Main Event Boxing - Most epic upset EVER

w_hild - Feb 04, 2019 - 09:40 PM
Post subject: Most epic upset EVER
Just to show you that no matter how the percentages may be, you just NEVER know...

Mike De John (KO/1) Jack Dempsey

KO at 2:29 of FIRST ROUND!!

Let's look at the percentages of this event occurring---

First, a 24 percent chance that DeJohn will get a POWER reading.
Then, an 80 percent chance that you get a "K" in the power chart.
Then, a 10 percent chance that Dempsey goes down.
Then, a 10 percent chance that Dempsey stays down.

All told, that's a 0.192 percent chance of occurring! Just greater than 500 to 1 against!

You just never know til you roll the dice!

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