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Post subject: WWF RAW Results  PostPosted: Oct 10, 2017 - 04:02 PM

Joined: Aug 09, 2012
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WWF RAW Results (Attitude Era Circa 1998) - Freeman Coliseum, San Antonio, TX.

Commentators: Jim Ross & Jerry "The King" Lawler
Ring Announcer: Howard Finkel
Referees: Jack Doan, Teddy Long & Jim Korderas

Are you ready ? Break it down ! D-Generation X's theme music brought the fans to their feet and San Antonio's own Shawn Michaels down to the ring along with Triple H and Chyna. After some pyrotechnics, crotch chops and a few lewd jokes thrown in for good measure, HBK "reminded" Vince McMahon that "DX runs this show" and that it would therefore be in the company's best interest for he, Shawn Michaels, to be the WWF Champion instead of "Stone Cold" Steve Austin. Michaels made reference to the finals of the Championship Tournament in which he was pinned by Austin for the title after interference from Mankind. HBK was "tuning up the band" by stomping his foot in preparation for the Sweet Chin Music when Mankind snuck into the ring and flattened him with a Double Arm DDT leading to the pinfall. Michaels neglected to mention, however, that he had eliminated Mankind earlier in the tournament following a 2x4 shot to the noggin which may have precipitated the interference in the final round. HBK then fired up the crowd by suggesting a title match on RAW next week and told McMahon to make it happen !

1. The Brood (Gangrel & Edge w/ Christian) defeated Jim Cornette's New Midnight Express ("Bombastic" Bob Holly & "Bodacious' Bart Gunn) at 6:18. The Brood followed up a ghoulish backstage promo by emerging from a ring of fire during their entrance to add 75 points to their total. On the flip side, Cornette also earned 75 points for his team by being soundly boo'd for snatching the mic away from Howard Finkel and personally introducing this latest version of the Midnight Express. The match itself was a fairly even tag contest that took a drastic turn in the Brood's favor when Edge and Gangrel combined for a dirty double team maneuver on Bodacious Bart while Christian distracted Referee Jack Doan. Gangrel finished off Gunn moments later with his Impaler DDT.

2. Cactus Jack pinned Chainsaw Charlie (aka Terry Funk) in a Falls Count Anywhere Match at 14:16. Apparently Jerry Lawler is not a fan of either competitor. The King quipped to Jim Ross that he hoped that "these two idiots would injure each other so severely in this match that they would put one another out of wrestling for good !" Lawler did not get his wish, though. Far be it ! In fact, both men seemed to relish in the punishment that they were both receiving and dishing out. The path of destruction weaved its way around and around backstage in the Freeman Coliseum and culminated with Cactus shattering a fluorescent light bulb tube over Charlie's head to gain the three count.

Michael Cole conducted a backstage interview with the Jackyl (aka Don Callis) and his Truth Commission stable of Recon, Sniper & Kurrgan the Interrogator. Actually, Cole held a microphone and the Jackyl did ALL of the talking. (Jim Ross doesn't refer to him as "the David Koresh of the WWF" for nothing.) The Jackyl laid out his demented intentions of world domination and served notice to Vince McMahon that his takeover would officially begin here by dethroning McMahon as the head of the World Wrestling Federation. McMahon was then shown watching the promo from a monitor in his office along with his associates Pat Patterson, Gerald Brisco and Head of Security the Big Bossman. McMahon muttered "I've got a message for you, Mr. Jackyl" and whispered something into the Bossman's ear.

3. Kurrgan the Interrogator (w/ Recon, Sniper & the Jackyl) over Test at 4:42. Test was clearly preoccupied by the presence of the Truth Commission in Kurrgan's corner and lost 100 points as a result of the distraction. To make matters worse, the Big Bossman came down to ringside and accidentally laid out Test with a running clothesline during a melee OOR when his intended target, the Jackyl, ducked at the last possible instant. Kurrgan finished off his dazed opponent with the Paralyzer Claw Hold soon after. He refused to release the hold after the bell rang and dragged Test backstage with the Paralyzer still firmly applied.

"Marvelous" Marc Mero did his best Muhammad Ali impersonation during a backstage interview with Michael Cole regarding his upcoming bout with Al Snow. Mero claimed to "float like a butterfly and sting like a bee" as he shadow boxed around the hapless Cole. The promo was then interrupted by Snow, who, after conferring with "Head" (the lady mannequin head that he carries around with him), insisted that Mero had it backwards. "He may float like a bee, Michael Cole, but make no mistake about it - Marc Mero stings like a butterfly!" Marvelous Marc was incensed by the snub and stormed off. He would have been even more irate had he realized that Snow's interruption cost him 50 points.

4. "Marvelous" Marc Mero (w/ Jacqueline) beat Al Snow (w/ "Head") at 6:42. "What does everybody want ??" brought Snow out much to the fans' delight. He was immediately pushed off the ramp from behind by Mero during his ring entrance which sent him crashing hard to the floor below. Snow lost 200 points for the bad fall. Once the match got under way, Al caught a break when Jacqueline errantly bashed Mero in the head with one of her high heel shoes. The valet redeemed herself later in the match, however, by slipping Marvelous Marc some brass knucks after Referee Jack Doan had been toppled to the canvas. Mero KO'd Al with a loaded punch to put him down for the three count.

Mr. McMahon ambled down to the ring to his "No Chance !" theme music with Pat Patterson & Gerald Brisco in tow. Patterson and Brisco held the ropes open as the kingpin of the WWF stepped into the ring with a mic. "First of all, San Antonio, thank you for giving us Shawn Michaels - the most pompous, spoiled brat that this company has ever known." (Loud Boos!). "Secondly, your merry little band of degenerates may 'run the show', Shawn, but remember who signs your paycheck the next time you call me out." (More boos!" " And last but not least, Mr. Michaels said earlier this evening that you people want to see a WWF Championship next week on RAW ?" (Loud cheers!). Mr. McMahon seemed genuinely surprised. "Well then, I guess it's true. And we all know that Shawn Michaels always gets whatever Shawn Michaels wants, right ?" (More cheers). "Alright then, there will be a title match on RAW next week..." (More cheers) "except......... Austin will not defend the championship against Shawn Michaels, San Antonio, no .... Austin will face the winner of the next match pitting Jeff Jarrett against Val Venis." Mr. McMahon then left the ring to "No Chance" with Pat Patterson, Gerald Brisco and a smug smile on his face.

5. Val Venis (w/ a towel wrapped around his waist and Ken Shamrock's sister Ryan Shamrock wrapped around his arm) defeated Jeff Jarrett (w/ Tennessee Lee (aka Robert Fuller) at 4:03. Val had the women in attendance swooning when he greeted them with his lecherous "Hello, Ladies" drawl, but the former adult film actor soon found himself in a heap of trouble after Tennessee Lee reached into the ring and tripped him. Jarrett held the advantage until Lee tried to interfere once more. Tennessee may have gone to the well once too often when he tried to trip up Val again but ended up sending Jarrett to the mat instead. Venis quickly followed with The Money Shot (Diving Splash) to win both the match and the title shot against Austin next week.

6. D-Generation X's New Age Outlaws (Road Dogg Jesse James & "Bad Ass" Billy Gunn w/ Chyna) beat the Nation of Domination (Faarooq & Kama Mustafa) in tag team action at 7:32. Road Dogg was barely into his "Oh, you didn't know ??" entrance bellow when the Outlaws were jumped from behind by Nation of Domination members D'Lo Brown and Mark Henry. Gunn and Road Dogg lost 200 points from the attack, but battled back and persevered in the end. Road Dogg scored the pinfall on Mustafa after a Spiked Piledriver with Billy Gunn behind Referee Jim Korderas' back during a distraction by Chyna.

7. "The Big Red Machine" Kane (w/ Paul Bearer) over "The World's Most Dangerous Man" Ken Shamrock in the Main Event at 13:00. Kane's points total was bolstered by a great backstage promo from Paul Bearer as well as a roll on his Cheating Modifier, but things looked grim when he became entrapped in Shamrock's trademark Ankle Lock submission hold. The Big Red Machine seemed on the verge of tapping out when Val Venis and Ryan Shamrock suddenly appeared smooching on the Titantron screen as they celebrated Val's victory over Jeff Jarrett. Known for his fierce temper, Ken released the hold and went off on a fit of rage over seeing his sister in the arms of the former porn star. Shamrock's tantrum abruptly ended when Kane grabbed him by the throat and planted into the mat with a thunderous Chokeslam for the three count.
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Post subject: RE: WWF RAW Results  PostPosted: Oct 12, 2017 - 04:04 PM

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WWF Results (Attitude Era Circa 1998) - Battelle Hall, Columbus, OH.

Commentators: Frank Coutinho & Al Snow w/ "Head"
Ring Announcer: "Columbus Clipper" Frankie Williams
Referees: Mike Sparks, Earl Hebner & Chad Patton

The show opened with Dude Love cutting a goofy promo and delivering some tie dye T-Shirts to Frank and Al at the announcers' table. The Dude even brought an extra one for "Head". We see a close up of "Head" with "Help Me" written backwards on "her" forehead. We also see that Al had put his announcer's headset on "Head". Dude then called a couple of ladies out of the crowd and gave them tie dye T-Shirts as well. He called them his "Dudettes". The gals dance with the Dude to some funky 70's music.

1. The Hardy Boyz (Matt & Jeff Hardy w/ Michael Hayes) fought Kaientai (Dick Togo & Men's Teioh w/ Yamaguchi-San) to a Double Count Out at 6:05. This high-flying aerial extravaganza ended up on the floor after Yamaguchi-San tried to throw ceremonial salt into Jeff Hardy's eyes. Michael Hayes immediately chased Kaientai's diminutive but fleet-footed manager to the back with Togo and Teioh leaving the ring in hot pursuit to come to his defense. The Hardyz quickly followed. A free-for-all ensued in the aisle with Referee Mike Sparks counting both teams out.

2. Scorpio (aka Flash Funk) pinned Savio Vega of Los Boricuas (w/ Miguel Perez Jr.) at 4:07. This was a case of good intentions gone awry. Miguel Perez climbed up onto the apron to interfere, but Vega was sent crashing into him courtesy of a Scorpio Flying Drop Kick. With both members of Los Boricuas down and out, Scorpio scaled the top rope and delivered a Moonsault onto the dazed Savio for the pinfall.

Droz (aka former Denver Broncos' defensive lineman Darren Drozdov) cut an outstanding promo with Frank Coutinho backstage and announced that he had his eyes firmly set upon winning the European Championship from The Artist Formerly Known as Goldust. Droz said that he hoped a victory over Steven Regal this evening would earn him a title match.

3. "A Real Man's Man" Steven Regal (w/ Flannel Shirt & Hard Hat) pinned Droz at 3:49. Regal held up the match to show footage of a lumberjack cutting down a tree in the forest with an axe. Although the lumberjack sported a long red beard and was rather rotund, Regal (in a particularly snobby British accent) insisted the woodsman in the video was him. As it turned out, Regal had as much trouble with his wrestling as he did in trying to convince everyone that he was a "Real Man's Man". Droz appeared to have the match won with a small package, but Referee Chad Patton had taken a bad bump to the canvas and was unable to make the three count. The Artist Formerly Known as Goldust snuck into the ring and reversed the cradle while Patton was trying to shake out the cobwebs. The official finally recovered to find Regal on top and counted the 1-2-3.

4. The New Blackjacks (Blackjack Bradshaw & Blackjack Windham) defeated Southern Justice (Mark Canterbury & Dennis Knight (aka hog farmers Henry & Phineas Godwinn) w/ Tennessee Lee) at 9:05. Commentator Frank Coutinho accurately described this tag contest as a "knock-down, drag 'em-out slobberknocker". Scientific holds were indeed hard to come by in this slugfest. Bradshaw pinned Dennis Knight with a Neckbreaker after Knight had telegraphed a Back Body Drop attempt.

5. The Nation of Domination's D'Lo Brown (w/ Mark Henry) pinned WWF European Champion The Artist Formerly Known As Goldust (w/ Luna Vachon) in a non-title match at 4:56. The champion earned 100 points for his flamboyant "Shattered Dreams" Hollywood production entrance and was in command of the action until Droz returned to ringside. Goldust's attention was immediately drawn to a confrontation between Luna and Droz OOR. Brown capitalized on the distraction by sneaking up from behind and planting the champion with a Bridging German Suplex for the victory.

6. D-Generation X's Hunter Hearst Helmsley (w/ Chyna) defeated Dude Love at 12:42. Helmsley came out on crutches and announced that as much as he would enjoy kicking Dude Love's butt all over Ohio, he couldn't because he hadn't received clearance from his doctor to wrestle this evening. The fans boo'd but Dude Love just shrugged and once again began dancing with his "Dudettes" to his funky theme music. The shady Helmsley, who has more tricks up his sleeve than a magician, dropped the ruse and smacked Dude Love over the back with one of his crutches. The match was on. As with his other personas, the Dude proved that he could take a lickin' and keep on tickin' and slowly gained the upper hand. Sensing a shift in the momentum, Chyna intervened and cracked Dude in the ribs with the other crutch. Although Referee Chad Patton missed the infraction, he sensed foul play and ordered her to return to the back. Nevertheless, the damage had been done and Chyna's interference cost the Dude 100 points. Helmsley suspiciously appeared to be unfazed by her departure for the balance of the bout. Perhaps he should have been because Dude mounted another big comeback. Victory seemed imminent once the Dude applied the Love Handle (Mandible Claw), however one of his Dudettes climbed up onto the apron and blinded him with perfume to the eyes. Dude then stumbled right into Helmsley's Pedigree for the three count. After the bell, the turncoat Dudette took off her tie dye shirt to reveal that she was wearing a D-Generation X shirt beneath it. Helmsley referred to her as "Tori" as the two left the ring together.
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Post subject: WWF Attitude  PostPosted: Oct 14, 2017 - 08:23 AM

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The WWF Attitude era was the beginning of what would become the future of wrestling. Wrestling hasn't changed. Only the faces. What was entertaining 60 years ago is still entertaining today. I must say though, The Attitude era was as good as it gets.

Thanks for featuring one of the great jobbers; Frankie Williams. The Columbus Clipper is in the WWE Encyclopedia. It mentions that one of Frankie's 1st matches was against Ric Flair in Madison Square Garden. Frankie may not have set the world of wrestling on fire but he did perform at Great Palaces and also was willing to suffer the indignity of Piper's Pit. Our Saturday Mornings would not have been the same without him.
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Post subject: WWF Monday Night RAW Results  PostPosted: Oct 17, 2017 - 07:51 AM

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WWF Monday Night RAW Results (Attitude Era Circa 1998) - Tucson Convention Center, Tucson, AZ.

Commentators: Jim Ross & Jerry "The King" Lawler
Ring Announcer: Howard Finkel
Referees: Teddy Long, Earl Hebner & Tim White

1. Super Astros - El Pantera over Mr. Aguila at 4:03. Mr. Aguila was introduced first and took the mic from Howard Finkel to address the Tucson crowd in Spanish. Jesus Castillo, who is a member of Los Boricuas, emerged from the back and entered the ring to join him. The two men shook hands and hugged. The promo was then interrupted by Aguila's opponent, the masked El Pantera, who also had a mic and spoke in Spanish. Castillo became quite agitated by Pantera's comments and gestured to the crowd that he was going to unmask the Mexican star. The bell rang to officially start the bout with Castillo remaining at ringside to be in Aguilla's corner. It didn't take long for him to interfere, but when he did, things didn't go as planned. Aguila was leveled by a Castillo haymaker when Pantera ducked at the last instant. Looking to atone for his miscue, Castillo removed the padding from a corner turnbuckle behind Referee Teddy Long's back. Unfortunately for Aguila, El Pantera spotted it first and rammed his opponent's forehead into the exposed steel. The dazed Aguila stumbled out of the corner and was pinned with a La Magistral Cradle. After the match, Castillo and Aguila had words with one another but seemed to patch things up before returning to the back together.

2. Dan "The Beast" Severn defeated Tiger Ali Singh (w/ Manservant Babu) by Disqualification at 6:27. Singh, a rich playboy from India, has revised "The Million Dollar Man" Ted Dibiase's shtick of humiliating people for money. Singh drew big time heat for giving a woman from the audience $100 for kissing Babu's bare feet. The stunt may have earned him 125 bonus points, but it was not enough to bring him a victory tonight against Severn. Babu did his part to assist his master by interferring constantly on his behalf. So much so, that The Beast, fed up with the manservant's shenanigans, apprehended him on the apron and locked him in a Dragon Sleeper Hold. Singh grabbed a chair and smashed it over Severn's back to break the hold and draw the DQ from Referee Earl Hebner in the process.

3. Table Match - WWF Hardcore Champion The Big Bossman vs Prince Albert. There are no pinfalls, DQs, submissions or count outs. The match is won by putting your opponent through a table. The Bossman's Hardcore title was not on the line in this bout. Despite being a relative newcomer to the WWF , Albert was well received by the crowd in Tuscon and earned 75 points for his entrance. The Bossman, who has traded in his prison guard uniform for black S.W.A.T. team attire, drew an even bigger reaction for his ring introduction and added 125 points to his total. Albert was able to match up well against the Bossman in size, but not in ring experience. Thinking that he had incapacitated his opponent sufficiently enough to warrant a high risk maneuver, Albert laid out the Bossman atop a table in the ring and began to climb up top. The former prison guard was playing possum and tossed him off the top rope and through the table to win the match at 14:22.

4. L.O.D. 2000 (Hawk & Animal w/ Sunny) defeated the Disciples of the Apocalypse (8-Ball & Skull w/ "Precious" Paul Ellering) in tag team competition at 9:34. Who would have ever thought we'd see the day when the Legion of Doom and Paul Ellering would be in opposite corners ?? Such is the world of professional wrestling. Ellering did a good job of representing his new team by cutting an outstanding promo before the bell and claimed that the D.O.A., a biker gang of thugs, was "much tougher than the over-the-hill Hawk & Animal ever were". As one would imagine, brawling and power moves dominated the action. The bikers hung in there until 8-Ball was dazed by an errant steel Halliburton briefcase smash from Ellering. The L.O.D. immediately capitalized with Hawk scoring the pinfall after the Doomsday Device.

5. Ladies Match - Sable over Jacqueline (w/ "Marvelous" Marc Mero) by DQ at 6:35. Both ladies cut good promos prior to the opening bell to boost their respective points totals, but the contest would ultimately be decided by Mero's actions. There is no love loss between Marvelous Marc and Sable ever since the couple parted ways . Mero's interference backfired when a handful of powder meant for his ex-valet accidentally blinded Jacqueline instead. A pinfall seemed imminent after she sustained a Sable Bomb (Powerbomb) moments later, however Mero pulled Referee Earl Hebner out of the ring by his ankles to break up the three count and draw the disqualification.

6. The Rock (w/ fellow Nation of Domination members Faarooq, Kama Mustafa & D'Lo Brown) beat Vader at 8:23. Although he is a heel, the fans love the Rock's charismatic promos. Michael Cole attempted to interview him backstage before the match regarding his chances against the larger Vader. Cole's query drew the People's Eyebrow and the Rock's contempt. "The Rock says know your damn role, Michael Cole, and shut your mouth !" The Rock dismissed his opponent as a "jabroni" and said that he would "lay the smackdown on Vader's candy-ass !" which gave him 75 extra points to work with. The Rock did indeed win, but not without help from the Nation of Domination. D'Lo Brown hit the Lo Down (Frog Splash) off the top rope on Vader while wearing his controversial chest protector while Mustafa & Faarooq distracted Referee Tim White. The Rock, who was dazed from a collision with Vader that sent both men sprawling to the canvas moments previous, then crawled over to make the pin.

7. Title Match - WWF Champion "Stone Cold" Steve Austin vs Val Venis (w/ Ryan Shamrock). Venis earned this opportunity by defeating Jeff Jarrett during last week's episode of RAW as per Mr. McMahon. The adult film actor once again wowed the women in attendance with his trademark "Helloooooooooooooo Ladies ......" drawl while twirling the towel off his waist and gyrating his hips for them. Smashing glass then brought out the champion to loud cheers. As always, the no-nonsense Austin was all business and quickly grabbed the advantage. The champ hit a Lou Thesz Press off the ropes which was followed by a flurry of punches on the mat and and a pointed elbow drop. A commotion from the fans caused the camera to cut away to D-Generation X members "HBK" Shawn Michaels, Hunter Hearst Helmsley and Chyna coming down the aisle to ringside. Their presence enabled Venis to mount a comeback until he, too, became preoccupied with yet another distraction. "The Most Dangerous Man in the World" Ken Shamrock also came to ringside and immediately got into a confrontation with his little sister Ryan. Unhappy with her choice in men, Ken hoisted her up over his shoulder and began carrying her to the back with Ryan kicking and screaming the whole way. Venis quickly gave chase. In the meantime, D-Generation X stormed the ring after Austin had flipped off all three members. He held his own briefly, but Michaels & Helmsley eventually overpowered him after a low blow from behind on the Texas Rattlesnake by Chyna. Dude Love then raced in with a chair and cleared the ring of DX to make the save. The match was officially declared a "No Contest" by Referee Teddy Long at 14:38 due to all of the outside interference. "Stone Cold" Steve Austin retains the WWF Championship.
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Post subject: RE: WWF Monday Night RAW Results  PostPosted: Oct 24, 2017 - 10:08 AM

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WWF Monday Night RAW Results (Attitude Era Circa 1998) - UTC Arena, Chattanooga, TN.

Commentators: Jim Ross & Jerry "The King" Lawler
Ring Announcer: Howard Finkel
Referees: Mike Sparks, Jim Korderas & Mike Chioda

1. Too Much (Brian "Too Sexy" Christopher & Scott "Too Hot" Taylor) beat the Hardy Boyz (Matt & Jeff Hardy w/ Michael Hayes) at 7:55. After pre-match and modifier adjustments, the Hardy Boyz were the favorites to win this contest, but Kaientai had other ideas. Yamaguchi-San and his Kamikaze crew have been holding a grudge against the Hardyz ever since their double count out tag team match in Columbus, Ohio. Kaientai's Sho Funaki snuck into the ring and reversed Jeff Hardy's small package cradle on Brian Christopher while Referee Mike Sparks was distracted by Michael Hayes chasing Yamaguchi-San around the ring. The official turned around to find Christopher on top and counted the pin. Jerry Lawler took great delight in Too Much's victory ! The King had showered Christopher with praise throughout the contest and was accused of "blatant bias" by Ol' JR during the commentary. Not only did Lawler deny those allegations, he also denied seeing Funaki reverse the cradle and insisted that Too Much won the match fair and square.

Never at a loss for words, Jim Cornette cut a great promo backstage in support of his New Midnight Express tag team and "Bombastic" Bob Holly in particular. (Holly was scheduled to face Christian of the Brood one-on-one in our next contest.) Cornette's ringing endorsement added 50 additional points to Bombastic Bob's total. Christian chose to do his talking in the ring and walked down the aisle with a microphone to address Cornette's comments. Just as he was about to begin his rebuttal, Mr. McMahon's "No Chance !" theme music suddenly blared over the PA system. The kingpin of the WWF emerged on the ramp along with his bungling associates Gerald Brisco & Pat Patterson. Christian began to speak and was abruptly interrupted.

Mr. McMahon: "You're new here, aren't you, kid ?"

Christian nodded.

Mr. McMahon: "What's your name again? Christopher, is it ?"

Pat Patterson then whispered something into Mr. McMahon's ear.

Mr. McMahon: "Christian ?"

Christian nodded again.

Mr. McMahon: "Alright, Christopher, Here's how it works. When I talk, that means that you shut up and listen. Got it ?"

(Loud boos from the crowd !)

Christian began to speak again and was once more interrupted by Mr. McMahon.

Mr. McMahon: "Cut his damn mic off ! I said cut it off ! "

Gerald Brisco made a slashing motion across his throat. Christian's microphone immediately went silent.

Mr. McMahon: "I'm Vince McMahon, dammit ! You never interrupt me ! If you don't like it, Christopher, then you can go wrestle down south for Uncle Ted !

(More boos from the crowd !)

Mr. McMahon: "I'm going to make this next match a little more interesting. If Christopher here wins, then the Brood get a title match against the tag team champion Headbangers next week on RAW. If Holly wins, then the New Midnight Express get the title shot. And you know what, Christopher ? I think the New Midnight Express get that match because I don't think that you have what it takes to make it in this business ! When I look in that ring, I see nothing but a punk ! I hope Holly kicks your butt !"

McMahon, Patterson and Brisco return to the back to loud boos as Christian motions to "Bring it !"

2. Christian (w/ The Brood's Gangrel & Edge) over "Bombastic" Bob Holly (w/ Jim Cornette & The New Midnight Expresses' "Bodacious" Bart Gunn) at 6:58. In addition to the points he received from Jim Cornette's earlier promo, Holly further boosted his total after a roll on his Cheating Modifier. Christian was easily the fan favorite thanks to Mr. McMahon's tongue lashing and rewarded the fans for their support with some flashy aerial maneuvers. A Missile Drop Kick from the top rope set up Christian's Impaler finisher (Inverted Double Underhook Facebuster) for the three count.

Christian was celebrating in the ring with Edge and Gangrel when Mr. McMahon's "No Chance !" music began playing once more. Mr. McMahon re-emerged on the ramp with Pat Patterson and Gerald Brisco in tow to loud boos. Christian immediately grabbed Howard Finkel's mircrophone.

Christian: "Now what ??"

Mr. McMahon (humbly): "I have to admit... you showed me something tonight, kid."

(The fans cheer!)

Christian: "The Brood get a title match against the Headbangers next week, right ?? All these people heard you say it !"

Mr. McMahon: "That's right."

(Loud cheers from the fans!) Christian nods triumphantly as Gangrel and Edge pat him on the back.

Mr. McMahon: "Except that .... "

Jerry Lawler: "Uh, oh, here it comes JR !"

Mr. McMahon: "It'll be Edge & Gangrel wrestling that match for the championship next week and not you, Christopher !"

Jerry Lawler: "What ??"

Christian's jaw dropped in obvious disappointment as the fans boo.

Mr. McMahon (sneering): "And do you know why, Christopher ? BECAUSE I DON'T LIKE YOU, THAT'S WHY !!"

Jerry Lawler: "He sure told him ! You shouldn't get on Mr. McMahon's bad side !"

JR: "This isn't right, King ! Christian's getting a raw deal here in my opinion."

Jerry Lawler: "He's Mr. McMahon ! He can do what he wants !"

"No Chance!" plays again as Mr. McMahon returns backstage with Brisco and Patterson.

3. The Nation of Domination's Kama Mustafa (w/ Faarooq, D'Lo Brown & Mark Henry) over Test by DQ at 4:50. This might as well have been a Handicap Match for Test due to the rampant and relentless interference of Mustafa's fellow Nation members. Referee Mike Chioda did his best, but it was impossible for him to catch everything. Test's patience finally ran out after he was blatantly tripped to the canvas by Faarooq. He made the mistake of pushing Chioda to the mat after the official had refused his demand to send Mustafa's corner men to the back. Chioda immediately called for the bell and awarded the match to Mustafa by disqualification.

4. Dumpster Match - Road Dogg Jesse James of D-Generation X (w/ "Bad Ass" Billy Gunn) vs Chainsaw Charlie. There are no pinfalls, DQs, submissions or count outs. The match is won by throwing your opponent into an open dumpster at ringside. "Oh, you didn't know ?? Your ass better call somebody !" brought out "the D-O-Double G". D-Generation X are heels, but they appeal to some of the WWF's fan base. Like all of the DX members, Road Dogg has his fans who shout his catchphrases right along with him. Chainsaw Charlie (Middle-aged crazy Terry Funk) apparently heard enough and attacked the Road Dogg before the bell to inflict 100 points worth of damage. This bout quickly took on the characteristics of a Hardcore Match with both combatants battering one another with whatever objects they could find underneath the ring. Billy Gunn did manage to help his New Age Outlaw partner out with some dirty double teaming, however Charlie sent him stumbling to the back after spraying the Bad Ass in the eyes with a fire extinguisher. Minutes later, Road Dogg rammed the back of Charlie's head into the dumpster with a Russian Leg Sweep and then tossed him inside for the victory at 8:01.

5. WWF Intercontinental Champion Owen Hart defeated "Lethal Weapon' Steve Blackman in a non-title match at 7:43. Blackman brought a duffel bag of martial weapons with him to ringside, but was never able to use any of them during the bout. Hart was in control for much of the match, helped in part by a missed corner charge in which Blackman jammed his knee hard into the turnbuckle. The Lethal Weapon's miscue was the perfect prelude to Hart's Sharpshooter finisher with Blackman tapping out to the grueling submission hold.

6. Adult film star Val Venis (w/ Ryan Shamrock) over "The World's Most Dangerous Man" (and Ryan's big brother) Ken Shamrock in controversial fashion at 5:50. Ryan nearly cost her man the match when she reached into the ring and accidentally tripped Venis to the mat. Ken Shamrock immediately pounced on the mistake and applied his Ankle Lock on the prone Venis. The former porn star quickly tapped out, but Referee Mike Chioda had taken a bad bump to the canvas and missed the submission as he tried to shake out the cobwebs. Looking to redeem herself, Ryan then raced into the ring and walloped her brother in the back of the head with a loaded purse. It was lights out for Ken Shamrock. Val Venis labored to climb up to the top rope, but delivered The Money Shot (Diving Splash) finisher with the dazed Chioda crawling over to count the pin. When the World's Most Dangerous Man finally came to, he went ballistic and flattened Chioda with a Belly To Belly Suplex before storming to the back in search of Venis & his sister.

7. "HBK" Shawn Michaels & Hunter Hearst Helmsley of D-Generation X (w/ Chyna) defeated WWF Champion "Stone Cold" Steve Austin & Dude Love in our tag team Main Event at 13:13. Michaels was holding court in the ring and cutting a promo when the Dude & Austin rushed in and attacked before the bell. DX were caught off guard and lost 50 points to start. Once the match officially got under way, Triple H and HBK took control and wore down Dude Love by preventing him from tagging out. Referee Mike Sparks had his hands full trying to keep the over-anxious Austin from entering. All mayhem broke loose, however, once the official was knocked to the canvas. The resilient Dude found his second wind and clamped the Love Handle (Mandible Claw) onto Helmsley prompting Chyna to rush into the ring and break the hold with a chair shot from behind. A succession of finishing moves quickly followed. Much to the crowd's delight, Austin KO'd Chyna with the Stone Cold Stunner, but then turned right into Michaels' Sweet Chin Music Superkick. In the meantime, Triple H had given Dude Love a Pedigree onto the now-dented chair that Chyna brought into the ring. Sparks recovered to count the pin for Helmsley. HBK & Triple H pulled the woozy Chyna from the ring and helped her to the back.
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WWF Results (Attitude Era Circa 1998) - Selland Arena, Fresno, CA

Commentators: Michael Cole & Jim Cornette

Ring Announcer: Tony Chimel

Referees: Chad Patton, Jack Doan & Earl Hebner

1. Matt Hardy (w/ Jeff Hardy & Michael Hayes) vs. Kaientai's Dick Togo (w/ Yamaguchi-San & Men's Teioh)

Prior to the match, Michael Hayes was cutting a promo in the ring with Matt Hardy when Terri Runnels came out with a microphone of her own and interrupted them. Runnels, aka Marlena, has been looking for someone to manage after parting ways with Goldust. She praised the Hardy Boyz as an exciting, up-and-coming young team in the WWF and offered up her services to them. Terri said that she would put them on the fast track to tag team gold if they would give her the opportunity. Matt sheepishly declined the proposition, however Michael Hayes was not so kind. "They don't need your services, lady, because they have me ! I know more about tag team wrestling than you'll ever know so take a hike !" Terri just shrugged her shoulders with an "Oh, well," and returned to the back. Fully aware of the bad blood existing between Kaientai and the Hardyz, Referee Chad Patton ordered both grapplers' respective corner men to return to the back before the contest got under way. Togo held the advantage in the early going mainly due to the points that were deducted from Matt's total after Terri's interruption, but a missed Senton Splash from the top rope abruptly shifted the momentum in Hardy's favor. Matt would go on to hit the Twist of Fate (Front Facelock Cutter), but Chad Patton had taken a bad spill to the canvas and was unable to count the pin. Hardy was trying to help the dazed official get back to his feet when the scorned Terri Runnels ran back down to ringside and tossed her microphone to Togo. The Kaientai member then bashed Hardy in the back of the head with it to score the winning pinfall at 7:36.

2. Scorpio vs. Tiger Ali Singh (w/ Manservant Babu)

Singh racked up a lot of points before this bout ever got started. First, the rich playboy from India cost his opponent 50 points by interrupting Scorpio's backstage interview with Kevin Kelly. Then he added 125 points to his own score by drawing some serious heel heat from the crowd prior to the match introductions. Singh selected two people from the crowd to get in the ring and participate in a "Begging Contest" for $100. Whichever fan groveled and pleaded more for the money would be declared the winner. Apparently, Singh was not content that the winner had humiliated themselves sufficiently enough and made them crawl across the ring on their hands and knees to Babu for their money. Singh then added an additional 25 points with a roll on his Size Modifier before finally locking up with Scorpio. As it turned out, the bonus points failed to bring him a victory. Singh was Drop Kicked into his manservant who was up on the apron attempting to interfere. The collision knocked Babu to the floor and sent Singh sprawling to the canvas. Scorpio then hit the Tumbleweed (Diving Corkscrew Sommersault Leg Drop) from the top rope to gain the three count at 6:48.

3. Prince Albert vs. The Nation of Domination's D'Lo Brown (w/ Mark Henry)

Both grapplers boosted their respective totals with good promos before the opening bell, but D'Lo lost points when Mark Henry accidentally blinded him with a handful of powder to the eyes after the match had gotten under way. Things went from bad to worse for Brown once the action moved OOR. No doubt looking for revenge after D'Lo had cost him a match against The Rock on Monday Night RAW a few weeks back, Vader ran down to ringside and laid out Henry with a Clothesline before crotching Brown on the steel barricade railing. Senior official Earl Hebner, who was busy sending Albert to a neutral corner and oblivious to Vader's interference OOR, then put the ten count on Brown. Your winner via Count Out at 3:52 - Prince Albert.

4. Chainsaw Charlie & Cactus Jack vs. Southern Justice (Mark Canterbury & Dennis Knight) w/ Tennessee Lee.

Cactus and Charlie were fired up for this tag contest and anxious to get it on with Southern Justice when Mr. McMahon's "No Chance !" theme music suddenly began blaring over the PA system. The WWF kingpin ambled out with his associates Pat Patterson and Gerald Brisco to loud boos. McMahon said that he had something special in mind for this particular contest. He paced a lit bit, rubbed his chin thoughtfully, and changed the match stipulations to that of a Table Match at the last minute - no pinfalls, no submissions, no DQs or count outs. The match will be won when one team puts a member of the opposing team through a table. Satisfied with his decision, McMahon and company then smugly returned to the back. The "No DQ" provision seemed to favor Cactus and Chainsaw who were free to use whatever objects and weapons that they could get their hands on without repercussion, however they soon found out that their burly opponents (formerly known as the Godwinns) were also well-suited to the contest's new conditions. Both teams had several opportunities to win, but the match went 9:04 before Canterbury Powerbombed Charlie through a table for the victory.

The Rock then came down to the ring to get a few things off his chest. "Finally, the Rock has returned to Fresno ! garnered some loud cheers from the crowd before he continued. "Vader, who in the blue hell do you think you are messing with the Nation of Domination ?? You may think you're done with The Nation, but The Nation ain't done with you by a long shot ! The Rock laid the Smackdown on your monkey ass once and don't think he won't do it again ! And now let me turn my attention to that other roody poo jabroni Owen Hart. The Rock is the People's Champion and he's got his eye on your Intercontinental Title ! Be sure to shine up that belt real pretty for me. The Rock will take you down Know Your Role Boulevard which is on the corner of Jabroni Drive and check you directly in the Smackdown Hotel ......... If you smell what The Rock is cookin' !!"

5. X-Pac of D-Generation X (w/ Chyna) vs. Savio Vega of Los Boricuas (w/ Miguel Perez Jr. and Puerto Rican Flag)

Savio earned himself 100 points for a great promo backstage with his Los Boricuas stable. In contrast, X-Pac lost 50 points when his in-ring promo was interrupted by Jacqueline. "Marvelous" Marc Mero's valet demanded that Chyna, who is the WWF Ladies Champion, put her title on the line. It should be noted that Chyna had eliminated Jacqueline during the Ladies Championship Tournament with some help from Hunter Hearst Helmsley. Jacqueline has been seeking a rematch ever since. Chyna stared down at her menacingly but gave no response to the challenge. And now onto the match -

As Michael Cole pointed out, both competitors have "educated feet" and highly effective Spin Kicks. X-Pac also has the Bronco Buster in his repertoire which he was able to execute on Vega in the corner. Sensing trouble, Miguel Perez attempted to interfere. but only made things worse for Savio by reaching into the ring and accidentally tripping him. Chyna immediately rushed over and took Perez out of the picture with a DDT on the floor. Jacqueline then came back down the aisle and got into a confrontation with her. In the meantime, Vega cracked the Puerto Rican flag over X-Pac's back while the two were battling OOR. Savio mananged to roll himself back inside the ring in the nick of time, but X-Pac was counted out by Referee Jack Doan at 6:36.

6. WWF Intercontinental Champion Owen Hart (w/ yellow and black "Danger" attire) vs. "Marvelous" Marc Mero (w/ Jacqueline)

This is a non-title bout. Hart cut a good interview with Kevin Kelly before the match and addressed The Rock with a couple of catchphrases of his own - "Enough is enough !" and "Put up or shut up !" to earn 50 extra points. Owen then got off to a great start in this match by attacking Mero while the Marvelous One was showboating for the fans with his rendition of the Ali Shuffle. To compound that, Jacqueline accidentally smacked Mero across the face with a loud slap when Owen ducked out of the way at the last instant. Everything was going right for Owen until The Rock returned to ringside. He immediately began jawing with Owen and drew him into a heated confrontation. Mero took advantage of the situation by rolling up Hart from behind for the three count at 7:09. The Rock had himself a good laugh as he strutted to the back.
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WWF Monday Night RAW Results (Attitude Era Circa 1998) - Broom County Arena, Binghampton, NY.


Commentators: Jim Ross & Jerry "The King" Lawler

Ring Announcer: Howard Finkel

Referees: Chad Patton, Jim Korderas & Teddy Long

1. Hardcore Match. Al Snow (w/ Head) vs. "A Real Man's Man" Steven Regal (w/ Hardhat)

To prove to Snow and the WWF fans that he was indeed " A Real Man's Man", Regal agreed to participate in this Hardcore match. He got off to a great start by racking up bonus points for being soundly boo'd and jeered by the crowd during his entrance. On top of that, Regal attacked Snow before the opening bell to get the early advantage. Perhaps in the hopes that it would offer him some measure of protection, Regal continued to wear his hardhat. It didn't take long for Snow to remove the hard plastic helmet and bop Regal in the noggin with it. Many other objects came into play during this bout including a sledgehammer, a speed limit sign, Snow's mannequin "Head", a beer bottle and several folding chairs. Regal pinned Snow with a Piledriver onto one of the steel chairs that was lying in the ring at 11:08.

In a backstage segment, Vader is in WWF Commissioner Sergeant Slaughter's office demanding a match against The Nation Of Domination's D'Lo Brown tonight. Vader has had his problems recently with The Nation and D'Lo in particular. Brown's Lo Down Frog Splash enabled The Rock to pin Vader a few weeks back on an episode of RAW. Vader was so irate that he said he would take on the whole Nation in a Handicap Match if need be. The Commish said that he would "see what he could do".

2. WWF Light Heavyweight Champion Taka Michinoku vs. Brian "Too Sexy" Christopher (w/ Too Much tag team partner Scott "Too Hot" Taylor)

This is a non-title match. Taka had a rough interview with Kevin Kelly prior to the contest. The Japanese star struggled with his English and was then interrupted by Too Much who grabbed the mic and cut a promo of their own in hip-hop jargon. Once the action got under way, Jerry Lawler continued to praise Christopher's talent, but once again denied JR's allegations of favoritism or being affiliated with "Too Sexy" in any way. Much to the King's dismay, Scotty Taylor, while performing some new dance moves on the apron for the fans, accidentally bumped into Christopher who was setting himself on the top rope to deliver his Tennessee Jam/Hip Hop Drop (Diving Leg Drop). Too Sexy crashed to the mat and was pinned by Michinoku at 6:04.

Jacqueline cut a promo in the ring with "Marvelous" Marc Mero once again challenging WWF Ladies Champion Chyna to a title match. Chyna had previously defeated Jacqueline during the championship tournament, but not without the help of Triple H. Never at a loss for words or controversy himself, Mero, who wore a long brunette wig in the ring, played the role of Chyna in this little vignette and kept coming up with excuses for why "she" couldn't or wouldn't put the belt on the line. The faux Chyna conceded that Jacqueline was the better wrestler of the two and finally admitted that "she" was afraid of losing the belt in a rematch. Mero cowered in the corner and begged Jacqueline to leave "her" alone.

3. Chainz (aka Brian Lee) with "Precious" Paul Ellering & The Disciples of the Apocalypse vs. Kurrgan the Interrogator with The Jackyl and The Truth Commission

Given all the outsiders milling about OOR, this match was a potential powder keg waiting to explode. Referee Teddy Long had his hands full, but did a good job of limiting the interference until the very end. Kurrgan, who stands 6' 10", literally caught a "big" break by rolling on his Size Modifier to bolster his chances while Chainz was aided by his ring Savvy and experience. Kurrgan was able to get his hands on Ellering's steel halliburton briefcase, but had it sent into his own face with a running Big Boot by his opponent. Chainz then hit a Death Valley Driver to put the Interrogator down for the three count. After the bell, The Truth Commission rushed into the ring with the Disciples of the Apocalypse doing likewise. A wild free-for-all broke loose and required the services of several WWF officials to restore order.

The Nation of Domination cut a promo on Vader backstage featuring D'Lo Brown & Faarooq. Brown said that if Vader wants a match with him, then he needs to go through "this" man first. "The Strongest Man in the World" Mark Henry then walked out to join the duo. Henry stared into the camera with perspiration dripping off his face. "Here's your opponent tonight, Vader, " Faarooq said. "Show me what you got !"

4. WWF Tag Team Title Match. Challengers The Brood (Edge & Gangrel w/ Christian) vs. the defending Champions The Headbangers (Mosh & Thrasher w/ Boombox of Marilyn Manson music)

The Brood earned this title shot after Christian defeated "Bombastic" Bob Holly of The New Midnight Express during last week's edition of RAW. Before the bell, the arena went completely dark. The Undertaker came out to eerie music and addressed Gangrel with a proposition. "I can use someone like you and the Brood in my Ministry. Forget about this match and come and join me." The invitation seemed to catch Gangrel and company off guard. The Brood huddled together to discuss and then declined the offer. The 'Taker stood silently and stared at them with cold eyes. "Very well," he finally mumbled in an ominous tone. Restless to get the match underway, the Headbangers attacked, but Edge and Gangrel were ready for them. The Brood held their own and proved to be worthy challengers for the championship. Mosh was flattened with a Double Back Elbow Smash off the ropes and then sustained Edge's Downward Spiral (Reverse STO). Thrasher rushed in to break up the subsequent pin attempt prompting Gangrel to also enter the fray. Things got out of hand in a hurry leaving Referee Chad Patton no choice but to disqualify both teams at 7:23. The battle continued to rage in the ring after the bell. No one seemed to notice the Undertaker walking down the aisle with conviction. The Dead Man was a one-man-wrecking crew. Wielding the Headbanger's boombox as a weapon, 'Taker laid out both Christian and Thrasher with vicious smashes. Mosh was then driven into the mat with a Chokeslam as was Edge moments later. Gangrel then received a Tombstone Piledriver to complete the carnage. The arena went dark once more with the Undertaker returning to the back to his ghoulish music. Though battered and bruised, the Headbangers retain the WWF Tag Team Titles.

Pyrotechnics and "Are You Ready ? Break it Down !" theme music brought Hunter Hearst Helmsley and "The Ninth Wonder of the World" Chyna of D-Generation X down to the ring for a promo on Jacqueline and "Marvelous" Marc Mero. Helmsley called Mero "Johnny" in reference to the Marvelous One's stint in WCW as "Johnny B. Badd". Triple H said that "Johnny" was "a big fish in a small pond down south", and "reminded" him that he's "a small (while pointing to his crotch) fish in the vast ocean that is the WWF." Helmsley went on to say that D-Generation X were the great white sharks of the WWF ocean and that everyone else swam in their wake. Triple H said that Jacqueline will get her title match, but only if she and "her boy Johnny" could beat him and Chyna in a mixed tag match next week on RAW. Helmsley ended the challenge by saying that he had "two words" for them, to which the crowd shouted "Suck it !" while he did a crotch chop.


5. Vader vs. "The Strongest Man in the World" Mark Henry of the Nation of Domination (w/ Faarooq & D'Lo Brown)

Right about now, Vader must be thinking to himself that he has bitten off more than he could chew by engaging in a feud with the Nation of Domination. Badly outnumbered, he has come up on the short end of the stick thus far, but refuses to back down to them. It was more of the same this evening. Vader proved that he could go toe-to toe with Mark Henry just as he has been able to do with other members of the stable in previous weeks, but outside interference once again did him in. D'Lo pulled the top rope down causing Vader to take a bad fall out of the ring and crash hard to the floor below. Henry won the match via Count Out at 5:55 when Vader was unable to get himself back inside the ring in time. The Nation of Domination triple-teamed Vader after the bell until the Legion of Doom (Hawk & Animal) ran down to ringside to make the save,

6. "Bad Ass" Billy Gunn of D-Generation X (w/ the Road Dogg) vs. Jeff Jarrett (w/ Tennessee Lee)

Jarrett has had some history with Road Dogg in the past and was clearly preoccupied by his presence OOR this evening. The resulting loss in points was offset somewhat by a roll on his Cheating Modifier. Using the bottom rope to gain additional leverage, Jarrett was able to inflict damage on Billy Gunn's left knee with the prolonged use of his Figure Four Leglock but could not induce a submission. Tennesseee Lee then tried to lend a hand by tossing one of his cowboy boots into the ring for Jarrett to use but overshot his reach when Road Dogg interfered with his toss. Jarrett was bending over to pick up the shoe when he was driven face-first into the mat and pinned with Gunn's Fameasser finisher (Leg Drop Bulldog) at 7:23.

7. "The Big Red Machine" Kane (w/ Paul Bearer) vs. "The Phenom" Undertaker

Paul Bearer did his best for Kane. He cut a good promo before the match to give the Big Red Machine additional points to work with and then distracted Referee Chad Patton several times during the action to enable Kane to cheat. The Dead Man was simply an unstoppable force tonight. Clearly a man on a mission, the 'Taker brought the same fury with him to the Main Event that he had exhibited earlier in the tag team championship match. Fans were treated to a barrage of corner uppercuts, the Old School rope walk arm twist and clubbing blow from the top rope, a Flying Clothesline that nearly took Kane out of his boots, and a crushing Sideslam before ending things with the Tombstone Piledriver at 9:24. Your winner - The Undertaker.
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WWF Monday Night RAW Results (Attitude Era Circa 1998) - Arrowhead Pond, Anaheim, CA

Commentators: Jim Ross & Jerry "The King" Lawler

Ring Announcer: Howard Finkel

Referees: Jack Doan, Jim Korderas & Mike Chioda

McMahon in the house ! We see Mr. McMahon getting out of a limo in the parking garage and entering the arena. He confers with WWF personnel and then walks down some corriders in search of his office. McMahon spots a door with his name on it and opens it. We can see that it is dark inside. A hand suddenly pushes him in with the door slamming shut behind him. The mysterious hand then rips McMahon's name off the door to reveal that it is a janitor's closet. McMahon goes for the knob but finds it locked. He pounds on the door demanding to be let out.

1. Light Heavyweight Triple Threat Match - Jeff Hardy vs. Kaientai's Sho Funaki vs. Scott "Too Hot" Taylor of Too Much.

All three participants had allies with them at ringside which would play a key factor in the outcome of the match. Jeff had brother Matt in his corner, Funaki had Dick Togo, Men's Teioh & Yamaguchi-San with him while Taylor was accompanied to the ring by tag team partner Brian "Too Sexy" Christopher. Taylor and Funaki added points to their respective totals with good promos before the match. Sporting a Stetson hat and red bandana tied about his neck, Sho Funaki lip-synced to some John Wayne dialogue from "True Grit". It made absolutely no sense but the fans loved it anyway. The bad blood and bitter feud between the Hardy Boyz and Funaki's stable Kaientai continued to escalate this evening. When the time came for Jeff to do his promo, cameras picked up on him being jumped backstage by Kaientai members Men's Teioh and Dick Togo. Hardy lost 200 points for the assault which severely hurt his chances of winning the bout. Jeff was able to get some measure of retribution by catching Funaki with a Twist of Fate (Front Facelock Cutter), but was draw into an altercation OOR between his brother Matt and Dick Togo. While Referee Jack Doan was trying to break up that melee and get Jeff back inside the ring, Scott Taylor was busy setting himself on the top rope to deliver a Diving Elbow Drop onto the still down-and-out Funaki. Yamaguchi-San reached into the ring and pulled Funaki out of the way in the nick of time with Taylor's Flying Elbow missing the mark. Funaki then crawled over to make the cover on Scotty with Jack Doan finally turning around to count the 1-2-3 at 11:21. Brian Christopher tried to enter the ring to break up the pin but was held up by Men's Teioh.

Mr. McMahon's bungling associates Gerald Brisco and Pat Patterson are outside the door of the janitor's closet with a ring full of keys. They try one key after another but none of them can unlock the door. McMahon is growing more agitated by the second. He threatens to fire everyone in the company. We can see the New Age Outlaws' "Bad Ass" Billy Gunn and the Road Dogg laughing in the background.

Down the hallway, Droz is in WWF Commissioner Sergeant Slaughter's office asking for a match against European Champion The Artist Formerly Known As Goldust. "Make it a non-title match ! I don't care, Sarge ! I know that I can beat this guy. Just let me prove it to you !" Slaughter informs Droz that Goldust isn't here, but said that he does have an opponent for him. "Let's see how you do against Bradshaw tonight."

2. Droz vs. Blackjack Bradshaw (w/ Blackjack Windham)

Though primarily a tag team wrestler, Bradshaw appeared to be the favorite to win this singles contest after receiving ally interference from his tag team partner Barry Windham. Blackjack Windham distracted Referee Jim Korderas allowing Bradshaw to choke out Droz with his trademark bullrope which he often brings to ringside for the Blackjacks' matches. Bradshaw then added a crushing Powerbomb, played to the crowd a little bit, and lackadaisically draped himself across his opponent for the cover. Droz still had something left in the tank, however, and surprised the big cowboy with a crucifix cradle to get the pin at 4:30.

Pat Patterson and Gerald Brisco finally get the door to the janitor's closet open. Mr. McMahon bursts out in a rage and demands to be given a microphone. He sees the Big Bossman preparing for his match against Mankind later in the program and reprimands him. "Where the hell were you ? I'm paying you to protect me !!" McMahon then heads to the ring in a huff.

3. X-Pac of D-Generation X vs. Edge of The Brood

This match never took place. The head of the WWF stormed down to ringside with "No Chance!" theme music blaring over the PA system. Mr. McMahon snarled "Get out of my ring dammit !!" and sent X-Pac and Edge to the back. He then went on a twenty minute tirade about the indignity just done to him backstage. McMahon vowed to find the guilty party, but added that he had a "pretty good idea" of who was responsible. "There's no one that I hate more in this company than "Stone Cold" Steve Austin !" (The crowd cheers !) "Austin, I can't prove it yet, but if I find out that you were the one behind this, I'll have you indefinitely suspended and stripped of your WWF Title !"

The sound of smashing glass then brought the fans to their feet and "Stone Cold" Steve Austin down to the ring with a mic in one hand and a six pack of beer in the other. "Vince, you and I both know that if it were me, I'd have put you in a far worse place than that damn closet..... but here's to the S.O.B. who had the balls to do it !" Austin then pulls a can off the six pack, snaps it open and takes a swig as the fans cheer !

Upon seeing McMahon seething, the Texas Rattlesnake remarked, "You're having a bad night ain't ya, Vince ?" Austin pulls off another can of beer from his six pack and tosses it over to McMahon. McMahon looks to the crowd, gets some cheers of encouragement and snaps it open. Before he can take a sip, however, Austin gives him a kick to the gut followed by the Stone Cold Stunner. The Rattlesnake then pours the rest of his beer on McMahon, flips him off with double middle fingers and walks back to the dressing room to a loud ovation.

4. L.O.D. 2000 (Hawk & Animal w/ Sunny) vs. The Nation of Domination (Kama Mustafa & D'Lo Brown w/ Faarooq)

The Nation got off to a great start well before the opening bell had sounded. Faarooq cut a promo on Vader (the Nation's favorite target as of late) to earn his team 100 points. Brown and Mustafa then jumped L.O.D. 2000 from behind during Hawk and Animal's entrance to add to their total. To top it off, the Nation rolled on their Tag Team Bonus Modifier and ran up their score even further. Despite all the extra points, it would prove not to be the Nation's night afterall. Vader ran down to ringside and hit D'Lo Brown with his Vader Bomb (Slingshot Splash from the Apron) while Referee Jack Doan was busy arguing with Faarooq in the Nation's corner. Doan turned around to find Hawk making the cover on D'Lo and counted the pin for LOD 2000 at 7:30.

Meanwhile, Val Venis and his valet Ryan Shamrock are scheming in a back office. Ryan is trying to devise a plan on how to help Dan Severn defeat her big brother Ken Shamrock in tonight's next match. She comes up with an idea and whispers it into Vals' ear. The Big Valbowski smiles and nods. Ready to put their plan into action, the two head for the door only to discover that they, too, have been locked inside.

5. "The World's Most Dangerous Man" Ken Shamrock vs. Dan "The Beast" Severn

Both of these men come from Mixed Martial Arts backgrounds and are well-familiar with one another. Severn "reacquainted" himself with his colleague by interrupting Shamrock's backstage interview with Kevin Kelly prior to the match. Severn told Kelly that he routinely kicked Shamrock's butt in MMA and will do likewise here in the WWF. Shamrock was boiling with anger and couldn't wait to get his hands on Severn once the two were finally in the ring together. It came as no surprise that Shamrock attacked before the bell and took the early advantage. Both competitors employed various grueling submission holds on one another during the contest with Severn ultimately tapping out to Shamrock's trademark Ankle Lock at 6:04. Finally extricating themselves from their confines backstage, Venis and Ryan raced down to ringside only to see Shamrock's hand being raised in victory by Referee Jim Korderas.

Hunter Hearst Helmsely is backstage sharing a laugh with fellow D-Generation X members Road Dogg and Billy Gunn. The cameraman asks them "What's so funny?" Triple H tells them "None of your business ! Now take a hike !" and pushes the cameraman out of the way.

6. Mankind (w/ Shirt & Tie) vs. WWF Hardcore Champion The Big Bossman (w/ Black S.W.A.T. Team Attire)

This was not a Hardcore Match so the Bossman's title was not on the line. Mankind cut a great promo in the ring, gleefully cackled "Have a nice day !" and then proceeded to catch the Hardcore Champ with a Double Axe Handle in the back while the Bossman was climbing through the ropes for the match introductions. Watching the action from a monitor in the back and still a bit woozy from the Stone Cold Stunner that he suffered earlier in the program, Mr. McMahon immediately dispatched Pat Patterson and Gerald Brisco to ringside to lend the Bossman a hand. The duo initially proved to be helpful by distracting Referee Mike Chioda just long enough to buy the Bossman extra time and enabled him to kick out of a pinning situation after he sustained Mankind's Double Arm DDT. Patterson erred big time, however, when he tried to toss the former prison guard his nightstick and accidentally hit the Big Bossman in the noggin with it. The Bossman staggered around the ring and was pinned by Mankind with a Small Package at 9:14.

Backstage, security personnel present Mr. McMahon with surveillance footage captured by one of their cameras. They inform him that the recording will reveal the identity of the culprit who locked him inside the janitor's closet earlier this evening. McMahon quickly cues up the segment and watches it intently. We see a wicked smile slowly come over his face.

7. Mixed Tag Team Match. D-Generation X's Hunter Hearst Helmsley & the WWF Ladies Champion & "Ninth Wonder of the World" Chyna vs. "Marvelous" Marc Mero & Jacqueline with the condition that if Mero and Jacqueline win, Jacqueline would receive a title match against Chyna for the women's championship.

The contest was about to begin when "No Chance!" music brought out Mr. McMahon who said that he had a special surprise for Triple H and Chyna. McMahon announced that he had changed the stipulations of our Main Event to that of a "Contract on a Pole Match". A document forcing Chyna to defend the Ladies Title was folded inside an envelope and attached to the top of a pole that WWF attendants were now setting up in a neutral corner of the ring. If D-Generation X reached the envelope first, they could tear up the contract and nullify the title match, however if Mero's team got the envelope first, then Jacqueline would get the title opportunity. Triple H and Chyna protested, but McMahon said that they would lose by forfeit if they refused to wrestle. D-Generation reluctantly agreed. Triple H grabbed Howard Finkel's microphone and insisted that they would still win despite the new terms. Helmsley seemed poised to make good on his prediction after catching Mero with a High Knee Smash off the ropes, but Marvelous Marc recovered in time to give him a Belly to Back Suplex off the top rope with the envelope dangling just inches above Helmsley's fingers. This match came down to Jacqueline and Chyna battling atop the turnbuckle for the contract with the "Ninth Wonder of the World" being knocked down to the mat after having her forehead rammed repeatedly into the steel pole. The envelope now securely in her grasp, Jacqueline won the contest for her team at 10:53 and earned herself a title match against Chyna in the process.
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WWF Monday Night RAW Results (Attitude Era Circa 1998) - Arco Arena, Sacramento, CA

Commentators: Jim Ross & Jerry "The King" Lawler

Ring Announcer: Howard Finkel

Referees: Chad Patton, Tim White & Earl Hebner

1. El Pantera vs. Jesus Castillo of Los Boricuas (w/ Jose Estrada Jr. & Miguel Perez Jr.)

Castillo and his Los Boricuas posse cut a great promo in Spanish at ringside before the bell which went over big time with the Latino fans in attendance at the Arco Arena. Not to be outdone, the masked Mexican luchador El Pantera snatched the mic away from them and added some Spanish of his own. Apparently his response offended Castillo who immediately charged at him. Pantera was ready, however, and sent his opponent face-first into the steel ring steps with a Drop Toe Hold. The bell then rang to officially begin the contest. These two light heavyweights quickly hit some dazzling high spots on one another before the action once again returned to the floor. Castillo's stablemates interfered when the luchador began to get the upperhand OOR. Perez and Estrada combined to give El Pantera a Double Hot Shot onto the barricade railing surrounding ringside while Castillo distracted Referee Chad Pattton. The Mexican star was unable to recover in time to make Patton's ten count. Your winner via Count Out at 3:01 - Jesus Castillo.

Backstage segment in Japanese with English subtitles. Yamaguchi-San is trying to persuade WWF Light Heavyweight Champion Taka Michinoku to join his Kaientai stable. Michinoku emphatically declines the proposition. Taka is then surrounded by Kaientai members Dick Togo, Sho Funaki and Men's Teioh. They are trying to strong-arm him into changing his mind but Michinoku will have nothing to do with them. Yamaguchi-San says "we can do this the hard way or we can do this the easy way, but one way or another, the WWF Light Heavyweight Championship will belong to Kaientai."

2. The Disciples of the Apocalypse (8-Ball & Skull w/ Chainz and "Precious" Paul Ellering) vs. The Truth Commission (Recon & Sniper w/ Kurrgan the Interrogator & The Jackyl)

As with the Kurrgan/Chainz match from two weeks ago on RAW, this one threatened to erupt into a Pier Six Brawl at any given moment. Referee Tim White had his hands full but managed to maintain order to help decide a winner. The Truth Commission's spiritual and inspirational leader the Jackyl provided numerous distractions from OOR which gave Recon and Sniper valuable bonus points to work with enroute to victory. Recon (aka Bull Buchanan) showed some savvy by rolling through on Skull's running Powerslam and grabbing a handful of the biker's pants to secure the winning pinfall at 7:12.

Backstage segment. Pat Patterson and Gerald Brisco are in Mr. McMahon's office helping the boss piece together the matches for the WWF's upcoming "Judgement Day: In Your House" pay-per-view. Various wrestlers' names are being bantered about. McMahon writes some of them on a pad; others he ignores. "How about the Big Boss Man ?" Patterson suggests. McMahon shoots him a dirty look. Patterson realizes that he's hit a nerve here. The former prison guard-turned-body guard has been in McMahon's doghouse ever since the WWF CEO was unceremoniously locked inside a janitor's closet while on the Boss Man's watch. "The Boss Man should defend his Hardcore Title against Mankind," Brisco pipes up, "After all, Mankind did beat him in a non-title match." McMahon gives Patterson another dirty look. Patterson knows full well that his blunder led to Mankind's victory in that match. Vince is watching Mankind walking around backstage on a monitor. Mankind is having an animated discussion with his sock puppet "Mr. Socko". McMahon shakes his head and burries his face in his hands. He looks at the monitor again. Mankind walks by Al Snow who is listening intently to his mannequin "Head". Snow holds a finger to the mannequin's lips and whispers "Shhhh !" Apparently Al doesn't want Mankind to overhear their conversation. McMahon shakes his head again. "Tell me he knows that thing is made out of Styrofoam," Vince mutters. Brisco and Patterson are afraid to answer him. McMahon sighs and scribbles something down on his pad. "Let's move on."

3. "Lethal Weapon" Steve Blackman (w/ Bag of Martial Arts Weapons) vs. Gangrel of the Brood (w/ Edge & Christian)

The fans were into Blackman's entrance which featured him wielding glow-in-the-dark escrima sticks and rewarded the "Lethal Weapon" with 100 additional points. Blackman tacked on another 100 points when he attacked Gangrel with the Filipino fighting sticks before the opening bell sounded. Gangrel was in a heap of trouble throughout this contest, but got some much-needed help from his corner men after Referee Earl Hebner had been knocked to the canvas. Christian pushed the "Lethal Weapon" off the top rope while the martial arts star was setting himself to deliver a high-risk maneuver. Edge then snuck into the ring and planted the dazed Blackman with his Downward Spiral (Reverse STO) before dragging Gangrel on top of him for a pin cover. Hebner shook out the cobwebs and crawled over to count the 1-2-3 at 6:42.

After the match, Gangrel remained in the ring to cut a promo on the Undertaker. The Vampire Warrior justified why he and the Brood refused to join the 'Taker's Ministry. "I don't know if this is a good idea, JR !" Jerry Lawler quipped. "Your heart may be black, Undertaker," Gangrel continued, "But we come from the other side of darkness."

The arena suddenly went dark and the Undertaker's eerie music began to play. "This can only mean one thing, King !" Jim Ross shouted. The Deadman slowly walked down the aisle and entered the ring. Gangrel begged off but the Undertaker grabbed him by the throat and lifted him two feet off the mat. "You dare to lecture me about darkness ??" he snarled. The 'Taker seemed poised to deliver a Chokeslam when Christian and Edge snuck up from behind him and gave the Deadman a Con-Chair-To (Double Chair Smash to the head). The Undertaker collapsed to the canvas in a heap. Edge and Christian then assisted the gasping Gangrel get back to his feet and helped him out of the ring. The Brood were heading to the back when Gangrel abruptly turned around and raised a hand to the rafters. In a scene reminiscent from the horror movie "Carrie", gallons of "blood" rained down from above onto the still-prone Undertaker. JR called it a "Blood Bath" and wondered allowed what effect it would have on the Deadman. Completely covered in the mysterious red substance, the 'Taker slowly sat up (as only the Undertaker can) and stared at Gangrel with menacing intent. The Brood then beat a hasty retreat to the back.

4. Sable (w/ "The Grind" Dance) vs. Luna Vachon (w/ The Artist Formerly Known as Goldust)

Luna cut a good promo before the match, but lost her temper when she failed to "Out-Grind" Sable in an impromptu dance-off competition between the ladies. Vachon then tried a sneak attack from behind with Howard Finkel's microphone only to drop it after receiving a Crescent Kick to the gut. Sable maintained the advantage with a series of Running Clotheslines and a Hair Pull Snap Mare, but was tripped by The Artist Formerly Known as Goldust from OOR when she attempted a Body Slam. Goldust struck again moments later when he pulled the top rope down causing Sable to take a bad fall out of the ring. She looked like she might beat Referee Chad Patton's ten count, but Goldust grabbed onto her foot to insure the Count Out. The time of the match was 4:17. After the bell, Luna continued to flail away on Sable with Goldust's help until Droz ran down to ringside with a chair to make the save.

Backstage interview with Kevin Kelly and The Rock.

Kevin Kelly: "We're here with the Rock to discuss the Nation of Domination's big tag team match against Intercontinental Champion Owen Hart and Vader later tonight. Vader has been searching for a partner to ....."

(The Rock puts his hand in front of Kelly's face)

The Rock: "Kevin Kelly, the Rock says shut your mouth and know your role ! Finally, the Rock has come back to Sacramento ! Owen Hart, the Rock will get to you in a minute, but first the Brahma Bull has got to talk about that 450 lb pile of stickin', steamin' Colorado-Grade-A monkey crap, Vader. The Rock says this, Vader - you can get all the help you want - those muscle-headed morons Hawk and Animal ...... Oh no Hart doesn't matter because the Nation is gonna kick your candy ass every damn night from Timbukto to Kalamazoo and check it into the Smackdown Hotel where it belongs ! Owen Hart, come Judgement Day, the Most Electrifying Man in Sports ..... the Great One ..... the People's Champion ....... is gonna walk down the People's Ramp ......... get in the People's Ring ..... give you the People's Elbow ......... shine up that Intercontinental Belt, turn it sideways and shove it right up your roody poo monkey ass ! If you smell ....... what The Rock is cookin'."

5. Road Dogg Jesse James of D-Generation X (w/ "Bad Ass" Billy Gunn) vs. Jeff Jarrett (w/ Tennessee Lee)

There's already a lot of bad blood between Jarrett and the New Age Outlaws and this match only added more fuel to the fire. Road Dogg interrupted Jarrett's backstage promo and then made a big entrance with his trademark catchphrases to add more bonus points to his total. Fans were treated to the Dogg's Shake Rattle & Roll (3 Left Jabs, A Funky Shuffle, and a Big Roundhouse Right) followed by the Shaky Knee Drop. Unable to get anything going in the ring, Jarrett took the battle to the floor but had his problems there as well. Road Dogg was able to reverse Jarrett's El Kabong Guitar Smash OOR and in so doing won the contest by Count Out at 5:26.

In a backstage segment, Road Dogg is celebrating his victory with Billy Gunn in the locker room. Southern Justice (Dennis Knight & Mark Canterbury) suddenly burst in and attack them. Gunn is run head-first into a wall by Canterbury while Road Dogg is laid out by Knight's Problem Solver (Inverted DDT). Tennessee Lee and Jeff Jarrett soon join the fray. The quartet stomp away at the Outlaws until Triple H and Shawn Michaels of D-Generation X burst in to run them off.

6. WWF Intercontinental Champion Owen Hart & Vader vs. The Rock & D'Lo Brown of the Nation of Domination

Although they have never teamed up before and have very different wrestling styles, Vader and Hart meshed surprisingly well together and even received a tag team bonus for working as a cohesive unit. Perhaps it was their mutual dislike of the Nation of Domination ? Whatever the reason, Hart & Vader took the fight to the Nation and seemed poised for victory when the Rock sustained a Vader Bomb (Slingshot Splash from the apron) followed by Owen's Sharpshooter. The Rock appeared to be on the verge of tapping out when all heck broke loose. The Nation of Domination's Faarooq and Mustafa raced into the ring along with L.O.D. 2000 (Hawk & Animal). An eight man free-for-all ensued with Referee Earl Hebner disqualifying both teams at 8:43.

Backstage segment. McMahon, Brisco and Patterson continue to work away on the pay-per-view card. The New Age Outlaws suddenly barge into Vince's office despite the "Do Not Disturb" sign on the door. McMahon is obviously peeved by the interruption. "Bad Ass" Billy Gunn and Road Dogg are demanding a match with Southern Justice at Judgement Day. McMahon looks around the room at his associates. Patterson and Brisco seem to like the idea. "Alright," Vince acquiesces, "But let's make it a little more interesting. The winners will get a title match against the Headbangers on RAW the week after Judgement Day." The Outlaws like the sound of that. "Done!" Road Dogg shouts. He and Billy Gunn turn to leave when Vince continues. "Just one more thing, boys ..." he adds. "What's that ? the Dogg asks. "Oh, you didn't know ? McMahon says both mimicking and mocking Road Dogg's famous catchphrase, "Hillbilly Jim will be the Guest Referee for that match." Billy Gunn and Road Dogg look at one another perplexed. They both simultaneously realize that Hillbilly Jim was Southern Justice's manager when Canterbury and Knight were known as the Godwinns. McMahon smiles as the Outlaws storm out of his office. Pleased with himself, Vince tells Patterson and Brisco, "Now all we need is one more match to wrap this up."

7. "HBK" Shawn Michaels of D-Generation X (w/ Hunter Hearst Helmsley) vs. "The Big Red Machine" Kane (w/ Paul Bearer)

With a quivering voice and ghostly make-up to boot, Paul Bearer cut a ghoulish promo for "The Big Red Machine" prior to the match to earn Kane 100 additional points, but that went for naught when Michaels attacked before the bell with a Double Axe Handle from the top rope to grab the early edge in the match. A Flying Forearm off the ropes was followed by HBK's patented kip up, but Michael's Diving Elbow from up top missed its mark moments later. The momentum abruptly swung in Kane's favor. The Big Red Machine unloaded with a barrage of fists and stomps in the corner. Giving up a great deal in both size and strength, HBK was hoisted up like a rag doll and tossed half way across the ring with a Military Press Slam. Kane then caught him with a Big Boot off the ropes followed by crushing Sidewalk Slam. Looking to lend a hand, Helmsley climbed up onto the apron to interfere but was sent to the floor with a Clothesline from Kane. Triple H did buy the resilient Michaels a few precious moments to recover, however. When the Big Red Machine turned his attention back to HBK, he was met with the Sweet Chin Music which put the big man down like a ton of bricks. Paul Bearer then entered the ring to break up Michaels' subsequent pin attempt and draw the DQ on Kane at 9:55. Still smarting from both his fall off the apron and a bruised ego, Helmsley tossed Paul Bearer out of the ring and went to town on the fallen Kane. He and Michaels were putting a double-team beat down on the Big Red Machine when the lights suddenly went out. JR speculated that the Undertaker was coming to his younger half-brother's aid, but when the lights came back on, we found WWF Champion "Stone Cold" Steve Austin in the ring instead ! Austin spun the bewildered Michaels around and laid him out with the Stone Cold Stunner. Triple H was then planted into the mat by a huge Chokeslam from Kane. Helmsley and HBK skedaddled, slowly back peddling up the aisle and toward the back, all the while taking stock of the situation and sizing up their adversaries standing tall in the ring. Austin dispatched them with two middle fingers and a few choice expletives.

The Texas Rattlesnake then turned his attention to Kane while Referee Chad Patton assisted Paul Bearer to the back. With his hands on his hips, Austin eyed the Big Red Machine suspiciously and said "I don't know if I can trust you. Hell, I don't know if you can even understand English."

Kane just stood there silently staring at him..

"We got us a fight here with these two S.O.B.s," Austin persisted, "What do you say to that ? Are you up for it ?"

Kane slowly raised his arms and then dropped them quickly by his side. Flames blazed forth from the tops of all four ring posts as the fans cheered !

Meanwhile, Mr. McMahon, Brisco and Patterson are all smiles and patting themselves on the back as they exit Vince's office. McMahon shuts the light, closes the door behind them, and hands a folded piece of paper to Kevin Kelly with these instructions, "Take this to Ross and have him read it before we go off the air." Kelly immediately heads for ringside with the paper.

JR: "I've just been handed the lineup for Judgement Day and it's in Mr. McMahon's own hand writing, King !"

Lawler: "Then it must be official, JR ! Don't keep us hanging ! Read it ! Read It !"

"Judgement Day: In Your House" pay-per-view spectacular live from the Rosemont Horizon in Rosemont, Illinois -

1. Light Heavyweight Championship Ladder Match - Champion Taka Michinoku vs. Challenger Sho Funaki of Kaientai

2. D'Lo Brown of the Nation of Domination vs. Vader

3. Ladies Championship Match - Champion Chyna of D-Generation X vs. Challenger Jacqueline (w/ "Marvelous" Marc Mero)

4. Triple Threat Hardcore Championship Match - Champion Big Boss Man vs. Challenger Al Snow vs. Challenger Mankind

5. European Title Match - Champion The Artist Formerly Known as Goldust (w/ Luna Vachon) vs. Challenger Droz (w/ Sable)

6. The New Age Outlaws (Road Dogg Jesse James & "Bad Ass" Billy Gunn) vs. Southern Justice (Dennis Knight & Mark Canterbury) - Special Guest Referee Hillbilly Jim

7. Casket Match - The Undertaker vs. Gangrel

8. "I Quit" Match - "The World's Most Dangerous Man" Ken Shamrock vs. Val Venis (w/ Ryan Shamrock)

9. Intercontinental Title Match - Champion Owen Hart vs. Challenger The Rock of the Nation of Domination

10. WWF Champion "Stone Cold" Steve Austin & "The Big Red Machine" Kane vs. "HBK" Shawn Michaels & Hunter Hearst Helmsley of D-Generation X

"There you have it, ladies and gentlemen," JR beams, "Don't your dare wait another minute !" Call you cable provider right now and order Judgement Day !"
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