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ECW.....The Return!!!
(Friday, December 19, 2020 @ Capital Centre in Landover, MD)

- (OPENING MATCH) Dread pinned El Tigre with the Cutting Edge.

- Aeronaut pinned Stevie Richards with the View From Space.

- Raven pinned (ECW World Tag Team Champion) Talisman with the Raven DDT.

- (ECW World TV Champion & ECW World Tag Team Champion) Rob Van Dam pinned Revolver Binx with the Five Star Frog Splash.

- (ECW World Championship) KISS pinned Derek Grace with the Hotter Than Hell to retain the title.

- (MAIN EVENT) (Top Contenders 4-Team Dance) Samoan Express defeated Road Warriors 2.0, Philadelphia Pitbulls and Tommy Dreamer & The Sandman when Rhino Umaga made Road Warrior Jumbo submit to the Samoan Crab.
(Friday, December 26, 2020 @ Agganis Arena in Boston, MA)

- (OPENING MATCH) Road Warrior Jumbo pinned Samoan Machine with a rollup.

- El Tigre pinned Pitbull Johnson with the Tigre’s Claw.

- T-Bomb pinned Rhino Umaga with a rollup.

- Blade pinned (ECW World Champion) KISS with the Razor Blade in a Non-Title Match.

- (ECW World Tag Team Championship) (ECW World TV Champion) Rob Van Dam and Talisman defeated Raven and Revolver Binx when RVD pinned Raven with the Five Star Frog Splash to retain the titles.

- (MAIN EVENT) Chris Candell (w/Chastity) pinned Tommy Dreamer with The Slip.
(Sunday, December 28, 2020 @ Golden Dome in Monaca, PA)
(ECW Code Red)

- (OPENING MATCH) (Last Chance 6-pack Challenge) Goldust defeated Road Warrior Baine, Sabu, Revolver Binx, Derek Grace and Stevie Richards when Goldust pinned Grace with a rollup.

- Chris Candell (w/Chastity) pinned Aeronaut with The Slip.

- Tommy Dreamer pinned Raven with the Tommy Hawk.

- (ECW World Tag Team Championship) Talisman and The Sandman (sub. for Rob Van Dam) defeated Samoan Express when Talisman pinned Samoan Machine with the Platinum Idol to retain the titles.

- (ECW World TV Championship) (ECW World Tag Team Champion) Rob Van Dam pinned Corazon Purpura with the Rolling Thunder to retain the title.

- (MAIN EVENT) (ECW World Championship = 3-Way Dance) Blade defeated KISS and T-Bomb when Blade pinned T-Bomb with the Razor Blade to win the title.
Edited by SuperstarJimiC on 06/24/2020
(Monday, December 29, 2020) ECW NEWSWIRE

- Road Warrior Baine, Stevie Richards, Derek Grace and Revolver Binx were released by Extreme Championship Wrestling.

- Sgt. Slaughter, Cross, Hunter Moss and William Regal have signed with Extreme Championship Wrestling.
(Friday, January 2, 2021 @ Santander Arena in Reading, PA)

- (OPENING MATCH) William Regal pinned Hunter Moss with a rollup, due to outside interference from Chris Candell.

- El Tigre pinned Raven with the Tigre’s Claw.

- Sabu pinned Aeronaut with the Arabian Facebuster.

- (ECW World TV Championship) Pitbull Harris pinned (ECW World Tag Team Champion) Rob Van Dam when Harris nailed RVD with a pair of brass knuckles to win the title.

- (ECW World Championship) Blade pinned KISS with the Razor Blade to retain the title.

- (MAIN EVENT) (Top Contenders World 6-pack Challenge) Goldust defeated Road Warrior Jumbo, Rhino Umaga, Corazon Purpura, T-Bomb and Dread when Goldust pinned Dread with the Shattered Dreams.
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