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Post subject: Mid-Atlantic  PostPosted: Mar 20, 2017 - 10:10 AM

Joined: Feb 28, 2010
Posts: 1879

Status: Offline
Daddy Joe’s Beach House & Strawberry Hill presents;
NWA/Mid-Atlantic Wrestling on WCSW-TV Chan 21
Tuck Swanger’s – Gaffney, SC Att: 960

Commentators; Bill Harvin & Gene Kiniski
Referees; Col. Ted Hopkins & Whipper Billy Watson
Ring; Maximillian Meen

1. Gary Royal with Tommy Angel won by DQ over Teijo Khan. Gary, who is pretty good at handing out some rough moves, used a Choke a few times on Teijo but was warned by Referee Col. Ted Hopkins. Gary let off on the hold pretending he didn’t know the choke was illegal. Teijo who is even better in the cheating area used a Flying Headbutt and then applied an Asian Spike to the Throat. Teijo would let up and even kicked Tommy Angel in the groin when he tried to save his Carolina TNT partner. Colonel Ted Hopkins called for the DQ and for security to stop Khan. 6:11

2. Crazy Luke Graham and Rocky King; No Contest. The wrestlers were fighting in the Locker Room and all the way to the ring. They never actually entered the ring and used tables and chairs at ringside as weapons. The Steel Steps got turned over on King who had to be helped up the ramp and back to the Locker area. Crazy Luke who teams with Bugsy McGraw in the Florida area was screaming that he wants to face The Rocky’s (King and Jones) in the ring and settle their feud. 0:00

3. Bobby Eaton with Jim Cornette; Alabama Jam Pin over Bret Wayne. Cornette did a snow job on this match claiming that he would not interfere but he proved himself a fibber. Along with tripping and distractions to allow Eaton some illegal moves, Cornette eventually had Sweet Stan Lane come to ringside. Wayne used a Flying Body Press that had a pin but Lane broke it up while Cornette distracted. Then Lane distracted and was being ordered back to the Locker area giving Cornette enough time to smash his Tennis Racket over Bret’s Head. Wayne crumbled to the canvas and Bobby eaton used and Alabama Jam finisher for the pin. 7:36

4. Bobby Jaggers; Reverse Neckbreaker Pin over Rocky Kernodle. Kernolde was at a disadvantage from the beginning. As he was on his way the the ring, Jaggers’ partner Dutch Mantel attacked Kernodle choking him with his “Shoo Baby” Whip. Rocky entered the ring gasping for air but decided to go on with the match. Jaggers took full advantage using a falling Knee Crunch and a Boot to the Face. Rocky, who is Don’s younger brother and partner on the tag team The Kernodle’s, could mount very little offense in retaliation. Jaggers ended the match with a Reverse Neckbreaker. 6:56

5. Ricky Morton won by DQ over Sean Royal. This was a match of speed and aerial moves and was a crowd pleaser. Morton slowly took the advantage causing Chris Champion to run to ringside to help his New Breed partner. Robert Gibson of the Rock n’ Roll Extress followed Champion to ringside to help Morton. By this time Chris Champion had pushed Referee Col. Ted Hopkins aside to prevent a pin on Sean. Hopkins called for the DQ. 11:23

6. The Barbarian with Number 1 Paul Jones pinned Road Warrior Animal. Animal had the advantage using a Running Axe Handle, a Head Rammer and a Crucifix Power Bomb to get what could have been a 10 count but Jones call for help. The Warlord and Baron Von Raschke came to ringside. While Jones and raschke distracted Referee Whipper Billy Watson, the Warlord smashed a chair over Animal Head. Animal was KO’d and an easy Pin after Warlord placed Barbarian on top. 9:36
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Post subject: Mid-Atlantic  PostPosted: Mar 22, 2017 - 09:50 AM

Joined: Feb 28, 2010
Posts: 1879

Status: Offline
Snuffy’s Shanty Bodacious Menu featuring
Day Old Hot Dogs at ½ price presents
NWA/Nort Carolinie Wrasslin’
On WHHN-TV Chan Tir-Teen
Varmint’s Lodge – Hootin Holler, NC Att: 348 (SRO)

Commentators; Nick Pond & Emile Dusek
Referees; Farmer McKinley Pickins & Karl Von Hess
Ring; Snuffy & Loweezy Smiff

1. Shaska Whatley; Flying Willie (Diving Headbutt) Pin over Hard Rock Ricky Reeves. Shaka greeted Reeves by Throwing him Head First to the Floor from the ring. Reeves had a tough time trying to shake off the crash while the veteran Whatley took more advantage. A Cranium Cracker added to Ricky’s head bump and then a Whip to the Ropes and Clothesline set up the eventual end with Shaka using his Flying Willie Headbutt to get the Pin. 4:04

2. Mr. TNT Tommy Angel with Gary Royal won by Count-Out over Tim Hoerner. Tommy and Gary gained points by arguing with the fans and the volatile Angel threatened to enter the audience to settle a score. He stopped when Royal pointed to some of the Moonshine Jugs that the fans were sipping from. The match was held up as Loweezy Smiff made an announcement that all jugs had to be left outside the Varmint’s Lodge. She told them that Sheriff Tait would be stopping by the Lodge later. (Loweezy was fibbing because the Sheriff was sleeping one off in Snuffy’s barn. After a Spinning Back Kick and a Falling Headslam, Tommy was set up for a pin. Gary Royal took advantage of a distraction as Referee Karl Von Hess was out of place. Royal pulled Horner from the pin. Horner now OOR started fighting with Royal. Tommy Angel managed to get to his feet in time for Horner to be Counted-Out. 6:43

3. Thunderfoot #2; Falling Knee Smash Pin over Randy Mulkey. Thunderfoot #2 riled the fans by waving his fist at them. It gave him extra points. Randy stared quickly in the match and almost got a pin with a Falling Elbow Drop. No one expected this especially Thunderfoot #2. Work cautiously Thunderfoot #2 took charge eventually performing a Flying Rib Crusher and then a Spinecracker that led to a Falling Knee Smash Pin. 4:53

4. Buddy Landell; Figure Four Submission over Downtown Denny Brown. Brown came close to a pin with an Oklahoma Roll but Landell was able to break the hold by Poking his Figures to Brown’s Eyes. A Corkscrew Elbow Drop by Landell had Brown dazed. Buddy hooked in the Figure Four Locglock and got the Submission. 5:41

5. Chris Champion with Sean Royal won by Count-Out over Robert Gibson. The speedy Champion and Rock n’ Roll’s Gibson put on a terrific aerial show and had the fans cheering. Top Rope Dives and High Flying Dropkicks were the norm in this match. Gibson performed a Missile Dropkick that was a sure pin on Champion. Sean Royal immediately pulled Gibson from the ring. Referee Farmer McKinley Pickins missed the infraction after he was dazed from a collision with the two wrestlers. When Referee Pickins shook off the daze, Gibson was fighting with Sean OOR. Several fans offered to lend Gibson their Moonshine Jugs for a weapon. 9:26

6. Don Kernodle won by DQ over Tully Blanchard with J.J. Dillon. Kernodle decked out in Red, White and Blue carried an American Flag and he wore a USA Headband. Kernoldle was actually sending a message to The Russians led by Ivan Koloff. Kenodle signed autographs as the fans chanted his name. Blanchard and J.J. Dillon were a bit irritated and they complained to Referee Karl Von Hess that he should get the match going. Kernodle finally entered the ring but all in his own good time. This was a terrific by two excellent wrestlers. Commentator Nick Pond said that this could be a Main Event anywhere in the world. Kernodle eventually caught Tully in a Cobra Clutch Submission Hold. This should have been curtains. Arn Anderson who had done a promotion earlier was in the Locker Room and ran down to the ring. He jumped in the ring and pushed Referee Karl Von Hess aside and broke up the hold. Von Hess called for the DQ and then hooked in a Forearm Throat Hold on Anderson who began gasping for air. Von Hess didn’t want to let up but finally did when several wrestlers ran in from the Locker area. Emile Dusek commenting; “Anderson messed with the wrong referee.” 10:55
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Post subject: Mid-Atlantic  PostPosted: Mar 24, 2017 - 09:50 AM

Joined: Feb 28, 2010
Posts: 1879

Status: Offline
Flaggy Run Peanut Farm & Bootleggers presents;
NWA/Mid-Atlantic Wrestling on WTVR-TV Chan 6
The Hurt Factory – Lynchburg, VA Att: 2,492

Commentators; Ray Reeve & Lord Lesley Carlton
Referees; Sonny Fargo & Handsome Johnny Berend
Ring; Sissy Knox & Dream St. Rose

1. Mark Fleming won by DQ over Dirty Dutch Mantel. Mantel, as usual, had a nasty attitude and showed it by tipping over the Press Table on his way to the ring. He was awarded extra points for keeping up his heel persona. The match had very little standard moves although Fleming tried to show moves that resembled a wrestling match. The action went OOR where Mantel enjoys that surroundings. Dutch used a Trash Can to smash over Mark’s back and then choked him out with “Shoo Baby.” Referee Sonny Fargo was trying to follow the action and count. His count reached 10 and he called for a Double Count-Out. Referee Handsome Jonny Berend who was at ringside conferred with Sonny who then called the match a DQ against Mantel. Mantel stomped around and said some words to Berend but thought better and retreated to the Locker Area. 4:09

2. Bill Mulkey won by Count-Out over Thunderfoot #1. The action went OOR early in the match. Thunderfoot #1 slammed Mulkey into the Ringside Steps and turned to confront Commentators Reeves and Lord Lesley Carlton. Thunderfoot #1 told them to spell his name correctly when they turn in the ranking and furthermore he expects to be high on the list. He continued jawing with the commentators while Bill Mulkey slipped back in the ring. Referee Handsome Johnny Berend’s count reached the limit and Thunderfoot #1 was Counted-Out. He stomped around but like Mantel, he stormed off to the Locker Room. 3:43

3. Dennis Condrey with Jim Cornette; Full Nelson Face Slam over Tommy Lane. Lane had and early advantage and had what seemed to be a Pin after performing a Gourdbuster that was broken up by Cornette. After the action went OOR, Condrey took over by slamming Lane into the Steel Steps and then into the Guard Rail. After throwing Lane back in the ring, Cornette slamming his Tennis Racket over Tommy’s back on the way, Dennis hooked in a Full Nelson and then the light’s out Face Slam. 5:46

4. Maddog Buzz Sawyer with Kevin Sullivan; Powerslam Pin over Mighty Igor. Igor had Buzz reeling after using a Mighty Hammer on Maddog’s chest. Sawyer was gasping for air and begging for a timeout. The wasted time gave him enough to recover and clued Sullivan to lend some help. Sullivan responded with a Fireball that blinded Igor. Sawyer used a Battering Ram and then a Powerslam to get the Pin. 9:33

5. Sweet Stan Lane with Jim Cornette; Too Much Blood win over Brads Armstrong. Lane chose to bail from the ring after Armstrong came close to ending the match with a Diving Cross Body. Brad followed Sweet Stan OOR and it was a mistake. Cornette distracted Referee sonny Fargo and Dennis crondrey came to ringside and used the Gong Bell over Brad’s skull. Conrey and Lane threw Brad back in the ring. Referee Sonny Fargo turned to see the action before Lane could try a Pin. Fargo determined that Armstrong, who had a vicious cut, was bleeding to much to continue. 8:56

6. Rugged Ronnie Garvin; Hands of Stone Pin over Black Bart with J.J. Dillon. Bart tried to slug it out with Garvin and it proved to be a mistake. Eventually Bart tried to use a Chair over Garvin’s head but the move got reversed. Bart, one of the toughest wrestlers, who was taking a beating kept coming for more and eventally Ronnie lined him up for the KO punch. J.J. Dillon had motioned for help and it came in the form of Outlaw Ron Bass, Bart’s partner on the Desperados. While Dillon distracted Referee Johnny Berend, Bass tried to hit Garvin with a Branding Iron. He missed and caught Bart in the head. Black Bart slumped onto the turnbuckle as Ronnie Garvin use hands of Stone for good measure. 14:15
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Post subject: ICW/WWA 3-27  PostPosted: Mar 27, 2017 - 08:33 AM

Joined: Feb 28, 2010
Posts: 1879

Status: Offline
The Briarpatch & Cyo Brewing presents;
ICW/WWA Wrestling (1980)
Owensboro Sports Center – Owensboro, KY Att: 4,328

Commentators; Liz Hulette & Robert Phillips Jr.
Referees; Sam Diamond & George Hill
Ring; Moonbeam McSwine

1. NY Doll Troy Graham and The Pittsburgh Powerhouse Terry Gibbs; Double DQ. There wasChaos in the ring before the two wrestlers took the action OOR where the match became a total mess. They were both throwing Chirs, Trash Cans, tipping over table, and even took turns whacking the Gong-Bell at each other. When Referee Sam Diamond, who had been more than liberal in this rukus, got hit by a thrown Trash Can he called for the Double DQ. 5:31

2. Moose Cholak won by DQ over Gorgeous Gary Royal with Brenda Britton. Royal who is 1/3 of the Convertible Blonds Tag Team was greeted with silence but when Brenda Britton was introduced it brought on the chants of “Flea Bag.” Gary resorted to illegal moves to try and control the 375 lb Moose. Royal came close to getting the big man down with a Rear Neck Choke but Big Moose was able to break the hold when Referee George Hill missed the infraction. Cholak had Royal Lined up for a MMMMOOOOO Splash but Brenda seeing the coming disaster Jumped on Referee George Hill who called for the DQ. 5:26

3. The Valiants (Luscious Johnny and Gentleman Jerry) won by Count-Out over The Ridge Runners (Hoot Gibson and Big Boy Williams). Both teams were fighting OOR and the action was being viewed by Referee Sam Diamond who chose to remain in the ring after suffering a Trash Can Shot in the opening match. In defense of Diamond his arm was wrapped with a bandage because of a very bad bruise. During the action OOR Gentleman Jerry, who is far from a Gentleman, used a Folded Metal Chair over Big Boy Williams’ Head. Luscious Johnny was distracting Referee Sam Diamond and acted surprised when Williams collapsed to the floor. Diamond called for the DQ as Hoot Gibson pleaded that he was in fact the legal man. The Valiant’s responded with; “Liar, Liar.” 7:26

4. Hustler Rip Rogers with Brenda Britton and Mike Doggendorff; Double Count-Out. Brenda head the “Flea Bag” chants again. The odd thing is that Brenda has been on the most hated list and the most liked list in ICW/WWA at the same time. The fans like to raze her yet at the same time she would be missed if she left the Federation. During the match The Hustler used his speed to gain an advantage but Brenda was unable to stay away from the action. She tripped Doggendorff who immediately bailed from the ring and chased Brenda up the ramp. Roger’s fearing for Brenda if caught followed Mike. The sounds of Brooms, Mops and Pails from the outer corridor indicated that the custodian equipment was being used as weapons as Rogers and Doggendorff brawled. They were both Counted-Out. 4:43

5. Paul Christy; Sunset Flip Pin over Animal Hamagucci. Animal attacked Christy before the match began. Hamagucci used a Foreign Object to smash Christy in the chops and daze him. Animal used a Neckbreaker Drop and a Skull Crusher that seemed to be enough to get the pin but the veteran Christy found a way to avoid the pin. In retaliation Christy performed an Elbow Smash and then a Slingshot Catapult. The Sunset Flip finished Hamagucci as Christy got the Pin. 12:46

6. Poffo/Weingeroff (Lanny and George beat The Zamboui Express (Kareem Muhammed and Elijah Akeem). The Express used their size difference to their advantage, doubleteaming for Splashes and Slams. Lanny and George countereded with aerial moves that had the Express confused. J.J. Dillon sensing problems tried to help by swinging a Bottle of Jack Daniels at George Weingernoff. Dillon managed to hit Elijah Akeem in the forehead. Elijah crumpled to the canvas. Lanny Poffo got the Pin after a Sommersault Drop. Dillon swung at the wrong legal man. 14:52

7. IGA/WWA Heavyweight Title – Cowboy Bob Ellis (Challenger); Bulldog Headlock Pin over Rick Rood (Champion) with Angel. Rood performed a Diving Knee Drop but Ellis was able to kick out of a pin. Rood then used a Vicious Choke that had Ellis gasping before Referee George Hill broke up the hold. Ellis recovered and hit Rood with a Top Rope Gut Wrench and finally a Bulldog Headlock for the Pin. Cowboy Bob Ellis is the NEEEEEEEEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWWWW IGA/WWA Heavyweight Champion. 13:25
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Post subject: ICW/WWA  PostPosted: Mar 31, 2017 - 10:49 AM

Joined: Feb 28, 2010
Posts: 1879

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Wise Pies & Boo’s Crossroads presents;
ICW/WWA Wrestling (1980)
Hulman Civic University Center -
Terre Haute, IN Att: 5,764

Commentators; Liz Hulette & Angelo Poffo
Referees; Jim Davis & Emmett Couch
Ring; Peggy Lee Pringle & Bama Dillard

1. Rick “The Dog” McGraw won by DQ over Colonel Yan Ky. The Colonel attacked Rick before the match slamming a Trash Can over The Dog’s back. The loss of points seriously hurt McGraw who was left to fight an uphill battle. Just when all seemed lost for Rick, Animal Hamagucci who was being interviewd turned to see the action and reacted by running to ringside and interfering by slugging McGraw. Referee Jim Davis had enough and called for a DQ against Yan Ky. The Colonel protested that he had nothing to do with Hamagucci but the decision was final. 5:45

2. Bull Bullinski; Knee Drop to Chest Pin over The Zodiak. Bullinski who is generally considered a rougher style wrestler heard cheers because he was facing the hated Zodiak. Bullinski had points added because it was assumed that the cheers were for the more likable wrestler. Bull didn’t disappoint but he had to fight off The Zodiak’s Hidden Foreign Object that was used as a wear down with slugging to the ribs (It was a piece of metal wrapped in tape). The Zodiak had a 2 x 4 OOR and he triwed to use it on Bull. The move got reversed and The Zodiak was in trouble after Bullinski used the 2 x 4 on Zodiak’s ribcage. After ramming Zodiak’s Head to the Post, Bull threw the villain into the ring and used a Knee Drop to the Chest for the Pin. (The Zodiak’s identity is in question. Many people think that it is Bob Orton, Sr. under the mask). 6:21

3. Thunderbolt Patterson and Ratamyus; Double Count-Out. Ratamyus had a great interview and was awarded points although most consider him scary. The match was not pretty with both wrestlers using rough moves to gain an edge. During OOR action Ratamyus used a TV monitor to smash Thunderbolt in the head drawing blood. As Ratamyus tried to return to the ring, Thunderbolt used a TV Cord to Choke him. Both wrestlers were tangled in the cords when Referee Jim Davis’ count reached 10. 7:33

4. The Batten Brothers (Brad and Bart) beat The Devil’s Duo (Doug Vines and Jeff Sword) with Izzy Slapowitz. Bart Batten; Top Rope Press over Doug Vines. During the heat of the action with Doug Vines and Brad Batten in the ring, Izzy distracted Referee Emmett Couch while Jeff ran in and tried to use a Jawbreaker on Brad. Brad ducked and Doug took the punch square on the jaw. Bart had climbed the ropes and used a Top Rope Press on Doug Vines who was being held up by Brad. The Batten’s got the Pin. Izzy Slapowitz tried desperately to Throw a Fireball but the Fireball blew up in his face. 12:42

5. Pistol Pez Whatley with Brenda Britton won by Count-Out over Ox Baker. During the match that was controlled by Ox, Gary Royal and Hustler Rogers wandered to ringside. Brenda used a Spray from a can of oven cleaner to temporarily blind Ox. Gary reached in the ring and tripped the big man. Ox bailed from the ring and started fighting with Royal and Rogers. Whatley who had been thrown head first to the floor from the ring was able to recover enough to crawl back in the ring. Ox continued to fight OOR and he was Counted-Out. The fighting continued up the ramp and the the back stage. 6:14

6. Randy Savage with Brenda Britton and Rugged Ronnie Garvin; No Contest. The match went back and forth for a while with Savage gaining an edge by using a Double Rope Burn and a wear down Neck Hold. Rugged Ronnie was able to counter with an Iris Whip Clothesline and a Slingshot Suplex. The action went OOR where both wrestlers held their own. Then everything went haywire with The Convertable Blonds (Huster Rogers, Gary Royal) still fighting Ox Baker. The Brawl came down the ramp and Randy Savage and Rugged Ronnie got involved when they were push and slugged. It was chaos. Referee Jim Davis called for a No Contest at 6:05

7. ICW/WWA Tag Team Title – The Manchurians (Tio andTapu) (Challengers) with Sputnik Monroe beat The Young Lions (Steve Regal and Spike Huber) (Champions). An early attack by Sputnik with a Chair left Huber injured for the match but he did the best he could. In spite of Spike’s injury The Lions held their own although Steve Regal was getting worn down from carrying most of the match. Tio and Tapu worked well as a team and finally had their moment. Tapu spit Green Mist into Regal’s face then used an Asian Spike to the Throat then Tio followed with a Chop and Thrust and got the Pin. The Manchurians are the NNNNNNNNNNNEEEEEEEEEEEEEWWWWWWW ICW/WWA Champions. 18:11
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Post subject: Memphis 4-2  PostPosted: Apr 02, 2017 - 05:02 PM

Joined: Feb 28, 2010
Posts: 1879

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The Fishin’ Pig & Marble Slab Creamery presents;
Memphis/Mid-South Wrestling (1980's)
Black River Coliseum – Poplar Bluff, MO Att: 4,328

Commentators; Dave Brown & Charlie Pratt
Referees; T.D. Steele & Tommy Sloan
Ring; Candi Malloy

1. Rip Tyler; Legdrop Pin over Tony “Tiger” Falk. Tony had a following and heard some cheers. Rip, on the other hand, is all business so he ignores the fans and vice versa. Rip used his rough style to wear down Tony; Choke on the Guard Rail & Slam to the Steps OOR. Tony countered by Grinding Rip’s face into the mat much to the fans delight. A Jawbreaker set up the Legdrop that got Tyler the Pin over Tony. 4:26

2. VP Chick Donovan with Jimmy Hart and Chief Thundercloud; Double Count-Out. Chick the Vice President of The Family and his leader The Mouth of the South stood in the middle of the ring and sang “We are Family” as the fans booed. Donovan has been promoting this match as his Figure Four vs the Chief’s Indian Deathlock. Chick has become one of the most hated wrestlers in Mid-South. The match didn’t go well for Chick so luckily he had Jimmy Hart in his corner. The Chief used war Dance Chops to wear down Chick and then applied the Indian Death Lock. It would have been curtains but Jimmy Hart used a can of 3 in 1 Oil to squirt a stream in the Chief’s face. Donovan bailed from the ring and the Chief’s followed after wiping off the Oil from his eyes. He was greeted with a Mega-Phone Smash by Donovan while Jimmy distracted Referee Tommy Sloan. Both wrestlers were Counted-Out after failing to get back in the ring before the ten count. The arrogant Chick was yelling at the Chief; “You want more! There’s plenty more to come.” 6:12

3. Bobby Fulton won by DQ over Tojo Yammamoto with Masha Fuchi. Bobby is very popular and received extra points for the big ovation as he entered the arena. During the match Fulton used aerial moves that had Tojo frustrated and off balance. Tojo was able to apply an Asian Spike and almost was DQ’d when he wouldn’t let up on the Illegal move. Bobby hit Tojo with a Flying Body Press and then climbed the Ropes for a 450° Senton. Masa Fuchi jumped in the ring with a Kendo Stick intending to save his House of the Orient Leader. Referee T.D. Steele called for the DQ. 6:03

4. Bugsy McGraw; Running Splash Pin over Dr. Bill Irwin. The strange doctor entered the ring dressed in a White Doctor’s Coat and had a Stethoscope around his neck. He carries a Black case that may have sleeping drug. He tried to Hypnotize Bugsy as McGraw stood in the corner but everyone knew that Bugsy’s skull was too think to penetrate. Frustrated, the Doctor rushed Bugsy who threw Irwin head first to the floor below. After re-entering the ring Irwin tried to fight back and managed an Anesthesia DDT but Bugsy wasn’t fazed. A Double Knee Thrust by McGraw set up Irwin for a Corner Running Splash and the Pin. 7:41

5. The Bounty Hunters (Jerry and Dave Novak) with Cashbox Jim Kent won by Count-Out over Eaton/Ware (Bobby and Koko). Things looked bad for The Hunters after Dave Novak was serious cut from a Head Slam to the Steel Steps. Dave was bleeding enough to get blinded by the flow of blood into his eyes. Jerry Novak had to carry the load. He immediately got in trouble and was set up for a pin by a Flying Headbutt by Koko and a Alabama Slam by Eaton. Cashbox Kent reached in the ring to break up the pin by Eaton on Jerry. Koko was bailing from the ring and ran over to confront Cashbox. Dave Novak smashed the Gong-Bell over Koko’s head. Referee T.D. Steel counted Koko out. Bobby Eaton who had Pinned Jerry Novak was at Koko side OOR. The Bounty Hunters were awarded the win by Count-Out while Eaton tried to explain that he was the legal man. Koko was taken out on a stretcher. 16:34

6. Eddie Gilbert with Miss Peggy Lee and Superstar Bill Dundee; Double DQ. This was an ugly Brawl. Miss Peggy Lee got into the action when she threw a Marble Slab Milk Shake at the Superstar hitting both Dundee and Gilbert. The action went OOR where both wrestlers shared slams to the Guard Rail and the Steps. Gilbert found a metal post under the ring and Dundee found a Hammer. After re-entering the ring Referee Tommy Sloan had seen enough and called for a Double DQ. 12:08

7. Steel Cage – The Prince of Wales Tony Charles Pin and Escape win over The Duke of Manchester Billy Robinson. Charles is now hearing cheers while Robinson is hearing the boos. Charles association with Jimmy “Boogie” Valiant has brought the fans and Robinson is chummy with Exotic Adrian Street and Miss Linda. During the match Billy was able to gain an advantage by Raking Tony’s face along the Cage Wall drawing blood. Tony used more scientific moves; Knee Drops and Flying Body Presses. Eventually both wrestlers climbed the wall. Billy had a Foreign Object that he used to try and hit Tony in the chomps. Billy missed and was off balance when Tony threw Billy from the Cage Top crashing to the canvas. Charles pinned Billy and climbed the wall to victory. 18:48
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Post subject: Memphis  PostPosted: Apr 05, 2017 - 01:44 PM

Joined: Feb 28, 2010
Posts: 1879

Status: Offline
Katy O’ferrell’s & My Daddy’s Cheesecake presents;
Memphis/Mid-South Wrestling (1980’s)
S/E MO State Fair – Houck Stadium (Football Field)
Cape Girardeau, MO Att: 8,866

Commentators; Lance Russell, MKA Bear & Jimmy “Boogie “ Valiant
Referees; Sid Nabors & Larry Hamilton
Ring; Teaser Combs & Kent “Flounder” Dorfman

1. Apocalypse (Dr. Tom Pritchard unmasked); Figure Four Submission over Heartbreaker Rocky Sortor. Apocalypse came to the ring in his usual foul mood. He proceeded to dump over the Press Table and head for the Commentator’s Table. Boogie Valiant wanted to put an end to this nonsense and got in a shouting match with Apocalypse. As Apocalypse turned to head to the ring rather than be DQ’d, Boogie reached and yanked his mask. It fell to the ground and revealed Apocalypse to be Tom Pritchard brother of Ring Announcer Bruce Pritchard and wrestler Chris Pritchard. Pritchard has been seen with Jim Cornette who refers to Tom as the women’s Doctor of Desire. During the match Rocky was thrown into a state of confusion by facing a totally different wrestler than expected. Pritchard took advantage and controlled the match. He set up the Figure Four with a Flying Body Press. 4:23

2. Precious Paul Ellering won by Count-Out over The Mongolian Stomper. This was a Brawl with most of the action OOR. Actually it started with The Stomper smashing a tray over Ellering’s head After the action went OOR The Stomper used the Steel Steps to throw at Precious Paul who countered by Choking The Stomper on the Guard Rail. In soite of his injury from the thrown steps, Paul was able to get a Metal Chair and smash it over The Stomper’s Head. The Stomper was dazed and he waked up the ramp to the backstage not sure of where he was going. Ellering re-entered the ring just in time to get the Count-Out win. 7:56

3. Randy Rose won by DQ over Outlaw Ron Bass with J.J. Dillon. Randy used his superior speed to gain the advantage against the Outlaw. After a Swinging Neckbreaker Bass was in trouble. J.J. Dillon was not about to let his Cowboy lose on a pin so he entered the ring and hit Randy with a Bottle of Jack Daniels. Bass was DQ’d but the action didn’t end. Bass and Dillon started beating on Rose. The Zamboui Express of Kareem Muhammed and Elijah ran on the scene. Norvell Austin and Dennis Condrey of the Midnight Express ran out to help Randy Rose. Kimala ran out and added himself to the Brawl. The Midnight Express was outweighed but not out fought. Several wrestlers from the locker area ran out to help restore order but it seemed useless. Jerry Jarrett at ringside finally got order when he showed J.J. Dillon some papers that we can only assume were contracts that would be broken if the action continued. Dillon called off his stable. 6:15

4. Dirty Don Fargo; Brass Nucks Pin over Steve Keirn. Keirn had the advantage but Fargo had the weapons. After Steve used a Spinning Kick and a Falling Head Slam on Fargo Don retaliated with a Wicked Punch to the midsection with a Loaded Glove. Keirn sunk to the canvas as Fargo pulled out Hidden Brass Nucks. A slug to the chops had Keirn KO’d but for Fargo that wasn’t enough. He used the Ropes for Leverage to get the Pin. Referee Larry Hamilton who got sandwiched in a collision was out of place and could not see the multiple infractions. 9:34

5. The Masked Super Destroyer with Jimmy Hart and VP Chick Donovan pinned Stan “Plowboy” Frazier. The popular Frazier from Pascagoula, MS received a loud ovation angering the Super Destroyer who was shaking his forearm and fist at the crowd. VP Chick Donovan followed suit while Jimmy Hart called the fans “Losers.” The Masked Super Destroyer is not known although it is widely assumed that the once popular Big Bill Dromo is under the mask. Plowboy had an interview before the match with MKA Bear that was outstanding. He received extra points on his total causing Hart and Donovan some concern. After a Steamroller and a Big Leg Drop it seemed curtains for the Destroyer. Jimmy Hart was able to distract Referee Sid Nabors and VP Chick Donovan ran in the ring and slammed Hart’s megaphone over Plowboy’s skull. Donovan was able to place the Destroyer’s body over Frazier’s. Nabors turned to see the action and counted the Pin. 8:11

6. Exotic Adrian Street with Miss Linda won by Count-Out over Terry Taylor. The popular Taylor was up against the Strange Adrian from London England. Though basically a heel Exotic Adrian has a following of curious fans especially women who are taken by his Gorgeous George style. During the match Taylor had the upper hand and after a Flying Leg Drop Terry should have had the Pin. Miss Linda was able to reach Adrian’s leg and place it on the rope. As Terry got up Miss Linda sprayed Black Flag to his eyes. Terry, barely able to see bailed from the ring chasing Miss Linda. Exotic Adrian remained in the ring and accepted the Count-Out win. 13:02

7. Nebraska Bull Rope Match – Lumberjack Jos LeDuc beat Killer Karl Krupp. The Killer who is a member of Jimmy Hart’s Family was not allowed anyone in his corner although Jimmy and Vice President Chick Donovan were behind a protective wire barrier preventing them from getting to the ring. The Nebraska Bull Rope Match allows a Rope and a Cowbell that can be used as weapons. They are tied to the Ring Post. As expected this match was a Slugfest with the Lumberjack eventually drawing blood. As the match moved along in time MKA Bear noticed that Chick Donovan was using wire cutters to make a doorway for himself and Jimmy to sneak through. Eventually they did manage to get through the wire. By this time Referee Sid Nabors had been dazed from a collision. Jimmy ran over to the corner where the action was brutal and active. Boogie Valiant ran through the open in the wire, slugged Chick Donovan and pushed Jimmy Hart just as Jimmy swung his Megaphone. It hit Killer Karl in the head. Jos LeDuc took advantage by tying Krupp in the corner and using the Cowbell to beat Killer unmercifully. Killer Karl was KO’d as Referee Sid Nabors woke enough to see the action. He called the match. 20:45
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Rocky’s Corner & Bleu Monkey Grill presents;
Memphis/Mid-South Wrestling (1980’s)
Convention Center – Hot Springs, AR Att: 5,574

Commentators; Boyd Pierce and Ed Capral
Referees; Jerry Calhoun & Dave Patterson
Ring; Queenie Martin & Danny Vermin

1. The Dream Machine with Jim Cornette; Swinging Neckbreaker Pin over Eddie “Dizzy” Hogan. The Machine had a great promo with Queenie Martin probably because of Cornette who seems to hold a certain fascination for the fans. The Dream Machine controlled the match eventually using a Knee Lift to the Groin as the set up to the Swinging Neckbreaker Pin. 4:09

2. Gypsy Joe with Jimmy Hart and VP Chick Donovan pinned Jerry Barber. Joe came out with a bandanna around his head and a shirt with puffy sleeves. He looked more like a Caribbean Pirate but who is to argue when his association with Hart’s family has led to several wins. The Gypsy resorted to Rope Burns and Eye Rakes to wear Barber down but Barber got the upper hand in this match and had a Pin with a Roll-Up. Jimmy Hart distracted Referee Dave Patterson while Vice President Chick Donovan ran in the ring and slugged Barber with a Roll of Coins. Donovan turned the bodies over just before Referee Dave Patterson turned to see Gypsy pinning Jerry. 5:36

3. Jerry Jarrett won by DQ over Jim “Claw” Mitchell. Mitchell was being interviewed by Danny Vermin when Jerry interrupted. Mitchell felt he would have points added to his total so he got upset. It carried to the ring and he actually had points deducted. Jarrett and Mitchell have had a long feud that resulted in Jerry getting seriously injured. Jarrett is back and wants revenge. The Claw performed his usual moves; Kicking, Biting, Eye Rakes, etc. Jerry countered with a Skull Crusher and an Armbar Submission Hold. Mitchell was saved when he reached the Ropes. The Chaw had a Hidden Sharp Foreign Object that he pulled from his boot. Referee Jerry Calhoun spotted the object and called for the DQ. (Note – Mitchell once had a Tag Team with Ox Baker called the Raiders. They were eventually unmasked by Crusher and Bruiser in the Mid-West. Mitchell used the name Tom Andrews back then). 7:12

4. Jackie Fargo won by DQ over Jesse Barr with Jimmy Hart and VP Chick Donovan. Jesse attacked with a Folded Chair before the match. Jackie grabbed the Chair and slammed it over Chick’s Head and then over Jesse’s. Jimmy hart was screaming that Fargo should be DQ’d but Referee Dave Patterson wpould have nothing to do with it. The fans were really enjoying the match and it hadn’t even begun. The match belonged to Fargo who used an Atomic Drop and then a Bulldog that had Jesse totally dazed. Jimmy wasted no tom in calling for some help. The Cuban and Iranian Assasin ran to the ring and entered. Referee Dave Patterson called for the DQ. 6:13

5. Wildfire Tommy Rich and Buddy Landell with Jim Cornette; No Contest. Cornette had a trap set for Wildfire in order to prevent Landell current winning streak from ending. When Rich came out of the Locker Room he was ambushed by Tom Pritchard (unmasked Apocalypse) and The Dream Machine. The Machine held Tommy while Pritchard slammed a Shovel to Wildfire’s head. Tommy was KO’s and left lying in the corridor. Buddy Landell meanwhile was in the ring expecting to be rewarded with a “No Show” win. Dave Patterson came to the ring and said something to Jerry Calhoun who in turn sain something to Ring Announcer Queenie Martin. Queenie announced that the match was ruled a No Contest because of an attack on Tommy Rich. –:--

6. The House of the Orient (Masa Fuchi and Mr. Onita) with Tojo Yamamotto bear The Fabulous One (Steve Keirn and Stan Lane) with Jackie Fargo. Steve Keirn was struggling early in the match after Masa Fuchi Spit Asian Mist into Steve’s eyes. The Fabs fought back in this see-saw battle and controlling much of the match. After a Brain Basher and a Neckbreaker Vice on Mr. Onita by Steve the match seemed over. Lane was trying to get to a tag but was being held back by Referee Dave Patterson. Jackie was fighting with Masa Fuchi OOR. Tojo entered the ring with a Kendo Stick and slammed it over Keirn’s back. Mr. Onita covered Steve as Referee dave Patterson turn to see the action. 18:16

7. Southern TV Title – Lord Humongous with Downtown Bruno; Choke Slam Pin over Terry Taylor. The popular Terry had a big ovation as he came down the aisle. He slapped hands and handed out glossies. Lord Humongous was quiet. He doesn’t seem to be disliked but most fans are scared of his presence. During the match Terry used his speed for High Dropkicks and Body Presses. Humongous countered with power moves; Slams and Bashes. Terry caught Humongous in a Sunset Flip but Referee Jerry Calhoun was dazed from a collision. Terry could have had the pin and the belt. Downtown Bruno found a Hockey Stick under the ring and after entering he used it to slam Terry. Humpngous picked up the near KO’d Taylor in a Choke Slam as Calhoun turned to see the action. Lord Humongous retains the Southern TV Title. 16:55
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Good Time Charlies & The Pretzel Twister presents;
Memphis/Mid-South Wrestling (1980’s)
The Arena – Tupalo, MS Att: 8,412

Commentators; Joe Pedicino & Bonnie Blackstone
Referees; Tommy Sloan & Jerry Usher
Ring; B.O. Plenty & Honey Talk Nelson

1. Rick Morton; Top Rope Dropkick over The Enforcer. The Enforcer talked a big game prior to the match. He grabbed B.O. Plenty’s microphone and yelled for the young punk to come out if he has the guts to face a real man. Morton ran to the ring while the fans cheered his entrance. Rick used his speed to offset the Illegal moves of the masked Enforcer; Smash with a Loaded Mask, Rope Burns and Kick to the Groin. The Enforcer was able to hook in The Claw but Rick was able t0o reach the ropes. Morton used a Diving Cross Body to set up his Top Rope Dropkick for the Pin. (Note – The Enforcer is another masked wrestler who has the fans wondering about identity. Names that have come up are Bob Roop, Guillotine Gordon and Clyde Steeves who was Mr. Atomic. Most think that Steeves id probably the guy because he once tagged with Bull Bullinski and Bullinski is in ICW. 6:06

2. The Angel (Frank Morrell) and Pretty Boy Carl Fergie; Double Count-Out. Fergie who has gained few if any fans was not greeted well for this match. The Angel, billed from This Side of Heaven, has become a fan favorite and received a nice ovation. This match was destined for OOR and it didn’t take long. Fergie took most of the punishment and was seriously beaten on after he got tangled in the TV Cords. To add to his woes, The Angel grabbed a Trash Can and put it over Carl’s head. The Angel could have made it back to the ring but he decided to sign some autographs. Both wrestlers were Counted-Out. 4:13

3. Crusher Broomfield with Jimmy Hart and V.P. Chick Donovan and King Cobra; Time Limit Draw. Jimmy Hart seemed to have a plan for winning this match but things went wrong. He distracted Referee Tommy Sloan while Chick tried to hand Crusher a Chain. Rick Morton came to ringside and stopped Donovan. Hart pointing at Morton protested and wanted Morton sent away. Referee Tommy Sloan sensing some illegal action on Jimmy’s part chose to allow Morton to stay in King Cobra’s corner. Every attempted interference from then on by Hart or Donovan was stopped by Morton. Cobra was able to kook in a Cobra Bite (Neck Clutch) and it was deadly. Br0oomfield was fading as the bell rang. The match was declared a Draw. 10:00

4. Rougeau/Taylor (Jacque and Terry); beat The Assassins (Cuban and Iranian) with Jimmy Hart and V.P. Chick Donovan. Rougeau and Taylor had a fabulous interview with Honey Talk Nelson on TV for up & coming shows. Ticket sales will be hot. Rougeau and Taylor were awarded extra points on their total while Jimmy Hart protested that his family was never given a chance at the interview. The Assassins used rough moves; Eye Rakes, Rope Burns and Rubbing Face to mat to try and get an edge but Jacque and Terry were able to counter; Cross Bodies, Whips & Flying Body Presses. The match ended with Jacque Rougeau hitting The Iranian Assassin with a Diving Elbow Drop followed by Terry Taylor’ Sunset Flip. 13:11

5. Roy Rogers won by DQ over Kimala with J.J. Dillon. The fans gave Rogers a big ovation. Rogers, who wrestled for a while as Johnny Rich, is an Alabama native but for Tupalo fans that is close enough to make him a home town favorite. Kimala tried to use his weight to push Rogers around but Roy was able to avoid serious problems. Rogers used a Flying Elbow that had Kimala dazed. J.J. Dillon tried to help the Ugandan by swinging a Bottle of Jack Daniels at Roger’s head. Referee Tommy Sloan saw the incident and ruled a DQ. J.J. jumped in the ring and pushed Sloan complaining that there was no infraction. J.J. with Kimala backed off as several wrestlers; Morton, The Angel, King Cobra came to prevent any harm to Referee Tommy Sloan. (Roy Rogers eventually went back to the Johnny Rich name and Kimala was change to Kamala in other Federations). 7:42

6. Jimmy “Boogie” Valiant with Bugsy McGraw won by DQ over Abdullah the Butcher with Jimmy Hart and V.P. Chick Donovan. Jimmy immediately protested the match claiming that Bugsy had no right to be in Boogie’s corner. Referee Jerry Usher held up 2 fingers in one hand and one finger in the other shoeing the advantage to the Hart Family. Jimmy used standard moves that made the match look somewhat normal. Abdullah tried to use his weight advantage to gain the edge. The match went OOR where Jimmy was thrown into the Steel Steps. Bugsy and Donovan were fighting into the aisles. Boogie countered by whipping the Butcher into the post Head First. Abdullah was bleeding as they re-entered the ring. V.P. Chick Donovan frustrated grabbed a Monkey Wrench he found under the ring. He tried to enter the ring to use it. Referee Jerry Usher saw the infraction and called the match a DQ. Abdullah was trying to wipe the blood out of his eyes. Boogie grabbed Jimmy hart’s Megaphone and smashed it over Chick Donovan’s head. Chick crumbled to the canvas. Bugsy grabbed Jimmy hart OOR and poured a bottle of Mrs. Butterworth’s Syrup over his head. Jimmy ran from ringside up the aisle to the locker area as Bugsy was ripping open a feathered pillow. Chick Donovan was KO’d in the ring so The Assassins came down to help him get back to the back stage. The fans were cheering. 11:21

7. Southern Tag Title – The Sheepherders (Butch Miller and Luke Williams) (Challengers) with Lord Jonathan Boyd won by Count-Out over The Gibson’s (Ricky and Robert) (Champions). The Sheepherders had fun arguing with the fans during their entrance. Butch and Luke seem to have a good time maintaining a rough heel image while Lord Jonathan Boyd is a bit more serious. Their style is to say the least rough. The Gibson’s used speed and aerial moves to stay in command though both felt the effects of Corner Splashes and Battering Rams. Eventually the match went OOR where The Kiwi’s are in their element. They slammed chairs and Trash Cans to the Gibson’s. Several Vendor Trays were used as weapons. Lord Boyd smashed a flag Pole to Ricky. Butch used part of the Guard Rail to choke out Robert. It was mass confusion OOR. Luke slipped back in the ring as Referee Tommy Sloan counted 10. The Sheepherders were awarded the match by Count-Out although the legal man was in question. The Gibson’s retain the Southern Title although the Sheepherders marched happily up the ramp. 17:31
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Dunn’s Transmission & Gingiss Formal Wear presents;
Memphis/Mid-South Wrestling (Early 1980’s)
Mid-South Coliseum – Memphis, TN Att: 10, 136

Commentators; Lance Russell & Dave Brown
Referees; Jerry Calhoun & Charlie Rentrop
Ring Vitamin Flintheart & Buck Laughlin

Prior to the start of the matches Andy Kaufman enters the ring to a chorus of boos; “Hello my name is Any Kaufman and I am from Hollywood where soap is used to clean ourselves. Soap is a small square that comes in various colors and smells nice. I know that you sometimes may wash-up usually on your birthday or during the Annual Possum Festival but you need to bath more than once a year. Everyone in the audience will be given a bar of soap on your way out of the arena tonight. As a special bonus you will be given a roll of toilet paper so you can save the pages in the Montgomery ward Catalog. Thank You Very Much.” The fans were booing at a pitch that was making it hard to hear any announcements for several minutes.

1. Cocoa Samoa; Superfly Smash Pin over Sexy Ron Sexton. Sexy Ron was showing off to the fans when Cocoa entered and stopped Ron’s dancing around the ring. Sexton got angry and it seemed to throw off his game plan. He was able to get a few two counts by using a Flying Elbow Smash and then had a Hidden Foreign Object that was kicked from the ring by Samoa. Cocoa followed with a Crushing Headbutt and then the Superfly Smash for the Pin. 4:16

2. Dizzy Bill Smithson; Running Body Slam Pin over The Hollywood Hippie. The Hippie had a few chances at a pin, the best chance was by Grabbing the Tights but he was caught with the illegal move by Referee Charlie Rentrop. Then Hippie almost had another pin by Using the Ropes for Leverage. After the action went OOR Smithson took over. He crashed a Vendor Tray over Hippie’s head. Back in the ring Smithson set up the finish by Biting Hippie’s Arms and Legs when Referee Charlie Rentrop was distracted. Smithson finished the match with a Running Body Slam. (Dizzy later wrestled as Moondog Spike in Tennessee and Texas. He was not part of the famous Moondog team in the WWF). 4:46

3. Intergender Title - Andy Kaufman and Clara Ann Willis; No Contest. Andy had the best of the match although he was warned several times by Referee Jerry Calhoun about pulling Clara’s hair. Jerry King Lawler wandered to ringside and started yelling at Andy; “Why don’t you get in the ring with a man? Why don’t you let me pick the women you fight?” Kaufman got distracted and protested when Jerry entered the ring. Referee Jerry Calhoun had no choice but to call the match a No Contest. 3:26

4. Steve Travis won by DQ over Sonny King. Sonny was able to gain a slight advantage by using Vicious Eye Rakes and Rope Burn moves. Steve turned the tide of the match with a Flying Body Press and a Top Rope Knee Drop. Sonny was dazed but he managed to bail from the ring. It didn’t take long for Sonny to re-enter the ring carrying a Chair. Referee Charlie Rentrop called for the DQ. 9:53

5. The Midnight Express (Norvell Austin and Dennis Condrey) with Randy Rose beat The Blond Bombers (Wayne Ferris and Larry Latham) with Nightmare Danny Davis. Referee Jerry Calhoun allowed a lot of leeway in this match. The OOR action was vicious as expected with the Bombers who have torn up many arenas. The teams used Chairs, Tables, pieces of the Guard Rails. Randy Rose got into the action when he was attacked by Danny Davis. Back in the ring Dennis Condrey used a Facebreaker on Ferris and Norvell Austin was on the Top Rope to perform a Moonsault. Larry Latham was busy trying to help Danny Davis and was not aware that Wayne was in trouble. 19:25

6. Jerry “King” Lawler; Crown Drop Pin (Fist Leap) over Dirty Dutch Mantel with Jim Cornette. Dirty Dutch offered Lawler a handshake but Jerry was not fooled and answered with a Smashing Forearm. Cornette was calling for a DQ. The match was fairly even with both wrestlers using regular wrestling moves. The exception was when Dutch tried several times to choke Jerry using Shoo Baby (the Whip). Referee Charlie Rentrop confiscated Shoo Baby and gave it to Lance Russell to hold. Andy Kaufman came to ringside and was told to leave. Jim Cornette said that Kaufman was now part of Cornette’s stable and had papers saying he could be at ringside. Referee Rentrop kept the match going and took Cornette’s word. Unfortunately for Dutch, Andy had a Steel Plunger. He swung it at Jerry and missed hitting Mantel in the head. Dutch crumbled to the canvas. Jerry Lawler climbed the Turnbuckle and performed the Crown Drop. 15:45

7. Southern Heavyweight Title – Austin Idol Challenger) with Sherri Martel (Martine); Running Knee Drop Pin over Terry Funk (Champion)with Jimmy Hart). V.P. Chick Donovan was not allowed at ringside during this match. Lots of Boos and Cups Thrown when Funk and Hart were introduced. Funk was able to daze Idol with a Punch to the Throat and a Backward Head Slam. Idol hooked in the Vegas Leglock but Hart was able to somehow break it up. Hart also tried to Hold the Ropes for Leverage but he got a Spray of Perfume from Sherri for his troubles. Eventually a Popsicle Vendor came by the ring. He threw his Tray down and grabbed the XX Ranch Branding Iron. He got on the ring apron and swung at Austin as sherry push his legs. The Vendor (who was V.P. Chick Donovan) hit Funk with the Branding Iron. Terry was KO’d as Austin used a Running Knee Drop for the Pin. Jimmy Hart protested that this should be a DQ for Funk because Sherri interfered. Referee Jerry Calhoun ignored The Mouth of the South. Austin Idol is the NNNNNNNNNEWWWWWWWWWWWWW Southern Champion. 16:23
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The Melting Pot & Seasons 52 presents;
WWE Wrestling (2014-15)
U.S. Airway Center – Phoenix, AZ Att: 15,680

Commentators; Booker T & David Otunga
Referees; John Cone & Charles Robinson
Ring; Greg Hamilton

Note – This is the same card that was run on 3-21-15 at The U.S. Airway Center in Phoenix. The only change is the Champions in my Federation are different than they were in real life and of course the match results may be different. The results are listed in Pro Wrestling Illustrated.

1. Jack Swagger with Zeb Coulter; Red-White-Blue Bomb Pin over Adam Rose with The Bunny. The two wrestlers would have to go it alone this match because Zeb and The Bunny began to irritate each other immediately. The Bunny was more at fault and Zeb made the mistake of reacting. As a result Referee John Cone banished both from ringside. Zeb stormed off while the bunny stopped to greet some of the younger fans. The match was back and forth with Adam using a Headrammer and a Death Valley Driver but unable to get a pin. Swagger performed a Corkscrew Dive but also was unable to get a pin. A Diving Knee Smash by Jack followed by a Red-White-Blue Bomb finally got the job done. 5:26

2. R-Truth won by DQ over Fandango with Rosa Mendes. Fandango and Rosa danced down the ramp to the ring. The fans seemed to enjoy the Ballroom Brawler’s dance moves or maybe it was the music ChaChaLaLa by Jim Johnston. R-Truth waited patiently for Fandango to finish his entrance. Fandango immediately attacked R-Truth with a chair but the move got reversed. Fandango was slammed over the head with the Steel Chair. R-Truth stay in charge throughout the match with Fandango avoiding a pin. R-Truth used a Corkscrew Kick and a What’s Up (STO) that seemed curtains. Rosa Mendes immediately tried to hit R-Truth with a Microphone but was caught by Referee Charles Robinson. Robinson called for the DQ. 6:52

3. Erick Rowan; Full Nelson Slam Pin over Bo Dallas. Bo pranced around the ring yelling for the fans to “Bo-lieve in Bo.” Bo had points added to his total but was unable to generate enough moves to gain the edge. Bo performed a Bo-Dog (Bulldog) yet could only get a 2 count. Rowan countered with a Big Boot and a Full Nelson Slam for the pin. 5:45

4. WWE Tag Team Non-Title Match – The Ascension (Konnor and Viktor) won by Count-Out over WWE Tag Team Champions The Brass Ring Club (Cesaro and Tyson Kidd). Most of this match was an OOR Brawl with brutal moves; Choke on the Guard Rail, Slam to the Post and Steel Steps, Crush a Trash Can over the Back. Each team took turns at using an Illegal Weapon. Finally Konner slammed a Chair over Cesaro’s Skull. Cesaro crashed to the floor. Viktor slipped back in the ring and accepted the Count-Out win. Viktor was not the legal man. 14:08

5. Goldust; Final Cut (Suplex) Pin over Stardust. Stardust seemed to be in control and after a Diamond Dust Bulldog the match seemed over but Goldust was able to kick out. The Stardust used a Dark Matter (STO) and Goldust kicked out once again. Goldust countered with a Diving Cross Body and then finished the match with Final Cut (Suplex). It seems as though the two brothers will not end this feud. 8:31

6. Paige and Nikki Bella; Double Count-Out. These two women gave their best in this match. Some hard feelings preceded their meeting tonight. Nikki performed a Rack Attack (Backbreaker Drop) that should have had a pin but Referee Charles Robinson was out of place and missed what should have been a 3 count. Then Paige performed a Ram-Paige (DDT) and the same thing happened. Robinson was having a hard time following the two speedy ladies. After the match went OOR, Brie Bella ran down to help Nikki then Emma ran down to help Paige. They were all fighting in the 4th row when Paige and Nikki were Counted-Out. 10:04

7. World Title – Rusev (Challenger) with Lana; Bul-Plex (Suplex) Pin over Ryback (Champion). Ryback had Rusev in trouble after a Boulder Holder (Stunner). It was going to be light’s out but Referee John Cone was dazed from a collision and was laying on the canvas. Lana ran in the ring with a can of Oven Cleaner and sprayed Ryback in th eyes. Rusev tried to make the comeback legitimate in case Referee Cone woke up. Rusev used a Jawbreaker on the blinded Rybak. Of course the fist was Loaded with a piece of lead. Rusev finished the match with the Bul-Plex. The fans were booing and throwing cups as Referee Cone counted. Rusev is the NNNNNNNEEEEEEWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW World Champion. 12:34

8. Seth Rollins with J & J Security (Joey Mercury and Jamie Noble); Curb Stomp (Boot to the Back of the Head) Pin over John Cena. Cena had a brilliant promotion earlier and was awarded extra points. These were offset by J & J Security who constantly interfered and at one point threw a cup of Beer into Cena’s face. Cena was able to perform an Attitude Adjustment but was stopped when Joey mercury ran in the ring during a distraction and slammed Cena in the head with a Wrench. This allowed Seth Rollins to perform the Curb Stomp and get the Pin. 12:53
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Kick Back Jack & The Wicked Cow presents;
WWE Wrestling (2014-15) Actual 3-22-15
Citizens B.B. Arena – Ontario, CA Att: 10,276

Commentators; Michael Cole & Tom Phillips
Referees; Derrick Moore & Drake Wuertz
Ring; Eden Styles

This was the actual program from 3-22-15 in Ontario, CA. I only adjusted the actual Champions and my Federation Champions.

1. Dean Ambrose; Dirty Deeds (DDT) Pin over Bad News Barrett. Barrett tried to get an early advantage by slamming a Trash Can over Dean’s back. Ambrose lost points from his total. Barrett used a Flying Skull Crusher and a Guillotine Leg Drop that came close to gaining a pin. Ambrose roared back with a Torpedo launch and then finished the match with Dirty Deeds. Ambrose who had been hearing the boos is now hearing some cheers. The fans are liking his odd ways as a loose cannon. Barrett on the other hand has gone from Wade to Bad News and he is trying to uphold the sour image. 10:18

2. Tyler Breeze won by Count-Out over Finn Balor. Balor was in charge in the match and was about to get a pin after a Running Shoulder Smash and a Head Rammer. Breeze had enough energy to bail from the ring. Balor followed and was cut by a Sharp Object that Tyler had hidden. With blood blinding him Balor could not see Breeze perform a Beauty Shot (Kick). Balor was unable to find his way back in the ring. 7:42

3. Natalya; Sharpshooter Submission over Cameron. Natalya attacked Cameron before the match began giving her an edge. Cameron was able to fight back and was even in control. Natalya went down after a Turnbuckle Smash and seemed helpless as Cameron used a Top Rope Head Roller. Unfortunately for Cameron she missed and crashed to the canvas. Natalya used a Spine Smasher and then the Sharpshooter Submission that Uncle Bret taught her. There was no escape. 8:16

4. The Miz with Summer Rae; Skull Crushing Finale Pin over Jimmy Uso. During the action Jey Uso came to ringside to prevent Summer Rae from further infractions. During one of the preventions Jey’s hand hit Referee Drake Wuertz’s ankle. Referee Wurtz turned to talk to Jey and send him back to the locker area. Jimmy Uso was on the top turnbuckle getting ready to perform a Superfly Smash. Summer took advantage of the distraction ran over and pushed Jimmy’s leg with a broom handle. Jimmy fell to the canvas rather than perform the Splash. As he came down The Miz used a Gut Wrench. Then the Miz finished the match with a Skull Crushing Finale. 6:17

5. Roman Reigns won by DQ over Bray Wyatt. Bray came to ringside in the dark with his eerie entrance. During the entrance he was pushed by someone unknown. He finished his entrance and after getting in the ring blamed Roman Reigns for setting someone to do this. After Reigns was introduced he denied interfering in Wyatt’s entrance. During the match Bray performed a Backward Head Slam and a Skull Smasher that came close to a Pin. Reigns countered with a double Ax Handle and a Falling Hammer. Wyatt was being set up for a Spear as he got to his feet. Bray saw the danger and grabbed Referee Derrick Moore for protection. Moore immediately called for the DQ. As Wyatt was leaving up the ramp, Commentator Tom Phillips mentioned that a hooded fan near the ramps edge looked a lot like Erick Rowan. When Michael Cole looked in the monitor the fan was gone. 10:54

6. Los Matadores (Diego and Fernando) and J & J Security (Joey Mercury and Jamie Noble); Double Count-Out. Both teams used aerial moves to try and get the advantage. With Los Matadores gaining the advantage Jamie Noble bailed from the ring. The Bullfighters were more than willing to have the action OOR. All four were fighting near the pit below (used for Orchestra during stage shows). Los matadors tried a Double Piledriver on Noble when Mercury hit the three with a Missile Spear. All four wrestlers fell into the pit. The count wouldn’t have been high enough to get anyone back to the ring. The EMT’s with Stretchers & Gurney’s were called. 13:56

7. WWE Heavyweight Title – Dolph Ziggler (Champion); Zig Zag (Bulldog) Pin over Luke Harper. Luke used a Vicious Eye Ripper to temporarily blind Dolph. Luke who has been cheered as of late was pulling out a move that he left behind after leaving The Wyatt’s. Harper came close to a pin with a Truckstop Slam. Commentator Michael Cole kept saying that he thought a three count was close. Ziggler slammed Harper’s head to the Turnbuckle then hit Luke with a Running Jackhammer. The Zig Zag (Bulldog) got the Pin. Dolph Ziggler retains the WWE Heavyweight Title 11:29

8. Chicago Street Fight – Daniel Bryan pinned Kane. This was Kane’s size and weigh vs Bryan’s Skill and technical ability. They fought all over the arena witheach trading pin attempts in the Boiler Room, Locker Room and in the Food Court. Somehow Bryan was able to get Kane on the Burger Grill and try a Pin. Finally Kane tried to Spear Bryan. He lined up at the far end of the Front Foyer and ran at full speed toward Daniel. Bryan was able to step aside and Kane crashed through the plate glass window onto the from lawn 2 floors below. Bryan slowly walked down the stairs and out the door. Kane was out cold. Bryan pinned him. 23:38
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I should have said Progam Replay.
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Barry Dyngles & Margherita’s Grille presents;
WWE Wrestling (2014-15)
Replay of actual program from 3-8-15
Covelli Center – Youngstown, OH Att: 6,012

Commentators; John Bradsahaw Layfield & Jerry Lawler
Referees; Scott Armstrong & Jason Ayers
Ring; Lilian Garcia

1. Adrian Neville; 450° Splash Pin over Heath Slater. Slater used a Falling Face Wrecker and a Double Axe Handle to nearly get a pin but Neville was able to recover. Neville set up the finish with a Gut Wrench Suplex and then the 450° Splash. 6:49

2. Emma; Emma Lock (Muta Lock) Submission over Naomi. Naomi used her speed to gain an advantage and was in control of the match. Eventually she climbed the ropes for finishing Moonsault. Emma moved out of the way and Naomi crashed onto the canvas. Emma used a Brainbuster to set up Naomi for the end when she locked in the Emma Lock. 6:15

3. The Uso’s (Jey and Jimmy) beat The Miz and Damien Mizdow) with Summer Rae. The Miz and Damien like to call themselves The Moneymaker and The Stunt Double as they prance around bragging about their exceptional ability. The Miz, the obvious leader, did his best to gain an advantage over the talented Uso’s but Jay and Jimmy answered all the moves. Mizdow tried to copy his leader but got in trouble with the Uso’s Doubleteaming. Summer rae tried to help as Mizdow was tagging to The Miz but she missed with some Spray Perfume. The Miz get it in the eyes. The Uso’s reacted immediately with a Double Diving Splash on The Miz and then a Alley-Us (Team Samoan Drop). Jimmy pinned The Miz. 17:07

4. Sami Zayn; Reverse STO pin over Kevin Owens. Sami was cheered by the fans and he responded by slapping hands and signing a few autographs. His concentration was on this match which is a continuation of a long feud that is not likely to end soon. After some time Owens gained the advantage then used a Headcracker and a Corkscrew Splash that seemed like a pin. Referee Jason Ayes signaled a two count several times. Owens got frustrated and was arguing with Referee Ayes when Sami ran over and used a Helluva Kick then immediately followed with the Reverse STO. This time Referee Ayes counted to three. 8:55

5. Non-Title NXT Match – The Vaudvillians (Aiden English and Simon Gotch)(NXT Tag Champions) beat Lucha Dragons (Kalisto and Sin Cara). The Dragons used aerial moves to control the match and excellent teaming that had The Vaudvillians confused. Just as the match seemed over their was confusion with Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn still yelling at each other in the back of the arena so Simon took advantage. He grabbed a Flood Lamp from The Vaudvillian promotions and slammed it the Kalisto’s head. Kalisto crashed to the canvas. Aiden English pinned Kalisto yelling “That’s a Wrap.” 11:14

6. Brock Lesner with Paul Hayman and Mark Henry; Double Count-Out. Mark Henry heard some boos in the audience. Some wise-guy college students from Youngstown State were probably the culprets. Most of this match was fought OOR and neither wrestler seemed to care about getting back in the ring. Referee Jason Ayers was very liberal about his count even starting over if either of the two big men touched the ring apron. Every item that could be moved OOR was used as a weapon including the Steel Steps. Eventually both wrestlers collapsed with the Steel Steps on top of them. This time they were done. Referee Ayers counted them out. 10:02

7. WWE Intercontinental Title – Big E Langston (Champion) won by DQ over Big Show (Challenger) with J & J Security (Joey Mercury and Jamie Noble). They both used their power moves to each’s advantage yet neither wrestler was about to go down. Big E finally had an opportunity wafter hitting Big Show with a Double Knee Thrust and was getting ready to end the match with a Big Ending (facebreaker). Joey Mercury reacted immediately by trying to hit Big E with a Bottle of Wine. Referee Scott Armstrong saw the infraction and called for the DQ. Big E Langston retains the WWE Intercontinental Title 9:38

8. Randy Orton; RKO (Cutter) Pin over Sheamus. The Viper vs The Celtic King is considered the Classic of wrestling matches and these two did not disappoint. The match was back and forth with Sheamus finally getting his chance after an Atomic Spike but somehow Randy was able to kick out. Then another chance for Sheamus after a Brain Basher found Randy kicking out again. Orton caught Sheamus in a Neckbreaker Vise that daded the Celtic King. This lead to the finish with Orton performing the RKO to get the Pin. 16:46
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The Melting Pot & Cooper’s Hawk Winery presents;
WWE/NXT Wrestling (2014-15) (Actual Replay of 3-5-15)
Lifestyles Community Pavillion – Columbus, OH Att: 2,190

Commentators; Corey Graves & Rich Brennan
Referees; Shawn Bennett & Ryan Tran
Ring; Jo Jo Offerman

1. Colin Cassady; East River Slam Pin over Wesley Blake. An early attack in the match set the pace and Blake could not recover although he tried his best. Big Cass, as he is becoming known, was relentless. Several slams to the Turnbuckle led to a Corner Squash and then the set up was an Empire Elbow Drop. Cass got the pin after performing an East River Slam that shook the ring. 4:07

2. Tyson Kidd; Diving Neckbreaker Pin over Baron Corbin. Corbin seemed to be in control and after a Backward Head Slam and a Guillotine Legdrop the match looked all but over. Somehow the clever Kidd was able to kick out and go on the offense. Tyson used a Bulldog Headlock that dazed Corbin. Kidd finished the match with a Diving Neckbreaker. 6:32

3. Tyler Breeze and Kalisto; Double Count-Out. Kalisto used his speed to take charge with moves like a Flying Gutbuster and a Skull Crusher. Breeze in desperation was able to hide a Foreign Object that he had in his boot. He used it for a Jaw Smash that had Kalisto dazed. Breeze then used a Cranium Cracker to injure Kalisto further. Kalisto bailed from the ring and Tyler Breeze followed. Kalisto used the Gong-Bell to KO Breeze before collapsing to the floor. Both wrestlers were counted out. 7:43

4. NXT Women’s Championship – Sasha Banks; Bankrupt (Neckbreaker) Pin over Alexa Bliss. This was for the vacant NXT Title. Alexa was able to get a near pin with a Flying Body Press. In fact this was probably a 2 ½ count. With Shasha in trouble, Alexa climbed the Turnbuckle for a Suicide finishing Leap. It was a finishing Leap after Alexa missed and was greeted with a Double Ax Handle. Shasha finished the match performing Bankrupt (Neckbreaker). Sasha Banks is the NNEEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWWWW NXT Women’s Champion. 10:21

5. Charlotte with Ric Flair won by Count-Out over Bayley. Charlotte greeted Bayley by smashing a Trash Can Lid over her head while her father was distracting Referee Shawn Bennett. Bayley responded with a Flying Jackhammer and then a Flying Missile Shot. The action went OOR where Ric was taunting Bayley. Charlotte added to the taunt with a Vicious Eye Rake. Charlotte was able to slip back in the ring while Bayley couldn’t quite make it. Referee Shawn Bennett counted Bayley out. 8:53

6. Kevin Owens; Sidewinder Suplex Pin over Alex Riley. Owens immediately attacked but fell through the ropes. He crash landed to the floor below. After getting back in the ring Kevin tried to avoid any serious action while he recovered. Riley was able to perform Blockbuster (Somersault Neckbreaker) that came close to a pin. Owens caught Riley for a Pop-Up Powerbomb and then finished the match with the Sidewinder Suplex. 6:16

7. NXT Tag Title – Balor & Itami (Finn Balor and Hideo Itami) (Challengers) beat The Vaudvillians (Aiden English and Simon Gotch) (Champions). The Vaudvillians tried to get the upper hand with an early doubleteam attack but Balor and Itami got the best of the action. The Vaudvillians used their rough moves; Punch to Throat, Rake Eyes and a Falling Knee to Throat but Balor and Itami were not to be denied. A Doubleteam Head Slam on Aiden and then a Doubleteam Gourd Buster on Simon had The Vaudvillians reeling. With the Vaudvillians worn down Balor & Itami finished with a diving Double Foot Stomp. Itami pinned Simon Gotch. Finn Balor and Hideo Itami are the NNNNEEEEEEEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW NXT Tage Champions. 17:25

8. Adrian Neville; 450° Splash Pin over Cesaro. Cesaro had the upper hand for most of this match. A Throat Slam Suplex should have had the pin but Referee Ryan Tran was out of place. Cesaro then used a Falling Fist from the Turnbuckle to get a near pin again. Cesaro tried a Top Rope Elbow but the crafty Neville avoided yet another pin. Neville had a Hidden Foreign Object that he used to smash Cesaro in the temple. Cesaro crashed to the canvas and became a victim to the 450° Splash. 14:41
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