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It's the return of the Retro Wrestling Game!!
I don't wanna blow my own horn, but "toot toot!"

RWG is back in a way that has given me much more freedom to create new sets, thanks to parody laws! No pictures to potentially draw cease & desist orders from Stamford, and the cards come with your choice of parody names or blank names you can fill in yourself! And the current set just went LIVE tonight, Friday 21st of September! It's a Golden Age set containing 3 packs of 30 wrestlers each for $10, or the Bundle deal of all 90 cards for $25! Check out these names paying homage to the style of wrestlers who ranged from the pioneer days of wrestling, straight through to the black & white era of television....

Angelino Mocha
Gregorio DiPaolo
“Mariner” Tom Arthur
"Count" Leon Michelin
Wombat White
Mr. Phil Stiller
Kelly “Crimson” Katz
“Snapper” Kelly Dobson
Cobalt Devil
“Rustler” Rob Trellis
“Rustler” Rob Horton the 1st
Pepe Peru
Bluto San Marino
Thug Gaspard
“Assassin” Sonny Houston
“Golden Child” Sonny Roberts
“Violent” Bronco Murray
Cleaver Moulan
“Tribesman” Colossal Spirit
Les Lobos
Smasher Lasiewski
Lanny Dodge
“Hunter” Steve O'Kennedy
“Baron” Kelly Virgo
The Devastator
Mick “The Mastiff” Gower
Mick Einhorn
Mick the Brawler
Curt Donald
“Tribesman” Jon Owl
Jon Don Leopold
Gory Nixon
Gory Stanke the 1st
Luke Moakema
George Ed Donald
Freddie Hamm
Francois LeTellier
El Angelico
Hank Koch
“Martian” Hank Dickey
“Impaler” Ted Massie
Blitz Van Zandt
“Jujitsu” Dean DeVille
Ralph “Sore Loser” Dannon
Ralph “Critical Mass” Parris
Ravishing Ralph
Rory Herrera
Kodiak Jones
Franz Portier
Franz Schlitz
Jolly Jumbo
“Scrambled Egg” Fogarty
Samson Perez
Elio Apollo
Moe Blanchett
Moe Becker
Ron Lobos
Ronnie Farrant
Ronnie Marlon
Ronnie Heartthrob
Earl Koch
“Assassin” Earl Fox
Assassin Dombrowski
Yukon Phil
Ben Mossey
Rio Cannelloni
Drew Fezz
Martino Louis
Lester Leslie
Sick Puppy Moulon
Lew Marcus
Ivan the Powerful
Rick Bozak
Connor O'Patrick
Saul Pedersen
Gord Raymond
Dicki Carr
Rusty Sistine
“Fast” Dicky Dinero
Soviet Smasher
The Arab
Crossbones Durfee
“Rough” Toby Thorne
Shot Goto
Bern Cagney
Gregor the Grappling Bear
Cosmo Van Zandt
Filbert Ryder
Klondike Derek
Yves Rogers

....so what are you waiting for! This is what you've been asking for!! Links in my signature below!!!
Visit my online tabletop game store or my FB groups!
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