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Category: Hockey Games

Downloads also available in Hockey Games sub-categories:

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  Center Ice Hockey (11)     CHS Hockey (4)     Classic Hockey (19)     FASTSCORE Hockey (1)   
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  World's Greatest Hockey (5)   

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  2007-2008 Playoff Player Cards  Popular
Description: I was only able to download eight of the sixteen playoff teams for now from the 2007-2008 season. Simply print out the first three pages of each team (page 4 just has stats) and then if you choose you can flip them over and print page 5 on the back of the cards. Each team has 27 players, but only 20 can dress.

Your comments are always welcome and if you have any questions at all or you would like to know how you can get all thirty teams please donít hesitate to send me an e-mail at
Filesize: 1.68 MB
Added on: 22-Oct-2008
Downloads: 1086
Category: Hockey Games
  Crowded Crease Chaos  Popular
Description: Breakaways. Brutal hits. Miracle saves. Freak rebounds. Hat tricks. Missed open nets. This hockey simulation mimics the flow of a hockey game highlighted by big plays, comebacks, and superlative performances by the individual players you most want to see bust out. By Soren Narnia.
Version: 2006
Filesize: 390.50 Kb
Added on: 02-Apr-2006
Downloads: 1465
Category: Hockey Games
  Hard Hitting Hockey Rules  Popular
Description: If youíre looking for a great new hockey game unlike anything youíve ever seen before, then you have got to try Hard Hitting Hockey. What makes this game so unique is there are NO CHARTS!

How many times have you had to look up a result on a chart only to lose track of the play in progress. In Hard Hitting Hockey, all results come straight from the player cards, so there are no distractions. This allows you to really get into the game.

Once you learn a few basic rules the game is quick and entertaining, just like the real thing. With no charts to slow you down the game has plenty of action, the way the game was meant to be played.

Hard Hitting Hockey includes everything you would want to find in a hockey game. It has inside and outside shots, passing, hits, steals, blocked shots, turnovers, rebounds, penalties, odd man rushes, great plays, fights, misconducts, and even breakaways.

Play-by-play cards enhance the speed of the game and with continued action a game can be played in no time at all. You might say how can all this be possible? TRY IT! What do you have to lose? Here are the rules, and I will upload the sixteen playoff team cards from the 2007-08 season, along with play-by-play cards and the scoresheet for you to try. All you need are two different colored six sided dice.

So once again, try Hard Hitting Hockey. Who knows, you might like it. Your comments are well appreciated and if you have any questions at all please donít hesitate to send me an e-mail at
Filesize: 58.00 Kb
Added on: 22-Oct-2008
Downloads: 1309
Category: Hockey Games
  Hockey Statistics Spreadsheet  Popular
Description: This is a reconstruction of Mark Miller's original program called AutoStat for Baseball.

I have redone the Visual Basic code into a hockey profile. Skaters have replaced hitters and Goalies have replaced pitchers.

I also added a new dimension for those of us who still play the game with the cards. When you load the home and visiting teams it also generates a manual scoresheet that you can print off on a single piece on letter sized paper complete with three blocks at the bottom to record the penalties and scoring.

I've been using the program for quite a while but finally got around to fine tuning it over the last month. Hopefully, the 'kinks' are worked out.

Hope you enjoy this as much as I do. Thanks to Marm for his original work to use as a guide.
Version: 1
Filesize: 1.14 MB
Added on: 13-Nov-2004
Downloads: 1161
Category: Hockey Games
  Hockey Stats Keeper 
Description: This can be used with any hockey game. You will need Libre Office to use it, but Libre is free.
On the first sheet, the total sheet, you need you input all players names and then copy and paste them on the other pages in the exact same order and cell or it won' t work.
The rest of the sheets are names Game1, Game2, Game3 and so on. Just fill them out after each game.
One more thing, when filling out the game sheets, GP is always 1 and for goalies GP-1 and W L T are also always 1.
The total sheet will add them all.
If you need help, just email me.
Filesize: 54.30 Kb
Added on: 11-Jul-2016
Downloads: 244
Category: Hockey Games
  Play-by-play Cards  Popular
Description: Play-by-play cards needed to play Hard Hitting Hockey. After printing cards you have the option to flip them over and print page 9 on the back. Any questions or comments please donít hesitate to send me an e-mail at
Filesize: 77.50 Kb
Added on: 22-Oct-2008
Downloads: 1056
Category: Hockey Games
  Program IV HOCKEY  Popular
Description: Here are the rules and the definition charts. There is also a game clock. Enjoy! If you modify, let me know so i can start updating. Also, I look forward to hopefully having you enjoy some of my own Fun-natic Sports creations.
Version: 1.0
Filesize: 31.00 Kb
Added on: 04-Apr-2009
Downloads: 1467
Category: Hockey Games
  Scoresheet  Popular
Description: Scoresheet
Filesize: 20.50 Kb
Added on: 22-Oct-2008
Downloads: 803
Category: Hockey Games
  Ultra Quick Hockey Goaltender Stats  Popular
Description: Quick homebrew chart for determining starting goaltender statistics with additional 3d6 dice roll. Chart was based on 2012-13 NHL statistics and is meant for starting goaltenders. The chart was also designed for season replays so it may return some odd results for individual games but those should average out over the season.
Version: 1.0
Filesize: 81.97 Kb
Added on: 20-Nov-2013
Downloads: 500
Category: Hockey Games
  Ultra Quick Hockey Scoresheet  Popular
Description: Here is a scoresheet I made up for quick play games using Ultra Quick Hockey.
Version: 1
Filesize: 51.87 Kb
Added on: 26-Dec-2007
Downloads: 993
Category: Hockey Games
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