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GV's Other UQ Wrestling Results
WWF Results (Circa Late 80's/Early 90's) - US Bank Arena, Cincinatti, OH. Att: 16,911.
Announcers: Vince McMahon & "Mean" Gene Okerlund
Ring Announcer: Howard Finkel
Referee: Nick Kozak

1. Mr. Bob Backlund over "Columbus Clipper" Frankie Williams by submission with the Crossface Chickenwing at 3:34. Crazy Bob Backlund refused to release the hold at first and was nearly disqualified by Referee Nick Kozak. Afterward, Backlund stared at his hands in disbelief as if they had a mind of their own. Very Eerie.

2. Henry O. Godwinn (w/ Hillbilly Jim) pinned Jimmy Jack Funk with the Slop Drop (Inverted DDT) at 2:17.

3. Bob "Spark Plugg" Holly defeated Big Bully Busick (w/ Harvey Whippleman) by Count Out at 3:46. In OOR action, Busick was rammed head-first into the steel barricade railing and could not recover in time to make the referee's ten count.

4. Blackjack Mulligan and "Outlaw" Ron Bass were both DQ'd at 11:14 after each man took turns bashing each other in the head with Bass' Bull Whip Miss Betsy.

5. The Hart Foundation (Bret "The Hitman" Hart & Jim "The Anvil" Neidhart w/ Jimmy "Mouth of the South" Hart) defeated the British Bulldogs (Dynamite Kid & Davey Boy Smith w/ mascot Matilda) via Count Out at 9:16. In OOR action, The Hitman gave Dynamite Kid a vicious Piledriver on the floor while the referee was distracted. Dynamite could not recover in time to make the referee's ten count and had to be helped backstage by his partner Davey Boy Smith.

6. "The King" Harley Race (w/ Bobby "The Brain" Heenan) over Texas Tornado Kerry Von Erich by Count Out at 12:31 after Race gave the Tornado a DDT onto the concrete floor in OOR action.

7. In the Main Event, The Ultimate Warrior defeated "Macho Man" Randy Savage (w/ Miss Elizabeth) by DQ at 18:03. Savage jumped off the top rope with a folding chair and hit the Warrior across the back with it. Referee Nick Kozak immediately called for the bell.
WWF Results (Circa Late 80's/Early 90's) - The Spectrum, Philadelphia, PA. Att: 18,108.
Announcers: Vince McMahon & Lord Alfred Hayes
Ring Announcer: Mike McGuirk
Referee: Tony Altimore

1. Saba Simba pinned Johnny K-9 with a Small Package at 1:54.

2. The Mantaur (w/ Harvey Whippleman) defeated Nick DeCarlo at 1:36 after DeCarlo missed a high risk maneuver off the top rope and found nothing but canvas.

3. Uncle Elmer pinned "Canada's Greatest Athlete" Iron Mike Sharpe at 4:00 after the Big Splash.

4. "Leaping" Lanny Poffo over Papa Shango by DQ at 4:24. Shango hit Poffo in the head with a voodoo skull right in front of Referee Tony Altimore who immediately called for the bell. Shango stared at Altimore menacingly until the house lights suddenly went out. When power was restored, Altimore was out cold on the canvas covered in a mysterious black goo. He had to be carried backstage and was replaced by Joey Marella for the remainder of the card.

Poffo was being interviewed by Craig DeGeorge immediately after the match when they were abruptly interrupted by spoiled rich brat manager Johnny Polo.

Polo: "You got lucky with a DQ win tonight, Poffo, but I see potential in you that is being badly wasted. You can be much better with the proper guidance."

(Polo hands Lanny his business card. Poffo doesn't know what to make of it.)

Polo: "You're a pretty smart guy, Lanny. I've heard your poetry and I'm impressed. Give me a call and we'll meet for lunch at the country club. I have an interesting proposition to run by you."

With that Johnny Polo leaves, twirling his polo mallet on his shoulder.

DeGeorge: "What in the world was that all about ?"

Poffo scratches his head : "I have no idea."

DeGeorge: "Lanny, you're not seriously thinking about calling him are you ?"

Poffo: "I guess it couldn't hurt to hear what the man has to say."

Lanny walks away studying the business card.

DeGeorge looks suspicious: "I don't know about this, fans."

5. The Islanders (Haku & Tama) and the Heavenly Bodies ("Doctor of Desire" Tom Pritchard and "Gigolo" Jimmy Del Ray w/ Jim Cornette) were both Counted Out in an OOR Brawl at 9:47.

6. Big John Studd (w/ Bobby "The Brain" Heenan) pinned "Native American" Tatanka at 13:24. Tatanka leapt off the top rope onto Studd with a Diving Cross Body, but the momentum of the maneuver enabled Studd to roll on top of Tatanka for the pin.

7. In the Main Event, Hulk Hogan defeated Andre the Giant (w/ Bobby "The Brain" Heenan) at 16:31. Heenan slid a chair into the ring for Andre to use and then distracted Referee Joey Marella. Andre picked it up but Hogan grabbed onto the chair before Andre could swing it at him. Both men struggled over it for several minutes. Andre finally yanked the chair out of Hogan's hands but hit himself in the head with it in the process. Marella turned around just in time as the Hulkster covered the KO'd Andre for the winning pin.
Smoky Mountain Results (Circa Early 90's) - Bluefield Auditorium, Bluefield, WV. Att: 3,118.

Announcers: Bob Caudle & Jim Cornette
Ring Announcer: Ed Capral
Referees: Jerry Calhoun & Mark Curtis

1. "Hollywood" Bob Holly defeated Ben Jordan at 6:53 after the momentum of Jordan's Flying Cross Body Press put Holly on top for the pin.

2. Dixie Dynamite (a masked Scott Armstrong) beat Brad Anderson with the Confederate Kick (Superkick) at 5:09.

3. The Nightmares (Danny Davis & Ken Wayne) over the Batten Twins (Brad & Bart) via Count Out at 5:28. The Kansas Jayhawks ("Hangman" Bobby Jaggers & "Dirty" Dutch Mantel) came down to ringside to scout the match and immediately got into a confrontation with the Battens. "Dirty" Dutch managed to choke out Bart with his bullwhip "Shoo Baby" before the Jayhawks were sent to the back by Referee Jerry Calhoun. Bart could not recover in time to make Calhoun's subsequent ten count.

4. The Dirty White Boy (w/ Dirty White Girl Kimberly) defeated Cousin Roscoe Junior by Count Out at 7:19. While Kimberly kept Referee Mark Curtis occupied, the DWB smashed Junior over the back with the timekeeper's bell during OOR action. Junior was down and out on the floor as Curtis issued the ten count.

5. "Black Rose" Loverboy Dennis Condrey (w/ "Ravishing" Randy Rose) defeated "White Lightning" Tim Hoerner at 11:54. "Ravishing" Randy got in several cheap shots before Condrey finished off Hoerner with a Brainbuster.

6. In the Main Event, the Rich Cousins ( "Wildfire" Tommy Rich & Johnny "Crash" Rich) beat the Kansas Jayhawks ("Hangman" Bobby Jaggers & "Dirty" Dutch Mantel) by Count Out at 9:08. The Batten Twins came down to ringside and returned the favor on their rivals by brawling with the Jayhawks on the floor to cost them the count out.
Smoky Mountain Wrestling Results (Circa Early 90's) - Boutwell Memorial Auditorium, Birmingham, AL. Att: 4,011.

Announcer: Chip Kessler
Ring Announcer: Phil Raney
Referees: Ron Sexton & Mac MacMurray

1. The masked Black Knight pinned Joe Cazana with a Sidewalk Slam off the ropes at 3:15.

2. The match between Billy Joe Travis and "Wild" Bill Ash ended in a Double Count Out at 9:10 when the momentum of a Flying Cross Body Press by Travis carried both men over the top rope and out onto the floor. Neither Travis nor Ash could recover in time to make the ten count.

3. "Flamboyant" Eric Embry (w/ "Gentleman" Ken Timbs) beat Hector Guerrero with a Piledriver at 9:36.

4. Smoky Mountain TV Title Match. Champion Jerry Oates narrowly pulled out a victory over Jimmy Golden (w/ "Tennessee Stud" Robert Fuller & Miss Sylvia) at 12:22. Golden dominated the match but was caught in an Oklahoma Side Roll when he telegraphed a Back Body Drop attempt and tucked his head too soon.

5. The Batten Twins may have caught a lucky break when they defeated their bitter rivals the Kansas Jayhawks ("Dirty" Dutch Mantel & "Hangman" Bobby Jaggers) by DQ at 9:44. The Jayhawks were relentless with their cheating and dirty double teaming. Referee Mac MacMurray warned them constantly about their tactics which drew the ire of Dutch Mantel. "Dirty" Dutch pushed MacMurray down to the mat to draw the disqualification.

6. "Dr. D" David Schultz pinned Robert Gibson in controversial fashion at 10:30. Unaware that Schultz had a hidden foreign object in his hand, Gibson lifted "Dr. D" up for a Back Suplex when he was slugged with a loaded punch. Schultz made the cover as Referee Ron Sexton counted the pin.

7. In the Main Event, the Junk Yard Dog defeated "Filthy" Phil Hickerson by DQ at 13:34. "Filthy" Phil tried every dirty trick in the book but could not put the Dog away. In his frustration, Hickerson tossed Referee Mac MacMurray out of the ring and whipped JYD unmercifully with his own dog chain. Several wrestlers raced in from the back to make the save and chase off Hickerson but the damage had been down. JYD was assisted backstage for medical attention.
Smoky Mountain Wrestling Results (Circa Early 90's) - Greenville Memorial Coliseum, Greenville, SC. Att: 6,412.

Announcers: Bob Caudle & "Dirty" Dutch Mantel
Ring Announcer: Phil Raney
Referees: Mark Curtis & Dave Hebner

1. The Dirty White Boy (w/ Dirty White Girl Kimberly) pinned Ben Jordan at 4:24. The DWB KO'd Jordan with a loaded punch after Kimberly slipped a hidden foreign object into his hand while the couple were conferring in the corner.

2. Ric McCord pinned Norvell Austin with a Sunset Flip off the top rope after Norvell had missed a corner charge at 5:57.

3. The Hitmen (Killer Kyle & Frankie "The Thumper" Lancaster) over "Starfire" Derrick Dukes and his partner "White Lightning" Tim Hoerner by Count Out at 10:27. Lancaster tossed Derrick Dukes OOR and proceeded to distract Referee Dave Hebner while Kyle laid out "Starfire" with his violin case from behind. Dukes could not shake out the cobwebs in time to make Hebner's ten count.

4. Johnny "Crash" Rich defeated "Gentleman" Ken Timbs (w/ "Flamboyant" Eric Embry) at 10:47 after a dirty double team backfired big time. With Referee Mark Curtis knocked down in the action, Timbs held Johnny Rich from behind for an Eric Embry cheap shot, but Rich broke free at the last second and Embry accidently clobbered his own partner instead. Timbs staggered right into a surprise cradle from Rich as Mark Curtis recovered to count the pin.

5. Jim Cornette's Smoky Mountain Tag Team Champions, the Heavenly Bodies ("Sweet" Stan Lane & "Doctor of Desire" Tom Prichard) defeated the Gibson Brothers (Ricky and Robert) in a non-title match at 9:19. "Sweet" Stan pinned Rick Gibson after Prichard snuck into the ring and caught Ricky with a Superkick to the chin while Referee Dave Hebner was sending Robert back to his corner. Hebner turned around to find Lane making the cover and counted the pin for the Heavenly Bodies.

6. Tommy "Wildfire" Rich got the better of "Ravishing" Randy Rose (w/ the Black Rose "Loverboy" Dennis Condrey) in this latest battle of the "War of the Roses". The bitter feud between the Rich Cousins and Roses (Smoky Mountain's version of the Hatfields and McCoys) continues as Rich wins the bout with his patented Thesz Press off the ropes at 9:59.

7. The Junk Yard Dog gained a measure of revenge on hated rival "Filthy" Phil Hickerson by defeating him in a Dog Chain Match at 12:40. With both men bound at the wrist on opposite ends of a ten foot long dog chain, JYD pummeled his foe to a bloody mess in retaliation for Hickerson's unmerciful beatdown in Birmingham, AL last week. The Dog wrapped the chain around his fist and busted Hickerson open with repeated punches to the forehead. JYD then dragged his dazed opponent around the ring to touch all four corner turnbuckle pads for the victory.
Smoky Mountain Results (Circa Early 90's) - Raleigh County Armory, Beckley, WV. Att: 2,390.

Announcers: Chip Kessler & Tommy Noe
Ring Announcer: Phil Raney
Referee: Mark Curtis

1. "Country Boy" Cousin Roscoe Junior (w/ bare feet and overalls) over Gary Scott at 6:34. The friendly Hillbilly was able to lift a knee on Scott's corner charge to set up the pinfall.

2. Norvell Austin defeated "Jumping" Joey Maggs with a Diving Head Butt off the top rope at 6:05.

3. "Hangman" Bobby Jaggers (w/ "Dirty" Dutch Mantel) pinned Dixie Dynamite (a masked Scott Armstrong) with his Hangman's Neckbreaker at 8:28. After the bout, Jaggers challenged Smoky Mountain TV Champion Jerry Oates to defend his title against him.

4. The Fabulous Blondes ("Flamboyant" Eric Embry & "Gentleman" Ken Timbs) were disqualified in their bout with the Rich Cousins (Johnny "Crash" Rich & Davey Rich) at 7:37. Apparently there was some leftover hostility on the part of Ken Timbs after his loss to Johnny Rich last week. Timbs blatantly hit Johnny over the back with the timekeeper's bell right in front of Referee Mark Curtis to draw the DQ.

5. "The Doctor of Desire" Tom Prichard (w/ Jim Cornette & "Sweet" Stan Lane) and Robert Gibson (w/ brother Ricky Gibson) were both disqualified by Mark Curtis at 11:17 after a wild free-for-all involving all four men and Jim Cornette.

6. Smoky Mountain Title Match. "Superstar" Bill Dundee successfully defended his title over "Black Rose" Loverboy Dennis Condrey (w/ "Ravishing" Randy Rose) at 17:46. Primarily known for his tag team prowess, Condrey gave Dundee a run for his money and came within an eyelash of winning the belt with his Brainbuster. Fortunately for the Champ, he was able to get a foot on the ropes to break the pin count. The end came for Condrey when his partner Randy Rose accidently threw a handful of powder in his face. Dundee capitalized on the miscue with a quick Small Package on his blinded opponent to score the winning pin.
AWA Results (Circa Late 70's) - Omaha Civic Auditorium, Omaha, NE. Att: 7,916.

Announcers: Rodger Kent & Da Crusher
Ring Announcer: Gene Okerlund
Referees: Merv Unger, Pete Mymko & Marty Miller

1. Chris Markoff (w/ Lord Alfred Hayes) was nearly counted out by Referee Merv Unger while jawing with some hecklers at ringside who were giving his snooty British manager Lord Alfred Hayes an especially hard time. Once back in the ring, Markoff took out his wrath upon his opponent Juan Valez before pinning him with a Knee Drop from the top rope at 3:28.

2. Popular strongman "Sailor" Art Thomas overcame a pre-match sneak attack to defeat Jan Nelson at 5:50. Nelson's flurry of offense was short circuited when he missed a corner charge and jammed his shoulder hard into the ring post. Thomas was able to induce a submission moments later by clamping on a short arm scissors.

3. Evan Johnson thought that he had his opponent right where he wanted him when he caught Pat Patterson up on his shoulders in an Airplane Spin, but Referee Marty Miller was knocked over by the twirling Patterson's boot and unable to make the subsequent pin count. Johnson was helping Miller get back to his feet when he was cradled from behind in a Schoolboy Roll Up by Patterson for the pinfall at 6:16.

4. The deck was severely stacked against any chance of "Irish" Mickey Doyle defeating Blackjack Lanza when Big, Bad Bobby Duncum and Bobby "The Brian" Heenan came down to ringside. Sure enough, Duncum snuck into the ring and assisted Lanza with a Spiked Piledriver on Doyle while Bobby Heenan argued with Referee Merv Unger. The ref finally turned around to find Lanza making the cover and counted the pin at 4:48.

5. The bout between Larry "The Axe" Hennig and Angelo "King Kong" Mosca was stopped by Referee Pete Mymko due to blood at 9:22 after both men took turns ramming each other's head into an exposed turnbuckle. Although they both bled profusely, neither wrestler wanted to stop but Mymko deemed them unable to continue and called for the bell.

6. AWA World Tag Team Title Match. The East-West Connection of "Golden Boy" Adrian Adonis & Jesse "The Body" Ventura came within an eyelash of dethroning the High Flyers (Greg Gagne & "Jumping" Jim Brunzell) as tag team champions but it was not to be. Adonis snuck into the ring to reverse Gagne's Small Package on Jesse but Brunzell than ran in and re-reversed the cradle to put his partner back on top for the pin at 14:05. The High Flyers retain the AWA Tag Team Titles.
AWA Results (Circa Late 70's) - Quandt Field House, Stevens Point, WI. Att: Only 1,335 due to a severe winter storm)

Announcer: Rodger Kent
Ring Announcer: Al DeRusha
Referees: Al DeRusha, Joe Fiorino & Rod Luck

1. Jesse "The Body" Ventura defeated Joe Scarpello by submission with his Body Breaker (Over-The-Shoulder Backbreaker) at 4:47. Ring Announcer Al DeRusha officiated this bout since Joe Fiorino and Rod Luck had not yet arrived to the Field House due to the weather conditions.

2. Mad Dog Vachon over Bull Bullinski at 7:53. Much of this match took place OOR where Vachon is at his best. Bullinski, who was busted open after having his head rammed into the security railing, would have probably preferred to have taken the count out but Referee Joe Fiorino had a very slow and deliberate count this evening to allow the grapplers every opportunity to settle the outcome inside the squared circle. The bloody and battered Bull was ripe for the pickins' and finished off with a Piledriver after he rolled himself back inside the ring.

3. The tag team bout between Dino Bravo & Evan Johnson vs. Pat Patterson & Ray "The Crippler" Stevens was made a best two out of three falls when Winona Little Heart and her opponent Kitty Adams were unable to make it through the storm for their match.

The first fall went to Pat Patterson & Ray Stevens after an illegal switch behind Referee Rod Luck's back enabled Patterson to clamp a Boston Crab onto Evan Johnson for the submission at 6:28.

Fall two came 3:13 later as Bravo pinned Patterson with his patented Airplane Spin after the heels were whipped into one another from opposite corners.

The deciding fall came 5:46 after that when Ray Stevens pulled brass knucks from his tights and slugged Bravo with a loaded punch in the corner while Rod Luck's back was turned. Patterson pounced on the KO'd Bravo as the ref turned around to count the pin.

Your Winners Two Falls to One: Pat Patterson & Ray Stevens

4. Billy Robinson defeated Blackie Guzman (substituting for the missing Lord Alfred Hayes who was assumed to be delayed by the snow). Delayed or not, Hayes showed up alright, with his Super Destroyers Mark II & Mark III, of whom he sent into the ring to put a beat down on Robinson. Mad Dog Vachon ran in with a chair to clear the ring of the heels. Robinson was declared the winner by disqualification at 5:19 due to the outside interference.

5. AWA Title Match. World Champion Nick Bockwinkel (w/ Monogrammed Towel draped around his neck but without Manager Bobby "The Brain" Heenan) over the Crusher by DQ at 18:33. The Champ may have taken advantage of the AWA Rule Book to retain his title by toppling over the top rope and falling to the floor following Crusher's signature Bolo Punch. The rules state that sending your opponent over the top rope is an automatic disqualification, however it appeared to everyone but Referee Joe Fiorino that Bockwinkel might have helped the cause with a bit of a jump to get himself up and over. Crusher argued vociferously with Fiorino but to no avail. Nick Bockwinkel retains the AWA Title.

After the last match, several wrestlers stayed behind at ringside to sign autographs for the hearty souls who braved the elements to attend. Among them were Dino Bravo, Crusher, Mad Dog Vachon and the Champ himself, Nick Bockwinkel. Although he is a heel of sorts, the fans were happy to share a brief chat or handshake with Nick and have him sign their programs.
AWA/WWA Results (Circa Late 70's) - International Amphitheatre, Chicago, IL. Att: 8,620

Announcers: Sam Menacker & Bob Luce
Ring Announcer: Marty O'Neill
Referees: Pete Mymko, Merv Unger & George "Scrap Iron" Gadaski

1. "Golden Boy" Adrian Adonis kept up with high flyer El Bracero move-for-move in this fast paced match. Adrian was sent to the ropes but managed to put on the brakes and avoid a Drop Kick from his opponent. As the dazed Bracero got back up to his feet, he was cradled from behind by Adonis with a handful of tights for the three count at 6:46.

2. "Bounty Hunter" Bobby Vann took his time entering the ring and perhaps for good reason. Vann had boasted to Bob Luce in a prematch interview that he would send his opponent Rufus R. Jones into retirement from the beating that he was about to inflict. Mr. Vann had a reality check when he was immediately flattened by Jones' Freight Train Body Block. Things didn't get much better for Bobby thereafter. A leaping Head Butt by Rufus sent the Bounty Hunter back down to the mat and Jones followed up with a Big Splash for the pinfall at 5:29.

3. The devious Buddy Wolfe should have known better than to test opponent Pepper Gomez' famous "cast iron stomach" with a claw hold. Pepper wagged his finger at him and then sent Buddy's head into a corner turnbuckle several times perhaps to knock some sense into him. The dazed Wolfe was then decked by a Gomez haymaker and finished off with a Cannonball for the three count at 7:10.

4. Larry "The Axe" Hennig over Lord Alfred Hayes' Super Destroyer Mark III via Count Out at 9:23. Billy Robinson came down to ringside with some payback in mind for the snooty Hayes. The Super Destroyer immediately came to his manager's rescue and slugged it out with Robinson on the floor while Referee Merv Unger laid on the ten count.

5. Ray "The Crippler" Stevens (w/ Tag Team partner Pat Patterson) defeated High Flyer "Jumping" Jim Brunzell at 9:51. Brunzell had his foot pulled out from underneath him by Patterson as he was attempting to body slam Stevens. The Crippler fell on top for the pin while Patterson held onto Brunzell's foot to prevent a kick out.

6. The WWA Tag Team Champions Dick the Bruiser & Wilbur Snyder over the Heenan Family (Blackjack Lanza & Big Bad Bobby Duncum) by DQ at 14:05. Lanza and Duncum were both caught in dual Abdominal Stretches from the champs prompting Bobby Heenan to run in and jump Referee George Gadaski before there could be a submission from either of his men. Gadaski immediately signaled for the bell. Snyder & Dick the Bruiser retain the WWA Tag Team Titles.
AWA Results (Circa Late 70's) - All Star Wrestling TV Program, Minneapolis, MN. Att: 852

Announcers: Rodger Kent & Wally Karbo
Ring Announcer: Al DeRusha
Referees: George "Scrap Iron" Gadaski & Marty Miller

1. Evan Johnson opened the program with a victory over Dick Reynolds. This fairly scientific bout of mat wrestling was ultimately decided when Reynolds was wrapped up in Evan's Abdominal Stretch and submitted at 4:33.

2. Herman Schafer incurred the wrath of Angelo "King Kong" Mosca after nearly scoring a quick pinfall with a surprise cradle from behind while Mosca was jawing with some fans at ringside. Mosca took out his vengeance and then some before finishing off his opponent with a Backbreaker across the knee at 3:50.

3. The popular "Polish Prince" Steve Olsonoski received a nice hand as he made his way to the ring and was immediately greeted by a boot to the midsection from Blackie Guzman before he could even take off his entrance attire. Guzman then used the sash from Olsonoski's robe to choke out Steve O in the corner and was nearly disqualified by Referee Marty Miller. The Polish Prince battled back with some offense of his own that was capped off by an Airplane Spin for the pinfall at 4:27.

4. AWA World Champion Nick Bockwinkel (w/ Monogrammed towel draped over his shoulders and Bobby "The Brain" Heenan) took "Irish" Mickey Doyle to school in this non-title bout. Bockwinkel both out wrestled and out brawled his opponent enroute to victory. The Champ polished off Doyle with a Piledriver at 4:49.

5. The odd but highly effective team of Verne Gagne & Mad Dog Vachon defeated the tandem of Buddy Wolfe & Moose Morowski at 7:04. The story of this match was a foreign object that was passed back and forth between Morowski and Wolfe and used to great effect on their opponents throughout the match. The weapon was eventually dropped when the heels were given a noggin knocker by Vachon. Gagne then clamped his trademark Sleeper Hold on the dazed Morowski for the victory.

6. Jesse "The Body" Ventura over Sailor Art Thomas via Count Out at 9:22. Thomas was dominating the action until Ventura's East-West Connection partner "Golden Boy" Adrian Adonis pulled down the top rope causing Art to fall out of the ring and bump his head on the floor. Playing the role of the innocent choir boy, Adonis denied any wrong doing when questioned by Referee George Gadaski. Thomas could not recover in time to make the subsequent ten count.
TNA Results (Circa 2012) - Macon Centerplex Coliseum, Macon, GA. Att: 2,590.

Announcers: Mike Tenay & Don West
Ring Announcer: Jeremy Borash
Referees: Brian Hebner, Jamie Tucker & Taryn Terrell

1. X Division. Sharkboy over Sonjay Dutt by DQ at 5:32. The cocky Zema Ion came down to ringside with a microphone bragging about his attributes and trying to get under Sonjay Dutt's skin. Dutt ignored him and kept his focus on his opponent instead which only infuriated Ion all the more. Ion ran into the ring and slugged Sharkboy with the microphone as Referee Brian Hebner called for the disqualification due to outside interference. Pleased with himself for costing Dutt the match, Ion strutted to the back mugging it up for the cameras while Sonjay Dutt pleaded his case to Hebner.

2. Knockouts' Division. Gail Kim (w/ BFF and Knockouts' Champ Madison Rayne) defeated Velvet Skye by Count Out at 6:08. Velvet got into a confrontation with Madison Rayne on the floor as Referee Jamie Tucker put the ten count on her. The loss derailed Velvet's hopes of being the Number One Contender for the Knockouts' Title. Mike Tenay and Don West speculated that Gail Kim and Madison had conspired together to cause the count out and prevent Velvet from getting a title shot.

3. The newly formed tag team "Diamonds in the Rough" ("Prime Time" Elix Skipper & David Young w/ Manager Simon Diamond) successfully debuted by defeating the Young Bucks (Max & Jeremy Buck) at 8:04. Skipper tossed Max Buck out of the ring and distracted Referee Jamie Tucker while his manager Simon Diamond gave Max the Simonizer (Fireman's Carry Inverted DDT) on the floor. Max could not recover in time to make Tucker's subsequent ten count.

4. "The War Machine" Rhino speared his way to victory over Big Robbie T (w/ Robbie E & Cookie) as he planted the bouncer from the Jersey Shore with the Gore at 6:18.

5. "The Blueprint" Matt Morgan defeated Ron "The Truth" Killings by Count Out at 12:21. Killings appeared to have the match won when he laid out Morgan with the Truth Conviction (Sit Out Gourdbuster), but Referee Brian Hebner was knocked down in the process and unable to make the three count. The jumbotron screen suddenly showed a crowd of medical personnel attending to Killing's tag team partner Orlando Jordan backstage. A replay revealed that Morgan's tag team partner Joey Ryan had snuck up from behind and clubbed Jordan with a 2 x 4 across the back. Killings immediately left the ring and ran to the back to check on Jordan. In the meantime, Brian Hebner finally came to and put the ten count on Killings when he found him missing from the ring.

6. Misssssttttaaa Anderson defeated "The Monster" Abyss (w/ Reverend James Mitchell) at 14:06. With Referee Jamie Tucker down and out on the canvas after a bad bump, Mitchell entered the ring to hit Anderson from behind with his Loaded Book of the New Church when he was intercepted by "The Phenomenal" A.J. Styles. Styles ran in and connected with a Pele Kick causing Mitchell to drop the weapon. Anderson scooped up the book and smashed Abyss in the head with it. Tucker crawled over to count the pin as Anderson covered the KO'd Abyss for the victory.
TNA Impact Results (Circa 2012) - Universal Studios, Orlando, FL. Att: 1,289.

Announcers: Todd Keneley & Tazz
Ring Announcer: Christy Hemme
Referees: Earl Hebner, Brian Stiffler & Taryn Terrell

1. X Division. Low Ki pinned the Amazing Red with the Phoenix 450 Splash at 7:16.

2. Knockouts' Division. Rosita (w/ Homicide & Anarquia) beat Miss Tessmacher by Count Out at 8:26. Tara came down to ringside with her boyfriend Jesse Godderz and immediately got into a confrontation with Miss Tessmacher OOR. Tessmacher completely lost track of Referee Taryn Terrell's ten count during the altercation.

Backstage Segment

Rob Van Dam is speaking with TNA Official Frank Coutinho. X Division Champion Austin Aries suddenly walks by in his street clothes, looks over at Frank, and stops. Aries joins the conversation.

Aries: (To Frank) "Excuse me, but are you new here ? Are you even authorized to be backstage, buddy ?"

Frank: "Are you Head of Security now, Aries ?"

Aries: "I'm the Greatest Man in the World. I do whatever I want, whenever I want, to whomever I want, okay ? I want to see some credentials !"

Frank hands Aries his Backstage Pass. Aries scrutinizes it suspiciously and hands the pass back to him.

Aries: "Do you want to see my credentials ?"

Aries holds up his X Division Championship belt.

Aries: "Those are my credentials, Frank. This belt means that I'm the best there is."

Frank: "Well, don't get too attached to that belt, Aries. RVD is gunning for you and you know what ? I think he can beat you."

Aries takes off his sunglasses and gets up in Frank's face.

Aries: "Let me get this straight, okay ? You think Rob Van Dam can beat me ? Seriously, Frank ?? Rob Van Dam was big in ECW, oh, about a hundred and fifty years ago ! This is my time now. I'm so great that TNA created the X Division just for me, not that broken down has been that's standing beside you there."

Rob Van Dam takes exception to Aries' remarks but Frank manages to keep them separated. Aries puts his sunglasses back on and walks away.

3. Devon pinned Gunner (w/ Kid Kash) with a Spinebuster off the ropes at 8:34.

4. TNA Tag Team Championship Match. The Champions, The British Invasion (Doug Williams & Magnus) turned back the Challengers Chavo Guerrero & Hernandez (w/ Sarita) to retain their titles at 11:58. Hernandez was counted out by Referee Brian Stiffler after missing a charge OOR and crashing into the ring post.

5. "Cowboy" James Storm defeated "Alpha Male" Monte Brown in a brutal Brass Knuckles Match. Storm KO'd his opponent for the ten count with a roundhouse punch to the jaw at 11:43.

6. "The Samoan Submission Machine" Samoa Joe beat "Olympic Gold Medalist" Kurt Angle via Count Out at 14:45. With Samoa Joe trapped in the Ankle Lock and about to tap out, Karen Jarrett came out on the ramp with a microphone and taunted her ex-husband. Karen said that it didn't matter if Angle won or not; he would not be getting another title shot at Jeff Jarrett as per Impact GM Hulk Hogan's orders. Angle lost his composure and left the ring in search of Hogan while Referee Earl Hebner put the ten count on him.
TNA Results (Circa 2012) - Clay County Regional Events Center, Spencer, IA. Att: 2,585.

Announcers: Jeremy Borash & Don West
Ring Announcer: SoCal Val
Referees: Brian Hebner, Jamie Tucker & Taryn Terrell

1. X Division. Jerry Lynn over Michael Shane by Count Out at 5:43. A charging Michael Shane was dumped over the top rope by Jerry Lynn and caught the steel ring steps on the way down to the floor. Shane could not answer Referee Brian Hebner's ten count and had to be assisted backstage afterward.

2. Gail Kim (w/ BFF & TNA Knockouts' Champion Madison Rayne) lost to Taeler Hendrix by DQ. Madison smashed Taeler in the head with her championship belt after Hendrix connected with the Kiss Goodnight (Roundhouse Kick) on an overconfident Gail Kim. Madison whined about the decision with Knockouts' Referee Taryn Terrell and said that Earl Hebner would have never called for a disqualification over that.

3. Garett Bischoff was Counted Out against Robbie E (w/ Big Robbie T) at 10:22. As the action spilled out of the ring, Bischoff got into a scuffle with Robbie T on the floor. Garett held his own against the big bouncer from the Jersey Shore but lost track of Referee Jamie Tucker's ten count in the process.

Backstage Segment

TNA Official Frank Coutinho is wrapping up a meeting with company President Dixie Carter & Senior VP Bruce Prichard when he is confronted by Madison Rayne. Madison is protesting Taryn Terrell's disqualification of Gail Kim from earlier this evening. Frank defers her to Brooke Hogan who is in charge of the Knockouts' Division but Madison just pouts.

Brooke Hogan suddenly walks by and is flagged down by Frank. Frank says that he would like to see a rematch between Taeler Hendrix and Gail Kim next week. Madison Rayne is ecstatic until Frank adds that Madison should be barred from ringside. Frank also suggests that if Taeler wins, she should receive a title shot against Madison the following week. Brooke nods in agreement and orders the rematch between Kim and Hendrix for next week with Frank's stipulations. Madison stamps her feet and storms off !

4. The Motor City Machine Guns (Chris Sabin & Alex Shelley) defeated the Naturals (Andy Douglas & Chase Stevens) by DQ at 7:11. The TNA Tag Team Champs, the British Invasion (Doug Williams & Brutus Magnus), came down to ringside to scout both teams as contenders for their titles. Magnus ran in and broke up Alex Shelley's pin attempt on Andy Douglas after Shelley connected with the Shell Shock (Twisting STO). The Naturals had some choice words for the British Invasion for costing them the match.

5. Rob Van Dam pinned Matt Hardy with a Small Package at 13:21. The match of the night that featured several near pinfalls and saw both competitors kick out of each other's finishers. Matt was attempting a second Twist of Hate when he was cradled by RVD for the pinfall.

6. "The Icon" Sting over "The Monster" Abyss (w/ Father James Mitchell) at 11:35. Mitchell tried to throw a handful of powder into Sting's face but ended up getting Abyss with it instead. Sting capitalized on Mitchell's miscue by applying the Scorpion Death Drop (Inverted DDT) onto his blinded opponent for the victory.
TNA Impact Results (Circa 2012) - Impact Zone, Universal Studios, Orlando, FL. Att: 1,293.

Announcers: "The Professor" Mike Tenay, Todd Keneley & "The Human Suplex Machine" Tazz
Ring Announcer: Christy Hemme
Referees: Earl Hebner, Brian Stiffler & Taryn Terrell

1. X Division. Sonjay Dutt over Kenny King by DQ at 6:30. King thought he had the match won with his Royal Flush finisher (Fireman's Carry Side Slam), but Referee Earl Hebner was out of position and slow to count the pin. Dutt kicked out on the count of two and a rabid Kenny King took out his frustration by slugging Hebner to draw the disqualification.

2. Knockouts' Return Match as ordered by Brooke Hogan. Taeler Hendrix vs. Gail Kim. (Kim was DQ'd last week after Knockouts' Champion Madison Rayne bashed Hendrix with her title belt to save Gail from being pinned.) Kim was once again accompanied by her BFF Madison Rayne until TNA Official Frank Coutinho appeared at the top of the ramp with a microphone and reminded Referee Taryn Terrell that Madison was barred from ringside. Frank also pointed out that if Hendrix wins tonight, she gets a title match against Madison next week. Both Gail Kim and Madison Rayne went ballistic with choice words for Frank, but Terrell enforced the stipulation and ordered Madison to return to the locker room.

Hendrix once again carried the match to Gail Kim and tried to finish her off with the Kiss Goodnight, but her Roundhouse Kick was caught by Kim and quickly reversed into the Eat Defeat (Inverted Stomp Jawbreaker) for the pin at 7:40.

3. The Diamonds in the Rough ("Prime Time" Elix Skipper & David Young w/ Simon Diamond) were defeated by Ink Inc. (Shannon Moore & Jesse Neal w/ Daffney) at 7:23. Simon Diamond interferred one time too many in this match and accidently tripped his own man David Young. Shannon Moore capitalized on the miscue and hit the Halo (Leaping Reverse Corkscrew Body Block off the top rope) onto the woozy Young for the three count.

4. "Cowboy" James Storm over Frankie Kazarian (w/ "Fallen Angel" Christopher Daniels) at 11:04. Daniels tried to throw his green Appletini cocktail into the Cowboy's face but inadvertently got his tag team partner Kazarian with it instead. The blinded Kazarian stumbled right into Storm's Last Call Superkick for the pinfall.

5. Chavo Guerrero Jr. defeated "The Phenomenal" A.J. Styles in an unusual ending at 14:04. With Chavo down on the canvas, Styles leapt up to the top rope to deliver the Spiral Tap (Diving Corkscrew Senton), but he was pushed off from behind by the TV Champ "The Pope" D'Angelo Dinero who had run down to ringside. With the tables turned and Styles now down on the mat, Chavo climbed up to the top rope and delivered the Frog Splash for the winning pin. Styles continues to have his problems with Father James Mitchell's New Church.

6. "The It Factor of Professional Wrestling" Bobby Roode beat "The War Machine" Rhino in controversial fashion. X Division Champion and self-proclaimed "Greatest Man Who Ever Lived" Austin Aries came down to ringside and interjected himself into the match. Aries, who seems to have a vendetta against all former ECW wrestlers who he refers to as being "over the hill" ever since his backstage altercation with Frank Coutinho a couple of weeks ago, began heckling Rhino and encouraging him to retire. Aries climbed up to the apron to show off his X Division Belt and was promptly speared to the floor by "The War Machine" with the Gore, however Roode was able to take advantage of the moment and rolled up Rhino from behind for the win.
Jim Crockett Promotions Mid-Atlantic Results (Circa Mid 80's) - Macon County Coliseum, Macon, GA. Att: 5,003.

Announcers: Freddie Miller & "American Dream" Dusty Rhodes
Ring Announcer: Ray McKay
Referees: Mike Atkins & Sonny Fargo

1. United States Champion Magnum T.A. defeated veteran "Wild" Bill White with his Belly to Belly Suplex off the ropes at 4:07 in a non-title bout.

2. Jim Cornette's Midnight Express ("Beautiful" Bobby Eaton & "Sweet" Stan Lane) over Jim & Mack Jeffers at 3:29. The Midnights combined for their Double Goozle finisher (Eaton Clothesline with Lane Schoolboy Roll Up from behind) on Mack Jeffers for the pinfall.

3. Nelson Royal submitted to Chief Wahoo McDaniel's Indian Deathlock at 5:04. After the bell, McDaniel refused to relaese the hold until he was nearly disqualified by Referee Sonny Fargo.

4. The Rock & Roll Express (Ricky Morton & Robert Gibson) defeated the duo of George South & Randy Barber at 4:28. Gibson made the pin after the Express hit their patented Double Drop Kick on George South. A post match interview with Freddie Miller was rudely interrupted by Krusher Khruschev and "Russian Bear" Ivan Koloff who demanded a match against the Rock & Rollers next week.

5. "Ragin' Bull" Manny Fernandez (w/ "Boogie-Woogie Man" Jimmy Valiant) over the Barbarian (w/ "No. 1" Paul Jones) at 8:46. Fernandez scored the pinfall with a Small Package and an unusually fast count by Referee Sonny Fargo. Paul Jones vehemently protested the decision and accused Fargo of being "paid off" by the Boogie-Woogie Man.

6. Texas Death Match. Black Bart (w/ Black Stetson, Branding Iron & James J. Dillon) was defeated by "Rugged" Ronnie Garvin at 9:27. Bart was KO'd by his own cowboy boot after Garvin was able to pry the shoe from his hands and clock him over the head with it. Referee Mike Atkins administered the 10 Count and called for the bell when Bart could not get back to his feet.
NWA Mid-Atlantic Results (Circa Mid 80's) - Salem Civic Center, Salem, VA. Att: 5,082.

Announcers: Bob Caudle & Johnny Weaver
Ring Announcer: Ted Guinness
Referees: Tommy Young & Walter Buckner

1. Barry Windham put away Joel Deaton with his Western Lariat (Clothesline) off the ropes at 2:53.

2. Ole Anderson (w/ Arn Anderson) over Tim "Powerhouse" Parker by submission with a Wrenching Arm Lock at 2:48.

3. Doug Vines went down for the three count after "American Dream" Dusty Rhodes' Bionic Elbow Drop at 3:44.

4. Rick Steamboat & Chief Jay Youngblood defeated the masked Thunderfoots at 5:23. Ricky pinned Thunderfoot #2 with a Diving Cross Body Press off the top rope.

5. Krusher Khruschev (w/ "Russian Bear" Ivan Koloff and 10 feet of chain) over Lazer Tron (Hector Guerrero under a mask) at 7:41. Khruschev scored the pinfall after Koloff smashed Lazer Tron from behind with the chain behind Referee Walter Buckner's back.

6. NWA TV Title Match. Champion Tully Blanchard (w/ his "Perfect 10" Baby Doll) and challenger "Avalanche" Buzz Tyler were counted out by Referee Tommy Young at 9:16 as both men battled it out on the floor. Tully retains the TV Title.

7. Six Man Tag Team Match. "Boogie-Woogie Man" Jimmy Valiant, "Ragin' Bull" Manny Fernandez & their special mystery partner Rufus R. Jones were defeated by Paul Jones' Army of "Superstar" Billy Graham, the Barbarian and "Number One" Paul Jones himself who stepped out of his managerial role to don the tights once more. As one might expect, Jones would only tag in when his team was in control of the match which frustrated Jimmy Valiant to no end. To make matters worse, "The Boogie-Woogie Man" was pinned by Jones at 11:07 after Graham & the Barbarian combined for a Double Hot Shot on Valiant while Referee Walter Buckner was sending Rufus R. Jones back to his corner. Graham quickly tagged in Jones to make the cover on Jimmy for the pinfall.
NWA Mid-Atlantic Results (Circa Mid 80's) - Augusta Arena, Augusta, GA. Att: 8,920.

Announcers: Freddie Miller & Les Thatcher
Ring Announcer: Ray McKay
Referees: Mike Atkins & Tommy Young

1. "The Enforcer" Arn Anderson (w/ Ole Anderson) absolutely planted Rocky King with a Spinebuster off the ropes for the pinfall at 4:00.

2. Tony Zane submitted to Don Kernodle's Cobra Clutch at 2:29.

3. Jim Cornette's Midnight Express ("Beautiful" Bobby Eaton & "Sweet" Stan Lane) dominated the Mulkey Brothers (Bill & Randy). Eaton finished off Randy Mulkey with the Gravedigger (Assisted Powerslam off the 2nd rope) at 3:51. Prior to the match, Cornette insisted upon making the ring introduction for his team.

4. Abdullah the Butcher (w/ "Number 1" Paul Jones) defeated Nelson Royal at 6:39. Royal put up a good fight until he was tripped by Paul Jones coming off the ropes. Abdullah followed up with his Sudanese Meat Cleaver (Running Elbow Drop) to score the pinfall.

5. "The Ragin' Bull" Manny Fernandez over Black Bart (w/ Branding Iron & J.J. Dillon in a brown tuxedo) by DQ at 7:25. Dillon drew the disqualification when he ran into the ring to break up the pin count after Fernandez had connected with the Flying Burrito off the ropes on Bart.

6. Chief Wahoo McDaniel beat "Pistol" Pez Whatley at 8:08. Pez tried to Monkey Flip the Chief out of the corner but McDaniel locked his arms under the ring ropes to block the maneuver. Whatley fell back to the mat and Wahoo pounced on him with two feet on the ropes for leverage to secure the pin.

7. In the Main Event, the Rock & Roll Express (Ricky Morton & Robert Gibson) over the Russians ("Russian Bear" Ivan Koloff & Krusher Khruschev w/ "Russian Nightmare" Nikita Koloff) by DQ at 8:25. The Russians were disqualified when Nikita ran into the ring and knocked Ricky Morton out of his boots and into the next zip code with a vicious Russian Sickle.
NWA Mid-Atlantic Results (Circa Mid 80's) - Norfolk Scope, Norfolk, VA. Att: 12,162.

Announcers: Bob Caudle & Johnny Weaver
Ring Announcer: Rick Stewart
Referees: Stu Schwartz & Walter Buckner

1. The Italian Stallion put away Gene Ligon with a Powerslam off the ropes at 5:25.

2. The "Boogie-Woogie Man" Jimmy Valiant brought the fans to their feet with an electrifying entrance and defeated "Wild" Bill White with a Sleeperhold at 4:43. After the bout, Valiant kissed both Referee Walter Buckner and Ring Announcer Rick Stewart. "Wild" Bill was able to bail from the ring before he got a smooch as well.

3. The speedy masked man Lazer Tron kept Nikita Koloff frustrated and off balance for most of this match, but the "Russian Nightmare" prevailed in the end. Lazer Tron attempted a Flying Cross Body Press but was caught in mid-air by Koloff and given a Backbreaker across the knee for the pinfall at 6:21.

4. "Rugged" Ronnie Garvin over the Barbarian (w/ "No. 1" Paul Jones) via Count Out at 8:32. Jimmy Valiant returned to ringside and chased his nemesis Paul Jones back to the dressing room. The Barbarian left the ring to protect his manager and was counted out in the process.

5. The team of Rick Steamboat & Chief Jay Youngblood defeated Arn & Ole Anderson by DQ at 10:46. Ole pulled Referee Stu Schwartz in front of himself just as Jay Youngblood leapt off the top rope with a Tomahawk Chop. Schwartz took the full brunt of the blow and went down like a ton of bricks. The bell rang and there was confusion in the ring as to who had been disqualified. A woozy Stu Schwartz rendered his decision to Ring Announcer Rick Stewart. The Andersons had a fit in the ring following the announcement.

6. TV Title Match. Champion Tully Blanchard (w/ his "Perfect Ten" Baby Doll) vs. challenger "American Dream" Dusty Rhodes. The fans wondered if Blanchard was a no-show after the champ did not appear following his ring introduction. More likely, Blanchard was playing mind games (or perhaps hoping to be counted out ??) and kept Dusty waiting a full five minutes before finally making his way down to ringside. Rhodes waged a little psychological warfare of his own later in the match by catching Baby Doll up on the apron by her hair and swatting her behind. Tully's enraged valet ran into the ring and swung the TV Title Belt at the Dream but accidentally clocked Blanchard with it instead. Dusty made the cover and Referee Walter Buckner counted the pin at 12:29. Rhodes is the neeeewwwwwww TV Champion !!
WWF Results (Early to Mid 80's) - Providence Civic Center, Providence, RI. Att: 5,308.

Announcers: Jack Reynolds & Jesse "The Body" Ventura
Ring Announcer: "Mean" Gene Okerlund
Referees: Mario Savoldi & Terry Yorkston

1. "Canada's Greatest Athlete" Iron Mike Sharpe pinned Rudy Diamond with a suspiciously effective Clothesline off the ropes at 3:54. Iron Mike appeared to tinker with his left forearm pad before delivering the decisive blow.

2. "Mr. Wonderful" Paul Orndorff put away the Tonga Kid with his Piledriver at 6:32. The Kid kept "Mr. Wonderful" off balance in the early going with his speed and agility but a missed Drop Kick turned the momentum of the match in Orndorff's favor. "Mr. Wonderful" used a Powerslam off the ropes to set up the finish.

3. Up and coming youngster Paul Roma from Kensington, NY had the fans' support in his bout with Moondog Spot but an undetected smash to the head with Spot's nasty dog bone in the corner led to the pinfall on Roma at 5:18.

4. "Rowdy" Roddy Piper and his bodyguard "Ace" Cowboy Bob Orton beat the Hillbillies (Uncle Elmer & Hillbilly Jim) at 8:25. Things looked grim for Piper when he was caught in Hillbilly Jim's Bear Hug off the ropes but Orton leapt off the top rope with a clubbing shot to the back of Jim's noggin with his controversial arm cast as Referee Terry Yorkston was sending Uncle Elmer back to his corner. Yorkston turned around to find Piper making the cover and counted the pin.

5. Mike Rotundo electrified the Providence crowd with a victory over Greg "The Hammer" Valentine at 9:30. Valentine was in the process of applying his dreaded Figure Four Leglock when Rotundo caught him in a surprise cradle for the pin.

6. In the Main, Sergeant Slaughter defeated the Iron Sheik at 9:23 in a Boot Camp Match. Slaughter bashed the Sheik in the head with a M*A*S*H stretcher that was at ringside to score the pinfall. Ironically enough, the Sheik had to be carried backstage on the very same stretcher after the bout. The Iron Sheik really took his lumps in this match and was busted open after several Head Butts from the Sarge who was wearing a combat helmet.
WWF Results (Early to Mid 80's) - Baltimore Civic Center, Baltimore, MD. Att: 8,075.

Announcers: Vince McMahon Jr. & Pat Patterson
Ring Announcer: Joe McHugh
Referees: Dick Woehrle & Dusty Feldbaumer

1. The masked Invaders defeated the tandem of "Big" Ron Shaw & Dave Barbie at 4:29. Invader II pinned Barbie with a Senton Splash off the top rope.

2. Nikolai Volkoff (w/ Russian National Anthem & Classy Freddie Blassie) over Salvatore Bellomo with a Military Press to a Backbreaker across the knee at 3:55.

3. Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka gave the fans what they wanted to see - the Superfly Splash off the top rope to pin his opponent "Gentleman" Jerry Valiant at 4:20.

4. Big John Studd (w/ $5,000 Body Slam Challenge & Bobby "The Brain" Heenan) defeated Tony Garea at 5:37. Tony missed a corner charge and ran full steam into Studd's Big Boot leading to the pinfall. Garea tried to cash in on the Body Slam Challenge at one point but Studd grabbed the top rope to block the maneuver and clubbed Tony with a big forearm smash to the back.

5. Captain Lou Albano's Wild Samoans (Afa & Sika) defeated the Strongbows (Jay & Jules) at 8:24. The Samoans combined for Double Falling Head Butt on Jules to score the winning pinfall while Jay Strongbow was leveling Captain Lou with a Tomahawk Chop to the noggin.

6. WWF Intercontinental Match. The Magnificent Muraco (w/ the devious Mr. Fuji) turned back challenger Tito Santana to successfully retain his title at 10:11. Muraco bashed Santana in the head with the Intercontinental Belt while Mr. Fuji kept Referee Dusty Feldbaumer distracted. Feldbaumer turned around to find Muraco making the cover on the KO'd Santana and counted the pin.
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