendulum Backbreaker Submission over Gladys “Kill-um” Gillem with Penny Banner. Gladys and Penny heard lots of boos as they entered the ring but they seem to enjoy the attention and of course the extra points. Penny wasted no time in interfering by throwing a cup of soda into June’s face. June had to wait for the self destruction of Gladys and it came after referee Bald Eagle Morton fell from the ring during a collision. Penny immediately jumped in the ring and performed a Spinning Back Kick. Unfortunately it got Gladys in the head. June picked Gladys up for the Pendulum Backbreaker and Penny threw in the towel to save the KO’d Gladys. 7:42

4. Midget Title Match – Sky Low Low; Hanging Vertical Suplex Pin over Mighty Fritz. Fritz performed a Blitzkrieg (Flying Body Smash) using all his 92 lbs to barrel over the smaller (85 lbs) Sky Low Low. Fritz was arguing with Referee James J. Braddock that he had made a pin over Sky. Sky Low Low hit Fritz with a Dropkick and then the Hanging Suplex to win the title. Sky Low Low is the NEEEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWWWWWW NWA Midgets champion. 10:55

5. Don McIntyre; Missouri Mule Kick Pin over Karl Von Hess with Erich Von Hess. Karl had his usual Hidden Wire that he used to try and wear down Don. Eventually the action went OOR where The Von Hess’ took advantage. McIntyre was bleeding as he re-entered the ring. Erich sensing the kill tried to smash a bottle to Don but missed. Karl was trying to distract the Referee when Don hit him with a Mule Kick. It was lights out. 6:24

6. The Lewins (Donn/Ted) won by DQ over The Comets (Jack Witzig and George Becker). The Lewins did everything they could to gain an advantage but The Comets were ready. After a chair smash reverse The Lewis seems ripe for the taking with Donn injured. The match went to the UNUSUAL CHART for the ending. George Becker found a small piece of lead on Ted Lewin and grabbed it. Referee James J. Braddock saw the Foreign Object and called the match giving The Lewins an unexpected DQ win. 11:56

7. Orville Brown; Headlock Bulldog Pin over Hard Boiled Haggerty. Haggerty had a Sharp Object that Brown wrestled from him. In the process Haggerty was cut and bleeding. He also lost valuable points in the process. It would eventually cost him the match. The veteran Brown used several Head Rammers to the Post before ending the match with a Headlock Bulldog. 9:21

8. NWA Heavyweight Title – Lou Thesz; Belly to Back Suplex Pin over Hans Schmidt. Schmidt was being interviewed prior to the match by Dennis James. Thesz interrupted the interview with a few chice wirds that upset Schmidt. This carried to the ring. Schmidt was able to perform a Backbreaker that Thesz was able to wiggle from. Schmidt claimed that Thesz submitted and he was jawing with Referee James J. Braddock when Lou hit Hans with a Flying Missile and then the Belly to Back Suplex. Hans was protesting to Braddock that Lou had submitted earlier. Braddock told Schmidt to shut his trap or he (Braddock) would shut it for him. Lou Thesz is the NEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWWWWWW NWA Heavyweight Champion. 16:25
The Melting Pot & Grille 29 presents;
WWE Wrestling (2014-15)
Von Braun Arena – Huntsville, AL Att: 5,886

Commentators; Tom Phillips & Jerry “King” Lawler
Referees; Jason Ayers & Ryan Tran Ring; Lilian Garcia

1. Joey Mercury with Jamie Noble; Frankensteiner Pin over Travis Tyler. Joey and Jamie who wrestle as the J & J Security Team must have felt this was a tag match because they both were involved in the action. The liberal referee Jason Ayers could have DQ’d them several times but allowed the match to continue. That was bad news for Tyler who took a beating. After bailing from the ring Travis was greeted with a Chairshot over the head. He somehow crawled back in the ring and received a Double Underhook DDT and then the Frankensteiner finish. 3:34

2. Neville (Adrian) and Zack Ryder; Double Count-Out. When the action went OOR it was obvious that this match would not see the squared circle again. Neville and Ryder fough up the ramp, down the halls and into the food court. Referee Ryan Tran had called the match several minutes before the wrestlers reached the Food Court but both combatants tried their best to turn over tables and throw the food at each other. 4:21

3. Bayley; Belly to Bayley Suplex Pin over Carmella. Carmella showed off her latest finisher; The Head Scissors but Bayley was lucky enough to avoid a very close pin. A Flying Legdrop by Bayley set up the Belly to Bayley Suplex as Carmella was getting to her feet and was whipped to the ropes. 5:36

4. Seth Rollins with J & J Security and Adam Rose with The Bunny; Double Count-Out. The match was fairly even with both wrestlers showing their best moves. Rollins had the advantage but it all went for not when J & J Security (Joey Mercury and Jamie Noble) attacked the Bunny. They picked him up and ran up the ramp to the back stage area. Adam Rose bailed from the ring and ran up the ramp as did Set Rollins. Referee Ryan Tran counted them out although he gave them a very slow count. Tran was only getting count-out action tonight so he had a bit of hope in his count. 9:44

5. The Ascension (Konnor/Viktor) and The Lucha Dragons (Kalisto and Sin Cara); No Contest. Ascension was awarded extra points after a great promotion for TV with Michael Cole. The Lucha Dragon excited the fans with their leaping entrance although it is their standard so they are not awarded extra points. The speed of the Dragons had Ascension looking sluggish yet they held their own. This match was billed as the contender to the WWE Tag Belts that would be decided when The Brotherhood; Goldust and Stardust meet the Champion Brass Ring Club; Cesaro and Tyson Kidd. Several teams felt they had earned the honor. J & J Security (Joey Mercury and Jamie Noble) came to the ring. They were followed by Los Matadores (Diego and Fernando) with El Torito. The two entering teams stormed the ring claiming they were more qualified for a title shot. It was chaos. Referee Jason Ayers called the match a No Contest. 9:32

6. WWE Intercontinental Title – Big E Langston (Challenger); Big Ending (Facebreaker) Pin over Rusev (Champion) with Lana. Big E looked like he was done after a Rusev Bulplex(Suplex) but a very close call on the pin saved Langston. As he made a comeback lana panicked and tried the throw Rusev some Brass Nucks to help against one of the few men who has the strength to match Rusev who is from Bulgaria. Big E intercepted the Nucks and used them in clubbing Rusev in the stomach while performing an E-Train (Body Block). The Big Ending came while Rusev was still gasping for breath. Big E Langston is the NEEEEEEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWWWWWW WWE Intercontinental Champion. 13:56

7. Daniel Bryan won by DQ over Brock Lesner with Paul Hayman. The boos began upon introduction of Lesner and Hayman. Hayman, as usual, had some words to say and like him or not he is excellent on the mike. His intention is to intimidate to opponent but it wouldn’t fly with Daniel Bryan. When Bryan was introduced the “Yes” chants started and only got louder. Eventually the match began with Hayman trying here and there to give Lesner the edge. Lesner had the power to his advantage while Bryan had the speed and cleverness. Bryan caught Lesner with a Guillotine Choke and it could have been light’s out. Hayman tried to his Bryan with a microphone but missed and hit referee Jason Ayers. Referee Ryan Tran jumped in the ring and immediately called the match. 10:54
Miss Mamie’s & Bent River Brewery presents;
WWE Wrestling (2014-15)
Wireless Center – Moline, IL Att: 8,936

Commentators; Booker T & Michael Cole
Referees; Chad Patton & Ron Zapata
Ring; Greg Hamilton Interviews; Cathy Kelley

1. Finn Balor won by DQ over Marcus Louis with Sylvester Lefort. Finn, who outclassed Louis in this match was able to set up for a Coup de Grace (Diving Foot Stomp). Lefort sensing the end jumped in the ring and pushed Referee Chad Patton aside. Patton immediately called for the bell. 3:56

2. Fandango with Rosa Mendes and Bo Dallas; Double Count-Out. Fandango, the Lord of the Dance, boogied his way to the ring to the music of Jim Johnston; “ChaChaLaLa.” Rosa, his new partner, replacing Summer Rae, was keeping in step. Not to be out done, Bo entered the ring, grabbed the mike and started yelling “Bo-lieve, Bo-lieve” The match was fairly even when both wrestlersbailed from the ring. While they were exchanging punches at ringside, Sylvester Lefort and Marcus Louis came to ringside and grabbed Rosa Mendes. As they dragged her off Fandango followed in a panic. Do Dallas followed Fandango punching him in the back as they scampered up the ramp. Needless to say the count reached ten and both wrestlers were Counted Out. 5:52

3. The Slayers (Layla-El and Summer Rae) beat The Funkadactyls (Cameron and Naomi). The Slayers were awarded points for a great promotional interview. This was another very even match with both teams showing their technical skills. Summer caught Cameron in a Headlock. Naomi tried to come to the rescue but was hit with a Layla Bombshell Kick from Layla-El. Summer turned the headlock into a Summer Crush (Bulldog) and got the pin on Cameron. Summer called for the Jim Johnston “ChaChaLaLa” music so she could dance up the aisle. I am sure that Rosa Mendes was watching on the teleprompter. 11:25

4. Eric Rowan; Big Boot Pin over Sheamus. Sheamus had a great interview with Cathy Kelley although his interview walked the line of bragging about his new found attitude of justice against his old friends. The match was in favor of Sheamus and when he hooked in the White Nose for a Piledriver the match seemed over. Luke Harper, Rowan’s ex-partner, came to ringside and slammed his fists into Sheamus’ back. Rowan used a Big Boot on the dazed Sheamus and got the pin. The crowd was stunned not knowing if they should be thrilled with the win or are they seeing the ex-Wyatt family members heading in a foul direction again. 8:55

5. Miz/Mizdow (The Miz and Damien Mizdow) with Summer Rae beat Los Matadores (Diego and Fernando) with El Torito. Miz/Mizdow know as The Moneymaker and The Stunt Double had the advantage until Los Matadors used a Catapult Slingshot Splash on The Miz. Damien (Sandow) and Summer Rae responded quickly as the match took an UNUSUAL ending. Summer distracted Referee Chad Patton and Damien slammed a chair over Fernando’s head. The Miz recovered and hooked in the pin while Mizdow was fighting with Diego. 11:53

6. Prime Time Players (Darren Young and Titus O’Neil) won by DQ over The Authority (Big Show and Kane) with J & J Security (Joey Mercury and Jamie Noble). J & J Security were constantly interfering and getting under the skin of Referee Ron Zapata who warned them on several occasions. J & J feel as though they have the right to do what they want because they are sanctioned by The Corporation of Stephanie and HHH. After J & J handed Big Show a Foreign Object and then enetered the ring Referee Zapata called the match a DQ in favor of The Prime Time Players. 9:40

7. The World Title – Ryback (Challenger); Shell Shocked (Suplex) Pin over Bray Wyatt. It was odd seeing Bray alone at a match but he didn’t fail to scare a few a Aisle Side and at Ring Side with his antics and strangeness. The match was fairly even with Wyatt’s finisher Sister Abigail in check. Ryback used his strength to wear Bray down but Wyatt continued to come back. Just as Wyatt seemed to be ready to end the match, Eric Rowan and Luke Harper came to ringside and used a distraction and a Slam to the back of the head that set up Ryback to used his Shell Shocked and gain the pin. Ryback is the NEEEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWWWWW World Title Champion. 10:31
18th St. Brewery & The Iron Skillet presents;
ICW/WWA Wrestling (1980)
Genesis Center – Gary, IN Att: 4,650

Commentators; Liz Hulette & Robert Phillips, Jr.
Referees; Sam Diamond & Jim Davis
Ring; Bob Hartley Interviews; Howard Borden

1. The Zodiak; Smash with a Hidden Foreign Object Pin over Tony “Tiger” Falk. Tony caught The Zodiak off guard with a few Dropkicks to the chops that nearly led to a pin. The Zodiak wasn’t about to get caught again and used a slight distraction to kick Falk in the face and then used a Hidden Foreign Object (his usual finisher) to KO Tony. 4:41

2. Pistol Pez Whatley with Brenda Britton; Flying Willie (Diving Headbutt) Pin over Big Boy Williams. Whatley, who is 1/3 of the Convertible Blonds Tag team, was seriously warned by Referee Jim Davis after Brenda was suspected of trying to reach in to scratch Big Boy’s eyes. The chants of “Flea Bag” were heard throughout the arena. Williams who is from the West Virginia Coal Mines is still in the process of learning the ins and outs of the squared circle and had to keep an extra eye on Brenda. When Rip Rogers wandered to ringside Big Boy’s task became impossible. While Referee Davis was busy sending Rogers back to the locker room, Brenda took advantage and sprayed some perfume into William’s eyes. Whatley performed a flying Willie and had the leg hooked as Referee Davis turned to see the action. 5:08

3. Rip Tyler; Jumping Legdrop Pin over Mike Doggendorff. Both wrestlers know how to bend the rules and both took advantage. Mike used a Spinning Back Kick and Choke with the Ropes that seemed to have the pin but Referee Sam Diamond ruled 2 ½ on the count. Tyler, who has a glove because of an injury to his right hand when Sputnik Monroe and Manchurian Tapu attacked him last month, smashed Doggendorff in the stomach with what was probably a Loaded Gloved Hand. Mike collapsed to the canvas. Tyler used the Jumping Legdrop finisher. 4:25

4. Poffo/Weingeroff (Leaping Lanny & George) beat The Convertible Blonds (Hustler Rip Rogers and Gorgeous Gary Royal) with Brenda Britton. The Blonds attacked Poffo & Weingeroff before the match using steel vendor trays as weapons. As Lanny and George were recovering, the Blonds kept up the onslaught. Then the match became fairly even with Brenda tying her best to sway the odds. Referee Jim Davis warned Brenda and this led to a protest by Rip Rogers in her defense. Gary Royal was looking on as George Weingeroff performed a Backflip and Leaping Lanny followed with a Somersault Drop. Referee Jim Davis turned to see the pin. The Blonds and Brenda protested as the fans cheered. 12:47

5. Ox Baker and Terry Gibbs; Double Count-Out. Baker had a promotional interview earlier and nailed it using some scare tactics but mainly getting the audience excited about up and coming shows. Ox is a big scary wrestler but the fans in ICW have taken him in as a favorite. He is a loved anti-hero. During this match Ox gave the fans what they expect. He fought with Terry OOR without and intent of re-entering. They fought up the ramp and into the food court where Ox grabbed a sub sandwich before going out the front door. 6:51

6. Thunderbolt Patterson won by DQ over Macho Man Randy Savage with Brenda Britton. Savage used his superior speed to avoid T-Bolt who has held a few Brass Knuckle Titles and has a strong punch. Brenda kept try to interfere and help Randy. Several times she pulled the ropes down so Savage could throw T-Bolt through to the floor but Macho man couldn’t move the big man. Out of desperation Brenda reached in to trip Patterson but tripped Referee Jim Davis by mistake. Davis had enough of Brenda for one day. He DQ’d Savage and ordered her to leave the arena. 10:21

7. ICW/WWA Tag Team Title – The Young Lions (Steve Regal & Spike Huber) (Champions) beat The Zamboui Express (Kareem Muhammed & Elija Akeem) (Challengers). The Express was soundly booed and cups were thrown at them as they entered the arena. The Express, usually calm, responded with fists in the air showing their determination. The Zamboui’s used their size to control the early action and it looked like The Young Lions would not be able to defend their belts successfully. Elija attempted a corner Splash against Huber but missed and crashed into the post. Regal used a Flying Knee Smash and Huber who had climbed the ropes followed with a Top Rope Press of the fallen Elija. The Young Lions retain the ICW/WWA Tag Titles. 13:24
The Blue Door & BRU Berger Bar presents;
ICW/WWA Wrestling (1980)
All Tech Arena – Lexington, KY Att: 4,136

Commentators; Liz Hulette & Angelo Poffo
Referees; Emmitt Couch & George Hill
Ring; Harlan Pepper Interviews; Buck Laughlin

1. The Manchurians (Tio and Tapu) with Sputnik Monroe beat The Ridge Runners (Jim Hoot Gibson and Big Boy Williams). The Ridge Runners were being interviewed by Buck Laughlin when The Manchurians burst on the scene with Sputnik leading the charge. Sputnik wasted no time, lifted a Flood Lamp and smashed it to Big Boy’s leg. The Runners had much needed points deducted from their total for the up & coming match. With Big Boy injured the match went in The Manchurians favor. It ended when Tapu spit Green Mist into Gibson’s face and Tio along with Tapu used a Doubleteam Chop and Thrust to gain the pin. 7:12

2. Moose Cholak; MMMMOOOOO Splash Pin over Colonel Yan Ky. The Colonel from North Viet Nam used a few Neve Holds and a wicked Chop to the Throat to try and slow the 400 lb. Moose but nothing seemed to work. Yan Ky in desperation tried to throw Salt to the Eyes but missed. Mosse picked up the Colonel and threw him into the corner post. The big MMMMOOOOO yell came as Cholak performed the finishing Splash. 4:16

3. Ratamyus; Camel Clutch Submission over Rocky Sortor. During OOR action Ratamyus used a 2 x 4 to smash Rocky. Sortor was able to crawl back in the ring but was feeling the pain. Ratamyus hooked in the Camel Clutch and Referee Emmitt Couch called for the Submission as Rocky seemed unable to speak at the time. 5:29

4. Cowboy Bob Ellis; Bulldog Headlock Pin over Bull Bullinski. Bull heard some cheers from the group of Bluegrass Community College students. Unfortunately for Bull he lost points that he could not afford against Ellis. Bull was able to use a falling face Wrecker to nearly get a pin and he argued that he actually had the pin. Ellis countered with a Headcracker to the Post and then finished the match with a Headlock Bulldog. 8:36

5. Animal Hamagucci won by Count-Out over Rugged Ronnie Garvin. Garvin had the advantage in the ring but the tide turned after Animal bailed. Ronnie followed Hamagucci and was greeted with a steel tray to the skull by a pretzel vendor. Two more vendors ran to ringside. Animal slipped back in the ring as Garvin was counted out. The three vendors beat on Garvin. As they took their white jackets off they were exposed as the Manchurians with Sputnik Monroe. Cowboy Ellis and Moose Cholak ran down to help Garvin and drive off The Manchurians, Animal and Sputnik. 6:28

6. The Valiants (Luscious Johnny and Gentleman Jerry) beat The New York Dolls (Rick McGraw and Troy Graham). The Valiants had their usual greeting with a sound chorus of boos. Even the joking Bluegrass Community College group joined in the booing. Lucious Johnny grabbed a Bob Ellis signed autograph picture from a fan and ripped it up while Gentleman Jerry was doing the same to a fan’s program. In the ring the Valiants were true to their reputation. Troy Graham was cut on the forehead with a Hidden Sharp Object that Luscious Johnny used. Although the match was even, Troy had blood running into his eyes blinding him. Referee George Hill refused to let the match continue. Rick McGraw said he would go it alone but Referee Hill said that the rules of tag do not allow unless previously stipulated. The decision was that the match was called and the Valiants were declared the winners. The Valiants added insult to injury by celebrating in the ring; hands in the air and jumping around. 11:46

7. ICW/WWA Title – Rick Rood with Angel pinned Paul Christy. Christy controlled the match and countered every move that Rood performed then added some of his own. The veteran Christy was teaching the newcomer a lesson of ring savy. Christy performed a Sunset Flip and then caught Rude in a Sleeperhold. This is usually lights out. As Rood struggled to slip ot of the hold he was waving & swinging his arms in a desperate fashion. Referee Emmitt Couch got caught with a swing to the chops. Couch went down long enough for Angel to enter the ring and spray Oven Cleaner to Christy’s eyes. She handed Rood Brass Nucks that he used to KO Christy. When Referee Couch turned to see the action Rood was covering for the pin. Rick Rood is the ICW.WWA CHAMPION. 10:16

(Note; Ricky Rood became Rick Rood then Rick Rude. His birth name was Richard Erwin Rood)
The Mirage & Fat Boy’s presents
Mid-South-Memphis Wrestling (1980)
Vining Arena – Arkadelphia, AR Att: 4,912

Commentators; Rich Landrum & Charlie Pratt
Referees; Lil’ Abner Osborn & Jerry Usher
Ring; Moon Mullins Interviews; Bonnie Blackstone

1. Ric McCord won by DQ over Phil Hickerson with Tojo Yammamoto. Tojo who is raising havoc with his House of the Orient has added Hickerson to the stable. During the match Hickerson who has started using the name “PY Chu HI” had very few legitimate moves in this match. McCord who is competent but not skillful had no answer to Hickerson’s rough style. Phil entered the ring with a Chair and began beating on the youngster. Tojo jumped in the ring and pushed Referee Abner Osborn out of the way. Osborn called for the DQ and security to break up the beating that McCord was getting. (Note – There was a wrestler name Iron Mike McCord who re-surfaced as Austin Idol after a serious accident. Ric and Iron Mike are not related.) 3:25

2. The Devil’s Duo (Doug Vines and Jeff Sword) with Izzy Slapowitz beat The Batten Brothers (Brad and Bart). The Duo received points on their total after arguing with several fans during the entrance. Izzy Slapowitz added to the verbal onslaught by the Duo. In fact Izzy is the main source of trouble. The Batten’s used speed to control the early going in the match and had Vines in trouble after a Top Rope Body press by Bart Batten. Brad tried to reach Bart when Jeff entered the ring. Referee Jerry Usher failed to see Jeff and held Brad from entering. Jeff smashed Bart in the back of the head, dazing him. Doug used a Slingshot Catapult and Jeff followed with a Barroom Slam. Referee Jerry Usher turned to see the pin by Jeff (who was actually the wrong man) and counted 1-2-3. 10:34

3. Dr. Bill Irwin and Chief Thundercloud; Double Count-Out. Irwin who comes out in a Doctor’s Robe is a master of rulebreaking. He had a great interview with Bonnie Blackstone promoting several up and coming shows. Fans are scared of this Doctor of Disaster yet he has a following of haters. The extra points he received for this match were wasted points because Irwin chose to keep the action OOR. Chief Thundercloud was a serious test for the Doctor so he was not taking chances. After both left the ring they were fighting up the ramp and to the back stage area. The sound from backstage was still heard after Referee Abner Osborn counted the two wrestlers out. 5:16

4. Stan Plowboy Frazier won by DQ over Mongolian Stomper. Frazier heard lots of cheering a clapping hands as he entered the ring. Not so for the Stomper who was followed by Sputnik Monroe maybe looking to add to his Manchurian Stable. Big Stan (400 lbs) frustrated the Stomper during the match. Unable to move the Plowboy, the Stomper bailed from the ring. He looked over at Moon Mullins and Bonnie Blackstone who were smailing as they said something to each other. The Stomper got angry and chased Moon and Bonnie up the ramp. Referee Jerry Usher called for the bell and DQ’d the Stomper. (Plowboy Frazier is Uncle Elmer). 6:53

5. Masked Super Destroyer with Jimmy Hart pinned Superstar Bill Dundee. The Masked Superstar and Jimmy Hart were warned and warned again by Referee Abner Osborn about their rough style and interference. The match went mainly Dundee’s way and after hooking the Destroyer in a small package the match seemed over. Crusher Broomfield had wandered to ringside to be with Jimmy and help distract. Referee Abner Osborn could have used eyes in the back of his head because while he was sending Crusher back to the locker area, Dundee had the Pin with the Small Package. JimmyHart ran in and slammed his Megaphone to Dundee’s head. The Masked Super Destroyer made it look legitimate with a Choke Slam but this was overkill on the KO’d Dundee. (This Masked Super Destroyer was Big Bill Dromo) 10:26

6. The Sheepherders (Luke Williams and Butch Miller) with Lord Jonathan Boyd won by Count-Out over the Grapplers. The Sheepherders who take pleasure in tearing venues apart took no exception to Vining Arena. Luke, Butch, and Lord Jonathan used every piece of equipment, steps, TV Cords and Cameras to smash The Grapplers OOR. What became amazing was the final decision. Butch Miller slipped in the ring while Referee Jerry usher was counting. Jerry awarded the Sheepherders the win via Count-Out. It was a very unpopular decision for a team that was being taken away to the local jail for destruction of property. 11:25

7. Southern TV Title – Lord Humongous (Champion) with Downtown Bruno and Jimmy “Boogie” Valiant (Challenger); No Contest. Boogie had his usual exciting entrance with the New York City Boy music blaring through the microphones. Jimmy danced his way to the ring and there was no doubt who the crowd was behind. Lord Humongous from the Barren Wasteland has his share of difficulty with Boogie and after a Flying Elbow by Valiant the big Humongous went down. Chaos came immediately after. The Sheepherders, who had escaped the authorites while they were being escorted to the Paddy Wagon, came to ringside. They were followed by the police, The Grapplers and The Super Destroyer. This was a mess and a No Contest was the only ruling. Lord Humongous retains the Southern TV Title 10:19
The Fishin’ Pig & The Wine Rack presents;
Mid-South/Memphis Wrestling (1980)
Black River Coliseum – Poplar Bluff, MO Att: 4,760

Commentators; Jess McGrath & George Vessichio
Referees; Charlie Rentrop & Tom Renesto, Jr.
Ring; Mona Lisa Vito Interviews; Brenda Starr

1. Apocalypse pinned Hollywood Hippie. The Hippie had an excellent chance to upset Apocalypse in the early goings. Hippie use the Ropes for Leverage but the pin was called off by Head Referee Jerry Calhoun who was sitting at ringside. Not to be denied, the Hippie got another pin by having a handful of tights. The pin was called off again. The action went OOR and the match went sour for Hippie. Apocalypse smashed Hippie over the head with a chair. Apocalypse used a Wicked Kick to the Groin as Hippie re-entered the ring. Apocalypse got the pin without interference from Calhoun. (Note – Mike Boyette, the Hollywood Hippie, was actually trained by Eddie Sharkey who is Apocalypse. Boyette also wrestled as Apocalypse later in his career after Sharkey retired.) 6:04

2. Randy Colly and Rick Morton; Double Count-Out. Colly was being interviewed by Brenda Starr and Morton interrupted the interview. Colly who is a tough interview and not comfortable at the mike was thrown off of kilter and it reflected in his performace in the ring. Morton using dropkicks and flying moves had Colly in trouble. Young Morton made the mistake of following Colly OOR. Advantage; Colly. As the two wrestlers battled OOR, Referee Tom Renesto, Jr counted them out. (Randy eventually became Moondog Rex) 4:41

3. The Assassins (Cuban and Iranian) with Jimmy Hart and Vice President of the Family Chick Donovan won by Count-Out over Eaton/Ware (Bobby and Koko). The Assassins, especially Iranian, were in trouble after Koko hit Iranian with a flying Headbutt. Bobby Eaton would normally follow with an Alabama Jammer but Donovan distracted Referee Charlie Renthrop long enough for Jimmy Hart to run in and smash his megaphone in the back of Koko’s head. Eaton jumped from the rope and chased hart up the ramp to the back stage. Referee Renthrop ruled a Count-Out in favor of the Assassins, Head Referee Jerry Calhoun was nowhere in sight. The crowd was booing and throwing paper cups and popcorn as Donovan led his winners from the ring. 10:24

4. The Angel (Frank Morrell) beat Bugsy McGraw. The Angel had a Sharp Foreign Object that he used to cut Bugsy on the forehead. Bugsy had trouble seeing as the blood ran down his forehead into his eyes. After Bugsy threw The Angel into the corner the match seemed over with an anticipated Splash but Referee Tom Renesto, Jr. ruled that the match would not continue because of too much blood. Bugsy was livid and performed the Splash on the Angel who was still dazed. Bugsy who is a fan favorite after many years as a heel held his hands up high as the crowd cheered. 5:42

5. Lumberjack Jos LeDuc won by DQ over King Cobra. LeDuc received a plaque prior to the match from the “Friends of Quebec.” He proudly held up the plaque for the fans to see. King Cobra got irritaded, ran over, grabbed the plaque and smashed it over Jos’ head. The match immediately started and Cobra wanting to prove himself got into a test of strength with LeDuc. It proved to be a mistake. Not only diud Jos throw Cobra to the mat but he tested again and nearly threw Cobra OOR. Frustrated, Cobra bailed from the ring, found a 2 x 4 under the ring and re-entered. He pushed Referee Charlie Renthrop aside and tried to attack LeDuc. Referee Renthrop call for the bell. LeDuc grabbed the 2 x 4 but was warned by Renthrop. 7:06

6. Austin Idol with Sherri Martel and Abdullah the Butcher with Jimmy Hart and Chick Donovan; Double Count-Out. As usual Abdullah had no legitimate moves and Austin was able to maintain control with his set of skilled holds but constant interference from Jimmy and Chick broke up the holds. Sherry got into the action and even leaped on Chick at one point. When the action went OOR it was destined to not re-enter. Idol and Abdullah fought up the ramp and into the Food Court (Abdullah’s dream). Sherri picked up a Flood lamp and samshed it over Chick Donovan’s back. Referee Tom Renesto Jr. counted both wrestler’s out and called for the EMT’s to take care of Chick Donovan. He was carried out on a stretcher but was heard to say; “I am the Vice President of The Family.” 11:55

7. Battle of the Dirty’s in a Four Corner Weapon Match (Brass Nucks, Singapore Cane, Bottle of Jack Daniels and a Baseball Bat are each in a corner and can be used as a weapon if the wrestler can reach them.) Dirty Don Fargo has gained the reputation as the Heel among Heels. After attacking Jerry Jarrett after their last match, Dirty Dutch Mantel vowed revenge for his very good friend.

Dirty Dutch Mantel beat Dirty Don Fargo. Fargo was able to reach the Baseball bat but his swing was not on the mark and the Bat ended up at ringside on the floor. Don also reach the Singapore Cane and was able to smash Dutch with it but could not put him away. Though bleeding Dutch was final able to get the Brass Nucks. For Dutch they were like friends. Dutch used a Triple Nuck Smash to Don’s stomach that left Fargo gasping for air. Dutch retrieved his Whip, “Shoo Baby”, and used it for several lashes. The bell sounded and Dutch was declared the winner. 18:48

Jess McGrath to George; "That Four Corner Weapon match was brutal what do you think?" George; "I wonder if Mona Lisa Vito has a ride home."
Catfish Galley & Exit 87 Bar-B-Q presents;
Mid-South/Memphis Wrestling (1980)
Oman Arena – Jackson, TN Att: 5,288

Commentators; Lance Russell & Dave Brown
Referees; Jerry Calhoun & Tommy Sloan
Special Referee; Les Kellett
Ring; Phillip K. Fish Interviews; Arthur Dietrich

1. The Enforcer; Flying Missile Pin over Pretty Boy Carl Fergie. The Enforcer who is billed from Parts Unknown too charge in this match. Fergie did his best to muscle the Masked Enforcer who had a bit too much skill on this night. The ending was odd because The Enforcer used a Missile Shot that seemed like enough for a pin but another masked wrestler next to the ring dressed like The Enforcer ran over and Held the Ropes for Leverage. When questioned later by Dave Brown about the 2nd Enforcer The Enforcer said that the masked man was his father and not a 2nd Enforcer for a tag team. 5:43

2. Bobby Fulton; Senton Bomb Pin over Jim “Claw” Mitchell. Mitchell (290 lbs) who had been referring to Fulton as “That Pipsqueak” found out that brawn is often outdone by skill and speed. Mitchell tried several times to smash his Loaded Glove to Fulton but missed the mark each time. Fulto used a Headcracker then a Back Roll Press to set up the crowd pleasing Senton Bomb. 6:58

3. Dizzy Bill Smithson; Running Body Slam Pin over Mike Doggendorff. Doggendorff was substituting for Jerry Jarrett who is still recovering from an after match attack by Dirty Don Fargo. Smithson got an early start to the match with a Tray Smash as Mike was entering the ring. Dizzy Bill who lacks in almost any legitimate moves mainly used biting arms and legs as a means of keeping the advantage. Referee Jerry Calhoun somehow missed these dirty moves. Dizzy Bill finished with his one and only legit move but a good one; The Running Body Slam for the Pin. (Dizzy Bill Smithson also wrestled as Moondog Spike later). 3:54

4. English Bulldog Match (This is a Dog Collar match) – Billy Robinson beat Tony Charles. Robinson from England who had had a long feud with Charles from Wales cannot seem to settle their differences. The Statement “This will finally settle this” is wasted on this feud. During the match both wrestlers were cut Open by the Chain and Charles seemed to be in control especially after draping Billy over the Ropes and nearly hanging him. Somehow Billy was able to get some foot leverage and flip back into the ring. The match ended when Billy broke loose, grabbed the chain and was whipping Tony. The blood was flowing when Special Referee Les Kellett declared too much Blood from Charles. 17:51

5. Steve Travis won by DQ over Exotic Adrian Street with Miss Linda. This had an UNUSUAL ENDING with Jerry Calhoun reversing a decision. Steve held his own against the clever Exotic one until Miss Linda smashed a Bottle to Steve’s Leg. Adrian rolled Travis up for the pin. Referee Calhoun who was at the announcer’s table while Referee Tommy Sloan was in the ring jumped in the ring after the pin and talked to Sloan who reversed his decision. Exotic Adrian and Miss Linda were livid but the reversal stood. 6:15

6. Killer Karl Krupp with Jimmy Hart won by Count-Out over Steve Keirn. Steve who had a great interview to help assure a sell out crown for the up and coming Memphis Show at the Coliseum was awarded extra points on his total. Keirn controlled the match against the more deliberate heel. Hart sensing a bad outcome summand The Assassins after the action went OOR. This assured that at least Keirn would be too busy to re-enter the ring. Jimmy Hart’s strategy paid off. Krupp slipped back in the ring while Keirn was fighting up the ramp and to the backstage area. 9:26

7. The Gibson’s (Robert and Ricky)(Champions) beat the Nightmares (Danny Davis and Speed) with Ted Allen (Challengers). The Gibsons gained points for great Doubleteaming and then more points as they were awarded a Special Plaque from the Jackson Little League. During OOR Action The Nightmares and Allen took a beating with a Reversed Chairshot and a Reversed Trash Can Smash. Speed the milder of the three Nightmares slipped back in the ring with Robert Gibson. Tommy Sloan ruled a Count-Out in favor of the Gibson’s saying that Danny Davis and Robert were the legal men. The Gibson’s retain the Southern tag Title 13:49
The Blue Canoe & Kermit’s Outlaw Kitchen presents;
Mid-South/Memphis Wrestling (1980)
Tupelo Arena – Tupelo, MS Att: 7,994

Commentators; Joe Pedicino & Bonnie Blackstone
Referees; Bobby Dee & T.D. Steele
Ring; Cliff Clavin Interviews; Diane Chambers

1. Rick McGraw; Piledriver Pin over Gypsy Joe. Gypsy had a bit of luck when he rolled the Cheat Modifier and was greeted by the fans with a chorus of boos. The extra points must have gone to his head because he took a chance on a Suicide Leap to end the match. He crashed to the canvas. Rick, who is one hal of the NY Doll team with Troy Graham, used a Backward Headslam and followed with The Piledriver for the Pin. 4:46

2. The Blond Bombers (Dynamite Wayne Ferris and Larry Latham) with Danny Davis beat the Heartbreakers (Joey Cagle and Rocky Sortor). The Bombers did some Dirty Doubleteaming as expected while The Heatbreakers were also dealing with Nightmare Danny Davis OOR yet very active. Wayne Ferris used a Corkscrew Splash and a Headcracker on Joey Cagle. The Bombers performed a Doubleteam Elbow Drop on Joey. While Rocky was fighting with Davis OOR. Ferris pinned Joey. (Ferris went on to become The Honky Tonk Man while Latham became Moondog Spot.) 9:22

3. Woman’s Match – Vivian St. John; Top Rope Springboard Pin over Penny Mitchell. Penny was being interviewed by Diane Chambers when Vivian interrupted. This threw Penny off kilter and she lost valuable point. It carried to the ring which is what Penny didn’t need in this very even match-up. During the match Penny tried a top Rope Leap and crashed to the canvas. Vivian performed a Running Face Smash and then finished the match with Top Rope Springboard. 5:38

4. Roy Rogers won by DQ over Crusher Broomfield with Jimmy Hart. Hart and Crusher were warned and warned again. Crusher got the early advantage when he rolled on his size modifier that gives him quite a number of extra points considering his 400 lbs. Rogers was able to use his speed to avoid and mainly irritate Crusher with dropkicks and a few flying moves. Karl Krupp came wandering to ringside and Referee T.D. Steele was sending him back to the locker area. Hart handed Crusher a Chain just as Steele turned around from his confrontation with Krupp. Steele immediately called for the bell. (Rogers also wrestles by his real name Johnny Rich while Crusher Broomfield was Crusher Gray and will become One Man Gang) 6:16

5. Jackie Fargo and Jesse Barr with Jimmy Hart; No Contest. During the entrance Fargo was arguing with Hart on the ramp and Barr slammed his forearm into Jackie face. The two wrestlers started fighting on the ramp. Hart called for backup. Crusher Broomfield and Karl Krupp came running out. They were followed by Rick McGraw and Roy Rogers. This was a mess. The six wrestlers were fighting up the ramp and to the backstage as Referee Bobby Dee ruled No Contest. --:--

6. House of the Orient (Masa Fuschi and Mr. Onita) with Tojo Yammamoto won by Count-Out over Rougeau/Taylor (Jacque and Terry). After the fight went OOR Phil Hickerson ran into the action. It was a mismatch yet Rougeau and Taylor held their own. Mr. Onita, the legal man, slipped back into the ring while Rougeau and Taylor were bust fighting Masa Fuchi, Tojo and Hickerson. Referee Steele counted Rougeau, the legal man, out. 14:57

7. Wildfire Tommy Rich and Hot Stuff Eddie Gilbert with Missy Hyatt; Double Count-Out. The popular Rich was being interviewed by Diane Chambers when Eddie ran in, grabbed a flood lamp and crashed it to Tommy’s leg. Tommy limped to the ring but as soon as the match began, Missy threw soda into Tommy’s face. Rich was losing points at a fast rate and as the match continued Gilbert was in charge. When the action went OOR it was almost a certainty that the wrestlers would not re-enter. In fact they fought up the ramp down the hall and to the food court. 10:51
Corky’s Bar-B-Q & Kooky Kanuck presents;
Mid-South/Memphis Wrestling (1980)
Mid-South Coliseum – Memphis, TN Att: 12,208

Commentators; Lance Russell & Dave Brown
Referees; Jerry Calhoun & Sid Nabors
Ring; B.O. Plenty Interviews; Roy Bensinger

1. Woman’s Match – Donna Christianello; Figure Four Leglock Submission over Despina Montagas. Donna began the match a bit early as she greeted Despina with a Trash Can Lid shot to the Skull as she was entering the ring. Referee Jerry Calhoun allowed the match to continue without DQ’ing Christianello. Despina was able to get a near pin with a flying Missile but after shegot caught in a Body Scissors the match was in total favor of Donna. Donna hooked in the Figure Four and got the Submission. 4:26

2. So Called Inter-Gender Title Match – Andy Kauffman and Molly Malloy; Double Count-Out. Andy went through his usual spiel about how to use Toilet Paper and Soap. The fans booed and booed again and again. Kaufmann has become one of the most despised performers in Memphis. During the match the action went OOR where Andy was able to put a Trash Can over Molly. She was struggling to get out and would miss the count while Andy happily was going to re-enter. Jerry Lawler who was nearby for an interview came to ringside and grabbed Andy by the ankle. Referee Sid Nabors counted 10 as Kaufmann watched on in horror. Andy Kaufman retains the so called Inter-Gender Title but suffers an embarrassment with a count-Out. 5:03

3. Precious Paul Ellering won by DQ over Nature Boy Roger Kirby. Jimmy Hart accompanied Ellering to the ring and Killer Karl Krupp followed. Ellering to Jimmy; “Get that Karl Krudd out of my corner. I don’t want anything to do with him.” Jimmy; “He is part of the Family.” Ellering; “Then I am not.” Jimmy; “Well have it your way. I will go over to Kirby’s corner to give him advice.” The match was going Ellering’s way when Jimmy tried to smash his Megaphone tp Ellering’s head. Hart was seen by Referee Jerry Calhoun who called for the DQ. As he was leaving Ellering was attacked by Killer Karl Krupp. They were fighting on the ramp and it too 8 or more of security to break up the melee. 6:21

4. Outlaw Ron Bass with J.J. Dillon and Sonny King; Double DQ. King who managed Ron Bass is still smarting from Dillon robbing one of his stable. With Jos LeDuc having developed a milder attitude Sonny was left to settle his disputes in the ring. It wasn’t surprising that Bass and King both ended the match holding chairs. King also had some Brass Nucks. Bass retrieved a Whip. This was all too much for Referee Sid Nabors who called for the Double DQ. 5:15

5. The Fabulous Ones (Steve Keirn and Stan Lane) and the Midnight Express (Norvell Austin and Dennis Condry) with Randy Rose; Double Count-Out. This was a fairly even match especially with Rose interfering constantly. Eventually the action went OOR and once again the Midnight Express had a 3 on 2 advantage. With the fans rooting for the Fabulous Ones, who are as popular as Andy Kaufman is unpopular, the Fabs actually had the advantage. The brawl went into the pit below the ramp and it was obvious that both teams would be counted out. 14:33

6. Kimala with J.J. Dillon; Slap Belly Running Splash Pin over Cocoa Samoa. Cocoa gave Ugandan Giant all he could handle. In fact most fans feel Cocoa had a pin after performing a Headbutt and a Top Rope Flying Knee. Ron Bass came to ringside and Referee Sid Nabors was sending him back to the locker area when Cocoa was pinning Kimala. J.J. Dillon ran in the ring and used a Loaded boot to Cocoa to break up the pin. Kimala too advantage by throwing Samoa into the corner and performing the Slap Belly Running Splash. (Kimala later spelled his name Kamala). 8:49

7. Southern Heavyweight Title – Terrible Terry Funk (Challenger) with Jimmy Hart beat King Jerry Lawler (Champion). Terry refused to do his scheduled interview so Jerry went to be interviewed by Roy Bensinger. Jerry did a fabulous job and was rewarded extra points. During the heat of action Andy Kaufman came to ringside and distracted Referee Jerry Calhoun. Jimmy Hart slip a Folded steel Chair through the ropes onto the canvas floor. Terry used the Folded Chair to perform a Brainbuster on Steel. The dazed Lawler got to his feet only to be greeted by a Smash from a XX Branding Iron. Calhoun turned to see the action as Funk pinned Lawler. Terrible Terry Funk is the NEEEEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWWWW Southern Heavyweight Champion. 22:03
Ragsdales Pub & Imo’s Pizza presents;
AWA/Memphis Wrestling (1980)
Houck Field House – Cape Girardeau, MO Att: 4,992

Commentators; Lance Russell, MKABear & Sherri Martel
Referees; Jerry Calhoun & Gary DeRusha
Ring; Vitamin Flintheart Interviews; Brenda Starr

1. Pretty Boy Carl Fergie; Running Power Slam Pin over Sodbuster Kenny Jay. Carl, who has been edging toward the heel roles, left no doubt as to his attitude during the handshake. He caught Kenny off guard with a Forearm to the Chops. Kenny fought back with a Running Knee Drop for a near pin but Fergie countered with a Skull Smasher. Pretty Boy lifted the dazed Kenny and performed a Running Power Slam for the Pin. 5:35

2. Tom “Rocky” Stone; Sunset Flip Pin over Jerry Jarrett. Rocky had the advantage in this match because Jerry, who is still injured and has taped ribs, insisted on completing his obligation to this show. His good friend MKABear was at the announcer’s table rooting for him. Jarrett was able to perform a Jump Kick to the Back of the Head and a Flying Dropkick that seemed to get the pin but Referee Gary DeRusha ruled 2 1/2. Stone, uncharacteristically, had a small Hidden Foreign Object that he used as a Loaded Fist Punch to the Ribs. Jerry was gasping for air as Rocky performed a sunset Flip Pin. MKABear was on his feet yelling at Referee DeRusha about the Foreign Object. 6:34

3. Buddy Landell with Jimmy Cornette pinned Jumping Jim Brunzell. Landell was in serious trouble after a Flying Body Press and a Headrammer performed by Jumping Jim. Jimmy Cornett who had forgotten his Tennis Racket (a new present from his mother) in the Locker Room used the only thing he had to smash over Bruzell’s Head; a Reed Camera. The fans could not believe that Referee Jerry Calhoun didn’t see the infraction but Calhoun was more interested in Sherri Martel who was running her fingers through MKABear’s hair. (She was probably trying to get him to relax after he got so upset after the last match. Landell was able to crawl on the KO’d Brunzell for the Pin. 7:23

4. Abdullah the Butcher with Jimmy hart won by Count-Out over Bruiser Brody. Brody actually heard some booing and in a match against Abdullah the Butcher, it is very unusual. It was probably some college students having fun. During the match Abdullah tried his illegal moves but Bruiser was able to counter with Power. Jimmy Hart tried to smash Brody with a Megaphone and though he missed, Brody bailed from the ring and started chasing the Mouth of the South. The Assassins; Cuban and Iranian came out to stop Bruiser and started fighting. Abdullah was in the ring waiting for the count to reach 10 so he could claim the win. Brody was counted out. 9:09

5. Rugged Ronnie Garvin and Ken Lucas; No Contest. The fighting started as the two left the locker room. It was out of hand by the time they slugged their way to ringside. Every object not nailed down was thrown or smashed into the opponent. (Ken Lucas and Ronnie Garvin have a history that goes back several years and though they wrestle in different Federations the dislike continues and is a a fever pitch.) Referee Jerry Calhoun counted both out. --:--

6. The Fabulous Ones (Steve Keirn and Stan Lane) beat The Freebirds (Michael Hayes and Terry Gordy) with Buddy Roberts. This was a fairly even match with the speed moves going to The Fabs while The Freebirds had som good tag teaming and some sneaky illegal moves. Hayes caught Lane and was about to use a DDT on him when Steve Keirn interfered preventing the usual game ender. Buddy Roberts reacted immediately trying to smash a Bottle to Keirn’s head. He missed and hit Hayes. Michael collapsed to the canvas. Keirn coved for the pin. Roberts and Gordy complained that Keirn was the wrong man. Referee Gary DeRusha didn’t pay attention. He was glad to see his evening come to a close. 14:21

7. Nick Bockwinkle with Bobby Heenan won by Count-Out over Jerry “King” Lawler with Superstar Bill Dundee. Bockwinkle set the tone of the match by Kicking Lawler in the Ribs during the handshake. The match was back and forth with Heenan and Dundee getting in a shot here and there. When the action finally went OOR it became a mismatch as Bobby Duncum and Blackjack Lanza came out to join the action and help Nick. Lawler and Dundee were fighting with Duncum, Lanza and Heenan as Bockwinkle slipped back in the ring. Lawler was Counted-Out. 12:48
Tilly Taylor’s Peach Orchid & Margo Flowers Bakery presents;
NWA GA/FL (1980)
Augusta Arena – Augusta, GA Att: 6,554

Commentators; Stan Rhodes & Freddie Miller
Referees; Bill McMinn & Bobby Simmons
Ring; Cookie Googleman Fleck Interviews; Burt Sugar

1. Soul Train Jones and The Turk Ali Bey; Double Count-Out. The action for its short amout of time wouldn’t stay in the ring. I think that the past differences were reflected on the shirt that Ali wore to the ring. It read “The Turk vs The Jerk.” The action in the ring belonged to Jones who used dropkicks to frustrate Ali. Jones made the mistake of following The Turk out of the ring. Ali Bey was determined to get Jones into a street fight. They were both counted out. 3:34

2. The Mulkey’s (Bill and Randy) won by DQ over A & R Wrecking Crew (Wild Bill Ash and Pat Rose) with Downtown Bruno. The Wrecking Crew did what they always do best; Dirty Doubleteaming. With Bruno distracting Referee Bobby Simmons, the Crew took charge and used Foreign Objects and ringside Objects to pummel Bill & Randy. The Mulkey’s had enough so Wild Bill went for the pin. Just as the count was going to be 3, Bill would pull Bill up. Then Pat did the same to Randy. It was a game of torture until Referee Bobby Simmons had enough. He warned the Crew and Bruno. Bruno jumped in the ring to protest. Wild Bill and Pat were in Simmons face. Wild Bill pushed Simmons who immediately called for the bell. The Mulkey’s had a win. 6:08

3. Rip Morgan with Downtown Bruno beat Ray Candy. Candy was being interviewed by Burt Sugar when Rip and Bruno came to disrupt. Morgan grabbed a Flood Lamp and smashed it to Candy’s leg. The 350+ LB Candy crashed to the floor. Ray was able to make it to the ring for his scheduled match although he was limping. Morgan was unable to move Candy in the ring although he tried every move in his arsenal. Candy was able to throw Morgan into the Turnbuckle and perform a Squash. Bruno reached in the ring and hit Candy with a cane. Ray could have had the pin but bailed from the ring to chase Bruno. Morgan who was totally dazed was able to get to his wobbly feet and legs as Referee Bill McMinn counted ray candy out. 4:41

4. Mike Jackson won by DQ over Jesse Barr. Barr, who has bragged lately about his ability and that he is being denied a chance at the Florida Title, resorted to using a sharp Object to seriously cut Mike. Blood was flowing and the 1st thing everyone though was that the match would be called. The Match went to the UNUSUAL ending. Referee Bobby Simmons who didn’t trust the cut from regular action was looking for a Foreign Object. Barr had to get rid of the Sharp Object but dropped it as he was trying to toss it away. Referee Bobby Simmons immediately called for the bell. 5:19 (Note – Burt Sugar who is writing for Wrestling Monthly was conferring with George Vessichio, who does the ratings. Burt was seen to scratch Jesse’s name from the Florida ratings as Vessichio nodded.)

5. Dirty Dick Slater won by Count-Out over Tommy Lane. Lane who is a rookie showed that he certainly belongs. He had some good moves that left Slater a bit frustrated. In fact Lane used a Gourd Buster on Slater that had a pin but Referee Bill McMinn was slow in reacting. Slater who is very clever knew enough to bail from the ring and Lane made the mistake of following. They got into a brawl near the TV Equipment and Slater tied Lane in the cords. Slater ran back to the ring as Lane was trying to get out from under the cords. Lane was Counted-Out. In spite of the loss Tommy Lane got a huge ovation of appreciation after the match. Everyone wonders if this could mean that Lane will take Jesse Barr’s place in the ratings. 8:48

6. The Koloff’s (Nikita and Krusher Khrushev) with Uncle Ivan won by Count-Out over The Castilians Hercules Ayala and Cyclone Negro). During a confusing melee before the match, Ayala was hit with a Chain. The injury was serious enough to deduct points that the team could not afford to lose. In spite of the lost points, Ayala and Negro were able to match The Koloff’s power game in the ring. Unfortunately for The Castilians the action went OOR where Uncle Ivan could join in giving The Koloff’s the edge. Ayala and Negro held their own but Hercules got hit again with a chain again and was not going to make it back to the ring as the legal man. Khrushev (the Koloff legal man)was able to beat the count. 16:45

7. The Masked Superstar with Percy Pringle pinned Barry Windham. Pringle and The Superstar were warned about foul play because of their tainted past. Pringle took offense claiming that Referee Bill McMinn had it in for him. McMinn ordered Pringle to get rid of a Bottle that contained fruit juice. Pringle showed McMinn a letter from Dr. Lyalot. It read that Pringle was on a special diet and needed the fruit juice at 5 minute intervals. After conferring with Referee Bobby Simmons and making a call, McMinn allowed Pringle to keep the Fruit Juice Bottle. Windam controlled the match with his Whip moves and Dropkicks. During one of the Dropkicks Referee Bill McMinn was hit and dazed. Percy Pringle immediately too advantage, ran in the ring and smashed the Bottle of Fruit Juice over Barry’s Head. Windham was KO’d. Referee Bill McMinn woke to see Masked Superstar pinning Windham. 13:10
The Shake Shack and Blimpie’s presents;
NWA/SE Wrestling (1980)
Miami Beach Convention Center – Miami, FL Att: 8,964

Commentators; Gordie Solie & Buddy Colt
Referees; Frenchy Bernard & Jimmy McGuire
Ring; Stefan Vanderhoff /Interviews; Buck Laughlin

1. Kendo Nagasaki with Oliver Humperdink; Asian Nerve Hold Submission over Denny Brown. Nagasaki dressed as The Black Ninja got into Ring Announcer Stefon Vanderhoff’s face and without a word, Stefon made a quick exit from the ring. Stefon had already announced both wrestlers for the match but this was intimidation at its best. Kendo received extra points for scaring the Ring Announcer and added more points when he rolled on his Cheat Modifier. Young Denny who is being called Downtown Brown had a tough time with Nagasaki although he was able to get in a Clothesline and a Falling Elbow Smash that had kendo shaking his head. Nagasaki used a Spin Kick that flattened Brown and then hooked in the Asian Nerve Hold. Brown had no choice but to Submit. 4:35

2. Cowboy Frankie Laine; Headlock Bulldog Pin over Buck “Butcher” Brannigan. Brannigan was greeted with boos and cup throwing. He responded by tearing up a glossy photo of Frankie Laine that a fan had bought. The arguing with the fans began and Butcher kept it up in the ring. He became distracted and against Laine it was a mistake. As Brannigan was waving his fist at a lady in the 2nd row, the Cowbot hit Butcher with a Fling Knee that had Butcher reeling. Laine hooked in his arm around the neck and performed the Headlock Bulldog for the Pin. 6:51

3. Sweet Brown Sugar (Skip Young) won by DQ over Rotten Ron Starr with Peaches. Starr who has few if any legitimate moves mauled his way through this match while Sugar was trying to show the scientific style. Starr’s finally won out but Sugar was able to reverse a Chairshot that left Starr seeing stars. Sweer Brown performed a Skull Smasher that would have gotten the pin on Rotten Ron but Peaches jumped on Referee Frenchy Bernard. Bernard called for the DQ. 6:07

4. The Desperados (Ron Bass and Black Bart) with J.J. Dillon beat the New York Rockers (Al Perez and Jumping Joe Savoldi). The Rockers had the advantage with speed and high flying moves. They used their doubleteaming to keep an even flow for their team. Dillon who is not one to stand by and watch his team taken to task was able to smash a Bottle of Jack Daniels in the back of Al Perez’s head KO’ing him on the side of the ring while Savoldi was in the ring with Black Bart. Dillon distracted Referee Jimmy McGuire while Ron Bass helped Bart with a Dirty Doubleteam. Bass used a Texas Gourdbuster to down Savoldi and Bart followed with a Texas Trash Compactor (Vicious Falling Elbow). Referee Jimmy McGuire turned to see the Pin by Bart over Savoldi. 17:35

5. Crazy Luke Graham with Percy Pringle and Private Jim Nelson; No Contest. Graham actually lost points on his Technical Modifier. Actually Graham has no Technical Skills and it is his weakness. Of course he makes up for it in the Cheat whenever that is the roll. Nelson who does not give away size held his own and was hooking in moves that Graham could not match. With Nelson maybe ready to try a pin, Rotten Ron Starr and Butcher Brannigan came to ringside. Friends of Nelson; The Kernodle’s (Don and Rocky) followed. It was inevitable that all four invaders would end up in the ring. It was Chaos with Chairs and 2 x 4’s. Referee Frenchy Bernard called for a No Contest although he was giving it verbally to Percy Pringle calling Brannigan and Starr; Hired Goons. Stopped at 7:29

6. The Spoiler I with Percy Pringle; Walk Rope Elbow Drop Pin over Brett Wayne. The very popular Wayne from Orlando was awarded points when he received an award for helping Flood Victims during the last tropical storm. While Wayne was getting the award, Pringle wanted to interfere but The Spoiler stopped him. The match went on after the award ceremony. Wayne using speed was able to perform a Diving Cross Body and later a Top Rope Clothesline that almost led to to a pin. The Spoiler caught Wayne with a Reverse Head Slam that led to a Falling Knee Crunch. The Spoiler used his Walk the Ropes Falling Elbow to put Wayne down and Pinned. 10:42

7. Florida Heavyweight Title – Captain Redneck (Champion) and Paul Jones (Challenger); Double Count-Out. Jones who had wrestled as Mr. Florida now came out as Paul Jones with an attitude. The fans were a bit confused in the beginning as he received some cheers although he wasn’t penalized because of the new attitude and the confusion. Several fists to the fans and the new rough style was all it took to show and disappoint fans about the new Paul Jones. Jones used Karate Chops and an Elbow Drop to daze Captain Redneck (Dick Murdock). The Captain wasn’t about to stay dazed for long as he fought back using his veteran talents. The Match went the UNUSUAL CHART. The wrestlers took the action OOR and were brawling up the ramp. Everyone knew that this would end in a Count-Out. Redneck and Jones fought through the Food Court and out to the Parking Lot. Captain Redneck retains the Florida Title. 12:48
Kitchen on George & The Royal Scam presents;
SE/FL/GA Wrestling 1980
Mobile Civic Center – Mobile, AL Att: 8.412

Commentators; Jess McGrath & Barbara Clary
Referees; Burrhead Jones & Speedy Hatfield
Ring; “Da Voice” Artie Decker Interviews; Lennie Pike

1. Tony Anthony won by DQ over Nobleman Joe Turko. This match never got off the ground. Turko attacked Anthony before the match. Anthony who is a well-respected rookie has gained a lot of fans along with fellow rookie Len Denton especially when they team up. Anthony was signing autographs and slpping hands when Turko snuck up from behind and smashed a Chair over Tony’s head. Referee Burrhead Jones called for a No Contest after Anthony crashed to the floor unable to get to the ring. Burrhead thought about it and signaled for a DQ against Turko who jumped in the ring to protest but kept his distance not trusting Burrhead who was known for a Vicious Head Butt when he competed in the ring. 0:00

2. The Mod Squad (Spike and Basher) with J.D. Costello won by Count-Out over The Playboys (Steve Armstrong and Mike Graham). With Armstrong and Spike in the ring, Basher and J.D. Costello, who had a Tire Iron, attacked Graham. Armstrong saw the attack and bailed from the ring to save his partner. Spike stayed in the ring and accepted the win as Referee Speedy Hatfield, who missed the OOR incident, counted Armstrong out. Up to this point in the match the Playboys, as expected, were handling the two disgraced ex-policemen from New Orleans. Their real names are Mack and Jim Jeffers. 9:25

3. Bob Rusty Riddle pinned Bobby “Porkchop” Cash. This match became a confusing mess. Several Army of Darkness members wandered near the ring. The distraction bothered Porkchop and confused Rusty who had no association with AOD. Porkchop who had a verbal confrontation with Luna and Lock a month ago knew exactly why the irritating members were here. Referee Burrhead Jones tried to keep order and was sending the members back to the locker area when The Dream disguised as a vendor, eneterd the ring with a 2 x 4 and hit Porchop in the back of the head. Cash collapsed to the canvas. Riddle, not on to refused a sure thing, hooked the leg and was pinning Cash as Burrhead turned to see the action. 4:53

4. Ron Slinker with Abudadein; Martial Arts Pin over Scott McGhee. Slinker rolled on his Cheat modifier and added extra points to his total. Cheating is Slinker’s middle name. Lennie Pike interviewed Slinker who came across well for the promotion on TV. McGhee interrupted the interview throwing Slinker off kilter and removing the points he had gained from Cheating and then some. This was a rough match with Scott using Flying moves to gain an edge but suffering OOR when Slinker choked him on the Guard Rail after Abudadein hit Scott with a Soda Bottle. Scott re-entered the ring but was greeted with a Loaded Jawbuster by Slinker. Slinker tried to hold up McGhee and show off a few Karate Chops but it was overkill. McGhee was out on his feet. Slinker made the pin. 6:09

5. Flamboyant Eric Embry; Piledriver Pin over Tracy Smothers. During OOR Action Eric used a Trash Can over Tracy’s back to weaken him. This gave Eric the advantage. Tracy fought back in the ring with a Headcracker and a Corkscrew Splash. Smother made the mistake of trying a leap from the Turnbuckle and Embry was able to lift a Knee to the stomach. Embry followed with a Running Face Smash and then the Piledriver Pin. 7:39

6. Harley Race won by Count-Out over Tommy Rich. Rich was using his scientific moves in the ring to control the match but followed Race who bailed OOR. Several slams to the Steel Steps and a Whip to the Post had Rich reeling but far from out. Rich threw Race into the TV equipment. Race decided to re-enter the ring. As Tommy tried to re-enter Harley hit Rich in the Forehead with A Fake NWA Belt that was a present from Terry Funk. Rich was KO’d OOR. Referee Speedy Hatfield counted Rich out. 12:48

7. Vacant United States Title – Along with the Referee Burrhead Jones there will be 3 Bouncers to keep out interference; Frenchy Bernard, Buddy Colt and Bob Dalton. Kevin Sullivan protested these stipulations saying he was not informed when Jake Roberts signed this match against Superstar Graham. Sullivan was told by Colt to “Take it or leave it and the Belt.”

Superstar Graham; Throat Slam Suplex Pin over Jake “Snake” Roberts with Kevin Sullivan. To add to Sullivan and Roberts’ woes Graham had a great interview adding points to his total. Graham who was a member of AOD has parted ways and is hated by his former stablemates. Mainly he is despised by Sullivan. Roberts was able to use his abilities during the early goings to gain an advantage; Falling Head Slam, Running Clothesline and Choke Using Ropes. Graham with his power fought back and finally caught Jake with a Crucifix Drop. It was the beginning of the end. The Throat Slam Suplex was the finishing touch to Graham’s quest for the belt. Superstar Graham is the NEEEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWWW United States Champion. 15:27
The Brown Bag & Sweet P’s Bar-B-Q presents;
SE Wrestling (1980)
James White Civic Center – Knoxville, TN Att: 6,336

Commentators; Jay Goodley & Ed Capral
Referees; Tony Torres & Rick Ferrera
Ring; Sam Malone Interviews; Kid Twist

1. Joe “Demon” Turner; Falling Knee to Throat Pin over John Boy Ruffin. John Boy who is trying to show that he belongs took a lesson in roughness from Turner who likes to hurt and hurt again. The Demon used a Thumbscrew to Throat several times and was warned and warned again. Referee Tony Torres, usually a no-nonsense referee gave a bit a leeway because it was the opening match and the fans were settling. Turner used a Vicious Double Rope Burn that had young Ruffin blinded for the moment. An uppercut put John Boy down and the Knee that hit the Throat was more than enough to get the Pin. 3:49

2. Dickie Steinborn; Flying Body Press over Big Pete Austin. Austin used the only moves he knows; Kick to the Groin an Skullcrusher to get a slight advantage. It didn’t last long as Steinborn used fling quick moves capped by a Flying Missile Shot and had Austin reeling. As Big Pete got to his feet, Dickie hit him with the Flying Body Press for the Pin. Steinborn who is very popular in East Tennessee and Alabama had the fans on their feet cheering. When not on a card in the Southeast Wrestling Steinborn is often at the Commentators Table or doing Interviews. 4:25

3. The Stud Stable (Ron Fuller and Jimmy Golden) with Brenda Britton won by Count-Out over the Rocky’s (Jones and King). The action in this match went OOR several times. Surprisingly the Rocky’s were able to handle their own in the early going. In fact OOR King used a Smash to the Steps on Fuller while Jones was punishing Golden with a Rib Crusher. Brenda was yelling for a DQ against the Rocky’s but this OOR action did not warrant. The Stud Stable took charge when the action went OOR again. Fuller Kicked Jones in the Face with a Loaded Boot and Golden performed a Headbuster to the Post on King. Brenda hit King in the back of the head with a bottle KO’ing him. Golden slipped back in the ring and Rocky King, the legal man, was Counted-Out. 8:41

4. King Curtis Iaukea with Luna and Jimmy Garvin; Double Count-Out. Garvin used his speed to try and control the match while King Curtis was rough shodding his way with size and several illegal moves. The action went OOR where AOD’s The Dream and Kharma Moliki ran to ringside to help King Curtis. They were followed by Dickie Steinborn and Mike Graham who ran out to protect Garvin. This became a Pier 6 Brawl. Referee Rick Ferrera called the Double DQ just as Luna was running over with a Fire Extinguisher. The Extinguisher has been one of her favorite weapons. 7:48

5. Don Kernodle won by Count-Out over Tiger Jeet Singh. Kernodle did a terrific interview with Kid Twist. During the interview Don, dressed in Red, White, and Blue, waved the American Flag and talked about the honor of having served his country. He had points added to his total. Tiger Jeet complained that he should have the right to praise his country and wave his flag for extra points. The match was fairly even when it went to the UNUSUAL CHART. Tiger bailed from the ring and got into a beef with the interviewer Kid Twist. Tiger then verbally attacked Jay Goodley and Ed Capral. While all this was going on, Referee Tony Torres counted Singh out. Tiger Jeet grumbled all the way back to the locker room as the fans cheered and cheered again. 8:26

6. SE/NWA Tag Title – The Silver Bullets (Jerry Oates and Kendall Windham)(Champions) beat Asian Invasion (Kendo Nagasaki and The Great Kabuki)(Challengers) with Oliver Humperdink. It was abvious from the get-go that Oliver Humperdink wanted this belt and he was sure he was going to get it. He had previously degraded The Silver Bullets as weak and unworthy. The Invasion worked well in the early stages of the match. They were tagging in and out and using some Karate moves that slowed the Bullets. The Bullets came back using combined Whip Moves, Dropkicks and a Flying Clothesline that had Nagasaki gasping. With Referee Rick Ferrera dazed from a collision, Kabuki, on the Ring Apron, spit Green Mist. It missed Jerry Oates and got Nagasaki in the face. Kabuki in desperation grabbed a kendo Stick and swung. That also hit Nagasaki who was now KO’s. Oates had the pin as Referee Rick Ferrera turned to see the action. The Silver Bullets retain the SE/NWA Tag Title. 18:34

7. Ivan Koloff with Nikita won by Count-Out over Magnum T.A. The Koloff’s started during their entrance by tipping over the Press Table and Slamming a Chain to the Post OOR. The fans were actually intimidated which pleased the Koloff’s to no end. They were awarded points. Magnum seemed to have the advantage and came close to a pin several times as he performed a Bombs Awat DDT and a Flying Elbow Smash. Nikita got involved when Referee Tony Torres was distracted, by pulling Magnum from the pin. Magnum slipped OOR to face Nikita but was greeted with a Chain Smash that cut Magnum’s forehead. Magnum TA was unable to get back to the ring. 15:53
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