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  1934-35 NHL for Power Play Hockey  Popular
Description: Here is the 1934-35 NHL season for Power Play Hockey. Only season for the St. Louis Eagles.
Filesize: 245.08 Kb
Added on: 20-Dec-2010
Downloads: 584
Category: Hockey Games / Power Play
  1947-48 NHL for Power Play Hockey  Popular
Description: I have created a bunch of leagues and seasons for Power Play Hockey. I deleted individual defense ratings since the goalkeepers average displays the real actual team defense (IMO). If you want defense ratings, the game instructions will tell you how to do them and go for it!
I have devised a new rating, INJ. To avoid overuse of high rated players with very few games played, this is the best system I can think of, as well as an alternative way to play players that played for two or three teams in a season in a realistic fashion. Before your contest, roll two d10 and read them as a percentage. If the player's rating is within the dice range, he will sit out. Example if INJ rating is 50 and you roll a 49, the player sits out. If you run short of players, you can re-roll or insert the players needed that are the lowest rated. Any questions feel free to contact me by email.
Filesize: 205.57 Kb
Added on: 20-Dec-2010
Downloads: 672
Category: Hockey Games / Power Play
  1956-57 AHL for Power Play Hockey 
Description: Introducing the 1956-57 American Hockey League for Power Play Hockey! Six teams, all farm teams for the NHL. I chose this season as a heartfelt tribute to Don Cherry, who played for the Hershey Bears this season. He finished second in penatly minutes behind teammate Larry "The Rock" Zeidel. True story, Larry wanted to finish on top in the penalty minute race and was second behind "Grapes". Well Cherry took a penalty and in a fit of "looniness", Zeidel skated to the penalty box, ripped the door open and hurled it onto the ice. Referee banished him for the game and therefore got his wish, penalty minute leader of the AHL. Inspiration for the season came from the great CBC movie "Keep Your Head Up Kid-The Don Cherry Story".
Filesize: 285.38 Kb
Added on: 18-Feb-2011
Downloads: 435
Category: Hockey Games / Power Play
  1972-73 WHA for Power Play Hockey  Popular
Description: 1972-73 WHA for Power Play Hockey. Will New England take the first Avco Cup or will Bobby Hull guide the Jets to the championship.....or will it be some other team? Great season for Power Play!
Version: 1
Filesize: 618.57 Kb
Added on: 22-Jun-2011
Downloads: 872
Category: Hockey Games / Power Play
  1973-74 Western Canada Hockey League 
Description: Another season for Power Play Hockey. the 1973-74 WCHL was an exciting season, won by the Regina Pats. Individual stars include Ron Chipperfield of Brandon with 90 goals and 162 points, Flin Flon's Al Hiller with 108 assists and future NHLers Mike Rogers, Brian Trottier, Danny Gare, Terry Ruskowski and Dave "Tiger" Williams. This season also features the Gassoff Brothers Lots of penalty minutes with these players and teams. Enjoy!
Version: 1
Filesize: 323.80 Kb
Added on: 18-Feb-2011
Downloads: 487
Category: Hockey Games / Power Play
  1977-78 IHL for Power Play 
Description: Hi Gang, got bored again so I decided to rate another minor league, this time, the rough and tumble International Hockey League of 1977-78. Nine teams, one relocated mid-season, a Sports Illustrated article by Peter Gammons profiling a player, not carded, who was suspended for life this particular season and ended up in the WHA. That wild brawl was described in detail in SI and is probably the first article on the International Hockey League written in the magazine until the mid 90's when the IHL became "major" league during the lockout. Teams dressed three forward lines, two defense pairs and one spare, usually a defenseman and two netminders. Lots of player movement so use the injury rule.....Mark Toffolo was traded three times, and is carded for 3 of his four teams.
Filesize: 243.30 Kb
Added on: 18-Feb-2011
Downloads: 463
Category: Hockey Games / Power Play
  1977-78 Pacific Hockey League for Power Play Hockey 
Description: The first season of the Pacific Hockey League is represented here for Power Play Hockey. Four team league that started late December, 1977, several weeks after the CHL Phoenix Roadrunners folded. Original PHL had all four teams in California: San Francisco, San Diego, Long Beach and Los Angeles. LA was replaced by Phoenix after the Runners folded. One month into the season, the Long Beach Sharks ran out of money and became wards of the league. They also changed their name to the Rockets and played with red practice jerseys the remainder of the season.
Filesize: 109.46 Kb
Added on: 20-Dec-2010
Downloads: 418
Category: Hockey Games / Power Play
  1978-79 QMJHL for Power Play 
Description: Presenting the 1978-79 Quebec Major Junior Hockey League. All ten teams, including the powerful Trois Rivieres Draveurs who went 58-6-6! Not only powerful teams but such great players who went on to the NHL: Denis Savard, Ray Bourque, Jimmy Mann, Mark Hardy, Steve Penney, Marc Crawford, J. F. Sauve, Guy Carbonneau....the list goes on!

Teams suited up 17 players and two netminders. Don't be intimidated by the goalies who are rated 1...there are a few there!
Filesize: 270.25 Kb
Added on: 17-Jan-2011
Downloads: 454
Category: Hockey Games / Power Play
  2002-03 Atlantic Coast Hockey League for Power Play Hockey 
Description: 2002-03 ACHL was the only year of the six team loop, located in the southeast US. League was dominated by the Orlando Seals that season. Before the season started, there were several cities that were appointed franchises but either folded or moved (Birmingham and Tallahassee), one team was in operations one day, not the next, back on the next day (Knoxville) and two franchises thrown together to make sure the league had six teams (Macon and St. Petersburg). St. Pete relocated to Winston-Salem due to poor attendance and after the relocation attendance was worse. Macon, due to late start, had a terrific team on the ice but no butts in the seats (I went to one game and I counted about 200 people). Jacksonville had no money, got bought by the same guy who bought Orlando and Macon and ALMOST relocated the team to Birmingham when the Coliseum commission and the 'Cudas came to a lease agreement to the new Arena. By the end of the season, a huge power play was being waged by the league commissioner and the owner (or majority owners) of Jacksonville, Macon and Orlando. At the conclusion of the playoffs, won by Orlando, the league dissolved, two of the teams went one way (Southeast Hockey League) and the rest formed WHA 2). Following THAT season, which doomed both leagues, smart ones got brilliant, kissed and made up, formed the Southern Professional Hockey League that is still playing hockey to this day.

Filesize: 163.48 Kb
Added on: 20-Dec-2010
Downloads: 483
Category: Hockey Games / Power Play
  Computerized FACS for PP Hockey  Popular
Description: Computerized FACS for PP Hockey
Filesize: 6.64 Kb
Added on: 10-Mar-2003
Downloads: 1676
Category: Hockey Games / Power Play
  Power Play Hockey Rules  Popular
Description: A scan of the original Power Play Hockey rules
Filesize: 1.14 MB
Added on: 17-Jan-2010
Downloads: 2064
Category: Hockey Games / Power Play
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