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Post subject: Real Life Basketball observations and questions  PostPosted: Feb 12, 2019 - 02:04 PM

Joined: May 20, 2006
Posts: 20

Status: Offline
I have been delving into the Downey version of Real Life Basketball. It is fun and fast playing. I do, however, have some observations/questions/discussion points that I will bring up here and will also post to the Downey site and
1) First the fast action cards. With the new Downey setup (no court section adds/subtracts, just the +/-Ďs off the action card itself), is the play description even necessary? It is really who shoots, what the modifier is (+/-), or if not a shot what the resolution of the play is, correct?
2) Assists. With the Downey game it appears the only provision for assists is the Assist section at the bottom of the FAC, and the Pass > 5 L.D. scenario. So again, the play descriptions from the Action section of the FAC do not factor into assists, correct?
3) OPEN SHOTS. Someone else brought this up on TTS. Since there are now defensive ratings that add numbers to the players Shot number, shouldnít an open shot be a +6 with no accounting for opponent defense? Thatís as bad as it gets, just like a defensive player of 0 in the original iteration of the game.
4) Player defense ratings. I have been trying to figure out how the game company arrives at (or approximately how) the player defense ratings. I assume the individual ratings are somewhat subjective, but are also based on how the team performed overall, which does appear to be reflected in the player ratings. In the first iteration of the game defense ratings are said to be assigned from the points obtained after subtracting the first 7 players in minutes played raw shot ratings from the teamís power rating. This is not the case it seems in the Downey game. I am thinking of using the player Offensive and Defensive Win Shares from Basketball Reference, and then allocating the defensive ratings based on the percentage of points available after subtracting the percentage of offensive win shares for all the teamís players from the teamís power rating. Any other thoughts on this from game players would be appreciated.
Again, the game meets some basic requirements for me for a fun tabletop sports game:
Fast playing, game flows like the actual sport does.
Statistical accuracy is reasonable.
Good teams are good teams in the tabletop game.

Kevin H., St. Paul, MN
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