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1980 Momentum Football Defense Adj
To Downey Games or anyone else that would like to respond or comment:

I started a replay with the 1980 NFL season and am in the middle of Week 2. Really enjoy playing the game and getting the quick results. However, I have noticed some very questionable defensive adjustments that really affect compiling game stats for 1980. Let me point out a few examples:

1. The New Orleans Saints have 45/66 defense rushing adjustment. The rules state that the first number means lower per game attempts. Middle result is same (avg. game attempts), while above is more attempts per game. In this example, the Saints will allow fewer attempts on 11-45, same on 46-66, and will not have a chance for their opponent to have more attempts than average. BUT the Saints allowed the MOST rushing attempts on the year (630) by a wide margin. These adjustments seem like they could be reversed. Teams should run MORE on the Saints in most games, rather than less.

2. Looking at the Defensive Yardage Adjustment pass rating for the San Fransisco 49ers, it is -2, which is the best pass adjustment rating in the 1980 set. The rules state, "a team playing against a defense rated -2... will see all (YDS) ratings reduced by 2." However, the 49ers had the worst defensive passing yards per attempt allowed in the NFL in 1980 and were next to last in total passing yards allowed. Since this rating adjusts the "(yds) rating" for all receivers, it seems that this rating should be more like +2 for the 49ers instead to get closer to the "correct" yardage given up.

3. The Detroit Lions Defensive Yardage Adjustment run rating is +1. Depending on whether you look at Yards per attempt rushing or total yards for the season, the Lions are either first or tied for second best in the NFL. Seems like a negative "(yds) rating" would be more appropriate here. In any case, the Lions did not allow more yardage than normal.

4. The LA Rams and Philadelphia Eagles have a +1 Defensive Yardage Adjustment pass rating and they are two of the best pass defenses in the season.

5. What got me to looking close was a 17-10 Pittsburgh versus Houston result. Pittsburgh pass rating is +3, the worst in the 1980 set, and when compiling stats, Ken Stabler threw for over 400 yards, mostly due to that +3 adjustment on the receivers yardage. Next game, Pittsburgh played Baltimore and gave up 361 yards to Bert Jones. Now Pittsburgh's defense is not great this season, but is mid pack. No way should they be the worst. When looking at the actual 1980 stats, Pittsburgh's pass defense is VERY close to Baltimore, who is rated at "0" [zero]. This doesn't make sense to me and seems to be a mistake, as even reversing this to a negative (-3) would not fix this one.

Is it possible these ratings are somehow reversed or miscalculated? Has anyone noticed this in other sets? IF so and this is somehow normal in Momentum, have the rules been modified to reflect that a player reverses the Defensive Yardage Adjustment ratings when figuring out the game stats (e.g. - rating on defense is positive (added) when applying to offensive yardage totals, while a + rating is negative when applying?

Appreciate any replies. Guess I'll stop compiling stats until I get an answer.

Jerry Minks
Still awaiting an answer from Downey and since I haven't seen any other posts, I guess no one else has any feedback either.

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