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GV's Other UQ Wrestling Results
Jim Crockett Promotions Mid-Atlantic Results (Circa Mid 80's) - Superstation Studios, WTBS Channel 17, Atlanta, GA. Att: 517.

Announcers: Tony Schiavone & David Crockett
Ring Announcer: David Crockett makes the introductions from the announcer's table rather than inside the ring.
Referee: Tommy Young

1. "Avalanche" Buzz Tyler defeated Randy Barber at 4:39. Little crowd reaction from the sparce studio audience for the babyface Tyler during the ring introductions. Nevertheless, Tyler dominated his opponent and finished Barber off with the Avalanche Splash.

Interview Segment. David Crockett and "Boogie-Woogie Man" Jimmy Valiant.

Valiant has his "old lady" (a baseball bat with the name "Paul Jones" carved into the barrel) with him. Valiant is half-singing and half-shouting his rant. He is clapping and stamping his foot to get the crowd into it. "Paul Jones... Paul Jones... Paul Jones... the Boogie Man's gonna getcha !!" Valiant says he needs back up because it's too big a job for his "old lady". Valiant brings out "The Ragin' Bull" Manny Fernandez to watch his back. The Boogie-Woogie Man says that he wants "Superstar" Billy Graham in the ring next week. Valiant gives David Crockett a big kiss and leaves the set with Fernandez.

2. "The Enforcer" Arn Anderon (w/ Ole Anderson) over Tommy Angel at 2:41. This match played out like an Arn Anderson highlight reel with "The Enforcer" working over Angel's left arm, a devastating Spinebuster off the ropes followed by a DDT and finally the Gourdbuster for the pinfall.

3. "Pistol" Pez Whatley surprised George South with a Backslide at 7:31. South gave Whatley a good run for his money and got in a fair amount of offense before the final three count.

Interview Segement. David Crockett and NWA World Champion "Nature Boy" Ric Flair

Vintage Ric Flair interview. The "Nature Boy" is "stylin' and profiling" in a designer suit, sunglasses, expensive Rolex watch and "the ten pounds of gold". Flair spouts off about being "the dirtiest player in the game". He says, "To be the man, you gotta beat the man !" The "Nature Boy" says Magnum T.A. doesn't have what it takes. Flair talks about private jets, mansions, limos and more women than he has time for. He says "Whether you like it or you don't like it, sit down and take a look at it because it's the best thing going today !!" and closes the segment with his signature "Woooooooo !!!!"

4. TV Champ Tully Blanchard (w/ his "Perfect 10" Baby Doll) pinned the Italian Stallion at 6:05 in a non-title match. Tully with his customary handshake to start things off despite being the heel. Blanchard with some clean wrestling holds and maneuvers, but then breaks out the rough stuff when Stallion mounts a comeback. Tully hits the Slingshot Suplex for the victory.

5. The popular duo of Rick Steamboat and Jay Youngblood defeated the State Patrol (Lt. James Earl Wright & Sgt. Buddy Lee Parker). Youngblood pinned Parker with a Small Package at 6:14.

Interview Segment. David Crockett & "Number One" Paul Jones.

Jones tells the "Boogie Man" to be careful what he wishes for. He says, "You want "Superstar" Billy Graham next week ? You got it, Pal !!" Jones says he's not worried about Manny Fernandez. He ponders, "Why would anybody want to be in the corner of that hobo tramp ??" Jones reminds David Crockett that the Barbarian beat Jimmy Valiant last week. Crockett is quick to point out that it was a tainted victory. (We are shown footage of Paul Jones clubbing Valiant from behind with his walking stick to cause the count out.) Jones throws a fit and storms off the set.

6. "American Dream" Dusty Rhodes pinned "Russian Bear" Ivan Koloff (w/ ten feet of chain and Krusher Khruschev) at 11:32. Koloff was rolled up by Dusty after being dazed by an inadvertent chain shot from Khruschev.
Jim Crockett Promotions Mid-Atlantic Results (Circa Mid 80's) - Superstation Studios, WTBS Channel 17, Atlanta, GA. Att: 909.

Announcers: Tony Schiavone & David Crockett
Ring Announcer: David Crockett does the ring introductions from the announcers' table instead of inside the ring.
Referee: Mike Atkins

1. The Rock & Roll Express (Ricky Morton & Robert Gibson) defeated Joel & Vernon Deaton at 3:16. The Express combined for their patented Double Drop Kick on Joel Deaton for the pin.

2. United States Champion Magnum T.A. pinned Doug Vines with the Belly to Belly Suplex off the ropes at 1:09 in a non-title bout.

Interview segment with David Crockett & Chief Wahoo McDaniel.

Wahoo is clearly in a bad mood this evening. He glares at the camera and says that he has no friends in professional wrestling. He says that's the way he likes it and that's the way he wants it. Wahoo calls himself "The Lone Wolf". He says that he doesn't trust anybody. McDaniel serves fair warning to anyone who dares to get in the ring with him. He doesn't care if it's Ric Flair, Dusty Rhodes or Magnum T.A. McDaniel is seething as the camera zooms in for a closeup. His face is dripping in sweat and his eyes are cold and cruel. We quickly cut to a commercial.

3. The Russians (Nikita Koloff & Krusher Khruschev w/ Ivan Koloff) over the hapless Mulkey Brothers (Bill & Randy) at 2:36. Nikita, who was announced as weighing "123 kilos", nearly took poor Randy Mulkey out of his boots with the Russian Sickle Clothesline off the ropes for the pinfall.

4. Chief Wahoo McDaniel defeated Stoney Burke by submission with the Indian Deathlock at 1:53 and then kept the hold applied for a little longer to punish his opponent. Burke's chest was beet red by the end of the match from Wahoo's viscious backhand chops. The Chief means business and is going to be a force to be reckoned with.

5. Black Bart (w/ James J. Dillon in a beige tuxedo) pinned the American Starship Eagle (a very young Dan Spivey) at 6:16. Dillon reached into the ring and pulled Eagle's foot out from under him as he was attempting a Body Slam on Black Bart. Bart fell on top and added a foot on the ropes for leverage to secure the pin.

Interview Segment with David Crockett and "The American Dream" Dusty Rhodes

Dusty issues another challenge to Tully Blanchard to put his TV Title on the line. He says he's going to put a "clubberin" on Tully when he finally gets his hands on him. Dusty calls Baby Doll a "jezebel" who needs to be taught a lesson."

6. In the Main Event, "The Boogie-Woogie Man" Jimmy Valiant (w/ "The Ragin' Bull" Manny Fernandez) defeated "Superstar" Billy Graham (w/ "Number One" Paul Jones & The Barbarian) at 12:30. With Referee Mike Atkins knocked down in the action, the Barbarian ran into the ring and reversed Jimmy Valiant's small package by putting Graham on top for the pin, but Manny Fernandez raced in and re-reversed the cradle just in time before Atkins recovered to count the pin.
AWA Results (Circa Late 70's) - Milwaukee Arena, Milwaukee, WI. Att: 9,962.

Announcers: Rodger Kent & Gene Okerlund
Ring Announcer: Rod Trongard
Referees: Merv Unger, Pete Mymko & Marty Miller

1. "Nature Boy" Roger Kirby put away Jan Nelson with a Pildriver at 5:12 after Nelson had missed a high risk leap from the top rope.

2. Steve Regal was able to roll through "Irish" Mickey Doyle's Flying Cross Body Press to gain the three count at 6:30.

3. The East-West Connection of "Golden Boy" Adrian Adonis & Jesse "The Body" Ventura beat the team of Spike Huber and Ron Ritchie at 6:53. Adonis came off the top rope with a Double Axe Handle to Ron Ritchie's back while Ritchie had Jesse Ventura caught in a Sleeper Hold. Referee Marty Miller was busy sending Spike Huber back to his corner and missed Adonis' interference. Miller finally turned around to find Ventura making the cover and counted the pin.

4. Rufus R. "Freight Train" Jones over Big Bad Bobby Duncum (w/ Cowbell and Bobby "The Brain" Heenan) by DQ at 12:34. Crowd favorite Jones seemed to have an answer for anything that the ornery Cowboy threw at him. The frustrated Duncum resorted to bashing Rufus in the head with his cowbell to draw the disqualification.

5. The Crusher beat Super Destroyer Mark II (w/ Lord Alfred Hayes) at 10:41. With Referee Pete Mymko toppled to the canvas, the Super Destroyer held his opponent from behind for a free Lord Alfred Hayes loaded punch with brass knuckles, but ended up taking the full brunt of the blow when Crusher ducked at the last second. Mymko recovered to count the pin on the KO'd Destroyer.

6. AWA World Title Match. "High Flyer" Greg Gagne earned this shot after pinning Champion Nick Bockwinkel in Davenport, Iowa in a non title match last month. Once again Gagne had the Champion reeling with his agility and flying maneuvers. Bockwinkel was on his knees begging for mercy when he grabbed Gagne by the trunks and pulled him through the ropes and to the floor. Bockwinkel's manager Bobby "The Brain" Heenan then rammed Gagne's head onto the timekeeper's bell at the announcers' table while Referee Merv Unger was admonishing the Champ for his tactics. The dazed Gagne staggered back to the apron but could not make it back inside the ring in time to make the ten count. Nick Bockwinkel retains the AWA Title.
AWA Results (Circa Late 70's) - Denver Auditorium Arena, Denver, CO. Att: 6,372.

Announcer: Rodger Kent & Gene Okerlund
Ring Announcer: Al DeRusha
Referees: George "Scrap Iron" Gadaski, Jack Pesek & Larry Lisowski

1. Chris Markoff (w/ snooty manager Lord Alfred Hayes) defeated Frank Hill at 4:47. Hill had things going his way until he was leveled by a raised boot to the jaw on a corner charge. Markoff then scaled the top rope and leapt off with a Knee Drop to Hill's throat for the three count.

2. Bob Orton Jr. pinned Evan Johnson with a handful of tights at 5:30 after the momentum of Johnson's Flying Cross Body Press off the ropes put Orton on top for the cover.

3. Moose Morowski's cheating tactics backfired in a big time way in his loss to Mighty Igor Vodik at 7:39. Morowski had removed the padding from a corner turnbuckle earlier in the bout only to have his own head smashed into the exposed steel for the three count.

4. "Jumping" Jim Brunzell over Pat Patterson at 11:56. Patterson pulled some knuckledusters from his tights but spun completely around like a top when his wild punch at Brunzell missed. Brunzell then gave his opponent an Atomic Knee Drop which propelled Patterson face-first into the turnbuckle. Patterson staggered backward into a Schoolboy Roll Up for the pinfall.

5. Ray "The Crippler" Stevens beat Mad Dog Vachon at 13:43. Vachon had his opponent cradled in a Small Package but Referee Jack Pesek had been knocked down and was unable to count the pin. Steven's tag team partner Pat Patterson ran back down to ringside and reversed the cradle. Pesek recovered to find Stevens on top and counted the pin.

6. The father/son team of Verne & Greg Gagne defeated AWA World Champion Nick Bockwinkel and his manager Bobby "The Brain" Heenan in tonight's tag team Main Event at 15:08. It was Larry Lisowski's turn to take a bump as a ref was once again toppled to the canvas during the action. Bobby Heenan tried to capitalize on the moment by bringing a chair into the ring but ended up clobbering the Champ with it by accident when his intended target Greg Gagne ducked at the last second. Lisowski recovered to make the three count on the KO'd Bockwinkel.
AWA Results (Circa Late 70's) - Winnipeg Arena, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Att: 10,702.

Announcers: Gene Okerlund & Larry "The Axe" Hennig
Ring Announcer: Marty O'Neill
Referees: Merv Unger, Joe Fiorino & Rod Luck

1. Race Bannon frustrated his opponent Rufus R. "Freight Train" Jones by constantly bailing out of the ring to regroup and break the Freight Train's momentum. Bannon was eventually caught with a boot to the chin on a corner charge and finished off with a Leaping Head Butt from Rufus for the three count at 3:36.

2. Angelo "King Kong" Mosca drew a lot of heat in Winnipeg during his ring entrance to draw bonus heel points. Yanking "Sodbuster" Kenny Jay up on several two counts made the fans despise him even more. Mosca mercifully ended things with a Backbreaker for the victory at 3:49.

3. The always popular Crusher defeated "Nature Boy" Roger Kirby at 7:17. Kirby removed the padding from a corner turnbuckle but ended up having his own head rammed into the steel. He staggered right into Crusher's trademark Bolo Punch for the pinfall.

4. Montreal's own Dino Bravo defeated "Golden Boy" Adrian Adonis (w/ East-West Connection tag team partner Jesse "The Body" Ventura) at 11:54. Ventura interferred one too many times in this bout in attempting to help his tag team partner defeat the popular young Canadien. Adonis was sent crashing into Jesse with a Drop Kick from behind after Ventura had snuck into the ring. The dazed Adonis was rolled up from behind by Bravo for the three count.

5. Steel Cage Match. (The match can be won by exiting the cage via door or climbing out, pinfall or submission.) Billy Robinson beat Chris Markoff at 10:20. Markoff's manger Lord Alfred Hayes tried to do his man a favor by tossing brass knucks into the cage but Robinson was able to retrieve them off the mat first and KO'd Markoff with a loaded uppercut to the jaw for the pinfall. Special stipulations required Robinson to get 5 minutes alone in the cage with Lord Alfred Hayes if he won. Hayes did his best to run around and avoid Robinson for as long as he could but Billy finally caught up with him and pummeled the snooty manager. Hayes was busted open after being sent face-first into the cage wall several times. He had to be helped to the back for medical attention after the 5 minutes was up.

6. AWA Tag Team Title Match. The Heenan Family (Blackjack Lanza & Big, Bad Bobby Duncum w/ Bobby "The Brain" Heenan) beat the defending champs, The High Flyers (Greg Gagne & "Jumping" Jim Brunzell) by Count Out at 12:49. Brunzell looked as though he were going for a Flying Head Scissors on Bobby Duncum when he sailed over the top rope after his opponent ducked. Brunzell landed hard on the concrete floor and could not make Referee Joe Fiorino's ten count. Despite the loss, the High Flyers retain the AWA Tag Team Titles.
AWA Results (Circa Late 70's) - National Guard Armory, Brainerd, MN. Att: 2,207.

Ring Announcer: Al DeRusha
Referees: George "Scrap Iron" Gadaski & Marty Miller

1. Buddy Wolfe ramped up the heel heat by tearing up a youngster's cardboard sign during his ring entrance. Wolfe went on to pin Caesar Pabon after a jab to the throat with his controversial taped thumb at 3:04.

2. Mighty Igor Vodik brought a ring of Polish Kielbasa with him to the ring and danced to a little polka music after Al DeRusha's introduction, but once the bell rang he was all business. Vodik used his brute strength to toss Herman Schafer around like a rag doll before clamping on a Bear Hug off the ropes for the submission victory at 3:49.

3. Lord Alfred Hayes' Super Destroyers Mark II & Mark III beat the duo of Spike Huber & Ron Ritchie at 6:30. The Destroyers combined for a Double Guillotine Clothesline off the ropes to pin Spike Huber.

4. Ray "The Crippler" Stevens over Paul Christy at 7:24. The savvy Stevens feigned an injury on the mat and cradled his opponent with a surprise Small Package when Christy bent over to check on him. Stevens laughed all the way back to the dressing room.

5. Bob Orton Jr. was counted out in his match against Maurice "Mad Dog" Vachon at 10:27. Much of this match took place outside of the ring where both men battered one another with various objects around ringside. Vachon got the better of the brawl and sent Orton flying into the second row of spectators with a chair shot to the back. Orton was unable to make Referee George Gadaski's ten count.

6. Six Man Tag Main Event. The High Flyers (Greg Gagne & "Jumping" Jim Brunzell) joined forces with Greg's father Verne to defeat the Heenan Family (Blackjack Lanza, Big Bad Bobby Duncum & AWA World Heavyweight Champion Nick Bockwinkel) at 12:55. Verne pinned Bockwinkel amidst a ring full of chaos with a Victory Roll. Bobby "The Brain" Heenan ran in to try and break up Referee Marty Miller's three count but was intercepted by a Drop Kick to the kisser courtesy of Jim Brunzell.
WWF Results (Circa Early to Mid 90's) - Westchester County Civic Center, White Plains, NY. Att: 4,909.

Announcers: Vince McMahon & Rob Bartlett
Ring Announcer: Howard Finkel
Referees: Earl Hebner & Nick Kozak

1. "The Supreme Fighting Machine" Kama (w/ "Million Dollar Man" Ted Dibiase) pinned Phil Apollo with a Reverse Body Drop off the 2nd rope at 5:51.

2. Duke "The Dumpster" Droese over Rad Radford with the Trash Compactor (Tilt-A-Whirl Slam) at 6:42.

3. School was in session as Dean Douglas taught Avatar a lesson by pinning him with the Final Exam (Bridging Fisherman's Suplex) at 7:44.

4. Doink the Clown (w/ evil carnival music) over "British Bulldog" Davey Boy Smith via Count Out at 11:47. As action spilled OOR, Doink proceeded to put on a brief magic show for the perplexed "British Bulldog". Doink pulled several multi-colored handkerchiefs from out of his sleeve one after another. The last one concealed a blackjack and the demented clown whacked Davey Boy in the head with it. Doink rolled around the ring in a fit of laughter as Referee Earl Hebner put the ten count on the KO'd Smith.

5. Tag Team Tournament Match. The Smokin' Gunns (Billy & Bart Gunn) ousted the Godwinns (Henry O. & Phineas I. w/ Hillbilly Jim) from the tournament by Count Out at 7:58. Billy caught Phineas with a Running Clothesline OOR and sent the big hog farmer tumbling over the barricade railing and into the first row of seats. Phineas took a bad spill and could not make the subsequent ten count.

6. Intercontinental Tournament Match. Bam Bam Bigelow advanced to the finals by eliminating the Million Dollar Corporation's Irwin R. Shyster (w/ Ted Dibiase). Bam Bam pinned IRS with a Diving Head Butt at 10:08.

7. WWF Championship Tournament Match. Bret "The Hitman" Hart defeated "Big Daddy Cool" Diesel at 13:40. With both Hart and Referee Nick Kozak down on the canvas, "HBK" Shawn Michaels raced into the ring and KO'd his former bodyguard with the Sweet Chin Music Superkick. Oblivious to what had just happened, "The Hitman" crawled over to make the cover on Diesel as Kozak recovered to count the pin.
WWF Results (Circa Early to Mid 90's) - Boston Garden, Boston, MA. Att: 12,335.

Announcers: Todd Pettengill & Craig DeGeorge
Ring Announcer: Howard Finkel
Referees: Earl Hebner & Tim White

1. Big Bully Busick (w/ bowler hat, cigar & Harvey Whippleman) over Duane Gill at 3:26. Gill actually mounted some offense in this bout but couldn't get the Bully over on a Sunset Flip attempt. Busick sat out on Gill's chest and grabbed the ropes for leverage while Referee Earl Hebner was counting the pin.

2. Savio Vega pinned Barry Hardy with the Carribean Kick (Spin Kick) at 2:15.

3. Bodydonna Skip (w/ Sunny) defeated "Portugese Man O' War" Aldo Montoya with a Superplex at 5:45.

4. Looney Bob Backlund over Man Mountain Rock by submission with the Crossface Chickenwing at 10:20. Backlund refused to release the hold until Rock screamed "I quit, Mr. Backlund !"

5. Tag Team Tournament Finals. The Smokin' Gunns (Billy & Bart Gunn) defeated the 1-2-3 Kid & Bob "Spark Plugg" Holly at 9:11 to win the WWF Tag Team Titles. The Gunns combined for their Sidewinder finisher (Bart Side Slam and Billy Diving Leg Drop off the top rope) on Holly for the winning pinfall.

6. Intercontinental Tournament Match. "King of Harts" Owen Hart (w/ Yokozuna & "The Samurai Warrior" Mr. Fuji) over Crush by Count Out at 11:25. It was pretty much three against one as Hart distracted Referee Tim White into missing Yokozuna and Fuji's numerous cheap shots. Crush finally had enough and chased the outsiders back to the dressing room with a chair. Owen got the last laugh as White put the ten count on Crush.

7. WWF Title Tournament Match. The Undertaker (w/ Paul Bearer & Urn) eliminated Psycho Sid with the Tombstone Piledriver at 15:38 after reversing Sid's Chokeslam attempt.
WWF Results (Circa Early to Mid 90's) - Springfield Civic Center, Springfield, MA. Att: 7,005.

Announcers: Todd Pettengill & Craig DeGeorge
Ring Announcer: Manny Garcia
Referees: Earl Hebner & Tim White

1. Hakushi (w/ Manager Shinja) pinned "Rugged" Reno Riggins with a Slingshot Senton Splash from the ring apron at 2:19.

2. Bob "Spark Plugg" Holly over Abe "Knuckleball" Schwartz with the Pitstop Plunge (Diving Cross Body Press off the top rope) at 5:16.

3. "Portugese Man O' War" Aldo Montoya defeated "Supreme Fighting Machine" Kama (w/ "Million Dollar Man" Ted Dibiase) via Count Out at 9:46. Adam Bomb, who joined the announcers' table to provide guest commentary for the bout, got into an altercation with Dibiase OOR. Kama promptly left the ring to come to his manager's defense and was counted out by Referee Tim White. Adam Bomb continues his vendetta against Dibiase's Million Dollar Corporation. Bomb embarrassed Dibiase over the summer by declining the Million Dollar Man's invitation to join his stable of wrestlers.

4. "Double J" Jeff Jarrett (w/ blinking sunglasses, the Fargo Strut & the Roadie) over Duke "The Dumpster" Droese by submission with the Figure Four Leglock at 9:40.

5. The Allied Powers ("British Bulldog" Davey Boy Smith & "Made in the U.S.A." Lex Luger) defeated the Quebecers (Jacques & Pierre w/ Johnny Polo) by DQ at 12:31. Polo ran into the ring to break up Davey Boy's pin attempt after "The British Bulldog" planted Jacques with his Running Powerslam finisher. Referee Earl Hebner immediately called for the bell.

6. Intercontinental Tournament Finals. Bam Bam Bigelow pinned "King of Harts" Owen Hart with a Swan Dive Head Butt off the top rope to win the Intercontinental Title in spectacular fashion at 13:23 !

7. In the Main Event, Yokozuna (w/ "Samurai Warrior" Mr. Fuji and several geisha girls) defeated "Da Bad Guy" Razor Ramon by Count Out at 13:12. Yokozuna caught Razor with a Low Blow during OOR action leading to the count out.
WWF Results (Circa Early to Mid 90's) - United Center, Chicago, IL. Att: 12,716.

Announcers: Vince McMahon & Jerry "The King" Lawler
Ring Announcer: Howard Finkel
Referees: Earl Hebner & Joey Marella

1. Dr. Isaac Yankem over Phil Apollo with the DDS (DDT) at 4:26. After the bout, Yankem walked over to the announcers' table and reminded "The King" that he needed to have a cavity filled this Thursday. The reluctant Lawler said that he would call Yankem's office in the morning to reschedule his appointment.

Heartbreak Hotel segment with host Shawn Michaels

Michaels' guest was "President" Bob Backlund who wore a gray suit with red bow tie and waved a small American flag. Backlund insisted that he had gathered enough votes to win yesterday's Presidential Election "by a comfortable margin" and that a recount has been ordered by Congress to substantiate his claim. HBK pointed to his head with a swirling motion to end the segment as Backlund shook hands with ringsiders and thanked them for their support.

2. "Native American" Tatanka pinned Rad Radford with a Leaping Tomahawk Chop to the head off the top rope at 5:42.

3. Demented "President" Bob Backlund defeated Max Moon by submission with his Crossface Chicken Wing at 8:39. Backlund refused to release the hold until Moon screamed "I quit, Mr. Backlund !!" After the bout, Backlund stared at his hands in disbelief and pleaded with them to be more merciful to his opponents. McMahon and Lawler puzzled over the bizarre transformation that Backlund has undergone over his wrestling career.

4. Men on a Mission (Mo & Mabel w/ rapping manager Oscar) defeated Harvey Whippleman's team of Well Dunn (Timothy Well & Steven Dunn) at 9:17. Big Mabel crushed Dunn with the Hip Hop Drop (Double Team Spiked Splash) for the pinfall.

5. Irwin R. Shyster (w/ steel briefcase and The Million Dollar Man) over Crush by submission with The Penalty (STF) at 9:14.

6. "Heartbreak Kid" Shawn Michaels defeated Marty Jannetty at 11:42. With Jannetty taking the fight to him, the wily Michaels resorted to some devious chicanery. HBK halted the match by grabbing the house mic and offered to reform the popular "Rockers" Tag Team with Jannetty. Jannetty motioned to the crowd for their reaction and the fans roared in approval. The two men shook hands on it. Michaels turned to hand the microphone back to Howard Finkel and then leveled Jannetty with the Sweet Chin Music Superkick for the winning pinfall.

7. WWF Championship Tournament Finals. Bret "The Hitman" Hart vs. the Undertaker (w/ Paul Bearer & Urn). A hard fought contest that saw Bret's technical proficiency being offset by the 'Taker's size and brute force. Paul Bearer intervened in the match and tossed the urn into the ring for the Undertaker to use as a weapon but the Hitman spied it first and gave the Deadman a spiked Piledriver onto the object to score the pinfall at 15:50. Bret Hart wins the WWF Title !!
WCW/n.W.o. Monday Night Nitro Results (Circa Mid to Late 90's) - Mississippi Coliseum, Jackson, MS. Att: 6,774.

Announcers: Tony Schiavone & Bobby "The Brain" Heenan
Ring Announcer: Miss Hancock (Stacy Keibler)
Referees: Mickey Jay & Johnny Boone

1. Buff Bagwell over "The Chairman of WCW" La Parka via Count Out at 3:35. During OOR action, Bagwell sent La Parka crashing into the TV crew with a wicked chairshot. The luchador became entangled in the wires and cords and could not free himself in time to make Referee Mickey Jay's ten count.

2. Ernest "The Cat" Miller (w/ red martial arts slippers and Sonny Onoo) beat Ultimo Dragon at 7:33. Onoo smashed Ultimo Dragon from behind with his briefcase while Ernest Miller kept Referee Johnny Boone occupied. Miller then pounced on the KO'd Dragon for the easy pin.

3. Billy Kidman (w/ Torrie Wilson) defeated "The Laughing Man" Hugh Morrus (w/ Jimmy "Mouth of the South" Hart) at 7:13. Morrus was distracted by a scantily clad Torrie Wilson at ringside who bent over and gave "The Laughing Man" an eyeful. Kidman capitalized on the moment and cradled Morrus in a Small Package for the pin.

4. Hardcore Match. Big Vito (w/ Johnny "The Bull" Stamboli) over Brian Knobbs (w/ "Belfast Bruiser" Fit Finlay) at 9:04. The ring was littered with various objects and weapons, but Vito chose his own personal blackjack to KO Knobbs for the pinfall.

5. "The Iceman" Dean Malenko got Raven to tap out to his Texas Cloverleaf at 13:03 after a hard fought, see-saw contest.

6. Harlem Heat (Booker T & Stevie Ray w/ Sister Sherri) over the n.W.o.'s Outsiders (Scott Hall & "Big Sexy" Kevin Nash) by DQ at 11:51. Hall zapped Booker T with his taser stick after Booker connected with the Harlem Side Kick on Nash's jaw. Referee Mickey Jay quickly called for the disqualification and fled the ring as Hall threatened to zap him as well.

7. Michael "Let's Get Ready To Rumble" Buffer did the honors of introducing the Main Event. "Macho Madness" Randy Savage (w/ an entourage of women including Madusa Micelli, Gorgeous George and "Miss Madness" Molly Holly) defeated "Rowdy" Roddy Piper at 13:10. The girls constantly heckled and badgered Piper throughout the contest. Piper's temper finally got the better of him and he got into a heated exchange with Gorgeous George who had climbed up to the ring apron. Savage blindsided "Rowdy" Roddy with a high flying knee smash to the back and then rolled up Piper with a handful of tights for the winning pinfall.
WCW/n.W.o. Monday Night Nitro Results (Circa Mid to Late 90's) - North Charleston Coliseum, North Charleston, SC. Att: 13,690.

Announcers: Mike Tenay & "The Living Legend" Larry Zbyszko
Ring Announcer: Kimberly Page
Referees: Charles Robinson & Scott Dickinson

1. Glacier pinned Kaz Hayashi of the Jung Dragons with the Cryonic Kick (Superkick) at 4:39.

2. Scotty Riggs over "The Ragin' Cajun" Lash Leroux via Count Out at 7:18. Riggs was up against the ropes playing possum and dumped a charging Lash Leroux over the top and OOR. Lash took a bad spill on the way down and was unable to answer Referee Scott Dickinson's ten count.

3. Hardcore Match. "The Belfast Bruiser" Fit Finlay (w/ Brian Knobbs) defeated Crowbar (w/ Daffney) at 7:13. Finlay sent Crowbar through a table with his Forward Roll Slam to secure the pin.

4. Tag Team Tournament Match. High Voltage (Kenny Kaos & Robbie Rage) eliminated boy band wannabes 2 Count ("Sugar" Shane Helms & Shannon Moore w/ Evan Karagias) by DQ at 8:27. Referee Charles Robinson caught Karagias bashing Robbie Rage over the head with his green dancing circle and called for the bell.

5. Perry Saturn over Kanyon by DQ at 9:50. Kanyon was trapped in The Rings of Saturn (Arm Hook Sleeper Hold) and about to tap out when Raven suddenly raced into the ring and broke up the hold with a chair shot from behind. Raven then gave Saturn the Evenflow DDT onto the already dented chair. Rick Steiner finally ran in to make the save and cleared the ring of Kanyon and Raven. Prior to the match, Kanyon grabbed the mic and shouted "Who's better than Kanyon ??" to which the crowd responded in unison "Everyone !!"

6. "The Dog-Faced Gremlin" Rick Steiner defeated the n.W.o.'s Scott "Flash" Norton (w/ Vincent) at 9:38. Steiner sent Norton crashing into Vincent who had climbed up to the apron. "The Dog-Faced Gremlin" then rolled up the staggering Norton from behind for the pinfall.

7. "The Nature Boy" Ric Flair (w/ spectacular entrance and a $5,000 sequin robe) defeated "The Chosen One" Jeff Jarrett (w/ "Slap Nuts" T-Shirt & Guitar) at 14:06. With Referee Charles Robinson knocked down in the action, Vince Russo ran down to ringside and tried to lay out "The Nature Boy" with a baseball bat but inadvertently bashed Jarrett with it instead. Flair then applied the Figure Four Leglock as Charles Robinson finally recovered to count the KO'd Jarrett's shoulders down on the mat for the pin.
WCW/n.W.o. Monday Night Nitro Results (Circa Mid to Late 90's) - Augusta-Richmond County Civic Center, Augusta, GA. Att: 7,004.

Announcers: Tony Schiavone & Bobby "The Brain" Heenan
Ring Announcer: Dave Penzer
Referees: Jimmy Jett & Mark "Slick" Johnson

1. High-flyer Blitzkrieg defeated Ciclope with the Skytwister Press at 2:03.

2. Tank Abbott pinned Bobby Blaze with a handful of tights at 7:56.

3. "The Juice" Juventud Guerrera over "Mr. World Class" Chip Minton with the Juvy 450 Splash off the top rope at 5:24.

4. Tag Team Tournament Match. KroniK (Brian Adams & Bryan Clark) eliminated the Bluebloods ("Lord" Steven Regal & "Squire" David Taylor) by Count Out at 8:25. KroniK sent Regal through the announcers' table with the High Times (Double Chokeslam) during OOR action. Regal could not recover in time to make Referee Slick Johnson's ten count.

5. Falls Count Anywhere Match. The feud between Perry Saturn and Raven is heating up (literally). With the combatants battling throughout the Civic Center complex, the action spilled over into the Banquet Room where Raven threw an urn of hot coffee into Perry Saturn's face. Raven then cradled the blinded and screaming Saturn as Referee Jimmy Jett made the three count.

6. U.S. Tournament Match. Buff Bagwell ousted "Crippler" Chris Benoit from the tournament by Count Out at 15:44. The Outsiders ("Big Sexy" Kevin Nash & Scott Hall) came down to ringside to scout Bagwell as a possible candidate for the n.W.o. stable. Benoit became immediately distracted by their presence and got into a confrontation with Hall & Nash OOR. "The Crippler" lost track of Referee Slick Johnson's ten count during the heated exchange and was counted out.

7. "Big Poppa Pump" Scott Steiner (w/ valet Midajah) over Booker T in the Main Event at 15:09. Steiner clubbed Booker from behind with a lead pipe while Midajah bent over and gave Referee Jimmy Jett an eyeful. "Big Poppa Pump" then clamped the Steiner Recliner (Camel Clutch) onto the KO'd Booker for the "submission" victory.
WCW/n.W.o. Monday Night Nitro Results (Circa Mid to Late 90's) - Bartow Arena, Birmingham, AL. Att: 8,095.

Announcers: Mike Tenay & Scott Hudson
Ring Announcer: Lee Marshall
Referees: Charles Robinson & Scott Dickinson

1. Ernest "The Cat" Miller (w/ Sonny Onoo) pinned Prince Iaukea with the Feliner (Spin Kick) at 3:05.

2. "Big" Rick Fuller over Rey Mysterio Jr. in controversial fashion at 10:05. In an unusual ending, Mysterio was able to get a foot on the bottom rope during Big Rick's pin attempt following the Fuller Effect (Spinning Tombstone Piledriver), but Referee Scott Dickinson counted the pin anyway. Mysterio's protest fell on deaf ears as Dickinson's decision stood.

3. Hardcore Match. "Middle Age Crazy" Terry Funk defeated "Screaming" Norman Smiley at 7:28. Funk set his opponent up on a table OOR and hit an Asai Moonsault (Springboard Moonsault off the bottom rope from the ring apron) onto Smiley . Both Funk and Smiley crashed through the table with Funk landing on top for the pin. Chants of "ECW !!" were heard throughout the Bartow Arena.

4. Crowbar (w/ Daffney Unger) over "The Dark Angel" Vampiro (w/ the Insane Clown Posse) by DQ at 8:35. The ICP (Shaggy 2 Dope & Violent J) were very active in this match and constantly interferred. After repeated warnings, Referee Charles Robinson finally had enough and called for the disqualification.

5. Tag Team Tournament Match. The Mamalukes (Big Vito & Johnny "The Bull" Stamboli w/ Tony Marinara) eliminated Leia Meow's Jung Dragons (Kaz Hayashi & Yang) at 10:55. Johnny the Bull with a Diving Turbo Leg Drop off the top rope onto Hayashi for the pin.

6. U.S. Title Tournament Match. "Career Killer" Mike Awesome ousted Konnan from the tournament with the Awesome Splash (Frog Splash off the top rope) at 14:22.

7. In the Main Event, Goldberg over Diamond Dallas Page (w/ Kimberly) by DQ at 13:28. DDP managed to flip out of Goldberg's Jackhammer attempt and connect with the Diamond Cutter, but Referee Charles Robinson was distracted by the scantily clad Kimberly prancing around ringside and out of position to count the pin. DDP was furious with Robinson and pushed the ref down to the mat to draw the disqualification.
UWF Results (Circa Late 80's) - Muskogee Civic Center, Muskogee, OK. Att: 5,195.
Announcers: Jim Ross & Michael P.S. Hayes
Ring Announcer: Joel Watts
Referee: Tommy Gilbert

1. Ken Massey upset Shane Douglas at 7:36 with help from "Gorgeous Rookie" Gary Young. In his never ending attempt to win the UWF Rookie of the Year Award, Gary Young slid a chair into the ring for Massey to use and then proceded to distract Referee Tommy Gilbert. Ken Massey took advantage and DDT'd Douglas onto the chair for the pinfall.

2. Black Bart (w/ Downtown Bruno) over Davey Haskins with the Texas Trash Compactor (Diving Leg Drop off the top rope) at 3:22.

3. "Jumping" Joe Savoldi pinned Vladimir Petrov (w/ Downtown Bruno) with a Flying Cross Body Press at 4:15.

4. The Lightning Express (Brad Armstrong & "White Lightning" Tim Hoerner) defeated the Coast Connection (Jack Victory & "Hollywood" John Tatum w/ Missy Hyatt & "Hot Stuff" Eddie Gilbert) at 6:15. With Eddie Gilbert up on the apron conferring with the Coast Connection, Armstrong gave all three men a triple noggin knocker and then finished off the woozy John Tatum with a Russian Legsweep for the pin.

5. Porkchop Cash (w/ Sunshine) over "Mad Dog" Buzz Sawyer by DQ at 9:27. Brother Brett Sawyer ran into the ring to breakup Cash's pin attempt after the Porkchop Falling Elbow. Both Sawyers then put the boots to Porkchop until the Angel of Death made the save.

Ross: "A change of attitude here by Brett Sawyer, ladies and gentlemen !! Unlike his demented brother Buzz, Brett Sawyer has always walked the path of the straight and narrow. Something has happened to change his heart !!"

Michael Hayes: "Blood is thicker than water, Jim Ross !! You can't fault a man for coming to his brother's defense in his hour of need !!"

Ross: "Brett Sawyer snapped like a matchstick, Michael !! What can make a man turn on a dime like that ??"

Michael Hayes: "It must be hereditary, Jim Ross !! There's no tellin' what these Sawyers will do next !!"

6. Rick Steiner (w/ Missy Hyatt) defeated the Angel of Death (w/ Sunshine) at 11:25. With the Sawyer brothers still hanging around ringside after the last bout, Buzz slipped Rick Steiner his dog chain while Missy Hyatt distracted Referee Tommy Gilbert. Steiner wrapped the chain around his fist and KO'd the Angel of Death with a mighty haymaker.

7. In the Main Event, UWF World Champion One Man Gang (w/ General Skandor Akbar) defeated Challenger "Dr. Death" Steve Williams at 17:51. With Referee Tommy Gilbert down, Skandor Akbar entered the ring and burned Williams with his cigar. Gilbert recovered in time to count the pin. One Man Gang successfully retains the UWF Title.
UWF Results (Circa Late 80's) - Mississippi Coliseum, Jackson, MS. Att: 6,437.
Announcers: Boyd Pierce & "Cowboy" Bill Watts
Ring Announcer: Reeser Bowden
Referee: Carl Fergie

1. Jeff Raitz over "Gorgeous Rookie" Gary Young (w/ Downtown Bruno) via DQ at 5:14. Young pulled a pair of brass knuckles out of his tights and KO'd Raitz for what seemed to be the winning pinfall, however Shane Douglas ran down to ringside and pointed out the infraction to Referee Carl Fergie. After a quick search, Young was caught with the knucks in his trunks. Fergie immediately reversed his decision and awarded the victory to Raitz.

2. Brickhouse Brown pinned Mike "Hammer" Reed with a Diving Cross Body Press off the top rope at 5:23.

3. Brett Sawyer (w/ Buzz Sawyer) defeated "Hot Stuff" Eddie Gilbert (w/ Missy Hyatt) at 5:33. Missy Hyatt tried to interfere but got into a tug of war on the ring apron with Buzz Sawyer over her loaded Gucci handbag. Missy managed to yank the purse away from him, but accidently hit Eddie Gilbert with it in the process after Eddie had come over to help. Brett then covered the KO'd Gilbert for the pin.

4. "Louisville Slugger" Big Bubba Rogers (w/ Jim Cornette) beat Chavo Guerrero via Count Out at 5:31 after Chavo chased the irritating Cornette from ringside and failed to return to the ring in time to beat Referee Carl Fergie's ten count.

5. Iceman King Parsons (w/ Dark Journey) over Savannah Jack by Count Out at 9:45. Jack got into a confrontation with Dark Journey OOR and completely lost track of the count.

6. The Fabulous Freebirds (Michael P.S. Hayes & Buddy Roberts w/ Terry "Bam Bam" Gordy) beat the Dynamic Duo ("Gentleman" Chris Adams & Terry Taylor w/ Sunshine) via Count Out at 13:06. As Buddy Roberts was Irish whipping Chris Adams to the ropes, Terry Gordy pulled the top rope down causing Adams to fall out of the ring and hit his head on the concrete floor. Adams could not recover in time to make the referee's ten count.

7. Steel Cage Match. In the Main Event, "Dirty" Dick Murdoch (w/ General Skandor Akbar) defeated Butch Reed at 12:33. The hated Murdoch delivered not one, not two, but three Brainbusters to Butch Reed before escaping through the cage door. Reed had to be carried out on a stretcher.
UWF Results (Circa Late 80's) - Blackham Coliseum, Lafayette, LA. Att: 5,391.
Announcers: Jim Ross & Magnum T.A.
Ring Announcer: Joel Watts
Referee: Jerry Usher

1. UWF Rookie of the Year Contender Steve "Do It To It" Cox pinned "Wild Man" Mike Boyette with a Snap Suplex at 3:24.

2. "Nature Boy" Buddy Landel (w/ Missy Hyatt) made "Missouri Tiger" Jeff Gaylord submit to his Figure Four Leglock at 6:39.

3. The bout between Art Crews and "Unpredictable" Dick Slater never took place. The vile Slater ambushed Crews backstage and threw him into a scaffolding platform. Crews needed immediate medical attention and was too injured to compete.

4. Eli the Eliminator (w/ General Skandor Akbar) defeated the Angel of Death (w/ Sunshine) by DQ at 6:48. Fed up with Akbar's constant interference in the match, Sunshine grabbed a cup of Coca Cola from a nearby fan at ringside and threw it into Eli's face. Unfortunately for Sunshine, Referee Jerry Usher saw her do it and immediately disqualified the Angel of Death. The nefarious Akbar had a good laugh as he raised Eli's hand in victory.

5. "Jumping" Joe Savoldi over "Hotstuff" Eddie Gilbert (w/ Missy Hyatt) by Count Out at 8:37. "Jumping" Joe had enough of motor-mouth Missy Hyatt's constant badgering and chased after her around ringside. Eddie Gilbert left the ring to come to Missy's defense and got his head smashed into the steel barricade railing by Savoldi for his trouble. The woozy Gilbert couldn't find his way back into the ring in time to beat Referee Jerry Usher's ten count.

6. The Fantastics (Bobby Fulton & Tommy Rogers) wrestled the Samoan Swat Team (Fatu & Samu w/ General Skandor Akbar) to a 20:00 Time Limit Draw.

7. In the Main Event, Terry "Bam Bam" Gordy (w/ Michael P.S. Hayes & Buddy Roberts) pinned "Ugandan Giant" Kamala (w/ General Skandor Akbar) with a Piledriver at 12:47. Akbar tried to run into the ring to break up the referee's pin count but was held at bay by Hayes & Roberts OOR.
UWF Results (Circa Late 80's) - Tulsa Convention Center, Tulsa,OK. Att: 8,805.
Announcers: Boyd Pierce & Frank Dusek
Ring Announcer: Reeser Bowden
Referee: Tommy Gilbert

1. Perry Jackson upset Sam Houston with a Flying Cross Body Press at 6:00. Houston had become distracted by Vladimir Petrov and his manager Downtown Bruno who came down to ringside waving a Russian flag.

2. Rick Gibson pinned Vladimir Petrov (w/ Downtown Bruno) with an inside cradle at 4:15. Sam Houston returned the favor and remained at ringside after his match with Perry Jackson to distract Petrov into the pin.

3. "Hollywood" John Tatum (w/ Missy Hyatt) defeated "Birdman" Koko B. Ware with his California Superkick at 5:31.

4. "Time Keeper" Mike George beat Rookie of the Year Contender Shane Douglas with his Hangman's Neckbreaker at 2:12. George attacked before the bell and hit Shane from behind with his giant stopwatch as Douglas was taking off his ring jacket. Shane never recovered as George dominated the match.

5. Brett & "Mad Dog" Buzz Sawyer defeated the Dynamic Duo ("Gentleman" Chris Adams & Terry Taylor w/ Sunshine) at 8:54. Brett pinned Taylor with a handful of tights.

6. Bad Leroy Brown (w/ General Skandor Akbar) pinned Ted Dibiase at 12:51 after Akbar stole Reeser Bowden's microphone from the announcer's table and bashed Dibiase in the head with it while Brown distracted Referee Tommy Gilbert.

7. UWF Tag Team Title Match. The Champion Kiwi Sheepherders (Butch Miller & Cousin Luke Williams w/ Jonathan Boyd) successfully defending their title as they defeated the Challengers The Lightning Express (Brad Armstrong & "White Lightning" Tim Hoerner) at 13:50. The Sheepherders double teamed Brad Armstrong with their Double Gutbuster finisher while Jonathan Boyd distracted Referee Tommy Gilbert.
WWF Results (Circa Early to Mid 80's) - Capital Centre, Landover, MD. Att: 17,816.

Announcers: Gorilla Monsoon & Lord Alfred Hayes
Ring Announcer: Joe McHugh
Referees: Lou Super, Jack Lotz & Dick Kroll

1. "Canada's Greatest Athlete" Iron Mike Sharpe (w/ dubious left forearm pad for an injury that refuses to heal) over the Tonga Kid at 6:35. With his opponent lying prone on the canvas, the Tonga Kid thought he had the match won when he leapt off the top rope with a Splash, but Iron Mike was playing possum and lifted a knee just as the Kid was landing on him. Sharpe grabbed a handful of tights to secure the pin as Referee Lou Super made the three count.

2. "America's Hero" Sergeant Slaughter (w/ swagger stick, whistle and a salute for Old Glory) beat the pre-Brooklyn Brawler version of Steve Lombardi by submission with the Cobra Clutch at 5:45.

3. What began as a "Piper's Pit" segment ended as an impromptu match between Jose Luis Rivera and "Rowdy" Roddy Piper (w/ bodyguard "Ace" Cowboy Bob Orton Jr.) The Rowdy One insulted his guest by asking Rivera if he ever got tired of losing all the time. Rivera pointed out that they have never met in the ring and challenged Piper to put his money where his mouth was. Thus, the match was on. Jose Luis Rivera gave Roddy all he could handle much to the delight of the fans until a Three Stooges' eye poke turned the tide of the bout. Piper finally put Rivera away with the Scottish Neckbreaker at 9:28. "Rowdy" Roddy snatched the house mic away from Joe McHugh and said, "Just when you think you have all the answers, I change the questions !" Piper put a few extra stomps on Rivera before departing the ring triumphantly.

4. Uncle Elmer (w/ Hillbilly Jim) pinned "Butcher" Paul Vachon at 9:46. Elmer reversed a whip into the turnbuckle and followed up with a crushing Avalanche in the corner. The deflated Vachon collapsed to the mat only to have the Big Hillbilly add a Splash for good measure for the three count.

5. Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka brought the fans to their feet with his Superfly Splash off the top rope to defeat Moondog Spot at 11:38. Vintage Snuka here with a front and back leap frog as Spot ran the ropes and a Reverse Chop to the throat to set up the Diving Splash.

6. The U.S. Express (Mike Rotundo & Barry Windham) and the North-South Connection (Adrian Adonis & Dick Murdoch) ended in a Double Count Out at 14:50 after both teams took the battle to the floor while Referee Jack Lotz issued the ten count.

7. Nikolai Volkoff (w/ Russian National Anthem & "Classy" Freddie Blassie) defeated the "Incredible" Hulk Hogan via Count Out at 18:26. With Hogan tossed OOR and Volkoff distracting Referee Lou Super, the Iron Sheik ran down to ringside and choked out the Hulkster on the floor with his tunic. Gasping for breath and trying to climb back inside the ring, Hogan could not make the count in time. After the bell, Volkoff and the Iron Sheik put a double team beatdown on Hogan until Sgt. Slaughter ran in to make the save.
WWF Results (Circa Early to Mid 80's) - Baltimore Civic Center, Baltimore, MD. Att: 8,830.

Announcers: Vince McMahon Jr. & Pat Patterson
Ring Announcer: Buddy Wagner
Referees: Jack Lotz & Dusty Feldbaumer

1. Salvatore Bellomo pinned "No.1 Frenchman" Rene Goulet (w/ black glove) with a Flying Cross Body Press off the ropes at 5:33.

2. The masked Invaders (I & II) defeated the tandem of Charlie Fulton and his partner "The Duke of Dorchester" Pete Doherty (w/ missing teeth) at 4:00. Invader II used a Senton Splash off the top rope to pin the Duke.

3. Tito Santana over Tiger Chung Lee (w/ Kendo Stick) by DQ at 6:54. Lee choked out Santana in the corner with a tag rope and refused to break on Referee Dusty Feldbaumer's five count to draw the disqualification.

4. Big John Studd (w/ $5,000 Body Slam Challenge & Bobby "The Brain" Heenan) defeated Corporal Kirchner from the 82nd Airborne Division (w/ fatigues and Old Glory) at 6:25. Kirchner nearly got the big man up off his feet but Studd alertly grabbed the ropes to block the Body Slam attempt. A Giant Bear Hug from Studd followed by a huge Elbow Drop finished off the Corporal.

5. Pedro Morales was Counted Out by Referee Jack Lotz in his match against Samoan Afa (w/ Captain Louis Albano) at 8:36. As the action spilled out onto the floor, Captain Lou couldn't resist getting in a few cheap shots of his own. Albano was decked by a Morales' haymaker much to the delight of the fans however the Captain's interference kept Morales out of the ring long enough to cause the Count Out.

6. "Classy" Freddie Blassie's duo of Nikolai Volkoff (w/ Russian National Anthem rendition) & the Iron Sheik (w/ pointy-toed boots) over the Soul Patrol ("Mr. U.S.A." Tony Atlas & Rocky Johnson) at 9:50. Volkoff doubled over Rocky with a Double Axe Handle from behind and the Iron Sheik followed up with a Loaded Kick to the throat as Referee Dusty Feldbaumer was sending Tony Atlas back to his corner. Feldbaumer turned around to find the Sheik making the cover and counted the pin. A replay revealed that the Sheik "loaded" the toe of his boot by tapping it on the canvas three times before delivering the decisive kick ; )

7. In the Main Event, Bob Backlund defeated "Ace" Cowboy Bob Orton (w/ dubious forearm cast & "Rowdy" Roddy Piper) at 22:02. Backlund bashed Orton in the head with his own cast and then cradled his staggering opponent for the winning pinfall.
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