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Frank Coutinho's UQ Wrestling Results
Shorty’s Caboy (Cowboy) Hattery & The Rib Crib presents;
TNA Impact Wresting
Mark Price Arena – Enid, OK Att: 2,154

Commentators; Al Snow & Jeremy Borash
Referees; Earl Hebner & Brian Stiffler
Ring; Christy Hemme

1. Noam Dar won by Count-Out over Jack Evans. Noam, from the British Boot Camp, showed his ability at aerial maneuvers but was match by Jack who is known for high flying moves. It was an exciting 4 plus minutes with Moonsaults, 630° Sentons and Suicide Dives but the match came down to the action OOR. After Dar dropkicked Evanson the ramp he (Dar) scooted back into the ring. Jack ran for the ring but Referee Earlo Hebner’s count reached the limit before Evans could make it. 4:43

2. Awesome Kong and Mary Elizabeth Monroe with The Rebel; Double Count-Out. It was the Doubleteaming by The Rebel and Mary that saved Monroe. They are a regular tag team going by the name Rainbow Rebels so Doubleteaming is part of their regular in ring moves against normal opponents but Awesome Kong at 270 lbs is no normal opponent. The Rebels were able to get Kong to bail from the ring and use constant Doubleteaming to keep her busy while Referee Brian Stiffler was counting. Time ran out with all three at the upper ramp. 5:56

3. Team Dixie (EC-3 and Tyrus) and Spud-Mandrews (Rockstar Spud and Mark Andrews); Double Count-Out. Spud-Mandrews interrupted an interview that Team Dixie had with Jeremy Borash. EC-3 was livid and took it to the rinbg. This looked like a miss match merely from the size of the wrestlers. Team Dixie weighed in at over 600 lbs while Spud-Mandrews at 290. Tyrus himself was 100 lbs heavier than the combined Spud-Mandrews team. Spud who is not short on clever moves gave his former boss, EC-3, a few fits in the ring. Then to add insult to injury, Mandrews was able to avoid the bull like charging of Tyrus. The Action went OOR where Team Dixie seemed to have the advantage but Spud-Mandrews ran up the ramp. Team-Dixie followed as Referee Earl Hebner counted. Neither team could make it back to the ring. Spud was ecstatic as he was interviewed while being protected by other wrestlers; “Ethan Carter III lost, ha ha.” EC-3 realized then that Spud didn’t care about winning he simply wanted EC-3 to lose. 8:16

4. Abyss with James Storm and The Revolution and The Freak with The Menagerie; Double DQ. This match was doomed from the start. Abyss had Janice, his spike club, in tow while The Freak had a weapon he stole from Abyss; Bob the Branding Iron. Without a legitimate move being used the match broke into Chaos. Storm and Knux were in the ring slugging it out. Crazy Steve was fighting with Manix which left Seiya Senata and Khoya to help their Revolution members with some Doubleteaming. The Rebel ran back to the locker area and came back with Spud and Mandrews to help The Menagierie. The match was way out of hand so Referee Brian Stiffler called it a Double DQ. Al Snow jumped in the ring to help break up the melee and motion for other wrestlers to come down and assist. Note – Janice and Bob are the names of Dixie Carter’s parents. 3:07

5. Knockout Title – Angelina Love with Velvet Sky (Champion) and Taryn Terrell (Challenger); Double Count-Out. Taryn had the advantage and controlled the match. After a Running Taryn Cutter and a monkey Flip, Taryn had the pin. Velvet Sky distracted Referee Earl Hebner, who has been known to flirt with the female wrestlers, long enough for the move the break. Terrell tried to pin Angelina again and was broken up by Velvet. The action eventually went OOR where the Beautiful People had the advantage. Gail Kim ran down to ringside to help Taryn run the Beautiful People off. Referee Earl Hebner’s count reach the limit so he called for the bell with neither wrestler able to make it back in the ring. 7:25

6. The Bro-Mans (Jesse Godderz and Robbie E.) with DJZ beat The Rising (Drew Gallaway and Mica Fifta) with Eli Drake. The Bro-Mans had a grand entrance accompanied by The Beautiful People along with DJZ’s imitation of Michael Buffer. In spite of the boos the fans were enjoying the showiness. The Rising had The Bro-Mans in trouble after Drew performed a Facebuster and Mica Fifta followed with a samoan Drop on Jesse. It looked like curtains but DJZ, always ready with his microphone, smashed Mica over the Shull. Jesse used a stunner on Mica and Robbie followed with a Flip DDT. Robbie pinned Mica while Referee Brian Stiffler was holding Drew back and DZJ along with Angelina nd velvet attacked Eli Drake OOR. 10:56

7. Bobby Lashley; Dominator Powerslam Pin over MVP with The BDC (Beat Down Clan). The Clan had to exercise their authority by chasing Christy Hemme from the ring. This was the BDC’s way of setting the mood of the match. The constant interference by Kenny King and the Bodyguard Samoa Joe was getting to Lashley who was appealing to Referee Earl Hebner. Then Low-Ki and Homicide added their two cents on behalf of the BDC. This brought Gunner and Kurt Angle to ringside. Still undermanned Mr. Anderson did a quick introduction over the microphone and ran to the ring. MVP was complaining to Referee Earl Hebner when he (MVP) was hit with a Spear by Lashely. Bobby followed immediately with the Dominator Powerslam. Mr. Anderson took the microphone from Christy Hemme and announced the winner; BoB-B-B-B-B-B-YYYYYY LAAAAAASSSH-L-YYYYYYYYY 8:11
The Gnarley Barley & Three Guys from Nowhere presents;
TNA-Impact Wrestling (2014-15) on Destination America TV
Universal Studios – Orlando, FL Att: 1.088

Commentators; Jacson Gentry & Pope D’Angelo Dinero
Referees; Brian & Earl Hebner Ring; Jeremy Borash

1. Jesse Godderz with DJZ and Jack Evans; Double Count-Out. DJZ introduced Jesse in grand fashion. The fans like the into but boo Jesse and DJZ. Jesse accepts the boos and the extra points. The young Evans did what he could in the ring but was helpless OOR. With help from DJZ Jesse slammed Jack onto a table and then rammed him into the corner post. Jesse and DJZ were celebrating when Brian Hebner’s count ran out. The bell rang as the two members of the Bro-Mans celebrated while Evans had to be assisted from ringside. 3:36

2. Velvet Sky with Angelina Love; Beauty-T DDT onto a steel Chair Pin over The Rebel with The Menagerie. As usual The menagerie gets the fans going with colorful balloons and cotton candy for the kids. Velvet Sky and Angelina Love, The Beautiful People, are already hated so The Rebel is the automatic favorite. The Rebel has some pretty nice moves in the ring and had a pin after performing a perfect Flying Guillotine but it was broken up. The Bo-Mans, DJZ Jesse Godderz along with Robbie E, ran to ringside not only distracting Referee Earl Hebner but started fighting with Knux and The Freak. During the confusion, Angelina slipped a Folded Steel Chair on to the canvas floor. Velvet used a Beauty-T DDT on The Rebel. Referee Earl Hebner turned to see the Rebel KO’d after the Chair was pulled from the ring. 7:16

3. Samuel Shaw; Kata-Gatame (Choke) Submission over Grado. Grado is another import from the British Boot Camp and is very popular with the fans. Shaw who hasn’t been able to find his real personality pops in and out between American Psycho’s Patrick Bateman and Mr. Anderson’s ‘real’ Samuel Shaw. Grado was able to cut Shaw’s lip with a Running Wee Boot but wasn’t able to follow it up. Shaw was able to perform a Slingshot off the Turnbuckle and then hook in the Kata-Gatame Submission. 3:53

4. TNA TV Title – Manik (Champion) with James Storm’s Revolution; Rolling Moonsault Pin over Crazzy Steve (Challenger) with The Menagerie. Crazzy Steve was able to perform a Springboard Legdrop that seem to daze Manik. Abyss came over to The Menagerie side and started fighting with The Freak. Abyss had Janice so the Freak picked up a Steel Chair. James Storm was fighting with Knux. The match should have been called but Earl Hebner was paying too much attention the The Rebel who was showing him the bump on her head from the earlier match. Khoya stepped up on the ring apron, reached in the ring and slammed a Microphone over Crazzy Steve’s skull. Manik climbed the ropes and performed a Moonsault. Referee Earl Hebner turned to see the pin when Khoya ran over to tell him that a pin was happening. Manik retains the TNA TV Title. 8:36

5. Bram; Brighter Side of Suffering (Lifting DDT) Pin over Mr. Anderson. Mr. Anderson had Bram in trouble after several Mic-Checks (STO’s) but this became an UNUSUAL FINISH. James Storm who is always looking for recruitment for his Revolution came to ringside; (many fans who remember the early 80’s wrestling are reminded of Kevin Sullivan’s weird Army of Darkness. Abyss followed Storm and distracted Referee Brian Hebner who was trying to get Abyss to put Janice (Spike Club ) down. Storm got up on the Ring Apron and slammed a Blackjack to Mr. Anderson’s chops. Bram held Mr. Anderson up until he could make it look good with a Lifting DDT. 8:15

6. The Hardyz (Matt and Jeff and The Dirty Heels (Bobby Roode and Austin Aires); Double DQ. The Heels were booed and had cups thrown. It helped add points to their total. The Hardyz had points added also because of their excellent teaming. They were tagging in and out in machine like fashion. The hells were able to avoid a Pin after Jeff Hardy used a Twist of Fate on Aires and Matt followed with a Swanton Bomb. The pin was blatantly broken but Referee Earl Hebner continued his leniency. Roode performed a Double RR Spinebuster on Matt and Aires added a 450° Splash but Jeff broke it up. By this time the Heels were calling for a DQ for The Hardyz. All four westlers were in the ring and Earl hebner couldn’t control them. With the match out of hand Hebner called for a Double DQ. 13:48

7. Vacant X-Division Title – Rockstar Spud with Mandrew; Firestone Spud Splash Pin over Homicide with Kenny King of the BDC. Before the match King along with MVP was bragging that Spud would be peeled down to nothing in this match. In fact MVP stated; “I won’t even be at ringside. Spud is already in the pot cooking.” Homicide showed his aerial moves on several occasion but Spud was able to counter the moves. Mandrews was active in the match helping Spud avoid pin attempts. Kenny King ‘hotdogging’ at ringside got up on the ring apron and swung a wrench (at least it looked like a wrench) at Spud. Kenny missed and hit Homicide in the forehead. Mandrews ran over and started fighting with King while Spud climbed the ropes for a Spud Splash. The BDC with MVP came running out but it was too late. Rockstar Spud is the NEEEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWWWW TNA X Division Champion. 7:52
The Sports page & Godfather’s Pizza presents;
TNA- Impact Wrestling (2014-15)
Clay County Events Center – Spencer, IA Att: 2,348

Commentators; Professor Mike Tenay & Tazz
Referees; Brian Hebner & Brian Stiffler
Ring; Christy Hemme Interviews; Josh Mathews

1. Tyrus with EC-3 and Dave Mastif; No Contest. Mastif, one of the few who can almost match Tyrus’ size and weight, is from the British Boot Camp. EC-3 has been mouthing off about the BBC being inferior and he thinks the wrestlers are a waste. Tired of EC-3’s mouthing off, Sha Samuels came to ringside to be with Mastif and broke up an interview before the match. This set EC-3 off on a tangent. The match didn’t have many legitimate moves as the two men matched each other for strength but Tyrus seemed to be getting the edge especially with some Eye Rakes and Rope Burns. Referee Brian Hebner got knocked for a loop and was close to KO’d. EC-3 jumped in the ring to help Tyrus so Sha Samuels followed. It was Chaos. Brian Stiffler ran down to the ring and called the match, ruling it a No Contest. 3:42

2. Seiya Senada with James Storm and Abyss; Moonsault Pin over Eli Drake. Senada threw Drake from the ring and the result was deadly for Eli. Storm and Abyss rammed Drake’s head into the post several times then threw him back in the ring. Senada used a Turnbuckle Leap and then a Moonsault that was an overkill on the helpless Eli. 3:46

3. Marti Bell with Jade won by Count-Out over Gail Kim. Bell and jade who wrestle as The Dollhouse work well together and are gaining a name for themselves through some questionable tactics. During the match Jade constantly interfered but Gail maintained an advantage. Finally Gail performed the game ending Eat-Defeat (Facebreaker). Jade barely saved Marti from the pin but she saved her none-the-less. Gail had enough and lit out after Jade who booked it up the ramp to the back stage. Referee Pat O’Hara, who is in for Brian Hebner, counted Kim out. 6:29

4. Tigre Uno with Jack Evans; Uno Splash (450°) Pin over DJZ (Zema Ion) with Jesse Godderz. DJZ and Jess had a great interview as usual promoting up and coming shows. The extra points added to DJZ’s total but he was still up against the high flying Tigre so he would have to muster some extra of his own. DJZ clibed the top rope after Jesse tripped Tigre. For some reason DJZ seemed confused and rather than use his 630° Senton he just made a Suicide Dive that had him crashing to the canvas. Meanwhile Jesse was calling for Robbie E, who was at the top of the aisle flirting with a woman, to come to ringside. Jack Evans was fighting with Jesse at ringside as tigre Uno climbed the top rope. Tigre performed a 450° Splash to gain the pin. 6:52

5. The Revolution I (James Storm and The Monster Abyss) with Revolution II (Sanada, Manik and Khoya) and The Menagerie (Knux and the Freak) with Crazzy Steve and the Rebel; Double Count-Out. This was a Brawl waiting to happen. In the Ring lots of pushing and shoving while both teams called each other names that are not worth repeating. When Abyss retrieved Janice the action OOR was on with all the wrestlers brawling. Table, Chairs, Trash cans and anything not nailed down became weapons. The Freak had Bob the Branding Iron and Abyss had Janice the Spike Club. Lucky no omne got hit. Sha Samuels and rampage Brown must not have had enough in the 1st match so they ran down to even the odds against The Revolution. This match ended in the parking lot when the local police were finally called so that the vehicles would not get damaged. 7:05

6. Kurt Angle and Samoa Joe with MVP; Double DQ. Samoa Joe had extra points added to his total after a great interview. MVP and Kenny King added their two cents to promote their next appearance. King hung around after the interview giving Joe an advantage of sorts. Angle gave Joe a lesson on skilled holds and knowhow. Referee Pat O’Hara was temporarily dazed from a collision. With the in ring advantage for Angle and the Referee dazed, MVP and King decided to act. They jumped in the ring and started beating on Angle. The crowd was screaming as Mr. Anderson and Bobby lashley came running out. As they entered the ring, Referee Pat O’Hara woke to see the melee. He was not sure of the culprits so he called for the Double DQ. 10:14

7. TNA-Impact Title – Magnus (Champion) won by Count-Out over Gunner (Challenger). This was a very even match with each wrestler trading moves. Eventually Bram came to ringside. Magnus was showing his anger at Bram being close to the ring fearing that Bram was going to interfere on Maguns’ behalf. As Magnus argued with Bram Gunner used a Headlock DDT that dazed Magnus. Bram reached in the ring and grabbed Gunner’s ankles. Gunner kick Bram’s hand away then bailed from the ring. Gunner was counted out fighting with Bram while Magnus was just getting to his feet. Magnus retains the TNA-Impact Title. 10:52
Rolling River Bistro & Pig Out Bar-B-Q presents;
ROH Wrestling (2014-15)
Varner’s Grove – Frenchman Bend, MS Att: 2,174

Commentators; Bobby Cruise & King Corino
Referees; Paul Turner & Gino Colucci Ring; O.D.B.

1. R.D. Evans; Alpha Flight Headbutt Pin over Will Ferrera. Evans trying to impress the crowd with intimidation got into a beef with O.D.B. the ring announcer. O.D.B, through with the intros, left the ring with Evans following with a nasty comment; “When I tell you to leave the ring, you leave.” O.D.B., never one to back down, grabbed a chair; “You want some action, you can have some.” Evan jumped back in the ring. The crowd was cheering O.D.B. and booing Evans. R.D. was awarded points on his total for this display. Evans was able to take the advantage in the match and performed an Underhook DDT folled by the Alpha Flight (Flying) Headbutt. 2:34

2. Christopher Daniels; BME (Best Moonsault Ever) Pin over Matt Sydal. Sydal used a Roundhose Kick that seemed to have Daniels in trouble but as Sydal went for the pin Daniels rubbed a Foreign Substance into matt’s eyes. Sydal was in pain holding his eyes when Daniel’s hit him with a Falling Knee Crunch and then finished with the Moonsault. 4:52

3. The Golden Lovers (Kenny Omega and Kota Ibashi) won by Count-Out over The Embassy (Moose and Stokley Hathaway) with Veda Scott and Prince Nana. During OOR Action Moose, listening to Veda’s instruction, tried a Pear on Kenny but Kenny moved and Moose crashed and smashed a Candy Cotton Machine. Meanwhile Ibashi climbed the turnbuckle and did a Suicide Leap toward Stokley. Prince Nana was in the way as Ibashi hit them. Stokley was the legal man but unable to make the 20 count after hitting his head against the Guard Rail. 7:36

4. Brutal Bob Evans with Cheeseburger; Ugly Stick Piledriver Pin over Hanson with Raymond Rowe. Evans and Cheeseburger interrupted a TV Promotion that War Machine (Hanson and Rowe) were doing for an up and coming show. This threw Hanson off his game and when he entered the ring he was like a charging Bull. Evans got extra points for the interruption and used the Hanson anger to his advantage. Hanson tried to attack Cheeseburger who was on the ring apron but as Hanson ran over Cheeseburger threw a Milkshake into Hanson’s face. Brutal Bob followed with a Cranium Cracker and then the Ugly Stick for the Pin. Raymond Rowe tried to reach the action but Referee Gino Colucci held him back. 6:42

5. Tommaso Ciampa won by Count-Out over Caprice Coleman. The crowd likes Coleman who was awarded extra points. He was even kissed by a lady near ringside. During the match Caprice was able to perform a Sky Splitta (Diving Leg Lariat) that should have had a pin but Referee Paul Turner was distracted by War Machine still arguing with Referee Colucci. Turner clearly missed the pin. After the match went OOR the tide changed and Ciampa was in his element. After the wrestlers slugged their way up the aisle, Ciampa hit Coleman with a barrel that was used a Trash Can. Coleman, hurt, tried to fight back but Tommaso found a shovel near a tool shed and slammed the shovel to Caprice’s head. Coleman was KO’s and unable to make the count. 10:12

6. The Time Splitters ( Alex Shelly and Kushida) won by DQ over The Decade (B.J. Whitmer and Jimmy Jacobs). The Decade showed their dirty tactics from the get-go. Whitmer who was a fan favorite for years actually lead the charge. Raking, Eyes, Rubbing Face to the Mat and trying to hit with a small metal object were all part of his arsenal. The Time Spitters used their technical moves and their savvy to try and offset The Decade’s rough style. Shelly was able to put an armlock on Whitmer and then perform a Neckbreaker. Kushida completed this “Outatime” with a Moonsault. It would have been light’s out but Jimmy Jacobs ran in the ring with a Spike to break up the pin. Referee Gino Colucci called for the bell. 14:56

7. ROH Title – Michael Elgin (Challenger); Crossface Submission over Mick Bennett (Champion) with Maria Kanellis. Bennett built up some points on his total when he started smooching with Maria befor the match. The fans were booing and throwing cups. During the match Elgin got near Maria who tried to trip him. She jumped on the Ring Apron after Referee Paul Turner was dazed in a collusion and he and Bennett were on the canvas. Elgin grabbed Maria and kissed her. Bennett was angry and as he ran over Maria sprayed some Hair Spray to Elgin’s eyes. It missed and hit Bennett. Elgin used a Lifting Double Underhook DDT and then the Crossface as Referee Paul Turner called the Submission. Michael Elgin is the NEEEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWWW Ring of Honor Champion. 10:26
Capt. Groovy’s Grille & The Dirty Buffalo presents;
ROH Wrestling (2014-15) on Sinclair Broadcasting
Exhibition Hall-Norfolk Scope – Norfolk, VA 2,348

Commentators; Kevin Kelly and Larry “Legend” Mercer
Referees; Gino Colucci & Todd Sinclair
Ring; Scarlett Bordeaux Interviews; O.D.B.

1. Matt Classic won by DQ over Colby Corino the American Tiger with B.J. Whitmer. The masked Matt Classic was able to show his Technical Skills that confused the young Colby. Whitmer barely paid attention until Classic used a Elbow Buster to the chops on Whitmer that sent hin flying from the Ring Apron to the floor. Classic then caught Corino with a Chi-Town Crab (Boston). Whitmer recovered enough to get into the ring, push Referee Gino Colucci and break up the hold. Colucci called for the bell DQ’ing Colby. Classic and Whitmer began fighting but were soon broken up by several security guards. 2:36

2. Matt Taven with Maria Kanellis; Frog Splash Pin over Cheeseburger with Brutal Bob Evans. Cheeseburger was able to use a few high flying moves and was also aided by Evans who would throw Cheeseburger onto the fallen Taven (Of Course it was Evans who would trip Matt and set him up). Maria tried what she could to stop Evan’s interference but to no avail. Finally Matt Bennett walked down to ringside and started jawing with Brutal Bob. They got into a pushing match. Maria & Taven took full advantage of the distraction. Maria sprayed some Bug repellant into Cheeseburger’s eyes and Taven followed with a Climax (Driver). Taven got the pin with a Frog Splash. 4:07

3. War Machine (Raymond Rowe and Hanson) beat Aeroform (Louis Lydon and Flip Kendrick). Raymond Rowe; Death Rowe (Full Nelson Drop) pin over Flip. Aeroform used their speed to try and offset the power of War Machine. Rowe and Hanson were able to tag in and out and slow down Aeroform’s game. Hanson caught Lydon with a Head Rammer that hurt the youngster. Lydon was able to tag out but by then Rowe who had also tagged in was waiting for Kendrick. The Death Rowe was Light’s Out. 7:23

4. B.J. Whitmer with Jimmy Jacobs and El Desperado; Double Count-Out. El Desperado displayed his quickness and used Spin Kicks and a Neck Scissors to frustrated Whitmer. Jacobs who had been unable to reach his Decade partner finally reached in during a distraction and pulled El Desperado from the ring. Whitmer followed. A 2 on 1 beating was taking place when Matt Classic ran down to even the odds. Both Wrestlers were counted out as the Brawl went up the ramp and to the backstage area. 4:46

5. Ring of Honor TV Title – Chris Sabin (Challenger); Over Easy DDT Pin over Roderick Strong (Champion). Roderick heard some cheering but fans are still not that trusting of him. Strong and Sabin showed their skill and had what is considered a scientific match. That is until Strong used a CX 03 (Neckbreaker) that usuall spells The End. Sabin retaliated with a Hidden Foreign Object used for a Smash to the Chops. Strong was dazed when Sabin ran over and used the Over Easy DDT. For the Pin. Chris Sabin is the NEEEEEEEEWWWWWWWW Ring of Honor TV Champion. 7:44

6. Alberto el Patron; Slingshot Suplex Pin over Adam Cole. In spite of showing his arrogance Cole still has some fans cheering for him. It is uncertain whether they like him as he is or they are living with the old Cole nice guy personality. Cole is his new self and uses moves like Slamming Alberto’s head to the Guard Rail, using a double Rope Burn and Rubbing the Face to the Mat. Cole had Alberto set up for a Corona DDT when B.J. Whitmer, of all people, came running to ringside. Referee Todd Sinclair was jawing with B.J trying to get him back to the Locker Area. Adam was distracted by the commotion and Alberto hit Cole with Flying Hammer. As Cole groggily got to his feet, el Patron used a Sligshot Suplex and got the pin. 10:16

7. reDRagon (Bobby Fish and Kyle O’Reilly) won by DQ over The Briscoes (Jay and Mark). This match went to the Unusual Chart. The Briscoes used some great Doubleteaming moves that seemed to give them the advantage. reDRagon countered with a combination of Skilled and Dirty Tactics. OOR the action was fast and furious with both teams exchanging Chairshots and Trash Can Smashes. As the teams were getting back in the ring Kyle O’Reilly pushed O.D.B. who was near ringside doing interviews. O.D.B. wasted no time in using a tray to Kyle’s head. Referee Gino Colucci saw the incident and call the match a DQ in favor of reDRagon. The Briscoe’s protested along with O.D.B. After conferring with Todd Sinclair, Gino Colucci changed his decision to a No Contest. 14:34
Nathan’s famous & The Shake Shack presents;
Ring of Honor Wrestling (2014-15)
Manhattan Center – NYC Att: 2,414

Commentators; Bobby Cruise & King Corino
Referees; Brian Gorie & Paul Turner
Ring; Scarlett Bordeaux Interviews; Veda Scott

1. Silas Young; Killer Combo Submission over Josh Alexander. Josh was cheered as he entered the arena. He was slapping hands and signed a few autographs. Silas who is usually neutral got very irritated at the attention Josh was receiving. After the match started Silas’ tactics became rough; Rub face to the mat, Kick to the Groin, pull hair, etc. Josh was able to gin a near pin after using a Flying Missile. Silas responded with a Vicious Eye Ripper. Josh, who was blinded for the moment, became the victim of the Killer Combo (Backbreaker-Lariat) and had to submit. 4:13

2. ACH won by DQ over “Smooth Sailin” Dalton Castle. ACH had the advantage and should have gotten a pin after a Catapult Splash but Castle dug his thumbs into ACH’s eyes and Threw him head first from the ring.ACH which is for Albert C. Hardie was hurting but somehow managed to crawl back into the ring. Dalton who bailed from the ring found a toolbox in back of the apron. He re-entered with a wrench and swung at ACH. Daltom missed and hit Referee Paul Turner in the chops. Turner collapsed to the canvas. Referee Brian Gorie jumped in the ring and called the DQ. 3:38

3. House of Truth (J. Diesel and Donovan Dijak) with Truth Martini beat Brutal Burgers (Brutal Bob Evans and Cheeseburger). The Burgers were working well together with Bob using his power moves and Cheeseburger with some aerial moves. Cheeseburger tried to avoid getting caught in the bigger opponent’s arm or leg locks. After Bob used a Spinning Neckbreaker on Diesel, Cheeseburger tried a Suicide Leap but totally missed. Before Bob could rescue him Martini started an OOR pushing match so Bob started chasing Truth. Dijak picked up Cheeseburger for a backbreakerRack then dropped him into Diesel’s Security Bash (Roundhouse). Diesel pinned Cheeseburger. 7:31

4. Alex Shelly with Kushida won by DQ over Trent Baretta with Rocky Romero. With no love lost between The Time Splitters (Shelly and Kushida) and RPG (Roppongi)* Vice (Romero and Baretta). The tag veteran Shelly had the advantage and eventually used a game ending Atomic Midnight (Belly to Back Piledriver) on Baretta. Romero wasted no tom in entering the ring with a folded steel chair. Kushida followed and all hell broke loose. Referee Marty Asami who replaced the injured Paul Turner called for the bell but it took several wrestlers from the Locker area to finally bring the in ring wrestlers to order. Asami called for the DQ in favor of Shelly. *Roppongi is a section of Minato, Tokyo that has a very active night life. 4:53

5. Adam Page; Turn the Page (STO) pin over The Romantic Touch. Touch gained an advantage when he interrupted an interview Page was having with Veda Scott. Touch was reacting to Page telling Romantic that he irritating with his throwing kisses to the women along with flowers. Romantic reacted by interrupting the interview and slamming a Flood Lamp to Adam’s leg. Romantic kept at Adam’s leg to weaken him more after the match began. Touch used a Throat Drop onto the Ropes and Crucifix Drop that could have gotten a pin except Romantic chose to show off to the fans that his evening was complete. Page didn’t hesitate and used the gas left in his tank. An Adam’s Apple Clothesline was followed by the Turn the Page STO to gain the pin. 6:38

6. Jay Lethal with Truth Martini; Lethal Injection DDT Pin over Cedric Alexander. Alexander used a Moonsault to almost end the match. Truth distracted Referee Marty Asami while Donovan Dijak ran to the ring and broke up the pin. Cedric was jawing with Dijak when Lethal used a Diving Headbutt to down Alexander. As Cedric got to his feet dazed Jay used a Lethal Injection DDT to end the match. 9:56

7. Vacant Ring of Honor Tag Title – The Addiction (Christopher Daniels and Frankie Kazarian) and The Young Bucks (Matt and Nick Jackson); Time Limit Draw. This was billed as the “Match not to Miss.” It proved to be that and even more. It started as Dirty Doubleteaming vs Technical Skills but was soon a match of legitimate moves. The Addiction dug deep in the bag of goodies to show aerial skills that could match the Bucks. Kazarian, a very talented wrestler, was impressive. Then when all else failed The Addiction went back to their Dirty Tricks. With Daniels KO’d OOR after a slam to the steps, Kazarian in the ring used a Fading Moonsault that found him crashing to the canvas. The Bucks then looked for the finish with Bang for your Buck (Matt’s 450° Splash and Nick’s Moonsault). Nick rolled up Kazarian just as the bell rang. 30:00
Egawata Hoya & Pizzeria-En presents;
New Japan Wrestling (2014-15) on AXS-TV
Dydo Drinco Arena – Nishitokyo, Japan Att: 2,406

Commentators; Milano Collection A/T & Shinpei Nogami
Referees; Marty Asami & Red Shoes Unno
Ring; Wataru Inoue Interviews; Kuniaki Kobayashi

Wataru speaks; “この偉大なへようこそが表示されます。”(Welcome to this Great Show)

1. Captain New Japan and Cody Hall; Double Count-Out. Kobayashi was interviewing Captain New Japan prior to the match. Cody not only interrupted verbally but he smashed the Captain with a Chair injuring him. Captain New Japan chose to compete in the match although he seemed at a disadvantage. Cody who is starting to become known for his rough style (like his father Scott Hall) was eager to prove himself. After the match went OOR, Captain new japan mustered enough strength to perform a Hida side Slam on the Ramp putting Cody down and close to out. As he tried to return to the ring The Captain collapsed. Both wrestlers were counted out but Captain New Japan got a huge ovation. 4:14

2. Machine Gun Karl Anderson with The Bullet Babe; Gun Stun (Cutter) Pin over Yoshitatsu. Anderson and The Babe were interviewed and like them or not they turn on the audience. Anderson and The Bullet Club are the most hated yet remain popular. Yoshitatsu was able to daze Anderson with a Spinning Wheel Kick and would have followed up for a possible pin but The Babe sprayed some perfume into his eyes. Anderson followed by choking out Yoshitatsu with the ring ropes. The Gun Stun was too much and Anderson got the pin. 5:46

3. Takashi Iizuka won by Count-Out over Mark Briscoe. Briscoe used his speed to gain an advantage and came close to a pin after a Cut Throat Driver. Iizuka bailed from the ring where his style is more suited. Takashi tried desperately to use his famous Iron Fingers from Hell (Throat Thrust) but Mark was able to avoid the attempts. Iizuka was able to find a Bottle and used it on Mark’s skull. Briscoe was unable to make the count. Iizuka was pelted with cups and shell peanuts. 4:48

4. Sheldon X Benjamin; T-Bone Suplex Pin over Taichi. Taichi used several dropkicks followed by a Brain Buster and a Roll-Up that seemed like a pin but Referee Red Shoes Unno indicated only a 2 count. It seemed like it was 2 and 9/10 ths. For Benjamin to get a 2nd chance is usually curtains for the opponent and for Taichi that was the case. Sheldon used a Double Underhook DDT and the T-Bone Suplex to gain the pin. 5:32

Wataru speaks; “ 時間は、いくつかの食品や一部を取得します。 Pizzera-Enがおいしいです。(Time to get some food and some autographs. Pizzera-En is delicious.)

5. The IronGodz (Jax Dane and Rob Conway) beat the Bookers (Jado and Gedo). Conway; Ego Trip (Doubleteam Whiplash) Pin over Gedo. Jado and Gedo, the seasoned vets put on a good show as usual but in the end couldn’t overcome the cheating and rougher style of Dane and Conway. Gedo was on the Turnbuckle ready for a Superfly Frog Splash on Conway. Dane who had smashed a Trash can over Jado’s head ran over and pushed Gedo. Gedo crashed to the canvas. The Whiplash Doubleteam Ego Trip had Gedo down for the count but Conway added a Loaded Fist for good measure. 14:19

6. Shinsuke Nakamura; Landslide Driver Pin over Tiger Mask IV. Nakamura showed his attitude early. During the introductions the wrestlers were using the Code of Honor (shake hands) that Ring of Honor uses. When Tiger put out his hand Nakamura slapped it aside and Body Slammed Mask. Tiger was able to fight back and almost had a pin after a Diving Head Butt. Nakamura kicked Tiger in the Groin and followed with a Boma Ye Knee Strike. The Landslide Driver got the pin. 8:06

7. Vacant GHC (Global Honored Crown) Title Match – Go Shiozaki; Go Flasher Suplex Pin over Joe Doering. Shiozaki was inspired upon his entrance when a female fan jumped up and kissed him. The powerful Doering tried to muscle his way to victory by Shiozaki , no slouch at power himself was able to counter the moves. Doering came close after a deat Valley Driver but Go kicked out of the pin attempt. Doering finally resorted to smashing Go with the GHC Championship Belt that he grabbed when OOR. Still Joe was frustrated at not being able to keep Shiozaki down. While Joe was appealing to referee Marty Asami Shiozaki climbed the ropes and used a Flying Clothesline. Go followed with a Go Flasher Suplex and got the pin. Go Shiozaki is the NEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWWWWWWW GHC Champion. 11:17
Tavern Hosokawa & Itosho presents;
New Japan Wrestling (2014-15) (新日本プロレス株式会社)
Toyama City Gym – Toyama, Japan Att: 4,286

Commentators; Shinpei Nogami & Kazuo Yamazaki
Referees; Red Shoes Unno & Tiger Hatton
Ring Kuniaki Kobayashi Interviews; Wataru Inoue

1. Tama Tonga with The Bullet Babe; Headshrinker DDT Pin over Bushi. Bushi had a clear advantage in this match and after a Firebird Splash (450° Splash) the match should have been over. The Bullet Babe had help from Bad Luck Fale who wandered to the ring. The Babe distracted Referee Red Shoes Unno while Fale pulled Bushi from the pin. Bushi was arguing with Fale when Tonga got to his feet and performed a Headshrinker DDT. Red Shoes Unno turned to see the pin. This set the fans in a BAD Mood throwing cups and even yelling profanities. 4:26

2. Minoru Suzuki; Gotch Piledriver Pin over Tomoaki Honma. Tomoaki had a great promo with Wataru Inoue for AXS-TV and gained points on his total. The match was scientific and helped calm the fans who were still in a foul mood. After Honma used a Running Jackhammer he nearly got a pin but Suzuki was able to kick out several times. Suzuki answered with a Flying Missile and then the Gotch Piledriver for the pin. 5:56

3. Matt Jackson pinned Jimmy Jacobs. Jacobs set the mood for the match by interrupting what was a brilliant promo by Matt with Wataru Inoue. After the match started Jacobs used his arsenal of cheating moves; Rake the Eyes, Rub Face to Mat, Rope Burns, etc. Jackson countered with legitimate flying moves that frustrated Jimmy. This match had an UNUSUAL FINISH. Jimmy was able to down Matt with a Headrammer to the Post. Jacobs climbed to ropes for a Suicide Dive with his Spike in Hand. Unfortunately for Jacobs he crashed to an empty canvas. Matt reached over and used the Spike to KO Jimmy and get the pin. 6:36

4. Colt Cabana; Cabanarama DDT Pin over Kenny Omega. Omega came close to a pin several times. After a Double Knee Thrust and a Diving Knee Smash the match seemed over but Referee Tiger Hatton missed the pin. Colt wasted no time in gaining the advantage with a Vicious Eye Rake. The Cabanarama DDT followed and Omega was pinned. 7:26

5. Killer Elite Squad (Davey Boy Smith Jr. and Lance Archer) won by Count-Out over RPG Vice (Rocky Romero and Trent Baretta). The Dirty Doubleteaming RPG Team is one of the most hated in wrestling and especially in New Japan. The fans were not kind to RPG; throwing cups and peanuts and yelling vulgarities. Rocky got angry and broke a fan’s sign as he was waking down the aisle. More booing until you could hardly hear yourself think. Then the Killer Elite Squad entered the arena. The cheering began and got louder and louder. RPG was upset by the huge reception of KES. After the match went OOR the Killer Elite Squad not only held their own but seemed to have an advantage. Davey Boy Smith Body Slammed Rocky to the floor while Lance was jolting Baretta with a Smashing Forearm. Baretta picked up a Trash Can but the move was reversed as Archer took the Trash can and smashed it to Trent’s Head. The Killer Elite squad slipped back in the ring. Baretta, the legal man was counted out but both members of RPG was unable to get back to the ring. 10:14

6. Kazuchika Okada and Bad Luck Fale with The Bullet Babe; Double Count-Out. Upon introduction Bad Luck was booed unmercifully. His reaction was to raise his fists which resulted in more booing. In an UNUSUAL ENDING the match went OOR. Fale’s best chance against the technical master Okada is to take him to n area where The Bullet Club member will have the advantage. Okada held his own OOR. The fighting went up the ramp down the hall and out the front door. There was an outdoor sale going on with tents and booths set up for people to sell their wares. By the time Okada and Fale were though hardly a tent stood nor a booth wasn’t broken. The match was over long ago. 8:51

7. Vacant IWGP (International Wrestling Grand Prix) Tag Title – The Bullet Club (Doc Gallows and Machine Gun Karl Anderson with The Bullet Babe won by DQ over Akebono/Yutaka Yoshi. Akebono and Yoshi, at 844 lbs, are one of the heaviest teams to ever enter the ring. They are also one of the more popular teams. Their weight doesn’t seem to hold them back from legitimate and sometimes agile moves. Working together they used a Karuizawa Splash by Yoshi and a Banzai Drop by Akebono on Anderson. Tama Tonga at ringside with the Bullet Babe was distracting Referee Red Shoes Unno who was trying to send him back to the Locker area. Doc Gallows was trying to recover after being thrown from the ring. The Bullet Babe ran in the ring with a Bottle and tried to hit Akebono who was pinning Anderson. Akebono grabbed the bottle just as Red Shoes Unno turned around. Unno called for the DQ. The IWGP Tag Titles remain vacant. 9:42
Rock Bar Cherry Bomb & Coco Momo presents;
New Japan Wrestling (2014-15) on AXS-TV
Maishima Arena – Osaka, Japan Att: 6,432

Commentators; Milano Collection A/T & Wataru Inoue
Referees; Kenta Sato & Marty Asami
Ring; Kimihiko Ozaki Interviews; Shinpei Nogami

1. Toru Yano; Kagamiwan (Scoop Brainbuster) Pin over Jay White. Yano was booed as he entered the arena. He was in no hurry to get to the ring as he stopped to argue with the fans even breaking a sign at one point. He received extra points on his total but didn’t seem to need them after the match started. The newcomer, Jay White from New Zealand, put on the best show he could but Yano remained in control. After a Top Rope Headroller and a Corkscrew Dive Yano used the Kagamiwan to gain the pin. 3:43

2. Rocky Romero with Trent Baretta won by Count Out over B & B Hulk. A First Flash Superkick followed by a Phoenix 450° Splash had Rocky in serious trouble. Baretta was able to break up the pin irritating Hulk enough to bail from the ring. He was fighting with Baretta OOR when Referee Marty Asami counted him out. Romero was in the ring totally dazed. 4:58

3. The Kingdom (Mike Bennett and Matt Taven) with Maria Kanellis and Suzuki-Gun (Taichi and El Desperado); Double Count-Out. Matt Taven missed a Suicide Dive on El Desperado leaving at the mercy of a pin. Maria distracted Referee Kenta Sato while Mike Bennett pulled Taven OOR to safety. Suzuki-Gun began brawling with The Kingdom. The Brawl went to the opposite direction of the ring eventually into the Food Court. Both teams were counted out as they wreaked havoc on the displays. 9:55

4. Jax Dane with Rob Conway won by Count-Out over Matt Sydal. Dane was able to perform a Godzilla Spear but somehow Sydal wasn’t going to stay down. Matt, who once wrested as Evan Borne, was able to perform a Shooting Star Press that looked like curtains for Dane. Conway was able to interfere and OOR used an Iron Fist (Loaded Glove that KO’d Sydal. Matt collapsed next to the commentators as Referee Marty Asami counted him out. 7:41

5. Shibata-Goto (Katsuyori Shibata and Hiriki Goto) and Tencozy (Satoshi Kojima and Hiroyoshi Tenzan); Time Limit Draw. This was a match of Double teaming and Tag Teaming Excellence. The action was back and forth between two teams that are known for scientific superiority. With time running out Goto caught Tenzan with a Shouten Suplex and Shibata used a PK (Kick to the Chest). Kojima broke up the pin and performed a Cozy Crush Piledriver on Goto while Tenzan recovered enough to follow with a Moonsault. The bell rang at the 2 count. 20:00

6. Doc Gallows with The Bullet Babe pinned Davey Boy Smith Jr with Lance Archer. Smith was able to counter the power moves of Gallows and had Doc reeling in the process. The fans were shocked when Davey used a Bulldog Bomb (Sitout Powerbomb ) that should have gotten the pin. The Bullet Babe ran in the ring a clubbed Davey with a bottle. Machine Gun Karl Anderson came to ringside and was foight with Lance Archer. Anderson smash a Chair over Archer’s head. Anderson waited for The Babe to hit Davey Boy with a Bottle then ran in the ring to turn Gallows over on Smith. Referee Marty Asami who was dazed in a collision woke to see the pin. 7:45

7. IWPG Title – Hiroshi Tanahashi won by Count-Out over A.J. Styles. This was another excellent match with two wrestlers who can do it all. Tanahashi seemed to have the match after performing a Dragon Suicide Dive but Styles was able to kick out several times and then use a Belly to Back Clash to turn the tide. Hiroshi was able to bail from the ring and Styles followed along with crowd pleasing moves. As Hiroshi re-entered the ring, Styles was held back by Rob Conway and Jax dane (The IronGodz) who were being interviewed. Tanahashi didn’t realize what happened until Referee Kenta Sato counted Styles out. Tenahashi ran from the ring to help Styles drive off the IronGodz. The IWGP Title remains Vacant. 11:14
Cappy’s Chowder House & Cuzzy’s presents;
WWF Wrestling (1985-86) on WSBK-TV Chan 38
George Denham Function Hall – Cape Anne , ME
Seaside Inn

Commentators; Gorilla Monsoon & Bruno Sammartino
Referees; Mario Savoldi and Rocket Monroe
Ring; Judy Martin Interviews; Sue Sexton

1. Phil Lefleur; Sitout Powerbomb Pin over Mr. Hito. The wily vet Hito was as clever as ever in using Gouges to the Eyes and Mouth Rippers, avoiding be caught. He wore lefleur down before applying an Asian Nerve Hold. Just when it looked hopeless, Phil reached out with a last effort and reached the ropes. Mr. Hito was frustrated and complaining to Referee Mario Savoldi when Lefleur mustered enough to hit Mr. Hito with a Running Axe handle. Phil followed with the Sitout Powerbomb for the Pin. 3:34

2. Sadistic Steve DiSalvo; Piledriver Pin over Lumberjack Jerry Monti. Monti from Moosejaw, Saskatchewan heard some cheers and was pumped up but it didn’t last long. Sadistic Steve used his rough style; Rub Face to Mat, Slam Head to Post and Throat Drop to Ropes that quickly wore down the Lumberjack. DiSalvo set up the Piledriver Pin with a Charging Bull (Spear). 3:43

3. Kerry Brown won by Count-Out over Steve Lombardi. Lombardi heard cheers as he was introduced. The fans are well aware of Steve from Saturday Morning Wrestling on TV whereas Brown is a newcomer. This was an even match with both wrestlers doing their best to gain an advantage but neither able to get thye upper hand. When the match went OOR Lombardi was more in his element eventually using a Trash Can over Kerry’s head. Brown was struggling back to the ring as Steve tried to grab the Gong-Bell. Kerry crawled into the ring just as Referee Mario Savoldi counted 10. Lombardi was Counted-Out. 4:51

4. Desiree Peterson and Mad Maxine with Nasty Kat Leroux; Double Count-Out. Nasty Kat helped keep Mad Maxine in the match by constantly interfering. Referee Rocket Monroe was being very tolerant. The match went OOR to the UNUSUAL Result Chart where Maxine and Nasty kat could doubleteam Desiree. As the fight went up the ramp, Sue Sexton left the interview area and joined Desiree in fighting the two heels. The fight went out the doors and near the Cape Anne Pier. Desiree and Sue whipped Maxine and Kat into a pile of Lobster Traps. It ended the match which technically had been over long ago by Count-Outs. 4:25

5. Wild Samoan Sika and The Tiger (Bob Bradley); Double Count-Out. This was billed as The Battle of the South Pacific. Sika is from Samoa and The Tiger is from Borneo. Sika with the weight advantage was offset by The speed of The Tiger. After the match went OOR any item not nailed down was used as a weapon. Sika smashed The Tiger with a Chair and yet The Tiger came back eventually smashing a Microphone over Sika’s head. Referee Mario Savoldi called for the bell. Several wrestlers came down from the Locker area to break up the OOR Brawl. 5:44

6. Matman and Da Duke (Robbie Ellis and The Duke of Dorchester) beat The Young Stallions (Paul Roma and Jim Powers). As expected Matman and da Duke heard the cheers. They are a heel team for the most part but they are also local. Ellis carries a lobster Trap to the ring while The Duke wears a Flowing Sequined Cape. Matman chased Ring Announcer Judy Martin from the ring with a live lobster. After the match began the result was determined from the UNUSUAL Result Chart. Referee Rocket Monroe warned Ellis about using the Lobster Trap as a weapon and warned the Duke about using a Chair. Both are notorious for using these as a finishing move. The Stallions had the advantage with their legitimate technical by Roma and power moves by Powers. Powers was about to use a Running Power Slam on Ellis when another local wrestler “Lobersterman” Jeff Costa came to the ring with Steve Lombardi. Lombardi who has an ongoing beef with Roma began arguing with Paul. Rocket Monroe got distracted so Lobsterman Jeff Costa got on the Ring Apron and slammed a Lobster Trap over Power’s skull. Powers collapsed to the canvas and Ellis coved for the pin. Referee Rocket Monroe turned to see the pin. 11:15

7. The Missing Link won by DQ over Ted Arcidi with Mr. Fuji. During the pre-match Arcidi wanted Link to have a test of strength. Link looked as though he would but just as Arcidi readied himself Link gave him a Crushing Headbutt. The match could have ended had Link gone for the pin but he was responding to the fans enjoyment of the move. It gave Ted time to recover. The match was fairly even although no sign of wrestling moves were used. Link then caught Arcidi with another Crushing Headbutt after Mr. Fuji missed with Salt to the Eyes and hit Arcidi. Link climbed the Turnbuckle for a Back Flying Headbutt. Mr. Fuji in desperation ran in the ring and pushed Referee Angelo Savoldi. Savoldi chased Fuji from the ring as Missing Link leaped. Link would have had the pin but Savoldi had already called the match. 7:24
WWF Wrestling (1985-86) on WBEW-TV Chan 12
Bergan PAC – Englewood, NJ Att: 1,152

Commentators; Angelo Savoldi & Bill Cardille
Referees; Izzy Moidel and Popeye Richards
Ring; Susan Sexton

1. Ben Bassarab; Diving Cross Body Pin over The Red Demon. The Demon tried to intimidate the fans with his grunting and flexing but he was ineffective with the excited fans who were just getting settled in their seats. The Demon climbed the turnbuckle for a Demon Drop after socking Bassarab in the chops with an illegal object tucked in his fist. The Drop went astray as Ben moved and The Demon crashed to the canvas. Bassarab used a Running Skullcracker to set up the Diving Cross Body Pin. 3:56

2. The Assassin; Hammerlock Submission over Bob Markus. The Assassin offered a handshake to start the match but Bodyslammed Markus who fell for the old trick. The Assassin kept up the onslaught with a Knee to the Groin, Choking with the Ropes and a face Grind to the Canvas. The Assassin hooked in a Face Claw but for some reason let up and used a Hammerlock for the Submission. Maybe The Assassin was trying to show the fans his various moves. 2:42

3. Bertha Faye with Harvey Whippleman; Big Bertha Bomb Pin over Jumping Jill Fantaine. Jumping Jill had the early advantage in the match using Several Dropkicks that had Bertha holding her hands up for a time out. The plump Bertha was drawing attention from Referee Izzy Moidel as she appeared to be crying. Harvey Whippleman grabbed Jill by the hair and as she fell Harvey threw a cup of coffee in her face. The fans were screaming “Foul” but Izzy missed the move. Bertha immediately took advantage with a Punch to the Throat and then a Gourd Buster. The Big Bertha Bomb got the Pin. Big Bertha carried Harvey on her shoulders from the ring up the aisle after the win. 5:26

4. Iron Mike Sharp and Ted Grizzly; Double Count-Out. Grizzley as usual showed his attitude during the introductions and then to top it off by chasing Susan Sexton from the ring when she introduced him as Mark Grizzly. Iron Mike stopped Ted from chasing Susan by slamming his noggin to the Ring Posts. Mike was the clear favorite to the fans and had gotten a big ovation on introduction. The match eventually went OOR where Iron Mike used his Loaded Forearm to KO Grizzly in the aisle. Mike chose to mingle with the fans celebrating, signing autographs and taking pictures. 4:33

5. The Executioner; Guillotine Leg Drop Pin over Terry Gibbs. The Executioner was introduced at 271 pounds. He grabbed the microphone and yelled; “217 pounds and a trim 217 at that.” A fan yelled; “More like 317 from where I sit.” The Executioner grabbed the microphone again; “Who said that? Come up here and say that.” The very capable Gibbs had an early advantage and after a Falling Knee smash he could have had the pin. Referee Izzy Moidel was distracted by Ted Grizzly who was complaining at ringside about Mike Sharp’s Loaded Forearm. The Executioner pulled a Small Foreign Object from his mask and smashed Terry in the chops. The Executioner followed with a Guillotine Leg Drop for the Pin. 5:53

6. The Hillbillies (Cousin Junior and Uncle Elmer) beat Hard Knox (Rusty Brooks and Goldie Rogers). This match ended on the UNUSUAL Chart. Junior pinned Goldie. Referee Popeye Richards was KO’d from a collision. Rusty found a Shovel under the ring and used it to smash Elmer OOR and then KO Junior who was in the ring facing Goldie. Goldie immediately jumped on Junior trying to pin him but Referee Popeye Richards was still KO’d. Elmer recovered and hit Rusty OOR with a Horseshoe and then clubbed Goldie. Elmer placed Junior on top of Goldie as Referee Richards woke. Referee Richards counted the pin. This was a crowd pleaser. 8:21

7. Richard "Manifique” Charland with Frenchy Martin won by Count-Out over Corporal Kirshner. This was a fairly even match until it went OOR. A few of Martin’s coolies came to ringside. Dino Bravo, the New Intercontinental Champion and Alexis Smirnoff the mad Russian. OOR this match became a slaughter with Kirshner getting beat down. The Hillbillies and Bob Bassarab ran to the Corporal’s rescue. Charland re-entered the ring and got the win. He pranced around as though he had been crowned king. The fans threw cups and popcorn. 7:17
Zio Gio & Gerome’s Sausage Co. presents;
WWF Wrestling (1985-86) on WPXI/WIIC-TV Chan 11
Lincoln Park PAC – Midland, PA Att: 1,344

Commentators; Chilly Billy Cardille & TV Jackie Pallo
Referees; Terry Yorkston & Dick Kroll
Ring; Howard Finkel

1. Bad News Allen won by DQ over Jason the Terrible. Aleen was in control of the match but couldn’t keep Jason down for the pin. A Double Axe Handle and a Crucifix Power Bomb seemed to be enough but Referee Terry Yorkston was dazed from a collision and missed the sure pins. The frustrated Jason retrieved his trusty club “Alice” (a sawed off Baseball Bat) and swung at Bad News. He failed to hit Bad News but in the process hit the recovered Referee Terry Yorkston. Referee Dick Kroll at ringside jumped in the ring and called a DQ. 3:51

2. The Unpredictable Johnny Rodz; Diving Headbutt Pin over Jim Young. Rodz was greeted with cheers and couldn’t resist signing a few autographs. The very capable Young was ignored by the fans and though he didn’t get irritated he tried to prove himself after the match began. Several Flying Dropkicks had Rodz reeling. Young climbed the ropes for a suicide Dive that proved to be his undoing. He missed as Johnny, who is unpredictable, played possum and wasn’r quite as hurt as he pretended. After Young crashed to the canvas Rodz climbed the ropes for a Top Rope Head Roller and then the Diving Headbutt for the pin. 4:16

3. Chainsaw Liz Chase with Peggy Lee Leathers; Super Suplex Pin over Misty Blue Sims. Chainsaw Liz and Peggy Lee were cheating from the get-go. Sims did what she could to offset the foul play but was unable to handle what virtually became a Doubleteam. Referee Izzy Moidel, who took Terry Yorkston’s place, was constantly being distracted in one way or another. Misty climbed the ropes for a Superfly Dive that would have had the pin except that Peggy smashed a Microphone to Misty’s head while Izzy was a bit dazed. Then Peggy and Chainsaw Liz threw Misty head first OOR the floor below. Pggy Lee helped Misty get back in the ring so that Liz could use her Super Suplex for the pin. 7:09

4. The Moondogs (Rex and Spot) beat The M & M Boys (Aldo Marino and Super Mario Mancini). Once again the usual heel team became the favorites. The fans were on their feet as The Moondogs carrying Large Dog Bones entered the arena. The M & M Boys worked well together but it only lasted a short time. They impressed when Marino used a Elbow off the Top Rope and Mancini followed with a Falling Fist from the Turnbuckle (a la Jerry Lawler but far from). Marino was able to manage a 2 Count on Rex. The Moondogs went to work with Spot performing a Slingshot Catapult on Marino then Rex using an Atomic Skull Crusher (Kennel Crusher) on Mancini. Rex hit Mancini with his Dog Bone and Spot followed with a Shoulder Breaker. Spot pinned Mancini. 10:32

5. Tiger Chung Lee with Mr. Fiji; Asian Nerve Hold Submission over Tito Senza. Tito who uses mainly power moves was able to lift Tiger for a Power Slam then a backward Head Slam that got several 2 counts but was not enough to keep the veteran Chung Lee down. Tiger countered with a Punch to the Throat that took the breath from Senza. A Fujiama Neck Chop was followed by hooking in the Asain Nerve Hold that spelled curtains. 4:42

6. Angelo Mosca Jr.; Flying Crossbody Pin over Charley Fulton. Fulton used his usual rougher style to stay in the match. A Vicious Eye Ripper gave Charlie the advantage and he followed with a Running Jackhammer. His Piledriver finisher failed to get the pin. Mosca was able to recover using his speed to more than counter Fulton. A Flying Missile too the steam from Charlie and then Mosca used a Flying Crossbody that kept Fulton down for the pin. 6:27

7. Leaping Lanny Poffo won by DQ over Terry Funk with Jimmy Hart. Funk’s entrance into the ring was interesting to say the least. He runs in with his Chaps flapping waving the XX Branding Iron. Kids get intimidated and that’s exactly what Terry wants. Leaping Lanny, on the other hand, is unfazed by Funk who he has met in the ring going back several years. Lanny used his speed to counter Funk’s kicking and even biting at one point. Itsw not that Terry cannot use legitimate moves but he was unable to hook in a spinning Toe Hold or get set for a Piledriver. Poffo climbed the ropes for a Somersault Drop but Jimmy Hart ran over and shook the ropes. Lanny crashed to the canvas. Terry retrieved his Branding Iron and smashed Poffo (referred to by Gorilla Monsoon as the Double Cross Smash). Jimmy Hart with his megaphone joined Terry. Referee Izzy Moidel called for the DQ. Angelo Mosca and Bad News Allen ran down to stop the carnage. 8:56
The Lucky Rooster & Patsy’s Bar & Grill presents;
WWF Wrestling (1985-86) on WJW-TV Chan 8
Castlo PAL – Campbell, OH Att: 1,036

Commentators; Slick Mick Kartch & Joe Pedicino
Referees; Professor Dan Miller & Sgt. Frank Holtz
“The Fighting Cop from Carnegie, PA”
Ring; Barbara Owens

1. Makhan Singh; Running Legdrop Pin over Biff Wellington. Singh wasted ne time in gaining an advantage when a masked fan?? Sitting in the 3rd row ran over and slammed a Flood lamp to Biff’s leg. The injury was costly as Singh took charge and never let up. He used a Vicious Chokehold to wear down Biff further. After a running Splash Singh the 375 pounder used a Running Legdrop for the Pin. 2:52

2. A.J. Petruzzi won by Count-Out over The Blue Blazer. The Blazer dazzled the fans with aerial moves. The Blazer who is new to the Federation, having arrived from Stampede Wrestling, continued dazzling the fans and confusing Petruzzi. After a diving Splash the Blazer climbed the ropes for a Moonsault. Referee Sgt. Frank Holtz was a bit dazed from a collision as The Blazer crashed onto Petruzzi who was almost KO’d. Makhan Singh pulled The Blazer from the ring. Two of Singh’s stabemates; Mr. Hito and Hashif Khan helped Makhan beat on The Blazer. Several wrestlers from the Locker Room ran out to break up the beat-down. The Blue Blazer was counted out as A.J. Petruzzi stood wobbly on his feet not even knowing he won the match. 5:13

3. Candy Devine and Donna Day; Double Count-Out. Candy who has developed a nasty attitude was scientific in the ring in spite of the booing she was hearing from the fans who are angry because of her attitude change. Candy hit Donna with a Devine Rope Splash but couldn’t get the pin. The match eventually went OOR where the women fought Up the Ramp, Down the hall and into the Food Court. This sent the vendors scrambling to protect their Snacks and souvenirs. Professor Dan Miller’s count reach the limit and both women were counted out. 5:37

4. S.D. Jones; Jumping Koko Headbutt Pin over “Mr. Street Smart” Gino Carabello. Gino determined to psych out S.D. grabbed the microphone from Barbara Owens; “I hate Philadelphia. You don’t have to go there you can smell it from here.” (Of course S.D. is a proud native of Philly). Gino was able to perform a Running Hammer on S.D. but little else of the Steet Smart came out. Jones used an Atomic Spike to set Gino up and when he got to his feet dazed, S.D. hit him with the Jumping Koko Headbutt. 4:06

5. The Headhunters (Haku and Siva Afi) with Mr. Fuji beat Diamond Edge (Al and keith Diamond). Afa; Top Rope Dropkick Pin over Al. The Diamonds show some of their talents and when Al performed a Diamond Edge Knee followed by Keith’s Doamond Edge Elbow on Haku it looked like curtains for the Headhunters. Mr. Fuji wasn’t aabout to let this happen so he Slammed his Cane over Keith’s Head. Haku wasted no time in using a Savate Kick. Al ran in to save his brother but was hit with the Top Rope Dropkick by Siva Afi. Siva got the pin. 8:52

6. Ken Patura with Bobby Heenan; Full Nelson or Too Much Blood Submission over Rick “Quickdraw” McGraw. Rick got a big ovation from the fans part due to the fact that Patura and Heenan are hated but mainly because McGraw has always been popular. Heenan wasted no time in distracting McGraw every chance he got. Still Quickdraw was able to use a Gourd Buster and a Backward Head Slam that would have had the pin except for Heenan’s distraction of Sgt. Frank Holtz. Heenan was able to slip Patura a Metal Belt Buckle that the Strongman used to tear a gash on McGraw’s forehead. The blood was flowing down Rick’s Face and into his Eyes when Patura hooked in the Full Nelson. Sgt. Frank Holtz called for the bell. Heenan and patura demanded that the match be called a Submission by Full Nelson and not by Too Much Blood. Referee Sgt. Frank Holtz wouldn’t answer. 7:59

7. Non-Title Intercontinental match – Dino Bravo (Champion) with Frenchy Martin pinned David Sammartino. Dino wanted an immediate Test of strength but the results didn’t quite go his way. Frustrated he bailed from the ring. After re-entering he Kicked david from the ring. By this time alixis Smirnoff was with Frenchy and they got in several kicks to the ribs for good measure. After David re-entered the ring Dino used a Side Suplex but was shocked when David kicked out. David hit Dino with a Vicious Clothesline and then a falling Knee Crunch. Frenchy sensing the result distracted Referee Professor Dan Miller while Smirnoff smashed a Chair over David’s back. Dino quickly covered for the pin. 8:41
Anchor Bay Pit Stop & Boatyard Grill presents;
WWF Wrestling (1985-86) on WNBM-TV Chan 31
New Baltimore Rec Center – New Baltimore, MI Att: 746

Commentators; Joe Pedicino & Slick Mick Kartch
Referees; Mike Sparks & Steve Veidor
Ring; Kathy O’Day Interviews; Howard Finkel

1. Alexis Smirnoff with Frenchy Martin; Siberian Sickle Pin over Steve Pardee. Alexis and Frenchy (especially Frenchy) heard the Boos and more Boos. Then to add to the fans hatred, Smirmoff attacked pardee before the match began. Referee Mike Sparks allowed a wide window of nasty action on Smirnoff’s part. Smirnoff used a Vicious Eye Ripper and a Throat Drop on the Ropes before hitting Pardee with a Running Jackhammer and then the Siberian Sickle for the Pin. 3:04

2. Swede Hansen and Mr. X; Double DQ. Swede got a big ovation. The Big Man from Slaughter Creek is one of the more popular Saturday Morning TV wrestlers. This match went to the UNUSUAL Chart where Swede had an advantage and would have had a pin after a Swinging Neckbreaker. Somehow Mr. X was able to pull out a bag of powder from his trunks and throw a handful at Swede. Referee Steve Veidor whose view had been blocked got the powder in the eyes. Not understanding where the powder came from Veidor called for a Double DQ. Swede tried to plead his case but the decision stood. 3:26

3. Penny Mitchell and Susan Starr; Time Limit Draw. Penny came to the ring with an attitude after Susan interrupted a promo being done with Howard Finkel for Saturday Morning TV. Penny used several Knee Lifts that almost had pins on a number of occasions. Susan was able to counter with Flying Body Presses and Dropkicks. With time running out on this excellent match, Susan used a Slingshot Suplex but the Bell rang at the 2 count. 10:00

4. Raymond Rougeau won by DQ over Frenchy Martin with Alexis Smirnoff. Raymond performed a Gut Wrench Suplex and followed with a Flying Elbow as Frenchy got to his feet. This would have been curtains but Alexis jumped in the ring and pushed Referee Steve Veidor aside to try and hit Rougeau with Brass Nucks. Rougeau was able to avoid the smash but Frenchy and Smirnoff couldn’t avoid the DQ. 5:08

5. Les Thornton won by Count-Out over Tony Garea. Thornton was angry during the introduction when Ring Announcer Kathy O’Day introduced him as Wes Thornton. He chased her from the ring; “It’s Les you idiot.” During the match Garea got the advantage with an Irish Whip to the Corner and a Flying Cross Body. Thornton took the logical way out and bailed from the ring. When Tony followed he ran into Frenchy martin and Alexis Smirnoff who were waiting to be interviewed by Howard Finkel. Tony was fighting with Thornton, Frenchy and Smirnoff when Raymond Rougeau ran out to help Garea. Thonton slipped back in the ring before Referee Mike Spark’s count reached the limit. Garea was counted out. 6:52

6. ‘The Natural’ Butch Reed; Press Slam Pin over Barry “O”. Barry held his own and should have had a pin after a Flying Elbow and a DDT but Referee Steve Veidor missed the pin when he couldn’t see the hidden shoulder press to the canvas. Redd recovered to use a Clothesline followed by a Double Underhook Suplex and then the Press slam Pin. 7:11

7. George “Animal” Steele; Flying Hammerlock Submission over maniac Matt Borne. This match saw few, if any, legitimate wrestling holds save the finisher. Borne had a small piece of lead that he held in his fist in an attempt to bludgeon Steele. The problem was that Animal resorted to biting and chewing Borne’s arms and legs. Steele used his head for a Devastating Rib Crusher Smash. Borne was gasping for breath when Animal locked in the Hammerlock Submission hold. The fans went wild as their local Michigan hero got the win. 9:27
The Iron Horse Saloon and Tip Top Construction presents;

WWF Wrestling (1985-86) on WBHG-TV Chan 18
Glove Theater – North Bath, NY Att: 826

Commentators; Angelo Savoldi and Mr. TV Jackie Pallo
Referees; Col. Roger Peabody & Jack Bence
Ring; Sandy Partlow Interviews; Bill Cardille

1. Steve Blackman won by DQ over Hashif Khan with Mr. Hito. Khan and Hito were interviewed prior to the match and though their antics have to be considered scary they were awarded extra points for stirring up interest. Both Khan and Hito are newcomers from Stampede Wrestling and along with another member of this group, Makhan Singh, have been making a name for themselves. Blackman who is also from Stampede is well aware of these two and the terror they bring to the ring. Blackman was able to gain the upper hand using his Martial Arts and eventually caught Hashif in a Guillotine Choke. Mr. Hito took the only out he had by running in the ring with a 2 x 4 to break off the hold. Referee Col. Roger Peabody immediately called for the DQ. 4:11

2. “The Number One Frenchman” Rene Goulet; Brain Claw Submission over Tony Russo the Milan Mauler. Russo was being taught a lesson by Rene; Dropkick Flying Forearm and Walk the Ropes Arm Twister. Russo bailed from the ring and re-entered with a Chair. Before he had a chance to use it or be DQ’d by Referee Jack bence, Goulet kick the chair away and used a Double Underhook DDT. The Brain Claw followed and it was light’s out. 3:59

3. Rockin Robin; Bulldog Pin over Kaye Noble. Kaye seemed to have Robin in trouble after a Corkscrew Splash and then a sunset Flip but Robin Kicked out several times. After a Whip and Elbow Smash Robin set up the pin with a Top Rope Dropkick then followed with the game ending Bulldog. 6:43

4. Jose Luis Riviera; Falling Elbow Smash Pin over Crusher Jerry Adams. Adams has had a complete change in attitude and look. Jerry from Fordham Road in The Bronx now wears a Leather Vest and and has a beard. He looks like a biker with sun glasses. He syle in the ring also changes and he used mainly rough moves. After picking up Jose and Throat Dropping him on the Ropes it looked like curtains. Riviera was crafty enough to avoid a follow up and hit Adams with a Running Jack Hammer and finished with a Falling Elbow Smash. 4:21

5. Chief Steve Gatorwolf pinned Jim “Anvil” Neidhart with Jimmy Hart. This match was settled on the UNUSUAL RESULT CHART. Neidhart was able to use Body Smashes to offset any offense that Gatorwolf was showing. The powerful Anvil wasted time and could have had a pin after an Anvil Flattner but he chose to converse with Jimmy. When Neidhart turned Gatorwolf caught him with a Warrior Smash (Brainbuster). Jimmy Hart sensing the doom and seeing Referee Peabody distracted, hit Steve over the head with the megaphone. Gatorwolf crashed onto Neidhart who was dazed. Both wrestlers seemed to have their shoulders to the mat. Referee Peabody turned to see the situation Peabody counted 1-2-3 and awarded the match to Gatorwolf. Jimmy Hart was livid. He stomped around the ring. Neidhart who had recovered was kicking the Ko’d Gatorwolf in the ribs. Several wrestlers ran down to break up the pummeling. 6:08

6. Adrian Adonis with Dick Murdock; Good Night Irene Submission over Salvatore Bellomo. Adonis and Murdock gave an interview that was considered over the top. They received points for this interview then received points for breaking a sign upon their entrance in the arena and getting booed unmercifully. This was Adonis and Murdock at their best. During the match the European Styled Bellomo caught Adonis with several Standing Dropkicks. Before Bellomo could pin Adrian, Murdock reached in the ring with the Bike Chain and smashed Salvatore over the head. When Adrian hooked in the Sleeperhold Bellomo was out cold. 8:52

7. Mercenary Luc Porrier with Frenchy Martin won by Count-Out over Ivan Putski. Porrier was able to use a Backbreaker Drop to try and gain a pin but Putski kicked out several times. Luc tried to match Putski for power but that failed and led to Ivan using the Polish Hammer to down Porrier. Frenchy was constantly interfering and had to resort to drastic measures. He threw a wrench at Putski. Ivan bailed from the ring to confront the irritating manager. Alexis Smirnoff ran down the aisle to help Frenchy. It resulted in a Doubleteam. Porrier got onto his feet in the ring as Referee Col. Roger Peabody, who had also been dazed from a collision, was counting. Steve Blackman ran down from the Locker area to help Ivan. Putski was counted out but the fans didn’t feel cheated when Blackman hit Smirnoff with a Bicycle Kick that KO’d the big Russian. 9:35
Gasoline Alley Garage & Grateful Grubb presents;
ICW/WWA Wrestling (1980-82) on WLKY-TV Chan 32
Park Theater – N. Vernon, IN Att: 826

Commentators; Liz Hulette & Rick Rood
Referees; Jim Davis & Emmitt Couch
Ring; Skeezix Wallet Interviews; Buck Laughlin

1. Colonel Yan Ky won by DQ over Troy “The Hippie” Graham. Troy was in charge and after a Cranium Cracker and a Gullotine Leg Drop it looked like curtais for the Colonel. Yan Ky was clever enough to pull out a Bag of Salt but he dropped it. Troy picked it up to hand to Referee Jim Davis who had a blocked view. When Davis saw the Bag of Salt he immediately called for a DQ but on Graham who was “Holding the Bag.” Note: Troy wrestles in Mid-South/Memphis as The Dream Machine. Oddly enough he is admired as one of The New York Dolls in ICW/WWA and disliked as a member of Jimmy Hart’s First Family in Mid-South/Memphis. 5:51

2. Iranian Assassin with Jimmy Hart; Running Power Slam Pin over Joey Cagle. The hated Iranian used rough moves during the match to wear down a game but overmatched Joey. OOR the Assassin choked Joey on the Guard Rail and then slammed a Trash Can over Cagle’s head. Back in the ring the Iranian used a Grinding Face Claw and a Jawbuster with and Illegal Object in his fist. The Running Power Slam got the pin. 3:53

3. George Weingeroff won by DQ over Tapu the Samoan with Sputnik Monroe and Tio. After Tapu used a Sharp Object to cut George who was seriously beeding from the eye, Referee Jim Davis looked like he would call the match. George waved him off in desperation. Weingeroff caught Tapu with a Backflip and then a Bulldog. Tapu would have been pinned but Sputnik and Tio rushed into the ring to save him. Referee Davis immediately called for the bell. 4:42

4. Kareem Muhammad with J.J. Dillon; Zamboui Splash Pin over Bart Batten. Kareem threw Bart headfirst from the ring to the floor below where J.J. Dillon kicked Bart in the head several times with a Loaded Boot. Bart recovered enough to re-enter the ring and climb the ropes for a Top Rope Forearm that stunned Kareem. He was able to kick out of several pin attempts and then use a Skullcrusher on Bart. The game ending Zamboui Splash finished the match. 4:21

5. The Valiants (Luscious Johnny and Handsome Jimmy) beat The Ridge Runners (Hoot Gibson and Big Boy Williams). The Runners interrupted a promo that The Valiants were doing with Buck Laughlin for TV. The Valiants were really into this promo warning The Young Lions (Steve Regal and Spike Huber) the ICW/WWA Tag Champions that they (The Valiants) were out for the title and they intended to get it whenever the Lions were men enough to give them a shot. The interruption set the tone of the match almost costing the angered Valiants a much needed win. The Valiants used Dirty Doubleteaming to gain an advantage and gain extra points. The Ridge Runners worked well with Hoot hooking in a Hoot n’ Holler Bulldog on Jerry followed by a Mother Lode Piledriver by Big Boy. Johnny Valiant was waiting for a moment to get in the ring with a Bottle of Jim Beam he was holding. Hoot tried desperately to get to his partner but Referee Jim Davis held him back. Johnny ran in and slammed the bottle over Big Boy’s skull. Johnny was pinning Big Boy when Referee Jim Davis turned to see the action. Johnny was not the legal man. 10:14

6. Cowboy Bob Ellis and Jeff Sword with Izzy Slapowitz and Doug Vines; Double Count-Out. With Izzy and Doug constantly interfering this match was destined to end OOR. Cowboy Bob finally got frustrated enough to bail from the ring but then had to face the Devil’s Trio. Fortunately for Ellis George Weingeroff ran out to help. While George was fighting with Doug Vines, Cowboy Bob used a Bulldog on Jeff that put Sword to seeing stars. Then in a crowd pleaser Cowboy Bob hooked a Sleeper on Izzy. Slapowitz took a nap in the aisle. Both wrestlers were Counted-Out. 6:24

7. Ox Baker; Heart Punch Pin over Animal Hamagucci. Animal heard the boos and more boos and though he showed anger and dislike in his face he was getting points added to his total. The match had no sign of legal style moves. Hamagucci was able to perform a Flying Elbow Smash and then a Neckbreaker Drop that got several two pins. Ox countered with a Standing Cobra Choke and an Irish Whip. As Animal bounced from the ropes he was hit with the Heart Punch that ended the match.
Little Ricks Bar & Bryon’s Hog Wild BBQ presents;
ICW/WWA Wrestling (1980-82) on WPJY-TV Chan 6
Pineapple Grange – Pineapple Junction, KY Att: 578

Commentators; Liz Hulette & Robert Phillips Jr.
Referees; Sam Diamond & George Hill
Ring; Juliet Jones Interviews; Buck Laughlin

Buck Laughlin (Who loves to hear himself talk) – “Excitement runs amok as ICW/WWA Wrestling invades Pineapple Junction. A sold out crowd waits in anticipation to see some of the great stars of the Wrestling World. They are written up in magazines and seen on TV but tonight for these fans the stars are live and they are ready to perform. This is Big Time, This is ICW.WWA Wrestling.”

1. Elijah Akeem with J.J. Dillon; Zambaui Splash Pin over Tony “Tiger” Falk. Tony was able to daze and irritate Elijah with a Face Smash to the Turnbuckle that bloodied Elijah’s nose. J.J. Dillon, taking no chances, threw a cup of beer into Tony’s face. Akeem used a Gut Wrench Suplex and then the Splash that put Falk away. 4:23

2. Pistol Pez Whatley with Brenda Britton and Mike Doggendorff; Double Count-Out. Whatley and Doggendorff have an ongoing feud that seldom ends in the ring. Whatley since joining The Covertable Blonds has called on Rip Rogers and Gary Royal to bail him out. This match was no different. Pistol Pez seemed to have an advantage and went for the kill with a Flying Willie Head Butt. Pez crashed into the Turnbuckle as seemed to be at Doggendorff’s mercy. Rogers and Royal came to ringside to help Brenda while she was distracting Referee George Hill. Ripp pulled Pez from the ring and unfortunately for Mike he followed. Doggendorff got beat down and was unable to meet the count. Pez whatley was in no condition to re-enter the ring and was also counted out. 4:47

3. Doug Vines with Izzy Slapowitz; Slingshot Catapult Pin over Big Boy Williams. Big Boy was able to perform a Mother Lode Piledriver on Doug but didn’t get the pin when Izzy interfered. As Big Boy got close to the ropes Izzy used a Loaded Boot that hurt the big ridge running miner. As Big Boy got to his feet dazed, Doug hit him with a Body Smash and a falling Ax Handle. The Slingshot Catapult finished the match. 5:05

4. Moose Cholak; MMMMOOOOO! Splash Pin over Bull Bullinski. This was billed as the Battle of the Wild. These two veterans gave it all as they take chances in order to win. Bull had an interview with Buck Laughlin and was fabulous in promoting several up & coming shows. Bull was awarded extra points. He probably knew he would need them facing Moose so Bullinski did what he had to on TV Bullinski got the early advantage in the match and after Head Ram to the Post he followed with a Knee Drop to the Throat. The Bull got several 2 counts but was unable to keep the 400 pound Moose down for the count. After Moose got to his feet he hit Bull with a Double Fisted Sledgehammer and then the finishing Splash. 7:28

5. The Batten Brothers (Brad and Bart) and The Manchurians (Tio and Tapu) with Sputnik Monroe; Double Count-Out. The Manchurians and Sputnik were booed as they entered the arena. Tio and Tapu paid little attention but Sputnik reacted by raising his fist and show disgust on his face. The Manchurians were awarded points on their total. The popular Batten’s took the fight to the Manchurians who eventually bailed from the ring as Tio was about to be pinned. The fight went on OOR. Up the Ramp and into the Food Court. Sputnik tried to get in some shots but didn’t get too close to the action for fear of having his hair mussed up. He has a Blond Stripe down the middle that he protects. The match ended with both teams Counted-Out. 9:39

6. Spike Huber; Reverse Piledriver Pin over The Zodiak. Huber as usual got a big ovation. The Zodiak used his usual rough style; Choke with Ropes, Rub Face to Mat and Rake the Eyes but when he tried to use a foreign Object he pulled from his trunks, he dropped it. Huber immediately used a spinning Back Kick and then the Reverse Piledriver that was Light’s Out. 6:53

7. Paul Christy and Ratamus; Double Count-Out. Christy had an interview with Buck Laughlin that was brilliant. The veteran Christy know how to promote. Ratamus had a Sharp Object that he used to slash Christy. After the action went OOR, Christy caught Ratamus in a Sleeper. Bull Bullinski ran out and broke up the hold and then Moose Cholak ran out and started fighting with Bullinski. The count reached its limit and Referee Sam Diamond counted both wrestlers out. 8:38
Newk’s Eatery & The Blue Canoe presents;
Mid-South-Memphis Wrestling (1980-82)
WMC-TV Chan 5
Moon Lake PAC – Glorious Hill, MS Att: 1,094

Commentators; Joe Pedicino and Bonnie Blackstone
Referees; Jerry Calhoun & Farmer McKinley Pickens
Ring; Taffy Tucker

1. Phil Hickerson with Tojo Yammamotto; Big Power Slam Pin over The Hollywood Hippie. The Hippy got a good ovation as he entered. He was wearing a Hickerson style hat imitating Big Phil and irritating Phil and Tojo. Hickerson chased The Hippie around the ring. The Hippie stopped and pulled a Flashlight out of his hat and smashed it to Phil’s jaw. The Huippie tried to pin Phil but he used the Ropes for Leverage and Referee Jerry Calhoun waved off the pin. Tojo threw some Salt to The Hippie’s eyes. Phill who recovered used an Atomic Skullcrusher to set up the Big Power Slam finish. 3:45

2. Bobby Fulton; Senton Bomb Pin over Pat “The Scorpion “ Hutchinson. Hutchinson was frustrated at the speed moves of Fulton who was dropkicking and using flying moves from the ropes. The Scorpion retrieved a chair but Fulton was able to reverse the move Smashing the Chair over Hutchingson’s skull. A Spinning Kick put The Scorpion down and Fulton used his Senton Bomb finisher. 4:23

3. Steve Travis; Top Rope Knee Drop Pin over The Enforcer. The Enforcer was able to get an early advantage in the match after using a Foreign Object (Hidden in his mask) for a jawbuster that had Steve dazed. The Enforcer hooked in his Claw Hold but Steve was able to reach the ropes. The Enforcer was arguing with Referee Jerry Calhoun when Steve used a Flying Body Press that took the wind out of The Enforcer’s sails. Travis climbed the Ropes and hit The Enforcer with a Top Rope Knee Drop and got the Pin. 5:28

4. Roy Rogers won by DQ over Dr. Bill Irwin. Rogers (who also wrestled as Johnny Rich) was able to control the match and after a Flying elbow he almost had the pin. Several 2 counts must have awakened the Doctor. He was able to produce a Medical Hammer (except that the head was metal). Irwin slammed to hammer to Roger’s head then used Aesthesis DDT. He dropped the hammer and Referee Farmer McKinley Pickens saw the weapon. He called for the DQ. 7:11

5. Chick Donovan with Jimmy Hart and Chief Thundercloud; No Contest. The fans were shocked when Chick appeared with Jimmy Hart. Hart took the microphone (as though he needs it with a megaphone he carries) and announced that Chick was now the VP in the 1st Family and would be at the matches with him. Of course the fans booed their disappointment in a wrestler they grew to respect. Before the match began The Assassins (Cuban and Iranian) came to ringside. That spelled trouble and Steve Travis and Bobby Eaton watching the action unfold from the Locker Room TV ran out to back up The Chief. A Brawl started and the match was quickly call a No Contest by Referee Jerry Calhoun. Several other wrestlers ran out to break up the brawl. 0:00 (actually about 10:00 minutes)

6. Midnight Express (Norvell Austin and Randy Rose) with Dennis Condrey and The Nightmares (Ted Allen and Speed) with Danny Davis; Double DQ. The two teams must have liked what they saw in the previous match. Both teams are capable of scientific dazzling moves but neither team was in the mood. Constant interfering by Davis and Condrey took away any chance of legitimacy. Davis and Condrey were even fighting each other at ringside. Farmer Pickens had to call the match when all four wrestlers were in the ring with Chairs, Trash Cans and a 2 x 4. Danny Davis and Dennis Condrey begged Jerry Calhoun at ringside to allow them to have a match. Calhoun backed Pickens decision and ended the melee. 10:41

7. Wildfire Tommy Rich pinned Buddy Landell with Jim Cornette. Landell tried a Missile Dive but crashed into the Turnbuckle. Rich performed a Sitout Suplex Slam that could have gotten the pin but Cornette used his New Tennis Racket (from Mama) to try and hit Wildfire. He managed to slam it over landell’s head. Rich pinned Buddy as the shocked Cornette looked on. He spoke with Bonnie Blackstone later; “I missed the intended mark. I never had trouble when I was able to use my Reed Camera. Rich was cheating and I tried to save Buddy. Tomorrow is another day.” 7:39
Route 25 Café & Sandy’s Toddle Inn presents;
Mid-South/Memphis Wrestling (1980-82)
Performing Arts Center Chaffee, Mo Att: 1,052

Commentators; Lance Russell & Austin Idol
Referees; Dave Patterson, Bobby Dee & Joe Hosey
Ring; Cookie Fleck

1. Nature Boy Roger Kirby and David Oswald; Double Count-Out. Kirby was upset from the get-go. During his entrance a group of fans from Three River College gave Nature Boy an ovation. He felt they were making mocking of him and he retaliated with a fist pump. During the match Oswald almost got a pin with a Flying Body Press. The match went OOR where Kirby used a Piledriver to put Oswald out. Nature Boy then started arguing with the Three River group and missed the count. 4:07

2. Randy Rose won by Count-Out over Sonny King. King used his usual rough ring style; Rub Face to mat, use Ropes to Choke and Kick to the Mid-Section. Rose had to bail from the ring to get a breather so King followed not knowing his fate. Norvell Austin and Dennis Condrey ran out to help their Midnight Express partner. Austin and condrey beat on Sonny eventually using a DDT on the ramp. Rose slipped back in the ring to take the win. Referee Bobby Dee allowed a lot of latitude before counting out King. 3:25

3. Steve Keirn won by DQ over Jim “Claw” Mitchell. Mitchell who fans refer to as ‘Bail Before Dishonor’ once again took the DQ way out of trouble. The Fabulous One, Keirn fought off a Stomp into Corner and Mitchell’s Loaded Glove to gain the advantage with a Torpedo launch and then a Swinging Neckbreaker. Mitchell pulled out a Foreign Object that Referee Joe Hosey spotted and called for the DQ saving The Claw from a certain pin. 5:51

4. Jerry Jarrett and King Cobra; Double DQ. In an UNUSUAL FINISH the Cobra used his fist to hit Referee Dave Patterson from behind momentarily dazing him. Cobra and Jarrett fought OOR into the 4th row that sent some fans scampering. The confused Patterson shook off the daze and called the match ruling that it was a double DQ. He wasn’t sure who hit him. Both wrestlers complained but it was King Cobra who had to put on an acting job. The decision stood. 6:26

5. House of the Orient (Masa Fuchi and Mr. Onita) with Tojo Yammamoto and The Heartbreakers (Joey Cagle and Rocky Sorter); No Contest. This match never started. The teams were brawling OOR. Yammamoto threw salt into Sorter’s eyes and Fuchi and Onita were beating on Cagle. Cagle had a gash on his forehead from a Nun-Chuck Smash. Several wrestlers; Rose, Austin Condrey, ran out from the locker area to break up the brawl. Referee Joe Hosey who could have called a DQ against The House ruled a No Contest. 0:00 (7+ minutes)

6. Wayne Ferris and Terry Gibbs; Double Count-Out. In another UNUSUAL ENDING the wrestlers were matching each other move for move. Ferris was frustrated that he couldn’t pin Gibbs who is very capable. The match eventually went OOR where the two were fighting on the Press Table. Both fell hard the floor and were unable to make the count. 7:17

7. Lumberjack Jos LeDuc pinned Abdullah the Butcher with Jimmy Hart. The Butcher couldn’t wait for the match to start so he immediate ran toward LeDuc for a Body Smash. The Lumberjack moved aside and Abdullah fell to the floor below. He cut his head. The Butcher found a 2 x 4 OOR and re-entered the ring with it while Jimmy Hart distracted Referee Dave Patterson. LeDuc was able to get the 2 x 4 and slip it from the ring. The Lumberjack performed a Runaway Cannon (Body Smash) to Abdullah in the corner. Jimmy Hart panicked and Smashed his Megaphone at LeDuc by hit Abdullah over the skull. The Butcher fell to the canvas and was pinned. 9:28
B.J. Used Cars & B.J. Ice & Oil presents;
Mid-South/Memphis Wrestling (1980-82)
WMC-TV Channel 5
Field behind Bologna Joe’s – Ripley, TN Att: 376

Commentators; Lance Russell & Dave Brown
Referees; Jerry Calhoun, Charlie Rentrop & Hans Schmidt
Ring; April Kane Interviews: Buck Laughlin

1. Dizzy Bill Smithson; Running Body Slam Pin over Don Anderson. Smithson who carries a Large Dog Bone to the ring has very few legitimate moves in his arsenal. To gain the pin his move was to Bite Anderson’s Arms and Legs while Jerry Calhoun was distracted by some screaming ringside fans throwing cups into the ring. To add insult to injury, Dizzy Buill smashed the Dog Bone to Don’s skull. Smithson then used the Running Body Slam (his only legitimate move) for the pin.

2. Dennis Condrey won by DQ in a reverse decision over Apocalypse. Dennis was cheered as he entered the ring. His Midnight Express team of Condrey, Pat Rose and Norvell Austin is somewhat neutral but the fans have taken to them. Condrey was clearly the favorite against the strange and evil Apocalypse. Condrey used a Facebuster to almost get the pin while Apocalypse countered with a Boot to the Face. After Apocalypse bailed from the ring he re-entered with a Monkey Wrench that he kept hidden. Apocalypse hit Dennis in the leg with the wrench and proceeded to pin him. Jerry Calhoun at ringside jumped in the ring and pointed out what happened. Referee Charlie Rentrop reversed the decision and ruled a DQ in favor of Condrey. 5:48

3. Jesse Barr with Jimmy Hart; Bulldog Pin over Vinnie Romero. Vinnie was taking it to Jesse and after a Top Rope Dropkick Vinnie seemed to have the pin. Jimmy Hart reached in the ring and put Jesse’s foot on the ropes. Jimmy had a plastic bottle of mustard that he used to squirt Vinnie in the face. The tide of the match change with Barr using a Headrammer on Romero before performing the Bulldog for the pin. 3:36

4. The Bounty Hunters (Jerry and Dave Kovak) with Cashbox Jim Kent beat Two Sexy Guys (Ron Sexton and Dizzy Hogan). The Bounty Hunters were interviewed by Buck Laughlin but it was Cashbox Kent who did most of the talking; “We are out to systematically eliminate all the tag teams in the Mid-South. They are on notice. This is fair warning to The Gibson’s who have the gold that will be ours. We take no prisoners.” The Guys did their best in this match but with Kent in their corner The Hunters had a clear advantage. Dave performed a hanging DDT on Sexton and Jerry followed with a Guillotine Leg Drop for the pin. 6:13

5. The Dream Machine with Jim Cornette and The Angel (Frank Morrell); Double Count-Out. The Angel, who hails from This Side of Heaven, caught The Machine with a Brain Claw during OOR Action. Jim Cornette used his Tennis Racket to smash the Angel in the back of the head. The Dream Machine tried to his the angel with a Baseball Bat. The Angel countered with a Trash Can. Several wrestlers ran out from the Locker Room to break up the brawl. Referee Charlie Rentrop’s count had reached the limit and both wrestlers were counted out. 7:41

6. Rick Morton won by DQ over Killer Karl Krupp with Jimmy Hart. Morton had extra points added to his total after stopping Krupp from chasing Ring Announcer April Kane from the ring. Krupp as usual was in a foul mood and his mood became worse after Morton used a Diving Crossbody and a Top Rope Dropkick that had Krupp pinned except for Jimmy Hart’s interference. Krupp was given a lot of leeway by Referee Hans Schmidt but when Jimmy Hart swung his megaphone at Morton and hit Schmidt in the head the match ended. Schmidt had a lump on his head but he was awake enough to call the match; “You was a piece of me you can have it. Just name the time and the place. Hans isn’t done yet.” 6:25

7. Non Title Match (Humongous is the Southern TV Champion) - Lord Humongous with Downtown Bruno and Austin Idol with Sherri Martel; Time Limit Draw. Idol caught Humongous in a Vegas Leglock that was broken up by Bruno. Sherri returned the favor by break up and attempted pin after Humongous used a Choke Slam. As time was running out in the fairly even match, Bruno slammed a bottle to Idol’s head. Austin slumped to the canvas. Sherri did some quick thinking by distracting Referee Jerry Calhoun long enough for the time to run out. Downtown Bruno was screaming that this was a travesty. 10:00
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