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Derek KraftOffline
Post subject: MD 215 results  PostPosted: Oct 14, 2017 - 09:34 PM

Joined: Jul 15, 2015
Posts: 417
Location: New York
Status: Offline
Match Day 215
Memorial Auditorium
Utica, NY
Referee = Tom Hamilton

Rick Martel v Mr. Saito: on MD 210 Saito called Martel a "Boston Scab," and Martel challenged him to this match, which was announced to be Saito's last in the RWF. Ric Flair distracted the referee early, allowing Saito to throw and rub salt in Martel's eyes (-10 END), but the Scab's versatile arsenal, including a Release German Suplex, Gutwrench Suplex, Airplane Spin and his finishing Boston Crab allowed him to overcome and get the pinfall victory at 5 min 50 secs. Despite his deviousness, the upstate crowd gave Saito a warm goodbye.

Ivan Putski v Pat Patterson: Putski had a pin attempt after a Polish Hammer but otherwise had a difficult time w/ the more technical Patterson, who performed an Armlock Takedown, Bridging German Suplex and a Boston Crab. Putski submitted at 5 min 10 secs.

Pedro Morales v Carlos Colon: Morales evened this feud at 1 apiece after an early submission victory on MD 209. Despite Morales performing the majority of the moves, this match was even at +1 END after 7 minutes due to Colon's Biting of Morales's Arm AND Leg. A Knee Drop Backbreaker tired Colon and a Cannon Ball resulted in a 3 count in favor of Morales. 8 min 10 secs

WORLD TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP: The Midnight Rockers v Champions the Brisco Brothers: the Rockers got this title opportunity after winning on MD 211 after the Commissioner declared the stipulation. Shawn Michaels and Jerry Brisco opened this match and locked up. Brisco then caught the Rocker in a Quick Roll-Up Pin, Hamilton counted 1-2-3, and the Briscos successfully defended their title in 13 seconds!

UNITED STATES CHAMPIONSHIP unification (the Television title merged into the US belt): Television Champion Lou Thesz v United States Champion Bruno Sammartino w/ valet & girlfriend Precious: you knew this one was going to be a good one, which in wrestling doesn't always turn out true, but here it did. Thesz hit a Bridging Belly-to-Back Suplex. Precious Tripped Thesz. Hamilton caught Precious trying to pass a Branding Iron and banned her from ringside. Thesz exhausted the Living Legend w/ another Suplex and earned a pin attempt w/ Powerbomb. A Shoulder Block exhausted Thesz. Bruno then performed his signature Hammerlock and locked in a Bear Hug, which Thesz broke. After a pair of single point moves Sammartino grasped Thesz in another Bear Hug. Thesz couldn't break it this time and was forced to submit at 16 min 24 secs. Post-match, Sammartino called for Precious to return to the ring. He then got down on one knee, proposed marriage, and she accepted! Though a ring was not proffered, Precious walked out with the invaluable United States Championship belt on her waist.

Antonio Inoki v Andre the Giant: a contrast of styles, with the plodding Giant facing the methodical Inoki. Andre connected w/ a Chop to Head, Running Clothesline and Kick to Face and applied a Bear Hug early, but Inoki's Seated Armbar, Manji-Gatame and Stepover Standing Armbar kept the match even. A DDT, Indian Deathlock and 2nd Manji-Gatame kept Andre off balance, and a Cross Armbreaker resulted in Inoki felling the Giant and getting the pin. 11 min 13 secs
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Derek KraftOffline
Post subject: MD 216 results  PostPosted: Oct 16, 2017 - 11:15 AM

Joined: Jul 15, 2015
Posts: 417
Location: New York
Status: Offline
Match Day 216
Sargent Gym, Boston University
Boston, MA
Referee = Bruno Lauer

Jimmy Valiant v Austin Idol: these two wrestled to a Double Count-Out on MD 209. Idol earned some heat and END pre-match after becoming upset at the announcer’s intro. Valiant landed a Big Clothesline and performed a pair of Eye Pokes to take the advantage early. Idol responded w/ a Sleeper, Body Slam, and Power Suplex. A Las Vegas Neckbreaker and a second Body Slam almost responded in a pin. The Boogie Woogie Man managed to escape from the Las Vegas Leglock but not the subsequent pin. Good victory for the Universal Heartthrob. 8 min 13 secs

The Masked Superstar v Steve Regal: each man was making his debut. Superstar went for a Quick Pin Move w/ a Fist Full of Tights right away then argued with Lauer when he didn’t get the 3-count. Regal went to the ropes and surprising Superstar w/a Flying Body Press. 1-2-3 and this one was over quickly. 52 secs

Ricky Steamboat v Jake Roberts: Jake opened w/ a Leg Drop and Release German Suplex but then the Dragon hit the next 9 moves, including a Head Scissor Takedown, 2nd Rope Headbutt and Body Slam. Steamboat nailed a Diving Headbutt Drop and got the pin. 7 min 10 secs

Lex Luger v Arn Anderson: the Enforcer, nephew of Ole and Lars Anderson, was making his debut in the RWF. The highlight of this one was Anderson setting up his signature Gourdbuster, but Luger reversed and nailed the move himself. 2 minutes later a Bear Hug resulted in the submission and spoiled Arn’s debut. 6 min 6 secs

Ed “Strangler” Lewis v King Kong Bundy w/ manager Bobby Heenan: there was a major stipulation to this match-if King Kong Bundy did not win, he would be dismissed from the RWF. The debutant Strangler looked good early, performing the opening 4 moves but then failed when he tried a Suplex on the Heavy KKB. They went back and forth a bit with Lewis executing a Spinning Leg Hold and Bundy a Body Slam. Bundy then went on a run, hitting a Powerslam and Clothesline, tiring Lewis. Then came the devastating Atlantic City Avalanche, which Lewis most certainly could never encountered previously. 1-2-3, KKB wins and retains his status in the RWF. 9 min 39 secs

The British Bulldogs v The Minnesota Wrecking Crew w/ manager Jimmy Valiant: MWC lead this feud 3-2-1 after a pin victory on MD 208. A child help up a pro-Bulldogs sign during the Crew’s entrance only to watch in horror as Ole Anderson ripped it up, eliciting a chorus of boos (+1 heat). The Dynamite Kid was able to hit a Flying Headbutt when Valiant inadvertently distracted Ole. After both Lars Anderson and Davey Boy Smith tagged, Lars was able to wrest control, performing 5 straight moves, including a Clothesline and teaming for Double Hip Toss. Lars locked in a Bear Hug, the Kid tried to break it up but was met by Ole, and DBS was forced to submit at 8 min 10 secs. Post-match, the Bulldogs cut a brilliant promo in which they vowed to return to the top of their game despite losing this feud.

Coming Up:

MD 217: the Iron Sheik battles for his RWF life as he must beat the debuting Pez Whatley; Ray Stevens debuts against the returning Kerry Von Erich; and Lou Thesz faces the returning Terry Funk w/ a US title shot at stake

MD 218: 2 triple threat matches: the 1st is a loser is gone from the RWF match featuring Bobo Brazil, Tommy Rich and Jimmy Snuka. Then to determine who will face the Macho Man for the World Heavyweight Championship, Dusty Rhodes v Nick Bockwinkel v a surprise entrant

MD 219: another loser gone triple threat as Harley Race v Pat Patterson v Superstar Billy Graham; Crusher & Slaughter continue their loser is gone feud; and Randy Savage defends the most prestigious title in sports
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Derek KraftOffline
Post subject: MD 217 results  PostPosted: Nov 13, 2017 - 01:01 PM

Joined: Jul 15, 2015
Posts: 417
Location: New York
Status: Offline
Match Day 217
Wesleyan University
Middleton, CT
Referee = Tim Fuller

Bobo Brazil v Superstar Billy Graham w/ manager Adnan Al Kaissey: Bobo aroused himself and the crowd (+1 heat, +2 END) w/ a fiery promo, referring to the Superstar as a “Graham Cracker.” Brazil opened w/ 9 consecutive moves, including a Body Slam, Power Slam and a Coco Butt outside the ring. A Piledriver and another Coco Butt provided pin attempts. Al Kaissey tried to help his client w/a Fireball, which allowed Superstar to apply a Bearhug. Bobo escaped and reasserted control w/ a pair of Piledrivers. Another Body Slam by Brazil resulted in a pin. Post-match, Al Kaissey jumped into the ring, distracting Brazil, and Superstar jumped him before the heel and his manager applied a beatdown. 12 min 43 secs

Pistol Pez Whatley v The Iron Sheik: while this was the debut of Pez, the big story here was that the Iron Sheik needed to win the match or be relegated (in singles competition) from the RWF. Things did not bode well as he came into the match w/ 9 consecutive losses. Whatley took control early w/ a pair of Flying Body Presses, a trifecta of Big Headbutts, and a Top Rope Dropkick. The Iron Sheik was down -11 to +3 in END after 7 mins but still thought it prudent to celebrate after hitting a Vertical Suplex. A Flying Willie (Diving Headbutt) ended the Iranian’s RWF singles career. Pez gets a victory in his debut! 10 min 45 secs

Kerry Von Erich v Ray Stevens: Kerry returns and Ray makes his RWF debut. These two wasted no time exchanging pleasantries as Von Erich performed a Power Slam and 2nd Rope Knee Drop in the opening minute and Stevens responded w/ a Crippling Piledriver and Sleeper. The Modern Day Warrior hit a Vertical Suplex on the concrete but then was attacked by Nick Bockwinkel! The Crippler exhausted Von Erich w/ a well-placed but unseen Kick to Groin. But that kick only served to motivate Kerry, who applied a Full Nelson and executed 2 more Vertical Suplexes, getting the 3-count after the second. 10 min 20 secs

Crusher & Otto Wanz v King Kong Bundy & Big John Studd w/ manager Bobby Heenan: in their last encounter on MD 209 the heels were DQd after Bundy clocked Crusher and the ref w/ a steel chair. Studd earned some heat pre-match by grabbing the microphone from the ring announcer and calling the crowd “uppity good-for-nothings who should have been tossed off the Mayflower, mid-voyage!” The faces defended the honor of the New Englanders, with Crusher applying a Full Nelson and Kicking Studd in the Knee Cap. Later, Studd tried to Suplex Wanz and failed. Wanz hit a Power Slam then the Big Otto Corner Splash and covered. 1-2-3, faces win! Wanz had already been relegated in singles action and this was his last bout in the RWF. Good to see him go out in style. 9 min 15 secs

Dick the Bruiser v The Sheik: never one to miss an opportunity to make another enemy, the Sheik made derogatory comments about Pistol Pez’s mother pre-match. Whatley challenged him to a future match. The Sheik got some early offense in here w/ a Swinging Neckbreaker and Double Leg Kick. Bruiser then went on an 11 move run, including a DDT, Atomic Drop, Headlock & Punches and 2nd Rope Knee Drop. The Sheik then hit a few single pt moves before Dick Raked his Eyes w/ Boot Laces, putting the Sheik out of his misery and getting the pin. Post-match, the Sheik’s partner Larry Zbyszko hit Dick from behind and the heels pummeled him. 11 min 32 secs

Lou Thesz v Terry Funk: Funk was making his RWF return and to add to the excitement, this match would determine who got the next shot at Bruno Sammartino and the prestigious United States Championship. It was a feeling out process until the action went outside in the 5th minute when Thesz Slammed Funk through the Announcer’s Table. Back in the ring Funk his a Brainbuster and cut Thesz open w/ an Elbow Smash to Head. Thesz applied a Backbreaker Submission and Funk covered after a Spinning Toe Hold, but neither was successful in ending the bout. Thesz hit a Piledriver. Funk landed a Belly-to-Back Suplex then a Headlock Takedown. Fuller quick-counted (pin 1-3, rolled 3) and Funk got the victory! 11 min 38 secs
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Derek KraftOffline
Post subject: MD 218 results  PostPosted: Nov 14, 2017 - 12:45 PM

Joined: Jul 15, 2015
Posts: 417
Location: New York
Status: Offline
Match Day 218
46th Street Rock Palace
Brooklyn, NY
Referee = Brad Robinson

Triple Threat Relegation Match (loser is gone from RWF, winner is safe, wrestler not involved in pin will be in a playoff): Bobo Brazil v Jimmy Snuka v Tommy Rich: Wildfire was the first to tire in this one after a Double Dropkick and Bobo Body Slam. Brazil tired due to a Rich Atomic Drop and Snuka Headbutt. Bobo hit Superfly w/ a Chair and squeezed him w/ a Bear Hug. Snuka rolled out of the ring after a Rich Flying Fist Drop. Bobo rolled out after Snuka hit him w/ Multiple Chops. Rich hit a Stalling Suplex but Bobo kicked out of the pin. Bobo landed a Forearm Smash to Back of Snuka but Rich broke up the pin. Brazil responded w/ a Piledriver on Tommy but Rich managed to kick out. While Bobo displayed his frustration, and Rich was out of it, Snuka went to the ropes and executed a Diving Headbutt on Brazil. 1-2-3, and Bobo Brazil is relegated from the RWF! Snuka is safe. 20 min 7 secs

Austin Idol & Randy Savage v The Russians: the Russians were disqualified on MD 211 when Nikita Koloff bashed both the Macho Man and the referee w/ a Chair. Here, the heels hit a Double Suplex on Idol but received a DQ pt from Robinson in the process. It was certainly a coincidence a minute later when Robinson was “accidentally” KOd, and the match continued w/ Tom Foley as the replacement ref. Idol earned a pin attempt w/ a Flying Body Press but Nikita kicked out. Savage tagged in and immediately applied a Sleeper Hold. To everyone’s surprise Nikita passed out (sub 1-3, rolled 2) and the ref rang for the bell. Submission victory for Idol & Savage. 3 min 29 secs

Argentina Rocca v Harley Race: the high-flying Rocca had a tough start when he was attacked by a Nightstick-wielding Handsome Harley Race during the pre-match interview (-6 END). A Body Slam and Eye Gouge after the bell rang tired Rocca, but he came back w/ 7 of the next 8 moves, including a Flying Elbow Drop, Airplane Spin and Diving Crossbody, evening the match at -3 END. Race hit a DDT and covered, but Rocca kicked out. Argentina delighted everyone but Race w/ a Faceslap w/ Feet. Race forced Rocca into the corner and landed Mounted Punches and covered. Foley made the 3 count raised Harley’s hand. 10 min 15 secs

Pat O’Connor w/ ally Dick the Bruiser v Ric Flair: O’Connor and Dick were talking trash during the pre-match promo so Flair attacked them w/ a Trash Can (-6 END). O’Connor got off to a strong start in the ring w/ Leg Scissors, a Belly-to-Back Suplex and a Running Clothesline. A Flair Chop Block allowed the Nature Boy to take control. A pair of Figure 4s exhausted O’Connor, and Flair got the quick-count pin (1-9, rolled 9) after the 2nd. 6 min 10 secs

Triple Threat Match (winner gets World Heavyweight Championship title match): Dusty Rhodes v Lex Luger v Nick Bockwinkel: Luger was the surprise entrant and threw himself full barrel into this one, being involved in almost every move in the opening 8 minutes. Luger applied a Full Nelson on Dusty then teamed with Bockwinkle for a Double Powerbomb. Lex followed up w/ a Luger Suplex on the Son of a Plumber. But it was Luger who was tired first after a pair of Bockwinkel Chokes and a High Knee & Elbow Smash combo from Dusty. Luger tried another submission move on Dusty in the 12th minute, this time a Bear Hug but the American Dream escaped. Dusty performed 3 straight moves on Bockwinkel, including a Figure 4 and Chop Block, forcing the former World Champion to roll out of the ring and rest. A Luger Running Forearm forced Dusty out and Luger followed, Slamming Rhodes through the Announcer’s Table. Luger then picked up Bockwinkel and Slammed him on the Concrete. Back in the ring, the heavy hitting continued with Bockwinkel DDTing Luger then applying the Sleeper on Rhodes, Dusty applying the Figure 4 to Nick, and Luger and Bockwinkel exchanging Piledrivers! Rhodes and Bockwinkel teamed for a Double Powerbomb then battled it out to see who would cover. Dusty nailed a Dropkick on Bockwinkel and covered Luger but Bockwinkel managed to clock Dusty and break it up. Bockwinkel then followed up with a Flying Leg Smash on Luger. Dusty was out, Bockwinkel covered, Foley made the count, 1-2-3, and Nick Bockwinkel earned the title shot! 26 mins
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