Main Event Boxing - Copyright trap found?

w_hild - Feb 08, 2019 - 05:58 PM
Post subject: Copyright trap found?
Recently bought the 2012 M E B Heavyweights. Have been picking a couple boxers, putting their ratings on index cards, then fighting them. Then taking two more, repeating the process.

Well, in the course of choosing fighters, I came across Marcus Mantle. My eye caught his ratings line. It has to be the WORST in the entire list. RD PTS of 3, KD and KO of 10 END of 0. Just beyond awful. Couldn't believe how terrible he was. So, I had to go and find information about his fights, thinking he must have been some schlub who was 0-30, getting knocked out 28 times or something like that.

But here's the deal---there isn't anything at all about him. BoxRec, which is about the most complete source of boxing on the internet, has nothing on him. Even a simple google search yields no results.

Then it hit me---Marcus Mantle does not and never did exist. He was put in by the Downey's as a copyright trap. It's a very common practice, and a smart one at that. You have to protect your intellectual property.

So, did I find the copyright trap? Or, does Marcus Mantle exist and every shred of evidence of his career has been erased from the internet?

(cue "Unsolved Mysteries" music...)

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