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Frank Coutinho's UQ Wrestling Results
Hairless Joe & Lonesome Polecat’s Kick-a-poo Joy Juice presents;
Memphis/Mid-South Wrasslin (1980-82)
Jubilation T. Cornpole Hall – Dogpatch Att: 136 (more or less)

Commentators; Joe Pedicino & Bonnie Blackstone
Referees; Sid Nabors, Tommy Sloan & Billy Fyve
Ring; Mona Lisa Vito Interviews; Buck Laughlin
Timekeepers; Earthquake & Typhoon McGoon

Earthquake from the Movie - From the Comic Strip
(Note - Typhoon looks exactly like him.)

1. Pretty Boy Carl Fergie; Running Power Slam Pin over Ric McCord. Fergie got the upper hand by fooling McCord. Carl offered a friendly handshake and gave Ric an Elbow Smash to the chops in its place. This got Earthquake and Typhoon cheering in spite of being indifferent as timekeepers. The McGoon’s consider themselves the Dirtiest Wrasslas alive. (They are not allowed to wrestle in legitimate Federations). Fergie controlled the match although McCord had Carl lined up for a Torpedo launch but fell through the ropes. After re-entering Ric was hit with a Bullwhip Stomp by Pretty Boy and then a Running Power Slam for the pin. 4:24

2. Stan Lane won by DQ over Larry Latham with Danny Davis. Latham, who is ½ of the Blond Bomber Tag Team with Wayne Ferris, was warned several times about trying to get in the ring with a Folded Chair. His frustration was a peak when Lane used a top Rope Body Press for a certain pin if Danny Davis hadn’t broken it up. Latham, who sleeps at local kennels, grabbed the Large Dog Bone that he carries to the ring like Dizzy Bill Smithson and smashed it to Referee Tommy Sloan’s head. Sloan slumped to the canvas. Referee Sid Nabors jumped in the ring and called the match. 5:58

3. Cocoa Samoa and Gypsy Joe with Jimmy Hart; Double Count-Out. Jimmy Hart was with Gypsy Joe being interviewed by Buck Laughlin (Hart doing all the talking) when Cocoa interrupted the interview. It set the pace for the match that saw Cocoa with an advantage. Cocoa used a Headbutt that would normally set up a Super fly but Joe was able to bail from the ring. When Samoa followed he ran into some of Hart 1st Family including Abdullah the Butcher and The Iranian Assassin. Gypsy Joe was laying on the floor trying to shake off the Head Butt. Cocoa was at a huge disadvantage when Stan Lane ran out to help. Joe Pedicino said; “This should be a DQ against Hart’s thugs.” Referee Billy Fyve ruled a Double Count-Out. 3:36

4. Crusher Broomfield; Big Splash Pin over Jerry “Razor” Barber. Barber had a hard time getting in any moves after being hit with Broomfield’s Chain. Crusher used a Throat Drop onto the Ropes then smashed Jerry’s head to the Turnbuckle several times. The Squash along with several “Growls” was way more than needed to get the pin. Earthquake and Typhoon were thrilled with the win by Crusher who is a near look-a-like to both. 3:07

5. Bugsy McGraw and Randy Colley; Double DQ. No one expected any legitimate moves from these two and everyone got what they expected. The two were in and out of the ring trying to use any item not nailed down to gain an advantage. Both slammed the other’s head to the steps and Body Slammed through the Press table. They got tangled in the TV wires using them to choke out each other. Bugsy had a Folded Chair and Colley had a Jug of Hootch to use as weapons when Referee Sid Nabors had enough and called the match. Several wrestlers ran out to break up the brawl. 6:29

6. Stan “Plowboy” Frazier; Leg Drop Pin over The Cuban Assassin with Jimmy Hart. Hart’s 1st Family (those that were in-house) couldn’t resist coming to ringside but Frazier wasn’t intimidated. In fact he said to Hart; “Send them in one at a time and I will take care of business. Meanwhile he was fighting The Cuban Assassin and had the advantage. The Iranian Assassin (Cuban’s) partner had some Brass Nucks and tried to use them as hart distracted Referee Billy Fyve. Frazier timed the swing and turned the Cuban around. The Cuban Assassin took the Brass Nucks to the stomach taking away his breath. Frazier used a Steamroller and then the Leg Drop for the pin. 7:15

7. Non Title Match (The Gibson’s are the Southern Tag Champions) The Gibson’s (Ricky and Robert) and The Sheepherders (Luke Williams and Lord Jonathan Boyd) with Butch Miller; Double Count-Out. The Gibson’s wre greeted with some kisses from a few female fans; Appasionata, Princess Minihahaskirt, Wolf Gal and Tobacco Rhoda all wanted to kiss The Gibson’s. The Sheepherders hit paydirt immediately by rolling on their Cheat Modifier. They received some hefty points on their total. The Gibson’s shoed that tier speed and doubleteaming was confusing to the Kiwis. The match was not likely to remain in the ring and action OOR is exactly what the Sheepherders wanted. Butch helped with a Flagpole smash that hurt Ricky. Several wrestlers ran out from backstage to get in the brawl. Others had the commen sense to break up the mess. Referee Sid Nabors called the match ruling it a Count-Out. 10:12
Joe’s Sports Café and Bashers presents;
AWA All-Star Wrestling (1980’s) WCTN-TV
Paradise Center – Faribault, MN Att: 1,182

Commentators; Marty O’Neil and Larry Nelson
Referees; Stan Mayslack & George Gadowski
Ring; Ted Baxter

1. Chris Markoff with Sheik Adnan El Kassie; Iron Curtain Suplex Pin over Puppy Dog Peloquin. Markoff and The Sheik had a great promotional interview with Marty O’Neil. They received extra points on their total that were unneeded. Markoff used his rough style; Raking Eyes and Choking with the Ropes to immediately wear Peloquin down. After a falling Knee to the Throat Markoff performed the Supex for the Pin. 2:41

2. Dr. Jerry Graham with Bulldog Don Kent and El Brasarro; Double Count-Out. Kent immediately got involved in the match helping his tag partner doubleteam El Brasarro. Kent who is very sneaky as a wrestler in the ring is even more sneaky as a corner man. El Brassaro used his speed to offset many of the dirty moves of Dr. Jerry. El Brasarro caught Graham and Kent conferring and used a Noggin Knocker that had Jerry laid out in the ring. A Top Rope Twister would have had Graham pinned but Kent recovered OOR reached in and pulled El Brasarro out. Graham followed along with a doubleteam on El Brasarro. Several of security came to break up the melee. Both wrestlers were counted out. 4:25

3. Pocahontas and The Syrian Terrorist; Double DQ. The Terrorist received a loud chorus of boos upon her entrance. Pocahontas had the advantage and locked in an Indian Death Lock that was sure curtains. Sheik Adnan El Kassie was watching the match and was close to the ring. He distracted Referee Stan Mayslack while Chris Markoff broke up the Death Lock hold. Markoff threw the Terrorist a Foreign Object that fell to the canvas. Referee Stan Mayslack turned to see the object but was not sure of the culprit although he seemed to have a good idea. He called the match ruling a Double DQ as the fans booed and threw cups at Sheik El Kassie and Markoff. 5:12

4. Top Guns (Ricky Rice and Derrick Dukes) with John Paul beat Texas Hangmen (Psycho and Killer). The Hangmen rolled on their Cheating Modifier immediately giving then an advantage as they are notorious rule breakers. The fans helped offset the modifier points of the Hangmen by greeting the Guns with cheering and even a few kisses from the young women. The Hangmen were warned several times for trying to use their Rope Noose to choke out the Guns. Psycho was frustrated and entered the ring with a Chair. Referee George Gadowski was distracted by Killer who started fighting with John Paul OOR. Derrick Dukes performed a Dropkick to the Chair that smashed Psycho in the mush. Ricky Rice used a Top Rope Leap on Psycho as Referee George Gadowski turned to see Rice pinning Psycho. The Hangmen were complaining that Rice wasn’t the legal man but their complaints fell on deaf ears. 8:06

5. Ken Lucas; Abdominal Stretch Submission over Calvin Prince Pullins. Pullins who has the speed and jumping moves used a Flying Dropkick to get a near pin. Lucas was able to get his foot on the ropes and the last second. Lucas pulled a Foreign Object from his trunks and smashed Pullins to the back of the head. The Prince was close to KO’s when Lucas ended the match with an Abdominal Stretch. Referee Stan Mayslack had to call the submission when Pullins didn’t respond. Lucas spoke; “I am looking for Gold and Brad Rheingans your Gold will soon be mine.” (Rheingans is the current TV Champion). 5:59

6. Ali Hassan won by Count-Out over Trooper Del Wilkes. Wilkes had the advantage and was about to pun on The Pinch (Two Handed Neck Claw). Sheik Adnan El Kassie and Chris Markoff made their presence known again and wandered to ringside. Just as The Pinch was hooked in the Syrian Terrorist distracted Referee George Gadowski while El Kassie and Markoff pulled The Trooper from the ring. Ali Hassan was helpless in the ring as the Brawl OOR was going on. Dr. Jerry Graham and Bulldog Don Kent ran out as did the Top Guns. Referee George Gadowski counted The Trooper out awarding the match to Ali Hassan who was still feeling the pain. 7:18

7. Angelo Mosca and Moose Moroski; Double Count-Out. Mosca, now a fan favorite, has been known for his rough style in the past. His style hasn’t changed in spite of the fans cheers. Moroski has always been a heel yet well respected in spite of his rule breaking. This was a clash of two tough guys. The match was fairly even in the ring with a few (very few) legitimate moves. The match went OORwhere chairs, Trash Cans, Tables, etc. became part of the fight. Both wresters took turns at stopping the count but re-entering the ring but it was obvious that OOR would be the ending. As the brawl went up the ramp a few Mops and Brooms were thrown along with a few Buckets. Several wrestlers came from the locker room to break up the Brawl. They were both Counted-Out. 7:56
Cadillac Jack’s & The Chubby Chipmunk presents;
AWA All Star Wrestling (1980’s) on WCTN-TV
Number 10 Saloon – Deadwood, SD Att: 896

Commentators; Gene Okerlund & Donna Gagne
Referees; Wally Karbo & Gary DeRusha
Ring; Murry Slaughter

1. Gorgeous Gary Young; Sunset Flip Pin over Buddy Lane. During OOR action Lane picked up a Chair but was countered when Young used a Flood Lamp to smash Buddy in the leg. Young who is trying to establish himself had a definite advantage as Buddy (real name Barnabus) was limping and unable to maintain a solid balance. After re-entering the ring Lane used a Headrammer to the Post but was unable to follow up. Young got the pin with a Sunset Flip. 4:13

2. Playboy Buddy Rose with Sherri Martel and Sodbuster Kenny Jay; Double Count-Out. Kenny was able to daze Rose with a Running Knee Drop that resulted in several two counts. Sherri didn’t take any chances and interfered. Referee Gary DeRusha warned Sherri who was lucky to not be DQ’d. After the action went OOR, Sherri was able to spray perfume to Kenny’s eyes. Rose followed with a Vegas Jackpot DDT in the aisle. Rose and Sherri were celebrating OOR as Referee Gary DeRusha’s count reached the limit and both wrestlers were Counted-Out. 4:46

3. Luna Vachon; Lunasault Pin over Bambi. Bambi who is also known as Selina Majors caught Luna with a Crucifix Power Bomb but failed to get the pin when Luna smacked Bambi with a Small Foreign Object that looked a lot like a Spike. Referee Wally Karbo missed the object as his view was blocked. Luna followed with Face Wrecker and then the Lunasault. 6:17

4. Calypso Jim; Coco Head Butt Pin over Terrible Tom Linz. Linz, who is originally from Austria, came to the AWA with Otto Wanz. Any similarity after that is lost because of Tom’s nasty attitude. Linz used his usual moves; Kick to the Groin, Rub Face to the Mat and Choke with Ropes. Calypso Jim, who is Bobo Brazil Jr., took all of the nasty moves then countered with a Running Hip Slam that set up his finishing Coco Head Butt. The popular Jim got a big ovation before and after the match. 5:40

5. The Wild Hoggs (King Harley and J.R.) and The Alaskans (Jay and Mike York); No Contest. This match was not pretty. King Harley had a Sharp Object that he used to cut Mike York. Harley dropped the object and Jay York picked it up. J.R. who replace Harley in the ring was cut by Jay York. Referee Wally Karbo was dazed from a collision and shaking it off during the nasty melee. The Hoggs had a Biker’s Chain and a Helmet that they used in the ring. Mike York, who was bleeding profusely, entered the ring with a Miner’s Pick. The Blood flowed as Referee Wally Karbo shook off the daze and called the match immediately. He had a choice of Double DQ’s or No Contest. He chose the No Contest. 8:49

6. Tom Zenk and Butcher Vachon with Luna; Double Count-Out. This match eventually went OOR where Butcher used a Hangman’s Noose (Neckbreaker) on Zenk. Zenk retaliated with Double Drop Kicks that had Butcher reeling. Luna had a Can of Oven Cleaner that she used to spray Zenk in the eyes. The Wild Hogs and The Alaskans came out from the back rooms still fighting and didn’t pay attention to Butcher and Zenk tripping over them preventing them from reaching the ring in time to beat the count. 5:51

7. Earthquake Ferris won by Count-Out over Sheik Blackwell with Sheik Adnan El Kassie. Ferris interrupted an interview that Blackwell and Adnan were having for a promotion. Blackwell was angry and it threw him off his game. In the ring Ferris was able to use a Knee Drop that had Blackwell holding his head. Blackwell countered with a Splash to the Corner but miss and Crashed into the Post. Blackwell bailed from the ring and was wasting time. In fact so much time that he was Counted-Out. Sheik Adnan was screaming that the count by Referee Col. Roger Peabody, who replace the injured Referee Wally Karbo, was a fast count. 7:55
Mickey Finn’s & Dairy Dream Drive-In presents;
AWA All-Star Wrestling (1980’s) on WCTN-TV
Hall Center – Libertyville, IL Att: 1,418

Commentators; Lord James Blears & Ken Resnick
Referees; Marty Miller & Bobby Whitlock
Ring; Brenda Starr, Flash Reporter

1. Jay Strongbow Jr.; War Dance Chops Pin over The Invader. The Invader’s identity is unknown although speculation is that it could be Sylvester Stallone, John Travolta or Elton John. Several fans think that it is Jimmy Carter. More likely the identity is Jerry ‘O’ (Oski). The Invader had a Sharp Object hidden in his mask that Strongbow kick away. Jay used a War Dance Elbow to daze The Invader then a Running Knee Lift. The Invader could hardly get set when Strongbow finished the match with the War Dance Chops. 3:56

2. Pretty Boy Doug Somers with Sherri Martel pinned Rock & Roll Buck Zumhoffe. Buck used his speed to counter several moves of Somers With Somers laying on the canvas, Buck climbed the ropes for a Top Rope Elbow. The Invader (???) came running to the ring as Sherri distracted Referee Bobby Whitlock. The Invader shook the ropes and Buck Zumhoffe came crashing down to the canvas. Somers grabbed a handful of tights as Referee Whitlock turned to see the pin from the blind side. (Note – The Invader who ran to the ring was about 271 or so pounds with no resemblance to the Invader in the opening match.) 4:09

3. The Steel Tiger (Spike Huber) won by DQ over Dennis Stamp. Dennis who was follower of the rules has become a vicious rulebreaker. The fans have not adjusted to his new ways and are shocked at his rough style. The Steel Tiger was not about to take any guff could match Stamp’s rough style although The Tiger is a face. The Tiger had Stamp frustrated and he failed to get a three count as he was caught with his feet using the Ropes for Leverage. Stamp went OOR and retrieved a Chair. As he enetered the ring Referee Marty Miller called for the DQ. Stamp pushed Miller aside but was greeted with a Smash to the Head with The Tiger’s Metal Construction Helmet. Stamp was carried from the ring on a stretcher. 4:52

4. Debbie Combs; Hammerlock Submission over Bunny Love. Love downed Debbie with a Running Clotheslines and then attempted a Suicide Dive off the Turnbuckle. Debbie move aside and Bunny crash to the canvas. Combs performed a Neckbreaker and then locked in the Hammerlock. 6:06

5. Crusher (Lisowski); Bolo Punch Pin over Psycho with Killer. Psycho and Killer who are The Texas Hangmen Tag Team couldn’t wait for the introductions. They attacked Crusher hurting him a bit. It cost Crusher a few hundred points from his total. The Hangmen kept up the Dirty Doubleteam; Psycho using Killer’s Knee for a face Slam and Backward Head Slam to the Canvas. Just when Crusher seemed doomed Psycho and Killer conferred (probably on how to hurt Crusher further). Crusher ran over and gave them a Noggin Knocker. Killer fell to the floor while Psycho was dazed and trying to stand on his feet. Crusher hit Psycho with a Bolo Punch and then pinned him. 6:41

6. Adrian Adonis; Good Night Irene Submission over Tommy Jammer. Jammer had Adonis in trouble with Flying Moves; Elbow Smash, Dropkicks, etc. After Tommy performed a Flying Skull Crusher Adrian seemed done and ripe for the pin. Referee Bobby Whitlock was downed from a collision. A vendor ran into the ring and Smashed a Metal Tray over Tommy Head. Jammer was out cold. Adonis hooked on the Irene Sleeper as Referee Whitlock shook off the daze. Jammer could not respond so Whitlock called the Submission. The Vendor selling Yearbooks was Jesse Ventura with a Clown’s mask. 7:57

7. Wahoo McDaniel won by DQ over Bulldog Don Kent with Dr. Jerry Graham. When the action went OOR Kent and Graham used Dirty Doubleteaming to gain the advantage; Choking on the Guard Rail and Slam to the Steps. Graham, the Dirty Doctor, gets an adrenalin rush from dirty fighting and was constantly interfering. Referee Marty Miller was allowing a lot of latitude in the match. Wahoo performed an Atomic Skull Crusher and then hooked in an Indian Death Lock that would have ended the match. Graham jumped in the ring and slugged Wahoo. RefereeMiller called the match. Several Wrestlers ran down from the locker area; Strongbow, Steel Tiger, The Texas Hangmen that resulted in a standoff. 9:26
Casey’s General Store & The Courtside presents;
AWA - All Star Wrestling (1980’s) on WCTN-TV
Bridge View Center – Ottumwa, IA Att: 1,754

Commentators; Gene Okerlund & Ron Throngard
Referees; Henry Van Loon & Wally Karbo
Ring; Molly Flynn

1. Sato the Asian Assassin; Vegomatic Powerbomb Pin over Top Gun Jon Paul Demans. Sato gained an immediate advantage OOR prior to the match with a Kendo Stick Smash to Jon Paul’s forehead that opened a gash. Demans fought back in the ring but he was constantly blinded by the blood. The usual quick to the trigger Henry Van Loon didn’t stop the match probably because Jon Paul was putting up a battle and even dazed Sato with several Dropkicks. Sato added insult to injury by throwing Ceremonial Dust into Demans’ eyes. A Flying Knee Rib Crusher set up the Powerbomb finisher. 4:13

2. Magnificent Mimi from Hollywood; Missile Dropkick Pin over Dazzler Cindy Austin. Mimi gained points with a great promo with Gene Okerlund. Mimi who walks the line of rulebreaking will hear cheers from the fans at times and is excellent on the microphone. Mimi gained an advantage with a Pull Hair Head Slam before finishing with the Missile Dropkick as cindy was getting to her feet. 4:26

3. Soldat Ustinov with Sheik Adnan El Kassie; Russian Sickle Pin over Jake “Milkman” Milliman. Ustinov threw Jake Head First from the ring to the floor below hurting him in the process. Jake fought back and performed a Flying Elbow that almost had Soldat pinned but Sheik Adnan was able to break up the attempt. After a Vicious Headrammer to the Post Ustinov hit the groggy Jake with the Russian Sickle. 5:42

4. Kevin Kelly and Nick Kiniski with Madusa Miceli beat Border Patrol (Ben Hernandez and Armando Rodriguez). Kevin, Nick and Madusa had extra points added to their total after chasing Ring Announcer Molly Flynn from the ring. Border patrol used their speed to offset some rough moves by Kelly and Kiniski. Hernandez performed a Flying Forearm and Rodriguez followed with a Flying Body Press on Kiniski. Madusa who was conferring with Lord Zoltan OOR was able to get close enough to throw some of Zoltan’s borrowed VooDoo Dust into Hernandez’s eyes. Kevin Kelly hit Ben with a Big Boot and Kiniski followed with a Piledriver for the pin. 9:10

5. Steve “O” Olsonoski; Belly to Back Suplex Pin over Sheik Abdullah. Olsonoski got the loudest ovation of the evening. Steve is from Iowa and is a huge favorite. He didn’t disappoint. Sheik Abdullah tried to hit Steve with a Flying Elbow but crashed into the Post when Steve moved. The frustrated Sheik retrieved a chair but Steve avoided the attack and reversed the move. Steve finished the match with a Belly to Back Suplex bring the crowd to their feet. 5:08

6. Baby Bull Leon White won by DQ over Lord Zoltan (who never gets pinned). White was able to counter every move that Zoltan made. Zoltan relies on Eye Rakes, Mouth Rippers to set up his finishing blinder “Voodoo Dust.” None of this was effective and after carshing his Knee to the Canvas with an attempted Knee to the Throat, The Baby Bull too charge. A Gutbuster and then a setup for a Squash. Zoltan threw Voodoo Dust into Referee Wally Karbo’s eyes. Karbo called for the bell just as While hit Zoltan with the Squash. Zoltan was carried from the ring but could claim once again that he didn’t get pinned in a loss. 7:56

7. Baron Von Raschke with Bobby Heenan won by Count-Out over Larry “Ax” Hennig. Hennig had The Baron in serious trouble after a Running Forearm and an Elbow Drop that probably would have had Von Raschke pinned. Two of Heenan’s coolies, Bobby Duncum and Blackjack Lanza came to ringside after being interviewed earlier. Duncum broke up the pin attempt while Heenan distracted Referee Henry Van Loon. Hennig bailed from the ring in anger and started fighting with Duncum and Lanza. The Baby Bull Leon While ran out to help Hennig. The brawl went up the ramp as Referee Henry Van Loon counted Hennig out. Von Raschke was shaking off the daze in the ring and got the win. 6:31
Godfather’s Pizza & The Grain Bin presents;
AWA All Star Wrestling (1980’s)
Pioneer Function Hall – Clarkson, NE Att: 1,242

Commentators; Lee Marshall & Ken Resnick
Referees; Ronnie Etchinson & George Gadanski
Ring; Carol Kester Interviews; Marty O’Neil

1. Chuck “Monster” O’Connor and Handsome Johnny Starr; Double Count-Out. During a pre-match interview with Marty O’Neil, Chuck was rudely interrupted by Johnny and Ox Baker. Johnny is Ox’s manager. There was some shoving and the backdrop was pushed down but no injuries. Chuck was visibly upset when he entered the ring. O’Connor was able to get Starr into a Reverse Bearhug that would normally spell the end but Ox Baker came to ringside and broke up the hold while Referee Ronnie Etchinson was shaking off a collisionwith the two wrestlers. Chuck wasted no time in bailing from the ring to fight with Ox. Johnny Starr followed. The count ran out as several wrestlers broke up the brawl. 4:23

2. Timekeeper Mike George; Slingshot Suplex Pin over Reverend Tiny Hampton. Mike who has shed his “Face” attitude and is a disgusting braggart predicted that he would pin Hampton in 4 minutes. Hamptn was able to get in some stinging shots; Elbow to the Chops and an Irish Whip. Mike bailed from the ring and Tiny followed in what proved to be a big mistake. Mike crashed a Trash Can over Tiny’s head. After re-entering the ring George used a Gourd Buster to set up Hampton for the Slingshot Suplex. 3:48

3. Boris Zukov with Sheik Adnan; Diving Headbutt Pin over Tom “Rocky” Stone. Zukov and the Sheik were greeted with boos and along with their rolled modifying cheating points Boris was well set for this match. Rocky came close to a pin with a sunset Flip but Adnan was able to break it up. A Running Clothesline set up the eventual Diving Headbutt that finished the match. 4:45

4. Sherri Martel accompanied by Playboy Buddy Rose; Diving Splash Pin over Heidi Lee Morgan. Referee George Gadanski, knowing Sherri and Buddy’s history, gave them a severe warning before the match started. Sherri as expected was screaming back at Gadanski; “Do your job and shut your mouth.” Heidi was able to perform an Aerial Cross Body that may have gotten a pin but Buddy threw a Cup of Coffee into Heidi’s face. Referee Gadanski missed that one. Sherri followed with a Double Rope Burn and then the finishing Diving Splash. 6:09

5. Kim Duk/Buddy Wolfe beat Napolitano (Frankie DeFalco/Tony Leone). Duk & Wolfe who have not had a lot of luck as of late, showed the extent of their cheating to gain an advantage. DeFalco who weighs in at 420 lbs was able to offset some of Duk/Wolfe’s rough style. Leone who has little reguard for the rules was trying to match Duk/Wolfe. DeFalco performed The Thumper (Corner Splash) on Wolfe who had tagged Duk into the ring. Leone itching for a win ran in to help DeFalco. Duk performed a Belly to Back Piledriver on Leone and got the pin. Duk and DeFalco were the legal men but Referee Ronnie Etchinson missed this one. 8:16

6. Mad Dog Vachon with Butcher won by DQ over Mean Mike Enos with Wayne “The Train” Bloom. Mad Dog stopped Enos from chasing Ring Announcer Carl Kester from the ring. Mad Dog added points to his already advantage. Enos had a Hidden Foreign Object that he used to hurt Mad Dog and eventually corner Vachon so that Enos and Bloom could perform the Destruction Stomper. Mad Dog fought back with Bites to the Forehead. Butcher grabbed a chair from Bloom OOR and smashed it over Enos’ head. Then Mad Dog locked in for The Piledriver. Referee George Gadanski woke from being KO’d to see the pin. Wayne the Train ran in to break up the pin and pushed Gadanski who called for the DQ. 7:53

7. Blackjack Lanza with Bobby Heenan won by Count-Out over Tommy Jumbo Tsuruta. Lanza who uses his size and rough style to gain advantages became confused with Tsuruta’s purely scientific moves. Tommy was able to kick away a Foreign Object and then used a quick move to cause Blackjack to miss a Brainbuster. Jumbo caught Lanza with a Bridging Suplex that would have been curtains. Bobby Duncum ran out and was able to break up the hold. Jumbo bailed from the ring and was fighting with Duncum when Referee Ronnie Etchinson’d count reached the limit. Lanza was able to sneak back in the ring. 8:45
Waylon’s Pub 54 & The Dirty Oar presents;
AWA All Star Wrestling (1980’s) on WCTN-TV
Rainbow Center – Nekossa, WI Att: 1,336

Commentators; Roger Kent & Lord James Blears
Referees; Marty Miller & Bobby Whitlock
Ring; B.O. Plenty & Gravel Gerty

1. Mr. Ryuma Go; Asian Facelock Submission over Lifeguard Sonny Rogers. Mr. Go was being interviewed prior to the match as Sonny was being introduced. Go grabbed a Flood Lamp and smashed Sonny who crashed to the aisle. Somehow Rogers was able to get back to his feet and made it to the ring. The fight had been taken fron the newcomer and Go was in charge. After a Jumping Neckbreaker Mr. Go hooked in the Asian Facelock. 2:26

2. The Great Wojo; Olympic Slam Pin over Bulldog Gerry Morrow. Morrow used his best method to try and win. He had a Sharp Object that he used to cut the popular Wojo whose real name is Wojciechowski. Wojo was on the canvas as Morrow used a falling Knee to the Throat to try and get the pin but he fell short as Wojo kick out at the 2 count several times. Wojo performed a vertical Splash that had Bulldog reeling and then used the Olympic Slam for the Pin. 4:13

3. Greg Gagne; High Flying Dropkick Pin over Jerry Oski (Jerry “O”). Oski tried a Top Rope Headbutt but crashed to the canvas when Greg moved. Jerry was left with a massive headache when Gagne hit him with a Diving Knee Smash. Greg set up the finisher with a Whip to the Ropes and then the High Fling Dropkick for the Pin. 3:41

4. Kool Guys (Puppy Dog Peloquin and Rock & Roll Buck Zumhoffe) won by DQ over The Long Riders (Hog and Scott Irwin). The Riders used a Biker’s Chain to KO Zumhoffe and then smash Peloquin. Hog the performed a Superplex on Puppy Dog and apparently had the pin. Referee Marty Miller at ringside conferred with Bobby Whitlock who reversed his decision. Miller saw the infraction of the Biker’s Chain. The Riders protested but to no avail. This was the 1st win for the Kool Guys who previously wrestled as the Kool Dogs. 5:48

5. Dick the Bruiser; Atomic Drop Pin over Bob Colt. Colt who will break every rule possible actually came close to a pin with a Swinging Neckbreaker. The very tough Bruiser fought back eventually taking charge. After a Forearm Blaster Dick performed a Diving Knee Smash. The Atomic Drop finished the match. 5:36

6. Colonel DeBeers and Chief Joe Lightfoot; No Contest. DeBeers name was announced and the fans began booing. They continued as The Colonel slowly walked to the ring. He seemed to relish the sounds of hatred. DeBeers waited at the steps as The Chief entered the arena. Before Lightfoot could enter the ring the Colonel hit him with his Swagger Stick. A Brawl broke out. A few chairs were thrown then a few Trash Cans. Several Wrestlers ran down to break up the melee as Referee Bobby Whitlock called for a No Contest. It too close to 11 minutes to break up this mess.

7. Manny “Bull” Fernandez won by DQ over Mr. Saito with Sheik Adnan El Kassie. The match was fairly even with Saito using legitimate moves to hold his own with Manny. As the match advantage turned slowly to Fernandez, Adnan’s coolies Boris Zukov and Soldat Ustinov came to the ring. Fernandez performed a Flying Burrito (Forearm) that would have had the pin. Zukov and Ustinov ran in the ring and broke up the hold while Sheik Adnan ran in and pushed Referee Marty Miller. Miller called for the DQ. Adnan’s coolies beat on Manny until Dick the Bruiser and Greg Gagne ran down to help. Adnan and his wrestlers retreated. 9:36
Soda Pop Shoppe & Harriett’s Peach Orchard presents;
NWA/FLA-GA (1980-82)
Civic Center – Savannah, GA Att: 8,712

Commentators; Stan Rhodes & Freddie Miller
Referees; Doug Smith, Bill McMinn & Burrhead Jones
Ring; Betty Hawkins Interviews; Gordie Solie on WTOC-TV 11

1. Jimmy Golden with Brenda Britton and Mike Starbuck; No Contest. The match was about 3 minutes gone when Referee Doug Smith got smashed in a collision between the two wrestlers. Referee Smith collapsed to the canvas. Bill McMinn at ringside jumped in the ring and called the match and the EMT’s. Brenda Britton complained that the match was called a No Contest when she felt that Jimmy Golden was in charge of the match and should be given the decision. The fans booed her out of the ring; “Flea Bag, Flea Bag.” 3:06

2. Brad Armstrong; Russian Leg Sweep Pin over Len Denton. Denton tried his best to get an advantage but he failed from the get-go. Len offered a handshake to Brad but Armstrong wasn’t about to fall for the dirty trick. Denton got a Forearm to the Chops in return. Denton obviously had a Loaded Boot that he tried to use in a few failed kicks. Brad set up the finisher with a Diving Crossbody then the pin with the Russian Leg Sweep. 3:56

3. Pretty Boy Larry Sharp; Gourd Buster Pin over Trent Knight. Knight seemed to holding his own but tried a Flying Forearm that found him crashing into the post when Sharp moved. Pretty Boy fell on Knight with an Elbow to the Throat then followed with a Backward Head Slam. The Gourd Buster finish was an overkill with Knight practically KO’d. 2:46

4. The Kernodles (Don and Rocky) won by DQ over The Desperados (Black Bart and Ron Bass) with J.J. Dillon. Dillon was active as usual tripping Rocky on a few occasions. Don was able to break up a few pin attempts angering Dillon who complained to Referee Bill McMinn. Don Kernodle caught Ron Bass with a Swinging Neckbreaker that is usually curtains to an opponent. Black Bart ran in the ring with a Branding Iron to smash Don but was stopped by Referee Bill McMinn called the match a DQ stopping the action. 9:23

5. Jesse Barr and Ron Ritchie; Double Count-Out. Jesse, who considers himself the Sunshine State’s Greatest Wrestler, had his hands full with Ritchie. Ron performed an Irish Whip and followed with Running Knee Smash that had Jesse bailing from the ring. Ritchie followed him which resulted in a OOR Brawl into the rows of fans. Barr grabbed a Vendor’s Tray and smashed it over Ritchie’s head. Ron fell to the floor of the 4th Row of fans. Referee Burrhead Jones counted both wrestlers out. 5:05

6. The Army of Darkness (Kevin Sullivan and Purple Haze) with Luna and The Lock beat The Playboys (Steve Armstrong and Mike Graham). The popular Playboys entered dressed in Top Hats and Tails greeted with cheering for the two youngsters. The Army attacked The Playboys before the match and the points deducted put The Playboys in serious trouble. Steve had Sullivan in trouble after a Missile Dropkick but Luna was able to break up the attempted pin and hook in an Eye Cleaver that actually brought blood the Armstrong’s upper cheek. The Lock was distracting Referee Bill McMinn as the Army cheated. Abudadein came to ringside with a snake that scared a number of fans near ringside. The Lock sprayed some Oven Cleaner into Mike Graham’s Eyes while Referee Bill McMinn was trying to get Abudadein back to the dressing room. Meanwhile Purple Haze had a Thumbscrew to the Throat of Armstrong. Sullivan hooked Steve into a Tree of Woe then Purple Haze used a Slingshot Suplex as Referee Bill McMinn turned to see the Pin. Abudadein left at the count of 9 avoiding a DQ that most fans felt should be the decision. 12:59

7. Hangman Bobby Jaggers pinned Magnum T.A. Magnum had a brilliant promo with Gordie Solie for WTOC-TV 11 that added points to Magnum’s advantage. Magnum used a Spine Smasher and a Head Roller to weaken Jaggers. After the action went OOR, J.J. Dillon and David Von Erich were nearby for an interview. Dillon smashed a bottle of Jack Daniels over magnum’s head. David and Jaggers threw Magnum back in the ring where Jaggers covered for the pin. Jaggers had his feet on the ropes for good measure. 7:48

8. GA/FL TV Title – David Von Erich (Champion) with J.J. Dillon; The Claw Submission over Jimmy Garvin (Challenger). As David was introduced he heard some cheers. Maybe some friends of Fritz were in the crowd. Jimmy was able to use a Brainbuster that should have gotten a pin but a distraction by Dillon of Referee Burrhead Jones had him missing what should have been the 3 count. Bobby Jaggers, of all people rturned the favor of Dillon by hitting Garvin with Brass Nucks during the distraction. Von Erich applied The Claw on the KO’d Garvin. Referee Burrhead Jones had to call the submission. David Von Erich retains the GA/FL TV Title. 10:54
Bodacious Olive & Jaco’s Bayfront presents;
NWA-CWF Wrestling (1980’s)
Civic Center – Pensacola, FL Att: 9,852

Commentators; Gordy Solie and Barbara Clary
Referees; Frenchy Bernard and Jimmy McGuire
Ring; Beverly Shane

1. Private Jim Nelson and Nobleman Joe Turko; Double Count-Out. As usual the Florida fans did a good amount of booing when Turko entered the arena. After stepping in the ring he addressed the fans; “Io amo i fans, soprattutto le donne, anche se essi non amano me.” (I love the fans, especially the women, even though they don’t love me.) Of course this brought about more booing because they didn’t know what he was saying. After the match started the action quickly went OOR. Turko threw some sand in Nelson’s eyes. Although blinded the Private reached out, found Turko’s body and countered by lifting Turko for a Military Slam. By this time both wrestlers were Counted-Out. 3:36

2. Krusher Khrushev with Ivan Koloff; Siberian Leg Lock Submission over Dave Barbie. Barbie was keeping an eye on Koloff who had a Chain nearby ringside. Trying to watch Koloff and Khrushev was a big big mistake and an impossible task. Krusher is is new the Koloff stable took care of business. A Russian Sickle would have been enough but Khrushev added the dreaded Siberian Leg Lock for good measure. 3:53

3. Mr. Pogo with Hiro Matsuda; Pogo Spike Piledriver Pin over Ron Shaw. Shaw was fooled by the handshake gesture of Pogo who kicked Shaw to the stomach. It was all downhill from there. Matsuda got into the action by poking his cane into Shaw’s eye although it was an overkill. After a kick to the face Pogo used the Spike Piledriver finisher. 2:52

4. Superstar Graham won by DQ over Kharma Molokai with Kevin Sullivan and Luna. Graham has vowed to get each member of the Army of Darkness until the Army is wiped out. Molakai seemed to have Graham in trouble after a Punch to the Throat and a Kick to the Groin. When Molakai tried a Mule Kick Superstar was quick enough to catch Kharma by the foot and topple him. Superstar used a Falling Knee Crunch to daze Molakai who was still able to get to his feet. Superstar locked in The Bearhug that would have been curtains. Luna climbed the ropes and leaped on Referee Jimmy McGuire who immediately called for the DQ. 5:08

5. A & R Wrecking Crew (Wild Bill Ash and Pat Rose) with Downtown Bruno won by Count-Out over The Castilians (Hercules Ayala and Cyclone Negro). The fans gave A & R a rousing chorus of boos. Wild Bill Ash has a reputation that goes back a ways and he has only added to his vulgar reputation. The Wrecking Crew has adopted Bill’s and Bruno’s cheating style. During the match Ayala intercepted a wrench thrown by Bruno and used it on Ash. Meanwhile Cyclone was fighting with Pat Rose OOR. Negro used a Reverse Piledriver that had Rose KO’d on the ramp while Hercules performed a Jumping Piledriver on Ash to get the pin in the ring. The bell rang and The Castilians were shocked when Referee Frenchy Bernard called the match a Count-Out. Frenchy had been distracted by Downtown Bruno and did not see tag made by Cyclone to Hercules. 12:59

6. Bobby Porkchop Cash pinned Masked Superstar with Percy Pringle. Porkchop was pumped by the fans reaction. He is very popular in CWF. Superstar had the advantage and things looked bleak for Cash after a backward Head Slam and a Guillotine Leg Drop. Crazy Luke Graham came wandering to ringside and was standing by his manager Percy Pringle. Referee Jimmy McGuire was telling Pringle to send Graham back to the locker area. Graham took advantage of the distraction, retrieved a piece of a 2 x 4 that he had hidden (we assume for his match) and tried to hit Porkchop. The smash caught Masked Superstar in the forehead and KO’d him. Porkchop covered for the pin as Referee Jimmy McGuire turned to see the action. 8:41

7. Barry Windham won by DQ over Jake “Snake” Roberts with Kevin Sullivan and Luna. Roberts was able to gain a slight advantage with some help from Luna who dug her fingers into Barry’s eyes during a distraction. Roberts threw the blinded Windham OOR. Sullivan, Luna and Molokai who came to ringside were beating on Windham taking advantage of Referee Frenchy Bernard being dazed from a collision. Superstar Graham ran down to the ring to help Windham. Bernard shook off the daze and threatened the ringside participants. Graham and Molokai fought their way up the ramp Roberts retreated back into the ring. Windham followed and hit Snake with a Running Clothesline. Barry followed with a Headlock Bulldog. Kevin Sullivan threw a Fireball but was seen by Referee Frenchy Bernard who called the DQ. 9:35

8. Florida Heavyweight Title – Captain Redneck (Champion); Brainbuster Pin over Crazy Luke Graham (Challenger) with Percy Pringle. Graham used to standard moves (for him) trying to get a quick pin; Bandaged Thumb to the Throat and Hit with a Chair when Percy was distracting Referee Jimmy McGuire. Captain Redneck was not about to be kept down a retaliated with a Smashing Elbow and then the Elbow Drop to the Sternum. Crazy Luke struggled to his feet only to be hit with the Brianbuster Pin. Captain Redneck retains the Florida Heavyweight Title. 11:15
Foosackly’s & The Melting Pot presents;
NWA – FL/GA (1980’s)
Civic Center – Mobile, AL Att: 10,638

Commentators; Gordie Solie and Buddy Colt
Referees; Col. Ted Hopkins, Speedy Hatfield
& Count Billy Varga Ring; Barbara Clary

1. Sweet Brown Sugar and The Black Hand; Double Count-Out. During OOR Action The mysterious Black Hand climbed the Corner Post and attempted a Falling Knee Smash. Sugar grabbed a Folded Steel Chair and blocked the smash. The Black Hand grabbed his knee in pain as tsecurity broke up the melee. Both wrestlers failed to make the count. 5:07

2. Mike Graham won by DQ over Abudadein with AOD’s Luna and The Lock. Abudadein also called The Snakemaster actually heard some cheers from a section in the crowd. Some students from the U. of So. Alabama must have had some fun. The match was controlled by Graham who eventually caught Abudadein in a Roll-Up. Just as Referee Speedy Hatfield was about to count, Luna and The Lock ran in the ring to save The Snakemaster by jumping on Hatfield. Hatfield immediately called for the bell. 3:54

3. Bugsy McGraw with Oliver Humperdink and Mighty Mike Jackson from Birmingham, AL; Double Count-Out. Bugsy, who took a coffee break as a face was definitely the heel here and seems to have mended his relationship with Humperdink. Jackson had the advantage in the match and dazed Bugsy with a Neckbreaker and a Stunner. The action eventually went OOR where Bugsy was more at home. A Trash Can Smash and then a Splash to the Corner Post put Jackson down. Bugsy was going to re-enter the ring but Referee Col. Ted Hopkins’s count had already reached 10. Security ran down to stop Bugsy from adding damage to Jackson who was recovering. 4:49

4. Southern Express (Brad Armstrong and Brett Wayne) beat The Mod Squad (Spike and Basher) with J.D. Costello. Costello immediate stared degrading Ring Announcer Barbara Clara during the introductions. Barbara is also a Commentator and a writer. Costello complained that she hasn’t been kind to The Mod Squad and their ratings have dropped. Spike and Basher chimed in also complaining that their single ratings should be high. The Southern Express were able to shut the big mouths down but not before The Squad added points to their total. The Mod Squad used Dirty Doubleteaming to try and gain an advantage but was countered by the teaming of Brad and Brett. Costello got frustrated and tried to hit Brett with a bottle. Costello missed and hit Basher. Spike jumped in the ring to help Basher while Costello argued with Referee Speedy Hatfield who was distracted or simply chose to ignore the action. Wayne used a Diving Cross Body on Spike and Armstrong finished the match with a Russian Legsweep Pin. 9:44

5. Flamboyant Eric Embry; Neckbreaker Pin over Cowboy Frankie Laine. Embry threw Laine head first to the floor below dazing him but the Cowboy was able to shake it off and re-enter the ring. Laine was slowing taking charge and would have had a pin after a Headlock Bulldog but Embry used a Hidden Foreign Object to smash Frankie in the chops. Eric then performed a Neckbreaker for the Pin. 6:06

6. King Curtis Iaukea with Kevin Sullivan and Luna pinned Billy Jack. Iaukea and Sullivan had a great interview with Gordie Solie giving King Curtis extra points on his total. Billy Jack caught Iaukea in a Full Nelson that usually gets a Submission. Sullivan Threw a Fireball while Luna distracted Referee Speedy Hatfield. Billy was blinded for the moment allowing King Curtis to hit him with Throat Thrusts and then use a Chair on Billy’s head for good measure. Referee Speedy Hatfield turned to see the pin. 6:31

7. New York Rockers (Jumping Joe Savoldi and Al Perez) beat Asian Invasion (Great kabuki and Kendo Nagasaki) with Oliver Humperdink. The Rockers got an early advantage as Nagasaki tried to use a Kendo Stick on Savoldi. The move got reversed. Both Kabuki and Nagasaki were able to get some karate syle moves in but The Rockers countered with Aerial Moves and Flying Kicks. Nagasaki was in the ring as Kabuki used Spit Green Mist to Perez. It missed and got Nagasaki in the eyes. Perez useda Top Rope Dropkick and Savoldi followed with a Flying Body Press Pin. Humperdick who had tried to wave Bugsy McGraw out to help was now complaining to Referee Col. Ted Hopkins that Savoldi wasn’t the legal man. Bugsy came to ringside and said to Ollie; “Did you call me Boss?” 9:09

8. STEEL CAGE MATCH – (must escape over the top)
Ric Flair beat Harley Race. This match became a bloody mess with most fans expecting Referee Count Billy Varga to call the match No Contest. Both Wrestlers Raked the opponent’s face to the cage wall that drew blood. As they climbed the wall both wrestlers fell from halfway. More raking against the wall. Harley Race got totally blinded by blood so Flair took advantage and whipped him to the cage wall several times then pinned him. Flair was able to climb to victory. 22:48
Moe’s Original BBQ & The White Duck presents;
NWA/MA Wrestling (Early 80’s)
Civic Center – Ashville, NC Att: 7,526

Commentators; Bob Caudle & Eddie Sharkey
Referees; Ron West & Stu Schartz Ring; Yvonne Williams

1. Maya Singh with Luna & The Lock; Double Wristlock Submission over John Boy Ruffin. Either the intimidation of Luna and The Lock or the superior talent of Singh showed in this match with Ruffin not able to mount any offense. After a Running Ax Handle and a Crucifix Power Bomb, Maya applied the Double Wrist Lock for the easy victory while the fans were still getting in their seats. 2:12

2. Tommy Lane; Gourd Buster Pin over Hangman Len Kruger. The Hangman wasted no time in using a Sharp Object to cut Tommy. Although the match could have been called, Referee Stu Schartz allowed some leeway knowing he had missed the infraction. Kruger used a Vicious Chokehold to try and finish the match but Lane was able to slip out. Tommy performed a Top Rope Gut Wrench that took the breath from Kruger. Lane followed with the Gourd Buster for the pin. 4:48

3. Butcher Brannigan; Meat Clever (Elbow Drop) Pin over Gene Ligon. After a Flying Dropkick and a Falling Ax Handle Ligon had the pin but Referee Ron West was out of place and missed it. As Ligin was appealing to West, Brannigan used a Knee Lift to the Groin and then the Meat Clever Pin. 5:13

4. King Konga and Bob Rusty Riddle; Double Count-Out. Riddle attacked with a Chair and was able to hurt Konga. The match went OOR where both wrestlers used any object not nailed down. They battled Up the Ramp and into the Food Court. Security wasn’t able to break them up so several wrestlers ran out from the Locker Room and eventually stopped the fight. Both wrestlers were counted out. 5:46

5. The Koloff’s (Nikita and Krusher Khrushev) with Ivan beat The Cowboys (Sam Houston and Nelson Royal). Nikita pinned Royal. The Koloff’s managed some Dirty Doubleteaming to try and gain an advantage. The Cowboys used scientific moves to counter. Houston performed a Flying Dropkick and a Bulldog on Krusher. Ivan was attempting to interfere when Royal moved to stop him. Ivan hit Nelson with a Chain and Nikita Covered for a pin. Sam and Krusher had bailed from the ring. Referee Ron West was who had been dazed from a collision shook it off enough to see Nikita pinning Royal. Neither Nikita nor Royal were the legal wrestlers. 11:27

6. Angel of Death with Playboy Gary Hart and Scott McGhee; Double Count-Out. During OOR Action the Angel of Death seemed to be in his element. He used a Slam to the Steps and then a Choke on the Guard Rail. After retrieving a Chair he attempted to slam it over Scott’s head. McGhee was able to Dropkick the Chair the Death’s Face. The Angel crashed to the floor but both wrestlers were counted out. McGhee who is listed from Yorkshire, England got a huge ovation for his efforts in this match. 6:04

7. VACANT United States Title – Jay Youngblood and Dirty Dick Slater; Double DQ. Both wreslers show their moves in this match with neither able to gain an edge. Eventually the action went OOR where they were trading blow for blow. Slater got frustrated and retrieved the Gong-Bell that he dropped as he picked it over his head. The Bell crashed onto the Press table smashing one of the Typewriters. Youngblood picked up a Folded Steel Chair and Slater picked up a Television Monitor. Referee Ron West called the match as several wrestlers ran down from the Locker Area to break up this mess. The United States Title remains Vacant. 8:22

8. Mr. Wrestling II; Belly to Back Suplex Pin over Pac Song with Playboy Gary Hart. Song used Karate Holds and a Claw Hold to try and wear Mr. Wrestling II down. Gary Hart tried to help eventually putting his Load Boot Foot through the ropes. Pac Song tried to ram Mr. Wrstlig II’s head to the Boot but the move got reversed. Song was stumbling around the ring when he got hit with a Missile shot by Wrestling II. The Belly to Back Suplex ended in a Pin. 10:39
Mama J’s & The Hog’s Head presents;
NWA/MA Wrestling (Early 80’s)
Richmond Coliseum – Richmond, VA Att: 13,340

Commentators; Billy Powell & David Crockett
Referees; Lucky Roberts & Sonny Fargo
Ring; Tippy Wells Interviews; Gordie Solie

1. Gorgeous George South; Dreaded Claw Submission over Downtown Denny Brown. Denny showed some nice moves and had George on the run. After Denny performed a Flying Leg Drop, South came close to getting pinned. He was barely able to kick out. South threw Brown headfirst into the Corner Post dazing him and then applied the Dreaded Claw. 3:55

2. The Stud Stable (Robert Fuller and Jimmy Golden) with Brenda Britton beat The Mulkey’s (Bill and Randy). As expected this was all The Stud’s. In between moves they would bow to the crowd as though oozed from their team. Jimmy used a Bucksnort Head buster to daze Bill and Fuller ended the match with a Piledriver after a Loaded Boot Kick. The crowd was booing and yelling; Flea Bag, Flea Bag.” Of course they were referring to Brenda. 6:10

3. Big Pete Austin won by Count-Out over Tony Anthony. Anthony was in charge and on his way to victory when Pete threw him out of the ring to the floor below. Anthony was hurt in the process. Pete followed and Smashed a Chair over Tony’s back. To add to the mess, Ron Slinker, one of the Army of Darkness’ coolies was waiting for an interview with Gordie Solie, picked up a Trash can and smashed it to Anthony’s downed body. Austin slipped back in the ring and Anthony was Counted-Out. 4:24

4. Ron Slinker with Luna and The Dream (Mike Davis); Neckbreaker Pin over Butch Malone. The boo birds had plenty of fodder in this match hating the entire AOD group. If Slinker isn’t despicable enough having Luna and the Dream in his corner tests the patience of the fans. Luna was able to use her usual Oven Cleaner Spray in the eyes of Butch giving Ron a chance to show off his Martial Arts. Slinker then added a Piledriver to Pin Malone. After the match AOD decided that a Steel Chair Slam and some kicking on Butch was in order. Referee Sonny Fargo threatened to reverse the decision so AOD ran back to the Locker area. 4:19

5. Rock & Roll Express (Ricky Morton and Robert Gibson) and Super Destroyers (#1 and #2) with Playboy Gary Hart; Double Count-Out. These two team have an ongoing feud. It seems that no one remembers where the feud started only that Playboy Gary Hart has something to do with it. During the match The Super Destroyers used Dirty Doubleteaming and their usual rough style. The Express countered with Dropkicks from both stunning Super Destroyer #2 and getting a pin that Referee Lucky Roberts missed. Eventually the action went OOR where a Double Dropkick to both Destroyers sent them falling into the pit from the ramp. By the time the Rock & Roll started back to the ring, both teams had been Counted-Out. 12:09

6. Ivan Koloff with Nikita; Bearhug Submission over Dickie Steinborn. Dickie interrupted an interview that Ivan was doing with Gordie Solie and this seemed to set Koloff in a even fouler mood. Steinborn took advantage of it during the match and hooked in a Moto Nerve Hold. It may have been curtains for Ivan but Nikita took advantage of a distraction and Smashed a Chain to Dickie’s Head. Steinborn was KO’d when Ivan hooked in the Bearhug. Referee Sonny Fargo had to call the Submission. 6:48

7. Tommy “Wildfire” Rich pinned Maddog Buzz Sawyer with Kevin Sullivan. Sawyer who has a vicious feud with Rich is one of AOD’s main stars. Rich has to keep an extra eye open expecting the unexpected. An attack before the match backfired as The Dream who wandered to ringside was thrown from the ring and landed on his noggin. For The Dream that may have helped his brain rather than hurt it. The Dream had to helped back to the dressing room. During the match Sawyer was able to use a Headrammer that hurt Tommy so Sullivan used the moment to Throw a Fireball. Unfortunately for Buzz the Fireball blinded him. Rich immediately threw Sawyer into the corner and used a Corkscrew Dive. Tommy rolled sawyer up for the pin. 9:53

8. NWA Heavyweight Title – Dusty Rhodes (Champion); American Dream Elbow Pin over Tiger Jeet Singh (Challenger) with Hiro Matsuda. Matsuda and Singh tried some intimidation by attempting to run Ring Announcer Tippy Wells from the ring. Dusty prevented this from happening adding points to his total. During the match Matsuda was heavily involved. He tried tripping and using Asian Ceremonial Dust to get Dusty down. Tiger hooked in the Cobra Claw but Dusty was able to break the hold. After a Spinebuster Slam Rhodes got the pin with an American Dream Elbow. Dusty Rhodes retains the NWA Title. 10:51
Big Jim’s & Three Guys from Nowhere presents
NXT Wrestling (2014-15) on the WWE Network
Minnreg Hall – Largo, FL Att: 400

Commentators; Corey Graves & Rich Brennan
Referees; Derrick Moore & Drake Wurtz
Ring; JoJo Offerman Interviews; Dasha Kuret

1. Colin Cassidy with Carmella and Enzo Amore vs Dash Wilder; Double Count-Out. Referee Derrick Moore didn’t appreciate Cassidy having two in his corner so he quickly found a way to banish bith Carmella and Enzo. Surprisingly it was Dash who showed the mean side and a much rougher style. The Action went OOR where Dash hit Colin with a Yakaza Kick that dazed him. Cassidy was able to rebound and climbed to the top of the Turnbuckle. He performed an Empire Drop crashing onto Dash. Neither wrestler was able to make it back to the ring. 5:10

2. Mojo Rawley; Hyper Drive (Running Seated Senton) Pin over Chad Gable. Rawley, who is an ex-NFL player with the Arizona Cardinals under his real name Dean Muhtadi, took care of business in the ring. After a Slingshot Suplex Rawley used his Hyper Drive finisher to get the Pin. 3:25

3. The Bruise Crew (Angelo Dawkins and Sawyer Fulton) beat The Blue Chips (Jason Jordan and Tye Dillinger). This was a fairly even match when Tye tried an all or nothing Suicide Dive. After Dillinger crashed to an empty canvas, Dawkins picked him up and performed a Running Slam. Fulton finished the match with a Falling Knee for the pin. 11:13

4. Eva Marie won by Count-Out over Charlotte. Charlotte was on control in the ring and after a Flying Legdop she appeared to have the pin but Referee Drake Wurtz called it 2 and ½. The action went OOR where Eva grabbed a handful of sand from a box under the ring. She threw it into Charlotte’s face and immediately followed with a DDT onto the floor. Charlotte was out cold as Eva climbed back into the ring. 4:53

5. Bull Dempsey; Diving Headbutt Pin over Alex Riley. Riley had the better of this match except for the conclusion. A Top Rope Springboard folled by a Running Face Smash should have had Dempsey pinned by Referee Derrick Moore was out of place and failed to see what would have been a three count. Dempsey countered with a Vicious Double Rope Burn and then the finishing Diving Headbutt as Alex was shaking off the sting of the Rope Burn. 5:48

6. Balor/Itami (Finn Balor and Hideo Itami) beat The Legionnaires (Marcus Louis and Sylvester Lefort). Louis had Itami set up and tried a Torpedo Dive that missed. He got a Jumping Spin Kick as a reward. Itami and Balor followed with a Double Foot Stomp trhat sealed the victory. 12:52

7. NXT Title – Baron Corbin (Challenger) pinned Sami Zahn (Champion). Corbin wanted this win in the worst way so he pulled out all his cheating stops to gain the victory. In spite of it all, the match was decded on the UNUSUAL CHART. Bull Dempsey completed an interview with Dasha Kuret before the match and was near ringside watching. When Referee Derrick More got caught in a smash by both wrestlers and was distracted trying to shake off the daze. Bull Ran over to the ring and slammed a Folded Chair over Sami’s head. When Referee Moore turned to see the action, Corbin was pinning Zahn. BVarin Corbin is the NEEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWWWWW NXT Champion. 8:24
The Black Forest Inn & The Tavern on George presents;
NWA Wrestling (1948-1956)
Barton St. Arena – Hamilton, Ontario Att: 4,586

Commentators; Vince Lloyd & Russ Davis
Referees; Ted Thomas & Abe Coleman Ring; Taffy Tucker

1. The Golden Terror pinned Mighty Mickey Cortalano. The Terror made his presence known by immediately attacking Mighty Mickey before the match. Referee Ted Thomas could have called for a DQ but allowed the infraction as a start to the match. The Terror didn’t let up on the youngster and finally resorted to using a Hidden Foreign Object to smash Mickey in the chops. The Terror used the Ropes for Leverage during the pin. 4:51

2. Tommy Nelson won by Count-Out over Count Edmund Von Albers. The Count was booed & jeered from the time he entered the arena and the jeering continued. During the match Von Albers used some Eye Rakes and Rope Burns to gain an advantage. A Running hammer put Nelson down but for some reason Von Albers bailed from the ring and started arguing with some fans. Referee Abe Coleman was counting and Nelson was able to get to his feet but the 10 count found Von Albers still OOR and he was counted out. 2:35

3. Women’s Match - Ida Mae Martinez won by DQ over Terry Majors. Terry who is known for her rough tactics was being watched closely by Referee Ted Thomas. Majors used a Throat Slam Suplex to try and get a Pin but Thomas questioned the Choke. Terry got angry and started arguing with Thomas. It resulted in Majors pushing Referee Thomas. He immediately called for the bell. 6:56

4. Doran O’Hara won by DQ over Chief Oosley Saunooke with Princess Tona Tomah. As they entered the arena The Chief and Tona greeted the fans with loud War Cries as part of their intimidation. Before the match began Referee Abe Coleman warned the Chief and Tona about foul play. Of course The Chief and Tona glanced at Abe with a “Who, Us????????” look. It didn’t take long for Tona to get involved in the match. She tripped Doran and then flashed a Knife as he was getting up. The Chief rammed Doran’s head to the Turnbuckle and Tona used a Loaded Tom Tom (backside is metal) to smash O’Hara over the head. Referee Abe Coleman saw the infraction and called for the DQ. 6:48

5. The Whiz Kids (Guy and Joe Brunetti beat The Gardinia’s (Eddie and Tony Faietta). The Gardinia’s named because both Eddie and Tony Faietta wear a Gardinia as they enter the ring. The Gardinia’s used Dirty Doubleteaming to try and get and edge but The Whiz Kids were too quick and were able to counter the moves. A Flying Knee by Joe Brunetti on Eddie set up the Top Rope Dropkick Pin by Guy. This high flying excitement brought the fans to their feet. 12:11

6. Dory Funk SR. won by DQ over “The Swedish Angel” Tor Johnson. Johnson began the match by chasing Ring Announcer Taffy Tucker from the ring. Dory used scientific moves to gain an edge and frustrate the big man. Not one to take things lightly, Johnson bailed from the ring and threw a chair at Dory who was still in the ring. Johnson picked up a trable and threw it into the ring. Referee Abe Coleman called for the DQ. 9:08

7. Whipper Billy Watson and Sterling “Dizzy” Davis; No Contest – Too Much Blood. Davis had a Sharp Object that he used to cut Billy. Billy was trying to fight off the object and it resulted in Dizzy getting cut too. The blood was flowing in this match yet both wrestlers were able to mount an offense at different times. Billy hooked in a Canuck Commando Unconscious (Sleeperhold) but was unable to hold it because of too much blood. Referee Ted Thomas ruled that the match was over and ruled a No Contest. 11:46
The Brownstone Diner & Johnny Rockets presents;
NWA Wrestling (1948-1956) on the DuMont Network
Jersey City Armory – Jersey City, NJ Att: 7,418

Commentators; Dennis James & Morris Siegal
Referees; Bert Ruby & Jack Dempsey
Ring; Boots Ruggles Interviews; Dennis James

1. Texas Jack Bence; Kick to Midsection Pin over Graveyard Walter Hudson. Graveyard is a local favorite from nearby Weehawken who does House Shows. He was able to avoid and frustrate Texas Jack for a few minutes by running in the ring but he made a serious error in judgement when he attempted a Corner Splash. Jack moved aside and Graveyard crashed into the turnbuckle. Jack rammed Hudson’s head to the turnbuckle and then Kicked him in the Midsection for the Pin. 2:33

2. Chief Suni War Cloud and Dreamboat Art Walge; Double Count-Out. The Chief was in control with War Dance Knee Lifts and Chops that would have normally had an opponent pinned but Texas Jack Bence waiting at ringside took advantage of a distraction and pulled the Dreamboat from the ring. The Chief followed but was getting interference from Texas Jack Suni was fighting with Dreamboat. Time ran out and both wrestlers were counted out. The Chief and Texas Jack had a shoving contest as they were escorted from ringside. The normally tough referee Jack Dempsey could have DQ’d the Dreamboat but Jack had no idea if Walge had anything to do with Bence’s interference. 4:51

3. Midget Match – Marvelous Miltie and Farmer Pete; Time Limit Draw. This was a fast action match that had Headcrackers, Corkscrew Splashes, Backroll Presses and even several Leaps from the Top Rope. The crowd was on edge with the number of pin attempts that were avoided with kick outs. Pete plated a Falling Knee that may have gotten a pin just as time ran out. 10:00

4. Women’s Match - Ella Waldek; Count-Out over Barbara Baker. Both women had chances in the match but to their credit they were able to avoid pins. Barbara’s best chance came after a Double Underhook DDT while Ella’s opportunity was after a Throat Drop onto the Ropes. After the action went OOR Barbara got tangled in some TV cords and as the wrestlers attempted to get back to the ring, Barbara tripped. Ella slipped in just before the 10 count. 6:29

5. The Von Erich’s (Fritz and Waldo) beat Hans and Fritz (The Schnabel’s). The Schnabel’s originally from Belgium now call home Bristol, CT. They were cheered as they entered the arena. Of course Fritz and Waldo Von Erich are goose stepping Germans hated by the fans. They are constantly booed. The Von Erich’s rolled on a Doubleteam and they made good use of their Dirty Tactics. Waldo likes to use a Vicious Mouth Ripper while Fritz has a headlock on the opponent. The Schnabel’s use a High and Low hit to down and pin the opponent. They were able to get in the move on Waldo but before Hans could pin Waldo, Fritz Von Erich hit Hans with a Foreign Object. As Fritz Von Erich fought with Fritz Schnabel OOR, Waldo used a Prussian Slide (Bulldog) on the dazed Hans for the Pin. 12:13

6. Wee Willie Davis; Hidden Brass Nucks Pin over Count Billy Varga. The Count did a brilliant promo with Dennis James before the match giving him the edge in points but Wee Willie, who weighs in at 280 lbs, had a few tricks up his sleeve. Varga who has changed his attitude and now wrestles as a fan favorite used a Torpedo Launch to get Davis down. Wee Willie had some Hidden Brass Nucks and used them to smash the Count in the chops. Davis also added a Vicious Eye Rake on the KO’d Varga. 8:04
Dennis James on the air; “I can’t say I liked Wee Willie’s tactics tonight but I enjoy his movies. Bowery Bombshell with the Bowery Boys and the latest Abbot & Costello film are a lot of fun.”

7. Antonio Rocca and Clawman Ike Eakins; No Contest – Too Much Blood. This match belonged to Rocca who avoided Clawman’s Sharp Object before the match. In fact Rocca reversed it and Eakins had a good size cut above his eye. Rocca used repeated slams to the post that only opened the gash more. Antonio, nicknamed “Argentina” was born in Italy but brought up in Argentina thus the name. Rocca downed Clawman with dropkicks and had Eakins pinned but the match was called. In spite of the blood the fans booed Bert Ruby but the decision was understandable. 9:22
Roseamunde Sausage Grill & Biggie’s Clam Bar presents;
NWA Wrestling (1948-1956) on the Dumont Network
St. Nicholas Arena, NYC Att: 3,846

Commentators; Dennis James & Chris Schenkel
Referees; Ossie Timmons & Tuffy Truesdale
Ring; Normandie Drake Interviews; Dennis James

1. Cowboy Pat Fraley and Stan Mysalak; Double DQ. Mysalak had a Hidden Foreign Object that he tried to use on Cowboy Pat but the move got reversed. The situation became confusing and Referee Ossie Timmons was hit with the object. The wrestlers took the action OOR and were battling into the 4th Row when Timmons recovered to call for a Double DQ not knowing the culprit. 4:16

2. Angelo Cistodi, “The Boston Massacre” pinned Harry Joyce. Cistodi controlled the match brwling his way to a win. He did show a few legitimate moves; A Sledgehammer and a Falling Ax Handle but the pin was made with Angelo’s feet pressed against the corner post. 3:08

3. Midget’s Match – Irish Jackie; Shillelagh Smash (Running Corner Smash) Pin over Beau Brummel. Brummel got frustrated and tried to hit Irish Jackie with a Walking Stick. Jackie responded with a Double Knee Thrust and then caught Brummel in the corner with the Shillelagh Smash. Once again the midgets provided a quick moving crowd pleasing match. 6:29

Chris Schenkel; “Ladies and Gentlemen; At this time I would like to introduce boxer Tiberio Mitri who is preparing for his middle weight title quest on July 12th.” Some applause from the fans as Tiberio raised his hand. Schenkel continues; “ Now I would like to introduce the middleweight champion of the world Jake LaMotta.” Hugh ovation for Jake as he raised his hand.

4. Women’s Match – Princess Tona Tomah pinned Ruth Boatcallie. The Princess did her usual entrance with Screeching War Cries. The fans are beginning to enjoy Tona’s antics but some younger fans are intimidated. Tona immediately chased Ring Announcer Normandie Drake from the ring. Tona had a Hidden Foreign Obect, as usual, and used it to clip Ruth in the Jaw. After falling to the canvas Ruth was at the mercy of Tona who continuously beat Ruth’s head to the mat and got the pin. 7:22

5. The Masked Marvel; Falling Knee Krunch Pin over Bob “Legs” Langevin. The Marvel was able to avoid Langevin’s Dreaded Leg Scissors and caught Bob with a Spin Kick as Langevin came off the Ropes. The Knee Krunch was the finishisher. 6:43

6. The Purple Hearts (Gino and Tony Vagone) beat the Vigilantes (Dirt Dick Raines and Terrible Lou Plummer). This match was decided on the UNUSUAL RESULT CHART. The Vigilantes who are probably the dirtiest of the heel teams were up against two of the guys who are known for breaking all the rules. The match offered all the rulebreaking possible and was a tough contest for Referee Tuffy Truesdale. Both teams used Kicking, Biting, Eye Rakes and Rope Burns with The Vigilants finally gaining the advantage. During a distraction Terrible Lou smashed a Chair over Tony’s head. Tony crashed to the canvas and Raines covered for the pin. Referee Truesdale who knew that Lou had broken the rules but failed to see it was warning Terrible Lou. Gino Vagone ran in the ring and slammed Raines to the back of his head. Gino turned the wrestlers over just as Referee Truesdale turned to see the action. The Purple Hearts won. 15:48

7. Karl Gotch; German Suplex Pin over Iron Mike DiBiase. Goth gained the advantage before the match when Iron Mike was being interviewed by Dennis James. Goth interrupted the interview and smashed Mike with a Flood Lamp. Mike chose to compete in the match in spite of an injury. Iron Mike was able to gain a near pin with a Flying Missile Shot but was unable to hook in his Light’s Out Figure Four Leglock. Gotch retaliated with a Vicious Double Rope Burn and a Thumbscrew to the Throat. The German Suplex was the finisher. 10:14
The Burger Garage & Eagle Auto Parts presents;
NWA Wrestling (1948-1956) on WABD-TV DuMont
Sunnyside Garden Arena – Queens, NY Att: 1,938

Commentators; Dennis James & Bill Malone
Referees; Bert Ruby & Tuffy Truesdale
Ring; Lizz Worthington Interviews; Dennis James

1. Chief Indo (Indio) Cherokee with Princess Bonita; War Dance Knee Lift Pin over Frank Schofro. Princess Bonita got into the action immediately after Chief Ino attacked Schofro during the introductions. After initially tripping Schofro Bonita used her Loaded Tom-Tom for a side smash and continually flashed a Knife for intimidation. Meanwhile Cherokee used Kicks to the Midsection and Eye Rakes on the distracted Frank. Referee Bert Ruby was watching Bonita as much as he could but she is a master of deception. Princess Bonita was able to throw some War Dance Dust to Schofro’s eyes before The Chief finished the match with the War dance Knee Lift. 3:39

2. Spaceman Frank Hickey beat Tony Costenza. Tony gained an advantage before the match by interrupting Spaceman’s interview with Dennis James. Costenza slammed a Trash Can to Spaceman’s back. This gave Tony the point advantage for the match. During OOR action in the match Hickey, from the planet “Mongo”, was able to slam Tony’s forehead to the Gong Bell several times. The fans were able to count along with the “Bongs”. Unfortunately for Tony it opened a wide gash on his forehead. Back in the ring Hickey performed a Space Shot Corner Splash before attempting to pin the bloody Costenza. The wise Tuffy Truesdale saw enough and called for the end to the match awarding Spaceman the win. 4:41

3. The Mount Vernon Mauler – Lou Albano; Running Sicilian Slam Pin over Rocky Hessel. Rocky was booed by many of the fans who favor Lou in spite of his attitude change. Lou who wrestled as Leaping Lou Albano was a house favorite and then had an attitude change and a new name as The Mauler. The fans still respond favorably to him. Rocky came very close to a pin after he performed an unexpected Turnbuckle Thrust. In fact Bill Malone announced a pin but had to resend when Dennis James reported that the match had continued. After a Diving Knee Smash dazed Rocky, Lou finished the match with The Sicilian Slam. 5:25

4. Mario DeSouza won by DQ over Dirty Don Evans. Mario received a big ovation especially from a section of Portuguese fans who came out to cheer one of their favorites. They cheered again when Mario protected Lizz Worthington from Dirty Don who felt the need to degrade her. DeSouza gladly added the points on his total and kept Evans from gaining points. DeSouza used speedy barefoot dropkicks that frustrated Don. Don performed a Clothesline Whip and tried to smash Mario in the Throat as he sprung back. Dirty Don was warned by Referee Tuffy Truesdale. Don didn’t like the warning nor the blindside dropkick from DeSouza. Dirty Don jumped to his feet and pushed Referee Truesdale who immediately called for the bell. 7:21

5. Ivan Rasputin; Skull Smasher Pin over Mighty Atlas. Rasputin evened the odds by bailing from the ring where he was in his element. Anything not nailed down was used as a weapon. The wrestlers had to get back in the ring to avoid a count-out but Rasputin made sure he brought in a weapon; a broken coffee cup. It was had enough to keep hidden from Referee Bert Ruby but the Siberian couldn’t keep it from Atlas. Atlas not only took the cup he caught Rasputin in a Altlas Lock (Full Nelson). Referee Ruby was about to call for the submission but saw the broken cup dangling from Atlas’ index finger. Ruby made Atlas break the hold. As Ruby was taking to Atlas and warning him, Rasputin blindsided with a Skull Smasher and then got the 3 count. 11:13

6. Sonny Myers and Wladyslaw Iron Talun with Stanislaus Zbyszko; Double Count-Out. This was the ultimate good vs evil billing for a match. As expected Myers was able to slow down Talun with dazzling dropkicks. Iron Talun was trying to slow Sonny so that he (Talun) could hit him with the light’s out Polish Hammer. The match went OOR where Zbyszko got into the action. Myers held his own in spite of being choked out by Zbyszko’s use of TV Cords and Talun smashing a Trash Can over Myer’s back. Sonny finally dropkicked both Iron Talun and Zbyszko on the floor in front of the broadcast table. As Sonny tried to get back in the ring, Talun grabbed his ankle and held him back. Both wrestlers were counted out. 13:09
Brasso Metal Polish & Howdy Orange Drink presents;
NWA Wrestling (1948-1956) on DuMont Network
The Arena – Philadelphia, PA Att: 6,834

Commentators; Bill Malone & Morris Siegal
Referees; Al “Bunny” Dunlop & Jack Sharley
Ring; Irma Peterson Interviews; Jane Stacy

1. Seelie Samara; Falling Facebuster Pin over Ken Tiger Rasker. Tasker attacked Seelie during the introductions and got thrown through the ropes to the floor for his effort. After limping back into the ring he attempted a Running Skullcrusher and was thrown from the ring again. He slowly reentered the ring only to be greeted with a Cranium Cracker and then the Falling Facebuster for the pin. 3:53

2. Johnny Gabor won by DQ over Jim “Goon” Henry. As The Goon, who was being booed, was walking down the aisle a fan dumped a beverage over his head. The Goon got angry and tore up the fan’s program leading to more boos and some cups being thrown. It also added points to The Goon’s total. During the action that was controlled by Gabor, The goon was hit with a Diving Knee Smash that had him bailing from the ring. The Goon found a 2 x 4 under the ring and tried to enter with it. Referee Jack Sharkey called for the DQ. The Goon showed Sharkey a fist but the ex-World Boxing Champion a showed The Goon a fist back indicating that any fist thrown would be a bad idea. 4:47

3. Midget Match – Sonny Boy Cassidy; Brainbuster Pin over Andy Handy. Cassidy used a Top Rope Rump Buster that dazed Andy who later complained to Referee Bunny Dunlop that Cassidy was using a Foreign Object to enhance the bump. Andy handy got angry a Referee Bunny and kicked him in the shins and was going to bite him when Sonny Boy ran over and performed a Brainbuster. Referee Dunlop was going to DQ Andy but chose to count 3 on the pin giving Cassidy the victory. 7:33

4. Women’s Match – Cora Combs, The Lady Satan; Guillotine Leg Drop Pin over Adela Antone. The boo birds were after Cora giving her a big round of boos and raspberries. Adela got the upper hand in the beginning of the match and was able to hold her own as the action went back and forth. After Adela hit Cora with a Flying Forearm it looked like Lady satan would get pinned. Cora retaliated with a Eye Rake then a Neckbreaker. The Guillotine Leg Drop finished the match with Cora pinning Adela. 8:41

5. Sky Hi Lee and The American Apollo Bobby Bruns; Double Count-Out. Bruns used Dropkicks and Spin Kicks while Sky Hi resorted to Kicks in the Stomach and Groin area. Lee who is close to 325 lbs and 6’ 8” towed over the 225 lb Bruns but The American Apollo was able to offset size and strength with speed. The match eventually went OOR and Sky Hi scrambled to find weapons to use. As he picked up a Trash Can, Bobby used a DDT to the floor that KO’d Lee. Referee Bunny Dunlop’s count reached 10 and both wrestlers were Counted-Out. 9:24

6. The Christy’s (Vic and Ted) beat The Golden Greeks (John and Chris Tolos). The hated Greeks lived up to their nasty attitude image when they chased Irma Peterson from the ring. This gave The Golden Greeks points on their total but really brought out the boo birds that were now yelling nasties. This was another very even match with the action going back and forth. Several pin attempts were made but broken up by the wrestler’s teammate. John Tolos reached in the ring to smash a metal Clipboard to Ted Christy’s head but missed and hit Chris. Ted picked up the dazed Chris and performed an Airplane Spin. Vic followed with a Twisting Body Scissors Head Smash to the canvas for the Pin. 16:07

7. NWA Atlantic Title - Wladek Killer Kowalski; Stomach Claw Submission over Yukon Eric. Eric interrupted a promotional interview that Kowalski was having with reporter Jane Stacy. Killer was angry and carried it to the ring after he found that Yukon was receiving extra points on his total. Kowalski claimed that only the commissioner could award points and not the Referees. During the action Yukon was able to get a Running face Smash on Killer but didn’t get the pin when Referee Bunny Dunlop was distracted by John Tolos who came down to complain about the previous match. Tolos remained at ringside arguing until Jack Sharkey came down to break it up and allow Dunlop to referee the match. By this time Kowalski had enetered the ring with a 2 x 4 and smashed it to Yukon’s head. A big Gash was opened as Eric crashed to the canvas. Kowalski hooked in the Stomach Claw as Referee Dunlop turned to see the action. Dunlop called the match because Yukon was KO’s and could not submit. Wladek Killer Kowalski is the NEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWWW NWA Atlantic Champion. 13:26
Rooster Brand Coffee & Ace Garage Services presents;
NWA Wrestling (1948-1956)
Chicago Stadium – Chicago, IL Att: 16,346

Commentators; Jack Brickhouse & Russ Davis
Referees; Ted Thomas & Jack Singer
Ring; Sally Forth Interviews; Brenda Starr

1. Oyama Kato with Mr. Sugi; pinned Frank Altman. Altman, as usual, had a few tricks up his sleeve but nowhere near enough to match Oyama in this heel vs heel match. Mr. Sugi made sue he got into the action by Throwing salt to the eyes of Frank while Kato had applied a Nerve hold to the neck of Altman. Oyama hit Frank in the head with a Bottle of Saki while Mr. Sugi distracted Referee Ted Thomas. Altman crashed to the canvas and was pinned. 3:08

2. Houston Harris and Big Jack Wilson; Time Limit Draw. Wilson gained points on his total after breaking a fan’s sign in anger. Wilson used his rough moves to try and control the match; Kick to the Groin and Double Rope Burn but he was up against an opponent that could match his size and use of moves to control a match. Several fans who have witnessed matches in the Detroit area noticed that Harris has been using the name Bobo Brazil when he wrestles in Michigan. Harris used a Corner Slash and a Coco Headbutt that would have gotten the pin but time ran out mainly because Wilson bailed from the ring time and again. 10:00

3. Midget’s Match – Little Beaver and Ivan the Terrible; Double Count-Out. Ivan tried to end the match quickly by Swinging a Chain at Little Beaver. The chain missed and Beaver responded with a Diving Tackle. Beaver was able to hit Ivan with a High Flying Body Smash and would have had a pin but Referee Ted Thomas’ view was blocked. Both wrestlers tried a Rump Bump and Thomas got caught between them and he took a pretty good smash. While Thoas was recovering from the squash Beaver and Ivan took the action OOR. They were in the 3rd row fighting when Thomas counted them out. 7:32

4. Women’s Match – China Mira won by DQ over Dot Dotson. China from Havana , Cuba is very popular and received a huge ovation. Dot didn’t react well to the fans appreciation of China and was pointing her thumbs down at her shoulders as to show that she was the “One”. China gained the advantage using speedy Dropkicks that had Dot frustrated. Back in the interview zone, Betty Jo Hawkins and Beverly Lehmer were waiting for an interview. Never ones to pass up an opportunity to show their nastiness Betty Jo and Beverly stormed the ring and along with Dot started beating on China. Referee Jack Singer called for the DQ. Betty Jo and Beverly ran off tp their interview as the crowd booed again and again. 4:51

5. Jackie Nichols won by DQ over Hombre Montana. Nichols was able to hold his own against big Hombre until Montana used a Kick to the Head that dazed Jackie. A Corner Crusher was followed by a Big Slam that Hombre felt was a definite pin. Referee Ted Thomas said that it was a 2 count. Hombre got angry and pushed Thomas down to the canvas. Thomas called for the bell. 7:12

6. Chief Don Eagle; Death Lock Submission over Gorgeous George with Cherie Dupre and Jefferies. Goeorge entered the arena to “Pomp and Circumstance” playing and several attendants spraying Chanel #5 on the Gorgeous One. A young fan near the ring had an autographed picture of Don eagle and George grabbed it and tore it in half. Don Eagle saw the incident and immediately brough another oicture to the youngster. During the match George used any and all illegal moves he could hide. To say that George had any legitimate moves would be stretching it a bit. Don Eagle had the advantage with his scientific style and had George in trouble after a Smashing shoulder Block. Cheri distracted Referee Jack Singer while Jeffries tried to spray some Chanel #5 in Don Eagle’s eyes. Jefferies missed and hit the Gorgeous One. As George lay on the canvas holding his eyes, Don Eagle hooked in the Dreaded Indian Death Lock that was a light’s out submission. 13:47

7. NWA Tag Title – The Buffalo Bombers (Don Curtis and Mark Lewin) beat O’Connor/McClarity (Pat and Roy). This was a very even match with the advantage going back and forth. The Bombers used their Doubleteam ability and deceptiveness to sling Roy McClarity from the ring onto his shoulder. McClarity was injured and would not fully recover in this match. Pat O’Connor carried the load from here on and almost gave his team the belts after a Flying Tackle had Lewin pinned. Unfortunately Curtis was able to break up the attempt before the 3 count. Roy did the best he could in spite of the injury but was caught by a Don Curtis Running jackhammer. Mark Lewin hooked in the Sleeperhold and brought Roy’s head smashing to the canvas. Lewin got the Pin. The Buffalo Bombers are the NEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW NWA Tag Title Champions. 22:28
Sunrise Beverages & Coleman’s Mustard presents;
NWA Wresting (1948 – 1956)
Grand Olympic Auditorium – Los Angeles, CA Att: 7,966

Commentators; Dick Lane & Jimmy Lennon
Referees; Wallaby Bob McMaster & Bill Stack
Ring; Dale Arden Interviews; Hedda Hopper

Hedda wore one of her famous hats!!

1. Gorilla Macias; Corner Splash Pin over Pancho Villa. Macias smashed a Flood Lamp over Pancho’s back prior to the introductions. Pancho who is at a disadvantage to begin simply had no chance of recovery. He troed and actually was able to get a Head Slam of Macias to the post but then walked into a Kick to the Mid-Section and a Falling Elbow. As Pancho tried to get to his feet he balanced with the corner ropes only to be a victim of the Gorilla Splash. 2:53

2. Rowdy Red Roberts won by Count-Out over Mr. Canada Sammy Berg. The popular Sammy heard lots of cheers as he entered the arena. Roberts, who is hated, gave the fans some hand gestures that brought out the boo birds. The match was fairly even until the action went OOR. The match was bound for the UNUSUAL CHART RESULT. Berg used some legitimate moves to anger Roberts so Roberts grabbed a tray of tacos and slammed it to Sammy’s skull. Berg fell in the aisle as Roberts slipped back in the ring. Referee Bill Stack counted Berg out. 5:52

3. Jumping Joe Scarpello; High Flying Dropkick Pin over Frank Fozo. During the entrance Fozo ripped up a kid’s program just for the fun of it. Jumping Joe replace the program and added a signed glossy. This gave Scarpello extra points on his total. Fozo, who at times wrestles in other areas as The Great Melenko, gave Joe all he could handle. After a Double Axe Handle and a Spine Cracker Fozo looked to get a pin but he hotdogged and wasted time. What he got for his trouble was a Top Rope Clothesline and then a Flying Dropkick Pin. 5:37

4. Women’s Match – The Barefoot Contessa Judy Grable; Running Skullcracker Pin over Mars Bennett. Mars, who is called The Trapeze Artist, was able to hook in a Stomach Claw but tried an Illegal Choke and was broken up by Referee Bill Stack. As mars argued the point Judy performed a Spin Kick and then finished the match with the Running Skullcracker. 7:49

5. Cyclone Anaya; Cobra Twist (Abdominal Stretch) Submission over Duke Keomuka. Duke tried to lure Cyclone into a sense of trust with a handshake offer. Anaya, not to be fooled, answered with a Dropkick to the Chops setting the tone for the match. Anaya one of the most popular wrestlers at the Olympic plead the crowd with Dropkicks and a Flying Forearm. Cyclone, a native of Guadalajara, Mexico controlled the match forcing Keomuca into a desperate move; A Flying Head Butt. He crashed Headfirst into the Turnbuckle. Anaya hooked in the Cobra Twist but Referee Wallaby Bob had to call the submission for the KO’d Duke. 10:14

6. The Boot Baron (Baron Leone and Benito Garbini) beat The Brothers (Frank Jares and Jonathan). This match was also back and forth with neither team getting an edge. Brother Jonathan was climbing in the ring after a tag. Baron Leone noticed that Referee Bill Stack had slipped after a small collision. Leone, never one to waste a distraction, kicked Brother Jonathan in a head with a loaded Boot. The dazed Jonathan was the legal man. The Baron then performed a Italian Back Kick adding insult to injury. Brother Frank Jares ran over and used a Morman Mauler DDT on Baron Leone. The damage on Brother Jonathan had been done. Referee Bill Stack saw Benito Garbini pinning Jonathan. What he didn’t see was that Garbini was using the Turnbuckle for Leverage. 17:51

7. NWA Pacific Title – The California Comet Wilbur Snyder; Airplane Spin Pin over The Fashion Plate Freddie Blassie. Blassie tipped over the Press table on his way to the ring. This added points to his total increasing his chance against tough Wilbur Snyder. Blassie resorted to biting and kicking whenever he could. He tried a Clawhold but Snyder was able to break it. Freddie also had a Foreign Object but dropped it probably costing him his best chance. Snyder responded with a Jump Kick to the back of the Head. Blassie was dazed when Wilbur picked him up for the Airplane Spin. The pin came next. Wilbur Snyder is the NEEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWWWWWW NWA Pacific Champion. 16:28
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