Hockey Board Games - 1972-73 NHL now available for Hockey Bones (prev. Faceoff)

DocSavage - Jul 06, 2018 - 02:03 PM
Post subject: 1972-73 NHL now available for Hockey Bones (prev. Faceoff)
PT Games is happy to announce the release of the 1972-73 season for Hockey Bones.

A card set never released under the original Faceoff Hockey name, now with the use of modern stats the pivotal 1972-73 season can be replayed.

$12.00 PDF for 403 players, everyone that laced up a skate ready to play with immediate download.

$30.00+shipping **Limited Print Run*** Only on sale for 2 weeks! All 403 players on high-gloss perforated cardstock.

Hockey Bones is a continuation of the Faceoff Hockey board game. Same game, different name. The most faithful recreation of hockey in a tabletop game.

The 1972-73 NHL season saw many dramatic changes, two teams were added the NY Islanders and Atlanta Flames. The WHA was formed and a great battle would commence over players with Bernie Parent and Bobby Hull leading the migration to the upstart league. The All-Star team looks like a Hall of Fame induction with;G Ken Dryden, G Tony Esposito, Bobby Orr, D Brad Park, Guy Lapointe, D Bill White, Phil Esposito, C Bobby Clarke, Mickey Redmond, RW Yvan Cournoyer, Frank Mahovlich, and LW Dennis Hull.

An amazing season and now available!
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