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Frank Coutinho's UQ Wrestling Results
Green Truck Pub & The Boar’s Head presents;
NWA-SE/GA/FL (1980)
Savannah Civic Center – Savannah, GA Att: 7,556

Commentators; Stan Rhodes & Col. Homer O’Dell
Referees; Bobby Simmons & Scappy McGowan
Ring; Ira Buchman Interviews; Gordie Solie

1. Brad Armstrong; Russian Leg Sweep Pin over Hangman Len Kruger. Kruger stomped around the ring in his usual “attempt to” intimidate style. Armstrong wasn’t impressed although Ring Announcer Ira Buchman hurried out of the ring. The Hangman was able to kick Brad from the ring at one point but Armstrong quickly made his way back. From then on it was downhill for Kruger. A Diving Crossbody set up Brad’s Russian Leg Sweep Pin. (Note – Ira Buchman, who owns Buchman’s Sporting Goods, was the manager of Gorilla Boy to very little success in house shows around NYC. Gorilla Boy was Magnificent Marvin dressed like a Gorilla.) 4:03

2. Krusher Khrushev with Ivan Koloff; Siberian leg Lock Submission over Len Denton. The Rookie Denton was up against the iron in this one and had to have eyes in the back of his head to avoid the rough tactics. Khrushev threw Denton OOR where Ivan used a Flag to smash Denton several times. Denton was able to crawl back in the ring but was hit with a Russian Hammer (Slam to the Chest). Khrushev hooked in the Leg Lock and it was light’s out. 3:14

3. Angel of Death with Playboy Gary Hart won by Count-Out over Bugsy McGraw. This was a slugfest in the ring with neither gaining the advantage. Gary Hart, who is well aware of Bugsy’s “Take No Prisoners” attitude, started to get a bit worried. Pac Song who was waiting for Gary for an interview with Gordie Solie wandered over to ringside. Hart tripped Bugsy who immediately bailed from the ring. McGraw started wailing on Hart. Pac Song got in the action to protect his manager. The Angel od Death stayed in the ring while Referee Bobby Simmons counted Bugsy out. 6:59

4. The Jayhawkers (Bobby Jaggers and Dutch Mantel) beat the Cowboys (Sam Houston and Nelson Royal). The Cowboys took it to The Jayhawkers and it appeared as though they would gain the victory but the Referee and a Bottle of Jack Daniels altered the course of the match. Nelson Royal, a master of scientific moves, hooked in a Cross Face Chicken Wing on Bobby Jaggers. This was a sure submission because Royal is as effective with this hold as Bob Backlund. Unfortunately Sam Houston tried to enter the ring when he saw Dutch Mantel make a move. Scrappy McGowan ran over to hold Houston back. Mantel had his chance and made to most of it. He ran over and smashed a Bottle of Jack Daniels to the back of Nelson’s head. Nelson Royal crashed to the canvas. McGowan turned to see Jaggers pinning Royal. 15:16

5. Al Perez pinned Maya Singh with Kevin Sullivan. Singh and mainly Sullivan had an interview with Gordie Solie. Interviews are Sullivan’s frosting on the cake. He can boast about his Army of Darkness and taking over the World of Wrestling. He can bow to the Dark Side. Perez, a no non-sense wrestler, who is ½ of the successful New York Rocker tag team with Jumping Joe Savoldi decided that Sullivan and Singh didn’t need the interview. He walked in on the set and claimed that it was time for the match. In fact it was time but Sullivan is usually given a bit of leeway. Referee Bobby Simmons called for the wrestlers. Sullivan was livid and he was screaming. This put Maya Sing off kilter. The speedy Perez eventually took charge in the ring. Sullivan called Singh to the side to confer. When Singh turned around Perez hit him with a Super Kick. Sullivan tried to interfere but was stopped as Jumping Joe Savoldi came to ringside. Perez climbed the ropes and performed a Tope Rope Leap for the Pin. 7:25

6. Billy Jack won by DQ over Maddog Buzz Sawyer with Kevin Sullivan. Once again Sullivan along with Buzz went to Solie’s corner for an interview on WCIX-TV. Billy Jack, who watched Al Perez irritate Kevin Sullivan, decided that interruption was a great idea. Sullivan was already angry and this interruption put him over the top; “I’ll get you Billy or Jack or whatever your name is. You had better keep an eye on me during the match.” This was another even match that could have gone either way but Sullivan allowed Billy Jack to get under his skin. Determined to hurt Billy jack for his intrusion in Sullivan’s world, Kevin waited for the right moment of distraction and Threw a Fireball. Unfortunately he blinded Referee Scrappy McGowan. Referee Bobby Simmons at ringside jumped in the ring and called the DQ. He also called for security to escort Sullivan and any members of his stable out of the arena. 11:51

7. NWA S/E TV Title – King Konga (Challenger) won by DQ over David Von Erich (Champion) with J.J. Dillon. Konga was greeted with cheering. Although he looks intimidating the fans have taken to him and would like to see him as the TV Champion. David Von Erich and Dillon were greeted with boos and cups thrown. Von Erich has become one of the most despised wrestlers in S/E Wrestling and currently sits atop the most hated rakings in front of Kevin Sullivan, Kendo Nagasaki, King Curtis and Abdullah the Butcher. The match went back and forth with Konga able to muscle his way to an possible advantage. Von Erich had a slight advantage in points when the action went OOR. The Desperados came on the scene and were fighting with Konga as David Von Erich crawled back in the ring. Konga was counted out but Referee Bobby Simmons ruled a DQ in favor of Konga because Ron Bass and Black Bart (The Desperados) didn’t belong in the arena. David Von Erich retains the NWA S/E TV Title 14:09
Shenandoah Peanuts & General Pickett’s Buffet presents;
NWA/MA/SE Wrestling (1980’s)
Richmond Coliseum – Richmond, VA Att: 10,138

Commentators; Ray Reeve & Logger Larson
Referees; Tommy Young & Lucky Roberts
Ring; Sherri Ann Cabot Interviews; Buck Laughlin

1. Mike Starbuck won by DQ over Pretty Boy Larry Sharp. This match was all Pretty Boy. Irish Whip and Hammer, Backward Head Slam and a Reverse Piledriver had Starbuck down for the count but Sharp pulled him up so he could add more punishment. Starbuck bailed from the ring, probably willing to take a Count-Out at this point. Sharp followed Mike OOR. During the action at ringside, Pretty Boy threw a Trash Can Lid that sailed like a Frisbee and hit Referee Tommy Young in the leg. Young called for the DQ awarding the match to Starbuck. Sharp slammed the Trash Can over Starbuck’s back in frustration 3:36

2. Gorgeous George South won by Count-Out over Jay Youngblood. During OOR Action, Younblood hit South with a Flying Axe Handle that had George dazed. South would have been fodder back in the ring. Larry Sharp still upset about the decision in the opening match, wandered to ringside and started fighting with Youngblood. Jay was not Mike Starbuck and was going to punish Sharp for the intrusion. Several Tomahawk Chops had Pretty Boy shking on the floor from pain. In between George South made it back in the ring and was awarded the Count-Out win when Referee Lucky Roberts count reached the limit. 5:10

3. Mr’s of Evil (Mr. Ito and Mr. Pogo) with Hiro Matsuda beat Denny Brown and Gene Ligon. The Mr’s wasted no time in starting the action as they attacked before the match. This started the bell but not any retaliation. Dirty Doubleteaming was the norm for Ito and Pogo in this match. Hiro Matsuda spent his time trying to distract Referee Tommy Young. Pogo had some Orient Dust that he used to throw in Ligon’s Eyes. Denny Brown tried to come to Gene’s aid but was greeted with a Spin Kick that sent him crashing to the floor. Mr. Ito hooked in the Deadly Nerve Hold and the blinded Ligon had no choice but to Submit. 7:48

4. Jumping Joe Savoldi won by DQ over The Dream (Mike Davis) with Abudadein. Savoldi and The Dream had a fairly even match with Savoldi’s aerial moves taking a toll on Dream as the match progressed. This had an UNUSUAL CHART ending; Abudadein who had to leave his snake, Beelzebub, in the locker room had a bottle of Devil’s Brew (called dark Side Ale). Waiting for what he thought was the right moment he tried to hit Savoldi in the head with the bottle. Referee Luck Roberts saw the bottle and the attempted infraction. Roberts called for the DQ. 9:12

5. Hercules Ayala and Magnificent M; Double DQ. Magnificent M had the fans confused as to his status although Hercules was a crowd pleaser. It didn't take long for M to show his rough style. He kicked Hercules from behind before the match. What the fans also found out was that M was no push over. In fact he knew his way around the ring. M had a Sharp Object that he tried to use to cut Hercules but he dropped the Foreign Object. After bailing from the ring M re-entered with a Folded Steel Chair. Referee Tommy Young called for the DQ. Ayala in between had picked up the Sharp Object from the canvas and was holding it. Young saw the object and ruled Double DQ. (Magnificent M is Don Muraco who actually had a shaven head under the mask so the mask would fit tightly.) 12:32

6. Mr. Wrestling II; Belly to Back Suplex Pin over Pac Song with Playboy Gary Hart. Pac Song established his presence by tipping over the Press Table on his way to the ring. Pac, who is from Korea, is not an excitable individual so any actions like tipping over tables or throwing items is from the instructions of Playboy Gary Hart. Gary on the other hand is full of Gary. Mr. Wrestling II, the crowd pleaser, was using his scientific moves to control the match. Pac was able to get in some Karate Thrusts and unexpected Spin Kick. Playboy tried to hit Wrestling II with a Roll of Coins. He missed and hit Pac Song in the stomach. This was the beginning of the end. Mr. Wrestling II performed a Million $ Knee Lift and followed with the Belly to Back Suplex. Gary Hart trying desperately to reach the action slipped from the Ring Apron. 11:49

7. Rock & Roll Express (Ricky Morton and Robert Gibson) beat Army of Darkness (Kevin Sullivan and Purple Haze) with Luna and The Lock. AOD and especially Kevin Sullivan was thrilled when their Cheating Modifier was rolled. This is exactly what they needed to begin this match in a month where Sullivan’s weird stable has suffered a number of defeats. The Rock & Roll Express still had the point advantage but the difference had AOD well within the reach of a win. During the instructions AOD tried to lure R & R into a handshake but Morton and Gibson were ready with dropkicks to the faces. Rock & Roll controlled the match through Body Presses and Dropkicks. This went to the Unusual Chart; Luna and The Lock had to find a method of turning the tide. Luna found a Fire Extinguisher and she got it ready for use (Spray Foam to Morton who was in the ring). Referee Tommy Young was dazed from a collision. The Lock trying to help Luna hit the button and the Foam came out covering Purple Haze. Sullivan ran in the ring and so did Robert Gibson. Morton and Gibson used the Double Drop Kick on Sullivan and the Foam Covered Purple Haze. As Referee Tommy Young shook off the daze, Morton was pinning Haze. 16:43
Tampa Bay Brewing & Mr. Dunderbak’s presents;
NWA/SE Wrestling (1980)
Expo Hall – Tampa, FL Att: 11,128

Commentators; Gordie Solie & Barbara Clary
Referees; Tommy Weathers & Col. Ted Hopkins
Ring; Gerry & Cookie Fleck

1. Black Bart with J.J. Dillon won by Count-Out over Butch Malone. Butch is a tough customer but he was up against Bart & Dillon. Dillon immediately distracted Referee Tommy Weathers so Bart could smash a trash Can over Malone’s back. Butch made the mistake of following Bart OOR just when Malone was starting to gain some momentum. He was greeted OOR with a Head Crusher to the Post and then was hit across the head with a Branding iron. This was the typical Black Bart match ending with typical Black Bart methods. 5:06

2. Denton/Anthony (Len and Tony) won by DQ over The Spoilers (#1/#2) with Percy Pringle. Though Denton and Anthony have been impressive for rookies they were no match for The Spoilers. The problem that happened in this match for Pringle’s masked team was Spoiler #2 losing not using his head. Spoiler #1 was in the ring with Denton and had jest his Len with a Walk the Ropes Elbow. Denton was set up for the Claw and Lights Out. Spoiler #2 tried to help by Smashing a Chair to Len. Referee Col. Ted Hopkins saw the infraction and called the match. Frustrated, the Spoilers started beating on Denton and Anthony. Security was called to restore order. 7:26

3. Robert Fuller with Brenda Britton; Spike Piledriver Pin over Ron Ritchie. Fuller gained points as he argued with the fans. The fans were booing the Tennessee Stud and calling Brenda “Flea Bag.” Fuller and Brenda may have gotten frustrated but they didn’t give back the points they were awarded. Richie used his speed to keep in this match and after a Flying Body Press Ron came very close to a Pin. Fuller responded with a Boot Smash and if history repeats itself, the Boot was Loaded. Brenda then threw Powder the struggling Richie’s Face. Fuller finished the match with a Spike Piledriver. 8:11

4. The Southern Express (Brad Armstrong and Brett Wayne) and The Headsmen (The Deman and The Hangman); Double Count-Out. The Express had a brilliant promo with Barbara Clary giving them extra points on their total. The Headmen tried to gain an advantage with rough moves; Eye Ripper, Kick to the Groin and Throat Drop on the Ropes but each move was countered. Wayne used a Top Rope Springboard that seemed to be Curtains on The Deman. The Hangman was able to beak up the pin attempt. The Express followed the Headsmen OOR and both teams were count-Out as they fought on the ramp. (the Deman is Joe Turner and The Hangman is Len Kruger) 14:49

5. Mike Graham; Olympic Roll-Up Pin over Kharma (Molikai) with Luna and The Lock. Kharma tried to counter Graham’s speed but was left with frustration. OOR Kharma tried a Chairshot but it was reversed. With Kharma seeing stars he crawled back in the ring. The Lock tried to help by swinging a bottle of Tampa Bay Beer at Graham. She missed and hit Kharma. The Olympic Roll-Up was a nice finish for the Pin but really an overkill on Kharma who was KO’d. 7:45

6. Abdullah the Butcher with Oliver Humperdink and Cyclone Negro with Hercules Ayala; Double Count-Out. Things started out well for Abdullah and Ollie. They heard boos and had cups thrown giving the Butcher points added to his total. Abdullah also had points added for his moves and Match Flow. As usual though, Abdullah couldn’t keep the action in the ring. Cyclone Negro followed Abdullah OOR. The Asian Invasion, Kabuki and Nagasaki, ran out to help Abdullah. Mike Graham evened the score for Cyclone and Hercules. The action was OOR and would stay OOR. Referee Col. Ted Hopkins counted both wrestlers out. 12:53

7. NWA Heavyweight Championship – The stipulation in this match is that if the Champion Dusty Rhodes does not outright win the match; meaning Pinfall, he will be banned from the S/E – FL – GA area. Because of Dusty’s interference in a match of the Army of Darkness, Kevin Sullivan has met with Commissioner Steve Kozar and two lawyers from the Law Firm of Ditcher, Quick & Hyde. The lawyers; Regis Smallprint & Misty Meanor are here in Tampa Bay to present the papers from the court.

Ric Flair (Challenger) won by Count-Out over Dusty Rhodes (Champion). Dusty was being interviewed by Gordie Solie when Kevin Sullivan and Purple Haze came on the scene. After a verbal altercation and some pushing Sullivan picked up a flood lamp and hit Dusty in the leg. Dusty lost points and was injured. Big Dusty made it to the ring for the match. The match started well for both as Ric rolled on his technical modifier and Dusty on his size modifier. The match was even with both wrestlers using their skills that pleased the fans. Two vendors near ringside got into an argument with some fans. Dusty noticed that it was Kevin Sullivan and Purple Haze. Haze was grunting while Sullivan was being down and out rude with his language. Dusty bailed from the ring and a Brawl ensued. Referee Tommy Weathers counted Dusty out but was slow to pull the trigger. 16.36

Steve Kozar came to the ring and told Dusty that he could no longer compete in S/E – FL – GA Wrestling. Dusty was allowed to take the NWA Belt with him aslong as he remains in an NWA controlled Federation.

A few hours later Commissioner Kozar,Gordie Solie and Buddy Colt were seen by Sullivan conferring with a Masked Man. Sullivan questioned Buddy Colt about the masked man; “He looks like Dusty Rhodes.” Colt replied; “I assure you it is not Dusty. It is a wrestler from Texas named The Midnight Rider.” Sullivan; “Where are my lawyers?”
James Joyce Irish Pub & One-Eyed Mike’s presents;
WWF Wrestling (1986-87)
1st Mariner Arena – Baltimore, MD Att: 10,166

Commentators; Bill Cardille & Gene Okerlund
Referees; Dick Kroll & Izzy Moidell
Ring; Normandie Drake Interviews; Boots Ruggles

1. Corporal Kirshner; Cobra Clutch Submission over Ted Grizzly. Big Grizzly attacked before the match using a Trash Can over the back. The match could have been called but Dick Kroll allowed the action to begin the match. The fans were still getting seated when Grizzly got the advantage. Ted followed with a Body Smash running full speed. His 320 lbs shook the ring. Kirshner was able to shake off the early goings although he came close to getting pinned. The Corporal hit Grizzy with a G.I. Clothesline that had a lot of Fist to the Throat in the swing. Kirshner hookedin the Cobra Clutch that he is now calling the Corporal’s Clutch. Grizzly, gasping for air, immediately gave up. 4:55

2. The Headhunters (Haku & Siva Afi) with Mr. Fuji won by DQ over Matman & Da Duke (Robbie Ellis and Pete Doherty). Matman & Da Duke have gained a following, if not respect, in the Federation while The Headhunters are hated along with Mr. Fuji. The fans are somewhat torn because of the popularity of Siva Afi. Matman & Da Duke had a unusual following in the stands. A group of women calling themselves “The Crustacean Queens” were on their feet cheering for Ellis and the Duke of Dorchester. This led Announcer Bill Cardille to suspecting that the clever Ellis hired the group. They began chanting “I love Matman, I Love Da Duke, all the rest make us Puke.” They kept up their chanting. Mr. Fuji protested that the extra awarded points should be taken away. The match went about as expected with the Headhunters on offense and Matman & Duke trying to counter with running speed. Siva Afi had the Duke dazed and performed a Flying Top Rope Dropkick. This was sure curtains. Robbie Ellis, immediately ran in the ring with a Lobster Trap. Referee Izzy Moidel called for the DQ. In spite of the loss The matman & Da Duke stood in the middle of the ring and took in all the cheers they could hear. Many of the Baltimore fans were confused about this weird twosome. 10:46

3. Rene Goulet and Steve Gatorwolf; Double Count-Out. Gatorwolf and Goulet were in a fairly even match in the ring but Rene bailed after an Indian Death Lock. He was trying the shake off the burn to his arm. In his anger he tipped over a few tables. Gatorwolf bailed from the ring to prevent any more damage and confront Goulet. This proved to be an error. Steve was able to throw Rene into the steps causing a gash to Rene’s forehead. As Gatorwold was about to re-enter the ring Goulet grabbed Steve’s ankle preventing him from getting back and avoiding the Count-Out. Both wrestlers were Counted-Out. 7:34

4. WWF Woman’s Title – Wendi Richter (Challenger) won by DQ over Lalani Kai (Champion). Lalani refused to do a scheduled interview prior to the match. Boots Ruggles asked Wendi to do the interview and not only did Wendi do the promotion but it was brilliant giving her extra points. Wendi went on to control the match and it looked as though Lalani would be relinquishing the belt. Just as Wendy hooked in a Headlock for a Bulldog Judy martin ran to ringside and threw a cup of soda into Wendi’s face. Wendi released the h9old and Lalani used a Corner Splash to put Richter down for the Pin. Referee Izzy Moidel who had been knocked from the ring in a collision climbed back in to count the pin. Referee Dick Kroll who was at ringside in time to see the infraction confronted Izzy about the ending. Moidel reversed the pin and changed it to a DQ in favor of Wendi Richter. 10:31

5. King Kong Bundy with Bobby Heenan and Tony Atlas; No Contest. This was a mess from the moment Normandie Drake started his announcements. Bundy, Atlas, Rocky Johnson and Big John Studd came down the aisle Brawling. This couldn’t be controlled by Referee Dick Kroll and he didn’t call people to stop the fighting. In fact it got worse. The Headhunters came running down and so did Matman and Da Duke. Goulet and Gatorwolf joined the melee. When it seemed as though the night of wrestling was over the lights came on and Vince McMahon Jr. came to the upper platform; “Enuf!!” The wrestlers slowing stopped fighting. McMahon spoke; “After paying your fines the four tag teams on the floor will battle, facing tonight’s schedule, next month for the number one Tag Team to face either The U.S. Express or The Dream Team who are meeting in a few weeks for the belt. Goulet and Gatorwolf will face each other in a No DQ or No Count-Out Match to see who will face the TV Title Champion next month. Now return to the locker area or be suspended.” They all took the hint. --:--

6. Piper/Orndorff with Ace Orton beat The British Bulldogs (Davey Boy Smith & Dynamite Kid). Piper & Orndorff, one of the most hated tags in history, rolled on their Cheat modifier adding more cheat points than any tag team has now or ever. To add to the point total they attacked early (before the match). It was a glimpse of things to come. With Piper/Orndorff now in control Ace Orton interfered every chance he got using his cast as a club to wear down the Bulldogs. I doubt if Referee Izzy Moidel ever refereed a match this out of hand. Somehow the Bulldogs gave Piper/Orton a scare on several occasions. Using speed and flying moves the Bulldogs looked like they would gain the win. Dynamite Kid had Orndorff dazed and climbed the ropes for a 2nd Flying Head Butt. Piper ran over and pushed him from the ropes. Dynamite Kid crashed to the canvas. He tried to get to his feet but Orton pulled him from the ring. Referee Izzy Moidel was KO’d from a collision. Ace Orton used the Gong Bell to hit Dynamite in the head knocking him out. Davey Boy Smith was in the ring but before he could try a Pin on Mr. Wonderful, Roddy Piper ran in and hit Smith with a blindsided Low Blow. Davey Boy drooped to the canvas in pain. Piper guided Mr. Wonderful to Smith for the pin while Ace Orton helped Izzy Moidel shake off the collision. Izzy counted Orndorff pinning Davey Boy. 19:58

7. Magnificent Don Muraco with Mr. Fuji and Pedro Morales; Double Count-Out. This was a fairly even match with Muraco showing some power and Morales using his veteran knowledge in retaliation. Pedro was able to hook in his Boston Crab finisher and this would have been "Adios". Mr Fuji, close by was able to throw some Asian Dust into Pedro’s eyes. Muraco bailed from the ring to try and shake off the pain in his legs. Morales was able to see well enough to follow Muraco OOR. They were brawling on the ramp when Referee Dick Kroll counted them out. 16:51
Kelly’s Diner & The Floating Rib presents;
WWF Wrestling (1985-86)
The Metro – Port Charles, NY Att: 8,632

Announcers; Gorilla Monsoon & Angelo Savoldi
Ring; Arthur Dietrich Interviews; Ron Harris
Referees; Dick Woherle & Terry Yorkston

1. Swede Hansen; Back Press Pin over A.J. Petruzzi. Petruzzi, with designs of paint on his face to make him look mean, attacked Swede with a Chair and injured the big man from Slaughter Creek. In spite of an injury to his arm, the popular Swede used Double Rope Burn to temporarily blind Petruzzi and followed with a Reverse Neckbreaker. The Back Press was the finish for A.J. The fans cheered every move that Swede used. He signed autographs and had pictures taken later in the foyer. Kelly’s Diner even has a Sandwich named for Swede called The Slaughter Creek Hero. 4:41

2. Salvatore Bellomo and Johnny Rodz; Double Count-Out. Bellomo was the Face and Rodz the Heel yet the fans reversed the two. During an interview with Ron Harris, Bellomo was booed unmercifully. This left him shaken but he was holding his own during the match. The action eventually went OOR and the two wrestlers brawled up the ramp. Bellomo tried a Body Smash that carried both wrestlers into the Orchestra Pit below the ramp. Neither could make it back to the ring. 5:12

3. The Hillbillies (Cousin Junior and Uncle Elmer) beat Hard Knox (Rusty Brooks and Goldie Rogers). Hard Knox refused to do their scheduled interview claiming that they were being ignored as a tag team and that Matman and Da Duke were getting an outside chance at the Tag Titles. Goldie spoke to Ring Announcer Arthur Dietrich; “Until some changes are made you will not hear the Golden voices of myself and Rusty.” The fans were on their feet cheering. The Hillbillies were interviewed and received points for an excellent promotion. Rogers had a Foreign Object that he used early in the match to slug Cousin Luke and wear him down. With Rusty in the ring against Elmer, Goldie tried to hand Brooks the Foreign Object. Cousin Luke snuck behind Goldie and put a Trash can over his head. Luke up on the Ring Apron after Referee Dick Woherle was distracted from a collision, used a Mule Kick to Rusty. Uncle Elmer followed with a Legdrop for the Pin. 11:36

4. Heidi Lee Morgan; Flying Forearm Pin over Judy Martin. Judy tried her usual wear down moves; Scatch the Eyes, Throat Drop onto Ropes and her walk the Ropes Elbow Drop but Heidi keep coming back. Finally she tried a Trash can Lid Shot while OOR. Heidi reversed the Lid Shot. After the dazed Jud re-entered Heidi hit her with a Flying Forearm. Referee Terry Yorkston counted the Pin but missed seeing Judy’s foot on the ropes. Judy was livid. She protested the match and called Heidi; “a wrestler not worthy of licking my boots.” 9:02

5. Jesse “The Body” Ventura beat Bad News Allen. This was a Power vs Power match with Allen providing a bit more power than Jesse. Bad News was a sensation in Stampede Wrestling and is doing some house for the WWF. This was his first large arena show. Once again he was impressive using Gut Busters and a Vertical Splash to soften up Jesse. Jesse retaliated with a Knee Drop to the Throat and Slamming Allen’s head to the mat. After the action went OOR Allen was cut badly on the forehead from a Slam to the Steel Steps. After re-entering the ring, Bad news was almost totally blinded by the blood flowing into his eyes. Referee Dick Woherle called for the bell and awarded the match to Ventura. 9:33

6. TV Title – Angelo Mosca Jr. (Challenger) won by DQ over Dr. D. David Shultz (Champion). Mosca used flying moves; Body Presses and Dropkicks to stun Shultz who could only retaliate with Kicks and Punches. Shultz was in serious trouble when he bailed from the ring. The Dr. thried to get Angelo to follow him OOR but Mosca wouldn’t fall for the trick of being at a disadvantage. Before the count expired, Shultrz found a Bowling Pin under the ring and re-entered. Referee Terry Yorkston immediately called for the DQ. Dr. D David Shultz retains the TV Title. 13:47

7. Hercules Hernandez with Classy Freddie Blassie won by Count-Out over George “Animal” Steele. Hernandez actually was put in a big disadvantage when he attacked Steele with a Chain. Animal reversed the move and Hercules crashed to the floor OOR onto the chain. Hercules was bleeding and walking gingerly. Back in the ring Steele controlled the match with Bites, Gouges and Kicks to the Stomach and face. Hercules finally bailed from the ring and Steele followed. During the brawl OOR Nicolai Volkoff came to the action from the backstage. Hercules slipped back in the ring. It seemed as though Referee Dick Woherle should have DQ’d Hernandez but he was busy arguing with Blassie. When Woherle did begin his count again, Hercules was in the ring. George Animal Steele was counted out. 12:52
Muddy Misers & Ditty’s Deli presents;
WWF Wrestling (1985-86)
Horton Civic Center – Salem, OH Att: 6,770

Commentators; Slick Mick Kartch & Cowboy Dick Hutton
Referees; Fred Atkins & Mike Sparks
Ring; Rev. Jim “Iggy” Ignatowski Interviews; Elaine Nardo

1. Barry “O”; Diving Lariat Pin over The Red Demon. The Red Demon wanted some early satisfaction and got it by chasing Jim Ignatowski out of the ring. Unfortunately the Demon tried to stuff a Foreign Object into his mask and Jim seeing the infraction, thought it was for him. Iggy immediately told Referee Fred Atkins. Atkins warned the Demon after finding the Foreign Object. Barry “O” controlled the match. The brother of Ace Orton was able to use his skill to finally set up the finish. A Running jackhammer and then a Diving Lariat got the Pin. 4:14

2. Matt Borne; Backbreaker Slam Pin over Lumberjack Jerry Monti. Borne looking to add points to his total took advantage of Ring Announcer Jim Ignatowski by chasing him from the ring. Iggy is a not about to hang around where h is not wanted. Meanwhile Jerry Monte was showing his Lumberjack muscles to the fans who could care less. Monti challenged Borne to a test of strength. It was a mistake. Jerry who matches Borne for weight cannot match him for strength. Monti his his head hard to the canvas after being thrown down. Jerry was dazed and Matt used a Headrammer to the Turnbuckle Post. Now nearly KO’d Monti became the victim of Borne’s Backbreaker Slam. Although Matt Borne performs as a heel the fans cheered the pin showing their dislike of Monti’s bragging. 4:31.

3. Quickdraw Rick McGraw won by DQ over Jason the Terrible. Jason chased Ring Announcer Iggy with a Hockey Stick but was warned by Referee Fred Atkins. He put the stick under the ring before the match started. McGraw meanwhile was doing an promotional interview with Elaine Nardo. He was excellent and received points for his interview. McGraw was controlling the match when the frustrated Jason bailed from the ring. He returned with the Hockey Stick and a Folded Steel Chair. Referee Fred Atkins called for the bell. Jason pushed Atkins to the mat dropping the Steel Chair in the process. McGraw hooked in a Necklock and performed a Brainbuster to Jaon on the Steel Chair. 3:56

4. The Hart Foundation (Brett Hart an Jim “Anvil” Neidhart) with Jimmy Hart won by DQ over The Rougeau’s (Raymond and Jacque). The Harts were greeted with boos so they stopped at argue with some fans. Jimmy Hart put in his two cents blasting it through his megaphone. More boos and cupos thrown. The Harts added valuable points to their total. In a match that was fairly even the end result was decided with a bizarre finish. This went to the UNUSUAL RESULT CHART. Quickdraw Rick McGraw was hanging around the interview corner (Rick may have taken a liking to Elaine Nardo). Terrible Terry Funk came to the corner waiting for the match to end so his manager, Jimmy Hart, could do a TV promotion with him. Quickdraw and Terrible Terry were not about to hold their cool. They started pushing and then the slugging broke out. They brawled from Interview Corner to ringside. Terry had a Branding Iron that Quickdraw grabbed. Funk in retaliation threw a Coffee Cup that missed McGraw and hit Referee Mike Sparks in the leg. Sparks turned to see McGraw with the Branding Iron. Sparks called for the DQ against The Rougeau’s. Sparks mistook McGraw being with the Rougeau’s because Terry Funk is part of Jimmy Hart’s stable. 16:56

5. Cowgirl Sue Green; pinned Mad Maxine with Nasty Kat LeRoux. Sue Green controlled the match using legitimate moves while Maxine was countering with bites and kicks (her usual style). Sue set up Maxine with a Headlock that would lead to a Bulldog. It would spell curtains for any opponent. Nasty Kat took advantage of a distraction (Referee Fred Atkins - dazed) and slammed a Loaded Book Bag to the Cowgirl’s head. Sue slumped to the canvas. Mad Maxine crawled for the cover and the pin. Wendi Richter ran to ringside and while Referee Fred Atkins, who had been dazed earlier, held Nasty Kat from entering the ring Wendi turned the two wrestlers over. Referee Atkins turned to see Sue Green pinning Mad Maxine. 7:42

6. The Missing Link; Back Flying Head Butt Pin over Ken Patura with Bobby Heenan. The chants of “Weasel” filled the arena as Bobby Heenan was announced. When the Missing Link was announced it was obvious why the fans were extra excited this evening. The Missing Link is now one of the most liked wrestlers. Ken Patura used his power to try and gain an advantage but The Link was a tough man to handle. Heenan stayed away from the action until the match was shifting to The Missing link’s advantage. King Kong Bundy was summoned to the ring. Referee Mike Sparks was telling Bobby Heenan that Bundy had to go back to the Locker area. During that distraction Bundy climbed onto the Ring Apron. As the Wrestlers got close Bundy used a Big Fist Punch. The Link ducked and Patura got it square on the chops. The Missing link climbed the Turnbuckle for the Back Flying Head Butt Leap. Bundy was sent backstage and Bobby Heenan watched in horror. 11:58

7. WWF Tag Title - The U.S. Express (Barry Windham and Mike Rotundo)(Champions) beat The Dream Team (Brutus Beefcake and Greg “Hammer” Valentine)(Challengers) with Luscious Johnny V. The Express, as expected, got a huge ovation that began with “Born in the U.S.A” and kept on until the match began. The Dream team had some good teamwork as they were determined to gain the title. The U.S. Express showed why they are the champions with tagging, an excellent move and tagging again. Johnny V. wanted to help his team but became the catalyst in the outcome. Mike Rotundo took Brutus Beefcake out with a Slingshot Clothesline while Barry Windham was brawling with Greg Valentine. Luscious Johnny had a whiskey Bottle and tried to hit Windham in the head. He hit Valentine by mistake. Barry hooked in the Headlock and took Valentine for a Bulldog Ride for the Pin. The U.S. Express retains the WWF Tag Title. 19:15
Grille 3501 & Llanview Brew Works presents;
WWF Wrestling (1985-86)
A.Buchanan Arena – Llanview, PA Att: 9,112 (SRO)

Commentators; Bill Cardille & Mr. TV Jackie Pallo
Referees; Mario Savoldi and Izzy Moidel
Ring; Woody Boyd Interviews; Katy Keene

1. Diamond Edge (Al and Keith Diamond) won by DQ over Mr. X & Mr. Hito. The Diamonds controlled the match except for a few nasty moves by Mr. Hito the veteran. Hito seldom allows pins to be made on tag partners and this was no exception. Al and Keith were team well and had mr. X in serious trouble after a Diamond Edge Knee Smash by Al followed by a Diamond Edge Elbow by Keith. Keith would have had the pin but Mr. Hito ran in the ring and threw salt at Keith. Referee Mario Savoldi called for the DQ. 8:46

2. Hillbilly Jim; Jumping Leg Drop over Charlie Fulton. Fulton had a group of fans who cheered for him as he came down the aisle. He was awarded the points on his total because this has become a standard for Charlie and he would continually get point deductions because of a serious following. Hillbilly Jim heard the cheers from the fans and his added points offset Charlie’s. The Hillbilly music had the fans clapping. Jim was able to counter Charlie’s moves but he got caught a few times because of his negative speed. Jim made up for it with some strength. Charlie, thinking he had Jim lined up on the canvas, climbed the Turnbuckle for a Diving Headbutt. Hillbilly Jim moved and Fulton crashed to the canvas. OUCH!!. Jim reacted with a Jumping leg Drop and got the pin. Some after match dancing by Jim left the fans in a good mood. 5:51

3. Tiger Chung Lee with Mr. Fuji; Asian Nerve Hold Submission over George Wells. Lee who has had some success lately has been waiting for a Title Shot. He must think that Mr. Fuji is the manager who can get the chance at Gold because Fuji is a new addition or should we say that Tiger joined Fuji’s stable. The action went OOR where Tiger seems to be at home but in this case George took charge. A Slam on the Table and a Smash to the steps had Chung Lee reeling and dazed. After re-entering the ring Wells had Tiger set up and performed a Rib Crusher. Mr. Fuji took advantage of a slight distraction to slam a Bottle of Sake over Wells Skull. George collapsed to the canvas. Tiger hooked in the Nerve Hold. Referee Mario Savoldi had to call the DQ for the KO’d George Wells. Savoldi knew he had missed an infraction but he was bound by what he saw. It seems as though Mr. Fuji could be the answer for Tiger Chung Lee. 6:18

4. Ivan Putski and Ted Arcidi with Mr. Fuji; Double Count-Out. This was a match-up of strongmen although Arcidi at 285 lbs compared to Putski’s 240 lbs appears to have an advantage. During their tests of strength Arcidi was made to try a different method of showing off. A knee to the Groin was the best he could do. As the match progressed Ted got into trouble so he bailed from the ring. Putski followed and it was a mistake. Ivan held his own OOR but Tiger Chung Lee ran out to help Arcidi and Fuji. Hillbilly Jimm ran out to help Putski. The count reached 10 and both wrestlers were counted out although in fairness, Arcidi and Mr. Fuji had the interference 1st and could have been DQ’d. Referee Izzy Moidel ruled the Double Count-Out that had fans booing and yelling “Blind Izzy” a name Moidel gained during his Saturday Morning Studio Wrestling on Channel 11 WIIC & WPGH Channel 53 in Pittsburgh. 8:12

5. The Brisco’s (Jack and Jerry) beat the North/South Express (Adrian Adonis and Dick Murdock). The Brisco’s heard a big ovation. The Express is hated so the Brisco’s had the favor advantage. Adonis who flaunts himself as a mean biker with a Chain and Leather Jacket. Murdock plays the straight man but is a rough wrestler as we know. The Express used rough moves; Choke using Ropes, Kick to the Stomach, Slam Head to the Canvas while the Brisco’s counted with Flying Legdrop and Body Presses. Jerry Brisco climbed the Turnbuckle in a setup of Murdock. Adonis was able to reach the leg of Jerry and trip his dive. Murdock caught Jerry and was ablut to use a Body Slam. Jack ran in the ring and Dropkicked Murdock who fell with Jerry on top. Mario Savoldi counted the Pin. Adonis was in the ring protesting. Adrian must have said some off-color words because Mario, mainly a referee and promoter, was ready to do battle. Adonis wisely backed down. 20:49

6. Intercontinental Title – Danny Spivey (Challenger); Bulldog Pin over Dino Bravo (Champion) with Frenchy Martin. Spivey earned the title shot but Frenchy Martin (He pronounces his last name “Maa-Tah”) tried to avoid the match claiming that Spivey was “Soft-Shoed” up the ranks to please the fans. Spivey’s impressive wins seem to counter what Frenchy is claiming. Bill Cardille; “There are no “Soft-Shoes” on your way up the ranks.” During the match Dino used his strong moves to try and gain an advantage. Dino, though arrogant, is not a wrestler who resorts to rougher moves. He leaves the cheating to Frenchy, a master at deception and foul play. Dino was able to use his Side Suplex but was unablr to get the pin as Danny flopped his foot on the ropes. Frenchy had a Wrench that he tried to use to try and hit Spivey but missed and hit Dino. Bravo was dazed as he lay on the canvas. Spivey performed a Guillotine Leg Drop. Dino was able to get to his feet but Danny hooked in a Headlock and then the Bulldog that was curtains. Danny Spivey is the NEEEEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWWWW Intercontinental Champion. 13:15

7. Randy “Macho Man” Savage with Miss Elizabeth and Ricky Steamboat; Double Count-Out. AS expected this match had it all. The finesse moves; Body Presses, Diving Elbow, Top Rope Leaps, Diving Elbow and Diving Crossbody and in spite of numerous pin attempts the beat went on. Some rougher moves; Throat Drop onto Ropes, Head Rammer and Falling Knee to Throat still did not wear these two down. Eventually the action went OOR. They brawled up the Ramp and into the crowd. By this time the match was declared a Double Count-Out. Last seen they were brawling down the Aisle through the Food Court and out the Front Doors. 18:13
The Crow’s Nest & One Well Brewing presents;
WWF Wrestling (1985-86)
Wings Arena – Kalamazoo, MI Att: 7,984

Commentators; Bobo Brazil & Slick Mick Kartch
Referees; Bucky Palermo & Jack Mason
Ring; Ted Baxter Interviews; Murray Slaughter

1. Jim Young won by DQ over The Executioner. The Executioner was livid after Ring Announcer Ted Baxter announced the masked heel weight of 271 lbs. The Executioner chased Ted from the ring. Ted, shaking, said; “That what it reads on the paper.” Slick Mick Kartch added; “He looks like he weighs 371. The Executioner’s attitude got worse and Young was unable to stop the onslaught. A Wicked Kick to the Groin put Young to the canvas. The Executioner had a Bag of Coins; reminding us of Killer Karl Kox’s Money Bag from Lars Anderson. Referee Bucky Palermo was distracted when The Executioner hit Young with the bag. Then to add insult ton injury The Masked Villain bailed from the ring and then re-entered with a Folded Metal Chair. Referee Bucky Palermo saw this infraction and called the match. 4:55

2. The Blue Blazer; Moonsault Pin over Hashif Khan. The Blazer did an excellent interview with Murray Slaughter for a TV promotion. Slaughter was listening to see if he could recognize the voice behind the mask but he was unable to place the voice with a face. Khan had an undetected Foreign Object that he used in his fist for punches that could wear down the Blazer. It almost paid off after a Jumping Spike DDT got a near pin on the Blazer. The Blazer used his speed to gain the advantage and performed a Head rammer to the Corner Post. The Blazer climbed the Ropes and performed a Moonsault for the Pin. 7:35

3. Leaping Lanny Poffo; Somersault Drop Pin over Magic Man Biff Wellington. Biff strutted around the ring claiming that there was a new man in town. He was very deliberate in removing his jacket so that everyone would be in awe of his physique. Early in the match Biff got in a few good moves but eventually climbed the ropes for a finishing leap. Lanny moved aside and Biff crashed to the canvas. Lanny used a Brain Basher as the dazed Biff got to his feet. A Somersault Drop was too much for Biff as Lanny got the Pin. 5:15

4. TAG TEAM ELIMINATION MATCH – Soul Train (Tony Atlas and Rocky Johnson) beat Studd/Bundy (Big John and King Kong) with Bobby “Brain” Heenan. Of course the chants of “Weasel, Weasel” broke out when Studd/Bundy were announced. Big John had a partially sharp object that looked like a Belt Buckle. He did wait long to try and use it in the match. Tony Atlas was trying to fend of the object and in the process Bundy, who was trying to tag in got cut on the forehead. The bleeding didn’t stop Bundy from using a vicious Eye Rake and Smashes to the Turnbuckle while Big John used Power Moves. Soul Train counted with a Running jackhammer and a Flying Missile. Bundy was setting up for an Atlantic City Avalanche but was partially blinded from blood. He wiped the blood away from his eyes. Referee Jack Mason not taking any chances called for the bell and awarded the match to Soul Train. Heenan protested and asked when his team would get another chance. Mason told Bobby that this was a Elimination Match and no matter how you got eliminated your team was done. Heenan went bonkers; “I will take this to court. You can bet on it.” Soul Train has earned the right to face either The Head Hunters or Matman and Da Duke for the #1 Tag Team ranking and the chance to face The Champion U.S. Express. 16:47

5. Jumping Jim Brunzell won by DQ over Brutus Beefcake with Luscious Johnny V. This was a meeting of two members of rival tag teams. Brunzell, the Killer Bee vs Beefcake, The Dream Team. Brutus had the early advantage with a throat Drop onto the Ropes and a Double Underhook DDT that nearly got a pin. Johnny V. was screaming that Referee Bucky Palermo counted 3 on the count but the match went on. Jumping Jim lived up to his name with punishing Drop Kicks that had Brutus dazed. Johnny V. tried to help by throwing some Brass Nucks for Brutus but Beefcake was too dazed to notice and the Nucks fell to the canvas. Referee Bucky Palermo immediately called for the DQ. As Beefcake and Johnny V. were leaving Johnny V. grabbed the microphone from Murray Slaughter who was interviewing Tito Santana; “It was a Pin, It was a Pin.” 11:43

6. Blackjack Mulligan and Mercenary Luc Porrier with Frenchy Martin; Double Count-Out. This match was set because Porrier and Frenchy were convinced that Mulligan hired Gino Brito to unmask the Mercenary during the Special matches at the Hamilton, Ontario Krazy Dayz. Mulligan has an interview show; Blackjack’s Bar-B-Que, and during an interview with Gino, Mulligan said he was curious about who was under the mask of the mercenary. Brito, mainly a promoter in Canada who was a tough customer as a wrestler, was in a match with Porrier at Krazy Dayz when several of Brito’s midgets (Sky Low Low, Little Beaver and Fuzzy Cupid) stormed the ring. (Brito promotes the Midgets). The end result was The Mercenary being unmasked actually by the midgets). Porrier and Frenchy eventually sent Goldie Rogers as a spokesman to challenge Blackjack to a match. This was the match. The Mercenary and Frenchy were immediately booed as they entered the arena. Then an old lady dumped some soda over Porrier’s head as he walked by the grandstand. Luc got angry and broke a fan’s sign. All this anger carried to the ring where Porrier was able to use a rough moves; Knee to the Stomach and Full Fist Punches. Blackjack was not a wrestler to try and match rough moves. He threw Porrier around the ring. Head Rammers and Smashing Elbows. Porrier bailed from the ring and Blackjack followed. Frenchy had a backup plan in the guise of Dino Bravo who was standing by dressed as a custodian. The Brawl broke out 2 on 1. Several wrestlers ran out to break up the melee. 9:29

7. Tito Santana; Flying Forearm Smash Pin over The Natural Butch Reed. During OOR Action, Reed was able to inflict some punishment with a Choke to the Guard Rail and Smashes of the Forehead to the Rail. Butch tried a Whip to the Steel Steps but the move got reversed and he slammed into the Steps with his back taking the punishment. Back in the ring Reed was able to perform a Double Underhook Suplex nut was unzble to get the pin as Tito kicked out at the last second. Santana caught Reed with a Spinning Neckbreaker and as Butch got to his feet he was hit with a Devastating Flying Forearm that got the Pin. 13:46
Gibby’s Landing & Vessichio’s Famous Cannoli presents;
WWF Wrestling (1985-86)
Nassau County Coliseum – Uniondale, NY Att: 16,234

Commentators; Gene Okerlund & Lord Alfred Hayes
Referees; Dick Woherle & Fred Atkins
Ring; Stan Wojohowitz Interviews; Ron Harris

1. Tony Garea; Octopus Hold Pin over Makham Singh. Tony heard the cheers as soon as he entered the ring. The New Zealand native has been and is a very popular wrestler with the Long Island fans. This became a match of Cheat vs Technical with Tony’s Technical winning out because the 400 lbs Singh is slow but his weight is an advantage. Singh had Garea lined up for a Corner Splash but Tony moved and Singh who was at full speed nearly knocked himself out. As Makham got to his wobbly feet Garea used the Octopus Hold that was made famous by Antonio Inoki. 4:53

2. Iron Mike Sharp pinned Jose Luis Riviera. Mike heard some cheers but that was to be expected as he has gained a following. If his fans were looking for a clean cut Iron Mike they had to be disappointed. To start the match Mike offered Jose a handshake. Riviera fell for the ploy and Mike Body Slammed Jose. Jose fought back and nearly had a pin after performing a Running Axe Handle and a Diving Elbow Drop. After kicking out Iron Mike used a Punch to the Throat and then a Loaded Forearm Smash that got the Pin. 5:46

3. Sika the Wild Samoan; Crushing Headbutt Pin over Les Thornton. Thornton a veteran of British Wrestling and announcing grabbed the microphone from Stan Wojohowitz and began degrading America; “The people, the food, the way of life stinks.” Sika heard enough, walked over and slapped the microphone from Thornton’s hand. The match began with the fans cheering for the Wild Samoan. Thornton was able to perform a Spine Buster and a Gourd Buster in an attempt to soften up the Samoan. Sika retaliated with a Rib Crusher then a Crushing Headbutt for the Pin. 6:58

4. The Super Powers (Nicolai Volkoff and Iron Sheik) with Classy Freddie Blassie beat The Young Stallions (Paul Roma and Jim Powers). The Stallions used their combination of Strength and Speed to match the Super Powers slower, deliberate rough style. Jim Powers caught the Iron Sheik with a Running Power Slam and Roma followed with a Diving Elbow Drop that seemed to have the pin but Volkoff was able to break it up. The Super Powers bailed from the ring and the Stallions followed. Powers was immediately hit with a Flag Pole and he collapsed to the floor leaving Roma to brawl with the Sheik and Volkoff. Blassie got into the action with a Chairshot over Roma’s head. Volkoff had slipped back in the ring. The Stallions were Counted-Out. Gene Okerlund; “Wasn’t The Iron Sheik the Legal Man?” 15:26

5. Steve Blackman; Top Rope Bicycle Kick Pin over Alexis Smirnoff with Frenchy Martin. Blackman, a newcomer, was signing autographs and becoming a crowd favorite during his entrance. Smirnoff used his usual rough style to try and gain the advantage. A Siberian Sickle was especially effective and had Blackman gasping for air. A few Knee Drops and a Kick to the body of Blackman who was sprawled in the canvas helped wear down the rookie. Blackman was able to gain a 2nd wind and responded with a Flying Elbow and a Skullcrusher. Frenchy Martin, watching the tide change in the match, panicked and tried to help. He swung a Cannoli Tray that he stole from a Vessichio Vendor. Frenchy missed and hit Smirnoff who was struggling around the ring in a daze. Blackman climbed the Ropes and performed the Top Rope Bicycle Kick for the Pin. 8:09

6. Mr. Wonderful Paul Orndorff with Rowdy Roddy Piper won by Count-Out over Davy Boy Smith with Dynamite Kid. The in the ring match was fairly even and if the action stayed in the ring either wrestler could have won. OOR was a different story with Piper taking charge. This should have been called a No Contest or a DQ against Orndoff but Referee Fred Atkins was feeling generous and allowed the action to continue. Ace Orton came out to help his partners in crime. Piper who likes to mush items in faces had several pies that he either stole or possible bought. Smith took several to the face blinding him. Dynamite Kid was thrown into the crowd, crawled out and then thrown back. Orndorff made it back to the ring to beat the count. 14:59

7. WWF Heavyweight Title – Hulk Hogan (Champion) and Terry Funk (Challenger) with Jimmy Hart; Double Count-Out. This was another match that was an OOR Brawl. Terry who can hold his own with the best of them OOR was able to get the Hulkster to follow him after bailing. Once he was OOR Hulk was hit with a XX Branding Irin cutting open a large gash on his forehead. Terry stared throwing some of the left over pies and then grabbed a Cannoli Tray and smashed it over Hulk’s head. Roddy Piper got into the action just as Referee Dick Woherle counted both wrestlers out. Funk seemed thrilled with the result as the bleeding Hulk had to be helped from ringside. Piper was standing by Funk and yelling; “Turn around Hulk so we can throw more pies.” Hulk Hogan retains the WWF Heavyweight Title. 15:07
Don Hall’s Old Gas House & Eddie Merlot’s presents
AWA Wrestling (1980’s)
Allen County War Memorial – Fort Wayne, IN Att: 11,874

Commentators; Marty O’Neill & Gene Okerlund
Referees; Gary DeRusha & Marty Miller
Ring; John “Bluto” Blutarsky Interviews; Mandy Pepperidge

1. The Great Wojo won by Count-Out over Frankie DeFalco. DeFalco, trying to make a name for himself, was a bit overmatched in the meeting. He was able to line up Wojo for a Corner Splash but his only success with the Splash was suffering from a banged up shoulder. As Frankie was standing trying to rub off the pain, Wojo performed a Flying Dropkick that sent DeFalco tumbling from the ring. Frankie was injured and unable to make Referee Gary DeRusha’s count. 4:07

2. Wild Hogs (King Harley and J.R. Hogg) and Border Patrol (Ben Hernandez and Armando Rodriguez); No Contest. This Brawl began at ringside with neither team entering the ring. The Hoggs used Biker Chains while the Patrol countered with Chairshots and Throwing TV Equipment. The fans were scattering for fear of getting hit. The bell was ringing and ringing as Seurity tried to get some order in this mess. Referee Marty Miller declared this a No Contest but added over the microphone that this would be a heavily fined match. --:--

3. Ironman Reggie Parks; Reverse Piledriver Pin over Terrible Tom Linz. Linz, who is a bit scary on the TV, did a great interview with Mandy Pepperidge. He was awarded extra points although Mandy didn’t notice that Linz reached in her purse and stole a compact. After the match started Linz hid the compact in his hand and used it when punching Reggie. Tom also used Gouge Eyes and Backward Head Slam moves. Iron Man shook off the Linz advantage with a Running Clothesline that left Tom gasping for air. Parks got the pin with a Reverse Piledriver. 9:56

4. The Mad Russians (Boris Zukov and Soldat Ustinov) with Sheik Adnan El Kassie won by Count-Out over The Alaskans (Jay and Mike York). The Alaskans had the advantage mainly because Sheik Adnan kept sticking his nose into the match. He would confront with Zukov and then with Ustinov taking away from moves they were setting up. An Alaskan Doubleteam Splash on Zukov had the Russians in serious trouble. The pin attempt got broken up but the Russians bailed from the ring. The Alaskans followed and a big brawl broke out as expected. Chris Markoff, another coolie in Adnan’s stable, came running into the action. Adnan, a master of deception, distracted Referee Marty Miller as Zukov was slipping back into the ring. The OOR brawl was up the ramp and into the hall when Referee Miller turned to see Zukov in the ring. A Count-Out was called after 10 in favor of The Russians. 15:58

5. AWA TV Title – Brad Rheingans (Champion); Bridging Cradle Suplex Pin over “Asian Assassin” Sato (Challenger). Sato, who likes to have an added advantage, got caught with a Foreign Object and was seriously warned by Referee Gary DeRusha. The Asian Assassin lost points from his total and it took away his game plan. Sato was able to show his rough style with Vicious Choke Holds and some skilled moves; Jumping Spin Kick and a Nerve Hold that he calls a “Nagoya Clamp.” Brad was able to counter these moves but he was hurting from the Nerve Hold. Rheingans was able to turn an Irish Whip into a Head Slam and then the Bridging Cradle Suplex. Brad Rheingans retains the AWA TV Title. 10:43

6. Rick Martel beat Ken Lucas. Lucas had a Sharp Object and unfortunately for him the attempted move got reversed. Lucas got cut on the forehead and was bothered by the blood flow through the match. Lucas and Martel exchanged moves equally and in spite of Ken’s sour attitude this was a technical gem of a match. Martel was able to line up Lucas for a game ending Slingshot Suplex. Lucas was rubbing blood from his eyes so Marty Miller called the match for Too Much Blood. Lucas bailed from the ring while Martel was talking with Referee Marty Miller. Lucas re-entered the ring with a bottle and slammed it to Martel’s head. Rick collapsed to the canvas. The EMT’s were called and Martel was taken out on a stretcher. Lucas grabbed a microphone; “Ya, Martel is a winner alright.” 15:15

7. Nick Bockwinkle with Bobby Heenan and Jumbo Tsuruta; Double Count-Out. This was another technical gem with Armbars, Body Slams, Neckbreaker Vice and Atomic Spike. Bobby Heenan who usually tries to help gain an advantage was fairly quiet but he wouldn’t stay that way with tricks up his sleeve. Bockwinkle caught Jumbo in a Sleeper but Tsuruta was able to reach the ropes and have it broken up. The action went OOR and this is where the advantage is Bockwinkle and Heenan. A Hot Dog Vendor immediately squirted some mustard to the eyes of Tsuruta, Then an Uppercut Forearm sent Jumbo to the floor. The Vendor showed his face that had been hidden and it was Blackjack Lanza. Referee Gary DeRusha missed seeing Lanza as he was distracted by Heenan. Bockwinkle was trying to get back to the ring when Brad Rheingans ran out and smashed a fist to B.J. Lanza and then started fighting with Bockwinkle. Both wrestlers were eventually counted out. 13:38
Lucky’s 13 Pub & The Toasted Frog presents;
AWA Wrestling (1980’s)
Urbain Plains Center – Fargo, ND Att: 5,882

Commentators; Ken Resnick & Ron Throngard & Frank Durso
Referees; Scrap Iron George Gadanski & Wally Karbo
Ring; Straight Flush Tony Interviews; Brainey Baxter

Frank is often called Slip Mahoney

1. Jake “Milkman” Milliman; Guillotine Leg Drop Pin over Dennis Stamp. Dennis had an early advantage in the match after Smashing a Vendor Tray over Milliman’s head. Stamp’s follow-up was to Rake the Eyes and used an Irish Whip. Jake hit Dennis with a Backward Head Slam and then the Guillotine Leg Drop. Dennis who is called “The Tulsa Tornado” was just a prairie wind tonight. 3:59

2. “The California Kid” Tommy Jammer; Gut Wrench Suplex Pin over Sheik Abdullah. The Sheik was able to mount an offense using a Flying Elbow Smash that stunned Tommy. Unfortunately for the Sheik he tried to follow with a Suicide Top Rope Dive and he crashed to the canvas. Tommy took advantage with a Falling Face Wrecker and then the Gut Wrench Suplex for the Pin. 5:23

3. Moose Morowski; The Claw Submission over Buck Zumhoffe. Moose, a very tough customer, came into the arena with a bad attitude and started arguing with some fans. Several fans kept the arguing going and even offered a program for autographing to Moose who immediately ripped it up. Frank Durso at the commentators table mentioned that Moose is notorious for setting up fans to help him gain points on his total. Throngard; “It does seem a bit put on.” Moose head the statement, came to the Commentator’s table and started arguing with Throngard. Buck Zumhoffe, a up & coming preliminary came out with a new gimmick; a Boom Box. He is now introduced as “Rock n’ Roll” Buck Zumhoffe. Buck showed a few good moves but the match belonged to Moose who used Buck’s Boom Box far a Smash over Zumhoffe’s Head. Mosse followed this up with The Claw for the Submission. 4:23

4. Top Guns (Ricky Rice and Derrick Dukes) beat Pretty Playboys (Buddy Rose and Doug Somers) with Sherri Martel. Sherri handed Doug a Sharp Object (Broken Piece of a Compact Mirror) to use a a weapon. Derrick Dukes saw the object and tried to wrestle it from Somers. The result was that Doug was cut over the eye and started to bleed. The injury change to course of the match. The Top Guns used speed to control the match and after a Doubleteam Dropkick, the Guns set up for a Doubleteam Top Rope Leap on Buddy Rose that would have ended the match. Somers was trying to tag in and was bleeding on the canvas. Referee Wally Karbo called the match for Too Much Blood. 14:11

5. The Trooper Del Wilkes won by DQ over Yuri Gordienko with The Syrian Terrorist. Yuri hit his cheat modifier adding points to his total. The Trooper was greeted with cheering and one woman ran into the aisle to kiss him. The Trooper was shocked but grateful adding points to his total. The match was fairly even with each wrestlers having kicked out of pin attempts several times. Wilkes, who also wrestled as The Patriot caught Yuri in a Two handed Neck Claw called “The Big Pinch.” Gordienko was not about to wiggle out of this hold. The Syrian Terrorist knowing that this was the end jumped on Referee Scrap Iron George Gadanski before Yuri submitted. Gadanski called for the DQ. 10:55

6. Wahoo McDaniel; War Dance Kneelifts Pin over Super Destroyer Mark III with Magnificent Mimi. Mimi who wants to add managing to her skills bought SDM III’s contract from Lord Alfred Hayes. Mimi who is a veteran wrestler know her was around cheating and foul play so SDM III is a good add. Mimi tried to help in the match but she ended up costing he wrestler. Mimi had a Book Bag that was Loaded. She swung the bag at wahoo ho was in the midst of a War Dance. She missed and hit Mark III suare in the face. Wahoo used Overhead Chops on the dazed masked wrestler. Then the War Dance Knee Lifts got the pin. 13:48

7. AWA International Title – Billy Robinson (Champion); Bridging Suplex Pin over Mr. Saito with Sheik Adnan El Kassie. Mr. Saito had some salt so before the match began Referee Scrap Iron George Gadanski tried to take the salt. Sheik Adan explained that it was Ceremonial Salt and that Mr. Saito needed to use it for a ceremony before the match. Gadanski allowed Saito to use the salt for the ritual before the match. Scrap Iron forgot to take it away after the ritual. Of course Saito used the saly to gain an advantage. He rubbed it in Billy’s eyes. Saito then used a Vicious Illegal Choke but gadanski broke it up. As Saito and Sheik Adnan were arguing with Referee Gadanski Billy ran over and performed a Single Arm DDT. He followed it with the Bridging Suplex. Billy Robinson retains the AWA International Title. 13:48
Honest Abe’s & Lazlo Brewery presents;
AWA Wrestling (1980’s)
Pershing Center – Lincoln, NE Att: 7,228

Commentators; Lee Marshall & Larry Nelson
Referees; Henry Van Loon & Sockeye Jack McDonald
Ring; Dream Street Rose Interviews; Waldo Winchester

1. Chief Joe Lightfoot; Indian Deathlock Submission over Barnabus Buddy Lane. Chief Joe heard the cheers as he entered the arena. Joe is an Arapaho, native to the Lincoln area. He didn’t disappoint the fans finishing the match with an Indian War Dance and Knee Lifts and then hooked in the Death Lock for the Submission. 3:24

2. Steel Tiger Spike Huber and Tony Leone; Double Count-Out. Leone, who is billed from Naples, Italy, promises to return to the New City unless he gets respect from the fans. Of course they boo as loud as possible when he is announced. Tony claims to be related to Baron Miguel Leone who wrestled the great Lou Thesz several times in the 1950’s but this has not been verified. Huber had the best of this match so Leone in his usual style grabbed Huber’s Hard Hat (Spike wears a Construction Hard Hat to the ring) during a distraction and hit Referee Sockeye Jack McDonald in the back of the head. McDonald took several moments to shake off the daze. By this time both wrestlers were fighting in the 4th row of fans. Sockeye Jack called the match as a Double DQ then changed his mind to a Count-Out not trusting Leone and not wanting to penalize Huber. 3:14

3. Timekeeper Mike George; Slingshot Suplex Pin over Yugo Babich. Timekeeper Mike set the time of 3:45 on his clock. He claims he would pin Yugo within this time. Actually at about the 1:30 mark he seemed to have a pin but Yugo was able to get his foot on the ropes. George was angry at not getting the count but was within a time frame so he could not waste time. Babick gave George some fits for the next few minutes but got caught by Mike for a Head Rammer. Mike finished the match on the dazed Babich with a Slingshot Suplex. The Timekeeper was within his prediction but by only 5 seconds. 3:40

4. The Freebirds (Michael Hayes and Buddy Roberts) and The Long Riders (Scott “Hog” Irwin and Wild Bill Irwin); Double DQ. During an interview a month ago The Long Riders claimed that The Frrebirds were run out of town in Texas by The Von Erich’s. Michael Hayes who reacts to the Von Erich name with scorn lashed back at the Long Riders saying that it was the lack of competition that drove them out. The Riders wouldn’t let up and every interview they attacked the Freebirds as cowards. Hayes came back with The Riders having to use the biker bit again because they were unmasked in Texas. As you can imagine these two team couldn’t wait to get to each other. They ran at full speed to the ring and didn’t wait for introductions. Referee Sockeye Jack McDonald did what he could to maintain some order during the match that had 2 on 2 for the majority of time. Wild Bill had a Biker Chain and Buddy Roberts was cut. It was hard to tell who had gotten cut because the blood was on all the wrestlers. Hog Irwin was trying to use the Chain to hit Michael Hayes who countered with a Chairshot. Wild Bill had a Railroad Spike and Buddy Roberts found a Monkey Wrench under the ring. Sockeye Jack McDonald had enough and called a Double DQ. Security and several wrestlers ran out to help maintain order. 15:18

5. Genichiro Tenryu; 53 Sai (Brainbuster) Pin over Otto Wanz. This was a match to determine the #1 contender to the International Title held by Billy Robinson. The fans didn’t have to make a choice as to who was their favorite. Tenryu, a notorious cheater, was booed from the moment he entered the arena. Wanz on the other hand is well respected. Otto had a pin after a Spinecracker but Referee Henry Van Loon clearly missed it and he knew it. Tenryu was able to get a Kendo Stick he brings to ringside and use it on Otto’s head during a distraction. Referee Van Loon missed this one. Genichiro used his famous 53 Sai (Brainbuster) to get the Pin. Otto Wanz didn’t realize that the pin counted because he had his foot on the ropes. This was the 3rd miss by Referee Van Loon. 12:43

6. AWA American Title – Larry Zbyszko (Champion) with Mr. Ryuma Go; Superkick Pin over Tom Zenk (Challenger). Zenk interrupted an interview that Zbyszko was having with Waldo Winchester. The egotistical Champion was unglued and carried it to the ring. For most of the match it looked like a new champion would be crowned. A Zenk Missile Dropkick followed by a Flying Crossbody looked like curtains for Zbyszko but Mr. Go was able to break up a sure pin. As Zenk readied to continue the attack, Mr. Go used a Karate Chop to the Throat that left Tom gasping for air. Zbyszko was able to perform a super Kick that led to the Pin. Larry Zbyszko retains the American Title. 13:39

7. The Road Warriors (Animal and Hawk) with Precious Paul Ellering won by DQ over The Vachons (Butcher and Mad Dog). The Road Warriors are hated after using their rough style to destroy several team in the AWA. The Vachon’s have waited a long time but have gained fan approval. Butcher and Mad Dog use a “Take No Prisoners” attitude and are not likely to back down from the Warriors. Precious Paul had a Wall Street Journal that he used several times to reach in and smack Butcher or Mad Dog. Of Course his Newspaper was loaded with a Tire Iron. As the match progressed it was obvious that the Warriors had their hands full and then some. Luna Vachon came to ringside to help her father and uncle. Ellering reached in the ring again and Luna responded with some Fire Extinguisher Foam aimed at Ellering but hit Referee Henry Van Loon. He immediately called for the bell awarding the match to The Road Warriors. 19:04
Dotty’s Dumplings & Great Dane Brew Pub presents;
AWA Wrestling (1980’s)
Veteran’s Memorial Coliseum – Madison, WI Att: 9,318

Commentators; Roger Kent & Donna Gagne
Referees; Wally Karbo and Ronnie Etchinson
Ring Carol Kester Interviews; Brainey Baxter

1. Sodbuster Kenny Jay won by DQ over Mr. Ryuma Go. Mr. Go used Karate moves to wear down Kenny but he became complacent. Kenny used a Rope Spring and a Forearm Smash to down Mr. Go and set up a Running Knee Drop. Larry Zbyszko came to ringside and tripped Kenny as he Sprung from the Ropes. Referee Wally Karbo saw the infraction and called for a DQ. Needless to say Larry Zbyszko claimed to Karbo that he never touched Kenny; ”What are you blind? Sodbuster is clumsy and tripped over his own feet.” The decision stood as Zbysko and Mr. Go stormed off. 3:51

2. Bulldog Bob Brown; Falling Hammer Pin over Puppy Dog Peloquin. There was a lot of OOR Action and Peloquin held his own against to tough Bulldog. In fact Brown was reaching for a 2 x 4 under the ring when Referee Ronnie Etchinson saw him reaching for something and gave Brown a stiff warning. Back in the ring the match was in Bulldog’s favor although Peloquin was able to getin a few good shots. A Slingshot off the Turnbuckle performed by Brown led to a Falling Hammer Pin. 4:05

3. Chuck “Monster” O’Connor and Handsome Johnny Starr; Double Count-Out. This is a long going feud that has seen these two combatants face each other many times. Handsome Johnny has the bigger mouth but Monster O’Conner hold the edge in wins. This would not be one of them. In fact when the action went OOR it would never return. Ox Baker, who is managed by handsome Johnny, came out to help his manager brawl with O’Connor. Ox Baker is one of the few who can match O’Connor’s 375 lbs. With the action not re-entering the ring both wrestlers were counted out although it seemed as though Referee Wally Karbo should have DQ’d Handsome Johnny who had the help of Ox. (note; Chuck “Monster” O’Connor would eventually change his name to Big John Studd.) 6:11

4. Terry Gordy with Michael Hayes and Teijo Khan with Sheik Adnan El Kassie; Double Count-Out. Gordy (and Hayes) received extra points for stopping Khan (and Adnan) from insulting Ring Announcer Carol Kester and chasing her from the ring. It has taken the fans a while to adjust to The Freebirds but the Bad Street group seems to have won them over. The action was destined for OOR where it got furious. Adnan called out Soldat Ustinov and Boris Zukov to help Tiejo. Buddy Roberts ran out and The Freebirds held off Adnan’s stable members. Time ran out and both team were Counted-Out. 9:46

5. Baron Von Raschke with Bobby Heenan and Calypso Jim; Double DQ. The fans got into the action on the Baron immediately. On fan dumped some soda over Von Raschke’s head causing the Baron to grab another fans program and rip it up. Bobby Heenan liked the action of the fans who were adding extra points to the Baron’s point total. In the ring VonRaschke drew boos from the fans as he Goose Stepped around the ring. Calypso Jim didn’t seem impressed and as the match progressed Jim was taking charge. Referee Wally Karbo got caught between the wrestlers on a collision and he was dazed and trying to shake it off. Calypso Jim hit the Baron with a Co-Co Head Butt and the Baron was pulled from the ring by Heenan. The Baron re-entered the ring with a Chair. As Referee Wally Karbo was about to turn to see the action, Bobby Heenan threw a Wrench at Calypso Jim. Jim picked it up as Karbo turned to see the action. Both wrestlers had weapons so Karbo DQ both. (note: Calypso is the son of Bobo Brazil) 11:56

6. Crusher/Bruiser (Lisowski and Dick) beat The Sheiks (Blackwell and Patura) with Adnan El Kassie. The Sheiks are hated and this Madison crowd was already in the hating mood. The boos stared the moment Adnan came in leading this nasty tag team. The match was fairly even with The Sheik’s trying to help each other but quite often getting in each other’s way. Patura was in the ring with Bruser while Crusher was fighting OOR with Blackwell. Crusher whipped Blackwell into Adnan and both heels collapsed to the floor. Meanwhile the distracted Patura became the victim of a Bruiser Atomic Drop. Crusher tagged in and performed a Bolo Punch that led to the Pin. 15:45

7. Hardcore Title Match – In a Cage (Must Climb over the Top) – King Kong Mosca (Challenger) beat Bruiser Brody (Champion). Mosca got some unexpected help from Baron Von Raschke who had taken the Wrench from tha canvas after his match. The Baron was at the top of the entrance aisle when Mosca was introduced. He handed Mosca the Wrench. King Kong was able to slip in in his boot. During the match Brody was able to slam Mosca to the cage wall and scrape his face to bloody mess. It looked like curtains for masca when he was able to get the Wrench from his boot and use it in his fist for a smash to Brody’s jaw. Bruiser Brody collapsed to the canvas as King Kong Mosca climbed to victory and collapsed outside the cage. King Kong Mosca is the NEEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWWWW Hardcore Champion. 21:48
Tomfooleries & McCoy’s Pub presents;
AWA Wrestling (1980’s)
Municipal Auditorium – Kansas City, MO Att: 10,144

Commentators; Dick Jonkowski & Lord James Blears
Referees; Gary DeRusha & Marty Miller
Ring; Tess Truheart Interviews; “Boogie” Sheftel

1. Earthquake Ferris; Reverse Piledriver Pin over Bodyguard Butch Reed. Things didn’t go well for Reed who flashed a Sharp Object and then tried to use it on Ferris. Reed grabbed a Microphone and slammed it over Butch’s Head. Butch bailed from the ring only to have Ferris follow. When Reed tried to grab a Wooden Soda Crate, Ferris interfered and used it for a Smash to Reed’s back. After re-entering the ring Ferris performed a Backward Head Slam on Butch and then a Reverse Piledriver. 5:56

2. Tom “Rocky” Stone won by DQ over Ali Hassan. Hassan was booed as he entered the arena and he responded by threatening to go into the stands and take care of the culprits. He raised his fist and yelled; “Size alırsınız” (Turkish meaning; I’ll get you.) The points gained on Ali’s total were wasted when he eventually came in the ring with a Chair, pushed Referee Marty Miller aside and smashed the Chair over Rocky’s head. Referee Miller called for the DQ but Stone, the winner, didn’t know. He was being carried out on a stretcher. 4:04

3. The Fabulous Ones (Steve Keirn and Stan Lane) won by DQ over The Doctor and The Bulldog (Dr. Jerry Graham Jr. and Bulldog Don Kent). Referee Gary DeRusha warned Graham Jr. and Kent about foul play. They protested the warnings as favoritism toward the Fabs then proceeded to Doubleteam illegally and break rules OOR. DeRusha was very liberal in this match that had Chairs and Trash Cans being used a weapons OOR. Back in the ring Kent dropped a Screwdriver and Dr. Jerry tried to retrieve it but dropped a Monkey Wrench in the process. That was enough for DeRusha who DQ’d The Doctor and The Bulldog. 14:13

4. David Sammartino Power Slam Pin over Kevin Kelly with Madusa Miceli. Madusa immediately tried to get in the action ans was caught. Referee Marty Miller sent her back to the Locker Room rather then have a DQ. Sammartino used his power to gain an advantage while Kelly was bothered by the loss of his manager. Kelly showed some good moves; Gut Wrench Suplex and Falling face Wrecker but Sammartino was able to counter. Running Forearm Smashes dazed Kevin and a Big power Slam got the pin. Kelly complained that his shoulders were not flush to the canvas and he may have had a point. 7:51

5. Steve “O” Olsonoski won by DQ over Colonel DeBeers. Steve was able to gain a near pin with a Flying Legdrop. The deliberate DeBeers was shaken by this near pin and he attacked Steve with a Swagger Stick, choking and whipping Steve. Then DeBeers stood up and twirled his mustache while Waking on Steve’s chest. Referee Gary DeRusha, who had been dazed from a collision, finally turned to see the action. DeBeers had to ditch the Swagger Stick so he threw it almost hitting DeRusha. That was more than enough for the DQ to be called. 9:14

6. Bob Backlund; Atomic Drop Pin over Blackjack Lanza with Bobby Heenan. The fans hate Lanza and Heenan and the tag team of Duncum/Lanza. The boos began upon the entrance and cups were thrown. This is right up Heenan’s alley as his wrestler gains points on his total. Lanza was able to use a Skull Smasher and a Falling Hammer to almost gain a pin but the skillful Backlund was able to kick out and then mount an offense. Bobby Duncum ran out to help Lanza while Heenan distracted Referee Marty Miller. Duncum used a Loaded Fist to try and punch Backlund. Duncum managed to hit Lanza in the chops. Backlund performed an Atomic Drop on Lanza who was dazed. It lead to the Pin. 12:41

7. AWA Tag Team Title – The Blond Bombers (Pat Patterson and Ray Stevens) (Champions) and The High Flyers (Greg Gagne and Jumping Jim Brunzell) (Challengers); Double Count-Out. This was a match of Speed vs Veteran Ring Savy. The Flyers used High Flying moves; Dropkicks and Top Rop Jumps to impress while the Bombers used Dirty Doubleteaming, Knee Drops and Powerdrivers. The action went OOR where the Bombers are very comfortable. The Flyers counted all the OOR moves and held their own. The count reached the limit and the match was a Double Count-Out. The Blond Bombers retain the AWA Tag Title. 18:58
Buzzard Billy’s & Exile Brewing presents;
AWA Wrestling (1980’s)
Memorial Auditorium – Des Moines, IA Att: 13,260

Commentators; Marty O’Neil & Gene Okerlund
Referees; Bobby Whitlock & Stan Mayslack
Ring; Taffy Tucker Interviews; Corky St. Claire

1. Gorgeous Gary Young and Jerry “O” (Oski); Double Count-Out. Young was hot-dogging from the start of the match and continued when the action went OOR. Gary managed to smash a Trash Can over Jerry’s back that put Oski down to the floor. Young then proceeded to show off; flex his muscles and blow kisses to the crowd. Meanwhile Referee Bobby Whitlock’s count reach 10 and both wrestlers were counted out. The fans cheered as Gorgeous Gary stormed off. 3:23

2. Jay Strongbow Jr beat Bobby Colt. Colt gained the advantage before the match began. He was interviewed by Corky St. Claire and came across as scary yet he promoted future shows in a professional manner. Adding to his total along with the great interview was a roll on his cheat modifier. He should have been more than ready for Strongbow. After a Swinging Neckbreaker Colt tried to get a pin but Strongbow kicked out and then kicked out again. Bobby stared arguing with Referee Stan Mayslack. Jay ran over and Rolled him Up for the Pin. (note; Bobby also wrestles as Hans Mueller at other shows. He seems to have a duel personality.) 7:14

3. Chris Markoff with Sheik Adnan El Kassie and Calvin Prince Pullins; Double Count-Out. This was another match where most of the action was OOR. Unfortunately for Pullins Markoff had the advantage with the Sheik more than willing to add some damage; Eye Rakes, Mouth Ripper and Choke with Robe. AS Markoff, and the Sheik beat on Calvin Referee Bobby Whitlock’s time count ran out. 4:52

4. Lord Zoltan won by Count-Out over Larry “Axe” Hennig. Zoltan evened the difference in points a lttle after attacking Hennig with a Trash Can. Zoltan was able to direct the action OOR where he had his best chance. When Chris Markoff and Sheik Adnan ran in to help Zoltan it is exactly what Zoltan needed. Markoff smashed a Chair over Hennig’s Head. Curt Hennig and Scott Hall ran out to help Larry who was now unconscious. Zoltan slip back in the ring and was awarded the match after Referee Stan Mayslack counted Hennig out. Commentator Marty O’Neill questioned why Zoltan wasn’t DQ’d when Markoff and Sheik Adnan put in their two cents. 9:42

5. Dino Bravo; Belly to Back Suplex Pin over the Gladiator. The fans gave Dino a big ovation as the Quebec native is very popular. Corky St. Claire asked a lady who had on a Dino Bravo shirt; “Why do you like Dino?” She answered; “Because he is a hero who fights the bad guys and he will always be a hero.” This was a very even match that could go either way. The Gladiator tried a Smash to Bravo’s skull with a Helmet but Dino was quick to respond and get the helmet. He smashed The Gladiator in the skull. Dino followed with an Inverted Atomic Drop and then the Belly to Back Suplex for the Pin. 12:48

6. Hennig/Hall (Curt Hennig and Big Scott Hall) won by DQ over East-West Connection (Jesse “The Body” Ventura and Adrian Adonis). The East-West Connection seemed to have the advantage but couldn’t carry it through to the end. With Ventura in the ring Adrian used a Chain to smash Henning and cause a serous cut on his forhead. Curt was able to tag out but it seemed as though the match would be called. Big Scott Hall hooked in a Necklock on Jesse the Body to perform a hall Buster (Bulldog). Adrian Adonis swung the chain at Hall but was caught by Referee Stan Mayslack who called for a DQ. 19:24

7. AWA Heavyweight Title – Sgt. Slaughter (Champion) won by DQ over Stan Hansen (Challenger). This was a Pier Six brawl from the beginning with Hansen using every rough move in his arsenal while the Sarge was able to counter. The two veterans put on quite a show. Hansen was able to hook in a Neckbreaker Vice that was broken by Slaughter. Slaughter countered with a Gut Buster Smash and a Brainbuster. Hansen bailed from the ring and re-entered with a Cowbell that he tried to use on Slaughter. Stan missed and hit Referee Bobby Whitlock. Referee Stan Mayslack who was at ringside jumped in the ring and called for a DQ. 18:41
Little Angie’s & Grandma’s Saloon presents;
AWA Wrestling (1980’s)
Duluth Entertainment Center – Duluth, MN Att: 8,306

Commentators; Ken Resnick & Ron Throngard
Referees; Scrap Iron George Gadanski & Sockeye Jack McDonald
Ring; Benny Southstreet Interviews; Sue Ann Nivens

1. Killer Mike Moran won by Count-Out over Bulldog Gerry Morrow. Very little of this match was inside the ring and what was did not consist of legitimate moves. OOR the moves were vicious; Slam to the Steps, Headcrackers and Smash to the Post. Bulldog seemed to be gaining an advantage when he was blindsided with a Chairshot. Several fans were yelling that Psycho Rick Gantner was under a hood and swung the Chair. (Killer Moran and Psycho Gantner wrestle as the Tag Team Texas Hangmen) He was quick to disappear. Scrap Iron Gadanski was looking to see the OOR Action and held up the count. This gave Killer a chance to slip back in the ring. 6:52

2. Bad Company (Pat Tanaka and Paul Diamond) beat Duk/Wolfe (Kim Duk and Beautiful Buddy Wolfe). Duk and Wolfe kept Bad Company off kilter with a combination of power moves, Karate and Asian Chops. Duk and Wolfe are moving up the ranks as one of the most unusual teams that can get the job done. Unfortunately in this match Pat Tanaka sensing problems was able to find a wrench that he his in his fist and Punched Buddy Wolfe in the Throat. This was the chance that Bad Company needed. Paul Diamand doubleteamed with Tanaka for a Slingshot DDT on Wolfe. Kim Duk tried to stop the pin but was too late. 10:25

3. Rev. Tiny Hampton won by DQ over Nick Kiniski. Kiniski used his rough moves but was unable to gain a solid advantage. Tiny who weighs in at 275 lbs is not easy to push around the ring. Nick who likes to be in control got frustrated and bailed from the ring after Referee Scrap Iron Gadanski got smashed in a collision. Nick found a Tire Iron under the ring. He re-entered with the Iron and used it the smash Hampton in the leg. Tiny collapsed to the canvas. Referee Gadanski turned to see the Pin and counted. Referee Sockeye Jack McDonald who was at ringside jumped in the ring and told Gadanski what happened. Gadanski reversed the decision. Kiniski was livid. He threatened Gadanski who was more than willing to get it on with Kiniski. Sockeye McDonald also wanted some action. Nick Kiniski wisely left the ring mumbling. 4:06

4. Ox Baker; Heart Punch Pin over Psycho Rick Gantner. Ox obviously saw the opening match and was well aware that Killer Mike Moran was likely to show his face if he got a chance. Psycho, who later wrestled as Bull Pain, held his own for a time in the match. When things stared turning in Ox’s favor, Psycho bailed from the ring. Ox who also likes OOR Action followed him and the fun started. Killer came out and got into the brawl. Ox threw Killer off the ramp and into the pit below. Judging by the crashing noise, Killer wasn’t going to return in this match. Ox guided the match back to the ring. Psycho re-entered the ring with a Pail to use as a weapon. Ox got the Pail and put it over Psycho’s head. Ox whipped Psycho to the Ropes and then hit him with a Heart Punch. The match was over. Sockeye Jack McDonald allowed the pin to stand because as he told Ron Trongard; “It was a 2 on 1 brawl out of the ring and Psycho brought the Pail in the ring. It was fair.” 9:27

5. “Baby Bull” Leon White and Nord the Barbarian with Sheik Adnan El Kassie; Double Count-Out. Nord’s odd style and lack of legitimate moves is better suited to OOR Action and that is where the match went several times. Adnan who cannot resist the action but who want someone else to do the brawling called upon his newly appointed bodyguard Chris Markoff. Markoff greeted Leon with a Tray Smash over the head. This only seemed to anger the Baby Bull who was now holding his own against Nord and Markoff. The time ran out and both were Counted-Out. Sockey McDonald and Scrap Iron Gadanski ran down to break up the brawl. 11:09

6. The Destruction Crew (Mean Mike Enos and Wayne “The Train” Bloom) beat Regal-Garvin (Steve Regal and Gorgeous Jimmy Garvin) with Bodyguard Butch Reed. The Destruction Crew was being interviewed by Sue Ann Nivens before the match when Steve, Gorgeous Jimmy and Butch interrupted. The Destruction Crew was thrown of their game for the match and it resulted in a slow start. The match settled into a give and take with these evenly matched teams sharing advantages. Butch Reed tried to help. Garvin held Enos from the back and Reed used a Haymaker. Enos ducked and Garvin was set flying OOR. The Crew used a Doubleteam on Regal resulting in a Wrecking Ball; Enos; Electric Chair and Bloom; Diving Clothesline. Enos pinned Regal. Garvin was still the legal man and probably should have been Counted-Out. 17:13

7. Bobby Duncum with Bobby Heenan won by beat Manny “Bull” Fernandez. Manny was seriously injured before the match after Duncum attacked with a 2 x 4. Manny not only had a bad welt on his back but he was cut on the forehead and bleeding. Fernandez put up a great fight holding his own with move; Skullcrusher, Running Missile and Underhook DDT against the proud Duncum who loves to maim his opponents. After the match went OOR Blackjack Lanza joined the action and used a Trash Can adding insult to injury. Referee Gadanski sent Lanza back to the locker area. After re-entering the ring, Gadanski ruled that the match could not continue because of Too Much Blood. 13:45
Shady Rest Hotel & Drucker’s Store presents;
Mid-South/Memphis Wrestling (1980-82)
The Field Next to Goober’s Tire
Hooterville/Pixley Town Line Att: 312

Commentators; Joe Pedicino, Hank Kimball & Eb Dawson
Referees; Tommy Sloan & Bobby Managoff
Ring; Lisa Douglas with Arnold Ziffel
Interviews; Oliver Wendall Douglas
Timekeeper at the Bell; Mr. Haney

1. Randy Colley; Knee Drop to the Throat Pin over Jerry Barber. Colley who is disliked was able to gain some extra points with a roll on Cheat Modifier. During his entrance Randy argued with the fans and shook his fist in a threatening manner. Barber came close to a pin with a Roll-Up but Referee Tommy Sloan was out of view. Both wrestlers were bothered by the bell that was rung by mistake several times. Mr. Haney explained; I have to get use to this new job. By the way, how much do I get paid?” Colley used several rough moves to gain the advantage; Eye Gouges, Mouth Ripper and even a bite that went unnoticed. Colley got the Pin with his Jumping Knee Drop to the Throat. 6:14

2. Winona Little Heart won by DQ over Sherri Martel. Sherri started slowly while Winona used War Dance Chops to offset any of Martel’s moves. Sherri finally got frustrated and bailed from the ring. She was accusing Referee Bobby Managoff of slow counts although Winona had several pin attempts on Sherri so Bobby’s counting looked fair. In her anger Sherri tipped over the Press table, grabbed a Display Tire and threw it in the ring. Managoff called for the DQ. Sherri used a finger gesture to Managoff and Winona before departing. 8:07

3. Chief Thundercloud; Indian Deathlock Submission over Pretty Boy Carl Fergie. The Chief who is always the fan favorite was an exciting figure for the Hooterville crowd. The Chief was wearing a full headdress and he hoop and hollered as he came down the aisle. Fergie who is quiet but dangerous made a usual boring entrance after Ring Announcer Lisa Douglas introduced him as Petty Boy Ferg. Carl grabbed the microphone and yelled Pretty Boy. The crowd was booing him and a few cups were thrown. Ferie had a Foreign Object hidden in his fist and he used the Loaded Fist for a Smash to the Chief’s Stomach. It took Thundercloud a bit of time to recover allowing Fergie to used other moves in wearing the Chief down. Pretty Boy tried a Suicide Leap whick is unusual for him. It didn’t work so he crashed to the canvas. The Chief started a War Dance and then hooked in the Indian Death Lock. Fergie had to submit. 7:36

4. Jesse Barr with Jimmy Hart & Chick Donovan won by Count-Out over Ravishing Randy Rose. The match was fairly even until Barr caught Rose in a Headlock for a Bulldog. Rose was able to wiggle out and used a Swinging Neckbreaker on Jesse. Chick Donovan was able to break up the hold while Jimmy hart distracted Referee Bobby Managoff. Rose didn’t let up and followed with a Ravishing DDT. That was also broken up. Rose bailed from the ring to confront Jimmy and his VP of the family. After a pushing match, Rose stared to chase Jimmy. Chick pushed Rose who fell into some goodies that were being sold. Rose’s face was covered with Huckleberry Pie but he was fighting with Donovan as Managoff’s counted Pat out. Barr was still shaking off the DDT in the ring. 8:55

5. Steve Keirn won by DQ over Abdullah the Butcher with Jimmy Hart. Hart protested that Chick Donovan, his Vice President, was not allowed at the ring. Abdullah rolled on his Size Modifier. He added quite a number of points to give him the advantage. Steve on the other hand was given points after a woman flirted with him upon entrance. She even flashed he undies as he smiled. Steve was able to get Abdullah into trouble during this match using a Fling Missile and a Brain Buster. Jimmy Hart was able to break up a Pin attempt. Abdullah bailed from the ring and rounded up some Foreign Objects before re-entering; A Tire Iron and a Can of Motor Oil was enough for Referee Tommy Sloan. He called the DQ against Abdullah. As Abdullah was leaving he grabbed an Apple Pie. A woman was yelling; “That will be $ 3.75, Please!” Abdullah ignored her. 12:51

6. Rougeau/Taylor (Jacque and Terry) won by DQ over The Sheepherders (Butch Miller and Luke Williams) with Lord Jonathan Boyd. The Sheepherders had big smiles on their faces because action is what they enjoy. In fact they didn’t wait for the introductions. They attacked injuring both Jacque and Terry. Boyd was in the action swinging his Flag. It is a wonder that Referee Bobby Managoff didn’t call the match immediately. Managoff has had his hands full in this small show. Rougeau and Taylor tried some legitimate moves but were thrown off stride because the New Zealanders can only use rough, mainly illegitimate moves. Lord Jonathan Boyd tried to use a Whiskey Bottle to hit Terry Taylor. He hit Bobby Managoff by mistake. Referee Tommy Sloan at ringside jumped in the ring and called a DQ. He also said that Boyd would face a big fine. Goober Perkins who owns the Tire Mart and Gas Station came to the ring and told Tommy Sloan that a large window pane was broken in his Station along with several signs ripped from his building. It was the Sheepherders who were responsible. Goober called the State Police who came down the aisle and arrested The Sheepherders along with Lord Jonathan Boyd. Luke and Butch were smiling as they were led away. 16:49
Chuck’s Dairy Bar & Cotten Pickin Kuntry Kitchen presents;
Mid-South/Memphis Wrestling on WGHB-TV Chan 7
Moon Lake Casino – Glorious Hill, MS Att: 1,310

Commentators; Bonnie Blackstone & Frank Dusek
Referees; Jerry Calhoun & Red Kirkpatrick
Ring; Mary Ann Summers Interviews; Prof. Roy Hinkley
Timekeeper at the Bell; Capt. Jonas Grumby, “The Skipper”

1. Dr. Bill Irwin; Anesthesia (DDT) Pin over Don Anderson. The Dr., who is gaining a reputation as a vicious heel, was greeted with boos and yells of “quack”. It didn’t seem to bother Irwin who was dressed in his usual Doctor’s coat and had a Statoscope hung around his neck. Irwin used his standard array of moves; Kick to the Stomach, Vicious Mouth Ripper & Eye Rakes. During a distraction he was also able to choke out Anderson with the Statoscope that he refers to as “Nurse Jane.” Anderson was gasping for air when Dr. Irwin hit him with Anesthesia (DDT). 4:36

2. Norvell Austin and Koko B. Ware; Double Count-Out. This match was decided on the Unusual Result Chart. As expected the wrestlers were equal and each was able to show their best moves. Both were also able to kick out of what seemed to be certain pins. Both got worn down after failed attempted Moonsaults so they eventually bailed from the ring. Austin was able to catch Koko with a Chairshot that5 grazed Ware. He grabbed the chair and chased Norvell into the Food Court. Austin started throwing food and this became an Animal House Food Fight. Of Corse the match was long over with both wrestlers counted out. 8:55

3. Peggy Lee Pringle and Candi Malloy; Double Count-Out. Pringle, who is a Rough and Tumble Wrestler, didn’t warm to the audience who knew her only too well. She tore up a program and screamed at a few fans. Peggy, who is the sister to Percy, loves to overwhelm opponents with Boots to the Mid-Section and then actually walking on them. Candi countered with whips to the Ropes then Chops and Slaps to the Neck and face. The action went OOR where Peggy used a Trash Can Lid to Smash Candi in the head. The action went up the ramp where Peggy used a Choke Slam on Malloy. Before Peggy could get back to the ring Joyce Grable got up from her seat in the 6th row and said something to Peggy. A Brawl broke out. Both wrestlers were counted out. (Joyce was reacting to a match about two months ago when Peggy Lee and Penny Mitchell attacked Joyce after a match and put her on the disabled list. Jerry Calhoun was the Referee who didn’t see the attck backstage but he knew about it. He chose to call a Double Count-Out tonight and not a DQ because of Joyce’s interference. (Note – Peggy Lee Pringle also fought under the name Peggy Lee Leather.) 8:16

4. The Angel (Frank Morrell); Brain Claw Submission over Sexy Ron Sexton. Sexy Ron put on a show as he came down the aisle. He was trying to appeal to the women but they didn’t seem to care. It didn’t matter because he was going to keep trying. His opponent, The Angel, is a No Nonsense “Take No Prisoners” style wrestler. Sexton showing his agility used a Flying Missile to try and down The Angel. The momentum carried Sexton through the ropes as he crashed to the floor. The Angel took advantage OOR by slamming Ron’s head to the Steel Steps. Back in the ring The Angel used a Powerslam and then hooked in the Brain Claw. Referee Red Kirkpatrick called the match. 6:21

5. Roy Rogers won by DQ over Nature Boy Roger Kirby. In spite of being seriously cut by a Sharp Object that Kirby used, Roy was able to somewhat gain an advantage with a Flying Elbow and a Headrammer to the Corner Post. Kirby bailed from the ring and shoved a Folded Steel Chair under the Ropes and into the ring. Referee Jerry Calhoun was shaking off a collision that happened earlier. Kirby tried to cut Rogers again and as Roy moved to avoid the Sharp Object Kirby lifted him for a Piledriver on the Folded Chair. Referee Jerry Calhoun called the match for Too Much Blood. Kirby protested as he put Rogers down. Then Roger dropped the Sharp Object. Calhoun immediately reversed his decision and called the match a DQ in Roy’s favor. (note – Roy also wrestles under the name Johnny Rich). 14:56

6. Dirty Don Fargo with Peggy Lee Pringle pinned Austin Idol with Sherri Martel. Idol was in charge during the match. Dirty Don used rough moves that were offset with a very classy style. The action went OOR and this is where Dirty Don is in his element. Adding to the woes for Idol OOR were a few vendors who decided to get in the action; Dr. Bill Irwin and Nature Boy Roger Kirby. Sherri Martel was brawling with Peggy Lee. The match should have been stopped with DQ against Dirty Don but it went on. Austin Idol was eventually hit over the head with a Steel Chair then pushed into the ring. Fargo got the pin. 17:09
Hairless Joe and Lonesome Polecat’s Kick-A-Poo Joy Juice presents;
Real Wrasslin (Memphis 1980-82) on WDPC-TV Chan. Tree
Jubilation T. Cornpone Hall – Dogpatch Att: 346

Commentators; Boyd Pierce and Farmer Don Martin with Turnbuckle the Pig
Referees; Billy Hines and T.D. Steele
Ring; Gloria Van Welbilt Interviews; Moonbeam McSwine
Timekeepers at the Bell; Earthquake and Typhoon McGoon

Gloria Van Welbilt speaks; “You are not allowed to have jugs of Hairless Joe and Lonesome Polecat’s Kick-A Poo Joy Juice on these premises. During last month’s Wrasslin event some Joy Juice was spilled and splashed. It melted the Guard Rail and some of the Steel Steps.” “Also any cheering for the heels will not be counted against their total because Earthquake and Typhoon McGoon cheer for all the Heels and boo all the faces.”

1. Rick McCord won by DQ over Jim “Claw “ Mitchell. The match went OOR during the opening minute and though Mitchell likes OOR as an advantage he was thrown into the TV Equipment and came close to be counted out. A distraction by the bell being rung had Referee Billy Hines re-starting the count allowing Mitchell to return to the ring. Mitchell kept an eye on a Steel Chair OOR and at the right moment grabbed it. He pushed Referee Billy Hines aside and slammed it over McCord’s head. Hines called for the DQ while Earthquake and Typhoon were on their feet cheering at the Chairshot. 5:56

2. Bobby Fulton; Senton Bomb Pin over Ed “Dizzy” Hogan. Bobby heard the cheers from the fans and the loud booing from The McGoon’s. The women of Dogpatch were especially interested in getting autograph pictures so Bobby took extra time for signings and hugs. During the match Dizzy was able to use a few Eye Rakes to his advantage but was unable to have successful follow ups. Bobby hit Dizzy with a Flying Missile and then his crowd pleasing Senton Bomb for the Pin. 5:06

3. Dizzy Bill Smithson won by Count-Out over The Enforcer. Smithson, who has changed his look a bit by wearing cutoff jeans, used his usual moves; bite arms and legs and kicks to the groin to ganin an advantage. Bill had to scramble to reach the ropes after the Enforcer caught him with a Clawhold. The Enforcer who remains unidentified claims that he learned the Clawhold from the legendary Spoiler. Smithson took the best way out after by bailing from the ring. The OOR action was even until Smithson hit The Enforcer with what looked like a Large Dog Bone. The Enforcer was dazed and unable to find his way back to the ring. 9:52

4. The Assassins (Cuban and Iranian) with Jimmy Hart beat The Green Machine (David Oswald and Vinnie Romero). The Assassins gained points after chasing ring announcer Gloria Van Welbilt from the ring. The McGoon’s loved this moved and gave the Assassins a big Skunk Hollow Cheer. The Green Machine who were making their debut had some impressive tag teaming but could not overcome the power of The Assassins. Jimmy Hart didn’t help matters after tripping Romero into a Backbreaker that Oswald was able to break up. The Iranian was in trouble in the ring when Romero used a Top Rope Dropkick and Oswald folled with a Flying Body Press. The Iranian caught Oswald and turned the move into a Running Power Slam. The Cuban Assassin tagged in and finished the match with a Guillotine Leg Drop for the Pin. 11:46

5. Bugsy McGraw; Running Splash Pin over The Hollywood Hippie. Bugsy who is now a fan favorite is the exception for the McGoon’s. Bugsy’s style was up to their heel standards and McGraw still resorts to some underhanded moves. The Hippie resorted to his best way of winning; Holding the Tights and Using the Ropes for Leverage but the fans were yelling that Hippie was cheating. Referee Billy Hines reacted and stopped any pin attempts. After the action went OOR Bugsy used the Guard Rails for a Choke then Slammed Hippie into the Steel Steps. Back in the Ring Bugsy used a Grinding Face Claw, Threw Hippie into the Corner and hit him with a Loaded Fist (Belt Buckle). The Running Splash got the Pin. 9:32

6. Stan “Plowboy” Frazier won by DQ over Crusher Broomfield with Jimmy Hart. Broomfield offered a handshake to Plowboy with the fans yelling; “No – No – No.” Plowboy took their advice and hit Crusher with a Forearm to the Chops. Crusher was a5t a disadvantage in points and Frazier added to his woes with a Rib Crusher and a Legdrop. After bailing from the ring Crusher re-entered with a Chain. He was warned and warned again. Referee T.D. Steele had enough and called for the DQ. The McGoon’s hated the decision and refused to ring the bell. Famer Don Martin with Turnbuckle the Pig at the Commentators table walked over and rang the bell. 10:58
Bozo’s Bar-B-Q and Braden Station presents;
Mid-South/Memphis Wrestling (1980-82)
WMC-TV Chan 5
The Field behind Bozo’s – Mason, TN Att: 492

Commentators; Dave Brown and Roy McClarity
Referees; Orville Brown & Irish Jack Kelly
Ring; Crunch Sweeney Interviews; Queenie Martin

1. Jerry Jarrett; Thesz Press Pin over Apocalypse with Jimmy Hart. Jerry who is coming off an injury 2 months ago looked like his old self using speed to out whit the weird Apocalypse. Hart did what he could to interfere but Jarrett was countering every trick. Apocalypse was able to use a Thumbscrew to the Throat but the illegal move was broken quickly by Referee Orville Brown. After baileing from the ring Apocalypse re-entered with a Folded Chair. Jerry dropkicked Apocalypse and the Chair. Jerry performed a Slingshot Suplex and then the Thesz Press Pin. (note – behind the painted face of Apocalypse seems to be a wrestler who looks a lot like Mike Boyette.) 6:45

2. Rick Morton and Gypsy Joe; Double Count-Out. Gypsy who was at a point disadvantage had things his way with a roll on the Cheat Modifier and then interrupting Queenie Martin’s interview with Morton. Gypsy too a Flood lamp and crashed it to Ricky’s leg. Morton was seriously injured but insisted on competing. The action went OOR where Joe shoe be in charge but Morton was able to use his speed to offset Joe’s rough moves. Ricky was able to muster enough to perform a Diving Cross Body that sent Joe flying from the aisle and over the Guard Rail. Morton stated to walk back to the ring but collapsed. Both wrestlers were counted out but the fans were more concerned with Morton’s condition as he was taken away on a stretcher. 4:53

3. Woman’s Match - Despina Montagas and Suzette Ferrera; Time Limit Draw. Suzette a newcomer had a terrific interview adding points to her total. This was a High Flying Match with both women performing their aerial abilities; Flying Forearms, Flying Body Presses and several Top Rope Leaps. Neither woman uses a rough style but the fans enjoyed the action of scientific wrestling. Both women had chances for pins but were offset by the other’s ability to slip out of the hold. With time running out Despina caught Suzette in a Small Package but Ferrera grabbed the Ropes on the count of 2 then the Bell Rang ending the match. 10:00

4. Sonny King pinned Steve Travis. Sonny who needed some points to even the odds Slammed a Tray over Steve’s head as they entered the ring. That more than gave Sonny points he needed by taking away points from Travis. Steve was able to gain the advantage back in the ring with a Flying Body Press and a Top Rope Knee Drop. Sonny who is a master at cheating had a Hidden Foreign Object in his fist. He used it to punch his way out of a certain Pin. Sonny followed with a Loaded Knee Pad Smash. He finished by Pinning with his Feet on the Ropes. 7:39

5. The House of the Orient (Masha Fuchi and Mr. Onita) with Tojo Yamamotto beat The Heartbreakers (Joey Cagle and Rocky Sortor). Tojo lead his team in an Oriental Ceremony using bows and throwing Asian Dust to every side of the ring. It didn’t seem to impress the fans. During the match The Heartbreakers got the edge with their speed. They had The House in trouble after a Flying Missile and a Doubleteam Top Rope Press on Masha Fuchi. Tojo was able to reach Joey Cagle and throw Asian Dust to the Eyes. Mr. Onita took advantage, used a Spin Kick, and got the pin while Joey was blinded. Referee Orville Brown lost direction in the match. Neither Mr. Onita or Joey Cagle was the legal man. 13:12

6. Jackie Fargo won by DQ over Killer Karl Krupp with Jimmy Hart. This was a match of two veterans who know their way around the ring. The very popular Jackie against the hated German. This was Main Event in any arena in the country and yet they were giving 492 people the thrill of their life in wrestling. Krupp used rough tactics to wear down Fargo; Choke using Ropes, Falling Knee to Throat and Grind Face to Mat. Krupp made the mistake of a Suicide Jump from the Turnbuckle. Fargo was waiting and slammed a Fist to Krupp’s stomach. Jackie performed a Headrammer to the Post and then an Atomic Drop. Jimmy Hart ran in the ring and was going to hit Fargo with a megaphone. Fargo finished the Atomic Drop on Krupp and then lifted Jimmy. Referee Irish Jack Kelly called for the DQ. Jackie dropped Jimmy Hart on his head. 9:25
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