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Frank Coutinho's UQ Wrestling Results
The Happy Octopus and Techno Union presents;
NWA Wrestling (1982-5)
Civic Center – Ashville, NC Att: 7,560

Commentators; Bob Caudle & Ray Reeve
Referees; Lucky Roberts & Ron West Ring; Bill Harvin

1. Rockin Robin; The Bulldog Pin over Peggy Lee Leathers with Chainsaw Liz Chase. Chainsaw Liz had an aerosol can of hair spray but it was empty. Robin took the can and smashed Liz in the head while Peggy tried desperately to get out of the ropes that she was hooked. She used a Top Rope Dropkick to set up Peggy Lee for the finish. 7:43

2. Flamboyant Eric Embry and Rusty Brooks; Double Count-Out. During OOR Action, Eric used a Cranium Cracker on the floor to pretty much finish Rusty. As Eric started back for the ring, Joe Turko ran out and slammed a chair over Embry’s head. (Note – Rusty Brooks and Joe Turko have teamed at smaller shows as The Noblemen and are looking to bring their ??? talent to the larger venues.) 4:37

3. The Sheik with Abdullah Farouk; Camel Clutch Submission over Chick Donovan. Chick was up against it in this match. Farouk distracted Referee Lucky Roberts while The Sheik threw a Fireball. He followed that with a Running face Smash and then was stabbed several times with a pencil. After the submission Chick was taken away on a stretcher. 5:14

4. Jake “Snake” Roberts with Precious Paul Ellering won by Count-Out over Mr. Wrestling II. During OOR Action Mr. Wrestling II used a falling Knee crunch to gain a small advantage but it was short lived when Ellering kicked Mr. Wrestling II in the masked face. Ellering followed that with a smash from his Loaded Wall St. Journal. Roberts was able to use a DDT on the ramp and get back to the ring. 8:39

5. Killer Khan with Playboy Garry Hart; Green Mist Pin over Cowboy Scott Casey. Casey had beef in this match because he pinned Khan twice. Once with a Head Rammer to the Corner Post and then with a Running Jack Hammer. Gary Hart continually distracted Lucky Roberts who missed both pins. Gart Hart used a Loaded Boot to Casey’s ribs and then Khan hit Cowboy with the Green Spit. He followed with a Punch to the Throat and a Backward Head Slam. 7:35

6. The Desperados (Black Bart and Outlaw Ron Bass) with J.J. Dillon beat the Freebirds (Buddy Roberts and Terry Gordy) with Michael Hayes. Ron Bass; Texas Gourd Buster Pin over Buddy Roberts. Bart used his Branding Iron to blindside KO Michael Hayes. Gordy got into a brawl with Bart OOR. J.J. Dillon handed bass some Brass Nucks to use on Roberts chops. The match was a confusing mess. 13:12

7. Maddog Buzz Sawyer with Kevin Sullivan and Luna pinned Blackjack Mulligan. Mulligan was in charge when he used a Falling Fist Smash and then hooked in The Dreaded Claw. Sawyer appeared to tap out but the less than attentive Referee Lucky Roberts didn’t call it. Luna was distracting Lucky as Kevin ran in the ring with a shovel he found under the ring and hit Mulligan over the head. Blackjack was out cold. 9:25

8. NWA Heavyweight Title – Superstar Billy Graham (Champion) won by DQ over Abdullah the Butcher (Challenger) with Oliver Humperdink. Abdullah, not surprising, had a Hidden Sharp Object that he tried to use to cut Graham but was not really successful. Graham used Karate Chops and an Atomic Skull Crusher to down the Butcher probably for the pin but Humperdink ran in the ring to save his madman. Referee Ron West Immediately called for the bell. Superstar Graham retains the NWA Title. 11:56
King Karl’s Peaches and Buzz sawyer Tours presents;
NWA Wrestling (1982-85) 1-1-14
The Coliseum – Macon, GA Att: 8,474

Commentators; Stan Rhodes & Freddie Miller
Referees; Scappy McGowan & Bobby Simmons Ring; Tom Miller

1. Misty Blue Sims; The Superfly Pin over Chainsaw Liz Chase with Peggy Lee Leathers. Leathers tripped Liz by mistake after Liz got in one of her few moves, a Head Rammer, leading to Sims displaying her ability. Sims used a Corkscrew Dive and then a Slingshot Suplex to set up the flying finish. 6:34

2. Hangman Bobby Jaggers with Paul Jones; Elbow Drop Pin over Nobleman Joe Turko. The crowd hated Jaggers and Jones and entertained with a loud chorus of boos. Most of the boos were for Jones who had been a hero to these fans several years ago. Turko put on a show of running and hiding but was finally caught by Jaggers who used a reverse Neckbreaker to set up the pin. 3:39

3. Rip “Crippler” Oliver and Pat Rose; Double Count-Out. During OOR Action Oliver used a Piledriver on Rose while fighting on the ramp. Crippler tried to push Pat to the pit below but his foot got caught with Rose’s and both wrestlers fell crashing heavily to the floor of the pit. Neither was capable of getting back to the ring to beat the count. 5:55

4. Gorgeous Jimmy Garvin pinned Dirty Dick Slater with Paul Jones. During the height of the action Jones reached in to hit Garvin with a Loaded (Roll of Coins) Fist and hit Slater by mistake. Jimmy fell on for the pin as the crowd went wild when Paul Jones put his hands to his head in shock. 7:28

5. Kendo Nagasaki with Oliver Humperdink; Samurai Kick Pin over Konga the Barbarian with Percy Pringle. Percy had a can of Pringle Potato Chips that he tried to use as a weapon for a smash. As he swung the can the lid came open and a Blackjack fell to the floor outside the ring. Referee Scrappy McGowan failed to see the infraction. Konga used a Trash Can to slow Nagasaki down but fell from the ring apron through the ropes in a quick attempt to get rid of the Trash can. As Konga re-entered the ring he was greeted with a spray of Green Spit and then an Asian Spike (Thumb ) to the Throat. Kendo used his finishing kick as Konga got to his feet. (This match was set up when Konga grabbed a kendo Stick from Nagasaki, in a match last month with Bugsy McGraw. In an attempt to hit Bugsy Konga hit Nagasaki then threw the Kendo Stick down on Nagasaki’s fallen body. The disregard led to this match and this match may take the feud to a fever pitch. The fans, not knowing who to favor seem to be leaning to Kendo Nagasaki. 10:14

6. Road Warriors (Animal and Hawk) won by Count-Out over Army of Darkness (Kevin Sullivan and Purple Haze) with Luna and Lock. During OOR Action, that was an out of control Brawl, Luna had a Fire Extinguisher and prayed foam on the wrestlers. The foam went everywhere covering not only the Warriors but Sullivan and Haze. Somehow Sullivan was able to throw a Fireball but it blinded Purple Haze who was kicked by Animal in the face and his momentum carried him over the Guard Rail. Hawl was choking Sullivan with a TV Cord while Lock was on Hawk’s back. Animal ran back in the ring to pick up some Brass Nucks dropped by Sullivan that Luna was also trying to get. As Animal entered the ring Referee Bobby Simmons very slow count reached 10. The Warriors were declared the winners. Actually the legal man was Hawk. 16:16

7. NWA Tag Title – Cobra Corps (Don Kernodle and Jim Nelson) (Challengers) with Sgt. Slaughter beat the Super Destroyers (#1 & #2) with Skandor Akbar. Don Kernodle pinned Super Destroyer #1. Akbar watched in horror as time and again The Cobra Corps had The Champions in trouble. Several near pins and Akbar motioned to the backstage where One man Gang was doing a promotion. The Gang came to ringside but kept a safe distance to not be sent backstage by Referee Scappy McGowan. During a distraction by Akbar to McGowan One Man Gang came to the ring apron and swung his chain just as Sgt. Slaughter pushed him. The Chain hit Super Destroyer #1 in the forehead KO’ing him. Kernodle covered for the pin as Referee Scrappy McGowan turned to see the action. The Cobra Corps is the NEEEEEEWWWWWWW NWA Tag Champions. 11:54

8. Ric Flair pinned Ted DiBiase. DiBiase was in control as he used a Falling Face Wrecker than stunned Flair and would have been a pin if Paul Jones, who had been at the Commentator’s Table, wasn’t distracting Referee Bobby Simmons. The match evenutally went OOR where Flair used a Smash to Steel Steps to slow down DiBiase. Jones got up from his seat again. This time he used a Small Lead Pipe to hit DiBiase over the head. Flair pushed Ted back in the ring and pinned him using the corner post for leverage. Flair, who was bleeding from a forehead gash, took no chances. 10:07
Cafe Florian and The Birdcage presents;
NWA Wrestling (1982-85)
Convention Center – Miami Beach, FL Att: 9,816

Commentators; Gordie Solie and Buddy Colt
Referees; Jack Howe & Jimmy McGuire Ring; Barbara Clary

1. The Slam Patrol (Velvet McIntyre and Princess Victoria) beat Daughters of Darkness (Luna and The Lock) with Kevin Sullivan. Princess Victoria; Indian Death Hold Submission over The Lock. Sullivan tried to throw a Fireball but Luna, in an attempt to smash a bottle to Victoria’s head, hit Kevin on the backswing. Velvet and Victoria used a Double Suplex on Luna then the Princess set up The Lock using a Skull Crusher. 11:56

2. Pretty Boy Larry Sharp won by Count-Out over Freebird Michael Hayes. In an Unusual fluke ending the action went OOR where The Lock was arguing with Barbara Clary. As the action got close The Lock used Pepper Spray to Hayes’ eyes then Sharp grabbed the microphone and smashed Michael in the skull. Sharp was thrilled with the win but ran at full speed to the backstage as Hayes woke up. 4:13

3. Crazy Luke Graham with Paul Jones; Bandaged Thumb Sunmission over Johnny Mantel. Graham pulled all the moves from his bag of tricks to beat down the game Mantel. During OOO Action Graham smashed Mantel’s head to the Guard Rail and then used the rail to choke out Johnny. Back in the ring Crazy Luke used a Grinding face Claw and a Smash to the head with a Steel Chair. Mantel was KO’d as Luke snuck in the Bandaged Thumb. Referee Jack Howe saw the loss of breath by Johnny and called the match. (Note – Crazy Luke Graham used the bandaged Thumb for both a Pin or a Submission but he had to keep it hidden). 5:39

4. Maniac Matt Borne won by DQ over Bad Boy Bobby Duncum with Percy Pringle. Borne caught Duncum with a Elbow Smash to the throat and followed with a Gourd Buster. As the dizzy Duncum got to his feet, Pringle tossed him some Brass Nucks. Referee Jimmy McGuire saw the infraction and immediately called the match. 7:42

5. Terry Taylor; Sunset Flip Pin over Angel of Death with Playboy Gary Hart. Angel used Vicious Choke Holds whenever possible but was slowed down OOR when his head was cracked open on the Guard Rail. Hart tried to kick Terry in the ribs with a Loaded Boot but kicked Angel by mistake. The worn down Angel od death finally succumbed to Terry’s finisher. 6:56

6. The Sheepherders (Butch Miller and Luke Williams) with Lord Jonathan Boyd beat the Nightmares (Danny Davis and Ken Wayne). This was text book Sheepherders at their best or worse depending on your point of view. Butch Miller; Battering Ram Pin over Ken Wayne. Williams had a small piece of Barbed Wire that he used to cause a gash to Danny’s Forehead. Rip Morgan and jack Victory were at ringside and used a Doubleteam Skull Smasher to the OOP floor on Davis after he tagged out. Butch was in the ring with Ken Wayne when Lord Boyd hit Wayne with a Flag Pole while Butch was being held back from entering the ring by Referee Jack Howe. The damage had been done. 13:10

7. Ivan Koloff with Paul Jones pinned Dusty Rhodes. Dusty had Ivan in trouble after hitting him with a Bionic Elbow but Crazy Luke Graham was at ringside with Jones and he smashed Ivan’s chain over Dusty’s head. Dusty crumbled to the canvas. 8:36

8. Florida Heavyweight Title – Wahoo McDaniel won by DQ over The Spoiler with Playboy Gary Hart. Wahoo used a Double Underhook DDT after a War dance to set up the pin but Gary Hart ran in and pushed Referee Jimmy McGuire in desperation. McGuire call the match. The Spoiler retains the Florida Heavyweight Title. 10:21
Rosie’s Bar and Homer’s Brewery presents;
NWA Wrestling - Deep South (1982-85)
Civic Center – Mobile, AL Att: 9.152

Commentators; Jess McGrath and Boyd Pierce
Referees; Speedy Hatfield & Burrhead Jones Ring; Charlie Pratt

1. Mr. Ito and Art Crews “The Blond Bomber”; Double Count-Out. Art, whose attitude has turned a bit nasty as of late, heard some cheering from a group of S. Alabama U. students. OOR Action turned into a Brawl with both wrestlers throwing chairs and trying to slam each other on a table. Last seen Ito and Crews were heading to the backstage armed with steel chairs. 5:41

2. The Grapplers (#1 and #2) won by Count-Out over The Zambaui Express (Elijah Akeem and Kareem Muhammad). During OOR Action Elijah Akeem fell from the ramp into the pit below and was unable to recover. Kareem body slammed Grappler #1 through a table disabling him. Grappler #2 snuck back to the ring and the Grapplers were declared the winners but Referee Burrhead Jones lost track and Grappler #1 was the legal man. 9:16

3. Bugsy McGraw won by DQ over The Great Kabuki with Playboy Gary Hart. Bugsy would have pinned Kabuki after hitting him with a devastating Splash but Gary Hart enetered the ring to prevent the pin. Hart pushed Referee Speedy Hatfield out of the way. Hatfield immediately called for the pin. Bugsy who was irritated smashed Gary Hart to the chops as the fans cheered him on. 4:16

4. New Zealand Militia (Rip Morgan and Jack Victory) with Lord Jonathan Boyd and Pretty Young Things (Norvell Austin and Sweet Brown Sugar); Double Count-Out. During OOR Action the teams, especially the Militia, had little regard for the count. Jonathan Boyd hit Sweet Brown Sugar with the Flag Pole and The Militia threw Norvell Austin over the Guard Rail into the 1st row. Somehow Austin recovered to come back with a vendor tray and smash Victory but Norvell was stopped in his tracks when Rip Morgan smashed a trash can over his back. The PYT were both carried out on stretchers. 11:08

5. Killer Tim Brooks with Timekeeper Mike George pinned Crusher Jerry Blackwell. Blackwell used a Diving Body Splash to set Killer up for the pin. Mike George took advantage of a distraction by Wild Bill Ash to smash a chair over Blackwell’s head. Brooks who was still dazed knew enough to use his Loaded Elbow Pad for a Falling Smash to Jerry’s head. As Referee Speedy Hatfield turned to see the action Wild Bill Ash held the ropes for leverage as Brooks pinned Blackwell. Brooks, Ash and Mike George beat on Blackwell until Bugsy McGraw ran out to chase them off. 5:33

6. Lord Humongous with Downtown Bruno used a Roll of Coins to Smash and Pin Billy Jack. Billy Jack caught Humongous in a Full Nelson and it seemed as though the big Lord would have to submit but Bruno found a 2 x 4 under the ring and used it to smash Billy in the back of the legs while Brenda Britton helped distract Referee Burrhead Jones. Humongous wasted no time in using a Falling Hammer and then a Roll of Coins to end the match.

7. NWA TV Title – Hustler Rip Rogers (Challenger) with Brenda Britton won by Count-Out over Rugged Ronnie Garvin (Champion). Brenda was her usual irritating self. She threw cola into Ronnie’s face, Sprayed perfume that missed his eyes and even tried a Crotch Claw. Garvin had enough of Brenda and chased her up the ramp. As Ronnie reached to tp of the ramp, Lord Humongous came out and hit Ronnie with a Smashing Forearm. He then picked up Garvin for a Chokeslam. Rogers was declared the winner so he grabbed the Belt an ran off. Ronnie Garvin retains the TV Title (in spite of Rip Rogers temporarily holding the belt.) 9:45

8. Boot Camp Match – Sgt. Slaughter pinned Bruiser Brody. This match was vicious with both wrestlers not holding back. Bruiser had a near pin with a Jumping Knee Drop but the Sarge countered by smashing a Helmet to Bruiser’s head. Slaughter had a military Bely that he used to choke out Brody and put a gash in his forehead with the buckle. Brody countered with a canteen that had been tied to the turnbuckle. Several smashed with the canteen and Slaughter was also bleeding. A Boot Stomp to the head and chest by Slaughter on Brody and a Wicked Kick to the Groin with a Military Boot final put Brody down for keeps. Slaughter collapsed after the pin and both wrestlers were carried out by the MASH Unit. 24:56
Good Time Charlie’s and Pretzel Twister presents;
NWA-Global Mid-South Wrestling (1982-85)
Bancord South Arena – Tupelo, MS Att: 9,284

Commentators; Joe Pedicino and Bonnie Blackstone
Referees; Alfred Neely & Tony Torres Ring; Susan Starr

1. Soul Train Jones all decked out like Uncle Sam; Backroll Press Pin over Wildman Mike Boyette. The Wildman used his usual comical tactics and delaying techniques and yelling; “Two in a Row” referring to a tainted win over Larry Sharp in his last match. As thw Wildman turned around he was hit with a Top Rope Dropkick that set up the pin. 4:37

2. Buddy Landell with Missy Hyatt; Figure Four Submission over Pretty Boy Carl Fergie. Fergie lifted Buddy for a Running power slam but was stopped when Missy Hyatt sprayed perfume to Carl’s eyes. She followed with her Loaded Lady in Waiting Purse Smash that sent Fergie crashing to the canvas. 4:21

3. Ox Baker; Heat Punch Pin over One Man Gang with Skandor Akbar. Ox, who has seldom heard cheers from the fans, continued as a fan favorite although his tactics remained rough. Gang was his usual dangerous but clumsy self. He tried a chain smash but Ox countered with a Chair to the back. Akbar tried desperately to turn the tide and used a Bottle Smash but missed and hit Gang. A Double Knee Thrust dazed Gang and set him up for the Dreaded Heat Punch. 6:39

4. Eddie Gilbert; Throw a Fireball Pin over Chief Frank Hill. During OOR Action the Chief gained some momentum throwing Eddie into the TV Equipment and then using a Body Slam onto the press table. Missy blindsided Hill with a cup of coffee to the face. Ediie followed with a Smash to the Steel Steps. As Hill re-entered the ring Eddie used a Face Wrecker and then waited for Missy to distract Referee Tony Torres so he could Thrw the Fireball. 5:25

5. Masked Superstar with Percy Pringle and Dutch Mantel with Jimmy Hart; No Contest. This was a disaster waiting to happen. Konga the Barbarian came Pringle’s ringside and Lumberjack Jos LeDuc came to protect Jimmy Hart. At the 8 minute mark of the match both Konga and LeDuc stormed the ring. This was a Pier 6 Brawl with the 4 wrestlers wailing away. Referee Alfred Neely called a no Contest because he was unable to determined who was at fault for the infraction. 8:12

6. Fabulous Ones (Steve Keirn and Stan Lane) beat Stud Stable (Robert Fuller and Jimmy Golden) with Downtown Bruno and Brenda Britton. Stan Lane pinned Robert Fuller. OOR Keirn used a Swinging Neckbreaker on Golden to stop his interference. Bruno and Brenda had a Fire Extinguisher that thy tried to use for a smash to Stan Lane. Unfortunately for Fuller they missed and hit him. Fuller slumped to the canvas. 14:14

7. The Dream Machine with Jim Cornette; Knee Lift to Mid-Section Pin over Jimmy “Boogie” Valiant. The machine continually used a Head Butt that was aided by a piece of metal under his mash. Jimmy was able to counter the illegal moves and eventually hook in a New York Sleeper that would have been curtains for the Big Machine. Cornette didn’t waste any time using his Tennis Racket for a Smash to Boogie’s Skull. Valiant was dazed and unable to stop the finishing Knee Lift. 7:25

8. Southern Title – Wildfire Tommy Rich (Champion); Thesz Press Pin over Exotic Adrian Street (Challenger) with Miss Linda. Rich was able to prevent a Pepper Spray attempt from Miss Linda and then took her Royal Scepter and threw it to the fans. Rich used a Diving Knee smash to set up the finish. Tommy Rich retains the Southern Title. 14:02
Dunn’s Transmission and Gingiss Formalwear presents;
NWA-Global Mid-South Wrestling (1982-85)
Mid-South Coliseum – Memphis, TN Att: 12,896

Commentators; Lance Russell, Dave Brown and MKABear
Referees; Jerry Calhoun & Tom Renesta Ring; Bonnie Blackstone

MKA Bear was interviewing newcomer Steve “Do It To It” Cox in the Bear Den when Cox’s opponent for this evening, King Cobra, burst on the scene with a Chair and smashed it over Cox’s back. Cobra, a member of The King’s (Lawler) Court threw a King of Hearts card on the fallen Cox. Steve Cox is -200 for his up & coming match this evening.

1. Tojo Yammamoto; Stomach Vice submission over Rocky King. Tojo had a wire that he kept hidden and used to choke out Rocky. After wearing down the game King, Tojo used Karate Chops to the Neck to set up the finish. 4:10

2. King Cobra; Cobra Bite (Clutch) Submission over Steve “Do It To It” Cox. During the pre-match Cobra ramn over and threw Cox face first OOR onto the floor. The already injured Cox was ripe for the taking and Cobra used a slingshot off the Turnbuckle to set up Steve as he re-entered the ring. 3:12

3. Midnight Express (Dennis Condrey and Bobby Eaton) with Jim Cornette beat Rock n’ Roll RPM’s (maniac Mike Davis and Tommy Lane). Condrey; Neckbreaker Pin over Lane. Bobby Eaton used an Alabama Jam (Legdrop) on Lane who was about to hit a Gourd Buster on Condrey. Cornette smashed his Tennis Racket over Davis’ head. Davis left the ring without tagging and lane became a victim. The wrong man was counted as pinned. 11:48

4. Lumberjack Jos LeDuc with Jimmy Hart won by DQ over Mongolian Stomper with Jim Cornette. In an Unusual Ending, The Stomper and Cornette were arguing with referee Tom Renesto. LeDuc hit the Stomper with a Runaway Cannon and then pinned him but Renesto was too busy arguing with Cornette to see the pin. Now LeDuc and Hart argued with Referee Tom Renesto while the Stomper was still livid. Without warning The Mongolian Stomper hit Referee Renesto and was DQ’d immediately. 6:15

5. De-pants Match – This is the 2nd in a series of Pants Matches between Jimmy “Mouth of the South” Hart and Jim Cornette.

Jimmy Hart with Jos LeDuc beat Jim Cornette with Mongolian Stomper. The Stomper immediately interfered with tripping and yelling at Referee Jerry Calhoun. The usual mild mannered Calhoun sent the Stomper back to the locker area. LeDuc helped Jimmy take advantage of the missing Stomper. Lumberjack Jos distracted Jimmy Cornette and Referee Jerry Calhoun while Jimmy Hart used his megaphone to smash Cornette over the head. Hart pulled Cornette’s pants off winning the match. The score now stands at Hart 2-0 in the best of 5. 6:41

6. Rock and Roll Express (Ricky Morton and Robert Gibson) beat The Timekeepers (Wild Bill Ash and Mike George). Morton; Double Dropkicks Pin over Mike George. Wild Bill Ash was constantly cheating trying to gain an edge. He tried a smash with the clock and then the Gong Bell but both attempts backfired. Finally he was taken out with a reverse chairshot that sent him sprawling to the floor OOR. The Express too advantage of Mike George in the ring and eventually used the patented finisher. 9:34

7. Austin Idol with Sherri Martel; Las Vegas Leglock Submission over Superstar Bill Dundee with Dream Machine. Dundee tried to use a Roll of Coins for a Smash but dropped them outside the ring. He then tried to make use a Hammer but was stopped by Sherri who sprayed perfume to Superstar’s face. The Dream machine was clubbed over the head by Sheeri who used a Bag of Coins. Idol set up the finish with a Jackpot DDT and then the Dreaded Leglock Finisher. 10:39

8. Nick Bockwinkle; Piledriver Pin over Jerry “King” Lawler. There was a lot of OOR confusion and it bothered Lawler. Hart and Cornette were arguing once again. Jackie Fargo came to ringside to protest both managers being so close to the action. Fargo threw Lawler the Sceptor. Lawler tried to hit Bockwinkle who reversed the move. Bockwinkle used The Piledriver on Lawler for the pin. Jackie Fargo protested the move as illegal. Referee Nick Kozak, substituting for Tom Renesta allowed the pin to count. 11:10
The Lion’s Den and Holmes Brewery presents
TNA Impact Wrestling (2012-3)
Stabler Arena – Bethlehem, PA Att: 3,428

Commentators; “The Professor” Mike Tenay and Taz
Referees; Brian Hebner & Paul Turner Woman’s; O.D.B.
Ring Announcer; Christy Hemme

1. Shannon Moore; Mooregasm (Neckbreaker) Pin over Antonio Thomas. Shannon set up the finish with a Slingshot off the Turnbuckle. 3:25

2. Jersey Shore’s Robbie E with Joey Ryan; FTD (Fresh to Death) Running Cutter Pin over Ryan Howe. Joey had to get in a few Forearm Smashes so that he could brag and flex to the booing fans. Robbie E used a skull Smasher before finishing with his Cutter. 4:26

3. Winter and Tracy Brooks; Double Count-Out. During OOR Action, Winter tried to Spit Mist into Tracy’s face. Joey Ryan, who was hanging around ringside in an attempt to eventually flirt with the women, got a little too close to the action and took the Spit Mist in the face. Winter and Tracy fought up the ramp and out to the food court as Joey, who should have learn his lesson, lay screaming on the floor. Robbie E came out to help Joey and assist him back to the locker area. 6:22

4. Amazing Red won by Count-Out over Garrett Bischoff with Wes Brisco. Red was in charge as he used a Skull Crusher to daze Garrett but Brisco pulled Bischoff from the ring before a pin could be applied. After wasting time OOR Bischoff re-entered and was hit with a Double Underhook DDT. Brisco once again pulled Garrett from being pinned. This time they took too much time and lost count. 6:05

5. Christian York; Frog Splash Pin over Anarquia with Sarita. Sarita had a plastic bottle of mustard from the Hot Dog Stand that she tried to use for a spray to Christian’s eyes. Christian turned and Anarquia took the mustard to the eyes. York used a Running Knee Smash and then his finisher. 6:41

6. Carlito Colon with Rosita; Headlock DDT Pin over Showtime Eric Young with O.D.B. OOR Rosita was thrown over the Guard Rail by O.D.B. Sarita ran out to help and O.D.B. threw her over the rail. Meanwhile in the ring Carlito had a roll of coins given to him by Rosita and he used them for a smash to Eric’s chops. Carlito followed with his finisher. 7:26

7. Zema Ion; 630° Senton Pin over Pope D’Angelo Dinero. This was the Pope’s match as he used a Guillotine Leg Drop and his Double Knee Face Breaker to flat out pin Zema. Unfortunately for the Pope, Referee Brian Hebner got KO’d in an unintentional body smash. The Pope tried to revive Brian and as he was bent over Zema hit him with a backward Head Slam. After using his flying finish, Zema got the pin as Referee Brian Hebner finally woke up. 11:25

8. TNA Tag Title – Caribbean Crunch (Chavo Guererro Jr. and Hernandez) (Challengers) beat British Invasion (Magnus and Doug Williams) (Champions). Chavo; Tornado DDT Pin over Williams. Hernandez used a Flying Rib Crusher on Williams and then tagged out to Chavo. Hernandez held to ropes for some leverage as Chavo pinned Williams while Magnus tried desperately to reach his partner. Caribbean Crunch is the NEEEEWWWWWWWWWWWWW TNA Tag Champions. 13:12
Vessichio Cannolis and Gray’s Mobile Homes presents;
TNA Impact Wrestling (1012-13)
Bob Carpenter Center – Newark, DE Att: 3,104

Commentators; Jason Gentry and Jeremy Borash
Referees; Earl Hebner & Brian Gorie Woman’s; Taryn Terrell
Ring; Christy Hemme

1. Randy Royal won bu Count-Out over Kid Kash with Daffney. The match barely got under way when Chris Sabin came near the ring. Kash was distracted by the Machine Gun member and eventually left the ring to argue with Sabin. Colt Cabana came out to help Kash but he was followed by Alex Shelly. A lot of pushing and shoving but no brawl. Randy Royal was in the ring and declared the winner as the count reached its limit. 3:15

2. Chris Sabin won by DQ over “The Ox” (Bam Neely). Neely was dropkicked from the ring and re-entered with a chair that was handed to him by Kid Kash. Referee Brian Goried immediately called for the bell. 4:23

3. Vordell Walker; 450° Splash Pin over Adam Revolver. Revolver’s head was gashed OOR when he was slammed to the ringside steps. After re-entering the ring Walker used a Brainbuster to set up the finisher. 3:43

4. Angelina Love with Velvet Sky won by Count-Out over Daizee Haze with Daffney. During OOR Action Daffney was throw over the Guard Rail into the 1st row of fans. Velvet & Angelina used a Beauty T (Spiked DDT) to Daizee that left her layed out on the floor. Angelina slipped back into the ring. 7:02

5. X-Division Title – Matt Morgan (Challenger); Carbon Footprint (Big Boot) Pin over Hot Shot Johnny Devine (Champion) with Dave Prazak. Prazak pulled out all the stops to save his Champion but it was all for naught. He tried to hand Devine a roll of coins but they fell to the canvas. Prazak pleaded with Referee Earl Hebner to DQ’d Devine because of his (Prazak’s) infraction. Hebner would have none of it. Prazak then swung a Wine Bottle that missed Morgan and hit Divine in the throat. As Ho Shot was gasping Morgan used The Big Boot to end the match. Matt Morgan is the NEEEEEWWWWWWWWWWWW X-Division Champion. 9:24

6. TNA Security (Gunner and Murphy) and Goodfellas (Eddie Kingston and Craig “The Real Deal” Steele) with Mo Green; Double Count-Out. OOR Action quickly became an ‘ignore the count” Brawl. Up the ramp, down the hallway and out to the food court. George Vessichio was ready as he had his World Famous Cannolis taken from the tables and placed out of reach. Murphy threw Steele through the Ticket Booth while Gunner slammed Eddie Kingston through a souvenir table. Mo Green, who followed the action was sent flying through a Pop Corn Machine. 10:43

7. D.O.C. with Knux pinned Crimson. Wes Brisco and Garrett Bischoff came to ringside to distract Referee Earl Hebner. Knux wasted no time in using his chain to smash Crimson in the skull just as crimson was going to use a Red Sky (Spinebuster) to end the match. When Hebner turned to see the action Crimson was KO’d and being pinned in the middle of the ring. 8:46

8. A.J. Styles; Styles Clash (Belly to Back Mat Slam) Pin over Mr. Anderson. Mr. Anderson used Mic Check but A.J. was able to kick out. D.O.C. and Knux came to ringside to help Mr. Anderson who wants nothing to do with Aces and Eights. Knux swung the chain at Styles but missed. Anderson took the smash across the forehead just as styles was using his Clash. 15:26
Tex Ritter’s Smokin Ribs & Lone Star Hats presents;
TNA Impact – (1012-13)
County Coliseum – El Paso, TX Att: 3,104

Commentators; Prof. Mike Tenay and Jason Gentry
Referees; Brian Stiffler & Gino Colluci Woman; O.D.B.
Ring Announcer; Jeremy Borash

1. Jesse Neal with Shannon Moore close by; Belly to Back Suplex Pin over Elivis Pridemore from Somewhere Down South with Trailer Park Trash. Elvis and Trash cheated every chance they had. Trailer had a rusty hubcap to use as a weapon but it only caused Shannon Moore to stand at ringside. During OOR Action Jesse and Shannon slammed Elvis and Trash onto the Press Table. After re-entering the ring Jesse used a Spear to set up the eventual finisher. 4:42

2.The Fat and the Furious (Jack Black and Rocco Bellagio) with King Kenny Bolin beat The Heart Throbs (Antonio Thomas and Romeo Roselli). Jack Black; Samoan Drop Pin over Antonio Thomas. Bellagio used a Bada Bing Brain Buster on Roselli after Bolin smashed Romeo with a Briefcase. Romeo was able to tag out but as Thomas entered the ring he was greeted with a bottle smash to the head by Bolin and then the finisher by Black. 11:46

3. Joe Coleman; Say It Ain’t So Joe (Running DDT) Pin over Façade. Façade seemed to be in control as he used a Spinning Heel Kick to down Colman but as Façade tried to follow up Coleman smashed him in the guy with a Loaded Fist (Sawed-off Knife Handle??). As façade tried to gain his breath, Coleman used his finisher. 5:17

4. Wes Brisco with Garrett Bischoff; Brisco Lock (Figure Four) Submission over Alex Silva. Silva was able to gain an advantage on an even field but as the tide was in Silva’s favor, Garrett Bischoff had to more than even the odds. Bischoff slammed a piece of Lead pipe to Silvas chops after Alex used a Silva Surfer (Running High Knee Lift). Alex crashed to the canvas and was out cold. Brisco locked in his finisher and Referee Gino Colluci called the match. Brisco wouldn’t let go until Colluci threatened with a DQ. 5:10

5. Mickie James with Tracy Brooks; Tornado DDT Pin over Sarita with Rosita. Sarita set the tone of the match by using Illegal choke Holds from the get-go. Rosita had a sharp object that she tried to use as a scare tactic. Somehow Mickie was cut on the hand. This only proved to make Mickie furious and she used a Flying Gutbuster to set up Sarita. Tracy had the microphone and used it to club Sarita in the head while O.D.B. simply looked the other way. 6:52

6. Ironman Ron Conway with King Kenny Bolin and Petey Williams; Double Count-Out. During OOR Action The Fast and the Furious (Jack Black and Rocco Bellagio- came out to help Conway and Ink, Inc (Jesse Neal and Shannon Moore) ran out to help Petey. This became a Pier 6 Brawl with no regard for the count. 10:12

7. Kash-Cabana (Kid Kash and Colt Cabana) with Daffney beat Motor City Machine Guns (Alex Shelly and Chris Sabin). Kash pinned Shelly. Shelly used a Legdrop on Cabana but was stopped by Daffney as she sprayed Oven Cleaner to Shelly eyes. Kid Kash tagged in and pinned the helpless Shelly as Cabana Held the Ropes for Leverage. Chris sabin tried desperately to get to the action but was being held back by Referee Brian Stiffler. 14:52

8. TNA TV Title – Abyss (Champion) and Tyson Tomko Challenger) with Gail Kim; Double DQ. During OOR Action Gail gave Tomko a Monkey wrench that he used to Load his Fist for some slugs to the stomach. Abyss found a small piece of Barbed Wire that he brough back in the ring. When Referee Gini Colluci saw the Barbed Wire he motion for the bell but then saw the Monkey Wrench. He told Ring Announcer Jeremy Borash his decision and it was a Double DQ. Abyss retains the TNA TV Title. 9:15
Golden Caboose and Bluth Hardware presents;
TNA Impact Wrestling (2012-13)
Civic Center – Roanoke, VA Att: 3,638

Commentators; Jeremy Borash and Taz
Referees; Brian Hebner & Todd Sinclair Women; Taryn Terrell
Ring Announcer; Jason Gentry

1. Badd Dogg Rodney Mack; Blackout (Cobra Clutch) Submission over Raul LaMotta. LaMotta had a few tricks up his sleeve but they backfired. When he pulled out a Foreign Object to use Badd Dogg kicked it away and hit Raul with a Flying Spear. Rodney hooked in the finisher. 3:26

2. King Mo; Royal Pain Elbow Smash Pin over Tony Gunn. Tony used his Bang Bang You’re Dead (Double Drop Kick Move) and thought he had a pin. As Tony turned to raise his arms in victory, Mo smashed Tony from behind and used The Garvin Stomp to set up the finish. 4:21

3. Sam Shaw; The Breaking Point (Diving Leg Drop) Pin over Eddie Diamond with Timmy Danger. Timmy continually interfered so when the match went OOR, Sam was quick to hit Danger with a Skull Crusher. As Eddie climbed back in the ring Sam kicked him in the ribs and then used his finisher. 4:39

4. Jesse Sorenson won by DQ over Flash Flanagan with King Kenny Bolin. Flanagan used a belt given to him by Bolin to choke out Jesse but he nearly got caught by Referee Todd Sinclair. With the opening, Sorenson used a Cranium Cracker and then a Guillotine Leg Drop. Before Jesse could get the pin Glen “The Beast” Osborn and Jack Black ran to Flash’s rescue. Flanagan was DQ’d but it didn’t stop the Bilin Services members as they beat on Sorenson. King Mo and Rodney Mack ran out to stop the carnage. 6:16

5. Knockout Title – Rosita (challenger) with Sarita won by Count-Out over Kelly Kelly (Champion) with Taylor Wilde. During OOR Action Taylor was thrown from the ramp. Rosita and Sarita doubleteamed Kelly Kelly and threw a Table on her. Kelly was unable to make the count although she retains the KO Title. 7:24

6. Gunner; Fireman Carry Facebuster Pin over Bad Boy Bobby Dempsey. Gunner reversed an attempted Smash with the Gong Bell taking charge of the match. Gunner used a Torpedo Dive but couldn’t get the pin on the tough Dempsey. Gunner then used a spinebuster and Bad Boy was able to kick out again. The Facebuster took Dempsy out and he was pinned. 7:21

7. Jeff Hardy; Reverse of Fate (Neckbreaker) Pin over Austin Aires with Bobby Roode. Cowboy James Storm was at the commentators table and Roode started an argument immediately. Roode kept the argument going and when the Action went OOR Austin Aires had a few words to add. Roode was fighting with Hardy while Referee Todd Sinclair got dazed and nearly KO’d. Aires slapped Storm and the Cowboy retaliated by using a Noggin Knocker on Roode and Aires. Storm threw Aires back in the ring. After Hardy used his finisher he went for the pin and Roode recovered enough to place Aires foot on the ropes. Referee Todd Sinclair, still dazed, counted the pin. The after match protests were loud with Roode threatening to take on Storm right then and there. 13:04

8. Main Event Mafia (Sting and Kurt Angle) and Aces and Eights (D.O.C. and Knux); Double Count-Out. As the match turned in the Mafia’s favor the A & E head honcho Bully Ray came out. He used a chain swing several times as the match poured OOR. Wes Brisco and Garrett Bischoff came out to help. Samoa Joe and magnus came out. This was waaayyyy out of control and referee Brian hebner called the match. 14:17
Cockatoo Inn and Fubbler’s Cove presents;
TNA Impact Wrestling (2012-13)
Community Center – Richmond, MO Att: 2,722

Commentators; Professor Mike Tenay and Tazz
Referees; Brian Stifler & Paul Turner Woman’s; Taryn Terrell
Ring; Christy Hemme

1. Glen “The Beast Osborn” with Kenny Bolin; Head Vice Submission over Jason Wayne. Wayne didn’t fall for a Bolin dirty trick during the pre-match. While King Kenny distracted Referee Brian Stiffler, Osborn tried a Body Smash but missed and fell through the ropes. Unfortunately for Jason, The Beast was able to pull Wayne OOR and then smashe him with the Beast’s Chain. After re-entering the ring Osborn used a Choke Slam to set up the finisher. 2:46

2. Hermandez; Border Toss (Power Slam) Pin over Chris Silvio. Slivio used a Chairshot to down Hernadez and then tried a Leap of Faith. The very tough Hernandez moved and Silvio was greeted with an empty runway. Hermandez, ½ of the Tag Team Champions, followed with a Diving Splash and then the Power Bomb finisher. 3:59

3. Daffney with Daizee Haze pinned O.D.B. with Eric Young. O.D.B. had control of the match and was lining up Daffney for a Dirty Dozen Face Smash when Kid Kash and Colt Cabana came to ring side and double teamed Eric Young. Kash took the famous O.D.B. Flask and threw it to daizee who in turn used it during the confusion to smash O.D.B. in the head. O.D.B. crashed to the canvas and was pinned. 5:40

4. Lance Hoyt; The Blackout (Crucifix Power Bomb ) pin over Jamin Olivencia. Olivencia was able to used his O-Bomb (DDT) on Lance but the arrogant Jamin failed to follow up. When he tried a Diving Knee Drop he landed on the empty ring canvas. Hoyt used a Slingshot off the Turnbuckle before finishing the match with The Blackout. 9:02

5. Jerry Lynn; Tornado DDT Pin over Jesse Godderz with Tara. Rudy Switchblade of the Family came to help his partner. Rudy had a Sharp Hidden Object that look a lot like a taped knife. With Lynn in control Rudy entered the ring but was immediately kicked in the stomach by Jerry. Tara tried to spray Furniture Polish to Lynn’s eyes but missed and hit Jesse. Jerry used a Slingshot Catapult to set up Jesse for the Tornado DDT. The family complained to Referee Paul Turner that this was a bogus decision but Turner walked away as the fans hissed and booed at the Family. 4:38

6. The Blue Prints (Matt Morgan and Rob Terry) and Jersey Shore (Robbie E and Joey Ryan); Double Count-Out. This was a Pier 6 Brawl waiting to happen and it happened,…… OOR. Both teams used chairs and a table and a few pieces of lumber ford under the ring. Brian Stifler’s count mattered little as the teams fought up the ramp and along the aisle through the front doors. 11:54

7. Scott Steiner pinned Samoa Joe. Joe was able to get in a Muscle Buster Suplex but the tough Steiner kicked out of a pin attempt. Steiner was able to get a chair and he used it to smash over Joe’s back. Scott used a backward Head Slam and then choked out Joe with a wire. As Joe reversed the down hold and seemed to pin Steiner, Joe’s shoulders was flush to the canvas. 8:36

8. Bully Ray; Bully Bomb Pin over Cowboy James Storm. Storm hit Bully with a Last call (Super Kick) in this match that was back and forth. Before Storm could pin Bully, D.O.C. and Knux came to the ring and took advantage of Referee Paul Turner’s being KO’d from a unintentional foot smash. Knux used the Chains to smash The Cowboy and D.O.C. entered the ring and used a Spinebuster on Storm. Bully recovered enough to used his finisher as referee Paul Turner woke up. 11:44
The Hitching Post and Jimmy Dugan Brew presents;
TNA Impact Wrestling (2012-13)
John R. Sims Arena – Bay Springs, MS Att: 2,958

Commentators; Jason Gentry and Taz
Referees; Earl Hebner & Brian Gorie Woman’s; O.D.B.
Ring; Christy Hemme

1. Jack Black with Kenny Bolin and Paredyse; Double Count-Out. During OOR Action Black used a crushing Sidewalk Slam on the ramp to take Paredyse out of the match. Black slipped as he was getting up and it cost him the chance of getting back to the ring. 4:06

2. Colt Cabana with Daffney; Chicago Crab Submission over Dylan Bostic. During OOR Action Cabana used a Headrammer to the steel steps that dazed Dylan. Daffney got her 2 cents in by kicking Bostic several times. After re-entering the ring Cabana used a Colt 45 (Backbreaker Drop) to set up his submission finisher. 4:12

3. Manik (T.J. Perkins); Rolling Moonsault Pin over Shiloh Jonze. Jonze had a Foreign Object that he kept hidden from Referee Earl Hebner but tried to use to smash Manik in the chops. Manik countered with a Torpedo Launch kicking the Foreign Object to the 1st row and smashing Jonze at the same time. With Jonze sprawling on the canvas, Manik used his high flyer finisher. 5:32

4. Taylor Wilde with Kelly Kelly and Gail Kim with Madison Rayne started their match but it soon turned into a melee with Kelly and Madison entering the ring. Referee O.D.B. was about to call a No Contest when Dixie Carter came from backstage. She instructed O.D.B. to make this a tag match.

The shooting Stars (Gail Kim and Madison Rayne) beat Erin Go Wilde (Taylor Wilde and Kelly Kelly). Madison Rayne; Push-Up Face Buster Pin over Kelly Kelly. Kelly used a Bombs Away DDT on Gail that would have had her pinned but Earl Hebner distracted O.D.B. and Madison clubbed Taylor who was OOR and then Kelly over the head with a microphone. She pulled Gail from the ring and took her place. When O.D.B. turned around she obviously forgot the legal wrestler because she counted the pin. 10:36

5. Trytan with Bolin Services (Kenny and Jack Black); T-3 Facebuster Pin over Joseph Park, Esq. Bolin Services used a Pearl Harbor Attack on Park to seriously weaken him. Joseph was cut with a Sharp Object. Black took advantage of a distraction to smash a Trash Can over Park’s back. 6:49

6. Bad Influence (Christopher Daniels and Kazarian) beat Ink, Inc (Shannon Moore and Jesse Neal). Shannon and Jesse were doing a promo with commentator George Vessichio in Cannoli Corner. Daniels and Kazarian attacked using chairs and a Flood Lamp to injure Ink, Inc. It cost Ink, Inc 400 points from their total and seriously put them in danger of not competing. The match went on with Ink, Inc holding their own as best they could. Daniels was able to use The Best Moonsault Ever to Pin Jesse Neal after Kazarian smashed Neal in the chops with a wrench. Bad Influence had smirks on their faces as they left the ring. 9:23

7. Magnus; MDD (Mag Daddy Driver) Pin over Brother Devon. Devon used a trust Spinebuster to nearly get a pin but he was distracted by D.O.C. and Knux who stood near the back row in the aisle. The distraction allowed Magnus to use a Double Knee thrust and then his finisher. On his way from the ring Devon was attacked by D.O.C. and Knux. They whipped Devon with a Chain and kicked him to the body. Mr. Anderson ran onto the scene and The Aces and Eights thugs ran off. 9:31

8. TNA Impact Title – Bobby Roode (Champion) with Austin Aires; The Payoff (Bridging Suplex) Pin over Jay Lethal (Challenger). Lethal held his own and used a Lethal Combination (STO) to almost win the title. Austin Aires had some Brass Nucks that he used to smash Jay in the stomach during a distraction of Earl Hebner flirting with Madison Rayne who was a the commentator’s table. Roode followed with Illegal Chokes and then put a finish to the match. Bobby Roode retains the TNA Impact Title. 10:06
Rachael’s Cheesecake and Doyle’s Security presents;
Ring of Honor Wrestling (2012-13)
Camp Jordon Arena – East Ridge, TN Att: 2,276

Commentators; Bobby Cruise and Vic Travagliante
Referees; Brian Gorie & Gino Colucci Ring: MsChif

1. Young Buck Nick Jackson; 450° Splash Pin over Danny Maff. Maff who had trouble with Jackson’s speed tried to smash a Chair to Nick’s back. The move got reversed and Maff was dazed as Jackson set up the flying finisher with a Flying hammerlock. 4:32

2. Randy Terrez won by Count-Out over Anthony Nese. During OOR Action the arrogant Nese pushed Nick Jackson who was waiting for a TV promo. Jacson responded with a Spinning Back Kick that laid Nese out on the floor. Terrez simple walked back to the ring and accepted the win. 2:22

3. Adam Pearce; Spiked Piledriver Pin over Antonio Thomas. Thomas had near pin after a Flying Missile Shot. AS Thomas argued with Referee Brian Gorie, Pearce ran over and used a Skull Crusher and then ended the match. 4:24

4. M & M (Maria Kanellis and Princess Mia Yim) with Prince Nana beat The Blossom Twins (hanna an Holly). Mia Yim; Kick Me Good Night Pin over Hanna. The Blossoms were working well and Hanna who climbed the ropes for a Blossom had Mia in serious trouble. Prince nana to everyone’s shock took advantage of a distraction and Threw a Fireball that blinded Hanna and determined the ending of this match. 7:43

5. House of Truth (Roderick Strong and the Necro Butcher) with Truth Martini beat The World’s Greatest tag Team (Charley Haas and Sheldon Benjamin). The House attacked The world’s Beast before the match, brutally smashing Chairs to Haas and Benjamin OOR. The number of points lost was too much to overcome. Roderick Strong; Gory Driver Pin over Charley Haas after Strong set up the end with a Falling Knee to Throat. 9:37

6. Delirious won by Count-Out over Homicide with Prince Nana. During OOR Action The Blossoms were waiting for a TV Promotion spot. The action came close with Homicide and Delirious slugging it out while Prince nana tried to get in a few whacks with his money bag. Hanna and Holly wasted no time in each throwing and cup of cola to Homicide and Nana’s face. Delirious followed with a DDt on Homicide and then ran back to the ring. 6:13

7. Adam Cole; Corona DDT Pin over Matt Hardy. Hardy used a Fist (Loaded with Foreign Object) Punch to the Throat to down Cole. Hardy climbed the ropes for a Twist of Hate Leap. As Matt leaped Adam moved and hardy hit hard to the canvas. Cole followed with a Gourd Buster and then finished the match. 10:33

8. ROH Tag Title – S.C.U.M. (Jimmy Jacobs and Steve Corino) (Challengers) beat All Night Express (Rhett Titus and Kenny King) (Champions). Jacobs; End Time (Guillotine Choke) Pin after a Slug with Railroad Spike over Kenny King. Rhett Titus tried desperately to reach the action but Corino had a can of Pepper Spray and used it to Rhett’s eyes. S.C.U.M. is the NEEEEEWWWWWWWWW Ring of Honor Champions. 10:21
Groundhog Auto and Phil’s Formalwear presents;
Ring of Honor Wrestling (2012-13) on Sinclair Broadcasting
Community Center Arena – Punxsutawney, PA
Attendance; 2,084 Human & 1 Groundhog

Commentators; Kevin Kelly and Nigel McGuiness
Referees; Paul Turner and Todd Sinclair Ring; Princess Mia Yim

1. Craven Verro; Top Rope Express Pin over Romeo Roselli. The fans have quickly grown to hate Verro who seems to enjoy the heel image. It adds points to his total. Roselli was able to use a Somersault Neckbreaker that was very close to a pin. Verro countered with a Chairshot and then his finisher. 4:39

2. Jay Briscoe; Jay Driller (Double Underhook Piledriver) Pin over Mohammed Ali Vaez with Prince Nana. Homicide came to ringside to obviously help Nana. Homicide had a Sharp Object and tried to enter the ring during a distraction. Briscoe threw Homicide face 1st to the floor below. Jay then hit Vaez with an Atomic Skull Crusher and the finisher. 3:45

3. The Bravado Brother (Harlem and Lancelot) won by DQ over The Embassy (Sonjay Dutt and Sheik Abdul Bashir) with Prince Nana. Princess Mia Yim entered the ring and tried to hit Lance with a microphone. Prince Nana tried to distract and Throw a Fireball but his multi-tasking proved to be too much and he was caught. 11:08
Princess Mia Yim was sent back to the Locker Room by Nigel McGuiness who replaced her with Bobby Cruise.

4. Rodney Mack and Trailer Park Trash with Elvis Pridemore from Somewhere Down South; Double DQ. Rodney caught Trash in a Blackout (Cobra Clutch) and Elvis came to Trailer’s rescue using a Hubcap to smash Rodney. Rodney grabbed the Hubcap and used it on Trash. Within a very short time, a tail Pipe, a Bicycle Chain and a rusty pan were thrown in the ring by Elvis. Referee Todd Sinclair DQ’d both wrestlers although Trash and Elvis were the culprits. Trailer park Trash pushes the junk cart to the ring and though ROH has sought to ban the move, Trash has a permit. 4:12

5. Marcus Anthony pinned Elix Skipper with Daffney. Daffney tried to throw Elix some Brass Nucks but Marcus intercepted them. POW!! To Skipper’s chops and then the pin. 6:47

6. Double D Express (Daffney and Daizee Haze) normally scheduled for a Tag Team Title match against the Champion Dynamite Girls (Mickie James and Tracy Brooks) has been canceled. Dante’s Diva Duo (Cookie and MsChif) will replace Double D Express with the belts on the line.

Dynamite Girls (Mickie James and Tracy Brooks) (Champions) beat Dante’s Diva Duo (Cookie and MsChif) (Challengers). Mickie James; Tornado DDT Pin over MsChif. The match started on the ramp as Dante’s Duo attacked and gained an advantage. It cost Dynamite Girls some points but their tank was far from empty. Cookie was taken out of the match during another OOR Action when she was Smashed to the Steel Steps. A custodian near the ring appearing to be cleaning ran over to the ring and tried to spray Toilet Bowl cleaner to Mickie’s eyes. He was pushed and the spray hit Cookie. Mickie used her finisher. As the custodian ran up the ramp his hat fell off revealing Craven Verro. 10:34

7. Bazooka Joe; Bazooka Bomb Pin over Dave “Fit” Finley. Finley tried to smash Joe with his Shillelagh but Joe turned and grabbed the Irish Club. Joe used a Boom Punch and the Shillelage Smash to set up Finley. 7:46

8. Michael Elgin and Rhino with Truth Martini; Double Count Out. This was a Pier 6 Brawl waiting to happen. Roderick Strong and The Necro Butcher came to ringside as the match started. Nigell McGuiness motioned to the back stage and B.J. Whitmore and Kevin Steen came to ringside and stood next to Strong and the Buther. When the match went OOR chaos broke out. The 6 men brawled up the ramp out the the foyer and out the doors. The was a mess. Truth Martini was heardnear the action; “Now boys this is not necessary. We can all get along if you listen to me.” 10:14
Seminole Bay Tours and Sunshine Citrus presents;
Ring of Honor Wrestling (2012-13)
Conference Center – Palm Beach, FL Att: 1,988

Commentators; Bobby Cruise and Kevin Kelly
Referees; Brian Gorie and Paul Turner Ring; Holly Blossom
Referee for Pit Bull Match; Nigel McGuiness

1. Rhett Titus; Frog Splash Pin over Sonjay Dutt with Prince Nana. Titus was able to survive a Ghanaian Money Bag Smash and avoided a Foreign Object hit by Abdul Bashir who came to ringside. Titis used a Double Forearm Smash to eliminate Nana and Bashir then a Crucifix Power Bomb on Sonjay to set up the finish. 6:26

2. Raphael Constantine won by Count-Out over Jay Bradley. During the pre-match Bradley smashed a chair over Rafael’s head. The number of points lost should have kept Constantine from seriously contending but he never gave up. During OOR Action, the arrogant Bradley was Hotdogging for the fans as they seriously booed him. When he turn his back, Rafael used a payback chair to Bradley’s back that KO’d him. 5:51

3. Pit Bull Dog Collar Match – Flash Flanagan pinned Bulldog Raines. Raines used the Dog Chain to his advantage and opened up a serious cut on Flanagan’s forehead. During a whip Referee Nigel McGuiness got kicked from the ring and was KO’d. This was the opening that Bolin Services needed to storm the ring. With King Kenny calling the shots, Glen Osborn and Mike Mondo turned the tide of the match by attacking Raines. Osborn used his chain to KO Raines as King Kenny helped Referee Nigel get back in the ring and see the pin. 11:01

4. Matt Taven with Truth Martini; Climax (Arm Trap Headlock Driver) Pin over Rockstar Spud. Spud hooked headlock for a Bulldog so Truth used a Binaca for a spray to Spud’s eyes. Taven was quick to end the match after taking the advantage. 3:56

5. C & C Wrestling Factory (Cedric Alexander and Caprice Coleman) beat Guardians of Truth (Mosh and Thrasher) with Truth Martini. The Guardians were hard to distinguish because of their masks. Caprice Coleman over Mosh (???) after Truth missed with a Book Smash and hit Mosh by mistake. The guardians used a doubleteam Butt Bump to set up a pin but Necro Butcher who made his way to the ring tried to help but distracted Truth as Martini swung the Book. Coleman and alexander used Double Drop Kicks to finish the match. Truth Martini is protesting the match claiming that Thrasher was the legal man. Referee Paul Turner seemed as confused as the rest of us. 11:46

6. Q.T. Marshall with Barrister R.D. Evans and Veda Scott pinned Mike Quackenbush. Quakenbush performed a Déjà Vu DDT on Marshall that would have been a pin. Barrister Evans used a Judge’s Mallet to smash Quackenbush in the head. Veda continued to distract (flirt) with Referee Brian Gorie as Evan laid one of Marshall’s arms over Mike’s chest. Referee Gorie turned around and counted the pin. 9:02

7. The Young Bucks (Matt and Nick Jackson) beat Danger-Danger (Brian Kendrick and Paul London). Matt pinned London. London was whipped to the corner and Kendrick tripped him by mistake. London was able to get his foot on the ropes during the pin but Nick Jackson kicked Paul’s foot and the count stood. 10:54

8. Ring of Honor TV Title – Roderick Strong (Champion) with Truth Martini pinned B.J. Whitmer (Challenger). B.J. performed an Exploder Suplex on Roderick that KO’d the Champion. Whitmer used an Inside Cradle that held for at least a 10 count but Referee Brian Gorie was tangled in the ropes. The always active Necro Butcher ran to the ring, was handed the Book of Truth and used it to smash B.J. in the head. The Butcher turned the wrestlers over as Truth Martini helped Referee Gorie get out of the tangled ropes. Gorie counted the pin. Roderick Strong retains the ROH TV Title. 10:11
Harry’s Burger Haven and Wolverine Tire presents;
Ring of Honor Wrestling (2012-13) on Sinclair Broadcasting
Atwater Community Center – Atwater, MI Att: 3,046

Commentators; Vic Travagliante and George Vessichio
Referees; Gino Colluci and Todd Sinclair Ring; Bobby Cruise

1. The Necro Butcher and James Thomas; Double Count-Out. During OOR Action the Butcher hit Thomas with the edge of the Fire Extinguisher leaving a bad gash on James’ forehead as he crashed to the floor. The Butcher then applied the Asiatic Spike (Thumb to Throat) and wouldn’t let up. Though Referee Colucci should have DQ’d the Buther he was busy reaching the count of 20 and called the Double DQ. This caused a wave of “Gino sucks” chanting. 3:12

2. Cliff Compton with Mo Green; Cliffhanger (Springboard Tornado DDT) Pin over Paredyse. The Paresytes (hopeful followers) were in the house cheering on their hero “The World’s Most Beautiful Professional Wrestler” and though he was able to get in a few moves that dazed Compton it was far from enough. Compton set up the finish with a Media Blitz (Sitout Scoop Slam Piledriver). 4:14

3. Ted McNalor pinned Jigsaw. During OOR Action Cliff Compton, who was still at ringside, was pushed by McNalor. Compton immediately grabbed a chair and smashed it over Jigsaw’s head. Cliff threw Jigsaw in the ring for the pin saying; “You don’t pushed the big guy.” McNalor had a look of relief on his face. 3:16

4. Brutal Bob Evans won by Count-Out over Grizzly Redwood. Grizzly was greeted with loud cheers from the fans. The little lumberjack carried a 2 x 4 to the ring (like Jim Duggan). During OOR Action Evans got hold of the 2 x 4 and used it on Grizzly’s head. If that wasn’t enough Evans used his Ugly Stick (Spiked Piledriver) leaving Grizzly KO’d on the floor. 4:46

5. Lo Ki (Sen Shi); Ki Krusher Driver over Mike Mondo with King Kenny Bolin. During the entrance Glen “The Beast” Osborn attacked Lo Ki with a chain seriously dazing him and leaving him at a point deduction that looked to hamper his chances. Osborn, who is never satisfied unless more blood flows, wandered to ringside. Lo Ki caught Mondo with a Spinning Back Kick. The Beast tried to prevent further damage by using his chains on Lo Ki. He went to the well once too often and hit Mondo. During the confusion Lo Ki used his finisher. 6:21

6. American Wolves (Davy Richards and Eddie Edwards) beat Team Ambition (Kyle O’Rielly and Bobby Fish). Edwards; Top Rope Moonsault Pin over Bobby Fish. Fish tried a Diving Head Butt just as O’Reilly was pulling the ropes down so Richards would fall through after the Head Butt. When Fish missed he fell through the ropes and crashed to the floor. O’Reilly tried to enter the ring in Fish’s place but Referee Todd Sinclair disallowed an OOR tag. Richards hit Fish with a DR Driver as he re-entered the ring and then tagged to Edwards who used a High Flyer to finish the match. 16:45

7. Tommaso Ciampa with Prince Nana pinned Kevin Steen. Princess Mia Yim wandered to ringside and was immediately stopped by Referee Gino Colucci who banned her from ringside because of her yet undetermined suspension. As Colucci was preventing Mia Yim from staying at ringside, Prince Nana Threw a Fireball that blinded Steen. Homicide ran to the ring and used a Top Rope 187 as Mondo kicked Steen to the face. This was ugly as the crowd chanted “Gino Sucks.” 9:54

8. Ring of Honor Title – Mark Briscoe (Challenger) with Jay Briscoe; Briscoe Bomb (Suicide Dive from the Turnbuckle) pin over Mike Bennett (Champion) with Maria Kanalis and Brutal Bob Evans. Everything that could go wrong for the Champion went wrong so Evans tried to even to odds for his protégée. As Brutal Bob reached in the ring to trip Mark, Jay pushed him and Bennett was tripped. Mike fell foreward smashing his head to the turnbuckle. Mark wasted no time in climbing the turnbuckle for the Briscoe Bomb. Mark Briscoe is the NEEEEEEWWWWWWWWWWW Ring of Honor Champion. 12:46
Rosemary’s Bakery & R.J. Walden Electronics presents;
WWE Wrestling (2012-13)
Citizen’s Bank Arena – Ontario, CA Att: 11,002

Commentators; Jim Ross and Jerry “King” Lawler
Referees; Justin King & Scott Armstrong Ring; Lilian Garcia

1. Big Sawyer Fulton; Falling Knee Smash Pin over Troy McLain. Troy was able to use a Sunset Flip that seemed like a pin but Referee Justin King held up 2 fingers. Fulton made use of Blatant Chokes to wear down Troy and then hit him with a Double Forearm Hammer to set up the finish. 4:51

2. Jason Jordan won by Count-Out over Antonio Cesaro with Zeb Coulter. Coulter waving the flag claiming that his stable are Real Americans was greeted with loud booing. During OOR Action Zeb tried to hit Jason with a Chair and missed, hitting Cesaro by mistake. Antonio lay spread eagle on the floor. Jordan threw Zeb into the guard rail and then slipped back in the ring. 5:36

3. A.J. Lee with Hornswoggle; Shining Wizard (Running Knee Enzuigiri) Pin over Summer Rae with Fandango. During the introduction, Summer and Fandango started to dance toward the ring. A.J. and Hornswoggle attacked them crashing Summer to the floor. Summer was hurting as the match started but was able to get a slight advantage. As she used her Legdrop Bulldog, Summer’s knee gave in because of the injury. A.J. took advantage and finished the match. 5:26

4. The Wyatt Family (Luke Harper and Erick Rowan) with Bray Wyatt beat U.K. House of Pain (Mason Ryan and Danny Burch). Erick Rowan; Greetings from the North (Chokeslam) Pin over Ryan. Bray was able to uncover the Turnbuckle cover exposing the metal. The Family took advantage on both U.K. wrestlers causing bad gasheds in their foreheads. As the blood flowed, Harper hit Ryan with a Heart Punch and followed with a Brainbuster then tagged out to Rowan. Burch was thrown from the ring apron hitting his head to the floor as he tried to help his partner. 7:46

5. Dean Ambrose with Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns looking on; Headlock Driver Pin over “The Real Deal” Dante Dash. Dante was able to daze Dean with a Smashing Elbow Drop but Ambrose was saved by his “Shield” team. Seth distracted Referee Scott Armstrong while Roman choked Dash in the Ropes. As Dash was gasping for air, Ambrose recoved and hit Dante with a Running Knee lift then added the Driver to end the match. 4:16

6. The Great Khali with Natalya and Hornswoggle; Vice Grip (Clawhold) Submission over R-Truth. R-Truth used a Dropkick Splash that would have ended the match against the much slower Khali. Natalya aware of the end pulled out a can of Pepper Spray and hit R-Truth in the eyes. Khali followed with a Punjab Plunge and then Hornswoggle used a bag of “Over the Rainbow” coins to smash R-Truth over the head KO’ing him. Khali applied the Vice and Referee Scott Armstrong immediately called the match as Truth was unable to respond. 8:01

7. Big Show; Chokeslam Pin over Kane with A.J. Lee and Hornswoggle. A.J. tried to help Kane by using a Fire Extinguisher but the foam spray hit Kane in the face as A,J. was unable to control the direction. Hornswoggle, seeing the eventual doom jumped on Referee Justin King. King would have nothing to do with a DQ so after a KO Punch and the Chokeslam by Big Show, King counted the pin. 10:11

8. WWE Tag Title – The Uso’s (Jay and Jimmy) (Challengers) beat 3MB (Drew McIntyre and Jinder Mahal) (Champions) with Heath Slater. This match was in doubt throughout and was destined to end with a mistake. Heath Slater was outwardly worried so he tried to interfere for a possible DQ but he was thrown head 1st to the floor from the ring apron. With Heath eliminated The Uso’s took advantage. They used a Double Suplex on Mahal and then a double Diving Splash on McIntyre. Jimmy pinned Drew although Jinder was the legal man who never tagged his partner. The Uso’s are the NEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWWWWW WWE Tag Champions. 18:36
Loved reading these GV, they are bringing back some memories.

Your's and Franks were the first results I found myself reading on the old site.
Thank you, kindly, Steven! It was Frank's UQ Wrestling topic that first brought me to Tabletop-Sports.com and inspired me to post my own results on the Forum. I was blessed by his friendship, and I am grateful to him for all the support and encouragement that he provided me. You can really feel Frank's passion for professional wrestling in his match write-ups ! It is my hope that his posts will continue to entertain, encourage and inspire all of our members and visitors ! Smile

Blue Parrot Café and Harry’s Lumber presents;
WWE Wrestling (2-12-13) Friday Night Smackdown
Sports Center Owensboro, KY Att: 7,364

Commentators; Michael Cole and John Bradshaw Layfield
Referees; Mike Chioda and Chad Patton Ring; Lilian Garcia

1. Sami Zayn; 450° Splash Pin over Tyler Breeze. Breeze was his usual arrogant self as he rubbed Sami’s face into the mat dragging it to a burn and then used his Implant DDT to finish the match. Tyler couln’t resist turning around to hotdog for the booing fans. Sami recovered to hit Tyler with a Brainbustaaaaa!! Zayn climbed the ropes and finished the match with a Splash. 4:16

2. Tamilia Snuka; Superfly Splash Pin over Rebecca Knox. Rebecca was able to mount an offense and eventually hit Tamilia with a Flying Elbow Drop that stunned Snuka. Rebecca went for a Hard Knox Suplex but couldn’t hook it in and she became a victim of Tamilia’s Samoan Drop. The Superfly Splash was too much for Rebecca to kick out. 5:39

3. Air Strike (Tyson Kidd and Justin Gabriel) won by DQ over Devil’s Disciples (Ric Victor and Solomon Crowe). The Disciples were out to win the match any way they could. Kicking, Biting, Dirty Double Teaming and any other method while a distraction took place. OOR Victor was able to open a bad gash in Kidd’s forehead with repeated smashed to the Guard Rail and used a Loaded Fist to try and K.O Tyson but he dropped the sawed off Railroad Spike. Solomon Crowe found a Barbed Wire Baseball Bat under the ring and tried to re-enter the ring. Mike Chioda called for the bell. 11:04

4. Bo Dallas; Belly to Back Suplex Pin over Knuckles Madson. Dallas gained extra points when he interrupted a promotional interview that Knuckles had with George Vessichio in Canoli Corner. During the match Knuckles used a Wicked Kick to the Groin to gain an advantage. It slowed Dallas down but unfortunately for Madson, not enough. Dallas reversed a Headrammer and then used his finisher on the dazed Knuckles. 4:28

5. Ryback; Shell Shocked (Suplex) Pin over William Regal. Regal had some Hidden Brass Nucks that he used to seriously slow Ryback. Regal almost got a pin with a London Bridge and then hooked in a Arnbar that Bradshaw claimed ended the match because he says heard Rybak say; “I Quit.” Referee Mike Chioda must not have heard any quitting and the match went on. Ryback got a foot on the ropes. As both wrestlers got to their feet Ryback used a Runaway Cannon to down Regal and then used his finisher to end the match. 7:55

6. Rhodes Scholars (Damien Sandow and Cody Rhodes) beat The Rekking Crew (Curt Hawlins and Tyler Reeks). Sandow; Terminus (Neckbreaker) over Reeks. The Scholars were greeted with loud boos from this very active crowd. Sandow seemed to be the main focus of the hatred as he grabbed the microphone; “I wouldn’t expect you Kentucky hillbillies to understand the value a man with class. Pig Farmers only love pork while what you see in front of you is an Adonis with a soaring IQ. Enough said.” During the match the Scholars used their dirty tricks to gain a chance at legitimate moves. Reeks was able to hook in for a Burning hammer (DDT) on Sandow but it wasn’r enough. Referee Chad Patton was holding Curt Hawkins back while Sandow and Rhodes used a belt Buckle to scape Reeks across the eyes. Reeks was blinded for the moment and it set him up for the pin. 14:26

7. Daniel Bryan with A.J. Lee; Yes Lock! No Lock! (LeBell Lock) Submission over Sin Cara. Sin Cara used a Title-A-Whirl DDT to nearly pin Bryan but A.J. was able to rescue him. She 1st tried to use a microphone on Sin Cara’a head but was nearly caught by Referee Mike Chioda. She used the distraction to cover for Kane who came to the ring. Kane wasted no time in entering the ring and using a Chokeslam that was enough to take out Sin Cara. Bryan used a Thumbscrew to the Throat then hooked in the Lock as Chioda turned and called the match. Sin Cara couldn’t respond enough to tap out. 11:10

8. World Title – Tensai (Sweet T) (Challenger) with Naomi pinned C.M. Punk (Champion) with Paul Hayman. The crowd greeted Punk and Hayman with a deafening chorus of boos which only seems to add fuel to Punk/Hayman fire. Tensai held his own in the match putting up with constant interference from Hayman. The longer the match went the more Hayman seemed worried and Punk seemed to be getting worn down by the 360 pound Tensai. Brock Lesner of Hayman’s stable wandered to the ring but was followed by Brodus Clay who is ½ of Tons of Funk with Tensai. It didn’t take long for Brock to try and end the match but he botched the interference. As he got to the ring he chased Naomi then grabbed a chair. In a distraction by Hayman Brock tried a Chairshot but it hit Punk by mistake as Brodus pushed Lesner. Hayman had his hands pressed to his face in disbelief as Chad Patton counted. Tensai is the NEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWWWWWWW World Champion. 10:13
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