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Derek KraftOffline
Post subject: Official Rankings # 24 + Announcements  PostPosted: Apr 19, 2018 - 05:28 PM

Joined: Jul 15, 2015
Posts: 545
Location: New York
Status: Offline
Official Rankings # 24
Determined after the results of Match Day 253 and audited by our friends at Arthur Andersen

# 2: UNITED STATES CHAMPION Bruno Sammartino (2)
# 3: Randy Savage (3)
# 4: Big John Studd (NR)
# 5: Andre the Giant (NR)
# 6: Terry Funk (6)
# 7: Lou Thesz (NR)
# 8: Rick Rude (8)
# 9: Bret Hart (10)
# 10: Antonio Inoki (NR)

Tag Teams

# 1: WORLD TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS The Minnesota Wrecking Crew (1)
# 2: The Brisco Brothers (4)
# 3: The British Bulldogs (NR)

Note: the number to the right signifies the previous ranking w/ NR = Not Ranked


1. Match Day 254 will see (a) Hulk Hogan try to get some revenge, and regain some momentum, against Frank Gotch, (b) Kerry Von Erich battle Ed Strangler Lewis in an Extreme Rules Match, and (c) World Heavyweight Champion Nick Bockwinkel defend the title against Big John Studd.

2. The Commissioner has made a decision re: Ricky Steamboat. On MD 255, the Dragon will face Jeff Jarrett in a 2 out of 3 falls match, and if Steamboat does not prevail he will be FIRED AGAIN! Also on MD 255, Antonio Inoki looks to exact revenge on his former friend and partner Hacksaw Duggan (who turned on him and KOed him on MD 250, costing Inoki in a World Heavyweight Championship match) and the Road Warriors face Dusty Rhodes and Verne Gagne in an important tag team encounter.

3. Both Jumbo Tsuruta (MD 256) and Bob Backlund (MD 257) will make their re-debuts, and Bruno Sammartino will defend the United States title against Bret Hart on MD 257 in the Hitman's 1st title opportunity.

On a personal note, it was sad that the Living Legend Bruno Sammartino left our world. The fact that his last moment in the fictional RWF, before departing our real world, was to win a Steel Cage match for the United States Championship was a nice moment of serendipity.
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Derek KraftOffline
Post subject: MD 254 results  PostPosted: Apr 21, 2018 - 10:24 PM

Joined: Jul 15, 2015
Posts: 545
Location: New York
Status: Offline
Match Day 254
Poplar Creek Music Theater
Hoffman Estates, IL
Referee = Bruno Lauer

Dusty Rhodes v Steve Regal: dominant performance by the American Dream, who had 4 pin/sub attempts to 0 for Mr. Electricity and performed a High Knee & Elbow Smash, Chop Block and Running Bulldog. Dusty got the pin after a Bionic Elbow. 7 min 42 secs

Lex Luger v The Destroyer: this was an even match early, with the Destroyer hitting a Flying Body Press and cutting Luger w/ a Closed Fist, and Luger performing the Big Lex Hiptoss. The match changed when Luger found the Destroyer's hidden Brass Knuckles and used them (-8 END). A Luger Suplex exhausted Destroyer and a Torture Rack forced the submission out of the masked man. 6 min 30 secs

EXTREME RULES MATCH: Kerry Von Erich v Ed "Strangler" Lewis: rematch from MD 250 when there was a double count-out. This match definitely got extreme quickly, w/ Von Erich smashing Lewis w/ a Kendo Stick and the Strangler Slamming Von Erich through a Table. At the 7 min mark, after a Spinning Leg Hold and German Suplex, Von Erich was exhausted. Von Erich set up a Ladder outside the ring. Lewis Body Slammed him on the Concrete. Kerry climbed the Ladder and nailed an impressive Knee Drop from the top (-5 END). Strangler Clotheslined Von Erich over the barrier and into the crowd, where the 2 battled. Lewis applied a Stranglehold and Speared his opponent into the equipment. Each Tossed Beer in the other's face! Back in the ring Lewis performed a Body Slam and covered. 1-2-foot on the ropes at the last second! While Lewis sat there stunned, Hulk Hogan rushed to the ring and nailed a Hogan Leg Drop! Von Erich couldn't get the pin there but earned another one after a Body Slam. Lewis somehow kicked out (in 1-13, rolled 19). Lewis Body Slammed Von Erich and covered. Lauer counted, 1-2-3, Strangler Lewis wins! Great match! ENDs were Lewis -25 and Von Erich -31. 17 min 55 secs

The Russians v The Sheik & Larry Zbyszko w/ manager Paul Dangerously: Zbyszko opened w/ a Double Chop and Spin Kick. Nikita Koloff responded w/ a Gorilla Press Slam then Ivan hit a Body Slam on Ropes. The Sheik tagged in and almost got the early pin after a DDT but Ivan kicked out just in time (pin 1-3, rolled 4). The Most Dangerous Man in the RWF couldn't resist Throwing a Fireball. Nikita returned and earned a pin attempt after a Spinebuster on the Sheik then a sub try w/ a Full Nelson on the New Living Legend. Zbyszko applied a pretty Standing Reverse Figure 4 Leglock. Ivan returned and went on a nice run that included a double-team Airplane Spin & Knee Drop Combo. The Sheik snapped, grabbed a Steel Chair and nailed both Ivan and the ref. Lauer called for the bell and disqualified the Sheik & Zbyszko. 13 min 40 secs

Hulk Hogan v Frank Gotch: Gotch has been a thorn in Hogan's side, and the 2 were the losers in the triple threat match w/ Andre the Giant on MD 250. Each had a pin attempt early here and at the 7:30 mark the match was tied at 0 END. Gotch applied a Toe Hold and performed consecutive Double Leg Takedowns. Gotch nailed a Bridging Belly-to-Back Suplex and Hogan a Powerbomb. The match culminated w/ King Kong Bundy entering the ring and wielding a Steel Chair. He swung, missed Hogan but connected w/ Gotch (-8 END). The Hulkster covered for the easy 1-2-3. 13 min 18 secs

WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP: Champion Nick Bockwinkel v Big John Studd: this was an excellent encounter that finished w/ both wrestlers at -15 END. Each had a pin attempt early and Bockwinkel hit a Flying Shoulder Smash and BJS a Studd Slam. Bockwinkel earned a pin attempt after a Piledriver then, perhaps growing a little frustrated, Punched Big John in the little Johns, earning a DQ pt. Studd responded w/ a pair of Studd Bear Hugs, exhausting the champ and almost getting the submission (sub 1-9, rolled 10 on the 2nd attempt). After a pair of Studd Big Suplexes and pin attempts, Bockwinkel earned another DQ pt w/ an Eye Gouge, clearly trying to end this match w/ a disqualification loss but walking out w/ the belt. As Studd covered his face Bockwinkel saw his chance and applied a Sleeper Hold. Studd escaped, but he couldn't resist the subsequent Figure 4 Leglock, and submitted at 12 min 55 secs. Nick Bockwinkel retains the World Heavyweight Championship.
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Derek KraftOffline
Post subject: MD 255 results  PostPosted: May 04, 2018 - 11:22 AM

Joined: Jul 15, 2015
Posts: 545
Location: New York
Status: Offline
Match Day 255
Grand Center
Grand Rapids, MI
Referee = Tim Fuller

Tommy Rich v Rick Rude: Ravishing Rick offered a pre-match handshake but Wildfire wasn’t having any of Rude’s shenanigans and swept him off his feet (-2 END). This match was even until Rich exploded w/ a Piledriver and Flying Fist Drop. Rude went on a 5-move run that included a Rude DDT and a pair of Rude Awakenings. The match went outside where Rich Hit Rude w/ a Chair. Back inside Tommy nailed another Flying Fist Drop and got the pin. That’s 3 wins in a row for Rich. And having come in ranked #8, Rude has now lost consecutive bouts after having won 7 of his previous 8, so expect him to fall out of the rankings.

Pistol Pez Whatley v Harley Race: on paper this looked like a mismatch. In reality, well, let’s just say Pez’s best move was a Top Rope Dropkick to outside the ring, which he missed, crashing through the announcer’s table. Race got the pin after a Diving Headbutt. 4 min 20 secs

Doom v Nick Bockwinkel & Ray Stevens: the Crippler earned an early pin attempt w/ a DDT but Doom seemed in control after Ron Simmons nailed a Football Tackle and Gorilla Press Slam, Butch Reed performed a Power Slam, and they teamed for a Double Clothesline. Bockwinkel Dropkicked Reed through the ropes then grabbed the ref’s attention while Stevens executed a Kick to Reed’s Groin. Steven’s lifted Reed to the apron then Bockwinkel assisted him the rest of the way in w/a Draping DDT. Simmons returned and forced Bockwinkel out after a Choke Slam and Spinebuster. Doom combined for 8 consecutive moves against Stevens, including another Simmons Football Tackle and a Belly-to-Belly Suplex and Running Shoulder Tackle by Reed. Bockwinkel broke up 2 pin attempts. Doom got frustrated after not being to put their opponents away. Bockwinkel performed 7 of the next 9 moves, Stevens tagged in and hit a Body Stomp and applied a Sleeper. Bockwinkel returned, set Simmons up w/ an Arm Drag then teamed for a devastating Double Piledriver. Fuller made the count, 1-2-3, and Bockwinkel & Stevens had the victory. Doom fall to 3-9 overall. 22 min 24 secs

Antonio Inoki v Hacksaw Jim Duggan: on MD 250 Inoki’s chance for the World Heavyweight Championship was lost when his friend and former partner Duggan KOd him. Hacksaw’s offense here consisted of any early Whack w/ 2 x 4 and a Quick Pin Move w/ a Fist Full of Tights, and a Powerbomb later, but otherwise this match was all Inoki. Antonio antagonized Duggan w/ a Big Slap, delivered some pain w/ a Piledriver and Manji Gatame, increased the suffering w/ a German Suplex, and got the pin after a Fallaway Slam finisher. ENDs were Inoki +4 and Duggan -17. 8 min 34 secs

BEST 2 OUT OF 3 FALLS MATCH (if Steamboat loses he is FIRED AGAIN, this time FOR REAL, from the RWF): Ricky Steamboat v Jeff Jarrett: I am writing this the day after and am still coming to terms with what happened here. No one could have predicted the result. Steamboat made his entrance sans mask and fired up both the crowd and himself w/ a great promo about how he was doing this for his livelihood and the great fans who support him (+1 heat, +2 END). The opening 7 mins were a feeling out process. Steamboat took control w/ a Karate Thrust then went for a pin after a Flying Body Press. Fuller was out of position and eventually counted 1-2-but Double J kicked out at the last second (pin 1-5, due to slow counting ref, rolled 6). The Dragon kept the pressure on w/ a Seated Armbar and Heads Scissor Takedown. At the 10 min mark ENDs were Steamboat +6 and Jarrett -16. Jarrett turned the tide w/ an Eye Gouge that began a 9-move run featuring a Lariat, Guitar Shot and Figure 4. At the 15 min mark the match was much closer w/ Steamboat at -7 END and Jarrett -17. But just like that a Jumping Judo Chop turned the match and a minute later, after a Tiger Suplex and 1-2-3 by Fuller, Steamboat won the first fall. Double J clearly had little left in the tank and the Dragon turned the screw w/ a Moonsault and Spinning Heel Kick. Another cover, another 1-2-3, and Ricky Steamboat, to the crowd’s euphoria, won the 2nd fall and match and retained his spot in the Retro Wrestling Federation! Then the inexplicable happened. Despite the crowd’s love for him and his proclaimed appreciation for them, Ricky Steamboat turned heel and beat the living hell out of the vanquished Jarrett. Sad days… 19 min 3 secs

Dusty Rhodes & Verne Gagne v The Road Warriors w/ manager Paul Ellering: there were only 4 pin attempts in this match but plenty of hard-hitting action. The highlights were a Warrior Backbreaker & Flying Forearm combo and Spike Piledriver, Rhodes twice bloodying Hawk w/ Closed Fists, and a sweet sequence that included a Gagne Minnesota Body Slam of Hawk onto the concrete and a Dusty Double Knee Facebuster and Bionic Elbow. Animal tagged in and went for a Flying Clothesline but Ellering, perhaps inadvertently, pushed Fuller into its path. Fuller got clocked, shook and held his hand and pointed to the timekeeper to ring the bell. Warriors disqualified! 21 min 23 secs
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Derek KraftOffline
Post subject: Match Day 256 results  PostPosted: May 06, 2018 - 08:34 PM

Joined: Jul 15, 2015
Posts: 545
Location: New York
Status: Offline
Match Day 256
Cleveland Public Auditorium
Cleveland, OH
Referee = Brad Robinson

Man, this was one of those crazy nights [where the dice kept resulting in events that decided the matches] where anything could happen!

Jumbo Tsuruta v The Crusher: Tsuruta was making his return to the RWF. Jimmy Valiant welcomed him back and joined him for his entrance. Crusher had the advantage after a Running Clothesline and Ram into Ring Post. But then Jimmy Snuka, who Crusher helped on MD 244 (when Crusher turned heel), was caught battering Tsurutua. Robinson called for the bell and DQd Crusher. 4 min 13 secs

Ivan Putski v Arn Anderson: Putski's name was announced and he began to make his way down the entrance ramp when Steve Regal whipped him around and clasped on a Leg Lock. Mr. Electricity refused to let go and it took multiple extra referees to pry him loose. It was too late for Putski who couldn't stand. Pre-match count-out!

Ricky Steamboat & Pez Whatley v World Tag Team Champions the Minnesota Wrecking Crew in a non-title match: this match had its genesis on MD 250 when Pistol Pez prevented a Lars Anderson pre-match chair assault on the British Bulldogs then used the chair on Lars. The faces teamed for a Fireman's Carry & Body Slam combo before the Dragon performed a Head Scissor Takedown. Superstar Billy Graham then entered the ring and DDTd Steamboat! Robinson called for the bell and disqualified the MWC. The 3 heels then beat down the faces, with Steamboat getting a knee injury that would keep him out of action for 2 weeks. 2 min 3 secs

Rick Martel v Carlos Colon: Carlos got the sub victory on MD 243 but then kept getting involved in Martel's matches. Colon hit the opening 3 moves, including a Gutwrench Suplex, before Jeff Jarrett inserted himself into the action. Can you guess what the ref did? Yep, motioned for the bell and disqualified Colon. The really interesting stuff happened post-match, as Double J reminded the crowd and the combatants that Colon clocked him [inadvertently?] in his match against Martel on MD 251. Jarrett challenged Colon to a bout, and the latter accepted, only for Martel to demand a piece of the match too! Commissioner Buttons declared a triple threat match! 2 min 5 secs

Lou Thesz v Jerry Lawler: Cleveland finally got a match that didn't end in controversy. Thesz dominated from start to finish, applying 3 pressure-filled Headlocks and getting the pin after a Body Slam on the exhausted King. Lawler went down too easy in this commentator's opinion. 7 min 3 secs

Randy Savage v Jimmy Snuka: after a Missile Dropkick, Flying Body Press, Backbreaker and Diving Headbutt Drop, Snuka had the momentum. The Macho Man looked to turn the tide w/ a Flying Body Press and earned the match's first pin attempt. Snuka regained the momentum w/ an exhilarating Superfly Splash, followed up w/ a Knee Drop. Savage hit a Release German Suplex and went for the finishing Elbow Drop, but Snuka rolled away at the last minute then applied a Brain Claw. Savage avoided the subsequent pin and pulled out a Nightstick, connecting w/ Snuka's back. The tide changed for the last time w/ a Superplex performed by Superfly. Robinson made the count, 1-2-3 and Snuka got the big win. 9 min 8 secs
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Derek KraftOffline
Post subject: MD 257 results  PostPosted: May 09, 2018 - 12:46 PM

Joined: Jul 15, 2015
Posts: 545
Location: New York
Status: Offline
Match Day 257
Rainbow Theatre
London, ENG
Referee = Tom Foley

The folks across the pond finally get a chance to witness some real professional rassling!

Magnum TA v Greg Valentine w/ manager Jimmy Hart: while the Mouth of the South distracted the referee pre-match the Hammer removed the padding from one of the turnbuckles. Valentine hit a Vertical Suplex early but MTA had control w/ a TA Bulldog and a pair of Diving Knee Drops. Valentine attempted a Turnbuckle Smash but Magnum reversed it and it was the Hammer's head that felt the unprotected steel. A Piledriver exhausted Valentine. Hart was desperate and tossed a Trash Can Lid into the ring but MTA intercepted and used it. He covered, Foley made the count, and Magnum had the first Retro Wrestling Federation victory on European soil. He also ended a 3-match losing streak.

Bob Backlund (making his re-debut) v Terry Funk: this one barely got started when Funk was inadvertently whipped into Foley, who called for the bell and disqualified Funk! Terry went off and beat the ref senseless. The replacement ref Rudy Charles warily made his way to the ring, giving Funk a wide berth as the two crossed paths. 1 min 3 secs

Verne Gagne v Kurt Angle: the Olympian performed Multiple German Suplexes before Gagne gained the advantage w/ a Minnesota Body Slam. Gagne then gave an old-fashioned wrestling lesson w/ Head Scissors, a Flying Body Press and a Rebound Crossbody Block, tiring Angle. Kurt responded w/ a pair of European Uppercuts and an Ankle Lock. Minutes later Angle caught Gagne again in an Ankle Lock and followed up w/ an Olympic Slam. A Moonsault by Angle allowed him to get the cover. Kurt has now win 5 of his last 6 matches. 8 min 28 secs

The British Bulldogs v The Brisco Brothers: Dual Atomic Drops by the hometown tandem as well as a Gutwrench Suplex and Piledriver by the Dynamite Kid had the fans on their feet. A Powerslam and Diving Headbutt combo tired Jerry Brisco and a Double Face Plant soon after had him seeing double. Jack Brisco took control w/ an Indian Deathlock, Body Roll Takedown and Belly-to-Belly Suplex. A crazed fan then entered the ring and smashed Jack w/ a Beer Bottle (-10 END)!!! The Bulldogs followed up w/ their finishing Powerslam & Diving Headbutt combo again, but the exhausted Jack squirmed out of the cover. Jerry returned and went on a 7-move run that included a Double-team Body Slam & Shin Breaker, Release German Suplex and Body Scissors. Jerry covered, Foley quickly counted 1-2-3 (pin 1-6, rolled 6) and the Briscos had the unlikely comeback victory on the British Bulldogs’ home soil. 16 min 16 secs

Andre the Giant v Mad Dog Vachon: last chance saloon for MDV who lost the best of 7 loser leaves town series to Lou Thesz but was able to convince the Commissioner that Andre the Giant caused the 4th loss and to give him another shot. But now with his RWF career on the line against the Giant, you must wonder if the Mad Dog bit off more than he can chew. Vachon had a pin attempt early w/ a Go-Behind Takedown and a submission attempt w/ a Sleeper, but both came to naught. Andre wore him down-Kick to Face, Knife-Edge Chips, Bearhug and Choke. The inevitable came after a Butt-Smash in the Corner, and MDV will be gone for 6 months. 10 min 5 secs

UNITED STATES CHAMPIONSHIP: Champion Bruno Sammartino w/ valet/fiancée Precious v Bret Hart w/ manager Jimmy Hart: Bruno received a huge crowd reaction, pumping him up (+1 heat, +2 END). This was the first title match for the Hitman. Bret took control from the outset, performing the opening 6 moves including a Piledriver and DDT. Bruno found some offense when the action went outside, Slamming Hart into the Ring Steps. Back inside, Bruno hit a Belly-to-Belly Suplex and applied a Bear Hug. The champ tried a Quick Pin move and Hart a Sunset Flip. Bret applied his patented Sharpshooter but Bruno escaped. At the 10:30 mark the match was tied at -5 END. Bruno exhausted Hart w/ a Hammerlock then applied a Bear Hug. Bret escaped and used a Trash Can Lid tossed to him by the Mouth of the South. Bret applied a pair of Sharpshooters but Bruno escaped them. Hart hit a DDT and covered but Sammartino got his foot on the ropes at the last second (pin 1-6, rolled 4 but 6 6-sided). Sammartino applied his finishing Canadian Backbreaker and covered, but Bret kicked out (pin 1-10, rolled 19). The match was tied at -19 END when Sammartino caught Hart w/ a High Knee and covered. The ref hit the mat but the bell rang before he even started his count. 20 minute Time Limit Draw!
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Derek KraftOffline
Post subject: MD 258 results  PostPosted: May 14, 2018 - 12:12 PM

Joined: Jul 15, 2015
Posts: 545
Location: New York
Status: Offline
Match Day 258
Playhouse Theater
Edinburgh, SCOT
Referee = Mickey Jay

Pat O’Connor w/ manager Dick the Bruiser v Austin Idol: this was an excellent opening match that got the crowd going. Idol hit a Press Slam outside the ring and went for the count- out but O’Connor make it back in on the count of 8. O’Connor applied Leg Scissors and caught Idol w/ a Body Block. The Universal Heartthrob performed a Gutwrench Suplex and Running Clothesline. Idol earned pin attempts after a pair of Sucker Punches and a Piledriver, O’Connor after a Spinning Arm Lock, Rolling Cradle, Body Block and Spinning Toe Hold. Idol hit a Las Vegas Neckbreaker and covered. Jay counted 1-2-3, and Austin Idol had the win. 16 min 57 secs

Argentina Rocca v Superstar Billy Graham w/ manager Adnan Al Kaissey: Graham applied a Side Headlock and earned a pin attempt w/ a Flying Body Press. Rocca showed who the real high flyer was w/ a Flying Elbow Drop and Top Rope Body Press. Superstar got a warning from Jay after landing a Knife-Edge to Throat. Rocca cut Graham w/ an Elbow Smash to Head then surprised him w/ a Tiger Suplex and cover. 1-2-3, Rocca wins! 7 min 1 sec

The High Flyers v The Iron Sheik & Nikolai Volkoff w/ manager Stan Hansen: the fans got their money’s worth w/ this one too. After Hansen tripped Greg Gagne, his partner Jim Brunzell came around the outside the ring KOed the Lariat, who remained down and out for the duration. Volkoff applied a Bear Hug and Boston Crab and the Iron sheik nailed a Belly-to-Belly Suplex. Jumping Jim applied a Sleeper and the Flyers teamed for Monkey Flip/Flying Body Splash combo. Double Flying Dropkicks from the Flyers resulted in some oohs and ahhs from the crowd. Brunzell performed Flying Head Scissor and covered but Jay as distracted by the big Russian. In the interim the Iron Sheik rolled Brunzell up in a Small Package just as Jay turned around but Brunzell reached the ropes. A Belly-to-Belly Suplex and Backbreaker combo looked like the end but Gagne broke up the pin attempt. Gagne tagged in and performed 6 of the next 8 moves, including an Arm Stretcher, before Brunzell returned. Jumping Jim connected w/ a Knee Thrust on Volkoff and covered. The Iron Sheik was on the floor and couldn’t break up the pin and the High Flyers got the victory. 22 min 40 secs

Dick the Bruiser v Ray Stevens: the locals appreciated this one, a straight up brawl. Bruiser planted a Thumb to Throat and Raked Stevens’s Eyes w/ Boot Laces. For his part Stevens performed a Body Stomp and connected w/ a Closed First to Head, resulting in some color. Bruiser then went to the ropes not once, not twice but three consecutive times for the 2nd Rope Knee Drop. Stevens was out cold and succumbed to the cover. 8 min 37 secs

Tommy Rich v Randy Savage: Wildfire was minding his own business, doing a casual pre-match interview backstage when the Macho Man jumped him from behind, bashing him w/ Brass Knuckles (-7 END)! Rich came out strong in the match proper, landing a Bulldog and Elbow Smash and applying a Keylock. But Savage turned the tide quickly w/ a Piledriver and Diving Elbow Drop. A 2nd Diving Elbow Drop finished the job. 7 min 50 secs

Hulk Hogan v Ed “Strangler” Lewis: the Strangler overcame an interfering Hogan Leg Drop to defeat Kerry Von Erich on MD 254. This was yet another fun and hard-hitting match for the Scottish faithful. Hogan went deep into his arsenal w/ a Canadian Backbreaker. Lewis tried for his submission w/ a Stranglehold then earned a pin attempt w/ a Neck Visegrip. After a Hogan Leg Drop exhausted Lewis at the 14 min mark, the match was tied at -15 END. Lewis went on an 8-move run that included a Powerslam, Flying Dropkick and Slam through Announcer’s Table. Back in the ring Hulkamania struck, and a pair of Hogan Leg Drops resulted in the pinfall. ENDs were Hogan -28 and Lewis -29 in this even match. Post-match, Hogan attacked the Strangler w/ a Steel Chair, resulting in a 1-week injury. 19 min 27 secs
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Derek KraftOffline
Post subject: MD 259 results  PostPosted: May 14, 2018 - 01:44 PM

Joined: Jul 15, 2015
Posts: 545
Location: New York
Status: Offline
Match Day 259
The Melkweg
Amsterdam, NETH
Referee = Joey Morella

TRIPLE THREAT MATCH: Rick Martel v Carlos Colon v Jeff Jarrett: on MD 251 Colon botched his interference and clocked Jarrett in match v Martel then on 256 Jarrett was caught interfering and Colon disqualified, giving Martel the win. There was no getting your feet wet in this one. Colon went for a Quick Roll Up on Jarrett but Martel broke it up. Colon hit a Swinging Neckbreaker on Double J and Martel followed up w/ a Diving Crossbody. Jarrett connected w/ a Guitar Shot on Colon, cutting his back. Colon responded by bashing Jarrett w/ a Lead Pipe! The heel teamed for a Lariat/Cartwheel Elbow Smash on Martel. And we were only 5 mins into the evening! Colon applied a Figure 4 Leglock but Jarrett escaped. Jarrett Superplexed Colon, who rolled out of the ring exhausted. Jarrett earned 3 consecutive pin attempts after a Flying Body Press, Stroke and DDT but couldn’t get the 3-count. Martel was tired but both heels were utterly exhausted. He applied a Boston Crab on Jarrett. Colon was on the mat in the corner and couldn’t even crawl over. Double J submitted, Martel wins! 17 min 32 secs

Jimmy Valiant v The Sheik: the Sheik had the advantage after an Arabian Facebuster, Hit w/ Chair and a Double Leg Kick. The Boogie Woogie Man then went on a 7-move run that included a Double Knee Facebuster, Eye Poke and DDT. Valiant finished the run and match w/ a Flying Body Press and pin. 8 min 8 secs

Lex Luger v King Kong Bundy: this one was a little dull and lacked high impact maneuvers until the action went outside, where Bundy Slammed Luger through a Table then whipped him into the Ring Steps. Crusher then appeared and DDTd Luger on the concrete. Morella immediately motioned for the bell and DQd Bundy. The heels brutally pounded Luger, who would suffer a rib injury that would sideline him for 2 wks. ENDs were Luger -7 and KKB +3. 8 min 36 secs

The Midnight Rockers v The Outsiders: this was an enjoyable match, especially if you like seeing Scott Hall get beaten up! Marty Jannetty cut Hall open early w/ an Elbow Smash to Head. In the 13th min, Kevin Nash attempted to hit Jannetty w/ a Chair but the high flyer ducked and the chair connected w/ Scott Hall’s head (-8 END)! Kevin Nash had a sweet sequence (Outsider’s Edge Combo, Body Slam and Double Back Drop) that resulted in 3 pin attempts, 2 of which Jannetty broke up and 1 Shawn Michaels kicked out of. Hall, who may not have been in a proper state, then went for a Flying Headbutt, which missed (-8 END)!!! Jannetty covered and Morella counted 1-2-and somehow Hall had the ring presence to get his foot on the ropes (pin 1-9, rolled 6 but 6 6-sided). Jannetty tagged out after eating a Sidewalk Slam and a Driving Knee combo and a Big Sexy Boot from Nash. A Double Corner Elbow Attack greeted Michaels, Nash covered, and Morella counted 1-2-3. Outsiders win! 27 mins

Kerry Von Erich v Big John Studd: the big man surprised everyone by submitting early to a Von Erick Full Nelson (sub 1-5 w/ ref’s +2, rolled 5). 2 min 23 secs

WORLD TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP: Champions The Minnesota Wrecking Crew w/ manager Johnny Valiant v The Brisco Brothers: the Briscos showed they meant business w/ a pair of double-team moves to open (Double Forearm Smash, Body Slam/Shin Breaker combo). The action went outside the ring where it looked like a count-out may occur after Jack Brisco Slammed Ole Anderson through the Announcer’s Table then into the Ring Steps and Ole whipped Jack into the Ring Steps. But Morella gave the teams some leeway. Back inside Lars hit a Running Clothesline then teamed for Double Hip Roll. Jerry Brisco tagged in hot and performed 5 consecutive moves. Valiant then got onto the apron to break up the run and give some advice to Ole but the Brisco’s took advantage and nailed a Double Shoulder Block. Jerry covered, Morella made the count, 1-2-3, and the Brisco Brothers are the new Retro Wrestling Federation World Tag Team Champions! 8 min 33 secs
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Derek KraftOffline
Post subject: MD 260 results  PostPosted: May 18, 2018 - 12:35 PM

Joined: Jul 15, 2015
Posts: 545
Location: New York
Status: Offline
Match Day 260
Forum Theater
Copenhagen, DEN
Referee = Nick Patrick

Jumbo Tsuruta v Jimmy Snuka: Superfly battered Jumbo during the latter’s match w/ Crusher on MD 256, resulting in a DQ win for Tsuruta. The fans expressed their displeasure by pelting Snuka w/ trash. Snuka was hit by a Carlsberg beer bottle (-2 END). Tsuruta had the advantage early then exhausted Snuka after an awesome sequence of Jumbo Knee, Backdrop Suplex and Jumping Knee. Snuka hit Multiple Chops and had a sub attempt w/ a Sleeper. But a Diving Dropkick by Tsuruta resulted in the pin in a largely one-sided affair. 12 min 7 secs

The Masked Superstar v Jerry Lawler: in the Veteran’s Tournament on MD 247, Lawler got distracted the Superstar and decimated by Antonio Inoki. Here, the Masked Superstar slipped and fell on the ring steps while making his entrance. In the 2nd min Lawler nailed a Back Suplex, which somehow caused the ring to collapse! Everyone was down and examinations by Dr. Brenda Buttons would reveal injuries for both grapplers that would keep them out for 2 months. No Contest was declared. 1 min 20 secs

The Rock & Roll Express v Ox Baker and Baron von Raschke: the match opened w/ the Baron applying the Claw but releasing the hold after 20 secs and taunting the crowd. The Baron cut Ricky Morton twice w/ Closed Fists. Baker had a sub attempt w/ a Bear Hug and Morton had a pin attempt after a Moonsault. Baker Hit Morton w/ a Chair, causing a third cut! Robert Gibson earned pin attempt after a Spike Piledriver, Single Dropkick and Kick to Back of Head, but couldn’t get the 3-count. It was a Nerve Hold by the Baron that ended this one, with von Raschke getting the pin on the exhausted Morton. Commissioner Buttons stunned the crowd by coming out post-match and announcing that he was reversing the decision and retroactively disqualifying the heels for the Closed Fists and Hit w/ Chair! 26 min 6 secs

Antonio Inoki v Harley Race: the match had the makings of a good one as Race hit a Suplex and Inoki a Diving Knee Drop and Gutwrench Suplex. Race then caught Inoki in a Go-Behind Takedown and Roll-Up and Patrick quick-counted 1-2-3 (pin 1-4 w/ ref’s +2, rolled 4) and Harley had the early victory! 3 min 2 secs

Lou Thesz v Kurt Angle: this one had a big-match feel as both wrestlers came in having won 5 of their previous 6 matches. Angle performed an early Release German Suplex. It was single point moves after that until the 7th min when Angle landed a European Uppercut, which got the crowd going. Thesz applied a Sleeper but Angle escaped. The Olympian then went on a 7-move run that included Multiple German Suplexes, a pair of Olympic Slams and an Ankle Lock. But it was a Superplex that finished Thesz off, with Angle getting the pin at 11 min 23 secs

Dusty Rhodes v Frank Gotch: Dusty had the advantage after a Bulldog, Slam through Announcer’s Table and Piledriver, but an Eye Gouge by Goth turned the tide, and an Ankle Lock forced the surprising submission (sub 1-6, rolled 6) from the American Dream. 10 min 6 secs
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Post subject: MD 261 results  PostPosted: May 21, 2018 - 11:27 AM

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Match Day 261
Essen, GER
Referee = Tommy Gilbert

Pistol Pez Whatley v Hacksaw Jim Duggan: the two were jawing in the ring before the match began and it got intense enough that Commissioner Buttons came out and declared this the 1st match of a best of 7 series where the loser must leave town for 6 months! The bell rang, they locked up, and Pez caught Hacksaw in a Quick Pin Move, grabbing a fistful of tights for good measure. Gilbert counted, 1-2-3, and the Pistol got the win. 32 secs

Ivan Putski v Steve Regal: Mr. Electricity caused a pre-match count-out against Arn Anderson on MD 256 when he attacked Putski on the ramp and applied a Leg Lock. The crowd reacted when that footage was showed on the Ubertron (German for Jumbletron) before this match (+1 heat, +2 END Regal). This was a fun match. Regal performed a Missile Dropkick, Whip into Corner and Shinbreaker early on. For his part, Putski Hit Regal w/a Chair (earning a DQ pt) and nailed the Polish Hammer, but his subsequent cover was broken up by the interfering Anderson! Regal continued the high impact moves, hitting a Running Knee Smash and another Shinbreaker and Missile Dropkick. Putski performed another Polish Hammer and a Scoop Slam. It was Putski who nailed the pivotal move, a Polish Power Slam. He covered, Gilbert made the 3-count and Putski was the winner. 10 min 20 secs

Verne Gagne v The Destroyer: the masked Destroyer tried a sneak attack while Gagne was on the ring steps but Verne flipped him onto the concrete (-3 END). Gagne seemed in control of this one, but the Destroyer did earn 4 pin/sub attempts to 7 for Gagne. Verne used his Minnesota Body Slam to good effect. But it was a Spinning Toe Hold which set up a Belly-to-Back Suplex that resulted in the pinfall. Post-match, Gagne lost his cool and pummeled the Destroyer with a Steel Chair, putting him out of competition for 1 week. 11 min 39 secs

The Kangaroos v the Russians: Ivan Koloff earned the 1st pin attempt after a Russian Sickle. Al Costello caught Ivan in Body Scissors and went for the cover, but the ref was distracted by a battle between Nikita Koloff and Don Kent. Ivan reversed the cover just as Gilbert turned around and used the ropes as leverage, but Costello kicked out. The match was even into the 11th minute, when Nikita took over and used his power to dominate the duration of the match. He earned a pair of DQ pts for a Choke w/ Chain and a double-team move where he Whacked Kent w/ the Chain while Ivan unsuccessfully attempted to distract the ref. Nikita got the pinfall after another Russian Sickle. 14 mins

Magnum TA v Terry Funk: this match was as good in reality as it looked on paper. Each man performed his finisher early, MTA the Belly-t0-Belly Suplex and Funk the Spinning Toe Hold, and each kicked out of the pin attempt. Funk earned a DQ pt for Hitting Magnum w/ a Chair. MTA applied the Texas Cloverleaf. At the 15 min mark the match was even at -14 END. MTA nailed 3 consecutive powerful moves, a Stalling Suplex, TA Bulldog and Exploder Suplex. Magnum thought he had the pin after the Exploder but Funk got his foot on the ropes at the last moment. Funk nailed a Snap Suplex but got caught in a Small Package while celebrating. MTA followed up w/a devastating Piledriver that resulted in a 3-count for the win. 18 min 40 secs

WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP: Kurt Angle v Champion Nick Bockwinkel: the undisputed champion of the world grabbed the mic from the ring announcer pre-match but proceeded to uncharacteristically both his rant (-1 heat). Angle got some offense in (Gutwrench Suplex, European Uppercut) but Bockwinkel never looked in danger. He retained after a finishing Piledriver. This was Bockwinkel’s 10th straight victory! 7 min 42 secs
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Post subject: A Chronological History of the ... World Heavyweight Ch.  PostPosted: May 21, 2018 - 03:14 PM

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A Chronological History of the Retro Wrestling Federation World Heavyweight Championship

Note: a number to the right of a wrestler indicates that he has won the title that number of times

MD 9 – Stan Hansen defeated Andre the Giant via disqualification to win the tournament to crown the inaugural World Heavyweight Champion (WHC).
MD 16 - Hansen successfully defended the title by pinning Dusty Rhodes (by use of a foreign object)
MD 20 - Hansen pinned Verne Gagne

MD 34 – The Junkyard Dog won the WHC by pinning Hansen

MD 40 – Nick Bockwinkel became the new WHC champion after a Sleeper Hold rendered JYD unconscious. Bockwinkel was helped by a pre-match assault on JYD (-6 END), setting the tone for his reigns
MD 46 – Bockwinkel pinned Dick the Bruiser (Tully Blanchard attacked Bruiser pre-match -6 END)
MD 52 – Bockwinkel pinned Jimmy Snuka
MD 58 - Bockwinkel pinned Antonio Inoki, a man who eventually must have looked at Bockwinkel as his white whale

MD 64 – The Junkyard Dog (2) reclaimed the title, becoming the 1st 2-time champion, pinning Bockwinkel after interference by Tito Santana

MD 70 – Nick Bockwinkel (2) pinned JYD to regain the WHC
MD 76 - Bockwinkel retained after a double count-out w/ Verne Gagne
MD 82 – Bockwinkel forced Verne Gagne to submit
MD 88 – Bockwinkel pinned Antonio Inoki
MD 95 – a pre-match assault on Dusty Rhodes by Ric Flair and Mitsu Arakawa (-10 END) contributed to a Bockwinkel pin of the American Dream
MD 100 - Bockwinkel won via submission over JYD
MD 105 – Bockwinkel pinned Hulk Hogan
MD 112 – Bockwinkel was disqualified against the Crusher, but retained the belt

MD 118 – in a rematch, the Crusher pinned Bockwinkel to win the WHC

MD 124 – Nick Bockwinkel (3) pinned Crusher to regain the WHC, becoming the 1st 3-time champion
MD 130 – Bockwinkel defeated Antonio Inoki by submission

MD 142 – Magnum TA won the WHC by pinning Nick Bockwinkel

MD 150 – Dick the Bruiser pinned Magnum TA to win the WHC

MD 156 – in a triple threat match w/ Dick the Bruiser, Nick Bockwinkel and Magnum TA, Magnum TA (2) reclaimed the title by pinning Bockwinkel
MD 163 – Magnum TA defeated Dick the Bruiser via DQ when Bret Hart interfered

MD 170 – Andre the Giant pinned Magnum TA, who was attacked pre-match by Doom (-10 END) to become WHC
MD 177 – Andre retained by pinning Magnum TA
MD 184 – Andre pinned the Ultimate Warrior

MD 184 – immediately after Andre pinned the Ultimate Warrior, the Commissioner declared Andre defend the title against Hacksaw Duggan. Hacksaw Duggan pinned Andre to win the WHC
MD 191 – Hacksaw Duggan got a DQ win over Andre the Giant
MD 198 – Hacksaw Duggan pinned Mad Dog Vachon

MD 205 – Randy Savage bashed Hacksaw Duggan w/ a Cinder Block then pinned him to claim the title
MD 212 – Randy Savage pinned Hacksaw Duggan to retain
MD 219 – Randy Savage pinned the 3-time champion Nick Bockwinkel

MD 226 – Dusty Rhodes pinned Randy Savage to win the WHC

MD 233 – Randy Savage (2) pinned Dusty Rhodes in the contractual rematch to reclaim the title

MD 237 – Argentina Rocca pinned Randy Savage to win the WHC. The match was scheduled to be a non-title match but the Commissioner changed it to a title defense pre-match

MD 240 – Randy Savage (3) reclaimed the title by pinning Argentina Rocca

MD 247 – Nick Bockwinkel (4) pinned Randy Savage to become the 1st 4-time WHC
MD 250 – Nick Bockwinkel pinned Antonio Inoki to retain after Inoki’s former tag team partner and friend, Hacksaw Duggan, turned heel and KO’d him
MD 254 – Nick Bockwinkel forced a submission out of Big John Studd
MD 261 – Nick Bockwinkel pinned Kurt Angle

Interesting facts:
1. The RWF has had 18 WHC reigns.
2. Nick Bockwinkel has the most reigns with 4, Randy Savage has 3 reigns, and the Junkyard Dog and Magnum TA each have 2 reigns. Stan Hansen, the Crusher, Dick the Bruiser, Andre the Giant, Hacksaw Duggan, Dusty Rhodes and Argentina Rocca each have 1 reign.
3. Nick Bockwinkel had the longest reign in Match Days at 48, from MD 70 through MD 117. During the same reign, Bockwinkel established the record for most successful title defenses during a reign with 7
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Post subject: MD 262 results  PostPosted: May 22, 2018 - 10:25 AM

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Match Day 262
Bremen, GER
Referee = Dick Wohrle

STREETFIGHT MATCH: Carlos Colon v Jeff Jarret: the feud between these 2, and Rick Martel, continues with the winner here facing Martel in a Steel Cage! Sometimes wrestling, like other sports, is a game of runs. Colon opened w/ 2 hard-hitting moves, an Elbow Drop to Leg and Jumping Headbutt. Jarrett responded w/ an 8-move run, including a Draping DDT, Slam through Announcer’s Table and a Sleeper. Colon found some momentum after grabbing and using Double J’s acoustic Guitar, smashing it over Jarrett’s Back (-8 END)! Colon Bit Jarrett then covered, but the exhausted Jarrett got his foot on the ropes at the last second (pin 1-5, rolled 4, but 6 6-sided). An Eye gouge turned the match back in Jarrett’s favor and he followed up w/ the Stroke. Jarrett covered the exhausted Colon, Wohrle made the count, and Jarrett had the win. 9 min 15 secs

Bob Backlund v Rick Rude: Backlund introduced a new wrestler pre-match, Don Leo Jonathan! Backlund caught Ravishing Rick in an Arm Bar early and it looked like the end but Rude was able to reach the ropes just as he reached his threshold (sub 1-3, rolled 3 but 6 6-sided). Backlund continued his technical style, applying a Body Scissor and a Leg Lock. Rude proved that 2 could play at that game when he caught Backlund in a Figure 4. Both demonstrated some power, Rude w/ a Running Powerslam and Backlund a Belly-to-Belly Suplex. Ravishing Rick went for it, hitting the Rude Awakening, tired Backlund, then rolling him up in a simple Small Package. 1-2-3, Rude wins! 8 min 18 secs

Dick the Bruiser v Ed “Strangler” Lewis: Dick set the tone by whacking Lewis w/ a Slapjack on the opening gambit. Lewis used one of Bruiser’s favorites against him, the Headlock & Punches, then applied a Neck Visegrip. Lewis cut Bruiser w/ an Elbow to Head and hit a Fisherman Suplex and applied a Headlock. Lewis cut Bruiser again w/ an Elbow Smash to Head. Bruiser went on a run of 9 out of 10 moves, but only a Suplex was worth more than a single pt. Lewis applied the Stranglehold then got the pin after a Spinning Leg Hold. 14 min 4 secs

Tommy Rich v Randy Savage: on MD 258 the Macho Man attacked Wildfire w/ Brass Knuckles pre-match then got the pin the 8th minute. Savage performed the opening 7 maneuvers here, including a Scoop Slam. Rich earned the 1st pin attempt w/ a Flying Body Press then hit a Bulldog. Savage cut Rich w/ a Closed Fist then performed a Gutwrench Suplex and Piledriver. The Macho Man reached deep into his bag and hit Snake Eyes, exhausting Rich, and covered. Wohrle did a quick-count (pin 1-6, rolled 6) and Savage won. 9 min 25 secs

The Road Warriors w/ manager Paul Ellering v The Fabulous Freebirds: this match featured a hot sequence beginning in the 5th min which began w/ Terry Gordy smashing a Trash Can over Hawk, who responded w/ a Body Slam. Gordy applied a pair of Front Facelocks then the action went outside. Gordy Slammed Hawk into the Ring Steps, but the Road Warrior came back w/ a Slam through the Announcer’s Table PLUS a Slam through the Spanish Announcer’s Table! Back in the ring, Hawk distracted Wohrle while Animal Choked Michael Hayes w/ the Tag Rope. The Freebirds combined for a Forearm Smash Combo. Gordy set up for a Running Powerslam but Animal reversed it and hit the move himself. Hawk then distracted Worhrle AGAIN while Animal Choked Gordy w/ the Tag Rope. Wohrle turned around just as Animal made the cover, 1-2-3, the Warriors win! The Road Warriors are now 4-2-1 against the ‘Birds. I am sure they will meet again. 16 min 49 secs

Hulk Hogan v King Kong Bundy: the number 3 is important here as Hogan came in having won 3 straight matches, Bundy having lost 3 straight and Hogan w/ a perfect 3-0 record against KKB. Each of those trends continued. The action went outside where Hogan reversed a Whip and it was KKB who Rammed into the Ring Steps. Back inside Hogan used nefarious means, twice Back Raking Bundy, to tire the big man. Hulk showed his strength w/ an Atomic Drop. Big John Studd then appeared, swung a Steel Chair, but missed Hogan and connected w/ Bundy. KKB was exhausted, Hogan made the cover and Wohrle counted to 3. 5 min 40 secs
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Post subject: History of the US Championship  PostPosted: May 23, 2018 - 09:43 AM

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A Chronological History of the Retro Wrestling Federation United States Championship

Note: a number to the right of a wrestler indicates that he has won the title that number of times

MD 29 – Jerry Lawler pinned Rick Martel to become the inaugural United States Champion

MD 33 – Ricky Steamboat pinned Jerry Lawler to win the United States Championship (USCh)

MD 37 – Tommy Rich pinned Ricky Steamboat to win the USCh
MD 42 – Tommy Rich pinned Ricky Steamboat, becoming the 1st US Champion to successfully defend the title
MD 48 – Tommy Rich and Jack Brisco wrestled to a double count-out
MD 54 – another double count-out between Tommy Rich and Jack Brisco
MD 60 – Tommy Rich pinned Jack Brisco

MD 66 – Jimmy Snuka pinned Tommy Rich to become USCh

MD 72 – Tommy Rich (2) reclaimed the title with a quick-count pin of Jimmy Snuka

MD 78 – Dean Ambrose pinned Tommy Rich to win the USCh
MD 84 – Dean Ambrose pinned Mad Dog Vachon
MD 89 – Dean Ambrose won via submission over Tommy Rich

MD 98 – Ric Flair pinned Dean Amborse to win the belt
MD 100 – Ric Flair pinned Jimmy Snuka
MD 107 – Ric Flair forced Magnum TA to submit

MD 114 – John Cena pinned Ric Flair after Mitsu Arakawa botched his interference

MD 120 – Ric Flair (2) forced John Cena to submit and reclaimed the USCh
MD 129 – Ric Flair and John Cena wrestled to a double count-out
MD 133 – Ric Flair and John Cena again had a double count-out
MD 139 – Ric Flair pinned John Cena

MD 152 – Mad Dog Vachon pinned John Cena to win the title that was vacated after Ric Flair got injured (on MD 150, Flair wrestled Hulk Hogan in a non-title match, and Mitsu Arakawa accidentally hit Flair in the knee w/ a Tire Iron, injuring him for 1 month)
MD 160 – Mad Dog Vachon pinned Harley Race
MD 168 – Mad Dog Vachon retained when Ric Flair was disqualified

MD 172 – Ric Flair (3) reclaimed the belt with a pin of Mad Dog Vachon, becoming the 1st 3-time champ
MD 179 – Ric Flair pinned Mad Dog Vachon with help from a distraction and a horseshoe
MD 186 – Ric Flair pinned Dusty Rhodes after Mr. Saito interferes

MD 193 – Bruno Sammartino pinned Ric Flair to become the new champion after Precious hit the champ w/ her purse
MD 200 – Bruno Sammartino pinned Ric Flair on a Streetfight
MD 207 – Bruno Sammartino pinned Pat O’Connor to retain
MD 215 – Bruno Sammartino got a submission victory over Lou Thesz to unify the United States and Television Championships

MD 222 – Terry Funk pinned Bruno Sammartino to win the title
MD 229 – No contest between Terry Funk and Bruno Sammartino

MD 236 – Bruno Sammartino (2) won the USCh by forcing a submission out of Greg Valentine in a triple threat match also involving Terry Funk

MD 243 – Terry Funk (2) pinned Bruno Sammartino to reclaim the belt

MD 250 – in a Steel Cage bout, Bruno Sammartino (3) forced Terry Funk to submit and became a 3-time champion
MD 252 – Bruno Sammartino dominated Verne Gagne and got the pin
MD 257 – Bruno Sammartino and Bret Hart wrestled to a time limit draw

Quick facts:
1. There have been 16 reigns and 10 champions.
2. Bruno Sammartino and Ric Flair each have 3 reigns, Terry Funk and Tommy Rich 2 each, and Jerry Lawler, Ricky Steamboat, Jimmy Snuka, Dean Ambrose, John Cena and Mad Dog Vachon have 1 reign each.
3. Tommy Rich had the longest reign with 24 Match Days from MD 37 - MD 60.
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Post subject: MD 263 results  PostPosted: May 28, 2018 - 12:35 PM

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Match Day 263
Munich, GER
Referee = Jack Pesek

The Crusher v Pat O’Connor w/ ally Dick the Bruiser: this match was even through 8 mins with O’Connor having performed a Belly-to-Belly Suplex and Leg Scissors and the Crusher a Body Block and Spinning Hammerlock. It was Crusher dirtying the match up w/ a Hit w/ Chair that changed it. O’Connor dominated the rest of the way, hitting THREE Piledrivers and twice coming within a half count of getting the pinfall (after a Piledriver and a Fisherman Suplex). A Spinning Leg Lock was the last move of the match and O’Connor got the pin at 14 min 37 secs, ending a 5-match losing streak.

Jimmy Valiant v Greg Valentine w/ manager Jimmy Hart: the Hammer had control early after Knife-Edge Chops and a Belly-to-Back Suplex. 4 straight moves, including a Flying Knee, had the Boogie Woogie Man back into it. The action went outside where Valentine Body Slammed Valiant onto the hard floor. Back inside, Valiant caught Valentine w/ an Eye Gouge, unseen by Pesek. Valiant immediately hit a Piledriver and covered. Pesek counted, 1-2-3, Valiant wins! 8 min 3 secs

Ricky Steamboat v Superstar Billy Graham w/ manager Adnan Al Kaissey: on MD 256 Graham interfered in Steamboat’s tag team bout, delivering a DDT and 2-week injury. Here, SBG was too busy jawing w/ crowd to notice the bell, which allowed Steamboat to nail his finishing Jumping Judo Chop! Superstar kicked out though. Graham busted Steamboat open w/ a Closed Fist and followed up w/ a Powerslam. A Full Nelson caused some discomfort but Steamboat was able to break the hold. The Dragon Slingshot Graham into the Turnbuckle then nailed another Jumping Jude Chop and covered. 1-2-Al Kaissey pulled Steamboat off! Superstar knocked out Pesek then he and Al Kaissey applied a series of double-team moves on Steamboat (-10 END). At the 10 min mark the match was even in END and both men were exhausted. Much to the crowd’s delight, the Dragon hit a Flying Body Press and covered. Pesek made the 3-count, this time without Al Kaissey’s involvement, and Steamboat got the big victory. 12 min 19 secs

Randy Savage & Austin Idol v The Sheik & Larry Zbyszko w/ manager Paul Dangerously: this was a fun match. Dangerously distracted Pesek, allowing the Sheik to pound away on the Macho Man. Pesek’s negligence worked both ways as he didn’t catch Savage & Idol’s Blatant Choke on Zbyszko. In the 12th minute Savage had an awesome sequence of Uranage, Double Dropkick, Diving Elbow Drop and Piledriver. The exhausted Sheik somehow kicked out. Zbyszko came out and performed 2 moves before eating a Sucker Punch & Scoop Slam double-team. Zbyszko then went on a run, performing an Elbow Smash, Shoulder Breaker and Double Chop. Dangerously Tripped Savage & Zbyszko went for the cover but the exhausted foe lifted his foot onto the ropes just in time (pin 1-5, rolled 5 but 6 6-sided). Both Idol and the Sheik performed Eye Gouges, neither w/ any official consequences. But when Zbyszko was inadvertently whipped into Pesek, the referee did not hesitate to call for the bell and disqualify the Sheik & Zbyszko. The losers flipped out and beat Pesek to a pulp (Larry Lisowski would take over for the remainder of the evening). 23 min 57 secs

Andre the Giant v Ray Stevens: squash match, right? WRONG! The Crippler tried a sneak attack as Andre entered the ring but the Giant was ready and Body Slammed him onto the concrete. Stevens bounced back and pulled out all the stops, Biting Andre’s forehead, performing a Body Stomp and Whip into the Turnbuckle and hitting an Atomic Drop and Bomb’s Away. Andre tired under the fast pace, and Stevens went up top and landed a 2nd Bomb’s Away. He covered, Pesek counted, 1-2-3 and the Ray the Crippler Stevens had the HUGE upset victory! Andre lost it post-match and brutally beat Stevens. 8 min 2 secs

Antonio Inoki v Harley Race: on MD 160 Race got the early quick-count pin from heel referee Nick Patrick. Here, the match was short but oh so sweet. Handsome Harley, Ravishing Rick Rude and Okay-Looking Ed Lewis pummeled Inoki on the entrance ramp pre-match (-5 END). Race kept the momentum up early, hitting the opening 3 moves including a 2nd Rope Knee Drop. But then Inoki uncovered Race’s hidden Hammer and KO’d him with it! 1-2-3, Inoki wins! 2 min 7 secs

INSIDER INFORMATION: it isn’t official, neither Commissioner Buttons nor the Retro Wrestling Federation has said anything, but it appears that things are building up for a GAUNTLET MATCH on or around MD 273, with the winner getting a World Heavyweight Championship bout on MD 275. Stay tuned!
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Post subject: MD 264 results  PostPosted: May 29, 2018 - 10:06 AM

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Match Day 264
Walter Koebel Hall
Russelsheim, GER
Referee = Tom “Rocky” Stone

Argentina Rocca w/ manager Bobby Heenan v Arn Anderson: Rocca provided some comedic relief early w/ Faceslap with Feet. Anderson took his chance when Heenan inadvertently distracted his man, nailing a DDT. Anderson stunned the crowd by smashing Portrait of a Man by El Greco over Rocca’s head (Anderson destroys precious works of art as part of his gimmick)! Rocca performed a Flying Headscissor Takedown and Arn a Turnbuckle Ram. Rocca hit a Slingshot Suplex and covered the exhausted Enforcer. Stone counted 1-2-3, Rocca wins! 8 min 53 secs

Jumbo Tsuruta v Austin Idol: the highlight for the Universal Heartthrob was the Quick Roll-Up to open the match. Jumbo took Idol to Suplex city, performing a Bridging German, Backdrop and Belly-to-Back. Tsuruta locked in an Abdominal Stretch and got the submission at 8 min 56 secs.

Ricky Steamboat & Pez Whatley v The Steiner Brothers w/ manager Adnan Al Kaissey: the faces earned 14 pin/sub attempts and the Steiners exactly…0?!? YEP! Steamboat landed Knife-Edge Chops and teamed for a Body Slam and Flying Forearm combo before tagging Whatley in. Pistol Pez hit the Flying Willie and almost got the 3-count after a Gutwrench Suplex but the exhausted Scott Steiner managed to stick his foot on the ropes at the last second. Steamboat nearly got the pinfall after an Arm Bar but Al Kaissey broke up the pin. A Flying Body Press resulted in the win at 21 min 35 secs. The faces were a combined +7 END and the Steiners -42. The Steiners showed their poor sportsmanship as they were joined by Carlos Colon in delivering a post-match beatdown of Whatley & Steamboat.

Kerry Von Erich v Big John Studd: each came in w/ a submission victory against the other. The early action took place outside the ring, where Studd Slammed Von Erich through a Table and Kerry Hit Studd w/ a Chair and Clotheslined him over the Guard Rail. Von Erich clamped on the Iron Claw but Studd escaped. The big man then went on a run, exhausting the Modern Day Warrior w/ a Powerbomb and a pair of Studd Bear Hugs. Von Erich responded w/ a run of his own, including a 2nd Rope Knee Drop, and at the 9 min mark the match was even at -10 END. Studd looked the likely victor as he performed in sequence a Big Backbreaker, Atomic Drop and Heart Punch, but Von Erich kicked out of the pin attempts. Then Kerry caught BJS in another Iron Claw and SQUEEEEEZED! Studd tapped out! Post-match, Von Erich beat Studd w/ a Steel Chair, putting him out of commission for 1 week, and keeping this feud alive. 11 min 57 secs

UNITED STATES CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH: Champion Bruno Sammartino w/ valet/fiancée Precious v Bret Hart w/ manager Jimmy Hart: these 2 wrestled to a time limit draw on MD 257. Hart hit a Belly-to-Belly Suplex but Sammartino, not to be outdone, responded immediately w/ a Belly-to-Back Suplex. Sammartino performed a Bruno Body Slam and Bruno Punches. Hart came back w/ a European Uppercut. The match was even at -1 END after 8 mins. Another set of Bruno Punches and a Belly-to-Back as well as a Bear Hug and Shoulder Block exhausted the challenger. But Hart responded again, this time w/ a Snap Suplex, Hit w/ Chair and Inverted Atomic Drop. A 2nd Rope Elbow Drop exhausted the champion and an Exploder Suplex resulted in a pin attempt. The pin/sub attempts started to come fast and furious, Bruno w/ a running Big Boot and Hart a Sharpshooter and Inverted Atomic Drop. Bruno applied a Bear Hug, Hart looked out of it, the bell rang! Another 20-minute time limit draw!

STEEL CAGE MATCH: Rick Martel v Jeff Jarrett: the culmination of the feud between Martel, Jarrett and Carlos Colon. The first highlight came in the 5th minute when they battled on the apron and Jarrett Poked Martel in the Eye then Bashed him repeatedly into the Cage, resulting in some color. Martel hit a Slingshot Splash, which evened the match at -2 END at the 7 min mark. Martel looked like he had the win after a Diving Crossbody but Double J got his hand on the ropes just in time. A Gutwrench Suplex and Slingshot Splash earned 2 more pin attempts but Jarrett kicked out. Jarrett cut Martel again w/ a Slingshot into the Cage then exhausted him w/ a Jumping DDT, his set-up move. Jarrett went for the impressive Michinoku Driver and covered, but Martel kicked out. ENDs were -13 each after 14 mins. Martel performed another Gutwrench Suplex then reached deep into his arsenal and hit a Spinning Spinebuster. Martel covered, Rocky counted, 1-2-3, and Rick Martel wins in the Steel Cage! 16 min 5 secs
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Post subject: MD 265 results  PostPosted: May 30, 2018 - 12:30 PM

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Match Day 265
Palais de Sportes
Barcelona, SP
Referee = Todd Sinclair

Bob Backlund v Kurt Angle: even this Spanish audience, accustomed to beautiful women, was forced to take notice when Heather Thomas, from television’s The Fall Guy and seated front row, got involved in the action pre-match, saying neither Backlund nor Angle was as tough as her co-star, Lee Majors. The Olympian was clearly distracted and Backlund dropped an Atomic Knee on him in the opening minute and got the quick-count pin. 30 secs

The High Flyers v The Minnesota Wrecking Crew w/ manager Johnny Valiant: the Crew had a sub attempt w/ a Lars Anderson Indian Deathlock and a Quick Roll-Up Pin after a Valiant distraction, but the Flyers seemed in control of this one. Greg Gagne performed a Gutwrench Suplex, Back Body Drop and Arm Drag and Jim Brunzell Flying Head Scissors, a Rebound Elbow Smash and a Knee Thrust. But after Ole tagged out in the 12th minute, Lars came in hot and hit an impressive sequence of Powerslam, Powerslam, and Bear Hug. A pair of single pt moves and a Go-Behind Takedown & Roll-Up on the tired Brunzell resulted in the 3-count. MWC wins! 14 min 42 secs

Don Leo Jonathan (making his debut) v The Sheik: a new wrestler appeared at ringside to cheer on Jonathan – OH MY GOD, it’s GOLDBERG! DLJ excited the crowd w/ an opening Big Body Slam then had a Quick Roll-Up 3 mins later, but the Sheik dominated most of the way, performing a Double Leg Kick, Swinging Neckbreaker, Eye Gouge and Slam through Announcer’s Table to tire the big man. Larry Zbyszko jumped on the apron and distracted Sinclar long enough for the Sheik to repeatedly Grind DLJ’s Eyes on the Ropes (-7 END). The Sheik had a near fall after an Arabian Facebuster. Jonathan earned a late sub attempt w/ an El Diablo Leg Lock but the Sheik escaped, Choked him w/ the Tag Rope, unseen by Sinclair, covered and got the pinfall. 11 min 54 secs

NO DISQUALIFICATION MATCH (winner gets tag title shot on MD 266): Verne Gagne & Dusty Rhodes v World Heavyweight Champion Nick Bockwinkel & Ray Stevens: the faces teamed for an exciting Dusty Atomic Drop and Flying Body Press early. Gagne set up a Table in the corner of the ring then a few minutes later sent Bockwinkel through it w/ a Minnesota Body Slam. Gagne followed up w/ a Flying Dropkick, Rebound Crossbody Block and Sleeper Hold, exhausting the champ. Stevens tagged in and immediately went to work on Gagne, teaming for Double Piledrivers before performing a Choke on Ropes and Body Stomp. Dusty tagged in but before he could do anything the heels KO’d Sinclair then double-teamed Rhodes (-10 END), while Gagne lay on the floor and the ref recovered. A Cobra Clutch by Bockwinkel exhausted the American Dream. Dusty found some life w/ a Kendo Stick then teamed for a Double Backdrop. Gagne and Stevens returned, and Verne looked to have the upper hand after a German Suplex, Flying Body Press and Belly-to-Back Suplex. But Bockwinkel tagged in and put the match to bed w/ a Shoulder Block and another Double Piledriver, getting the 3-count from Sinclair at 28 min 8 secs. Post-match, the heels Slammed the faces through Steel Chairs Steven’s set up outside the ring (+2 heat).

Dick the Bruiser v Terry Funk: Funk had a pin attempt after a Spinning Toe Hold but it was Dick who dominated the early going, executing Headlock & Punches, a Reverse Chinook and a Forearm Smash to Chest . TWICE, Bruiser stuffed a Dirty Sock into Funk’s mouth! The bad taste must have inspired Funk as he went on a nice run, hitting a Snap Suplex, a pair of Stalling Suplexes and a Belly-to-Belly Suplex. Bruiser made the final run of the match, landing a 2nd Rope Knee Drop and earning a near fall after a Rake Eyes w/ Boot Laces. Dick went to the top rope, readied his Knee, leapt and connected w/ a Top Rope Knee Drop. 1-2-3, Dick the Bruiser gets the victory! 16 min 25 secs

Lou Thesz v Frank Gotch: the final bout of the night featured a dominant performance by Thesz. Lou Slammed Gotch through the Announcer’s Table early and nailed a Powerbomb, Michinoku Driver and Piledriver. A Bridging Belly-to-Back Suplex gave Thesz the win. 14 min 6 secs
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