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GV's Other UQ Wrestling Results
"Cowboy" Bill Watts' UWF Results (Circa Late 80's) - Lake Charles Civic Center, Lake Charles, LA. Att: 5,575.

Announcers: Boyd Pierce & "Jolting" Joe Bryan
Ring Announcer: Joel Watts
Referees: Carl Fergie, Alfred Neely & Ron West

1. "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan (w/ 2x4) barely broke a sweat against Mike "Hammer" Reed in tonight's opening bout. It was all Duggan right from the bell as Reed could muster very little in the way of offense. Duggan put his opponent away with a Running Forearm to the head from a three-point stance at 2:24.

2. The normally combative Chavo Guerrero was both over-powered and over-matched against the massive Lord Humungous. Chavo's attempt at a Flying Cross Body Press was caught in mid air by the brute and tossed to the mat like a sack of potatoes. As Guerrero got back to his feet, he was grabbed by the throat and given a Chokeslam for the three count. The time of the fall was 4:49.

3. "Gorgeous" Gary Young resorted to a foreign object to try and defeat Sam Houston but came up empty. Young swung and missed and was caught in a Bridging Back Suplex for the pinfall at 5:01.

4. Devastation Incorporated's Eli the Eliminator (w/ General Skandor Akbar) was disqualified in his match against Ted Dibiase at 7:38. Eli slugged Referee Alfred Neely in desperation to draw the disqualification when he was caught in Dibiase's Sleeper Hold off the ropes.

5. Akbar's troops had a little more success this time around although the feisty manager wasn't at ringside to witness the end result. The General was sent to the back by Referee Ron West for constantly interferring on behalf of the "Ugandan Giant" Kamala in his match against "Gentleman" Chris Adams. Kamala's masked handler Friday remained at ringside and ultimately decided the outcome of this bout. Adams attempted to lift the Ugandan Giant for a Body Slam and had his foot pulled out from under him by Friday. Kamala fell on top of Adams for the tainted three count at 9:30.

6. There was total bedlam in the Main Event tag team match between the Fabulous Freebirds (Michael P.S. Hayes & Buddy Roberts) and the First Family of Wrestling (Terry Taylor & UWF TV Champion "Hot Stuff" Eddie Gilbert). Taylor and Gilbert took a beating tonight and even had their valet Missy Hyatt chased from ringside by Terry "Bam Bam" Gordy, but Referee Carl Fergie threw the match out at 13:36 after all attempts to restore order had failed. Gordy returned to the ring after the bell and was poised to deliver a Piledriver onto the hated Taylor when he was blinded by a Fireball courtesy of Eddie Gilbert. Bam Bam had to be assisted to the back by his fellow Freebirds.
ESPN presents the AWA (Circa Mid 80's) - Halenbeck Hall, St. Cloud, MN. Att: 2,983.

Announcers: Rod Trongard & Larry "The Axe" Hennig
Ring Announcer: "Dapper" Dave Prill
Referees: Doug Gilbert, Gary DeRusha & Larry Lisowski

1. "The Z Man" Tom Zenk was well received upon his ring entrance and went on to defeat Tom "Rocky" Stone at 4:18. The veteran Stone gave Zenk some problems before going down for the count to a Missile Drop Kick.

2. Nord the Barbarian (w/ Bruiser Brody imitation and Sheik Adnan El-Kaisee) used his size and brute force to beat down "Beach Boy" Sonny Rogers at 3:52. Nord tossed Sonny half way across the ring with a giant Body Slam and followed that up with a Leaping Leg Drop off the 2nd rope to gain the pinfall.

3. Like Zenk before him, fellow native Minnesotan Curt Hennig also got a nice hand tonight in St. Cloud. Curt's dad Larry Hennig, who was providing commentary at the announcers' table, had to be proud to see his son take down opponent Pete Sanchez with the Axe (Flying Forearm to the head off the ropes) for the three count at 4:22.

4. Never one to abide by the AWA Rulebook, Stan "The Lariat" Hansen got himself disqualified against the "Polish Prince" Steve Olsonoski at 6:57. Hansen brought a chair into the ring and blatantly smashed it over Steve O's head to draw the DQ from Referee Larry Lisowski.

5. "Gorgeous" Jimmy Garvin can credit his valet Precious for his victory over "Crusher" Jerry Blackwell tonight. Jerry did not take kindly to the valet trying to trip him nor did he like being slapped across the face by Precious when he left the ring to confront her on the floor. The valet back peddled away begging for mercy and then sprayed Jerry in the face with her air freshner aerosol. The blinded Blackwell could not find his way back inside the ring and was counted out by Referee Doug Gilbert at 7:14.

6. AWA Tag Team Championship Match. A new chapter was written tonight in the never ending war between the Champion Midnight Rockers (Shawn Michaels & Marty Jannetty) and their challengers the Pretty Playboys ("Playboy" Buddy Rose & "Pretty Boy" Doug Somers). This one ended up in the stands scattering spectators in every direction. No one was quite sure how it happened, but Shawn Michaels was busted open with a nasty cut during the fracas. Referee Gary DeRusha had enough and called for the bell at 11:49. He would have been justified in calling this either a Double DQ or Double Count Out. Regardless, the Rockers retain the AWA Tag Team Titles.
ESPN Presents the AWA (Circa Mid 80's) - Henry J. Kaiser Convention Center, Oakland, CA. Att: 4,380.

Announcers: Rod Trongard & Nick Bockwinkel
Ring Announcer: "Dapper" Dave Prill
Referees: Gary DeRusha, Jim Bunning & Scott Ledoux

1. Always a fan favorite when the AWA travels to the West Coast, Anthony "Earthquake" Ferris pulled out a hard fought victory over veteran Tony Leone. Anthony's greatest asset is his bulk which he used to great effect tonight. Leone had the big fella reeling with a series of kicks and punches but made the mistake of attempting a Sunset Flip when Ferris telegraphed a Back Body Drop. Leone simply could not get Earthquake off his feet. Anthony merely sat down on his opponent's chest to gain the three count at 6:10.

2. The "Sheik's a Freak !" chant broke out when Sheik Adnan El-Kaisee led his team of Boris Zhukov and Nord the Barbarian down the aisle to face Todd Becker & Jim Evans. That was the only fun the fans enjoyed during this lopsided contest. Neither Evans nor Becker could mount much of an offense against the Sheik's Army. A crushing Head Butt courtesy of Zhukov's large noggin sent Evans down to the mat where he was finished off by a Flying Leg Drop from the Barbarian at 4:35.

3. Big Scott Hall out muscled and out hustled the mighty Russian Soldad Ustinov enroute to victory. Things took a bad turn for Scott when Ustinov reversed a corner whip, however Hall was able to side step his opponent's subsequent charge causing Ustinov to plow full steam into the turnbuckle. The dazed Russian staggered backward into a roll up for the 1-2-3 at 7:52.

4. The Fabulous Ones (Steve Keirn & "Sweet" Stan Lane) defeated Madusa Micelli's duo of "Mr. Magnificent" Kevin Kelly & "Canada's Greatest Athlete" Slick Nick Kiniski at 8:55. Kiniski attempted to hold Sweet Stan for the Kelly Cannon (Clothesline) but took the full brunt of the maneuver when Lane ducked at the last second. Steve Keirn slingshotted himself into the ring from the apron with a Splash to pin Kiniski while Stan Lane took out Kelly with a Savate Kick to the kisser.

5. "The Mercenary from South Africa" Colonel Debeers drew a ton of heat in Oakland after stealing Dave Prill's microphone away to denounce America and praise Apartheid. The vile Colonel racked up some points for that outburst and went on to defeat "Olympian" Brad Rheingans via Count Out at 8:26. Rheingans was dropped throat-first onto the steel barricade railing surrounding ringside when the action spilled OOR and onto the floor. Clutching his throat and gasping for breath, the Olympian crawled back toward the ring but was unable to make Referee Jim Bunning's ten count.

6. AWA World Title Rematch. The irritating "Living Legend" Larry Zbyszko knew just what to do to retain his Championship and thwart Rick Martel's attempt to regain the belt. Former boxer turned referee Scott Ledoux, who has a very short fuse when it comes to officiating Mr. Zbyszko's matches, seemed to play right into the Living Legend's hands when the action moved OOR. Getting the worst of the fight, Zybyszko purposely ran Martel head first into the ring post (an automatic DQ in the AWA Rule Book) right in front of Ledoux to draw the disqualification at 12:40. Larry Zbyszko retains the AWA Title despite the DQ loss.
AWA Results (Circa Mid 80's) - The Mark of the Quad Cities, Moline, IL. Att: 4,308.

Announcers: Ken Resnick & "Dapper" Dave Prill
Ring Announcer: "Slick" Mick Karch
Referees: Robert Warren, Gary DeRusha & Scott Ledoux

1. We kicked things off this evening with the AWA debut of Sheik Adnan El-Kaisee's newest protege the Masked Superstar. His opponent, Jake "The Milkman" Milliman came up short (no pun intended) in his bid to spoil the party. The Superstar is a bit of departure from El-Kaisee's prototypical foreign heels and madmen. Cold, calculating and tough as nails, the Superstar took the fight to Jake and finished him off with a Swinging Neckbreaker at 3:47.

2. As he so often does, Buck "Rock & Roll" Zumhoffe got the fans off their seats to clap along to his blaring boombox of rock music to earn himself some bonus points. His opponent "Mr. First Class" Jerry Gray apparently preferred a different genre of music and plugged his ears until a ring attendant took the huge radio backstage. This was actually a pretty even match up that was decided in the bout's waning stages. A missed corner charge by Gray was his ultimate undoing. Zumhoffe, who had hopped up to the second rope to avoid his opponent's shoulder butt, leapt off with a Sunset Flip out of the corner to pin Gray at 9:43.

3. The Long Riders ("Wild" Bill & brother Scott "Hog" Irwin) over the duo of "El Gordito" Nacho Berrera & Jesse Hernandez at 5:11. The Irwins had their way in this one-sided contest and could ended the match sooner had they not been in the mood to dish out some serious punishment. Hernandez was laid out by a Superplex off the top rope by Wild Bill and then finished off with a Running Leg Drop from big Scott for the three count.

4. "Sensational" Sherri Martel (w/ "Playboy" Buddy Rose) over Desiree Peterson at 7:38. Heckled with chants of "Pillsbury Dough Boy" from the Moline crowd, the rather rotund Rose pouted and put on an exhibition of jumping jacks and one-armed pushups to show that he was physically fit. The Playboy's antics overshadowed an otherwise terrific ladies match. Ms. Martel should be grateful that Buddy stuck around. Rose was able to place Sherri's foot on the bottom rope to break up a pin attempt and had an even bigger impact moments later. The Playboy failed in his bid to trip Peterson but he did succeed in getting her attention. So much so that Martel snuck up from behind and cradled her opponent for the winning pinfall while Desiree was jawing with Rose.

5. The veteran team of Crusher Jerry Blackwell & Baron Von Rashke continued their winning ways with a victory over the Alaskans (Rick Renslow & David Wagner). The turning point of this match came when Renslow accidentally bashed his own partner with one of the Alaskan War Clubs. The dazed Wagner was easy pickins after the miscue and submitted to the Baron's Iron Claw Hold shortly afterward. The time of the match was 6:56.

6. Big Scott Hall defeated Alexis Smirnoff (w/ Yuri Gordyenko) in the Main Event at 8:49. The Russians have had a difficult time getting on the same page as of late and tonight was no exception. In an attempt to lend a hand, Gordyenko nearly decked his fellow countryman with a haymaker after Scott Hall was able to escape Smirnoff's grasp, but stopped just short and pointed to his head as if to say that he was too smart to make that error. The Russians embraced in a hug and were then given a noggin knocker by Hall in the corner. Big Scott finished off the woozy Smirnoff with his Hall Buster (Bulldog) finisher for the three count.
ESPN Presents the AWA (Circa Mid 80's) - Cobo Arena, Detroit, MI. Att: 8,535.

Announcers: Rod Trongard & Lord James Blears
Ring Announcer: "Dapper" Dave Prill
Referees: Rich Frisk, Larry Lisowski & Marty Miller

1. Sheik Adnan El-Kaisee continued to add to his stable with the addition of King Tonga who successfully debuted with a victory over "Beach Boy" Sunny Rogers tonight. Tonga certainly made an impression on his opponent with some rather stiff looking chops and staggering head butts. Rogers was reeling from the barrage and caught a Savate Kick right to the kisser for the pinfall at 3:58.

2. Tom "Rocky" Stone has been officiating small venue shows for the AWA in his free time as of late. He was probably thinking about making it a full time occupation after being flattened in his match against "Crusher" Jerry Blackwell this evening. Stone may have gotten big Jerry's dander up with some derogatory comments regarding Blackwell's hometown of Stone Mountain, GA prior to the bell. A corner avalanche by Jerry knocked the wind out of Stone who crumpled to the canvas and was finished off by a Big Splash for the three count at 4:44.

3. The team of "Mr. Electricity" Steve Regal & "Gorgeous" Jimmy Garvin (w/ Precious) defeated the duo of "Jamming" Mitch Snow & Anthony "Earthquake" Ferris at 6:26. Garvin and Regal had their teamwork down pat but their opponents unfortunately did not. The lack of chemistry especially hurt big Anthony who was gassed and in desperate need of a tag but missed Snow's hand on the exchange in the corner. The fatigued Ferris was brought back into the center of the ring and given a DDT by Gorgeous Jimmy for the final 1-2-3.

4. Curt Hennig rebounded from a slow start to beat Boris Zhukov at 8:09. The "U.S.A.!" chants were in full force throughout this match and the finish was certainly a crowd pleaser. Zhukov was jawing with some fans at ringside when he finally turned around and was flattened by The Axe (Flying Forearm to the head) for the winning pinfall.

5. There was a lot of beef in the ring when Otto Wanz tangled with "Playboy" Buddy Rose. It would not be a Rose match without the usual theatrics following the announcement of the Playboy's weight.

Rose: "Seriously, do I look like I weigh 271 lbs to you, Dave Prill ?"

Dapper Dave: "No. Not at all."

Rose: "Thank you."

Dapper Dave: "You look like you weigh 371 lbs, Buddy."

Rose does a double take at Dave and has to be comforted by his valet "Sensational" Sherri Martel.

Well, Wanz didn't seem nearly as tempermental about his weight (announced as "170 kilos" ) and carried the fight to the Playboy. It looked like curtains for Rose when big Otto caught him in a ring-shaking Running Powerslam. Sherri Martel must have thought so as well because she sent in "Pretty Boy" Doug Somers to break up the subsequent pin attempt and draw the disqualification at 8:30. Rose and Somers began a double team beatdown on Wanz after the bell but Crusher Jerry Blackwell re-emerged from the locker room to chase off the heels.

6. Stan "The Lariat" Hansen did not come to wrestle tonight and apparently neither did his opponent "America's Hero" Sergeant Slaughter. Referee Marty Miller tried to lay down the law in the early going with stern warnings for both men but fell on deaf ears. This bout degenerated into complete mayhem both in and out of the ring. Hansen fought on despite a nasty cut over his eye and put several dents in a cowbell that he had brought to ringside with him courtesy of the Sarge's hard noggin. Miller finally had enough and threw the match out at 11:14 with no winner declared. Several wrestlers rushed in from the back to separate the combatants.
Global Wrestling Federation Results (Circa Early 90's) - GlobalDome (Sportatorium), Dallas, TX. Att: 3,542.

Announcers: Joe Pedicino & Scott Anthony
Ring Announcer: Ron Ames
Referees: Shawn O’Brien, James Beard & Paul Neighbors

1. It seemed only appropriate for “Quick” Rick Garren to roll on his Speed modifier and earn extra points against Kenny “The Stinger” Striker in our opening contest. Striker’s size and power moves would eventually wear down Quick Rick, however. A Running Powerslam by the Stinger set up a Diving Splash from the top rope for the winning pinfall at 4:15.

2. Representing the Cartel, “Hustler” Rip Rogers defeated Ben Jordan at 3:48. Rogers was his own worst enemy in the early going by allowing himself to be caught in one pinning predicament after another while jawing with the fans. Rip finally got down to business and put his opponent away with the Hustle (DDT) when Jordan tucked his head too soon for a Back Body Drop attempt.

3. “Teen Heartthrob” Chaz and Tom Davis were both DQ’d for outside interference by Referee Paul Neighbors at 6:22. Chaz must have felt as though he were facing both Dirty Davis Brothers thanks to the frequent meddling of Mike Davis. No doubt watching from a monitor in the back, Tug Taylor came down to ringside to be in his son’s corner and even the odds. It didn’t take long for both cornermen to get swept up into a wild four man free-for-all in the ring prompting Neighbors to call for the bell.

4. “Sensational” Steven Dane (w/ Christopher Love) over Brian Adias via Count Out at 3:09. Dane and his manager drew tremendous heat at the GlobalDome tonight and were pelted with debris as they made their way down the aisle for the match introductions. Love also made his presence felt during the bout by attempting to trip Adias after Brian had been whipped to the ropes. Adias took exception to the foul and immediately went out after him. The confrontation also drew Steven Dane out to the floor where he caught his opponent with a Low Blow. Oblivious to the dirty deed, Referee Shawn O’Brien put the ten count on Adias who was doubled over on the ground.

5. GWF TV Champ “Gorgeous” Gary Young teamed up with “Missouri Tiger” Jeff Gaylord to defeat the Maulers (Rip Morgan & Jacko Victory) by Count Out at 9:26. The rough and tumble Maulers, who also go by the name of the Royal Family, got a taste of their own medicine when Victory was slammed through the time keeper’s table during OOR action. Morgan tried to roll his dazed partner back inside the ring, but it was not in time to make Referee James Beard’s ten count.

6. “Conan” Chris Walker and “Hollywood” John Tatum were both Counted Out in the Main Event at 13:02. Tatum had his problems in this match and became increasingly frustrated by his inability to get anything going in the way of offense. Ever the showman, Hollywood John gestured that he had enough and walked out on the match. Walker could have had himself an easy victory if he stayed in the ring, but opted to pursue Tatum instead. The two battled back up the aisle toward the dressing room as Referee Paul Neighbors counted them out.
Global Wrestling Federation Results (Circa Early 90's) - GlobalDome (Sportatorium), Dallas, TX. Att: 2,756.

Announcers: Craig Johnson & Scott Hudson
Ring Announcer: Doyle King
Referees: Rick Manning, Tony Falk & James Beard

1. Jeff “Rattlesnake” Raitz defeated “Dog of War” Buster Blackheart at 4:54 in our opener. Apparently the crowd didn’t care for the Rattlesnake’s gimmick one bit and gave Raitz a lukewarm reception at best. The subsequent loss of points made this a closer match than anticipated, but Raitz pulled out the victory in the end with his Rattlesnake Strike (Cross Hand Chop to the throat off the 2nd rope).

2. “Hot Body” Randy Rhodes (w/ manager Christopher Love) beat Manny Villalobos at 4:05. Rhodes took exception to the sarcastic comments coming from the announcers’ table regarding his “Hot Body” physique. (Rhodes is the GWF embodiment of “Playboy” Buddy Rose.) His constant jawing with Craig Johnson and Scott Hudson got him into trouble more than once. Villalobos nearly pinned his preoccupied foe with a Backslide and then again with a quick Schoolboy Roll Up. Christopher Love called for a quick conference to both settle his man down and covertly slip a foreign object into his hand. Rhodes responded with a loaded haymaker to the jaw to put Villalobos away for the three count.

3. “Beach Bully” Alex Porteau (w/ Shawn Summers) over Steve Simpson via DQ at 4:38. The popular South African Simpson was smothered with hugs and kisses by the ladies as he made his way down the aisle for this contest. Porteau’s welcome paled in comparison, but he was able to capitalize on having his Beach Boys tag team partner Shawn Summers with him at ringside. Referee James Beard was admonishing Summers for attempting to interfere when Porteau sent Steve Simpson crashing into him. Unaware of Porteau’s treachery, the woozy official immediately called for the bell and disqualified Simpson for the bump.

4. “Teen Heartthrob” Chaz and poppa Tug Taylor defeated the Dirty Davis Bothers (Mike & Tom) by disqualification at 9:55. Mike Davis was in a particularly bad mood after being pelted with a rotten tomato courtesy of an overzealous fan during the Davis Brothers’ entrance. Mike not only took his wrath out on the Taylors, but also on Referee Rick Manning as well. He went too far, however, when he tossed the official out of the ring after being repeatedly warned about his rule-breaking tactics. Manning wasted no time in calling for the DQ.

5. There was no winner in the match pitting GWF Light Heavyweight Champion Terry Garvin against Bull Pain (w/ Samantha). This was a non-title bout as Pain did not meet the weight restrictions. Referee Tony Falk was KO’d after an errant smash from behind while arguing with Samantha. (Bull Pain tried to bash Garvin with his own Light Heavyweight Championship belt but ended up getting the official with it instead when Terry ducked at the last instant.) The bout was officially declared a “No Contest” at 12:25 with Falk being assisted to the back for medical attention.

6. In the Main Event, Cactus Jack over the Patriot via Count Out at 18:10. The Patriot got off to a great start in this match and never relinquished control. No doubt looking to give their fellow Cartel member some assistance, Makhan Singh and “Hustler” Rip Rogers came down to ringside to lend a hand. Referee James Beard was having none of it, however, and ordered them to return to the dressing room. While the official was busy defusing that situation, Cactus Jack ran his opponent head first into the ring post during OOR action. Had the official seen it, Cactus would have been disqualified immediately. Unfortunately, the distracted Beard completely missed the infraction and put the ten count on the dazed Patriot.
Global Wrestling Federation Results (Circa Early 90's) - GlobalDome (Sportatorium), Dallas, TX. Att: 2,834.

Announcers: David Webb & “Hot Stuff” Eddie Gilbert
Ring Announcer: “Diamond” Derek Kraft
Referees: John Keaton, James Beard & Paul Neighbors

1.”Hurricane” Mike Dahl defeated Francis “Cry Baby” Buxton in our opening contest at 4:45. Francis scored points on his Size modifier thanks to his excessive bulk, but allowed himself to be distracted by “Private” Terry Daniels who was being interviewed by David Webb at ringside. The preoccupied Buxton was rolled up from behind by Dahl for the winning pinfall.

2. The Dark Patriot made quick work of “Cutie Pie” Louie Spicolli. Mocking his arch rival the Patriot by coming out to John Philip Sousa’s “Star & Stripes Forever” and tossing miniature paper versions of Old Glory into the crowd, the Dark Patriot drew a ton of heat (and bonus points) during his ring entrance. He used the Scud Missile (The Patriot’s Flying Shoulder Tackle from the top rope) to put Spicolli away in just 1:38.

3. “Hard Body” Calvin Knapp over the Lightning Kid in a controversial finish. Knapp borrowed Ring Announcer Derek Kraft’s microphone to thank the Dallas fans for their support after the match introductions and boosted his points total in the process. The bonus was just what he needed to push this bout to its 10:00 time limit. The match ended with the Lightning Kid flailing away in his opponent’s Knapp Time Sleeper as time expired. The Kid may have been saved by the bell in that regard, but Referee Paul Neighbors awarded the contest to Calvin whom he felt had the better of the fight. Upon hearing the announcement, the Kid went on a tirade and tossed Neighbors out of the ring in disgust.

4. Big Bully Busick defeated “Missouri Tiger” Jeff Gaylord by Referee’s Decision. Gaylord may have been successful in blocking his adversary’s Bully Blaster (Heart Punch) attempt, however he fell victim to a smash with a hidden foreign object that Busick had pulled from his tights. The Missouri Tiger’s forehead was busted open from the blow and caused him to bleed profusely. Referee John Keaton stopped the bout at 12:44 and deemed Gaylord unable to continue.

5. Taking a page from Big Bully Busick’s book, “Hustler” Rip Rogers (w/ fellow Cartel member “Palm Beach Heartthrob” Scott Anthony) also tried to sneak a foreign object into the ring with him as he prepared to take on the Handsome Stranger. Referee James Beard foiled the Hustler’s plans, however, by confiscating the weapon during a pre match pat down. The Handsome Stranger was in control and dominating the action until he was lured into a confrontation with Scott Anthony on the floor. The two battled around ringside with Rogers quickly joining the fray. The Cartel members put a double team beatdown on the Stranger OOR until Calvin Knapp raced out from the locker room to even the odds. The Stranger and Rogers were both counted out by James Beard at 8:57.

6. The Ebony Experience (Stevie Ray & Booker T) made a big entrance and fired up the fans as they tried to dethrone “Playboy” Gary Hart’s Coast to Coast Connection (California Stud “Rugged” Rod Price & “Hollywood” John Tatum) as GWF Tag Team Champions. Booker came within an eye lash of bringing home the gold after flooring Tatum with a Missile Drop Kick from the top rope, but Rugged Rod spoiled the pin with a stomp to the back to break the three count. The California Stud’s actions drew Stevie Ray into the ring precipitating a wild four man free-for-all. Referee Paul Neighbors was simultaneously pushed down to the canvas by both Stevie and Price during the melee prompting the official to disqualify both teams at 15:27. The Coast to Coast Connection retain the GWF Tag Team Championship.
Georgia Championship Wrestling Results (Circa Early 80's) - Columbus Municipal Auditorium, Columbus, GA. Att: 3,611.

Commentators: Gordon Solie & Roddy Piper
Ring Announcer: Ray McCay
Referees: Ronnie West & Charlie Smith

1. Rick Gibson topped Tom Yancy in the opening contest at 4:18. There was very little in the way of crowd reaction during this bout partly due to the fact that the fans were still settling into their seats after the action was under way. A Gibson Flying Body Press off the ropes was good enough to hold Yancy’s shoulders to the mat for the winning three count.

2. Les Thornton (w/ Manager Lord Alfred Hayes) made quick work of young Ricky Harris. The arrogant Brit declined Ricky’s handshake to begin the contest and responded with a slap across the face. The self-professed “Man of a Thousand Holds” only needed one – a Bow & Arrow - to induce a submission from his over matched opponent. The time of the match was 1:59.

3. Robert Fuller over the French Angel at 3:59. The popular Fuller further endeared himself to his fans (and earned bonus points) by signing autographs prior to the opening bell. A tough and wily veteran, the Angel (Frank Morrell) made a costly mistake by tucking his head too soon and telegraphing a Back Body Drop attempt. Fuller immediately put on the brakes as he bounded off the ropes and caught his adversary with a Piledriver to gain the pinfall.

4. George Wells upset the Mongolian Stomper (w/ Manager Don Carson) at 7:29. Wells was initially distracted by Carson’s antics at ringside, but caught a huge break when Referee Charlie Smith ordered the shady manager to return to the dressing room after he caught Carson red-handed attempting to interfere. Wells was able to side step a corner charge and caught the dazed Stomper with a School Boy Roll Up from behind to score the 1-2-3.

5. Kevin Von Erich had a score to settle with Big John Studd, but was unable to do so this evening. Studd received ample support from his tag team partner the Super Destroyer (Scott Irwin) prompting the Junk Yard Dog to come down to ringside and be in Kevin’s corner to even the odds. It did not take long for JYD and the Destroyer to get into it on the floor. Their battle eventually ended up in the ring and precipitated a four man free-for-all. Unable to restore order, Referee Ronnie West called for the bell and disqualified both Studd and Von Erich for the outside interference at 10:35.

6. The Fabulous Freebirds (Buddy Roberts & Terry Gordy) beat Big Red Reese & Bad Leroy Brown in tag team action at 7:41. A roll on their Cheating Modifier went a long way in helping to bring Gordy and Roberts this victory. Michael Hayes, who was camped out in the Freebirds’ corner, snuck into the ring and walloped Leroy from behind with a chair shot while Referee Charlie Smith was admonishing Big Red for trying to enter without the benefit of having received a tag from his partner. By the time Smith turned around, he found Roberts making the cover on the KO’d Brown and counted the pin.

7. The Masked Superstar over “Bullet” Bob Armstrong in the Main Event by Referee’s Decision at 25:27. Armstrong vowed in pre-match interview with Gordon Solie that he would not fall victim to the Superstar’s dreaded and highly effective Cobra submission hold. While Bullet Bob was successful in that regard, he did sustain a loaded Head Butt from his adversary who had managed to slip some sort of foreign object beneath his mask. The blow cut a deep gash in Armstrong’s forehead and caused him to bleed profusely. Referee Ronnie West examined the wound and awarded the contest to the Superstar after deeming Armstrong unable to continue.
"Cowboy" Bill Watts' UWF Results (Circa Late 80's) - Rapides Parish Coliseum, Alexandria, LA. Att: 5,486.

Announcers: Jim Ross & "Jolting" Joe Bryan
Ring Announcer: Joel Watts
Referees: Carl Fergie, Tommy Gilbert & Alfred Neely

1. The "Raging Greek" Mike Pappas brought a ton of charisma and energy with him to the ring but he was simply over-matched by the shear size of General Skandor Akbar's One Man Gang. Pappas had a corner whip reversed and was pulverized by a running Avalanche up against the turnbuckle from his massive opponent. The Gang then mounted the top rope for a devastating 747 Splash for the pinfall at 3:34.

2. Brickhouse Brown and Brett Wayne Sawyer put on quite a show in an exciting match that nearly went to the full ten minute time limit. With time rapidly winding down, both men simultaneously went for Drop Kicks and landed flat on their backs. As Brickhouse stumbled to his feet, Sawyer slid between his wobbly legs and cradled him from behind for the three count at 9:47.

3. Fan favorite "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan (w/ 2 x 4) seemed to be on his way to victory when he took his trademark three-point stance and prepared to flatten "Jive Tone" Shaska Whatley with his Running Forearm when the hulking brute Lord Humongous suddenly entered the ring and planted Duggan with a vicious Chokeslam. The grateful Shaska offered a handshake to thank the big man for his assistance when he was abruptly doubled over by a quick boot to the midsection and given a crushing Powerbomb. Humongous left both men laying in the ring as Referee Tommy Gilbert officially declared the bout a No Contest at 7:50.

4. Freebird Terry "Bam Bam" Gordy scored an impressive victory over Devastation Incorporated's Bad, Bad Leroy Brown at 8:32. Gordy displayed amazing agility for a big man by surprising Brown with a Flying Body Press off the ropes for the pinfall. After the bell, General Skandor Akbar tried to blindside the Freebird with a sneak attack but ended up getting caught in Gordy's Asiatic Spike for his trouble. Brown was able to drag his manager out of the ring and help him to the back.

5. UWF TV Title Match. In an opportunity of a lifetime, "UWF Rookie of the Year" Shane Douglas pulled out all the stops in his bid to unseat defending Television Champion "Hot Stuff" Eddie Gilbert. Time and time again, Douglas had the champ in pinning predicaments with an assortment of cradles, backslides and a Sunset Flip. Sensing desperation for her beau, "The First Lady of Professional Wrestling" Missy Hyatt tossed her loaded Gucci handbag "The Lady in Waiting" into the ring but over shot Gilbert's reach. As Eddie bent over to pick up the purse, he was once more cradled from behind by his opponent but managed to narrowly get a shoulder up before the three count. There was chaos in the ring as both Douglas and the fans thought that he had scored the pinfall and won the title. While Referee Carl Fergie was informing Announcer Joe Bryan that the match would continue, "First Family" member Terry Taylor snuck into the ring and leveled Douglas with his Flying Fivearm to the head. Gilbert quickly hooked a leg for the tainted three count at 12:35. Eddie Gilbert retains the UWF TV Title by the skin of his teeth.

6. It was difficult to match the excitement of the previous bout, but the tag team Main Event between "Gentleman" Chris Adams & his partner Sting and the Sheepherders (Butch Miller & Cousin Luke Williams) did just that. A bruising "Slobberknocker of a match" (as Jim Ross called it) that saw both teams throw the Rule Book out the window and slug it out. Both Sting and Cousin Luke were busted open in the barrage of kicks and punches and eye rakes. Actual wrestling holds were indeed hard to come by in this melee as Referee Alfred Neely allowed a lot of leeway in an attempt to let the men settle their differences in the ring and decide a winner. Alas, it was not to be. Even the lenient Neely could not look the other way when Butch Miller cracked the Kiwi's New Zealand flagpole in half over Adams' back and called for the bell at 11:59. A disqualification is somewhat of a "Badge of Honor" for the Sheepherders and they celebrated nonetheless as they proudly marched themselves back to the dressing room. The battered victors Sting & Adams received a loud ovation from the fans as they assisted one another to the back.
"Cowboy" Bill Watts' UWF Results (Circa Late 80's) - East Park Recreation Center, Houma, LA. Attn: 3,285.

Announcers: Jim Ross, Magnum T.A. & "Jolting" Joe Bryan
Ring Announcer: Bruce Prichard
Referees: Ron West, Tommy Gilbert & Rick Ferrara

1. "Freebird" Michael P.S. Hayes (w/ Moonwalk & Terry "Bam Bam" Gordy) beat "Mr. Superb" Steve Doll at 4:57. With nothing going right and frustration mounting, a desperate Steve Doll attempted to bring a chair into the ring but even that backfired on him. Terry Gordy reached into the ring and tripped Doll causing him to drop the weapon before he could even use it. "Mr. Superb" was bending over to retrieve the chair when he was given a DDT onto it by Hayes for the three count.

2. The giant Russian Kortsia Korchenko defeated veteran Art Crews but not without a fight. Crews was bolstered by "U.S.A.!" chants from the crowd and rode the momentum to nearly pull off an upset. It appeared as though Korchenko's shoulders were down for the count following a Sunset Flip from Crews, but Referee Tommy Gilbert insisted that it was only two. While Crews was still arguing with the ref, he was clubbed from behind with a sloppy Russian Sickle Clothesline by Korchenko for the pinfall.

3. Youngster Steve Cox from Tulsa, OK had things going his way against the "Ugandan Giant' Kamala until some outside interference abruptly turned the tables on him. Cox was perched on the second rope and giving his opponent ten punches in the corner while the crowd counted along when General Skandor Akbar reached in and pulled Steve's leg out from underneath him. Cox fell back to the canvas and Kamala followed with a Big Splash for the win.

4. In a battle of tough Texans, Sam Houston was the victor over Dick Murdoch by way of disqualification at 8:06. Although he carried the bulk of the action, Murdoch was thwarted time and time again by Houston's resiliency. In frustration, Murdoch tossed Referee Ron West out of the ring and unloaded with the heavy artillery on his opponent in the corner. But even then, Houston still fought back and flattened Murdoch with his trademark Bulldog. Sam went for a cover but West had already called for the DQ on Murdoch.

5. Devastation Incorporated (Eli the Eliminator & "Wild" Bill Irwin w/ General Skandor Akbar) beat Los Guerreros (Chavo & Mando Guerrero) at 9:34. The brawling tactics of Eli & Irwin were neutralized somewhat by the speed and agility of the Guerreros. The match ended when Mando's attempted Victory Roll on Eli was transitioned into a crushing Tombstone Piledriver for the winning pinfall.

6. It's been a long time coming, but the First Family's Terry Taylor finally had the guts to step into the ring and face his former friend and now arch-enemy "Gentleman" Chris Adams in the Main Event. Taylor did not come empty handed, however, as he brought both Missy Hyatt and his Haliburton of Bounty Money with him to ringside. Chomping at the bit, Adams unloaded with a barrage of fists before the bell had even rung to officially start the bout. As expected, this was a "slobberknocker" as accurately described by Announcer Jim Ross. Both men were busted open during the mayhem; so much so, that Referee Rick Ferrara feared for their livelihood and stopped the bout due to blood at 12:55 with no winner. Oblivious to the ref's decision and the time keeper's bell, Adams and Taylor continued to duke it out and claw at one another as the ring filled with wrestlers trying to separate the two combatants.
"Cowboy" Bill Watts' UWF Results (Circa Late 80's) - The Myriad, Oklahoma City, OK. Att: 6,203.

Announcers: Jim Ross & Magnum T.A.
Ring Announcer: "Jolting" Joe Bryan
Referees: Carl Fergie, Tommy Gilbert & Alfred Neely

1. UWF Rookie of the Year Shane Douglas survived a prematch sneak attack by the "Cuban Hitman" Gustavo Mendoza enroute to victory. Mendoza smashed Shane from behind with his Cuban flagpole while the youngster was still in the process of taking off his ring jacket. Mendoza's flurry of offense was short lived, however, as Douglas quickly mounted a comeback that was capped off by a Belly to Belly Suplex off the ropes (which no doubt pleased commentator Magnum T.A.) for the three count at 4:22.

2. Brett Wayne Sawyer has had his shining moments in the UWF and tonight's victory over "Gorgeous" Gary Young was certainly one of them. Young was seemingly in complete control as he dominated the action right from the opening bell. Sawyer was nearly counted out after being tossed OOR, but somehow managed to land on top of Young for the pinfall as he was being Suplexed back inside the ring. This loss had "Gorgeous" Gary talking to himself all the way back to the dressing room.

3. Rick Steiner of the First Family (w/ the UWF Televison Champ "Hot Stuff" Eddie Gilbert & "The First Lady of Professional Wrestling" Missy Hyatt) defeated the Angel of Death (w/ Sunshine) at 7:46. As is so often the case whenever he is at ringside, Eddie Gilbert interjected himself into the action by blinding the Angel of Death with a handful of powder while Referee Alfred Neely was trying to break up a cat fight between Sunshine and Missy Hyatt. The Angel staggered around the ring amidst the cloud of powder and was leveled by a flying clothesline from the 2nd rope by Steiner for the three count.

4. "Freebird" Buddy Roberts was flying solo this week but capitalized on a miscue by General Skandor Akbar to beat Devastation Incorporated's "Wild" Bill Irwin at 7:29. With Referee Carl Fergie toppled to the canvas, Akbar climbed up on the apron with a folding chair and staggered Irwin with an errant smash. Roberts then followed up with a Bulldog to put away the dazed "Wild" Bill for the three count.

5. The team of Sting & "Gentleman" Chris Adams emerged victorious over the Jive Tones (Shaska Whatley & Tiger Conway Jr.) at 8:50. The Jive Tones attempted to whip their opponents into one another from opposite corners of the ring but some fancy footwork by Adams and Sting reversed the tables and sent the heels crashing together instead. The wobbly Whatley was then flattened by a Superkick to the jaw from Adams for the pin.

6. UWF Title Match. Oklahoma's own "Dr. Death" Steve Williams was counted out in his title defense against "Louisville Slugger" Big Bubba Rogers at 12:53. A cage match might be the solution to decide a true winner between these two competitors as much of this bout took place OOR. Referee Tommy Gilbert had a very slow and generous count tonight but even that could not give Williams sufficient time to recover after being walloped in the head with his own title belt by Big Bubba. Despite the Count Out, "Dr. Death" retains the UWF Championship.
"Cowboy" Bill Watts' UWF Results (Circa Late 80's) Kemper Arena, Kansas City, MO. Att: 5,921.

Announcers: "Jolting" Joe Bryan & Magnum T.A.
Ring Announcer: Reeser Bowden
Referees: Jerry Usher, Alfred Neely & Carl Fergie

1. Brad Armstrong kicked things off with an impressive victory over Mike "Hammer" Reed. Brad was in control from the opening bell and dominated the action with his scientific skills before polishing off his opponent with a Side Russian Leg Sweep at 4:11.

2. The Kemper Arena battened down the hatches as the raucous Sheepherders (Butch Miller & Cousin Luke Williams) made their way to the ring. Steve Cox seemed ready for the challenge but it became obvious that his partner Davey Haskins was in over his head. Once they got him in the ring, Miller & Williams worker over Haskins and kept him from making the hot tag to Cox. Davey went down for the count after a Double Gut Buster at 6:49.

3. Challenge Match. Mike Boyette took a trip to Bad Street, USA after calling out the Fabulous Freebirds in a prematch interview with Joe Bryan. Boyette, whose wrestling ability pales in comparison to his motor mouth, called the Freebirds "over-rated rednecks" and challenged any member of the trio to a match tonight. Terry "Bam Bam" Gordy answered the call and had his opponent wishing that he could take back his earlier comments. Boyette was on the receiving end for the entire match and submitted to Gordy's Asiatic Spike at 3:32.

4. Devastation Incorporated's Eli the Eliminator got a helping hand from his manager General Skandor Akbar to defeat Brickhouse Brown at 5:07. Brown, who had nearly pulled off a win with a surprise cradle moments earlier, was tripped by Akbar and stumbled right into a Tombstone Piledriver from Eli for the pinfall.

5. TV Champion "Hot Stuff" Eddie Gilbert once boasted that his First Family of Wrestling would control all the title belts in the UWF. Gilbert and Terry Taylor had their chance to unseat the Fantastics (Bobby Fulton & Tommy Rogers) for the Tag Team titles tonight but came up empty-handed. Gilbert got a little too smug for his own good and was caught off guard showboating for the crowd as Bobby Fulton came off the top rope with a Flying Cross Body Press for the three count at 10:16.

6. The One Man Gang, who has been on a mission to regain the UWF Title from Steve "Dr. Death" Williams, did himself no favors with his actions in tonight's Main Event. Frustrated by his inability to land the 747 Splash, the Gang lost his cool and clobbered opponent "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan with a chair to draw the disqualification from Referee Carl Fergie at 9:44.
ESPN Presents the AWA (Circa Mid 80's) Iowa Vets Memorial Auditorium, Des Moines, IA. Att: 7,840.

Announcers: Ken Resnick & "Dapper" Dave Prill
Ring Announcer: Larry Nelson
Referees: Gary DeRusha, Jim Bunning & Scott Ledoux

1. David Sammartino put away Rick Gantner in this evening's opening bout at 5:37. Sammartino had to overcome a lackluster entrance which cost him some points with the fans. David got things rolling his way after blocking Gantner's Verticle Suplex attempt and reversing the maneuver on his opponent. Sammartino then locked on a Figure Four Leg Lock for the submission victory.

2. Velvet McIntyre over Killer Tomato Debi Pelletier via Count Out at 7:22. Velvet was sent staggering up against the ropes by a Drop Kick from her opponent but was able to duck a Running Clothesline from Pelletier that sent the Tomato sailing over the top rope and crashing hard to the floor. Debi could not shake out the cobwebs in time to make Referee Jim Bunning's ten count.

3. "Pretty Boy" Doug Somers got some help from tag team partner "Playboy" Buddy Rose to defeat "Jamming" Mitch Snow at 7:53. Mitch was in the process of suplexing the Pretty Boy back into the ring from the apron when Buddy Rose grabbed a hold of Snow's foot and pulled his leg out from underneath him. Somers landed on top of Mitch to make the pin while Rose held onto the foot to prevent a kick out.

4. Sheik Adnan El-Kaisee's latest acquistions the Masked Superstar & King Tonga teamed up to defeat "Olympian" Brad Rheingans & Buck "Rock & Roll" Zumhoffe at 8:30. With the Superstar caught in Zumhoffe's Sunset Flip, El-Kaisee jumped up onto the apron to get Referee Gary DeRusha's attention enabling Tonga to enter the ring and plant a Savate Kick to Buck's kisser. Rheingans immediately ran in to protest but was ushered back to his corner by DeRusha. The official then turned around to find the Superstar covering Zumhoffe and counted the pin.

5. AWA TV Title Match. Defending Champion Mr. Saito seemed to have his challenger Greg Gagne right where he wanted him. Saito had his opponent reeling with a barrage of martial arts kicks, chops and karate thrusts, however the dazed Gagne shocked everyone by cradling the Champ with a Small Package as Saito was bending over to pull him up off the mat by the hair. Your winner at 9:52 and newwwwwwwwww AWA Television Champion: "High Flyer" Greg Gagne.

6. "The Mercenary from South Africa" Colonel Debeers was disqualified at 11:43 in tonight's Main Event against Rick Martel. Debeers was masterful for the most part in hiding his rule breaking tactics from Referee Scott Ledoux, but the Colonel went too far when he choked Martel out with his swagger stick and refused to break on the official's five count. Debeer's threatened to haul off and slug Ledoux after the bell but thought better about trading punches with the former professional boxer and bailed from the ring instead.
ESPN presents the AWA (Circa Mid 80's) - Municipal Auditorium, Minot, ND. Att: 4,902.

Announcers: Rod Trongard & Lord James Blears
Ring Announcer: "Dapper" Dave Prill
Referees: Doug Gilbert, Robert Warren & Rich Frisk

1. "California Kid" Tommy Jammer may be a long way from the beaches of the West Coast but he was wildly popular with the kids and young ladies in North Dakota this evening. Jammer brought a colorful surfboard with him to ringside and then Hung 10 over opponent Chris Curtis by pinning him with a Flying Cross Body Press at 4:18.

2. Our second bout might as well have been announced as a handicap match for Crusher Jerry Blackwell who seemed to brawl with David Wagner OOR as much as fellow Alaskan Rick Renslow inside the squared circle. Despite their combined efforts, the Alaskans still came up on the short end of the stick. It certainly did not help matters any when Wagner accidentally bashed his partner with one of the Alaskans' war clubs. Renslow was pinned with a ring-shaking Running Powerslam by Blackwell shortly after. The time of the fall was 5:00.

3. "Mr. Magnificent" Kevin Kelly (w/ Madusa Micelli) defeated Buck "Rock & Roll" Zumhoffe (w/ blaring Boombox) at 7:47. Zumhoffe was taking the fight to Kelly and unloading with ten punches in the corner when Madusa threw a handful of powder in Buck's eyes. Mr. Magnificent then landed a Reverse Atomic Drop and flattened Zumhoffe with Kelly's Cannon (Running Clothesline) to gain the three count.

4. Sheik Adnan El-Kaisee got his two cents in to help the Masked Superstar defeat "Z Man" Tom Zenk at 8:25. Zenk was attempting to scale the top rope when he was shoved from behind by El-Kaisee and took a bad spill back down to the canvas below. The dazed Z Man was just getting back to his feet when he was met by a Swinging Neckbreaker from the Superstar for the winning pinfall.

5. Baron Von Raschke from the Republic of Germany over Boris Zhukov (w/ Sheik Adnan El-Kaisee) by disqualification at 7:30. Zhukov's large noggin made an inviting target for the Baron's trademark Iron Claw finisher. After several thwarted attempts, Von Raschke finally caught his opponent in the Claw prompting El-Kaisee to rush into the ring and club the Baron over the back with Zhukov's Russian flagpole. Referee Robert Warren immediately called for the bell and then the fun really began. Von Raschke goose-stepped around the ring threatening to apply the Claw on El-Kaisee who begged for mercy as he backpeddled and promptly bailed out in the nick of time.

6. In the Main Event, "Mr. Electricity" Steve Regal & "Gorgeous" Jimmy Garvin (w/ Precious) beat Curt Hennig and Big Scott Hall via Count Out at 10:23. It was just a matter of time before Garvin's feisty valet made her presence felt. Precious blinded Curt with a cloud of aerosol spray OOR enabling Garvin to send him into the ring post. Hennig was down and out on the floor as Referee Rich Frisk laid the ten count on him.
The AWA on ESPN (Circa Mid 80's) - Showboat Sports Pavillion, Las Vegas, NV. Attn: 3,551.

Announcers: "Dapper" Dave Prill & Verne Gagne
Ring Announcer: Larry Nelson
Referees: Marty Miller, Larry Lisowski & Gary DeRusha

1. "Olympian" Brad Rheingans of Appleton, MN beat Baton Rouge, LA's Tom "Rocky" Stone at 4:41. Stone may be a seasoned vet but he made a careless mistake by telegraphing a Back Body Drop attempt. Rheingans made him pay by cradling Stone in an Oklahoma Side Roll for the three count.

2. Anthony "Earthquake" Ferris held a huge size advantage over "Mr. Electricity" Steve Regal but the extra bulk ended up working against him. The speedy Regal was easily able to side-step his lumbering opponent's corner charge causing Ferris to run full steam into the turnbuckle. Regal added a Reverse Body Drop from the 2nd rope to gain the 1-2-3 at 5:17.

3. King Tonga (w/ Sheik Adnan El-Kaisee) defeated "Top Gun" Ricky Rice at 5:56. Rice should have known better than to allow himself to get suckered into a war of words with the devious El-Kaisee. Ricky jawed with the Sheik and then turned around right into a Thrust Kick to the chops from Tonga for the pinfall.

4. "Pretty Boy" Doug Somers thought that he would have the advantage over his opponent Curt Hennig what with "Playboy" Buddy Rose and "Sensational" Sherri Martel both in his corner. Hennig's tag team partner Big Scott Hall must have thought so as well and came down to ringside to be in Curt's corner. As it turned out, there was just as much action on the floor between Rose and Hall as there was inside the ring. The two effectively negated one another enabling Hennig to give his full attention to Somers. The Pretty Boy was in the process of suplexing his opponent back into the ring from the apron when Hennig somehow managed to contort himself in mid air and land on top of Somers for the three count at 8:03.

5. "America's Hero" Sergeant Slaughter had his points total bolstered by the incessant "U.S.A."chants from the zealous fans as he took on the U.S.S.R.'s Alexis Smirnoff (w/ Yuri Gordyenko). A cheap shot by Gordyenko gave Smirnoff the edge in the early going but the Sarge fought back and gradually gained the upper hand. A reverse head smash to the turnbuckle stunned Smirnoff just long enough for Slaughter to clamp on the Cobra Clutch prompting Gordyenko to run in with a Double Axe Handle from behind to break up the submission hold and draw the disqualification at 8:47. The Russians then proceeded to double team Slaughter until the Sarge knocked them both out of the ring with a running Double Clothesline.

6. The Fabulous Ones (Steve Keirn & "Sweet" Stan Lane) beat the AWA World Champion "Living Legend" Larry Zbyszko & his personal ninja "Mr. Go" in tonight's Main Event. The Fabs looked like they were in a heap of trouble when Zbyszko held Sweet Stan from behind for a Leaping Karate Chop off the top rope by Mr. Go, but the ninja decked the Living Legend instead when Lane was able to escape at the last second. Steve Keirn then tagged in with a Slingshot Sunset Flip from the apron to hold the dazed Zbyszko's shoulders down to the mat for the winning pinfall at 11:32.
ESPN Presents the AWA (Circa Mid 80's) - Taylor Arena, Rochester, MN. Att: 4,110.

Announcers: Rod Trongard & "Dapper" Dave Prill
Ring Announcer: Frank Coutinho
Referees: Robert Warren, Rich Frisk & Scott Ledoux

1. Representing one half of the AWA Tag Team Champion Midnight Rockers, Marty Jannetty took on wily veteran Tony Leone to kick things off. There seemed to be some genuine heat between Leone and Ring Announcer Frank Coutinho. The two men exchanged harsh words in Italian with Referee Robert Warren having to step in to keep the peace. Apparently, Leone took exception to Frank's introduction and made a rather obscene hand gesture. This friction would resurface at the conclusion of the bout. Leone planted the Rocker with a Backbreaker across the knee, but chose to jaw with Mr. Coutinho rather than go for a pin cover. Jannetty took advantage of the delay and rolled his preoccupied opponent up from behind for the three count at 4:24. Frank took great pleasure in declaring Marty the winner of the match.

2. Methodical and callous in his approach, the Masked Superstar (w/ Sheik Adnan El-Kaisee) pummeled "Beach Boy" Sonny Rogers enroute to victory. The Superstar centered his attack on Rogers' neck and wore him down with a grueling head twist and chinlock against his knee. A Swinging Neckbreaker eventually put the Beach Boy away at 4:54.

3. A fairly even ladies match pitting Debbie Combs against Madusa Micelli was ultimately decided by the interference of "Mr. Magnificent" Kevin Kelly who was in Micelli's corner. Debbie managed to reverse a corner whip on her opponent and hopped up onto Madusa's legs to deliver a Monkey Flip when Kelly threw a handful of powder into her eyes. Micelli quickly pounced on the blinded Combs for the pin but Referee Scott Ledoux saw Mr.Magnificent's dirty deed and called for the DQ at 6:30.

4. This match had a distinct international flavor to it as Jumbo Tsuruta from the Land of the Rising Sun took on the U.S.S.R.'s Boris Zhukov (w/ Sheik Adnan El-Kaisee). Tsuruta's dominant performance no doubt influenced El-Kaisee to climb up onto the apron and interject himself in the hopes of reversing Zhukov's fortune. The devious manager's plans went awry, however, when Boris was sent crashing into him causing El-Kaisee to tumble to the floor. The big Russian staggered backward from the collision right into Tsuruta's Bridging Back Suplex for the winning three count at 6:02.

5. The Wildman from Borger, TX, Stan "The Lariat" Hansen was set loose upon Minneapolis, MN's "Z Man" Tom Zenk with devastating results. Always on the brink of disqualification, Hansen was the beneficiary of some rather lenient officiating by Referee Rich Frisk tonight and clobbered his opponent from behind with a branding iron which he had brought with him to ringside. Frisk, who was in the process of removing a chair that Hansen had thrown into the ring earlier in the bout, missed the infraction shot and counted the pin at 7:30.

6. This evening's Main Event featured a tag team battle between the Pretty Playboys ("Pretty Boy" Doug Somers & "Playboy" Buddy Rose w/ Manageress "Sensational" Sherri Martel) and the veteran tandem of Crusher Jerry Blackwell & Baron Von Raschke. As always, the colorful Rose kept everyone entertained with his antics. Although they were out-wrestled, the Playboys would come out on top in this one. Von Rashke was in the process of suplexing the rotund Rose back into the ring from the apron when Doug Somers reached in and yanked the Baron's foot out from underneath him causing the Playboy to fall on top for the three count at 8:26.
WWF RAW Results (Attitude Era Circa Late 90's) - Freeman Coliseum, San Antonio, TX.
Commentators: Jim Ross & Jerry "The King" Lawler
Ring Announcer: Howard Finkel
Referees: Jack Doan, Teddy Long & Jim Korderas

Are you ready ? Break it down ! D-Generation X's theme music brought the fans to their feet and San Antonio's own Shawn Michaels down to the ring along with Triple H and Chyna. After some pyrotechnics, crotch chops and a few lewd jokes thrown in for good measure, HBK "reminded" Vince McMahon that "DX runs this show" and that it would therefore be in the company's best interest for he, Shawn Michaels, to be the WWF Champion instead of "Stone Cold" Steve Austin. Michaels made reference to the finals of the Championship Tournament in which he was pinned by Austin for the title after interference from Mankind. HBK was "tuning up the band" by stomping his foot in preparation for the Sweet Chin Music when Mankind snuck into the ring and flattened him with a Double Arm DDT leading to the pinfall. Michaels neglected to mention, however, that he had eliminated Mankind earlier in the tournament following a 2x4 shot to the noggin which may have precipitated the interference in the final round. HBK then fired up the crowd by suggesting a title match on RAW next week and told McMahon to make it happen !

1. The Brood (Gangrel & Edge w/ Christian) defeated Jim Cornette's New Midnight Express ("Bombastic" Bob Holly & "Bodacious' Bart Gunn) at 6:18. The Brood followed up a ghoulish backstage promo by emerging from a ring of fire during their entrance to add 75 points to their total. On the flip side, Cornette also earned 75 points for his team by being soundly boo'd for snatching the mic away from Howard Finkel and personally introducing this latest version of the Midnight Express. The match itself was a fairly even tag contest that took a drastic turn in the Brood's favor when Edge and Gangrel combined for a dirty double team maneuver on Bodacious Bart while Christian distracted Referee Jack Doan. Gangrel finished off Gunn moments later with his Impaler DDT.

2. Cactus Jack pinned Chainsaw Charlie (aka Terry Funk) in a Falls Count Anywhere Match at 14:16. Apparently Jerry Lawler is not a fan of either competitor. The King quipped to Jim Ross that he hoped that "these two idiots would injure each other so severely in this match that they would put one another out of wrestling for good !" Lawler did not get his wish, though. Far be it ! In fact, both men seemed to relish in the punishment that they were both receiving and dishing out. The path of destruction weaved its way around and around backstage in the Freeman Coliseum and culminated with Cactus shattering a fluorescent light bulb tube over Charlie's head to gain the three count.

Michael Cole conducted a backstage interview with the Jackyl (aka Don Callis) and his Truth Commission stable of Recon, Sniper & Kurrgan the Interrogator. Actually, Cole held a microphone and the Jackyl did ALL of the talking. (Jim Ross doesn't refer to him as "the David Koresh of the WWF" for nothing.) The Jackyl laid out his demented intentions of world domination and served notice to Vince McMahon that his takeover would officially begin here by dethroning McMahon as the head of the World Wrestling Federation. McMahon was then shown watching the promo from a monitor in his office along with his associates Pat Patterson, Gerald Brisco and Head of Security the Big Bossman. McMahon muttered "I've got a message for you, Mr. Jackyl" and whispered something into the Bossman's ear.

3. Kurrgan the Interrogator (w/ Recon, Sniper & the Jackyl) over Test at 4:42. Test was clearly preoccupied by the presence of the Truth Commission in Kurrgan's corner and lost 100 points as a result of the distraction. To make matters worse, the Big Bossman came down to ringside and accidentally laid out Test with a running clothesline during a melee OOR when his intended target, the Jackyl, ducked at the last possible instant. Kurrgan finished off his dazed opponent with the Paralyzer Claw Hold soon after. He refused to release the hold after the bell rang and dragged Test backstage with the Paralyzer still firmly applied.

"Marvelous" Marc Mero did his best Muhammad Ali impersonation during a backstage interview with Michael Cole regarding his upcoming bout with Al Snow. Mero claimed to "float like a butterfly and sting like a bee" as he shadow boxed around the hapless Cole. The promo was then interrupted by Snow, who, after conferring with "Head" (the lady mannequin head that he carries around with him), insisted that Mero had it backwards. "He may float like a bee, Michael Cole, but make no mistake about it - Marc Mero stings like a butterfly!" Marvelous Marc was incensed by the snub and stormed off. He would have been even more irate had he realized that Snow's interruption cost him 50 points.

4. "Marvelous" Marc Mero (w/ Jacqueline) beat Al Snow (w/ "Head" ) at 6:42. "What does everybody want ??" brought Snow out much to the fans' delight. He was immediately pushed off the ramp from behind by Mero during his ring entrance which sent him crashing hard to the floor below. Snow lost 200 points for the bad fall. Once the match got under way, Al caught a break when Jacqueline errantly bashed Mero in the head with one of her high heel shoes. The valet redeemed herself later in the match, however, by slipping Marvelous Marc some brass knucks after Referee Jack Doan had been toppled to the canvas. Mero KO'd Al with a loaded punch to put him down for the three count.

Mr. McMahon ambled down to the ring to his "No Chance !" theme music with Pat Patterson & Gerald Brisco in tow. Patterson and Brisco held the ropes open as the kingpin of the WWF stepped into the ring with a mic. "First of all, San Antonio, thank you for giving us Shawn Michaels - the most pompous, spoiled brat that this company has ever known." (Loud Boos!). "Secondly, your merry little band of degenerates may 'run the show', Shawn, but remember who signs your paycheck the next time you call me out." (More boos!" " And last but not least, Mr. Michaels said earlier this evening that you people want to see a WWF Championship next week on RAW ?" (Loud cheers!). Mr. McMahon seemed genuinely surprised. "Well then, I guess it's true. And we all know that Shawn Michaels always gets whatever Shawn Michaels wants, right ?" (More cheers). "Alright then, there will be a title match on RAW next week..." (More cheers) "except......... Austin will not defend the championship against Shawn Michaels, San Antonio, no .... Austin will face the winner of the next match pitting Jeff Jarrett against Val Venis." Mr. McMahon then left the ring to "No Chance" with Pat Patterson, Gerald Brisco and a smug smile on his face.

5. Val Venis (w/ a towel wrapped around his waist and Ken Shamrock's sister Ryan Shamrock wrapped around his arm) defeated Jeff Jarrett (w/ Tennessee Lee (aka Robert Fuller) at 4:03. Val had the women in attendance swooning when he greeted them with his lecherous "Hello, Ladies" drawl, but the former adult film actor soon found himself in a heap of trouble after Tennessee Lee reached into the ring and tripped him. Jarrett held the advantage until Lee tried to interfere once more. Tennessee may have gone to the well once too often when he tried to trip up Val again but ended up sending Jarrett to the mat instead. Venis quickly followed with The Money Shot (Diving Splash) to win both the match and the title shot against Austin next week.

6. D-Generation X's New Age Outlaws (Road Dogg Jesse James & "Bad Ass" Billy Gunn w/ Chyna) beat the Nation of Domination (Faarooq & Kama Mustafa) in tag team action at 7:32. Road Dogg was barely into his "Oh, you didn't know ??" entrance bellow when the Outlaws were jumped from behind by Nation of Domination members D'Lo Brown and Mark Henry. Gunn and Road Dogg lost 200 points from the attack, but battled back and persevered in the end. Road Dogg scored the pinfall on Mustafa after a Spiked Piledriver with Billy Gunn behind Referee Jim Korderas' back during a distraction by Chyna.

7. "The Big Red Machine" Kane (w/ Paul Bearer) over "The World's Most Dangerous Man" Ken Shamrock in the Main Event at 13:00. Kane's points total was bolstered by a great backstage promo from Paul Bearer as well as a roll on his Cheating Modifier, but things looked grim when he became entrapped in Shamrock's trademark Ankle Lock submission hold. The Big Red Machine seemed on the verge of tapping out when Val Venis and Ryan Shamrock suddenly appeared smooching on the Titantron screen as they celebrated Val's victory over Jeff Jarrett. Known for his fierce temper, Ken released the hold and went off on a fit of rage over seeing his sister in the arms of the former porn star. Shamrock's tantrum abruptly ended when Kane grabbed him by the throat and planted into the mat with a thunderous Chokeslam for the three count.
WWF Results (Attitude Era Circa 1998) - Battelle Hall, Columbus, OH.

Commentators: Frank Coutinho & Al Snow w/ "Head"
Ring Announcer: "Columbus Clipper' Frankie Williams
Referees: Mike Sparks, Earl Hebner & Chad Patton

The show opened with Dude Love cutting a goofy promo and delivering some tie dye T-Shirts to Frank and Al at the announcers' table. The Dude even brought an extra one for "Head". We see a close up of "Head" with "Help Me" written backwards on "her" forehead. We also see that Al had put his announcer's headset on "Head". Dude then called a couple of ladies out of the crowd and gave them tie dye T-Shirts as well. He called them his "Dudettes". The gals dance with the Dude to some funky 70's music.

1. The Hardy Boyz (Matt & Jeff Hardy w/ Michael Hayes) fought Kaientai (Dick Togo & Men's Teioh w/ Yamaguchi-San) to a Double Count Out at 6:05. This high-flying aerial extravaganza ended up on the floor after Yamaguchi-San tried to throw ceremonial salt into Jeff Hardy's eyes. Michael Hayes immediately chased Kaientai's diminutive but fleet-footed manager to the back with Togo and Teioh leaving the ring in hot pursuit to come to his defense. The Hardyz quickly followed. A free-for-all ensued in the aisle with Referee Mike Sparks counting both teams out.

2. Scorpio (aka Flash Funk) pinned Savio Vega of Los Boricuas (w/ Miguel Perez Jr.) at 4:07. This was a case of good intentions gone awry. Miguel Perez climbed up onto the apron to interfere, but Vega was sent crashing into him courtesy of a Scorpio Flying Drop Kick. With both members of Los Boricuas down and out, Scorpio scaled the top rope and delivered a Moonsault onto the dazed Savio for the pinfall.

Droz (aka former Denver Broncos' defensive lineman Darren Drozdov) cut an outstanding promo with Frank Coutinho backstage and announced that he had his eyes firmly set upon winning the European Championship from The Artist Formerly Known as Goldust. Droz said that he hoped a victory over Steven Regal this evening would earn him a title match.

3. "A Real Man's Man" Steven Regal (w/ Flannel Shirt & Hard Hat) pinned Droz at 3:49. Regal held up the match to show footage of a lumberjack cutting down a tree in the forest with an axe. Although the lumberjack sported a long red beard and was rather rotund, Regal (in a particularly snobby British accent) insisted the woodsman in the video was him. As it turned out, Regal had as much trouble with his wrestling as he did in trying to convince everyone that he was a "Real Man's Man". Droz appeared to have the match won with a small package, but Referee Chad Patton had taken a bad bump to the canvas and was unable to make the three count. The Artist Formerly Known as Goldust snuck into the ring and reversed the cradle while Patton was trying to shake out the cobwebs. The official finally recovered to find Regal on top and counted the 1-2-3.

4. The New Blackjacks (Blackjack Bradshaw & Blackjack Windham) defeated Southern Justice (Mark Canterbury & Dennis Knight (aka hog farmers Henry & Phineas Godwinn) w/ Tennessee Lee) at 9:05. Commentator Frank Coutinho accurately described this tag contest as a "knock-down, drag 'em-out slobberknocker". Scientific holds were indeed hard to come by in this slugfest. Bradshaw pinned Dennis Knight with a Neckbreaker after Knight had telegraphed a Back Body Drop attempt.

5. The Nation of Domination's D'Lo Brown (w/ Mark Henry) pinned WWF European Champion The Artist Formerly Known As Goldust (w/ Luna Vachon) in a non-title match at 4:56. The champion earned 100 points for his flamboyant "Shattered Dreams" Hollywood production entrance and was in command of the action until Droz returned to ringside. Goldust's attention was immediately drawn to a confrontation between Luna and Droz OOR. Brown capitalized on the distraction by sneaking up from behind and planting the champion with a Bridging German Suplex for the victory.

6. D-Generation X's Hunter Hearst Helmsley (w/ Chyna) defeated Dude Love at 12:42. Helmsley came out on crutches and announced that as much as he would enjoy kicking Dude Love's butt all over Ohio, he couldn't because he hadn't received clearance from his doctor to wrestle this evening. The fans boo'd but Dude Love just shrugged and once again began dancing with his "Dudettes" to his funky theme music. The shady Helmsley, who has more tricks up his sleeve than a magician, dropped the ruse and smacked Dude Love over the back with one of his crutches. The match was on. As with his other personas, the Dude proved that he could take a lickin' and keep on tickin' and slowly gained the upper hand. Sensing a shift in the momentum, Chyna intervened and cracked Dude in the ribs with the other crutch. Although Referee Chad Patton missed the infraction, he sensed foul play and ordered her to return to the back. Nevertheless, the damage had been done and Chyna's interference cost the Dude 100 points. Helmsley suspiciously appeared to be unfazed by her departure for the balance of the bout. Perhaps he should have been because Dude mounted another big comeback. Victory seemed imminent once the Dude applied the Love Handle (Mandible Claw), however one of his Dudettes climbed up onto the apron and blinded him with perfume to the eyes. Dude then stumbled right into Helmsley's Pedigree for the three count. After the bell, the turncoat Dudette took off her tie dye shirt to reveal that she was wearing a D-Generation X shirt beneath it. Helmsley referred to her as "Tori" as the two left the ring together.
WWF Monday Night RAW Results (Attitude Era Circa Late 90's) - Tucson Convention Center, Tucson, AZ.

Commentators: Jim Ross & Jerry "The King" Lawler
Ring Announcer: Howard Finkel
Referees: Teddy Long, Earl Hebner & Tim White

1. Super Astros - El Pantera over Mr. Aguila at 4:03. Mr. Aguila was introduced first and took the mic from Howard Finkel to address the Tucson crowd in Spanish. Jesus Castillo, who is a member of Los Boricuas, emerged from the back and entered the ring to join him. The two men shook hands and hugged. The promo was then interrupted by Aguila's opponent, the masked El Pantera, who also had a mic and spoke in Spanish. Castillo became quite agitated by Pantera's comments and gestured to the crowd that he was going to unmask the Mexican star. The bell rang to officially start the bout with Castillo remaining at ringside to be in Aguilla's corner. It didn't take long for him to interfere, but when he did, things didn't go as planned. Aguila was leveled by a Castillo haymaker when Pantera ducked at the last instant. Looking to atone for his miscue, Castillo removed the padding from a corner turnbuckle behind Referee Teddy Long's back. Unfortunately for Aguila, El Pantera spotted it first and rammed his opponent's forehead into the exposed steel. The dazed Aguila stumbled out of the corner and was pinned with a La Magistral Cradle. After the match, Castillo and Aguila had words with one another but seemed to patch things up before returning to the back together.

2. Dan "The Beast" Severn defeated Tiger Ali Singh (w/ Manservant Babu) by Disqualification at 6:27. Singh, a rich playboy from India, has revised "The Million Dollar Man" Ted Dibiase's shtick of humiliating people for money. Singh drew big time heat for giving a woman from the audience $100 for kissing Babu's bare feet. The stunt may have earned him 125 bonus points, but it was not enough to bring him a victory tonight against Severn. Babu did his part to assist his master by interferring constantly on his behalf. So much so, that The Beast, fed up with the manservant's shenanigans, apprehended him on the apron and locked him in a Dragon Sleeper Hold. Singh grabbed a chair and smashed it over Severn's back to break the hold and draw the DQ from Referee Earl Hebner in the process.

3. Table Match - WWF Hardcore Champion The Big Bossman vs Prince Albert. There are no pinfalls, DQs, submissions or count outs. The match is won by putting your opponent through a table. The Bossman's Hardcore title was not on the line in this bout. Despite being a relative newcomer to the WWF , Albert was well received by the crowd in Tuscon and earned 75 points for his entrance. The Bossman, who has traded in his prison guard uniform for black S.W.A.T. team attire, drew an even bigger reaction for his ring introduction and added 125 points to his total. Albert was able to match up well against the Bossman in size, but not in ring experience. Thinking that he had incapacitated his opponent sufficiently enough to warrant a high risk maneuver, Albert laid out the Bossman atop a table in the ring and began to climb up top. The former prison guard was playing possum and tossed him off the top rope and through the table to win the match at 14:22.

4. L.O.D. 2000 (Hawk & Animal w/ Sunny) defeated the Disciples of the Apocalypse (8-Ball & Skull w/ "Precious" Paul Ellering) in tag team competition at 9:34. Who would have ever thought we'd see the day when the Legion of Doom and Paul Ellering would be in opposite corners ?? Such is the world of professional wrestling. Ellering did a good job of representing his new team by cutting an outstanding promo before the bell and claimed that the D.O.A., a biker gang of thugs, was "much tougher than the over-the-hill Hawk & Animal ever were". As one would imagine, brawling and power moves dominated the action. The bikers hung in there until 8-Ball was dazed by an errant steel Halliburton briefcase smash from Ellering. The L.O.D. immediately capitalized with Hawk scoring the pinfall after the Doomsday Device.

5. Ladies Match - Sable over Jacqueline (w/ "Marvelous" Marc Mero) by DQ at 6:35. Both ladies cut good promos prior to the opening bell to boost their respective points totals, but the contest would ultimately be decided by Mero's actions. There is no love loss between Marvelous Marc and Sable ever since the couple parted ways . Mero's interference backfired when a handful of powder meant for his ex-valet accidentally blinded Jacqueline instead. A pinfall seemed imminent after she sustained a Sable Bomb (Powerbomb ) moments later, however Mero pulled Referee Earl Hebner out of the ring by his ankles to break up the three count and draw the disqualification.

6. The Rock (w/ fellow Nation of Domination members Faarooq, Kama Mustafa & D'Lo Brown) beat Vader at 8:23. Although he is a heel, the fans love the Rock's charismatic promos. Michael Cole attempted to interview him backstage before the match regarding his chances against the larger Vader. Cole's query drew the People's Eyebrow and the Rock's contempt. "The Rock says know your damn role, Michael Cole, and shut your mouth !" The Rock dismissed his opponent as a "jabroni" and said that he would "lay the smackdown on Vader's candy-ass !" which gave him 75 extra points to work with. The Rock did indeed win, but not without help from the Nation of Domination. D'Lo Brown hit the Lo Down (Frog Splash) off the top rope on Vader while wearing his controversial chest protector while Mustafa & Faarooq distracted Referee Tim White. The Rock, who was dazed from a collision with Vader that sent both men sprawling to the canvas moments previous, then crawled over to make the pin.

7. Title Match - WWF Champion "Stone Cold" Steve Austin vs Val Venis (w/ Ryan Shamrock). Venis earned this opportunity by defeating Jeff Jarrett during last week's episode of RAW as per Mr. McMahon. The adult film actor once again wowed the women in attendance with his trademark "Helloooooooooooooo Ladies ......" drawl while twirling the towel off his waist and gyrating his hips for them. Smashing glass then brought out the champion to loud cheers. As always, the no-nonsense Austin was all business and quickly grabbed the advantage. The champ hit a Lou Thesz Press off the ropes which was followed by a flurry of punches on the mat and and a pointed elbow drop. A commotion from the fans caused the camera to cut away to D-Generation X members "HBK" Shawn Michaels, Hunter Hearst Helmsley and Chyna coming down the aisle to ringside. Their presence enabled Venis to mount a comeback until he, too, became preoccupied with yet another distraction. "The Most Dangerous Man in the World" Ken Shamrock also came to ringside and immediately got into a confrontation with his little sister Ryan. Unhappy with her choice in men, Ken hoisted her up over his shoulder and began carrying her to the back with Ryan kicking and screaming the whole way. Venis quickly gave chase. In the meantime, D-Generation X stormed the ring after Austin had flipped off all three members. He held his own briefly, but Michaels & Helmsley eventually overpowered him after a low blow from behind on the Texas Rattlesnake by Chyna. Dude Love then raced in with a chair and cleared the ring of DX to make the save. The match was officially declared a "No Contest" by Referee Teddy Long at 14:38 due to all of the outside interference. "Stone Cold" Steve Austin retains the WWF Championship.
Edited by GV on 12/10/2022
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