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Posted by jdowneyadmin on Jul 15, 2005 - 07:09 PM

By popular demand, we are proud to release Hardcore Revolution for Ultra Quick Wrestling.

Hardcore Revolution features 84 wrestlers that participated in a wrestling federation that revolutionized the industry!

Unlike or other season sets, the Hardcore Revolution yearbook rates each wrestler at the height of their individual popularity. The result is a ultra competitive, wide open set of wrestlers.

You can purchase the printed yearbook by clicking <a href="">here.

</a>You can purchase the E-Book by clicking <a href="">here.

Click "(read more)" to see who is included in the set.

The Hardcore Revolution Yearbook features the following wrestler ratings:

Shane Douglas
Rob Van Dam
Bam Bam Bigelow
Terry Funk
Mike Awesome
Tommy Dreamer
Mikey Whipwreck
Justin Credible
Masato Tanaka
Jerry Lynn
Lance Storm
Mick Foley
Dean Malenko
Too Cold Scorpio
Eddy Guerrero
Chris Benoit
Chris Jericho
Sid Vicious
Chris Candido
Steve Corino
Yoshihiro Tajiri
Dusty Rhodes
Super Crazy
Al Snow
Danny Doring
John Kronus
Bubba Dudley
Balls Mahoney
DVon Dudley
Steve Austin
New Jack
Perry Saturn
C.W. Anderson
Kevin Sullivan
Pitbull #2
Stevie Richards
Kid Kash
J.T. Smith
Spike Dudley
Julio Dinero
Big Dick Dudley
Chris Chetti
EZ Money
Pitbull #1
Vito Lograsso
Vic Grimes
Louie Spicolli
Simon Diamond
Brian Lee
Blue Meanie
Johnny Swinger
Mr. Hughes
Mustapha Saed
Chris Hamrick
Little Guido
Joey Matthews
Phil Lafon
Tommy Rich
Christian York
Doug Furnas
Tony Mamaluke
Tommy Rogers
Tracy Smothers
Jack Victory
Rockin' Rebel
Dudley dudley
Hack Meyers
Axl Rotten
Ian Rotten
Johnny Grunge
Rocco Rock
Rey Mysterio Jr.
Jason Knight

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