Cardboard Baseball - replay of 2017 World Series

rickert - May 08, 2018 - 11:36 PM
Post subject: replay of 2017 World Series
Game 1 aty Dodger Stadium. Keuchel for Houston and Kershaw for LA. I have added a few homemade rules. This will include a large amount of detail.

Top of 1st -- Springer opens the Fall Classic with a home run. Kershaw strikes out Bregman, Altuve and Correa in order. Houston 1-0

Bottom of 1 -- After Taylor flies out to right, Turner homers. Bellinger grounds out and Puig fans. 1-1.

Top of 2 -- Gurriel pops to third and McCann walks. Bellinger makes a great stab of a grounder but McCann goes to second. Reddick gets back at his old teammates and fans with a two-run homer. Keuchel fans. Houston 3-1.

Bottom of 2 -- Hernandez grounded out and Seager flies out to the warning track in center. Forsythe does him one better with a home run. Barnes is hit by a pitch. Kershaw singles but Barnes is thrown out at third by Springer in center. Houston 3-2

Top of 3 -- Springer and Altuve fan around a ground out by Bregman.

Bottom of 3 -- Taylor walks and steals second. Turner whiffs. Bellinger pops out and Puig grounds out.

Top of 4 -- Correa flies out to shallow left followed by strikeouts of Gurriel and McCann. Kershaw has 8 Ks in 4 innings.

Bottom of 4 -- Hernandez lines out to third. Seager strikes out. Forsythe reaches when Altuve lets a grounder go through his legs. Barnes singles to right and when Reddick fumbles the ball, Barnes reaches second and Forsythe scores. Kershaw grounds down the line and Gurriel fields it and throws it past Keuchel, allowing Kershaw to reach second and Barnes to score. Taylor flies out to deep left. LA 4-3.

Top of 5 -- Gonzalez grounds out and Reddick singles. Keuchel fails in a sac bunt attempt and Springer grounds out to the mound.

Bottom of 5 -- Turner walks and Bellinger follows with a homer. Keuchel is removed and replaced by Harris. Puig grounds out, Hernandez doubles, Seager fans and Forsythe grounds to the mound. LA 6-3.

Top of 6 -- Bregman flies out to deep left. Altuve lines a single down the line but gets greedy and is thrown out by Puig trying to make it a double. Correa walks and Gurriel flies out.

Bottom of 6 -- Barnes grounds out, Kershaw flies out and Taylor whiffs.

Top of 7 -- McCann singles but is erased when Gonzalez grounds into a fielder's choice. Reddick strikes out. Beltran, batting for Harris, doubles to score Gonzalez. Springer grounds out. LA 6-4.

Bottom of 7 -- Feliz relieves for the Astros. Turner and Bellinger walk. Puig pops out and Hernandez flies out to shallow center. Devinski relives to face Seager and he grounds out.

Top of 8 -- Bregman singles and Kershaw is lifted in favor of Fields. Altuve grounds out, moving Bregman up. Correa singles to center but Taylor throws out Bregman at home. Gurriel flies out.

Bottom of 8 -- Forsythe pops out, Barnes strikes out and pinch hitter Pederson flies out.

Top of 9 -- Jensen and strikes out McCann. Gonzales grounds out and Reddick pops out to end the game.

Houston 4 runs, 7 hits, 3 errors. LA 6 runs, 6 hits, 0 errors.

Great fun playing this one.
FrankC - May 09, 2018 - 08:58 AM
Post subject: Series
Good to see some baseball. It will be interesting to see if the Dodgers can win the series. I felt they were the better team in the series last year. (We will ignore this year so far)
rickert - May 09, 2018 - 03:45 PM
Post subject: Re: Series
FrankC wrote:
Good to see some baseball. It will be interesting to see if the Dodgers can win the series. I felt they were the better team in the series last year. (We will ignore this year so far)

Thanks for the comment. Game 2 was a different animal than Game 1
rickert - May 09, 2018 - 04:03 PM
Post subject: RE: Re: Series
Won;t use as much detail this time. Houston (Verlander) vs. LA (Hill). Verlander's time with the Astros, pro-rated out to 200IP is very formidable.

Top 1 -- Seager makes a great play at short on Bregmann and Hill fans the other 2.

Bottom 1 -- Turner walks but nothing else against Verlander.

Top 2 -- With 1 out Gurriel singles but gets picked off by Hill.

Bottom 2 -- 2 Ks and a ground out.

Top 3 -- Gonzalez singles, moves to second one out later on a grounder and dies at second when Springer flies out.

Bottom 3 -- Taylor singles with 2 outs and steals second but Seager fans.

Top 4 -- Bregman homers to lead it off. Altuve doubles for his first hit but next 3 fan.

Bottom 4 -- Two grounds outs and whiff.

Top 5 -- Hill runs strike out string to five straight before Verlander ends it with a pop to Seager.

Bottom 5 -- A pop fly and two Ks.

Top 6 -- Pop fly, ground out and Bregman hits it on the screws but right at Bellinger.

Bottom 6 -- Taylor singles again and steals again. Seager singles to tie the game at 1-1. Turner grounds into a DP.

Top 7 -- After Correa whiffs against reliever Baez, Gurriel doubles. Another strikeout and Gonzalez walks. Avilan comes in and retires Reddick on a deep fly out to right.

Bottom 7 -- Nothing much for Dodgers with a pop fly and two strikeouts. Nine whiffs for Verlander in 7.

Top 8 -- Wasted chances for Astros. Aoki hits for Verlander and singles in the infield. Turner's throw gets by Bellinger. Utley backs up the play and throws to Seager to get Aoki trying for second. Springer walks and is caught stealing by Barnes.

Bottom of 8 -- Three up, three down.

Top 9 -- Dodgers bring in Morrow instead of Jensen. First two hitters ground out. Gurriel singles for his third hit but McCann strikes out.

Bottom 9 -- Taylor fans but Seager singles. Devinski leaves and Giles comes in. Turner blasts a walkoff homer. LA wins 3-1.
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