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Frank Coutinho's UQ Wrestling Results
Ray Mason Tire and Bart’s Diner preents;
WWE Monday Might Raw (2012-13)
Blue Cross Arena – Rochester, NY Att: 13,664

Commentators; John Bradshaw Layfield, Michael Cole & Jerry Lawler
Referees; Ron Zapata & Charles Robinson Ring; Lilian Garcia

1. Jake “The Great” Carter won by DQ over Judas Devlin. In an Unusual Finish, Carter used a devastating Inverted Atomic Drop to set Devlin up for a pin. Rick Victor and Solomon Crowe stormed the ring to save their satanic friend. Referee Ron Zapata immediately called for the bell. Several smashed to the head put Carter on the mat and the three attacked him with Devin using his bag of coins (The Betrayal) to injure Carter. As several wrestlers started toward the ring from backstage, Judas and his friends ran away. 6:45

2. Kassius Ohno and Aiden English; Double Count-Out. During OOR Action Kassius used an Ohno Blade (Inverted DDT on the floor to KO English. Rick Victor ran out with a rope and choked out Ohno. Solomon Crowe used a Headlock Driver to KO Kassius. Referee Charles Robinson distracted by Judas Devlin seemed to lose track of the OOR Action and declared both a Double Count-Out when his count reached 10. 4:42

3. Beth Phoenix won by Count-Out over Kaitlyn with Dolph Ziggler. Beth used a Glam Slam (Facebuster) and a Beth Valley Driver to set up a pin on the now dazed Kaitlyn. Dolph reach through the ropes and pulled Kaitlyn from the ring to give her a breather. Kaitlyn was unable to return as she slipped off the steps was counted out. 5:36

4. Bray Wyatt with the Family (Luke Harper and Erick Rowan); Sister Abigail (Swinging Reverse STO) Pin over Mojo Rawley. Erick Rowan wearing his Lamb’s Mask distracted Referee Charles Robinson long enough fpr Luke Harper to perforn a Truck Stop (Spinning Sideout Slam) on Mojo. Bray followed with his finisher. 5:45

5. Wade Barrett with Byron Saxton; Wastelan (Carry Slam) over Rey Mysterio Jr. The fans booded loudly when Barrett was announced and then picked up the boos now that saxton has joined wade again. Mysterio used his quick swinging moves to gain the advantage. As Rey was about to use his 619 Tiger Kick Barrett greeted him with a sawed off taped Foreign Object (One could only imagine that it was a taped sawed off spike). Wade smashed Rey to the chops and then pinned him. 9:54

6. Primo and Epico with Rosa Mendes beat Team Co-Bro (Zach Ryder and Santino Marella). Epico; Doubleteam Tornado DDT over Santino. Zach was cut OOR on the Steel Steps and Primo had a nail file that he used to add to the injury. Santino who seemed in control over Epico became the victim of a Wine Bottle Smash by Rosa. Epico and Primo used their doubleteam to finish the match. 14:26

7. Chris Jericho had to pull out all stops to pin Rob Van Dam. Jericho who gained pints when the crowd greeted him with boos felt all the aerial moves that Van Dam had to offer but to Jericho’s credit he was able to kick out of several pin attempts. Van Dam used a Van dominator (Sin Kick but missed when Jericho used Pepper Spray to Rob’s eyes. Chris then used a Spinning Back Kick to set up the pin. 11:16

8. Intercontinental Title – Big E Langston (Challenger); Single Leg Boston Crab Submission over The Miz with Rosa Mendes. As Big E gained an advantage and hooked in the Single Leg Boston Crab, Rosa went to the well once too often with her Wine Bottle. In an attempt to hit Big E she missed and caught The Miz. With The Miz KO’d Rosa had no choice but to throw in the towel. Big E Langston is the NEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWWWW WWE Intercontinental Champion. 9:43
Flo’s Hot Dogs and The 77 Restaurant presents;
WWE Wrestling (2-12-13)
Landon Arena – Topeka, KS Att: 9,836

Commentators; Jim Ross and Jerry “King” Lawler
Referees; Chad Patton & Scott Armstrong Ring; Justin Roberts

1. Slate Randall; Belly to Back Piledriver Pin over Danny Burch. Burch with a new vulgar attitude attacked Randall with a vendor during the entrance. Slate quickly stepped aside and used a Head Rammer into the steps that dazed Danny. Slate set up the pin with a Top Rope Clothesline and then the finisher of this match that was a crowd pleaser. 3:54

2. JTG (Jayson Anthony Paul); Spinning Sitout Slam Pin over Enzo Amore “21st Century’s Casanova.” Enzo blew kisses at the woman and pranced around the ring. He eventually entered the ring with a chair but was immediately dropkicked to the mush that led to the pin. 4:46

3. Golddust; Curtain Call (Lifting Falling Inverted DDT) Pin over Mason Ryan. Mason, the Welch Strongman had to resort to dirty tactics to gain an advantage. The veteran Golddust countered every move. Ryan tried to smash a Trash Can over Golddust’s head but was countered with Shattered Dreams (Low Blow). The fans were clearly on the side of Golddust and were on their feet as Referee Chad Patton counted the pin. 5:16

4. Trent Bareta & Yoshi Tatsu beat Bull & Brawn (Bull Dempsey and Braun Stowman). Trent; Dudebuster DDT over Braun. Yoshi used a Buzzsaw Kick to set Braun up for the pin but was smashed with a chain by Bull that left a bad gash and Yoshi head flowing with blood. 7:48

5. Ted DiBiase Jr.; Cobra Clutch Submission over Alexander Rusev with Sylvester Lefort. Lefort ppulled the ropes down but Rusev went flying head first to the floor below. After re-entering the ring Lefort tried to smash a bottle over DiBiase’s skull but missed and hit a big Bulgarian. DiBiase hooked in the Cobra Clutch so Sylverster Lefort had no choice but to throw in the towel on the KO’d Rusev. 4:52

6. Rosa Mendes with Epico; Neckbreaker Pin over Layla-El. Layla was able to use her speed and gain an advantage. She used a Bombshell (Spin Kick) that should have ended the match but Mendes got hold of a microphone thrown by Epico that she used to repeatedly beat on Layla while Referee Scott Armstrong was distracted by Epico. Mendes then applied the finisher. 6:54

7. Prime Time Players (Titus O’Neil and Darren Young) beat Real Americans (Jack Swagger and Antonio Cesaro) with Zeb Coulter. O’Neil pinned Cesaro. Antonio picked up Titus for a Body Slam but Darren ran in the ring and dropkicked Cesaro. O’Neil landed on to for the pin. Coulter was screaming at Referee Chad Patton that the pin was a farce and that the match should go on. Patton walked from the ring after raising the arms of Prime Time. 13:26

8. John Cena; Attitude Adjustment (Fireman’s Carry) Pin over Brock Lesner with Paul Hayman. Hayman tried to use his Briefcase to smash Cena in the head. Hayman missed and C.M. Punk ran to the ring and while Hayman distracted Referee Scott Armstrong, Punk tried to smash the Briefcase to John’s noggin. Cena used a Falling Face Wrecker on Lesner who was dazed and then took the Briefcase and smashed Punk in the skull. Cena threw C.M. Punk out of the ring onto Paul Hayman and then finished the match. 11:46
Big Bear Lube and Maxi’s Delicatessen presents;
WWE Wrestling (2012-13) Friday Night Smackdown
Entertainment Center – Duluth, MN Att: 8,370

Commentators; Josh Mathews & John Bradshaw Layfield
Referees; Charles Robinson & Ron Zapata Ring; Renee Young

1. Sasha Banks won by DQ over Vickie Guerrero. Sasha was ambushed during the entrance that cost her 200 valuable points that she could ill afford to lose. Vickie had some kind of Foreign Object and made good use of it. Sasha limped around the ring doing the best she could but was hit with a Cougar Splash that would have ended the match. Rather than pin, Vickie went OOR and got a chair. As she tried to re-enter the ring Referee Charles Robinson called for the bell. 5:14

2. Xavier Woods won by DQ over Baron Corbin. Corbin seemed interested in showing off for the fans. He wears a Leather Jacket and carries a Biker Chain and though bigger is very similar to the early versions of Adrian Adonis in the early 80’s. After scaring fans (especially kids) with his antics during OOR Action, Baron tried to enter the ring with the biker chain. Referee Ron Zapata called for the bell. 5:56

3. Alex Riley; Elevation (Lifting DDT) Pin over Solomon Crowley with Rick Victor. The fans showed their hatred for Crowley and Victor with loud booing that didn’t seem to hurt their feelings. During OOR Action Crowley and Solomon had the advantage choking Riley on the Guard Rail and then Victor who had a Foreign Object tried to use it for a Jawbreaker. Rick missed and hit Solomon when Riley moved after the two combatants re-entered the ring. Riley took advantage of the dazed Crowley and used a You’re Dismissed Cutter to set up the finish. 4:51

4. David Otunga with Vickie Guerrero; The Verdict (Spinebuster) Pin over Angelo Dawkins. Dawkins nearly had a pin after performing a Running Power Slam but Vickie was close enough to spray perfume to Dawkin’s eyes. Otunga wasted no time in finishing the match on the temporarily blinded Angelo. 4:25

5. The Shield (Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns) with Dean Ambrose beat Adrian Neville and Cory Graves with A. W. (Abraham Washington). Rollins; Springboard Knee Pin over Adrian Neville. Ambrose was taking no chances with this up & coming team and used a distraction of Referee Charles Robinson to Slam a Chair over Neville’s head. Rollins followed with a Punch to the Throat and then the finisher. A. W. was pleading with Referee Robinson to reverse the pin. 9:16

6. Camacho; DDT Pin over Ezekiel Jackson. This should have been Jackson’s match as he used his superior strength to gain advantage after advantage. When Jackson was ready to finish the match with a Torture Rack Camacho had a Hidden Foreign Object that he used to slam Jackson in the stomach. As Jackson collapsed Camacho notice a bottle that had been placed on the ring apron by Vickie Guerrero when she was going to the commentator’s table. Camacho grabbed the bottle and crown Ezekiel. 7:43

7. Randy Orton; O-Zone Neckbreaker Pin over Kofi Kingston. During OOR Action Kofi useda Corkscrew Kick to Randy but was countered with a 2 x 4 founb under the ring after throwing beer into Kofi’s face. It was amazing that Kingston was able to crawl back in the ring but as he re-entered he was hit with an RKO (Top Rope cutter). 10:13

8. WWE Title – Mark Henry (Champion) pinned Alberto Del Rio with Ricardo Rodriguez. Alberto was able to show his moves during the early match where he had the advantage. The always worried Ricardo had a Phasmida (Mexican) Walking Stick. He tried to interfere in the match by taking his best imitation of a Babe Ruth swing with the Phasmida. Unfortunately Alberto was the recipient of the clout. Del Rio crashed to the canvas and Henry used a Legdrop to end it all. Mark Henry retains the WWE Title. 9:36
Liberty Grains and Smiley’s Bar-B-Q presents;
WWE Wrestling (2012-13)
Civic Auditorium – Omaha, NE Att: 10,822

Commentators; Michael Cole, Vickie Guerrero & Mick Foley
Referees; John Cone and Mike Chioda Ring; Lilian Garcia

1. Brie Bella with Nikki; Sit-Out Facebuster Pin over Sarah Backman. The Bellas attacked announcer Lilian Garcia during the pre-match chasing her from the ring. Referee John Cone was going to call a DQ but Lilian assured him that she was OK. Sarah was able to get a few Olympic Style holds on Brie but ran into the end when Nikki was able to use a Tornado DDT while Brie distracted Referee John Cone. Brie used her finisher that ended the match. 3:43

2. Cody Rhodes; Silver Spoon DDT Pin over Mickey Keegan. The Omaha fans started booing as soon as Cody started down the aisle. He didn’t disappoint their dislike of him during OOR Action as he slammed Mickey’s face into the Gong-Bell. After re-entering the ring Cody used a Backward Headslam and then his finisher. 5:04

3. Dean Ambrose with Seth Rollins; Running Knee Lift Pin over Evan Bourne. Setn used Blatant chokes whenever possible as Evan was whipped to the ropes. The two Shield members wore Bourne down then Ambrose used a Headlock Driver to set up the finisher. 5:39

4. Tons of Funk (Tensai and Brodus Clay) with Naomi beat Ascension (Conor O’Brian and Kenneth Cameron). Tensai; Doubleteam Suplex Pin over Cameron. Ascension got the upper hand as they attacked Tons of Funk on the entrance ramp using a Chair and a Trash can. As the battle eventually went to the ring, Cameron had a Hidden Foreign Object. O’Brian held Tensai as Cameron tried to use a Jawbreaker but Tensai ducked. Conor O’Brian was hit in the chops, fell through the ropes and was KO’d on the floor. Brodus used a Splat (Running Splash) on Cameron and then the Doubleteam finisher with Tensai making the pin. 8:32

5. Curtis Axel with paul Hayman won by Count-Out over fandango with Summer Rae. Fandango and summer danced their way to the ring showing their moves to the Nebraska fans. After the match started it was obvious that hayman wanted this win for his up and coming star. During OOR Action Hayman hit Fandango with a briefcase and then Curtis threw Fandango over the Guard Rail. As Fandango tried to climb back to the ring edge Brock Lesner wandered to the ring and kicked Fandango in the mid-section. Axel was safely in the ring while Fandango was lying on the floor in agony. 6:28

6. Dolph Ziggler with Kaitlyn; Zig Zag (Bulldog) Pin over Edge. During OOR Action Ziggler found a chain under the ring and used it on Edge’s head opening up a gash. As blood flowed down Edge’s face back in the ring he was able to use a Diving Knee smash that would have gotten the pin but Kaitlyn was able to sneak in a spray from a can of Black Flag. Edge grabbed his eyes in agony and Dolph countered with a Blond Ambition (STO). The finisher followed. 10:16

7. Christian won by Count-Out over Sheamus. Christian had a small hidden wrench that his used to his advantage. Then during OOR Action the entire match went south. There were some displays that Christian used freely. A small barrel of oil that Christian spilled over Sheamus’ head. Sheamus countered with a small barrel of grain. They used chairs and a garbage can for smashed. The wrestlers kept close enough to the ring to stop the count but it all ended when Christian used a 2 x 4 to hit Sheamus in the head. This was ugly. 12:55

8. USA Title – Tyson Kidd (Challenger); Sharp Shooter Submission over John Morrison (Champion). Morrison use his Moonlight Drive (Corkscrew Neckbreaker) but the clever Kidd somehow kicked out several times. Morrison (the former Johnny Nitro) was showing frustrations as he took his eye off Kidd. Kidd immediately used a Diving Neckbreaker and then hooked in the finisher. Tyson Kidd is the NEEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW USA Champion 11:40
Mystic Pizza and Harpoon Tours presents;
WWF Wrestling (1985-86)
Hamilton CC – Stoneville, CT Att: 1,386

Commentators; Angelo Savoldi, Mr. TV Jackie Pallo & George Vessichio
Referees; Dave Hebner & Fred Atkins Ring; Howard Finkel

1. Rene Goulet; Brain Claw Submission over Aldo Marino. Rene “The Number One Frenchman” got a bit careless OOR and Aldo took advantage by slamming Goulet’s head into the Steel Steps. Still reeling from the smash Rene wasted no time after re-entering the ring and hit Marino with a Corkscrew splash. This set up the dreaded submission finisher. 5:11

2. Rocky Johnson; High Flying Dropkicks Pin over Ted Grizzley. Grizzley used his weight to try and gain an advantage and had Rocky set up in the corner for a Timber (Lumberjack Body Smash) but Rocky moved and Ted ran into the corner post. Johnson used a Bombs Away DDT and then finished the match. 5:34

3. Candice Pardue won by DQ over Desiree Peterson. Candice had a Foreign Object hidden in her fist. She dropped the object after a Dropkick stunned her. Desiree saw the object and picked it up. Peterson used her Running leg Drop to get the pin but was shocked when Referee Dave Hebner pointing at the Foreign Object, still in Desiree’s hand, called for the DQ bell. 4:12

4. S.D. “Special Delivery” Jones and George Wells beat Macho Goldie Rogers and Mr. X. Goldie and Mr. X heard some cheers during their entrance. Goldie was really the recipient. He waved at the fans but quickly realized that points had been deducted from his teams total and threw out a few hand gestures. Macho resorted to his usual chair in the ring but everything went wrong from there. S.D. used a Brainbuster to Mr. X onto the folded steel chair, then hit Goldie who ran into the ring with a Koko Head Butt. George now the legal man quickly hooked Mr. X’s leg for the pin. 8:16

5. The Wild Samoan Siva; Stomach Vice Submission over The Red Demon. There was no mistaking the fan’s favorite in this match. Siva heard cheers that he had never heard before. The Red Demon held his own for a while and was able to use his Demon Drop (Headcracker) but Siva kicked out of the pin attempt. The Demon tried it again but the Samoan turned the tables and used a Crushing Head Butt to set up the finish. 6:42

6. Hillbilly Jim won by Count-Out over Hercules. During OOR Action it was Hercules Chain vs Jim’s Horseshoe as weapons. Neither wrestler got hurt but both had to keep their eye on the count of Referee Fred Atkins, who is unlikely to give leeway. As the wrestlers edged back to the ring, Hercules turned abruptly toward commentator George Vessichio. He started arguing saying that G.V. was unfair in his announcing because he called him (Hercules (muscle bound); “You want some of this action? Stay out of my face.” As Hercules turned toward the ring, Fred Atkins brought his hand down; “Ten.” The crowd, who hated Hercules, was on their feet. 7:52

7. Angelo Mosca Jr. with Angelo Sr. pinned Missing Link with Bobby Heenan. Angelo Jr. got a lesson from his father who was far from an elite wrestler. Heenan started the melee by using a chair to try and hit Mosca Jr. Angelo Sr. grabbed the chair and smashed it over Heenan’s head. The Link meanwhile missed a Head 1st Dive and fell to the floor. Mosca Sr. hit the Link with a Gong Bell and used a 2 x 3 to KO the recovering Heenan. Mosca Sr. threw the KO’d Link into the ring and Angelo Jr. hooked in the pin. 6:56
The Golden Horn and Pal Joey’s presents;
WWF Wrestling (1985-86)
Chapin Hall – Gibbsville, PA Att: 1,310

Commentators; Chilly Billy Cardille & Slick Mick Kartch
Referees; Izzy Moidel & Bobby Whitlock Ring; Bob Luce
Promo Interviews for WIIC-TV – MKABear in the Bear Den

1. Ted Arcidi; Bear Hug Submission over Jerry Adams. Arcidi couldn’t wait for the bell so he blindsided Adams, with a double Forearm, as jerry was taking off his ring jacket. Jerry recovered enough to get in some good moves including a Flying Knee drop that stunned the big man. During OOR Action Arcidi used a DDT to the floor to stun Adams and after thy re-entered the ring he hit Adams with a Runaway Cannon to set up the finisher. 4:35

2. Swede Hanson from Slaughter Creek; Reverse Neckbreaker Pin over A.J. Petruzzi. Hansen was being interviewed by MKABear for a TV promotion when Petruzzi attacked with a chair. He hit Swede over the back seriously limiting Hansen’s up & coming match. Petruzzi tried to add to the damage after the match started. He used his chain (He wears a Dog Collar and carries a chain to accompany his new image), to try and smash Swede. The veteran Hansen countered with an Elbow Smash to the chops and then a Spinal Crack that set up the pin. 4:58

3. Judy Martin; Bombs Away DDT Pin over Heidi Lee Morgan. Heidi used a Flying Fist to stun and pin Judy. Heidi thinking she got the pin got up to raise her hands. Judy hit her with a Running Axe Handle then the DDT that ended the match. The usual reliable Referee Izzy Moidel may have blown this one. It seemed clear that Heidi had the pin but Moidel claimed only a 2 count. 6:46

4. Killer Bee Jumping Jim Brunzell and Charley Fulton; No Contest. During a promotional interview with MKABear, Brunzell who is ½ of the Tag Team Champions, was attacked by Hercules with his chain. Hercules got in a few slugs that cost Brunzell points but could have injured him seriously. Hercules who is a coolie for Classy Freddie Blassie may be trying to weaken the Champion Killer Bees so that The Super Powers of Nicolai Volkoff and the Iron Sheik will have an excellent chance at gaining the belts this coming month. Referee Bobby Whitlock didn’t see the incident but he knew something had gone wild so he banned Hercules from ringside. During the OOR Action in the match, Hercules came back to ringside with Ted Arcidi in tow and started fighting with Brunzell. Fulton countered the attack helping Brunzell fend off the attackers. Bobby Whitlock called the match. 5:40

5. Young Stallion Jim Powers; Running Power Slam over Moondog Rex. Rex attacked with his Dog Bone but Powers was able to block the attack and use a Brainbuster. The hard headed Moondog came back with a Choker Chain that he used sadistically throughout the match for Eye Rakes and some fist wrapped smashes. Powers was able to hook in a Neck Vice that he turned into an Atomic skull Crusher. Jim used his finisher to end the match. I a short statement to MKABear, Moondog Rex said that his disappointment at not winning the Westminster Dog Show was still lingering so he failed to bring his A game. 6:15

6. Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka; Superfly Splash Pin over Tiger Chung Lee with Mr. Fuji. Tiger Chung Lee and Fuji wasted no time in attacking Snuka. Fuji threw salt to the eyes and Chung Lee used Nunchucks to weaken Snuka by 200 points. Jimmy took a beating for a while but was able to catch Tiger and Fuji close enough to use a Noggin Knocker that sent Fuji flying from the ring apron and Tiger KO’d in the ring. Snuka then climbed and used the ‘Crowd Pleasing” Spash to end the match. 10:13

7. David Sammartino won by DQ over Dino Bravo with Frenchy Martin. David was able to counter Dino’s power moves causing concern for Frenchy. When Sammartino caught Bravo with a Under hook DDT it seemed like crtains for Dino. Frenchy ran in the ring with Brass Nucks and smashed David to the head. Dino and Frenchy started wailing on Sammartino as Referee Izzy Moidel called for the bell. Jimmy Snuka and Jim powers came to David’s rescue. 8:31
The Aces and Tip Top Construction presents;
WWF Wrestling (1985-86) WNBY-TV Channel-22
Roebuck Hall – North Bath, NY Att: 976

Commentators; Gorilla Monsoon and Lord Alfred Hays
Referees; Mike Sparks and Chad Patton Ring; Mr. TV Jackie Pallo

1. The Unpredictable Johnny Rodz; Diving Headbutt Pin over Tito Senza. Rodz a fan favorite in this area caught Senza with a Double Axe Handle as Tito was performing a suicide Leap from the Turnbuckle. Rodz ended the match by using his finisher. 4:39

2. Barry Windham; Headlock Bulldog Pin over Steve Lombardi. Steve, who had a smirk on his face, offered a handshake to Windham to start the match. Windham, the veteran, wasted no time in booting Lombardi to the midsection. Barry used a Crucifix Power Bomb to set up the finisher. 4:23

3. Jumping Jill Fontaine won by Count-Out over Monster Ripper Bertha Faye with Harvey Whippleman. Although Jill had the speed Bertha was able to use her vast weight difference (Bertha is 260 and Jill 135) to wear Jill down. The Action went OOR and the advantage was definitely the Rippers. Harvey Whippleman tried to help out by shaking up a can of soda and then pulling the tab so it would let out a stream of fizz. The fizz hit Bertha in face and Jill took advantage with a Dropkick that downed Bertha. Jill slipped back in the ring before the count of 10 but Monster Ripper was unable to reach the ring. 6:45

4. North South Connection (Adrian Adonis and Dick Murdock) beat Diamond Edge (Al and Keith). Adonis; Good Night Irene Submission over Keith. Al was taken out of the match with a Facelock Piledriver by Adonis and Keith was virtually helpless after Murdock used Adrian’s Biker Chain for a smash to the skull. 6:12

5. The Executioner; Guillotine Leg Drop over Cousin Junior. The Executioner was introduced, by Mr. TV Jackie Pallo, as hailing from parts unknown at 271 pounds. The masked Executioner immediately took the microphone and said “A trim 217, you idiot!!” Junior was able to mount an offence and nearly had a pin after a Mule Kick. The clever Executioner was able to get his foot onto the ropes. The Executioner had a Roll of Coins and he used then for a Jackpot Smash and if that wasn’t enough he took advantage of Referee Mike Sparks being dazed, from an unintentional Body Smash, to smash the Gong-Bell to Junior’s skull. This caused a gash in his head and the blood flowed down his face. The match would have been stopped but there was no referee. Chad Patton ran to the ring and counted a pin after the Guillotine Leg Drop. 7:38

6. Iron Sheik with Freddie Blassie; Camel Clutch Submission over Danny Spivey. Spivey held his own and used his Bulldog for a pin that was missed by Referee Chad Patton when Freddie Blassie was distracting. This distraction allowed the Sheik to kick Danny to the face and head. As Spivey got up Blassie smashed a microphone to Spivey’s skull. After the Iron Sheik hooked in the Camel Clutch, Referee Chad Patton had to call the match and save the KO’s Spivey. 7:41

7. Ivan Putski won by DQ over “The Mercenary” Luc Porrier. Putski was in control and setting Luc up for the pin after a running Knee Lift. The frustrated Porrier grabbed his Swagger Stick from outside the ring and pretended to go after Putski but hit Referee Chad Patton in order to save himself. Patton called for the bell. 8:48
Pop’s Choclit Shop and Pizza Pal presents;
WWF Wrestling (1985-86) on WSBK-TV Chan 38
Hiram Lodge Auditorium – Riverdale, MA Att; 1,386

Commentators; Gorilla Monsoon and Bruno Sammartino
Referees; Earl Hebner and Jim Kordaris Ring; Howard Finkel

1. The Dynamite Kid; Top Rope Flying Headbutt Pin over Bob Markus. Markus tried to whip the Kid into the corner for a Body Smash but it resulted in Dynamite reversing the move and then using a Corkscrew Dive to set up the finish. 3:23

2. Paul Roma; Missile Dropkick Pin over “Matman” Robbie Ellis with his pet lobster “Old Port.” As Roma was introduced The Duke of Dorchester tripped him at the top of the ramp and then ran off. It cost Roma some points. During OOR Action, Ellis threw beer into Roma’s face and then was going to get “Old Port” for scare tactics. Roma was able to counter and throw Robbie back in the ring. He used aDiving Elbow Drop to set up the finisher. Ellis and The Duke got more cheers than Roma in this match. 4:56

3. Mad Maxine; Gourd Buster Pin over Penny Mitchell. Maxine gained points when she interrupted a promo that Penny was doing with George Vessichio in Cannoli Corner. Penny had superior moves eventually using a Knee Lift to the Chops that stunned Maxine. Maxine countered with a Load Fist (Roll of Coins??) Punch to the Throat. As Penny lay gasping for breath Maxine applied the finisher. 7:02

4. Tony Atlas won by Count-Out over Pete Doherty, The Duke of Dorchester. During OOR Action The Duke threw a pizza into Tony’s face (It was Sausage). Tony returned the favor by hitting Pete in the mush with a Pepperoni Pizza. Tony used a Military Press slam onto the floor that took Doherty out of the match. Matman Robbie Ellis ran to help the Duke but was too late. Robbie had “Old Port” in tow but only managed to have Tony Atlas back off to the ring as Referee Jim Kordaris counted Doherty out. In spite of the immense popularity of Atlas, both Doherty and Ellis had a lot of fans. 7:31

5. George “Animal” Steele and Terry Gibbs; Double Count-Out. Terry, taking a page from his new found friend Steve Lombardi, used a bottle to smash Animal over the head during OOR Action. It proved to be a disaster for Terry when the smash didn’t faze Steele. Animal stated wailing on Terry. Up the Ramp, down the corridor and out to the foyer. Several Vendor carts were turned over and a Pop Corn Machine was smashed. Gibbs tried to use some Hidden Brass Nucks to stop the carnage but George grabbed the Nucks and smashed Gibbs in the chops. Terry went flying out the front door and was a bloody mess KO’d on the cement walkway. 6:43

6. The Natural Butch Reed; Double Underhook Suplex Pin over Steve Gatorwolf. Reed caught Steve’s leg and wrapped it around the Ring Post like a pretzel. Steve was injured but did his best. Redd took advantage during OOR Action to smash Gatorwolf through the Press Table. After re-entering the ring Butch used a wicked kick to the groin to set up the finish.

7. Junkyard Dog won by DQ over The Assassin. In an Unusual Ending, Butch Reed who was waiting for a promo for TV, decided to help the masked assassin by tripping Junk yard Dog. Earl Hebner spotted the infraction and caked the match. This led to Butch jumping in the ring to beat on the downed JYD. The Assassin pulled a Foreign Object from his mask and joined Butch. The Dynamite Kis and Tony atlas ran to JYD’s rescue dut damage had been done. 9:19
Hudson Auto and The Clairmont Diner presents;
WWF Wrestling (1985-86) on WONJ-TV Chan 41
W.O.H.S. Gym – W. Orange, NJ Att: 1,556

Commentators; Gene Okerlund and Joe Pedicino
Referees; Dick Woherle and Fred Atkins Ring; Mr. TV Jackie Pallo

1. Barry O; Diving Lariat Pin over Tony Russo. The fans showed no reaction to Russo and it seemed to anger him. During the match Russo showed a rough style when he choked Barry on the Guard Rail during OOR Action. Tony also was quick to use his foot to boot Barry in the Face and Head. Barry was able to reverse a whip and then caught Russo with the finisher. 4:53

2. Haku; Tongan Death Grip Submission on M & M Kid (Mario Mancini). Haku showing a heel attitude and ½ of the Headhunters was in control and seemed to play around for a bit. He then hit the Kid with a savant kick that was enough to put him away but applied the Submission Hold for good measure. 4:03

3. Leilani Kai; Diving Splash Pin over Donna Day. Donna was doing a promo prior to the match but had an eye on Judy Martin and Leilani who were watching. Donna butchered the promo with a wrong date and location for a show. This cost her points from her total. Somehow se recovered enough during the match to use a Running Jack Hammer and then a Leg Drop for a pin by Referee Dick Woherle missed the pin as Judy martin hung around the ring and distracted him. Leilani didn’t waste time and used a Vicious Eye Rake to recover and then finished this disputed match. 6:41

4. Frenchy Martin won by Count-Out over Mike Rotundo. Rotundo who is ½ of the U.S. Extress ran out to Sringsteen’s “Born in the U.S.A.” and it brought the fans to their feet. Rotundo had the advantage in the match using a Double Unhook DDT and a Skull Crusher that set up Frenchy. Dino Bravo wandered to the ring and was removing the covering from the Turnbuckle. Frenchy got to his feet nd ran Mike’s head to the metal drawing blood from his forehead. The frustrated mike left the ring and was fighting with Dino when Frenchy’s coolie Manifique Charland came to ringside and helped Dino beat on Rotundo. Frenchy stood in the ring and took the win as Fred Atkins who was giving a lot of leeway counted Mike out. 4:53

5. Corporal Kirshner; Corporal Clutch (Cobra) Submission over Moondog Spot. Spot used his usual biting the arm and leg then scratching to the eyes. As Kirshner lay on the canvas Spot hit him with a Falling Knee to the Throat. A few hits with the Big Dog Bone had the Corporal reeling but he recovered and used a devastating G.I. Clothesline to down the poodle. The Submission hold ended the match. 6:41

6. King Kong Bundy; Atlantic City Avalanche Pin over Salvatore Bellomo. Bellomo took advantage of Bundy’s lack of speed to use several dropkicks and a Mule Kick that had Kong Kong thrown off his game. Bundy resorted to grabbing a chair during OOR Action but was stifled when Bellomo dropkicked the folded chair into Bundy’s face. After re-entering the ring Bundy used a Diving tackle to slow Bellomo and then the Avalanche on the hurting Sal in the corner. 8:33

7. Magnificent Don Muraco with Mr. Fuji and Rick “Quickdraw” McGraw; Double Count-Out. During OOR Action with McGraw and Muraco wailing on each other, Mike Rotundo and Dino Bravo came from behind the curtains where they were still brawling. Manifique Charland and Corporal Kirshner were brawling and they came out from behind the curtain. Moondog Spot and Barry O also came out brawling. This was a mess. 10:25
Joe’s Bar & Grill and Gibby’s Steamers presents;
WWF Wrestling (1985-86) on WPLM-TV Chan 24
Hoffa AC – Putnam’s Landing, Long Island, NY Att: 1,412

Commentators; Angelo Savoldi and Chuck “Popeye” Richards
Referees; Mario Savoldi and Dick Kroll Ring; Howard Finkel

1. Raymond Rougeau; Sleeperhold Submission over Gino Carabello. Gino was very mouthy prior to the match; “This is Na Yark and we doesn’t like fawners. Go back ta Canda.” The crowd booed. Rougeau who is very popular was greeted with cheering. Gino tried to use a Blackjack he had hidden butRaymond was able to grab it and throw it to Commentator Popeye Richards. After a Flying Elbow Smash, Raymond applied the Sleeper. 2:53

2. Dr. D David Shultz; Piledriver Pin over Jim Young. Young stunned the Dr with several Flying Dropkicks to the chest and face and had several pin attempts but fell short. Shultz was able to finally counter by using Vicious Choke Holds that took the breath from Young. The finisher followed. 4:39

3. British Bulldog Davey Boy Smith; Running Power Slam Pin over Macho Goldie Rogers. During the introductions Rogers grabbed the microphone from The Fink; “I am not only Macho I am the #1 from Canada. Others claim the honor but I carry the honor.” Davey Boy got sick of listening and grabbed the microphone. He threw it to Finkel who was standing outside the ring. Rogers tried to enter the ring with a steel chair but was Dropokicked to the face dazing him. Davey Boy then used his finisher to end the match. 5:01

4. Nasty Kat Laroux; Swinging Neckbreaker Pin over Velvet McIntyre. Kat attacked Velvet before the match using a Foreign Object (sawed off screwdriver tip) to hit her in the stomach and temple area. Velvet lost points that would eventually cost her the match. McIntyre was able to recover to use a Running Skull Cracker but the pin was disallowed when kat got her foot on the ropes. Kat threw a cup of coffee into Velvet’s face and then used her finisher along with her feet on the ropes for leverage. This was a rough match that is right up Kat’s alley. 8:25

5. Big John Studd and Jose Luis Riviera; Double Count-Out. John gat irritated at Howard Finkel during the introductions and grabbed the microphone; “You introduced me as John Studd. I am BIG John Studd and everyone needs to know. You little pipsqueak, you best get things straight or you will be looking for a new face, not that yours is any good.” Of course the crowd was booing. During the match the Action went OOR. Studd used a chairshot to pretty much KO Riviera, then picked him up for the Backbreaker. As he showed off for the fans, Mario Savoldi’s count reached 10. The shocked Studd dropped Riviera and raced to the ring to argue with Savoldi. He would have entered the ring but Davey Boy Smith and Raymond Rougeau came out to observe and protect if needed. 4:41

6. Uncle Elmer with Hillbilly Jim and Manifique Richard Charland with Frenchy Martin; Double Count-Out. This got ugly OOR as both wrestlers used anything not nailed down to punish the other. A few vendor carts were destroyed and several Chairs and Trash Cans were thrown around. Dino Bravo came to ringside and was fighting with Hillbilly Jim. Uncle Elmer did a Body Squash on Frenchy that left him lying in the middle of the ramp. The count had long past as some backstage wrestlers and security broke up the mess. 7:36

7. Lumberjack Match – Randy “Macho Man” Savage and Pedro Morales; No Contest. The Lumberjacks lined around the ring and were pretty orderly for a while in this very even match. Miss Elizabeth who is normally with Savage was guarded by Penny Mitchell and Jumping Jill Fontaine (just to be safe). Finally Dr D was standing next to Davey Boy Smith and got a forearm into Davey’s face. Smith smashed a fist to Shultz’s chops. John Studd pushed Raymond Rougeau who responded with a Standing Dropkick. Dino Bravo and Uncle Elmer were fighting and entered the ring followed by Manifique Charland and Hillbilly Jim. This was wayyyyyyyout of hand and uncontrollable. Referees Mario Savoldi and Dick Kroll called for the bell. 12:25
Jot’ Em Down General Store presents;
NWA Wrasslin (1982-85) on KPRM-TV Chan 6
Eddard’s and Peabody Hall – Pine Ridge, AR Att: 912

Commentators; Jess McGrath, Dickie Steinborn & Lum Eddards
Referee; Colonel Ted Hopkins Ring; Abner Peabody

1. Outlaw Ron Bass and Gene Ligon; Double Count-Out. During OOR Action Bass pummeled Ligon with Vicious Chokes and Boots to the Body & Head. Bass finished with a Texas Gourdbuster KO’ing Gene on the ramp. Bass used up all his count time and failed to mget back to the ring. 4:09

2. Black Bart; Texas Trash Compactor Pin over Dusty Wolfe. Wolfe, also a Texas native, beefed up to 250 lbs Bart’s and was not about to be muscled around. In fact he hit Bart with a Running Knee that dazed the Desperado. Ron Bass hanging around ringside sensed a problem and wasted no time in using Bart’s Branding Iron to hit Dusty in the head. Bart followed with his Diving Leg Drop finisher called the Texas Trash Compactor. 5:38

3. Misty Blue Sims; Superfly Leap Pin over Luna Vachon with the Lock. The Lock tried to help but things went haywire. The lock tried to trp Misty but tripped Luna by mistake. The Lock then grabbed a can of Roach Killer and tried to spray Misty in the eyes. She hit Luna by mistake. Luna fell to the canvas screaming and holding her eyes. The Lock tried to enter the ring by was greeted with a Forearm Smash that sent her flying to the floor. Misty then climbed and used her finisher to end the match. 6:43

4. The New Zealand Militia (Captain Rip Morgan and Major Jack Victory) with General Jonathan Boyd beat the Mulkeys (Bill and Randy). Rip Morgan; Double Piledriver Pin over Bill Mulkey. Rip used a Chairshot to Bill’s head while General Boyd hit Randy with a Flag Pole. Jack and Rip finished the match with the Doubleteam on the already KO’d Bill. This was ugly. 7:13

5. Terry Taylor; Sunset Flip Pin over Mr. Ito. Mr. Ito used Illegal Chokes to try and gain an advantage and set up his Dreaded Nerve Hold but Terry used his speed to avoid the traps. Terry hit Ito with a flying Elbow Smash and then the finisher. 5:41

6. Cowboy Scott Casey won by Count-Out over The Great kabuki. During OOR Action Mr. Ito still hanging around tried to help Kabuki by swinging a kendo Stick at Casey. Casey ducked and Kabuki took a solid smash to the forehead. Kabuki was KO’d on the floor as casey re-entered the ruing to beat the count. 6:51

7. Mr. Wrestling II; Belly to Back Suplex Pin over Jake “Snake” Roberts with Precious Paul Ellering. Precious Paul had a Hidden Sharp Object in his Rolled-Up Wall St. Journal. He tred desperately to give the object to Roberts but in the process Mr. Wrestling II hit Roberts and Ellering with a Body Block. Jake got cut on his own Sharp Object. Mr. Wrestling II then used a million $ Knee Lift to drive Ellering off the Ring Apron and his finisher after whipping Roberts to the Ropes. 9:26
Snuffy Smif’s Shanty Bodacious Menu presents
NWA Mid-Atlantic Wrasslin (1982-85) on WVLH-TV Chan Fore
Varmint’s Lodge – Hootin Holler, NC Att: 852 (Sole Out)

Commentators; Bob Caudle and Bill Harvin
Referee; Burrhead Jones Ring; Ray Reeve & Loweezy

Loweezy on the microphone; “Hot Dawgs are a special at Snuffy’s Bodacious Menu. 15 cents for a Hot Dawg unless you want day old dogs. They sell 2 for 5 cents. Corn Likker cannot be drunk during the show. Sheriff Tait will remove anyone caught drinkin hootch. Enjoy the show.”

1. Dave Barbie won by Count-Out over Pretty Boy Larry Sharp. Sharp seemed to take Barbie lightly but Dave has been known to mix it up with his rougher style. During OOR Action, Barbie used a Chairshot smash to the head that sent Sharp off the ramp onto the floor. He was KO’d. Barbie re-entered the ring to beat the count with Sharp still lying on the floor. 4:41

2. Freebird Michael Hayes; DDT Pin over Bob “Rusty” Riddle. Hayes pleased the fans with his Moonwalking but got a little careless. Rusty kicked hayes in the stomach and then used a Reverse Piledriver for a near pin. After kicking out Michael hit Riddle with a spinning Neckbreaker and then used his finisher to end the match. 4;35

3. Peggy Lee Leathers with Chainsaw Liz Chace; Last Call (Reverse Splash) Pin over Kaye Noble. Kaye seemed to have an answer for all of Peggy’s moves and finally caught her with a Sunset Flip. It would have been curtains except that Chainsaw Liz was distracting Referee Burrhead Jones. After Peggy finally kicked out she used a Loaded Fist (Compact that Liz snuck to her) to Smash Kaye in the Chops. Peggy then used he finisher to finish the match. The fans were booing. 7:21

4. Konga the Barbarian; Kick of Fear Pin over Johnny Mantel. During the introductions Konga blindsided Johnny with a Reverse Piledriver while his back was turned. This cost Mantel too many points and he had very little gas left in the tank. The Barbarian took full advantage using a Torpedo Dive and a Flying Rib Crusher to set up the pin. 4:13

5. Rock n’ Roll RPM’s (Maniac Mike Davis and Tommy Lane) and The Pretty Young Things (Norvell Austin and Sweet Brown Sugar); Double Count-Out. This match was full of controversy as the PYT appeared to have the match won when Austin pinned Davis. Referee Burrhead Jones called off the pin when he spotted Davis’ foot on the ropes. Tommy Lane clearly reached in and placed Davis’ foot on the ropes but the pin had been counted. The match went OOR and it was obvious that none of the wrestlers would make it back to the ring. They battled out the Lodge front doors and into the yard then into a horse barn. 8:48

6. Jerry “Crusher” Blackwell; Big Splash Pin over Timekeeper Mike George with Wild Bill Ash. The cheering for Blackwell was loud and the booing for Mike George and Bill Ash was equal. Ash always ready for some cheating couldn’t resist getting involved as he watch Blackwell take charge. Wild Bill found a board under the ring and tried to hit Jerry with it. Lukey Hinks sitting in the front row pushed Wild Bill and the Board Smash hit Mike in the face. Blackwell used a Body crusher to smash Wild Bill from the Ring Apron and then used a Jumping Skull Crusher to set up Mike for the finisher. 8:59

7. Maddog Buzz Sawyer with Kevin Sullivan and Luna pinned Blackjack Mulligan. Mulligan had the advantage during the match and eventually hooked in The Dreaded Clawhold. This is when things went wrong for Blackjack. The Lock wandered to the ring and was distracting Referee Burrhead Jones as he was trying to send her back to the locker area. Luna took advantage and entered the ring to stop the Clawhold. She applied a Crotch Claw that made Mulligan release his Clawhold. Buzz still dazed kicked Mulligan in the face and Kevin Sullivam threw a Fireball that blinded Blackjack. When Referee Burrhead Jones turned around, Buzz had hooked in the pin. 10:56
Hairless Joe’s and Lonesome Polecat’s Kick-A-Poo Joy Juice presents;
NWA Mid-South Wrestling (!982-85) on WJCT-TV Chan Tree
Jubilation T. Cornpole Hall – Dog Patch Att: 874 (Dat’s Evyone)

Commentators; Rich Landrum and Charley Pratt
Referee; Farmer McKinley Pickins Ring; Paul Bosch
Timekeepers at the Gong-Bell; Earthquake & Typhoon McGoon

1. Robert Gibson; High Flying Dropkick Pin over Hangman Len Kruger. Kruger was able to use a few rougher style moves; Grinding Face into the mat and Rope Burn Rakes to eyes but got careless when he hooked Gibson in a Hangman’s Vice. The speedy Gibson maneuvered out, used a Head scissors Brainbuster and then the Dropkick Finisher. 4;56

2. Tennessee Stud Robert Fuller accompanied by Brenda Britton; Spiked Piledriver Pin over Intercontinental Nobleman Joe Turko. Turko who usually opens with an Italian Greeting offered this cordial statement; “Ciao a tutti I miei fans” (Hello to all my fans). Fuller who is a no nonsense wrestler got help from Brenda who had a can of Oven Spray. She used a few spray mists to irritate Turko who tried to stop her Fuller took advantage and booted Turko in the stomach with a Loaded Boot on his right foot. The Stud finished the match with his Piledriver. 4:41

3. Chainsaw Liz Chase with Peggy Lee Leathers won by Count-Out over Rockin Robin. Robin who was in total control used a Bulldog to put Liz down and then was climbing the ropes for a Top Rope Elbow Smash when Peggy started shaking the ropes. Robin came off the ropes and chased Peggy to the back stage area. Then out the doors. Referee McKinley Pickins count reached 10 . 5:09

4. Purple Haze with Kevin Sullivan and Luna; Satanic Sleeper Submission over Steve “Do It To It” Cox. Haze attacked Cox in the pre-match beat on him repeatedly with a Foreign Object. Steve recovered enough to use a Flying Elbow and a Flying Dropkick that stunned Haze. The match went OOR and Cox was at a huge disadvantage. A smash to the stairs left him bloody and then a double smash to the Guard Rail almost put Cox out. Sullivan helped Haze push Steve back in the ring. After a Spinebuster Slam, Haze hooked in the Sleeper. Commentator Charley Pratt ran over and threw in the towel to save the KO’d Steve. 6:16

5. The Super Destroyers (SD #1 and SD #2) with Skandor Akbar beat the Zambaui Express (Kareem Muhammad and Elijah Akeem). This match was not for the faint of heart but was a Dog patch crowd pleaser because of the action. These two teams used everything in site to beat on each other; Chairs, Trash cans, a table, a microphone and used moves like Eye Rakes and Kicks to the Groin but neither team was able to gain an advantage. Finally Muhammad hit SD #2 with an Big Splash. Muhammed tagged to Elijah as SD# 1 pulled SD # 2 from the ring and took his place. Skandor Akbar on the ring apron reached in and Burned Elijah with his cigar. Elijah fell to the canvas in pain as SD #1 pinned him. Earthquake and Typhoon McGoon cheered wildly as the kept ringing the bell. This is the type of action that the two from Skunk Hollow really enjoy. 10:36

6. Billy Jack; Full Nelson Submission over Crazy Luke Graham with Percy Pringle. Luke tried his usual antics to gain an advantage. As Luke brought a chair in the ring Billy grabbed it and threw it out and then smashed Luke with a Smashing forearm. Crazy luke tried to use his Bandaged Thumb but was countered with a Slingshot Clothesline. Percy tried to used his cane to smash Billy but missedand hit Luke. Billy Jack hooked in the Full Nelson and it was curtains. 7:48

7. Bugsy McGraw won by DQ over The Sheik with Abdullah Farouk. In an UNUSUAL ENDING, The Sheik was caught stabbing Bugsy with a pencil and Farouk threw a Fireball and was caught. Referee McKinley Pickins called for the DQ but that didn’t stop The Sheik. He started beating on Bugsy with a Kick-A-Poo Joy Juice Jug. Bugsy was nearly KO’d when Robert Gibson and Billy jack ran to the ring. The Sheik still tried to fight but was finally subdued. 7:56
McSorley’s Beach Pub & Jungle Queen Cruises presents;
NWA –CWF Wrestling (1982-85) WKID-TV Chan 51
The Armory – Ft. Lauderdale, FL Att: 3.078

Commentators; Gordie Solie and Barbara Clary
Referee; Jimmy McGuire Ring; Jay Goodley

1. Hustler Rip Rogers with Brenda Britton; Belly to Back Suplex Pin over Mike “Hippie” Boyette. Mike had a great fan pleasing entrance as he was dolled out in his Hippe Outfit (pre-Dude Love) and had The Lovely Linda escort him to the ring. Brenda Britton too offense to Linda who seemed to be mainly around as a copy of her (Brenda). Boyette was able to get in a few moves before Rip took charge. Rogers was able to choke out Boyette with his Robe Cors while Brenda used a Vicious Eye Rake with her extra long fingernails. This set up the finisher. 5:46

2. Gorgeous Jimmy Garvin; Brainbuster Pin over The Masked Super Intern. The Intern had a Foreign Object in his mask but fumbled it as he pulled it out. Garvin followed with a Running Clothesline then finished the match. The Super Intern was announced as being from parts Unknown which got a reaction from a few youngsters but his moves in the ring immediately reminded the fans of a Mulkey. 3:35

3. Madusa Miceli; Flying Skull Crusher Pin over Susan Starr. Madusa was distracted early in the match by the fans and Susan took advantage. A slingshot followed by a Hair Mare (Snap) left Madusa dazed. She was able to regroup OOR after slamming Susan’s head to the steps. After re-entering the ring medusa used a Guillotine Leg Drop and then finished this tough match. 7:41

4. Sweet Brown Sugar with Lovely Linda (mocking Brenda Britton) won by Count-Out over Jimmy Golden with Brenda Britton. During OOR Action Golden’s game became unglued. Brenda was arguing with Lovely Linda and Jimmy was taunted by the fans. Brenda, taking lessons from Luna, had a fire Extinguisher in hand and was going to spray foam. Linda pushed the hose and the stream hit Jimmy. Sweet Brown Sugar used the Press table as a launching pad and used a flying Dropkick to put Golden down. Sweet Brown Sugar beat the count and got back in the ring while Jimmy laid on the floor struggling to get up in the slippery foam. 5:53

5. The Grapplers (#1 & #2) won by Count-Out over The Nightmares (Danny Davis and Ken Wayne). This match poured OOR quickly and became a matter of who was who because all 4 wrestlers were masked. As long as a wrestler reached the ring to stop the count Referee Jimmy McGuire didn’t seem to be keeping track. Eventually though, Davis who was evidently the Blue Masked Nightmare was thrown from the ramp and barly moving in the music pit below. A Dirty Doubleteam on Ken Wayne followed so that both Nightmares were down OOR. One of the Grapplers made it back to the ring but who knows which one. The tape will have to be run back later but for now the Count-Out decision stands. 9:34

Buddy Colt Commissioner of CWF came to the ring and grabbed a microphone; “I will accept the decision of this last match knowing that Jimmy (Referee McGuire) did his best to keep track of who was who. I think none of us know for sure. I will contact the Commissioner of the NWA and request that these same two teams will meet next month a major show here in Florida. My stipulation will be that each wrestler’s mask will be clearly marked with a number.” The Grapplers listening from the back started verbal protests of “Unfair. You can’t do that to us.” Buddy answered; “It’s done.”

6. Terry Gordy with Michael Hayes; Asian Spike Submission over Angel of Death. This ended in an UNUSUAL RESULT. Gary Hart was his usual self interfering from the get-go. He made good use of his Loaded Boot to kick Terry in the Ribs or Head when he got close. Hart stuffed a Lead Pipe into his Wrestling Program that was rolled up. He took a swipe at Terry but missed and hit Angel. Michael Hayes too advantage of the confusion, jumped in the ring and used a DDT to down the totally dazed Angel. Gordy used a Big Fist Smash to Gary Hart sending him reeling from the Ring Apron. Terry applied the Spike that Referee Jimmy McGuire called a Submission on the KO’d Angel.. 7:49

7. Buddy Landell with Missy Hyatt; Skull Smasher Pin over Soul Train Jones. Jones took charge and was on his way to victory after using a Top Rope Dropkick and then a K.O. Punch barrage. Missy, panicked, used some spray perfume to Soul Train’s eyes as Referee Jimmy McGuire was down and dazedf rom a body smash. Landell took advantage of Soul’s tempera blindness by using a Brutal Chairshot. If that wasn’t enough, Buddy used the Ropes for Leverage to Pin Jones as Referee Jimmy McGuire woke. 8:53
Varner General Store and Varner Lumber presents;
NWA Mid-South Wresting (1982-85) on WVMC-TV Chan 17
Varner’s Grove – Frenchman Bend, MS Att: 1,636

Commentators; Joe Pedicino and Bonnie Blackstone
Referee; Sid Nabors Ring; Boyd Pierce

1. Killer Tim Brooks; Loaded Pad Elbow Drop Pin over Norvell Austin. Prior to the match, Austin was doing a promo in Cannoli Corner with George Vessichio talking about his newly formed “Pretty Young Things” team that he formed with Sweet Brown Sugar. Killer Brooks interrupted the promo tipping over some Flood lights and kicking a chair that smashed against Norvell’s leg. Killer Brooks had 100 points added to his total for this match. Norvell was able to gain some offense and stunned Brooks with a Diving Head Butt. Brooks, making good use of his Loaded Elbow Pad, smashed Norvell in the chops and then OOR threw a cup of beer in Austin’s face. Brooks caught Norvell in a Head Lock and turned it into a Skull Smasher after re-entering the ring. His illegal Loaded Pad finisher followed. 6:21

2. Exotic Adrian Street with Miss Linda; London Bridge Death Lock Submission over Ron Shaw. Miss Linda peeled the covering off the Turnbuckle and a few head smashed to the metal had Ron bleeding and close to blinded by blood. Adrian used a Running Skull Cracker to set up the finisher. 4:15

3. The Lock with Luna pinned Cowgirl Sue Green. This became a doubleteam match with Lock and Luna pulling out all the dirty weapons in their arsenal. Sue ended the match early after a Bulldog Head Lock Pin. Referee Sid Nabors missed the pin when he was distracted by Luna. Luna took advantage of a Lock distraction and actually smashed Sue over the head with a Blackjack. The Cowgirl was KO’d as Luna attacked with a Sharp Object and Lock used a Vicious Eye Ripper with her long fingernails. Lock hooked the leg for a pin before Referee Sid Nabors (who was being more than patient) called a DQ. 7:43

4. Eddie Gilbert with Missy Hyatt; Throw a fireball Pin over Tommy Lane. Lane was able to get a near pin after a Gourd Buster on Eddie but Missy sprayed perfume to Tommy’s eyes. She followed with a smash from her “Lady in waiting” (Loaded Handbag). Eddie followed with a Flying Cannonball and while Missy distracted Referee Sid Nabors (She lifted her dress to show her undies) Gilbert Threw the Fireball. 6:51

5. The Midnight Express (Dennis Condrey and Bobby Eaton) with Jim Cornette beat Rose/King (Pat Rose and Rocky King). Bobby Eaton; Alabama Jam (Diving Leg Drop) Pin over Rocky King. Rose was holding his own in the ring then tagged and as he left Condrey pulled him OOR and they brawled. The Dream machine came to ringside and smashed a Trash cam over Pat’s back. Eaton caught Rocky with a Swinging Neackbreaker and then the high flying finisher. 9:23

6. King Cobra; Cobra Strike (Flying Head Scissors) Pin over Chick Donovan. Cobra used a foreign Object to bludgeon Chick. Donovan fought back eventually using a Flying Knee smash that sent Cobra tumbling from the ring. As he re-entered the ring King Cobra smashed Chick in the head with a small wrech that he found next to the ring apron. Cobra used a Backward Head Slam that dazed Chick who became a victim of the Strike as he got to his feet. 6:10

7. Lumberjack Jos LeDuc with Jimmy Hart won by DQ over The Mongolian Stomper with Jim Cornette. Cornette used his tennis racket to smash Leduc while Jimmy Hart used his megaphone for several good smashes to the Stomper. Neither LeDuc nor the Stomper would would be phased much by the smashes. LeDuc seemed to be gaining an advantage and Cornette was looking worried. The Midnight Express wandered to the ring and then the Dream Machine joined Cornette’s coolies. Dutch mantel wandered to ringside to help Jimmy Hart. LeDuc caught the Stomper in a One Armed Backbreaker and The Dream machine immediately attacked in the ring. The Express followed as The Stomper was screaming for The Lumberjack to let go. Referee Sid Nabors called the DQ but the submission was clear. 8:18
Goober’s Tire Mart & Bologna Joe’s Meat Market presents;
NWA Mid-South Wrestling (1982-85) on WMC-TV Chan 5
Recreation Hall – Ripley, TN Att: 1,202

Commentators; Lance Russell and Dave Brown
Referee; Jerry Calhoun Ring; Ed Caprel

1. Buddy Roberts; Swinging Neckbreaker Pin over Rusty Brooks. Rusty was able to hold his own and even used his Lone Star Bomb but Buddy was able to avoid the pin. The quicker Roberts used a Flying Elbow Smash to set up the eventual finisher. 4:26

2. Ricky Morton; High Flying Dropkicks Pin over Pretty Boy Carl Fergie. Fergie who gained points for being hated by the fans used a Trash can to nearly put away Morton OOR. Back in the ring Fergie tried his Running power Slam but the speedy Morton turned the move into a near Roll-Up Pin. Ricky used a Flying Missile Shot and then his Rock and Roll finisher to end the match. 4:52

3. Sherri Martel; Cobra Clutch Submission over Princess Victoria. Victoria’s chance came after she hooked in the Indian Death Lock but Sherri was able to get her foot on the ropes. Sherri slugged Victoria with a Loaded Fist (Coins???) and then used a Guillotine Leg Drop to set up the Submission. The Princess was KO’s so Jerry Calhoun called the match. 6:45

4. The Dream Machine with Jim Cornette; Running Skull Cracker Pin over The Blond Bomber Art Crews. Crews who had gained no fan support lately because of his rough style was able to hook the machine in for a Brainbuster but Cornette made use of his Tennis racket on Crews skull. The Machine followed with a Knee Lift to the Mid-Section and then the finisher. The fans didn’t care who won this match but were treated to some good action. The fans were chanting “loser” to Cornette during the match referring to his ongoing feud with Jimmy Hart who is leading in the 5 match series 2-0. Next month they will meet again and if Cornette loses he will have to go home to Mama for a month leaving no one to manage his stable. 5:10

5. The Fabulous Ones (Steve Keirn and Stan Lane) beat The Arkansas Brawlers (Moondog Moretti and wild Bill Ash) with Timekeeper Mike George. Keirn; Flying Gutbuster Pin over Moretti. The Fabs had all they could handle with this rough and tumble team. Ash was using his bag of nasty tricks to keep his team in the match; Choke with TV Cord and a Sadistic use of a Sharp Object were part of his arsenal. OOR Mike George used a Trash Can Smash and then slammed Keirn to the ringside steps. Lane, who was bleeding from the forehead climbed the ropes and used a Top Rope Body Press on Moondog then tagged to Keirn who set up the finish with a Slingshot Catapault. After the pin Mike George complained to Referee Jerry Calhoun that Lane was the legal man and that the legality got mixed up. Tapes showed later that George was right but that Ash was also the legal man. 11:34

6. Togo Yammamoto; Stomach Vice Submission over Chief Frank Hill. Hill clearly had the advantage and finally used his War Dance Cops and Knee Lifts to put Togo down and pin him. Referee Jerry Calhoun missed what was a good 10 count when Mike George wouldn’t leave ringside and was still arguing. Togo took advantage after kicking out and smashed a micro phone over Hill’s head. Yammamoto threw Salt to the Chief’s eyes and then hooked in an Asian face Vice before using the Stomach Vice Submission as Calhoun finally got back to the match. The salt blinded Chief had to submit. 6:42

7. Superstar Bill Dundee with Jerry “King” Lawler; Small Package Pin over Maniac Matt Borne. This was like a handicap match with Borne constantly fighting Dundee and Lawler. Lawler used the corner to choke out Matt with his forearms and holding him for some body smashes by Dundee. Lawler also used a Thumbscrew to the Throat and a Vicious Double Rope Burn. Dundee meanwhile had a chair but somehow Borne reversed the Chairshot smashing The Superstar in the skull. Borne then lifted Dundee for a finishing Backbreaker Slam but Lawler reached in and tripped Matt. Dundee had enough left in the tank to roll Borne into a Small Package. 10:03
Newark Grille and Johnson Clothing presents;
TNA Impact (2013-14) on Spike TV
Civic Center Auditorium – Knoxville, TN Att: 3,968

Commentators; Professor Mike Tenay and Taz
Referees; Earl & Brian Hebner Woman; O.D.B. Ring; Christy Hemme

1. The Family (Jesse Godderz and Rudy Switchblade) with Tara and Trailer Park Pride (Trailer Park Trash and Elvis Pridemore); Double Count-Out. The Junk Cart came into use during OOR Action. While Jesse and Rudy used a chair and a Trash Can as weapons, Trailer and Elvis were using a Rusty Tailpipe and Bicycle Handlebars. I became apparent that the wrestlers didn’t care about making it back to the ring. When Trailer Park Trash hit Rudy Switchblade with a bottle of Jack Daniels, Security came out in droves to prevent further damage. 8:49

2. Chris Sabin; Future Shock(Crossed Leg Fisherman Buster) Pin over Raul LaMotta. Raul along with his nasty attitude had a piece of wire that he continually used to try and choke out Chris. During OOR Action Sabin reverse an attempted Steel Steps Smash. LaMotta’s head slammed into the steps causing a bad gash. Back in the ring Sabin used a Flying Dropkick to set up the pin. 4;35

3. Alex Silva and Shiloh Jonze; Double Count-Out. During OOR Action Jonze took advantage of using everything not nailed down to try and smash Silva. He had a Folded Steel Chair and used the top edge as a ramming weapon. Silva countered with a silva Surfer (Running High Knee). Earl Hebner’s very slow count reached 10 and he called the match. 4;23

4. Woman’s Shimmer Match - Leva Bates; Flying Legdrop Pin over Madison Eagles. Madison appeared to have the advantage and climbed the ropes for an Soaring Eagle (Springboard Moonsault). The speedy Bates was able to move at the last minute and Madison crashed to the empty canvas. As eagles got to her feet dazed, leva used a Superhero Kick and then her finisher to end the match. 6:16

5. Wes Brisco with Garrett Bischoff won by Count-Out over Jerry Lynn. Lynn used a Tornado DDT that pretty much KO’d Brisco but before the pin Bischoff pulled Lynn by his legs from the ring. Lyn was fighting with Garrett OOR when Knux came down and smashed Lynn with a Chain KO’ing him. Brisco was still dazed in the ring when he was awarded the win. 6:43

6. Hernandez; Border Toss (Power Slam) Pin over Anarquia with Sarita. Hernandez got a big ovation giving him extra points on his total. As the match started going bad for Anarquia, Sarita tried to used Pepper Spray to Hernandez’s eyes. She missed when O.D.B. near ringside pushed her and Anarquia got the nasty stream. Hernandez took advantage and pushed his former partner into the corner for a Diving Splash and then used his Borger Toss finisher. The crowd was on their feet cheering their approval. 6:28

7. Main Event Mafia (Sting and Samoa Joe) with Kurt Angle and Aces and Eights I (DOC and Knux); Double Count-Out. This was not destined to reach a finish in the ring unless an electric fence held them in. A Vicious Doubleteam throwing of Samoa Joe to the concrete floor cost the Mafia quite a number of points. The match went OOR and it became a vicious Brawl. Chains from Aces and Eights along with chairs and a table were thrown. Members of the A & E Gang came out; Devon, Bishoff, Briscoe and Bully Ray while Mr. Anderson and Magnus joined to help the Mafia. 10:43

8. Cowboy James Storm and Austin Aires; Double DQ. In an UNUSUAL ENDING the match that had gone OOR got very nasty when Aires used a rusty tailpipe kicked under the ring earlier to smash Storm in the head. Storm countered with a chair and a metal step stool. Aires threw a cup from the commentator’s table and it his Brian Hebner in the head. Earl Hebner immediately jumped in the ring and called the match. 9:16
D & A Flaming Ribs and Barrett Stetsons presents;
TNA Impact Wrestling (2012-13)
Taylor County Coliseum – Abilene, TX Att: 3,612

Commentators; Jason Gentry and Dixie Carter
Referees; Brian Stiffler & Brian Hebner
Woman Ref; Taryn Terrell Ring; Taeler Hendrix

1. Alex Shelly; Frog Splash Pin over Joe Colman. Coleman gained points when he verbally attacked Ring Announcer Taeler Hendrix. Coleman wanted Taeler to announce that he is Mr. Attitude and she left out the title. Shelly unimpressed used a Shell Shock STO to set up the pin and then used his high flying finisher. It was curtains for Mr. Attitude. 4;15

2. Vordell Walker; 450° Splash Pin over Adam Revolver. Adam tried his best to gain an edge and eventually retrieved a Trash Can. Vordell dropkicked the can into Revolver’s face while Adam was holding it. Walker followed with a Brainbuster and then the finisher. 5:26

3. Brook Tessmaker; Tess-Shocker (Belly to Back Facebuster) Pin over Brittany DeVore. It was all downhill for Brittany after she missed a Spash on the Ropes and crashed through the ropes to the floor below. As Brittany re-entered the ring Brook used a Diving Elbow Drop and then her finisher to end the match. 4:52

4. Ironman Rob Conway; Fists of Iron (Hands of Stone) Pin over Amazing Red. Conway was dazed after a 718 Tiger Feint Kick and chose to retreat OOR. He reached in and pulled Red out with him. OOR is more to Conway’s suit and he found a piece of lumber to whack Amazing across the back. Rob used the Guard Rail to smash Red’s head several times. Back in the ring, Conway used his Fists of Iron and then threw what looked like a Sawed off Spike, that was hidden in his fist, into the crowd. 5:29

5. Bad Boy Bobby Dempsey; Cobra Clutch Bulldog Pin over King Mo. Dempsey who prides himself in being nasty got no reaction from the Texas fans and he was a bit irritated. He grabbed the microphone and quickly blamed Ring Announcer Taeler Hendrix for not introducing him so the fans would know who they about to see; “I am the Big Bad Boy from Hell’s Kitchen in Jersey.” Dempsey lost some points from his total but he managed to get the fans booing. Dempsey had a sharp Object and King Mo took a bad cut on his forehead. Blinded by the blood Mo became victim of a Death Valley Driver and was set up for Dempsey’s finisher. 6:15

6. TNA Security (Gunner and Murphy) beat Jersey Shore (Robbie E and Joey Ryan). As usual Ryan and Robbie E constantly interfered but they went to the well once too often. As Murphy was being held by Robbie E, Ryan tried to use a bottle of Hair Tonic to smash Murphy in the head. Murphy reversed the move and used a Brainbuster on Robbie E. Gunner hit Joey with a Running Knee lift and then after the tag used a Spinebuster to pin Robbie E. 11:56

7. X-Division Title – Matt Morgan won by DQ over Colt Cabana with Daffney. Morgan interrupted Colt’s interview in Cannoli Corner with George Vessichio. Cabana stormed off the set with the cameras still rolling for the TV promotion. During the match Cabana tried to use a Trash can to hit Morgan but was greeted by a Carbon Footprint as he entered the ring. Daffney, knowing the end result, jumped on Referee Brian Stiffler to prevent the pin. Matt Morgan retains the X-Division Title. 7:23

8. CAGE MATCH – Bully Ray; Pin and Escape win over Mr. Anderson. After the introductions DOC and Knux came to ringside prepared to take care of business. They had Chains, Wire Cutters and a Ball Pein Hammer. Referee Brian Hebner stopped them and sent them back to their hideout. It didn’t prevent Knux from cutting few of the wires on the cage wall while Hebner was jawing with DOC. Anderson not only held his own during the match but he had the advantage when he climbed the cage wall for a leap onto the downed Bully Ray. Referee Hebner got KO’d during the action so Doc and Knux shook the cage wall causing Mr. Anderson to crash to the canvas below. Bully Ray got hold of the Ball Pein Hammer through the hole in the cage and hit Mr. Anderson over the head. As Referee Hebner woke, Bully pinned Mr. Anderson and then climbed to victory. 15:56
The Cat’s Meow and Purdue Lumber presents;
TNA-Impact Wrestling (2012-13)
NIU Convention Center – Dekalb, IL Att: 4,288

Commentators; Prof Mike Tenay and Jeremy Boarsh
Referees; Earl Hebner and Tommy Dreamer Ring; Christy Hemme

1. Ethan Carter III with Rockstar Spud; One Percenter (Headlock Driver Pin over Paredyse. Paredyse, The World’s Most Beautiful Wrestler, had his Paresytes out in droves here at Northern Illinois U. He brought them to their feet when he hit EC III with a Flying Missile Shot and would have clearly had the pin except that Rockstar Spud lifted Ethan’s leg to the ropes. After Spud poked Paredyse in the eyes EC III slammed the Beautiful One’s head to the post several times. He then hooked in the headlock and applied his finisher. 4:25

2. Shimmer Match – Rain (Payton Banks); Rain Drop DDT Pin over Christina Von Eerie. Von Eerie, who is billed from Spook City U.S.A., had a Hidden bag of Graveyrad Dirt that she used to throw in Rain’s eyes. Von Eerie then used her Graveyard Smash (Underhook Facebuster) for an attempted pin. Rain was able to kick out and then gain the upper hnd with a Acid rain Driver. Rain applied her finisher to end the match. 6:15

3. Tyson Tomko with King Kenny Bolin and James Thomas; No Contest. Bolin Service’s Stable stared wandering to the ring. Jack Black then The Beast Glen Osborne and Flash Flanagan. Paredyse came to r8ingside with Dylan Bostic and Randy Terrez to protect Thomas. It didn’t take long for a Pier 6 Brawl to break out. Earl Hebner called the match unsure of the culprits though Bolin Services was clearly the initial instigator. 5:11

4. Ink, Inc (Shannon Moore and Jesse Neal) beat Goodfellas (Eddie Kingston and Craig Steele) with Mo Green. Jesse Neal pinned Eddie Kingston. The speed of Ink bothered the Goodfellas so some chicanery was used. Kingston held Neal and Steele was going to hit him with a suspected loaded fist (Coins???). Shannon Moore ran in the ring, grabbed Steele by the neck and performed a Running Skull Smasher that KO’d Craig. Mo Green sensing a reversal jumped in the ring and tried to hit Neal with a Blackjack. Neal ducked and Kingston took the blow. Neal fell on the KO’d Kingston for the pin. 10:54

5. Joseph Park, Esq. pinned Garrett Bishoff with Wes Brisco. Brisco retreated to the stage area where Knux was waiting. Knux gave Brisco a Biker Chain. Back to the ring the match was not going well for Garrett who was unable to handle Park’s weight advantage. Brisco used the chain to smash Park in the head but was unable to get a 2nd smash because Eric Young ran to the ring and pulled Brisco from the Ring Apron. Meanwhile Park stared feeling and then looking at the blood from his forehead. His face changed and he stared looking like a confused madman. Park used a Black Hole Slam on Bischoff for the Pin and then repeated the move. As the confused Park was leaving the ring Brisco was getting up from a Bodyslam that Eric Young used. The transformed Park grabbed Brisco and used a Shock Treatment (Sitout Backbreaker) to Wes on the cement floor. Bischoff and Brisco were taken away on stretchers. 6:14

6. Scott Steiner; Super Samoan Drop Pin over Pope D’Angelo Dinero. The Pope used his Double Knee Face Breaker to stun Scott but Scott countered with a Loaded (steel???) Knee Smash. As the Pope went down Steiner followed with a Knee Drop to the Throat that left Dinaro gasping for air. Steiner finished with his devastating Samoan Drop. 5:51

7. Kurt Angle; Ankle Lock Submission over Carlito Colon with Rosita. Kurt had an answer for Carlito’s moves so Rosita tried some Oven Spray to Kurt’s eyes. She managed to hit Carlito who was also hit with a Body Smash by Angle. Kurt used a Guillotine Leg Drop on the fallen Colon and then hooked in the Ankle Lock. 8:08

8. TNA TAG TITLE – Bad Influence (Christopher Daniels and Kazarian)(Challengers) beat Caribbean Crunch (Chavo Guerrero Jr. and Hernandez)(Champions). Daniels; Best Moonsault Ever Pin over Chavo. Anarquia came to ringside as this fairly even match progressed. He assaulted Hernandez taking him out of his corner causing Hernandez to fight back and lose his concentration on the match. The 200 points lost from the Crunch total would spell doom for the Champions. Kazarian used a Loaded fist (wrench??) to smash Chavo in the chops and then Daniels showed off his Moonsault on the KO’s Chavo. Bad Influence is the NEEEEEEEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWWWWWWW TNA Tag Team Champions. 12:36
Mr. Thomas Chop House and Jury’s Cabaret presents;
TNA Wrestling (2012-13) on Spike-TV
Velodrome – Manchester, England Att: 5,476

Commentators; Prof Mike Tenay, Tazz & George Vessichio
Referees; Steve Lindski & Shane Sewell Ring; Taryn Terrell

1. The Flatliners (Matt Burns and Asylum beat The Nigerian Nightmares (Maifu and Saifu). Burns; Top Rope Dive pin over Saifu. The flatliners had a hard time handling The Nightmare who weigh in at close to 900 pounds as a team. Saifu had Burns lined up for an Elephant Charge (Corner Splash) but Referee Steve Lindski got distracted for a moment which was long enough for Asylum to use Brass Nucks to Saifu’s jaw. Saifu crashed to the canvas and Burns used his High Flying Dive to finish the match. 8:16

2. Robbie E and Randy Royal; Double Count-Out. During OOR Action both wrestlers fell from the ramp into the pit below. Neither wrestler was able to recover enough to head back to the ring. 3:52

3. T.J. Perkins (Manik); Rolling Moonsault Pin over Rudy Switchblade. Rudy was able to hurt Manik a little as he used kicks to the body and head. Manik shook off the illegal moves and demonstrated some high flying attack. Rudy got frustrated and pushed a folded steel chair on the ring canvas. Unfortunately for Rudy the intended move backfired. Manik came off the top rope with a Suicide Leap catching the back of Rudy’s head and ramming his forehead onto the steel chair. The Moonsault followed for the pin. 5:29

4. Motor City Machine Guns (Alex Shelly and Chris Sabin) and The Beasts (Flash Flanagan and Glen Osborne) with King Kenny Bolin; Double Count-Out. This became an ugly OOR Brawl with everything thrown. The Beast Osborne should have been DQ’d for using his Chain but Sabin countered by smashing a Barrel over Flanagan’s back. The teams fought up the ramp and into the food court where almost every piece of equipment was thrown or turned over. The count was long gone. 10:25

5. KO Title – Kelly Kelly (Champion) with Taylor Wilde and Rosita (Challenger) with Sarita; No Contest. It didn’t take long for this match to get out of control. Sarita entered the ring with a bottle so Taylor entered the ring to protect Kelly. Referee Steve Linski was unable to keep track of who was responsible for what as a few chairs were in the ring and even the Gong-Bell was on the Ring Apron. Lindski called the match in favor of neither wrestler. Kelly Kelly retains the JKO Title. 9:23

6. Joey Ryan won by Count-Out over Lance Hoyt. Robbie E came to ringside to assist Joey. During OOR Action Robbie got into the physical action. Hoyt was Doubleteamed and thrown over the Guard Rail. Joey Ryan scooted back to the ring as Robbie E continued to fight with Lance after Lance was attempting to get back. 5:53

7. Jay Lethal; Lethal Moonsault Pin over Zema Ion. In an Unusual Finish Robbie E came to ringside to continue his irritating ways. During OOR Action he help Zema smash Jay’s head to the Steel Ringside Steps. After re-entering the ring Zema hit Jay with a Flying Dropkick that seemed to be curtains on the bleeding Lethal. Robbie E, trying to add insult to injury, was going to hit Jay in the head with a beer bottle. Lance Hoyt came to ringside, grabbed the bottle and smashed Robbie E in the head then reached in the ring and hit Zema in the skull. Jay was dazed but had enough left to climb the ropes for the Moonsault that ended this action packed match. 12:41

8. A.J. Styles; Superman (450° Splash) Pin over Magnus. Magnus is hated in spite of being from England. He grabbed the microphone; “Manchester stinks. I come from King’s Lynn and we flush Manchester down the toilet because that’s where it belongs. By the way the Manchester United Football Team smells as bad as every one of you fans.” This worked the fans into real anti-Magnus mood. Magnus was able to mount some offense in the match and used a MDD (Magnus Driver) to gain a near pin. Magnus somehow got hold of a cup of beer from a fan (disguised Robbie E?????) and brought it into the ring. A Flying Gutbuster by A.J. sent Magnus reeling across the ring and the beer all over the canvas. Magnus slipped ion the wet canvas as A.J. was climbing to use his Superman. The crowd was on their feet with approval. 13:26
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