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Post subject:   PostPosted: Jul 30, 2015 - 07:58 AM

Joined: Sep 06, 2011
Posts: 585
Location: New Jersey
Status: Offline
Global Wrestling Federation Results (Early 90's) - Sportatorium Dallas,Texas (ESPN T.V.)

Buddy Landell Over Shawn Summers @8:12. Landell Pinned Summers With A Handfull Of Tights

Al Perez & Jerry Lynn Battled To a 20 Min Draw

In a Non Title Bout Rico Suave Over T.V. Champion Hot Shot Eddie Gilbert @ 16:10. Suave Caught The Champ In A Sleeper Hold With A Rag That Put The Champ To Sleep. The Arena Fans Noticed A Very Strong Strange Smell. It Turned Out To Be The Rag That Suave Used Was Soaked In Ether.

Black Bart Defended His Brass Knuckles Tittle With a Win Over The Texas Gladiator With His Texas Trash Compactor @ 4:21

Black Bart The Current Global Brass Knuckles Title Holder

The Dirty Davis Brothers Mike/Tom Vs Steve Simpson & Chris Walker Bout Went To a 30 Min Time Limit Draw. The Davis Bros Still Continue To Be The Top Tag Team To The California Connection (John Tatum & Rod Price) Title Belts

The Dark Patroit Over Awesome Kong @ 6:50 With The Michinoku Driver

The Lightning Kid Over Brody Powers @ 4:24. With The Kid Looking Like He Was In A Bad Way & Brody Letting The Fans Know He Was Going To Put Kid Away He Turned Right Into A Loaded Boot By Kid. Kid Covered For The 1-2-3 Count. After The Match Kid Is Jumped By His Top Rival Chaz Taylor. Kid Beats Taylor Back. Taylor's Die Total Is Dropped To Next Level For His Next Match

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Post subject:   PostPosted: Jul 31, 2015 - 06:51 AM

Joined: Sep 06, 2011
Posts: 585
Location: New Jersey
Status: Offline
NWA Detroit Big Time Wrestling (Mid 70's) - Cobo Arena Detroit,Michigan

Stan"The Man"Stasiak Over Big Redd @12:11. Stan The Man Spared Big Redd In This Matchup. Instead Of Putting Him Away With His Dreaded Heart Punch, He Pinned Redd After A Solid Elbowsmash

Big BoBo Brazil Over Michael Angelo @8:29. Big BoBo Caught Angelo In The Figure Four Leglock

Killer Karl Kox Over Hank"Money Man"James @2:16. Kox Made Short Work Of James With A Solid Knockout Punch. James Was Carried Away On A Stretcher

Sweet Daddy Siki Over The Wild Bull Of The Pampas Pampero Firpo @7:20. Sweet Daddy Put Firpo Away With The Airplane Spin

In A Matchup For The United States Heavyweight Title Nothing Was Settled. Champion Dick"The"Bruiser & The Mighty Igor Battled To A 30 Min Draw. The Two Are Slated To Do Battle In A Rematch On The Next Big Card

Killer Tim Brooks Over Billy Red Lyons @23:00. Brooks Finally Put Lyons Away With A Loaded Flying Elbowsmash

Killer Kowalski & Edouard Carpentier Battled To A 30 Min Time Limit Draw. After The Match Kowalski Is Challenged By Sweet Daddy Siki To A Match On The Next Big Card

In The Surprise Of The Evening Big Ox Baker Destroyed The Wildman The Sheik @3:14. The Referee Had No Choice But To Put A Stop To The Bout When He Felt The Sheik's Saftey Was At Stake. Baker Cut The Sheik Bad And The Fans Watched In Horror As The Sheik Bled Profusely. It Was Announced After The Match That The Sheik Was Taken To The Hospital. It Was Also Announced Replacing The Sheik To Face Baker On The Next Card Would Be Big BoBo Brazil

The Big Ox Handled The Wildman The Sheik With Ease

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Post subject:   PostPosted: Aug 01, 2015 - 08:05 AM

Joined: Sep 06, 2011
Posts: 585
Location: New Jersey
Status: Offline
NWA Wrestling From The Olympic Auditorium (Early-Mid 70's) - Los Angeles, California

Antonio Inoki Over Kim Duk @11:16. Inoki Was Seconds Away From Having Duk Submit When Inoki's Old Time Nemesis From Japan The Destroyer Jumped Into The Ring & Attacked Inoki. The Referee Disqualifed Duk & Awarded The Match To Inoki

Big Bad John(Champ) & Chavo Guerrero Battled To The A 30 Min Time Limit Draw In A Beat The Champ T.V. Title Matchup

Billed As The Matchup Of The Golden Years Of Wrestling, Antonio Rocca & Gorgeous George Also Went The 30 Min Time Limit Draw

Fred Blassie Over One Half Of The McGuire Brothers(Benny) @4:55. During The Battle The Referee Is Knocked Wozzy Which Gives Blassie Time Enough To Whallop Benny With A Steel Chair. The Referee Comes To His Senses And See's Benny Knocked Out Cold & Has No Choice But To Stop The Match And Award The Decision To Fred Blassie. Blassie Retains His Americas Heavyweight Title

Hector Guerrero Over The Cuban Assassin @23:23. The Assassin Is Pinned After Guerrero Executes A Quebrada. In A Pre Match Interview With The Assassin He Continued To Bad Mouth Johnny Rogeau Sr & Talk About Him Being Over The Hill When Out Of The Dressing Room Came Johnny Rogeau Jr. & Challenges The Assassin To A Match On The Next Big Card

The Olympic Auditorium Fans Were Treated To The Eighth Wonder Of The World As Andre The Giant Continued His Winning Streak As He Beat The Hangman @16:23 With The Big Boot To The Face. There Have Been Rumblings Around The Olympic Aud For Weeks Who Is Under The Hood Of The Masked Hangman. Well Andre Almost Gave The Fans The Answer When He Managed To Rip The Hood Off The Hangman But In Doing So He Fell Outside The Ring To The Floor & Covered His Face With A Ringside Towel & Scurried Back To The Dressing Room

Andre Being Lead To The Ring With Manager Frank Valois To Do Battle With The Hangman

Maniac John Tolos W/Chris Tolos Over Fan Favorite Victor Rivera @8:34 This Was Conducted In A Steel Cage. A Very Bloody Rivera Tried To Go Out The Cage Door, But Chris Quickly Padlocked The Door Shut Blocking Rivera's Exit. John Is Able To Scale The Cage & Climb Out To The Floor For The Victory

Paul Diamond & Rocky"Soulman"Johnson Over Ray Stevens & Pat Patterson. Diamond/Johnson Are Attacked Before The Match By Stevens/Patterson But Manage To Turn Things Around In Their Favor. Stevens/Patterson Are To Have -1 To All Their Dice Rolls For The Match Which Proved To Be Costly As They Drop Their Americans Tag Team Title Belts. Ladies And Gentleman @ A Time Of 59:50 The Newwwwwwww Americas Tag Team Champions, Paul Diamond & Rocky Johnson. The Olympic Auditorium Erupts

Last edited by ACOMPLITAN on May 12, 2017 - 08:12 PM; edited 12 times in total
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Post subject:   PostPosted: Aug 02, 2015 - 07:54 AM

Joined: Sep 06, 2011
Posts: 585
Location: New Jersey
Status: Offline
WWWF Wrestling From The Asbury Park Convention Hall (Mid 70's) -Asbury Park, NJ

The Opening Bout Between Charlie Fulton & Steve Travis Went To A 20 Min Time Limit Draw

The Unpredictible Johnny Rodz Got The Duke Over Jumping Johnny DeFazio @8:57. DeFazio Whipped Rodz Into The Corner Turnbuckle & Went To Follow Up Only To Run Into A Rodz Elbow To The Head. From There Rodz Put DeFazio Away With A Small Package

The Asbury Park Fans Were Treated To A Ladies Title Match When The WWWF Champion The Fabulous Moolah Put Her Title On The Line Against Fan Favorite Vicki Williams. But It Was Not To Be Williams Night As She Went Down To Defeat To The Crafty Veteran Moolah. Williams Seemed To Get Into A Disagreement With The Referee About His Slow Pin Count. That Gave Moolah Just The Opening She Needed. Moolah Snuck From Behind & Caught Williams In The Schoolgirl Rollup. Time Of The Match Was 16:11

Indian Chief Jay Strongbow Over Baron Mikel Scicluna @12:50. After Taking An Enormous Amount Of Punishment Throughout The Match The Chief Finally Had Enough. Strongbow Went Into His War Dance That Had The Fans In A Frenzy. He Whipped Scicluna Into The Ropes Caught The Baron With A Barrage Of Knee Lifts, Tomahawk Chops & Finally Pinned The Baron.

The Fans Of Asbury Park Got Their First Look At Lou Albano's Newest Protage Stan Hansen. The Wild Man From Borger Texas Put S.D. Special Delivery Jones Away With a Controversial Hold He Calls The Lariat @ 5:42

The Big Cat Ernie Ladd W/Grand Wizard Over Tony Garea @8:11. Ladd Put Away A Game Garea After The Grand Wizard Distracted The Referee Allowing Ladd To Load Up His Taped Thumb & Jam It Into Garea's Throat. Ladd Easily Covered Garea For The Win

Big Cat Ernie Ladd Continues To Be The #1 Contender To Bruno Sammartino's Championship Crown

In The Feature Match Of The Evening The Current WWWF Tag Team Champions Mr.Fugi/Prof.Tour Tanaka W/Grand Wizard Put Their Belts On The Line Against Dominic Denucci & The Country Boy 601 Lbs Of Haystacks Calhoun. This Match Was Made A Few Weeks Back After Denucci/Calhoun Beat The Champions On T.V. In A Non Title Match. But It Turned Out Tonight Was Not To Be The Night. As Mr. Fugi Whipped Denucci Into The Ropes, The Grand Wizard Tripped Denucci. Denucci Fell Face First Onto The Mat. As Calhoun Chased The Grand Wizard Back To The Dressing Room, Fugi Tagged Out To Prof.Tanaka Who Climbed The Turnbuckle & Came Crashing Down Onto Denucci For The Pin.

Last edited by ACOMPLITAN on May 12, 2017 - 08:51 PM; edited 10 times in total
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Post subject:   PostPosted: Aug 03, 2015 - 08:35 AM

Joined: Sep 06, 2011
Posts: 585
Location: New Jersey
Status: Offline
WCCW World Class Championship Wrestling (Mid 80's) -Convention Center, Fort Worth, Texas

In The Opening Bout Of The Evening Giant Kamala W/Percy Pringle Over Marvelous Mark Starr @2:19. Pringle Distracted The Referee While Kamala Jabbed Starr In The Throat For The Easy Pin

In The Second Bout Of The Evening, Newcomer Gorgeous Gino Hernandez Came Out Victorious Against Pat Rose In A Time Of 16:25. Hernandez Delivered A Devastating Piledriver. Rose Was Carted Off On A Stretcher.

Killer Khan W/Playboy Gary Hart Over Kenny Jay. Surprisingly Hart Did Not Inject Himself In Tonight's Match & Kahn Didn't Need It As Rose Submited To Kahn's Painfull Never Hold @8:19

The Chris Adams & Gorgeous Jimmy Garvin W/Precious Match Went To A 30 Min Time Limit Draw. Adams Retained His T.V. Title. Garvin Received -2 Added To His Dice Rolls For Being Destracted By The Taunting Crowd But It Did Not Hurt Him As He Still Managed A Draw Against The Champion

For The WCCW Texas Title Iceman King Parsons Defeated Champion Terry Gordy W/Michael Hayes @18:54 To Become The Newwwwwwww Texas Heavyweight Champion. The End Came For Gordy When Hayes Went To Strike Parsons With A Steel Chair & Instead Struck Gordy By Mistake. Parsons Dropkicked Hayes OOR & Caught A RubberLegged Gordy In The Sunset Flip

David/Fritz Von Erich Were Able To Turn Back The Challenge Of The Team Of The Missing Link & Kabuki W/Playboy Gary Hart When David Applied The Claw To The Missing Link @18:42

In The Feature Bout Of The Night Conducted In A Chain Match,Bruiser Brody Defeated The One Man Gang. Again Just Like A Few Weeks Back, Brody Is Once Again Attacked By One Man Gang Before The Start Of The Match. Because Brody Is Shaken Up From The Sneak Attack He Has -1 Added To His Die Rolls For The Match. But That Did Not Seem To Defer A Determined Brody. Both Bloody & Exhausted, Brody Manages To Choke Gang To The Point Of Passing Out With The Steel Chain & Touches All 4 Turnbuckles Relatively Easy. Time Of The Match 13:23.

A Bloody & Battered Brody After His Chain Match Victory Over One Man Gang

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Post subject:   PostPosted: Aug 04, 2015 - 08:58 AM

Joined: Sep 06, 2011
Posts: 585
Location: New Jersey
Status: Offline
AWA All Star Wrestling (Mid 80's)- Meadowlands Arena, East Rutherford, New Jersey (Big Supershow)

In The Opening Bout Of The Evening, Newcomer Tom Zenk Over Larry Zbyszko @5:54 With The Missle Dropkick. While Larry Was Getting Distracted By Ringside Hecklers, He Turned Right Around Into Zenk's Dropkick

The Big Man From Stone Mountain Georgia, Jerry Blackwell & The Baron Von Raschke Went To a 30 Min Draw

In The 3rd Bout Of The Evening, Alexis Smirnoff W/Colonel DeBeers Shocked The Crowd As Well As His Opponent Greg Gagne When He Got The Controversial Decision Over Gagne. While DeBeers Distracted The Referee, Smirnoff Loaded Up His Elbow Pad With It Appered To Be A Roll Of Quarters & Smashed Gagne In The Head. The Referee Turned Just As Smirnoff Was Covering Gagne For The Pin. Time Of The Match 11:29

For The Awa Junior Title Jumbo Tsuruta Got The Win & Walked Away As The Newwwww Awa Junior Title Holder When He Put Away Mr.Saito @11:32 With a Flying Knee Of The Top Rope

Blackjack Lanza W/Bobby Heenan Over Da Crusher In Their Steel Cage Matchup.The Crusher Was Inches Away From Exiting The Cage When Heenan Punched The Referee & Took The Key To Lock The Cage Door Shut. Lanza Scaled The Cage & Onto The Floor For The Victory @11:37

Tricky Nick Bockwinkel W/ Bobby Heenan Over Mad Dog Vachon @23:35. The Referee Was Knocked Silly During The Bout Which Allowed The Wrestler With The Cheat Quality To Add +1 Bonus Die Total To His Wrestler Die Rolls. Both Vachon & Bockwinkel Had The Cheat Quailty But Bockwinkel Used It To His Advantage In The Match. While The Referee Was Still Woozy, Heenan Passed A Small Chain To Bockwinkel Who Knocked Vachon Out Cold With It. The Referee Regained His Senses Just In Time To Make The 3 Count On Vachon. Vachon Is So Irate After He Realizes What Had Just Happened That He Challenges Bockwinkel & Heenan To A Tag Team Match Next Week On T.V. Both Bockwinkel & Heenan Agree. Vachon Also Lets Them Know That He Has A Big Surprise Who His Tag Partner Will Be.

Bockwinkel & Heenan Letting Mean Gene Know It Does Not Matter Who Vachon Gets As His Tag Partner They Will Still Come Out Victorious

The Roadwarrios W/Paul Ellering Sucessfully Defended Their Awa Tag Titles When They Defeated The Midnight Rockers, Marty Jannetty & Shawn Michaels @22:20. Roadwarrior Aminal Over Shawn Michaels With The Top Rope Powerslam

In The Final Bout Of The Evening For The Awa Heavyweight Title Ken Patera Took On The Champion Verne Gagne. It Appeared Patera Shocks The Wrestling World By Defeating Verne Gagne For The Awa Title @12:19. Patera Catches Gagne In A Small Package. But It Was Obvious That Verne's Arms Were Drapped Across The Ropes. Another Outside Official Lets The Referee Know Just What Has Taken Place. The Awa Commission Has Agreed To Hold Up The Title Untill They Can Rule On A Decision

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Post subject:   PostPosted: Apr 19, 2016 - 06:31 AM

Joined: Sep 06, 2011
Posts: 585
Location: New Jersey
Status: Offline

Heavyweight Champion-Bruno Sammartino
Tag Champions-Mr.Fugi/Prof.Toru Tanaka
Ladies Heavyweight Champion-Fabulous Moolah

Ladies World Tag Team Champions-Penny Banner/Donna Christenello


Heavyweight Champion-Verne Gagne
Tag Champions-Roadwarriors Hawk/Animal
Junior Champion-Jumbo Tsuruta
British Empire Champion-Billy Robinson
Ladies Heavyweight Champion-Vivian Vachon


Heavyweight Champion-Kerry Von Erich
Tag Champions-Bill/Scott Irwin
Television Champion-Chris Adams
Texas Heavyweight Champion-Iceman King Parsons
Six Man Tag Champions-Freebirds


Heavyweight Champion-Lou Thesz
Tag Champions-Rick/Scott Steiner
Junior Champion-Tully Blanchard
Brass Knuckles Champion-Mongolian Stomper

NWA-{Los Angeles Territory}

Americas Heavyweight Champion- Freddie Blassie
Americas Tag Team Champions- Rocky Johnson/Paul Diamond
Beat The Champ T.V. Champion-Big Bad John

NWA-{Detroit Territory}

United States Heavyweight Champion-Dick The Bruiser
World Tag Team Champions-Terry/Dory Funk Jr.


Heavyweight Champion-Jack Brisco
Tag Champions-Gene/Ole Anderson
Television Champion-Ricky Steamboat


Heavyweight Champion-Shane Douglas
Hardcore Champion-Tommy Dreamer
Tag Champions-D-Von/Bubba Ray Dudley
Television Champion-Balls Mahoney


Heavyweight Champion-Patroit
Television Champion-Eddie Gilbert
Brass Knuckles Champion-Black Bart
Lightweight Champion-Lightning Kid
Tag Champions-John Tatum/Rod Price
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