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Post subject: Mid-Atlantic  PostPosted: Mar 20, 2017 - 10:10 AM

Joined: Feb 28, 2010
Posts: 1836

Status: Offline
Daddy Joe’s Beach House & Strawberry Hill presents;
NWA/Mid-Atlantic Wrestling on WCSW-TV Chan 21
Tuck Swanger’s – Gaffney, SC Att: 960

Commentators; Bill Harvin & Gene Kiniski
Referees; Col. Ted Hopkins & Whipper Billy Watson
Ring; Maximillian Meen

1. Gary Royal with Tommy Angel won by DQ over Teijo Khan. Gary, who is pretty good at handing out some rough moves, used a Choke a few times on Teijo but was warned by Referee Col. Ted Hopkins. Gary let off on the hold pretending he didn’t know the choke was illegal. Teijo who is even better in the cheating area used a Flying Headbutt and then applied an Asian Spike to the Throat. Teijo would let up and even kicked Tommy Angel in the groin when he tried to save his Carolina TNT partner. Colonel Ted Hopkins called for the DQ and for security to stop Khan. 6:11

2. Crazy Luke Graham and Rocky King; No Contest. The wrestlers were fighting in the Locker Room and all the way to the ring. They never actually entered the ring and used tables and chairs at ringside as weapons. The Steel Steps got turned over on King who had to be helped up the ramp and back to the Locker area. Crazy Luke who teams with Bugsy McGraw in the Florida area was screaming that he wants to face The Rocky’s (King and Jones) in the ring and settle their feud. 0:00

3. Bobby Eaton with Jim Cornette; Alabama Jam Pin over Bret Wayne. Cornette did a snow job on this match claiming that he would not interfere but he proved himself a fibber. Along with tripping and distractions to allow Eaton some illegal moves, Cornette eventually had Sweet Stan Lane come to ringside. Wayne used a Flying Body Press that had a pin but Lane broke it up while Cornette distracted. Then Lane distracted and was being ordered back to the Locker area giving Cornette enough time to smash his Tennis Racket over Bret’s Head. Wayne crumbled to the canvas and Bobby eaton used and Alabama Jam finisher for the pin. 7:36

4. Bobby Jaggers; Reverse Neckbreaker Pin over Rocky Kernodle. Kernolde was at a disadvantage from the beginning. As he was on his way the the ring, Jaggers’ partner Dutch Mantel attacked Kernodle choking him with his “Shoo Baby” Whip. Rocky entered the ring gasping for air but decided to go on with the match. Jaggers took full advantage using a falling Knee Crunch and a Boot to the Face. Rocky, who is Don’s younger brother and partner on the tag team The Kernodle’s, could mount very little offense in retaliation. Jaggers ended the match with a Reverse Neckbreaker. 6:56

5. Ricky Morton won by DQ over Sean Royal. This was a match of speed and aerial moves and was a crowd pleaser. Morton slowly took the advantage causing Chris Champion to run to ringside to help his New Breed partner. Robert Gibson of the Rock n’ Roll Extress followed Champion to ringside to help Morton. By this time Chris Champion had pushed Referee Col. Ted Hopkins aside to prevent a pin on Sean. Hopkins called for the DQ. 11:23

6. The Barbarian with Number 1 Paul Jones pinned Road Warrior Animal. Animal had the advantage using a Running Axe Handle, a Head Rammer and a Crucifix Power Bomb to get what could have been a 10 count but Jones call for help. The Warlord and Baron Von Raschke came to ringside. While Jones and raschke distracted Referee Whipper Billy Watson, the Warlord smashed a chair over Animal Head. Animal was KO’d and an easy Pin after Warlord placed Barbarian on top. 9:36
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Post subject: Mid-Atlantic  PostPosted: Mar 22, 2017 - 09:50 AM

Joined: Feb 28, 2010
Posts: 1836

Status: Offline
Snuffy’s Shanty Bodacious Menu featuring
Day Old Hot Dogs at ½ price presents
NWA/Nort Carolinie Wrasslin’
On WHHN-TV Chan Tir-Teen
Varmint’s Lodge – Hootin Holler, NC Att: 348 (SRO)

Commentators; Nick Pond & Emile Dusek
Referees; Farmer McKinley Pickins & Karl Von Hess
Ring; Snuffy & Loweezy Smiff

1. Shaska Whatley; Flying Willie (Diving Headbutt) Pin over Hard Rock Ricky Reeves. Shaka greeted Reeves by Throwing him Head First to the Floor from the ring. Reeves had a tough time trying to shake off the crash while the veteran Whatley took more advantage. A Cranium Cracker added to Ricky’s head bump and then a Whip to the Ropes and Clothesline set up the eventual end with Shaka using his Flying Willie Headbutt to get the Pin. 4:04

2. Mr. TNT Tommy Angel with Gary Royal won by Count-Out over Tim Hoerner. Tommy and Gary gained points by arguing with the fans and the volatile Angel threatened to enter the audience to settle a score. He stopped when Royal pointed to some of the Moonshine Jugs that the fans were sipping from. The match was held up as Loweezy Smiff made an announcement that all jugs had to be left outside the Varmint’s Lodge. She told them that Sheriff Tait would be stopping by the Lodge later. (Loweezy was fibbing because the Sheriff was sleeping one off in Snuffy’s barn. After a Spinning Back Kick and a Falling Headslam, Tommy was set up for a pin. Gary Royal took advantage of a distraction as Referee Karl Von Hess was out of place. Royal pulled Horner from the pin. Horner now OOR started fighting with Royal. Tommy Angel managed to get to his feet in time for Horner to be Counted-Out. 6:43

3. Thunderfoot #2; Falling Knee Smash Pin over Randy Mulkey. Thunderfoot #2 riled the fans by waving his fist at them. It gave him extra points. Randy stared quickly in the match and almost got a pin with a Falling Elbow Drop. No one expected this especially Thunderfoot #2. Work cautiously Thunderfoot #2 took charge eventually performing a Flying Rib Crusher and then a Spinecracker that led to a Falling Knee Smash Pin. 4:53

4. Buddy Landell; Figure Four Submission over Downtown Denny Brown. Brown came close to a pin with an Oklahoma Roll but Landell was able to break the hold by Poking his Figures to Brown’s Eyes. A Corkscrew Elbow Drop by Landell had Brown dazed. Buddy hooked in the Figure Four Locglock and got the Submission. 5:41

5. Chris Champion with Sean Royal won by Count-Out over Robert Gibson. The speedy Champion and Rock n’ Roll’s Gibson put on a terrific aerial show and had the fans cheering. Top Rope Dives and High Flying Dropkicks were the norm in this match. Gibson performed a Missile Dropkick that was a sure pin on Champion. Sean Royal immediately pulled Gibson from the ring. Referee Farmer McKinley Pickins missed the infraction after he was dazed from a collision with the two wrestlers. When Referee Pickins shook off the daze, Gibson was fighting with Sean OOR. Several fans offered to lend Gibson their Moonshine Jugs for a weapon. 9:26

6. Don Kernodle won by DQ over Tully Blanchard with J.J. Dillon. Kernodle decked out in Red, White and Blue carried an American Flag and he wore a USA Headband. Kernoldle was actually sending a message to The Russians led by Ivan Koloff. Kenodle signed autographs as the fans chanted his name. Blanchard and J.J. Dillon were a bit irritated and they complained to Referee Karl Von Hess that he should get the match going. Kernodle finally entered the ring but all in his own good time. This was a terrific by two excellent wrestlers. Commentator Nick Pond said that this could be a Main Event anywhere in the world. Kernodle eventually caught Tully in a Cobra Clutch Submission Hold. This should have been curtains. Arn Anderson who had done a promotion earlier was in the Locker Room and ran down to the ring. He jumped in the ring and pushed Referee Karl Von Hess aside and broke up the hold. Von Hess called for the DQ and then hooked in a Forearm Throat Hold on Anderson who began gasping for air. Von Hess didn’t want to let up but finally did when several wrestlers ran in from the Locker area. Emile Dusek commenting; “Anderson messed with the wrong referee.” 10:55
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Post subject: Mid-Atlantic  PostPosted: Mar 24, 2017 - 09:50 AM

Joined: Feb 28, 2010
Posts: 1836

Status: Offline
Flaggy Run Peanut Farm & Bootleggers presents;
NWA/Mid-Atlantic Wrestling on WTVR-TV Chan 6
The Hurt Factory – Lynchburg, VA Att: 2,492

Commentators; Ray Reeve & Lord Lesley Carlton
Referees; Sonny Fargo & Handsome Johnny Berend
Ring; Sissy Knox & Dream St. Rose

1. Mark Fleming won by DQ over Dirty Dutch Mantel. Mantel, as usual, had a nasty attitude and showed it by tipping over the Press Table on his way to the ring. He was awarded extra points for keeping up his heel persona. The match had very little standard moves although Fleming tried to show moves that resembled a wrestling match. The action went OOR where Mantel enjoys that surroundings. Dutch used a Trash Can to smash over Mark’s back and then choked him out with “Shoo Baby.” Referee Sonny Fargo was trying to follow the action and count. His count reached 10 and he called for a Double Count-Out. Referee Handsome Jonny Berend who was at ringside conferred with Sonny who then called the match a DQ against Mantel. Mantel stomped around and said some words to Berend but thought better and retreated to the Locker Area. 4:09

2. Bill Mulkey won by Count-Out over Thunderfoot #1. The action went OOR early in the match. Thunderfoot #1 slammed Mulkey into the Ringside Steps and turned to confront Commentators Reeves and Lord Lesley Carlton. Thunderfoot #1 told them to spell his name correctly when they turn in the ranking and furthermore he expects to be high on the list. He continued jawing with the commentators while Bill Mulkey slipped back in the ring. Referee Handsome Johnny Berend’s count reached the limit and Thunderfoot #1 was Counted-Out. He stomped around but like Mantel, he stormed off to the Locker Room. 3:43

3. Dennis Condrey with Jim Cornette; Full Nelson Face Slam over Tommy Lane. Lane had and early advantage and had what seemed to be a Pin after performing a Gourdbuster that was broken up by Cornette. After the action went OOR, Condrey took over by slamming Lane into the Steel Steps and then into the Guard Rail. After throwing Lane back in the ring, Cornette slamming his Tennis Racket over Tommy’s back on the way, Dennis hooked in a Full Nelson and then the light’s out Face Slam. 5:46

4. Maddog Buzz Sawyer with Kevin Sullivan; Powerslam Pin over Mighty Igor. Igor had Buzz reeling after using a Mighty Hammer on Maddog’s chest. Sawyer was gasping for air and begging for a timeout. The wasted time gave him enough to recover and clued Sullivan to lend some help. Sullivan responded with a Fireball that blinded Igor. Sawyer used a Battering Ram and then a Powerslam to get the Pin. 9:33

5. Sweet Stan Lane with Jim Cornette; Too Much Blood win over Brads Armstrong. Lane chose to bail from the ring after Armstrong came close to ending the match with a Diving Cross Body. Brad followed Sweet Stan OOR and it was a mistake. Cornette distracted Referee sonny Fargo and Dennis crondrey came to ringside and used the Gong Bell over Brad’s skull. Conrey and Lane threw Brad back in the ring. Referee Sonny Fargo turned to see the action before Lane could try a Pin. Fargo determined that Armstrong, who had a vicious cut, was bleeding to much to continue. 8:56

6. Rugged Ronnie Garvin; Hands of Stone Pin over Black Bart with J.J. Dillon. Bart tried to slug it out with Garvin and it proved to be a mistake. Eventually Bart tried to use a Chair over Garvin’s head but the move got reversed. Bart, one of the toughest wrestlers, who was taking a beating kept coming for more and eventally Ronnie lined him up for the KO punch. J.J. Dillon had motioned for help and it came in the form of Outlaw Ron Bass, Bart’s partner on the Desperados. While Dillon distracted Referee Johnny Berend, Bass tried to hit Garvin with a Branding Iron. He missed and caught Bart in the head. Black Bart slumped onto the turnbuckle as Ronnie Garvin use hands of Stone for good measure. 14:15
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