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72-73 Philadelphia 76ers POTG
Game 57

Boston Celtics @ Philadelphia 76ers
The Spectrum
February 3, 1973

It wasn't by 30 or more points, but it was still a loss. The Sixers lose once again to the men from Beantown, this time by only 9 points, 117-108.

Boston had five in double figures, including three with 20 or more, and a fourth that missed that mark by a free throw. "Hondo" led the scoring as he totaled 25 points, with Dave Cowens and Paul Silas getting 20 apiece. Jo Jo White just missed joing that group as he netted 19. Paul Westphal was the other in double figures, claiming 11. Steve Kuberski added 7 points, Art Williams 5, Don Chaney and Don Nelson 4 each, and Hank Finkel 2.

The Sixers also had five in double digits but just couldn't close the gap on the Celtics by the time the final buzzer sounded. Fred Carter was at the top of the scoring list with 22 points, followed by Don May and Tom Van Arsdale with 18 each, Mike Price with 17, and Freddie Boyd with 10. Manny Leaks put up 7 points and Jeff Halliburton 6, while Dale Schlueter and Dave Sorenson each finished with 5.


Next Game:
2/4/73 @ Boston. The Sixers are now 0-6 against the Celtics this season.

actual result:
Boston - 104
Philadelphia - 100

Philadelphia record:
actual (4-53)
replay (9-48)
Edited by adml on 03/17/2019
Game 58

Philadelphia 76ers @ Boston Celtics
Boston Garden
February 4, 1973

The attendance for the game was 8,656. The silence of those 8,656 as they left the Garden was deafening. That was nothing however compared to the deafening noise level emanating from the Celtics' locker room, courtesy of Tom Heinsohn. Those things, along with the same headline of, "What Happened ????" that ran in both the Boston Globe, and the Boston Herald, tells you exactly What Happened. The Sixers visited Boston and stunned not only the Celtics, but the entire New England region, as they left with a 1 point victory, 102-101. On paper, this game was no contest. But, the games are played on the court, not on paper......

All eight who took the floor for the Sixers made contributions, five ending with double digits in the scoring column, and a sixth just missing. Two recent acquisitions led the scoring, Tom Van Arsdale with 23 points, and Don May with 19. Fred Carter and Jeff Halliburton both had 15, with Manny Leaks adding 11. Freddie Boyd just missed double digits as he totaled 9 points, with Mike Price notching 6, and Dale Schlueter 4.

The Celtics could have used their leading scorer from yesterday's game in Philadelphia, John Havlicek, but he sat this one out. Dave Cowens paced the team in scoring with 26 points. Three others also hit double figures, Jo Jo White with 19, Hank Finkel with 14, and Don Chaney with 13. Art Williams just missed double figures as he claimed 9 points. Steve Kuberski scored 7, Don Nelson and Paul Silas 4 apiece, Tom Sanders 3, and Paul Westphal 2.


Next Game:
2/6/73 in San Antonio vs the Houston Rockets. The Sixers are 1-2 against the Rockets this season, winning in Houston on December 22.

actual result:
Philadelphia - 115
Boston - 123

Philadelphia record:
actual (4-54)
replay (10-48)
Check those dice, Jeff! I can't believe that game happened!!!

BillS wrote:

Check those dice, Jeff! I can't believe that game happened!!!

Neither can Tommy Heinsohn. It's my understanding that he has demanded that random.org replace their servers. Angry

It's great when these type of games happen. After pregame adjustments the Sixers were at a 20 point disadvantage, down from the original 22. Add in the Celtics extra dice roll and the odds were very, very long indeed for a Sixers win. But, that's why they don't play these games on paper......
Edited by adml on 03/20/2019
Game 59

Philadelphia 76ers -vs- Houston Rockets
San Antonio, TX
February 6, 1973

Close, but there are only columns for Wins and Loses, none for Close. The Sixers meet the Rockets in San Antonio and lose by the slimmest of margins, 117-116.

Philadelphia had five in double figures, led by Fred Carter who just missed the 30 point mark as he tossed in 29. Leroy Ellis was next in the scorebook with 23, followed by Don May who totaled 16, Tom Van Arsdale with 14, and Jeff Halliburton with 12. Freddie Boyd claimed 8 points, while Dale Schlueter and Manny Leaks each netted 7. After a four game absence the egg returns, possessed by Mike Price, who was also the most recent holder.

The Rockets had two of their own with 20 or more points, Rudy T with 26, and Mike Newlin with 22. Four others made it to double digits, Jimmy Walker with 18, Jack Marin 14, Otto Moore 13, and Paul McCracken 10. Cliff Meely added 8 points and Eric McWilliams finished with 6.

click image to enlarge

Next Game:
2/9/73 @ Portland. The Sixers are 0-2 against the Trail Blazers this season, losing by 22 in Philadelphia, and 36 in Portland.

actual result:
Philadelphia - 117
Houston - 123

Philadelphia record:
actual (4-55)
replay (10-49)
Edited by adml on 04/09/2019
Game 60

Philadelphia 76ers @ Portland Trail Blazers
Memorial Coliseum
February 9, 1973

It's not the same as losing by 1 to Houston, and it's most definitely a world apart from beating the Celtics, but, even though it was against Portland, the tied for second worst team in the league, the Sixers were in the game, ultimately losing by 7 points, 108-101.

Philadelphia had five finish in double digits, paced by Fred Carter who hit for 23 points. Also in the quintet were Don May and Jeff Halliburton with 17 apiece, Tom Van Arsdale with 16, and Leroy Ellis with 12. Manny Leaks added 6 points, Freddie Boyd 4, Dale Schlueter 3, and Mike Price 2. Dave Sorenson's lone made free throw enabled him to avoid the egg.

The Trail Blazers were led by Sidney Wicks who poured in 34 points, and Geoff Petrie who netted 24. Lloyd Neal with 13 and Charlie Davis with 10 also ended the game in double figures. Rick Adelman totaled 8 points, Greg Smith 6, Ollie Johnson 5, Larry Steele 4, LaRue Martin 3, and Terry Dischinger 1.

click image to enlarge

Next Game:
2/10/73 @ Phoenix. The Sixers are 1-1 against the Suns this season, winning the game in Phoenix, and losing the game played in Pittsburgh.

actual result:
Philadelphia - 105
Portland - 116

Philadelphia record:
actual (4-56)
replay (10-50)
click image to enlarge
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