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Posted by: jdowneyadmin on Jul 29, 2005 - 07:25 AM
  Announcing the Best of WCCW
Here are the wrestlers included in the set:

Abdullah The Butcher
Al Madril
Al Perez
Andre The Giant
Angel of Death
Bart Batten
Big Daddy Bundy
Bill Irwin
Billy Jack Haynes
Black Bart
Blackjack Mulligan
Bobby Eaton
Bobby Fulton
Boris Zuchoffe
Brad Batten
Brian Adias
Brian Blair
Brian Lee
Brickhouse Brown
Bruiser Brody
Buck Zumhoff
Buddy Roberts
Buggsy McGraw
Buzz Sawyer
Cactus Jack Manson
Captain USA
Chavo Guerrero Sr
Chris Youngblood
Crusher Yurkov
Dave Peterson
David Von Erich
Dennis Condrey
Dingo Warrior
Dizzy Hogan
Dory Funk Jr.
Eric Embry
Frank Lancaster
Fritz Von Erich
Gentlemen Chris Adams
George Welles
Gino Hernandez
Gorgeous Jimmy Garvin
Grappler #1
Grappler #2
Hacksaw Butch Reed
Harley Race
Hercules Hernandez
Iceman King Parsons
Jack Victory
Jake Roberts
Jeep Swensen
Jeff Jarrett
Jerry Allen
Jerry Lawler
Jimmy Golden
Jimmy Jack Funk
Joe LeDuc
John "Hollywood" Tatum
Johnny Mantell
Jose Lothario
Jules Strongbow
Junk Yard Dog
Kelly Kiniski
Kendall Windham
Kerry Von Erich
Kevin Sullivan
Kevin Von Erich
Killer Kahn
Koko Ware
Lance Von Erich
Les Thorton
Maniac Mark Lewin
Maniac Matt Bourne
Mark Youngblood
Michael PS Hayes
Mighty Zulu
Mike Davis
Mike Scott
Mike Von Erich
Mil Mascaras
Mr. Zin
Nord The Barbarian
Norvell Austin
One Man Gang
Ravishing Rick Rude
Ric Flair
Rick Dubois
Ricky Morton
Rip Oliver
Robert Gibson
Roddy Piper
Scott Braddock
Scott Casey
Scott Irwin
Shaun Simpson
Shawn Michaels
Skip Young
Spike Huber
Spike Johnson
Spoiler #1
Spoiler #2
Stan Stasiak
Steve "dr.death" Williams
Steve Cox
Steve Doll
Steve Regal
Steve Simpson
Stunning Steve Austin
Super American Ninja
Super Ninja
Super Zodiac
Taras Bulba
Tatsumi Fujinami
Ted Arcidi
Terry Funk
Terry Gordy
Terry Simms
Terry Taylor
The Great Kabuki
The Missing Link
The Punisher
Tim Brooks
Tommy Lane
Tommy Montana
Tommy Rogers
Tony Atlas
Toru Tanaka


Jim Cornette
Percy Pringle III
Gary Hart
Baby Doll
Missy Hyatt
Skandor Akbar
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