Momentum Football - Momentum Football 1968 Season Available

Downey Games - Oct 29, 2017 - 03:52 PM
Post subject: Momentum Football 1968 Season Available
Wayne informed me that there was a poll being taken for the most wanted season for Momentum Football. The 1968 season was the one with the most votes.

We are proud to announce the release of the 1968 AFL and NFL seasons for Momentum Football.

The E-Books are available here:

The printed sets are available here:

If this set proves to be successful, we will work to get other earlier seasons rated.
indianaice - Nov 06, 2017 - 09:10 PM
Post subject: RE: Momentum Football 1968 Season Available
Awesome!!! I just purchased the 1968 NFL! Momentum Football is my favorite football game and I have been disappointed that older seasons have not been rated. Now that 1968 has been rated, I look forward to other seasons being created. Thank you!

Edward R. Meek
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