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Category: Basketball Games

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  1989-1990 Nothing But Net Player Cards  Popular
Description: 4 teams from the 1989-1990 season, Boston, Chicago, Detroit, Los Angeles.
Filesize: 957.38 Kb
Added on: 08-Nov-2008
Downloads: 1068
Category: Basketball Games
  1989-1990 Nothing But Net Player Cards (Updated)  Popular
Description: Corrected several player positions that were wrong due to program error.
Filesize: 138.22 Kb
Added on: 08-Nov-2008
Downloads: 947
Category: Basketball Games
  Basketball Bones  Popular
Description: This is a sample Rare Play Board (to be used in the 1st quarter, though for now it could be used for the entire game) for Basketball Bones. Eventually, the game will include Rare Play Boards for each quarter and overtime.
Filesize: 85.90 Kb
Added on: 11-Sep-2008
Downloads: 899
Category: Basketball Games
Homepage | Details
  Basketball Bones  Popular
Description: This is a PDF file that contains the cards for the 2007-08 Cleveland Cavaliers for Basketball Bones.
Filesize: 51.32 Kb
Added on: 11-Sep-2008
Downloads: 852
Category: Basketball Games
Homepage | Details
  Basketball Bones  Popular
Description: These are the instructions for a home-brewed basketball game I'm working on that is played entirely with dice -- 3d6 (red, white, and blue), and 1d8. Only two teams have been rated so far: 2007-08 Detroit and Cleveland. But more to come!
Filesize: 79.00 Kb
Added on: 11-Sep-2008
Downloads: 1698
Category: Basketball Games
Homepage | Details
  Basketball Bones  Popular
Description: This is a PDF file that contains the cards for the 2007-08 Detroit Pistons for Basketball Bones.
Filesize: 48.81 Kb
Added on: 11-Sep-2008
Downloads: 835
Category: Basketball Games
Homepage | Details
  C and D Basketball Final Four Editon  Popular
Description: Hello,

Here is a sample version of my new game, C and D Basketball. It recreates the action of a NCAA basketball game using the materials in this file, a deck of playing cards and three standard six sided dice.

This version contains the 2007 NCAA Division I Men's Final Four: Florida, Ohio State, UCLA and Georgetown. All players are rated for 2 point and 3 point shooting, as well as rebounding, defense and moving the ball. The shooting abilities are also used as a fatigue factor during the game.

I have rated all of the NCAA Division I Men's teams from last season for the complete edition of this game. I also created a 2006-2007 NBA version of this game. Both are available on Ebay under C and Basketball (NBA or NCAA) Edition. I also have a combination deal if you like both types of basketball at a reduced price there.

I hope you'll enjoy the game.
Version: Final Four
Filesize: 178.38 Kb
Added on: 12-Aug-2007
Downloads: 1046
Category: Basketball Games
  Evan's NCAA Stat Basketball  Popular
Description: The game uses six sets of skills to simulate a college basketball game. In the game you can either play each
possession out one at a time or you can select the "Sim" option (hold down the enter key for a VERY quick sim)
and have the computer play out each possession and select each shot for you.

Game keeps track of statistics!
Version: 1.0
Filesize: 682.34 Kb
Added on: 10-Mar-2008
Downloads: 1470
Category: Basketball Games
Description: Highlight Maker Basketball is a quick-play game that takes you from opening tip to final buzzer through an NBA game's biggest dunks, most miraculous layups, fiercest blocks, and boldest steals. By Soren Narnia
Version: 2005
Filesize: 708.50 Kb
Added on: 12-Oct-2005
Downloads: 1499
Category: Basketball Games
  Kings of the Boards basketball demo  Popular
Description: Demo version of my forthcoming game on basketball, featuring Italian Serie A1 1989/1990
Filesize: 129.23 Kb
Added on: 08-Aug-2010
Downloads: 966
Category: Basketball Games
  Kings of the Boards scoresheet  Popular
Description: Sample scoresheet for the game
Filesize: 25.25 Kb
Added on: 08-Aug-2010
Downloads: 739
Category: Basketball Games
  Nothing But Net Basketball  Popular
Description: I would like to announce the official release of R.E.F.S. Games Nothing But Net Basketball.
Just like Hard Hitting Hockey there are NO CHARTS! And all results come straight from the cards.
Nothing But Net Basketball has two and three point shots, passing, fouls, steals, blocked shots, turnovers, rebounds, fast breaks, and even pressure defense.
Our demo includes 4 great teams from the 1989-1990 season. This season includes the Celtics with Bird, McHale, Parrish, the Bulls with Jordan and Pippen, Detroit with Isiah, Dumars, and Laimbeer, and the Lakers with Magic and Worthy.
You can try it right now by downloading the all the available parts of the game or head on over to Any questions or comments are welcome at
Filesize: 34.75 Kb
Added on: 08-Nov-2008
Downloads: 1273
Category: Basketball Games
  Nothing But Net Play-by-Play Cards  Popular
Description: These cards are used with the Nothing But Net Basketball Game.
Filesize: 21.89 Kb
Added on: 08-Nov-2008
Downloads: 1080
Category: Basketball Games
  Nothing But Net Scoresheet  Popular
Description: Scoresheet for the Nothing But Net Basketball Game
Filesize: 2.91 Kb
Added on: 08-Nov-2008
Downloads: 821
Category: Basketball Games
Description: With the new upcoming NBA season behind the corner do not miss the opportunity to have a look at this basketball game:


You have in your hands a game that allows you to recreate NBA games quickly and in a very realistic way using two six-sided dice of different colour (one dark and one white for example) and the team charts. A ruler can also be useful if you want. You are not the coach, but a spectator attending the game, watching the development of the game and the stats accumulating in a very realistic manner. You have a BASIC GAME, very simple and fast to play, and an ADVANCED GAME, where you choose the statistical detail you desire, having the possibility to keep track of minutes played by each player, blocks, steals, six fouls disqualifictions, team possessions, the possibility to use special playoffs rules and so on. You will need more time to play if you desire more detail, anyway, after having learned the very simple mechanism you will be able to play in about 30 minutes keeping every kind of individual stats.
Regular Season Basketball is ideal to replay a whole season since actual games played by each player are also recreated thanks to the “Rest Chart” to be used at the beginning of the game.
Every single game is played through several segments, each one representing three minutes of real play. In every segment, each team will roll the two dice once to determine the score and the stats, after four segments a quarter of 12 minutes will be over. To end the game 16 dice rolls by each team are

For more informations contact me at

Version: 1.0
Filesize: 67.93 Kb
Added on: 05-Nov-2010
Downloads: 1224
Category: Basketball Games
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