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Momentum Football is brilliant.
Just recently discovered this game and it's fantastic.

I'm curious how you guys play some situations compared to how I've been playing them?

1. When you roll the dice and the time count finishes up the half or the end of the game...do you continue by performing that drive? Or do you not perform that drive because the clock has expired.

2. When the dice roll for the time finishes a half or end of game and the drive is a key play that continues the drive do you continue the drive even though the time has expired?

How I've been plying these situations is no matter how many time boxes are left...the team gets their drive however any drive that would need to continue / need additional time they do not get to finish.

Hopefully that's not terribly confusing. Looking forward to hearing from some experts.
PAE Meeker91
Craig, Momentum Football is probably the one football game in the Downey catalog that gets very little love. I know for a fact that if Jeff and company issues out more seasons, I would buy them. The game is that good. I think what turns some off from the game is the post game statistics. Compiling them can be confusing for some. I do recall Jeff issuing out a more descriptive set of instructions for that aspect of the game. Now that we have the downloads up and running again, there was an excel program that made the process simpler. I will dig that up and post it in the next couple days.

Edward R. MeekSmile
Absolutely agreed. Momentum is a little gem that should get a lot more attention.

Also agreed...trying to figure out the stats module was tricky. I read the instructions at least 5 times and just couldn't wrap my head around it. Finally, after sitting down after a game and trying it...it just clicked for me. It's actually fairly easy, once you know what to do.
I need to agree with the compiling of stats..... at first glance you go HUH ? After a few games I wasn't even looking at the instructions . This is an amazing game ! Quick and yet full stats. Love it for playing out a season.
Absolutely! First few reads of the stat module and I was like man I must be really stupid. But now it's very simple to do.
PAE Meeker91
Posted on the download section is the Momentum Football Stat helper, excel based. I use this tool to do my stats. I also created team tabs where I just do a copy/paste of the players and ratings and I get my stats. When I get a chance, I will upload one with a team example.

Edward R. Meek

Momentum is a too well kept secret gem of a game.
Can you upload Momentum Football Stat helper so can I see your example.I tried using the stat helper but when I entered the yards it kept changing the totals.Is there way that the totals stay locked in?I am not to familiar with Exccel but if someone can provide an example would greatly be appreciated.
I've heard this a gem but that the instructions need to be modified or re-written. Has anyone attempted this?
I actually have a pro and college version. The rules are written slightly different in the two sets that I have. So between looking back and forth at both...I have pretty much a good grasp of the game. With that said...I think the game plays easier than the rules read. If that makes any sense?

All in all..fantastic quick play football game. I love it.
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