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Frank Coutinho's UQ Wrestling Results
Artie Bucco’s Vesuvio presents
WWF Wrestling (2012-14) on WNEW-TV Chan 27
Bergen PAC – Englewood, NJ Att: 1,496

Commentators; Joe Pedicino and Slick Mick Kartch
Referees; Chuck Richards & Chad Patton Ring; Jackie Bradley

Slick Mick announcing over the loudspeaker; “As a special treat we ar broadcasting on the large screen 2 matches from Parkman, Indiana. While you fans are getting settled and getting autographs from the WWF Superstars seated at the tables, merely $3.00 for a signed glossy. The Hirsh Function Hall in Parkman is one of the arenas that Midwest Professional Wrestling – The Beginning uses. Midwest Professional Wrestling is an invention Federation.

1. Tom “Popeye” Dowling with his Parrot Peg-Leg; Skull & Crossbones DDT Pin over Psycho Sweetowski. The unpredictable Psycho tried to overcome the sailor’s moves but was countered throughout the match. Peg-Leg, who is a crowd favorite must have had enough because he bit Sweetowski on the neck startling the Psycho. Dowling used a Clear the Deck Cannonball then his finishing DDT. 4:55

2. Gerald Bowler with Papa Joe Bowler and The Kingpin Junior Neilson with “El Capitain” Walter Neilson; Double Count-Out. The Bowler’s and the Neilson’s are 2 families who hate each other. The Bowler’s from Bowling Green, KY and the Neilson’s from Neilson, KY have feuded for years and along with the Dowling Family they the 3 clans have ruined the original MPW. Now they compete in MPW-The Beginning but continue the Family(s) feud. During OOR action where the match was bound, Gerald and Kingpin were on the Press table slugging it out. Papa Joe and El Capitain had their own ongoing slugging battle. The Press table collapsed sprawling both wrestlers on the floor. Referee Izzy Moidel’s count reach the limit so he called for the bell. 8:23

Back Live to Englewood, New Jersey

1. Jose Luis Riviera won by DQ over Mr. X. During OOR Action Mr. X got hold of a cup of soda the he placed on the ring apron. Rieiera was about to end the match after a Flying Head Butt and a Falling Elbow Smash. Mr. X took the cup of soda and threw it at Jose. The soda hit Referee Chuck Richards in the face. Richards called for the bell. Mr. X was protesting that he. in fact, did not throw the soda. As Mr. X pointed to Riviera a small metal Foreign Object fell from his mask. 4;46

2. Mercenary Luc Porrier with Frenchy Martin; Bulldog Pin over Matman Robbie Ellis. This was an example of a braggot taking his opponent too lightly. The hated Mercenary had all he could handle and then some. During OOR Action Ellis was able to smash his Lobster Trap over Luc’s head dazing him. Then several smashed to the steps could have ended the match if Frenchy hadn’t helped Porrier back in the ring. Frenchy used Luc’s Swagger stick to smash Robbie and slow him down yet when Luc was conferring with his manager, Ellis came over and di a Roll-Up. Patton missed some of the pin when he was distracted by Frenchy. Porrier was able to use a Backbreaker Drop and then the Bulldog. 5:22

3. Lailani Kai; Diving Splash Pin over Donna Day. Donna caught Lailani in a Lobster Claw (Boston Crab ) but it was broken by Judy Martin who pulled Lailani to the ropes. (Judy was in the foyer near ringside signing autographs.) Lailani used a Big Boot and then a running Skull Crusher to set up the finisher. 5:48

4. Maniac Matt Borne and George Wells; Double Count-Out. During OOR Action the wrestlers traded smashed to the Steel Steps and smashed to the Guard Rail. Neither wrestler seemed to pay any attion to the count as they fought their way up the aisle and to the back stage area. 7:55

5. Angelo Mosca Jr. and Rusty Brooks; Double Count-Out. During OOR Action, Goldie Rogers came to help his crime partner. Mosca was able to hold his own against both. At one point Rusty tried a dive from the ring apron to squash Angelo but landed on Goldie. Angelo threw Goldie into the TV equipment and then performed a Flying Cross Body on Rusty. Chuck Richard’s count reach 10 and the match was called. 6:41
HCW bios

6. Tiger Chung Lee with Mr. Fuji; Asian nerve Hold Submission over Steve Gatorwold. Steve had an advantage and used his war Dance Chops to set up Tiger. Mr. Fuji tried to hit Steve with a cane but missed. The clever Fuji then threw Salt that hit Gatorwolf in the Eyes. Chung Lee followed with several Fujiama Chops on the blinded Steve and then the Nerve Hold. Gatorwolf had no choice but to submit. 8:59

7. Dr. D David Shultz; Piledriver Pin over Blackjack Mulligan. Mulligan was greeted with a huge ovation. Dr D got some help after Blackjack hooked in the Dreaded Claw. Rusty Brooks (who hates Mulligan) and his toadie came to ringside. Goldie distracted Chad Patton while Rusty helped break the Claw Hold by smashing Mulligan with an actual Blackjack. Patton tried to send Goldie away and the time used with Patton’s back turned was enough for Rusty to help Dr. D lift Mulligan for a Piledriver. (Normally Dr D wants to be independent but he accepted help in this case because winning is better than losing especially if the loss is from the Dreaded Claw.) 6:36
Quinn Cranberries & Mayflower Tours presents;
WWF Wrestling (1982-86) 0n WSBK-TV Chan 38
Memorial Hall- Plymouth, MA Att: 1,276

Commentators; Gorilla Monsoon and Bruno Sammartino
Referees; Fast Count Fred Atkins & Mike Sparks
Ring Announcer; Jumping Jill Fontaine

Jumping Jill on the microphone; “For you early birds a special treat is in store. On the big screen The Midwest Professional Wrestling-The Beginning is broadcasting a few matches from Hirsh Function Hall in Parkman, Indiana for your viewing pleasure.”

1. Outlaw Larry Barnett; Smash with a Branding Iron Pin over Trashman Terry Stoker. Barnett who is not known for finesse used a Throat Slam on the Ropes and then a Kick to the face to set up the finisher. 3:34

2. The Dowlings (Terrible Tony and A-A-Amazing Chris) with Uncle Bryce beat The Burris Boys (Steve and Ken) with King Russell. Chris; 450° Splash Pin over Ken. Ken was using a Vicious Chokehold to weaken Tony who was able to make a diving tag to his brother. As Chris entered the ring he used a flying Forearm on Ken and then smashed Steve who was on the ring apron. King Russell reacted immediately by trying to smash his Scepter to Chris’ head. Tony pushed King Russell who hit Ken by mistake. A-A-Amazing Chris climbed for the flying finisher. 11:16

Back to Memorial Auditorium in Plymouth

1. The Dynamite Kid; Flying Head Butt Pin over Goldie Rogers. Rusty Brooks came to ringside and was obviously up to no good. He had a Chain hanging from his neck to impress some people in thinking he was rough and tough. Rusty passed by Blackjack Mulligan who was interviewing wrestlers in Blackjack’s Bar-B-Que. Mulligan immediately left his area and smashed Rust in the chops. Blackjack strung the chain around Rusty’s Neck and yanked a few times before letting up. Goldie was distracted by his screaming partner in crime and was hit with a Torpedo Clothesline by the Kid. This set up the finish. 4:23

2. The Unpredictable Johnny Rodz; Double Underhook DDT Pin over The M & M Kid Mario Mancini. Mario was able to get a near pin after performing a Flying Body press but Rodz was able to kick out. Rodz who usually is the neutral heel was cheered heavily. He is very popular and during the MPW matches from Parkman, Johnny was signing autographs and his line was longer than any other wrestler including th Duke of Dorchester. Johnny brought the fans to their feet with a Flying Missile Shot and then the finisher. 4:56

3. Susan Sexton; Drop Toe Hold Submission over Bertha Faye with Harvey Whippleman. Bertha wanted an early finish to the match so she attacked during the pre-match to weaken Susan. She used a Body Slam, an Eye Rake and a Kick to the Stomach to hurt Susan. Bertha, who hasn’t had a lot of luck lately wanted to extend the match as long as she could to impress the booing fans. As it turned out she lollygagged too long. A climb on the Turnbuckle for a Falling hammer turned out to be Bertha’s folly. Susan had recovered and moved causing the 260 lb Bertha to crash heavily to the canvas. Susan used a Bulldog to KO Bertha and then the submission hold. Harvey Whippleman ran in to save his beloved. 8:41

4. Iron Mike Sharp; Loaded Forearm Pin over the Duke of Dorchester. The popular Duke drove Mike crazy for a while. Duke found a bottle of Seltzer and sprayed Iron Mike in the face. To make matters worse Duke Punched Mike in the Groin causing him to keel over. A cover at that time might have gotten Duke the win but he wanted a Top Rope Suicide smah and he got it. He leaped a crashed onto the empty canvas as Mike moved out of the way. Sharp used a Stomach Claw and then finished the match. Comments from Gorilla Monsoon to Bruno; “Duke’s Solar-Plexas Abbandulla Muscles are going to hurt in the morning.” 5:11

5. Mike Rotundo; Airplane Spin Pin over Terry Gibbs. Gibbs used a Falling Knee Smash to set up Rotundo but Terry’s attempt at a Crucifix Power Bomb dodn’t woth as mike was able to push out and use a double Axe handle to set up the finish. 7:46

6. Raymond Rougeau; Sleeperhold Submission over Lumberjack Jerry Monti. The big Lumberjack from Moosejaw was able to get in a brutal Chairshot that slowed Raymond down. Rougeau was able to use his Technical knowhow to avoid a pin and then hit Monti with a Flying Elbow Smash. Rougeau then hooked in the Sleeper for the finish. 4:37

7. Hercules Hernandez with classy Freddie Blassie; Reverse Piledriver Pin over Danny Spivey. Spivey used a Bulldog to nearly put Hercules away but Blassie smashed a cane to Danny’s head. Earlier Blassie tripp Spivey who was setting Hercules up with a Body Smash. Hercules recovered and used a Skullcrusher and then finished the tainted match. When Blassie was told by Bruno that he and Hercules were lucky to get the win and not a DQ Blassie answered; “That Spivey is just a Pencil Necked Geek. 11:51
Pal Joey’s and Mac’s Brewery presents;
WWF Wrestling (1985-86) on WMPL-TV Chan 57
Steel Valley YMCA – Midland, PA Att: 946

Commentators; Bill Cardille & Mr. TV Jackie Pallo
Referees; Izzy Moidel & Perry Shad Ring Howard Finkel

Howard on the microphone; “Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls please watch the large monitor as you are settling in your seats or waiting for autographs. We have a few matches from The Hirsh Function Hall in Parkman, Indiana p0resented to you by MPW (Mid-West professional Wrestling).

1. Arvil Wait from nearby Floyd Knob, Indiana; Jumping Knee drop Pin over Deacon Ralph with Sister Christina Tims. Deacon Ralph and Sister Christina were booed heavily mainly because of Sister Christina. The foul reception gave the Deacon extra points but not nearly enough. Sister Christina handed Ralph a Sharp Object that wasbattered from his hand by Arvil. Christina then threw some Healing Oil at Arvil but she hir the Deacon. Arvil performed a Floyd Knob Squash and then finished the match. 4:23

2. Mick “Hatchett” Powers; H.P.B. (Harley Power Bomb ) Pin over Caesar Krane. Krane who dresses like Julius Caesar hails himself as a re-incarnation of the Emperor. Powers was a bit too much today finally using his 350 lb body to perform a Biker Blast (Squash) and then the finisher on the 300 lb Caesar. Caesar spoke after the slam; “Et Tu Brute?” 4:34

Back to Midland, PA

1. The Tiger (billed from Borneo but actually Bob Bradley from Maryland); Tiger Strike (Rope Leap) Pin over Jerry Adams. The Tiger had to hold off jerry who is not to be underestimated. Adams, who wears a NY Yankee jersey to the ring, was able to get in a Bronx Bomber (Head Rammer) to almost put the Tiger down for the pin. The Tiger used a Slingshot Clothesline to finally slow Adams down. 4:53

2. Cousin Junior; Mule Kick Pin over Gino Carabello. Gino used eye rakes and illegal chokes but the moves had little effect on “The Cuz.” Even a Running Body Shot had Gino bouncing off Junior. Junior used a Neckbreaker Vice and a Brainbuster to set Gino up. It was amazing that Carabello could get back to his feet after the Brainbuster. He did recover but went down to the Mule Kick. 4:08

3. The Nasty Girls (Peggy Lee Leathers and Chainsaw Liz chase) beat The Slam Patrol (Velvet McIntyre and Princess Victoria). In an Unusual Result the Match went OOR. Victoria and Leathers were fighting on top of a table. Both fell with Victoria hitting her head on the hard floor. Meanwhile Chainsaw Liz used a microphone to smash Velvet to the head KO’ing her. Peggy and Chainsaw Liz threw the Princess back in the ring. Liz covered the Princess for the Pin. 10:14

4. The Assassin; Double Underhook DDT Pin over Salvatore Bellomo. Sal was in control as he used High Standing Dropkicks to daze and throw The Assassin off his game. The assassin hooked in a Headlock and had some salve from a small tube of Neosporin Ointment the was hidden in his mask. He rubbed the ointment into Sal eyes. As Sal laid on the canvas runbbing his eyes from pain, The Assassin used a Falling knee the the Throat to set up the finisher. 6:25

5. Tony Garea; Octopus Hold Submission over Les Thornton. The crowd gave the popular Tony a big ovation adding points to his total. Thornton was able to gain an edge when he used a Skull Cracker and Tony kicked out from the pin a few times. A Diving Cross Body was the set up for Tony’s Octopus Hold that had Thornton submitting from the back pain. 6:13

6. Swede Hansen; Reverse Neckbreaker Pin over The Red Demon. Lots of “oohs and aahs” from the kids when The Demon was introduced as being from “Parts Unknown.” There is something magical about “Parts Unknown.” The Demon used a Pearl Harbor attack to gain an edge but also showed some good moves; A Flying Elbow and a Demon Drop that had Swede reeling. The Demon made te mistake of trying to use a folded steel chair for a smash to Swede’s skull. Hansen reversed the Chairshot and The Demon was downhill from there. Swede followed with a Back Body Drop and then the finisher. 7:08

7. Killer Bee Jumping Jim Brunzell; Hig Flying Dropkick Pin over Haku with Mr. Fuji. Mr. Fuji tried to trip Brunzell but mistakenly caught Haku by the leg. Fuji trying to avoid Referee Izzy Slapowitz had a cup of sake’ that he tried to throw into Brunzell’s face. He missed and got Haku who was about to use a Savate Kick. Jumping Jim used a Bombs away DDT and then the finisher. 9:15
The Frog & The Peach and Inside Wrestling Magazine presents;
WWF Wrestling (1985-86) on WMVS-TV Chan 14
Hamilton CC – Stoneville, CT Att: 1,268

Announcers; Lord Alfred Hays and Mario Savoldi
Referees; Billy Hines & Tommy Siegler Ring; Howard Finkel

The Fink on the microphone; “Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls as you settle in your seats you can watch the large screen to see a few matches from the Shawmucky Grange in Freehaven, IN presented to you by MPW (Midwest Professional Wrestling). The Ring Announcer is Candice Cain and the announcers are Bob Luce and Larry Nelson. Take it away Candice…….”

1. Dangerous Dave Toomer; Top Rope Leg Drop Pin over Timmy Armington. The was a high flying crowd pleaser that didn’t last long enough. Timmy who was trying to counter moves throughout the match was able to perform a Funky Flying Forearm that dazed Toomer. Unfortunately Armington his momentum carried him through the ropes and he fell hard to the floor. Upon re-entering the ring Timmy was hit with a Flying Dropkick and then the finisher. 4:45

2. Marvelous Marv Nielson with El Capitain Walter Neilson and Bud Boller with Papa Joe Boller; Double Count-Out. This match seemed destined for a questionable finish. The neilsons and The Bollers are two of the three families that hate each other. When the match went OOR the two wrestlers and the two managers all assumed it was time to brawl and brawl they did. Bud Bowler was able to catch Marvelous Marv with a Bowler-Breaker (Neckbreaker) to the floor but took a Chairshot from El Capitain. The two wrestlers were KO’d. The managers were smart enough to help wresters rather than continue fighting. 6:25

Back to Stoneville, CT

1. Leaping Lanny Poffo; Somersault Drop Pin over Ado Moreno. Poffo dazzed Aldo with his speed. A Corkscrew Dive and a Torpedo Launch set Moreno, who has become a bit of a rulebreaker lately, for the high flying finisher. 3:34

2. British Bulldog Davey Boy Smith won by DQ over Frenchy Martin with Manifique Charland (a member of Frenchy’s Stable). Frency was able to use a Choke with Ropes to try and gain an advantage but Davey had an answer. After a falling Head slam, The Bulldog performed a Running Powerslam. Charland was quick to respond and pulled Frenchy from the ring. Referee Tommy Siegler called for the bell. 6:47

3. Moondog Spot with Puppydog (Little Brutus); Shoulder Breaker Pin over Al Diamond. Al had a small advantage with a Diamond Edge Kneedrop. Spot was able to kick out with the help of Puppydog who leaped from the top ropes while Referee Billy Hines was jawing with Frenchy Martin who refused to leave ringside. Spot took advantage and Smashed his Dog Bone to Al’s skull. This set up the finish when Al got back to his feet. (Note – This was originally scheduled as a tag match with the Moondogs facing the Diamonds but had to be canceled when Rex got hit while chasing a car. Although he was not ready for this match Rex seems to have only been shaken up. Last we heard Rex was chowing down on his Purina Dog Food as though nothing had happened.” 4:53

4. Rockin Robin; The Bulldog Pin over Candice Pardue. The popular Robin was pumed by the crowds reaction receiving points on her total. As it turned out she controlled the match. During OOR Action Pardue tried to use a microphone to smash Robin but got a slam to the Guard Rail as a reward. After re-entering the ring Robin used a top Rope Dropkick, on the already dazed Candice, to set up the finish. 5:36

5. Adrian Adonis; Facelock Piledriver Pin over Paul Roma. Roma came close to ending the match several times. He used a Missile Dropkick to gain what seemed like a 3 count but Referee Billy Hines said 2 1/2. Roma then performed an Underhook DDT that definitely pinned Adrian but Referee Billy Hines was once again jawing with Frenchy Martin who snuck back to ringside. Adonis was able to kick out and retrieve his Biker Chain for a smash to Roma’s head. Hines turned to see Adonis using the Piledriver and then pinning Bleeding Roma. 6:55

6. Hillbilly Jim; Legdrop Pin over A.J. Petruzzi. Pertruzzi with his face painted (like Konga the Barbarian) made the mistake of grabbing the Mudlick Pearl (Jim’s Lucky Horseshoe) from OOR. As Petruzzi tried to hit Jim it got reversed and the barbarian wannabe was hit over the head. Jim kept A.J. propped up for a Running Skullcracker and then finished the match. 5:49

7. Brutus Beefcake with Luscious Johnny V; Running Knee smash Pin over Corporal Kirshner. The Corporal did his homework and had Brutus in serious trouble Kirshner used a G.I. Clothesline and then hooked in the Corporal Clutch. During a distraction and just in time to saveBrutus, Johnny V. ran in and smashed the Corporal to the chops. It was more than enough to release the hold. Brutus used a Spinecrusher that somehow Kirshner kicked from but was less fortunate after the Running Knee. 9:07
The Moon is Blue & Hal’s Auto presents;
WWF Wrestling (1985-86) on WBKT-TV Chan 9
Four Aces FC – Clinton Tpk, MI Att; 1,414

Commentators; Gorilla Monsoon. Lord Alfred Hayes & Mr. TV Jackie Pallo
Referees; Gino Vagnone & Billy Sky Ring; Sharon Lee

Mr. TV Jackie Pallo on the microphone; “The broadcasting of MPW (Midwest Professional Wrestling) is about to start from Free Haven, IN. keep your eyes on the large screen while you settle in your seats or are waiting for autographs. Also remember that we now have Vessichio World Famous Cannolis for sale. On bite is a trip to Heaven.”

1. The Associates (Biff and Chaz Sensenbrunner) beat The Lawmen (Deputy Dave and Marshall Steve). Chaz; Billion $ Splash (450° Splash) Pin over Marshall Steve. Marshall Steve came close to a pin with a Six Shooter DDT after Deputy Dave used a Low Blow Kick that had Chaz gasping. Biff was able to counter with a Gold Money Clip Rake to the eyes. Chaz recovered enough to use The Market Crash (Brainbuster) on Marshall Steve and then his finisher. 9:21

2. Bruiser Costa with Dr. Ed Zachery; Insane Body Smash Pin over Hardcore Mike Hickshaw. Mike, who always has a Kendo Stick nearby, had to keep an eye on Zachery who is a martial Arts expert. Hickshaw was able to get a Smash with his Kendo Stick on Costa but was countered immediately when Zachery used his Kendo Stick and then Nunchucks. A Vicious Shoulder Break set Hickshaw up for the finisher from the Insane Bruiser. 6:34

Back to Four Aces FC

1. Siva Afi; Brainbuster Pin over Tito Senza. Tito was able to gain some advantage with a Double Knee thrust and followed with Double Knee Smash. It had Siva backing off for a moment while Senza was gaining a false sense of accomplishment. Siva climbed the ropes and used a Top rope dropkick to set up Senza who after getting to his feet was greeted with the Brainbuster. 5:33

2. Makhan Singh; Running leg Drop Pin over Bob Markus. Singh, who also wrestles under the name Klondike Mike in Canada, used a Running Splash to set up the Pin. (Note – Singh along with the Klondike Mike persona also would eventually use Norman the Lunatic, Bastian Booger, Friar Ferguson, etc. Real name Mike Shaw used over a dozen personas during his career). 3:12

3. Team America (Misty Blue Sims and Heidi Lee Morgan) and Madd Kats (Madd Maxine and Nasty Kat Laroux); No Contest. This was a mess waiting to happen. At the 8 minute mark in a fairly even contest all four wrestlers were in the ring. There were 2 chairs, a microphone, several metal trays and a fence post (Believe it or not). The combatants were in a Pier 6 Brawl when Referee Gino Vagnone called for a No Contest. He could have called for a Double DQ but chose to less controversial decision. It took several wrestlers and security to break up the action. 8:12

4. The Executioner; Guillotine Leg Drop Pin over Barry “O”. Before the introductions, Gorilla Monsoon called over Ring Announcer Sharon Lee and whispered something in her ear. When she announced the Executioner Sharon said; “From Parts Unknown weighing in at 317 lbs.” The masked Executioner went bonkers, grabbed the microphone and yelled; “217 trim pounds.” As it turned out The Executioner’s modifier was size so he was awarded extra points. During the match Barry stunned the Executioner with an Elbow off the Top Rope but was stopped cold when his head was slammed to an exposed Turnbuckle that the Executioner had worked on earlier. A Throat Slam Suplex set uo the finisher and the trim 217 lb Execution had another win under his belt. 4:53

5. Alexis Smirnoff with Frenchy Martin; Siberian Sickle Pin over Jim Young. Young held his own and had several chances at a pin using a Flying Dropkick and a Headrammer. Frency was able to break up the attempts by putting Smirnoff’s foot on the ropes. During OOR Action Smirnoff and Frenchy used a Dirty Doubleteam eventually smashing Young’s head to the Guard Rail causing a gash. After re-entering the ring, Smirnoff used his finisher and got the pin while Frenchy Held the Ropes for Leverage. 7:12

6. Young Stallion Jim Powers; Double Underhook DDT Pin over Ted Grizzly. Ted, who has very few legitimate moves, attacked Jim in the pre-match using a Grizzly Body Smash. During a match he used a Throat Slam onto the Ropes and several illegal chokes. Eventually Ted was able to go OOR and return with a cup of hot coffee. He threw the coffee at powers but missed and the liquid was on the mat. Ted slipped on the wet canvas changing the mood of the match. The fans were in awe when Powers lifted the 320 lb Grizzly for a Slam. Powers then finished the match. 8:13

7. The Missing Link with Bobby “The Brain” Heenan; Bak Flying Head Butt Pin over “Quickdraw” Rick McGraw. McGraw used a Dropkick and a Torpedo Launch Dive to daze the Link. The Link followed with a Punch to the Throat. With Rick gasping for air Bobby Heenan hit Rick in the chops with Loaded Fist (roll of coins??). The Link finished the match leaping from the Turnbuckle while holding his Ponytail. 9:35
Pierre’s Bistro & Francois Clothing presents;
WWF Wrestling (1985-86) on CFEN-TV Chan 13 & 13.1
Arena Iamgold – Rouyn-Noranda, Quebec Att: 1,766

Commentators; Edouard Carpentier, Gino Britto & Lord Littlebrook
Referees; Flying Fred Curry & Karl Von Schotz Ring; Velvet McIntyre

Gino in the ring speaking French then English; “On the large screen, for your viewing pleasure, the MPW Federation is broadcasting a few matches from The Shawmucky Grange in Freehaven, Indiana.”

1. Yancy Johns; Sidewalk Slam Pin over Jim Neilson with El Capitain. El Capitain (Walter Neilson) used his Swagger Stick to hit Yancy several times but El Capitain never landed a solid shot (Walter, head of the Neilsons always wears a military uniform and lately he is dresses like Napolean.) Young Tim tried to gain an edge and was able to use a flying Body Press for a near Pin. Yancy, from London, England via Kenya, Africa took charge with a London Bridge Body Breaker and then finished with the Slam. 4:39

2. Battling Bryce Dowling with Popeye Dowling; Pumphandle Driver Pin over Parson Plagiarism with Olaf Graber. The Parson and Big Olaf attacked before the match setting the pace and adding points to The parson’s total. The Parson followed his name in using his opponents moves as a copycat but if he gains the upper hand who can blame him. Olaf who is always at the Parson’s side tried desperately to help when the match was favoring Dowling. In a desperate move Graber swung a sack of Potatoes that missed Bryce and smashed Parson Plagiarism. Bryce hit the Parson with a missile Shot then finished the match. 7:25

Back to Rouyn-Noranda

1. Rene Goulet; Brain Claw Submission over Tony Russo. Russo gained an edge when he used a Diving Knee smash and then hooked in a Milanbreaker (Armbreaker). Russo in his enthusiasm was trying to show the fans his capabilities and got too close to the ropes. Goulet grabbed the ropes to break the hold. A Forearm to the chops dazed russo then Rene climbed the Ropes for his patented Walk the Ropes Elbow Drop. Goulet hooked in the Brain Claw to end the match. 4:53

2. Moondog Rex with Spot; Kennel-Driver (Piledriver) Pin over Kevin Diamond with Al. Rex who had a Knee and Elbow bandaged after being hit while chasing cars a few days back was limping a little. Spot had a can of Flea Spray that he used to spray Al in the Eyes. Al fell to the floor unable to help Kevin. Rex distracted Referee Karl Von Schotz by complaining about the Pain from his Knee. Spot used a Dog Collar to Rake Diamond across the Eyes. When Referee Von Scholtz got back to the match Spot started howling and Von Scholtz turned to warn Spot. Rex grabbed the large Dog Bone and smashed Diamond over the head. Rex fell on Kevin for the Pin. 4:26

3. Bull Nakano with Mr. Fuji and Cowgirl Sue Green; Double DQ. The match became Chaos and Confusion when Chainsaw Liz and Peggy Lee Leathers came to ringside trying to intimidate Cowgirl Sue who has been in a beef with them as of late. After several nasty words the two intruders entered the ring. Velvet McIntyre jumped up and ran into the ring and Sue sexton ran down to help. When referee Flying Fred Curry DQ’d both wrestlers the fans booed. They felt that Liz and Peggy were the culprits. Bull Nakano was angry that the match was stopped. Mr. Fuji stayed out of the mess. 5:29
4. Ben Bassarab; Running Power Slam Pin over Steve Pardee. Pardee used a falling Knee to the Throat and then tried to perform a Head Rammer. The Clever Bassarab, who is a newcomer from Stampede Wrestling, was able to reverse the Head Rammer stunning Pardee. Basarab used a diving Cross Body and then the Davey Boy Smith taught Running Power Slam. 5:12

5. Steve Lombardi won by Count-Out over Kerry Brown. During OOR Action Lombardi could claim an equal footing. Steve who is notorious for hiding items around the ring was in serious trouble after Brown used a Running Skull Cracker on the floor. Lombardi who was dazed, to say the least, was able to grab a Rosin Bag that he had hidden and used it to rub Kerry’s eyes. To make matters worse Steve also had a baseball bat hidden and used it the KO Kerry. Lombardi limped back to the ring and was saved by a slow counting Referee Fred Curry. 6:27

6. Manifique Richard Charland with Frenchy Martin; Heart Punch Pin over S.D. Special Delivery Jones. During OOR Action Manifique and Frenchy used a Dirty Doubleteam that resulted in S.D. being thrown into a Barricade. Jones was able to recover back in the ring and used a KoKo Head Butt that Manifique was able to kick from and then Jones used a Spinecracker. That could have been curtains but Frenchy ran in and used a Chairshot to KO S.D. 7:13

7. Barry Windham won by DQ over Ted Arcidi with Mr. Fuji. Arcidi used a Vicious clothesline on Barry and followed with a Grinding Face Claw that Fuji taight Ted but it wasn’t hooked. Barry was able to get to his feet and use a Running Knee Lift that stunned Arcidi. Windham then finished with the Bulldog Headlock. Mr. Fuji performed a Banzai Leap onto Referee Flying Fred Curry to stop the match. Curry called for the bell. 8:28
National Peanut & Drake Bakery presents;
NWA Wrestling (1982-85) on WTVR-TV Chan 36
Woodrow Wilson Auditorium - Staunton, VA Att: 1,482

Commentators; Billy Powell & Joe Munick
Referees; Ironman Dave Ruhl & Ace Freeman Ring; Rona Flynn

1. The Grappler #1 with The Grappler #2; Steel Chair Neckbreaker Pin over Dusty Wolfe. Grappler #2 mainly hung around talking to people near ringside. Dusty did his best to mount an offense but couldn’t get much going. When the action went OOR Grappler #2 decided to get involved so he Dirty Doubleteamed with his partner to slam Dusty’s head to the Steel Steps. After re-entering the ring Grappler #1 used a Throat Drop to the Ropes then the Neckbreaker on a Steel Chair that Grappler #2 slipped onto the ring floor. 4:24

2. Elijah Akeem; Zambaui Splash Pin over Pretty Boy Larry Sharp. Sharp was able to gain an advantage with a Gourd Buster and then a Flying Legdrop. He should have gone for the pin but wanted to use another flying move off the ropes. Elijah recoved enough to pull Pretty Boy from the ropes and use a Standing Clothsline. Akeem followed with a Falling Knee Crunch. As the dazed Sharp got to his feet Elijah used the Splash to end the match. 6:42

3. Peggy Lee Leathers with Chainsaw Liz Chase; Last Call (Reverse Splash) Pin over Kaye Noble. Peggy and Chainsaw Liz set the pace of the match by brutally beating Kaye on the entrance ramp and then as usual tried to make a statement as The Nasty Girls. During the match Peggy used a knee to face, Knee Drop to Throat and Dirty Doubleteam when Referee Dave Ruhl was distracted and Chainsaw Liz could help. Peggy ended the match with her Finisher. 5:33

4. Konga the Barbarian with Percy Pringle; Kick of Fear Pin over Pat Rose. Rose was able to daze Konga with a Bulldog and then come close to a Pin after a Running Rose Bomb. Konga retaliated with a Punch to the Throat and Percy got into the act with a Smash from a Pringle Potato Chip container. Konga used a backward Head slam and then the Kick of Fear when Rose attempted to get to his feet. Percy dropped the Pringle Container after the match and it made a loud clunking sound when it hit the floor. (Lead Bar???) 6:15

5. Robert Gibson and Wild Bill Ash; Double Count-Out. Gibson’s speed put Wild Bill at a disadvantage abut he was able to get in his usual bag of tricks; Kicking, Biting and Choking. The match went OOR where Wild Bill was much more comfortable. After trading Smashed to the steel steps Gibson used a Dropkick that sent Wild Bill crashing into the TV Equipment. He was done. Gibson was slowing walking back to the ring when a vendor used a Steel Tray to smash Robert over the head. He crashed to the floor. The Vendor ran off after revealing his identity as Timekeeper Mike George. 5:59

6. Crazy Luke Graham with Percy Pringle; Bandage Thumb Pin over Soul Train Jones. Jones had this match won but Referee Ace Freeman missed the pin when he was distracted by Percy. Jones used a Top Rope Dropkick that dazed Luke and then a Flying Elbow that put him down for what seemed like the count. After the pin that was not counted, Pecy threw beer into Soul Train’s face and then Luke used a Chairshot that put Jones down. Luke used his finisher and this time the Pin was seen by Referee Ace Freeman who missed all of Luke’s illegal tactics. 8:46

7. Mr. Wrestling II; Belly to Back Suplex Pin over Maddog Buzz Sawyer with Kevin Sullivan and Luna. Sawyer had a tough day against the very popular Mr. Wrestling II. Kevin Sullivan held a Steel Chair in the corner for a Head rammer but Mr. Wrestling turned the tide and reversed the move. Sawyer smashed and dented the chair. Luna tried to use Bug Spray to Mor. Wrestling II’s eyes. That also didn’t work and Buzz got the spray in the eyes. Mr. wrestling II used a Million $ Knee Lift and then the Belly to Back Suplex that ended the match. 9:52
Snuffy’s Shanty Bodacious Menu presents;
NWA Wrasslin (1982-85) on WVLH-TV Channel Fore
Varmint’s Lodge – Hootin Holler, NC Att: 646

Commentators; Bob Caudle and Nick Pond
Referees; Farmer McKinley & Lucky Roberts Ring; Susan Sexton

1. Duke Myers; Fists of Iron Pin over Rocky King. During OOR Action Duke tried to hit Rocky with a bottle but Rocky countered and used a DDT on the floor. Duke recovered and was able to make it back to the ring. A Rake to the Eyes was flowed by an Elbow Drop to the Throat. Duke then used the Fists of Iron to finish the match. (Note – Duke gets angry when commentators say that he copied Rugged Ronnie Garvin’s Hands of Stone finisher. Duke insists that Ronnie is the copycat.) 4:22

2. Misty Blue Sims; The Superfly Pin over The Lock with Luna. The Lock used her usual moves; Eye Ripper, Bites and an attempted Bug Spray to eyes. Luna meanwhile gained points for The Lock by degrading Announcer Susan Sexton and trying to lure her into a fight. The whole ploy was to steal a microphone that Luna tried to use on Misty when the match was going in Sims direction. Unfortunately as Misty performed a slingshot Suplex, Luna smashed The Lock in the Skull. Misty climbed the ropes and finished the match. The fans cheered the finish of this match. The Hootin Holler fans are fans who cheer heavily for the Face and boo heavily at the Heel 6:47

3. The Mod Squad (Spike and Basher) with J.D. Costello beat the New Interns (I-1 and I-2). Spike; Smash with Blackjack Pin over Intern-2. The Squad used a Dirty Doubleteam to gain an advantage and it led to the pin. J.D. Costello kept Intern-1 busy OOR as they fought in the aisle. The confusion allowed Spike a chance to pull out the Hidden Blackjack for the KO. When the Mod squad was introduced and came to the ring the Hootin Holler fans mistook The Squad for real cops and everyone in the audience scruddied to hide their Jug of Hooch. The New Interns look a lot like the Mulkey’s with masks. 7:39

4. Intercontinental Nobleman Joe Turko won by DQ over Hustler Rip Rogers with Brenda Britton. This was a meeting of two guys who know how to bend the rules. Turko was able to used his usual bag of tricks; Sand in the eyes and a metal Foreign Object. It kept the Sneaky Rip Rogers off balance but he retaliated by choking out Turko with a Robe Tie. Then in an Unusual Result Brenda Britton tried to spray hair Spray to Turko’s eyes. She hit Referee Lucky Roberts by mistake. Roberts called for the bell. 6:06

5. DOG COLLAR MATCH – Rusty Brooks; Strangle with Choker Chain Finish over Plowboy Frazier. The fans were extra loud in their booing of Brooks who gave the crowd the Italian candle arm gesture. Brooks took a good beating and was finally slashed with the Dog Chain. A strange turn of events doomed the match for Frazier. Duke Myers and Joe Turko came to ringside. Turko distracted Referee Farmer McKinley while Duke ran in the ring and smashed a Jug of Hooch to Plowboy’s Head. Frazier was out cold. Brooks had enough strength to wrap the chain around Frazier’s neck and pull. Referee Farmer McKinley saw the choke and called the match in Rusty’s favor. Rusty and Duke, who have a history going back to Canada shook hands and walked off with Turko as the fans booed and threw cups. 9:52

6. Jerry “Crusher” Blackwell; Big Splash Pin over Gorgeous George South. George tried to gain an edge but each move was counted. South tried to hook in his Claw but Blackwell broke the hold. George got angru and retrieved a chair. Blackwell reversed the shot, used a Backward Head Slam and then a the Splash. This was a big crowd pleaser. 7:25

7. Nikita Koloff with Ivan; Brainbuster onto a Chair Pin over Cowboy Scott Casey. Nikita was saved by Uncle Ivan after Casey used a Running Jackhammer and then a Bulldog to get a pin. Referee Famer McKinley missed the pin that was at least 7 or 8 when Ivan distracted. Uncle Ivan took no more chances and he choked out Casey with the chain. Nikita used a Headrammer to the Corner Post and then the Brainbuster onto the chair that Ivan had slipped in the ring. 10:56
Jungle Tour and sunshine Citrus presents;
NWA-CWF Wrestling (1982-850 on WKID-TV Chan 51
The Armory – Ft. Lauderdale, FL Att: 2,846

Commentators; Gordie Solie & Barbara Clary
Referees; Frenchy Bernard & Jack Howe Ring; Jay Goodly

1. Mr. Ito with Tojo Yammamoto; Deadly Nerve Hold Submission over Mike Fever. Tojo was active in the corner using Karate Chops to weaken Mike. Ito used a semi-Spin Kick and a falling Cranium Crusher to set up Fever for the Nerve Hold Finisher. 3:16

2. Jimmy Garvin; Brainbuster Pin over the Blond Bomber Art Crews. Art was booed loudly as he came out to face the popular Garvin. The bomber seemed to relish in the heel role using a vicious illegal choke and then throwing beer in Jimmy’s face. Unfortunately for Crews he slipped on a wet spot on the canvas giving garvin the opening he needed. Jimmy used a sunset Flip then the finisher to end this tough match. 7:31

3. Chainsaw Liz Chase with Peggy Lee Leathers; Super Suplex Pin over Susan Starr. Susan used a half Mare and then a slingshot to come close to ending the match but Peggy countered from the ring apron. Leathers used a Rake to the Eyes with a Bracelet and then smashed Susan’s head to the Exposed Corner Post (Peggy worked on removing the covering from early in the match. Chainsaw Liz followed with the finishing move. 7:45

4. Jesse Barr; the Bulldog Pin over Bob “Rusty” Riddle. Rusty was able to use a Reverse Piledriver for a near pin but Jesse was able to kick out several times. Riddle used a wicked Kick to the Crotch that took the steam out of Jesse for the moment. Rusty was abit casual after the boot and underestimated Jesse. A Spinning Neckbreaker by Barr set up The Bulldog finisher. 4:21

5. The Spoiler; Iron Claw Submission over Steve “Do it to It” Cox. Steve was able to use a flying Knee drop to stun The Spoiler who threw Steve OOR face firstto the floor below. After Steve re-entered the ring weakened by several hundred points from the fall The Spoiler used his patented Walk the Ropes Elbow Smash and then Hooked in the Iron Claw. 5:53

6. Outlaw Ron Bass with J.J. Dillon; Texas Gourdbuster Pin over Chief Frank Hill. Hill was tripped and attacked by Black Bart as he entered the ring. It was only a preview of things to follow later. During the match Hill used War dance with chops to the neck and Lifting Knee to the Stomach. Bass collapsed to the canvas and The Chief hooked in an Indian Death Lock. Bass would have submitted but Black Bart took advantage of a distraction of Referee Jack Howe by J.J. Dillon. Bart ran in the ring and clubbed Hill with a Branding Iron. Bart and bass followed with a dirty doubleteam pummeling Hill. Bass finished the match with the Gourdbuster. J.J. Dillon and The Desperados looked very pleased as they left the ring. 7:38

7. Magnum T.A. won by DQ over Angel of Death with Playboy Gary Hart. In an Unusual Result magnum, who is a huge fan favorite used a belly to Belly Suplex to finish the match but Playboy Gary was not about to let Angel get pinned. Gary entered the ring and kicked Magnum with a Loaded Boot. He tried to smash Magnum with a microphone but T.A. hooked Hart around the neck and used a Head Rammer to the post. Magnum wanted to pin the down and dazed angel but was informed that the match was over by DQ. 9:58
Varner Lumber and Varner General Store presents;
NWA Mid-South Wrestling (1982-85) on WWVT-TV Chan 37
Varner Grove – Frenchman’s Bend, MS Att: 968

Commentator; Joe Pedicino and Boni Blackstone
Referees; Treach Phillips & Alfred Neely Ring; Boyd Pierce

1. RPM Tommy Lane with Maniac Mike Davis won by Count-Out over Rock & Roll Ricky Morton. The match went OOR where Ricky was Dirty Doubleteamed. Wild Bill Ash came out to add to the mess against Ricky. Ash hit Morton with a Flood Lamp. Tommy Lane scooted back to the ring. Mike George came from behind the curtains to help celebrate. Robert Gibson, Morton’s partner, was found KO’s behind the curtain. When questioned later by Joe Pedicino, Mike George and Wild Bill claimed no knowledge of an attack on Gibson. Wild Bill; “Do we look like the kind of wrestlers who would blindside a sniveling fool like Gibson?” Morton & Gibson were taken to Will Varner Hospital. 4:51

2. Phil Hickerson (PY Chu-Hi) with Tojo Yamamoto; Big Powerslam Pin over Dave Barbie. Yamamoto, who has started referring to Hickerson as PY Chu-Hi, couldn’t resist getting involved. He used Salt to Barbie’s eyes just as Mr. Pogo who wandered to the ring hit Barbie with a Vicious Elbow as Dave was whipped to the corner. Hickerson used a Spinal Crack and then the Power Slam. Yamamoto has quickly built a stable of untrustworthy wrestlers called BANZAI; Mr. Pogo, Mr. Ito & PY Chu-HI (hickerson). Tojo has his eyes open looking to add others who can get the job done in the manner he likes. 3:46

3. Jumping Jill Fontaine won by DQ over Luna Vachon with The Lock. The lock had problems at ringside trying to help he Daughter of Darkness Partner. She tried to spray Oven cleaner to Jill’s eyes but hit Luna by mistake. Meanwhile Jill was using high Flying moves to dazed a confuse Luna; Double Drop Licks and a Top Rope Elbow Smash. When Jill used a flying Cross Body and would have had the pin, The Lock jumped on Referee Treach Phillips who immediately called for the DQ. 6:16

4. Dr. Tom Pritchard with Jim Cornette; Super Kick Pin over Gene Ligon. Cornette took the microphone to announce his wrestler; “Introducing The Doctor of Desire from the Great City of Houston, Texas………Dr. Tom Pritchard. Speaking of great places, my mother told me to avoid Frenchman’s Bend. I am from the Sugar Side of Louisville, Kentucky and I am not use to being in Hog Heaven.” The mood was set and all the fans were booing. Ligon was able to use a falling Ax handle to gain a near pin but Pritchard countered by choking Gene with the ropes and then used a Piledriver. It could have been cutains but Pritchard waited for Ligon to get to his feet before hitting him with the Superkick. 4:47

5. State Patrol (Lt. James Earl Wright and Sgt. Buddy Lee Parker) beat The Wild Noblemen (Mike Boyette and Joe Turko). Turko spoke to the fans; “Tutti i suini odore” (You smell like pigs). The fans a well aware of Turko so they immediately knew he was degrading them. More booing began. Lt. Wright; Doubleteam Suplex Pin over Turko (much to the crowds delight). Turko had a Blackjack that he used to hit Parker but he dropped it and grazed the Sargent. Wildman Mike Boyette was trying to turn on the Fire extinguisher he retrieved but things went wrong and he was laying at ringside being sprayed with foam. The patrol took advantage and finished the match with the Doubleteam Supex after a Headcracker set-up. 9:39

6. Fabulous One Steve Keirn; Swinging Neckbreaker Pin over Grappler #2. Steve, who is very popular in Mid-South, received extra points on his total when the fans gave him a big ovation. During the match the Grappler tried a Top Rope Body Crusher after smashing a trash can over Steve’s head. The Grappler dove and landed on the empty canvas as Steve moved. Keirn used a Skullcrusher and then the finisher. 7:54

7 The Dream Machine with Jim Cornette; Sledgehammer Pin over Bugsy McGraw. Bugsy had the early advantage and would have had a pin after a Falling Head Slam. Cornette slipped The Machine a Roll of coins the smash Bugsy. Referee Treach Phillips was KO from an earlier collision. Bugsy wasn't about to go down from the roll of coins smash so Cornette hit him with a Tennis Racket. Bugsy recovered again so Cornette smashed a Reed Camera over McGraw’s Skull. The Dream machine used a Knee lift to the Mid-Section and then the finisher. Referee Treach Phillips woke to see the pin. 7:55
Goobers Service Station and Abner Capp Hot Dogs presents;
NWA Mid-South Wrestling (1982-85) on WBSD-TV Chan 17
The Field Behind Goober’s
Spencer, TN Att: 466 seated – 270 standing

Note - With every Fill-Up you get a signed Glossy
photo of a Mid-South Superstar Wrestler.

Commentators; Lance Russell and Dave Brown
Referees; Jerry Calhoun & Sid Nabors Ring; Boni Blackstone

1. Gorgeous George South; Flying Headbutt Pin over Randy Mulkey. South who had the match going his way still resorted to a Hidden Foreign Object (small piece of taped metal) to slug Randy and wear him down. Dave Brown commenting; “George South uses the Illegal Object because that’s who he is and it is what we expect.” South used a Throat Slam Suplex and then ended the match with the Headbutt. 3:16

2. Rip Morgan of the New Zealand Militia with Jack Victory; Skull Crusher Pin over Ron Shaw. Victory was busy helping Rip as Jack choked out Shaw with a leather belt and rubbed Pomade into his eyes. Victory distracted Referee Sid Nabors as Rip grabbed the Flag and smashed the Pole to the blinded Shaw. 3:40

3. Sherri Martel; Cobra Clutch Submission over Princess Victoria. Victoria was able to gain a big edge performing a War Dance of Cops and Knee Lifts. Sherri was able to kick out at the last moment several times. Austin Idol was near ringside to do a promotion and he stopped to see the match. Sherri is Austin’s valet. Victoria who is smitten with Idol took her eyes off the match for a moment and Sherri took advantage. A Diving Splash set up Victoria for the finisher. 7:31

4. King Cobra; Cobra Strike (Facebuster) Pin over Hangman Len Kruger. Cobra used a Missile Shot that was devastating yet he followed with a Double Underhook DDT rather than go for the pin. By the time King used the Strike, Kruger was almost out cold. 5:21

5. Dirty Dutch Mantel with Jimmy Hart; Scoop Slam Piledriver Pin over Oklahoma’s Pretty Boy Carl Fergie. Fergie used an arsenal of illegal tactics; Raking the Eyes, Illegal choking and a blatant Kick to the Groin. Dutch complained to Jerry Calhoun who was ignoring the rulebreaking by Fergie. Mantel was able to use a falling Head Slam to set up the Piledriver finish. Referee Calhoun counted but very slowly considering whether he would call the Piledriver illegal. Jimmy Hart was protesting and at one point threw a Tin Cup at Calhoun who ignored it. Fergie was counted out then Mantel used Shoo baby to chole Carl getting back at some of the dirty tactics. Referee Calhoun threatened to reverse the decision if Mantel didn’t stop so the unhappy Dutch left the ring. 8:15

6. Exotic Adrian Street with Miss Linda and Chick Donovan; Double Count-Out. It seemed obvious when th match went OOR that it would not re-enter. The usual chair duel took place and then some food throwing. Donovan got a bucket of punch poured over him while Exotic Adrian took a Blueberry Pie in the face. The fight went toward the woods and at one point the wrestlers were not even sighted. Security was finally sent to retrieve to two combatants. 9:01

7. Lumberjack Jos LeDuc with Jimmy Hart and Jimmy Golden with Brenda Britton; Double Count-Out. When the match went OOR Tennessee Stud Robert Fuller came to help Jimmy Golden. He was followed by Dutch Mantel who came to help LeDuc. This became a Pier 6 Brawl. Chairs were thrown, a table was broken in half and TV wires were used to choke. Jerry Calhoun didn’t waste time in calling the match after having enough controversy tonight. 8:23
Bucco’s Vesuvio and Town Deli presents;
TNA-Impact Wrestling (2012-14)
The Armory – Jersey City, NJ Att; 2,986

Commentators; Professor Mike Tenay and Tazz
Referees; Brian and Earl Hebner Ring; Christy Hemme
(Mr. Anderson replaces Christy for Samuel Shaw match)

1. NJPW-ECWA – Apollyon won by DQ over R.J. Brewer. Brewer used a Fireman Carry Cutter and a Hurricane DDT to try and put Apollyan away but the big man kicked out several times. Apollyon performed a Gabba-Goul Slam that almost pinned the now frustrated Brewer. R.J. had some Brass Nucks but was caught immediately by Referee Brian Hebner who called for the bell. 4:45

2. NJPW-ECWA – Andy Leavine (Kevin Hackman) and Josef Von Schmidt; Double Count-Out. During an OOR Brawl with thrown chairs and a table the wrestlers failed to maneuver the ramp edge and both fell into the pit below. The fighting continued but the steam was let out of their tanks. Both collapsed as they tried to leave the pit. 3:52

3. Gail Kim and Brook Tessmaker; Double Count-Out. The fans were confused as to who should be a heel and who should be a face. The fans settled on neither. When the match went OOR it was another match destined to end without a conclusion. As the match went up the ramp and to the hallway several fans were chanting; “Save the Cannolis” referring to George Vessichio’s famous vendor treat. George who was at Cannoli Corner with Veda Scott doing interviews must have phoned the people at his spot in the Food Court. Several Food Court items were dumped from the tables and a Flo’s Hot Dog Cart was tipped over but the Cannolis were saved.

4. Samuel Shaw; Kata-Gatame (Arm Triangle Choke) Submission over Alex Silva. Mr. Anderson introduced the psycho Shaw (who imitates Patrick Bateman from American Psycho) in less than flattering language. Shaw has stalked Christy Hemme and Anderson has taken up the protective role. Silva was able to gain a near pin with a Running High Knee that Shaw prevented when he placed his foot on the ropes. Shaw used a corkscrew Splash and a Head Cracker before applying the finisher. 4:03

5. Manik; Rolling Moonsault Pin over Garrett Bischoff with Wes Brisco. Wes was continually interfering and Referee Brian Hebner knew but didn’t see any blatant illegal moves. Referee Brian took no chances and sent a protesting Brisco back to the locker area. Not to be denied, Brisco snuck back to the ring to help Bischoff. Wes swung a bottle at Manik’s head but miss and hit Garrett. Manik immediately used a D.O.A. (Sunset Flip) and then the high flyer to finish the match. 4:26

6. The Bullet Club (Bad Luck Fale and Prince Fegel Devitt) beat Trailer Park Pride (Trailer park Trash and Elvis Pridemore). Prince Devitt; Bloody Sunday DDT Pin over Trash. The Pride used several pieces of trash as weapons. A Rusty Hubcap and an old Bicycle seat served well to smash Fale who fell hard to the floor from the ring apron. As the Pride went after Devitt they failed to keep their eye on the powerful Bad Luck who retrieved a rusty tailpipe from the trash. A slam to Elvis took him out of the match and then fale had enough in his tank to perform a Rib Crusher on Trash. Devitt used his finisher to end the match. Referee Earl Hebner counted the pin. It was easier than trying to figure out who was responsible for what. As it turned out Fale had tagged in so he was actually the legal man. 13:09

7. Ethan Carter III (EC-3); One Percenter (Headlock Driver) Pin over Christian York. York used his speed and flying moves to gain an advantage. After performing a Flying Kneedrop York was going to climb the ropes for a Frog Splash. Rockstar Spud ran out and Sprayed some Right Guard into Christian’s eyes. Carter used a Throat Slam Suplex and then his finisher. 7:13

8. TNA TV Title – DJ Z (Zema Ion) (Champion) with Bro-Mans (Jesse Godderz and Robbie E) beat Seyia Senada (Challenger). Senada had the match won after a Bridging Tiger Suplex but Referee Earl Hebner missed the pin when Robbie E distracted him. During another distraction, this time by Jesse Godderz, Robbie E used a Steel Tray to smash Senada over the head. DI Z used a 630° Senton for the Pin. DI Z retains the TNA TV Title. 10:41
Blue Thunder Grain and Moe’s Tavern presents;
TNA-Impact Wrestling (2012-14)
Porch Light Auditorium – Grand Island, NE Att: 4,304

Commentators; Jason Gentry and Jeremy Borash
Referees; Steven Richards & Tommy Dreamer Ring; Taryn Terrell

1. NJPW-ECWA – Chance Prophet won by Count-Out over Masada with Christina Eerie. During OOR Action Masada was conferring with Christina after throwing Chance into the commentators. Chance recovered and came after Masada so Christina tried to smash Prophet with a microphone. She hit Masada by mistake. Chance performed a Doom Sayer (Headlock Bulldog) that KO’d Masada. Prophet reached the ring by the 9 count from the very slow counting Steven Richards. 6:10

2. NJPW-ECWA – Killer Elite Squad (Davey Boy Smith Jr. and Lance Archer) beat The Flatliners (Matt Burns and Asylum). Davey Boy Smith; Running Power Slam Pin over Asylum. A pre-match attack by The Flatliners backfired with both Burns and Asylum getting a Chairshot for their troubles. The extra points added to the Squad was very difficult to overcome but the never say die Flatliners gave it their all. Burns tried a Top Rope Splash but landed on an empty canvas. This was followed by a Dark Days (Inverted DDT) by Lance Archer. Asylum ran in the ring and Davey Boy entered to counter Asylum. Smith used his finisher to end the match although no tags were made. Referee Tommy Dreamer was use to confusion from his ECW days so this ending was quite normal. 10:13

3. Jerry Lynn; Tornado DDT Pin over Façade. Façade used a Spinning Heel Kick and a thumbscrew to Throat that seemed to get a pin on Jerry but Referee Steven Richards indicated that it wasn’t quite 3. Façade was arguing with Richards when Lynn used a Cradle Piledriver and then finished the match with the Tornado DDT. 3:12

4. Doug Williams; Bombs Away Pin over Anarquia. Anarquia used a Vicious Double Rope Burn to temporarily blind Doug. Anarquia then tried a Corner Splash but Doug moved and Anarquia, who seems lost without corner help from Rosita or Sarita, crashed into the Post. Doug immediately used a fallen Cranium Crusher that set Anarquia up for the finish. 5:21

5. TNA Knock-Out Title – Mschif (Champion) with Alpha Female; Top Rope Flying Knee Crunch Pin over O.D.B. (Challenger) O.D.B. had an advantage and after using a Dirty Dozen Face Smash the match seemed over. Unfortunately Lei’d Tapa came to help MsChif and Alpha. Alpha distracted Referee Steven Richards while Lei’d choked out O.D.B. with a belt. A Big Boot by the Samoan followed and then a Skull Crusher. The damage had been done and Mschif gained the pin after the Flying Knee. MsChif retains the Knock-Out Title. 7:35

6. Loser Leave Town Match between Chavo Guerrero Jr. and Hot Stuff Hernandez – This match was ordered by Dixie Carter and agreed to by both wrestlers. Their interference in each other’s matches had not only become a hindrance but caused a serious injury to Referee Lash Laroux who broke his arm while trying to stop the former partners who hate each other from battling with Chairs before a match that had nothing to do with either. The match has to end with a pinfall.

Hot Stuff Hernandez; Border Toss (Power Slam) Pin over Chavo Guerrero Jr. Both wrestlers were booed as they were introduce. Chavo had a Hidden foreign Object that he used to slug Hernandez from time to time. The Object was wrapped with a stand of Barbed wire that left a few slashed on Hot Stuff who was bleeding. Chavo climbed the Ropes for a Frog Splash after downing Hernandez with a Flying Elbow Smash. Hot Stuff moved and Chavo crashed to the canvas. Hernandez used a Diving Splash and then used his Slam finish. 9:43

7. The Bro-Mans (Jesse Godderz and Robbie E) with DJ Z beat The Blueprints (Matt Morgan and Crimson). The Bro-Mans attacked during the pre-match using tools from the custodian’s tool box. DJ Z had a can of furniture spray that he used to spray both Matt and Crimson in the eyes. Jesse had a mini-crow bar while Robbie E used a wrench to pummel their opponents. The large number of points deducted from their total would eventually cost the Blueprints the match. The Blueprints were at a disadvantage because Rob Terry who teamed with Morgan left the team and Crimson was recruited. This was their 1st match together. The Blueprints fought back during the match with Morgan using a Falling Knee to Throat to almost put Jesse out. Crimson meanwhile used a Red Sky (Spinebuster) on Robbie E OOR. DJ Z had the mini-crow bar and he smashed Matt in the head. Jesse recovered enough to use a Jumping Stunner and then pin Morgan. 12:45

8. Magnus won by Count-Out over A.J. Styles. During OOR Action Styles hit Magnus with a Dropkick from the Press Table. Magus was fortunate to have been kicked toward the ring. As A.J. turned to face Magnus Bobby Roode came from behind and used a Blindside Suplex to put A.J. down. Roode helped push Magnus into the ring to avoid a Count-Out while Styles was unable to make the count. 10:09
Molson’s Ale and Turner Bake Goods presents;
TNA Impact (2012-14) on Spike TV
Yardman Arena – Bellville, Ontario Att: 3,234

Commentators; Professor Mike Tenay and Taz
Referees; Brian Stiffler & Bobby Blaze Ring; Veda Scott

1. NJPW-ECWA - David Starr; German Suplex Pin over Brad Attitude. Brad used a few Illegal Chokes and a Vicious Rope Burn but was stopped in his tracks with a Flying Body Press by the talented David (194 in the PWI top 500). Starr used his German Suplex to end the match. 4:11

2. F.E.F. (Far East Firm)(Mohammed Yone and Toru Yano) beat Irish Airborne (Dave and Jake Crist). The Airborne returned to the Federation with a much rougher attitude. They set the tone for the match by interrupting F.E.F. in Cannoli Corner as they were being interviewed for a promotion by George Vessichio. The added extra points were close to enough to win the match when Dave and Jake used their Air Raid high flying moves. Jake got a bit to greedy when he left the ring and reached in for a trip. He tripped Dave by mistake. Yano took advantage with a running Guillotine, tagged Yane who applied a Kinniku Buster (Muscle Buster) Pin. 10:05

3. Angelina Love with Velvet Sky; Light’s Out (Lifting STO) Pin over Kelly Kelly. Kelly, the Ex-Champion, was able to used her K-2 (Legdrop Bulldog) that would have been a pin but Velvet took advantage of a distraction and smashed a Trash can Lid over Kelly’s head. Angeling recovered enough to prform a Light’s Out finish. 6:45

4. Amazing Red pinned Carlito Colon. In an Unusual Result Referee Bobby Blaze was stunned for a bit when Carlito pinned Red after a Headlock DDT. Hotstuff Hernandez who is trying to eliminate Chavo Guerrero’s partners in crime came to ringside. He entered the ring with a chair when Referee Blaze got stunned. Colon was calling for a count when Hernandez smashed rhe chair over Colon’s head. Hot Stuff then put Amazing Red on top for the pin. Referee Blaze woke to see Red on top so he counted. 5:48

5. Wes Brisco with Garrett Bischoff; Roll-Up Pin over King Mo. Mo was able to use a Royal Pin Elbow Smash to daze Wes but Garrett countered with a Chain Smash. Wes was able to use a Running Skull Cracker and a Roll-Up. Brisco and Bischoff walked proudly from the ring as the fans gave them a loud chorus of boos. 5:34

6. Petey Williams and Tyson Tomko with King Kenny Bolin; Double Count-Out. During OOR Action it turned into a Pier 6 Brawl. Some Bolin Services members came out to help; Jack Black, Flash Flanagan and Mike Mondo. Williams got help from F.E.F’s Yone and Yano along with Hernandez, who is a vigilante as of late. Any count was unnecessary because this match was not going back in the ring. As some of the combatants ended in the foor court it was noted that almost all the foods were hidden. When George Vessichio called to the food court; “Pier 6 Brawl” all the vendors scurried to protect their foods. 7:31

7. Austin Aires with Bobby Roode and Jeff Hardy; Double Count-Out. During OOR Action Jeff Hardy seemed at a disadvantage but A.J. Styles came out to help. A.J. immediately went after Roode, who was instrumental in costing Styles the match with Magnus that would determine the #1 contender. The four fought up the ramp and out to the foyer. Last seen they were out of the building on this very chilly evening in Canada. 8:36

8. Judgement (Doc Gallows and Machine Gun Karl Anderson) with Prince Devitt beat No Remorse (Gunner and Murphy). Doc; Brass Nucks KO and Doubleteam Spiked Piledriver Pin over Murphy. No Remorse lost quite a few points when Judgement attacked in the pre-match. It would prove to be the difference. Gunner used a Spinebuster on Anderson and hooked the leg for a 5 or 6 count. Referee Bobby Blaze was distracted by Prince Devitt and missed the pin. As Gunner tagged out to Murphy, Devitt handed Doc some Brass Nucks that Doc used to end the match. 11:23
The Golden Trumpet & Pro-Wrestling News presents;
TNA-Impact (2012-14)
Convention Center – Frankfurt, KY Att: 4,152

Commentators; Jason Gentry & Barry Horowitz
Referees; Brian Hebner & Frank Stalletto Ring; Christy Hemme

1. NJPW-WCWA - Marco Corleone (Mark Jindrak); Air Corleone (Flying Body Press) Pin over Krackerjack with Lord Mark Williamson. Krackerjack tried a Suicide Death Leap that was very effective for Corleone as Krackerjack missed and crashed to the canvas. Marco then avoided a Chairshot by Lord Williamson and reversed the smash. Lord Williamson collapsed to the floor below. A Running Lariat set up the finish. 4:33

2. NJPW-ECWA - Tama Tonga; Superfly Leap Pin over Franky the Mobster with Mo Green. Franky had things going his way and after a Go to the Mattresses (Neckbreaker) the match seemed over. Mo Green trying to help reached in the ring with a Blackjack but missed with his swing because he had to keep an eye on Referee Frank Stalletto. The Mobster took the smash to the head completely changing the corse of the match. Tonga had used a few Karate Chops earlier and Franky was weakened. He collapsed to the canvas and was hit with the Superfly Leap. 4:16

3. Shimmer Match – Kacee Carlisle; Double Underhook DDT Pin over Rain. Rain used an Acid Rain Driver to daze Kacee but Carlisle countered with a Vicious Eye Rake. Kacee pulled out a Hidden Foreign Object (a rock wrapped with tape) and Smashed Rain to the Chops. The Rough and Tough Carlisle help Rain up so Referee Brian Hebner wouldn’t suspect foul play. Kacee made it look good with DDT. 6:45

4. Brother Devon; Saving Grace DDT Pin over Glen “The Beast” Osborn with King Kenny Bolin. Devon was blindsided as he entered on the ramp. Flash Flanagan was waiting and slammed a Chair to Devon’s head. Devon made it to the ring but was less than 100%. Flanagan came to ringside to help Bolin and Osborn, The Madman from the Badlands. Bull Ray ran to ringside to help Devon and the fans were now cheering wildly. Bully stopped Flanagan from using a Chain and reverse a Smash to Flash’s head. A punch to Bolin took out the distracted Osborn’s remaining help. Devon used a double Knee thrust and then the finisher. 6:18

5. Kash-Cabana (Kid Kash and Colt Cabana) beat Ink, Inc. (Shannon Moore and Jesse Neal). Cabana: Doubleteam Spike Piledriver Pin over Moore. The team went OOR and used the Guard rail and Steel Steps to smash heads. All four wrestlers were bleeding in this ugly match. Back in the ring Kid Kash used an Actual Money Bag to continually bludgeon Neal who was eventually thrown head 1st from the ring. When Moore entered the ring he was put out with a Doubleteam Spike Piledriver. 12:10

6. Tigre Uno; Sabertooth Splash (450° Splash) Pin over Hotshot Johnny Devine with Dave Prazak. Hotshot tried a Devine Intervention (Moonsault) that missed and he was hurting. Prazak tried to help by hitting Tigre with a Catcher’s mash found under the ring. Prazak missed. Tigre took advantage and climbed the ropes for the Flying Finish. 8:11

7. Prince Devitt with Doc Gallows and Machine Gun Karl Anderson; Bloody Sunday DDT Pin over Mr. Anderson. Anderson used a Green Bay Plunge to gain what should have been a pin but Referee Brian Hebner was distracted from the actions of Doc and Machine Gun Karl. With Mr. Anderson’s pin gone, Doc used a Chain the smash Mr. Anderson in the head. It was more than enough to turn the tide and have Prince Devitt, leader of The Bullet Club, use his Bloody Sunday Finisher. After the pin Samuel Shaw ran to the ring and applied a Kata-Gatame (Arm Triangle Choke) on Mr. Anderson. Referee Brian hebner called for help to break Shaw from the hold. Bully rau and Devon ran to the ring. 8:25

8. X-Division Title – Crimson (Challenger); Red Alert (STO) Pin over Ironman Rob Conway (Champion) with King Kenny Bolin. Flash Flanagan came to ringside to help Bolin but Referee Frank Stalletto sent Flanagan back to the locker area. Referee Stalletto was taking no chances of a repeat from Match #4. Bolin, who was very angry, tried to hit Crimson with a Briefcase but missed when matt Morgan came to ringside and pushed him. Crimson hit Conway with a Flying Body Press and then the finisher. Crimson is the NEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWWWW TNA X-Division Champion. 9:19
Boots Bar & Grill and The Lone Tree Inn presents;
TNA-Impact Wrestling (2012-14)
Badlands Arena – Medora, ND Att: 2.248

Commentators; Mike Tenay and Taz
Referees; Tommy Rogers & Ricky Santana Ring; Taryn Terrell

1. NJPW-ECWA – Blackjack Phoenix and Vince Beach; Double Count-Out. Blackjack Phoenix is well known in this area and he is hated. Points were added to his total giving the Blackjack Mulligan wannabe because of the fans chorus of boos aimed at him during the introduction. Vince was able to catch Big blackjack in a Surf Board that the cowboy powered out of at the last minute before he had to submit. Phoenix was able to use a Reverse neckbreaker to gain a near pin that Vince avoided when he put his foot on the ropes. When the match went OOR it was destined to not return the squared circle. The fight went up the ramp through the foyer and out the doors. 6:12

2. NJPW-ECWA – Shawn Tempers; The Temperpedic (Hangman’s Neckbreaker) Pin over Dru Onyx. Dru was able to mount an offense and after hitting Tempers with a Roadkill (Spear) Onyz almost had the pin. The constant rulebreaker Tempers countered with a Foreign Object (piece of lead wrapped with tape) Smash. After a Vicious Eye Rake, Shawn used a Flying Skull Crusher. Tempers ended the match with his finisher. 4:41

3. Shimmer Match – Bayley; Belly to Bayley Suplex Pin over Sara Del Ray. Bayley blocked a Sneak Attack and performed a Brainbuster on Sara. Sara needed the upper had to gain an advantage for the duration. Instead she came up short and in spite of using an elbow Drop to the Throat to slow Bayley down the points gained by Bayley were too much to overcome. Bayley used a diving back Elbow Drop to set up the finisher. 5:37

4. Joey Ryan won by Count-Out over Alex Shelly. This match was all Shelly as Joey tried to play the crowd but was jeered. He also tried to flirt with Taryn Terrell but it was no use. No one cared about poor Joey. Shelly used a shell Shock (STO) and then a Frog Splash. Alpha Female, who has been with Chris sabin as of late, came to ringside. As Shelly was about to pin Joey, Alpha pulled Alex by the legs to stop the pin. Shelly got frustrated and confronted Alpha. She lit out for the locker area and Alex chased her. Ricky Santana’s count reached 10 with Alex still OOR and Joey laying in the ring. Ryan was awarded the win. 5:08

5. Pope D’Angelo Dinero; DDE D’Angelo Express (Double Knee Facebuster) Pin over Bad Boy Bobby Dempsey. The 282 lbs Dempsey who claims to be from Findme, NJ thried to throw a cup of soda into The Pope’s face but missed and it fell to the canvas. Later Bobby slipped on the wet spot and fell hard to the canvas. The Pope used a Torpedo Clothesline and then finished the match with the DDE. 6:21

6. Chris Sabin with Alpha Female; Cradle shock (Driver) Pin over Samoa Joe. Alex Shelly wandered to ringside but Samoa Joe sent him back to the locker area. Shelly wanted revenge but was not going to get it this night. Samoa Joe used a Muscle Buster Suplex to down Chris and it should have been curtains. Alpha Female took advantage of a distraction to spray Pepper Spray to Joe’s eyes. Alpha then used a Chairshot to level Joe Chris Sabin went for the pin. 8:13

7. The Monster Abyss; Black Hole Slam (Side Slam) Pin over Showtime Eric Young with O.D.B. The very popular Eric was able to Dropkick Abyss OOR and then use a Youngblood Neckbreaker. Abyss would have missed the count but EC-3 (Ethan Carter III) and Dixie Carter wandered to ringside. Referee Rogers started the count again after Eric got back in the ring. Dixie started arguing with O.D.B. Eric was distracted and didn’t see Abyss re-enter he ring. Abyss used his Black Hole Slam to Pin Eric. The confused Abyss retrieved Janice (club filled of nails) from under the ring and chased everyone away. 8:55

8. Bad Influence (Christopher Daniels and Kazarian) beat the Wolves (Davy Richards and Eddie Edwards). Kazarian pinned Richards. Davy used a DR Driver that almost KO’d Kazarian. Daniels took advantage of Referee Ricky Santana being stunned from a collision. Edwards was trying to revive Santana as daniels ran in the ring and used Brass Knucks to KO Richards. Daniels place Kazarian on to as Referee Santana woke to count. 13:45
TNA-Impact Wrestling (2012-14)
Sports Complex – Harlington, TX Att: 2,816
Spike TV

Commentators; Jason gentry and Joey Styles
Referees; Eric Watts & Jim Fullington (Sandman)
Ring; Christy Hemme

1. Murat Bosporus with Gasoline Alley’s Kingpin Thurman Holly and Chainsaw Joe Gacy; Double Count-Out. Gacy did what he could to win the match and made good use of his Vicious Slaughter Choke. Holly continually broke up the pin attempts as he was allowed a lot of leeway. During the OOR Action Murat, from Munich German ranked # 198 in PWI’s top 500,. used an Column Clothesline that sent Gacy flying from the ramp. Gacy grabbed Bosporus and both men fell hard into the pit below. 4:51

2. D-Line (Black Ice and Bodysnatcher) beat Blackheart Stable (Breaker Morant and AHTU) with Joel Goodheart. Bodysnatcher; Running Clothesline Pin over ACHU. Morant had a Sharp Object that he tried to use but got caught up in melee that got him slashed. After Reversed chairshots Morant had to leave tag and leave to ring blinded by blood. D-Line used Double Drop Kicks on AHTU and Bodysnatcher finished the match with the Clothesline finisher. 10:37

3. Brittany and Lei’d Tapa; Double Count-Out. Tapa at 225 lbs seemed at an advantage OOR but Brittany held her own and then some. The fight went up the ramp and into the food court. Lei’d tried a Running Clothesline on Brittany but missed and her momentum took her flying through the Popcorn Machine. Tapa dumped over several deep trays of Tex Ritter Ribs and last seen the two women were slipping around in Bar-B-Q sauce. 4:25

4. Flash Flanagan with King Kenny Bolin pinned The Freak with The Menagerie. The Freak used a Freak Buster (Thrust Spinebuster) and seemed to have a pin that Referee Jim Fullington missed. Glen “The Beast Osborn came to ringside and took advantage of several distractions. The Beast used his Chain to smash the Freak in the skull. Several members of Bolin Services came to ringside; Rob Conway, Jack Black along with Glen The Beast and fought with The Menagerie. Referee Fullington saw the pin and counted ending this very onfusing match. Joey Styles; “I have a feeling that King Kenny may have bit off more than he can chew. Time will tell.” 6:48

5. Jesse Sorenson; Facelock DDT Pin over Tryton. Tryton found a long plastic crate string and used it the choke ou Sorenson. Tryton then used his size for an advantage and caught Sorenson and perform a Chokeslam. Tryton got distracted when Brittany and Lei’d Tapa came back in the ring fighting. They smelled like Bar-B-Q Ribs. As they got to ringside Tapa looked in the ring and said to Referee Eric Watts; “Did I miss trhe count?” Jesse used a Torpedo Clothesline to set up the finisher. 7:46

6. Team 3-D (Bully Ray and Brother Devon) beat Goodfellas (Eddie Kingston and Craig Steele) with Mo Green. Devon; 3-D Drop through a Table Pin over Eddie Kingston. During OOR Action Steele’s head was cracked open by a slam to the Guard Rail. With Steele blinded by blood, Kingston was at a huge disadvantage against the veteran team. Mo Green tried to use a Blackjack but Bubba took it and smaked Mo over the head. After a Killing Blow Spinebuster Team 3-D got the table for the finish. Fullington must have had some nostalgic flashes of the ECW days. 8:16

7. Kenny King; Vegas Jackpot (DDT) Pin over Jay Lethal. Jay used a Lethal Combination (STO) and had the advantage when MVP came to ringside hold a microphone. Everyone assumed he was going to make an announcement after the match. To the shock of the fans, MVP got up on the ring apron and smashed Lethal in the head with the microphone. MVP handed Kenny a Roll of Betting Chips the were secures in a plastic tube. Kenny smashed jay in the chops and then used his finisher. 11:11

8. TNA Impact Title – Cowboy James Storm; Last call (Super Kick) Pin over Bobby Roode. Roode, an excellent technical wrestler along with his cheating, used The Payoff (Bridging Cradle Suplex) after a blistering Eye rake. Austin Aires came to ringside to help Bobby. He swung a Lead Pipe at Storm who was struggling to see. Storrm fell from the ring and Aires hit Bobby in the shoulder with the pipe by mistake. Storm climbed back in the ring as Roode fell to the canvas holding his shoulder. The Cowboy used a Falling Knee cruncher and after Bobby finally got up he was greeted with the Last call. Cowboy James storm is the NEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWWWWW TNA Impact Champion. 9:16
Fell’s Point Diner and Powell Crab Cakes presents;
Ring of Honor Wrestling (2012-14) on Sinclair Network
DuBurns Arena – Baltimore, MD Att: 1,508 (SRO)

Commentators; Bobby Cruise & Kevin Kelly
Referees; Brian Gorie & Al Snow Ring; Veda Scott

1. Mike Peterson; Exploder Suplex Pin over Notorius T.I.D. (‘Til I Die). During OOR Action T.I.D. had a Barbed Wire Plunger (one of his many weapons). He tried to use it to hit Mike in the head but the move got reversed. This left T.I.D. with a bad gash in his forehead. It didn’t stop him from smashing a trash Can over Mikes back. Both wrestlers crawled back to the ring beating the 20 count. Peterson, ranked 191 in PWI’s top 500, used a Running Clothesline on T.I.D. who was blinded by blood. This set up the Suplex finisher. 4:31

2. Breaker Morant with Joel Blackheart (Goodheart) won by DQ over Cody Deaner with Thurman Holly. Breaker used an Ice Breaker (Diving Body Smash) to gain a near pin. Cody used an Unemployment Clothsline to down Morant. Referee Al Snow was about to count Joel Blackheart tried to use a microphone to smash Cody in the head. He hit Referee Snaoe in the leg. Blackheart dropped the microphone and Holly nearby picked it up from the canvas floor. Al Snow turned to see Holly with the microphone and called for the bell. Deaner thought that he was the winner by pinfall. Holly was protesting to Snow but the decision stood. 6:13

3. Princess Mia Yim with Prince Nana and Taeler Hendrix; Double DQ. Referee Brian Gorie deemed the match out of hand when Maria Kanalis ran to the ring to help Yim and Holly Blossom ran out to help Taeler. Both entered the ring with weapons; Trash can Lid and a steel Vessichio cannoli tray. Prince Nana who doesn’t discriminate (he will smash women with his Ghanaian Money Bag as well as men) entered the ring. Al Snow at ringside jumped in the ring to stop the Prince. Gorie called for the bell. 5:14

4. Jigsaw; Jig n’ Tonic (Back to Belly Piledriver) Pin over Raul LaMotta. The arrogant LaMotta used a vicious Rope Burn that had Jigsaw holding his eyes in pain. LaMotta climbed the ropes for a Dos Amigos (Top Rope Splash). Raul landed heavily to the canvas when the speedy Jigsaw moved. A Slingshot Catapult set up the finisher. 3:25

5. Mike Bennett with Maria Kanalis; Box Office Smash (Wrist Lock Sit-Out Slam) Pin over Grizzly Redwood. The popular Grizzly was able to mount some offense exciting the fans when he performed an Ironwood (Neckbreaker) and was about to pin Mike when Maria, who retrieved Grizzly’s 2 x 3 lumber used it to hit Redwood in the head. Bennett wasted no time in ending the match with his finisher. 4:38

6. Adam Pearce won by Count-Out over B.J. Whitmer. During OOR Action in a pretty even match, Pearce resorted to his rougher style. He used a Fire Extinguisher to smash B.J. in the head seriously hurting him. Not satisfied Pearce had a Steel Chair that he used to ram the top end to B.J.’s stomach and the his throat. Whitmer was out cold and had to be hauled away on a stretcher and taken to the hospital. 9:22

7. Rotten Justice (Axl Rotten and Justice Pain) with Dave Prazak beat The Bravado Brothers (Harlem and Lancelot). Justice Pain; Superkick Pin over Harlem. Rotten Justice used illegal actions; Choke holds, eye rakes and Throat Drop with Knee to set the ongoing tone of the match. The Bravados showed their aerial ability and had a near pin on Axl when Harlem used a Top Rope Body Press (with the help of Lancelot). Dave Prazak who found the piece of lumber left behind when Grizzly Redwood was helped from the ring, smashed Lancelot on the leg distracting Harlem. Referee Brian Gorie was KO’d from a collision and missed the pin. Axl climbed the Turnbuckle and jumped holding a Pail. He hit Lacncelot in the head. Axl grabbed a chair for a This is Gonna Hurt Chairshot and whacked Harlem in the head. Justice Pain fell on Harlem for the pin as Referee Brian Gorie was waking up. Axl and Justice used Brass Nucks to pummel The Bravados after the match. Mike Peterson, Cody Deaner and Jigsaw ran to the ring to break up the slaughter. The DuBurns fans were stunned. 11:02

8. CAGE MATCH – Kevin Steen; Pin and Escape won over Mike Mondo. Mondo had a Foreign Object (taped piece of lead) that King Kenny Bolin slipped him on his way in the cage. Mondo used a Facebuster after a Smash with Foreign Object to almost pin Steen who was bleeding from a bad gash on his forehead. Steen countered by Raking Mondo’s face against the Steel Cage wall. Mondo was a bloody mess. Steen used an F-Cinq (Fireman Carry Facebuster) to pin Mondo who was blinded by blood as Steen climbed from the cage. 16:23
Madam Puddinfoot and Bonzair presents;
Ring of Honor Wrestling (2-12-14)
Memorial Auditorium – Spartansburg, SC Att: 2,416

Commentators; Bobby Cruise & Nigel McGuiness
Referees; Gino Colucci & Bill Irwin Ring; Leva Bates

1. NJPW-WCWA – Davey Boy Smith Jr.; Running Powerslam Pin over Martin Stanley Fuqua. M.S. Fuqua is the head of Fuqua Enterprises based in the Louisiana Bayou Belt. He normally has others do his bidding but is a loner right now. That is not likely to last long. Fuqua had a sharp Object (Special wood with 2 curved claws sticking out he calls Moc Fangs). Although he was able to put a few bad scra6thes in Davey’s back, the Foreign Object did not alter the match. Smith, ranked 98 in the PWI top 500, used a Flying Cannonball to set up the pin. The Running Powerslam, that his father used, is Davey’s finisher. 4:36

2. The Nigerian Nightmares (Maifu and Saifu) beat Shaolin Wrecking Crew (Majic and Suba). Saifu; Elephant Charge (Corner Squash) Pin over Majic. It is unlikely that the Spartanburg fans ever witnessed as much weigh (1600 lbs) from 2 teams facing each other. The surprising agile Suba tried to end the match with a 2nd Rope Vader Bomb but he crashed to the canvas putting him out of commission. The Nightmares used a doubleteam Skull Crusher on Majic and then propped him up for the finisher. The Nightmares continue their winning streak. 9:45

3. Maria Kanalis with Mike Bennett and Hanna Blossom with Holly Blossom; Double DQ. This was a mess waiting to happen. When Mia Yim wandered to the ring to help Maria it was the beginning of the end. Taeler Hendrix, who has no love lost for Kanalis and Bennett. followed Mia. Lei’d Tapa who was doing a promotion with George Vessichio lit out for the ring. All the women entered the ring and the Brawl was on. Mike Bennett concerned about his macho image went back to the locker area. Referee Gino Colucci called for the bell. 5:41

4. Tony Gunn won by DQ over Sheik Abdul Bashir. Tony was beaten with the Ghanaian Money Bag before the match. The match went OOR where Bashir had the huge advantage. After a Doubleteam Piledriver by Bashir and Sonjay Dutt, Gunn was out cold. Charlie Haas was a Cannoili Corner munching on a Cannoli while waiting for an interview. Charlie walked over to Bashir after Sonjay left and pushed the pastry into his face. Nana ran to get Sonjay for help as Haas used an Atomic Skull Crusher to the floor on Bashir. Charlie helped the dazed Gunn back to the ring. Referee Bill Irwin counted Bashir out at the 20 count. 3:59

5. Paul London; 450° Splash Pin over Anthony Nese. London used Illegal Chokes to wear Nese down but Anthony gained an edge with a Reverse Piledriver. London avoided a pin when Brian Kendrick came to the ring and used a Chairshot on Nese. London who should have been DQ’d (Referee Gino Colucci missed the Chairshot when he was jawing with Prince Nana still at ringside) used a Legsweep DDT to set up the pin. 6:24

6. Johnny Gargano; Crosston Crab (Boston) Submission over Craven Verro. Verro tried to end the match with a Top Rope Express (Fling Clothesline) but the momentum carroed him over and he was almost pinned. The talented Gargano used his Hurts Donut (STO) and then hooked in the Crab. 5:36

7. The Young Bucks (Matt and Nick Jackson) beat Forever Hooligans (Rocky Romero and Alexander Koslov). Matt; Doubleteam Superkick Pin over Koslov. Rocky used a Flying Knee Drop to stun Nick but the Hooligans didn’t follow up fast enough. The Bucks were using their speed to control the match. Koslov, who was bragging about his Soviet Strike (Superkick) being the best in wrestling was wanting to try it out on one of the bucks who also used a Superick. The Bucks threw the Hooligans into each other and then used the Doubleteam Superkicks to end the match. 13:58

8. Ring of Honor TV Title – Roderick Strong (Champion) with Truth Martini beat Bazooka Joe (Challenger). Joe was attacked by the Guardians of Truth (Mosh Thrasher) as he entered the ring. He lost points that he couldn’t afford to lose but that is always the overall plan of Martini. During the match Joe was able to use a Boom Punch and then a Bazooka Bomb that almost gave him the title. While Referee Bill Irwin was KO’d. Truth hit Bazooka with the Loaded book of Truth then The Necro Butch used a vicious choke on Bazooka. Roderick followed with a Gory Driver for the Pin. Roderick Strong retains the ROH TV Title. 11:46
Skip Church’s Bistro & The Mega Mart presents;
Ring of Honor Wrestling (2012-14) on Sinclair Networks
Rostraver Ice Gardens – Belle Vernon, PA Att: 1,796

Commentators; Kevin Kelly and Joey Styles
Referees; Paul Turner & Barry Horowitz Ring; Lucy Lufisto

1. NJPW-WCWA Matt Burns and Robbie McAlister; Double Count-Out. During OOR Action the two combatants traded Chairshots but neither gave in. The fight went up the ramp and into the Food Court. Both wrestlers collapsed before too much damage was done. Martin Stanley Fuqua was watching the OOR Brawl with keen interest. 4:42

2. NJPW-ECWA Hartley Jackson with Lord Mark Williamson; Death Valley Driver Pin over Black Ice. Ice used a falling Face Wrecker to gain an advantage. Williamson turned the tide with a Croquet Mallet Smash to the head. Jackson used a Gut-Wrench Suplex and then finished the match. 5:21

3. Da Hit Squad (Mafia Maff and Monster Mack) beat (???) Rave-On (Jimmy Rave and Ted McNalor). Maff; Crucifix Power Bomb Pin over McNalor. The Squad used a Vicious Doubleteam to wear down Jimmy after Ted was thrown head first from the ring to the floor below. With Jimmy beat to a pulp, Ted climbed back in the ring but was greeted with a Sledgehammer by the Monster. Mafff then used his Power Bomb to end the match. After conferring with Kevin Kelly, Referee Paul Turner has held up the decision because Ted may have been the legal man in the ring. Jimmy failed to tag him. Rave-On, a less than successful team so far has done this a few times and they were able to gain a No-Contest. The No-Contests are the winningest part of their record. 7:34

4. Justice Pain; Superkick Pin over Adam Flash. Adam used Last Call (Diving Legdrop) to nearly gain the pin. After kicking put several times Justice used a Wicked Kick to the Groin that keeled Flash over. Pain had a Hidden Foreign Object that he used to pummel Adam. The dazed Flash walked into the Super Kick. It seems that Justice pain is learning a lot from Axl Rotten his partner on the team of Rotten Justice. 4:56

5. Shimmer Title – Sweet Saraya Knight: Bridging Cradle Suplex Pin over Leva Bates. Little Leva used her speed to gain an early advantage and eventually hooked in and performed a Neckbreaker and a Fallen Hammer. Saraya was able to kick out of the pin attempt although most fans and both announcers felt that it was at least 4 count. This gave Saraya, from Norwich England, enough tome to spray some perfume into Leva’s eyes. The Bridging Cradle Suplex followed. (Sweet Saraya is the mother of Paige who wrestles in the WWE.) Sweet Saraya knight is the NEEEEEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW Shimmer Champion. 6:26

6. Matt Taven with Truth Martini and Adam Page; Double Count-Out. Taven and Martini wanted the OOR Action where they have the advantage. The Necro Butcher, Truth’s Toadie who is always nearby, was ready to take care of business on Page by Smashing a Cannoli Tray to Adam’s head then beat on him with a Rolling Pin. A Brutal Chairshot followed but things went bad from then on. The Guardians of Truth waiting for a match interfered for Taven with Charlie Haas and Sheldon Benjamin coming to help Page who was KO’d. George Vessichio, frustrated with Butcher who stole some utensils, handed Steel Cannoli Trays to Charlie and Sheldon who proceed to clean house. In the process Matt Taven was smashed over the head and KO’d. Neither wrestler could make the count. 6:52

7. World’s Greatest Tag Team (Charlie Haas and Sheldon Benjamin) beat Guardians of Truth (Headbanger Mosh and Headbanger Thrasher) with Truth Martini. Benjamin; Dragon Whip Pin over Mosh. The Necro Butcher had a Sharp Object that Thrasher used to cut Charlie during a scuffle. Charlie was bleeding and blinded by blood but pleaded with Referee Paul Turner let the match go on. The Guardians used a Stage Dive Doubleteam on Charlie leaving everyone to wonder if the match shouldn’t be called. As The Guardians congratulated each other Sheldon Benjamin ran in the ring and used a vicious Noggin Knocker to daze both Guardians. Sheldon used a T-Bone Suplex on Mosh and finished with the Dragon Whip. The Legal man wasn’t thought about as Referee Paul Turner counted. 11:48

Truth Martini has given up Cannolis claiming that George Vessichio favors other teams like Haas and Benjamin. "That's the Truth!!"

8. Adam Pearce; Spike Piledriver Pin over Mike Quackenbush. Mike used a Déjà Vu DDT to set Adam up for the pin. Referee Barry Horowitz was dazed from a collision as Justice pain came to ringside. Pain took advantage of the Referee being hurt and ran into the ring to deliver a Super Kick on Mike. Pearce made sure that Quackenbush was going to stay down by using Brass Nucks to slug Mike. 10:24
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