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  2015 Le Mans Car game Pieces  Popular
Description: Car playing pieces for the WOMR 2015 Le Mans race.
Filesize: 603.35 Kb
Added on: 07-Oct-2016
Downloads: 530
Category: Racing Games / World of Motor Racing
  2015 WEC Car Playing Pieces 
Description: This is the playing piece car set for the rest of the 2015 WOMR WEC races.
Filesize: 684.05 Kb
Added on: 07-Oct-2016
Downloads: 464
Category: Racing Games / World of Motor Racing
  World of Motor Racing 2015 WEC/Le Mans Ratings  Popular
Description: One of my favorite modules of WOMR is Le Mans. Unfortunately there haven't been may updates in recent years. So, I created my own homebrew ratings for the 2015 race. After that I rated the entire WEC for 2015.

I like racing game that involves moving little cars around a track. Avalon Hill's Indy 500 game is a favorite of mine. After creating a set of control sheets for the 2015 WEC I created a set of cars to replace the ones included with the game. Some of the cars may not be he actual versions, but the give me the flavor of the 2015 season. I print them out on a color laser printer using sticker paper. I attach the sheet to foam board and cut out the individual cars with a hobby knife.

For the tracks there are a number of board game out there with usable tracks. I am currently using the tracks included in Ultimate Race, by Lance Publishing. It comes in French and English. I picked it up on ebay about a year ago. There are 8 tracks printed on two sided sheets of cardboard. The tracks are fictitious but the 8 different courses give a real feel of racing in different venues. I also use these tracks for other WOMR games.

To play the six hours of the WEC, I use the following house rules:

-The race consists of 12 turns, each representing 30 minutes. I check for incidents and weather changes only at the start of each hour (6 times during the race). To determine the number of laps completed, count the number of spaces covered by the willing car and multiply by the adjustment factor listed on the control sheet. Laps are represented by 2 spaces instead of 5. A car 1 space behind the winner is on the same lap. Cars 2-3 spaces behind are 1 lap down, etc, etc. I use the first 6 hours for determining any additional incidents. I also use the Le Mans track display and current day charts.

I did not rate the LMGTEAm cars. This keeps the fields smaller for the 6 hour events and creates a full 36 car field for Le Mans. This file contains the Race Control sheets for the 2015 season. If you try these out, give me your feedback. If there is interest, I will share my ratings as I rate the seasons going back through the years.
Filesize: 59.32 Kb
Added on: 07-Oct-2016
Downloads: 568
Category: Racing Games / World of Motor Racing
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