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Posted by Downey Games on May 19, 2016 - 02:35 PM

Downey Games is proud to announce the release of the 2016 College Baseball Year Book for Ultra Quick Baseball.

This year book contains all of the college teams from 2016 in Divisions I, II, III, the NAIA, and new for 2016, all three divisions of Junior College Baseball. There are 1300+ teams rated in this year book. The Year Book also includes a SOS system, so you can match up any team realistically.

The E-book is available here:

The Printed Year Book is available here:

The purpose of this game is to quickly simulate scores and standings for baseball leagues. You can use the game as a companion to a play-by-play baseball game, or as a stand-alone game in which you play out the season and watch the pennant races unfold.

Each team is accurately rated for their hitting, pitching and defense as well as how they perform when playing at home and how they handle pressure situations. The combination of these ratings gives you a very accurate picture of each team. In addition to the team ratings, we also provide you with a quick and simple method for normalizing teams across eras. So, you can effortlessly determine the best team of all time if you choose, without worrying about any biases.

As the name implies, the games play out Ultra Quick! Now you can finally complete that full baseball season on your tabletop with Ultra Quick Baseball.

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