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GV's Other UQ Wrestling Results
WCW Results (Circa Early 90's) Municipal Auditorium, Columbus, GA. Att: 3,780.

Announcers: Tony Schiavone & "The American Dream" Dusty Rhodes
Ring Announcer: Rick Stewart
Referees: Randy "Pee Wee" Anderson & Nick Patrick

1. "Candyman" Brad Armstrong defeated Sgt. Buddy Lee Parker with the Side Russian Legsweep at 5:56.

2. "All American" Ron Simmons pinned Inmate#3260 Death Row with a Spinebuster at 3:11.

3. The young but unpopular Erik Watts cradled Vinnie Vegas (w/ Diamond Dallas Page) in a Small Package at 9:04. Watts received a lukewarm reception from the fans during his entrance and very little crowd reaction after the pinfall.

4. The team of "Z Man" Tom Zenk & Johnny Gunn defeated Executive Director Alexandra York's York Foundation ("The Computerized Man of the 90's" Terrence Taylor & Richard Morton w/ "Head of Security" Mr. Hughes) by Count Out at 7:09. Mr. Hughes accidently clobbered Terrence Taylor with Alexandra York's laptop during OOR action. He tried to toss Taylor back into the ring like a sack of potatoes but it was not in time to break Referee Randy Anderson's ten count.

5. Non-Title Match. United States Champion Great Muta (w/ "Playboy" Gary Hart) over 2 Cold Scorpio by DQ at 11:23. Scorpio reversed a corner whip but in so doing sent Muta crashing into Referee Nick Patrick who went down like a ton of bricks. Muta staggered backwards into a Backslide from Scorpio but the Ref called for the bell instead of counting the pin. Patrick deemed that Scorpio "intentionally" whipped Muta into him to justify the disqualification. Gary Hart nodded in approval.

6. "The Enforcer" Arn Anderson (w/ "Beautiful" Bobby Eaton & Paul E. Dangerously) beat Big Josh (w/ Axe Handle) by Count Out at 11:47. Eaton snuck up from behind and bashed Josh in the back with his own axe handle during OOR action. The dazed lumberjack could not make Referee Randy Anderson's count.

7. In the Main Event, "The Total Package" Lex Luger and the oafish El Gigante were both counted out by Referee Nick Patrick at 14:23 as they battled back to the dressing room. The fans were happy to see them go. There were several chants of "Boring !" throughout this awkward Main Event.
WCW Results (Circa Early 90's) - (Matinee) Knoxville Civic Auditorium & Coliseum, Knoxville, TN. Att: 2,319.

Announcers: Jim Ross & Paul E. Dangerously
Ring Announcer: Rich Landrum
Referees: Teddy "Peanut Head" Long & Bill Alphonso

1. Rikki Nelson received a gift DQ victory from Scotty Flamingo at 6:52. Prior to the bell, Flamingo grabbed the house mic away from Rich Landrum and boasted that he would "make an example" out of his young opponent. Flamingo did just that by mauling Nelson the entire match and pulling him up on several two counts. Flamingo went too far, however, when he choked out Nelson on the mat and refused to stop by Referee Teddy Long's five count. Long signalled for the disqualification despite Flamingo's vehement protest. (Note: Scotty Flamingo is a young Raven/Scott Levy.)

2. The Steiners ("Dog-Faced Gremlin" Rick & brother Scott) barely broke a sweat in their lop-sided victory over Mike Thor & Zan Panzer. Rick pinned Zan Panzer with a Belly to Belly Suplex off the ropes at 2:34.

3. Cactus Jack (without a full deck but with the "Bang ! Bang !" six-gun hand gesture) over "Young Pistol" Tracy Smothers (w/ Confederate Flag) at 9:21. It seemed to be the end of the road for Cactus Jack when Smothers caught him with the Jaw Jacker (Flying Back Elbow Smash off the 2nd rope), but the force of the move sent Cactus crashing backwards into Bill Alphonso and toppling the ref to the mat. Smothers tried to help Alphonso get back to his feet and was caught from behind in a Schoolboy Roll Up by Cactus for the pin.

4. The Fabulous Freebirds (Michael P.S. Hayes & Jimmy "Jam" Garvin w/ Big Daddy Dink) defeated the Patriots (Todd Champion & Firebreaker Chip) at 9:37. Hayes pinned Chip after the Freebirds combined for their Double DDT finisher on Chip.

5. WCW TV Title Match. Champion Johnny B. Badd (w/ the Badd Blaster confetti cannon) turned back the challenger "Stunning" Steve Austin (w/ Southern Belle valet Miss Blossom) vis Count Out at 10:22. As the action spilled out onto the floor, Blossom tried to spray Badd in the face with her Magnolia scented perfume but inadvertently got "Stunning" Steve instead. The blinded Austin staggered around ringside and could not find his way back inside the ring to beat Referee Teddy Long's ten count.

6. "The Computerized Man of the 90's" Terrence Taylor (w/ Yuppie pony tail, Executive Director of the York Foundation Alexandra York and Head of Security Mr. Hughes) over "The Natural" Dustin Rhodes at 11:56. Rhodes caught Taylor with his trademark Bulldog out of the corner but Referee Bill Alphonso was too busy arguing with Alexandra York to count the pin. Mr. Hughes then entered the ring and absolutely planted Dustin with a Chokeslam behind the distracted ref's back. Taylor crawled over to cover Rhodes as Alphonso finally turned around to make the three count.

7. In the Main Event, "Lone Wolf" Barry Windham, in a bid for another title shot to regain his WCW title from Big Van Vader, defeated Sid Vicious (w/ "Dangerous" Dan Spivey) by Count Out at 11:55. With Windham and Sid battling OOR, Spivey's best intentions to help his Sky Scrapers tag team partner went awry when he accidently clotheslined Vicious over the barricade railing and into the first row of spectators. Sid could not recover in time as Referee Teddy Long laid the ten count on him.

After the matinee show, Dustin Rhodes and Alexandra York were spotted by fans holding hands and having a late lunch at a local diner in Knoxville. Perhaps the notion of "Goldust" came up during the couple's conversation ?
TNA Results (Circa 2012) - Raleigh Amphitheater, Raleigh, NC. Att: 3,581.

Announcers: Mike Tenay & Don West
Ring Announcer: Jeremy Borash
Referees: Scott James, Mike Posey & Taryn Terrell

1. Recent "Gutcheck" winner Alex Silva went down to defeat at the hands of "Primetime" Elix Skipper at 4:18. Skipper with the Sudden Death (Over the Shoulder Back To Belly Piledriver) for the pinfall.

2. Knockouts Division. Gail Kim (w/ Knockouts Champ Madison Rayne) over ODB (w/ flask and hubby Eric Young) via Count Out at 5:46. A very jealous ODB left the ring to confront Madison Rayne who was flirting with her looney husband OOR. Gail Kim snuck up from behind and hit ODB with her Eat Defeat finisher (Inverted Stomp Jawbreaker). ODB could not get back inside the ring by Knockouts Referee Taryn Terrell's ten count.

3. The demented Matt Hardy defeated Orlando Jordan with his Twist of Hate finisher at 10:39.

4. X Division Triple Threat Match. Low Ki vs. "Fallen Angel" Christopher Daniels vs. Sonjay Dutt. Action-packed, high-risk spot fest that culminated with Daniels pinning Low Ki with both feet on the ropes for leverage in the corner at 7:23.

5. Chavo Guerrero Jr. & Hernandez (w/ Sarita) over Ink, Inc. (Shannon Moore & Jesse Neal w/ Daffney) at 12:35. Hernandez rolled up Shannon Moore from behind after Moore became distracted by a cat fight between Sarita and Daffney OOR. The pin also featured a suspiciously fast count by the recently reinstated Mike Posey who had been accused of being bias against wrestlers of Latino heritage.

6. In the Main Event, "The Phenomenal" A.J. Styles defeated "The Samoan Submission Machine" Samoa Joe at 14:38. Joe had removed the padding from a corner turnbuckle but his strategy backfired when he had his own head rammed into the exposed steel by Styles leading to the winning pinfall.
TNA Results (Circa 2012) - Fort Smith Convention Center, Fort Smith, AR. Att: 4,388.

Announcers: Jeremy Borash & Don Callis
Ring Announcer: SoCal Val
Referees: Bruce Gray, Brian Stiffler & Taryn Terrell

1. "That 70's Guy" Joey Ryan (w/ Traci Brooks) over Chad Collyer with the Mustache Ride (Super Swinging Neckbreaker off the top rope) at 3:42.

2. Knockouts Division. Velvet Skye pinned Rosita (w/ Anarquia & Homicide) with her In Yo' Face finisher (Sit Out Double Underhook Facebuster) at 4:21. Knockouts' ref Taryn Terrell had her hands full in keeping Rosita's entourage from interferring in the match.

3. "Alpha Male" Monty Brown beat Jason Cross with the Pounce (Flying Shoulder Tackle off the ropes) at 4:48.

4. The Naturals (Andy Douglas & Chase Stevens) over Kid Kash & Gunner by DQ at 10:11. Gunner was caught bashing Stevens over the back with a chair by Referee Brian Stiffler to draw the disqualification.

5. Ron "The Truth" Killings defeated "The Monster" Abyss (w/ Father James Mitchell) at 12:17. Abyss was DQ'd for tossing Referee Bruce Gray out of the ring. After the bout, "The Pope" ran in and laid out Killings with the D'Angelo Dinero Express (Double Knee Smash to back). Abyss added a Black Hole Slam (Spinning Side Slam) for good measure. Father James Mitchell left a brochure advertising "The New Church" on Killings' chest.

6. Steel Cage Main Event. Matt Hardy defeated his brother "The Charismatic Enigma" Jeff Hardy at 12:48. Matt pulled a hidden foreign object from his tights to KO his brother with a loaded punch and then climbed out of the cage to victory.
Spike TV & ShopTNA.com presents TNA Impact (Circa 2012) - Impact Zone, Universal Studios, Orlando, FL. Att: 1,422.

Announcers: Mike Tenay & Tazz
Ring Announcer: Christy Hemme
Referees: Mike Posey, Jamie Tucker & Taryn Terrell

*Opening Fireworks*

Impact GM Hulk Hogan & Kurt Angle are walking backstage together. They enter Hogan's office and find TNA Champion Jeff Jarrett sitting with his feet up on Hogan's desk strumming his guitar. Jarrett's Championship Belt is propped up proudly on the desk.

Jarrett: "It's about time you got here, Mr. General Manager. I'm still waitin' on that Mr. Wrasslin' III apology that you owe me. Don't think I forgot that, Hogan. Oh, and Kurt, seein' as how you're here, I'll be expectin' an apology from you, too."

Angle is spitting mad but the Hulkster intervenes. "Hold on, Brother, I got this," he says to the Olympic Gold Medalist.

Hogan: "You know, Jeff, you're absolutely right. I do owe you an apology, Brother, in fact, I owe you two apologies. First off, I'm a big enough man to admit that I was wrong about the whole Mr. Wrestling III thing, okay ? My bad, Dude. Matt Hardy had us all fooled on that one, so I'm sorry about that. And secondly, Brother, I forgot to tell you that you'll be facing my cyborg here, Kurt Angle, in the Main Event tonight, so my bad again, Dude."

Jarrett hits a sour note on his guitar and stares at the Hulkster in disbelief.

Hogan: "He's the Number One Contender and you're putting the belt on the line, Dude. It's you and Angle tonight for the gold."

Jarrett jumps up from the chair and begins to storm out the door. Hogan grabs his guitar away from him on the way out.

Hogan: "Oh yeah, one more thing, Brother. I play guitar, too, so I'm gonna borrow this for a while. You can have it back after the match."

Jarrett is furious. "You think you hold all the cards in the deck, Hogan ? Well, there may be a wild card or two that you don't know about."

Jarrett turns to leave when Kurt Angle grabs him by the arm. Angle takes the Championship Belt off Hogan's desk and tosses it to Jarrett. "Don't forget to bring this to the ring with you later on tonight, Jeff. I'm gonna be looking for it after our match is over."

Angle smiles as Jarrett storms out of the office.

1. X Division. Jerry Lynn defeated Zema Ion (w/ can of hairspray) at 7:07. X Division Champ Austin Aries came down to ringside to scout the match. Ion had words with Aries and was rolled up from behind by Jerry Lynn for the pinfall.

2. Gutcheck Knockouts' Match. TNA hopeful Taeler Hendrix, in her bid for an Impact contract, was pinned by Angelina Love with the Lights Out (Lifting Reverse STO) at 5:34. Her fate now lies in the hands of judges Bruce Pritchard, Al Snow & Tazz who will render their decision next week.

3. "The Blueprint" Matt Morgan (w/ "That 70's Guy" Joey Ryan) over Orlando Jordan at 6:23. Jordan got into it with Joey Ryan on the floor and was counted out by Referee Mike Posey during the altercation. Jordan was about to level Ryan when he was spun around and laid out with Morgan's Carbon Footprint (Yakuza Kick).

4. Chavo Guerrero & Hernandez (w/ Sarita) beat "Fallen Angel" Christopher Daniels & Frankie Kazarian. Chavo pinned Daniels with the Frog Splash off the top rope at 10:51.

5. "The Samoan Submission Machine" Samoa Joe defeated "Cowboy" James Storm at 11:00. "Alpha Male" Monty Brown, who had joined Mike Tenay and Tazz to provide guest commentary for the match, got into a shouting match with James Storm and called the Cowboy a "Redneck Hillbilly from Tennessee". Brown then rushed the ring but was knocked off the apron by Storm's Last Call Superkick. The distraction allowed Samoa Joe to pin Storm with a Schoolboy Rollup from behind to win the match.

6. TNA Championship Match. The Champ, "King of the Mountain" Jeff Jarrett (without guitar) vs. Number One Contender "Olympic Gold Medalist" Kurt Angle. The Challenger caught the Champ with a trio of rolling German Suplexes but knocked Referee Jamie Tucker down to the canvas in the process. Angle then pulled down the straps of his singlet and clamped on the Ankle Lock right in the middle of the ring. Trapped with no where to go and in excruciating pain, Jarrett tapped out but Tucker was still incapacitated on the mat. Jarrett's wife (and Angle's ex-wife) Karen suddenly ran into the ring and bashed her ex-husband in the head with the TNA Championship belt. She draped her husband's arm over Angle's chest as the woozy Tucker crawled over to count the pin. Jeff Jarrett retains the TNA Title.
TNA Results (Circa 2012) - Freedom Hall, Johnson City, TN. Att: 7,062.

Announcers: Todd Keneley & Jeremy Borash
Ring Announcer: SoCal Val
Referees: Earl Hebner, Scott James & Taryn Terrell

* Opening Fireworks *

1. X Division. Homicide (w/ Anarquia & Attorney Joseph Park, Esq.) defeated Kenny King with Da Gringo Killa (Vertebreaker) at 6:00. Prior to the match, Attorney Joseph Park entered the ring with a clipboard of documents for Referee Earl Hebner to sign. Park claimed that the paperwork was to insure that his client would receive "fair and unbiased treatment" from the referee. Homicide has alleged that he has been discriminated against by TNA officials because of his Latino heritage.

2. Knockouts' Division. "Hardcore Country" Mickie James over Miss Tessmacher by DQ at 9:28. Knockouts' Ref Taryn Terrell called for the bell when Miss Tessmacher's T.N.T. tag team partner Tara came down to ringside, removed her knee brace and blatantly smashed Mickie James in the head with it. Tessmacher threw her hands up in the air and got into a shouting match with Tara in the middle of the ring. Terrell was finally able to separate the two before the confrontation could escalate.

3. Eric Young (w/ wife ODB and bucket of KFC chicken) beat "Prime Time" Elix Skipper at 7:06. With Referee Scott James knocked down in the action, Young cradled Skipper in a Small Package. TNA Official Simon Diamond suddenly ran in and reversed the cradle only to have ODB run in and re-reverse it after Diamond exited the ring. Scott James recovered to count the pin for EY. Impact announcers Jeremy Borash & Todd Keneley pondered why Diamond would interfere in the match.

Backstage Segment - TNA Owner Dixie Carter's Office

Dixie looks absolutely furious with Simon Diamond. TNA Senior VP Bruce Prichard scolds Diamond for his actions. Prichard calls it a "conflict of interest" for TNA personnel to interject themselves into a match with the intent of altering the outcome. Diamond just stands there with a smirk on his face and says nothing in his defense. After the tongue lashing, Diamond opens the door to leave Dixie's office. We see a startled Attorney Joseph Park jump back in surprise after eavesdropping by the keyhole. Park stumbles down the hallway and bumps into Eric Young and ODB. Eric reaches into the KFC bucket for a piece of fried chicken, pulls out a handful of bones and frowns while ODB pats her belly and burps.

4. Crimson over David Young by Count Out at 7:58. With Young and Crimson battling on the floor, Simon Diamond once again came down to ringside and tried to smash Crimson over the head with a folding chair. Crimson was able to duck at the last second causing David Young to take the full brunt of the chair shot instead. Referee Earl Hebner put the ten count on the KO'd Young while Diamond fled to the back.

Gutcheck Decision

Jeremy Borash calls Impact hopeful Taeler Hendrix out to the ring and introduces the three TNA judges: Al Snow, Bruce Prichard, and Frank Coutinho. (Frank is subbing for his good friend Tazz who is feeling under the weather tonight and recuperating at home in Red Hook, NY with a bowl of chicken noodle soup).

Al Snow was impressed with Taeler's speed and athleticism, but felt that she was still too green for TNA. Al votes "No". Bruce Prichard looks like his mind is preoccupied with Simon Diamond's shenanigans, however he said that he saw enough potential in Hendrix to vote "Yes" and quickly hands the mic over to Frank Coutinho. Frank weighs out the pros and cons of Taeler's performance as we watch clips from her Gutcheck Match last week when she was defeated by Angelina Love. Taeler is pacing nervously in suspense. Frank pauses thoughtfully to add more drama to the moment, and then gives her the thumbs up. Taeler is ecstatic ! She hugs all three judges and jumps around the ring waving to the fans ! Taeler Hendrix is now a member of the Impact Knockouts' Roster.

5. Backstage Assault !! The scheduled tag match of Orlando Jordan & Ron "The Truth" Killings vs."The Blueprint" Matt Morgan & "That 70's Guy" Joey Ryan never took place. Jordan & Killings were jumped by their opponents and laid out in a vicious backstage beatdown. We see medical personnel rushing onto the scene to attend to them.

6. Grudge match. "Cowboy" James Storm vs. "Alpha Male" Monte Brown. Storm was dubiously DQ'd by Referee Earl Hebner at 12:35 after being caught holding Brown's brass knucks. Brown had pulled the knucks from his tights to deliver a loaded punch but dropped them when he turned around into a Last Call Superkick from the Cowboy. Storm scooped up the weapon to show Earl Hebner and was promptly disqualified. As Storm protested Hebner's decision in the ring, Monte Brown grabbed a microphone and shouted, "Sorry about your damn luck, Cowboy !"

Backstage Segment - TNA Owner Dixie Carter's Office

Bruce Prichard hands Simon Diamond a pink slip and asks TNA Head of Security D'Lo Brown to escort him out of the building. There's a knock at the door and Attorney Joseph Park enters the room. Dixie is about to have him thrown out as well when Park produces a document from his briefcase showing that he is on retainer to legally represent Simon. Park then hands Dixie another document. It is an offical TNA Manager's Licence Certificate. Dixie looks it over, shakes her head in disgust and passes it over to Bruce Prichard. "Let him go, D'Lo," Prichard says, "It seems that Mr. Diamond is now a manager here in TNA." Prichard hands the Manager's License back to Diamond. Diamond laughs and leaves with Attorney Park. On the way out they meet up with Elix Skipper and David Young who Simon refers to as his "Diamonds in the Rough".

7. In the Main Event, Rob Van Dam over "The Phenomenal" A.J. Styles via Count Out at 12:42. A see-saw contest of high flying acrobatics that featured several near pinfalls was spoiled when Father James Mitchell came down to ringside and made a nuisance of himself by heckling Styles and spouting off jibberish about his "New Church". Styles lost his temper and chased Mitchell up the ramp and to the back where "The Pope" D'Angelo Dinero and "The Monster" Abyss were waiting in ambush. Dinero clobbered A.J. with his TV Championship Belt while Mitchell, in his signature red suit and black shirt, cackled in approval. Abyss then picked up Styles and Chokeslammed him through a nearby table. Mitchell stuffed a brochure for "The New Church" in Styles limp hand as the unholy trio walked away.
Championship Wrestling from Florida Results (Circa Late 70's) - Jai Alai Fronton, Ocala, FL. Att: 5,272.

Announcers: Gordon Solie & Buddy Colt
Ring Announcer: Dr. Tom Miller
Referees: Charley Laye & Frenchy Bernard

1. Phil Mercado submitted to Jerry Brisco's Figure Four Leglock at 6:26.

2. "Notorious" Ox Baker put away Prince Tonga with his devastating Heart Punch at 5:07.

3. Pak Song (w/ Sonny King) over Paul Ellering at 6:19. Sonny King caught a haymaker from Ellering up on the apron but the distraction was just what Pak Song needed to roll up his opponent from behind for the victory.

4. Jim Garvin defeated the Beautiful Beauregarde (w/ Sir Oliver Humperdink) at 11:19. With Referee Frenchy Bernard knocked down in the action, Beauregarde tried to hit Garvin with Sir Oliver's walking stick but a quick boot to the midsection made him drop the weapon. Garvin retrieved the cane and smashed it across Beauregarde's back leading to the pin. Frenchy Bernard recovered to make the three count.

5. The masked Assassins (I & II) and their opponents, Sweet Brown Sugar & Tiger Conway Jr. were both counted out by Referee Charley Laye at 13:15 as all four men battled on the floor.

6. Florida Title Match. The champion "American Dream" Dusty Rhodes caught his challenger "Lumberjack" Jos LeDuc (w/ Sonny King) in a Schoolboy Roll up at 10:18 as LeDuc was jawing with Referee Frenchy Bernard. Dusty retains the Florida Title.
Championship Wrestling from Florida Results (Circa Late 70's) - Fort Homer Hesterly Armory, Tampa, FL. Att: 5,297.

Announcers: Gordon Solie & Barbara Clary
Ring Announcer: Jay Goodley
Referees: Sonny Myers & Buddy Colt

1. Martial Arts expert Ron Slinker (w/ nunchucks & "Playboy" Gary Hart) over Raul Mata by submission with a Leg Grapevine at 2:11. Slinker refused to release the hold until Mata screamed "I quit, Sensei !"

2. Ray Candy used a Big Splash to pin "Hustler" Rip Rogers (w/ Miss Brenda Britton) at 5:32. Brenda had to pull the crushed Rogers out of the ring after the match.

3. The wild and crazy Bugsy McGraw (w/ leather pilot's helmet, goggles and Sir Oliver Humperdink) pinned Big Bill Dromo with a head smash to an exposed corner turnbuckle that Sir Oliver had removed the padding from earlier in the match. The time of the fall was 7:29.

4. Blackjack Mulligan's war with Sonny King's "Family" began with a Count Out loss to Thor the Viking at 9:42. Mulligan chased King back to the dressing room where Don Muraco and King Curtis Iaukea were waiting in ambush. The "Family" put a beating on Blackjack until help arrived in the form of Steve Keirn and Mike Graham. Mulligan declined Sonny King's offer to join his stable of wrestlers several weeks ago. The jaded King swore revenge on the big Cowboy from Eagle Pass, TX after the snub.

5. Lars Anderson (w/ mysterious money bag and Killer Karl Kox) over "All American" Bob Roop by Count Out at 10:48. Bob Roop took a bad spill out of the ring when Kox pulled the top rope down just as Roop was being whipped to the ropes. He could not answer Referee Buddy Colt's ten count after the fall.

6. In the Main Event, both Steve Keirn & Mike Graham and their opponents Don Muraco & King Curtis Iaukea (w/ Sonny King) were disqualified by Referee Sonny Myers at 12:54. Pandemonium in the ring with Blackjack Mulligan, Sonny King and Thor the Viking all joining in the fray. Myers had enough and called for the bell.
Championship Wrestling From Florida Results (Circa Late 70's) - Hollywood Sportatorium, Pembrooke Pines, FL. Att: 11,636.

Announcer: Gordon Solie
Ring Announcer: Dr. Tom Miller
Referees: Frenchy Bernard & Bill Alphonso

1. Beautiful Beauregarde (w/ Sir Oliver Humperdink) defeated Pete Austin with the Thumb to the throat submission at 5:39.

2. Paul Ellering over Sir Winston via Count Out at 4:13. Winston crashed shoulder-first into the ring post after missing a charge OOR and could not answer Referee Bill Alphonso's ten count.

3. Mr. Sato & Mr. Saito defeated the duo of El Rayo and Prince Tonga. El Rayo was out like a light in Sato's Oriental Sleeper Hold at 3:33.

4. The Missouri Mauler over Sweet Brown Sugar by Count Out at 8:56. During OOR action, the Mauler grabbed a tray of sodas from a nearby concession vendor and tossed it into Sugar's face. The masked grappler could not find his way back inside the ring as Referee Frenchy Bernard laid the ten count on him.

5. Lights Out Taped Fist Match. "All-American" Bob Roop beat Killer Karl Kox (w/ Lars Anderson) at 11:53. Roop intercepted a hidden foreign object that Lars Anderson tried to slip into Kox's hand and KO'd his opponent with a loaded punch to the jaw. Kox was down and out for the mandatory ten count after the blow.

6. Six Man Tag Match Main Event. Steve Keirn, Mike Graham and Blackjack Mulligan over Sonny King's Family (Don Muraco, King Curtis Iaukea & Thor the Viking) at 12:58. Mulligan pinned Thor after Muraco & Iaukea accidently laid out their own partner with a Double Clothesline.
Championship Wrestling from Florida Results (Circa Late 70's) - Eddie Graham Sports Stadium, Orlando FL. Att: 5,763.

Announcers: Gordon Solie & Buddy Colt
Ring Announcer: Jay Goodley
Referees: Frenchy Bernard & Charley Laye

1. "The Unofficial Mayor of Lake City" Bubba Douglas upset Lars Anderson with a surprise Roll Up and a little help from Tiger Conway Jr. at 5:37. Tiger had joined the announcers' table to provide commentary for the bout and his presence at ringside seemed to distract Anderson's focus away from Douglas. Lars repeatedly challenged Conway and held the ropes open for him to get in the ring. Douglas took advantage of the moment and snuck up from behind with a Schoolboy Roll Up to pin Anderson. Killer Karl Kox suddenly rushed the ring and joined Lars in a double team beatdown of Douglas until Conway joined the fray to make the save.

2. Ever the showman, "Hustler" Rip Rogers and his valet Miss Brenda Britton entertained the fans with their antics, however his opponent Jack Brisco was not amused and won the match with his Figure Four Leglock. Miss Brenda threw in the towel at 5:55.

3. The bout between Siegfried Stanke (w/ Sir Oliver Humperdink) and Steve Keirn was declared a "No Contest" at 8:40 after Referee Frenchy Bernard became sandwiched in between the two grapplers during a mid-ring collision off the ropes and rendered unconscious. Bernard had to be carried to the back leaving Charley Laye to officiate the balance of the card.

4. Korean heel Pak Song (w/ Sonny King) over Jim Garvin via Count Out at 7:03. Garvin was laid out from behind by a Sonny King chair shot during OOR action and could not make Charley Laye's ten count.

5. Florida Tag Team Title Match. The champions, the Spoilers I & II, successfully defended their belts against the team of Rocky Johnson & Ray Candy at 9:54. Spoiler I, who is as agile as a cat, leveled Rocky Johnson with a Leaping Double Axe Handle off the top rope while the referee was sending Ray Candy back to his corner. Spoiler II (rumored to be Bobby Duncom under the mask) made the cover as Charley Laye turned around to count the pinfall.

6. Steel Cage Match. Blackjack Mulligan's war with Sonny King's Family continued as the ornery cowboy from Eagle Pass, TX got the better of King Curtis Iaukea in this brutal and bloody cage match. With both men attempted to ascend the wall side-by-side, Mulligan rammed Iaukea's already bloody face into the chain-link fence once more and sent his opponent crashing back down to the canvas with a Blackjack Elbow Smash to the mush. Mulligan then climbed out to victory at 11:32.
WCW/n.W.o. Monday Night Nitro Results (Circa Mid to Late 90's) - Columbus Civic Center, Columbus, GA. Att: 9,904.

Announcers: Tony Schiavone & Bobby "The Brain" Heenan
Ring Announcer: Dave Penzer
Referees: Scott Dickinson & Mark "Slick" Johnson

1. Yuji Nagata (w/ Sonny Onoo) pinned luchador El Dandy at 1:15 after Onoo threw a handful of ceremonial salt into Dandy's eyes.

2. "Lionheart" Chris Jericho (w/ "Jerichoholics Anonymous" Head of Security Ralphus) defeated "The Ragin' Cajun" Lash Leroux. Jericho pinned Lash with the Lionsault (Springboard Moonsault off the 2nd rope) at 7:26.

3. "Thunderfoot" Jerry Flynn over "The Laughing Man" Hugh Morrus (w/ Jimmy "Mouth of the South" Hart) by DQ at 6:17. Referee Scott Dickinson called for the bell after Morrus laid out Jerry Flynn with a chair shot to the noggin.

4. Tag Team Tournament Match. Jimmy Hart's Faces of Fear (The Barbarian & Meng) eliminated the West Hollywood Blondes (Lenny Lane & Lodi) at 6:29. Meng pinned Lodi after a sneaky Jimmy Hart megaphone smash from behind.

5. Triple Threat Match. Rey Mysterio Jr. vs. Juventud Guerrera vs. Billy Kidman. High-flying, full throttle cruiserweight action that brought the fans to their feet with many near pinfalls. Juvy wins it with a Victory Roll on Kidman at 9:40.

6. U.S. Tournament Match. "Latino Heat" Eddie Guerrero over Kanyon at 9:26. With Referee Slick Johnson knocked down in the action, Raven raced into the ring from the back and tried to hit Eddie with a blackjack but inadvertently KO'd Kanyon with it instead. Johnson recovered to count the pin.

7. Six Man Tag Team Match. In the Main Event, the team of Sting, Goldberg and "Nature Boy" Ric Flair defeated the n.W.o.'s "Hollywood" Hogan, "Big Sexy" Kevin Nash & Scott Hall at 13:41. Referee Scott Dickinson lost all control of this match and who could blame him ? With all six men battling in the ring, Goldberg planted Kevin Nash with the Jackhammer amidst all the chaos. Dickinson counted the pin though no one knows for sure who the legal men in the ring were at the time for either team.
WCW/n.W.o. Monday Night Nitro Results (Circa Mid to Late 90's) - Lawrence Joel Veterans Memorial Coliseum, Winston-Salem, NC. Att: 12,547.

Announcers: Mike Tenay & "The Living Legend" Larry Zbyszko
Ring Announcer: Dave Penzer
Referees: Mark "Slick" Johnson & Johnny Boone

1. Kwee-Wee (w/ valet Paisley) pinned Al Greene with a Piledriver at 3:19.

2. Kid Romeo over David Flair (w/ Daffney Unger) by DQ at 5:59 after Referee Johnny Boone caught Flair smashing Romeo from behind with a crowbar.

3. Hardcore Match. Bam Bam Bigelow pinned The Wall (w/ Berlyn) at 6:03. Bigelow set The Wall up on a table and then sent him through it with a Moonsault off the top rope leading to the pinfall. Chants of "ECW !" could be heard throughout the arena.

4. Konnan pinned Disco Inferno with a surprise Backslide at 10:33 in a hard fought contest.

5. Tag Team Tournament Match. Harlem Heat (Booker T & Stevie Ray w/ Sister Sherri) eliminated the Harris Brothers ("Big" Ron & "Heavy D" ) at 10:13. Stevie caught "Heavy D" Don Harris with an Inside Cradle for the winning pin.

6. The U.S. Tournament Match between "Iceman" Dean Malenko and "The Franchise" Shane Douglas never took place. Malenko was jumped backstage by the Outsiders ("Big Sexy" Kevin Nash & Scott Hall). Malenko continues to have his problems with the n.W.o.

7. In the Main Event, "Rowdy" Roddy Piper beat "Big Poppa Pump" Scott Steiner (w/ valet Midajah) at 12:32. While conferring with his valet in the corner, Steiner was knocked into Midajah and then rolled up from behind by Piper for the victory.
WCW/n.W.o. (Circa Mid to Late 90's) Halloween Havoc Pay-Per-View Results Macon Coliseum, Macon, GA. Att: 9,211.

Announcers: Mike Tenay, Scott Hudson & "The American Dream" Dusty Rhodes
Ring Announcers: Dave Penzer & Michael Buffer
Referees: Charles Robinson, Mickey Jay & Scott Dickinson

1. Ernest "The Cat" Miller (w/ red karate slippers & Sonny Onoo) over Glacier (w/ chilly reception from the fans) with the Feliner (Spin Kick) at 5:40. Glacier lost valuable points for his less than enthusiastic ring entrance.

2. Cruiserweight Tournament Match. Ultimo Dragon beat Rey Mysterio Jr. via Count Out at 8:07. The n.W.o's Syxx (WWF's X-Pac), who had joined the announcers' table to provide guest commentary for the bout, got into an altercation with Mysterio on the floor and cost him the match.

3. Hardcore Title Match. The Challenger, "Belfast Bruiser" David "Fit" Finlay defeated the Champ, Hardcore Hak (ECW's Sandman) at 7:54. Finlay bashed Hak in the head with the Hardcore Championship Belt to score the pinfall. Finlay is the newwwwww Hardcore Champion !

4. Booker T pinned "Diamond" Dallas Page (w/ Kimberly) at 9:38. Mike Awesome came down to ringside and immediately began flirting with Kimberly. An irate DDP had some choice words for him but was rolled up from behind by Booker T for the pinfall during the distraction. After the bout, Page and Awesome battled into the crowd and all the way to the locker room.

5. Old School Street Fight. The bout between "Nature Boy" Ric Flair and his old nemisis "Middle-Aged Crazy" Terry Funk was stopped due to blood by Referee Scott Dickinson at 11:05. Dickinson deemed both men "unable to continue" after they were busted open during the brawl.

6. Tag Team Tournament Match. The n.W.o. 's Outsiders ("Big Sexy" Kevin Nash & Scott Hall w/ taser stick) over "Crippler"Chris Benoit & "Iceman" Dean Malenko by DQ at 9:00. Nash tried to toss Hall the taser stick but it was intercepted by Malenko. "The Iceman" gave Hall a jolt with his own weapon much to the delight of the fans but he was disqualified by Referee Charles Robinson in the process.

7. WCW Title Match. Michael "Let's Get Ready To Rumble" Buffer provided the introductions for the Main Event. The Champion, Sting turned back the Challenger, "Macho Madness" Randy Savage (w/ his entourage of women including Gorgeous George, Miss Madness (WWF's Molly Holly) & Madusa Micelli) at 12:47. Savage tapped out to the Scorpion Deathlock (Sharpshooter) after missing the Madness Elbow Drop off the top rope.
WCW/n.W.o. Monday Night Nitro Results (Circa Mid to Late 90's) - Independence Arena, Charlotte, NC. Att: 9,582.

Announcers: Tony Schiavone & Bobby "The Brain" Heenan
Ring Announcer: Miss Hancock (Stacy Keibler)
Referees: Nick Patrick & Mark "Slick" Johnson

1. Adrian Byrd over Meng by DQ at 5:14. Meng had won the match by submission with his Tongan Death Grip but refused to release the hold. Referee Nick Patrick signaled for the disqualification and was then tossed out of the ring. Meng reapplied the hold on Byrd until WCW officials, lead by Head of Security Doug Dillinger, ran into the ring to separate the two.

2. Perry Saturn over Lenny Lane by submission with the Rings of Saturn (Arm Hook Sleeper) at 7:06.

3. Berlyn (w/ The Wall) defeated Prince Iaukea with his Hangman's Neckbreaker at 7:42.

4. Cruiserweight Tournament Match. Chavo Guerrero Jr. (w/ Pepe the Stick Horse) defeated Billy Kidman (w/ Torrie Wilson) by Count Out at 8:16. The n.W.o.'s Syxx (X-Pac) came down to ringside and once again interferred. Syxx got into a scuffle with Kidman on the floor while Referee Slick Johnson made the ten count. Chavito celebrated his victory by riding Pepe around the ring.

5. Tag Team Tournament Match. Los Fabulosos (El Dandy & Silver King) upset the West Texas Rednecks (Kendall Windham & Bobby Duncum Jr. w/ Curt Hennig) at 8:44. Hennig tried to bash El Dandy with a cowbell but inadvertently hit Kendall with it instead leading to the pinfall.

6. U.S. Tournament Match. Steve "Mongo" McMichael (w/ Debra) eliminated the n.W.o.'s Scott "Flash" Norton (w/ Vincent) at 12:26. Norton was caught off guard while berating Debra and was rolled up from behind by McMichael for the winning pin.

7. In the Main Event, Goldberg pinned Sid Vicious with the Jackhammer at 12:31 after back dropping out of Sid's Powerbomb attempt.
NWA Mid-Atlantic Results (Circa Mid 80's) - The Omni, Atlanta, GA. Att: 12,885.

Announcers: Les Thatcher & Johnny Weaver
Ring Announcer: Dr. Tom Miller
Referees: Sonny Fargo & Tommy Young

1. Lazer Tron defeated "Gorgeous" Gary Royal at 5:44. Royal missed a corner charge and crashed shoulder-first into the ring post. Lazer Tron then hopped up to the 2nd rope and pinned the dazed Royal with a Sunset Flip. (Note: Lazer Tron is Hector Guerrero under the mask : )

2. "Avalanche" Buzz Tyler over "Wild" Bill White by Count Out at 4:40. In OOR Action, Tyler sent "Wild" Bill over the barricade railing and into the first row of spectators with a running Clothesline on the floor. White could not extricate himself in time to make Referee Tommy Young's ten count.

3. "Downtown" Denny Brown was mauled by the cold-blooded Chief Wahoo McDaniel in this lopsided contest. Brown's handshake offering to begin the bout was impatiently swatted away by McDaniel who then proceded to methodically take his opponent apart piece by piece. Brown got in no offense to speak of and submitted to the Chief's Indian Deathlock at 4:03. McDaniel seemed oblivious to the chorus of "Boos !" he heard as he returned to the dressing room.

4. NWA TV Title Match. Champion Tully Blanchard (w/ his "Perfect 10" Baby Doll) turned back the challenger "Pistol" Pez Whatley at 7:30. Tully connected with his Slingshot Suplex after Baby Doll dazed "Pistol Pez" by belting him in the head with the TV Title.

5. Paul Jones' Army ("Superstar" Billy Graham & the Barbarian) over the duo of "Boogie-Woogie Man" Jimmy Valiant and "The Ragin' Bull" Manny Fernandez by Count Out at 10:47. "The Boogie-Woogie Man" seemed more focused on pummeling "Number One" Paul Jones rather than helping his partner defeat their opponents. The strategy proved costly as Valiant was counted out by Referee Sonny Fargo as he chased Jones around ringside.

6. "The American Dream" Dusty Rhodes had to overcome a pre-match sneak attack to defeat "Desperado" Black Bart (w/ manager James J. Dillon in beige tuxedo) at 11:00. The end came when Bart turned his back on Rhodes to receive a foreign object that J.J. Dillon was trying to hand him. Dusty capitalized on the moment by sending the "Desperado" crashing into his manager and then rolling him up from behind to score the pinfall.

7. United States Title Match. Champion Magnum T.A. vs. number one contender "The Russian Nightmare" Nikita Koloff (w/ Uncle Ivan & Krusher Khruschev). This contest could have easily gone either way and saw the Champ saved by a foot on the ropes after Nikita's devastating Russian Sickle. The challenger was disqualified when Uncle Ivan broke up Referee Tommy Young's pin count after Magnum caught his opponent with the Belly to Belly Suplex off the ropes at 19:58. Magnum T.A. retains the U.S. Title.
Mid-Atlantic Results (Circa Mid 80's) - Bojangles Coliseum, Charlotte, NC. Att: 10,374.

Announcers: Bob Caudle & Johnny Weaver
Ring Announcer: Rick Stewart
Referees: Stu Schwartz, Ron West & Tommy Young

1. Nelson Royal pinned Tony Zane with an Oklahoma Side Roll at 3:49 after Zane tucked his head too soon on a Back Body Drop attempt.

2. The Barbarian (w/ "Number One" Paul Jones) over Randy Mulkey at 4:52. The Barbarian tossed Mulkey around like a rag doll the entire match and yanked him up on several two counts. A Military Press Slam was followed up by a Big Boot off the ropes and finally a Diving Head Butt half way across the ring from the top rope to score the winning pinfall.

3. "The Ragin' Bull" Manny Fernandez defeated Randy Barber with the Flying Burrito (Forearm) off the ropes at 3:45.

4. Chief Wahoo McDaniel's reign of terror in the Mid-Atlantic continued as the Italian Stallion submitted to the Indian Death Lock at 7:31. The Chief ripped up a youngster's program on his way back to the dressing room after the lad asked him for his autograph.

5. "The Enforcer" Arn Anderson (w/ "The Rock" Ole Anderson) beat Don Kernodle at 12:21. With Referee Tommy Young down and out on the mat and Arn caught in the Cobra Clutch, Ole snuck into the ring and laid out Kernodle with a chair shot from behind. Ole then draped Arn on top of Kernodle and bailed from the ring as a woozy Tommy Young crawled over to count the pin.

6. Jim Cornette's Midnight Express ("Beautiful" Bobby Eaton & "Sweet" Stan Lane) defeated the Rock & Roll Express (Ricky Morton & Robert Gibson) at 14:10. Chaos in the ring with Referee Stu Schwartz desperately trying to restore order. Ricky Morton had Cornette by his jacket lapels up on the apron when "Sweet" Stan snuck up and bashed Morton from behind with the tennis racket. Bobby Eaton made the cover as Schwartz turned around to count the pin. As usual, Cornette insisted upon introducing the Midnight Express prior to the match. He snatched the microphone away from Rick Stewart and told him to go grab himself a cup of coffee.

7. In the Main Event, NWA Champion "Nature Boy" Ric Flair, in all his sequin-robed splendor, defeated Rick Steamboat at 21:26 in a non-title match. Steamboat brought the fans to their feet as he leapt off the top rope with his patented Diving Cross Body Press, however the momentum of the maneuver put "The Nature Boy" on top. The cagey Flair quickly grabbed a handful of tights to secure the pin. Bob Caudle pointed out that this was a non-title bout because United States Champion Magnum T.A. was the official Number One Contender.
NWA Mid-Atlantic Results (Circa Mid 80's) - Memorial Auditorium, Spartanburg, SC. Att: 8,759.

Announcers: Freddie Miller & Les Thatcher
Ring Announcer: Ted Guinness
Referees: Mike Atkins & Sam "Lucky" Roberts

1. Black Bart (w/ ten gallon hat, branding iron & James J. Dillon in brown tux) over Rocky King with the Texas Trash Compactor (Diving Leg Drop off 2nd rope) at 5:04.

2. The team of the "Boogie-Woogie Man" Jimmy Valiant & "The Ragin' Bull" Manny Fernandez toppled the State Patrol (Lt. James Earl Wright & Sgt. Buddy Lee Parker) at 6:56. Fernandez pinned Wright with the Flying Burrito (Forearm) off the ropes.

3. "Pistol" Pez Whatley had all he could handle with veteran "Wild" Bill White. Pez scored the pinfall with a Backslide at 9:18.

4. NWA Televison Champ Tully Blanchard (w/ his "Perfect 10" Baby Doll) defeated "Golden Boy" Chick Donovan in a non-title match with the Slingshot Suplex. Tully wrestled the match clean and even offered Donovan a legit handshake prior to the bell.

5. The duo of Rick Steamboat & "Chief" Jay Youngblood defeated their Russians counterparts Krusher Khruschev & "Russian Nightmare" Nikita Koloff (w/ Uncle Ivan Koloff and ten feet of chain) at 12:53. Steamboat pinned Khruschev after Uncle Ivan inadvertently clotheslined his own man with the chain.

6. "American Dream" Dusty Rhodes upended "Superstar" Billy Graham (w/ "Number 1" Paul Jones) with a little help from the "Boogie-Woogie Man" at 11:48. Jimmy Valiant came down to ringside with his boombox blaring in the hopes of getting his hands on hated rival Paul Jones. Jones managed to elude his grasp, however Superstar Graham was distracted by the proceedings and was caught from behind in a Schoolboy Roll Up from Dusty for the pin.

7. United States Championship Match. Magnum T.A. was worse for wear but managed to get by "Chief" Wahoo McDaniel in a brutal and bloody match to retain his title. Wahoo was caught in a cradle and pinned at 22:14 as he attempted to apply the Indian Death Lock.
Jim Crockett Promotions Mid-Atlantic Results (Circa Mid 80's) - Superstation Studios, WTBS Channel 17, Atlanta, GA. Att: 909.

Announcers: Tony Schiavone & David Crockett
Ring Announcer: David Crockett makes the introductions from the announcers' table
Referees: Stu Schwartz & Tommy Young

1. "Avalanche" Buzz Tyler put away Tony Zane with his Running Powerslam at 2:57.

2. The Barbarian (w/ "Number One" Paul Jones) pinned "Downtown" Denny Brown with the Diving Head Butt off the top rope at 3:44.

After the bout, David Crockett interviewed Paul Jones and the Barbarian. Jones said that his Army was methodically wearing down "The Boogie-Woogie Man" Jimmy Valiant. Jones said that Valiant has more guts than brains but that he doesn't have enough guts to come out and face him here today. David Crockett reminded Jones to be careful what he wished for.

3. "Hands of Stone" Ronnie Garvin KO'd "Gorgeous" Gary Royal with his famed Knockout Punch at 5:36. Black Bart came down to ringside with his manager James J. Dillon and pointed out that Garvin used a clenched fist to win. Bart questioned Referee Stu Schwartz why that was allowed. While Black Bart and Schwartz debated the matter, J.J. Dillon added that the last time he checked the rulebook, a clench fist was illegal. David Crockett said, "Since when does J.J. Dillon and his men care about what the rulebook says ?"

4. Arn & Ole Anderson put a damper on Mulkey Mania as they defeated the hapless Mulkey Brothers (Bill & Randy) at 5:44. The Andersons used their relentless attack on Bill Mulkey's left arm to force a submission at 5:44.

Interview with David Crockett and NWA Champion "Nature Boy" Ric Flair (w/ the ten pounds of gold) "stylin' and profiling" in an expensive suit and sunglasses. Flair says it's lonely at the top. He said that he would be willing to "treat the audience to greatness" and wrestle today if David Crockett could find him an opponent in the back to face him. Crockett said he had someone in mind. Don Kernodle walks out to join them. Flair chuckles to himself. "This guy ?? Are you serious ? I'm a busy man, David Crockett. Do you really want me to waste my time wrestling this man ?" Kernodle takes offense and gives "The Nature Boy" a shove. Flair points an angry finger at him and says, "Hey, hey, watch the clothes, buddy. I don't buy my suits at K-Mart like you do !" Kernodle says that wrestling is about more than clothes and sunglasses. Flair shakes his head and smiles, "Listen, pal, I've wrestled them all over the world. If you think you got what it takes to get in that ring with me, than you're on." The two men shake hands. Kernodle goes to turn away but Flair won't release his hand. There's a brief staredown as Flair mugs it up for the camera and plays his mind games.

5. "Russian Bear" Ivan Koloff ( w/ Krusher Khruschev) defeated the Itallian Stallion with the Russian Sickle followed by a Diving Knee Drop to the back off the top rope. After the bout, Khruschev tossed the Stallion out of the ring and said that he and Ivan wanted the Rock & Roll Express.

6. Abdullah the Butcher (w/ "Number One" Paul Jones) over American Starship Eagle by DQ at 10:33. Abdullah kept dipping down into the tights for a hidden foreign object which he constantly used to punish Eagle with but expertly hid from Referee Tommy Young's vision. "Boogie-Woogie Man" Jimmy Valiant, who was watching in the wings, had enough and rushed the ring. Valiant cleaned house of Abdullah and Jones but his interference led to Eagle's disqualification.

7. Special Challenge Match. NWA World Champion "Nature Boy" Ric Flair (w/ dazzling silver and blue sequin robe) vs. David Crockett's choice, Don Kernodle. Flair was in trouble throughout. Overconfident and underestimating his opponent as only Ric Flair can, the Champ was constantly caught in pinning predicaments - a Backslide... a Sunset Flip... a couple of surprise cradles and a Small Package. We get the "Flair Flip" as "The Nature Boy" went upside-down as he was whipped into the corner turnbuckle. We even get the obligatory Flair being thrown off the top turnbuckle and begging for mercy as he holds his back followed by the low blow that turns the tide of the match. Flair is a master at making his opponent look good and keeping the fans on the edge of their seats hoping for an upset. In the end, it was a cradle in the corner with both feet on the ropes for leverage after Kernodle missed a corner charge. Your winner at 12:07 - the smug and struttin' Ric Flair.
WWF Results (Circa Late 80's/Early 90's) - Toledo Sports Arena, Toledo, OH. Att: 7,246.
Announcers: Vince McMahon & Pat Patterson
Ring Announcer: Howard Finkel
Referee: Dick Kroll

1. Jim "The Anvil" Neidhart (w/ Jimmy "Mouth of the South" Hart) pinned Jose Luis Rivera at 2:21. Jimmy Hart whacked Rivera with his megaphone while "The Anvil" distracted Referee Dick Kroll.

2. Max Moon over "Brooklyn Brawler" Steve Lombardi with a Forward Roll Slam at 3:22.

3. The 1-2-3 Kid beat "Terrible" Terry Gibbs with his 1-2-3 (Spin) Kick at 5:04.

4. "British Bulldog" Davey Boy Smith over Tiger Chung Lee with the Running Powerslam at 2:23.

5. Men on a Mission (Mabel & Mo w/ Oscar) defeated the Dream Team (Brutus Beefcake & Greg "The Hammer" Valentine w/ "Luscious" Johnny V.) at 10:19. Big Mabel caught Beefcake & Valentine conferring in their corner and gave them a Noggin Knocker. He then rolled up the groggy Valentine for the win.

6. "The Native American" Tatanka beat Bam Bam Bigelow via Count Out at 15:10. In OOR action, Tatanka whipped Bigelow into the announcers' table which promptly collapsed and sent a TV Monitor crashing onto Bam Bam's head. The woozy Bigelow could not recover in time to make Referee Dick Kroll's ten count.

7. The Undertaker (w/ Paul Bearer) defeated Jake "The Snake" Roberts at 17:72. With Roberts perched on the top rope, the house lights suddenly went out. When power was restored, Undertaker was laying on top of Jake The Snake in the middle of the ring and Dick Kroll counted the pin. Pat Patterson speculated that Paul Bearer had pushed Roberts off the top rope under the cover of darkness, but replays proved inconclusive.
WWF Results (Circa Late 80's/Early 90's) - Kiel Auditorium, St. Louis, MO. Att: 9,083.
Announcers: Gorilla Monsoon & Craig DeGeorge
Ring Announcer: Tony Chimel
Referee: Dave Hebner

1. Doink the Clown pinned "Super" Mario Mancini with the Whoopie Cushion (Seated Splash off the top rope) at 3:56.

2. Duke "The Dumpster" Droese over "Rugged" Reno Riggins with a Backslide at 4:07.

3. Killer Khan (w/ Mr. Fuji) defeated Corporal Kirchner of the 82nd Airborne Division with a Diving Knee Drop off the top rope at 2:43.

4. "Adorable" Adrian Adonis (w/ Jimmy "Mouth of the South" Hart) beat Billy Jack Haynes by Count Out at 11:35. In OOR action, Adonis whipped Hayne's back into the ring apron. Billy Jack could not recover in time to make Referee Dave Hebner's ten count.

5. The Nasty Boys (Brian Knobbs & Jerry Saggs w/ "The Doctor of Style" Slick) over the Smokin' Gunns (Bart & Billy Gunn) at 6:47. Knobbs pinned Billy after a Low Blow.

6. "Mr. Wonderful" Paul Orndorff (w/ Bobby "The Brain" Heenan) defeated the Junk Yard Dog at 12:34. With Orndorff distracting Referee Dave Hebner, Heenan snuck up on JYD from behind and hit him in the back of the head with a loaded shoe leading to the pin. Orndorff stormed back to the dressing room with his ears covered as the fans chanted "Paula !! Paula !!"

7. In the Main Event, Yokozuna (w/ Mr. Fuji) beat "Rowdy" Roddy Piper at 18:00. Piper came off the ropes with a High Flying Cross Body Press but Yokozuna was able to roll through on the momentum of the maneuver and ended up on top for the pin.
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