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  All Time Greats Roster File  Popular
Description: A new All Time Great Teams file (ATGT_1.xls), which has per game averages (points/rebounds/assists) for each player. This file will need to be downloaded by anyone downloading the new (version 1.6) helper file.
Version: 1.6
Filesize: 23.33 Kb
Added on: 12-Nov-2003
Downloads: 1412
Category: Basketball Games / Replay Basketball
  File Formatter  Popular
Description: The third file (workbook) is for people, that already have data files full of information, who need or want the new ATGT file format, but who do not want to copy and paste all of that information.

The workbook contains a single macro. Just open your ATGT workbook and this workbook. Make the ATGT workbook the active workbook and then run the "FormatExistingFiles" macro. There is an "Explanation" sheet included and it should be read before doing anything.
Version: 1.6
Filesize: 11.53 Kb
Added on: 12-Nov-2003
Downloads: 708
Category: Basketball Games / Replay Basketball
  Replay Hoops Helper  Popular
Description: **New in Verson 1.7**

Here's a new zip with all new files. This fixes a couple of bugs. In the main program, when starting a new game, when teams were loaded, it wasn't deleting the existing "Team Rebounds" in the "Visitor" & "Home" sheets.

The file updater program worked fine except that I forgot to set the formulae in the new cells to calculate the Per Game Averages.

The ATGT_1.xls file did not have the formulae in it either as I ran the file updater on it to test the updater.

You can just rerun the updater program again, and I've made it so that existing Games Played numbers are saved.

*** New in Version 1.6 ***

The new main Helper file which now allows you to print out a box score at the end of a game.

***New in Version 1.5a***

Added a forced rest tracking feature


***New in version 1.5 ***
New Features:

1) Larger Stat Cells = easier stat tabulating

2) Multiple OT tracking

3) Ability to Save a Game In Progress. "Explanation" sheet has been updated to cover this. Be sure to read it.


***New in version 1.4b***
Now tracks player fatigue and fixes a minor error.

**New in version 1.4a**
"I did some "cleaning up" in version 1.4 and inadvertently created a bug where the stats were not being saved back to the "master" team file. Sorry if this caused anyone any problems."

New in version 1.4

I have add the ability to track Hot/Cold shooters to the helper. Plus quarter scores are now displayed. If you download this version of the helper you must download the same version of ATGT_1.xls


Okay fellow Basketballers, this is an Excel Replay Basketball Helper program. It doesn't play the game. It isn't "automated" with all of the charts and cards (except the FACs, of course). It's just a helper. You will have to purchase the game from Replay Publishing for this helper to be of any use. It's sole purpose is to help you play Replay Basketball on you tabletop.

First of all, thanks to Pete & Dave for a great game! Thanks also to Brien Martin, as this is an extension of his FAC flipper. Though this looks much different than the flippers, I do use the FAC & TIME sheets that Brien created for his flippers.


Quick and easy tabulating of all stats. Two mouse clicks to tabulate any stat.

Saves all game stats, including Defensive stats, back to the "master" Team sheet.

Auto tracks REST!

Quick and easy substitutions. Three mouse clicks and it's done. (Sorry, it doesn't move the cards around on your tabletop) ;)

Use stock Team workbooks (ATGT_1.xls included) or create your own draft Team workbooks. Both will work with the program.

Tracks Team fouls, Time Outs, & Periods.

Begins with period #1 and moves automatically through each new period. Knows when it's overtime, and when the game is finished.

Auto updating of the score when successful baskets are tabulated.

All stats are totaled, both individually and team as the game progresses.

Hopefully, this will increase your enjoyment of this great game.

These is an "Explanation" sheet in the main helper workbook to help you understand how the program works, and to help you create your own Team workbooks. Make sure that you put both the main Helper workbook and any and all Team workbooks into the same folder/directory.

All feedback/suggestions welcome.


Mike Glaze
Version: 1.7
Filesize: 223.35 Kb
Added on: 21-Nov-2003
Downloads: 1363
Category: Basketball Games / Replay Basketball
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