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Final Score 2018 NFL replay
The 2018 NFL season began with a Thursday night game between Philadelphia and Atlanta, a rematch of their 2017 divisional playoff contest. The Eagles won this one, too, 37-28.

Highlights of Week 1:

--Carolina scored a mild upset over eventual NFC East champion Dallas, 29-9.

--The L.A. Rams went to Oakland and beat the Raiders, 26-23. The Rams came out strong, leading 14-3 after the 1st quarter, but Oakland played a surprisingly competitive game the rest of the way, and almost pulled off a major upset. The Rams had an "R" offense, the Raiders "H," the biggest mismatch of Week 1.

--Looks like teams will have their hands full with New Orleans again, as the Saints annihilated Tampa Bay, 50-19.


Edited by DaveP on 03/17/2019
Will be following. I have thought about trying Final Score Football.

msstate8405 wrote:

Will be following. I have thought about trying Final Score Football.

It's a good way to get an overview of a league. Although I still enjoy Ultra Quick FB, the teams come to life a bit more in Final Score. The game is broken into quarters, so you get the ebb-and-flow feeling, too. There's also a Big/Bad Quarter Chart for extreme results.

Now this won't happen all the time, but my last four Week 2 games resulted in these scores (real scores in parens):

Kansas City 44 (42)
Pittsburgh 33 (37)

Indianapolis 26 (21)
Washington 20 (9)

Tennessee 21 (20)
Houston 18 (17)

New Orleans 25 (21)
Cleveland 13 (18)
Edited by DaveP on 03/19/2019
After just two weeks of the season, only 9 of the 32 NFL teams have won both of their games.

Highlights of Week 2:

--First overtime game, between the Dolphins and Jets, mediocre offenses, neither team was able to score in overtime, game ended in a 19-19 tie.

--Big upset in Tampa, as the Buccaneers beat the Eagles on a last-second field goal (in my imagination anyway). Philadelphia held a 15-13 lead going into Tampa Bay's final roll. They needed a dice roll over 16 to score, and they got it for a thrilling 16-15 win.

--Mismatch of the week saw Arizona visiting the L.A. Rams. "E" offense for the Cardinals, "R" for the Rams. Arizona started slowly, but managed to score a pair of second half TDs, forcing the Rams to put 6 points on the board in the 4th quarter to secure the 23-20 win.

--Finally, Monday Night Football featured Seattle and Chicago, from Soldier Field, where the Bears enjoy a solid home-field advantage (1/1). The game was as good as advertised, the Seahawks scoring a 4th quarter TD to tie the game at 20, the Bears answering with a late field goal to remain unbeaten.


Edited by DaveP on 03/19/2019
Highlights of Week 3:

--Biggest upset of the week was the 49ers going into Kansas City and handily beating the powerhouse Chiefs, 30-16.

--Oakland narrowly escaped with a 23-20 win over the Dolphins in Miami. A last-minute field goal attempt by Jason Sanders just drifted wide (the dice roll missed a game-tying 10-point score by one).

--Chicago defeated hapless Arizona 34-10, the game noted only because it was the first time this season a team ran its offense out of the "A" column. The Cardinals did well to score ten points.

--Fans in Los Angeles got their money's worth as the Rams and Chargers put on quite a show, the home team coming out on top, 37-30. The score was tied 23-23 after three quarters, the Chargers scored a TD in the 4th quarter to take a 30-23 lead, but the Rams answered with a pair touchdowns to remain unbeaten atop the NFC West.


Edited by DaveP on 03/22/2019
Mike Capra
I love this game. I am currently playing the 1967 AFL and NFL. Are you playing any other games beside Final Score?

Mike Capra wrote:

I love this game. I am currently playing the 1967 AFL and NFL. Are you playing any other games beside Final Score?

I've played a few 60's and 70's seasons with Ultra Quick Football. Still enjoy it.

I need to pick up more NFL seasons for Final Score. Right now I have some college seasons, and the defunct leagues set (WFL, USFL and others).

Once you've wrapped up 1967, post some results if you get a chance, would be interested to see the final standings.
Highlights of Week 4:

--Down to 4 unbeaten teams now: Bears, Rams, Saints, Patriots. The previously undefeated Colts and Ravens both lost--the Colts to the Texans 26-25, in spite of Indianapolis scoring 14 4th quarter points--and the Ravens to the Steelers in Pittsburgh, 27-16.

--Five teams are winless after Week 4, the most surprising of this group is the Falcons, whose actual record was 7-9, although after four games it was 1-3. They have scored a respectable 95 points, but their defense has allowed 137 points, worst by far in the league. Their defense rating is +1, not great, but not the worst either.

--The Saints, as expected, lead the league in scoring with 155 points, 38.75 per game. Their actual average was 31. However, they haven't yet played a team with a minus (meaning good) defense. Next week they face Washington and their -2 defense on Monday Night Football.



Edited by DaveP on 03/29/2019
Highlights of Week 5:

--Down to 3 unbeaten teams now, all in the NFC, as the Colts went into Foxboro and beat the Patriots 19-17. Indianapolis was down 17-7 at the half, but shut out New England in the 2nd half, and scored 12 unanswered points for the win.

--Cleveland sits atop the AFC North after defeating the visiting Ravens, 35-20, thanks to a 21-point 4th quarter (Big Quarter x 2).

--The Jets and the Broncos played one of the most exciting games of the season, New York winning 25-19 in overtime. The teams exchanged field goals to start overtime, then the Jets scored a TD for the win.

--In Kansas City, the Chiefs couldn't get their vaunted offense untracked, and Jacksonville escaped with a 20-17 upset. F vs. N offense, but the difference in the two defenses (-3 Jaguars, +1 Chiefs) made the difference.



Highlights of Week 6:

--The three undefeated teams remain that way, the Bears and Rams easily winning their games, the Saints with a Bye week.

--Two of the three winless teams finally came out on top, the Giants beating the Eagles 13-9, the Falcons running roughshod over the Buccaneers 48-20.

--The Colts maintain their lead in the AFC South with a convincing 31-0 win over the Jets. New York got hit by a -2 deduction from the Colts' defense, and another -1 due to their poor performance at MetLife Stadium.

--The big Week 7 match-up has the 5-0 Bears at home vs. the 5-1 Patriots.



Edited by DaveP on 04/21/2019
Would like to see this project picked back up....even though my Falcons are struggling.
Mike Capra
How do you adjust home field advantage? I read the instructions but get confused. You you adjust like UQ Baseball ?
Mike Capra
Can someone help me with HM advantage.

I add 1 to the home team, take away 1 from the visitors because the have -1?
Home team HM advantage is added, visitors subtracted, straight math calculation. You did the home team right, but because the visiting team is -1, and is subtracted, that means you're actually adding 1 to their rating. A +1 visitors rating would be subtracted. Hope that helps, the combination of letters and numbers can seem a little odd at first.

gridiron wrote:

Would like to see this project picked back up....even though my Falcons are struggling.

Sorry I missed your post. Hope to resume this one soon, busy summer. The Falcons were pretty streaky in 2018, maybe they'll be the same here.
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