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GV's Other UQ Wrestling Results
UWF Results (Circa Late 80's) - Myriad, Oklahoma City, OK. Att: 11,676.
Announcers: Jim Ross & Michael P.S. Hayes
Ring Announcer: Boyd Pierce
Referees: Tommy Gilbert, Johnny Martinez & Carl Fergie

1. "Bruiser" Bob Sweetan beat "Broadway" Joe Malcolm with the Piledriver at 2:58.

2. Angelo Mosca Jr. (w/ fellow "Jersey Boy" Jumping Joe Savoldi) over Brett Sawyer (w/ brother "Mad Dog" Buzz Sawyer) by DQ at 8:42. Buzz ran into the ring to break up Mosca's pin attempt after Angelo landed a Diving Reverse Cross Body Press onto Brett from the top rope.

3. Devastation Incorporated's "Wild" Bill Irwin (w/ General Skandor Akbar) defeated Chief Jules Strongbow by Count Out at 7:43. Strongbow could not answer Referee Tommy Gilbert's ten count after being hit with a Low Blow by Irwin on the floor.

4. "Bullet" Bob Armstrong over "Unpredictable" Dick Slater (w/ valet Dark Journey) by DQ at 11:12. Dark Journey was caught spraying perfume into Armstrong's eyes by Referee Carl Fergie to draw the disqualification on Slater.

5. The Rock & Roll RPMs (Mike Davis & Tommy Lane w/ Downtown Bruno) beat the duo of "Gentleman" Chris Adams & Sting (w/ Sunshine) by Count Out at 10:54. Disguised as a member of the security staff, "Hot Stuff" Eddie Gilbert snuck down to ringside and threw a fireball into his former partner Sting's face during OOR action. The blinded Sting staggered around ringside while Referee Johnny Martinez issued the ten count on him. Distracted by the proceedings, Chris Adams was blindsided by Terry Taylor who raced into the ring with his Flying Five Arm. Gilbert and Taylor then gave Adams a Double Hot Shot onto the top rope.

6. "Louisville Slugger" Big Bubba Rogers (w/ Jim Cornette) over "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan (w/ 2 x 4) at 10:09. With Big Bubba distracting Referee Tommy Gilbert, Cornette smashed Duggan from behind with his trusty tennis racket. Rogers then finished off his floored opponent with a devastating Splash off the top rope to score the tainted pinfall.

7. UWF Tag Team Title Match. The champs, The Fantastics (Bobby Fulton & Tommy Rogers) defeated their challengers and hated rivals the Kiwi Sheepherders (Butch Miller & Cousin Luke Williams w/ Lord Jonathan Boyd) by Count Out at 13:27. The Sheepherders once again did a number on the Fantastics with their New Zealand flagpole. The champs were bloodied and battered but persevered. Bobby Fulton reversed a flagpole smash on Cousin Luke OOR to cause the count out. The Sheepherders were hardcore before there was "hardcore" ; )
UWF Results (Circa Late 80's) - Riverside Centroplex, Baton Rouge, LA. Att: 8,838.

Announcers: Boyd Pierce & "Cowboy" Bill Watts
Ring Announcer: Toni Adams
Referees: Ronnie West & Joel Armstrong

1. "Missouri Tiger" Jeff Gaylord defeated "Beastman" Mike Boyette with a Missile Drop Kick off the top rope at 2:34.

2. "Fabulous Freebird" Michael P.S. Hayes (w/ moonwalk and fellow Freebird Buddy Roberts) pinned Perry Jackson with a Bulldog out of the corner at 2:43. Prior to the bell, Hayes flirted with Ring Announcer Toni Adams and received a slap across the face much to the delight of the fans.

3. The Sawyers ("Mad Dog" Buzz & brother Brett) defeated the Jersey Boys (Angelo Mosca Jr. & "Jumping" Joe Savoldi) in shady fashion. Buzz wrapped his dog collar around his fist and walloped Mosca with a loaded punch while Referee Joel Armstrong was sending Savoldi back to his corner. Brett made the cover and added a handful of tights as Armstrong counted the pin.

4. Savannah Jack defeated Devastation Incorporated's Bad Leroy Brown (w/ General Skandor Akbar) by DQ at 10:05. Akbar was caught smashing Savannah in the head with Toni Adams' microphone. Referee Ronnie West immediately signaled for the bell.

5. The Armstrongs ("Bullet" Bob & son Brad) over the Samoan Swat Team (Fatu & Samu w/ Skandor Akbar) by Count Out at 8:01. During OOR action, Akbar tried to hit Bob Armstrong over the head with a chair but the interference backfired when "Bullet" Bob ducked and Fatu took the chair shot instead. Referee Joel Armstrong put the ten count on the KO'd SST member. It was a rough night in Baton Rouge for the General and his troops.

6. Terry Taylor (w/ "Hot Stuff" Eddie Gilbert & "The First Lady of Professional Wrestling" Missy Hyatt) and Sam Houston wrestled to a 15:00 Time Limit Draw. Taylor may have been saved by the bell when he was caught in a Backslide by Houston just as the time expired.

7. In the Main Event, Lord Humongous (w/ Downtown Bruno) over Ted Dibiase via Count Out at 12:48. Dibiase got into a scuffle with "The Unpredictable" Dick Slater who had joined the announcers' table to provide guest commentary for the match. The two got into a heated exchange on the floor as Referee Ronnie West issued the ten count on Dibiase.
"Cowboy" Bill Watts' UWF Results (Circa Late 80's) - Tulsa Convention Center, Tulsa, OK. Att: 7,552.

Announcers: Jim Ross & Magnum T.A.
Ring Announcer: Reeser Bowden
Referees: Tommy Gilbert & Carl Fergie

1. "Bruiser" Bob Sweetan put away "Mr. Superb" Steve Doll with his trademark Piledriver at 6:44.

2. Veteran Art Crews received a gift Count Out victory over Eli the Eliminator (w/ General Skandor Akbar) at 7:10 when Eli got into a confrontation with "Jumping" Joe Savoldi OOR. Savoldi was being interviewed by Jim Ross at ringside regarding the recent problems that the Jersey Boys have had with the Sawyer Brothers. Akbar interjected himself into the conversation and was promptly decked by a Savoldi haymaker. Eli rushed to his manager's defense and was counted out by Referee Carl Fergie as he brawled with the Jersey Boy on the floor.

3. "Jumping" Joe Savoldi defeated "Mad Dog" Buzz Sawyer when the bout was stopped due to blood by Referee Tommy Gilbert at 10:33. Eli the Eliminator returned to ringside and tried to bash Savoldi with Sawyer's dog chain but accidently hit the "Mad Dog" with it instead. Sawyer's forehead was busted open from the blow causing the "Mad Dog" to bleed profusely. Tommy Gilbert examined the wound and called for the bell when he deemed Buzz unable to continue.

4. "Timekeeper" Mike George (w/ clock in hand) over the Angel of Death (w/ Sunshine) at 7:40. The "Timekeeper" failed to make a prediction prior to the bell but he did use the clock to his advantage as he popped the Angel of Death in the head with the timepiece when Referee Carl Fergie wasn't looking. George then landed an Elbow Drop off the 2nd rope onto his prone opponent to score the pinfall.

5. UWF TV Title Match. Champion "Nature Boy" Buddy Landel (w/ "The First Lady of Professional Wrestling" Missy Hyatt) narrowly squeaked by the challenger "Freebird" Buddy Roberts (w/ Michael P.S. Hayes) to retain his title at 11:14. Roberts delivered a Bulldog out of the corner on the champ but was "distracted" when Missy Hyatt, clad in a rather tight mini skirt, bent over and gave the Freebird an eyeful. The ogling Roberts was rolled up from behind by Landel for the pin.

6. "Gentleman" Chris Adams & Sting (w/ Sunshine) defeated Devastation Incorporated's Bad Leroy Brown & "Wild" Bill Irwin (w/ General Skandor Akbar) by DQ at 14:12. Akbar's troops were disqualified when they ignored Referee Tommy Gilbert's five count and persisted in a double team beatdown of Sting inside the ring.

7. In the Main Event, "The Unpredictable" Dick Slater (w/ valet Dark Journey) beat Ted Dibiase by DQ at 14:01. Dark Journey blindsided Referee Carl Fergie with her purse after Dibiase caught Slater with his Powerslam finisher off the ropes. Dark Journey then threatened to bash Ted Dibiase with the handbag as well, but Dibiase was able to yank it out of her hands before she could hit him with it. Unfortunately for Dibiase, a woozy Carl Fergie caught him holding the purse and called for the bell.
UWF Results (Circa Late 80's) - Beaumont Civic Center, Beaumont, TX. Att: 6,318.

Announcers: Jim Ross & "Cowboy" Bill Watts
Ring Announcer: Boyd Pierce
Referees: Tommy Gilbert & Jerry Usher

1. "Dirty" Dick Murdoch (w/ "General" Skandor Akbar) pinned Ken Massey with his Delayed Brainbuster at 2:44.

2. "Dr. Death" Steve Williams over "Gorgeous" Gary Young (w/ Downtown Bruno) at 4:28. Bruno removed the padding from a corner turnbuckle behind Referee Jerry Usher's back but it was Dr. Death who capitalized on the mischief but ramming Young's head into the exposed steel leading to the pinfall.

3. Sam Houston pinned "Wild" Bill Irwin (w/ "General" Skandor Akbar) with his running Bulldog out of the corner at 7:32.

4. Popular youngsters Shane Douglas & Steve "Do It To It" Cox went down to defeat at the hands of the Fabulous Freebirds (Michael P.S. Hayes & Buddy Roberts w/ Terry "Bam Bam" Gordy) at 7:48. With Buddy Roberts distracting Referee Tommy Gilbert, Terry Gordy bashed Shane Douglas from behind with his cowboy boot. Gilbert turned around to find Michael Hayes making the cover and counted the pin.

5. Eli the Eliminator was disqualified by Referee Jerry Usher at 8:22 when his manager "General" Skandor Akbar ran into the ring to break up the pin after his opponent "Jumping" Joe Savoldi caught him with a Diving Cross Body Press off the top rope.

6. "Hot Stuff" Eddie Gilbert got the better of his former tag team partner Sting with help from a likely source. With Referee Jerry Usher down and out on the mat, Sting felt the wrath of "The Lady in Waiting" as "The First Lady of Professional Wrestling" Missy Hyatt slugged him in the head with her loaded Gucci bag. Gilbert made the cover as a woozy Jerry Usher crawled over to lay the three count on the KO'd Sting.

7. "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan (w/ 2x4, "Ho !" and a big thumbs up) over "Ugandan Giant" Kamala (w/ Handler Friday & "General" Skandor Akbar) by DQ at 15:02. Friday tried to bash Hacksaw with Kamala's tribal mask but inadvertently hit Referee Tommy Gilbert with it instead. Gilbert immediately called for the bell.
WWWF Results (Circa Late 70's) – Witschi’s Sports Arena, North Attleboro, MA. Att: 1,582.

Announcer: Vince McMahon Jr.
Ring Announcer: Gary Cappetta
Referees: Billy Caputo, Lou Super & Dick Woehrle

1. Looking like the Gorton’s Fisherman in his yellow fisherman’s slicker and cap, “Matman” Robbie Ellis received a big hand from the crowd as he made his way down the aisle with his trusty lobster trap in tow to take on Jose Estrada in our opening bout. Robbie was greeted with a quick boot to the midsection upon entering the ring and found himself on the receiving end in the early going. Inspired by the rowsing fan support, the Matman battled back to take control of the bout until he was tossed OOR by Estrada. Ellis was then sent head-first into his own lobster trap and suffered a deep gash to the forehead. Despite the nasty cut, Robbie persevered and carried the battle to his opponent on the floor. The two grapplers beat the official's count back inside the ring, but Referee Billy Caputo stopped the match at 5:51 and deemed Robbie unable to continue after inspecting the laceration.

2. Not known for his strength, "Flying" Fred Curry surprised his much larger opponent with a big Body Slam when Baron Scicluna tried a sneak attack during the match introductions. The Baron eventually took the action OOR where he hoped to have the advantage, but flew into the second row of spectators when Curry side-stepped his charge. Scicluna became entangled in some folding chairs and was unable to free himself in time to make Referee Lou Super's ten count. The time of the match was 6:55.

3. Mr. Fuji & Professor Toru Tanaka (w/ "Hollywood Fashion Plate" Classy Freddie Blassie) defeated the duo of S.D. "Special Delivery" Jones & Johnny Rivera at 5:46. Blassie's presence at ringside had a big impact on the proceedings. Although he didn't actually interfere in the match per se, the devious manager's jabbering proved to be a constant source of distraction. A karate thrust to the throat set Rivera up for Fuji's Kamikaze Clothesline off the ropes leading to the winning pinfall.

4. Barefoot "Country Boy" Haystacks Calhoun put away "Pretty Boy" Larry Sharpe at 6:07. Sharpe was seconded by his long time tag team partner "Dynamite" Jack Evans who interjected himself quite often to keep this bout interesting. While Evans may have helped his friend's cause with his occasional cheap shots, it would be his blunder that ironically led to the finish. Jack attempted to smash Haystack's with his own lucky horseshoe but ended up clobbering the Pretty Boy with it instead. The 601lbs Calhoun then took a seat on the KO'd Sharpe's chest while Referee Billy Caputo counted the pin.

5. Auckland, New Zealand's Tony Garea over "The One Man Riot Squad" Dick "Bulldog" Brower by DQ at 8:59. To his credit, Garea would not allow himself to be suckered into a slugfest with the brawling Bulldog but chose instead to stick with his technical skills. Increasing frustrated by his opponent's game plan, Brower sought advice from his manager and conferred with Captain Louis Albano in the corner. The Bulldog emerged from their pow wow with Brass Knucks in hand and clocked Garea with a loaded punch. Brower immediately pounced on his KO'd opponent for the pin cover but Referee Lou Super saw the infraction and called for the disqualification instead.

6. Gorilla Monsoon was well received by North Attleboro during his introduction for this evening's Main Event and earned 50 additional points against "The Big Cat" Ernie Ladd (w/ the Grand Wizard of Wrestling). Gorilla's bonus, however, was trumped by his opponent's ample Cheating Modifier. Ladd used his controversial taped thumb to great effect throughout the match, but was at his dirtiest when the action moved to the floor. The Big Cat choked out Monsoon with Ring Announcer Gary Cappetta's microphone cord while the Grand Wizard kept Referee Dick Woehrle occupied. Gorilla was unable to recover in time to make the official's subsequent ten count. Your winner by Count Out at 13:45 - "The Big Cat" Ernie Ladd.
WWWF Results (Circa Late 70's) - Veterans Memorial Coliseum, New Haven, CT. Att: 8,220.

Announcer: Vince McMahon Jr.
Ring Announcer: Howard Finkel
Referees: John Stanley, Lou Super & "Tough" Tony Altimore

1. Pinky Larsen had the fans firmly behind him as he squared off with "Fabulous" Frank Monte in our opening contest. Monte inflicted a great deal of punishment throughout the bout but was unable to put the grimly determined Larsen away. Time and time again, Pinky managed to either kick out or lift a shoulder to escape every pinning predicament that he found himself in. With the match nearing its ten minute time limit, a frustrated Monte blatantly threw his opponent over the top rope and was promptly disqualified by Referee John Stanley. Larsen took a bad spill to the floor but had his hand raised in victory at 9:29.

2. The popular masked man from South of the Border El Olympico received extra points for both a flashy entrance and rolling on his Speed Modifier, however it was not enough to defeat "Hollywood Fashion Plate" Classy Freddie Blassie's man from the Orient Strong Kobyashi. A missed Flying Drop Kick was the beginning of the end for Olympico. Kobyashi managed to put on the brakes to avoid the aerial maneuver, and then caught his stunned opponent with a Reverse Knife-Edge Chop to the throat off the ropes to gain the three count at 4:59.

3. Dino Bravo & Dominic Denucci looked like they were on top of their game after reversing a trash can smash from Baron Scicluna during a pre-match interview with Vince McMahon. Indeed, Denucci and Bravo dominated Scicluna and his partner Butcher Vachon during their tag team contest until trouble came down to ringside in the form of the reigning WWWF Champion Valiant Brothers. Perhaps "Handsome" Jimmy and "Luscious" Johnny were merely there to scout potential challengers to their titles, but whatever the reason for their appearance, it certainly infuriated Dino Bravo. The Canadian youngster's hot temper and lack of experience showed when Bravo left the ring to confront the Valiants on the floor and was counted out during the heated exchange despite all attempts by Denucci to get his partner back inside the squared circle. The Valiants seemed very pleased with themselves when Howard Finkel announced the decision. The time of the match was 7:47.

4. Our next bout between "Pretty Boy" Larry Sharpe and Steve Travis yielded no winner after Referee John Stanley became caught up in the action and was rendered unconscious. The trouble began when Sharpe found himself trapped in a Travis' Sleeper Hold. With his arms flailing away in the air, the desperate Pretty Boy quickly back-peddled Travis toward the corner in the hopes that the collision would brake the hold. Unfortunately for the official, Stanley became pinned in between Travis and the turnbuckle and hit his head on the ring post. The match was stopped at 6:10 when physician Dr. George Zahorian entered the ring and administered smelling salts to revive the KO'd Stanley. The woozy ref was then assisted to the back by ring attendants. The official decision was a "No Contest".

5. Ken Patera barked at a young boy who made the mistake of asking him for an autograph as the Olympic Strongman came down the aisle to face "High Chief" Peter Maivia. Patera drew plenty of heat (and heel points) from the crowd for frightening the lad to give him the early edge over his adversary from the Isle of Samoa, but made a huge mistake when he climbed up to the top rope to attempt a high risk manuever. Precariously perched on the turnbuckle and clearly out of his element, Patera's leap was met by the High Chief's raised knees. Maivia quickly cradled the stunned Strongman for the three count in a crowd pleasing finish at 9:23.

6. WWWF Champion Bruno Sammartino defended his crown against "Crazy" Luke Graham in the Main Event. As always, Graham took exception to the incessant chants of "Crazy Luke !" and covered his ears to drown out the din. Luke's manager the Grand Wizard of Wrestling petitioned to the crowd for quiet which only made them shout all the louder. Once Graham finally got around to wrestling, he was at his dirtiest thanks in large point to a roll on his Cheating Modifier. Bruno can brawl with the best of them, but his challenger persistently employed his controversial bandaged thumb to great effect despite no-nonsense Referee "Tough" Tony Altimore's repeated warnings to the contrary. A blatant thumb jab to the Champ's throat right in front of the official's eyes left Sammartino gasping for breath and writhing in agony. Altimore finally had enough and called for the bell at 12:29. Graham responded by throwing the ref out of the ring and continuing his assault on Bruno. Sammartino rallied with a barrage of punches that brought the fans to their feet. The champion capped off his comeback with a loud chair shot to Luke's noggin as the ring quickly filled with wrestlers who separated the two combatants. Bruno Sammartino retains the WWWF Title.
WWWF Results (Circa Late 70's) - The Spectrum, Philadlephia, PA. Att: 10,376.

Commentators: Dick Graham & Kal Rudman
Ring Announcer: Joe McHugh
Referees: Dick Woehrle, Billy Caputo & Gilberto Roman

1. "Philadelphia's Favorite Son" S.D. "Special Delivery" Jones battled "The Unpredictable" Johnny Rodz to a Double Count Out at 7:15. Rodz was accompanied to the ring by his occasional tag team partner Jose Estrada. Johnny's strategy seemed to involve getting Jones OOR where he and Estrada could combine for a double team beat down. Things didn't quite go as planned, however, once the action spilled out onto the floor. Rodz and Estrada's heads were rung together in a noggin knocker while Referee Dick Woehrle laid on the ten count. S.D. may have gotten the better of the fight but was also counted along with Rodz.

2. Frank "Moose" Monroe had some derogatory things to say about the city of Philadelphia during the match introductions until his opponent Ivan Putski snatched the house mic from his grasp and bellowed "Polish Power!" to set things right. Putski packs a lot of power into his 5' 8" frame and caught the rotund Monroe in a couple of ring-shaking Body Slams. Moose nearly submitted to a grueling Full Nelson but was able to reach the safety of the ropes to break the hold. He only succeeded in postponing the inevitable a little while longer. Ivan connected with his patented Polish Hammer off the ropes to gain the pinfall at 3:23.

3. There's no telling what "The One Man Riot Squad" Dick "The Bulldog" Brower will do at any given moment as "Irish" Pat Barrett found out. Pat was smashed across the back with a folding chair by Brower during a pre-match interview with Kal Rudman and sustained 200 points worth of damage as a result. The Bulldog then tossed him into the ring and the bell abruptly sounded to officially start the match. As it turned out, the setback proved to be too much for Barrett to overcome. Brower dominated the contest with his usual roughhouse style before ending things with a Knee Drop from the top rope at 5:57.

4. "Pretty Boy" Larry Sharpe & "Dynamite" Jack Evans upset the popular duo of Tony Garea & Larry Zbyszko at 7:36. After being Drop Kicked through the ropes and out of the ring, Evans returned with a foreign object that he had found on the floor and clocked Zbyszko with a loaded punch. In the meantime, Tony Garea had the Pretty Boy cradled nicely in a Small Package. Referee Gilberto Roman didn't know where to turn first and ended up counting the pin on Zbyszko despite Sharpe and Garea technically being the legal men at the time. Evans and Sharpe beat a hasty retreat to the back while Garea attended to his dazed partner in the ring.

5. "Hollywood Fashion Plate" Classy Freddie Blassie was the difference in the bout between barefoot "County Boy" Haystacks Calhoun and "The Iron Greek" Spiros Arion. Blassie was an endless source of distraction for both Calhoun and Referee Dick Woehrle. Arion was able to capitalize on his manager's interference once the action moved OOR. The Iron Greek bashed Haystacks in the head with his own lucky horseshoe while Blassie commanded the official's attention. Calhoun was still down and out on the Spectrum floor when Woehrle's ten count ran out at 8:56.

6. Bob Backlund over "Handsome" Jimmy Valiant (w/ "Luscious " Johnny Valiant & Captain Louis Albano) at 11:25. The Valiant Brothers are the current reigning WWWF Tag Team Champions but were probably wishing that they had left their title belts home. Luscious Johnny saw an opportunity to interfere when Referee Billy Caputo became embroiled in a heated argument with Captain Lou. He snuck into the ring to smash Backlund with his tag team belt but ended up accidentally clobbering "Handsome" Jimmy with it instead. Backlund then scooped up his dazed opponent and sent Jimmy crashing into his brother with a Delayed Atomic Spinebuster. Caputo finally turned around to find Backlund making the cover on Jimmy and counted the pin.

7. "Eighth Wonder of the World" Andre the Giant returned to the WWWF to a hero's welcome as he squared off with long time nemesis "The Big Cat" Ernie Ladd in our Main Event. Ladd found some success by going to Andre's eyes and using his controversial taped thumb for some jabs to the throat, but this match was largely dominated by the Giant himself. A pair of huge Head Butts had the Big Cat reeling on rubbery legs before a Big Boot to the chin put Ladd down for the three count at 15:10. The Big Cat's manager the Grand Wizard of Wrestling may have had a legitimate gripe when he insisted that Referee Gilberto Roman employed a fast count, but his protest ultimately fell on deaf ears. Your winner: Andre the Giant.
WWWF Results (Circa Late 70's) - Bangor Auditorium, Bangor, ME. Att: 3,351.

Ring Announcer: Frank Coutinho
Referees: Dick Woehrle & John Stanley

1. The Golden Terror defeated Frank Williams in our opening contest at 6:10. The Terror, whose mannerisms in the ring suspiciously resembled those of "The Duke of Dorcester" Pete Doherty, had his hands full trying to conceal his identity tonight. Williams seemed intent on unmasking his adversary right from the get go and nearly succeeded until the Terror fled to the safety of the floor to regroup. While straightening out his mask OOR, the Terror appeared to slip an object under the hood before climbing back up onto the apron. The fans shouted for Referee John Stanley to examine the mask, but it was all for naught. Upon re-entering the ring, the masked man quickly delivered a (loaded??) Head Butt that dropped Williams to the mat like a ton of bricks. The Terror hooked a leg while Stanley counted the pin.

2. Prior to his match with Steve Travis, "Continental Nobleman" Joe Turco snatched the house mic away from Frank Coutinho and said something in Italian which seemed to rile up the crowd. Frank then took the microphone back and responded with some Italian of his own. The fans might not have understood what Frank had said, but Turco sure did and took exception to it, too ! Referee Dick Woehrle quickly stepped in to restore the peace. The incident allowed Steve Travis to get the early jump in the match by catching the flustered Nobleman in a series of Arm Drags to start things off. Travis continued to use his speed quite effectively prompting Turco to resort to eye rakes and choke holds in an attempt to slow things down to his own pace. While the roughhouse tactics initially had some success, Travis rebounded by catching his opponent in a Sleeper Hold. Flailing away and fading fast, a desperate Turco slugged the official to save himself. Woehrle wasted no time in calling for the DQ at 5:24.

3. A special Ladies Attraction pitting Susan Green against the Fabulous Moolah ended in a Double Count Out at 13:04. Green pushed the crafty veteran to the limits tonight and came within an eye lash of pinning her opponent with a Backslide, but Moolah barely managed to lift a shoulder to break the count. Moolah, in turn, nearly had a win herself by feigning an injury on the mat and cradling Green in a surprise Small Package. Referee John Stanley was caught out of position to give Green an extra second or two to kick out of that pinning predicament. The end of the contest came when Moolah was caught with a Flying Cross Body Press while up against the ropes. The momentum of Green's aerial maneuver sent both ladies toppling OOR and crashing awkwardly to the floor below. Neither gal could get themselves back inside the ring in time to make Stanley's count.

4. Heart Punch specialist Stan "The Man" Stasiak was disqualified in his match with Victor Rivera at 4:58. Stasiak used quite a bit of rule breaking in this contest to maintain an advantage over his foe, but went too far when he attempted to hide behind Referee Dick Woehrle to avoid a top rope leap. Rocked by a leaping Head Butt and on rubbery legs, Stan the Man pulled the official in front of himself just as Rivera leapt off the top rope with a Missile Drop Kick. Woehrle took the full brunt of the blow on the chest and crumpled to the canvas, but still had the where with all to signal for the bell.

5. Mr. Fuji had a huge impact on the match pitting his tag team partner Professor Toru Tanaka against "The Man of a Thousand Masks" Mil Mascaras. Fuji proved to be an endless source of distraction for the popular masked superstar from Mexico City and snuck in several cheap shots whenever Referee John Stanley's back was turned. Tanaka tried to further utilize his partner's interference by sending Mascaras to the floor where he hoped to join in with Fuji on some dirty double teaming. The strategy backfired, however, when the Professor was blinded by a face-full of ceremonial salt from his partner after Mascaras ducked at the last instant. Tanaka stumbled around ringside and was counted out by Stanley at 7:03.

6. Captain Louis Albano's Valiant Brothers ("Handsome" Jimmy & "Luscious" Johnny) defended their WWWF Tag Team Championship against the team of Dino Bravo & Dominic Denucci in our sixth bout. The challengers were pumped up by the crowd's enthusiastic support and rode the momentum to give the Valiant's a good run for their money. The youngster Bravo showed his inexperience by whipping Luscious Johnny into his own corner and then attempted to Monkey Flip him back out again. Jimmy held onto his brother to block the maneuver causing Dino to land flat on his back. Johnny quickly pounced on him with both feet on the ropes for leverage to gain the winning pinfall at 11:43. The Valiant Brothers successfully retain the WWWF Tag Team Titles.

7. Twenty minutes was not enough time to decide a winner between Chief Jay Strongbow and Waldo Von Erich (w/ "Hollywood Fashion Plate" Classy Freddie Blassie) in tonight's Main Event. As always, the vile Von Erich employed a great deal of brawling and rule breaking throughout the contest, but the resilient Strongbow answered in kind with his trademark Running Knee Lifts and Tomahawk Chops. Making one final push to pull out a victory, Strongbow caught the big German in a Sleeper Hold just as time had expired. Many fans thought that the Chief had won when they heard the bell sound and were disappointed to discover that Referee John Stanley had officially declared the match a Time Limit Draw.
WCW Results (Circa Early 90's) - Ritz-Epps Center, Ft. Bragg, NC. Att: 3,008.

Announcers: Jim Ross & Missy Hyatt
Ring Announcer: Rhubarb Jones
Referees: Bill Alphonso, Nick Patrick & Randy "Pee Wee" Anderson

1. Flyin' Brian Pillman is quickly working his way up the "Most Hated" ladder in WCW after turning heel last week on Erik Watts at the Greensboro Coliseum. Pillman took a folding chair to Pablo Crenshaw's back before his opponent had even gotten into the ring for tonight's match introductions. Crenshaw most likely would have been counted out had Flyin' Brian not rolled him back inside the ring to inflict more punishment. Pillman then had the audacity to pull a taped foreign object from his tights and hold it up for all the fans to see when Referee Bill Alphonso's back was turned. Crenshaw was all but out on his feet following a loaded haymaker from Flyin' Brian and staggered right into the Air Pillman (Springboard Clothesline) for the three count at 2:09.

2. Never one to be known for his mic skills, "Beautiful" Bobby Eaton butchered a pre-match promo with Jim Ross. Despite losing 100 points for the fiasco, Beautiful Bobby had no problems putting away the masked Zan Panzer in rather short order. Panzer briefly bailed OOR to load up his elbow pad with a foreign object, but was met by a Swinging Neckbreaker upon re-entering. Eaton then finished him off with the Alabama Jam (Leg Drop from the top rope) to gain the pinfall at 3:02.

3. The bout between "Young Pistol" Steve Armstrong and J. T. Southern yielded no winner. Both men took turns bashing one another with a trash can lid that Southern's buddy Johnny Flamingo had snuck into the ring for J.T. to use. Referee Randy Anderson DQ'd both combatants for using the object at 6:59.

4. "Heavy Metal" Van Hammer continues to have his problems with the afore-mentioned J.T. Southern who returned to ringside to provide guest commentary with Jim Ross and Missy Hyatt. J.T.'s presence proved to be a major distraction for Hammer during the rock star's match with Bunkhouse Buck. Southern has accused "Heavy Metal" of being a fraud and poser in the past and claims that Hammer doesn't even know how to play the electric guitar that he brings with him to the ring. J.T. grabbed the instrument from the time keeper's table and began strumming out a tune which immediately caught Hammer's attention. "Heavy Metal" was warning him to put the guitar down when he was rolled up from behind by Buck and pinned with a handful of tights at 5:48.

5. "The Enforcer" Arn Anderson beat "All-American" Ron Simmons by dubious means at 9:37. It looked like curtains for "The Enforcer" after he caught a boot to the mush on an ill-advised corner charge and was cradled by Simmons in a Small Package. Fortunately for Anderson, his manager Paul E. Dangerously climbed up on the apron to distract Referee Nick Patrick from seeing the pin. Arn's Dangerous Alliance tag team partner "Living Legend" Larry Zbyszko then snuck into the ring and reversed the cradle behind the preoccupied official's back. Patrick finally turned around to find Anderson on top and counted the 1-2-3.

6. Kevin Sullivan certainly made his presence felt in tonight's Main Event pitting his team of the Varsity Club (Captain Mike Rotundo & "Dog-Faced Gremlin" Rick Steiner) against the duo of Barry Windham & "The Natural" Dustin Rhodes. Sullivan took a hundred points away from Rhodes and Windham by interrupting their pre-match interview with Missy Hyatt, but the Varsity Club promptly gave the points right back when their sneak attack was thwarted during Rhubarb Jones' ring introductions. Sullivan interjected himself once more by pulling Referee Randy Anderson out of the ring by his ankles to break up the official's pin count following Windham's Superplex finisher on the Dog-Faced Gremlin. Anderson wasted no time in calling for the bell and disqualified the Varsity Club at 12:15.
WCW Results (Circa Early 90's) - Sam Houston Coliseum, Houston, TX. Att: 6,225.

Announcers: Tony Schiavone & "The American Dream" Dusty Rhodes
Ring Announcer: Rick Stewart
Referees: Randy Eller, Nick Patrick & Lee Scott

1. There were fireworks before our opening contest when newly turned heel "Flying" Brian Pillman was jumped by Erik Watts during an interview segment with Tony Schiavone. Watts, who was accused by Pillman of being on the WCW Roster solely because he is the son of "Cowboy" Bill Watts, got some payback by pummeling his antagonist with some fists of fury much to the delight of the fans. The youngster earned a 100 point bonus for accomplishing the sweet retribution before making his way down the aisle to take on Randy Barber. Erik looked quite impressive as he thoroughly outwrestled Barber from start to finish. Watts laid out his opponent with a high Flying Drop Kick to the mush and signaled to the crowd that it was time for his STF (Stepover Toehold Facelock) finisher when a berserk Brian Pillman hit the ring with a barrage of punches. The two men went at it toe-to-toe for several minutes with Watts eventually gaining the upper hand in the slugfest. Flying Brian beat a hasty retreat to the back but not before issuing a harsh warning to the youngster. Referee Randy Eller declared Watts the winner of the bout at 3:56 by way of disqualification due to Pillman's interference.

2. Allen Iron Eagle's war dance in the ring was well received by the fans as the Chief prepared himself to face Edmonton, Alberta's Chris Benoit who was led to the ring by turncoat Brian Pillman. Benoit has displayed both an aggressive style and a noticeable mean streak in recent weeks since coming under the tutelage of Flying Brian. This evening's bout was no different as Benoit was constantly admonished by Referee Nick Patrick for his belligerent disposition. The young Canadian could have pinned his opponent on numerous occasions but kept yanking Iron Eagle up on the count of two so as to inflict more punishment. The fans were on their feet when Erik Watts raced in from the back and wrapped Benoit up in the grueling STF. Pillman quickly put an end to that with a boot to the back of the head. He and Benoit then put a vicious beat down on Watts until Dusty Rhodes threw off his head set and clearing the ring of the heels with a flurry of Bionic Elbows. Your winner by DQ at 3:32 - Chris Benoit.

3. Snooty Blueblood "Lord" Steven Regal (w/ Union Jack) racked up 200 heel points when he chastised Ring Announcer Rick Stewart for not speaking more clearly in "the Queen's English". Regal had his hands full with opponent Big Josh, but turned the tables on the popular Lumberjack by bashing him with his own axe handle when the action spilled OOR. Josh was slow to recover from the blow and was counted out by Referee Lee Scott at 6:28.

4. Diamond Dallas Page's Diamond Mine (Vinnie Vegas aka Kevin Nash & the Diamond Studd aka Scott Hall) boosted their points total by putting a heckler in their place (literally). The unruly fan was unceremoniously shoved back down into their seat by Vegas as the duo made their way to the ring to face 2 Cold Scorpio and Marcus Alexander Bagwell. Despite their considerable size advantage, DDP's men had problems coping with their opponent's speed and quickness. Page interjected himself by pushing Scorpio off the top rope as the high flyer was setting himself to deliver The Diss that Don't Miss (450 Splash) onto the prone Hall. Referee Randy Eller saw the foul and disqualified the Diamond Mine for their manager's dirty deed at 6:11.

5. "Living Legend" Larry Zbyszko (w/ Paul E. Dangerously & Arn Anderson) over "Fabulous Freebird' Michael P. S. Hayes (w/ Jimmy "Jam" Garvin) at 8:57. Looking to take advantage of Referee Nick Patrick being knocked to the canvas, Dangerously tossed his portable phone into the ring for Zbyszko to use, however Hayes was able to intercept the weapon and use it on The Living Legend instead. Unfortunately for the Freebird, the official had still not yet recovered to count what would have been a certain pin. In the meantime, Jimmy Jam chased Dangerously back to the dressing room enabling Arn Anderson to sneak into the ring and plant Hayes with his Gourdbuster finisher. Zbyszko crawled over to make the cover as a woozy Nick Patrick added the 1-2-3.

6. Big Van Vader (w/ manager Harley Race) put his WCW World Heavyweight Championship on the line against "The Russian Nightmare" Nikita Koloff in this evening's Main Event. Once a hated heel, Koloff was clearly pumped up by the crowd's support in his bid for the title. Again and again, Vader used his bulk with devastating effect but could not put the challenger away. The Champ was clearly frustrated when Nikita somehow managed to get a shoulder up after a Big Splash from the 2nd rope. Perhaps in frustration, Vader tossed the Nightmare OOR to buy some time and formulate a new strategy. Neither Race nor the Champion were aware that Koloff had crawled under the ring while they two were conferring. Nikita emerged unnoticed on the other side and caught Vader with a surprise Roll Up from behind to win the title at 12:03. Nikita Koloff is the neeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwww WCW World Champion !
WCW Results (Circa Early 90's) - Mathis Civic Center, Valdosta, GA. Att: 3,818.

Announcers: Jim Ross & Eric Bischoff
Ring Announcer: Gary Michael Cappetta
Referees: Randy "Pee Wee" Anderson & Mark Curtis

1. "Young Pistol" Steve Armstrong defeated Inmate No. 3260 Death Row with some unexpected help from Johnny Flamingo at 4:00. Embroiled in a feud with the Pistols for some time now, Flamingo came down to ringside to stir up some trouble for Armstrong. When the action moved OOR, Johnny sprang into action but accidentally laid out Death Row with a chair shot to the noggin when Armstrong ducked at the last second. The former convict was out cold on the floor as Referee Randy Anderson's count reached ten.

2. Prior to his match with Ricky Santana, the Great Muta granted a rare interview with Jim Ross at ringside. Muta didn't utter a single word in response to the host's many questions, but opted instead to glare menacingly into the camera with an ominous grin. The segment was very unsettling and gave the Japanese superstar some bonus heel points. Once the action finally got under way, the devious Muta choked out Santana with the belt from his Gi while manager "Playboy" Gary Hart distracted Referee Mark Curtis. The official finally got wise to the ploy and was greeted with a Karate Thrust to the throat when he tried to reprimand Muta for his actions. Curtis still had the wherewithal to call for the bell before being assisted to the back for medical attention. Your winner by DQ at 2:26 - Ricky Santana.

3. Strongman Bill Kazmaier's suffered 200 points worth of damage when his opponent Mr. Hughes emerged from behind a curtain and smashed him with a flood light across the back during a pre-match interview. Obviously hurting and hampered by the assault, the game Kazmaier relentlessly took the battle to Hughes and gave the York Foundation's "Head of Security" all that he could handle. The desperate Hughes loaded his black glove with some sort of foreign object in the corner and clocked the Strongman with a haymaker when Kazmaier rushed in. Hughes quickly pounced on his KO'd foe for a pin cover but Referee Randy Anderson saw the foul and disqualified him instead. The time of the match was 7:01.

4. Colonel Parker made his presence felt in a big way during Bunkhouse Buck's victory over Marcus Alexander Bagwell. Parker proved to be an endless source of distraction for the youngster Bagwell throughout the bout. Marcus could finally stand no more and yanked the irritating manager up to the apron by his suit lapels as the fans roared their approval. Bagwell was petitioning to the crowd to haul off and smack his antagonist when Buck clubbed him from behind with Parker's walking stick. Marcus went down like a ton of bricks and was pinned by Bunkhouse at 6:15.

5. To no one's surprise, a man called Sting (w/ Spikey Blonde Hair, Colorful Face Paint & the Jungle Yell) made a spectacular entrance and racked up some serious bonus points as he prepared to face the wild and crazy Cactus Jack (w/ "Bang ! Bang !" Six-Gun Hand Gesture & the equally Wild & Crazy Abdullah the Butcher in his corner). Abdullah and Cactus aren't always on the same page, but tonight they were very much in sync. The Butcher managed to pull Jack out of the way of an oncoming Splash in the corner causing Sting to have the wind knocked out of him after flying chest-first onto the turnbuckle. With Abdullah holding onto the Stinger's foot to prevent a kick out, Cactus was able to gain the tainted three count at 11:19.

6. Tonight's Main Event featured a tag team grudge match pitting the Fabulous Freebirds (Michael P.S. Hayes & Jimmy "Jam" Garvin) against Paul E. Dangerously's Dangerous Alliance ("Living Legend" Larry Zbyszko & "The Enforcer" Arn Anderson). The Freebirds had the early edge following a rather flamboyant entrance to their "Bad Street USA" theme music and flashy pyrotechnics, but fell victim to some dirty double teaming while Dangerously kept Referee Randy Anderson preoccupied with his antics. Larry Zbyszko took a huge gamble when he climbed up to the top rope to attempt a high risk maneuver and caught a raised boot to the chin as he landed on a prone Jimmy Garvin who was playing possum on the canvas. Michael Hayes took out Arn Anderson enabling Garvin to score the pinfall on the dazed Zbyszko at 9:27.
WCW Results (Circa Early 90's) - Winthrop Coliseum, Rock Hill, SC. Attn: 2,778.

Commentators: Tony Schiavone & Paul E. Dangerously
Ring Announcer: Rhubarb Jones
Referees: Bill Alphonso, Nick Patrick & Randy Eller

1. "Scrap Iron" Bill Ford employed some chicanery and quick thinking to notch a win over the Italian Stallion in our opening bout. Ford, who usually comes up on the short end of the stick in his matches, snuck a foreign object into the ring but promptly dropped it following a boot to the midsection. The Stallion spied the weapon on the canvas and quickly snatched it up. Fearing the worst, Scrap Iron suddenly went down like a ton of bricks and grabbed his jaw in pain as he writhed on the mat from a phantom punch. Ford then insisted that Referee Bill Alphonso check his opponent's fist. Caught still holding the foreign object, Stallion pleaded his case to the ref but was disqualified nonetheless at 3:05.

2. Vinnie Vegas defeated 2 Cold Scorpio via Count Out at 6:08. Scorpio caught a huge break (and bonus points) when Referee Nick Patrick ordered Vegas' manager Diamond Dallas Page and stable mate The Diamond Studd back to the dressing room following Rhubarb Jones' match introductions. Without the benefit of outside interference to aid him in the contest, Vegas was forced to offset Scorpio's speed and agility with his brawling tactics. Vinnie took the match to the floor where he Body Slammed his opponent through the time keeper's table. Scorpio gamely limped his way back toward the apron but was unable to climb back inside the ring in time to make the official's ten count.

3. A tag team grudge match pitting Johnny Flamingo & J.T. Southern against the Young Pistols (Steve Armstrong & Tracy Smothers) yielded no winner. It did not take long for tempers to flare in this bitter feud. Both teams threw the rule book out the window and ignored Referee Randy Eller's attempts to restore order. The official had no choice but to throw the match out at 5:23 with a Double Disqualification as all four men went at it toe to toe in the middle of the ring.

4. Erik Watts lost to his primary antagonist Flyin' Brian Pillman (w/ Chris Benoit) at 7:10. To his credit, young Watts more than held his own against his much more experienced foe and even managed to corral Benoit and Pillman into a crowd-pleasing noggin knocker. Flyin' Brian's savvy and cheating would ultimately win out in the end. though. Feigning an injury in the corner, Pillman caught his adversary with a mule kick between the wickets when Erik tried to smash his head into the turnbuckle. Pillman then followed up on the Low Blow by putting both feet on the ropes for leverage to secure the winning three count.

5. "Beautiful" Bobby Eaton's recent baby face turn after being unceremoniously dumped by The Dangerous Alliance is still not sitting well with the fans. The previous long time heel received a lukewarm reception during the introductions prior to his bout with Johnny B. Badd (w/ Teddy "Peanut Head" Long). Eaton's biggest problem in this contest would turn out to be Paul E. Dangerously who ridiculed his former stable hand unmercifully from the announcers' table. Beautiful Bobby had a great deal of difficulty focusing on the match and challenged the pesky manager from Scarsdale, New York to put his money where his big mouth was and get in the ring to face him. Eaton was rolled up from behind by his opponent while he continued to jaw with Dangerously. The time of the fall was 5:06.

6. The oafish El Gigante (WWF's Giant Gonzalez) received a nice ovation from the crowd but proved to be no match for former WCW World Champion Big Van Vader (w/ Harley Race). Despite holding a distinct height advantage, Gigante could muster little in the way of offense. He did manage to catch his opponent in a Claw Hold at one point, but was forced to release it after Vader reached the safety of the ropes. This match eventually ended up on the floor where Gigante was given a Hot Shot onto the steel barricade railing surrounding ringside. Clutching his throat and gasping for breath, Gigante was counted out by Referee Nick Patrick at 7:38.

7. With revenge firmly etched in his mind, a man called Sting (w/ Spiky Blonde Hair, Face Paint and a Boat Load of Charisma) enlisted the help of WCW Heavyweight Champion "All-American" Ron Simmons to do battle with the Dysfunctional Duo of Cactus Jack (w/ Missing Teeth & Marbles) & Abdullah the Butcher in tonight's Main Event. (It should be noted that the Stinger was upset by Cactus in rather controversial fashion in Valdosta, Georgia last week.) The baby faces drew a nice bonus from their wildly popular entrance in Rock Hill, but knew they were in for trouble when their foes rolled on their ample Cheating Modifier. The madman from Truth or Consequences, New Mexico once again got the better of Sting by running him head first into the ring post and busting him open during OOR action, but Referee Bill Alphonso saw the infraction and immediately signaled for the bell at 11:15. Undaunted by the DQ loss, Cactus smiled a toothless grin and made his trademark Six-Gun "Bang ! Bang !" hand gesture as Simmons attended to his injured partner.
AWA Results (Circa Mid 80's) - Duluth Entertainment Center, Duluth, MN. Att: 6,572.

Announcers: Rod Trongard & Verne Gagne
Ring Announcer: Al DeRusha
Referees: Marty Miller & Rich Frisk

1. "Mr. Electricity" Steve Regal got the duke over "El Gordito" Nacho Berrera at 2:31. Regal rammed his opponent's head into the wooden ring steps during OOR action and then rolled Berrera into the ring for the pin.

2. "Olympian" Brad Rheingans defeated a game Buddy Wolf with the Bullet (Flying Shoulder Tackle off the 2nd rope) at 4:09.

3. Ladies Tournament Semi-Final Match. "Cowgirl" Wendi Richter over Candi Devine by DQ at 7:41. Devine looked as though she had won the match with an inside cradle, however Referee Rich Frisk was out of position to make the count. By the time Frisk got down to start counting, valuable seconds were lost and Richter managed to kick out. Devine was furious and slapped the official's face to draw the disqualification.

4. Otto Wanz beat Soldad Ustinov (w/ Russian Flag and Teijo Khan) at 7:38. Khan ran into the ring to interfere but was intercepted and corraled by Wanz into a corner with Ustinov. Big Otto then crushed them both with a running corner avalanche. Ustinov collapsed to the canvas for the pin.

5. "High Flyer" Greg Gagne made his papa proud by defeating "Mr. Magnificent" Kevin Kelly (w/ Madusa Micelli) at 8:24. Greg pinned the strongman with a pair of Flying Drop Kicks to the mush.

6. Bruiser Brody (w/ Sheik Adnan El-Kaisee) over Curt Hennig via Count Out at 12:04. Most of this match took place outside the ring with various objects coming into play. Brody wrapped Al DeRusha's microphone cord around Hennig's throat and dragged him around ringside while the Sheik kept Referee Marty Miller occupied. Hennig was unable to get back inside the ring in time to make the ten count.

7. AWA Tag Team Title Match. The Champion Midnight Rockers (Marty Jannetty & Shawn Michaels) turned back their challengers, the mighty Road Warriors (Hawk & Animal w/ "Precious" Paul Ellering and Wall Street Journal) by DQ at 9:25. Many anxious moments and near pinfalls for the champs in this contest of speed and agility vs. brute force. Ellering sensed trouble when the Rockers combined for a double fist drop onto Animal and ran into the ring to break up Michaels' pin attempt to draw the disqualification. The Rockers retain the tag team belts.
AWA Results (Circa Mid 80's) - Cow Palace, San Francisco, CA. Att: 11,906.

Announcers: Rod Trongard & Greg Gagne
Ring Announcer: Al DeRusha
Referees: Rich Frisk & Anthony "Earthquake" Ferris

1. "Polish Prince" Steve Olsonoski defeated veteran Tony Leone with an Airplane Spin at 5:23.

2. "Living Legend" Larry Zbyszko had his hands full with scrappy Jake "The Milkman" Milliman. Zbyszko drew tremendous heat from the fans with his constant stalling and complaining. The Milkman was cradled in a Small Package when he tucked his head too soon on a Back Body Drop attempt. Zbyszko grabbed a handful of tights to secure the pin at 5:30.

3. Ladies Championship Semi-Final Match. "Sensational" Sherri Martel (w/ "Playboy" Buddy Rose) advanced to the finals to face "Cowgirl" Wendi Richter by defeating Desiree Peterson via Count Out at 7:29. Buddy Rose made his presence felt by pulling the top rope down and causing Desiree to fall out of the ring awkwardly as she was whipped to the ropes. Peterson took a bad tumble and was unable to get back in the ring to make Referee Earthquake Ferris' ten count.

4. "The Mercenary from South Africa" Colonel Debeers (w/ Swagger Stick and Twirling Mustache) defeated David Sammartino (w/ no crowd support) by dubious means at 8:25. Debeers appeared to pull some sort of hidden foreign object from his combat boot and slugged Sammartino in the head with it to score the pinfall.

5. "America's Hero" Sergeant Slaughter (w/ "Marines' Hymn" Entrance Music and a salute for Old Glory) lost to Boris Zhukov (w/ Sheik Adnan El-Kaisee) at 8:44. With Referee Rich Frisk knocked down in the action and the Sarge trying to help him get back to his feet, the Sheik waved in Bruiser Brodie from the back who clubbed Slaughter from behind with a Double Axe Handle off the top rope. Zhukov made the cover as the woozy ref crawled over to count the tainted pin.

6. The team of Curt Hennig & Big Scott Hall emerged victorious over their opponents the Long Riders ("Wild" Bill Irwin and brother Scott "Hog" Irwin) by DQ at 7:03. "Wild Bill" ran into the ring with a chair shot on Scott Hall to break up a pin attempt after Hall had flattened his brother with the Hallbuster Bulldog. Referee Anthony Ferris immediately called for the bell. The Irwins were upset with the decision and took it out on Ferris, but Big Anthony held his ground and chased off the heels with a little help from Hennig & Hall much to the delight of his hometown 'Frisco fans.

7. AWA World Championship Title Match. The challenger, Stan "The Lariat" Hansen (w/ Ten Gallon Hat, Branding Iron & A Wild Look In His Eye) defeated Champion Rick Martel at 20:44. Being that it was a Championship Match, Referee Rich Frisk allowed a lot of leeway and Hansen took full advantage by pushed the limits of the AWA Rulebook to their fullest extent. Both men were busted open but Martel's wound was far worse and the champ bled profusely. Frisk stopped the bout due to Martel's condition and awarded the match to Hansen. The title, however, does not change hands. Hansen added a parting shot by smashing Martel in the head with his own Championship Belt before finally exiting the ring. The ornery Cowboy was pelted with cups and debris as he made his way back to the dressing room.
AWA Results (Circa Mid 80's) - Municipal Auditorium, Sioux City, IA. Att: 3,316.

Announcers: Ken Resnick & Verne Gagne
Ring Announcer: "Slick" Mick Karch
Referees: Gary DeRusha & Scott Ledoux

1. Anthony "Earthquake" Ferris beat "Alaskan" Jay York with the Ferris Wheel (Airplane Spin) at 5:34.

2. "Mr. Electricity" Steve Regal from Ft. Lauderdale, FL over "Top Gun" Ricky Rice from Edina, MN via Count Out at 8:05. As the action moved OOR, Regal back dropped a charging Ricky Rice over the barricade railing and into the first row of spectators. Ricky could not untangle himself in time to make Scott Ledoux's ten count.

3. Nothing was settled in the Ladies Tournament Finals between "Sensational" Sherri Martel (w/ "Playboy" Buddy Rose) and "Cowgirl" Wendi Richter. Referee Gary DeRusha counted both gals out at 7:45 as they battled around ringside.

4. Boris Zhukov (w/ Sheik Adnan El-Kaisee) defeated "Olympian" Brad Rheingans at 6:04. Rheingans caught the Sheik up on the apron and was petitioning to the crowd about whether or not to slug him when Zhukov snuck in from behind with a Roll Up for the winning pinfall.

5. "Mr. Magnificent" Kevin Kelly (w/ Nick Kiniski & Madusa Micelli) over "Crusher" Jerry Blackwell by DQ at 7:50. Kiniski was a menace a ringside during this match and got in several cheap shots. Blackwell finally had enough and clobbered both Kelly and Kiniski with chair shots to draw the disqualification from Scott Ledoux.

6. In the Main Event, "Precious" Paul Ellering's Road Warriors (Hawk & Animal) defeated the team of Curt Hennig & Big Scott Hall at 9:53. The Legion of Doom combined for their Doomsday Device on Hennig behind Gary DeRusha's back as the ref was sending Hall back to his corner. DeRusha turned around to find Hawk making the cover on Curt and counted the pin.
AWA Results (Circa Mid 80's) - Rosemont Horizon, Rosemont, IL. Att: 11,638.

Announcers: Lee Marshall & "Ringside" Ralph Strangis
Ring Announcer: Donna Gagne
Referees: Robert Warren & "Benchwarmer" Bob Lurtsema

1. Soldad Ustinov (w/ Russian Flag & Teijo Khan) pinned Jesse Hernandez with a Big Boot to the chops off the ropes.

2. Ladies World Title Tournament Finals. "Sensational" Sherri Martel and "Cowgirl" Wendi Richter were both DQ'd at 6:21 for pushing Referee Robert Warren down to the mat. A rematch has been scheduled next week by AWA President Stanley Blackburn.

3. D.J. Peterson from St. Joseph, MO won by Count Out over Larry Zbyszko's mysterious ninja from the Orient, Mr. Go at 5:25. Bob Lurtsema, who call's himself "The People's Referee", got under the skin of Zbyszko for repeatedly warning Mr. Go about his martial arts tactics in the ring. Zbyszko had enough and pulled Go from the ring. Lurtsema was more than happy to issue the ten count as Mr. Go walked out on the match and returned to the dressing room.

4. Leon "Baby Bull" White over "The Mercenary from South Africa" Colonel Debeers by DQ at 7:02. "The Champion of Apartheid" was caught red-handed smashing White in the head with his swagger stick. Referee Robert Warren immediately called for the bell and was then prompty tossed out of the ring by Debeers who continued his assault on Leon White. Sergeant Slaughter ran out to make the save.

5. "Playboy" Buddy Rose (w/ "Pretty Boy" Doug Somers) won by Count Out over Baron Von Raschke at 8:15. Somers got in several cheap shots during the match to draw the wrath of the goose-stepping Von Raschke. The Baron was finally able to catch Somers in his Iron Claw Hold OOR but was counted out in the process.

6. AWA World Tag Team Title Match. The Champion Midnight Rockers (Marty Jannetty & Shawn Michaels) successfully defended their belts against the challengers, the Destruction Crew (Wayne "The Train" Bloom & "Mean" Mike Enos) at 8:23. Michaels pinned Enos after Wayne Bloom accidentaly smashed his own partner in the head with one of the tag team belts. The Rockers retain the titles.

7. Steel Cage Match. Bruiser Brody (w/ Sheik Adnan El-Kaisee) over "America's Hero" Sergeant Slaughter at 12:15. The Sarge leveled Brody with a Flying Clothesline off the 2nd rope and was about to exit the cage when Colonel Debeers ran down to ringside and slammed the cage door into Slaughter's face. Brody was able to climb out of the cage to victory as a results of Debeer's interference.
WCW/n.W.o. Monday Nitro Results (Circa Late 90's) - Von Braun Civic Center, Huntsville, AL. Att: 8,481.

Announcers: Tony Schiavone & "The Living Legend" Larry Zbyszko
Ring Announcer: Dave Penzer
Referees: Mickey Jay, Charles Robinson & Mark "Slick" Johnson

1. "Squire" David Taylor (w/ "Lord" Steven Regal) over "Hard Work" Bobby Walker at 4:34. Regal for the most part behaved himself and seemed content to proudly wave the Union Jack around ringside however he did interject himself when the situation called for it. Walker was beginning to string together moves to gain the upper hand until Regal reached into the ring and tripped him to shift the momentum back in Taylor's favor. Squire David scored the pinfall with a Double Underhook Suplex shortly after.

2. The Bee Gee's "Stayin' Alive" ushered the dancing Disco Inferno into the ring which brought some raucous college frat boys in attendance to their feet. Disco normally hears jeers but these yahoos somehow got the crowd behind him as the fan favorite in his match against Meng. Although they meant well, the crowd support hurt Disco's points score as was reflected in the bout's results. Meng won by submission with the Tongan Death Grip at 5:03.

3. Harlem Heat's Booker T (w/ Stevie Ray) defeated Kanyon at 8:28. Kanyon had success at the onset with an aggressive style that seemed to catch Booker off guard. The turning point came when Kanyon tucked his head for a Back Body Drop attempt and was driven face-first into the mat by a Scissors Kick from his opponent. A Spinaroonie brought Booker back up to his feet and he sealed the deal with the Harlem Hangover (Somersault Leg Drop from the top rope).

4. Ernest "The Cat" Miller (w/ red karate slippers and Sonny Onoo) over Perry Saturn at 7:55. Saturn tossed the Cat around the ring with one suplex after another and petitioned to the crowd to apply the Rings of Saturn (Arm Hook Sleeper Hold). The hesitation enabled Sonny Onoo to smash him from behind with his briefcase and changed the entire complexion of the match. Miller then climbed up the turnbuckle and delivered a Feliner (Spin Kick) from the top rope to put Saturn down for the three count.

5. "Big Poppa Pump" Scott Steiner (w/ Midajah) beat Konnan at 9:30. Steiner looked like he was in a world of trouble after Konnan hit a Rolling Clothesline and followed up with his Carpetmuncher Flapjack Facebuster, but Big Poppa Pump kicked out of the subsequent pin attempt with authority. An overhead release Belly to Belly Suplex put Steiner back in the driver's seat and he went on to win the match with the SSD (Verticle Suplex Piledriver).

6. The Main Event almost never happened as Hollywood Hogan offered his opponent The Giant (WWF's Big Show) a spot in the n.W.o. if he would agree to forfeit tonight's match. The Giant pondered the offer for a moment, grinned from ear to ear, and then offered a handshake to seal the deal. Thinking that he had put one over on everybody including his opponent, Hogan reached for the hand but then tried to sucker punch the Giant at the last second. The Giant was ready for the trick, however, and blocked the roundhouse right before grabbing Hogan by the throat and driving him into the mat with a mighty Chokeslam for the pin at 3:49.
WCW/n.W.o. Results (Circa Late 90's) - Reunion Arena, Dallas, TX. Att: 10,377.

Announcers: Tony Schiavone & Bobby "The Brain" Heenan
Ring Announcer: Dave Penzer
Referees: Charles Robinson, Nick Patrick & Randy Anderson

1. Martial arts expert Jerry Flynn seemed intent on showing his opponent Kenny Kaos just why his nickname is "Lightning Foot". Flynn's educated feet came at Kaos from every angle. A Roundhouse Kick off the ropes could have probably pinned Kenny but Flynn opted to apply a Cross-Arm Breaker for the submission victory instead. The time of the match was 5:16.

2. Hollywood Hogan's nephew Horace is still trying to make a favorable impression on his famous uncle for admission into the n.W.o. stable. Horace went toe-to-toe with big Al Green tonight and came out a winner. Wrestling holds were hard to come by in this slugfest. Horace connected with a Big Boot off the ropes and then put Green away with the H Bomb (Samoan Drop) at 5:49.

3. "Screamin" Norman Smiley had the crowd's support after a flamboyant entrance to gain bonus points in his bout against Perry Saturn. The popular Smiley nearly pulled out a victory after reversing the Rings of Saturn (Arm Hook Sleeper) into the Norman Conquest (Cross Face Chicken Wing), but Perry was able to reach the ropes to break the hold. Saturn rebounded with a Death Valley Driver to gain the victory at 7:41.

4. Perfect Event ("Perfect" Shawn Stasiak & "The Event" Chuck Palumbo) may very well be the future of WCW tag team wrestling as Tony Schiavone implied during his commentary, but the Faces of Fear (Meng & the Barbarian) proved that they were the better team tonight. A missed high risk leap by Stasiak was the turning point of the match. A Double Head Butt from the Faces of Fear set Perfect Shawn up for their tag team finisher. Stasiak was back dropped by Meng into the waiting arms of the Barbarian who then planted him with a Sit Out Powerbomb fot the 1-2-3. The time of the fall was 8:22.

5. WCW World Heavyweight Champion Goldberg locked horns with the n.W.o.'s Scott "Flash" Norton in a battle of two big bulls. Norton is one of the few men in WCW who can match power with the Champ and got in his fair share of offense. Goldberg's matches are traditionally short affairs but not so tonight. Norton took him to the 9:07 mark before finally going down to the Champ's trademark Spear/Jackhammer combo for the winning pinfall. Goldberg retains the WCW Championship.

6. Tonight's Main Event, as introduced by special Guest Ring Announcer Michael "Let's Get Ready to Rumble" Buffer, pitted Bret "The Hitman" Hart against "Crippler" Chris Benoit. We had vintage Hitman tonight as Bret broke out his traditional repertoire of moves; we had the Diving Elbow Smash from the 2nd rope, we had Head Butts, we had the Russian Leg Sweep and the Pendulum Backbreaker. And what Bret Hart match would be complete without running his opponent's eyes along the top rope ? Despite all that, Hart could not put Benoit away which might explain why the Hitman resorted to bashing the Crippler over the head with a folding chair. Your winner by disqualification at 17:43 - Chris Benoit.
WCW/n.W.o. Results (Circa Late 90's) - Rushmore Plaza Civic Center, Rapid City, SD. Att: 5,836.

Announcers: Mike Tenay & Bobby "The Brain" Heenan
Ring Announcer: Lee Marshall
Referees: Mickey Jay, Billy Silverman & Mark Curtis

1. David Flair (w/ screaming Goth girlfriend Daffney Unger) over Bobby Blaze in tonight's curtain jerker at 3:33. Flair is very green and stiff in the ring, but being the son of the legendary Nature Boy does have its perks in WCW. Flair utilized one of Daffney's many screaming tantrum distractions to club Blaze from behind with a tire iron to gain the pinfall.

2. "Sugar" Shane Helms topped Psicosis in a highly competitive and very entertaining Light Heavyweight battle. The Luchador from South of the Border nearly put the match away with his Guillotine Leg Drop from the top rope, but Helm's Three Count tag team partner Shannon Moore foiled things by pulling Sugar Shane out of the way in the nick of time. Psicosis was finished off moments later by Helm's Vertebreaker (Back to Back Sit Out Piledriver) at 6:52.

3. Belfast Bruiser David "Fit" Finlay brought a chair into the ring with him along with a chip on his shoulder to face former Chicago Bears Lineman Steve "Mongo" McMichael. This was a brawl from start to finish with McMichael taking the duke following his Mongo Spike (Tombstone Piledriver) at 7:39. The end was set up by a short arm clothesline followed by football tackle from a three-point stance.

4. "Latino Heat" Eddie Guerrero put away "The Laughing Man" Hugh Morrus with his Frog Splash at 6:40. Despite his bulk, Morrus can really move in the ring and gave Eddie some problems with his combination of power and agility. Ironically enough, Morrus was done in by his own aerial assault when his No Laughing Matter (Moonsault) found nothing but canvas. Guerrero then connected with his finishing maneuver for the three count.

5. Harlem Heat (Booker T & Stevie Ray) had a battle on their hands with Little Italy's Mamalukes (Big Vito & Johnny "The Bull" Stamboli). Referee Billy Silverman had a rough go of it trying to maintain order. Booker T was leveled by a blackjack smash from behind by Vito during the chaos enabling Johnny the Bull to go for a sure pinfall, but the infraction was caught by Silverman who called for the disqualification at 8:17.

6. Sting descended from the rafters with his trademark black trenchcoat and baseball bat to take on the n.W.o.'s Scott Hall. Hall was not impressed with his opponent's theatrical entrance and flicked his toothpick right in Sting's face. Hall then gave his spooky fingers taunt before turning his back to share a laugh with fellow n.W.o compatriot "Big Sexy" Kevin Nash. Sting seized the moment and opened up with a barrage of fisticuffs to gain the early advantage, however a missed Stinger Splash in the corner put Hall in the driver's seat. Big Scott hit a Fallaway Slam from the 2nd rope and paint brushed the back of Sting's head with some mocking slaps. Kevin Nash got in on the act as well with some random cheap shots along the way to help Hall's cause. The Stinger persistently fought back, though, and planted his opponent face-first into the mat with a DDT on Hall's telegraphed Back Body Drop attempt. That lead to the Scorpion Death Lock which opened the floodgates of n.W.o. run-ins. Nash, Buff Bagwell, Scott "Flash" Norton and Vincent all hit the ring to put a clubberin' on the Stinger. Referee Mark Curtis tried to intervene but received a Jackknife Powerbomb from Nash for his trouble. Sting was left laying with "n.W.o." spray-painted on his back as the show ended. Your winner by disqualification at 11:21 - the battered and bruised Sting.
WCW/n.W.o. Results (Circa Late 90's) - Hulman Center, Terre Haute, IN. Att: 8,512.

Announcers: Mike Tenay & Mark Madden
Ring Announcer: Dave Penzer
Referees: Charles Robinson, Nick Patrick & Mark "Slick" Johnson

1. Disco Inferno shook his booty and did his best Tony Manero impression as he danced in the ring to the Bee Gee's "Stayin' Alive". He was showered with "Boos!" which was precisely the reaction he was looking for and earned himself some bonus heel points in the process. Luchador Silver King provided the competition and was able to land a few high flying maneuvers before going down for the count following the Last Dance (Stone Cold Stunner Jawbreaker) at 3:53.

2. Unlike Disco, Norman Smiley was well received by the fans of Terre Haute leaving his opponent Kanyon to play the heel. Smiley nearly pulled off a win with his Norman Conquest (Crossface Chickenwing), however Kanyon was able to reach the ropes to break the submission hold. Smiley fell victim to the Flatliner (Leg Hook Reverse STO) shortly after and was pinned by Kanyon at 4:05.

3. The n.W.o. Theme music brought the fans to their feet as B-Squad members Buff Bagwell and Scott "Flash" Norton took on the West Hollywood Blondes (Lenny Lane & Lodi). Despite Norton and Bagwell dominating the contest from start to finish, it was Vincent's (Mike Jones) smash with a blackjack that put Lenny down for the three count at 4:34.

4. Billy Kidman put his title on the line against "The Juice" Juventud Guerrera in a WCW Cruiserweight Title Match. These two high flyers put on quite a show with Kidman coming within an eye lash of retaining his belt after flipping out of Juvi's Powerbomb attempt and planting the challenger face-first into the mat. When that failed to give him the win, Kidman went up top, but his Shooting Star Press found nothing but canvas. Guerrera quickly hooked a leg and history was made at 9:55. Juventud Guerrera is the Neeeeewwwwwww WCW Cruiserweight Champion !

5. The grungy Raven and "Lionheart" Chris Jericho had themselves quite a battle with neither man being able to put the other away. Ironically enough, it was Jericho's dimwitted "Head of Security" Ralphus who ultimately decided this contest. Ralphus tried to throw a cup of Dr. Pepper in Raven's face but got Referee Charles Robinson with the beverage instead prompting the official to call for the disqualification at 7:31.

6. WCW Heavyweight Championship Match. "The Total Package" Lex Luger was also hoping to make some history tonight in Terre Haute but failed in his bid to unseat the defending Champ Goldberg. With Referee Mark Johnson knocked to the canvas, Luger resorted to devious means and wedged a folding chair in the corner to deliver what he hoped would be the coup de grâce. The Package's plans went awry, however, when Goldberg was able to put on the brakes and reverse the head smash onto the chair. Luger was down and out as Johnson recovered to count the winning pin at 10:34. Goldberg retains the WCW Title.
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