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Posted by: jdowneyadmin on Jun 21, 2005 - 11:55 AM
  1991 UQ Wrestling Supplemental Set Released
Included in the set are the following:


Black Bart
Shane Douglas
Dale Wolfe
Jim Brunzell
Buddy Rose
Saba Simba
Kerry Von Erich
The Mariner
The Mountie
Reno Riggins
Cleo Reed
Doug Vines
Joe Turner
Allen Reynolds
Jeff Sword
Pat Tanaka
The Berzerker
Jerry Saggs
Brian Knobbs
Mike Williams
Tom King
Len Wagner
Terrance Blaylock
Major Yates
Izzy Slapowitz
The Miser
Jesse Knight
Chris Chavis
Chris Walker
One Man Gang
Brian Johnson
Koko B Ware
Sonny Blaze
Sam Houston
Dusty Rhodes
Brooklyn Brawler
Tommy Landell
Ted Oates
Dusty Wolfe
Bushwacker Luke
Bushwacker Butch
Jim Powers
Bob Bradley
Max Nelson
Jim Raye
Roddy Piper
Louie Spicolli
Boris Zhukov
Davey Boy Smith
Kevin Greeno
Frankie Lancaster
Pete Sanchez
Pete Doherty
Bob Holly
Col Mustafa
Genichiro Tenryu
Koji Kitao
Black Knight
Barry O
Riki Ataki
The Genius
Siva Afi
The Great Kabuki
Kendo Nagasaki
Giant Haystacks
Angel of Death
Ricky Rice
John Paul
Red Tyler
Buck Zumhoff
Hillbilly Jim
Black Demon
Dave Taylor
Tony St. Clair
Danny Boy Collins
Skull Murphy
Drew McDonald
Johnny Smith
Johnny Ace
The Trooper
The Intruder
Beau Beverly
Blake Beverly
The Undertaker
Chi Chi Cruz
Brian Pillman
Robert Gibson
Riki Chosyu
Bill Dundee
Antonio Inoki
Rick Rude
Dan Spivey
Col DeBeers
Black Blood
Nikita Koloff
Ken Patera
Terry Funk
Wild Samoan Savage
Dynamite Kid
Bobby Eaton
Stan Lane
Larry Zbyszko
Doug Furnas
Mr. Saito
Dirty White Boy
Robert Fuller
Tommy Jammer


Col Mustafa
General Adnan
Paul Ellering
Jimmy Hart
Mr. Fuji
Brother Love
Paul Bearer
Andre the Giant
The Genius
Harvey Wippleman
Paul E Dangerously
Abu Wizal
Miss Elizabeth
Jim Cornette
George Gillett
Mr. Perfect
Gary Hart
Bobby Heenan
Diamond Dallas Page
Alexandra York
Sherri Martel
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