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Posted by Dave_Barton on Nov 28, 2005 - 04:35 AM

RWG is proud to announce its upcoming set based on the AWA! If you have not already joined my Yahoo Group for Retro Wrestling Games, I encourage you to do so! Even if you only wanted to stick around for 5 to 7 days! Why?

Its time for another giveaway!

First there was Georgia Championship Wrestling! Then there was Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling! The 3rd installment was the World Wide Wrestling Federation! (Go download the Rulebooks in the Downloads section if you're not yet familiar with RWG!)

Now my American Wrestling Association set is just a few days away from release, and I'm continuing my tradition of giving away another free PDF copy (or half-price Printed copy, if you prefer) for nothing more than being in my Yahoo group & clicking a button! Join the group, enter the contest via the Poll, and then leave when its over if you want! I won't hold it against ya! Just click "I WANT ONE!!!" on my latest Poll to be entered into a random drawing!

And this time, there's one minor have your choice of which set you want if you win! if you'd prefer GCW, MACW, or WWWF instead of the new AWA set, then its your's!

For more info on the upcoming AWA Roster, go to my Yahoo Group! (Below...under my sig!)

- Dave Barton, creator of Retro Wrestling Games(tm)

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